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Bnha shots

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"Do you have a death wish hero?" Shigaraki's voice rasped. His grip tightened around her throat. He watched with wary eyes as she stared back with a calm, almost serene look. 

"Tomura.." Her voice was leveled, not at all the tone he was expecting. Her hands reached up to touch his which were around her neck. Her touch made him shiver, causing a rise of anger within him.

"Don't call me that!" His eyes closed as his breathing intensified shakily. 

Scream at me! Plead for your life. Anything! Why aren't you scared?

"Don' me.." His voice softened, trailing away. Dropping his arm, he fell to his knees defeated. 

"Why won't you just die?"

She slowly descended onto hers as well, in front of him. His shoulders shook. Planting her own hand under his cold chin, she forced him to look up at her. The action almost seemed comical as if he was a child who needed to be scolded gently. This only angered him further; he felt as though he was being treated like one.

"Why should I?" Her voice was leveled and soft, revealing no emotion. The way the question formed it was as if she was genuinely questioning. Yet looking into her eyes, he saw something in which he found familiar. 


And he took this in, eyes never leaving hers. 

"You make me weak." He felt compelled against lying. 

She smiled a sad smile and grabbed his hand, lifting it to place upon her cheek. Her skin was soft as well as warm. To him, the feeling was that of which he has been longing to feel again for some time. It was such a beautiful feeling to him. Different than the deteriorating effect he had on other people. Yet a part of him wanted nothing more than to wrap his hands around her throat and constrict her breathing until she fell limply into his arms. At that point in which he could place a final kiss on her forehead, without any judgment.

Morbid, but so was he. 

But the majority of him couldn't help but sigh at the intensity of her gaze into his own. Something about he way she stared back at him with that damned look. Others would tremble underneath his hard gaze. Completely crumple beneath his touch. That was what he was used to. 

Death. Sadness.


"Tomura.. you don't always have to be strong." 

The villain almost laughed at the absurdity of her statement. Don't always have to be strong? If he didn't have his strength , his power, he would just be another guy anybody could just walk over. 

Like you pathetic heroes..

His eyes narrowed at the one in front of him wanting nothing more than to hate her. Why the simple task was so difficult, he didn't know. Shigaraki could only admire how bold she was. The hardy glint in her eyes had to make him avert his. She made him feel this way— the aching in his chest when she wasn't around, the upwards tug on his lips when he'd see her on the news completing one good deed after another, her encouraging words rattling around his mind like pests. 

Day by day with the utterances of her ability and attempts to save him, it would soften his resolve a bit. 

She leaned forward, resting her forehead against his. Holding him as he crumbled away. A single tear fell and a shaky sigh from the villain followed.

Because he was starting to believe that he was someone worth being saved.

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"My my my..What a lovely sight!"

A maniacal giggle followed, reverberating against the walls of the room. Shigaraki's chapped lips formed into a grin as a cold finger pushed through your lips, inside of you. Your back arched as his slender digit pumped deep into you. His head lowered and his mouth made contact with your womanhood. A stream of hot air met your core followed by long and hot kisses. You stared at him and the sensual action, recognizing the gesture to be one used to kiss your lips.


His eyes flickered to yours, the prior indication of childishness gone. His eyes were dark and ominous as if forming a plan that resulted into you melting into him..

Then, using his thumb and forefinger, your lips were spread and his tongue dipped into you.

"T-Tomura.." his name resonated breathily. Your head slammed back against the pillow, short pants pulled from you. The feelings were unexplainable as his tongue moved against you fluently tracing intricate patterns. Each movement seemed coordinated solely for your pleasure. Your chest rose and fell with every shaky breath you took, the name of your love mumbled in an unsteady mantra. With the quickening beat of your heart along with the words, it mights as well have been a song. He hummed along in sync, the noise filled with that of content.

Once you found that you were getting used to the strokes of his tongue, you eased back against the mattress, your rigid body settling into a more slacken position. Your breathing relaxed as well and your hand found its way to the soft hair of the villian. It was until his eyes met your half-lidded ones that his actions shattered the pacific illusion. His mouth had worked against you in a moderate manner before; the action was replaced with accelerated motions causing a cry of surprise.

A chuckle sounded from him and his arms wrapped underneath your thighs. His tongue moved quickly, darting into you and then moving to stroke from your clitoris back to your core. You pushed off of the bed, your cries sounding in short bursts. Your eyes closed tightly and your hand tightened around Shigaraki's locks. The action alone seemed to have driven him further, for he growled and shifted upwards on the bed onto his knees which caused your torso to lift slightly. You gasped, your hand releasing your only leverage towards your pleasure; instead they clutched the sheets in a death grip.

The wanton cries of searing pleasure was all you could try and breathe out. Wetness began to leak from you, the substance being a mixture of your own juices and the saliva of Shigaraki. You felt the tickle—a background sensation— streaming from your core down the backs of your thigh. You squirmed as the frenetic attack raged on causing the tightening of your stomach. The feeling you were anticipating was far off in the horizon but each second, each cry, each tortuous action, urged the sensation nearer. Your lips parted in an attempt to voice expressions apart from your shuddering moans.

"Plea..please..Tomura, there.."

His tongue plunged deeper into your cavern in reply. At this point, your hips began moving involuntarily at the amount of stimulation you were receiving. The coil within was beginning to swell as if becoming the acme of a magnificent orchestration. The tempo of your heart thumping against your rib cage provided all base needed. Movements became frantic as you were approaching your high. You whined, the melodious cry intensifying when Shigaraki's mouth attached to your clit, sucking hard on the bud. Your shout echoed throughout the space as your vision the blurred into stars.

The beautiful crescendo of the of the torment flowing out of you; dripping down his chin, your thighs, your back. It dropped onto the bed beneath you creating a wet spot. Red eyes stayed glued to you and your wanton reaction, getting more turned on by the second. He seemed to be even more turned on by the fact that you were still gushing.


Your torso collapsed onto the bed as he settled back into his prior position. His tongue quickly dipped in, lapping up all of your juices, drinking up whatever was still trickling out of you at this point. Wetness trickled from the corners of your eyes from the intensity. You couldn't look at him, not after what just happened.


You've never been pushed to the point of squirting; while you were taken aback by this, Shigaraki was all the more intrigued. The diluted flavor of the mixture ignited a animalistic urge to experience the taste again. He placed a soft kiss along the inside of your moist thigh. You shivered underneath his touch; small whimpers continued to escape you. He then leaned up and over your frame, moving into your line of sight. Your cheeks flushed angrily at the sight of his damp mouth. His eyes bored deep into yours, his pupils dilated in lustful hunger.



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You knew you were powerful. With one bat of your sexy eyes, you could manipulate anyone you wanted to. You see, your quirk allowed you to be quite the seductress and despite how many times people would insist you use it for good when you were younger, you refused. Good was boring. Instead, you grew up into a minx, and your ability to hone and control your seducing quirk grew as well.

Deciding your life would be sexy as well as thrilling, you became a known name in the strip club industry. Though, you weren’t as well known as the pompous villains you’ve heard of, you found your comfort in the outskirts and shady areas of the town. But your all time favorite place were the bars that included the lowlifes. They were easy manipulated and wrapped around your manicured finger so tightly, you could break them.

“Johnny, baby, this isn’t all of it.” Examining your nails, your other hand pushed the cash across the table roughly, causing some of the stacks to topple over and fall onto the floor. The tattoo clad male was practically sweating bullets as his widened eyes repeatedly glanced on either side of him where two burly men stood. He had every reason to be frightened of the men, for they stood a good six and a half feet or so in height, with arms as thick as tree trunks. But what was even more frightening was your calm demeanor. You crossed and uncrossed your legs and your heavy made up eyes moved slowly to the shaking male.

“I-I would’ve gotten it all, I s-swe—“

“But you don’t have it. And I’m getting impatient.” You stood slowly and walked around the circular table, stilettos clacking to the beat of his skipping heart. His eyes tried to stay glued to your face but couldn’t help but drop to your scantily clad form. A hand rested on his shoulder and slowly grazed his back, then neck and up to his hair. Pulling it taunt, your lips briefly pressed against his neck, your tongue pressing through your lips and upon the flesh.

He shivered at the inappropriate gesture and the two men stood, unfazed. He stammered for he knew what would soon come if he didn’t start to speak of what you wanted to hear. He’s seen it happen to his former buddies.

“Th-the scarred one! He was responsible! Plea.. his goons, they attacked my partner and took most of it..told me-told me to tell you that he didn’t appreciate your business on his side. Ack!” You slammed his head in the glass surface and heard the crunch of his nose. The scarred one.. it sounded all too familiar for his name seemed to be popping up a lot in your bars by your men as if they were nervous. And as far as his side, he was sadly mistaken, for you owned everything in the area. He was just a guest that had seemed to have forgotten his place.

Making your way back to your chair, you sat back and ran your fingers through your hair. The scene of the place was something you were proud of; sexy girls of your choosing walked around in barely any clothing, if none at all. The sounds of approving grunts of the male customers filled your ears, accompanying the bass-booted music playing over the speakers. The aroma of sexual pleasures and money was one you truly loved. You worked your ass off climbing to the top and above the ruthlessness of the thing called life. And you would be damned if some corny joke we’re to mistakenly derive you of this.

“Hey babe?” you cooed, your eyes moving to the one shakily picking up his head, a hand covering his broken nose.

“You tell this scarred one, that he’d be best not to interfere in my affairs again or he will have a serious problem. You tell him to watch his back.” As the goon stood and stumbled to the door, you turned and called out once more, flashing a dazzling smile.

“Also, tell him to kill you because If I see you again, I think I will pay a visit to your pretty girlfriend.”


The villain took a pull of his cigarette as his blue eyes lingered on the pile of ashes. The scarred one? He thought in amusement. Surely his name should have been widely spread by everyone given his association with the villain league. Surely one wouldn’t be so reckless as to scorn his name and go as far as to threaten him. He stood and dropped the cigarette to the floor, snuffing out the tiny light.

“What are you going to do?” Rasped a voice from a deteriorating couch on the far side of the warehouse. Red beady eyes followed the one standing until he let out a short laugh.

“I’m going to handle it. Seems someone’s overstepped their boundaries.”


Hearing the pitiful yelling of agony caused the villain to smirk as he ventured further into the dank building. The smell of hot arousal filled his nose and he he smirked at how amateurish this all was. A strip club? He clearly wouldn’t be here long. Once the villain arrived in the spacious area of the building, he was surprised to see more burly men alert and on standby around the deserted area.

“Your boss. Where is he?” He mumbled, almost bored. With a single swipe of his hand, he could easily burn this place up, but not yet.

“What exactly is your business with me?” Your stern voice echoed as you shoved your way through your goons, but stopped abruptly. A few feet away was a man, burned in various places with staples seemingly keeping his skin together. You couldn't help but wonder if this was the scarred one.

The blue-eyed villain was surprised at your femininity. For you stood tall and confident in your all-too-short leather skirt which revealed your smooth and thick thighs, which his eyes took a second glance at. And a third. Your arms were crossed over a sheer top in which your nipples were visibly erect through.

“Who the hell are you?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow. You didn’t like the energy this guy was letting off. In fact, you couldn’t help but feel almost..


“You don’t know who I am?” He edged closer and your two men growled behind you. The villain stopped short and smiled, showing teeth.

“Do you think we could talk alone?”

“Whatever you wanna say to me can be said in front of my men. And if I were you, I would tread carefully.”

“I see.” With a twirl of his finger, a column of blue flames traveled across the distance and you were shoved out of the way before your men erupted in fire, yelling and writhing on the floor until silence blanketed the club and nothing was there but two large piles of ashes. You were on all fours, mouth agape at what you just saw. Your eyes then moved to the villain that was now looming over your frame and you suddenly felt small.

Quickly, you stood and straightened and waved off the rest of your men, who were already standing nervously by the exits. Once alone, the villain took a seat at the table and motioned for you to do so across for him. You were actually glad to have a lack of an audience. You didn't need them seeing you in any form of a weakened state.

“Now, pretty girl, I’ve had one of your little boy toys crawl into my place of business to deliver a rather amusing message?”

“Yeah, and what of it?” You fired back. His eyebrows shot up, shocked at how bold you were acting. Oh..he was gonna have fun with you.

“I don’t appreciate it. And I certainly don't do pity-kills,” He folded his arms and hardened his gaze.

“Nor does my boss appreciate threats. 'Watch your back' ?”

“It was directed to the scarred one. And seeing how relative you look, I think my message got throu-”

“Look kitten,” He stood, the chair screeching painfully loud. He walked around the table, and you kept your eyes on him. Suddenly, as quickly as you could react, his hand shot out around your throat and you were lifted and thrown across the bar.

You landed against one of the mirrors which ran from the higher windows to the floor. Despite having the wind knocked out of you, just faintly, you heard the muffled shouts of your goons from the other side of the door. Just weakly you called for them to stay put, figuring there was no use in you all dying. Your vision had blurred into a psychedelic scene before you felt yourself be lifted again by your arm then slammed you down on the table.

Despite how powerful your quirk was, it wasn’t really ideal in a fight. Especially against someone like this. Still, you bucked and struggled in futile effort which only caused him to laugh. Your cheeks burning, you cursed at him pointlessly.

“You have such a potty mouth for such a sexy girl like you.”

“Oh, fuck you!” You spewed. Which was a mistake because under the circumstances you were under with the villain at the moment, his gears began turning as he trailed his eyes down your body. In the midst of the struggle, your skirt had rose up and, just barely, your ass cheeks were visible. He licked his lips and felt his groin throb. He ran a burned hand down your back and your eyes widened.

“Get the fuck off of me..! You..”

“I need you to understand something doll-face,” A rough hand jerked up your skirt and a hand came down rough against your ass, enticing a shout. The pain it left behind lasted and left you gritting your teeth. You felt the heat of his breath close to your ear.

“You don’t own shit. You are in my territory.” His hand came down again, this time delivering a blow harder than the last. You cried out, your voice breaking. Red hatred boiled deep within you for how idiotic he was making you look. How weak he had you at the moment.

“Look at that pretty red tinge.” You let out a strangled noise when your panties were then bunched up in his fists, stretching taunt against your slit. He starting jerking them so that the lacy material stimulated your sensitive clit causing you to squirm.

“You think you're big and bad? You're nothing but a little slut.” You shook your head, whimpering, which was suddenly cut short by his hand covering your mouth. Your head was then tilted back and you felt his bulging arousal against your ass.

“C’mon,” he teased. “Don’t lie. In fact, I bet..” His hand finally yanked away the leather and lace material, enticing a muffled yelp from you. His knee nudged your legs apart and a hand was shoved between them.

“Just as I thought. Fucking dripping.” He let out a dark chuckle and pressed a finger into you, curling against your walls. Your nails were digging into the table rather painfully as his digit violated your insides. He removed his hands from your mouth and instead took homage curled in your hair. Tilting your head back further he chuckled again before asking mockingly, “Do you like being treated like some cheap slut? Hm?” You tried choking out a reply through your choppy moans and he shoved in another finger.

“Do you know my name?” He asked sweetly, his eyes filled with dark intent. His fingers paused and you relaxed, choking out a sob at the brief relief. His drenched fingers danced along your slit softly earning him whimpers. Even though he stopped, somehow you knew it wasn’t the end.

“You would do best to answer me. I don’t wanna mess up your pretty skin. I mean,” Using a rough hand, he gripped your ass causing you to squeal.

“You don’t wanna look like me do ya?”

“I-I don’t know.” You whispered and you heard him tsk. He released your hair and your head fell forward, slacken .

“That hurts me you know,” he murmured before you felt the head of his cock circling your moistened folds. His hands gripped your hips and you reacted well before you could truly feel it. Where his hands were placed on the flesh, heat began forming until it was the only thing you could feel. You let out a scream before it was cut short by him shoving himself in to the hilt inside of your tight cavern. Hips began moving against yours without giving you any form of adjustment.

“I know.. your name though. And I know of your little dirty little escapades..” he continued talking, seemingly unaffected by the broken pleas and low moans. Instead, your hands were gripped by his and pulled behind you, wrists now settling against the small of your back.

“A sexy thing like you.. Not cut out for the big boy businesses. A little kitten like you belongs bent over a table...with my cock driving into that sweet little cunt. Right?”

You head was jerked back hard by his free hand.

Right?” His voice shouted startlingly close to your ear and you let out a strangled sound of agreement. At least to keep him from burning you again. You knew that fighting the villain was something of a futile effort; he had every advantage over you including his hot temperament and his fiery quirk. Releasing you, his hand suddenly came down, making contact with your ass and you cried at the swell of heat following.

“Look at you,” And you did, your eyes glancing up at a partially shattered mirror and at the complete and utter mess you were. The light makeup you wore had been smeared, creating a dark tinge around your damp eyes. Your cheeks were flushed and also wet due to the tears that had been collecting along the surface and your skin was covered in a light sheen of the perspiration coating you. Behind your rocking form was the villain himself, a shit-eating grin coating his grotesque features, and striking blue eyes narrowed but filled with dark amusement.

Your head fell forward, not wanting to see more of your wanton composure. You felt his scarred hand snake around and push his finger against your clit. You let out a strangled moan as you felt the subtle heat of his digit moving vigorously against the bud.

As much as you didn’t want to, as much as your short-circuiting brain was screaming how wrong this was, and as much as you yourself knew how wrong this was, you couldn’t help but let your eyes roll back in sick pleasure as you felt the slow build up within you. A dark chuckle was made by the villain when he saw a change in your resolve. He suddenly stilled and he let out a noise as if remembering something important.

“Right! I don’t want to leave here a stranger. The Scarred One doesn’t quite sit with me. In fact, it's rather insulting love,” His finger abandoned your clitoris and instead moved around your hips and trailed up your back. In the process, he activated his quirk and despite the warmth of his digit, you shivered as your stomach knotted in trepidation. Head moving up, your eyes locked onto his in the broken reflection and he lifted his finger, which was covered in an ethereal blue flame. He smiled a dangerous smile and somehow, you knew. You knew exactly what was going to happen and it sent you in a panic. You started to squirm and he shushed you , his grip on hot wrist tightening.

“G..Get off..”

“Shhshhh.. quiet now. You were doing so well.. “ You saw his hand lower behind you.

“I want you to know my name. I want you to speak it aloud..” Was what he said before you felt the white-hot searing pain on the surface of your ass. You squirmed frantically and let out a scream as you felt his hips moving into you again. He laughed and told you to spell it out for him as he dragged his index finger agonizingly slow against your flesh.

“C’mon babydoll. You won’t really learn—”

“D!” You cried defeated, your tears blurring your vision. He gave you a quick kiss on your neck after mumbling how good you were being.

“A! Fuck!” You couldn’t figure out what more to focus on— the resurfacing pressure in your core of the release a part of you were longing for, or the burns being etched onto your ass.

Nevertheless, the way this man was driving his cock into almost carnally, ignited some kind of an unexplainable force within you. One that caused you to moan.

In pleasure.

“B!” It seemed that the sensation of your insides being stretched by his girth was overpowering the burns. You allowed yourself to focus on this. You gritted your teeth for only for a split second though, before letting out another scream, not caring that your own people were on the other side of that door. A long growl left the villain when he felt you clench around him from your abrupt release. His finger moved away before bringing it to his mouth. On his tongue was the subtle charred, coppery taste of you and he smiled.

“We have one more letter to go babygirl.” His finger brushed against you once more and this time you bit your lip, trying to cancel out the pain. He saw this and intensified his flame causing a yelp. His hips also increased in speed, slapping against yours as fast as you could have ever thought possible.

“Fuck..!” He growled and you then felt the hotness of his come shoot inside of you. He pushed into you a few more times, milking himself, before he pulled out.

“I..” You murmured before you were allowed to crumple to the floor, still twitching. The villain straightened himself before crouching onto the floor, his hand gripping your jaw.

“Now that you know my name, you also know who owns this side, right?” You nodded weakly in reply and he smiled before pressing his lips against yours. Feeling too drained to do much of anything, you let him assault your mouth and when he pulled away, your lips were coated with his saliva.

“I also own you now. Next time you feel obligated to speak against me, I want you to run that lovely hand over your tight little ass and feel me. Got it?” Before you could nod again, he jerked your head and let out a disapproving noise.


“Yes who?” That shit-eating grin was playing on his grotesque features and you bit your lip to keep from releasing a venomous comment. His eyes, though full of malice, were so piercing, you felt your core throb. Again.

He was dangerous and you knew that before he even had you pinned. With him by your side, you could truly be powerful and have every single person eating out of your hand. With both villains and heroes wrapped around your manicured finger so tightly, you could break them. You were a slut for power. Even if that meant being a slut for him.

After all, good was boring.

Your face formed into a maniacal smile and you giggled, surprising him.

“Yes Dabi.”

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You didn't mean it. I mean truly.

The words that left your mouth earlier were those you wish you could take back. Especially now, staring into the dark eyes of Aizawa.

You were now entirely at his mercy; your hands bound by his capture weapon. Your legs were bound as well; spread wide open and pushed up, the soft but sturdy material wrapped tightly around your knees. Your wetness was on display before your raven haired colleague.

You felt a finger then ghost your heat , causing you to buck almost completely off the desk. More papers fluttered to the floor accompanying the pens and books.
The teasing was becoming unbearable. As quick as his hands would agonizingly touch your body, it would be gone. You wanted to scream and plea to quit playing with you but..

You opened your mouth to speak but before words could be formed, his finger were on your lips.

"Shush now. What's said was said.. Though I'm not one to easily forgive.." His finger then pushed its way past your lips. Tongue sliding along his digit, he watched you in utter arousal at the way you skillfully sucked on him. Adding to the already heated moment, sucking noises escaped from you causing him to gulp.

His other hand ran down to his belt, fumbling frantically to undo them. Once free, his now hard dick throbbed painfully in his hand. Strangely, seeing you coming undone, your high mighty attitude long diminished and replaced with this foreign lustful being, it turned him on. He pulled back his finger and watched as you panted for what more was to come.

The former was a lie. You did mean it. You didn't regret what was said. In fact, you would say it again if it meant being treated like this. Letting out a small moan, your eyes completely glazed over in desire.

"It doesn't even seem like you're sorry."

Your eyes stared back into those of Aizawa. His narrowed when you then licked your lips seductively.

 "What if I'm not." Hearing him suck in a breath out of utter shock almost lit a triumphant fire within.


It was until his hand reached out, long digits wrapped around your neck, his face leaning down just inches from yours that your fire extinguished. His lips pressed against yours in the most hungered manner, his tongue invading deeply into your mouth. It was almost hard to breathe, for it felt as though he was taking up your air.

No. He was your air.

This ravenous kiss did absolutely nothing to take your mind from the fact that an even bigger pressure was pushing against your other lips, rubbing against your wet folds, getting slick with your juices and his precum. You groaned into the kiss, a primal noise that didn't really sound like you at all. He pulled away and chuckled at you.

You wanted more.

You struggled, feeling resistance and that's when you remembered you were still bound.

"Unite me." You breathed.

"I don't think so love," He gripped his cock and pushed against you. You struggled once more in desperation to just feel him. It wasn't fair that you were being made to suffer like this. His weapon only squeezed tighter around your wrists and legs.

Without warning, you felt him thrust hard into you and your vision blurred into stars. You cried out, saliva seeping from the corners of your mouth which was gaped open. His hands gripped your knee caps and pushed them wider than before. The force at which his hips repeatedly smacked against yours caused you to shift on the desk.

"Sh-Shouta!" Your words, clear and defiant prior, rasped out weakly because anything further would cause a great amount of effort to get out. You closed your eyes, feeling his girth plummet deeper and deeper seemingly with each thrust. He leaned over you, the feeling of his breath on your neck.

 "Do being tied down.. tied down like this? You like when I fuck you..mercilessly." The second sentence came out as more of a statement than a question . Because he knew the answer.

You did like it. His usual calm and collected being being taken over by this animalistic drive.. it was fucking sexy. And not only that; it brought out a side that was seemingly suppressed by your exemplary being.

A groan escaped from Aizawa; the guttural noise vibrated against the crook of your neck in which his head resided. The sound sent shivers up your body down to your core. You cried out as the built up pressure finally released itself.

"Mm're squeezing me so tightly. Though I didn't give you permission to come." His body lifted from yours, though the two of you were still connected. One of his hands took its place around your neck again and he pulled back far enough that his head seemed to be the only thing filling you. Then, with the same force as a freight train, his hips collided with yours causing you to let out a unrecognizable shout.

"Ahhgh! Shouta..Shouta..Sh.." Tears pricked your eyes, but through the blurred vision you saw him smirk menacingly. You felt another knot form and your body arched off the desk as you hit your second high. He sucked in his breath sharply and his movements became less coordinated and sloppy. Nevertheless, he plummeted himself in to the hilt. You heard his breathing become more labored and strings of obscenities escaped him. He was close. By now, the top of your head was hanging over the end of the desk from the force.

"Fuck.." He gritted. By now, your senses became foggy. Thighs were numb as well as your wrist. You could only moan accordingly as his movements began to slow. He let out a sighing moan, shaking along with each pulse of his cock as he filled you. You felt him paint your walls, and he continued inching in and out, milking himself until he detached his hand from your neck, in which you were sure would be bruised by tomorrow.

He then collapsed on top of you, in the process, freeing you from his scarf. Not a word was exchanged between the two of you, for you both needed to catch your breaths. You lifted a shaky hand raked your fingers through his damp hair sluggishly, all while you were thinking up new scenarios that could possibly put you back under these circumstances.

