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End of Them, Beginning for Us

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The rain was soft, like a lullaby. It made a pitter-patter sound outside the car window, the car slowly pulling into the parking lot at the graveyard. Rei Todoroki stepped out the vehicle with a bouquet in her arms. An umbrella was held above her shielding her and the flowers. A man followed behind her as her chaperone. She makes her way down the concrete path. The air filled with the scent of fresh rain as they both walked.

They arrived at a grave labeled with the Todoroki name. One of the names on the tall stone was 'Shoto Todoroki'. She places the bouquet of white lilies and chrysanthemums down just beneath the head stone. She kneeled down by the grave and placed her arms together, bowing. Silent tears flowed from her eyes, dripping down her face and making invisible drops on the already wet grave.


'Were my eyes closed?' I opened my eyes. 'Who is calling me?' Opening my eyes, I am met with nothing but darkness. 'Where am I?' My hand reaches out into the darkness and then I blink. A dim grey light and I blink again. 'Wha? Mother.' My eyes scan over her face. 'Why are you crying? Don't cry, Mother, what's wrong?' I reach towards her. 'Mother, I'm here.' Then I feel it and see it as well. My hands pass through her.

Looking at myself, I examine my hand. It's translucent, almost faded in color. 'Wha?' My body, what's going on?' I see her stand up, smiling with tears still leaking from her eyes. She turns, her chaperone holding the umbrella. 'Wait, mother, where are you going?' I reach out to her. "Wait!!!" I feel a jolt and I see that my legs are floating above the ground. 'No time to think.' Rushing towards her, I yell, "Mother!! I'm here! Right here!" She does not turn. "No, don't ignore me!! Mother!!"

"Wait!!!" I sit here as I see her get in the car with the chaperone. "Don't leave me."

I sit there, hearing the pitter-patter of the rain along with the car engine rumbling farther into the distance.

"Ah, so you are awake, I take it?"

I look at him. He was floating in the air, faded in color. His features were a little blurred, but I could tell that he had a concerned expression.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Do yah know why she can't see you?"


"Yah are a ghost, you see, as a ghost, most people can't see yah."

"I see. Do you know anyone who can?"

"Oh, I have seen a few people as a ghost. They come and go, mostly, bound to be someone around who can."

"Do you know where I could find this person?"

"There are people who come by and talk to me. Not many, though. Mostly the lonely ones. There is a young boy who comes by quite often and waits to see if his mother will rise, though he hasn't visited in a while."

"Do you know what he looks like?"

"He has green hair, pretty short with freckles, I think. Mutters to himself. Bit weird, but all the ones that can see ghosts are a bit weird."

"Do you know when he might stop by?"

"Oh, about that, not sure... He used to come on a weekly basis, but it's been a while. Hope he's all right. He's a nice boy."

"Hm...any clue where he lives?"

"You're not going to stalk the boy, are you? He seems pretty cheerful, a bit lonely. But not sure he would want a stalker on his hands."

"But I want to meet him..."

The man looks at me for a bit. I could sense empathy in his eyes before glancing over in the direction of the road "It's pretty far, but he mentioned moving into a house from his mothers will."

"Can you show me where it is?"

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I wake up and look at my almost empty room. Most of my things were already moved to the house left from my late mother's will. 'I didn't even know she owned a house of the size. It could have possibly been my father's...' I decide not to think much more of the thought and got out of bed.

I walk downstairs. 'Luckily, it's summer break, so I can move the rest over today and tomorrow.' Preparing breakfast, I look out the window. 'Oh, it must have been raining pretty hard yesterday.' I stand at the counter to eat. 'I only have couple of things here, probably can move in two rounds..and..' My eyes catch a wispy shape. 'Oh.'

The shape seemed to fill out and then expanded. A face formed out of the blob and the whole body seemed to center itself. "Hi!! What's up?"

"Hey, how are you, Arata-san?"

"So you're moving out, huh?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Ah..." Arata-san looks around the apartment. "Going to miss this place. Are you sure you want to move?"

"Yeah. I don't think I could handle living here without Mom."

"Oh, I guess that makes sense."

Finishing breakfast, I go back to the boxes. 'I probably move these here and I have a couple of hangers over here...' Out of the corner of my eye, Arata looked hesitant, opening and then closing his mouth. I look over. "Arata-san, is there something wrong?"

"Oh, do you mind if I come with you?"

I pause with my rummaging. "Aren't you attached to this place? You used to tell me that you really liked this place. You would have followed me to school if you could leave. You could try though."

"Hm...I do like this place. I do. When I rose, I was pulled to this place."

"Do you know what you liked about this place?"

"Yeah, I think I might have lived here for a bit. Things look familiar and stuff."

"Hm... maybe you're here because you left something behind."

"Yeah, probably that. But I have no clue what that might be, though"

"Do you want me to help you?"

"Nah, I'm good. I'll figure something out."

"Okay, if you're sure."


I grabbed one box out of the four that were in the house, brought it down the stairs and went back up to grab my bike. Bringing my bike down, I attached the box towards the back of the bike and I ride along the road to the house. The air is fresh with a bit of a cool breeze, clouds covering up most of the sun. I could hear the splash of water as I ride across the puddles.

Before I knew it, I had arrived at the house. It was a nice place with wooden doors and a small maple. There was some weaving on the frame and a small balcony. Opening the front door with his keys, I placed the box among bunches of boxes that were already placed there. I proceeded towards the back and opened the sliding door in the back. Looking around, I see a small koi pond and bushes surrounding a small garden in the back. Small stones decorated the outside of the koi pond along with a small stone basin. Sitting down,I enjoy the breeze as it brushes through the screen door and hit a small wind chime.

I hear whispers in the other room.

"Who's the kid?"

"He's so young. Do you think he's the young master of the place?"

"Shh...he's going to hear you."

"As if, he didn't see us when we came in."

"Yeah, well, if he can't see us, we can spook him."

I turned to see a group of ghost huddled in the corner, whispering loudly. "I can hear you, you know."

The ghosts jump and turn towards him. There was a pause. Then all of them float toward him.

"You can see us!!"

"Oh my god, he can see us!!"

"Look at me!! Look at me!!"

"Well, this is rare!"

'What?' The ghost kept jumping up and down. "Whao, guys, wait a moment! I can't keep up with what you're saying."

The ghosts kept chattering. 'Ignoring me, huh?' I picked up the box and dropped on the floor. Boom! The ghost stopped talking. "Do I have your attention?"

"Yeah, you do." One of the ghost stepped out. He was slouched with a bored expression. "The others were just excited to see someone that could see us ghosts."

"But it's exciting. I've never met someone who could see us." Another of them bounced up and down. I blinked at the sudden assault of color. Even though the shape was slightly faded, the bright yellow shirt glittered on her and a big smile was on her face.

"Yeah, it is..."

"So exciting to meet you."

One shape became two and split. Two identical shapes formed in front of me. 'Twins or split personalities...probably twins.'

"Hi, my name is Izuku Midoriya. Nice to meet you. Do you guys remember your names?"



"We do."

I stared at the one with the glittering shirt. "Do you want me to give you one?"


"Then how about Hikari?"

"Okay!!" She jumped up and down.

"How basic." The one with the bored and tired expression remarked.

I smiled. "How about your name?"

" Hitoshi Goya"

"You know your full name?"


I looked over towards the twins. "So your names?"



I stared at them a bit and smiled. "I see, I think I can tell you guys apart."

"Wait, really?"


"Hm... I just can." I smiled. 'They're so cute.'

They both pouted and I couldn't help but laugh. 'It's strange; I don't remember laughing after Mom's death.'

I turn towards Hitoshi, who was staring at me. "So do you know if there is anyone else in the house?"

Hitoshi scowled. "Probably a few others, haven't seen them though."

"I see." Closing the screen door behind me, I walk over to the front door.

"Hey, where are you going." I turned and see Hitoshi, scowling, arms folded.

"To get the rest of my stuff. I'll be back." I opened the door and as I closed it behind me, I thought I heard him say, "You better be back..."

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'Left, right, left again, straight towards the end of the road, and make a sharp right. There should be a old house that is on the right side with a lot of ghosts. That's what the man said. Except....' I look around to see a lot of houses, all of them in the same old state. 'Where is it?!'

I follow the instructions the best I can, but at a certain point, I decide that I was probably lost. I go back to the start of the neighborhood and looked around. I look in a few of the houses, but they don't seem to be the right ones. I go down to the end of the road like he said and looked into a few houses there. 'I don't think this is it, maybe...' I head over to the house next to it and there are lots of boxes inside. 'This seems to be it.'

"Oh, look, a new one. A new one!"

"He looks so..."


"Are you going to disappear and hid in the attic like the rest of the pathetic ones that can't accept death as is?"

I took in all of the ghosts. The grumpy one addressed me again. "Well, are you?"

"No, I just came here to see someone."


"I didn't get a name."


"Green hair, kinda short with freckles."

"Oh, him? He just left to get stuff."

"Oh..." I looked around. Dust lined the walls. "Wait a second, does he live here?"

"He apparently does."

"He does, he does!!!" The girl with the bright yellow shirt cheered.

"You have any clue when he is coming back?"

"No clue." The grumpy one shrugs.

I nodded. 'He seems kinda tense. Guess I'll wander around.'

I wander around the house, finding the dining room, kitchen, and a few bedrooms. They seemed familiar quite similar to where I used to live.' he mentioned the attic, I wonder where it is' I start to wander around a bit more until I find a loose panel in the ceiling. 'This is probably it' I wonder how i will get in there since I cannot move that panel. Deciding to leave it, I return to exploring the rest of the house.

I hear the door open downstairs and someone comes in 'He must be back' I think as I go to the first room in the house. There is a boy, as the man said, looking to be about my age with green hair and freckles. Though he is a bit different than I imagined him. He notices me first. Placing the box down, he smiled at me.

"Hi, are you new?"

"Yeah." I stare at him. 'I don't know what to say. His eyes are so shiny and he seems to be glowing.'

"Hello?" He looked concerned. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, you are cuter than I thought you would be."

I see him turn red. "W-w-what?" He starts waving his hands in front of him. "O-Oh, r-really?"

"Yeah, based on the description, I thought you would be younger."

"O-Oh, what did he say?"

"He said that 'you have green hair, pretty short with freckles, mutters, bit weird, but all the ones that can see ghosts are a bit weird'."

"O-Oh" He scratched his head. "IguessI-IkindaactabitweirdwhenItalk. I-I mean, I don'tmean to. Ijustgetcaughtupinmythoughts and I oftendon'tknowtosay and I'mnotsurewherethisisgoing...."

