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well this was unexpected

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This was gonna be the most difficult thing Peter ever had to do. Sure some could argue that he was being dramatic, however those people didn’t understand, he had fought the Vulture and got almost squashed by a building in the process, fought against a giant lizard, Rhino, Doc Ock, now that he thought about it a lot of the villains that he’s fought has a thing with animals. 'Huh never noticed should I be concerned? Should I send them to group therapy? The zoo? Wait what was I supposed to be? Oh yeah! Shit get it together Parker this is not only for you, ok here we go.'

“Hey FRIDAY can you please send the team, mom and Morgan to the conference room 6? If they ask why tell them I have something important to tell them.” Peter waits for FRIDAY’S response while fidgeting with the family bracelet that Ellie gave him, he smiles remembering last Christmas when he, Wade and May cried when Ellie explained to them that friendship bracelets wouldn’t do because they were family so they were family bracelets, “Everyone it’s on their way to conference room six Peter ETA seven minutes until everyone has reached it.” FRIDAY announced shaking him out of his reverie. “Thanks Fri” Peter tells her and starts making his way to the conference room. Peter starts thinking about possible outcomes he wants everyone to be happy and just tell him: Congratulations Pete! But realistically that’s not gonna happen since he doesn’t have one but two important and life changing  pieces of news to tell them, “Oh God please don’t let dad have a heart attack.” Peter whispers to himself standing in front of the doors of the room where most of his family is and takes a deep breath, “You can do it Parker like Wade says: Maximum Effort.” he mutters before opening the doors.



Avengers living room

Sam, Clint and Bucky were having a competition at Mario Kart, Tony was helping Morgan with her homework. Natasha, Wanda and Pepper were enjoying some tea while talking about a guy that asked Wanda out and Bruce and Steve were starting to make dinner since except from Pepper the rest of the team couldn’t cook a damn, and Thor and Loki were exiting the elevator from their sparring session when FRIDAY sounded on the intercoms, “Peter has requested that everyone on the team Ms. Boss Lady and Princess Boss goes to conference room number six.

Everyone stops what they’re doing, Steve is the first one to react and goes into Cap mode “FRIDAY what’s the matter is there a threat?” “Negative Captain my sensors don’t detect any threats higher than level 2 in the area and my satellites don’t detect any activity either.” Everybody relaxed a little at that they didn’t want to deal with anything right now. “Fri why is Peter asking for us to meet in the conference room couldn’t he just come to the living room?” Tony asks tiredly but gets up nonetheless while everyone follows suit going to the elevator. “I’m unaware as to why Peter couldn’t go to the living room Boss as to why he is asking for everyone he wouldn’t say, he however requested me to tell you in the events that either of you asked why to say he has something important to tell you”

Everyone enters the elevator (thank God Stark has gigantic elevators otherwise they would be canned tuna) most of the Avengers have frown of concern in their faces “That’s not ominous at all” mutters Clint, however Loki one of the two people that don’t have 'worried' written on his face just says to no one in particular “ah I wonder if he is finally telling you,” Loki states and every single person looks at him. “Brother you know the reason why the son of Parker is summoning us?” asks Thor slightly tilting his head to the side, “ I have an idea but I can’t tell for certain, don’t fret if it is what I think it is there will be no fight….. probably.”

“What do you mean probably?” asks Bruce furrowing his brow. “There might be an altercation if you don’t react correctly, full warning it’ll be from me and Peter’s side.” The team wanted to ask more questions about it but they reached the floor of the conference room, upon entering they meet Rhodey, Hope and Scott. “Hey Tones you know anything about this little get together?” asks the Coronel to his best friend, however it’s Pepper who answers “We don’t know Rhodey but instead of speculating about what it could possibly be let’s just wait for Pete. Friday already told us there’s no threats so I suggest we just sit down and wait to hear what he’s going to say.” Pepper says while telling her daughter to sit next to her and she does so and after her Tony sits down as well knowing better than to contradict his wife.

Soon everyone is sitting waiting for Peter when it looks like Sam is gonna say something the doors open and a very nervous looking Peter enters the room, he goes to front of the table and turns to them, “ Hi everyone thank you for coming with such a short notice, I’m sure that all of you want to know what is this about, let me tell you first that it’s not something bad I have two pieces of news for you and I’m sure that my second announcement it’s gonna override the first one but-“

“Peter you’re spiraling,” says Tony with a fond smile on his face. “Right, sorry so I’m just gonna say it.” He takes a deep breath “ I’m getting married,” the entire team has different expressions on their faces. Loki seems delighted as does Morgan, Thor and Scott, while Natasha looks a bit taken off guard but fixes her expression right away into something more neutral. Clint, Sam and Bucky are confused and openly gawking at him, Bruce and Steve are just confused. Hope has her eyebrows slightly raised but a small smile is on her face, completely opposed to Rhodey and Tony whose eyebrows disappeared on their hair line and mouths wide with shock. Pepper and Wanda however are covering their mouths tears welling on their eyes, and Loki is the first one to break the silence “Well it was about time you got the courage!”