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A knowing glance passed between Kirishima to Bakugou and a sly smile crept onto both of their faces. While you sat sandwiched between the two males, your head whipped between the two males trying to pick up on something. The redhead's hand was then under your chin, turning your face to his direction. You watched as he licked his lips hungrily as his red eyes trailed your features, marveling your beauty. That's when you knew what exactly was going to go down. Especially when you felt Bakugou's hand creep up your leg.

Kirishima leaned in and pressed his lips against yours while Bakugou, who was feeling a bit left out at the moment, leaned forward and hastily placed kisses along your shoulder and neck. His hand reached up to yank down your shirt which you heard rip. In the midst of the kiss, you let out a surprised yelp in which Bakugou responded with a half-hearted sorry. Yet, you felt his lips curl into a smirk against your neck as the rest of your shirt was ripped away by his hands. Kirishima pulled back, cheeks slightly red, but eyes narrowed in that heated gaze that made your stomach jump in anticipation.

He gave you a lopsided grin before he lowered himself to his knees and between your legs. Taking the opportunity in the lack of the redhead's presence, Bakugou grabbed your jaw, forcing your head to turn, and he roughly placed his lips against yours. His mouth moved differently than Kirishima's; his tongue forced its way through your lips, gliding across your own, as you tried your best to keep up with his ravenous movements and you felt your cheeks redden at the wetness around your mouth. Rough hands groped your breasts, kneading the bud in between his two fingers, enticing a moan. From below, Kirishima trailed his hands up your legs and gripped the hem of the jeaned-shorts you wore. You lifted your hips up slightly for him to pull them off, where you then heard the sound of them hitting the floor close-by.

"Y-You smell so good." He muttered, latching a finger on the side of your panties. Feeling those being pulled from you as well, you then gasped subtly when you felt the stream of air from the redhead ghosting your heat. Pulling away from the blonde, you glanced down at the stony-faced male, whose expression contradicted his usual light-hearted manner. He looked up meeting your eyes and he winked. A finger ran up and down your slit, pausing every now and then to run small circles around your clit. Bakugou stood to discard himself of his clothing and your eyes trailed to his body, toned and muscular in all of the right places. You blushed again, aware at how dopey-eyed you must look. But inwardly, you were drooling like a dog. He grinned wickedly as he approached his previous position slowly.

"You like what you see?" You were about to nod when you felt the hot tongue of Kirishima push into you almost spontaneously. Before you closed your eyes, you saw the telepathic eye exchange between the two and saw the redhead smirk. Arching off the couch, you released low mewls as Kirishima's tongue delved deeper into you. You felt the cushion of the couch beside you sink and you opened your eyes to see Bakugou kneeled on the couch, his member mere inches from your face. His hand moved feverishly against his cock and just witnessing this made you all the more eager to take him into your mouth. Abandoning whatever decency you had left up to that point, you opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out, your eyes staring him dead in his face. At the lewdness of your composure, he mumbled fuck, before slowly pushing himself into your cavern. Instantly, your lips closed around him and you hollowed your cheeks out which caused him to instinctively buck into you, his head touching the back of your throat.

In the mixed sensations of Kirishima's tongue, you felt his finger push through your folds. His lips took their place around your clit, sucking on the bud and occasionally his tongue would poke through, sending shocks throughout your body. You moaned deeply, causing the vibrations of your mouth to add more pleasure to Bakugou.

Your hand came up to grip the base and with a pop, he was released from your mouth. He gritted his teeth as his red eyes glared down at you lustfully, watching as you slowly pumped your fist. You froze when you felt another finger added to your core, twisting and pumping viciously. Hips, bucking off of the couch, he pressed deeper and in the midst of the drunken state of euphoria you were in, you heard him chuckle. Bakugou, feeling more and more impatient, curled his fingers in your locks and guided his cock back into your mouth.

"Keep it there." He growled breathlessly, slowly flexing his hips. The baritone of his command almost made you come on the spot. His head repeatedly made contact with the back of your throat and this time you gagged around his girth, the sound only turning the blonde even more. As if you weren't struggling enough, Kirishima's third finger stretched into you, causing slight pain which then developed into additional pleasure. He detached his mouth and gazed up at you.

"I..I wanna try something," His voice was full of nervousness. Which wasn't typically like him. But right in the moment you didn't care. The only thing you were focused on was the moisture dripping from the corners of your mouth and the now lack of movement from the red head. You flexed your hips, signifying that you alright in full awareness of what he was implying. He began moving again, and after a few moments you felt his fourth finger ghosting your entrance. The blonde looked on, muttering obscenities at the sight of what Kirishima was trying to attempt. His movements became more and more frenetic, feeling himself at his limit.

As much as he wanted to pull away from your dripping mouth and wait to come inside of your cunt, he couldn't. The way your eyes were watering and releasing streams of tears down your face, and the guttural noises escaping you, added to just how well you were doing, he figured he would just continue and hope he would last longer.

The sensation of you being stretched out, from both top and bottom, only spurred your vision into a blurred mess. With the wetness practically flowing out of you, it wasn't too hard for him to add a fifth finger. This time, you broke away from the blonde's cock, distracted by what was about to be achieved. Bakugou didn't say anything, just stare in complete awe at Kirishima's hand slowly disappearing inside of you. You threw your head back against the back of the couch letting this new sensation overtake you, filling you with the pain and uncomfortability at his hand stretching your core out. Your mouth hung open, releasing an arising crescendo of moans. Your vision remained blurred through the heat of your tears.

"Holy's in." Bakugou gasped. You looked down, in the same shock to see only Kirishima's wrist. His eyes met yours, searching your face of any signs of discomfort. Instead you gave a small nod for him to move and when he failed to do see, you tried tried the best you could to form a coherent sentence.

"Pl-Please feels so good."

"You heard her Shitty Hair," the blonde's eyes were glued to your entrance. He seemed almost shocked that you were able to take the redhead's entire hand inside of you. And what's more, you were begging for it. Kirishima begin to move his hand in and out of your cunt returning his lips to your clit. Bakugou guided your mouth back to his cock, seemingly more aggressive than before. Gargled noises escaped your mouth accompanying the drool dripping from your chin to your breast. You felt pressure deep within arise in your core and you couldn't help but to move your hips in sync with Kirishima's fist.

Feeling you clench, he slowly straightened out his hand, his fingers rubbing against the ridges and bumps inside of your pussy. This is what sent you over the edge, squealing around Bakugou's girth as you finally released, your orgasm flowing out of you and drenching the cushion beneath your body as well as Kirishima's face. Still, his mouth never left you for he fell drunk off of the taste of you and proceeded to lap up the wetness. You felt the vibrations of his approving growls and continued mewling for him. Your thighs continued to convulse due to the chill and the still present sparking in your core.

Bakugou pulled out of your mouth and you fell back against the couch, feeling unable to move or speak. Hell, even breathing was deemed a bit of a difficult task at the moment. Kirishima pulled out of you enticing a gasp from you. Bakugou shifted his position again so that he was sitting next to you. Much to your surprise, you felt your body being pulled towards the heated frame of his and you allowed yourself to be nestled in his strong arms. The red head placed a soft kiss on your inner thigh and stood, taking his place on the other side of you. Your legs were then lifted and placed into his laps, where his soft hands kneaded your skin.

"I'm sorry if it was too much." he said after a while. Your eyes met his which were filled with regret. Shaking your head, you then offered a soft smile before speaking.

"Kiri..are you kidding? That was fucking amazing." Your comment seemed to have changed his demeanor because his cheeks reddened and he smiled his adorable toothy smile that held that special grip on your heart. From behind you, you felt the evenness of the blonde's breathing and figured he fell asleep. Kirishima leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours, and you moaned softly, tasting the salty remnants of your juices.

Chapter Text

The door opened and you smiled, expecting to see your friend, Shouto. Rather, was the number two hero, Endeavor, his face as serious and seemingly irritated as always. Instead of the flamed features that you were used to seeing from afar and on television, he looked normal. Sure he was dressed casual; clad in a button down and a pair of khakis, but his icy blue eyes were as piercing as they always were, in addition to his stoic features.

You cleared your throat, feeling conscious under his hardened stare. You averted yours.

“Yes? Who are you?” He sounded impatient and you resisted the urge to turn and run away. Instead, you held your ground and the friendly smile returned.

“I-Me and Shouto were supposed to study today. Is he home..sir?” You held up your textbook as if needing proof and he only stared for a few moments before speaking.

“He didn’t mention you.” The coldness in his words surprised you. You knew of your friend’s father and how frightening he was. But surely being an adult, respect towards anyone would be ideal.

“Well I mean..we did make plans yesterday. I don’t know why..” You were growing impatient and each second you spent under the scrutinizing gaze of Endeavor, you were reluctant to even return to his residence after this.

“Well he left. Probably to visit his...mother,”

“Oh, alright. Well I can just come back another time. I apologize for disrup-”

“But you can come inside and wait for him. He left a while ago and I’m sure he will return shortly.” He huffed, stepping back and pulling the door open wider. You reluctantly followed the hero into his home, shutting the door behind you. He was already making his way towards what you assumed to be the kitchen because before completely disappearing inside he called,

“You want something to eat or drink?” 

“Huh, oh! thank you.” While you were inwardly in awe at how spacious the home was, Endeavor side-eyed you for a second before grunting and continuing into the kitchen. The feeling of being out of place suddenly took hold of you. The notion that your friend was wealthy was something that wasn’t new. But he acted so...humble. Never at all talking about his status. But then again, it was most likely due to Endeavor, who was usually tied with Shouto’s disdain. You sighed walking further into the home. After coming to what appeared to be the den, you took a seat on the couch, feeling tense.

Moments later Endeavor returned with a bottle of dark alcoholic and a glass. You stares at the items hoping he wasn’t expecting you to take part. Or else why would he be doing this in front of you? But as you watched him take a seat in a master chair across from where you sat, you couldn’t help but notice how solemn he looked. He glanced up after getting situated and you blushed, quickly opening the book to a random page.

Despite his crude nature, you couldn’t help but admire the hero. Not only was your admiration stemmed from the fact that his rank followed closely behind the number one hero All Might. But because of how handsome he was. Finally admitting it caused your cheeks to redden. He looked over meeting your gaze and you quickly averted your eyes to the textbook.

You were embarrassed by the fact that the number two hero possibly caught you checking him out. If that was the case though, he didn’t say anything. You shifted, feeling uncomfortable beneath the burning sensation of his eyes.

“How long have you known my son?” He finally said. 

“H-huh? I mean known? Ahah..Not long. Since high school I guess.” You let out a nervous laugh not meeting his gaze. Under any other circumstance you wouldn’t be acting like half the idiot you were now. But something about the man intimidated you to a point of not thinking clearly. Your eyes settled again on the book, not really focusing on the unbearable trigonometry.

“He’s never mentioned you. ” He said the same thing while staring you up and down on the porch. Without thinking, your hand came down hard against the book.

“Yeah? Well maybe because it really isn’t your concern. Based off what he’s told me, about you, I would understand why,” A gasp follow in realization of what you just said. You brought your hands to your mouth snapping your eyes to Endeavor, expecting some kind of fiery state of rage. Instead, he looked back at you, his face unreadable, swirling the glass with his drink inside.

“I-I’m sorry. I did-” The sentence was cut off by a deep chuckle. The serious manner of Endeavor had dissolved followed by his amusement. It escalated though into hearty laughter and in that moment witnessing this, you were even more afraid than you were on the porch. Finally he stopped and chugged back the rest of the liquid before setting the glass softly on the coffee table.

“What else did he say about his dear old dad?” The way he said those words were slightly thick. You wondered if he was drunk. Or getting there. Looking away, you felt your face heat up. You started this by recklessly opening your mouth in the heat of your irritation. If you were to quickly avert his question, would he be angry? Not only at you but at his son for speaking badly against him. And then Shouto… if you were to continue, you’d be betraying him. And before anything, your friend came first.

“Nothing. I don’t know what I was saying.” He was silent and you had hoped that he had dropped it. From the corner of your eye, you saw him pour more liquid from the bottle into the glass filling it up a little over half-way. Which was less than what he poured for himself before. He set the bottle down but didn’t pick up the cup. Instead he sat back studying you.

“Come to think of it, you do look a bit familiar. I think I’ve seen you at the festivals,” He said softly. You hummed, trying to seem uninterested.

“I almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve really grown..” This time you looked up meeting his gaze and it caused your stomach to flutter. He was staring at you with such intensity, much different than before. In fact, he looked almost..

You closed your book and straightened. Standing up, you pulled out your phone before saying,

“I um..should probably call Shouto. See if he’s okay or something.” Anything to leave his line of sight. He nodded and you made your way into the kitchen and once arriving, you finally let out the breath you had been holding in. Refusing to think about how almost hungered your friend’s father looked staring at you, your fingers moved in quickly dialing his number. After the fourth ring, you heard his voice. 

“Shouto, hey.”

“Hey, what’s up?” In the background you would hear distinct voices but it wasn’t clear enough for you to understand.

“I’m at your house. I thought… we were gonna study?” You peeked into the den where Endeavor sat, unmoving, in the same position you left him in. From the other end, you heard shuffling and the sound of voices were gone. You heard the soft click of a door shutting though.

“I completely forgot. I had came up to see my mother… and we’ve been talking. Have you been there long?”


“Nah.. I just got here about ten minutes ago.” 

“I’m really sorry. I’ll wrap this up and make my way home shortly. I can always come back.” You bit your thumb, in thought. His mother hadn’t come up in conversation at all revently. You knew his family’s story and how much she meant to him. In addition to how...sad he sounded.

“You know what? I’m fine. We can definitely meet up another time. Please don’t rush. I know how much this means to you.” He didn’t reply for a few seconds and you heard him sigh.

“I-thank you.. I’m really sorry again.”

“Shouto, please. Don’t even sweat it. I’ll text you later.”

“Oh wait. Is my father there?” You gulped not responding right away. You really didn’t want to cause any further issues within the home. But the way he looked at you..left you uneasy.

“Yeah. He told me where you were,”

“I see.” The sounds of a door opening and a female voice captured his attention. His response had been muffled and you only guessed that he had covered the mic. After a few seconds he returned.

“I have to get going. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah sure. Bye Shouto.” A sigh was released from you before putting your phone in your pocket. Making your way back to the den, you noticed that Endeavor had his eyes closed. The cup on the table appeared untouched but you were just focusing on his features. His face seemed peaceful as if he were asleep. You still couldn’t help but gaze at the sharpness of his jaw, the stubble that had started to grow, and the stony setting of his face. It was utterly undeniable— Enji Todoroki was sexy. As if on cue his eyes opened and you gasped, quickly reaching towards your textbook.

“Leaving already?” 

“Huh? Oh..yeah. It’s getting late. I can just come back anoth-” 

“You know when I saw you at the festivals, I couldn’t help but notice how powerful you were. Of course you weren’t as strong as my son—but the fight in your eyes moved me.” Somehow in the midst of the comment, you couldn’t help but feel offended. Still, your cheeks reddened. It had only been a couple years or so ago. Now you were in college trying to just get by. The idea of becoming a hero didn’t seem a big a dream as before.

“Now I’m sure you’re even more powerful. You’ve grown into yourself. Intelligent, driven, not to mention...beautiful.” Your head snapped up. 

Beautiful? Not only was this inappropriate but out of character for the hero. Still, you couldn’t find anything to say.

“Why don’t you stay a bit. I could use the company. And surprisingly, I’m not irritated by your presence.”

“I really appreciate it. But I-”

“Let loose.” You were confused by the comment until he reached forward and pushed the glass towards you.


It wasn’t like you had anything better to do if you would’ve left. I mean trek back to the dorms, promise to study after a quick shower, and instead spending the evening watching television wasn’t something exciting. Though it was usually routine. And at that moment you were sitting in front of the number two hero. Who said you were tolerable to be around. But on the other hand, he was your friend’s father. Not only that, he who Shouto despised. But still… when would you get another chance to hang with Endeavor?

Abandoning inhibitions, your arm extended to pick up the glass. The smell of the beverage was bitter and cheap and you were shocked that someone so wealthy would resort to the choice. Still, you threw it back, the burning liquid warming your insides. Already, you could feel it’s effect. Before long, your reservations had diminished and you found yourself engaged in a casual, though drunken, conversation. He actually had humor under that fire. Though, it probably only shone through in states of intoxication. In the midst of it all, he crossed the space and took his place on the couch next to you. Paying no mind to it, the two of you continued talking and laughing, subconsciously moving closer.

It wasn’t long before your resolve completely evaporated . You watched as he poured you another glass while you laughed at something he had said.When handing the glass to you, his thumb grazed your sand and in that moment, you wanted nothing more than to pounce  him. You bit your lip, your eyes giving off the most sultry look before shyly looking away. He took a swig from his slowly disappearing beverage before setting the bottle on the table. Your conversation returned, though both of your minds were truly focused on that second of connection.

“Since I’m getting high in my years, I’ve lost my game.” He laughed loudly and you giggled.

“I don’t think you’re old.. I..think your kind of hot actually.” He gave you a dark look while taking another sip from the bottle. The way he was looking at you caused a throbbing pain within you that caused you to clench your thighs together.

“Careful now…” he growled huskily. You smirked, feeling bold and you continued.

“I’m serious. I used to have this childish crush on you,” you waved off, giggling at your childhood.

“Used to?” You looked over at his hard set gaze. Slowly his hand reached over to yours and pulled you closer to him. You shifted and he moved you so that you were sitting on his lap. With your common sense slowly diminishing, you leaned down and pressed your lips against his. The stubble, which were one of your favorite things set on the hero, tickled your upper lip as he returned the gesture. You moaned into him, tasting the alcohol, as your tongue glided along his. Without warning, his hand came down striking your ass causing you to gasp.

This gave him the desired opportunity to deepen the exchange between you two. By the time you pulled away, his lips were wet with your saliva. He wasted no time in attacking your jaw with bites. His teeth nipped at the flesh rather mercilessly as they trailed down to your neck. Thick and strong arms wrapped around your torso and waist as if you were seconds from evaporating from his reach. In how almost desperate he seemed, you were getting more and more turned on and eventually found yourself grinding on his lap. In response he growled deeply.

Your hands felt out of place as his mouth moved feverishly against your neck. In fact it wasn’t just your hands, but you in general. Dumbstruck was how you felt at the fact that Endeavor, the Number Two Hero, the father of your friend, was wasting no time in unbuttoning your pants at that very moment.

Another attempt at awareness prodded your mind and a wave of guilt washed over you, once the thought of your friend entered your head. It caused you to still, unmoving, as you recalled his extreme disdain for his father. You recalled sitting there and listening to him vent all of the terrible things Endeavor had put him through, occasionally voicing your own not-so-nice opinions. You couldn’t help but feel you we’re betraying him..

And yet when Endeavor’s lips detached from the bruising area on your neck, you whimpered at the lack of contact there.

“You’re a wild one aren’t you?” He slurred, watching you nod like the submissive girl he took a liking to. He then pushed you off, rather roughly, enticing a yelp of surprise and he told you to remove your clothes. After taking a few bold swigs of the dank alcohol beforehand , you now had no problem in doing so. You staggered out of your jeans, and whipped off your shirt, each article of clothing strewn carelessly on the floor. His partially lidded blue eyes trailed over your body, taking note of your curves and burning them to memory. Grabbing your wrist, he pulled you into him, his lips crashing into yours. He wasted no time in invading your mouth with his tongue in such a hungered manner, you struggled to keep up.

Nevertheless, your hand raised, rather boldly, to tangle in his locks, pushing his head closer. As if the two of you couldn’t get any closer. At the feeling of his hair being pulled he growled into your mouth and you swallowed the animalistic noise into your own, becoming more turned on. Finally he pulled away, panting as if he’d run a marathon.

“That mouth is something..” he murmured, studying your features. From the fire in his eyes, you knew what he truly wanted to imply. And under the thick fog your mind was under, you we’re willing to comply.

You kneeled in front of him, working your fingers sloppily to undo his slacks. The gaze between the two of you never broke as you finally pulled them down. His boxers soon followed, releasing his fully erect cock from its confines. He sighed softly at the feeling of being free, while you gulped in how big he was. A hand gripped his shaft, pumping gently before you took the tip into your mouth. The taste of the pre-cum that had accumulated beforehand melted on your tongue, giving a salty taste that you wanted more of.

Inch by inch, more of his enormous length disappeared into your mouth until you felt you were at your limit, which was about halfway. Still to make up for what couldn’t fit, a hand stroked the rest of his length as your other began stroking your wet pussy. Up and down your head went along his cock. You felt his fingers take hold on your hair, at first just resting. But after a while he grew close as your mouth worked against him and they curled in your locks, pushing and pulling your head. Eyes glancing up, you let out a muffled moan around his length. If a look could make one come, you were close to doing so. His eyes were staring down at you in the most concentrated way, mouth slightly agape and was releasing ragged breaths.

“Get up.” 

With a slutty smile, you complied, slowly at that. A yelp was released when he suddenly yanked you closer and spun you around. Under the intoxicated state you were in, you would have fallen over if his strong hands hadn’t been on your hips steadying you. Slightly he lifted you and you fell back against his chest. Despite the profound smell of alcohol on him, you sighed deeply in the scent of sweet spices.? You felt him place a wet kiss along your shoulder before he pushed you down in his length.


“Holy fu…” you knew he was huge. And you thought you had mentally prepared fit it. But as you sank down on him, you felt as though you would tear. Even so, you bit your lip to endure it as he continued pushing you down slowly. Endeavor grunted when he finally had himself all the way inside of you. Clenching yourself around him caused the two of you to hiss; you felt pain in how tight you were around him, whereas he couldn’t have felt better. Nails digging into your hips, he pushed you down onto him once more, approaching a consistent pace. You let out a strangled moan with each thrust into.

Not soon after, his demeanor seemed to change; where he was cautious before, he now gained some form of aggression as his cock drove into you. Before long, you were breathing his name as if replacing oxygen. The warmth of him filling you up made you hum in delight. While his hand was positioned under your thigh, the other moved to your clit, rubbing vigorously. Crying out, you clenched around him tighter feeling arising release. A grin formed on his face. 

“I...wonder if my son’ll soon,” You froze, feeling nauseous. As if you weren’t already suffering enough with the guilt. Before you could say anything, he bucked his hips upwards making you choke on your works. 

“Mmm...imagine him just walking in on you...sprawled on cock so deep inside of you.” Figuring it was the alcohol talking you decided to ignore it. He could tell. In one swift motion, you were up and bent over the coffee table. Without giving you time to register anything he was thrusting into you again at a punishing pace, causing you to cry out.

“Fu..fuc..En-dea..” Nothing was coming from you clearly but he understood everything. Looking down, you could see your rocking figure in the glass, the most wanton expression taking hold of your features.

“His friend...” he mumbled.

He only chuckled , hoisting you straight by one of your arms. His movements became more driven as he pistoned in and out of you relentlessly. 

“It seems you don’t care for the boy… look at you..” All you could do in the moment was moan as your vision became fuzzy. The heat building up erupted in hot flames as your climax washed over. You drowned in the pleasure while he grunted at the way you constricted around him. Still, he kept going, roughly thrusting into you, growling every now and then with broken phrases of how good his son’s little friend was taking his cock. You could only blush in slight embarrassment, deciding that this was all on you.

It wasn’t long after until you felt your second orgasm arising. You were pushed back over the table, as his hands took homage on your hips. It was almost painful how hard his balls were slapping against your clit. The sound of skin against skin seemed heightened as it accompanied the moans and grunts and incoherent mumbling. Promptly, you cried out at the second onslaught of stars as Endeavor gave one final and rather thorough thrust before he stilled, bottoming out inside of your pussy. It seemed never ending; the shooting of hot come filling you up and the sensation of it dripping down your thighs enticed a whimper. Finally, he pulled out and collapsed against the couch, pulling you down with him. The hero placed feverish kisses against your shoulders as you felt satisfied as well as fatigued.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all of the excitement, you completely lost track of the time. Unbeknownst to you were a pair of heterochromic eyes open and staring in horror at the scene that he just walked in on. The one those eyes belonged to, sunk back behind the corner wall with a hand covering his mouth. At the time he didn’t know how he felt. 

But you soon would.


Chapter Text

"I got one you guys!" Your hearing was distorted and you groaned aloud. Finally your eyes opened and your vision finally came to. Right in front of you was a blonde male peering into your eyes, with a dangerous glint in his own. This was the individual who had you pinned in the woods with a needle in your arm. Instinctively , you begin to struggle and you heard a deranged giggle before he jumped back. 

"Woah-oh oh! What a fighter!" 

"Look just leave her be until the boss returns,"

You turned your head sluggishly to a villian in a full body suit. From the same guy you heard, 

"She's kinda hot." 

"Don't even think about it, Twice." Again, you turned your head to meet a blue-eyed gaze from a man whose face was charred but seemingly kept together with staples. In his hand, he was swirling something in his hand and further concentration revealed that it was blue fire. 

"L-let me go." You began struggling further. The blonde jumped back into your line of sight and you felt the cool press of a knife at your throat. Along the side of your neck, his tongue pressed against your flesh licking upwards. 


"Hm?" He hummed. All the while, you stilled in fear of the knife pressing in deeper than it already was.

"Quit creeping her out!" The concealed villain called out. 

"Also, I didn't sign up for babysitting. I'm starvin'" Twice left his post from the door frame and waved off the rest of the group before Dabi could say anything. He just remained still, his striking blue eyes watching the exchange between Toga and you. The blonde straightened and turned on his heel and placed his arms behind his back. 

