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Finale of Dust

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Deku knows when he became useless, It was when his quirk never came in. It was when his father had left him and his mother for being a poison to society. It was when he was decided that he was quirkless. It was when his mother stopped being a mother, instead, she became Inko. His dream to help people shriveled up and died when he could not save himself from the cruelty of life. How could he save people if he couldn’t even defend himself? He really was worthless.


Deku hasn’t felt anything positive in years.


Each time he goes to school he comes home with new bruises, new cuts, new black eyes. The teachers don’t care about the quirkless Deku. All they care about him getting his work in on time. While keeping the other kids in check. Once Deku patches himself up, he heads to the first of his three jobs. He's a janitor and a chef, the other thing he does is analysis on the hero forms. That pays well. But he doesn’t tell Inko about that. Besides that job, both places are shady but that doesn’t matter to him. The only thing he feels is when he is cooking food. He feels useful but not positive useful. Like a finally that quirkless brat is doing something. Not that the analysis doesn’t make him feel alive. It's just, he can't tell Inko about that. Sometimes he feels that his analysis is helping take down heroes, but Deku can’t bring himself to care. These things were obvious to him. How were they not to anyone else? Whatever. He no longer gives people positive information about their quirks unless they ask. He does this at the library so Inko can’t find out about his hobby and his hidden income.


Bakugou is in UA now, so at least he no longer gets hand sized burns on his clothing and body. That saves him a lot of money. No replacing clothing or buying burn cream. No longer will he curl up and cry at the pain of being burned. The USJ incident had happened a little while ago, and Deku had overheard Inko talking to the Bakugou’s about it. He supposes Bakugou’s pride took a hit when he didn’t do anything useful. HAH look who’s useless now you piece of shit- Deku shuts down that line of thought, he would get his revenge soon enough.


But recently the Bakugou’s invited their family to the sports festival. To keep up appearances Inko is letting him go. Joy. He would rather work more shifts so Inko gets off his ass about moving out. Honestly, Deku doesn’t care. He gets the time off for both his jobs and makes sure the school work is done ahead of time that way no one can complain about his work, besides Inko of course. She always finds something to complain about.


He's planning something big for the sports festival. His revenge.


Deku originally didn’t feel so dark about society, he used to have hope. He used to have dreams, they all died after a very bad day. Deku refuses to go down that line of memories again. But he can't help but feel that the world is out to kill him. The world is cruel. Everything hurts him. Everyone hurts him. He knows that he went off the deep end, but he can’t take this treatment anymore. No one listened to him while he was sane. Why would they believe him now? Everyone but he could live a normal life. Every day is the same thing. He was tired of it. He was oh so tired.


Deku thought for a long time. No one wanted him here. He didn’t want to be here. So he decided to leave this world. Just to leave it all behind. But just as he was about to take a step off the edge something twisted inside him. Why not make an impression before he left? This world has done nothing for him. Why would he leave it peacefully? Why would he grace them with a body they could piece together? Why would he leave this world without his revenge? Maybe people would see him differently in his final moments. Maybe he would be a hero to someone in his final moments. So he stepped away from the ledge and back down to his home. So he researched hard on chemical reactions, he researched hard on the delicacies of wiring electronics. He found anything to keep his mind busy while looking for the perfect revenge. He researched masks, cloaks, and found that technology was quite easy to hack into. Learning new things had always come easily to him. He would almost say it's like a quirk! HAH, funny. He's hilarious.


Deku had done a few test runs, he placed his inventions in abandoned buildings and let them loose. He was proud of his work. Soon he started to increase the size and to test his theory on more active targets. Needless to say, what happened had made the news and soon Deku had a new identity. He was a Villain. He was finally someone. But seeing the work he created be able to take down buildings? It made him feel something again. It was exciting and for the first time, Izuku feels what Bakugou must feel with his explosions. The perfect revenge. Take him out with explosions that are bigger than his.


The media gave him a name, and when he was in costume he wore it with pride.


Scarecrow. It was an old villain name from a comic, but that doesn’t matter. He had used a pumpkin face mask since that was all that he had on him at the time. He supposes he should upgrade them soon. But nevertheless, Scarecrow knew his time was limited. The heroes kept getting closer and closer with each of his explosive shows. He did like to broadcast where his bombs were, and toy with the heroes. He found that making them go on a wild goose chase, makes him feel excited. When they get so close to him only for him to get away? Excited. Soon they would catch him. Then he would die. He couldn’t get caught, not when he was so close to his final day. Then he could get caught, he would die then, that's fine. Deku is fine with that.


Today was the final day. U.A’s sports festival. Scarecrow would attend as Deku, He would set his trap in the boiler rooms. He would wait until the award ceremony. He would prove everyone wrong.


Then Scarecrow’s final performance would begin.


But first Deku needs to set the stage for Scarecrow. He arrives at the U.A. sports festival late on purpose. He sneaks through the hidden vents in the campus avoiding cameras and makes his way to his first stop. He sets up his magical device before moving to the next location, he almost gets caught a couple of times. But he has to keep going. He makes his way to the last set up location. Where he would strap himself with bombs, in the costume of course. With the blackout table cloths taped to the walls. Setting up the live stream would be last. First, he would connect it to the dark web. Then he would connect it to the screens all around U.A. He already has his speech prepared. He would deliver his speech, walk out into the arena. Reveal who he was with the cameras. Then the Finale would happen.


His life would be no more.

Deku writing in his journals theses ones are labeled Villain Analysis for the Finale.


This is where he writes his story.

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Deku’s whole life could be classified as the worst day of his life. But this day was the King of shitty good for nothing days. Not even when it started was it this bad. But It all started back when he was a toddler and when he was still Izuku, and Inko was more of a mom. He never knew why but he had hoped that would one day change. But once they were at the doctor's, they gave him no such hope…


“That will not happen, You’d better give up . You have an extra toe joint. The quirkless are an ever-dwindling population. You have my sympathies.” 

Finding out he would never have a quirk put the final nail in his coffin. Shortly after his father had left, unable to deal with the burden of raising Izuku the quirkless. That made his mother look at him with cold eyes like that of roadkill on the side of the street. That was the moment when he stopped believing in good things. When the metaphorical light in his eyes died. When his best friend became his bully. When Inko no longer was his mom. When he is no longer Izuku but Deku.


“Deku is a fitting name for someone as useless as you.” Inko would softly comment.


 At age Four, Deku learned that people are not born equal.


That was his first of many setbacks in life.


But that's not the shittiest day of his life. Some honorable mentions for him would have to have been when that stray cat he was caring for, with some of his limited food he earns from cleaning, was killed when bakugou and his friends “played with it”. Deku couldn’t help but cry as he was burying what was left of the poor sweet cat. She had died too soon. Bakugou never spoke directly to him about the cat but he would often say things like

“Aww Deku looks like that stray cat of his!” and “Maybe he should curl up and die like all the other strays”

From that, he had learned that it was him against the world. With the population being 5% quirkless in the world it really was him against the world. He was a dying species. He shouldn’t associate with anyone else because that will just get them killed. So Deku pulled away from social standings. He only spoke when absolutely necessary. But yet that still got him in trouble.


“What’s with the long face, Deku?” “Cat got your tongue?” “I'm better than anyone at this shitty school. I will be the only one to be a hero. Give it up Deku.” God that last one really made his blood boil. Tears begin to drip from his eyes while he stands on the cold bathroom tile. He already gave up why can’t everyone see that? He just wants to be left alone. He chokes back a sob. Deku doesn’t want to let his mother know he's hurt. That day was not his worst. Another one of contenders for the shittiest day was when Inko locked him outside during a hurricane because he missed curfew. The hospital bill was nothing to sneeze at and Deku did a lot of sneezing. Inko reduced the amount of food he gets because of how much he cost her. He still gets smaller portion sizes to this day. He can’t exactly remember when it happened now. Since its probably because of how much he has hit his head.