'I see what he meant by muttering.' I decided to go and touch him on the shoulder. ' hand went through.'

He looks up. "Oh, sorry about that. I-I tend to m-mutter a lot when I get lost in thought."

"It's okay."

"R-Really? I don't want t-to bother you or anything." There was a pause. "Well, I'm going to get cleaning supplies." He turns towards the door and walked out of the room.

After his footsteps faded, I float up and run after him. "Wait, I still need to talk to you."

I see him walk out of the door and start to close the door. "Wait for me." As I go towards the door, he shuts the door behind and I placed my hands in front of me to brace for impact. Whoosh! I open my eyes and I am outside the house. 'Wait, what?'

"Oh." I look to see him stare at me on his bike. "T-That makes a lot of sense."

"What makes sense?"

He starts to petal in the other direction. "Y-you aren't attached to the house."

I quickly zipped behind him."What do you mean attached to the house?"

"Well most ghosts are attached to something. Like a house or building. I have only met a few that aren't attached to something."

"Why would they be attached to something?"

"Oh, yeah, they mostly have lost memories there, you know, where they spend most of their life. I figured that they get attached because it's familiar. Do you have lost memories?"

"I don't think so, I'm not attached to anything, so I shouldn't have lost memories following what you said."

"All right." He had arrived at the store. Parking his bike outside, he goes into the store. 'How strange. Is it possible to buy everything you need from this store?' He stares at the store and observes the people going in.

Then the green haired boy comes out with a bag with a mop. He loads the mop on the back of his bike and places the bag in the basket in front. He gets on and starts paddling back. I follow him closely, floating around him in a circle.

"Can you p-please stop that?"

"Oh, I don't know what i'm doing, I guess I'm just experimenting."

He gave me an irritated look. "W-Why are you experimenting?"

"I am new at being a ghost. I just rose, according to that man in the graveyard."

"Oh, okay." We both finally returned to the house.

The grumpy ghost was at the doorway. "You're back? It took you long enough."

"Yeah, I'm back. I'm going to clean the h-house. There's too much d-dust."

The grumpy ghost floated into the house. "Well, good luck with that."

"Thanks!" The green-haired boy grabbed the bag and the mop in one hand and opened the front door.

As he stepped inside, I realized. 'Oh, I don't know his name.' I float over to him and try to touch him on the shoulder.

He pauses. "What is it?"

"What's your name? I didn't have a chance to ask."

"Oh, my name is Izuku Midoriya. What's yours?"

"Shouto. Just call me Shouto. Can I call you Izuku?"

"Okay." He smiles. "Shouto, nice to meet you."

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As I scrubbed the floor, I thought about the new ghost. 'He's pretty soft-spoken for someone that is not bounded. Somehow, I thought he would be more hyper.' A image of a ghost bouncing off the walls and laughing popped in my head. 'Ah, well, I guess you meet someone new every day.'

I look outside at the sky. 'It's pretty cloudy. Is it going to rain?' As I walk by, I see a couple of shapes wiggling around in and out of the ceilings. "How many ghosts are in this place?"

"A lot." I jumped and saw Hitoshi floating behind me. "There used to be more."

"Oh, uh...hi." I look around. "Do you need me for something?"

"Yeah, just wanted to ask something." He crossed his hands. "How long are you going to stay?"

"What do you mean?"

He awkwardly shrugged his shoulders. "Like how long do you think you're going to be around?"

"Oh. Well, it's the last thing mom left for me, so probably forever, if I become a ghost."

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow. "Hm..."

"I mean, i-if I become a ghost, of course, y-you know, it depends on my luck."

"Hm.." He flies through the wall and disappears out of sight.

I watch him leave. 'Oh, okay.' I dip the mop in the water bucket and start cleaning the floors. I managed to get most of the floors clean. Putting the cleaning supplies away, I head over to the room that I couldn't clean just yet. 'I'll check out the attic later. First, I'll unpack the boxes.' I open the sliding door and sees numerous blobs hanging from the ceiling.

I ignored the blobs swinging back and forth and picked up some of the boxes. I heard a whoosh and a giggle. Carrying the boxes, I walked out of the room and shut the door, sighing as a cacophony of giggles started up. I place the boxes outside of another room and examine the other empty rooms. 'Oh, I like the back room, that one with the window. There is also a hanging of a bamboo plant and it feels nice in here.' He went out to grab the boxes and placed them in the room. Opening the box, he sees a ghost-like hand sticking out of the box. "AAHHH!!"

"Hehe, I caught you." Ume popped her head from underneath the box.

"We did, we did!!" Mai phased out of her shadow and giggled.

"A-Ah, you got here." I chuckled. "So what have you been up to?"

"We are.."

"Having fun!"

I got back to packing. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mai dunk into a box and it starts shaking. Ume was about to join her when I said: "Mai, don't possess the box. My stuff is in there."

"You're no fun." Mai phases out of the box and whispers to Ume. Ume nods and asks: "Mai saw a pretty lady when she was in the box. Who is she?"

"Oh." I open the box to find my mother's picture. "That's my mom."

"She is pretty..."

"Not as pretty as our mom."

"What was your mom like?"

"Oh, she left us behind. She was pretty too."

"She was."

I examined the picture. It was one of her when I was around five. 'Are you saying these girls have been alone since...'

Mai smiled. "It's okay. We have been here for a while, and mom's death was a while back."

"Yeah, it's alright. Don't worry about it."

I smiled and placed my mom's picture on the dresser. Ume and Mai floated around, examining the room. I finish unpacking my stuff and arranged some of All Might merchandise on the shelf. 'Okay, I think that is basically it.' I placed my toothbrush and towel in the bathroom as I walk pass towards the attic.

I go towards the room and use a pole to pull down the cover of the attic. Getting up on a chair, I pull the ladder down towards the floor. Climbing up the ladder, I poke my head in the attic. 'Ah, Hitoshi was right. There are a lot of ghosts and he turned his head towards the other side. A shape with red and white hair seemed to be stuck in the middle of the floor.

He turned around and said: "Um, Izuku, could you help me out of here? I am kind of stuck in the floor."

"U-Uhh," I climbed up into the attic and sat down. "I-I don't know. Hey, guys, help?" I called out to the ghosts in the attic. The blobs in the attic stirred and didn't answer. Scrambling around, I poke at the ghosts, but they don't answer. I duck my head down the ladder. "Hitoshi, I need some help here!"

I see Hitoshi float up from the floor. Shoto stares at him. "How do you do that?"

"What? If this is about the depressed ones who don't want to leave, I can't help you."

"It's not that." I pointed toward Shoto. "He's stuck."

Hitoshi turns and looks at him. "Ah, looks like a candy cane is stuck between the floorboards. Just unstick yourself."

"Candy cane? What?!"

"I'm talking about you." Hitoshi pokes Shoto's head. "That's why. Just relax and flex your arms."


"Push your arms up. They're dangling from the other side. Push yourself up. Come on! Come on!"

Shoto frowned and then suddenly he popped out from out of the floor and bumped into one of the blobs. The blob grumbled and Shoto sat down in mid-air, floating above the floor. He stared at the floor with what seemed like an uncomfortable expression.

"So... how is the house?"


"A-Ah-" I scratched my head. "So what happened?"

"I got stuck."

"I-I see." I gaze around at the ghosts.

"If you are thinking about cleaning that up, don't bother. They don't move much and they won't move." Hitoshi remarked while poking one of the ghosts.

"Oh, okay." I climbed down the ladder and see Shoto try to grab the ladder. He suddenly sinks into the ladder and the ladder start to tremble. Holding on tightly, I yell: "Shoto, stop possessing the ladder."

Hitoshi sighs. His hands sinks into the ladder and pull Shoto out. I quickly scramble down the ladder and put it back in its position. Using the stick, I slide the door shut. I sink to the ground and sigh.

"Sorry, Izuku." I look at Shoto with an awkward expression on his face.

"N-No, it's okay. Just be careful next time."

Hitoshi sighs. "Look, kid, you're going to destroy the house at this rate." He grabs Shoto's hand. "Come on, let's go into the back garden. I'm going to teach you how to be a ghost." He floats through the door, tucking Shoto behind him.

After that incident, I got up and headed over to my bed. 'Probably should get ready for bed.'

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I followed Hitoshi out to the back garden. 'Being a ghost is strange. The whole concept on stepping feels like I am walking on some sort of floaty feeling, like on a bed...' I pulled my foot back and forth and bumping into the wall. 'Oof.'

I felt a hand grab mine and I paused. "Oi, don't run into the wall. I don't want to pull you out again."

Holding my hand, he dragged me outside. I stared at the hand, perplexed. 'When was the last time I held someone's hand?'

"Why are you staring? What, you never had someone hold your hand before?" He says snarkily

"The last person to hold my hand was my mother and that was when I was very young." I say looking at my hand in his and then at the ground.

Hitoshi's eyes flash to me, then he looks to the garden. He then yanks me further grumbling something I couldn't quite hear.

'What was that about?' I wonder as we floated our way to the back garden. 'Ah, we're here. Come to think of it, I didn't have a good look at the garden.'

Floating out into the back garden, there is a dark stone stair from the house down to a gravel area. In the gravel area there is a rectangular koi pond. In front of the koi pond to the right there is a small tree leaning over the pond. To the far left, elevated, is a garden trellis with wisteria vines strung all over. The garden is quite small, but also very calming and beautiful in its own way.

"Hey." I jumped. I saw Hitoshi stare at me calmly. "You there?" He said with a slightly worried expression. He let go of my hand.

"Yeah." I tried to straighten up. "So what do you want to teach me?"

"So in order to phase in and out of things, you need to first need to focus. Take a couple of deep breathes. Loosen your body out, like this." I stare at his form as it seem to fade a bit.

"How do you do that?"

"Oh, you first need to relax your arm."

"Relax my arm?" I stare at my arm. So... I wiggle my arm a bit and I watch it fade a bit.

"Oh no, not too much. Just enough to pass through the wall."

"What happens if you do too much?"


"Don't I want to know?"

"No." Hitoshi paused. "So after this step, you need to phase the rest of your hand. Otherwise..." He placed his hand on the wall and pushed against it. "See, my hand go through. So as I phase the rest of the wall, you need to focus on keeping everything faded, or..." His arms stopped. "This happens." He tried to move his arm, but to no avail. "In order to get out of this, you need to relax your arm and fade it...then" He pulls the arm out. "There, that's how you get it out."

"So how do you fade the entire body?"

"Well, you will have to allow the whole body to relax and keep it relaxed until your whole body goes through."

"Alright." I stare at the wall.

"Wait a second, you're going to do it."

"Yeah." I float towards the wall.

"You might not get at the first try. Practice with..."