"I can watch her-"

"Absolutely not." Dabi frowned. Despite the brief meeting between him and his comrade, he didn't trust him. Especially with you. 

"C'mon...I'm a big boy now...!" He giggled. You eyes were glancing around the dank bar trying to find a way out of your bounds. The rope was actually pretty loose thanks to the genius responsible of bounding you. You scoffed inwardly, deciding not to act until the time was right.

Dabi shook his head and scoffed. 

"Yeah sure-" He then doubled over, hand flying up to his side. In the midst of containing you the erasure hero had managed to strike him. All eyes were on him and he straightened the best he could.

"Maybe you should go lie down..." Toga giggled. As if this was part of his plan.

Given the convenience, it probably was.

 In all honesty, laying down for a quick nap until the boss arrived didn't seem like a bad idea. Still, he narrowed his eyes at the blonde who had a smile stretched across his face. After a silent, but threatening, exchange to him, his eyes then moved to yours before shuffling out of the bar to the back. 

"Whew. So scary," Toga shuddered comically before turning back to you. 

"Now our fun begins."

Your eyes only widened and quickly you let the ropes fall from around your wrists. Before Toga could react, you had jumped out of your chair. Pivoting from your heel, you grabbed the wooden seat and flung it his way. Not caring whether you hit him or not, you dove to the door you saw the concealed villain leave through.

Though your assumptions on an exit was based off of a whim, you decided to chance it thinking it to be better than a second longer with the blonde lunatic. And you were close too, before you felt a steel grip around your ankle, causing you to crash to the floor. 

"Trying to escape me so easily?"

"G-Get off of me!" You bucked in an effort to get him off of you but to no avail. The cool press of the knife was against your throat again and you felt your head being tugged bak by your hair. Just distinctively, you felt a sharp sting in your arm and a giggle from him. Immediately, your senses blurred. 

"I don't think so. I want to play..." He whispered startlingly close to your ear. You then felt his wet appendage swipe the shell of your ear and you whimpered. 

"There! That! I love that sound." He laughed before you felt the weight up him lessen until he stood, your hair still gripped in his fist. Wincing you stood as well to reduce the tension on your scalp. 

"I don't think I've ever seen someone as pretty as you...I- I wonder if you taste as sweet as you look." He murmured pressing you against the wall. His knee jutted upwards, roughly rubbing against your crotch. The material of your panties massaged your pussy and you gasped at the sensation. In the sight of the red flush forming on your face, he giggled before returning his knife to your neck. His other hand released the grip on your hair and instead clutched your wrists and pushed them above your head.You hissed at him pressing down the sharp tool against your throat. The sting was profound and you whimpered, deciding that struggling would potentially irk the villain into doing something worse. 

Besides, not that you would admit it to anyone except the whorish being at the back of your mind , but the thrill of being under his control...turned you on.

Sensing your submission he giggled before licking up the beads of blood that began to surface from the cut. Luckily it wasn't deep. But the idea of him inflicting so much worse on you caused a shudder to ripple through you. 

"Are you scared?" Of course you were scared. You've faced villains head on; after the USJ incident and the attack of the League of Villains on the town, you had thought you'd seen every scary thing life would have tossed at you. But no- its goes on. Being in the presence of this particular villain induced a different sense of fear. The knife returned as a warning and you nodded slightly. Pleased at this he removed it and laughed lightly.

"You haven't seen anything...not yet cutie." He said lowly, mostly to himself. He reared his head back, his yellow eyes trailing your body. You whimpered at the sound of cloth tearing and you knew that he was working his way into your leggings. The cool air embraced your slightly quivering legs. Yellow eyes zeroed in on the subtle wet spot on your panties and he pushed his weapon against it, enticing a loud gasp from you. He paused, studying you as though deep in thought.

"I actually liked you better on the floor." With that, he pressed against your shoulder causing an onslaught of pain and you fell to your knees instinctively. His hand worked with the buttons on his slacks before shoving them around his thighs. His red boxers were next to follow and he shuffled forward slightly, trapping you against the wall. His cock twitched in front of your face rather intimidatingly. You whimpered which spurred him on in excitement.

"'Kay, be a good girl and pleasure me, yeah? C'mon I know you have it in you." He gripped the base of his erection and pushed it against your tightly sealed lips. Frowning rather childishly, he raised his knife and waved it in front of your face. At the silent threat, you reluctantly opened your mouth and leaned forward slowly.

Without waiting from you as you seemingly took your time, he pushed his cock into your mouth, forcing himself to the back of your throat. While he let out a content sigh, you gagged at the force and your hands flew up instinctively. Toga tsked and raised the blood tinged knife again as he began flexing his hips. Your eyes squeezed shut. The taste of his precum has coated your tongue as more of it began to leak out. Your hair was then curled in his fist again before he picked up momentum, enticing you to sputter and gag around his length.

"'re doing sooo goood..." he drew out his words in one breathy tone. The comment caused your cheeks to heat up as he continued to fuck your throat. Luckily his cock wasn't thick, but where he lacked in girth, he made up in length. And right now at the vigor he was going, it felt as though half of him was past your throat. 

Despite how wrong the situation was, you couldn't help but feel a throbbing in your core in (quite bluntly) the need to be fucked. 

Hot tears streamed from your eyes and down your chin, mixing with the saliva dripping from your lips. Noises fell out as well accompanying the moans from the male above. He let out a gaspy laugh. 

"Getting into it are we?" The tone of his voice was different; where it was high and giggly before, it was now low and husky. Squinting your eyes open slightly you saw his face shadowed menacingly as he continued flexing into your mouth. After meeting your gaze he gave one rough thrust causing you to gag almost painfully. He laughed at your composure before pulling out. You were still in a coughing fit when you pulled you up by your arms and pushed you back against the wall. His blade was in your line of sight and with a yelp from you, he swiped it right under your eye. Examining it , he brought the side of it to his tongue and he licked upwards. It was so sick to you, causing you to avert your eyes.

"Your tears taste almost as delicious as your blood. Oh...let me get that for you." As if on cue you felt the sting under your eye where his knife had cut you. Raising a hand you were about to swipe it away when his hand swatted yours. He placed the same hand beneath your chin to bring your head closer to his and you felt his warm and wet tongue graze your skin. 

"You're so delicious...I really wanna taste you but the boss could be back any minute," he muttered before pushing you back. He kept his sharp accessory in his hand while the other pumped his cock lazily in his fist. You knew what was coming and a part of you embraced it.. He then pushed against you, rubbing the bulging head of his cock against your slickened heat. Giggling in delight at how wet you were for him, he eased into you, the chuckle turning into a sound akin to a groan. 

Your voice betrayed you.

In fact any noise failed to escape from between your lips; you could only stare into the yellow eyes of the villain as he pushed himself all the way into you. Once finally in, you clenched around him, enticing a moan from the both of you. He took the opportunity to press his knife at the collar of your t-shirt. With the quick jerk downwards, it was then cut open, letting both of your breasts fall out and open to him. Excited at the sensation of your slick walls constricting around him, he began moving his hips into you rather roughly.

You moaned at the gesture of his verve but was distracted by the cool press of the blade outlining the tops of your mounds before you cried out in it digging into your flesh. He shushed you as he moved his hand down and the sting disappeared replaced with the sensation of his lips ecasing the sights of injury. All while he continued driving his cock into your pussy, his mouth worked almost greedily to take in the pearling red substance.

You threw your head back at both sensations and felt yourself grounding your hips up to meet his. You began feeling like putty under the villain as his cock rocked vigoriously into you.


"This feels good right? My cock inside you, yeah? You taste so good by the way, ahh.." He cooed in the crook of your neck. Your reply was next to incoherency as you curled your fist into his shirt. You mewled feeling the pressure in your abdomen build up rather quickly. Before quickly, you went over the edge, moaning loudly as you drowned in your orgasm.

In the midst of the haze your mind and senses were under, you looked over Toga's shoulder to see a pair of icy blue eyes. The force in which the blonde's cock was thrusting into you, kept you from saying something. His movements were becoming erratic as he pounded into your pussy. Still under the fog, you glanced down to see the charred villian working a burned hand against his own cock. At the sight of watching him get off to the two you caused another arising orgasm to form. His icy stare was locked on you and you saw that his lip was gritted in between his teeth. Even so, you stilled and cried out at the second onslaught of pleasure.

At the sensation of your pussy clenching around him, Toga took you skin in between his teeth as he plunged into you a final time before you felt his hot come shoot into your cervix. You gasped at the feeling and it just seemed never-ending. Glancing at the doorway, you saw that your audience had disappeared. 

Feeling like absolute putty, your legs began to buckle, but before you fell, Toga caught you. 

"Don't worry cutie," He whispered, as a heavy blanket of fatigue dulled the rest of your senses.

"We'll play again soon..." Was the last thing you heard before you blacked out completely.

Chapter Text

“Is-Is this all right?” A faltering hand paused its ministrations on rubbing your clit vigorously.


It had all started when the hero had come home from work. The day was long and all he had on his mind was pleasuring you. Quite bluntly, he longed to fuck you.

When he walked through the door and loosened his tie, you greeted him clad in naught but a tank top in a pair of lounging pants. While your assemble had been created with the intentions lacking sexiness, Izuku was practically drooling as his eyes danced over your curves. Immediately he pushed you rather roughly against the wall and began sucking on your neck and groping your body. You mewled for him when he placed a hard slap against your ass.

“I want to fuck you so bad.” He growled in your ear.

“D-Deku...hah.” You chuckled and blushed furiously at his lewd comment. While this side of Izuku was rare you loved it nonetheless. You knew deep down inside, past all of his adorableness was truly a beast who wanted nothing more than to dominate and ravish you.

The feeling of his hard erection was profound as he pressed you back into the bedroom and onto the bed. His tongue was rooted inside of your mouth as he kissed you ravenously.

He had pinned you against the mattress as he shrugged out of his top. The tie which had been yanked from around his neck, was then tied around your head, obscuring your vision completely. His hand fumbled blindly in his nightstand drawer for the handcuffs he hid under a pile of books. While your mind had been made to grow fuzzy under his kisses , you didn’t clearly register your hands being bound until you heard soft clicks and he pulled away.


“Shh baby...”

Which led to the escalation now.

He was down by your legs, leaving hastily placed kiss along your thighs with two fingers scissoring and pumping inside of you. His digits would switch between that and rubbing your clit, both of which drove you insane. His lips moved up, trailing kisses along your waist, stomach, breasts (which he took a tad bit longer due to biting your hardened nipples), and peppered light kisses along your collarbone.

“Is-Is this all right?” A faltering hand paused its ministrations on rubbing your clit vigorously. His breath was warm against your neck and you focused on this. You focused on his nervous voice and the pause in his actions that made your hips buck upwards for more.

“I’m fine Deku...Just con…” Your words trailed off into a moan as he started back up with his fingers. Behind the tie, your eyes were squinted closed as you completely melted into his touches. You were desperate. As if reading your mind, he chuckled at this and you felt the weight of the bed shift and the ruffling of clothes moving against one another as they were peeled off and hitting the floor. You opened your legs wider to the green-haired male as a gesture of excitement.


“You keep saying please. What exactly do you want?” He inquired rather strong surprising you. Usually he sounded unsure of himself when he took control. But unbeknownst to you, seeing you all tied up, hot and bothered, had him just as desperate as you.

“Deku...” You whined.

He shifted again until he was close to you. You gasped at the feeling of his twitching cock pressing against your thigh. Izuku’s fingers stopped again and you whined. Soft lips pressed against your cheek.


“I want you. “

“Hm? You have to be more specific.”

Now he was just being a downright tease. The brazen words were on the tip of your tongue. And you cheeks flushed furiously before you opened your mouth to speak.

“I want fuck me.” There you said it. It was only a matter of whether or not his current inner sadist would satisfy your request. Luckily you didn’t need to figure it out because his weight was now on top of you and the head of his cock was teasing your slick pussy. Pre-cum had already leaked out and was mixing with your own arousal. You had been waiting for this all fucking night. But he had been looking forward to it a bit more..

He finally pushed into you and unintelligible noises escaped from the two of you as he pushed himself all the way in to the hilt. You arch slightly and he stilled, cursing under his breath at the way your walls were constricting around his cock.

“You feel so good.” He whispered.

His hips rolled into yours and you moaned, arching into him deeper. Izuku’s thrusts started off slow and deep, purposely hitting that sweet spot inside of you. You squirmed and cried out his name in which he would return with dirty nothings of his own. He kept up this pace partially because he wanted to drag out these moments for as long as he could and partly because he wanted to leave you panting for more. Seeing you restrained beneath him unable to do anything but take his cock, drove him a different kind of mad.

He shifted position, rearing back slightly so he was upright. His hands then moved to your thighs, pushing your legs wider apart for him. Gaining momentum, he thrusted into in an arising punishing pace.

“Fuck’re do-ing so well.” You cried. You couldn’t see the flush pink tint that spread across his freckled face. This spurred him on in fucking you harder causing the pressure to build up inside of you. Behind the make-shoft blindfold, hot tears were pricking your vision in how good this felt. That flame inside of your abdomen was burning brighter with each thrust until you squealed at your delicious orgasm. A hand came up and snatched away the tie and after your vision finally adjusted to the scene of the dimly lit bedroom and your lover, you almost came a second time.

Izuku’s face was flushed over and his eyes were half-lidded and wild as he kept his dark gaze on you. His green hair was swaying back and forth with his form. His cock pistoled into you with such vigor, the bed was creaking beneath the two of you and your cuffs were digging into your wrist. The pain was like a background sensation for what was more profound was your second upcoming orgasm.

“I’m about to-”

“You wait.” he interrupted, narrowing his eyes.


“You will wait for me.” He closed his eyes and threw his head back, fucking into you relentlessly as you tried to keep it together. Your pussy clenched again as he groaned and another sensational wave rippled through you. He stilled and you felt his hot come shoot into you as you both muttered the other’s name thickly. Lazily, his hips rolled into yours before he pulled out. Leaning back down, his lips pressed against yours in the most hungered manner. Your tongue rolled against his sluggishly before he pulled away giving you a sheepish look.

“You did so good.”

Chapter Text

  • Despite how big of a front the blonde would put up in front of his guy friends when he bragged that he had a date with you, deep down he was a nervous wreck


  • As the days passed and ticked down to the big day, he had been in a bigger grump than usual. He didn’t know what he would do when he was alone with you.


  • He took the time to prepare going as far as to break down and turn towards the internet for the ideal date. It took awhile but he finally found something..


  • On the day of, his room was a mess due to recklessly thrown clothing from his closet as he searched in vain for something that would impress you. To no avail though, he finally settled on a black t-shirt and a pair of old dress pants.


  • In all of the wardrobe ordeal, he lost track of time and ended up arriving to your place of residence a half hour late. He was upset at this notion and was inwardly beating himself up about it despite you telling him it was alright.


  • The car ride was silent. But he would sneak glances at you and blush. You wore a similar outfit to the one he had told you you looked good in a while back. At least you listened.


  • First thing first, he parked the car at a park and silently got out and slammed the door. He didn’t tell you what the date would consist of but when he circled around to your side with a basket, you covered your mouth with you hand and let out a muffled giggle. His eyes narrowed and he questioned what exactly was funny. You shook your head and followed him to the wooden bench in the park


  • The picnic included food items he noticed that you liked. Watching you in the golden sunlight eating what he had made for you made his heart skip. The action tripled when you turned to smile at him, with a piece of food stuck to your lip


  • Reaching a thumb towards you he would brush it off and you would lean into his touch


  • Despite the late start, the timing had been perfect. After you guys had eaten and cleared up and got back into the car, he made his way to the movie theater


  • Once arriving inside, the difficult part came. While he was a fan of action packed films, you had been more into romance comedy.


  • He groaned inwardly once he saw your eyes moved towards the title Isn’t it Romantic. After the blonde had voiced his suggestion you paused and pointed to Deadpool. Though you’ve seen the movie you knew it consisted of mostly action but you enjoyed the underlying love scenes.


  • As the movie went on, Bakugou inched his hand towards yours. He saw this in an article. Girls loved it when their hands were held.


  • Risking it all, he grabbed your hand. A little to rough at that. After you had yelped he muttered an apology with red cheeks and you smiled, taking it as far as to lean your head on his shoulder


  • After the movie, it was late and you were tired. The drive back to your place was quiet and you had the most comical grin on your face at the notion that both of your hands were intertwined


  • Bakugou walked you to your front door, you hand still in his. He would comment about how much of a good time he had


  • After a moment of silence you reached up with your eyes closed and kissed him. Or at least tried.


  • Under the nervousness, he completely missed and ending up making contact with your chin. You pulled away and let out a soft giggle.


  • As he watched you disappear inside he cursed himself, and felt heat in his hands in anger at himself from the embarrassment.


  • “Fucking Idiot. Am I fucking blind…” He grumbled as he made his way back home.


  • Still, your touch had sent thrilling shudders throughout his body. He would definitely be asking you on another date soon.

Chapter Text

There were multiple things going on at once; firstly, your thighs clenched around the head of Toga who currently had her tongue deep inside your pussy. A gasp was released when her nails had dug into your thighs for a second.The sting of them scraping against your flesh caused you to moan out a second time.You knew there would be a deep wound. In fact, you could feel the air hitting the scratches and you saw the beads of scarlet.

The bed sank and you looked up to see the stiffened cock of the blonde in front of your face. He knelt on one knee on one side of over Toga’s torso and his other leg on the other side. Your eyes ogled the Dydoe piercing on the rim of his bulging head and you licked your lips. Toga had got every inch of this guy right from his psychotic nature to his cock piercings.

In his hand, he held a knife that scraped softly against your cheek.

“Be a doll wouldya..” You nodded taking the male Toga into your mouth.

Yes...that’s right. You didn’t know how this came to be. Maybe Toga pestered Twice for a clone and she was very specific in her request. She tracked you down at your place of residence with the Male Toga in tow and immediately pounced you. This is gonna be fun! She said.

And she had been right.

A threesome was a first to you; even though your preference was...fluid given your escapades with Toga, you never thought you’d be fucking two Toga’s at that. You looked up at the half-lidded yellow eyes which were staring down at you. His face was twisted up rather lewdly; his cheeks were flushed and he grinned widely as he fucked your mouth. You allowed him to do, as the knife returned to trace your shoulders. There were already tiny cuts present. Ones that had healed and scarred up from the female Toga. Still,he made more, finding pleasure in the beads of blood forming against your flesh.

At the sight, he bucked into your mouth unexpectedly and you choked against him. Meanwhile, the real Toga was going to town on your pussy, swirling her appendage around your clit and tongue-fucking you. You rolled your hips against her face and her grip tightened as if urging you to do it again.

And you did. You began to ride her face slowly and this added more pleasure than when you were still. You pulled away from the cock filling your mouth to mutter,

“F-Fuck Toga...That feels so good..” Underneath you, Toga hummed in reply and the movements of your tongue seemed to intensify. Before you could say anything else, the male had yanked your head back to his cock, not allowing you anytime to breath. In fact, you felt his other hand grip your head as well and his hips snapped up to your face. It was painful to say the least as he continued fucking your mouth roughly. You were choking, and your breathing was restricted with each flex of his hips. Even the female beneath you paused your ministrations to giggle at the unattractive noises you were making. He sighed dramatically while more and more of your saliva ran from your chin to your breast. Finally the male pushed you away deciding he’d rather come in your pussy than your mouth. Gripping your arm, you were led off of Toga’s face and she sat up, her lips spread like the cheshire cat.

“Oh! I bought something that’s perfect for this.” She bounded off of the bed and you watched your leave the room. The blonde in front of you pulled your head in his direction . His lips pressed against yours gently and you melted into him. You didn’t know why his nature changed from crazy to intimate and you almost didn’t question it until you felt his knife press into your shoulder and jerk down. You yelped but didn’t break contact. Instead, your eyes began burning from the tears threatening to spill. He pulled away slightly and shushed you before taking your shoulder into his mouth. His tongue swiped over the area before he began sucking. The scarlet substance. He felt almost drunk off of the taste of you and he was almost sad he wasn’t as real as you or Toga but merely a clone.

He turned around and fell backwards on the bed pulling you down with him. A hand circled around your back and the other worked on spreading your legs. His cock brushed up against you wet slit and you shuddered, deciding to let this distract from the almost painful suction on your shoulder. He then used a hand to line himself up with you and as quick as to knock the wind out of you, he jutted upwards and shoved himself into you. You gripped the sheets on either side of his head and gritted your teeth. You couldn’t move or speak as his hips moved against yours with a quick snap of ach thrust. It was almost painful as his cock filled you up. The piercing rubbed against your tight walls in the most delicious way. While it was a new felt too good.

“Sit up cutie. I wanna see you bounce on my dick.” He then put an arm behind his head almost casual like and you felt your face heat up surprisingly at the brazen comment. His other hand held the favored accessory and he trailed it gently against your stomach. You sat back and rolled your hips against him. As you adjusted to him you began moving up and down.

“Like that…” he growled in a surprisingly low octave. The point of the knife dug deeper slightly as you

“I’m back!” The female called and you only caught a glimpse to see she had on a strap on.

“Wh-Toga What is that?”

“You’ll see.” She sang in response. Before you could say anything, you felt a hand come up to move against your slit. The male, feeling impatient, gripped your hips and fucked into you at a rapid pace that made your moans came out as stuttered noises. Toga took the distraction as a way to push in the lubed strap-on she had walked in with. It went without saying that you had to relax in order to fully take your in. And you did after a while until it was all the way in and toga’s breast were pushed against your back. She sighed happily as she watched you squirm . The male beneath you didn’t falter his own which offered reasons for your lack of words. A few seconds passed before she began moving in and out of you. While this all seemed new to you and such, you felt an arising spark in your abdomen which, with every passing second, was growing into a flame until you were practically begging the two of them to come. You were rolling your body back into Toga while the blonde was roughly driving in and out of your pussy.

“You’re having fun aren’t you?” Toga cooed in your ear.

“Y-yes.. Toga” you breathed, finally thankful that you could form an almost coherent sentence.

“Of course,” Said the male. “She was exactly like you said; a cock-hungry little slut. Fuck I know i’m having the time of my life.”

You moaned at his brazen comment. Mostly because it was true but also because it was hot. As swift as your eye could catch, she reached forward and snatched up the knife then pressed it around the front of your neck. The sharp edge trailed little scratches on your skin giving off an almost delicious sting. Your mouth made contact on your shoulder where she ‘accidentally’ pressed too hard. The way your tongue swiped the area sent shudders throughout your body and you felt that dam inside of you break. Clenching around the male’s cock only drove him further to his release. His movements were becoming less coordinated and lazy. It wasn’t until long before he stilled with his nails digging deep into your thighs and you felt his hot come shooting inside of you. After a few sluggish thrusts you fell forward, locking lips with him. Toga pulled out, hot and still bothered, and removed the strap-on.

Accompanying the two of you on the bed, she felt a pit left out and shoved the male away. Spent, you rolled from off of him and he moved beside you as you laid on your stomach. Toga knelt down and cupped your chin, leaning closer to you and placed a rather sloppy kiss on your lips. Then pulling away, she positioned herself, legs splayed in front of your face. The male only watched greedily as you licked your lips, moving closer to her.

“Your turn cutie.”

Chapter Text

The morning rays slipped through the slots in the blinds, illuminating the tidy room with an almost blindingly bright light.

Katsuki's eyes fluttered due to the sensation against his eyelids. Groaning he opened his eyes and turned the opposite direction away from the sunlight.

In the process of shifting himself, the bed shifted as well, disturbing the peace of [Y/N]'s light slumber. Katsuki blinked his eyes at the slightly furrowed face of his girlfriend. His hand brushed a strand of hair from her face and her mouth turned up at the corners. Smirking, he leaned forward and kissed her nose, which twitched at the touch.

"I know you're awake." He kept his voice soft and light just in case she really wasn't and was acting unconsciously.

But her eyes then squinted open, proving his former theory true.

Smiling, she moved closer to the blonde who wrapped his hands around her body. His face found its way to the top of her head and rooted there, the delicious aroma of her shampoo adding more pleasure to his content.

At U.A., it was against the rules for the students to share dorms after six in the evening despite the gender diversity within the building. But in many instances, he found himself waking up beside his lover anyway.

Screw the rules.

"I have to leave soon," Her voice was muffled in his chest. She inhaled, smiling at his scent. In response, he grunted suddenly, as if startled out of a light daze, and kissed the top of her head.

"Just let me hold you for a little while longer, alright?" He grumbled before his arms tightened around her. The couple laid there entangled , in peaceful bliss in each other's presence.

Chapter Text

“I haven’t seen you in a while.” said a voice in the dark. You whipped your head around as your heels had skidded rather uncomfortably against the concrete. Of course, as if rehearsed in a movie, there was no one behind you. But when you turned around you almost ran face first into someone who was fully concealed in a bodysuit. Before you could have said anything, you were whisked into the dark alleyway, which had smelled rank but was completely dark. Before you could scream or react, maybe even get a good look at your assailant, your eyes had been covered with a cloth.

His hands hands were rough as they traveled down your body as he whispered a threat into your ear in a voice different than the first time he spoke.

“You scream, you die.” You whimpered in reluctant compliance.

“Do you remember me?” Said the deeper tone.

“N-No.” you had whispered.

“I’m the loser . The one who had been once your friend. The one you turned around and betrayed.”

“I-I’m sorry. I don-”

“Don’t fucking lie to me.” His voice was so close to your ear as he let out a giggle in a different octave. After his words sent a shiver up your spine, he said something else that made you want to risk it all and call for help.

