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And That Sacrifice Will Set you Free

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Her father gets tickets to a cruise line.

And Ciel comes to the ship.

Lizzy has hope that they can spend time together now.

(She misses him)


Campania goes wrong


the undead rise.

Sebastian Snake and Ciel taking turns protecting her.

It makes her sick she can protect herself but.

( She






She’s surrounded.

“I wanted to be cute for you, until the end.”

Her hand closes around the hilt hidden under her skirt


And her sword flashes through the air.

And she is Lizzy no longer,

But Elizabeth.


Her sword flash through the air

And even as tears well up

(Ciel Ciel I’m so sorry Ciel)

her blood sings.


Her self-made cage of pastel pink and eggshell blue has been broken,

And Elizabeth will not go back so easily this time.