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Just a Little More Time

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They're fighting, again… They're drunk, again… They're violent, again…

It's at times like these that I'm glad that Frisk is in school. Mom and Dad usually have their fights in the morning through the afternoon. Then they pass out from drinking too much.

They're shouting about the same problem, shortage of money. Of course, that's not all they scream about. They also blame each other for cheating, stealing their beer, blocking the tv, no food on the table, the list goes on. Money shortage, however, was the biggest reason for most of the fights.

They say that the other was spending too much on beer while the other blames them for buying too many clothes. Or one bought too much pizza and the other bought too many cigarettes.

Only half of this was true. We barely have any clothes or food in the house. Frisk has to wear the same jumper every day because they don't have anything else to wear. They are a little too thin for their age, but not by much. Mostly because I gave them most of my food.

The house reeked of alcohol; you could mistake this place as the bar down the street. A thin blanket of smoke clouds cover the ceiling, showing that there was either a small fire or someone smokes in the house. I make sure that none of the smoke gets into Frisk's room. I really don't want them getting sick like me.

On my siblings and I's doors, I put the furnace filters on the outside edges so the smoke and smell of booze don't hang around our heads all the time. I would hate them having to go to school smelling like they were in a building fire at the local pub.

Exhaling breath, I turned my head towards the window that showed most of Ebbot City, including the mountain. I love looking at the large structure. It helps me imagine what it would be like to leave my room and explore the outside world. Wandering out into the fresh air with other people socializing with each other, tasting fresh food, climbing trees in the forest, and watching the stars light up the night sky like a light show.

But, I couldn't. I don't have a car to drive through the city, money is nonexistent, and… my sickness. This God damn excuse for an early death that keeps me from doing what I want to do. Sometimes, I wish that this abomination never existed in the first place. Children wouldn't die young, an adult could watch their family grow, grandparents wouldn't spend the end of a full life in pain and regret. I wish---

A soft knock was heard from the window I was looking out earlier. Slowly stepping out of bed, I unlocked window to see my little sib rocking back and forth on their heels. Seeing that I came to the window, their face lit up with so much happiness. They jumped up on the small ladder that's sitting outside the window and did their best to get into the house.

The reason that they were coming through the window was so our parents didn't see them. I didn't want to risk Frisk getting hurt by them or having to open the doors, making the smoke trail into our rooms. Putting the filters on the doors made sure none of the smoke or smells get into the rooms. Sadly, it doesn't block out the sounds.

Grabbing Frisk by the armpits, I try my best to lift them into the room, but I am very weak at the moment. Luckily, Frisk has enough arm strength from climbing through the window many times. I grabbed Frisk's backpack from below the window and put it on the bed.

Sitting down, I lean over to where Frisk was standing and grabbed them by their waist, dragging them over to my lap. Frisk squeaks and giggles as I tickle their sides while they squirm in my lap. Laughing along with them, I wrap my arms around them and put my head on top of theirs.

"How was school today?" Their face fell into a frown as they rose their hands, "Some kids picked on me again." Again! Those brats have been beating down on my sibling because they don't understand that Frisk is Gender Fluid! They don't understand that Frisk is mute so they have to use Sign Language to communicate!

I felt a hand tighten on my arm making me notice that Frisk was trying to get my attention. Looking down, I can see that they have a sympathetic stare. "It's okay sissy! They won't bother me anymore!" This confused me.

I'm not going to let them stop schooling just because of a little bullying, even though I really want too. I believe they knew what I was thinking which made them quickly respond, "I'll keep going to school. No matter how the kids hate me, I love learning! I only said that because I wanted to ask a question."

I nodded, knowing that they were going to ask me to do something. They started to look down with hesitation in asking me. Smiling gently, I grabbed them by their chin and lifted their head. This seemed to make them more confident. "I was wondering if we could hike up Mt. Ebbot."

My eyes widen. I know Frisk is aware that those who hike up the mountain go missing. Why would they want to go, knowing something bad is happens up there?

Maybe it's because of the stress happening at home. I know that being a 10-year-old going through bullying at school, abuse at home, and a sister that may… Was this my fault? Could I have saved them from this life somehow? If I did something, would Frisk be happier?

While going through guilt, a question popped into my thoughts. "Why would you ask me to come with you? You know I'm not strong enough to go through a hike like that." They smiled and brought up their hand with confidence, "I'm not leaving you. If I'm going to do something like this, I need you by my side."

I didn't deserve someone like Frisk. Their kindness knows no bounds. I thought of my options, but I knew I had to say yes. If I say no, they will go to the mountain by themselves, and I can't risk that. I need to watch over them, protect them from what is up there. Besides, we're not leaving anything behind. We have nothing here.

I sighed, "Fine, I don't see why not. You want to take a hike, sure. Well go at midnight so Mom and Dad don't notice us leaving. Go to your room and pack and sleep. You need to be well rested okay?" The way their smile brightened as they looked like they won a candy lottery on Halloween.

They jumped out of my lap and ran over to the window. Standing up, I help them down the ladder and watch as they go around the house to get to their room. I went to my closet to grab my survival backpack.

I had this made a few years ago after my sickness began. I update it every 6 months to make sure the food is still good to eat, blankets, first aid/survival kit, and money. Checking the wallet, I could see I had about $500 dollars. I opened the side pockets to show two small oxygen tanks. I used to have more, but with my parents not paying for doctor visits and equipment, I had to conserve it for emergency reasons.