Ah! That reminded him, one-day Bakugou’s minions caught him outside of school and beat him with a bat. They may have gone overboard and he woke up several hours later, it was probably past midnight. He remembers he missed curfew. So he slept on a park bench. Deku figures that knocked quite a few of his screws loose. As well as a lot of blood. There was a lot of blood. He probably could have died. He’s sure that those kids thought he was dead. When he had walked in with half his face bandaged they seemed to breathe in relief- 


Sometimes I wish they bashed my brains in and let it run on the pavement,” Izuku thinks.

WHAT WAS THAT BRAT ?” he winces, he didn’t mean to say that out loud.

“Nothing Inko! I'm using my one shower for the week!” Deku takes a deep breath and quickly starts the shower. While waiting a few moments it doesn’t seem she's coming into the bathroom. It seems she has bought the excuse. Where was he?

 -He’s glad that Inko never saw the blood on his clothing. He's very lucky that no one questioned the amount of blood on his clothing today, after those incidents they let him walk. He’s thankful he didn’t show up on the news. Back to the hobbies, He no longer takes notes on just heroes. But he started a villain analysis too. He keeps most of them stored under his bed, which he checks every morning and night to see if they are there. Inko would never let him hero-worship these days, even if she found out it paid nicely on forums. But she would never find out, that's how he can afford notebooks and supplies for school and the occasional new uniform that someone with an explosion quirk would destroy. Slowly he became fascinated at the way Bakugou’s quirk leaves him with burns. He becomes fascinated with big fires and explosions. He becomes fascinated with chemistry. He starts to enjoy cooking, he starts to enjoy studying human anatomy. He swapped his focus to that in what little time he had. It's probably from all those beatings after the baseball incident, that knocked screws loose. At least Inko has less of a reason to beat the shit out of him at the end of the day.


No the real winner of the shittiest day goes to today. Deku thinks as he looks into the bathroom mirror, slightly foggy from the shower being on. Covered in old scar tissue on his face, arms, and legs. But also sporting a few nice bruises around his eyes. Deku is vaguely sure his leg is broken, it hurts to put pressure on it. He hopes it will heal quickly. He pulls his hair back down over his face, to hide the damage. To hide his Deku face. To hide him. Contrary to the belief he can, in fact, see out of his hair while it covers his eyes. While his face is hidden he can pretend to be a normal citizen. He wishes he could leave this world behind. But something from beyond his dreams calls him to stay.


First, this morning when Deku woke up, he left his alarm on too long and woke up Inko. It wasn’t really his fault when he had to stay up most the night cleaning the house. Only it was, everything that's wrong in this world is his fault. Its Deku’s fault that he doesn’t have a quirk. Its Deku’s fault that everyone bullies him. It’s Deku’s fault father left. It’s Deku’s fault for letting a villain break his damn leg-! Deku pauses and looks down at the tile, tears blurring his vision. 


Deku softly scoffs to himself before in a hoarse voice “Crying? More likely than you think.” in an attempt to cheer him up. But that just makes him cry harder. He keeps his crying silent, not wanting to upset Inko. 


Today was the Shittiest day of his life, and nothing will tell him otherwise. 


Back to the subject at hand, he woke up late didn’t get any breakfast or money for any food. He hadn’t eaten yesterday either, sue him for being exhausted okay? But he ran out the door wearing two different socks, forgot to grab his homework. Tripped 3 times on the way to school. He only hit his head once! HAH EAT SHIT- and got shoved against four different lockers all before the first class of the day started. That's seven more bruises to handle. He was glad that Bakugou and the other students didn’t want to risk their polished records by going after him in class. Honestly, it was a blessing. He did miss a new hero debut Mt. Lady as the rumors say. But lately, his desire to see heroes was lacking. They never saved him. In many ways, they caused his problems. Paid based on their performance? Everyone is just greedy. No one cares about saving people. Except for All-Might. Even though he felt dead on his feet, he would always keep going just to hopefully smile one day like All-Might. But he was a stupid Deku so what would he know? Things change, he learns this the hard way.



 It was one of the last places he felt he could be safe. But the time between classes, lunch, gym class and any other place outside of the classroom? Deku felt anxiety. Bakugou had convinced everyone a long time ago that he would rather be called Deku. Honestly getting called Midoriya was a weird feeling for him these days. But in a class today was when Bakugou made his strike, which wasn’t odd. They weren’t physical in class, just mental damage, more words amongst the screams in his dreams. Oops, he didn't mean to make that rhyme or be that edgy, oh well. The teacher was going to pass out career tests but then said something that made his skin crawl.


“But I know you all want to be heroes!” the class goes crazy with quirks, all but Deku, he just rolls his eyes and looks out the window again. He's tired, the quicker his homework gets done tonight the faster he can sleep.


“Yes yes you all have wonderful quirks, but using your powers at school is against the rules!” Bullshit you don't care.


“Teach, Don’t lump us all in the same group!” As cocky as ever. Bakugou chimes in. “I’m not gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these rejects!”


The class seems to outrage at this, seriously? Resident loud mouth explosion says something that upsets the class and nothing else gets done. Whatever. This place is really a waste of my time.


“None of you extras could get in if you tried. I already Aced the mock tests. That's what all of you are extras, I'll be the greatest hero and surpass All-Might!!” He says with a form of twisted pride.


“Isn’t Deku applying too?” He flinches harshly at the false accusation. And everyone laughs at him. He feels himself curl up and shake. Deku for the first time in weeks he finds his voice “I'm not applying to U.A.” it was rough and scratchy but it's not like he talks much anymore anyway.




Deku feels his teeth grind in anger and thinks “are you an idiot?” then he continues out loud “No I'm not applying to U.A. Bakugou.” The room turns cold and Deku looks back out the window uninterested in what he has to say. The teacher continues on with class as normal. Great, he has pissed off Bakugou. Wonderful. The rest of the day passed quietly, which means Bakugou is very very pissed. As the final bell rang he quickly gathered his things sliding them into his backpack when he feels someone grab his bag from him. People begin to file out of the room.


Bakugou starts looking through his bag. “Hey shitty nerd, Forget going to whatever school you’re applying too. I got a better idea for you. Take a swan dive off the roof and pray for a better life in the next one.” Bakugou leaves with him just standing there after tossing his bag out the window. Deku doesn’t know how long he stands there for. 


he just feels something...


He starts to laugh, softly. Like a small creek or a whisper in the wind. Until it boils over into hysteria, like a dam releasing all its water or a tornado. The room echos with his insane laughter until it turns to a soft sob, as he makes his way to the ground floor. He's the last to leave as always, but to avoid being late for curfew he will have to take the tunnel short cut.

What is Deku living for? That makes him pause in collecting his things.


What is Deku living for?


The future? What future? It has been already been so long since this life started. When ill it end? Why does he keep living?


As those thoughts surround Deku’s mind he's unaware of the sludge monster that comes up from behind him, snakes around his leg and snaps it like a twig. Only then does he scream in pain, allowing access for the slime to enter his body. Disoriented and confused he only fights back to escape the pain. 


As he starts to black out he thinks ‘Is it finally over?’



Deku gags and throws up near his shoes, spitting out a mixture of stomach acids and leftover sludge. “Wha-?”


THANK GOODNESS I THOUGHT I LOST YOU THERE! ” All-might said in all his glory.


“Allmightholycowitssogreattomeetyouimabigfancanyousignmy-” Deku gasps “you already signed it”


ALL IN A DAY'S WORK. NOW I MUST BE GOING, EVILDOERS TO PUT AWAY .” All-Might says in his loud booming voice.


“W-wait all-might I need to know-”



“Can I be a hero if I don't have a quirk!”



