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A Spellbinding Beginning

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It was nearly many years since the witches and wizards, called mages were persecuted by the mundies who had driven them all to hiding. With the help of the elves, fairies, merfolk and the other magical creatures, they are able to blend in the mundy world and keep their own world, the magical world hidden away from prying eyes. All the magi and their fellow magical beings were forgotten, reduced to stories and myths that mundies enjoyed reading or making up stories about, not knowing that they exist among them, only they hide in the shadows or in the light.

The mages, on the other hand, kept watch of them from time to time, making sure that they don't find out about them or their world. Like the elves and fairies, each witch or wizard was born with the type of magic that is based on the four elements, earth, fire, water and air. With the use of their wands, they are able to control their magic powers but those who are professional, they can use magic without the use of wands.

Most of them intermarry with each other or with with their powerless versions of them, the guardians but when many witches and wizards are born from mundies, they were welcomed into the magical world with their parent. Unfortunately, there are other magi who are cold or prejudicial against mundy-borns and one such person is Paul Prenter. He attempted to invade both worlds with his army of warlocks, changelings and dark witches, but they are all defeated and apprehended by a group of mages, lead by four of the most powerful wizards, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Each catastrophe of dark magic was prevented and defeated from time to time but this one changes everything.

It was morning in the a magi household as a teenage girl is asleep on her bed. She is an Indian Parsi girl with her black hair in a bob. She was sleeping quietly until a male voice called out.

"Melina, breakfast is here."

The girl, named Melina was still asleep until her alarm clock beeped out. She emitted emerald green light that glowed around it and turned it.

"Monday, why does it have to be fucking Monday?" She groaned out of her blanket until she got out of bed. She checked on the calendar and smiled brighter than before.

"OH MY MAGIC!!!!!!!" She screamed.

She was unaware that her scream had made the trees and plants in her home grow larger than before. Her father, Freddie Mercury noticed the plants' abnormal growth from the garden and knew that her powers had manifested. Melina jumped up and down as she ran out of her room, dashed down the stairs and into the dining room, where her fathers and her many siblings have breakfast. Only two of them are adopted children, fairies to be exact. A boy with long hair, whose blue hair, yellow sclera and pastel blue skin and a little girl with red eyeglasses, with her golden yellow hair, pastel yellow skin and matching sclera are concealed by an illusion of natural colors to match their adoptive family's skin, hair and eye colors. The only thing that is notable about them is their swallowtail wings.

"Honey, you seem to be excited." Her father said.

"Yeah, daddy." She smiled. "I'm so excited because today is a very special day."

"What's with her today?" Her other father, Jim asked his husband.

"Well, she's excited because she is going to be learning magic." He replied.

"Not only that dad, I'm going to have a party!" Melina shouted. "It's the coming of age for a witch or a wizard and I'm gonna be eleven, which means, I'm now an official witch!"

"Melina, you're overreacting." Her adoptive older brother, Jeran huffed.

"Jeran, you're just cursing jealous." She bragged to her brother. "It's because I can't wait to invite Brianna, Regina, Johanna, Sharon, Dawn........"

"Remember when Sharon had her eleventh birthday?" One of her sisters, Aiofe asked her.

"Yeah, she got a peacock for a familiar." She answered.

"Honey, have you checked the brochures you got from each school?" Her father asked.

"Yeah." The young witch replied. "I got El Dorado Academy, Lanka University, Tír na nÓg University, Merlin Memorial School, Mt. Kailash Conservatory, Avalon Institution, Camelot Academy, Biringan Insititute, Brittia Academy, Feather Mountain College, Hawaiki School, there are so many possibilities."

"So, where will you study magic then?" Her adoptive sister, Lisha asked.

"Are you gonna go to Lanka Academy, where dad used to study?" The twins, Finn and Fiona asked her.

"Or go to Tír na nÓg University?" Rohan added.

"I'm choosing Merlin Memorial School of Magic." Melina said

"Kids, please don't annoy your sister." Freddie said. "Let's just eat so that we can prepare for tonight."

The kids say nothing when Freddie stopped the conversation and they ate their breakfast quietly. Right after they ate, they took a bath, put on their clothes and go about their lives. Melina, on the other hand, decided to walk to alone to her favorite hotspot, the Astral Delights Cafe. Just then, a group of girls arrived into the same place. One has curly brown hair, the second has blonde hair and the third has reddish brown hair.

"Oh my! Melina, you're going to learn magic formally!" The curly haired girl cried.

"Thanks, Brianna and so do you girls." Melina smiled.

"Yeah, our powers arrived early before our birthdays but you're very lucky." The blonde girl said.