I put the backpack next to the window and looked around the room. I tried to think of anything else I may need. That's when I remembered the spare car keys that I hid in my nightstand drawer. I stole them from my parents, just in case Frisk and I ever had to get up and run that we would have transportation.

Laying down, I stared at the ceiling. Is this really happening? Are Frisk and I really running away? Where are we going to go? Do we stay on the mountain or get out of town? All I know is that once we leave, we won't be able to come back. Our parents will do something for us, something that I don't want to happen.

I heard tapping on the window. Shocked, I looked out to see that it was already midnight. Did I really think for that long or did I sleep without knowing? Getting up, I opened the window to see Frisk looking up at me with a determined look dawned into their facial features.

Motioning them to move back, I lift my backpack out of the window and put it safely onto the ground. Walking back to my bed, I grab the spare keys then climbed out of the window. I shut the window, then lifted the backpack onto my shoulders. Looking down at my little sibling, I grabbed their hand and motioned them to the Truck that was parked on the driveway.

Driving on the highway was pretty relaxing. It's been a long time since I've been out of my room. Knowing that I'm actually going to spend time outside, away from the confinement of my room set my heart beating harder than normal.

Making sure there was extra gas in the trunk, I put both of our packs into the back then sat down in the driver's seat. Frisk sits in the passenger seat beside me, putting their seatbelt on with a smile. Nodding, I put the keys into the ignition and started the car. My eyes land on the house before us, knowing our parents were drunk off their asses to even notice that their children were stealing their car and running away to a mountain that no one returns from.

Sighing, I look behind me as I drive out of the driveway. Driving on the highway was pretty relaxing. It's been a long time since I've been out of my room. Knowing that I'm actually going to spend time outside, away from the confinement of my room set my heart beating harder than normal.

Frisk is looking towards the mountain with a smile on their face like they know going there will be them unlimited happiness. "If you want, you can turn on the radio!" Nodding, they turn the radio to a certain station that had a song that I was very much used too. I used to sing a lot to Frisk on days I was feeling better and this song was a popular choice of theirs.

I'm broke but I'm happy, I'm poor but I'm kind I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah

Frisk's face lights up as they face me while I sing. It's been a while since I have sung anything but luckily I still remember what the lyrics.

I'm high but I'm grounded, I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful, baby
What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine, fine, fine
'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five

As it says high five I raise my hand to Frisk who gave me a high five as hard as they could. I laugh when the high barely hurt; they really couldn't hurt a fly.

I feel drunk but I'm sober, I'm young and I'm underpaid
I'm tired but I'm working, yeah
I care but I'm restless, I'm here but I'm really gone
I'm wrong and I'm sorry baby

I turn off the highway and head up a road which leads straight towards the mountain, making the mountain look way bigger than it did before.

What it all comes down to
Is that everything is going to be quite alright
'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is flicking a cigarette

I pulled up my car to the bottom of the mountain and turn off the car. Getting out of the car, Frisk follows me to the back of the truck and grabs their small pack. Picking up mine, I lock the car and put the keys into the front pocket of the backpack.

I looked at the path to see Frisk skipping towards the entrance and motion me to follow them. "Frisk! Take out your flashlight so you can see in front of you!" They stop and followed my instructions for a flashlight as I do the same.

Frisk goes as so as an excited 10-year-old can go, which isn't very slow. I have to keep shouting at Frisk to slow down so I can keep an eye on them.

Throughout the hike, we had to take many breaks because I had to catch my breath. The higher we went up to the mountain, the more I felt unsettled. If people went missing on this mountain, where are they ending up? The whole time, they haven't noticed any humans around, or even any animals which were strange.

I stopped my train of thought after we reached the top of the mountain. Looking out, I could see the buildings of Ebbot City. The lights were amazing to look at. Too bad we couldn't see the stars because of light pollution.

I turned to tell Frisk of the lights but I didn't see anyone. Turning fully, I started to freak out. Where did they go? They were next to me a few seconds ago, they couldn't have gotten far. I started running more down the path, calling out to my sibling, knowing full well they couldn't respond back but I didn't care.

I stop to see the path ending at the entrance of a cave. Squinting my eyes, I could see Frisk standing in the middle of the cave, staring down. Why? Walking forwards I called out their name again which made them turned their head. Walking closer, so could finally see why they were looking down.

A hole. A gigantic hole that was probably deep enough to go through the bottom of the mountain. My eyes shot open as I see Frisk try to step towards me, but they tripped on a root that comes from the hole. Seeing as they were falling, I didn't think twice of running forwards and trying to grab Frisk.

They were already falling in the hole so when I grabbed them, I had jumped after them. I wrapped my arms around them as to try and shield them from the fall that will most likely kill them.

I needed them to survive, they can't die! We should have never come on the mountain! We should have left town and never looked back. Now, we are going to die. I'm so sorry Frisk… Please forgive me for my selfish actions

All I remember was darkness...

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I felt someone shaking my arm in a distressed manner.

Groaning, I tried to roll over so the person would stop bothering me. Once I tried to move, pain shot through my body. It felt like an elephant decided to tap dance on my body for many hours.

The shaking got more obsessive and I hear quiet whimpering, almost like a dog begging for a treat. Getting a boost of energy, I opened my eyes to see a blurry image of blue and purple. After a minute of trying to focus, I could see Frisk kneeling next to my laying body.

