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Death Touched

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It starts with the middle child falling in love with his dead fiance. A fiance he couldn't have cared less about, but after having his brother bring her back and using the stone to grab at her soul--not hers he'd learn later--that he started to love her.

It starts that way, but death hates to be cheated and they'd been alone for so long. The new body could only hold them for so long, so they played their part. They played it so well that a child was born--Orion Black the first with hair as dark as the nothingness of death and eyes as translucent as the veil itself.

It starts with Death, and they've always liked things that come in threes. The strongest number, if anyone had the chance to ask them. It also always ends in death. Cadmus died shortly after Orion was born, and Orion died shortly after his three children who took after their grandmother. Every generation would be tried, and death would someday have their children.


Harrigan was an unusual child. Her aunt fancied her possessed, and that wasn't hard to dispute. Hari had unnaturally pale skin, green eyes that glowed in the dark, and hair that was so dark and unmanageable it was like it was made from the very fabric of time and space. And that wasn't even mentioning the oddest thing about her, that saved her from beatings and bullying at school--not passed words anyways.

You see Harrigan had a special gift, passed onto her from generations and generations of selective breeding; although she didn't yet know this. Stemming from her paternal line came the Potter's and the Blacks, both once in the Peverell line and known personally by death. Her maternal line was just as special, but that isn't important just yet.

The girl she'd been given by her paternal line wasn't so much a gift as a curse. A terrible curse that prevented her from ever feeling the warmth of a hug or a friendly pat on the back. Harrigan's curse was that of death, for everything she touched withered away right in front of her eyes.

Had Harrigan been raised by those that wanted her, her life would be different. In the magical community, the familial gift was known, although not for such a long time, and things could be done to refine it. To control it, but she was not a part of the magical community and so she did not have a basis to start her control from.

Well, not until a letter came.