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Once He Was Mine!

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James sat alone with a glass of Irish Whiskey and pictures strewn across the table. They were pictures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H. Watson. He was not a happy man. Sherlock had been his. He had always relished having Sherlock as an opponent. It had always been great to come up against him. To equal intellects sparring against each other, one vying to commit the most amazing crimes the other trying to break him and bring him in. That was the way that it had always been and that was the way that it should always have been.

That was the way that it was until he met John H. Watson. A man invalided out of the army and sent home. Short, pathetic looking and definitely of inferior intellect and yet now it was obvious that this man had Sherlock's attention. James had a feeling that he would give up everything for John H. Watson. He couldn't work out why. He was better than John Watson and yet it was like Sherlock wanted to impress this man. Sherlock was going to pay.

James laughed as he took another swig of his drink. "Oh dear Sherlock. You have been a bad boy. Once you were mine. Now you have someone else to play with and I don't like it. Mmm yes. What would you do if I threatened you new pet mmm? While I'm at it why don't I threatened your landlady Mrs Hudson and your New Scotland Yard whipping boy DI Gregory Lestrade. Yes your going to loose it all."

The room was filled with gales of maniacal laughter as the plan was formed.