Looking around our surroundings, I could see that we were at the bottom of a cavern like a ravine. The walls were covered with vines and tree-like branches. The opening was directly above us, light from the sun directly shining down at our bodies.

At first, I was confused, where were we? The more I become aware, I remember Frisk falling in the hole and me jumping in to save them. If I did grab and take most of the damage for them, then why am I alive? Shouldn't I be dead?

Looking back at my sibling, I see them with the most worried look I've ever seen. I never want to see a look like that one my sib ever.

"Hey Frisky…" I could see the worry melt from their face and relief replaced its spot. They quickly rose their hands "I'm so glad you're okay! If you died, I don't know what I would have done." I raised my hand and laid my hand on their cheeks, rubbing my thumb across their cheekbone.

"I'm alright squirt, just a little sore. Though, I have to digress, how am I alive? A drop like that while protecting you would be certain death." Frisk smiled while pointing down where I was laying. Pushing myself up, I could see that we were sitting on yellow flowers. Did they compress our fall? That's not physics, at least, I don't think so.

Shaking my head, I tried not to think about the science behind it all and tried to stand. Going to stand on my legs, pain shot up to my brain. Looking down, I could see my left leg was twisted in the wrong angle. It's broken, of course, it was.

Because of my sickness, my bones are very brittle to the point that it doesn't take much to break them. I'm surprised that more bones weren't broken in my body though I couldn't feel any except my leg. I'm grateful that I should be able to move more than I thought.

As I start to stand, I try to ignore the aching pain in my leg. Frisk grabs my side to help me stand straight. I have to keep my leg up and limp off the flowers. My sib walks over to a corner then comes back with a sturdy looking stick. Smiling as I took the stick, I use it to lean on like a cane and slowly followed Frisk.

I wanted to call out to Frisk to say not walk more into the cave, but I know that we need to move forward if we want to get out. Thankfully Frisk was smart enough to stay close to me and not run off without me with them.

Leading me down the gray hallway, we got to a dark room. In the middle of this room was a patch of grass being illuminated from somewhere I can't see. In the patch of grass, there was a flower. A flower that looked the same as the flowers that stopped our fall.

It was a little suspicious, it is the only flower, away from all other plants. Walking forward, I thought we should go to the next room but Frisk didn't think so. They grabbed the back of my shirt, making me stop. Turning, I could see a worried look, as if they didn't like what was in front of us.

"Howdy!" I snapped my head to the front expecting to see a person, but I saw no one. No one except the flower I saw before but now had a friendly face with a smile of happiness.

So I was dead. I fell down the hole, died, and was now going through purgatory. But if I was dead, then how did I have a broken leg, I shouldn't feel pain. Frisk shouldn't be with me either. So if I'm not dead, then what the fuck is happening? A flower can't talk.

"I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower. Hmm, I've never seen two humans fall at once! Interesting…" What was that supposed to mean? Did other humans fall down here and survive?

"Well, you're both new to the underground aren't cha?" When he said new, Flowey looked over at Frisk who looked down in guilt. I grabbed their hand to give comfort, even though I have no idea why they would feel guilty.

"Golly, you must be so confused. Someone ought to teach you how things work around here. I guess little old me will have to do." Blackness surrounded the three of us which got me confused and suspicious. "Ready? Here we go!"

I started to feel strange like someone was tugging at my chest. I looked down to ask Frisk if they were alright, but I didn't expect to see what I saw. A red heart was hovering in front of Frisk. It wasn't their actual heart, it looked like the kind of heart you drew in Elementary. What is that doing floating in front of Frisk?

I see Frisk look in front of me and gasp. Confused about their actions, I look into where they were starting. My eyes widen as I see another heart, except it didn't look like Frisks. Instead of red, it was a green, a very dull green. There was a crack in the middle of the heart that spread to the outside like a spider web. Was it broken?

Flowey looked at my heart and his eyes widened. "Well, I've never seen that before… Anyway, see that heart? That is your soul, the very culmination of your being!" Soul? Do we have souls? If we do, then why does my soul look the way it does. I should probably stop thinking about it.

"Your soul starts off weak but can grow strong if you gain a lot of LV. What's LV stand for? Why LOVE of course!" Love? I was going to guess level but love works too. "You want some LOVE, don't you? Don't worry, I'll share some with you!" He winked as five little white cylinders floated above his body.

"Down here, LOVE is shared through little white... friendliness pellets." If he wasn't suspicious before, he definitely was suspicious now. I felt a tug on my shirt from Frisk who looked scared. They didn't trust him either.

"Are you ready? Move around! Get as many as you can!" The pellets moved towards our souls. I didn't like it at all. I grabbed Frisk's hand and pulled them with me and dodged all of them. Flowey didn't look too happy about it.

"Hey buddy, you missed them. Let's try again, okay?" More pellets appeared and tried to hit us again for which we moved out of the way. Flowey looked angry. "Is this a joke? Are you braindead? RUN. INTO. THE. BULLETS!" My eyes widened, bullets? I knew I didn't like this guy.

He tried to hit us once more but when we dodged again, his face changed. His smile widened creepily and his pupils went tiny. "You know what's going on here, don't you? You just wanted to see me suffer." Many bullets surrounded us in a circle, so we were unable to escape. This is bad.

"DIE!" Flowey laughed maniacally as the bullets got closer. I grabbed Frisk and pulled them towards me, wrapping my arms around them so I would be hit instead of them.