Then I felt my head collide with the wall. 'Ow...'

"What did I tell you? Look, go practice with the tree over there. It has a thin trunk. The worst that can happen is for you to possess the tree."

"I see." I stared at the tree.

"Don't worry, I'll pull you out if you do. You wouldn't merge with the tree."

"What?" I stop in front of the tree.

"I'll explain it later. Just work on going through the tree."

"Alright." I stare the tree. 'Ok, here goes nothing.' I picture my body fading and I look at my body. 'Ok.' I step forward and my foot goes through the tree. 'Oh! It worked. AHH!' I slip and my foot solidifies. 'Oh' I pull at my foot and it did not move. 'WAIT, it won't come out.'

"Calm down." I look over to Hitoshi. "Don't freak out. Just imagine your foot fading and pull it back out."

I stare at my foot and imagine it fading. I pull out my foot and place it on the ground, staring at the tree.

"Are you going to do it again?"

"Yeah." I proceed to fade my body and move my hands toward the tree.

"Are you alright? Your hand seems to be trembling." I stare at him and saw his gaze on my hand.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You know, if you aren't comfortable, we can do another day if you want."

"No." I stare at the tree and stick my hand through. Then I focus on fading my body and step through the tree. The tree was strange on the inside. There was a green light filtering through with little fragments of light floating around. 'Should I?' I placed my hand down. 'No, need to get through the tree first.' I walked toward what I think is the other side and stick my hand out. I place a foot through and try to phase my body through. My whole body jolted and I phased through. Then I stopped. I look behind and my whole leg seems to be stuck in the tree. I fade my leg a bit and managed to pull it out.

'Ok, I managed to do it.' I stare at the wall of the house.

"Wait a sec, are you sure you don't want to practice more?"


"Hi, what are you guys doing?" A yellow blur jumped to hug Hitoshi. "It looks like fun!"

"Hikari, what are you doing? Get off me."

"No, I wanna hug you."

"Hikari..." Hitoshi begrudgingly returned the hug. The yellow blur formed into the shape of a girl. She looked around the same age as Fuyumi with her longish hair around the same length. I stared at her hair. 'What color is her hair, I can't tell?'

"Hi." I blinked and saw her face me. "You're the new guy, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose so. You are Hikari?"

"Yep, that's me. You're pretty, almost like the green haired guy."

"Oh, okay."

"It is not green-haired guy, it's Izuku, Hikari." I heard Hitoshi give out a long sigh.

"Anyway, whatcha doing?"

"We are practicing phasing with trees; do you want to join?"

"Phasing through trees..sounds fun." Hikari zipped towards the tree and collided with the tree.

"Hikari!" Hitoshi floats over to her. "Don't be reckless!"

"Oh, I'm okay. I can do this!!" Hikari took a deep breath and then zipped right through the tree. "Tada, see! I did it."

"Wait..." I stared at her and the tree. "How did you do that?"

"I just did. I think of myself going to one place to the other and zzoom!!!"

"Okay, I think I can do this." I stared at the wall. I imagine myself fading and then I walk through. 'Oh, I'm on the other side.'

"Well, good job, kid. It seem like you got it."

I nodded. 'I probably should have been able to get this by now, if not by the first try.'

"You okay? You're making that face again."

"Oh, it's nothing."

Hitoshi stared at me for a bit, muttered something under his breath and look around the room. "Ah, where is it? Oh, I think it is this way."

"Where are we going?"

"The kitchen. Follow me." He phases through the wall and I follow after him.

In the kitchen, Hitoshi points towards the fridge. "Now I am going to demonstrate how to possess stuff."

"So it is similar to phasing where you have to go into the object. You need to go in. I am going to go in." I see Hitoshi phase into the fridge. Then I wait outside. Suddenly, the fridge door opens on its own. I jumped and stared at the door. I went to close it.

"Oi, why are you closing the door?"

I jump. " how did you do this?"

"Oh." Hitoshi's voice echoes from the fridge. "Well, while I am in the fridge, I expanded my body's energy to each corner of the fridge. Just imagine that you are the fridge and your body is expanding to fit each part. Ah, it seem hard to explain while you're not here. Why don't you come in as well? It is probably better to explain in here."

"Alright." I walked towards the fridge and fades my foot before sinking it into the fridge. I manage to phase my body in before I heard a whoosh of air and felt a sharp pressure on my head. 'Wha?' Closing my eyes, A sharp thrust engulfs my body and I collide into something dark and rather small. I open my eyes to find myself curled up in a space with a glass door. "Hitoshi, hello?!" I look around for him. "Are you there?"

"Ah, shit." I hear Hitoshi's voice echo next to me. "Give me a minute, kid."

I sit there, curled up. I hear the fridge door close. "Hitoshi?"

"Oh my lord, how did you get there?"


"Hey, Hitoshi, what's going on? Where is pretty boy?"

"Oh, he's in the microwave....This is going to be hard to pull him out."

'The microwave!!! Wha?' I felt my hands start to shake. 'How? So dark...'

"Oi, kid, calm down!! Don't panic. I'll get you out of there. Relax a bit, I can get you out."

I took a deep breath and then I felt Hitoshi's hand grab mine. I felt something pass through and I was out. Hikari looked at me and paused. She reached out her arms and said: "Do you want a hug, pretty boy?"

I stood there. 'What?' I felt arms around me and my body melted in her embrace. I glanced over her shoulder and see Hitoshi smile awkwardly.

"Are you going to hug back?" I stare at Hikari.

"Oh. Am I supposed to hug back?" She lets go of me. Then I see tears leak from her eyes. "Why are you crying?"

"B-Because you don't, you don't know how to hug someone." She hiccuped. "Y-You don't know..." Tears streaming down her cheeks, she wept.

"Is it bad?" I paused. "Is it bad not to know how to hug someone?"

"Well, you are going to learn how to." Hitoshi floats over and grabs my hands. "You put these around her waist and now copy me." Hitoshi floats over to Hikari, hiccuping a bit, and hugs her. "See, like that."

I stared at him hugging her and approach her. I thought about how Hitoshi did it and I wrap my arms around her. 'This feels kinda weird.'

Then I hear her giggle through this. "You're not very good at this."

"I guess I'm not."


Chapter Text

Waking in the morning in a new place was rather different. I stretch my arms. 'Got to go back to cleaning up and organizing things in the house.' After brushing my teeth, I walk into the kitchen. Part of me half expected Mom to be there, smiling and cooking food. 'Mom...'

"Oi, kid. Stop zoning out." I felt a cold feeling trickle down my arm as Hitoshi brushed against it.

"O-Oh, sorry about that." I hurried over to the stove to cook up eggs and make some pancakes. Opening the microwave, I noticed that pressing the button did nothing to start it. 'Huh? I'm sure it was working yesterday.'

"My apologies." I looked over to see Shoto staring at me awkwardly, his ghostly swirl wiggling back and forth.

"A-Apologies? For what?" I stared at the microwave. "What happened last night?"

"I may have broken the microwave yesterday night." Shoto seemed to be looking everywhere but my face.

"Don't worry about it, kid." I see Hitoshi pat him on the shoulder. "It's okay." He stared at me, as if he was waiting for me to judge.

"I-It's okay, don't worry about it. I-I'll just buy another one."

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Hikari wobble through the wall. She looked pretty bad, her shirt glowing a bit dimly, and her blue eyes looked a bit dejected. She leaned on Hitoshi a bit, and Shoto glanced at the two with confusion. 'What happened here?'

"Guys, what happened last night?" I asked them. Hikari looks at me and then looks at Hitoshi.

"Well, if you want to say it, go ahead." Hitoshi stared back at Hikari. "Do you need to be here right now?"

Shoto paused a bit and Hikari glanced at him. Hikari shook her head and Hitoshi floated through the wall. Hikari's energy was buzzing and her shirt faded a bit and then brightened. Her eyes started tearing up. "H-He just hasn't had a hug before!!"

I wave my hands. " U-Um.... I..."

"Why is it bad?" I hear Shoto say. He looked confused. "You didn't explain to me why that was sad. Why are you crying?"

"B-Because that means that no one ever wanted to hold you in t-their arms and w-want to protect you."

Shoto looked even more perplexed. "Why would someone want to do that?"

'What?' I looked up at him. "Are you going to tell that no one has told you that they want to protect you and embrace you in your arms? Has anyone told you that before?"

"I don't understand why this is important." I heard Shoto say to both of us. "Why would anyone want to protect and embrace someone like me?"

"Because they love and care about you." Hikari protested through her tears.

"Why would anyone love a monster like me?" Shoto touched his scar on his face. "Someone as hideous as me?"

I felt his energy around grow dark. "You're not ugly!! You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life!!" Suddenly, I paused. 'What?!! What did I just say?'

Shoto looked at me, an expression of disbelief. "How can you tell such a blatant lie?"

"But it's true!! I-I think y-you are v-very b-beautiful." I feel my cheeks heat up. "U-Um..."

Shoto looked so confused. "Why are you blushing?"


"He thinks that you're pretty." Hikari giggled while drying her tears. She zips around the rooms, bubbling with excitement. Her shirt shined brightly and suddenly, I could make out a black smiley face on her yellow shirt.

"Why would he think that?" Shoto gave her a confused look.

She looked at me and then at Shoto. She giggled and zipped around the room. "Hitoshi, Hitoshi, guess what, guess what..."

"What is it, Hikari?" I see Hitoshi poke his ghost head through the wall.

Hikari zips over and whispers something in his ear. Hitoshi gave both of us a look and chuckled. "I guess we will have to see, then." He grabbed Hikari and pulled her through the wall.

'Uhhh... It's just Shoto and me. Huh, what's that smell?' I looked around the kitchen and see that my pancakes were burned. 'Oh.' I clean up the mess in the kitchen and decide to head out the door. Grabbing my keys, I open the door to then have a cold feeling trickle down my spine as I felt Shouto walk through me.

"O-Oh, Shoto, I'm going out to get breakfast and to buy a new microwave. Do you want to come along?"

Shoto nodded and I climbed on my bike. 'It seems like the rain has mostly cleared up.' I bike to the convenience store and park it. Entering the store, I scanned the shelves for onigiri balls. 'Hmm...I probably should get something filling to eat, since I have to unpack my stuff.'

"Why are you looking at onigiri balls?" I jumped and turned around. Shoto was staring around the stores. "Why are everything in little packages and look frozen?" He poked at one and his hand went through, bumping into some frozen vegetables. Some food items shake a bit and one topples over. I run over and catch it before placing it on the shelf. I pick up an onigiri ball and head over towards the appliance section. Picking up the most cheap option, I grab it and carry it in the basket. Paying for the stuff, I eat the onigiri ball as I latch the microwave to the back of the bike.