“Don’t worry though. I’ll make it even.” Was what he had said before you felt a sharp pain in your arm and had blacked out.

You woke someplace dark. And the smell of molding wood and stagnant, mildew water alerted your senses and made you start to struggle. The concrete floor was cold against your bare back and through the very dim light you could see that you were clad in naught but your tank top and underwear.

“Finally. It’s been boring.” The words held a childish tone to it. You heard slow footsteps making their way towards you and stopped in front of your form. After struggling to raise your head your vision adjusted to the sight of the villian who kidnapped you..

“I guess I should probably tell you my name. Just to, you know, help you remember. “

“I-You have the wrong person...please just let me go.” You whispered.

“I don’t think that’ll be possible. Anyway, my name is Jin Bubaigawara. But you won’t call me that. I want you to call me Twice. Let me hear you say it.”

You didn’t comply. Instead you looked him straight in his face with a look akin to disbelief. You hair was then gripped in his hand and you broke down. Tears flowed from your eyes and your chapped lips split to release unintelligible cries for help.

“Oh please. No one’ll hear you. Especially where we are. Now say my name. Or I’ll hurt you far worse..”

“Jin-” He flicked his wrist roughly and you cried out in pain on the sudden tension on your scalp.

“Twice,” He released you.

“Good.” Your head fell back against the filthy floor with your cheek pressing against the cool ground. Just distinctively you heard the buckle of a belt and you closed your eyes.In hopes that this was all a nightmare. Much to your disappointment it wasn’t.

“Right now- you’re going to be my pet. See I have a leash and everything” He giggled in high octave. The small titter turned into transformed into a much deeper and jovial sound. He squatted by your head again and pulled you upright by you throat. His other hand that held his belt reached up and pulled off his mask.

“Now do you remember?” He whispered. Suddenly thoughts of this individual flooded your mind from elementary and middle school. He used to be bullied, yeah. But it wasn't you that took part in the cruel actions. Remembering one individual that would aimlessly take the time out of his day to make Jin miserable by following him home and throwing rocks at him, or calling  him the most ruthless names, or even go as far as to ruin his chances to become a pro hero, brought tears to your eyes. You remembered sitting by watching it all happen. After being questioned with—

“Ew is that idiot your boyfriend?” You looked between your old friend and an opportunity. You quickly shook your head and left Jin on the swings that day alone. After the kids had beat him up, you never looked back to see if he was alright. Because you knew that deep down, he wasn’t. All of the times he would approach you to possibly ask if he did anything wrong, you would close your locker and scurry away. The ringleader of such terrible acts against your old friend happened to be your boyfriend for a while at the time. And if he had so much as seen Jin look your way, he and his friends would beat him down. After a while into Junior year, you didn’t see Jin due to unknown circumstances and him dropping out.

You thought you could finally breathe. As cruel as it sounded you were glad that you couldn’t see him  for you thought the guilt would vanish. Of course it didn’t though.

Even as you grew up into an adult, those memories would come back to haunt you.

“Jin I truly am sorry…” You whispered after the shock wore off. He shook his head and tsked before he began wrapping the belt around your neck.

“You really hurt us.” He replied in a different tone.

“So you’ll pay.” He straightened, pulling the leather taunt and you were forced on your knees. His other hand worked at discarding the rest of his costume until he stood naked and proud, with his erected cock just mere inches from you face. He jerked the belt and you were pulled closer.

“Open wide. Mind your teeth.” He pulled the strap taunt when you didn’t comply right away. Forcibly, you opened your mouth to cough at the restriction of your airway when he pushed his cock down your throat. You gagged around his girth, letting the drool and spit fall from your lips where they splotched up the floor.

“You seem new at this. I'll help you out,” You whimpered as he pushed his hips close to you so that your nose was forced into the bed of his pubic hair. Tears streamed down your face as he fucked harshly into your mouth. He hissed and jerked the leather.

“I said no fucking teeth. You fucking …” He pulled out of you giving you the needed desire to breathe. Your gasped for air, taking it in copious gulps. Your hair was next to recieve the rough treatment and you yelped when he kneeled down to look you in your eye.

“J-Jin please...please stop-”

“I said to call me Twice. You think this is a game?”

He stood again and yanked your head to him.

“Like you mean it.”

Begrudgingly you took him back into your mouth and luckily he didn’t act rash; he remained still as you took him in inch by inch until he was at the back of your throat and you were at your own limit. You whimpered as the tears pricked your eyes. After pausing for a second longer you were allowed to pull some and your tongue swiveled around the thick head before taking him down again. The salty pre-cum that had accumulated from the tiny slit melted on your tongue.

If it weren’t for his hands now rooting on the sides of your head now, you wouldn’t have had the strength to hold yourself up. In fact you were sure that you would fall over. His hips began moving at  rather punishing face as he continued raging his rough assault on your mouth. You sobbed and the noise was forced back down your throat by his cock. He was close, even you could tell that much. His breaths became ragged and his hips were flexing at an inconsistent pace. Still he fucked your mouth with vigor until the end when he finally slowed.

“I want you to take...take my fucking come like the dirty slut you are.” You yelped at his brazen comment and cried around him when you felt the ropes of his come shoot into the back of your throat. He pushed into you so deeply, you were made to swallow everything he had. It was an abundant amount of the sticky and thick substance. And when you swallowed it, you had to resist the urge to gag to bring it back up again. He sighed deeply and pushed you away, allowing you to fall back against the cool floor.

It was actually quite refreshing despite circumstances; your body was flushed from the abuse of your mouth and strangely, your core couldn't help but to throb in need of the same treatment. The villain circled around you, whistling at your form. He stopped when he was down by your legs and you sluggishly tried to squirm away from him. He chuckled and leaned over you as you winced for what was about to come. Instead of feeling pain from a blow from his hand, you felt your bound hands fall behind you, free. Letting out a small gaps you moved your arms to hug you chest. The villain opened his mouth to tell you not to move. But seeing as how you could barely lift your head kept him from doing so. He got to his knees and pulled you close to him by your ankles. You didn't fight but you let out a soft whimper as he parted your legs.

“Look at you… ” He eyed the wet spot and licked his lips and then hooked a finger on your waistband.

“You want this don’t you…? Want me to punish you for what you did to me.”

“Ji—Twice I said I was sorry.” You tried. He was silent for a moment ad you looked down in hopes that maybe...just maybe he had a change of heart but you gasped and arched into the floor when he pressed a digit into you. He didn’t start off easy either; he pumped into you at a rapid pace chuckling every once and a while at the lewd expression that took hold of your flushed features. You couldn’t help the moan that tumbled from your lips and his ministrations paused for a split second. The sound surprised the two of you and he positioned himself so that he was on top of you. Now that he had a clear view of your face, he continued and added another finger. Your hand flew up to grip his shoulder at the new sensation.

“A fucking virgin. I should’ve known.” He muttered before lowering his head to the crook of your neck. Your body betrayed you as you squirmed for more. He obliged for his digits sped up and you then felt his thumb pressing against your clit.


“What was that slut?” His voice returned back to the childish tang. You bit your lips and he pulled all digits out of you which caused to fall back to the floor with a soft disappointed groan. He grabbed his semi-hard cock and pumped himself in his fist.

“ know I always like you. You were so pretty and when your quirk manifested I was head over heels in love with you. But you didn’t care. After that day when you left me on the swings, a part of me spoke in a small voice. Told me you weren’t even worth it.” As he continued on, the guilt from all of those years ago clenched your heart and you couldn’t help the tear that fell. He saw this and paused.

“After you left I grew to hate you. I vowed that I would hunt you down and make you pay,” He loomed over you and roughly spread your legs.

“Wait Twice! Don’t pl-” Without acknowledging you he shoved his cock inside of you causing you to cry out. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he rolled his hips into you once. Then twice. You gasped at his size, as pain settled over your senses.

“Like the filthy bitch you are.”

It hurt so fucking much. Especially when he began moving at a pace you couldn’t quite catch up with. He muttered in his split voices all coming back to how good your virgin pussy felt around his cock. While you were writhing at the new and uncomfortable sensation of being filled up, he grunted in your ear before taking your lobe into his mouth. It was before long when the pain settled slowly into something of pleasure. This new feeling of cock inside of you sent delicious shivers throughout your body.

“I I still fucking do.” He punctuated every other word with a hard snap of his hips. Your body vibrated against the floor and his hands reached up to rip a tear in your tanktop, releasing your breast. His fingers were rough as they tweaked and pulled at your taunt nipples causing you to cry out.

“You left me...all alone. Fucking bitch!” His movements picked up the pace as he slammed into you over and over again mercilessly. Your mouth was open but at this point no noise came from you. You could only lie there in silence as he fucked harshly into you releasing pent up anger of the betrayal.

“No-now i want you to scream my name when I fill you up, yeah?” You nodded sluggishly as you felt a new pressure pooling in your core causing to clench around him. He knew you were close already so he sat back and gripped your thighs. His mouth opened to release a rather loud growl as his hips snapped against yours painfully. The feeling in your gut was growing more profound and you were so close to attaining the end result.

It wasn’t long before sound finally found you and you cried out as your orgasm washed over you, drowning your senses in pleasure. At the feeling of your pussy spasming around his cock, he cursed and dove deep into you a few times before bottoming out. Never ending ropes of his hot come filled you up and after pulling out, his come was tinged pink as it flowed out of you. You twitched at the abrasive assault and you closed your eyes as you continued feeling the aftershocks. Moments later, he had a towel and he was working silently on cleaning you up.

You were lifted into his arms and you felt cloth covering your body. Being blanketed by warmth was the last thing you could comprehend before your eyes closed in fatigue.

Chapter Text

Staring at the dark ceiling with your mind racing a mile a minute didn't help. Tea was a fucking futile effort in calming your nerves. And music, your usual go-to ...didn't work. Your favorite songs sounded off key and just terrible. You turned on your side and closed your eyes. Trying to imagine what life would be...without life.

'Take a deep breath.'

If you had a fucking quarter for every time you heard that phrase...hell you could probably pay the world's best therapist four times over to help with all your issues.

The door creaked open and a hand reached up to quickly brush away the wetness that broke through your tightly closed eyelids.

"Are you asleep?" His voice was low and his footsteps were soft. The bed sunk from his weight and you nodded. Laughing lightly his warm hand brushed a stray hair behind your ear.

"I just...can't anymore Todoroki..." His arms nestled you closer to him.

"You can't what?"

"Breathe." He muttered an apology and loosened his grip on you, causing a short laugh to tumble from your lips.

"No, not you. I'm talking about in life. It's like I'm suffocating and every day it's getting harder and harder to function. I'm draining out," he was silent and still. Like a statue. You knew he did this when he was deep in thought. His gears were probably turning for something deep and meaningful to say in attempts to make you feel better.

But you just wanted him to listen.

"I don't know how much longer I can go on. Ya kn-know?" Your voice betrayed you and it broke. Like the dam inside you trying to hold yourself together in. The flood came and came; at first it was low and Todoroki almost didn't notice. But a rather ugly sob choked out and more akin to it came out as well.

It lasted a bit. And it felt good getting it all out, not caring if you soaked his shirt. Or yours. Or not giving a fuck if you sounded like a child wailing for some petty reason.

It felt good to have this cry and dammit you we're going to milk for all it was. Because it's been a while.

He knew you were pent up. He knew you were fighting some internal battle every single day and he watched you slowly submit to it.

But this fight was not his but yours.

And he knew there was only so much he could do.

When all was finally said and done and your hands finally pushed those gates closed, the flood reduced to nothing but snotty sniffles and hiccups. He kissed your forehead. He tasted the slight saltiness of the sheen perspiration that had built up on your skin. His arms encased you in a tight embrace which under normal circumstances you would have found uncomfortable. But this was his way of consoling you... and it was alright.

He rocked you as uttered your favorite three words until your breathing became even.

It was all he could do.


Chapter Text

“Babe, you’ve been there for fifteen minutes,” he knocked again on the bathroom door, startlingly. On the closed lidded toilet seat, you sat still, not bothering to respond , but only stare at the positive symbol on the test. It was as if everything was unreal, like looking through the screen on a television watching it happen to someone else. In fact, that’s what you would’ve preferred.

Deciding to trust instinct led you to reluctantly purchasing the item. Some overbearing feeling that something was wrong told you to tell your boyfriend to stop at the store because you needed “lady” items. Reassuring him that it would only take a second. Glancing up, a bag full of those items resided, unopened, but bought in hopes that you were just overreacting .

I guess you didn’t have a need for them now.

When your vision blurred, you realized you were crying. Quickly wiping away your tears, you took a deep breath before finally responding.

“I’m fine babe! I-I’ll be out in a minute.” Eyes never leaving the test, you let another tear fall, not bothering to wipe it away. Why you were upset so much, you didn’t know ; aren’t people typically overjoyed with stuff like this? You stood, moving a shaky hand to your stomach.

There was actually something growing inside of you. No, someone.

That’s what scared you. Would this...being have a quirk? Or be quirkless. How would your life change more once they’re born? What would your parents think? What would his own think?

All of these questions were going a mile a minute inside your head. You placed your hands on the counter, dropping your head as more tears fell. He had to know soon or it would be too late. After you let another stream of tears fall, you rinsed your face with cold water and stopped your sniffles. Taking a deep breath, you walked out of the bathroom and into the living where your boyfriend was busy typing on his computer. His head moved in your direction before his face lit up.

“Ah there you-“

“Tenya..” you kept your head low, feeling the aching in your throat. His face changed into one of deep concern.

“I-I’m pregnant.” After the final word was released a second passed before the tears came. The lump that you were trying to force down had burst and a sob was let out. Iida sat there unmoving, letting the phrase sink in. He hated that he couldn’t respond because he didn’t know how to. His violet eyes moved down to your stomach, studying the area. It didn’t look much different as any other day but he knew over time it would.

You would. Iida knew that you wouldn’t only be his girlfriend, his love, someone who he couldn't possibly live without.Someone that he would soon propose to spend the rest of his life with.

You would also be the mother of his child.

Once your sobs lessened into occasional sniffles you cleared your throat in hopes your voice would come out strong. Still you refused to look at him.

“I-I’m thinking about going to the clinic tomorrow.” A gasped interrupted you before you could finish. You found the courage to raise your head to see that he too had tears in his eyes.

“No.” He stood, closing the distance between you.

“I mean.. I’m just at a loss for words. I don't know what to say, I- are we gonna be parents?” He let out a breathy laugh, a reaction you were not at all expecting. He pulled you in close, wrapping his arms around you.

But you didn’t embrace him. You just stood there, a look of subtle shock taking hold of your features. What you were suggesting wasn’t selfish was it? What if you weren’t fit to become a parent. Iida has his hero work as Ingenium and you were just getting back into the swing of attending college. Raising a child under these circumstances wouldn’t be ideal. You’d be doing your unborn child a favor.


“Unless I go to the-”

“Please don’t... I know what you’re trying to say,” He pulled back, his hands still planted on your shoulders. His eyes were glistening as if also filled with tears threatening to spill. Not only that, but they were filled with earnest and you knew that trying to convince him of your concerns would be a futile effort.

Especially when his face started to brighten.

“We have to start preparing. We have to think about the apartment. Maybe my parents will aid us financially until I can get a practical job. Surely we can’t raise a child here.” He turned as he continued rambling on about the perfect conditions needed to properly raise a child. You stood, a part of you admiring this side of him. This was the side you most loved. Though you couldn’t fully embrace his vision.

“..We also have to think about clothing. Maternity clothes made for comfort. I will go shopping for you first thing tomorrow to do so.. We also need baby clothes-”

“We don’t even know what it is.” You whispered, your voice barely audible. He paused turning back around to face you.

“Are you alright? Are you feeling naus-”

“Stop. Iida just..stop.” You sat on the couch putting your head in your hands. The tears were spilling over again and this time you made no effort to stop them. You felt fragile as if any moment you were going to completely lose it. Everything was happening in such a blur.

You only just found out about it a half hour ago and he was already talking about baby clothes?

The couch sank next to you but there was a space between the both of you. It was just silent, for neither of you made an effort to speak. Him, because he was afraid to upset you more than you already were. And you, because he wouldn’t understand.

“You want to...stop the development.” His voice was almost a whisper but nonetheless heard for it was solemn. It could have been a question but he saw your face when you delivered the news. Of course that would have been something to cross your mind. But he thought you would have at least felt some kind of joy that you could be a mother.

“Look at us Iida. We aren’t fit. Why am I the only to see that?”

“What makes us unfit ?”

“You’re still taking on the role of your older brother as Ingenium. Not only would a baby

ruin your image but what would your family think of it? I see it as a hindrance to your career and I’m sure they will too. And me. I have college, something that means a lot to me in completing. I can’t just drop out to raise a kid.” You paused, finally taking a breath. You felt his hand on your knee and for the first time, you looked into his eyes.

“Please don’t say that. This has been the best news to me… I apologize if I seemed selfish. I didn’t even stop to think about how you felt about all of this,” he paused and sighed. The grip around your heart was attempting to squeeze out more tears.

“Tenya, I-”

“Please… let me finish.” You nodded.

“If this...If going to the clinic is something you wish to do, I will support you. If you want to raise a child with me, that is something I will support as well. No matter what you decide, I will be there hand in hand with you all the way. I love you so much...and I don’t want you to feel alone. You’re everything to me.” He stammered something then stopped. You laid your head on his shoulder, sniffling. The two of you sat in silence until he finally put his arms around you. You allowed yourself to be pulled deeper into him and started to feel better after being smothered with his scent.

Slowly, you raised a hand to your torso. Would this be how they feel if you were to take your own arms and envelop them with love. With the intention of making them feel whole? You sighed. The idea of becoming a mother was scary. There was no way around the many thoughts racing around your mind. And you knew they journey of becoming one would be scary. You peeked at Iida who was staring off at the wall. God, this man was a blessing. Not only to you...but your unborn child.

“We need to plan names.” His eyes widened and they looked misty as he looked down at you. Iida placed a kiss on your forehead and squeezed you tighter.

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugou was a Pro Hero who would typically leave for weeks at a time for work. Despite how happy you were for him, you couldn't help but to be blanketed by feelings of loneliness from the lack of his physical presence. But every night, the two of you would video-chat, sharing entries of the day. Yours included the same boring routine and his would be exciting and you smiled every time he would talk about how hard he plummeted the "loser villains."

It was a couple of days ago when you called him at 9:30 in the evening and he didn't reply. You brushed it off as him being busy, for a hero's job is never done right? Well that following morning you sent him a text which, after hours of checking in on, has been left on delivered. You had frowned at your phone deciding that you would wait until that evening to call again. But when the time came, it went straight to voicemail.

I'm not here dumbass. Maybe I'll get back to you, maybe I won't. Who's to say?

That was the added routine for the next couple of days. You didn't want to come across as desperate, but dammit, you were desperate. Every scenario would come to mind, much to your dismay, from sinful escapades to a heavy-weighted one: a serious injury or death, God forbid.

"Maybe he doesn't have service where he's at." Said Izuku after picking up your worrisome call.

"For three days Deku? Really?"

"Look, something could have happened to his phone, like it being stolen." Jiro shrugged as she walked alongside of you down the street the next day. You shook your head and let out a groan.

"There is no way Katsuki would allow that. As abrasive as he is? C'mon Jiro."

Later that evening, Uchaco tried to console you, gently insisting that you were overreacting.

"I'm not overreacting! Something has happened to him! I just know it!" You cried out, tears welling up in your eyes. After that, you tried again in hopes that you would hear the gruff baritone of your love. Instead, you received the mocking voicemail;

I'm not here dumbass. Maybe I'll get bac-

In the dark you laid on your damp pillow, a sob escaping every now and then. The part of you telling you not to give into your fears was slowly diminishing every passing second. You felt yourself going crazy. An hour or so passed and you were slowly falling into an uneasy sleep until you felt the bed sink next to you. Strong arms embraced your torso and tightened, and the scent of Katsuki filled your nostrils.

"I missed you." Was mumbled into your ear in a breathy whisper before you felt a kiss on your neck. In the state of mind you were in and the blanketing fatigue, you figured this was the ultimate straw-hallucination.

You laughed.

"Oi, what's with you? You're usually jumping me on my returns." You opened your eyes and quickly turned over to a naked Katsuki. Chuckling, you blinked.

"This isn't real.."

"No?" You were then pinned onto the mattress by strong hands. You would have had the time to react if you were fully awakened. Soft lips pressed against yours tenderly and his scent became more prominent. When he pulled away, he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Why the hell are you crying?"

"Because you're here..." In the subtle glow of the moonlight, you did in fact have tears running down your cheeks. Katsuki sat back, confused at the saddened gesture.

"Y-you didn't call or text me b-back! I th-thought you were ch-cheating or dead! I was so w-w-worried." You brought your hands up to cover your face.

"Are you dumb? You're stuck with me, remember? And dead? Tch, you know me better than that," He reached for the nightstand and pulled something from the surface.

"I dropped my phone in a stream, see?" You lowered your hands and watched him turn it on, the screen fizzing in and out before settling again on the darkened display.

"I was trying to get it repaired but all of the companies down there were bullshit." He flung the device on the floor.

"I also stayed an additional day because I was..buying stuff for you. I wanted to surprise you because I knew you were going to flip out like this." He gestured to your body and you felt your cheeks flush, fully awake and aware at how dramatic you probably were.

"I-I'm sorry.." "Don't apologize. Just fuckin' kiss me back." And you did as you wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him into you. The weight of his body moving in sync with yours fully dissolved your loneliness and trepidation. You opened yourself up to him, gasping at his warmth and completely lost yourself into him, just focusing on his whispers, pleas, and content noises.

Because you didn't know how long you had until you were without it once more.


The next morning, you woke up, your arm brushing the side of you. Instantly, you sat up to see the emptiness and flipping over the cover, you made your way out of the bedroom.

"Finally up, huh?" Katsuki called from the kitchen, and you sighed in relief. Upon entering, you saw that he was bent over the stove scrambling eggs. He looked up and froze his cheeks reddening. On the table, bags of various sizes decorated the surface. You saw a giant teddy bear occupying one of the dining chairs and you chuckled inwardly, picturing the hero walking through the aisles with a four foot bear and heels. You refocused your attention back to him.

"I thought you left." You mumbled, your cheeks matching his. He smirked deviously and moved the pan back before making his way towards you.

"Lookin' like that, why would I?" You looked down, surprised to see that you were clad in nothing but an extremely sheer slip. In the midst of your panicking, you must've forgotten to dress yourself. He chuckled and pulled you close to him, embracing you tightly before he whispered,

"I will never leave you."

Chapter Text

"Idiot, you know that I'm bigger than that nerd." Bakugou spat before your eyes rolled. The textbook the two of your were supposed to be studying out of was long abandoned and the two of you were now on the discussion of...dick length. As cringe as that may be for a pair of friends to talk about, you felt quite comfortable talking about the topic with your friend, Bakugou. He hopped from his bed and sucked his teeth. Turning to face you and your raised eyebrow, his fist gripped the outline of his cock through the thin shorts he wore. You whistled and widened your eyes slightly in faux awe. As though you hadn't seen it before.

"Wow...You are big. And I never said you weren't. I only said-"

"Yeah you fucking said that Deku was bigger than me." He made his way slowly towards you and grabbed your hand, pulling it to his groin. You blushed but didn't falter your composure as you palmed him through the cloth. Neither of you were lying; he did have length. He wasn't fully erected but you were glad to say he maybe had around six inches. Maybe six and a half. A small groan escaped him and you pulled away, hopping off of the bed.

"Where're you going?" He asked with his eyes narrowed. You turned and smiled at him.

"I need to go check something. I'll be right back." Was what you said before leaving his dorm.

You stopped at the door of the green-haired male. Bringing your closed fist up, you knocked three times before hearing shuffling and a low curse.

"Uh...C-come in!"

"Hey Deku," You beamed before closing the door behind you. You was sitting at his desk with a journal open. When he swiveled his chair to face you, you laughed inwardly. His face was flushed red and his shirt looked like it was hastily fixed. His hands were slightly shaky bit what peaked your attention the most was the tent raising the cloth covering his groin. You already knew what the boy was up to.

"I have something I wanted to ask you..." You said lowly as you made your way toward him.

"Sure thing. What's up."

"Here's the deal. Me and Bakugou were talking about sizes."

"Like shoe sizes?" You chuckled at his innocent question. A stray finger rose and landed on his shoulder, tracing a line from the area to his chest. His breathing became labored at the simple but slightly intimate gesture.

"I'm talking about dick length."

"What?" He whisper-shouted. You shushed him and quickly kneeled in front of him.

"Can I just get a peek. I'm actually rooting for you being the biggest." You muttered. Before he could stammer out a reply, you had already hooked your fingers around his waistband and begin pulling down his slacks.

"P-please don't."

"Deku c'mon...quit being a prude. Like you weren't here jacki—" With that he hid his red face behind his hands when his erected cock sprung free.

"Holy crap." You muttered before taking his cock in your hand. It was actually really attractive for he had a spray of freckles on his thighs and a few peppering the underside of his penis. But what you were most taken aback by was his length. He was bigger than Bakugou.

Izuku Midoriya's cock was bigger than Katsuki Bakugou's. And by a whole inch too.

You didn't know whether to laugh at Bakugou's defeat or kiss Izuku for giving you the opportunity to actually beat the blonde with the exciting news. But when you felt the twitch of his erection in your palm, only one thought came to mind. Quickly before he could react, you took him into your mouth.