When the bullets got about an inch from hitting me, they disappeared. Lifting my head, I saw a fireball hit flowey out of the ground and to the corner of the room then disappeared into the ground. Releasing my breath, I looked up to thank our savior.

I saw a goat with white fur and a purple standing in front of me. She held a gentle smile when they saw we were uninjured. Looking to the corner she sighed, "What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor and innocent youth. Ah, do not be afraid of my children. My name is Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins."

Frisk gasped as they jumped out of my arms to look at the goat creature, Toriel. Did they know her? No, they don't, that's impossible. They probably just feel safe with her. Toriel smiled down at Frisk with a warm, motherly smile. "I pass through this place every day to see if anyone had fallen down. You both are the first humans to come here for a long time. Come! I will guide you both through the catacombs."

She seemed alright, I guess. Kind of had a motherly nature about her. I smiled as I tried to stand but failed because of my leg. Toriel seemed to notice as she frowned and walked over to me. Kneeling down, she touched my leg, making me wince from the pain. "Oh dear, your leg is quite broken. Is this from the fall."

I nodded, "yeah…" I don't really feel comfortable telling her about my sickness since I barely knew her. She nodded then picked me up as if I were a child. I squeaked in shock, not expecting her to pick me up, and so easily as well. Frisk giggled at my uneasiness which made me glare playfully.

Toriel showed us the answers to all the puzzles in the ruins. She told us that she was going to let us stay in a certain spot until she came back but decided that we should heal my leg. Guiding and showing us all the different monsters that lived in the Ruins with her, we finally made it to her house.

It was quite small and homey. The outside had a dying tree with leaves surrounding the bottom. The inside was quite nice. It had a yellow touch to all walls and flooring with bookshelves and mirrors covering the walls. She brought Frisk to a room for them to sleep in. The room was redder than anything I have ever seen. Literally, everything was red: the bed, the shelves, the toys, walls, floors, lamp, everything.

Because there was only one bed in their room, Toriel brought me to her room which was all blue. Laying me down, she rolled up my left pant leg and accessed how bad the break was. Her eyes narrowed and sighed, "It's definitely broken, and in three spots as well. My magic can heal your injuries, but I don't want to disturb the process of your body already healing itself. I can only start the process of your healing then wrap it up."

I nodded as she lifted her hands above my leg. Green magic released from her paws, making my body feel warm and happy. She did this process for a few more minutes until she nodded, happy with her work. Her head swivels my direction, "That should do it. Let me grab the first aid kit." Walking across the room to her wardrobe, she grabbed a box of supplies then returned.

Wrapping up my leg, I can see the tenderness in her eyes as if she was treating her own child. Is this what it's supposed to feel like? A mothers love? It's been so long I've almost forgotten.

I see her grab my hand and look up at me, "I need to ask you a favor." I nodded, motioning her to continue. "I need to look at your stats so I can know your fully healed." I looked at her confused but nodded anyway. "Sure, I don't know what that is, but sure." She chuckled, "Of course you wouldn't know. Your stats tell you how much LV, HP, ATK, and DEF you have. I need to check your HP to see if you are fully healed."

I hummed, "I'm guessing HP means 'healing points'." She shook her head, "No my child, it means HoPe. If you have all your HoPe, then you are healed." I made an O face then nodded as she continued, "ATK stands for 'Ability To Kill'. If you have any number higher then 0, then you have the ability to kill someone." That seems a little morbid, but okay. "DEF means 'DEFence which in certain I don't need to explain."

I nodded and told her she can look. Toriel shook her head, "It's not that simple. To look at your stats, I need to look at your soul." I was confused, what's wrong with that? She sighed, "Looking at one's soul when not in battle is a very intimate thing. I just want to make sure you're comfortable." I looked down, I don't know why but I really trust Toriel, even if I have only met her today. I looked back up and nodded.

Nodding back, she lifted her hands to my chest and I felt that tugging sensation again. I wonder if I'm going to feel that every time. I wonder…

Before I could get another thought in, I hear Toriel gasp. I looked at my soul to see it was the same as before so I don't know why she was shocked. Cupping her hands under my soul and brought it closer to her as if she was holding a baby, she sighed. "My child, I'm so sorry…" I raised an eyebrow, "Why are you apologizing? There is nothing to be sorry for."

Shaking her head, she wiped a tear, "You're sick… I did not know how sick you really are." Oh, that's why my soul is that way. That makes more sense. I cleared my throat and rubbed the back of my neck. "Well, how's my HP?" Looking back towards me, she put my soul back in my chest. "Most humans have the Hp of 20. You, my dear, only have 8 Hp."

"And that's bad?" I asked with uncertainty in my voice. She nodded with no needed words. I sigh, knowing I would have to tell her, but I really didn't want to. Telling her would only make me more aware of how close I am to deaths clutches.

Standing, Toriel wrapped the blankets over my body and told me to get some rest, then left the room. Staring at the ceiling, I wondered how being down in the Underground was going to turn out for Frisk and me. Was I going to die down here? Maybe. But for now, I can't of the future. Just think of the Butterscotch and Cinnamon filling the room as I closed my eyes.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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Frisk and I have been here a total of three months. It took only about a month for my leg to fully heal, but I decided that it would be better for us to stay with our new mother.