Ẅ̴̢̢̧͙̱̳̫͎͚͓͙̙̠̲́̋̈́̍̿̉̿̾͛̇͒͘͠ͅi̸̢̨̧̗͎̲̼̭̺̲̠̟͙͎͎̼̮̥̟̠͓̼͌̔̒͗t̵̡̺̪̻̟̠̝̫̠̯̮͚͕̊́͒̓̽́̓̈͊̃̋̊͑̽̆͘͜͝h̷͇͚̯͉̩̭͙̾̅͆͆̾̎͗͝ơ̴̲̭͎̪̤̅̈͆͊̎̋̓̓̀̀̉̂̈́̑͒̐͘ṳ̵͇͔̮̹̭̹̤͐̃̄̉̑̈́̍͊̂͗̾̾̑̋ţ̵̢̝̳͖̜͕̭̩̘̻̭̫͕̰̱̺͍̟̳͒̏̎̅͗̓̎̀̇̈́̀̓̎̅̚͜ ̵̛̛̺͎͛͂̇͒͂͂̓̇̌̄̂̈͌̋͛̂͝a̶̢̛̻͕͚͔̺͔͚̳̦̦̔̈́͋̓̾́̔̈́̈́̅̓̚ ̶̢̢̡̜̝̞̳͉̥͔͙͙̞̱̱̯̙͈̳̍̀͗̐̈́̈́̏̏̒͒͑̊̂̕͠q̸̡̛͎̯̥̼̬̼͙̖͕͈͖̝̩͉̳͇͚̅̾͋ͅų̸̡̪̼͔̹͖̜͖̠̜̟̲͖̲̫̗͔̞̒͂̿̿̆̍͗̂̇͒͜͠ͅi̸͚̩̹͚͎̥̪̖͇̭̒͑̅̈́̐̏͋͆͐̈́̾̈̎͒̑̈́͘͝ͅr̸̢̢̨͖͙͚̦̥͈̭̗̟͈̩̳̱͉̪͍͔͐͜͜k̶͎̓͐̓̊̀̐͑̚͝͠͠͝?̶̰̣̳͎̻͉̺̙̦̇͋̔̎̋̃̕ ̴̧̭̻̯͔̮̜̳̩̘͔̗͌̍̃̏̌͌̒͂̍̽̊̋̾͋̐̾͛́Y̶̨̛̛͚͉̮͓̜̲͓̻̜̯̞͎̖͔̟̍̍̓͗͂̊͊̈́̍̄̓̄̐͒́̆̏̃̚͜ǫ̷̛͖̱͚̼̞͉̯̪̠̥̠͇̦̦̮̟͉̟͋͗̉͊͋̎̿̐͗͛͗̉̈́ư̷̢̛̗̬̐̑͐͒͐̃̽̈̌̉̃͘ͅ ̵̧̹͔̹̈́̎̎͊̊̕͝͠n̵̢̧͎̩̰̻̼̗̎͌̇̇͂͐̏̿͂͂̑̌̔̈́̅̒̒͘͝͠ͅę̸̨̨͕̻͕͎͎͚̯̱̞̯̠̠̤̯̀ȩ̵̪̤̙̲̥̩͉͔̭̯̬̺̱̣̖̗̭̝̭͆̽͑̑̅̎͜͠d̶̨̛̫͖̭̩̺͉̲̭̫͎̦͈̣̗͖̾̄͆̊̐̅̌̅̊̌̚͘̕͜ ̶̙͙̼̋͒͛ͅt̷̺̦̹̘̲̠̦̬̪͉͍̜͈̞̫̐͌̃͒̎̏̒͊̊̓̐̾̌͐̇́̈́̑̚͠͠ơ̶̡̤̣̝̳̲͉̳̾͌̿͗̄̉̿͋̏͂͗̎̋͌͋̈́̒͋̈́͐͘ ̶̢̢̦͎̮̟̰̞͇̬͚͇͇̫̦͙̳̫̫̘̪̀̈́͂̽̄̌̕͘̕͝b̸̢̧̨̢̨̡̛͉̼̲͇͙͉̯̥͕̥̭͙͚͉̼̥̼̣͒̐̽͌͊͛͌̍͌̂ë̷̢̨̗͔̥̹̘͚͇̲̤̼͍͔̲̤̟̖̙́̏͒̉̐̂̂̕͝͠ͅ ̶̡̨̨̧͖̫̞̥̝̩̩̼̖͓̗̖͓̦̞̳̣͂ͅm̸̡̧̢̛̫̣̲̟̭̟̠̪̙̯̞̘͖̻͒̂̋̽̈́̔̈̃͋̉͋̈́̋̈̎̀͘ǫ̸̛͍̼͔͉̤̲̤̿̂̔̋̄̾̋̊͑̏̑̊̏̅̌́̑̚͜͠͝r̶̹̆̌̃̃̂͌̇̒̎̉̄̋̋̇̄̑̑̓̈̄̕̚ę̵̨̧̨̠̗̳͕͎̤̳̘͕͔̟̟͍̞͊͐̈́͂̌̋͛͌̒̐̎̇̌͐͂̀̔̐̾̎̀̍̔̚ͅ ̵̬̈̾̄̿̊̀̑̈́͗̇̊̒̊̇̾̓͘̕͝ŗ̶̢̣̜̺̮̫͚̺̱͉̜̼͙̅͂͆̇̃̐̽̿̌̿̈́̔̕͘͠͠͠e̷̡̨̹̠̲̘͓͚̝͋̽͛͑́̓͗̇͝a̵̼͔̪̤̥̮̞͂͒̌̑͛̍̋̽͝͝l̴̡͕̮̫̭͇͈̥̜͈̯̳̲̓͋̂͆̆͜ï̷̳͙͇̯̳̥̞̪̤͍̏̄̈̓͌̍͂̉̈͑̈́͐͌ṡ̶̨͙̹͇̗̰̜̦̝̖̼̄̓͊̒́͋̈́̎̿̅͋̆̐͆̿͆̀͘̚̕̕ͅͅţ̸̡̛̖̳̊̋͆̊̈́͒̅̈̿̈́̌̈͗̆͘̚̕͠͝i̶͚̰̗͚͔̒̎̈́̔̌̓̇̃̐̓̒̈́̾͂̋͠͝͝c̶̖̫͉͉͍͎͛͊̏̈́̑͑̾̎̀̍̐̈̽͌͗̎͑̈́̈́͘͠ ̴̧̡̮̣͍̮͙̱̹̻͚͆̔̓̆̊̈́̅̌̂̂̊͌̍̕k̷̨̛̠̫̩͕̰͇͍̥̝̩̲̆͌͋̒̂͒̊̓̎̒̈͐͐̍̽̈́̂͘̚͝ĭ̶͙̮̫̟͙͍̪̪͙̪̰̄͋̎͐̾̍͐̂͝d̵̡̛͙͇̮̼͚̘̗̞̖͎̤̰͙̭̟̰͖͙͗̐̈́̃̈́̓̌͛̉̔̈́͌̓̈̚͘͘͜.̵̧̡̧̨̖͖̪̺̘̮͇̙͙̫̮̗̼͙̩͈̭͔̥̿̅̂̿̈́̈́

Today was the worst day of his life, he thinks as he gets into the shower and cleans himself off.


I'm going to end it all. This world has done nothing for me.


This world doesn’t want me and I don’t want it.


Deku will reject life in this world until the moment he dies.

Chapter Text

Deku feels the moment his glass shatters more when Bakugou got accepted into U.A.Why bother with a smile -even if fake- if fate does their best to beat it from him? He has stopped smiling.


Did they let people like him in to be heroes? Disgusting, how could he save people when all he does is hurt? Where all heroes like Bakugou? Endeavor has the highest villain kill statistic and yet he is the number two hero? Why do they get to be heroes?

W̴̨͉͎͈͇̩̹̬̥̱̹͖͎̟̿̾̆̐͗h̴͖͖̙̜̻̲̼̫̦̗̱̼̉͊́͆̇͠ę̶͖͍̹̖͉̥̮̺̽̃̏͑͊̋͛̒͋͐͘͝ͅn̶͕̞̗͔̭̠͓̍̏̌̂͗̈̓͐̃̈́̍̄͊͘ ̶̮̞̯̟̜̙̱͔͒̾̀́̓̈́͌̊͘͘͜ã̴͈̝̺̺̰͚̞̣̤͓̳́ḷ̸̈́̑l̶̨̲̲̹̲͑͛͐ ̵̖͊̆̉̓͑̓̇͆̓͗̏͘tḩ̴̺̠̳ę̷̛͙̪͎̟̰̝̩̤̃̇̅̂y ̸̠̥̺̩͎̽̃̀̄͆̂̿̉̕͘͝d̷̨̦̪̘̮͉̭͎̩̰͔̻͉̦̍́̇͂̈́̏͊̽̇̚̚͝ở̷̧̙̹̙͍̝̭̭̬̱̹̋̓͘ ̷̡̧̥̳̺̞̘̬̲̳̄̓̏̇ï̷̢̫̯͓͈͎̉̄̓͂s̴̡̡̗̰̗̞͔͔͕̃̈́͐̂͌͠ ̷̫̦̫̝͆̈́̀̽̋̕͠͠ḵ̸̡̛̝̮̥̦̩̲̾̓̾̏̆̉̈́̂ȋ̴̖̬̹̝̱̫̰̟̟̂̑̓͒̒͋͜l̷̛̟̀͑͋̅̃͂͐̕͘l̸̡̦͔̰͓̬͇̝͙͔̪͍̈́͑̏̏̐̉̕ͅ?

