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Issei the Gamer Hyoudou

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The Sacred Gear System, a staple of the Highschool DxD universe, in some worlds there are almost no glitches or bugs in it, in others there are many; this is one of those worlds. A bug of this worlds system allows a person to wield multiple sacred gears though they have to be of a similar type, create new subspecies Chaos Edge Asura Ravage or Twin Dragonic Gauntlets and even create entity new Gears. In this world Issei Hyoudou creates a new Sacred Gear, the ‘Gamer God’ a Sacred Gear that turns the user’s life into a game.

In some timelines Issei Hyoudou meets an old pervert granting him a defence mechanism in the form of his unbridled perversion; some would even say that his perversion is a staple of the universe; however in this timeline instead of meeting the old man and becoming a pervert, he instead got into games.

Issei still met the old pervert when he was 8, however he was more aware of his surroundings so he noticed that while himself and his two friends could say that stuff and get away with it, people aged 15ish and up were condemned, while not a social person Issei did not want to be isolated form his peers, so instead of perversion he turned to games, turning into a gamer and later an Otaku.

This is how our story begins, with Issei Hyoudou and his two best friends Matsuda and Motohama the pervert Duo finishing middle school. The final lesson had just let out and our protagonist and his two friends were walking home.

“Man I can’t wait to get to Kuoh academy, with the recent switch to Co-ed will be able to get harem no problem” Matsuda the ‘Sexual Harassment Paparazzi’ said his voice showing his excitement, Matsuda is a bold jock with a moderate build owing to his days a star athlete.

He continued “I hear there’s a girl for fetish” drool leaked form his lips as he spoke, a sign of his lust “I so hope there are some cute loli’s for me hehehehehehehehe” he giggled, though due to his words and build it was sinister.

Motohama a glasses wearing boy with brown hair and plain features, spoke next his tone just as bad “I’m just glad there will be plenty of chicks to test my power on” he was referring to his ability to calculate a female's body measurements just by looking rightly earning him the nick name of ‘Three Sizes Scouter’.

A huge sigh left our protagonists body “why am I friends with you again? It’s like dealing with a real life Larry” he questioned but mumbled the last part not wanting to beat up his friends, his disappointment in them was palpable, they grew up together and he was…. a mostly well-adjusted individual save his love of gaming but that was something else.

Issei Hyoudou known to his class mates as “the Smart Gamer” for his ability to make money form games or the “Gamepedia” for his near encyclopaedic knowledge of games was a tall well-built but plain looking boy, when he was younger he was overweight and after enough teasing he used a treadmill to power his consoles, leading him to work out in his early teen years.

“I mean you do know that Katase will warn every one of you two right?” he warned/asked them, “the girls will know to avoid you like the survivors avoid zombies in State of Decay” he continued his love of games showing in his references.

“SHUT UP YOU DAMN JAPANESS OTAKU, YOU DON’T GET TO MOCK OUR DREAMS” the duo shouted in unison. Another sigh escaped Issei’s lips as he just kept walking “I need better friends, at least a human version of Kaziooie or Navi” he grumbled, annoyed at his childhood friends.

“IS THAT WHAT WE ARE TO YOU ISE, A PATHETIC WASTE OF SPACE LOWER THAN NAVI FUCKING NAVI” the roared in the hope that it wasn’t true, hoping against hope Issei wouldn’t speak but alas out protagonist was not in a mood to let them have that win.

“Yep” he said popping the ‘p’ “you two constantly and loudly proclaim your goal to have a harem yet you act in an indecent manor almost in complete contradiction of that goal” Issei said to the two wailing boys their cries not drawing attention as the people who lived here were used to such a pathetic sight by now.

“Well now I gotta get home, it’s my turn to set the table and you guys know how strict my mom can get with stuff like that” the winces and admission of fear of his mother had Issei reaffirming the need for better friends, still they were his friends so “See ya” he said as he parted ways with them, traveling towards his house.

“LATER ISSEI” the duo responded, walking on wards. Issei greeted his parents and went about his daily life, content to keep gaming his summer away while making a small but acceptable for his age amount of money via buying and selling in game stocks.

“Don’t stay up to late gaming honey” Misaki Hyoudou his mother spoke after dinner, she didn’t want to deal with a half a sleep Issei tomorrow, he was annoying enough when fully cognizant and she did not need her sons sleep addled brain making mess-ups in the day to day.

“OK mom I won-YOU FUCKING CUNT IM GOING TO MURDER YOURE ENTIRE TEAM ASS HAT” he spoke, though he shouted as he had just died on TF2 ruining his no death game. “ASSHAT WHO SHOOTS A HOOVEY” he roared to his teammate who had broken an unspoken TF2 etiquette.

“Honestly that boy” Misaki sighed in fond exasperation, she loved her son to pieces but “when is that boy going to start making me some grandchildren to spoil?” Not for a very long time, though not for lack of trying mind you, he was at the age where he should be thinking about girls not games.

Back with Issei having won his match and carried his team he decided to switch it up a bit and play some Dragons Quest X, a favourite of his, he was quite save for a few comments of “GOD DAMNIT”  and “FUCKING CRIT” but he was not screaming at his microphone now which made his parents life easier.

It was 1:30 in the morning when he realised the time, “oh shit! Moms going to need my help tomorrow I need to get to sleep!”  he spoke softly to avoid waking his parents, shutting down his computer he went downstairs for a quick drink and as soon as he had finished he returned to his room.

As he was getting ready for bed a stray though occurred to him “Heh wouldn’t it be cool to live in a game world, welp doesn’t really matter” a yawn pasted his lips as he settled into his bed and begin to sleep.

He did not expect a blue screen saying “Congratulations! You have awoken the Gamer God [Blank] enjoy your life as a real world gamer” when he woke up, well looks like his life just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

So here is my attempt at a Gamer Issei story, I've tried to create a reason as two why Issei arriving at Kuoh academy will be a bit different as well as try give a reason as to why he will be a lot stronger.

Anyway since this is Highschool DxD it has a Harem, Current list is: Rias, Asia, Akeno, Xenovia, Koneko, Rossweisse, Kuroka & Ravel I won't be adding characters like Grayfia as she is happily married and NTR leaves a bad taste in my mouth, plus even with this power, Our Boy is years away from being able to win a straight fight with Sirzechs.