As I pedal my bike, I look behind me to make sure that Shoto was following behind me. "So you've never gone to a convenience store before."

"I haven't" Shoto replies

There is a bit of an awkward silence.

"I-I meant what I said."

Shoto paused. "Meant what?"

"I-I don't think y-you're ugly or a monster."

"You don't know me. How would you know that?"

"W-Well, you don't seem l-like an angry ghost and y-you have been p-pretty quiet for most of t-the time. B-But that doesn't make you a b-bad person."

"You know nothing about me. I just showed up at your house and you just decided to trust me?"

"W-Well, A-All Might said that it's right to s-see the best in people."

"Isn't that a character from a cartoon?"

"W-Well, yes, h-he is a good character and I-I look up to him."

"Alright." Shoto looked away at the sun in the distance. He opened his mouth and then closed it, lips pressed tightly together.He floated ahead as I biked towards my house.

Parking my bike next to my house, I lift the microwave into the house. 'Oh, I need to open the door.' Shoto floated a bit and then I see him go into the door. The door trembled a bit and the doorknob twisted and the door opened on its own. 'Ok.' I walked in the house and placed the microwave down.

I see Shoto exit from the door. "You're welcome."

"O-Oh, thank you."

Hitoshi floats around the corner as I go and close the door behind me. Hikari followed behind him, bouncing a bit. He turned to Todoroki. "What was that?"

"That?" Shoto answer.

Hitoshi glared. "Don't play smart with me; why did you possess the door?"

"Because Izuku needed help."

"Don't you remember the last time you tried to possess something?"

"Wait!" I just had to say something. 'What the heck is going on?'

Hitoshi grabbed Shoto and dragged him away through the wall. 'Huh?'

I turn to Hikari. "Can you explain to me what is going on?"

"Oh, yesterday, pretty boy possessed the microwave and he was not supposed to possess anything after that."

'Oh, so that's what happened to the microwave.' I pick up the microwave again and head towards the kitchen. After throwing away the old one, I plugged in the new one and continued to make breakfast.

Chapter Text

"You can't possess stuff like that." Hitoshi's grim look seemed to confuse me.

"Why? I mean, shouldn't I be practicing on possessing things?" I said back. 'What's with his expression, it is quite weird.'

"Kid, you just had a traumatic experience with possession. You don't need to practice possessing things after that."

I paused. "Come to think of it, do you know what happened for me to suddenly get into the microwave? I am pretty sure that I was aiming for the fridge."

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow. "Look, kid, you're dodging the topic..."

"You didn't answer my question."

There was a long pause. Hitoshi sighed. "I just figured this out. Apparently two ghosts can't possess one object at the same time. When I was inside the refrigerator, I had completely spread out in the fridge and you could not enter. It seems that you got repelled into the closer object."

"Oh, ok. Let's go practice again."

"You shouldn't have to go practice after you had a panic attack in the microwave!!"

"I'll be fine."

Hitoshi gave me an annoyed look. 'Why is he annoyed?'

Then I see Hikari pop out from the opposite wall. "Hi, pretty boy!!"

"Hikari, right?"

"Yep!! So I found some really good places to possess things in. But the room is kinda far! Do you want to come with me?"

"Alright." I let Hikari grab his hand.

"Wait, Hikari, what are you--?" I hear Hitoshi let out a protest.

"Don't worry, Hitoshi, I got this." She winked at him and dragged me out of the room. As we were phasing through rooms, I hear her ask: "So, what do you think of Izuku?"

"Izuku? He's alright." I gave her an answer. "Oh, do you know why he calls me pretty?"

Hikari giggles a bit. "I don't know."

'Huh? Why is she acting weird?' Then she stopped in an empty room. "Look, we're here." I examined the room. There was not much in the room except boxes lined up against the wall.

'Oh, there is not much stuff I can destroy.'

"So," Hikari pointed towards a huge pile of boxes in the corner. "I want you to possess these group of boxes."

"Alright." I fade my body and float towards them.

"Wait, wait!!" Hikari grabbed me. "Zoom towards them. It might be easier." She smiled.

I fade my body, zips towards the boxes and then I felt a swoosh and I blink. 'What?'

The steam clears a bit and I can see where I am. 'Probably the next room over.' I think, turning around to see my surroundings.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I see green. Focusing on it, I hear humming and I spot Izuku's green hair under a shower. He is humming to the All Might theme song and scrubbing his hair with shampoo. My eyes slide down from his hair to his tanned neck. I see slightly muscular arms and then I see his tanned back rippling with a layer of muscle. After his back, my eyes wander down to his butt. 'Wait, what?!!' I looked around, and see the shower head running with water and shampoo suds near the drain.

'O-Oh-' I realize where I was and leave immediately, zooming in the direction I came from.

I step out and Hikari's face comes up to me. She tilts her head. "Pretty Boy, your face is red."

"I accidently entered the bathroom that had a lot of steam."

"Oh, did you see?"

"No." I turn away and leave. "I'm done with possessing things for today." I wander around for a bit and enters the back garden.

I sit down by the pond and sigh. "Why am I thinking like this?" The image of Izuku's tanned body flashed from my mind. I felt my face heat up. "He is so pretty. This doesn't make sense."

"You probably like him." Hitoshi's voice echoed behind me.

I turned over to look at him. "What do you mean by that?"

Hitoshi looked at me for a second. "Oh, I see. You're probably into him."


"Like- you know, you want to--have sex with him."

"But he's a guy. That's not how things work."

Hitoshi sighs. "Oh, boy, did your parents not give you the shovel talk?"

"What does that mean?"

"Well, not that you can do it anyway."


"You're gay, Shoto."


Chapter Text

'Ah, that was a nice shower. I don't feel sweaty any more.' I stretched in the bathroom and grabbed my clothes to change. 'Hm...I have to clean the next room.' I walk past to see Hikari giggling to herself. "Oh, hi Hikari, how are you doing now?"

"I'm doing great!!" She cheered. "There has been some progress!"

"Hikari what the heck do you mean by that?"

"You'll see." She wiggles her eyebrows and winks. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

"What are you doing?"

"Don't worry about it, Broccoli-kun."


Giggling again ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯, she zips around the room several times and exits through the ceiling.

'What was that?' I walked over to the room with the most boxes and started cleaning again. I cleared out a couple of boxes. 'Oh, yeah, these were Mom's favorite fairy lights.' I pulled out a string of lights. 'They seem a bit old-fashion, but I think they would look nice in the back garden.' I got with the lights and headed towards the back garden. Looking around, I spot a garden trellis. 'There.' I hang the lights up over and across the wood.

I was heading back to the house when I spot Shoto sitting on the ground next to the pond, watching the koi fish. "Oh, hello, Shoto, do you need anything?"

Turning to me, Shoto looked at me for a second and then he blushed, turning away to stare at the pond again. "...nothing..."

"What? Is there something wrong?"


"Are you sure you're okay? Your face is a bit red. Are you angry about something?"

"No." He answered very softly.


Shoto suddenly zips into the wall and collides with it. He falls downs and rubs his head. "..."

"Shoto, are you okay?"

"Fine." He fades his body and floats through the wall.

I stand there, watching him leave. 'He is angry at me!!! What did I do? Ohnohonoohnoohno whatdid-i-do '

"Why are you flapping your hands back and forth?"

"Do you need something?"

I look over to see Mai and Ume staring at me on the roof. "Oh, hi, Mai, Ume, how are you guys?"

"We're great, just--"

"The usual"

"Exploring the house"

"Looking around"

"Seeing the happy ghost going crazy."

"Ume, that's rude."

"But it's true."

"She's not going crazy."

Ume rolled her eyes. "So why were you waving your arms like a maniac?"


"What? He was..."

"O-Oh... uh, well..." I stuttered. 'How am I supposed to explain this?'

Mai sat there calmly and Ume gave me an extremely bored look. Mai said in a soft tone: "Just tell us, we won't judge."

"I will." Ume said. She pointed at Mai. "She won't."

"Uh..." I took a deep breath. "WellShoutohasbeenignoringme,andIdon'tknowwhat'sgoingonandhedidn'tsayanything."

Both of the twins looked confused. "Um, what?"

"Oh, well, Shouto has been ignoring me..." I stared at the ground.

"Why is he ignoring you?" Mai asked.

"I don't know...his face looks kind of red and he kind of ran into the wall earlier. Um..."

"Oooo...maybe he likes you."

'What-' My heart skips a beat.

"Well, if he does, he has no taste, like who in this world would like you?"

"Ume, don't say that. That's mean."


I watched them argue. 'Ume's right. Why would Shoto like me? Mai must be too hopeful. He must be angry with me. There is no way he could have f-feelings for me.'

I walk away from the twins and head over to my room to do more cleaning and unpacking. 'All my clothes are unpacked.' I started folding my clothes, putting away clothes and then Hitoshi floats in.

"Oh, hello, Hitoshi, how are you doing?"

"I need to ask me a favor."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want to convince Shoto to not practice possessing things for a week."

"But Shoto doesn't want to talk to me."

"Why is that?" Hitoshi raised an eyebrow. "He was stuck like glue to you for the last couple of days while he was here."

"He was avoiding me earlier. He is probably angry with me."

"Why would you say that?"

"His face was all red and when I went to talk to him, he just left me standing there..."

Hitoshi sighed. He had a slightly annoyed expression on his face. "Wait here." He floated out of the room. A few minutes passed and he came back, dragging Shoto, who looked very upset and his face slightly pink. He pushed Shoto towards me and pointed at me and him. "You two... go and make up. I'm leaving."

He left and Shoto stood there, awkwardly. I felt sweat flowing down my face. 'What am I supposed to say?'

Chapter Text

After Izuku left, I continued to sit there. Images of his glistening muscles fill my head and Hitoshi’s words ring in my eyes. ‘You are gay, Shoto.’ I felt my cheeks warm up and I dunked my face in the pond only to come out with nothing. I sighed and kept staring at the fish.

Then I felt something grab my hand. I look over to see Hitoshi grabbing my hand and tugging. “Hitoshi, where are we going? Where are you taking me?”


“I’m taking you to Izuku so you can talk to him because you need to sort things out.”


“Sort things out?”

“Yes, he thinks he upset you in some way and I think you should clarify things.


“Huh?” By then, Hitoshi had phased through the door and I followed suit.


In the room, Izuku had a worried expression on his face. Suddenly, Hitoshi pushed me from behind and suddenly, Izuku’s face was much closer to me than I thought. He points to both of us and said: “ You two, go make up.” He phases back through the wall. Izuku’s face turned pale and his expression was full of uncertainty.  There was a long pause.