Loki stands up and gives Peter a huge patting his back, Peter huffs a laugh “Of what? Telling them or asking him to marry me?” Peter asks Loki with an eyebrow raised and a slight smirk, the god copies his expression and tells him “Both”. The next one to speak is Thor, “I was not aware that you were courting someone young Peter but congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I wish you and your betrothed eternal happiness!” Thor exclaims standing up as well to give Peter a congratulatory hug, “Aw thanks big guy.”

 “I’m a little upset that I didn’t know you were dating someone but I’ll forgive you if I can be the flower girl,” Morgan crosses her arms smiling to her brother “ Deal, we were gonna ask you anyway,” Morgan laugh standing up and giving Peter a big hug “Congrats Petey” she tells him a little bit muffled from where her face is pressed against his stomach. Pepper, Wanda, Scott and Hope all stand up giving him hugs and wishing him happiness after no move from the others Peter clears his throat loudly, “I assume you have questions but please one at the time,” Peter says nervously looking at his dad. He knows they are going to ask him to whom is he getting married, now, he can be fine if the rest of the team doesn’t accept it yeah it’s going to hurt but if they can’t be happy for him then he doesn’t need them at his wedding. However, Tony is his dad, it’ll break his heart if he is not at his wedding. “Since when have you been dating, and why didn’t you tell us” asks Bucky getting out of his slack jacked stance. “Well… I’ve known him since I was 15 but I didn’t confess until I was 18  so 7 years-“ “SEVEN YEARS!?” the collective yells were hurting Peter’s ears a little bit “Yeah… as to why I never told you… there are two reasons but they work collectively so you might said that is just one however-“

 “Peter you’re spiraling again” says Loki while putting a supportive hand on his shoulder. “Right,” Peter gulps and looks at his dad that has yet to say something but has glazed eyes, he continues looking Tony in the eyes, “so bottom line I was scared that you wouldn’t approve since he’s older than me and you would have thought that he was taking advantage of me.” Peter never breaks eye contact with Tony so he notices when his eye twitches and he sees Tony taking a deep breath “ What is his name?” Tony finally asks “Dad-“ peter starts only to be interrupted by his dad “ Peter” Tony says with a warning tone, Peter steels himself “ Wade Wilson” he says proudly of his fiancée though he’s really scared of Tony not reacting so he doesn’t really hear the yells of some of his friends or the threats Loki makes to them when they threaten to kill Wade. “So,” Tony begins to say and everyone gets quiet “you’ve been dating Deadpool for seven years and you didn’t tell me why Peter? Why didn’t you tell me?” Tony asks not angry but sad that his son wouldn’t trust him to tell him that he was dating someone. Peter can see the hurt in his eyes and something twists in his heart but he pushes it aside this is not only for him this is for his family so he squares his shoulders and faces Tony and the rest of his friends “If seven years ago, eighteen years old me would have told you, be honest with me what would you have done?” Peter says all seriousness “I would have told you to stay away from that psychotic murderer then proceed to chop his limbs and dump them on the Antarctic Ocean.”


Tony says with such a serious face that is disconcerting, Clint murmurs “Weird flex but okay” but is silenced with a glare from Peter. “ Precisely why I didn’t tell you. Not only is it my life and only myself can  choose of whom I fall in love with but I couldn’t let you do that to my daughter.” At this Tony makes an expression of surprise even bigger than when Peter told them that he was going to get married, is however Natasha the one that asked the question that everybody (minus Loki mind you) is thinking “ What do you mean 'your daughter' Pete?” Peter breaths in for what he feels like the 27th time today “She is Wade’s biological daughter. She was five when we got dusted and when I say we I’m talking about me. Ellie that’s her name and Wade, she was living with her biological mother, Wade would visit her three days a month because he didn’t want anyone to know about her and go after her and her mom, when we got back Wade went straight to see Ellie but she wasn’t there…. When she disappeared her mom committed suicide.”

Peter could hear the gasps that came from Wanda and could see the way Pepper’s and Clint’s eyes tearing up. Clint no doubt remembering what he felt when his own family disappeared, “He called me and a friend of ours and we found out that Ellie upon reappearing got kidnapped by weapon plus,” now Peter could see the rage in Tony’s, Bucky’s, Steve’s and Bruce’s eyes.