"Ahh wait—stop!" But you didn't. Instead your head began moving against him and he didn't try to fight you further. Instead his hands tangled in your hair as his hips began to thrust up into your mouth. You looked up at his face which was red and twisted up in pleasure. His mouth was slightly agape as he panted your name. A low moan sounded from him when your tongue swirled his tip before taking all of him into your mouth again. Your guess of what he was doing in here before you walked in was on point. He muttered out that he was close before he held your head down and he came inside your mouth. You swallowed the salty substance before you stood and licked your lips. He collapsed back in his chair breathing heavy.

"You're welcome." You smiled before opening his bedroom door. His eyes were still on you when you closed it behind you. Your legs were practically skipping back to Bakugou's dorm to deliver the news.

Chapter Text

“Ka-Kacchan will kill me if—“

“No he won’t. Deku just m—fuck me already.” You shouted in a hushed whisper.

After you told the blonde that he was not in fact bigger than Deku, he was furious. No words could explain his anger but surprisingly he didn’t take it out on the freckled faced male. Weeks passed and you couldn’t stop thinking about his lengthy cock. You waited until classes began and faked sick. When Izuku was about to leave you rushed him into his room and shut the door. While he was upset them at he’d be missing class all you were worried about was having him fill you up more than Bakugou could ever have. You were now on the bed, face down and your ass up as his hands reluctantly gripped your hips. You felt his cock rubbing against your wet cunt and you practically pushed back against him. He groaned at your excited antics. And when he finally pushed into you, you practically cried in joy. His movements were slow and experimental but you didn’t want that. You whined for him to speed up. For him to hit that pearl of utter pleasure inside of you.

“Are you sure?”

“Fucking hell—Deku fuck me!” With that his hips began slapping against your ass as you clenched your walls tightly around him. You moaned his name as he did yours. Bakugou could never even dream of hitting the spots that you had longed to be hit.

Not with his size.

“Fu—you feel so good!” Deku gasped, feeling himself already about to unravel. Meanwhile you were practically fucking him for your ass was moving back as he was the one trying to catch up.

“Yes deeper please…” You whined before biting your lip. The pressure that laid dormant inside of you was arriving into something rather sensational. It was long before that coil within you snapped and your orgasm hit like a freight train. An onslaught of stars attacked your vision and not soon after , you felt the hot come of Deku shooting inside of you. He pushed himself in and out of you a few more times before you collapsed. He fell beside you in a red-faced and panting mess. The two of you caught your breath and laid there for about ten minutes.

“A-are you sure Kacchan won’t get mad.” You turned to look at him and a sly grin took hold of your lips. Sitting up you then straddled him and reached a hand behind you and began pumping his cock slowly in your hand.

“I promise. And just for being the bigger person, I say we go another round.”

Chapter Text

You stared at the two males. Bakugou glared at Deku and his own green nervous gaze switched between your naked body and Bakugou’s. You walked over to where they sat on the bed and took each of their cocks and stroked them. Your hand squeezed a little tighter around Bakugou’s and you kept your pace slow and consistent. Meanwhile Deku was squirming as your fist pumped him fast and you grip switched between a looser and tighter one.

“You both are so hot…” You whispered. Bakugou opened his eyes and gripped you by your throat and pulled you in for a kiss. His tongue glided hastily overs yours as he claimed your mouth. Deku grew more turned on watching the steamy exchange. You finally pulled away from Bakugou and pressed your lips against Deku’s.

He moaned into your mouth and you moaned into his when your felt Bakugou’s fingers press against your clit. Deku pulled you against him as he laid back on the bed. You were positioned on top of him and you felt Deku’s bulging head press against your slit. You pulled away to breathe.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. After embarrassing me in front of this nerd.”

You smirked.

“It’s just the facts Baku-Oh!”

Without waiting for you to finish your sentence he pressed into you startling both you and Deku. He didn’t falter, didn’t wait before he fucked you into a rather punishing pace. Deku, feeling behind, lifted you slightly and slowly pressed his cock into you. Your nails dug deeply into his chest and the three of you gasped; you at the feeling of being filled up like never before and them at the sensation of being squeezed so tightly while both of them were rubbing against each other.

“Fuck you fucking—shit!” Bakugou cursed into your ear, picking up the pace.

“Yes! Fuck me please!”

“I—oh this feels so…good.” Deku gasped beneath you. Your head nodded and you moaned after feeling the blonde pinch your nipples from behind you. With the friction against each other as well as your slick, the two males felt as though they could come any second. Still they fought to the bitter end , as their hips snapped into yours vigorously. You felt your own acme of pleasure arising and it wasn’t long before you cried out in your orgasm. The two males let out groans after they stuttered into you and before you collapsed at the feeling of both of their come seeping into you.

“We’ll just say you both win.” You whispered as your voice fell in fatigue. You didn’t see their replies but you knew they would agree if it meant for shit like this to happen again…

Chapter Text

You don’t know what to focus on; your vision blurring into darkness due to your restricted airway, the man above you fucking into your pussy at such a rough pace, or how much you love the fact that at any second, his hands could press down a little too hard and you’d pass out. His grunts and your choked off moans accompany skin on skin contact in the room.

You open your mouth and manage to choke out, “More…” He only growls and adds more weight onto his hands around your throat ; his thumbs were digging into the sides of your neck as the palm of his hands rests on your esophagus. You begin feeling lightheaded but you force yourself to focus on the large cock pistoning in and out of you. Just the mere thought of the pretty blue bruises you’ll have later on causes you to squeeze around him for that split second. The action alone prompts his hands to press deeper against you.

“You’re fuckin’ crazy—you know that?” In sheer amusement, you open your mouth to speak and he watches, transfixed on you struggling to get a coherent word out. Easing back a little, you’re allowed to let out three as you stare into dark icy blue gaze.

“So are you.” You smile and he leans down to place a rough and hasty kiss on your lips before returning to the pressure he was at prior. In your fuzzy mind you’re screaming for him to fuck you harder. The most difficult task though was voicing this. Luckily you don’t need to for he sees the dangerous glint in your eye and his movements increases tenfold. By now, the headboard was banging so hard against the wall from his vigorous, you’re scared it would eventually smash through.

You don’t care because you knew he’d replace it.

He always did.

Your body feels numb and void of functionality. You’re made to tremble and spasm around the hero’s hearty length as he pounds into you remorselessly. The head of his cock was driving into you so deeply, the spring breaks and your eyes roll back as your orgasm washes over you. Your vision is going in and out but you don’t want him to stop.

Not yet.

The hero grunts and removes one hand, unintentionally allowing some of the desired air to rush into your lungs. His other hand trail down your body, circling and pressing into somewhat old bruises he’s inflicted. A shudder rips through your body as your mind lazily recalls every last one. The palm of his free hand squeezes your breasts and the rough, calloused pads of his thumb and forefinger pinches and rolls your hardened nipples. You arch into the bed causing his hand to sink down and you to gasp.

“Who’s my dirty little slut?” His voice is gruff and low and just slightly he takes away his hand for you to speak.

“M-me…” he nods approvingly he chuckles a bit. His hips collided with yours almost erratically, signifying how close he was.

“And who does this cunt belong to?”

“En-deavor…” you loll your head to the side slightly as a gesture of complete submission. As if you could possibly submit to him further than you are now. Still, with his cock thrusting into you at such a frenetic and punishing pace, he leans down to kiss and nibble at your collarbone.

“Try to scream my name princess,” your brows furrow and swiftly he’s above you again and the second hand returns to join the other at your throat. He bellows out as his hips smack against yours rapidly and his balls are hitting your ass almost painfully. Your eyes roll back and you're struggling to breathe. Even so, when you felt his load of hot come shoot deep inside of you, you fall apart again at the acme of your own pleasure,  gasping and crying from the overstimulation to your core. Suddenly his hands fall away and your chest heaves as the surge of oxygen painfully rushes into your lungs.

The hero watches you with his chest heaving up and down as well. After a few minutes of recollection, he sinks into the bed beside you. You turn and look at him with a smile adorning your slightly sweaty face. His blue eyes traces your neck already noticing the bruises beginning to form. He scoffs inwardly at how insane you truly are.

“Beautiful aren’t they?”

Chapter Text

The first time your teacher laid his eyes on you, it was a second, maybe two, longer than it should have been. It was on the first day and you shyly introduced yourself to the class. He cleared his throat with a slight blush adorning his face. He told you to take a seat in the only seat available which was diagonal from his desk. As the days turned into weeks and those turned into months, you found yourself falling for the blonde. It started off as long glances that would only be noticed by him alone and vice versa.

The way your cheeks would turn a pretty pink tint would cause your teacher to tumble over his words. It then led to you stay after for tutoring. Though the two of you knew that it wasn’t needed; you were one of his top pupils. Still you took any opportunity to be close to him, alone with him.

Until one afternoon you felt yourself going crazy with need. Per routine, you asked to stay back in which he smiled and obliged. That’s what started it. That fucking smile. It spurred your mind into insanity; the numbers in the textbook were ineligible for all you could think about was the sexy blonde a few feet in front of you. A part of you wondered what would happen if you were to voice this to him, tell him how you’ve been feeling for the past two months, and if he felt the same way. Shaking the thoughts from your mind you sighed as you closed the textbook. Of course you couldn’t do that. He was your teacher and you were the student. Anything more or less wouldn’t be ideal.

But still…

“Hey…” As he said your name, you paused from packing your book bag. He then gestured for you to go to him and you obliged shyly.

“Sir?” He looked up from the papers crooked his finger for you to come around the desk. Swiveling his chair his eyes narrowed slightly at you.

“Your marks are outstanding, you pass every test, and you are one of the top students in the grade,” he shook his head and you gulped.

“Now you’ve been staying behind for tutoring, ” His fingers came up to create quotations at the last word. “But it seems like you’re the one tutoring me.” After giving you a wink you let out a breathy laugh. What if he knew. Knew that you weren’t in fact staying behind to go over what you already knew.


“I don’t have a problem with it...except for one thing.” His brown eyes glanced behind you to see whether or not the door was closed in which it was. Hawks knew that around the time tutoring ends, there wasn’t anyone at the school except for club activities. He also knew that they were held in in a different part of the building.

“S-sir.” He grimaced as he snapped out of it.

“C’mon. You know I don’t like that sir and mister mess.” Hawks stood and ruffled his hair with a hand. You couldn’t help but marvel his figure. Gosh, he was so beautiful. 

“I know what it is.” He smirked. “You have a crush on me.”

“Si-I mean. I don’t know what you mean.” Your sight averted to your feet. Your timidity was what he liked most about you. The way your cheeks would adorn a bashful blush every time he would call on you. The way you never spoke up with your friends, but still nodded along. The way you were only seemingly confident when it wasn’t physical. It made his heart stutter slightly. 

He walked closer to you and you walked further back until you were trapped against the wall. His strong arms were placed on either side of you, trapping your body. The proximity caused your heart to beat wildly. It was finally happening! And you felt your were going to pass out as his head ducked lower closer to your. He smelled like mint and sandalwood. Up close he looked like a god. 

Hawks paused realizing the situation. 

“If you are not comfortable with this, say so now. Pack your stuff and leave and this moment will never be spoken or brought up. Ever. But if...if you are…” You nodded and he crooked an eyebrow.

“Yes sir. I mean yes. I do. I wan...” He smiled before pressing his lips softly against yours.

After that afternoon, you had established a reason for staying behind almost every day. That moment when the two of you connected would remain on your mind until you could almost squeal in joy. It escalated into make-out sessions weeks after, and every second you spent with your teacher, you felt like you were in heaven. Of course weeks developed into moths and then a year or so of the same thing. Feelings had erupted into so much more. So many new and unexplainable emotions.

You loved him and he loved you. 

And it was all going great despite the risks. But sometimes you couldn’t help but wonder if it was all...true. I mean yes, when he left kisses and touches on your body, you would completely melt into him. But in the classroom, it was a different story. Sure, he had to avoid favoritism and not risk suspicion but a question still prodded the back of your mind. What if he still saw you as that student which a crush on your teacher.

After all that’s what it started with.

He was a grown man and you were about to graduate with your life ahead of you. After this thought began getting profound, your demeanor changed; you began acting a bit distant towards him. When he called on you, you didn’t have the answer. After school ended you went straight home without a word. You knew it was unfair and all of this was the result of your insecurity but you couldn’t help it. Wouldn’t be better to slowly break away from him than have it come at you all at once when the time came?

It was until one Saturday when Hawks was fed up. He was torn on the inside because he didn’t know what it was that was bothering you. And you wouldn’t allow him to come close enough to find out. 

Accessing student files, he acquired the address to your student housing complex and that’s why he found himself in front of your door with a hand raised reluctantly. What would this look like? A teacher knocking on the door of one of his students. He was about to lower his hand and walk away when the door opened. You were fumbling with your key and almost ran straight into him.

“What are you doing here?” You whisper-shouted.

“Look can we talk?” His brown eyes kept gazing around for passerbys and you nodded and stepped back for him to come in. Luckily, you didn’t share the apartment with anyone which offered relief that the two of you didn’t have to be formal. He ran a hand through his hair.

“What’s going on with you.” 

Your eyes averted to the floor now feeling conscious. But now wasn’t the time for that.

“I’m just...I mean I know you probably see me as everyone else. I-I’m not special.”

He crossed the space and cupped your cheek. 

“Don’t say that. You are special to me.” 


“I’m the teacher correct? What I say goes, yeah?” Your eyes snapped up and he had a smirk painting his face. After leaning down to place a soft kiss on your lips, he took your hand and led you to what he assumed to be your bedroom. Your stomach twisted into butterflies as you watched him shrug out of his jacket and unbutton his shirt. He turned with that stupid lopsided grin and motioned with his finger to strip.

You sighed and dropped your bag on the carpet before obeying. Hawks licked his lips as he watched your jeans fall and when your hands hook under your shirt and pull it off. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched hungrily as you unhooked your bra and your breasts fell from its confines. 

“C’mere. I wanna try something.” You complied slowly and saw him lay back. You paused.


“I want you to ride my face.” The brazen request caused you to whimper slightly. You still didn’t move causing him to sigh.

“Think of it this way. For punishment for what you put me through the past weeks, I’m gonna make you come my way. Now get over here.” The last part of his sentence was low and husky. Slowly you made your way towards him and he positioned you atop his face. Using a finger he moved your damp panties aside. You leaned forward and gripped the headboard as his tongue dipped inside of your cunt.

You squealed and tried to lift, but his arms wrapped around your thighs to root you to his face. He licked a long stripe along your lips causing a shudder to rip through you before he dipped in deep. The taste of your sweet and innocent pussy drove him insane as he continued fucking you with his tongue. From the sensation of his wet appendage, you began moving; your body rocked back and forth on his face and he loved every second of it. 

You were finally taking the initiative of something despite it being your pleasure. At this, he rewarded you by taking your clit into your mouth, suckling the bud which caused a gaspy moan to escape from you. A small spark ignited within your gut and you knew more of this and you’ll eventually succumb to that peak of pleasure. Hawks sensed this and his ministrations intensified. Your hand flew to your mouth to keep from crying aloud as you got closer.

In fact so close that your thighs clamped around his face and you were bracing for it. As a final measure to ensure this, he reached up and began circling your clit before his tongue pushed deeply into you causing that flame to ignite brighter. Before you knew it, you were coming on his face where he began lapping up your flow. When you were about to rise to get up, his grip on your thighs tightened and you cried out at his tongue entering you again. 

“Mister… Hawks! Please…” At this he hummed in delight and placed a slap against your ass. Tears pricked your eyes at the way his tongue swirled lazily over your clit as you squirmed in his grasp. Finally, sensing that it was getting to be a little much for you, Hawks released you and you quickly demounted him, feeling as though you’d fall to your knees from the putty feeling in your legs. Instead he grabbed your elbow and pulled you back on top of him and you gasped at the feeling of his erection poking at your inner thigh.

He groaned at your shifting and reached down to free himself. Though you’ve been intimate together before, seeing his cock would make your jaw drop every time. He chuckled and pulled you in for a kiss: his tongue glided and twisted alongside yours, taking you in as you did him. In the midst of this, he had an arm around your waist and his other lining himself up with your entrance. It was until he was stretching you out when you moaned aloud. He pulled away with a cheeky smile.

“If I were, I’d keep it down. Wouldn’t want anyone to hear us yeah?” Your vision blurred as he suddenly pushed into you. You muffled your moans in the crook of his neck as he continued plowing into your pussy. Your nails digging into his shoulders seemed to egg him on in the direction of his orgasm as well as yours. Breaking through the noise of your muffled moans and his occasional groans, he spoke. 

“You still think I look at you different?” It took you a moment to understand the context of his sudden question. Your grip on him loosened slightly and you bit your lip to contemplate this. At the lack of response from you, his hips bucked into you deep causing you to cry out and he let out an amused chuckle which turned into a gasp as you clenched around him.

“I-I don’t know..” He slowed and before you could register what was going on, he was on top of you, his weight crushing yours as he fucked into you at a great force. You couldn’t cry out or moan; your lips could only part as silence escaped you. He was thrusting into you at punishing speeds with the most serious look taking ahold of his features. You could also feel his fingers intertwine into yours as his hips collided with your own. 

“I have eyes for you...alone.” He groaned as his head ducked into your neck. His lips moved feverishly against your collarbone. You felt yourself getting closer and closer to that peak and when it arrived, you finally released a choked cry as your convulsed around him. Seeing you react this way, he stilled and you felt his come shoot  inside of you. After coming down from the delicious high, he held you in his arms. He whispered a phrase into your ear that caused you to blush deeply. You then told yourself that you wouldn’t doubt him again. 

Especially since you now had something that would bond the two of you together...

Chapter Text

NSFW Headcanon on yandere! Aizawa finding out his s/o cheated

  • Firstly, he would not be happy. 
  • On the inside he is burning with rage but on the outside he is collected. You of course are acting as though all is well which angers him more. He is silent while you are still oblivious to his anger.
  • He has a plan- a dark one that will ensure you won’t do this again.
  • Once the two of you arrive home, he silently gets out of the car and that’s when it dawns to you that something is wrong. 
  • You follow behind him calling him but he continues to ignore you until the two of you are inside.
  • He then slams you against the wall roughly almost knocking the wind out of your body. He's in your ear low and menacingly as he asks you who the hell was calling you baby.
  • When you fail to give a coherent response, his hand is around your throat and he whispers, “Whoever it was will never have you. They will never make you feel the way I make you feel.” 
  • As he’s saying that his other hand is groping your body roughly and while the majority was taken aback by this, you can’t help but moan. 
  • He pauses his ministrations and narrows his eyes—you were not supposed to enjoy this. Not in the slightest. He grabs you by your elbow and bending you over the arm of the couch. Roughly he hikes up your dress and plunges two fingers inside of you before quickly removing them. 
  • The taste of your pussy drives him insane and the thoughts of another man tasting you rages him further as he’s quickly trying to undo his slacks. 
  • You’re whimpering as his cock is pushing against your cunt and the feeling of his hot breath is in your ear again. 
  • “I’ll make you learn,” is what he says before he viciously plunges into you. You cry out at the rather rough entrance and you’re given no time to adjust before he’s thrusting into you punishingly 
  • As he fucks you hard over the arm of the couch , he’s muttering in your ear how disappointed he was, how angry he was, and how lucky you were that he loved you so
  • You can’t respond, won’t respond without feeling as though you would piss him off further. He tell you at this moment you are for his own pleasure alone and if you come, he will punish you further. 
  • “Bad girls like you don’t deserve to come.” He whispers before biting down hard in the flesh on your shoulder. He’s close to coming and before long he stills and his seed is shooting inside of you in bursts. 
  • He pulls out of you and you fall to the floor still needy and wanting to relieve yourself but he stands his ground. You whimper that you’re sorry and he kneels before gripping your chin. 
  • Before kissing your lips softly, he says, “let this be a lesson that I’m the only man you’ll ever have.” 

Chapter Text

It’s been about a week since your encounter with Enji and it was all you could think about. Every time you’d think of that day, you found yourself clenching your thighs together tightly in class or the overbearing pressure in your abdomen. Despite the butterflies you felt, you couldn’t help the guilt overclouding your senses.

Facing your friend was harder than you had thought. As you promised that night you called him.

“Hey Sho.”

“Hello. How are you?”

“Exhausted. I...just got finished studying. We have a test Monday and I just know Aizawa is gonna pull something.” You laughed lightly. 

He didn’t. Clearing your throat you had then asked how his visit with his mother went. 

“It went fine. I actually cut it short and decided to come home.” You gulped. 

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes.” It was silent on both ends and you nervously bit the inside of your cheek.

“Sho I—”

“Can you—”

Shouto stopped on the other end and you let out a small giggle. He didn’t. 

“Go ahead.”

“Do you mind coming over next weekend? I would like to see you. I feel bad that our studying did not go as planned.” You has been quiet on your end for a few seconds before replying.

“Sure Sho.” 

After that night, you couldn’t help the nausea bubbling in your gut. You finally knew what it meant to be paranoid, for every time you saw your friend, you couldn’t function properly. Sure he acted like his usual self but that only drove you deeper into insanity. The days flashed by, but you didn’t even notice. You were only focused on who the hell was going to open the door this time around. 

Friday finally passed and Saturday arrived. You didn’t sleep the night before and it showed. Still after getting yourself together, you trudged on over to Todoroki’s home. 

You were standing on the porch and you started to get nauseous. Wasn’t this how your last visit started off? Taking your phone out you decided to call Shouto. He picked up on the third ring. 

“Hey, I’m here.”

“I will be there shortly.”

“Wait what do you mean? You’re not here?” You stepped back, almost stumbling off of the step. If it turns out Enji will open the door, you didn’t know what you’d do. Though a part of you who had already stooped so low, had a pretty good idea. At the thought of it, your stomach jumped.

“I am. I’m just in my room.” You let out a nervous chuckle and replied with an, okay, before hanging up. A few seconds passed and the door swung open revealing Todoroki. He stepped back invitingly and you followed before closing the front door behind you. 

“Would you like something to drink?” You stopped and looked down at your feet. Not alcohol, you thought humorlessly. 

“Ah, no thank you.” He nodded and disappeared into the kitchen for a moment before walking back out with a glass of cold water in his hand. Then with a slight jerk of his head, he made his way towards his bedroom with you following. After walking in and closing the door to the immaculate bedroom, you joined him on the bed and brought out your textbook. Todoroki watched you immensely as you flipped through the pages. Still, you didn’t falter before meeting his gaze with a smile. 

“So what chapter do you wanna start on?” He shrugged and looked away, bringing the glass to his lips. Your eyes stayed trained on the droplets on his upper lip when he pulled away the glass. His tongue swiped the moisture before turning to look at you. Clearing your throat, you looked back on the page with a blush adorning your cheeks.

“What chapter did you leave off on?”

“Uhm…” You flipped through the pages. In all honesty you didn’t know. Last weekend you were distracted hence you bombing Aizawa’s test. 

“I thought you told me you studied?” You looked up to see his eyes were on you again.

“I did. I just forgot.” You shrugged and stopped on a random page. He quirked a brow before taking the book from you. 

“We have already covered this lesson.” 

“Hah...did we?” 

“Yes.” Fuck, you we’re losing it and it hadn’t even been fifteen minutes. His demeanor seemed knowing. You shifted before reaching for the book. Except Todoroki moved it away. 

“Haha. Can you give it back?”

“May I ask you something first?” You sunk back into your prior position and looked away.

“Sure. Shoot.” 

“Did—did something happen when I was away?” 


“Last weekend I mean. On the phone, you seemed a bit weird. And out of breath. I tried to ignore it—tell myself it was nothing but…” His eyes met yours again. 

“It was something.” You didn’t respond despite how simple it could have been to brush this whole conversation away. You shook your head and laughed lightly. 

“Sho, I think you’re going crazy.” He didn’t laugh or even crack a smile. Just stared. And deep inside of his different colored eyes, a glint of something...dark glittered.

“It’s funny. You told me you were going home that day and when I came home early, you were still there.” You gasped softly, your heart catching in your throat. He knew. No fucking doubt about it. All this time a week later, he knew and didn’t act as though he did. At least until now. You felt your throat close and you struggled to swallow. Just slightly, Todoroki leaned forward with a frown on his face. 

“Anything I should know?” Shaking your head, you stood and wrung your wrists.

“I-I have to go. Just keep the book.” You mumbled. He was still, his heterochromic eyes trained on you as you reached for your bag. Suddenly, his hand shot out wrapping around your wrist almost painfully. 

“Go? You just arrived.”

“Shouto—you’re hurting me!” His grip turned cold and the ice forming against your skin caused you to yelp. Still, he didn’t move. Made no effort to release you. In fact, his hand clenched tighter until your dropped your bag and tried to pry him off of you. 

“I am hurt as well.” He said in monotone before shoving you against the door. His walk was slow, calculating as though a tiger ready to pounce. Of course, you were the prey frozen in fear. Afraid you run, made to remain still to accept the fate.

His hand slammed against the wood mere centimeters from your head and he leaned his head down. Todoroki’s lips were parted and releasing heavy and uneven breathing. His entire demeanor has changed tremendously. As though he had been holding back. 

Unbeknownst to you, he was. After what he saw between his friend and his father that day, he wanted nothing more than to burn the entire residence into ash, with his father in it. All week, he had to put on a facade; act like the Shouto Todoroki you saw everyday while burning in rage on the inside.

“Tell me something,” his hand moved up to cup your cheek and you shivered as his thumb grazed your skin softly. 

“That day… did you truly go home and study like you told me you were?” 