Why is quirkless Deku the villain? He can’t even hurt anyone.


Deku was glad that his old school was over, people were dividing into highschools and maybe when he went to the local one -since that's all he could afford- people wouldn’t see him as something to beat up anymore. Bakugou wouldn’t be there, so no one would feel the need to make themselves feel good. Burns was less expensive to care for anyway.


But boy was he wrong. The teachers are just as bad here, they turn a blind eye because he is quirkless just like before. But this time sometimes they join in calling him Deku instead of Midoriya. But Deku just lets it happen, cursing himself for believing things could get better. Why would things get better? He's just a Deku.  It’s not only the guys that bully him it’s the girls too. They call him girly and weak and like to press his head into the dirt. Sometimes they call him a pervert. But Deku doesn’t feel attachment anymore. He doesn’t like people. He wishes they would all go away. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE-At least there is no discrimination on who uses Deku as a punching bag. 


Sometimes he finds the excuses Hilarious, bruises on his back in the shape of feet? ‘Oh Deku just tripped again’. The doesn’t know what's worse, the lack of creativity or the fact that the teachers blatantly accept anything that comes out of anyone's mouth, except his of course. School is no different. It has only been a week and he wishes he was back in school with Bakugou. He silently curses himself for feeling this way about Bakugou. At least no one but Bakugou would beat him up badly. The only thing that Deku liked about Bakugou was his explosions.


He was walking home, Deku remembers this incident clearly, This was the event that labeled himself as a delinquent within the first week of school. He started carrying a switchblade, with the blade about an inch on his person, so he could defend himself long enough to get to the house where Inko would beat him within an inch of his life. Sue him for feeling unsafe in a world that only wanted to suppress him. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Three people from his previous school had decided to jump him on the way back. When he got punched in the face and crumbled on the ground he felt something rise in him.



So he did, taking the switchblade out of his pocket, he thrust the blade out and missed his attacker’s eye by 3 inches. This causes his two followers to step back and look at Deku with fear. Something swirled inside him and caused him to snark back “What? Afraid of a little knife ?” Maybe it was the way he said it, but both of them had turned pale. They had shouted out that Deku would regret standing up against them. They were afraid of a knife of this size? His mother had used worse on him every day! He felt the rush of power in him as they ran away from him. Is this what Bakugou felt? He immediately turned disgusted, Deku didn’t want to kill animals as Bakugou did.


 He reminded himself to get a medical kit for small cuts on his way home and continued about his day. No one spoke to him on his way home, and the cashier gave him a little note about calling CPS. Once out of the store he scoffed. “ Who would trust a word that comes out of the mouth of someone named Deku? ” Before scrapping the piece of paper with the phone number. He spiraled into self-loathing on his way back and finally arrived at his home.


By the third day of school, it became known that Deku was a delinquent. People from school would leave him alone on the walk. It was blissful silence, but the teachers no longer gave him the time of day. He was a delinquent that did all of his work, was easily pushed over and ignored/forgotten by teachers. Delinquent his ass.


Is Inko different? Yes, but not in a good way.


Inko has become harder on him. Deku clean this, Deku get out my friends are coming over. Deku why can’t you be normal? ‘Deku why the long face? as she pulls out a knife with her quirk. ‘This is for being born’. Inko would occasionally, while drunk, flip on him. ‘Deku where did you go?’ ‘How could you leave your mother alone?’ ‘So you are finally leaving me too?’ Deku constantly has to remind her that he has to leave for school. Sometimes he ends up taking care of Inko when she is in one of those moods. He often soothes his mother with a softer voice “ I'm not leaving, its okay just sleep and you will feel better. ” When she comes back to her usual self, when she's sober of course, its always don’t touch me you filthy Deku! For touching her the beating would always be severe. Most nights Deku would sob himself to sleep with new wounds, silent enough that Inko couldn’t hear him. He doesn’t feel anything those days.


So he is looking for a job to pay rent since Inko insisted that to live in her house she has to pay. She often screams that he needs to move out, while also screaming at him for leaving his poor mother alone. Deku doesn’t often know what to do he just wants to be ALONE. Deku isn't sure that working at his age is legal, but what Inko wants Inko gets. Speaking of finding jobs, he pulls himself out of memory lane to focus on finding jobs.


Why not turn a blind eye to the legal system dear Deku, it would be easier to take instead of earn at our age.

 That's also a new thing. He supposes, there is currently 3 of them. Voices, he means. They tell him things that he doesn’t know, or observations he has yet to make. Or conclusions he refuses to make. One of them is Loving, One of them is Spiteful, the other.. Tells him to do things...bad things. So Villainous. So he’s named them accordingly; Love , Spite , Villain. Sue him his naming isn't that good. Okay? His name is Deku for crying out loud. Bad naming runs in the family.


Come on! Deku can’t do anything useful! It’s right in his name!


Be nice everyone, Deku’s trying to research jobs. You’ll find something I'm sure of it dear.


Yeah, crime is always an option. Why follow laws that don’t protect you?


Deku pulls at his hair and tells them to shut up while he's researching. 


He gave up long ago on trying to find something to help him with whatever medical condition this is. Because it can’t be a quirk, he’s quirkless Deku after all! Posting as anonymous most people say its a quirk because they notice things he hasn’t. He can’t have a quirk he has the toe joint. So he blatantly ignored it. The doctor can’t be wrong after all this time.


 He quickly signs into the discussion forums and makes a post that he is available for inquiry. Somehow, he got the attention of the quirked community positively, and he gets people to pay him for his analysis. It's weird being useful, but no one on this forum knows that its Deku behind the username. They only know him as Lifeless_Blank. He’s happy that people praise him on this site and even though he is worthless, its nice to pretend. 


He scrolls through the list of people helping out in private chats and getting a decent amount of money. He figures that some of the people who ask for help are villains or snitches to police. But he doesn’t care. Don’t ask Don’t tell. He doesn’t tell the online community who he takes jobs from. The ones he does take, don’t tell the online community -unless it says public in the request- it's a nice community. He finds that someone wants strengths/weaknesses for a group of people. That's a villain trying to get information from him. But the amount of money he's offering is nothing to sneeze at.


This looks like a great opportunity, why don’t you consider it Deku? The money would help us stay healthy for a long time. 


Villain’ has a point dear, We need to keep healthy and this would help for a long time.


For once they are right even if it's stupid. Look at all those zeros!

‘Villain’ has a point he agrees with the others, he could probably get a doctors appointment, or get some of his more serious wounds looked at. Like voices talking to him in his brain. Because it has to be a medical condition. He will go insane if he finds out its a quirk after all.


He goes into a private message with the user with the request. 50_year_death_47821, oh boy that's an interesting name. With the request that's a “Hey look at me, I'm a villain who has angst against heroes because they won't let me do what I want”.


Thank god it is easy, let’s take a look at what quirks they want strengths/weaknesses for.


First one on the list!


  1. Navel laser- fire laser beams from his navel.

That catches him off guard… What kind of quirk is this? He tries not to scoff These villains are having problems with a man with a quirk that shoots lasers out of his belly button? Hilarious. If Deku wasn’t dead inside he would laugh.


What a loser! And for once, Deku agrees with Spite.