Since we have been here, Toriel has been nothing but kind and motherly to the two of us. She does everything a loving mother should: cook us food, tell us stories, take us on trips, sing lullabies, and so much more.

Since Frisk is the only one with a bed, Toriel switches places with me some nights. Sometimes I would get her bed; other times I would get her reclining chair.

The chair really isn't that bad. Since it's so big, if you recline it, it's basically a bed of its own. So, that's why I sleep in the chair most nights. And I hate taking Toriel's bed since she has a harder time sleeping in the chair.

Some nights, I sleep with Frisk in their bed. They've been having a lot of night terrors for which I have to forcefully wake them up. It would take them a while to recognize that it's me waking them up and not someone else.

When they do see it's me, they jump into my arms and cry into my shoulder for hours. I don't mind though, whatever I can to help, I'll do it. I hate seeing them like that though. Seeing your most precious person in a state of fear that they sob for hours, it hurts.

Sometimes they need help to calm down so I would quietly sing or hum a song in their ear. Fortunately, this always seems to work. Frisk loves it when I sing. I think it reminds them of the time before mom and dad went down the road of gaining shitty parents of the year award.

Frisk cuddles into my chest while I sing and quickly falls asleep. I have to stay sitting up because the bed is too short for me to lay down on. I don't mind, as long as they get a good night's rest.

Sadly, entering the third month of staying with Toriel, my sickness started to get worse. I can't exercise too much or be running around for too long because I will be in a lot of pain the next day

I figured that out when Frisk and I were playing tag with the Froggits. After an hour of running around and playing, I got a lot of chest pain. I had to go back inside and sleep.

When I woke up, however, I could barely move. My legs felt numb with pain and my back was in no shape for twisting. When Toriel found out, she tried to heal me, but could only do so much.

Mom's healing magic could really only heal physical wounds. What I had was a sickness, a sickness that would cause my death.

I had to start using my oxygen when these days occurred. I couldn't eat much throughout the day because I would only throw it back up later. It was horrible.

It finally got to the point that I had to tell Toriel what was happening. Having to explain to your mother figure, who saw you as her daughter, was hard enough. The tears in her eyes as I explained that it was incurable was devastating. She had me laying in her lap all day because she was scared I was going to die right then and there.

I don't know if Frisk was listening to our conversation. One minute, they are acting like nothing is wrong with me, the next minute, they look like they want to cry. Either way, I know they are keeping something from me.

Like with their night terrors, I ask if they want to talk about it, but they just smile at me and change the subject. Sometimes I find them staring off into space like they are having an inner battle with themselves.

I'm wondering if I've done something wrong. They've never kept secrets from me before, they always told me what was on their mind. Of course, that was before we fell down into the Underground, but still.

I decided to stop asking them about it because I can tell when I'm not winning a battle. I should let them come to me. Frisk seems relieved I've stopped asking questions, but I'm worried. I don't know how to help them.

As of today, the three of us have decided to take a slow day. Slow days are basically relaxing days where we just hang by the fireplace and do small activities.

Last time we did this, Toriel taught us how to cook some recipes. She told us some of her secrets to making the perfect meal while we told her of our favorite dishes from the surface. Telling Toriel how to make (F/f) was the best because she made it for dinner. Of course with some replacements since they don't have all the ingredients underground.

Right now, I'm doing Frisk's hair with a brush Toriel gave them. I don't really need to brush my hair, with it being as short as it is. I guess that's one nice thing that came with my sickness, long lasting short hair.

Toriel was sitting in her chair knitting up something that I really couldn't tell what it was from my angle. I could see that the yarn was (F/c), which I was happy about.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Finishing up Frisk's hair, there was a knock on mother's front door. It was strange because no one ever knocks on the door except when she gets the mail on Tuesday. It's not Tuesday.

Getting up, Toriel walked to the door after telling us to go to our rooms. Grabbing Frisk's hand, I led them to their bedroom. I sat them on my lap on the bed and hugged them to my chest.

"What's happening Sis?" I shook my head, "I don't know…" I rubbed their back while slowly rocking them back and forth.

I hear Toriel speed walking towards our room and quickly opened our door. "My children, quickly pack your bags. You must leave quickly."

My eyes widened, "what? Why?" Did she not want us here anymore. Does she not love us anymore. Her eyes softened in concern. "My daughter, the Royal Guard have caught word that humans are being kept here. If you stay here any longer, they will catch both of you."

She has told us about the Royal Guard. They work for the king to catch humans to get their souls. Toriel never told us why they need our souls though. She starts to cry every time she tries to tell us.

I never question her about it because I respect her privacy, though I am worried about her. Seeing your mother cry when she thinks no one is watching really makes me sad. I want to help her but I don't know how.

Frisk jumped off my lap as they run to grab their bag and put some stuff in it that they took out. Toriel walked out of the room as I walked to mothers room to find my bag in the corner of the room

I walked to the side of the big bed to find my half-empty can of oxygen. I did my best quickly put everything into my bag then walked out of the room.

I see mother and Frisk standing next to the staircase as she gave them wrapped up piece of Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie. Walking up to them, Toriel sees me and also gave me a pie with a concerned smile.

"Take this pie so you won't get hungry." She pulled out two jackets and gave us one each. "These will keep you warm outside the ruins. Come, follow me."

She led us downstairs and for the first time, I see what below looks like. Mother told us to never come down here and I was the one to follow her directions. Same with Frisk.

