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Bring It On!

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You groaned once you felt the relieving crack of your back as you twisted your body side to side, a small purr rumbled from your chest as you gave a lazy smile while pushing up your cat framed glasses, and grabbed your duffle bag slinging it over your shoulder. Looking around the area in the port of Hong Kong that the Speedwagon Foundation left you to meet Mr.  Joestar at, you noticed the few stay cats around you rubbing up against you, with a smile you stroked some of the cats before standing back up -letting a few cats climb you-, you then spotted Mr. Joestar's figure accompanied by four other males. And for a brief moment, you acknowledged the fact that you were going to be dragged into a rather bizarre adventure.

"(Y/n)! I that really you !?" , Mr. Joestar exclaims wide-eyed as he stares at you, "The one  and only", you shrug casually putting your hands in your short's pockets while the cats that were with you trotted off, it was a good thing too considering the fact that the next sound you made was an 'oof' as the old Joestar crushed you in a hug, "I missed you so much (Y/n)! Me and Suzie Q were wondering what you were up to! How's the family?!", his voice booms next to your ear. You sigh as you pat the old man's back before wriggling out of his hold, "The family is fine, I've been adjusting to society, though to be honest I kinda miss roaming around out in the wild", you smirk lazily, "Now, shall we board that ship sir?", you ask yawning afterward as you fixed your glasses back in place, "Hey old man, who exactly is she?", his grandson -Jotaro Kujo if you remembered correctly- asked. 

"Oh yeah, let me introduce you...", Mr. Joestar moves you in front of him placing his hands on your shoulders, "This is (Y/n) (L/n), the (L/n) family has known the Joestar family since my grandfather's time when they first met, I myself have gotten to know one before she, unfortunately, passed on", for a moment you thought you heard a slight crack in his voice when he mentioned your grand-aunt, "Anyway, (Y/n) here is both a stand and hamon user!", he says excitedly. They all stared at you as you smiled lazily and waved, "Hola~", you greet, the silver-haired male smiles taking your hand in his before kissing your knuckles,  "Bonjour (Y/n), I am Jean-Pierre Polnareff, hope to know you soon~", he winks, you only shrug, "Sure Pol~", your attention is then placed on the darker skinned male," Greetings (Y/n), I am Mohammad Avdol, I hope to know you better on our journey", "Same here Avdol sir", you smile.

The red-haired boy was next, "I am Noriaki Kakyoin, pleased you meet you", he smiles shaking your hand, "Pleased to meet you too Kakyoin~", you let out a lazy toothy grin before  clapping your hands together, "Now lets board the ship, Ms. Holly is counting on us to kick Dio's ass", you say while fixing your duffle bag in place as you boarded the ship. Jotaro rose a brow as he looked at his grandfather for an explanation, "She wanted to repay me after I saved her", Mr. Joestar explains following after you, Jotaro only tipped his hat, "Give me a break". Right when you stepped onto the ship you took a brief sniff before huffing, someone on this ship was a hostile you couldn't pinpoint who, looking at the boys you grinned lazily at their stands appearances when your glasses tilted down, adjusting your glasses again you continued to walk on the ship knowing that Jotaro took notice of the brief pause in your walk.


Standing up you smirk up at him bordley before quickly pulling him down to whisper in his ear he tensed up when you did, and he was likely going to retaliate if you didn't speak up as soon as you did- "I smell a hostile on the ship, I would take off my glasses to find them but that would give me a way to quickly, now you can either help me or back off", you lowly growl before letting him go and stepping away from him with your usual lazy smile. Jotaro gave you a hard stare before straightening himself up and tipping his hat again, "Good grief I'll help, you didn't have to go the extra mile and exaggerate the way you did, it's rather annoying", he scowls at you, "Suck it up alto oscuro y melancólico", you chirp back smugly before grabbing your bag and laying on your lounge chair, Jotaro only rose a brow at you before heading to his chair. "... but first I have a serious question", Mr. Joestar's voice finally caught your attention, "What the hell is with the high school uniforms you two?! I can understand (Y/n) case, but can't you go and find something else to put on, isn't it ridiculously hot?!", he points out, you only chuckle as you pull out your snack bag, "Well we are students, after all, good students should behave as such no matter where we are, I guess that sounds like a stretch", Kakyoin responds as Jotaro makes a huff in agreement. "Huh, Japanese students are stiffs aren't they", Mr. Joestar huffs, "So this is what they called Bushido, like they say; clear your mind and even flames feel cool", "That's all well and good but that won't really get you any girls", you overhear the exchange words between Avdol and Polnareff, making you smile as you munch on some chips. "What about you (Y/n)? You wouldn't date stiffs like these men would you?", Polnareff asks you, you only shrug, "Honestly I don't really care about men in general, but if he gets me a bucket load of my favorite food and drinks I'll swoon", you say cheekily, Jotaro, Kakyoin, and Polnareff give you a look as Mr. Joestar laughed, "Ah~ (Y/n) never change, I see you still prefer food over company", you smirk, "Food is a necessity, romantic relationships are not", you shrug as you continued to eat.