 So he starts typing and getting himself lost in the advantages and disadvantages of each quirk on the list there is a total of 20 quirks and he stops when he sees the very last quirk on the list.


    20. Explosion- fiery explosions from palms, from sweating.


Deku softly chuckles when he realizes what this is. Preventing a strained laugh  This must be the new kids at U.A. These villains are going to attack a bunch of kids. He waits for the arrival of something disgusting, he awaits the old desire to help people to arrive and tell him to report this to the police. But that never happens. 


Why should we care what happens to Bakugou? Interesting to hear ‘Love’ hate on Bakugou But they are right, why should he care? Maybe finally Fate made Bakugous’ life harder.


He continues to write about Bakugou, giving details that the others are lacking. ‘I 've experienced an explosion quirk first hand’ He writes, ‘ If it's the same person then constantly challenge his ego, sprinkle in about Junior High school days and you will have a predictable lashing out student, but beware he is strong. For funsies ask him about a cat’


He softly chuckles, This didn’t take him long to write at all.


See? Look we are not powerless. We are strong, We are observant, Revenge is ours.


Sometimes he wishes that Villain, Spite, and Love were real instead of some mental illness, they would be his only friends.


This revenge is lacking.


He submits the document. Taking a page from Villain and smiling, the money should keep him fed for a long time, and maybe he could move out? But quickly dismisses the idea of moving out, Inko would be devastated about the loss of money, and who is he to lead to his mothers' death? He’s not Bakugou. But spite is right. If this is revenge he should be the one to do it, not some lowlife villain that's asking for help in beating up teenagers.

Once his two hours of doing homework, doing quirk analysis, and job searching are done. He packs his things Including the new job forms. He refuses to work for anything involving cleaning, he does enough of that at home already. He gets ready to head home after making sure everything is logged out on that computer. Time to head to Inko’s house.


Deku on his way watches 2 hero fights, writes notes mostly on the villains he sees. Lately, there has been an increase in mutant quirk users being villains. No one is reporting on this just ‘ XYZ hero saves the day’ He’s bitter, many people forget that villains are people too. The only one who isn’t a person is Deku himself. To avoid a third villain fight that will end the same way he heads a different way home and discovers Dagobah Municipal Beach and makes a note that he could scavenge for parts here, make things and sell them for money. He makes a mental note where the beach is and heads to face the usual punishment at home.


Once he arrives at Inko’s house he meets a metal bat to his face and subsequently hits the floor faster than Bakugou can make him cower. Before his consciousness fades to black he idly wonders if his mother will leave him outside in the rain again.

Chapter Text

Deku wakes up outside in a trash pile an unknown amount of time later. 


How did he get here? 

His memory is missing the last few hours, he only remembers walking back from the library After taking that shady job. He looks up at the sky, it’s already night. Those clouds look dark already and the sky is absent of stars.


You’re mother beat you Deku, what else is new? She left you in the trash because she has friends coming over and they think you’re dead.


Why not just be dead then?


Hush now, we need to clean ourselves up Deku dear. Infection is a painful way to die.