Speaking of my sibling, they grabbed my hand when I looked down to see a sad expression. I smiled at them reassuringly and stopped when Toriel slowed to a stop in front of a big purple door.

I could see tears filling her eyes as she knelt down and gave us both of us a hug. "I have a friend on the other side of the door who promised that they will protect both of you. I don't know who they are or what their name is, but I know they love puns!"

Her happy face going through her sobbing makes me sadder than before. I hugged them back with a smile, "Thank you mom, for everything you have done for us for the past three months. We love you."

Frisk nodded with a smile which made Toriel laugh and wipes her tears. "I'm so happy you are my children." She let's go of us and stand. "I love you as well as my child, my daughter. Please, both of you, be careful."

She opened the door with a smile. We smiled as well and walked through the door. Sadly, she shut the door behind us without a word.

Sighing, I feel Frisk tug on my sleeve, "We need to keep going! Goat-mom will be fine, but we need to keep moving forward!" I smile, "You're too wise for your own good, you know that?" They giggle and walk forward.

Shaking my head, I catch up to them and grab their hand for protection. We walked down the freaking long hallway that leads to another dark room with grass in the middle. It looked like the room with… Flowey.

The same flower from before was in the middle of the grass with the angriest face I've seen on them. He stared at us with the kind of rage that could kill someone with a single stare.

"You idiot! Why are you taking so long to finish the game! You're ruining everything!" The game? What was he talking about? I think he could tell what I was confused about. "That's right. My game! You're changing what is supposed to happen in my game! You were supposed to leave the ruins after the first day! Now it's been three months. Three months of your happy pow wow. Why do you have to ruin everything!'

I was so confused. His game? " What are you talking about?" Flowey looks at me with an interesting look. "You're talking like you know the future or something. Or you're some sort of God who controls our actions."

He does a crazy and insane laugh, "You fool! I AM a God! And you'll know why!" He laughed again then disappeared into the ground. I shook my head while looking at Frisk, "Well, he is strange, isn't he? Do you know---."

My sibling's face was looking down in some sort of disappointment and fear. I knelt down to their height and asked if they were okay which made them tense up.

"You're going to be okay little sibs. There is no way a small flower is going to be able to hurt us." They took a deep breath then nodded, still looking scared. I sighed, bringing them into my arms

"We'll get through this, the both of us. Nothing will bring us apart. I promise

Chapter Text

God, it was cold.

The moment Frisk and I stepped out of the door of the ruins, we were met with a forest covered in snow. Now, this made no sense. There is no scientific way that there can be snow underground.

I bend down and grabbed a handful of snow and raise it up. It's cold, like actual snow, but it doesn't melt. If it doesn't melt, how long has this snow been here?

I hear laughter coming from ahead. Looking up, Frisk is jumping up and down in the snow and sending flurries of snow into the air.

They weren't done. Frisk lays on their back, waving their legs and arms up and down, making a snow angel. I walked over when they stood to look at their masterpiece.

I ruffled their hair, "Looks good squirt!" I looked down to see their entire backside covered with snow. Sighing, I wiped their jacket and pant. "You're going to freeze to death you know."

Sib looks over to the right of us then ran over. I looked up confused as they ran up to a bush covered in snow. Walking over, I could see something shiny poking out of the leaves.

Getting closer, I see Frisk looking at a camera hidden in the bushes. "Why would there be a camera all the way out here?" They shook their head as I kneeled down to eye level of the lens.

I waved at the machine, "Hello creepy stalker person." Frisk laughed, "Who are you talking to? There's no one in the camera." I shrugged, "I was saying hello to the one watching the feed from the camera you doof!"

Frisk gave me a cheeky smile then pointed down the pathway. "Keep moving forward, right?" They nodded and grabbed my hand, pulling me forward.

The trees were standing tall around us, making me wonder how far the ceiling really goes. The space between the trees was slim, but enough that I would be able to slip through.

Looking up, I expected to see some sort of cloud formation or machine releasing ice but there was nothing. The snow seemed to be slowly falling from the cavern top but not all the way. Seemed it only came from a few feet above the trees but not any higher.

I looked down at my sibling. There was a small wind blowing Frisk's hair back and forth. Their cheeks and nose were a soft pink, showing me how cold they were.

They are holding onto my left hand as we walked down the snow path. I've haven't seen Frisk so determined in a long time. Probably when they first started school and wanting to be the best student in the class.

I'm happy to see them like this again. But what are they so determined about? I would think to leave the mountain but I'm not sure.

Looking ahead, I see a branch lying in the snow. Sib ran forward towards it and tried to pick it up. They struggled so hard to pick up an end of it, but couldn't.

I chuckled at their pain, making them pout. "Don't laugh at me! I bet you can't pick it up either!" I giggled and shook my head. "Nah, I don't want to know that answer. 

I grabbed their hand again and we journeyed forward. Going to speak to my sib about what we were going to do, I was interrupted.

A loud crack echoed behind me, making me jump. I slowly turned to see nothing but the branch. The now broken branch.

I looked around the forest walls to see what caused the branch the break, but I saw nothing. I gripped Frisk's hand tighter then faced forward and walked faster.

Frisk seemed to be a little frightened but not as much as I thought they were. Maybe they were confused, I'm not sure.

A few moments later, I heard footsteps walking behind us, making me walk faster. I was basically jogging and pulled Frisk along with me.