“Don’t lie to me. You’re better than such lowly acts... At least I hope?” He raised an eyebrow as his hand snaked around your throat. He didn’t apply pressure but his fingers strummed against you flesh almost tauntingly. The dangerous glint in his eye shone brighter each second you didn’t respond. 

“Yes.” Your voice couldn’t come out louder than a reluctant whisper. His face fell before he lowered his head. Then you felt it. A flush of heat against your skin as his grip closed around your neck. It wasn’t enough to hurt but it was still uncomfortable. His shoulders shook and for a second, you thought he was crying. But then he straightened and you gasped when you saw the widest grin on his face. 

“You know, I had a feeling you would go this route. All week, I’ve had to keep my composure. Act as though everything was alright,” 

His hand slammed against the door again and this time you heard it crack. 

“Nothing was alright however. I’ve learned—no saw my own friend hurt me. Hurt me in a way I, for a million years, never would’ve thought possible.” Before you could say anything, you were turned around and slammed back against the door. Todoroki’s hands worked roughly to tear through your top. 


“Don’t speak.” He countered once your shirt hit the floor. He reached around you and cupped your breasts in each hand, grounding them harshly. He growled at the material covering them and hastily unclipped your bra before tossing it away. His heterochromic eyes trailed lower to your jeans and stepped back.

Once his hands disappeared, you took the chance to slowly look back and immediately regretted it. This was not Shouto Todoroki. Not the guy you knew. Replacing him was an animal—a ravenous beast whose eyes were dilated in utter anger and lust. 

“Remove them.” You turned back around completely and brought your hands up to cover your chest. He growled at this and advanced, taking your hands and slamming them hard above your head. Using his free hand, he aggressively unclamped the button and shoved himself into your pants. You arched against the door and he pushed aside your panties and forced a digit into your cunt. 

“You’re utterly disgusting.” His words were like a punch in the stomach. As he stared you down in disdain, his finger pumped viciously inside of you. You writhed and whimpered for your release but he only ignored you. 

“Shouto stop it.”

He only chuckled dryly before lowering his head to encase a hardened bud into his mouth. Another finger pushed though and the two curled and scissored against your walls. His thumb pushed down hard against your clit and you jolted. His tongue slashed and swiveled around your nipple before his teeth took over, biting and tugging almost painfully. 

“That-That hurts.” you whimpered 

“Precisely.” His voice was muffled but curt and straightforward. No hint of future remorse was present in his actions. His fingers were repeatedly rubbing against the spot that made you shudder for more. He gave one last bite before switching over to your other breast to provide the same harsh treatment. After you we’re practically panting and grinding your hips to intercept his fingers, he pulled them out of you, leaving you whining at the emptiness.

He pulled back. 

“What a whore. So easy…” He sighed before you were suddenly thrown onto the bed, bouncing slightly, as the male crawled in after you with a predatory sneer on his face. It was unfamiliar, primal, frightening. And there was nothing you could do about it except remain where you are as he then straddled your hips. 

“My father isn’t home,” he smirked. You gulped and let out a shaky breath. He leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. In the sudden attack you gasped, making it easy for him to slip his tongue into your mouth. Todoroki dominated the exchange as he moved his lips they way he wanted them to move.

As he moved you the way he wanted you to move. He was ravenous, hungered, carnal for he gave you no chance to catch up, no chance to breathe. You were only allowed to do so with his approval. Finally, after feeling your hands struggling to push him away, he sat back in his ankles and stared you down with the most amusing smile. 

“That mouth is something,” he muttered before peeling off his shirt. After the article of clothing was tossed aside, he gave you a dark look, silently ordering you not to move before standing to remove all of his clothes. Like that was possible. You were still frozen and shaking from his comment which wouldn’t have bothered you as much if it wasn’t the same exact thing his father said. Once the male was naked you whimpered when your eyes just barely glanced down to see his hard erection, twitching for attention. 

“Runs in the family.” He smirked before returning to the bed. It was only then when his body was moving upwards, you started to panic. He kneeled on his knee on one side of your head, as his other foot was planted firmly on the other side. 

“Shouto please! I-I-“

“You what?” He paused, quirking an eyebrow. Out of your peripheral, you notice a hand slowly and languidly pumping his cock. And just seeing that caused your body to betray you in a situation like this. 

You had to tell the truth. It had eaten you up longer than you wanted it to. Yes, he will be crushed, but the guilt is crushing you more. You looked up into his unreadable eyes to voice what he wanted to hear.

When you open your mouth however, no words had the chance to escape before his cock forced its way down your throat. You sputtered and choked, trying desperately to get away but he had a tight grip on your head and was thrusting viciously into your mouth.

Todoroki rested his other hand against the wall above the headboard as his hips moved rapidly to the pace of his angrily pumping heart. Occasional grunts and groans left his mouth while you were just struggling to breathe. Your eyes burned with tears of pain and tears of guilt.

You deserved this.

“I trusted you…” He mumbled, with his head thrown back. Your hands flex up to grip his thighs harshly—you couldn’t breathe.

“Told you things…” Your feet kicked against the bed frantically. Was he going to kill you like this? The head of his cock hit repeatedly against the back of your throat. You tried in desperation to gulp in air each time he would pull out, but his cock would only keep you from the desired opportunity each time he slammed back into your mouth.

You sputtered, as spit and drool escaped the corners of your mouth, falling in thick clear lines down your chin and neck, creating wet splotches on his comforter. Todoroki looked down at the mess you were making smiling sadistically. Under the enraged fog, his mind was only repeating one mantra over and over again. 

Make her pay.

With that, his movements intensified, so much that the headboard was banging against the wall. Your jaw ached from the abuse and at this point, suffocation didn’t seem so far off the horizon. At the feeling of your throat clenching around him, the male let out a long growl before pulling out. 

As much as he wanted you to swallow every last drop of his thick and salty come, he had another idea. He sighed as he moved off of the bed deciding to let you breathe. You doubled over coughing as the painful rush of oxygen reentered your lungs. 

“Is that what you did to my father?” His voice wavered a bit and that alone almost caused the tears to resurface. He was hurt. You went behind his back and screwed his father. Of course he was hurt. You looked up at him to meet his narrowed gaze. 

“I’m sorry.” He chuckled, shaking his head and began moving towards you again. Crying out you then attempted to shuffle away, but his hand took its grip on your ankle, flipping you over onto your stomach. Using the same hand, he pressed against your neck, so that your head was pushed down into the bed. His free hand was busy tugging off your pants and damp panties until your ass was raised, bare and on full display. 

Todoroki licked his lips before his hand came down hard against your ass. He activated his icy quirk just slightly and he whistled when he removed his hand and saw the angry handprint on your ass cheek. You whimpered into the comforter and shifted for the blow ignited a throbbing in your core. His hand came down again and this time, your whimpers turned into a deep moan.

“You’re not supposed to be enjoying this whore.” Todoroki paused, frowning. He switched hands and instantly you felt a chill around your neck. His heated hand came down in the same area as the last blows and you felt an explosion of pain due to the difference in temperature. 

You cried out, shifting your hips, but under his grip, there was nowhere to go. His hand struck you a few more times then paused. Before you had the chance to catch your breath however, you felt the sting again and again and again. This went on until the comforter was soaked with your tears and Todoroki was satisfied with the forming welts against your ass. He released his grip on your neck and he could already see a purplish hue forming where his fingers were. He smirked—you deserved this.

Gripping your hip roughly with one hand, he used his other to burrow his digits in your hair. Instantly, your head was jerked back and your body was made to follow until you were fully on your knees. You hissed at the stinging of your ass just barely grazing his torso. 

“Did it hurt?” He mumbled in the crook of your neck. He shifted and you yelped after feeling him rub against the welts. 


“Good.” With that, he shoved his cock deeply inside of your cunt, groaning heatedly in your ear. Your pussy clamped down on him instantly and tight that he almost struggled to retract. Still he managed before roughly slamming into you again, jolting your entire body against him. You choked back a sob at the almost excruciating sting on the surface of your ass with each thrust. 

Mercilessly, he picked up speed, fucking into you so deep and hard, no noise would escape you. He shoved you back down into the bed with his hand retaking claiming the nape of your neck. The head of his cock was hitting that sweet spot inside of you each time his hips collided with yours, drawing out muffled moans. It was filling and hot in a way even Endeavor couldn’t accomplish.

Despite how low and dirty the thought of having two Todoroki’s inside of you was, the slut in you wanted more. You groaned deeply into the comforter as you felt your orgasm drawing near. Not long after, you were practically crying from the pleasure of your orgasm ripping through you and the grip on your neck tightened as your wall shuddered around him. 

He still didn’t stop even after you slid from your arched position. He was still fucking erratically inside of you—only difference is his movements were becoming less consistent. The way you squeezed him during your orgasm took a toll on him and his own was just arriving. Still he fought through trying the best he could to drag it out as he fucked you in earnest. 

“Who’s better?” He said softly and it was a second before you realized what he was talking about. Turning your head to the side, you panted before trying to release anything remotely close to a coherent answer. 

“Uhm…” He delivered a hard slap against the raw skin of your ass at the lack of response. 

“Use your words whore.” At the brazen name, you tightened around him earning a low curse from the male. 

“ Sho—” with that, he gripped your hips up towards him, and fucked into you at a vigorous pace. It seemed as though those were the words he needed to hear to urge him further for his own release. He stilled and shoved himself deep inside of your cunt before going over the edge. 

You moaned at the feeling of his hot come spilling inside of you and dripping down your quivering thighs. When he pulled out, the sight of his seed gushing out of your cunt made him smirk in pleasure. He was almost satisfied but he had one last thing for you to do. 

“Now tell him that.”

Chapter Text

Darkness, all around but you were used to it. The smell used to be bad; the stagnant aroma of despair and rot, was a smell you’ve gotten used to as well. Moving slightly, the noise of clinking chains erupted through the silence and you bit your lip knowing the noise would bring her down. Closing your eyes, you quickly got into position to act as though you were asleep. Sure enough, you heard the distinctive clinks of locks that you’ve heard a hundred times before and the creaking of the door swinging open.

“Are you finally awake? I brought you something.” You didn’t move and you heard the shuffling footsteps of the pro hero and something being placed on the small wooden table nearby. You heard the footsteps near until you felt her presence near you. Your hand brushed a string of hair from your cheek and your eyes fluttered.

“I know you’re awake.”

Not wanting her to retaliate in any way, you sighed and begrudgingly opened your eyes.


She kneeled down with that dangerously bright glint in her eye. You dropped your gaze to your bound wrists, eyes trailing the angry indentations from you pulling at them.

“Can you please remove...the chains? They hurt.” She only stared at you for a second or so before she sighed and stood up, making her way to the food she brought down. Grabbing the tray, she then made your way back to you.

“I can’t do that. We go through this almost every day. If I were to remove those, you’ll leave me,” She kneeled again and picked up a piece of bread that was on the plate. Bringing it to your lips, you turned your head slightly as a sign of not wanting it. She frowned at this and slid the tray away.

“You also do this every day. Must you always be so stubborn.” She sighed, standing up.

This was also per routine and while the majority of you was in attack mode, disdain mode, afraid mode, there was a tiny part of you watching the clothes fall from her body almost greedily. She got closer and brushed a strand of hair from your face. From where you were, you could see her slickened heat. Herr hips jutted forward and you licked your lips before moving your head to her pussy. She gasped when she felt your hot tongue graze her pussy lips. the taste, the scent of her drove you mad with need as you strained against the chain to get closer. Momo moaned and rocked herself on your face, coating your skin with a thin layer of her juices. She tasted so sweet with a tinge of tangy salt, you couldn’t get enough. She moved back slightly just out of reach and you whimpered. Her plump and wet lips were inches from your face and above you, a giggle sounded. Momo spread her lower lips open with her two fingers and her swollen clit came to view. You hissed at the chains digging into your wrist while you strained to raise higher. Lowering herself back down, you then took her clit into your mouth and began suckling. Momo sighed above you, furling her digits in your hair. She went back to riding your face and you loved every second of being engulfed in her feminine musk.

“You look so hot… and you want to leave me?” She pouted above you.

Slightly you shook your head to please her. She saw through your reluctance however and pulled away, leaving you dissatisfied and panting. Your pussy throbbed for attention as well and Momo saw the desire in your eyes. She grinned before walking around you and your eyes followed her naked form. Bending down, she gripped your ankles pulling you towards her.

Your dingy leggings were slipped right off exposing your slightly damp panties. Those were next to be discarded. She cooed at the sight of your moistened pussy. Licking her lips, she then lowered herself so that she was straddling your hips; her one leg moved under yours. The chains clinked against the floor as she moved your one leg over her shoulder. Just the warmth of her cunt hovering above yours made you buck upwards in need. She giggled then lowered herself further so her heat engulfed yours. You let out a shaky sigh as she then leaned forward and began gyrating her hips.

“Feel good sweetie?” She purred as your hot and wet pussy rubbed frantically against hers. You could feel your clitoris pushing against hers each time she thrusted her hips.

Whimpering, you desperately squirmed despite the restrictions on your arms. Heat pooled in your abdomen as you got nearer and nearer to the edge. Momo grunted and lifted slightly and your eyes looked down to see both of your pussies connected still by sticky moisture. Without warning, she dropped back down and her ministrations sped up. Much so, your body was rocking vigorously against the floor. The two of you grew more and more desperate for release. Though this was done to you a few times before, the feeling of both of your clits grinding together made your body shudder in a way it has never shuddered before.

Momo reached down and began fondling your breasts, tweaking your hardened nipples through the T-shirt you wore. The combination of the merciless tugging on your breast, the wetness connecting the two of you together, and Momo’s dirty comments made your orgasm hit you like a freight train. In fact a new sensation arose, and there was wetness dripping down your thighs. Momo slowed her movements then chuckled.

“My love, you squirted.” She purred, before speeding up again. She grunted for she was trying to reach her orgasm as well. And before she had to leave for work. You were writhing and gasping in the overstimulation, the chains were digging harshly into your flesh. But you barely even noticed; the only thing on your mind was the slickened cunt rubbing intensely on yours causing you to choke and cry out. Luckily before long, Momo slowed letting out a content sighed before lazily rubbing a few times. While she didn’t move just yet, she leaned forward and kissed you.

The exchange was hungered as if it would be the last kiss between the two of you. Momo was afraid it would be while your mind was too short-circuited to even think anything more. When she pulled away, your cheeks were red and you couldn’t help but sigh at the beautiful female. The pro hero demounted you and hummed before grabbing a key she had in her pants pocket. Unlocking your wrists you were free. But not the free you wanted.

She reached down and grabbed your hand, pulling you to your feet. Momo figured she had about a half hour to clean you up before she was scheduled to leave. While you were happy that you’d be getting an opportunity to clean yourself, you knew that you’d be right back where you started.

Chapter Text

A split second passed before you were forced to dive over the back of the couch as a ball of fire whizzed in reply.

“What the fuck did you say to me?” Your step-brother bellowed before you were forced to dive over the back of the couch as a spark of fire whizzed by. In hot rage, Katsuki shouted curses at you, his voice loud enough to shake your focus. You rolled to the side as another heated attack landed in the spot you were in prior. You straightened, and kicked over the couch on top of him and the furniture exploded, fiery pieces flailing through the air like snow. You looked around, your mouth set into an ‘o’ until your eyes landed on the red-faced blonde.

“Your mom’s gonna kill you, you idiot!” You then turned towards the direction of your bedroom in intentions of retrieving your cell phone to call her. Hot on your heels was Katsuki, slamming into various items. You cringed when you heard the thud of the hallway table fall to the floor, the vase shattering milliseconds after.

Just a few more feet until you could feel totally safe from him. Once you reached your room, you slammed the door expecting to feel the house rattle from the hard contact of the wood against the door-frame. Instead, your eyes widened when you realized the door was not in fact shut but was caught on a foot. You turned around, trying to push against it with all of your night but it wouldn’t budge.

“Katsuki—go away!” You cried.

“Ha! Not a fucking chance you damn brat. I’m tired of you and your…bullshit!” 

On the final word, the door hit your back and you fell to the floor on all fours. The door slammed against the wall rattling the room slightly. Quickly you tried to stand but already felt the heavy pressure of his heavy foot on your back. Each second you struggled desperately to get him off only proved to be pointless. Whimpering, your body went slack against the carpet to endure whatever he was going to do. It wasn’t the first time he’s inflicted pain on you. Time and time again, your fights would escalate from verbal exchanges into physical ordeals. Usually, your skin would fail to come out unscathed. 

Would it be a punch this time? In an area that seemed to have a decent amount of bruises? A leg? The arm?

You felt his hand grip your shoulder and flip you over, causing you to try and take the slim chance of escape. It backfired before you could even put the thought in motion; the explosion pain was all you could feel in the area his hand had closed around and you cried out as his grip tightened.

“Y-You’re hurting me,” You managed to whine to the twisted face of your step-brother peering from above you. He laughed darkly and shrugged, indifferent of the state you were in.

“I have put up with your shit for the last time and my patience is fucking gone. Now..” His face lowered to yours, his hot breath ghosting the shell of your ear. You bucked when you felt another source of heat playing with the button of your shorts and your eyes got bigger, widening towards the red orbs re-emerging above you.

Instead of the fiery glow of anger that you were used to, you saw something else. Something scarier and unfamiliar as he hungrily licked his lips, his eyes trailing over your body. You tried to move again only to feel the searing pain in your shoulder where his nails were digging still. Profusely, you muttered apologies and promises that it wouldn’t happen again. That you would stop teasing him and bothering him but you couldn’t seem to get through to him. Katsuki had only nodded, unmoved, and progressed further into unbuttoning your shorts and slipping them off, your panties following (with a few wild kicks from you, no less).

“Let me g-go. I won’t tell anyone about this if yo-mffgh!” You were interrupted by the force of his lips on yours. You tried whipping your head away but the action was intercepted by the pain he inflicted once more on your shoulder. His tongue prodded it’s way past your lips and he groaned once he felt yours. The exchange was sloppy and wet, for his lips practically engulfed yours with no remorse. You squeezed your eyes shut, feeling a tear glide down your cheek. After a moment passed, he finally pulled away, his lips and slightly swollen, leaving you red-faced and panting. 

Humming he smirked and you felt a finger run up your leg, then your thigh, tracing little intricate patterns into the flesh. All while his eyes stared menacingly into yours, taking in your widened gaze. He took in the notion that you were not struggling anymore and with a quick swipe of a finger against your slit, you jolted into him, feeling more pressure in the area.

“My my… look at you. I guess you could say the tables have turned, eh?”

You glared, which dissolved into a soundless gasp when you felt his digits running up and down your pussy.

“You’re such a dirty slut...getting wet for me.” A finger pushed past your folds, pumping skillfully into your pussy. Whimpers left your lips and your eyes squeezed shut once more, hoping this was all some kind of twisted nightmare. 

One where your step-brother was not in fact finger-fucking you. One where his stupid voice wasn’t taunting you, telling you what you…you already knew. When you felt another digit slide in though, and a wanton cry escaping from you, deep down you knew this wasn’t something you could wake up from.

“Just fucking give it up,” A growl sounded above you before the lobe was taken into his mouth. Your hips bucked once more against his fingers and you cried out again.

“Cut it out Katsu...” Your words were almost inaudible as he continued. His hand released your shoulder almost experimentally but you wouldn’t dare move anyway. 

The same hand trailed down to your chest to tear away your t-shirt , revealing your breasts. His mouth leaned down to encase one of your nipples, sucking and biting on the bud. Another thick digit was then inserted inside of you causing you to sputter and squirm. 

It would have been so easy to just move. Push him off of you and fight him back with your own quirk. Hurt him for even thinking up this twisted bullshit. 

Curse yourself for not trying to do so in the first place...

But every second that he continued to rage his assault on your wet core, you could feel that small pressure grow into that of which a part of you was longing to get to. Katsuki then pressed his thumb on your clit, rubbing circles to add towards your already arisen stimulation. Moaning, you started to almost grind into his fingers. With a distinct pop, your breast was released and he shifted his position in between your legs. Removing his fingers, you fell back against the carpet to catch your breath.

“Damn you’re wet…” He whistled lowly, the comment adding red to your already flushed face. You retorted back with how sick he was and he chuckled, trailing his moist fingers along the inside of your thigh. 

“Tch, you were practically fucking my fingers…” He wiggled his eyebrows and without thinking, you raised your foot to kick him. It wasn’t enough to knock him out but it startled him, making him grab his head. Turning your body, you began crawling towards the bed in where your cell phone resided. Your hand was a few inches from it when you felt your foot being grabbed, and a surge of heat on the flesh.

Yet, you kicked back and heard a thud in which you hoped was your brother hitting the floor. You hopped on the bed and grabbed your phone, fingers pressing so vigorously on the buttons, you were afraid they would break. Katsuki stumbled to his feet, hot anger present on his face. He charged at you and the two of you fell onto the bed, him on top of you and your face pressed into the mattress. Grabbing a fistful of your hair, your head was yanked up and you felt the heated breath of Katsuki on your ear. You heard your phone hit to the floor with a soft thud.

“And what exactly were you going to say? ‘My step-brother was fingering me and i liked it-‘

“Fuck you!” You cried out as best you could. He didn’t respond until seconds later when you felt searing pain against your ass. His hand returned to ground the flesh before retracting and making contact once more. You bit your lip to keep from crying out because you refused to let him see the weak action, which would add on more to the state you were already in.

“Aw…C’mon. Cry for me. Like you were minutes ago.” He hit you again, this time harder than before and you couldn’t hold back the whimper. You tried once more to plea for your release but your cries fell upon uncaring ears. The bed shifted and the unbuckling of a belt sounded and your body started to struggle further.

That was until you felt the hard material of leather crack across your ass. This time, you didn’t hold back your shout as it came down again. And again. You heard his ragged breathing in your ear and he chuckled.

“Just remember that you asked for this. Over and over you kept fucking with me. Don’t you have anything to say?”

Un-fucking-believable, you thought. What he’s doing to you didn’t even begin to compare to the stuff you’ve done to him. In fact, this was worse. You didn’t respond and his hand gripped your ass, massaging the sore area roughly. It stung to even the slightest touch much less this assault. Still, you didn’t speak.

“Man you really are a stubborn bitch huh? Fine, I’ll get my real apology a different way.” He shifted again and his rough hands gripped your hips. Before you could say anything, he shoved himself into you, and you couldn’t help but release a strangled moan. He stilled, giving you a second to adjust to his size. He was also studying your reaction; he expected you to struggle more against him but was surprised to feel that you were clenching tightly around his length. He rolled his hips into you once.

“Given up yet?”

Have you?

He was vulnerable and it would’ve been so simple to shove him back, kick him, fight . But you were glued on your comforter, on your bed, on your hands and knees with your step-brother’s thick cock pulsating inside of you. Everything about the situation was wrong on so many levels.

And still you didn’t move.

Katsuki smirked before continuing and it wasn’t long until he built up a consistent pace. You didn’t mean to let out the noises you let out. But it was too late to take them back and by now you had completely fallen under. This was bad, very bad. 

But not giving a fuck how taboo this was, you couldn’t help but to groan into the pillow, feeling the pressure in your abdomen building up. Katsuki’s fingers pressed deeper into the flesh on your hips as his thrusts began getting a bit rough. Before long, he had you right where he wanted you. And he couldn’t be happier.

“Admit it. You fantasized about my cock  inside of your cunt.” In response, you moaned deeply, feeling your orgasm approaching. The noise sent shudders throughout the blonde’s body and he bucked into you deeply before letting out a long growl. In return, you whimpered and rolled your hips back for he hit that sweet spot inside of you. Smirking he leaned down so that he his torso was touching your back.

“Moan my name big sis. Moan it and I’ll let you come.” No. Absolutely not. There was no way he was getting that out of you. As if sensing your opposition, his movements slowed until you were practically whining. Your lips parted but before words could escape you, he had a forefinger pressed against your clit and was rubbing vigorously. Choking, you almost collapsed but he thrusted into you once and almost tauntingly.

“Say it…” He groaned, feeling almost at his limit as well. His hips rolled into you lazily but with earnest for that spot inside was hit again. God, this felt so good and that sweet relief was so close in the horizon. In response to your silence, a hard slap was placed against your sore ass cheek.


“That’s it.” As though a switch was flipped, he was right back to pistoling in and out of you. Accompanying your wanton moans was the sound of skin against skin and the animalistic growls of your step-brother. His grip on your hips were so hard, there were bound to be bruises. He was so close…pulling out would be a hell of an effort. Then his eyes widened at the thought of coming inside of you. Laying down that claim on your body seemed to be the last straw. 

“Fuck...!” His hips jutted forward roughly and you felt his hot come release deep inside of you right at the same time as you cry out in your own orgasm.

Katsuki pulled out of your pussy and watched as his cream-white seed dripped down your quivering thighs. Releasing you with a shove, you fell forward onto your bed, heaving and shivering at what you just did. The blonde sat back on his ankles breathing heavily, as he looked over your form. You made no attempt to move, finding the energy to do so having escaped you. 

Instead you laid there, bright hand prints on your ass and the come of your step-brother oozing out of you.

Chapter Text

You loved the ocean; something about the vast and beautiful cerulean waters that surrounded your boat made you feel a sense of freedom. As a child, you had always been drawn to the waters. Whether it be reading about what wonders were in its depths to pursuing a purchase in your own boat. It took a while to finally pay it off, and there wasn’t a day where you wouldn’t aboard it to explore.