 Į̸̵̸̷̷̸̵̸̴̸̨̨̢̨̨̨̢̧̡̨̨̨̧̭̦̦̫̺̗̩͖̪̭̰̹̳͓̠͚̼̞̝̲̟͔̖̳̮̻͉̘͖̹͓̭̺̤͎̥̩̝͙̝̬̘̦̙͉̠̩͔͎̻̫̤̗̪͖̩͙̩̞̱̟͍̪͓͔̼͚͙̣̠̙̤̯̜̩̼̗̬̞̳͖͇̝͓̞̞͉͈͓͉͖̳͎̠͕̗͓̦̹̲̪̟͚͎̥̦̘̗̬̜̖̦͕͔͔̠̯̣̪͇̙̠̱̠͓̭̰͈͉̙̥͖̘̀̓̅̿͑̔̂̍̓̔̉͗̾͆͂͋̌̑̀̾̈̔̿̓̔̏͐̇͗̽̽͆̓̃̓̉͆̏̈͆̀̓̉̓́̔̍̀̒̅̑̐́̓̊̿͛͌̊͌̽̌̎̓͗͒̅̿̈́̏̿̌̃̒̓͆̔͗͌̓̋̀͆̌̆̍̆̓̀̆͐͂̊͛̌̃͗̑̅̒̊͊̎̿̎̓͌͊̍̊͌̉̏̈́̈̅͛̀̎͗́̍̒͆̐̎́̂̊̿̏̒̾́͘̕͘̚̕̚͘̚͘͘͟͜͟͟͜͟͜͡͝͝͝͠͡͝͠͠͡͠͞͝͝ͅͅͅ w̸̵̸̸̵̵̵̵̴̡̨̢̢̨̨̨̨̧̡̨̢̡̡̧̡̛̛̛̛̯̩̹̫̙̲͕̼̮̞͓͉̫̫͖̮̦̞͈͚̤͍̖̗̖̻̼̱͙̙̯̫̬̦̹͎̥͕̟̬̰̪͉͚̪͍̲͇͖̬̘̺̣̙̮̟̼̺̬̺͖̮͚̣̩̠̯̫͓̟̰̬͔̙͕̝̬̳̫̗͚̩̠̳̻̞̖̦̣̭͈̱̞̣͎̦͎̳̖̟̼͉̼̳͑͗͒̅̑̐͒̏͛̒̇͛̐̆̅́̒͂̀͂͂̃̿͂̑̄͐̂͑͐̇̍̀̓͑͐̏͒̎̂͋̽͑̆̾̎́͆̑̈̑̊̃̋̒͗͑͌̓͛̓̃͒̂̓̌̿̎̆̋̊̎̒̔̅̅̌̐̔̿͋͋̽͗͗͐͊͛̏̓͌̀̋͘͘̚̚͘̚̕̕̚̚͘̕͟͜͟͢͜͟͜͠͠͝͞͠͝͝͠͠ͅͅǫ̴̸̷̷̶̴̢̡̨̡̢̢̢̧̢̻̜͉̪̻̲̲͙͈̪̳̺͍̣̞̺̜͙͙̯͎̞̘̜͖̟͓̥̘̺̤͈͎̭͎̹̣̺̬̩͇̬͖͔̳͍̞̣̘͙̤͔̺̞̙̼̳͎̟͖̰̻͕͕̗̹̣͓̩̯͕̠̭̦͖͇̬͕͚͉̬͙̝̰͓̳͖̒̑̍̽̑͋̀̄́́̍̄̋͌̌̑̒̈́̀̄̿̌̐̈̍̈̋̈́̃̿̒̈́̐̽̆̃̍͂̎̽͋̓̈́̆̂͐͋͂̈́̈͋̋̂̃͆̃̍͗̀̈́̇̌̉́̃̌͆̋͐̀̒̽̔̊̓̓̔̅̒̈̆̚͘̕̚̚͢͟͜͟͟͟͟͢͢͢͢͢͞͞͝͝͠͡͝͞͝͞ͅͅͅͅͅư̷̷̷̷̴̵̸̸̶̷̶̴̶̢̢̨̧̡̢̢̢̢̨̨̨̨̧̛̛̛̛̩̙̣̪͔͖̜͈̼͉͕̳̦̫̳̬̫̜̼͎̞̻̖̯̹̰̪̠̜̥̱͓̻̮̮͙̪̬̙̟̳͉͎̬̼̞̳̩̹͍̻̜͚̝̗̭͉̜̻͙̤̣̣͈̫̺͈̤͙̳̲̣̬̼̥̯͓̮̩̘͓̼̮̞͔͔̯̫̦̖͚͉̹͕̘̬̣͈̻͈̗̠̲̣͙̮̼̗͕͉͓̰̤̮̮̦̪̹̣̺̻̟̣̼͖͕̦̞̤̼̏̌̿̄͑̏̿̉͌͂̋̆̔̃͊̉̍̐͛̓̽̔̔̎̈́͂̔̓̆̀̂͐̑̏̐̀͊͂̑̏̂͆̿̔͒̔̏͋͂̏̎̑̿̾̇́͋̓̂͆͋̋̔͛͗̿̔̆̒̂͐̉̅͑͊̆̀̔̅̔͛̏͒̅͒̃̑̋͛̈́͊͊͌́͌̿̈̏͒̈̉͌͂̏̐̂̊̽́̂̑̇̚͘͘͘̕̕͘͘̚͢͢͜͟͢͜͜͜͜͢͝͠͠͠͝͠͞͠͡͞͡͠͡͡͝͡͠ͅͅl̵̵̴̷̷̵̷̷̡̧̢̡̨̡̡̢̧̡̨̛̛̩̱̬̣̦̤̭̮̬͚̯͎̼̼̘͚̮͙̲̳̭̺̠̜̳̲̗̪͓̼͙͈̦̫͔̩̜͖̦̹̩͙̗̮͔̱̝͖̤͇̞̮̯̣͇̞̪͓̠̭̹̜̹͔͔̰͉̙͇͉̠͖͍̻͖͓͔̜͓̘̻̱͉͉̮̠̪͖̫̬̰̙͙̖̞͕̪͎̱̻̱̦̲͖͇̤̯̬̠̮̝̳̜̥͕̳̯̟̺̝̫̩͚̱̳͚̰̬͖̣̆͐̓̌̀͐̉͂̌̃̇͐̈͐̒̂̊͐̂̓̌̃̆̽̽̿͆̾̓̋̊͐͒̀͑̾͊̅͑͒̒̿͒̋̋͆̿̆͗͌̔̅͆͌̾̋̏̾̒̈́̏́͑̂̄̊͗̓̄̆̇̾͐̓̀͊̑̋̒̽̀̿̋̅̿͋̐̀̇̄̿͐́̊͂̔̾͗̍͋̀̾̓̓͋̂͗͛̎̊̃̚̚̚͘̕̕̚̕͢͜͟͜͟͢͢͢͜͢͢͞͠͡͡͝ͅͅḑ̴̷̸̶̸̷̵̴̸̡̧̧̧̧̡̡̢̡̛̬̙̞̙̠͇͍̦̟̳̤̳̲̭͇̭̣͍̖̼̫̥̙̟̤̠̼̖͓̹͕̲͕͍͈͚͉̳̪̮͖̹̠͚̼͍̯͎̣̺͎̤̩͍̗͕̥͕͎̤͙͇̝̟̝͈̰̜̦̦̲̗̯͎̱̲̩̪̭̝̜̝̦̳̻̼̣͚͚̞͖̲̠̩̖͉̜͖͖̬̹̳̝̗̺̞͕͈͍̘͉͍̦̣̄̍̓̋͂́̆̍͑͑͆̉̈́͗͊̊̃͗̌͛̑̄͗͋̾͗̃͆͊̄̐̂̊̍̏̔̒̋̓͑̄̔͗̑͒͋̌̈́̂̊̀̂̀͛̀̈́̓̈́̆̾̓̃̄͒̒̽̂̀̔̈̋͌̋̍̐̀͗͑͑̈́̓̾͊͂͐̏̏̊̾̋̒̓̆̏͋̾̈͗͐̈́̄̐̊͗̎̔̽̽͌̃͊͒͘̚͘̕͘̚̕̚̕̕͢͜͟͜͟͟͜͜͟͠͞͡͠͡͠͞͝͠͝͠͠͠͠ͅͅͅ k̷̵̸̴̴̸̶̷̸̨̧̧̢̧̡̢̛̛̘͕͚̖̹͚͖͚͕͙̜̣̠̲̻̖̳̗͍̫̳̟̼̞̭̹͈̩̺̯͕̤̩͈̩̤̬̤̥̦̤͉͈̮͎̤̰͇̱̜͍̭͈͓͓͚͚̺̗̠̬̜͙͇̗̙͍̻̖̠̜̲̝̲̰̱͖̮͙̝̱̜̞̗̘͂̑̐̋͆̎̎̌͒̊͊̑́̋̎͒̇̅̓̓͒̿̈́̏̓̋̀́͆̈́̄͛̎̒̓̊̓͆̄͒͂̏͊̔͛̐̅͗̽̓̒̌̋͐̑̑͊́̾̓̓̋̑̏̓̓̌̆̽͌͌̄͑̈́̓͂̕̕̕͘̚̚̕̚̚͟͜͢͜͡͡͠͠͞͝͝͞ͅn̶̵̶̵̴̶̷̵̡̧̢̨̢̧̢̨̛̛̛̛̼̳͚͉͚͎̣͖̫̝͇͓͕̫̥̪͔͍̭̞̝̮̠̳̺̞̜̺̞̮̖̝̻̪͕̭̫̙̼̼͉͎̥̤̘͚̙̦̱̫͎̟̲̟̙͈̼̘̦̜̦͎̬̭̹͍͈̹̜̣͍͙̞͔̳͇̥̩͔̙͇͍̼͈̪̟̹̦̣̬̰̺̺̬͎͗̾̓̂̌͊̎̃̂̾͛̌̆͆̽̒͛͊̐́̄̈́̉̓̈́̓̿̄̇͌͊̿̆̐̃̂̔̎͒̇̓̿̽͌͂̏̔͗̈͛̓̍̐̿̐̎̓̃͛̒̓͌͂̆̽͆̃͐́̍̓̓́̏͑͐̔̚̚̕̕̚͘̚͟͢͢͢͟͟͟͢͜͠͠͠͡͞͡͡͝͞͝͠͠͞͞ͅͅơ̶̴̵̸̶̸̷̢̢̡̨̧̨̢̡̨̛͉̠̤̮͓̰͓̳̮͙͉̬̙͚͉̩͖̗̤̯̯̟̠̗͉̖̗͍͔̺̮͍͓͍̳̼̝͔̠͓͉̳̬̣͇̲͓̤̲͇͚̺͇̤̯͕̬̺͕͙̬̯̞̜̻͕͍͖͓̻͈̺̯̹͕͇̘̥̱̪͙͇̯͓̯̦̙̪̣̝̲̲͈̥͉̪̗̣͇̬̯̮̝̯̰̳̜͚̣͔̻͉̱̓̆̌͂̂̊̔̂̇͆̆̓̊̂̈̈́̈̉͗̍͂̔̉̌̒̐̅̅͋̐̉̂̽̾͋̿̂̌̍̀͋̍̊͌̌̓̃̆̾͐͒̆̊̀̐̆̂̈͗̔̋̑͂̇͗̏̾̾͐̉͊͐̔̾̎͆͛̇͋̽͛̌̉̈́̐͗̆̽̿̽̍̏̾͛̎̄̈́̍̄͆͛̐͑̚̕̚͘͘̚̚͘̚͘̚̕͟͟͜͟͟͢͜͟͜͟͞͡͞͡͝͞͞͞͝͡͞ͅw̸̷̴̷̵̴̢̨̡̢̢̧̡̡̨̢̢̡̛̛̺̼͚̮̣͍̱͉̟̤͕͉͎̦̣̤̰͈̬̳̲̣̣̜͖̝͍̰͙̮̲͖̙̭͕͖̥̱͈̜̜̙̜͙̬̻̺̞͙͉͇̫͙̩̳̫̙͔̼͚̩̝̺̤̻̤̥̣̞̹͈͖̳̟̲͇̣̱͖̞̟͉̗͚̭̭͇̖̮̤͖͍̩̟̜̪̘̲̲̺̺͈̺͕̦̖̩̤͕͔͉̩̮̣͎̫̰̹̥̝̠̹̩͗̂͌͑̃̄̇̃̋͋̓̀̂̑͛̎̇̿̾̎̆͌̌̓̓̋̇̎́̇̓̓̓̄͐̈́̏̐͛̅͒̓̃́̽͂͌́͆̋͋͐̑̐́͂̊̔͛̐͊̆͐̍̅̐̋̔̔̓͆̿͂̊̈̀͐͊̓̀̎̓͌͒̑̊̅̆͛́̃̾͐̂̉͐͒̋̾͌̊͌̌̿͐͗̿̃̈́̃̔̄͋̃̑́̋̈́͗̿̃̉͋̾̊͂̏͑̓̏̓̔̂̕̚͘̚͘͢͜͟͜͢͜͟͟͜͟͟͜͜͟͡͝͞͝͝͠͞͝͡͞͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅ

Deku shakes his head when all he hears is static for a brief moment at the end of Love’s sentence. Weird. 