Finally, we got to a gate. At least, I think it was a gate. The bars were very tall which would seem good for keeping others out. But, the bars were so spaced out that we could easily go through.

The bars were above a small bridge that was hanging above a small hole in the ground. The hole was small but it was so deep you couldn't see the bottom. I couldn't tell if there is a bottom or if it goes all the way to the core of the Earth.

My legs seemed to not cooperate with my brains commands to run away from danger. I stopped right before the wooden planks of the bridge. I tried my best to get my body to respond but it was no use.

I could see Frisk out of the corner of my eye. They seemed to be very calm and excited. I expected them to be more scared than me but it seemed that wasn't the case.

Why did they look like they have seen this before?

Before I could think anything more on the matter, I froze. Steps from behind were moving towards our presence. I tried even more for my legs to move but they couldn't. What did this person want? We're they a monster coming to take our souls as Toriel said!?

H U M A N S 

A dark, chilling voice came from the body behind us. They were very close to us. I could almost feel their breath on my neck.

D O N ' T  Y O U  K N O W   H O W  T O  G R E E T A  N E W  P A L?

T U R N  A R O U N D  A N D  S  H A K E  M Y  H A N D.

Shake their hand? That's not something a normal person would say if they want to murder you. Unless they were going to kill you if you turn around.

I had no idea what to do. I didn't want to turn around in case they do take away my life. If I don't turn around, they will probably go to murder me for not doing as they said. I felt a tug on my left hand.

Looking down, I see Frisk trying to turn me around. The numbness in my legs disappeared and I was finally able to move again. Because of this, Frisk was able to turn my feet towards the stalker.

The only thing I was able to see was a silhouette. The unknown was taller then I imagined. He was at least a whole foot taller, not really sure. Now, I wasn't very tall, only (Y/h), but I knew when someone could tower over me.

This shadow had his hand stretched out before me. He really does want me to shake his hand? I couldn't see his hand, it was also a shadow. There was nothing he was holding from what I could see so I was probably safe.

I looked down at Frisk once more, seeing the determination in their eyes. They nodded, showing me that it was alright to shake his hand.

I raised my right hand slowly, hesitating to grab their palm. At my final thought, I latched on to their gestured hand.

A loud, vibrating noise rang around our head the moment our hands touched. It sounded familiar… A fart?

The silhouette laughed. Looking up, I could see the inky blackness had disappeared and I could see the monster perfectly.

His arm showed the bones of his Ulna and Radius. The hand connected was also made of bone.

He was a skeleton? He seemed very big for a skeleton. Weren't skeletons supposed to be skinnier because they were just bones? Maybe he had thicker bones and a wider structure because there was no way he could be fat.

His attire was quite interesting. He wears an unzipped blue hoodie with a gray hood, a white t-shirt, black basketball shorts with white stripes, and pink slippers on his feet.

Looking up at his face, I could see he had a wide, dimpled smile with a perfectly aligned set of teeth. His eye sockets were large and seemed to be empty pits of darkness. Though, in the middle of his eyes were small white dots that represent his pupils.

I could tell from those pupils that he was confused in a-way. Almost fearful. It was probably because we were humans. But the look seemed to be not aimed towards me. Though I don't know what.

Who is this skeleton? And why do I seem so drawn to him?

Chapter Text

Sans P.O.V:


This has never happened, not once.  For two-hundred and seven resets, it's always been the same three damn days.  


The first half of the first day is them going through the ruins with the second half being them meeting Paps and I and going through puzzles.  


The second day, they fight Papyrus.  I hate the start of that day. The day that I may lose my brother to a murderous child, or they make friends.  


The rest of that day is them making it through Waterfall with Undyne trying to capture them.  


They fight in a strange way.  The kid makes her give up by going into Hotland, her almost roasting alive, until the kid dumps water on her.


At the end of the second day, they make up and become friends as well.  The third day is hard to explain. They go through Hotland, making new friends until they get to the Judgement Hall.  


You see, Im what Monsters call "The Judge".  I am able to see a person's stats without having to go into battle or see their souls in general.  


With Frisk, well, I have to judge them on how much LOVE they have gained.  If they gained none then they are a true pacifist and I let them see the king.  


If they have any LOVE level 2 - Level 18, they are a neutralist, and I still let them through with snarky remarks and threats.


But, if they are level 19 of LOVE, well, then that means they did a pure genocide run.  A demon. I had to do my judge them and fight them until they either killed me or reset.  


Out of all two-hundred and seven resets, they mostly did pacifist.  It's usually them becoming friends, but sometimes they are not themselves.  


Sometimes, they come out of the ruins with dust on their clothes and their blood eyes opened like a demon.


I have no idea what was with Frisk.  It's like they are two different people.  A good angel and a bad demon.


Now, for the first time in probably years, it has been past three days.  It's been way past the regular timeline. Everything is new. I have no idea what people are going to say or do.  


Its kinda scary.  For so long, I had to follow a certain dialogue and listen to other people say the same\ do things over and over.  They were predictable.  


My friends are doing things that are new.  Undyne and Alphys are not together but yearn for the other.  Papyrus is getting better at making spaghetti. Toriel doesn't come to the door much anymore.  It's all so strange.


The big question I have is where is Frisk.  Did something bad happen to them? Is there no more resets?

I'm at my regular sentry station in Snowdin near the Ruins.  I was making a hotdog with the regular mountain of ketchup. Maybe I should listen to Paps about getting more control of my ketchup portions…  Nah, I'm good.