Leaning over the railing, you saw a school of boga fish swim by and disappear. Seeing a school of fish were one of your favorite things. You loved the way they stuck together as though they would always have each other back. It made you sigh as you though that that was what you lacked in your life. All your life you felt a disconnect with other people.

Sure you had friends but the few you had were into materialistic lifestyles and avaricious self-profit. And the idea of connecting with someone on a more intimate level seemed to be an unattainable dream. No one you met found beauty in things such as nature or the captivation and cruel circle of life. Your dates would end without a second call after blabbing about the chaos in the nature chain from the team work of colony ants to Earth's blessings of sudden flash floods.

Even your dysfunctional family found you hard to understand. While they urged you to seek a path of medicine, you just couldn’t find it in you being to wear white inside an office all day. The idea of holding a clipboard and feign an expected smile to patients who could possibly have no hope of surviving clenched your heart. You wanted to be free. So you had dropped out of college and moved away from the familial expectations.

You grew accustomed to the loneliness. Thinking about things like this didn’t hurt as much as it used to. You found comfort in the waters and the creatures you would come into contact with. In a way it wasn’t lonely.

Because you knew that every day on the waters would hold new and exciting sights. You could stay close to the shoreline finding interests in the life forms swimming in near-by estuaries. Other times, you would venture for miles and miles with no exact destination. Each creature you saw would be burned excitedly to memory and sketched inside of a gray journal you always took with you.

“It’s so beautiful out…” You muttered, as your eyes were scanning the horizon. You smiled at the rays that warmed your skin and the breeze that fluttered your hair and clothes. It was late morning and the sun was slowly moving to the high point in the sky. It was an almost clear day, for the blue sky had been littered with occasional wispy clouds. You smiled and let out a content sigh. The feeling of slight hunger twisted your stomach and you chuckled thinking you should probably eat. You planned on grabbing a food bar from your bag and possibly relax and doodle.

As you straightened to stretch you heard something odd. In all of your life on the waters, you never heard a sound quite like this. The noise sounded like a mix between a crying yelp and a chitter. As someone who knew about the waters and what they held, your knowledge of anything similar to the source was seal.

“But it can’t be…” You mumbled aloud. You picked up your journal and flipped to much earlier entries. Due to age and wear, the writing which had been hastily scribbled by a sketch of the said animal, had been smudged slightly. Much so that it took you a few seconds to find the words you were looking for.

“Maybe a dolphin.” You muttered after reading the seal entry and ruling out the animal complete. But even still- as the information provided evidence of the possibility, you've never heard of a dolphin yelping in distress. You leaned over the railing again and looked around.

As if appearing out of thin air, you saw a jumble of rocks up ahead. After getting a bit closer you saw that it was a cove. And a beautiful one at that. Quickly you maneuvered the boat in the precise direction of the area. Once arriving you then scanned the expanse. There seemed to be an almost disconnect between the waters for the area around the cove was so clear, not at all the deep blue to came from.

Surrounding it were a plethora of jagged coal-colored rocks. Any boat would have problems nearing the area with the risk of damage. Overall, it was so beautiful for you never had you seen a place quite like this.

As your boat neared just a few feet away from the first cluster of rocks, you realized a problem. You didn’t know where you would dock.

As if on cue, the distress call gotten louder. You eyed the strangely shaped rocks that surrounded the entrance to the cove. There was no way your boat would survive going through the sharp and jagged edges breaking through the surface. You turned off the engine and let the vehicle drift. The water didn’t appear to be deep.

But you didn’t really feel like wading in the water for an animal you didn’t know was really in trouble.

As though on cue, a cry sounded again and you sighed. All your life, you never passed up the opportunity to help. Whether it be a human or animal. Grabbing rope, you leaned over the railing and secured a tight knot around a tall point of a rock close-by.

Walking towards the bench, you grabbed your bag which held the essentials; your phone was safely secured in two ziplock bags, a map, a few multigrain bars and seven bottles of water and a first-aid kit. You stuffed your journal in as well and took a deep breath after swinging your bookbag on your back. You then went over the railing and proceeded to climb down the silver ladder until you got the bottom wrung and jumped into the water. Surprisingly it wasn’t cold, but warm and it stopped at your waist. You were lucky to be dressed semi-appropriately.

You had on water shoes and a pair of cargo shorts. Covering a part of your torso was a loose button-down. But due to the unnaturally hot day, you tied a knot in the bottom of the shirt.

As said, semi-appropriately, for you hadn’t planned on taking a swim.

You waded to the mouth of the cave-like area. Once entering you heard the sound of rushing water and assumed there was some kind of deposit or waterfall somewhere deeper inside. Other than that it was quiet now. The crying had stopped and your movements slowed.

You were surprised that even though the water was clear, you didn’t see any fish or any other form of life. If the animal giving off the cry lived here, there should be other animals present as well considering food source. Then again, the animal could be stranded.

Yeah, that could explain the lack of life. You shook your head and ventured forward. The trickling of water mixing with the soft sound of the waters licking the walls of the cave made the place all the more beautiful. As you moved deeper in though, a tiny voice of reason spoke from the back of your mind.

But then what if there wasn’t an animal in need of help?

Doubt surfaced and you bit your lip. Promptly you felt you hair raise and you stopped completely. Your heart raced in fear as your head whipped from side to side.

You were being watched.

Feeling that it was silly, but the best thing to do, you cleared your throat and opened your mouth to call out softly,

“Is-Is anyone there.” Of course there wasn’t a reply and the sensation of being watched vanished. Still you were unsettled and was about to turn back when the yelping broke out again. The cave wasn’t completely dark due to the light, but you still took out your flashlight. Up ahead, there was a parting which was split by a large stone wall. The noise turned into low chitters and it sounded like it was coming from the left.
But still you didn’t move.

Suddenly a loud screech sounded in the air and in frightened panic, you slipped and fell into the water, feeling a sharp pain in your side. Even though the water wasn't deep, it took a minute to regain your balance. When you did and stood up straight, your hand instantly flew to your side. Looking down, you saw your shirt ripped open and slightly tinged red. You shuffled to the smooth side of the wall and kneeled over with your hands on your thighs. The screeching had stopped abruptly but you still remained against  the side of the wall.

You carefully reached into your bag and pulled out guaze. Quickly you wrapped the bandage around your skin, pushing the shirt of of the way to gain access. Once done, you were still a bit shaky.
You took a deep breath and stood shakily on your feet. The thought of this being a terrible idea caused you to make a decision and turn back. There was obviously no animal in distress here.

The pain seemed to grow in intensity as you turned and stumbled towards the direction of where you came.

You were so close by a couple feet when you felt something collide into your legs, knocking you completely off of your footing. The screech was back again though it sounded like it was all around you. You splashed and flailed in the water trying hard to regain your stability but then something took hold of your legs pulling you down. You opened your mouth for a split second in an attempt to scream but only succeeded in retaining water. You were struggling to break the surface for air and you were so close until darkness claimed you.


Gasping you cried out taking in copious amounts of air into your lungs. Opening your eyes, you were distraught but also mesmerized to see that you seemed to be deeper into the cave. You were currently laid out on top of a large surface. Sitting up, you saw that you were surrounded by water.Stalactites hung low and glittered bright. It was a bit lighter here than where you had been prior due to the opening above you. Feeling cold you looked down to see your shirt completely opened and quickly your hands fumbled shakily to button it back up. The material brushed against your injury and you winced. Looking down, you saw there was a deep gash where you assumed an obscured rock had cut you. It didn’t look too bad but just as easy as you could say that, infection could take place.

You then remembered your bag and your eyes darted around the ledge you were left on to see it bare. Your bookbag, with everything you could have possibly needed, gone. Your phone, water, a small first aid kit were no longer in your reach. Cold fear started to set in and you whimpered before a dark thought surfaced in your mind that sent you into a panic.

You were attacked.

"This...This can't be happening." You muttered, feeling as though you would cry.

Just the mere thought of the whole ordeal caused you to start breathing heavy. But the action alone caused you to wince from the aching in your side. If you were to stay in the cove any longer you were afraid you would succumb to the consequences of the injury.

A low coo broke the silence and you yelped. At this point anything would have made you jumpy. The noise got louder until your eyes moved towards the water. Your eyes remained there until you saw a bed of black seaweed.


Your eyes squinted. It looked like hair.

The latter appeared true for the bed of hair lifted from the water and was connected to a pale face. You screamed covering you face with your hands. The noise from you startled the being for it responded with a screech. You cried even louder until it stopped. After a few moments, you felt something tickling your ankle and whimpered. Bringing your hands down slowly you saw something almost like a rope of some sort constricting around your leg. Tracing back to the source, it seemed to be connected to the tail of the being in the water.

“G-Get away!” You muttered kicking at the thing. It released you and hissed. Webbed fingers took hold of the rock ledge and you sunk more into the wall wishing you could disappear. He rose even more and you could clearly see it’s features. Despite its monstrosity, a part of you couldn't help but be in awe that something like this could exist.

Its pale face was staid as it stared you down. Your eyes quickly traced its features; his lash-framed eyes looked tired and beady. His chiseled face was defined. You were surprised by the light stubble peppered on its chin. Your eyes trailed down to his torso which was now visible from the water. Your face flushed at the water dripping from it’s defined abs. Forcing your gaze lower, you saw that where his skin had ended, black pigmentation started thick and the scales resembled those of a shark.

And you’ve gotten close enough to know how they feel in very close past incidents.

“What do you want from me.” The being only stared back in serene wonder and under its scrutinizing gaze you only grew more creeped out. Especially when he edged closer. You shuffled sideways on the wet rocks and winced at the pain in your side. Under the nervous panic, you slipped and almost fell back into the water.

What stopped it from happening was the mermaid’s grip on you. You yelped when he suddenly pulled you close to him, embracing you tightly against his damp chest. His face twisted up almost menacingly and his eyes turned a vibrant shade of red as his raven locks shot up and wavered around his face. The being’s eyes were narrowed in the direction of water and you looked down to see an unnaturally large eel wiggle by. It paused as if it sensed your presence in the most intelligent way. And while seeing that was frightening enough on its own, what the being did next frightened you even more.

Without moving his arms, his tail shot into the water in the blink of an eye and curled the sea creature until blood dripped from his now unfurling tail. You whimpered and tried to struggle against him in fear— anything to get away from him even if it risked your life. You beat your curled fist against his hard chest and even cried for help, your body flailed and he actually loosened his grip on you. But his eyes narrowed and suddenly you were flung into the water. You sunk as you struggled against the tides. You couldn’t see anything but the darkness and the red eyes gleaming in your direction as you went deeper and deeper. Your chest started to burn and the thoughts of death were profound.

You never got to live, not truly.

And that was the last coherent thought as your struggle almost ceased. The creature came into full view and was staring at you almost condescending. His webbed fingers reached for your arm and you allowed yourself to be pulled towards the surface. He flung you back on the rocks roughly and as you sputtered up water from your lungs, he kept his eyes on you. When you were through, you returned his gaze. It was as though his prior actions were a penalty. The gloating gleam in his eye caused yours to avert with annoyance.

He moved out of the water, and sat on the ledge. From the corner of your eye, you saw him bring his fingers to his hair and wring it out. The gesture almost seemed feminine, but what really caught your eye was his tail. Now that you were calm- or as calm as any would be in a situation like this- you stared almost in awe. The urge to reach out and touch it took hold and you inwardly shook the thought away. You didn’t even know what he was. Or if he was really a he. This was unworldly, unnatural. And the sensation of curiosity decided to show itself now? And what’s more he almost drowned you.


“How long have you...existed?” The question would have probably been offensive but as of now, you didn’t know if this creature had any form of intelligence. Other than the basic instinct of survival based off of what you saw happen with the eel. He just stared back with an almost bored expression and your face flushed.


Except his webbed fingers reaching towards you for your leg. You resisted the urge to kick him away in fear of going for another involuntary swim. His fingers ran along your calf down to your ankle.

“It’s called a leg.” You said in a shaky whisper, punctuating the last word. He glanced up and cocked his head. The creature opened his mouth revealing three rows of sharp teeth. You shuddered as you thought what he could really do with those if he had the chance. Releasing from his lips was a low and almost guttural noise that seemed to start from deep within his lungs. It sounded like a mix between a growl and a seal bark. God you wished you had your journal to document this sight. His red eyes wandered to yours expectantly and he nodded.

“...leg?” You said slowly, raising an eyebrow.

He made the noise again and this time it was much deeper and closely similar to the word you just said.

“Well I’ll be damned.” You muttered. This creature was trying to mock you. And if that isn’t a sign of intelligence, you didn’t know what was. His webbed fingers ventured higher and when they touched your thigh, you yelped and curled your knees to your chest. His head cocked and his arm was outstretched as if reaching for you. You shook your head.

“Will you let me go?” He paused and dropped his arm. Turning his body, he then dove back into the water with a splash. Breaking the surface was his head and he smiled a toothy grin before releasing the noise similar to the one that led you to the cove.

As he disappeared beneath, your face flushed in anger at how utterly stupid you were.

Chapter Text

Denki Kaminari always had an infatuation with your breasts. From the first day he’s met you, he couldn’t keep his aureate eyes from trailing to your chest. At first, you were self-conscious about the size. But after each loving comment from your blonde boyfriend, you grew appreciative about them. Over time during times of intimacy, Denki couldn’t help but grope them as he fucked you. The way his finger pads would roll and tweak your hardened nipples would cause your head to loll back, and a gaspy moan to tremble from your lips. After time after time of kneaded the soft mounds of flesh, a new thought popped in his mind. 

The thought of his cock thrusting in between your soft and supple tits sent shivers up his spine and a twitch in his groin. He wanted oh-so-much to voice this fantasy to you, but knowing that you weren’t so much forward in the bedroom, he contemplated on whether to voice this.

Until he couldn’t take another day of the mere thought of it.

After telling you one night as he held you, you didn’t respond right away. You both were thankful you couldn’t see the other’s reddened cheeks. Denki didn’t say anything further but inside he was terrified that he had made you feel weird with his fantasy. Before he could laugh lightly and take it back, you giggled an okay.

“I-I can try it…if it will make you happy Denki.” You weren’t aware of how giddy your response made him. You hugged you tighter and kissed your forehead.

After that conversation, Denki decided to wait until you were ready instead of initiating it. It was just as well because the idea of it was…odd to you. And you even looked up videos and tips on how to do so. Once you felt you were comfortable in your ability as to not fuck up, you waited until Denki left one afternoon to the gym to prepare mentally.

The time eventually neared when he would arrive and you stripped down to your panties. Faintly you heard the front door open and the usual greeting of your boyfriend and quickly got to your knees in the middle of the room. Your heart was racing during those couple minutes before he opened the bedroom door. 

“Babe I’m here. Oh…!” His golden eyes widened once landing on your mostly nude form. A blush crept on your face and you slowly ran your hands up your sides and cupped your breasts like you’ve seen done in the videos. Denki gulped and dropped his duffel back before making his way towards you, wishing that he wasn’t so musky post work-out. 

“I don’t know what to say haha…”

Biting your lip, you parted your lips to say in the most alluring tone,

“I want you Denki…here.” On the last word, you pressed your breasts together and bit your lip, throwing an innocent yet seductive look at the male. Seeing you this way caused his heart to beat erratically and he couldn’t kick off his pants fast enough (and less clumsy, almost causing him to fall). He positioned himself in front of your lewd form and gave himself a few lazy pumps before running his erection along your nipples. You gasped, finding the new sensation new and somewhat satisfying. It was to the blonde as well for the small gesture alone caused his breathing to hitch in excitement. 

“Oh…I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. You have no idea.” He mumbled before pushing his cock now in between your squished tits. His long and low groan met your ears and you shivered in delight. He stilled, his tip brushing your lips and coyly, your tongue swiped the slit, tasting the salty pre-cum that had accumulated. At the action, he immediately gripped your head to steady himself because honestly, he felt like he’d faint. He pulled away slightly before thrusting once more and before long, a consistent pace was built. The friction of your skin was wonderful- better than he had ever imagined.

Due to his trip to the gym, Dekni had a musky aroma to him that turned you on all the more. Just the thought of your boyfriend panting as sweat dripped off his muscles and abs caused a whimper to escape you as your pussy throbbed in anticipation of him fucking you after this.

“Gosh…your tits are so beautiful.” The comment, though familiar, caused your cheeks to redden and a grin to take place. His movements slowed gradually and you took the notion to rock to and fro on his cock. His sounds of pleasure sent shivers down your body and you found yourself clenching your thighs together. Just the mere actuality of being able to please your boyfriend in this new and satisfying way made you happy as well as needy. His flattering yet lewd comments made you mewl yourself and at the low noise, Denki almost came on the spot. He had to take a deep breath to keep from doing so and to keep this utter euphoric dream lasting.

But the way your face was slightly scrunched up in concentration and the way his throbbing cock was partially disappearing in your beautiful breasts and the low pants escaping you- he deemed this difficult and it didn’t take too long after before Denki cried out and stilled. To add onto the sexy mix, you opened your mouth wide as spurts of his come splattered your chin, lips and tongue. You licked whatever excess you could and giggled shyly. 

“That was amazing.”

Chapter Text

“M-maybe she feels a bit uncomfortable…” Izuku mumbled watching his blonde friend walking in your direction. Shouto remained quiet for he was intrigued on what Katsuki had planned for you. And them. 

“Shut it Deku!” The blonde snarled, his red eyes never leaving your face. You felt the hard press of the wall against your back and you let out a soft gasp at the fact that you had nowhere else to go. At this, Katsuki chuckled and slammed his hands against the wall, caging you. 

“Little do you dumbasses know, she knows what’s she’s getting herself into. If it wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have shown up. Isn’t that right babe?” Before giving you time to answer, he lowered his head into the crook of your neck, sinking his teeth into your skin. Not enough to break through, but enough to effectively cause you to whimper. His hand raised to grip one of your breasts. Lips nipping a trail to the area beneath your ear, he licked the area before grinning.

A gasp escaped you when his hand shoved its way into your pants. His finger was stroking along your slit before he pushed it into you. He pumped steadily, his eyes never leaving your twisted face. 

“Moan for me.” He whispered, pressing a thumb against your clit. You threw your head back against the wall, jutting your hips forward. At the sight of this, your audience’s gaze never left you, feeling themselves getting turned on. At the lack of the desired response, Katsuki’s hand gripped the base of your throat before leaning his head down towards your ear. 

“I said moan for me.” His voice was husky and menacing. At this, another finger was added, and his ministrations increased. You looked him in his eyes and parted your lips, whining for him as his two fingers curled and rubbed against your walls. Heat pooled in your abdomen as you moved your hips in sync with his fingers. With his thumb pressing down on your sensitive clit, you felt so close to falling apart beneath him. You closed your eyes, nearing that peak when Katsuki then grabbed your hand, leading you towards the direction of the bedroom. Passing both Shouto and Izuku, you couldn’t help but lower your gaze in subtle embarrassment. They trailed behind silently until Izuku closed the door behind him. The blonde released you and proceeded to peel off his shirt and tossing it aside. His sculpted torso was on display before you and you couldn’t help but drop your gaze. Katsuki plopped onto the edge of the bed, his eyes focused pointedly on you.

“Why don’t you strip for us?” He smirked. You gulped and threw a glance to the other guys before shyly tugging off your top. All eyes were on you as more and more of your skin was made visible and until you eventually stood in only your panties. 

Katsuki then motioned for you and he pulled you down until you were awkwardly straddling his lap. He tugged your head close for a forceful kiss, his tongue twisting alongside yours. His other hand secured its place under your ass, squeezing and gripping the area harshly enticing a whimper from you. You needed to breathe and your hand came up to grip his shoulder to signify that but he didn’t care. His hand came down hard against your ass and you squealed, squirming slightly.

Finally, the blonde pulled away, his wet lips set in a smirk as his red eyes trailed your flushed face. In one lithe motion, you were on your back, pinned. He cocked his head towards the direction of the other two males. A second passed before they proceeded to peel off their clothing as well. Katsuki returned his gaze back to you before getting up. Your eyes followed him standing at the foot of the bed with his arms crossed.

“Hey…” At the mention of your name, you turned your head to see Izuku’s freckled face staring down at you. His cheeks were tinged pink and your gaze trailed lower to his fully erect cock, twitching slightly, mere inches from your face.

You licked your lips before he pressed a knee into the mattress, sinking lower to your level. Fluttering your eyes at him, you gave him a look that caused his breath to hitch slightly. Mouth parting, you pushed forward as your tongue ran along the underside of his shaft. He gasped shakily and his hand reached to grip the headboard to steady himself as he pushed further into your mouth.

“Oh my…” The male was muttering incoherently above you as your mouth worked against him.

You then hummed when you felt your legs being spread and from your peripheral, you could see that it was Katsuki. Your panties were tugged off and his hands ran up your legs to your thighs and back down again. He kneeled onto his knees as his arms wrapped beneath your thighs and he promptly shoved his tongue inside of your pussy, the sudden action causing you to jolt and moan around Izuku’s cock. The movements of his tongue started off slow and sensual. But after a bit, he began to change the intensity of his movements, as he delved as deep as his tongue would go before switching his attention to your clit, which was taken into his mouth and sucked on. He had you squealing and writhing slightly as he worked skillfully on eating you out. 

The bed sunk from the other side of you and a hand moved gently in your hair guiding your head in the other direction. You were made to release Izuku and your eyes moved upwards towards Shouto’s heterochromic pair. Shifting his position, he moved your head up slightly and pushed his cock past your lips. Your hand reached up to grip Izuku’s cock, pumping as your mouth focused on pleasing Shouto’s. Katsuki’s thumb suddenly pressed against your clit causing you to gasp.

At the opportunity of your mouth opening wider, Shouto thrusted deeper into your mouth, much so that your sight blurred and tears clouded your eyes. At the feeling of your throat constricting around him, he let out a guttural moan. Your grip on Izuku’s cock tightened slightly and your movements increased. 

Katsuki’s ministrations were rapidly moving you closer to your orgasm and after focusing intently on your clit, you weren’t far off. His mouth flicked against the bud, the simple action causing your hips to raise as your orgasm hit you.

You squealed around the cock in your mouth as you rode it out. But you then squirmed at the feeling of his fingers spreading your lips apart and his tongue returning to run along your sensitive cunt. Your hand dropped from Izuku’s cock and instead gripped the blonde’s head in partial attempt to pull him off but the action only seemed to egg him forward. He grunted as the tip of his tongue nudged your clit and you were allowed to pull away from Shouto to cry and whimper.

“Please Katsuki... I can’t anymore!” At this, his menacing red eyes shot up to meet your gaze but he still didn’t move. In fact, seeing you on the verge of crying turned him on more as his diligently licked you. By now, both Izuku and Shouto were pumping themselves as they watched you come undone. You were writhing and bucking, but beneath Katsuki’s grip, there was nowhere for you to go. He pulled away before diving back in, pressing his tongue flat along your entrance as he delivered a hard stroke upwards towards your clit. You were in tears now, sensitive and hot over from the overstimulation. It wasn’t long before shudders rippled through your body as your second orgasm drowned you. Katsuki lapped lazily before finally releasing you. He straightened, a smirk tugging at his wet lips.

“Ready to take all of us like the slut you are?” He asked, kicking off his sweats. Standing tall and hard was his thick erection, intimidating on it’s own.

The bed dipped and Shouto laid on his back beside you. His arms were then around you, pulling your body on top of him, your hands pressed on either side of his head. The bed sunk again; Izuku had climbed on top of the mattress, kneeling on one knee in front of your face. The male’s cheeks were pink and his lips were slightly parted.

You found the sight to be hot and you licked your lips as you straightened your body, reaching for the nape of Izuku’s neck, pulling him towards you. Your lips moved messily over his, taking the initiative to shove your tongue through his lips. Deepening the kiss, your tongue glided and twisted along his, exploring every inch of his mouth. Izuku was shocked, his eyes wide as your lips took control over his. Shouto glanced up, finding the exchange to be slightly hot, and his hips rutted upwards slightly, enticing a moan from you. Katsuki only glowered at the action, promptly digging his nails in the surface of your ass causing you to pull away from the kiss and cry out. The blonde wrapped his fingers around the back of your neck, forcing your head down beside Shouto’s as his eyes shot daggers at Izuku. 

Shouto was silent beneath you as he was circling the head of his cock against your slick folds. Gently, he eased himself inside of you, pushing your hips down onto his own. He was fairly quiet, only allowing his lips to part to release low groans and pants. Rough hands gripped your hips and you felt Katsuki’s bulging head teasing your cunt. Shouto slowed, silently understanding what his friend wanted. You whimpered as you tried to relax as an attempt to make it easier for Katsuki to push into you.

But given how utterly wet you were, he did so with more ease than what was expected. His movements were slow but eager and the three of you were groaning. Before long, he was in to the hilt, his shaft snugly pressed against Shouto’s. After a second or so of stilling, Katsuki was the first to pull out slightly before plunging back into you once more, eventually setting a punishing pace. Shouto followed suit, thrusting his hips upwards. 

You never felt so good and full with either one of them alone. The sensation of the two cocks fucking into you at slightly different paces was sending shudders throughtout your body. The same could be said for the males; the way your tight walls were pulsing around them both as well as the friction of each other caused them both to growl deeply. 

Above you, Izuku’s hips were moving against your face fervently. You looked up, your half-lidded eyes making contact with those dilated green pair. His hands lowered until they curled into your hair. Each second that passed with your gazes connected, his cock pushing into your mouth, and the sweet-sounding moans that left you, caused his grip to tighten slightly and his movements to increase; he tried to show a bit of restraint, but seeing how slutty you looked, he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes and snap his hips harshly, causing the tip of his cock to hit the back of your throat. 