I didn’t say anything dear. Let’s get up okay?


He forces himself up despite his injuries screaming at him. His head throbs at the sudden movement. He feels his forehead for a bump from Inko’s attack. He softly hisses in pain when he finds swelling. Deku stands up feeling sluggish and with his blurry vision. 


“Fuck Inko must have given me a concussion...” Deku softly whispers to himself.


He feels a small drop of water hit his nose before the downpour suddenly hits him. 


“Fucking hell.” he whispers “Guess ill go to Dagobah Beach and ride out the storm. Don't want to get sick again...”


Deku blacks out a few times on the way to the beach but managed to get there within the hour. He doesn’t remember what happens when he blacks out but Spite always steers him in the right direction. He crawls in an abandoned car that sits close to the edge of the trashed beach. That is Deku’s closest option for shelter. He hopes no one can see him here. Especially, heroes, they would drag him back to Inko’s house. She would actually kill him if he came home while her friends are over. 


He holds himself close, soaking wet and cold without any warmth and with tiny bleeding wounds. Deku’s walk must have reopened some wounds from his school day. Just his luck. His head throbs with the sound of rain hitting the metal and he softly cries. He rocks himself back and forward as Love whispers soft promises to him, he doesn’t register his body moving, but he wraps a blanket around himself, he’s glad his mother let him keep his backpack with him this time.


You’re safe here. It’s just us here. There is no one else here.


hat revelation hits him like a bus. He’s finally alone. 


Deku can't hold back a laugh. He’s alone. Why hadn’t he come here sooner?

Deku holds the blanket tighter around himself and lets his soaking hair drip from his head onto the car frame. He can’t stop himself from laughing.


 He’s alone. 


There is no Bakugou here. Inko is not here. There is no one from school here. He feels his hardened resolve shatter like glass as tears poured from his eyes. His laughter turning into sobs. 


He’s finally alone! 


This is what Deku wanted. But somewhere inside him, he wants someone to hold him and tell him that his troubles are over. He wants to be in a place that's warm and loving and understanding. He wants to be loved in a world that only shows him hate. 


Deku’s sobs are drowned out from the pouring rain hitting the metal car roof.


Why must existing hurt so much?

“̵̡̡̲̠͔̖̜̹̮̣̮̠̣͐̊̀̈́̑͛͋͛͌̄͋̎ͅT̷̨͖̹̬̫̠͎̘̺̲̹̱̈́͛͌͗͋̀̽̇̎̒̔͘͘͜͜͜ą̵̠̘̻͙͎̭̯͓̜̙̹̯̃͒͋́͘̚̕k̸̨͓̯͖̥̜̟̘̻̗̲̥̇̋ͅͅě̵̤̌͝͝ ̷͉̫̦̻̪̩̳̠̥̎͛͗̔̉̐̃̅̊̈̀̽̕ä̶̧͖̹̞͉́͒͒̓̍̿̒ ̵̢̢͉͈͇̙̻̹̠̼͈̼̓s̸̤͎̪̖̱͂̃̉͗̈́̐͒͛̔͜͝w̸̱͇͍̄͊̒͗̆͛͊̀̈͝ǎ̴̢̨͈̥̯̝̻̰̬̣͎̮̟͛͜͝ͅǹ̸̢̘̅̌́̂̂̅͗̈́͘ ̴̡̲̤̖͚͇͇̝̣̟̝͓̰͓̔̉͋̃̑̍̆ḑ̵̮̼̥̖͎̗̘̰̰̞̀̆̓͗i̷̺͛̈́͋̓̇̍̓̿̕v̷̛̖̯̻̜̯̺̺̋̈́͑̐̈́͛̕̚͝͠ȩ̶̪͖͖͖̘̗̻́̉̃́͆͊͒̐̾̐͋͠͠ ̸̛͕̜̯͔͓̝̲̙͍͔̹͈̫͈͑̉͐̎̋̋͒͋̂͝o̶̮͎̓̈̄̈́̇͒͆͋f̵̰͓͎͚͙̞̗͍͙͇͆̅̀̔̚f̴̡͙͙̒͠ ̷̮̝̠̩͓͇̙̯̫̻̜̘͗̉̆̅͑̓̈́ͅt̴̗̯̩̟́̏̈́̒̈́̈́͐̑̆̎̚͜͠͠h̶̢̢͔̜̲̟̜͇̘̣̽͐͂̈́̓̄̈́͐̕͠ȩ̴͙̟̙́̌̃̆͒̑ ̶͔̬̲̊̓̅̀̒̏̾̚ŗ̸̥͔̟̹́̈́̾͐̀̒̓̀o̸̹͇̣̯̗̰̅͂̈͂͂̌̾͘͠͝ȯ̷͎̳̳̦͊̓̐͒̇̃̐̐͂͆̌̌͌͝f̸̖͍̗̬͓͍̺̬̱̈́͆͒̈́͒͗̐͆̋̄̉̑̎͠ ̴̡͔̬̤̤̘̪̝̭͔͓̳̿͊̈̽̂̈́̆̕͠a̵̫͔̋͐̉̎̓̈̊̊͛̑̃͘͝ǹ̶̮̺̾͛̚͘ḑ̵̧̥͔̣̆ ̸̨̨̩̟̹̗̥̮̣̝̤̻́͆̍̉̍͋̒̎̈͑̚͜͜͝͝p̷̟̬̫͍̼͒̐͋͌͋̕͝r̸̬̖̮͎͙̙̀͑̒a̶̗̩͓̻̫̖̪̖̱̹̙̯̳̐̋̀͊̏͗͐͐̌̽̚̕̚͘͝ͅỹ̶̠̯̭̗̦̱͎͍̭̪̤̝́̑̒̆͜ ̶̨̢̮̻̙͉̺͔͈̓̿͒̇̓͌̐̎́̂̽f̷͔̞͖̗̭̅̎̅͊̎̋̌̂̌͆̅ȍ̵̡̦̬̭͇̝̈́̿̓̓͆̀̚ŕ̴̢̛͎̮͓̟͕̩̲̞̥̥̞̦̓̉͊̌̂͋̆̏͘͘͜ ̵̥̟̰͒͐̓̏͑̎̎̽̀̑͂͝͝a̵̖̞̺͔͖̅͐̓̽̈́̀̓͗͊ ̵͓̭̲̼̩̤͉̮̗͓̖̳͑̓͋̈́̈́̓͜b̴̛̹̮̰̦̀͐͆̃̚e̴͎̟̟̬͛̃̍̏̏̊ṱ̶̛͑̄̀͑̐̇͂͋͒̃̉́̕͘t̴̨̨͔̖̬͚̙͚̱̔̉̌e̷̤̬̹̥͇͖̮͚̪̬̮̥̩͂͂̐͝r̴̡͚͓͔͙̘̬̘͕̠̣̂ ̷̡̖̞͍͚̠͇̠̬̂̀̃̿̌̑̈͂͌͐l̸̢̧̛̫̖̲̭̳̤̱̠̐́̎̿͐̇̅̈́̈́̐͛̿i̵̬͌̄̊̽̆̃̓̍̒͋̓͠f̵̧̘̮̗̜̱̟̖͔͎̰̈́͗̂̾͊̈̿̔̄͝e̵̛̪̘͎̩̻̽̉̒͋̿͐̈́͆̑ ̴̯͈̦̓́̉̋̂̑̊̓̃͌̑͐̚í̷̠̲̞͖͔̜̞̜̝̩̠̹̹̖͑͊͛̓̾̃̎̚n̸̢̟͎̫͚̜̳̳̭̠̬̟̳͙͚̔ ̴̢̭͙̺̺̜̜͇͇̟͌͌̏t̵̛̲̫̿̓̋̔͊̈́͗̓̑̋̈́̾̔ḩ̴͕͙̻̘̜͔̜̼̄̔̔͂̿̔̿̊͒͛͜͠͝e̶̢͇̠̥̼̖̱̹̱̱̙̫̥̅̒̇̈́̽͛͘ ̵̡̧͉͉̠͖̭̖̮̘̞̀̍n̷͇̫̠̘̩̳̫͕̗͙̉͂͒͋̈́̽͌͊͠ͅͅe̴͍̯̲̥͎̙̐̿͛̈͊̃̊̂͑̓̏̃̑͝͝x̴͐̊̎͆̏̎̏͠͝͝ͅt̵̩̫͐ ̵̟̫̂͊̃͌̕͠ȯ̷̙̤̮͓̖̭͚̇n̷̨͕̩͈̳̪̫̙̯̖̦̼̮̬̿͑̀̑̈́̾͌͒̄e̸̳̳̗̹͙̪̜͑̌̔̆͗̉́̋͌͑ͅ.̶̨̰͕̮͉̲̪̙̊̐̋̃̏͋̒̚͠͝”̷͉̏͂̓̇́̔̄͘̚͝

