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I've Got the Coffeels

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If there’s one thing we all need. . . it’s happiness.

Happiness which equals coffee


Reply to @LifeCoffee

A world without your teas. . .

would be a world not worth living in


Reply to @OriginalKim

Tea. . . I’m flattered.

But coffee is where it's at


Reply to @LifeCoffee

I’m sorry to say that coffee is not the correct answer.


Reply to @OriginalKim

I will never give specials on Tea ever again.


Reply to @LifeCoffee

I meant to say. .  .

that coffee is the reason the population. . .

Is alive.



Stop by for 20% off any sized tea between 2:00pm-3:00pm :)



If Taehyung was honest, one of the strangest things he had ever done was flirt with the man behind the “Life” Coffee Twitter page. Truth be told, he didn’t even know how he had accomplished this, but to say the least, he was proud of himself.

It had all started when Taehyung had found the small coffee shop “Life.” The first day he had walked into the coffee shop, he couldn’t help but wonder why the shop was called “Life,” when he had been expecting some funny coffee pun instead. His curiosity had made him, a hater of coffee, walk in and order a cup of his favorite tea. With all the tea Taehyung drank, he sometimes wondered why his name wasn’t Teahyung instead.

Regardless of his life questions, Taehyung knew one thing about this new coffee shop, or at least new to him. He knew that this coffee shop would more than likely become his second home, a place he could visit after a long day of work, the perfect place to start his day, or just a place to chill at as he pondered life questions: such as why croissants were soft and toasty at the same time.

In fact, he loved that coffee shop so much, that he immediately posted about it on his twitter page in order to help promote this small heaven in a world where tea was simply not appreciated enough.

With a quick tweet Taehyung had begun one of the strangest relationships he had ever had.

Or better yet, he developed the strangest crush: A crush on the person behind the “Life” Coffee twitter page.