You gagged, your eyes squeezing tightly shut as he did it again, finding pleasure in the way your throat swallowed around him. His other hand lowered until both gripped the sides of your head. Shifting, he angled his hips before quickening the pace, muttering obscenities above you. 

From behind your rocking form, Katsuki’s hand came down against the surface of your ass and the sudden strike caused your pussy to clench tightly and your vision to blur with tears.

“Fuck!” Katsuki shouted. Shouto hissed from beneath you, losing his composure slightly. Another harsh strike landed on your ass again producing the same result. Except you gagged on your moan at the same time as Izuku shoving himself deep into your mouth rather painfully. His thrusts were becoming sloppy and his groans were becoming louder. He was close. And so were Katsuki and Shouto. Their erratic pace was hitting that spot inside of you over and over again. 

Izuku stilled, his length pressed deep into your mouth. Grunting softly, he came, thick spurts of his salty substance forced down your throat. Still, with a bit of effort, you swallowed every last drop. Izuku pulled out and collapsed on the bed in a panting mess. Katsuki scoffed softly and thrusted hard into you. 

“Oh fuck…!” Your orgasm hit you hard, blurring your vision into splinters and you stilled, convulsing around their cocks. At the sudden tightness, they groaned before releasing their hot come inside of you. You collapsed on Shouto’s chest, feeling far too spent to do anything. Katsuki pulled out, and laid next to you, tossing an arm over his eyes.

Never had anything like this been experienced before which was something that could be commonly agreed on as everyone laid in both fatigue and satisfaction.



Chapter Text

Viridescent eyes were widened as they followed your slow and calculative movements; You moved slowly around the bed clad in naught but lingerie, which enveloped your body sexily. You made sure to twist and step in a way that had the male drooling. Which wasn’t too much effort with what you were dressed in; deciding not to go all out, you settled on a sheer slip which revealed everything underneath.

To say that Izuku was excited was an understatement. When you had brought the idea up to dominate him, a part of him was nervous. In the bedroom, you were more submissive to him and even still, he wasn’t that much of a dominating partner. To hear something like this from you surprised him, to say the least, but he agreed reluctantly. On the inside you were giddy to have the opportunity to have control in the bedroom and after conversations with your friends and deep research, you felt that you were ready.

Starting off, you had restrained his wrists in chain cuffs connected to the bedposts. Seeing him binded this way completely hindered to acting on his own accords and to your mercy turned you on more than you had thought.

You pulled out a box from beneath the bed and placed it on your nightstand. Inside were various items which were purchased for this purpose. You didn’t know how far you would go or if this would be a new norm, but you bought a bunch of items just in case. Seeing you so concentrated on this made you cuter to the male and he smiled deciding to play the part.

“What are you going to do to me first?” You paused, not expecting him to say anything. In all honesty you didn’t know yourself and the moment of awkward silence following made your heart speed up. You didn’t look at him but at the box and your mind then wandered to an article you read. Taking a deep breath, you gathered whatever confidence tried to escape and turned your gaze to meet his and narrowing your eyes, you said,

“From this point on, you will not speak unless you are spoken to. If you are given permission to respond you will address me as Mistress or Ma’am.” His cheeks were brightly matching yours. The command turned him on; the way you looked at him was different than you have ever before and the action altogether sent shudders throughout his body in anticipation. Turning, you fished around in the box again. After a second, you pulled out a strip of cloth.

“Open.” You demanded and the assertive tone shocked him again but he did as he was told. Leaning over him, you wrapped the cloth between his teeth and around his head. After tying the knot, you straightened and refocused your attention to the box. Instantly, your hand closed around a rubber cock ring. Stretching the rubber, you moved down to where his slightly hard cock was and positioned the ring above it. Peeking up, you met his wide gaze and your eyes were about to soften when you saw the tiniest dip of his head in the form of a nod. You regained composure and slipped the device over his bulging head and Izuku groaned lowly as you maneuvered carefully down his length. Once at the base of his cock, you released the ring gingerly which enticed a groan from your boyfriend. Returning your gaze to his, your brows furrowed a bit as though questioning if it was alright which he responded with another small nod. Despite the dominating role you were to play, you still wanted to make sure he wasn’t uncomfortable or in any pain whatsoever. Returning to the box, your eyes zeroed in on the silicone dildo which you were itching to use. But since this was a first, you figured you’d start off with the minimum.

Climbing onto the bed with your boyfriend you straddled his chest with your knees on either side and propping you up slightly as not to fully rest on him. Your hands ran feverishly up the sides of your body until stopping at your breasts, which you grounded and rolled together. A moan escaped you when your thumbs and forefingers pinched and pulled at your taut nipples. Izuku watched wide-eyed at the show you were putting on inches away from him, and the chains clinked slightly before realizing he was pulling at them. He didn’t realize how effective being restrained was until he saw your hands doing what he wanted his own to do. Your hands then traveled down until gripping the bottom of your slip.

“You want me?” You asked sweetly, lifting the hem slightly to reveal your bare and wet pussy. He nodded profusely and his eyes read nothing but adoration which caused a blush to creep onto your cheeks. You inched forward slightly until you were almost touching his chin. You then ran your fingers along your folds and the male strained to see clearly. His cock twitched and, due to the ring, it caused him to moan from the oversensitivity of the tight sensation.

You inserted a finger, pumping deeply inside of your pussy and he could hear how wet you were. The scent of your heat in addition to the partial sight had Izuku practically salivating through the cloth as he watched you finger yourself. You bit your lip as you then spread open your lower lips to the male, revealing your wetness and at the sight, his arms were pulling hard against the restraints in an attempt to get closer. You giggled at the desperation.

“You want a taste, Deku?”

“Mfff...mmm mmm!” You smirked and hooked a finger in the cloth over his mouth.

“Use your words love.” You teased. He seemed to be on the verge of tears at this point but still, he let out more muffled groans and when you felt that he had enough, you tugged down the cloth from his mouth.

“I-I want to taste you.” You paused, wanting nothing more than to give the poor male what both of you wanted. But your mind wandered once more to something you read and you wanted to fulfill this role as much as you could. Humming, you quirked a brow.


“Please let me taste you...Mistress,” His voice was shaky, his desire earnest as his eyes switched between your face and your pussy. Obliging after a second, you moved your body upwards until you were hovering over his face. Lowering yourself, you felt the hot tongue of your boyfriend shove into you and you let out a low moan. The act surprised you, making your body drop lower than you had intended, and you were then fully sitting on his face. He didn’t seem to mind, for his mouth started going to town on you. Curling your fingers in his hair seemed to egg him on for your moans and tugging was taken as a sign that he was doing something right. Izuku was getting more and more turned on that it was nearly painful. He could feel the ring tightening around him each second that passed. His hips jutted upwards and you noticed this and turning your head around slightly, you saw his cock twitching at attention.

“I bet you want me to touch you?” From beneath you heard his muffled groan and his tongue teased your clit eagerly in response. Reached behind you, you gripped his cock, running your thumb over the slit and the male moved his hips upwards into your hand impulsively. Pulling your hand away, you tsked and yanked his hair hard, raising your body up slightly. Izuku’s freckled face was flushed as he panted. The area around his mouth, cheeks and chin was damp with your juices and his saliva and his eyes stared into yours full of yearning. He licked his lips and parted them.


“Learn a bit of restraint, Deku.” You pressed down onto his face again, curling both of your hands in his hair. Wiggling slightly, you pressed more of your weight down. A part of him had prepared for some sort of penalty like this from you and he had taken a breath beforehand but as you continued rocking your hips on his face, the need to take in air was starting to get unbearable. He pulled at the chains, writhing his body slightly. You slid back some, allowing the male to breath a bit through his nose, before thrusting forward again. Hips circling, you could feel his nose mashing against your clit and the feeling sent shudders throughout your body. The chains began clinking as Izuku pulled them taut again and you lifted slightly and watched as he took in air. The gaze between you two never broke even after you slowly lowered yourself again. This time you didn’t put down your entire weight and Izuku teased your lips with his tongue tentatively.

“That’s it…” You moaned tossing your head back as he pushed deeper, thrusting into you at various paces. Izuku wanted nothing more than to touch you, grip your body, feel your pussy around his cock, but he knew he was playing your game, by your rules. So he decided to push you past your limits with his mouth so he could at least taste your juices so that maybe, you’d give him something in return. And he did just that, causing you to squeal at the new-found ardency.

At the way he was pushing deeper and deeper, moving his tongue in lapping motions as well as his nose repeatedly bumping your clit, your orgasm wasn’t too far off. Your hips returned to rocking against his face and you switched from different areas; his chin, his nose, to moving across his lips. Your actions were so wild, Izuku couldn’t keep up with pleasuring you. Instead, he remained there as you continued using his face for your own release, until finally your grip tightened, nails digging into his scalp almost painfully, as you came.

Panting, your hand left his locks and you shifted downwards until you were straddling his legs. You hummed, eyeing the cockring and how thick your boyfriend seemed to be. Cautiously, you stretched the ring and tugged it off enticing a sigh from above. Your body then moved to straddle his hips and you reached down to grip his hardened cock. He hissed and jolted but his eyes never left yours as you lifted your hips slightly and guided the tip past your entrance. You pushed down slowly, taking him inside of you inch by agonizing inch and Izuku resisted the urge to buck his hips upwards. Finally, you were completely seated and still for a moment, tightening around him. Despite the amount of times he’s been inside of you, his size was something you still haven’t gotten used to. You leaned to kiss him and the exchange left your stomach fluttering. Never had you kissed him this way, not with him powerless beneath you. You led the exchange this time, Izuku was just the one following and the thought of that made you smile inwardly.

Pulling back, your hands ran along his chest before lifting your hips up and sinking down again, starting at a leisurely pace. You bit your lip, looking into the eyes of your lover with your own clouded by lust. At the sight of your expression, Izuku wanted to touch you now more than ever, but slightly tugging on the chains reminded him bitterly of his restraints. He was made to endure as your movements sped up, sliding up and down his shaft as your juices slickened him. Your thumb and forefingers took hold of his nipples, pinching and twisting the buds.

“O-Ohh…!” Izuku gasped at the sensation; it was new and slightly painful, but it was hot. You were hot, owning him like this.

“You like it when I ride you like this?” You moaned.


Your fingers pinched his nipples hard causing him to arch slightly.

“Yes who?” You quirked a brow, and you sunk all the way down on his cock breaking what little concentration he had. A second or so passed before he gulped and parted his lips, trying to form a coherent response.

“Yes Mistress.” Your grip on his nipples loosened and you leaned down to rake your teeth and bite on the skin in the crook of his neck. You went from rocking back and forth to bouncing up and down. From rising until just the head was in to falling back down by the force of gravity, each movement pushing your further and further over the edge. Pulling back, your hands pressed on Izuku’s chest again, steadying yourself as you continued pushing down on him, feeling him hit the sweet spot inside of you each time. Reaching a hand down, your fingers took to circling vigorously against your clit, adding intense pleasures. Izuku’s breathing became labored as did yours at your walls clenching around him.

It didn’t take long before the heat pooling in your abdomen had amplified and your release hit you, causing your vision to blur as you let out a cry. You inched down a few more times, convulsing slightly around his length before you felt that you were done. After coming down from your high, you moved from on top of him. Izuku watched as you reached towards the table top and he yanked at the restraints to get your attention. When you turned to look at him, you saw that his eyes were glistening and his mouth was agape in disbelief. Your eyes then moved towards his cock, which was still twitching in the need to release. You meet his eyes again and smirked. His brows were furrowed as his face seemed to read, please don’t leave me like this.

Of course he didn’t say anything because you were in control and he was not. And the notion of your current positions sent your shocks through your core again. Returning your attention to the items in the box, your fingers hovered over each for a moment when they stilled over one. An excited, hmm escaped you when your hand closed around a flogger. Your other hand fished around until you pulled out a small vibrator as well. With these items, you returned to the bed and Izuku’s heart raced in anticipation.

Especially when he saw the look on your face. After seeing this different side of you, he knew this was far from over.

Chapter Text

The flaming hero was finally allowed to go home after a long day of work. You had been on his mind all day and he wanted nothing more than to see you. 

“I’m home.” He called, closing the front door behind him. There wasn’t the typical greeting he heard when he arrived everyday and he assumed that you had fallen asleep. Shedding his coat, he made his way to the bedroom, but stopped suddenly in the doorway. Oh you were sleep alright. You were on your stomach on top of the comforter with one of your legs bent upwards. 

Seeing you lying there in that position caused his groin to throb at attention. Each second that passed, his mind couldn’t help but wander to the annoying yet prominent bulge forming in his pants. Silently, or as silent as the large male could be, he slipped off his slacks and discarded his shirt. Climbing into bed carefully as not to wake you, he simply paused for a moment to marvel at just how utterly delectable you looked. 

You had on one of his T-shirts which was obviously too big on you. And in the sprawled position you were in, the shirt had ridden up a bit exposing your soft thighs and just barely, the bottom curve of your ass. Enji bit back the urge to groan aloud. God, he needed release. He needed to fuck you, take you in any position imaginable so he could blow off a bit of steam. But you were out cold. 

And it seemed you had tried (and failed) to wait up for him given the unplanned position your slumber forced you in. Still, his icy gaze couldn’t stop from roaming over your curves and he found his hand palming his girth through his boxers. He closed his eyes, conjuring up thoughts of you at times during intimacy; the way your lips felt around his cock as you skillfully took him all into your mouth, the way your pussy was practically made for his cock, the way you would would rake your nails over his skin as he fucked you relentlessly into the mattress as you screamed his—

A soft groan interrupted his thoughts and he was now aware that his fist was closed around his cock and the pre-cum slicking up his palm a bit. But he more so noticed you shifting, turning your head the other way and away from his direction. A loud sigh sounded before your breathing returned to its even rise and fall. Seeing you so vulnerable before him hit something inside of him that made his cock jump. He shifted on the bed again so that he was behind you and proceeded to lift the t-shirt up higher so it was resting bunched up in the middle of your back. 

Cautiously, he then rolled the waistband of your panties down your thighs, pausing every now and then to check for any indications of you being awake. When they were finally around your ankles, he inwardly breathed a sigh of relief that slumber still had its hold on you. Feeling a bit more confident, he pushed your bent leg higher, exposing more your cunt. God, you smelled so good, that feminine scent he’s been waiting all day to indulge in. 

Throwing whatever caution left into the wind, his tongue pressed flat against your folds experimentally. Seeing as you didn’t do anything in response but release a heavy sigh, he repeated his actions, swiping up and down your slit tentaively before dipping in between your folds. Enji then became greedy, using his strong hands to push your legs further apart and sliding up to grip your ass. The flicks of his tongue became more aggressive against your clit and he couldn’t help but groan softly after hearing a whimper from you. Still, he refused to cease his movements as his mouth became more and more wet with your juices.

His head bobbed slightly as his wet appendage thrusted inside of you, causing the slight arising sound of your wetness sounding in the air. Parting your lips, the tip of his tongue nudged the underside of your clit, the action resulting in soft mewling from you. Hearing you react to him whilst still asleep excited him. Deciding he couldn’t wait much longer, he adjusted his body on the bed and pumped his fist around his cock while his eyes were on your glistening pussy.

He then gripped your hips, pulling the bottom half of your body upwards. At this point, he didn’t care if he had awoken you; he just wanted to be inside of you. Your eyes then fluttered open, a grumble escaping you which turned into a long groan when Enji shoved himself into your cunt to the hilt. Your breath was caught in your throat at the sudden and rough intrusion of his thick size. In the midst of it, you whined out as your already blurry vision splintered and your orgasm erupted within you due to the sensitivity of him eating you out beforehand.

“Sleep well?” The comment was meant to be snippy and sarcastic but had developed into a groan after feeling your pussy clench around him at his condescending tone.

“E-Enji…?” Gripping the sheets into your fists, you body was then pushed forward as he thrusted into you with reckless abandon. Your body was conflicted; your eyes were still drooping as the rest of your senses were following slowly behind. But then your core was fully aware of your lover’s cock pistoling in and out of you.

“I...couldn’t resist.” He growled before delivering a jarring smack against the surface of your ass then gripping harshly. The strike emitted a yelp from you, which the flaming hero found satisfaction in. You were fully awake now giving him reason not to take it easy on you anymore. With new-found drive, his hips slammed into yours at a merciless pace, jolting your body forward with each thorough thrust. You moaning grew, being music to his ears as his hand came down again to cause another loud smack to echo throughout the spacious bedroom. 

“You were practically asking for it…” He huffed into your ear.

“Uhn…” He continued on.

“Wearing my shirt...spawled out on the bed for me...You just wanted me to come home and fuck you senseless didn’t you babe.” You still couldn’t give him a coherent response and that earned your ass another smack. His large hand gripped the back of your neck, pushing your face into the mattress and pulling at your hips slightly so your ass was raised higher. His nails dug into the flesh of your sides for leverage, the pain only adding to the pleasure.

As your moans were muffled into the bed, Enji’s were growing more and more animalistic as he was approaching his high all too soon. His cock was drilling into you so maliciously, you felt every limb in your body going numb. Your need to come again wasn’t so far off and it took one deep thrust to push you over completely. Your knees buckled a bit as you cried out, your world exploding in sensational tingles. Endeavor growled at your writhing body and wrapped a strong arm around your neck, hoisting you up onto your knees with your back flushed against his toned torso. Using his other hand, his fingers assaulted your clit, his meaty finger pads rubbing vigorously against the bud. 

“Oh my—Mmm!” You choked out, bringing your hands to grip Enji’s arm as your body was rocked upwards. 

“Enji…! Please…” Your cunt was still sensitive from having two orgasms ripped from you. But the flame hero wasn’t listening; in that moment you were to his to use until he busted his come inside of you. His hips snapped into yours so hard, it was almost painful but before long, he was bellowing out his release. You felt his hot seed filling you up in copious amounts, the sensation of some of it dripping down your leg didn’t go unnoticed. He gave you a hasty kiss on your cheek and released you where you were allowed to fall back onto your stomach.

His blue eyes trailed your disheveled form finding it sexy that the shirt was wrinkled and your oozing cunt was exposed. The sight of his come seeping out of you still sent a throb to his groin. Feeling his stare, you turned your head to look back at him, recognizing the look on his face and you knew you wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon.

Chapter Text

Staring at the text messages, your phone was gripped in your hand so tightly, there was a small fear of it breaking. But you didn’t care. Your thumbs hovered over the keyboard, itching to send another text message. 

At a time like this, same as the times before, your mind wandered to the past; there wasn’t a day where there wasn’t a smile on your face. A day where your beautiful laugh didn’t sound. A day that you weren’t embraced by him. He was your love, your light in times of darkness.

Nowadays, every other day were filled with worry, distrust, and indifference.

Where are you???

Hitting send, you tossed your phone next to you and placed your head in your hands. This was like routine. You were made to sit alone in the home you shared as your mind raced with the worst cases when he didn’t walk through the door. Then realization would shove through. You knew exactly where he was. Who he was with. And what he was doing.

Interrupting your thoughts was the sound of the front door opening. You took a shaky breath and left the bedroom, approaching him. Dabi kicked his shoes off and stumbled past you, heading into the kitchen. He knew what you were going to say. 

“Where were you?” Your words were those he’s heard before and he pulled a beer from the fridge before acknowledging you. He smelled like cheap booze and a fruity scent you knew didn’t belong to you.

“With the League.”  A lie. 

Shrugging, he threw the can back downing the liquid inside. His casualness was something you were used to. He noticed your hard gaze.


“Who is she?” Anger boiled up inside and you reacted, shoving him back with one hand. It wasn’t hard, but since he was under some kind of influence, the act took him by surprise causing him to stumble back. He crumbled the can and tossed it on the counter before carding a hand through his hair. 

“Look, what are you talking about now?” His tone was patronizing as if you were out of your right to ask the question. Your fist balled tightly causing your nails to dig crescents into your palm. No, he wasn’t gonna do this to you. He wasn’t going to come home again at three in the morning drunk and smelling like another female. He was not going to sit there and stare at you as though you were in the wrong. 

“Who the fuck is she Dabi!” Enraged, you pushed him again, the action startling him and he swayed slightly before grabbing the edge of the counter to steady himself. You were fighting him, something that was new to him. But he wasn’t in the mood. He shrugged you back.

“Don’t put your hands on me.” He grumbled. He moved around you, possibly in the direction of the bedroom you shared. At the thought of him even stepping a foot further, you shoved him from behind, causing him to slightly hit the hallway wall. He whipped around, his blue eyes full of rage and he shoved you against the opposite wall. 

“I’m not in the fucking mood dammit!” He shouted, his hand making contact mere inches from your head. You smelled the burning material and heard the wall crumble when Dabi retracted his hand. 

Your eyes narrowed, completely unfazed as you stared him down evilly. You’ve been here before. 

“Tell me who she is!” You screamed back in his face.

He leaned back sluggishly as his eyes roamed your quaking form. Scoffing, he shook his head before averting his sight, looking at any other place but the familiar pain in your eyes.

He was a villain. That much you knew even before the relationship was established. You chose to see the good in him, see him for more than what he was made out to be. Enduring rediculement, you stuck by him despite the countless of times where he didn’t even deserve it. But seeing him now, disheveled and buzzed with a shit-eating grin on his face smelling like the bitch he was with, you couldn’t help but ask yourself what the point of all of this was. 

If Dabi wanted to be the villain so be it.

His lazy eyes looked into yours before you shoved past him, towards the bedroom. He didn’t even try to rush after you. 

You walked to the closet pulling out a large bag and you flung it onto your bed. 

Ripping the drawers out of the dressers, you pulled out the clothing that didn’t belong to you. You traveled the room scouring for shit that was Dabi’s and shoved them into the bag. Whatever wouldn’t fit would get burned or thrown away. You didn’t care. You looked up to see the male leaned against the door frame, his eyes watching the entire ordeal. A part of him found this amusing; you loved him too much to kick him out. 

“Think you could get rid of me that easy?” How could he be so calm? It disgusted you how unaffected he seemed. 

“Fuck you.” You spat before returning to the closet.

“So you’re leaving me.” 

“You’re the one who’s leaving. Go back to the bitch you’ve been fucking around with.” After stuffing the bag to its limit, you flung it at him. 

“Tell me something, “ He said after you turned around attempting to clean up the mess you made.

“What’d you expect from me? Huh? That’d I’d be your prince charming?” Your cheeks heated up and he laughed.

“Look at you. You wouldn’t be anything without me.” 

“I can be more without you.” 

Frowning, he pushed off the doorframe, dropping the bag and stepped over it. You turned around to see him practically looming over your frame. The sudden proximity made you step back some. 

“I think you have me mixed up with someone else dollface.” He muttered. 

“Just get out Dabi.” 

“We both know you don’t want that.” His hand came up to try and cup your face but you swiped him away. 

“Get out.” Your voice was louder but less confident; you were starting to break, the evidence being in the way your words shook slightly. Dabi saw this and smirked. 

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“I don’t want you here anymore. What part of that won’t you understand? Or do you take joy in draining my sanity?” 

“I own your sanity. I own you. Again, without me, you wouldn’t be here. Trust me on that.”

His words cut deep causing tears to threaten. You wouldn’t dare give him the satisfaction of letting them spill. But hearing those words caused something to snap within you because of how much of it was true. Your hands were suddenly wailing at him, striking his chest, his face, shoving him as your sight blurred in tears. You were now sobbing but everything that escaped you was incoherent. After managing to strike him hard in his jaw, Dabi growled and shoved you against the wall, gripping your wrists above your head. 

He was tired. Tired of seeing you this way, of hearing your screams, of seeing the accusation in your eyes when you looked at him, he was tired of the incessant questions and the nagging. By now, there was one way to have you be his again. As you’ve became his in the past.

Without a word, he pressed his lips against yours, forcing your mouth open with the harsh intrusion of his tongue. You sobbed, writhing to get away from him. Get away from what he was trying to attempt again. But his grip on you made it a futile struggle. Completely unfazed by your groans of protests and your flailing, he aggressively yanked off your pants, pulling your panties down with them. 

“Get...Get off of me you fucking…!” He interrupting you again with another kiss, as his other hand worked on freeing himself from his own slacks. Releasing your hands, both of his own gripped the area under your thighs and lifted you up before slamming you back against the wall. You cried out at both the impact on the back of your head and his cock suddenly shoving into you. He grunted as he fucked you with ruthless abandon, not caring as you released noises a mix between sobs and moans. 

He didn’t care that one day soon, you'd be right back in this position if not one similar to it. His movements grew more forceful causing your entire body to bounce and shake with each rough thrust. His lips closed around the area on your collar bone he’s sucked on countless times before. Where countless times before, you had moaned for him.

Despite how much you hated him right now, you couldn’t help but throw your head back as you approached your climax. Then your mind wandered to whether or not he fucked her this way and you were back to tearing up again. It took one one angled and well-calculated thrust before your orgasm ripped through you. Dabi growled and, with you in his arms, made his way toward the bed and roughly fell on top of you. Your legs were pushed up and spread, making you vulnerable as he thrusted into you with new found vigor. It wasn’t long before his hips stuttered against yours and the feeling of his hot come pouring into you was all you felt. 

The house was silent after that. The bedroom was left in disarray, a mess you would end up cleaning tomorrow. Shrouded in near darkness was the two of you, his arm protectively around your torso and you facing the other direction. You felt the subtle tickle of his even breathing on your neck as he slept peacefully. Slumber abandoned you, as it had for a while now. 


Today should have been different.