Deku feels himself choke on his spit and start coughing. Ignoring the tears that continue to flow from his eyes like the rain from the sky. Wouldn’t there be a quick and easy way to get all his suffering to end? What was that Bakugou told him? 


“Take a swan dive huh?” Deku briefly looks at the sharpened piece of metal sitting next to him in the car, it was no swan dive but it would serve its purpose. 


It was rusty like it had been sitting outside in the rain for a couple of months. Deku grabs the piece of sharp metal and holds it to his throat, not cutting just yet. He thinks over his options. His body would rot and decay in this dump, and he would finally be alone. He would finally be free. No one could hurt him when he’s dead. Deku finds himself leaning forward into the sharp metal when a thought enters his mind.

Since when does he listen to Bakugou’s advice? Since when did he want to go without letting the world know the pain he feels every day? Since when did he want to give up revenge?


Why should we go without repaying Bakugou for the scars?


Deku throws the piece of sharpened metal away from him and goes back to trying to stay warm in this cold place. Sleeping here is out of the question. He’s not sure he would wake up if he fell asleep.


Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is Friday. He softly chants to himself. He looks around the car for something to pique his interest. 


Wanna pretend we are Bakugou?   Spite asks suddenly, he wonders where Spite went for a while.


“Why would we do that?” Deku asks back tilting his head a bit to the right side.


STUPID FINGERS, SHITTY HAIRED DEKUUUUU!!!!  Spite rather nicely yells in his head.


SHUT UP!    Both Love and ‘Villain’ shout back to spite.


Deku really can’t help but laugh. “That sounds about right on the Bakugou impression though...”


The two groans, Don’t encourage him.


He’s right, he supposes and shifts the cold blanket a bit more around himself. 


Do you know what would piss off Bakugou? If someone was talking about explosions and they weren’t his. Spite asks suddenly.


“You make a fair point… But What if he’s changed?” Deku softly responds, since no one is here he doesn’t bother hiding that he talks to himself.






Villain is right. What this world has done to him is unacceptable. What Bakugou has done is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter if he’s changed or not.


What if we tried explosions? Just in places, no one would miss. What’s the harm?

That makes Deku pause. He’s actually considering it. “I don't want to hurt people though.”

Just abandoned places like this. Buildings that no longer serve human use. We would be better than Bakugou. 


Deku knows that following Villain’s suggestions are bad but… Would anyone miss this beach if it was gone? Would anyone miss the buildings left to rot a town over after a major villain fight destroyed them? Would anyone miss him?







No. No one would miss him. No one would miss the buildings or beaches.


A memory he has forced away surfaces, against his will.


No one wanted him here. He didn’t want to be here. So he decided to leave this world. Just to leave it all behind. But just as he was about to take a step off the edge, into the darkened abyss below something twisted inside him.


 Why not make an impression before he left? This world has done nothing for him. Why would he leave it peacefully? No one would remember him when he dies. Why does that bother him? No one would remember quirkless little Deku. Why would he grace them with a body they could identify? 


Why would he leave this world without his revenge? Make Bakugou see and feel what kind of torment he went through. Revenge sounds oddly sweet. Maybe people would see him differently in his final moments. Maybe he would be a hero to someone, anyone in his final moments. So he stepped away from the ledge and back down to his home.


That's right. Deku thinks This has always been his resolve, how could he forget that he almost killed himself?


He’s going to make the world wish he stepped off that ledge when he’s finally done with the world.


“Villain…” Deku starts, “...How do I start?” He bandages himself up not letting his small wounds bleed anymore.


I will guide us Young Izuku. I will guide us to our revenge. Ready? Follow my instructions. Villain whispers softly into his ear over the entire sound of the rain.


The Entire night is filled with instructions, searching through the soaked materials, and assembling his first bomb. 


When the sun rises he gets a twisted thought as he tosses some old Halloween supplies into his bag.


Deku doesn’t want to be caught in his harmless experiment. He was only going to do this once. He packed away all his supplies including the old bottles of chemicals that he found. Maybe those could be of some use?


After looking at a local clock on his way to school he finds that he is early. About two hours early.


Let's get this started, ” Deku said with an odd tone and made a quick turn to an area that was recently destroyed by heroes. He slipped into the building noting that the power was still off. That hero fried a lot of electricity in that fight but blamed it on the villain. Whatever.


Spite speaks to him for the first time in 12 hours. 

Oooooooooh! See that pillar right there? It’s holding up most of the weight of this building. This structure really isn’t safe huh?


Deku walks over and plants the bomb over there. Making sure it's strapped in nice and tight. Just when he's about to walk away he hears Love.

Dear, you should leave the Chemicals. They won’t be of any use to you. They could hurt people. Love replies.


She’s right. Deku reaches into his bag and just as he sets down the chemicals he hears a voice from behind him.


“What are you doing in here kid? This structure is not safe-” He must have noticed the blinking light.


Deku reaches for the mask and places it on his face. 


“Holy shit is that real-”


Before turning around quickly and pepper-spraying whoever is there. He feels light-headed after it's done.

HAHA! You SHOULD see tHe lOok on yOur fAcE! ” Deku replies, his voice comes out wrong. It doesn’t sound like his it rumbles wrong in his throat which becomes sore. He pulls out his camera and taking photos of the pepper spray victim who had fallen over at the sudden attack. “ This is just hilarious, you think you can stop me from my fun? ” Deku doesn't know what is happening but it feels good. He steps on his wrist with force and he hears a snap.


You better run and get the heroes little man! Tell them Shitty scarecrow sent ya! ” Once the man scrambles out of sight. Deku leans over and coughs hard. His throat is killing him.


What the hell was that?! Shit, he has no time he has to bolt before a hero can get him.


Leaving the chemicals he runs out the back with his detonator switch in hand, quickly sweeping the area to make sure he left nothing behind he takes off the mask before he exits the back alleys and shoves it in his backpack and once he’s about to enter an area with power, he hears sirens. Lots and lots of sirens.


Suddenly Deku is aware that he has evidence that could pin him to the crime. The Detonator.


Before the cars can get close to him he presses the switch.

The ground shakes, from the small explosion Pink and black smoke rises in the air and the building falls. The building burns with an unnatural smoke and fire color. The chemicals perhaps?


Deku flees with a terrified look on his face. Dust and smoke go everywhere and he trips, landing face-first on the ground smashing the detonator. His head aches with pain, unlike anything he has ever had. He pretends to scramble to get up, but in reality, is kicking the detonator pieces into the sewer drain next to him. Once he gets up he continues to run to the nearest public powered bathroom.

‘What have I done?’ Deku thinks as he’s washing himself up in the bathroom. Now in his school's required uniform. He takes the camera and deletes the photos of his crime, tries to calm himself down ‘What have I DONE? WHAT ARE YOU?’ He hears nothing in reply. ‘Were they finally satisfied? Did that mean... The crime he committed helped them finally stop talking?’ With his head down Deku heads to class.


It’s another Friday for Deku however he spends it in silence.


Was this what silence was like after so many years?


Did he even want them to be quiet?




But It’s a school field trip for Class 1-A.