Izuku suddenly blurted out. “U-Um, S-Shoto, uh...can I a-ask y-you a q-question?”


I nod. “Of course.”


“W-Why are y-you a-avoiding m-me?”


“...” At that moment, I paused. I stared at Izuku’s face. He seemed to be tearing up a bit with tears coming from his eyes. He looked visibly nervous, hands shaking and twisting together. “It’s not you, it’s just that something else is bothering me.”


“Something else? U-Um, is there a-any way t-that I c-could help?”




“O-oh okay, well if there is anything I can do to-”


“You can’t.”




There was an awkward silence. Izuku had a very somber expression, staring down on that floor. ‘Somehow I don’t like that expression on his face..’ I feel my stomach twist uncomfortably. ‘But what should I say? I told him the truth. But…’ Seeing him twist his hands back and forth, I decided to say something.


“I’m not mad at you.” Izuku’s eyes light up a bit “...I am confused.”




“About stuff that I want to figure out on my own.”


Izuku smiles. “Alright.” I stared at Izuku’s blinding smile. ‘He is so cute...Wait…’ I felt my cheeks heat up. I turned my face away. “Shoto, your face is red.”


“Yeah, my face turns red when I am confused.”


“Oh?!” Izuku beamed. “It didn’t know ghosts could do that!! Ineedtowritethisdown!! I need to go grab my notebook.” He opened the sliding door. “I’ll be back in a moment.” I watch him leave the room.


“Ok.” I looked around. ‘Oh, so this is his room. The painting looks quite nice and oh, is the cartoon character that he quoted?’ I examined the figure. He was in a V pose with muscled arms and a big grin on his face. His hair had two things sticking out of it. ‘Fuyumi mentioned something about antenna, so that’s what these are.’ I poke at one of the figures and it fell down. I propped it back up.


“I’m back!!” Izuku rushed in, carrying a large stack of notebooks. I counted four notebooks. He picked up the last one. “I need to update this one. I don’t meet that many ghosts that are unattached. So this is rare that I get to write in this.” Izuku looked very happy. His smile was beaming and his eyes had sparkles in him. He looked like he was glowing. “So is it okay if I ask you questions and stuff?”


I paused for a second. ‘Was this a good idea? Well, I could also refrain from answering.’ I nodded. “Go ahead.”


“What was it like for you when you woke up?”


“Well, I woke up in a graveyard and wandered around…”




“I met another ghost who told me about you.”


“Oh. Fuji-san. He has been at the graveyard for a while. I am not sure if he is attached to it, though. But he is pretty friendly and nice.”




“So after that, you came to my house? Why?”


“What do you mean by that?”


“Not to be rude, but most ghosts I know go to people that they know and visit them.”


“...” I paused. ‘I really don’t want to say anything. Most people befriend me or leave me because I was the heir of the Todoroki company. I don’t want Izuku to do that.’


“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” He looked at me with a worried expression.




Izuku opened his mouth to ask another question when I saw Hitoshi pop his head in. “So you two have made up?”


“Yep!!” Izuku smiled brightly.


Hitoshi stares at both of us and chuckled. “That’s good.” He turns to Izuku. “Izuku, I need you for something.”


“Yeah?” Izuku was scrawling in his notebook.


“I need you to break up a fight.”


“A fight?!” Izuku drops his pencil. “Oh no!”


Hitoshi grabbed Izuku’s hand and tugs at it. “Follow me.”


I watched as Izuku got up from the bed. Hitoshi noticed my gaze. “Sorry, I need to borrow him for a moment.”


“Why do you need to borrow him?” I asked.


Hitoshi floats out of the door and Izuku follows out the door. Before he leaves, he asks : “So did you tell him?”


“Oh, no I didn’t.”


Hitoshi sighs. “Alright.” He disappears from view.


For a moment, I stand there. ‘Wait, I’m in Izuku’s room, alone!!’ I look around his room. ‘Besides the actions figures, he does not have much decoration. The painting looks lovely and pretty. The decor is pretty too. And the bed…’ I stared at the bed. ‘Well, the sheets are kinda plain. It must be comfortable to sleep in. I wonder how Izuku sleeps in it… Wait…’ I felt my heart skip a beat. ‘Oh.’ Images of Izuku rolling around in bed with sweat dripping from his face from the heat pop in my head. I shook my head. ‘What? I...What’s wrong with me? Izuku is cute and a nice guy. What am I thinking?’

Chapter Text

I walked behind Hitoshi as he led me to where the fight was occuring. I heard Ume and Hikari’s voices from behind the sliding doors of the room near the kitchen. I cracked open the door a bit to see what was happening.

“Look, I don’t understand your view on things; why are you so happy go-lucky all the time?” Ume shouted.

“Well maybe I just don’t like to be so down all the time like you!” Hikari yelled in return.

“It’s called being realistic, you just look only on the good side because you are in denial of anything bad happening. The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows all the time like you might think!” Ume shouts, her shoulders scrunching up in frustration her hands balling into fists.

“The world is not like that!! It can be nice if you just make it that way.”


I stop peaking into the room and press my back against the door taking a deep breath, tuning them out for a second. ‘You can do this. It will be okay. You won’t get hurt. This isn’t Kacchan.’ I stand up from leaning on the door and tune back in.



“Guys…” I heard Mai’s voice quietly. “P-Please don’t fight like this!!”

I opened the sliding door nervously. “H-Hello, guys?”

“Are you alright? Your hands are shaking.” Hikari asked with a worried expression.

“I’m fine.” I said.

“Are you sure?” Hikari asked again.

“Uh, can you guys not..” Mai says quietly

“No!” Ume snaps, whipping around to face Mai “I am going to handle things like I always do! I can’t have you getting hurt!!”

“You shouldn’t yell at your sister like that, I’m sure she can-” Hikari tries to say.



Everyone in the room turns to me. Hitoshi’s jaw dropped. Hikari’s eye widen. Ume looks to me surprised.

I take a deep breath, my voice wavering a bit. “Look, I get you two are upset, but you aren’t solving anything by shouting. I’m sure both of you have valid points.” I let out a shaky breath.

“Oh spineless has a spine?” Ume says snarkily

“Please don’t Ume” I say shakily.

I see a figure move towards me from the corner of my eye and I instinctively flinch. My heart rate speeds up and my breathing increases.

“Izuku are you-” Hikari starts.

I turn around and run out of the room slamming the sliding door behind me as I just keep running. ‘I need to get away. I need to get away. I need to get away. I need to get away.’ I think frantically my feet taking me god knows where.

Chapter Text

After Izuku left, I tried to sit on Izuku’s bed before falling right through. I float up again and shake my head. The rippling muscles, the green hair...I wonder if it is fluffy...wait… I try to clear my mind of cute fluffy images of Izuku. Think of something else...something else...oh Hikari...I’ll go talk to Hikari. I float out of the room to search for Hikari. Maybe outside… Then I see her zipping around, her hair messy with a worried face.


“Shoto, you have to help me!!!” She grabbed onto me with her hands. “Have you seen Izuku?”


“Izuku…” Shoto’s mind starts spitting out images, but he mentally shut them down at the sight of Hikari’s worried face. “What happened?”


“He left after me and Ume got into a fight. He looks so scared and pale…Please find him!!” Hikari zipped off and I sped my way towards his room. I feel a green blur shut the door behind him and I quickly phase through the door.


Entering the room I see Izuku curled up on the bed in a fetal position, hands gripping his hair tightly. He is shivering and whispering something inaudible to himself. I step closer, worried. He doesn’t seem to spot me, but I can hear what he is saying.

“Please don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me please-” He kept repeating it over and over to himself. He tried curling up even tighter attempting to bury his head in his knees even more but it was mostly pointless. He was already curled up as tight as possible.



“Kacchan please don’t hurt me!” he says frantically flinching slightly.


“Kacchan? I’m not ‘Kacchan’.”


He stops shaking completely relaxing slightly “S-shoto?” he stutters out.


“What happened while you were gone?” I solidified my hand and placed it on Izuku’s shoulder. “Izuku?”


He relaxed a little sighing. “I don’t really want to talk about it but I just got reminded of something…” He trailed off, then sat up wiping his face off. He had clearly been crying “Sorry about that.” he tried to smile, but it definitely was fake. It didn't look right on him.


“Ok.” I decided to leave the subject along. If I am allowed to have my secrets, he is allowed to have his too. “If you need anything, just call me.”


“T-Thanks.” Izuku smiles again. He gets up and starts unpacking, placing stuff on the shelf. I notice as he puts up another cartoon figure next to a framed portrait. A young woman with a boy that was clearly Izuku was on the shelf.  “O-Oh…” I looked up at him. “T-That’s my mom.”


“Your mom?”


“Yeah...she was always there for me.”




“Oh…” Izuku looked sad. “She passed away a month ago.”


“Oh…my mom was like that too…” I think back to my mom with her long white hair and grey eyes. Suddenly, a rush of memories flood my brain. She was there when I came out...there was a person holding an umbrella and there were flowers on my grave...and she left and she couldn’t hear me….she couldn’t hear me…


“Shoto, what’s wrong?”


“My mom…”


“Oh, did something happen?”


I grabbed Izuku’s shoulder and stared at Izuku’s startled face. “I remember why I came back!!”




“I need to go and talk to her, but I didn’t manage to. She can’t see ghosts and she ignored me…” I felt a lump begin to form in my throat. I stared back at Izuku. “I need to tell her something!!!”




“The reason I came to you is because you can see ghosts and you could go talk to her, right?!”


“Oh!!” Izuku’s eyes lighten up. “I can do that. you remember your mom’s name?”


I paused. Was this a good idea? But it’s Izuku. “Can you not tell anyone and...don’t think differently of me?”




“Um...her name is Rei Todoroki.”


Chapter Text

“Rei Todoroki, from the Todoroki Company?”


“Yeah..” Shoto paused for a moment.


“So you’re the son of Enji--?”


“Don’t-” Shoto grimaces and stopped abruptly. “--Mention him.”


“Oh, I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to press.” I rambled out. ‘Why am I being so insensitive?’


I saw Shoto pause for a moment. He stared at me before continuing. “You’re not being insensitive.”


“O-Oh, okay.”


Shoto looked around the room and then continued. “I just don’t like to talk about him. He was--” He paused again. “He wasn’t the best father for the four of us.”


“O-Oh.” I paused again. “Wait, four?”


“Yeah, there are four of us. I have three older siblings.”


“W-What? B-But the m-media said that the T-Todoroki family h-had three kids.”


