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Eat Me, Drink Me

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B is for backup. His initials aren’t important, they aren’t worth anything.

He would hate being in prison more if he wasn’t alone to himself. He liked his cell, it was quiet and he cleaned it obsessively every morning which made it more homey at least.

L had been more thoughtful than Beyond thought he was. His cell was probably better than normal criminals. When he first was released from the hospital, Beyond wondered if the cold detective actually felt guilt about being the cause of his misery, and was actually apologising in his weird way with this cell.
Then he saw the Akazukin Chacha manga.

Fucking asshole.

He wasn’t bitter. He was never bitter. The reason he commited his crimes wasn’t because he was bitter anyway.
Well, at least that’s what he told himself. He knew he was lying but sometimes lies comforted you even when you knew they were very obvious lies.

He remembered how he and A were invited to L’s hotel room to meet L when they were young. Beyond had felt very close to L when he actually saw him, because he wasn’t the perfect image the Wammy’s kids always imagined him as. He was very weird, like Beyond. That felt… Nice. Like he wasn’t alone. Like he could be worth of something too, despite being strange and unusual.

After he met L, which was kept secret from the rest of the Wammy’s kids, Beyond decided to dye his naturally brown hair black. Only A and him really knew why he had done it, the other kids thought he wanted to look even creepier than he was.

It was only because he was arrested that his hair was brown again. If he was still out, he would have probably kept dying it black.
He placed his hand on his hair, which had grown quite long, reaching his shoulders. He started to stroke his own hair, trying to enjoy it. This was pure Beyond, wasn’t it? The Beyond who he claimed was much better at L, despite being a failure.
No hair dye, no intentional messiness, just pure Beyond.

He was interrupted from his train of thought when a guard barged in. Beyond looked at him.
Ah, this was Guard McCarthy, he never knocked. Guard Waterson always knocked, because once he came inside while Beyond was masturbating.
Beyond liked Guard Waterson, he was kind and adorably moronic. If this was any other situation, Beyond would have probably had a thing for him.
Guard McCarthy however was always cold, he looked at Beyond like he was worth less because of his crimes.
Beyond honestly couldn’t care less about him and his opinions.

“Prisoner, you’re being let out. L’s orders. You will be accompanied to the airport by Guard Waterson.”


Why would L let him out of all people?

Beyond normally didn’t really show emotion, but he could feel his jaw dropping. From the expression on his face, he could tell that Guard McCarthy didn’t agree with him being let out.
Honestly he himself wasn’t sure if he should be happy or not, being let out by L’s mercy was fucking annoying.

Wait, L didn’t have mercy. He must have a plan on using Beyond to his advantage somehow, but what would he even use him for? He couldn’t even be a professional hitman, and because of his mental state he doubted he would be investigating with the man either.

He just shrugged, he would probably see. He walked out of the prison cell, Guard McCarthy handcuffed him and closed the door behind him.

“This is a secret let out, so you will be using an alias. A prison death by Kira will be forged for you by L.” McCarthy said, his low, annoyed voice sounded even worse than usual.

Beyond didn’t tease him this time though, he just nodded.

As they walked through hundreds of cells which were mostly empty, he felt somber. He really had spent 2 years in this dusty, depressing place. The prisoners and the guards here were hand chosen by L, so there weren’t a lot of people around despite how many cells there were. It was usually quiet, you were left alone with your own thoughts which was agonizing. Probably why L designed it this way.

When he saw the blonde, blue eyed, cheery guard he breathed a sigh of relief. He walked faster towards him. The man walked with him the rest of the way out until they reached the lobby.

“Soo, Beyond, you’re being let out because of a secret mission with L, huh?” Waterson winked, then took off his handcuffs (why would McCarthy handcuff him just to walk a corridor anyway, Waterson thought). He had this Californian tan, which Beyond appreciated a lot because it made him look different than the rest of the guards. The others looked like corpses, even he himself looked like a corpse at this point.

“Yeah, Guard Waterson, announce it to the world.” Beyond chuckled softly.

The guard scratched the back of his neck and gave him an apologetic smile “Sorry… So no murdering people, right?”

Beyond shrugged “It seems that way, I guess unless I am ordered to murder by L. But I would think he would just hire a hitman rather than letting out a serial killer. But no, I’d say there is a low chance of me killing again.”

Waterson smiled again, which made Beyond feel soft inside. “I hope you’re not lying to me, I would be very disappointed in you if you did kill. And I would never sneak you strawberry jam ever again!”

Beyond acted shocked by this threat, covering his mouth with his hand and opening his eyes wide “I really mustn’t then!” he put his hand aside and smiled.

