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Best Friends

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Dean was stuck awake at 2:30 in the morning. He was thinking of all the downfalls of when he meets the new guy. Will they like me? Will he be homophobic? Will he think I’mstupid or overly excited? He was thinking of everything that could go wrong. But the main question he wanted to know was if he would be his friend or not. Dean had lots of friends but always liked to include others to. He hated bullying. He was bullied when he was younger so he has done everything in his will power to keep bullying out of their school. If he sees someone being left out he includes them in whatever it is that he is doing. So he didn’t want to see the new kid get bullied. He figured that he was going to be a trouble maker because it was rare to get new students at their school. Dean rolled over to look at the clock and saw that it read 3:00 in the morning. Damn i spent 30 minutes thinking of the new kid. Actually i spent longer then that. I need to go to sleep now i i was going to make it to school on time tomorrow. Dean closed his eyes and thought of him and baby. Alone. On a long stretch of open road. He fell asleep not long after closing his eyes and dreamt of exactly what he imagined.


Dean woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. He rolled out of bed and shut it off. He went to his closet and pulled out a faded red t-shirt with blue jeans and a black and green jacket.

He quickly got dressed and headed down stairs with his earbuds in. He listened to 21 pilots, p!atd, and sometimes when he’s alone he listened to Billie Eillish but he would never admit to his friends that he liked her. He kept one of the earbuds out and said morning to everyone in the kitchen. After he finished a bowl of lucky charms he grabbed his keys.

“You ready Sammy?” Dean asked from the front door as he grabbed his backpack.

“Yes, I’m coming Dean!” Sam said from the kitchen.

They said bye to Bobby. Ellen, and Jo since they had to be at school before everyone else. They bounded down the stairs and straight to baby. Dean inherited the car after his fathers death. Their mom and dad had a car accident when Dean was 15 and Dean built the car back up from scratch. They drove to the school and parked beside a black mustang with a green stripe down the middle.

It was different so Dean figured it was the new kids car. They walked into the school and straight to Mr. Potters office.

“Morning Mr.Potter.” Dean said politely.

“Ah, Mr.Winchesters. These are the Novaks. Castiel Novaak,” He gestured to a raven haired boy with a black t-shirt on and a brown jacket over it with dark blue jeans, “and Gabriel Novak.” He pointed to a hazel haired boy.

“ You all must stay on school grounds but your all excused from your classes today. I’m still counting it a full day for you all but if you go off campus you will be counted absent. Once you are done showing the boys around, you may hang out in either the Gym, Cafeteria, Library, or somewhere outside of school but still on school grounds. Here is a key to get back inside if you go out. Have fun!” He handed Sam and Dean a little key and they let Potters office.

“Ok let me see your schedule Cas.” Dean said after they separated from Sam and Gabriel. Cas handed it to him without hesitation.

“Ok we have basically every class together. I’ll show you where every class is and then we can go where ever you want.” Dean told Cas.

“Ok, that sounds good i guess. Oh, by the way, i never got your name. And why do you call me Cas?” They boy asked.

“Oh, my name is Dean. I call you Cas because Castiel is to long. Is it a problem? I can stop if you’d like!” Dean rambled as they walked down the hallway to Math class. That was their 1st period.

“No, it’s fine. I like it.” Cas said with a smile. Dean smiled back. They went to every period they had and still managed to get down before school started.

“We have about 10-15 minutes left before school starts where do you want to go?” Dean said as they finished their tour.

“Can we chill in the library?” Cas asked.

Sure! This way.” Dean lead the way to the library. As they stepped in front of the doors Cas turned Dean around and grabbed two fist fulls of his jacket and pulled him down. Their noses slightly touching. Dean could feel the ghost of Cas’ breath on his lips. Cas had a playful smirk on his face. He thought he was about to kiss him when he said in a low whisper “I think I’m gonna like this year.” He leaned in a little closer just barely letting their lips brush together. It was like a feather barely touching his lips. Cas pulled away before Dean could react and walked into the library as if nothing had happened. Dean touched his lips. His face was burning so he was pretty sure there was a dark red blush there. He then bounded into the library and looked for Castiel. He was sitting in one of the big bean bag seats by the big window on his phone. It had the perfect view of the schools ornamental pond. Dean went over and sat in the bean bag seat beside Cas.

“What the hell was that all about!” Dean whisper yelled.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” Cas said with an innocent smile as he looked up from his phone.