"We will be going to learn magic formally, Regina." The red haired girl added. "Anyone whose magic manifested at puberty start to go to a magic school."

"Some are late bloomers in magic but others have their powers early, Johanna." Brianna said. "I discovered my element is water."

"Mine is fire, obviously." Regina said.

"So be careful around me because my element can empower yours since mine is air." Johanna giggled but she turned to their friend, "Have you discover what your element is, Melina?"

"Well, its earth, like my dad's." She answered,

This shocked her friends, because the element that a mage can get usually matches their mother's or from their maternal side of the family but since Melina didn't have a mother, she inherited Freddie's element instead.

"Wow, that's rare." Johanna said.

"It always happen to children from parents who are both male, who is a mundy born or if their mother is a mundy." Brianna informed her. "I can't wait to go to Merlin Memorial School of Magic."

"Me too." Regina added.

"We all do." Melina said. "But we don't have the specific things we need for school, from familiars, wands and all."

"Well, we get them in our birthdays." Brianna answered.

Later that night, many guests arrived at the mansion to celebrate Melina's eleventh birthday. Many magi, fairies, elves, centaurs, satyrs, genies and all magical beings joined in the fun as everybody are congratulating Freddie and Jim. Just then, a beautiful fairy arrived. She is a beautiful pink colored fairy with purple hair and she has pink and purple swallowtail butterfly wings. She is dressed in a gorgeous gown with butterflies and a crown sat on her head. Freddie excused himself to talk to the fairy. The girls, who are hanging out with Sharon, Dawn and the other witches overheard them.

"It's the sugar plum fairy, the queen of the fairies." Brianna said.

"And she is talking to your dad." Regina added.

"I wonder what is going on?" Melina wondered.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Johanna warned them. "It's not good to meddle in other people's businesses, especially if it's our parents."

The young witch was curious at first but later, she nodded and went back to the party with her friends. The party went on until after the cake, she finally got her wand and her familiar. Melina was thrilled to receive her own wand, it is beautiful with vine and leafy carvings and it has an emerald on the bottom of the hilt. As an addition, she can finally open the box that has green wrapping paper in it. She happily opened it, revealing a black kitten. Everybody awed with the cuteness of the scene.

"Aww, he's cute." Melina cried as she took out the kitten from the box.

"Really, more cats?" Jim rolled his eyes as he looked at his husband.

"Thought of a squirrel at first until it was revealed that cats eat squirrels." Freddie replied.

Right after the party, Melina brought her new kitten to her room and gave it a bed to sleep on. When she went down to the living room, she noticed a beautiful fairy sitting on the sofa. She has long black hair with straight bangs, brown eyes with yellow sclera and pink skin that were concealed by an illusion that she has asiatic fair skin and natural brown eyes. She is wearing a one strapped vibrant pink gown with flowers sewn on the waist and at the hem of her skirt, which are accessorized with a tiara with rose shaped quartzes and jewelry. Her swallowtail butterfly wings are hot pink and pale yellow. Her father is sitting beside the fairy but there are many suitcases, duffel bags and expensive luggages around. The fairy has a purple haired pixie wrapped around her hands.

"Honey, you're here." Freddie called her in.

"Wait, you're......" Melina stammered.

"Princess Helena, daughter of the Sugar Plum Fairy and heir to Tír na nÓg." The fairy introduced herself.

"So that's why you were talking with the fairy queen the last time." She said.

Flashbacking to the party, it was revealed that the reason her dad is talking to the sugar plum fairy because it's about her daughter and her plan to send her to his household for her to learn magic in a safer place, which is with Melina and her friends in Merlin Memorial School.

"Oh!" Melina said. "Why is she staying here?"

"Back in Tír na nÓg, she once used magic to cast a rainbow but it was revealed she has a habit of making flaming rainbows." Freddie answered. "Her element was unspecified."

"No wonder mom wants me to be here to study magic formally." She said. "Most queens were homeschool but things changed when mom was the first princess to be sent to Tír na nÓg college. Since I was reckless with my powers, she prefers to send me here."

"Okay, dad." Jeran said as he went down the stairs. "What is going on..........."

But when he saw Helena, he blushed madly, staring at the fairy princess because he haven't met another fairy aside from Lisha before.

"Oh, uhhhhhh." He stammered.

"Oh, hi." She smiled.

"Looks like he is in love with the princess." Melina whispered.

"Well, he hasn't seen another fairy aside from Lisha for years." He grinned.

Right away, Jeran lead Helena to her room before everybody else left the living room to go to sleep because tomorrow, they'll start school.