They took a taxi to the airport together, and casually chatted the whole way there. Waterson honestly couldn’t understand how someone like Beyond could commit multiple murders, yes the man had his episodes but he never was violent to others when they happened, he only harmed himself.
The guard wondered if the murders were a way of breaking himself also.

Waterson gave Beyond his new ID and passport and told him that he was going to be travelling abroad, to Japan. Even his fake name and passport were Japanese, although Beyond was very fluent, he had never visited the country before, so hopefully fitting in wouldn’t be too hard.
His name was Satoshi Yamada.

Before leaving, Beyond gave Waterson a hug. The guard seemed surprised, but hugged him back. Beyond smiled “Thank you, Guard Waterson, for making my prisoner experience bearable.”

“Thank you for making my shifts bearable also my dude.” he ended the hug and chuckled. Beyond walked a few steps back and waved.

As he walked away, he chuckled to himself. He normally wasn’t this shy, what had happened to him in the prison honestly?

When he reached the waiting room, he felt very uncomfortable. He was overwhelmed by all the people around him, and having to stay with them until the plane came.
All the names, all the death dates…
All eyes were on him, too because of his burn scar that covered literally half of his face, the stares were really distracting when he was trying to forget that there were so many people around.
He didn’t exactly have an mp3 player or a book to distract himself with.

He decided to do the opposite of not looking at people, to distract himself by searching for the person with the longest life span in the waiting room. Since there were so many people and names he had to keep in mind, this was a good enough distraction thankfully. He hated his brain sometimes, it always had to be stimulated, or he would get bored or anxious.

Once the announcement for his plane was made, he rushed to get inside it. He didn’t really have any luggage or even a backpack which people around him found weird.
An old lady sat next to him, named Mary Chandler. She had a few more years, good for her. Though he didn’t feel like speaking with her so he picked up a random magazine and started to read it instead.

He was welcomed by Watari, who had been waiting for him to come. He had spent eleven hours in the plane, and despite it being morning when he entered the plane, it was morning when he arrived as well. He must have expected this, his surprise was entertaining.

As he got closer to the old man, Beyond noticed that his hair and mustache had gotten whiter since he last saw him. However they both did not speak a word.

The whole ride, Beyond looked at himself from the mirror which might sound egoistic to the average person. He just had changed a lot which he had not realised at prison, without any makeup and with long hair, thanks to his babyface he looked both like a child and a young woman. He couldn’t decide if he liked it or not. Maybe he would keep it. He didn’t look like L anymore.

Speaking of L, this was actually happening. He was going to see the detective again, and this was surely important since Beyond had been flied all the way to Japan for this.
This wasn’t going to be an apology, or a simple chat. Beyond knew this, he didn’t expect L to be nice to him. He must have found a use for Beyond and that’s why he wanted him there. This was like being a Backup all over again.
He didn’t rebel though, L had showed him he was better than him.
What they had played was a game, maybe a life changing one to Beyond, but only a simple game to L. It didn’t affect the detective in the slightest, since he had bunch of other backups anyway.

Forcing orphaned children to be your backups, he sighed in frustration.

After an hour of driving, Watari parked in front of a luxury hotel, which Beyond wasn’t surprised about. Of course the cunt would only choose somewhere lavish like this.

“What does L need me for?”

Watari just said “You can ask him when you see him.”

Thanks, you helped a lot asshat. Like he wasn’t going to ask L himself anyway.

They stepped inside, Watari talked to the reception lady and they went through an elevator to go to L’s room.

Beyond could feel his heart beat fasten, the last time he saw L was when he was seventeen years old, and now he was actually twenty two! It had been five whole years. He wondered how much L changed his style and appearance-

No he had not, at all. When Beyond saw him again, he couldn’t help but chuckle.
Detective L Lawliet was his messy, pale self as always. He seemed to be wearing even the same white shirt and jeans Beyond had last saw him in. He probably didn’t care about how he looked at all.

But other than L, there were five more men in the room. They all were Japanese, probably policemen the detective was working with.
One of them reminded him of Guard Waterson with his naive looking face.

“My name is Rue Ryuzaki. Yamada-kun, welcome to the task force.” L held out an apple for him.

Rue Ryuzaki. Rue fucking Ryuzaki, of course. Petty little motherfucker. Beyond frowned. “Ryuzaki-kun, huh? I remember having that name long ago.” he grabbed the apple and bit into it.

His reaction made L’s lips curl up into a playful smile “I won, it is my trophy now.”

Beyond didn’t argue with that, he knew L’s niche when it came to taking people’s names as trophies. He had done that to the other world’s best detectives too, hadn’t he?
He looked at him with a straight face “Why did you invite me here?”

L pointed at the apple “Yamada-kun, did you know that shinigami love apples?”