As I eat, I started to look in the direction of the Ruins.  Tori hasn't come back to the door to make jokes with him. She has never missed a meeting, what gives.  


Who knows, maybe something happened in the ruins and she has to tend to it.  Or she hates me for a particular reason. A reason I have no idea about.



Shaking out of my thoughts, I heard Papyrus shouting my name with urgency.  He was literally running straight towards me like Gyftrot chasing after teenagers.


He is barely able to stop his momentum and slaps his hands on my sentry station table.  "SANS! DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS? HUMANS WERE SPOTTED FALLING INTO THE UNDERGROUND!" 


My eyes widened, "humans?  as in more than one?" 




Two.  Two humans.  This has never happened ever.  Is one of the humans Frisk? If so, who is with them.  Are they good, or a demon in disguise?


I see Papyrus waiting for my response.  I leaned forward, "that's great bro. do you think your puzzles are ready for two humans?  it seems challenging."  




I smiled wider, "i know you'll do it, i can feel it in my bones."  He stared down at me, "SANS, DON'T RUIN THIS MOMENT!"


"nah, I don't have the stomach for it.  this bonetiful moment is all yours bro."  He stared straight through me while trying not to smile. 


He turned the opposite way of the ruins.  "YOUR JOKES CANNOT RUINS TODAY SANS! I WON'T ALLOW IT!  I AM GOING CHECK ON MY PUZZLES."  


Walking away, he looks behind him and tells me to watch out for the humans.  I wave and watch him move out of site.  


My smile dropped a bit as I stood.  Two humans, I don't know if I should be hopeful or worried.  I'm a bit of both. 


Sighing, I started walking towards the door.  Two humans, three months of change, new dialogue, new situations, no resets.  Is this the last timeline? Will this finally be the end? I shouldn't get hopeful.  Not again.


I get to the branch on the ground as I heard the creek of an old door.  It opened!  


I took a shortcut to my regular sitting branch next to the entrance.  Their they were. Paps was right! Two humans. 


I instantly recognise Frisk, of course.  How could I forget a brat like them. They looked the same.  Same shirt, same pants, same hair. Everything was the same except one thing.  


Their smile.  They looked truly happy, not the fake smile from seeing the exact same act played over and over.  No, an honest, happy smile. I haven't seen them smile like that since the first couple resets.


I see the kid jumping up and down in the snow.  The kid was… playing? Why, they've never done this.  Frisk looked up and smile straight at the second human.  A human I've have never seen before.


She was taller than Frisk, kid got up to her ribs.  Much more mature looking then Frisk, so I'm guessing she was an adult.  It was kinda hard to tell, but I could see she had brown hair with little hair covering her head.


Her cheeks were a little sunkin and seemed a little skinny then most.  That could be normal though, I don't remember what most adult humans looked like.


They looked related.  Same eyes, same smile, I wonder…


I watched as she picked up some snow and analyzed it and the sky before walking to Frisk who was at the bush.  Alph put a camera there long ago to watch for humans. I wonder how she'll react to one waving at her through the camera.  


Finally, they walked forward to find a stick in the ground.  Frisk tried to grab it but was unsuccessful while the new Human laughed at them.


Time to shine…


They walked past it and I used my blue magic to grab the stick and use the pressure to break it. 


I watched as the taller human turned around to find the unbreakable stick broken.  Frowning a bit when I saw the human shake a bit in fear. I didn't mean to scare her that much.


She grabbed Frisk and ran all the way to the gate.  I grabbed their souls to make sure they wouldn't be able to walk past the bridge.  


Walking up to them, I readied my whoopie cushion and stood right behind the new human.  I could still see her shaking. Why do I feel like an asshole?


Shaking my head, I spoke,  " H U M A N S "  The taller human grips Frisk's hand tighter, as if she was scared for them, interesting. 


" D O N ' T  Y O U K N O W  H O W T O G R E E T  A N E W P A L?


T U R N  A R O U N D  A N D S H A K E  M Y H A N D. "


She had no intention of turning around.  I was ready to speak again but stopped when I saw Frisk shaking the taller human, making them turning around.


I reached my hand out.  She reluctantly reached out and shook it.  As I intended, a fart sound filled the air making her jump and Frisk giggle. 


The look of surprise and relief on her face made me crack up.  As I laughed, I see her looking me over, as to see who I was. And probably to see if I was a threat.


I didn't want her to feel scared.  I feel like an asshole for making her scared for some reason.  


Putting on a gentle smile, I rose my hand to show the whoopie cushion.  "the old whoopie cushion in the hand trick. it's ALWAYS funny."  


I see her stare at my hand before starting to relax and smile.  I smiled with her. "you're humans right? that's hilarious. im sans, sans the skeleton."  


As I told them my name, the human nodded, "Nice to meet you!  Im (Y/n) and this is Frisk." Looking down, I see Frisk wave with a knowing smile. 


Looking back at (Y/n), I nodded, "nice to meet you too.  you know, not many give their names out that quickly, you're an interesting bunch."  Her head shifted to the side as if confused. 


"im actually supposed to be on watch for humans right now.  but… you know… i don't really care about capturing anybody."  (Y/n) seemed to relax, knowing I wasn't to capture them.  


I hope this girl is able to survive down here, she doesn't seem right for getting into battle.  I looked down at Frisk.  


How much is she willing to take to protect the brat.