“Oh.” Shoto scowled fiercely and his ghostly presence seems to grow heavier and darker. “I see how it is. Why wouldn’t he do that? Of course he would.”I notice his hands curl up into fists. The room seemed to grow darker.


“S-Shoto?” I asked nervously.


He turned towards me and I flinch. ‘He’s angry, not like Kacchan. He’s like...a cold blizzard...not the roaring fire I’m used to.’


“You’re scared.” He said in a calm tone. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He looked away “It’s just…”,


“It’s okay, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” I quickly added. “Um…” I trailed off for a bit. “Oh, you mentioned your mom, what was she like?”


Shoto’s ghostly presence lifted a bit and I took a deep breath. “She was kind to us.” There was a blissful smile on his face and his presence felt a bit sad. “She always tries her best when she was in the house.”


“That sounds sweet.” I sigh thinking of- ‘My mother! I haven’t visited her in a while, how long has it been???’  


“Izuku, are you alright?” Shoto’s concerned face was suddenly in front of me. I stand up and he jolts before floating back up. “What happened?”


“I need to go see my mom! I haven’t visited her in weeks. Ohmygod,howcouldIforget-whatifshesrisenwhileimgoneandiwasntthere-” I ramble, feeling myself getting worked up.


“Izuku, calm down.” I feel Shoto’s cold hand on my shoulder. “Your mother is there as well?”


“Y-Yeah. She’s buried next to my dad. She wanted to be buried next to the love of her life, you know…” I look out the window in reminiscence. “They were really happy together from what I know” I tear up a bit, wiping it away with the cuff of my sleeve.


“Was your family rich?” Shoto asked. “I mean, he buried me in a upper-class graveyard…” He paused and grimaced again.


“This mansion was my father’s, but they didn’t want to live the upper class life so they lived in a small house, that’s what my mother told me.”


“Oh, what’s your father’s name?”


“Hisashi…I don’t know his last name…”


“I’ve heard of him. Wasn’t he the runaway son of the Fukumoto family?”


“The Fukumotos? I might have heard of them. There were in the entertainment business or something, but I never knew my dad was famous.” I chuckle to myself. ‘Kacchan would be jealous.’


“I guess we have that in common.”


“I guess we do.” I smiled. “Oh yeah, about your mom…”


Shoto straightened up. “I need to go see my mom.”


“U-Uh, I don’t mean t-to be rude, but...s-since you’re unattached, c-could you go v-visit h-her in the mental hospital? Like possess something t-to communicate with her?” I suggested.


“Oh, I could.” He paused. “I’ll go there. I’ll see you later.”


I watch him float out of the room. “Good luck.” After he floats out, I proceed to organize things again. Then I felt this random tugging motion and I paused. ‘Weird, wonder what happened. Maybe one of the ghosts is messing with me.’ I look around for a bit. ‘Strange, I don’t see anything.’ Then out of the corner of my eye, I notice Shoto poke his head through the wall. “Oh, Shoto, did something happen?”


“Yeah, I can’t leave the house. I couldn’t get close to the door.”


“Oh, are you attached to the house?”


“No…” Shoto paused, looking around. “I think I’m attached to you.”


I feel my cheeks go red. “W-Wait, w-w-what? W-Why me? I-I d-didn’t know ghosts could get attached to people.” I stuttered out, flustered.


“I didn’t know either.” Shoto paused. “Do you know why ghosts could be attached to people?”


I head over to where I have my notes on ghosts and pull out one of the somewhat water damaged ones and one that I had been copying, written in a new notebook. I open it up and find I hadn’t copied over the notes about this subject yet, so I set the newer notebook on the desk next to the book shelf and flip around to find it. I could feel Shoto’s stare while I flipped through it.


“Ah, here! Okay so, ghosts can be attached to something for a few reasons. If they rise and are pulled to something and are attached to it, they most likely have lost memories connected to it, or were just fond of the thing when they were alive. If they were unattached when they rose and eventually became attached to something they have a deep care for that thing….” I paused. “Wait..does this mean you care about me?”


Shoto’s face turned pink. He looked away. “I do...I mean, we’re friends and everything…”


“But…” I paused again. “I’ve been friends with other ghosts and this hasn’t happened before…”


Shoto paused again and his face turned red. “Well...let’s not talk about it. It’s not important right now.”




“Since I’m attached to you, I can’t leave the house without you, so…I need someone to come with me.”


“When did you last see your mom?”


“Oh, when I rose.”


“When you rose? mean she was in front of your grave?”




I paused for a sec. ‘That’s really sad….maybe…’ I looked at Shoto again. “We can go visit the graveyard. I need to go visit my mom...It’s been a month…and while I’m there, I can look for your grave!”


Shoto gave me a weird look.


“Oh, um...I guess that came out kinda weird?”


Shoto shrugged. “It’s a plan then. We can do it tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

The room was dark now and Izuku had decided to go to sleep early. After we had made the plan, I had wandered the house for a bit, almost walking through household appliances and accidently possessing a coffee-maker. It wasn’t as bad as the microwave, but still kinda unpleasant. ‘What can I do at the current moment anyway?’ Somehow I had phased in Izuku’s room.


The windows were cracked open and a small sliver of the moonlight slipped between the curtains and illuminated the room just enough for me to see Izuku. Upon seeing his freckled  face along with the drool that came from his mouth, I feel my cheek heat up. He was curled up in bed hugging an All-might plushie tightly. Izuku’s words echoed in the head. ‘If they were unattached when they rose and eventually became attached to something they have a deep care for that thing.’ I look at Izuku. ‘I mean, I do care about Izuku; he is caring, considerate, and he helps people. He is such a wonderful person with those cute freckles, fluffy green hair and those muscles--wait, what am I thinking? He’s a friend...right?’


“What are you thinking about in Izuku’s room ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?” I turn to see Hikari twirling her hair with a teasing smile.




“Really? Your face is really red.”


“Oh.” I turned away, trying to make an excuse. “It’s really warm in here.”


“Yep, ghosts can totally get warm.” Hikari said with a sarcastic way. 


“It is warm in here. It’s summer after all.”


“Then why are you staring at pretty green haired boy? Hm?”


I turned around. “I’m leaving…” I phase through the wall. ‘I am not going to deal with this.’


“You can’t run from your desires!!!” I hear Hikari call out. I decided not to answer. ‘Great, I need to get out of here…wait, I can’t!!! How am I supposed to leave? I am attached to a very cute, fluffy, muscular….’


I float quickly and tries to fling myself into the pond. I sink into the pond and stare at the fish that are swimming right through me. 


“Found you!” Hikari zipped towards me and I phase right through her towards the fence. “Nope, come onnnn, tell me what’s goin’ on.” I push myself towards the fence and I froze. “Oh, what’s wrong? Weren’t you going to run away?”


“...” I stare at her and then the fence. ‘Come on...are you serious?’


“Wait, does this mean you’re attached to something? What did you get attached to? Tell me! Tell me!”


I paused and then stared at Hikari, giving him puppy eyes. I sighed. “Izuku, it’s Izuku.”


“Really? Ooooo, you got attached to him.” Hikari’s eyes were shining and she started bouncing around. “Yay, the ship has sailed.”


“What ship?”


“Oh, don’t worry about it.” She giggled. “The ship has sailed. We must rejoice.”


“What ship? Is it one I know?” I turn to see Hitoshi float over. 


“Yes!” Hikari laughed. “The ship has sailed! The ship has sailed!!” She points towards me. 


“Oh, congratulations!”


“Congratulations for what?”


“Oh.” Hitoshi paused. “You told him, right?”




Hitoshi turned to Hikari. “What do you mean the ship’s sailed? They haven’t even done the thing.”

“The thing?” I asked.


“You know, the thing.” Hitoshi answered back.


“How would they even do the thing?” Hikari asked.


“What thing?”


Hikari floats over to Hitoshi and whispers: “Anyways, Shoto mentioned something about attachment---you know how attachment works.”


“Oh, ok, that makes sense.” Hitoshi nods to Hikari’s words. 


“So...guys, what ship?” I asked again.


Hitoshi opened his mouth, but Hikari covered it. “Shhhh...don’t tell him.” 


“Tell me what? I want you to tell me!!!”


“You don’t need to know.” Hikari said.


“At least tell what you mean by the thing.”


 Hikari giggles and zips away. Hitoshi looks at her with an annoyed expression. “You know, the thing…”


“The thing?”


“The thing…” Hitoshi trailed off. I raised an eyebrow. “You know… the thing that mentioned before…the thing that I mentioned when you had your gay awakening…”


“ said a lot of things.”

Hitoshi sighs. “Ok…” He takes a deep breath. “It’s basically sex, you know, making love and such, not sure how it will go to be honest...I mean...considering you’re a ghost and everything…”


“Oh.” I turn away. ‘Too much information.’ “I get it.”


“Do you need a moment?” I hear Hitoshi ask.


“Yeah.” I hear some fluttering and I notice a bird fly by. I started at the bird as it flew away before staring at the pond. Before I knew it, the sun had rose and I decided to head back to Izuku’s room. As I phase into the room, I notice Izuku’s back turned while he was putting on his shirt. ‘He has a really tanned back...and are those freckles on his shoulders…’


“Shoto, good morning!!” Izuku smiled. 


I nod. “Good morning, Izuku…”


“Did you need something? You were staring at me.”


“Oh.” I pause. ‘It wouldn’t be a good idea to say that I was staring at his body. He might think that’s weird. I probably should say something…’


“Shoto?” Izuku tilts his head. 


“Um…” I felt my cheeks heat up. “I was wondering when it would be the best time to go visit the graveyard…”


“Oh.” Izuku smiled softly. “I was going to go after I ate breakfast. We will pick up flowers from the store on the way.”


“Okay.” I replied. Izuku smiled before doing to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I floated my way out and waited for him outside his room. The sound of running water from the bathroom echoed in my ears. An image of Izuku in the shower popped in my head. ‘The sloping muscles and his fluffy hair…’ I looked around before burying my face in my hands. ‘Why do I keep thinking about it?’ 


“Shoto, are you still there?”


“Yes, I’m still here.”


“I’m going to eat breakfast. Do you want to join me?”


“Ok.” I followed Izuku to the kitchen as he prepared food on the stove. ‘Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve eaten anything, yet I’m not hungry.’


I watched Izuku eat his eggs and asked: “Do they taste good?”


“Yeah, they do…” He trailed off and Izuku’s eyes widened. “Oh, I’m sorry!! I…”


“Sorry about what?” 


“ were watching me eat food...and I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”


“Oh...I’m not uncomfortable. I was just...thinking about eggs and how you prepared them. I hadn’t eaten them like before.”


