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Angel of change

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It’s a beautiful spring day outside and you’re excited to move into your new flat in the town of Ebott. There aren’t a lot of humans in this town, it’s mostly populated by monsters since they’ve come out of the mountain years and years ago and built this nice town, much greener than most human cities with only few apartment blocks for students or single people to inhabit. You’re moving into one of them, the top floor being the 6th. Coming up the stairs it’s the second door on the right, basically in the middle of two other flats. You prefer staying in high apartments, as it’s way easier to leave the windows open at night without having to worry about people breaking in and stealing your stuff. It’s also a lot easier to take flight from a higher place. As an angel, you do have large, white and feathered wings but taking off of the ground is way more draining than to start from a high point and gliding from there. Not that anyone knows you preferred high situated living quarters for that particular reason.

So after the moving company brought all your furniture up the stairs (and you paying them a big tip for their efforts), you waved them off and looked over the mess that was your new apartment. „Well. Better get to it before night falls“, you thought to yourself, trying to hype yourself up a bit. It’s just about noon but you put off having lunch in favor of getting some things out of their boxes and get the furniture placed where you wanted. It’s not hard for you to move the things; angels have a lot of raw strength, aside from a good amount of magic to spare. So after putting your couch, coffee table and TV table into the living room to have something to sleep on for the coming night, you got to work setting up your TV and consoles to spend some time relaxing. Getting the living room set up took you about 2 hours, so after having the last shelves put up and stashed away your last books, games and movies you went to get some food into your system. Luckily you had some leftover cold cuts and buns, so you had a nice little meal and plopped onto the couch, admiring your handiwork. „Might as well take a little nap. One room is done, 2 more to go. But that I can do later…“, your thoughts trailed off as your eyelids got heavier by the second, drifting off into a dreamless slumber.

Rudely awakened by the screaming of your neighbor you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and sat up. „How long did I sleep?“, you thought as you looked down to your watch. It was past 8 in the evening, already dark outside the window. You groaned. This wasn’t how long you’ve planned to nap, but no use in dwelling on that fact. You sat up in a more comfortable position, listening to your neighbor. Actually. That seemed to be two voices, just one of them screaming his lungs out, the other hard to hear through the walls of your apartment. Apparently they were arguing, or so you thought, because the screaming did not let up the entire time that conversation was going. You tried to ignore them, changing the focus of your mind to the arising boredom. You got up, sifting through your moving boxes to find a clean outfit you could go out in. After changing into a tight fitting, plain black t-shirt and straight cut jeans you put on your sneakers and moved to leave your apartment. Going down the staircase you still heard your neighbor’s voice resounding off the walls. You shook your head, smiling over the fact that that person was able to keep that volume for so long without his voice going hoarse.

You left the apartment complex, heading down the sidewalk further into the town’s center. You thought you saw a nice looking pub on your way to your new home earlier today. You didn’t have to look for long, as it came into view just barely after ten minutes of walking. Approaching the building, you spotted the big, bright neon sign on top spelling „Grillby’s“. You entered, being met with a warm ambience (quite literally). The bar at the far end opposite of the entrance was made of dark, well-kept wood, standing behind it was a fire elemental keeping busy with polishing a glass; the bar stools having nice, red plush seats. On your right side were booths to sit in, if you wanted some privacy for your meal and on the left there were more open group tables. Not one human in sight, you crossed the distance to the farthest booth to sit in and decided to shimmy your way all the way against the wall with your field of view looking at the entrance. Not even five minutes later, a pink, fluffy bunny lady came to your table with a big smile on her face.

„Hi, I haven’t seen you here yet. My name’s Lola and I’ll be serving you tonight. What can I get you?“

You smiled back at her „I’d like a serving of fries and some water without fizz, please.“

„Any sauce for the fries?“

You thought on that one for a second „Hmmm, I think I’ll go with good ol‘ ketchup“

„Sure! I’ll be right back with your drink.“

She turned around and skated off. Huh. You hadn’t noticed she was wearing roller blades until now. Taking out your phone you looked for job offers. Never too early to start looking for a new employment, your nest egg won’t last forever. Lola came back with your water a couple minutes later and told you your fries would take a few more minutes. You thanked her and kept looking for a place to send your application to tomorrow. After jotting down some companies, Lola brought you your order of fries and a small, refillable bottle of ketchup. Thanking her again, you started focusing on eating. The fries were great, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and the seasoning was just right with the ketchup. You quietly squealed in delight and dug in. It didn’t take you long to finish your serving, so you waved over to Lola, put some cash on the table and got up to leave. On your way out, the door to the pub opened and a person (maybe an inch or two smaller than you) came in, bumping into you. You couldn’t see their face as their hood covered most of it but they apologized reflexively.

„oh, sorry bucko. didn’t see you there.“

You stood there, captivated by the sound of their –HIS– voice. A deep, deep smooth tone that made you shiver instinctively. „N-no I should apologize. Sorry for running into you“

He waved you off with one of his glove-covered hands „‘s no problem. have a nice night“, without once turning, he continued his way across the building, sitting down at the bar and greeting the fire elemental like an old friend. Noticing your staring, you pulled yourself together and left the pub.

On your way back to your apartment you couldn’t get the sound of that guy’s voice out of your head. It would haunt your dreams tonight, that much is clear.