Polnareff lets out a dramatic gasp as Jotaro rose a brow at you and Kakyoin looked you over curiously, that was until you all heard vocal struggling making your group turn to the source. You saw a child struggling in a man's arms and instinctively you let out a low growl as your stand Wild Card - unnoticed by the others since you can naturally see stands without your glasses (a user didn't even have to summon a stand for you to see)- also bared her fangs. Standing up you watched as the men threatened and taunted the child before informing them he will be announcing the situation to the captain, then the child suddenly bit him and jumped overboard making your heart leap in fear, running to the railing you looked at them, "Woah in he goes, that kid's got guts!", Polnareff commented. "Is he planning to swim to shore from out here?", Kakyoin questioned as you hastily removed some of your clothes without their notice, "What should we do?", Mr. Joestar asked, "Just leave him, he wouldn't have dived in if he wasn't a good swimmer", Jotaro points out as you finally strip down to your undershirt and left your pants on. Grabbing a lifesaver you heard, "Huh?! No, he's in danger! This entire area is infested with sharks!", the sailor reveals and it was enough for you to dive in after the kid, "Going in!","(Y/n)!!!", you heard your name be called out as you dived into the water, and so you swam after the kid. You reach the kid just in time for Jotaro's stand to intervene, "I got you", "H-hey!", the kid yelped as you put them in the lifesaver just as Jotaro grabs your shoulder and a lifesaver, "Good grief, come on you brat", he grumbles looking at the kid but notices something, "Hold on...", he suddenly pulls off the hat revealing the kid to be a girl, you could only smirk, "Barely figured it out?", Jotaro looks at you with a glance that says 'shut up', but you could only laugh in return. You were all being pulled back until you smelled it again, this time stronger, making you turn around and there you saw them, "Incoming hostile!", you warned, Jotaro looks back as well, while Mr. Joestar and the others yell something at you as soon as you near the ship Kakyoin stand -"Hierophant Green!" you hear him shout- pull you all up onto the ship and you barely missed an attack from the stand.

You were busy drying yourself up and hurriedly put on your glasses as the group gave the girl suspicious glances until the captain came along, and the alarm immediately went off in your head as you scrunched up your nose in disgust, when he roughly grabbed a girl it immediately made you puff up. When the girl let out a cry of pain you immediately found yourself between her and the captain with an audible animalistic growl escaping your throat, "Sorry Captain but I don't appreciate your display of... Discipline, you see it brought up and pleasant memories of my past", you narrow your eyes at him as he stared you down coldly,"(Y/n) please hold back and respect the captain", Mr. Joestar demanded, but you still stood in front of the girl. The captain huffed as Mr. Joestar asked him something and they spoke until the captain snatched up Jotaro's cigarette, "I must request that you not smoke on deck, what were you planning on doing to the Ash and Bud when you were done? Were you just going to toss them into these pristine waters? You may be a guest on this ship, but you will abide by my rules, you got that?", he says while putting out Jotaro's cigarette on the metal of his hat before putting it into Jotaro pocket. Jotaro scowls and puts his hands in his pockets, "Hold it pops, if you don't want me to smoke aboard ship than just tell me, don't be a condescending prick about the whole thing ya jackass", he scowls, "Hey Jotaro don't be disrespectful to the captain, you're the one at fault", Mr. Joestar scolded, you only cross your arms as Jotaro continues.

"His rules don't mean shit, I'll be as rude as I want, and you know why, the captain is a stand user", Jotaro reveals, making the rest of the users confused as a captain feigned confusion, When Jotaro explained his proof, you  smirked due to how he discreetly pointed out your ability. "That said, looks like we found the idiot didn't we, and (Y/n) can back me up on this", Jotaro points out, "Oh (Y/n)! I nearly forgot about your ability!", Mr. Joestar exclaims the others look at you, "(Y/n), what ability?", Kakyoin asked. "One, I have the ability to smell out any hostiles near us, and two", you take off your glasses, finally letting your eyes glow a bright (e/c) with cat-like slits as parts of your hair briefly changed into a white blue color, "I can see someone stand naturally without the user having to summon them!".

You point at the captain, "Thus meaning I smelled out your fish shit from the beginning asshole! So bring it on!", you challenge with a grin.