“…” Izuku launched into an explanation of how to make eggs and I decided to listen. His rambling voice, at times, was very nice to hear. It was very different from the atmosphere when I was with my father and siblings. It was better for there to be some noise other than the shouting from him and the hushed steps of my siblings. Before I knew it, Izuku had finished his eggs and was washing dishes in the sink, humming an unfamiliar tune under his breath. 


I floated down to the table and brushed against it, staring at Izuku. An image of my mother flitted in front of my eyes and I blinked. It was only Izuku. ‘I wonder what was that?’ 


“I’m done, Shoto. Now we can head out!!” Izuku grabbed his coat, cleaning materials and some incense for the grave. He put the cleaning material and the incense in a small bag that he swung on his shoulder. I nod and decide to float after him as he put on his shoes and closed the door behind him. “I’m heading out!!” I heard Hitoshi grumble and Hikari giggle as we both made our way to the flower shop nearby.


Izuku entered the shop and walked over to the counter. There was an older woman that greeted him. 

“Hello Midoriya-san, do you want your usual arrangement?” She smiled at him.


“Yes, please.” He nodded at her as she went to prepare the flower arrangement.


She returned to the counter fairly quickly and set the bouquet down. Izuku pulled his wallet out of his coat pocket, handed her the proper amount and she rang him up. “It’s been a while since you have been here, haven't found a shop to replace mine, have ya?” The older woman said, jokingly.


“N-no, I have just been a bit busy” Izuku said frantically, waving his hands.


The woman laughed “No worries, kid.” She said, heading to the back of the store.

Izuku picked up the bouquet, getting ready to leave.


“Hey Deku” I hear someone with spiky blond hair shouts and Izuku jumps, turning around.


“H-hi Kacchan…” he says nervously. I look to him, confused, but he ignores me.


“Why did you move out of the apartment!?” The blond named ‘kacchan’ shouts at izuku


“O-Oh well, uhm I-I inherited a -house from my mothers will…” Izuku stutters shuffling his feet for a bit.

The blond ‘tch-s’. His expression calms down somewhat. “I see, do you mind if I come with you?”


“Um...maybe tomorrow? W-Why?”


“I want to visit her too- what’s it matter to you!?”


“She’s my…”


“Shut up!!! The old hag wanted me to visit her, but can’t!! I’m doing it for her!”


“Oh...Auntie Mitsuki did?”


I looked between them, confused. Izuku looks at me, unsure. ‘Kacchan’ notices Izuku’s reaction. “What the fuck are you looking at?”




“Don’t tell me it’s one of the ghost things? I thought you dropped the whole ghost act.”


“W-Well no I didn’t” Izuku says avoiding eye contact with him. “B-Besides, there’s no proof that they don’t exist.”


“Well, it’s fucking stupid and drop the damn act!! There is no proof that they do!” He practically screams in Izuku’s face.

‘Kacchan’ threatening him stirred something in me. A burning feeling bubbled in me and I hear a random crash. I turn to see that one of the flowerpots got knocked over right in front of ‘Kacchan.’


“Shoto! No…what are you doing?”


“DDEEKKU! Are you messing with me?” 


“N-No.” Izuku stared at ‘Kacchan’ and then at me. “Let’s go.” He ran off with the flowers and I felt my form get tugged away from ‘Kacchan.’


“GET BACK HERE, DAMN NERD! YOU AND YOUR STUPID GHOSTS! DID YOU DO SOMETHING?” ‘Kacchan’ started chasing after us out of the shop. ‘Perfect…he is perfect practice fodder.’ 


“Wait, Shoto, no!!” Izuku shouted. 


I feel myself enter his body. I feel slightly shorter and odd, having a body once again. It’s warmer, and I can feel as well. I hadn’t realized how different being a ghost was. I could feel something pushing at me ‘That must be ‘Kacchan’ trying to regain control.’ 


Izuku looks to me worriedly. “S-Shoto?”


“Yes, Izuku?” My voice sounds different.


Izuku visibly relaxes, but then looks worried again. “Shoto, you can’t just possess someone! I-I mean I have faith in you, but what if something went wrong?? Kacchan will be mad at me.”


“Good. I don’t care if something goes wrong.” I said and paused. ‘So this is what ‘Kacchan’ sounds like when it isn’t shouting.’  Izuku’s lips twitched. “What is it?”


“It sounds so weird when it’s coming from Kacchan’s mouth. Although I haven’t heard Kacchan when he is mad at me.”


“Is he always mad at you?”


“…” Izuku started to scramble. “Um...Shoto, shouldn’t you get out of his body?”


I thought about it for a moment. “Should I?”


“Shoto!!! Please…” His eyes widened and I paused. “Pleeassee…” His eyes were so wide and I froze.


“Ok.” I yielded to the force pushing me out and with a weird shove, I was out. I turned to the pair and Izuku seemed to have stepped back a couple of steps, holding the flowers tightly in my hand.


“Deku-” he started angrily. Then he paused, before spinning around. “Tch- whatever, you better be here tomorrow!” After those words, he stormed off. 


“He seems like a lot to deal with.” 


“Yeah, he is…” Izuku replied, looking around. He looked slightly tense from the encounter. I opened my mouth, but he said: “Come on, let’s go!” He walks along the sidewalk towards the graveyard. I was beginning to recognize the surroundings now with the confusing rows of houses. Eventually, Izuku enters the graveyard, with what I assumed was a different entrance. As he climbed the stairs, I could see some blurred shapes in the corner of my eye and one ghost waves at Izuku. 


“Hi!! It’s been a while!!”

“Hello! How are you?”


“Still kicking as you can see. I’m still waiting for her to show up!!”


“Well, good luck!!” The ghost nods at me and Izuku continued walking up the stairs. I feel the other ghosts pause their business and stare at the both of us. 


Soon we were in the graveyard. Izuku turned towards me and said: “Um, Shoto, I am going to go and visit my mom. Do you want to go find your grave?”


I nod. Izuku left in the other direction and I paused for a sec. “Wait, do you know how far I have to be from you?”


“I don’t know...we can see.” Izuku left in the other direction and I decided to float in place. Soon he was out of sight and I tried to move. ‘It seems fine. I guess being in the same place works as well.’ 


I wander around for a bit and I realized. ‘Wait, where is my grave?’ I pause and then circle over around to the more expensive looking graves. After wandering a bit, I still couldn’t find it. Turning around, I see a large stone with the Todoroki name on it. ‘Ah, of course, there it is.’ The lilies were still there, a bit wilted from when I first rose. Someone had made sure the grave was clean as well. I looked around. ‘Was she going to come today? I guess I will have to wait.’ I sit down on the grave, making sure my body didn’t go through it. ‘Wait, does he know where to find me?’


Chapter Text

I decided to walk over to Mom’s grave after I saw Shoto float off into the other direction. Readjusting the bag on my shoulders and carrying the flowers in my hand, I headed in the direction of my mother’s and father’s joint grave. At the grave, I placed the flowers by the gravestone, and bringing out a towel, I wiped down the grave. It was one of the less expensive graves in this graveyard; she probably wanted to be buried here because my dad was next to her. Placing the incense in its holder, I placed it in the middle of the joint grave, litting it and began to pray in front of the grave. “I’m back, Mom. I haven’t been able to visit you for these last two weeks. I’ve been busy with moving into the house that Dad left for us. You know, the house you didn’t want to live in because it was too fancy...I moved in there. It took some time to move in and apparently there are a lot of ghosts in there. The ghosts there are pretty nice, though they do tend to scare me. And I made a friend. He’s really nice and kinda quiet. He also isn’t like Kacchan. He told me that he was Todoroki Shoto. I don’t know how I feel about that. But...he is pretty nice and well...he got attached to me. I don’t know how it happened; it’s kinda strange, but I guess...I wouldn’t mind him being attached to me. B-But not like that way!! It’s not like that!! It feels kinda nice for a friend to look out for you...and I guess I’m kinda happy because of that. So don’t worry, Mom. I’m doing fine. I hope you and Dad are really happy together.” 


I feel myself tear up and I wipe my tears on my sleeve. I could just imagine her fretting over my tears. “I miss you a lot.” I smiled through my tears. “Kacchan is coming by tomorrow with me. He says he wants to pay his respects as well.” I paused and placed the flowers down on the grave. “I’ll see you tomorrow with Kacchan.” I turned around and slowly walked away from the grave. It was hard to leave them there. ‘I’ll be here tomorrow as well.’ 


I decided to look for Shoto. ‘Since he is a Todoroki, his grave would probably be in the richer section of graves.’ As I walked over there, I notice the graves becoming more grand and polished. On the extremely far side, I notice a shape with red-and-white hair sitting on top of a whitish polished stack of stones. ‘Oh, there he is…’


“Shoto, you found your grave?” I asked as I approached his gravestone.


He nods, his face impassive. “I waited here for a bit and well...she doesn’t seem to be here.”


“Midoriya-kun, long time no see!!” I notice Fuji-san come over. He paused to stare at Shoto. “Oh, you’re here too.” 


I glanced at Shoto and back at Fuji, who had a slightly disappointed look on his face. “Fuji-san, what’s going on?”


He stared at Shoto for a while and turned towards me. “Did this guy give you any trouble?”


“Wha? N-No. He didn’t cause any trouble. He’s been pretty nice company.” I paused. “Fuji-san, did something happen between you two?”


“I didn’t think so.” Shoto replied and Fuji-san gave him a glare. He stared at Fuji-san with what interpreted was a confused expression. “What did I do?”


Fuji-san paused and turns towards me. “Do you mind if me and you talk alone?”


“Uh…” I paused. “I don’t know if that is possible right now.”


“Why?” Fuji asked, shooting Shoto a glare.


“Well...Shoto has developed an attachment to me, so...I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to leave…”


“Surely he could just wander out of the graveyard…”


“Well, the distance he can go is kinda short…? Besides, he’s waiting for his mom.”


Fuji-san sighed and rubbed the area of his nose. “She comes once a month in the afternoon. You may need to wait for another two weeks.”


“Thanks, Fuji-san!!” I smiled. 


“No problem.” Fuji-san scratched his head. He floated over to Shoto and whispered in Shoto’s ear. Shoto nodded and he withdrew. Fuji smiled at me. “I’ll see you next week.” Fuji zipped off.


“I guess we will see your mom in two weeks.” I smiled at Shoto reassuringly. 


“Yeah.” His expression softened a bit and he hopped off the gravestone.


“Do you want to get going?”


“Yeah.” I walked out of the graveyard after readjusting my bag. Shoto quietly followed behind me. 



Chapter Text

Sitting on the grave, I watched as Izuku’s shape faded into the distance. I was waiting for a tug, but it didn’t come. Getting off the grave, I decided to float in front of it. Staring at the grave with my name stirred something in my stomach. It was strange, the engraved name staring back at me almost mockingly. ‘Of course, he choose this material; he would have to keep up impressions after all.’ 


I brushed my hand against the surface and stared at the withered flowers again. ‘Why did Mother come and visit me? Was it regret? Spite? Love?’ I brushed the last thought again. ‘Love? As if… after what she did, it couldn’t be love…’ Her face flashed in my mind. ‘She had sadness on her face though…It could…’ I shake my head. ‘No, it couldn’t couldn’t couldn’t…’ Staring at the flowers, I swallow the lump in my chest. ‘Though I was true…’


I could hear Fuyumi’s voice echo in my head. ‘Shoto, you know that’s not true, Mom loves you. I am sure of it.’ I remember scoffing at that and Fuyumi’s sad smile had made me feel a twisting in my stomach. At the moment, I had hated those words. ‘But what if...Mom didn’t hate me...then her coming here…’ I shake those thoughts. ‘No...I don’t think…’ 


His voice popped in my head. ‘You are my legacy!! You should not be distracted with other affairs than the inheritance of the company!’ 


I flinched and scowled. ‘Ugh!’ Pacing around the grave, I try to take my thoughts off of the matter. ‘Izuku...when is he coming over?’ I glanced in his direction, waiting for his shape to draw near. Plopping myself onto the grave, I notice a green shape walking over in the distance. ‘Oh, there he is…’


“Shoto, you found your grave?” He walked over to me, smiling and adjusting his bag. I noticed his eyes were a little red around the edges.


“I waited here for a bit and well...she doesn’t seem to be here.” I answered back. 


“Midoriya-kun, long time no see!!” I notice the ghost that I met on my first day come over. He paused to stare at me. “Oh, you’re here too.” I froze. ‘What did I do?’


“Fuji-san, what’s going on?” Izuku looked confused. 


‘So his name is Fuji-san.’  


He glared at me for a while. ‘Was this supposed to be intimidating?’  He turned towards Izuku. “Did this guy give you any trouble?”


“Wha? N-No. He didn’t cause any trouble. He’s been pretty nice company.” He paused. “Fuji-san, did something happen between you two?”


“I didn’t think so.” I said. Fuji-san gave me a glare. “What did I do?”


Fuji-san paused and turns towards Izuku. “Do you mind if me and you talk alone?”


“Uh…” Izuku stuttered. “I don’t know if that is possible right now.”


“Why?” Fuji-san asked, shooting me a glare. I raised an eyebrow.


“Well...Shoto has developed an attachment to me, so...I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to leave…”


“Surely he could just wander out of the graveyard…” Fuji-san seemed to glare at me more from Izuku’s statement.


“Well, the distance he can go is kinda short…? Besides, he’s waiting for his mom.” I stared at Fuji-san as he pressed his lips together. 


Then he sighed and rubbed the area of his nose. “She comes once a month in the afternoon. You may need to wait for another two weeks.”


“Thanks, Fuji-san!!” Izuku smiled brightly. At times like these, he seemed to glow so much that I had to turn my eyes away. 


“No problem.” Fuji-san scratched his head. Then he floated over to me. He had an extreme stern expression as he whispered in my ear. “You don’t seem like a bad ghost. You seem to make Izuku happy for now… He paused before adding. “But if I see Izuku feeling down because of you..I am going to chew you out until your mind spins.” I nodded. 


He floated over Izuku. “I’ll see you next week.” Fuji zipped off.


“I guess we will see your mom in two weeks.” Izuku smiles. 


I felt a warm feeling bubble in my chest. I managed to give an answer.  “Yeah.” I hop off the graveyard.


“Do you want to get going?” Izuku asked peppily with a smile. 


“Yeah.” I quietly followed behind him as he exited the graveyard. 


Apparently after returning to the house, Izuku decided to go to bed, leaving me to my own devices. There was this bubbling sense that was warm and cold at the same time in my chest. I noticed the ghosts around me hovering a bit and backing away into the shadows. Even Hitoshi gave a weird look as I passed. Strangely, Hikari did not greet me when we both came in. I wonder what that was about. 


The next day, I noticed Izuku putting on his shoes. I floated toward him before he looked up. “Oh, good morning Shoto.”


“Good morning Izuku.” I paused. “Where are you going this morning?”


“Oh.” Izuku paused. “Um.. I’m going out. You don’t have to come with me.”


“But I do…” I paused. ‘Did he forget?’

 Izuku paused and his eyes widened.  “Oh, yeah, you’re attached to me.” He twisted his hands back and forth. “Um…”


“Are you alright?” I asked. I could see the sweat trickling down. “Did something happen?”


“Well, I’m meeting with Kacchan today.” Izuku started glancing at me and then at the door.


‘Kacchan?’ An image of the angry blond puffball-haired guy flashed in my head. Anger stirred in my stomach. “Why are you meeting up with him ?”


“U-Um…” He stuttered. “He is my childhood friend…”


“That person is your friend?”


“Well, Kacchan…”


“This ‘ Kacchan’ is clearly not a really good friend.”

“Um...his name is not ‘Kacchan’...” He paused.


“Then why do you call him that?” I growled. ‘He treats you like that, and he gets a cutesy nickname.’


“Um...his name is Katsuki...and well, I gave him that name when I was a kid…” He paused. “We are still friends…”


‘Friends?’ I stared at Izuku. “I won’t push...but I don’t think that friends act like this.”

 ‘Fuyumi’s friends are certainly not like this at least.’ 


Izuku nodded, looking a little relieved. “It’s kind of complicated.”


I stared at him. ‘Complicated…’ I shook that thought away. “Either way, I am coming with you.”


Izuku nodded and headed out the door. I followed him as he hurried over to the graveyard.

Chapter Text

As I head over to the graveyard again, I notice that Shoto was scowling. Part of me was annoyed that he was disapproving of my friendship with Kacchan, but I also understood. To anyone who didn’t know the whole picture, it would seem like right now, Kacchan was still bullying and hurting me. He used to do that, but he’s not like that right now. Honestly, I feel like I must have annoyed him with my words about ghosts. He was the type of person who would want proof for the existence of something and I couldn’t give him the proof. Since I couldn’t give him the proof, I guess our friendship turned for the worse.

Climbing up the stairs, I made my way to Mom’s grave. Kacchan was already in front of it, paying his respects. There was a solemn expression on his face that didn’t suit his face very much.

He looked over and asked, a scowl reappearing on his face.“Is the ghost with you?”

“N-No.” I resisted the urge to look behind me. Most ghosts didn’t like to be ignored by me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Shoto zip over and knock over the incense from the previous day.


“Kacchan, don’t shout in the graveyard.” I looked around frantically.


“Why does it matter that he’s here?” I whispered as calmly as possible.

“Because I don’t want him eavesdropping. Send him away!!” Kacchan lowered his voice slightly.

“B-But I can’t!” I stammered. I started to flap my hands back and forth.

“What do you mean, you can’t? What the fuck does that mean?”

“He is attached to me!!” I shouted back, frantically looking around again.

“What does that supposed to mean?!” Kacchan looked even more annoyed. ‘It’s like he thinks I am making excuses or something.’

“He can’t move away from me!!! He can’t move more than 30 ft away from me.”

“Then send your lover boy 30 ft away!!”

“L-Lover Boy? It’s not like that!!” I feel my cheeks heat up. ‘Lover boy?’

“Ugh, just send him away!!!”

I glanced quickly at Shoto, noticing his cheeks were a bit pink. Suddenly, Shoto turned away, zipping past a couple of gravestones and floated behind one. “Shoto?” I turned back to Kacchan.

“He’s gone?”


“So...Shoto huh? As in Todoroki Shoto?” Kacchan shoved his hands in his pockets.

I paused and nodded. “Uh, yeah...”

Kacchan sighed. “I can’t believe you have the youngest child prodigy.”

“What do you mean?”

Bakugou’s eyes widened and he shouted. “Deku, you fucking dumbass!! Todoroki Shoto was the youngest child voice actor who was going to inherit the Todoroki company.”

“I know that!! What do you mean I have?”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. “Are you fucking serious? He is the youngest prodigy and you haven’t grilled him on tips on being a voice actor?!”

“I” I paused. ‘I didn’t think it was a big deal…’


“You thought I was smart?”

“GODAMN IT, that’s not the point. I mean, you have this resource here--” Kacchan looked very annoyed.

“Shoto is my friend and well, I haven’t asked him stuff like that. I don’t know if I can ask him...I don’t know him well enough.” I paused. ‘Honestly, I wished I could know him better...though I probably shouldn’t tell Kacchan that.’

Bakugou sighed again. “Judging by the way he feels, he might do anything for you.”

“How would you know that?”

“Deku, if you can’t figure this out…” Bakugou ran his hand through his hair. “ God, you’re so fucking dense.”


“Nothing.” Kacchan stared at Mom’s grave and sighed. “Auntie Inko, I can’t believe you raised this idiot.”

“Kacchan!!! Don’t say that in front of my mom!!” I felt my cheeks heat up.

“But it’s true.” Kacchan shrugged. Looking at the grave, he glanced at me. “Oi, Deku, do you have extra incense?”

“I’ll go and get some from the store. Be right back.” I see Kacchan head down the stairs and waited for him to come back.

I look for Shoto and noticed his red and white hair peeking from a grave. He looks over at me, face still a bit pink, before ducking his head out of view. I stared at him for a bit before I turn away to see Kacchan with the extra incense sticks. He walked over to Mom’s grave, and lit them after placing them in the holder. We both pressed our hands together and bowed. I noticed Kacchan heading down the stairs and I follow after him. Out of the corner of my eye, Shoto seemed to float out from behind the grave and followed both of us.

At the bottom of the stairs, Kacchan turns towards me. He opened his mouth before closing it again.

“Kacchan?” I asked.

“Deku…” Kacchan pointed at me. “You are meeting up with me for summer homework. What time can you meet?”

“ the afternoon around 3?”

Kacchan folded his arms. “Don’t take your boyfriend along!!!”

“H-He’s not my b-boyfriend!!!!” I stuttered. “A-And w-well, I t-told you, he can’t be away from me. H-He has to come along.”

“Whatever.” Kacchan shifted his hands in his pockets. “You’re explaining this ghost thing to me.”

“O-Oh, ok.”

“Bye.” Kacchan shuffled away. I glanced at Shoto, who was glaring at Kacchan. I scratched my head.


Shoto turned towards me with a calm expression. “Yes?”

“Let’s go home.” I smiled at Shoto reassuringly.

Shoto’s lips twitched and he nodded. I walked ahead and Shoto decided to float right beside me.

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