“ When we arrived they had Ellie on a cage and she was being studied because she inherited Wade’s healing factor, we took them out we rescued Ellie and me and Daredevil stayed with her while Wade… took them out for good, that was actually the last time that Wade killed somebody or took any mercenaries jobs, because he needed to take her now, me and Daredevil told him that we were going to support him no matter what, of course Ellie was traumatized after that but when she realized that me, her dad and others would do anything to protect her she began to settle down. I would go almost every day to their house and help her with her homework while Wade would cook, when we first started dating her eyes light up like a Christmas Tree.” Peter chuckles at the memory everyone mimicking the soft and loving smile that appears on his face.

“She declared right away that since Wade was her Dad I was he 'Papa', she actually made family bracelets for me, Wade, May and herself as last year’s Christmas gift and she even told us that she needed more beads and that next Christmas we needed to invite the whole family. Last time I checked she was on bracelet 17 so you guys better wear yours in her presents if not she is gonna eat you alive,” Peter informs them laughing a little. “I can confirm my niece is terrifying when she’s upset,” Loki says nodding solemnly “Your niece?” Sam asks with a raised eyebrow and a little smirk, “I’ve adopted Wade as my little brother so yes my niece got a problem bird brain?” Sam raises his hands in the universal way of ' I surrender'.

“That reminds me why was Loki the only one that knew about you and Wilson” asks Rhodey crossing his arms. “ Simple, he stole my phone, went through my messages and demanded that I introduced him to Wade,” Peter deadpanned giving Loki a look that said ' I’m not impressed but I’m not surprised either'. “ Hey you leave your phone for anyone to read!” Loki defended. “It was locked, in my bedroom, in my drawer, at Mays house,” Peter says unimpressed and tiredly. “Semantics” Loki says with a dismissive wave of his hands making Tony snort well that was promising, he didn’t look angry or sad anymore. “Okay so this dude has obviously gone through a lot of shit I feel for him I really do but hasn’t he killed lots of people? Aren’t you against that?” asks Rhodey not judgingly but curious. “ You’re right. Okay can anyone besides me, Morgan and mom that hasn’t killed anyone please raise their hands?” Everyone got quite, so Sam asked next “Okay point but he killed people for money,” Sam points out, at least they don’t seem as defensive as the beginning. “Yes and I’m sure S.H.I.E.L.D and the military gives their operatives lollipops and pats on the back,” Peter sass back earning giggles from her sister.

“ Isn’t he you know crazy? Like I’ve heard he talks to himself,” there are some nods of affirmation on Sam and Clint’s part. “Okay, white and yellow are not Wade, I’ve heard them. Yellow sounded kind of nasal and annoying, and white was a female and asshole, and two we got rid of them.” Peter huff out exasperated he expected this but he is tired already and wants to cuddle with his family and this is FAR from over. “What do you mean you’ve heard them Peter?” Tony asks leaning forward instantly curious.

“ After an…… exceptionally bad day Loki performed some spells kind of forcing them out of Wade’s head.”

“Yeah those were some nasty entities thanks to the nourns the spell worked” Loki says with an almost imperceptible shudder.

“What does it mean you got rid of them,” Bruce has his scientific face on “I casted an expulsion spell while casting a protection spell on Wade’s own mind. Taking white and yellow was like removing tumors from the brain, if one was not careful and touches something you should not be touching the person could develop blindness, have paralysis, have some kind of retard etc. If I wasn’t extremely careful I could have removed a piece of Wade’s personality or memories, thankfully we prepared enough for it.”

Loki passes a hand over his face Peter puts his hand on his shoulder and squeeze a little, “ You did great that day don’t worry.” Loki gives him a small smile and a nod of his head, Peter turns to the others again “Do you have anymore questions?” He challenges surprisingly Pepper raises her hand and stands up “ After everything I’ve heard I just got one final question. Does he make you happy?” and that was it all what she wanted for her babies is that they were happy and safe, nothing else, the blinding and loving smile Peter gave her told her everything she needed to know. “Extremely so, he treats me like I’m the best thing aside from Ellie that has ever happened to him.” Peter ends with a dreamy sigh and Pepper returns his smile “Well then we can’t wait to meet him. Right guys?” she tells the rest with her mama bear tone that means that anyone that says something to upset her babies is gonna get eaten and digested. They know better that to contradict her so they just nod vigorously, Peter breathes a sigh of relief, “Thanks guys this means the world to me,” he breaths in again “Okay now for the second announcement,” Peter starts only to be stopped by Tony “Wait I thought you marrying was the first announcement and you marrying Wilson was the second?” “So did I,” says Loki for the first time since this meeting started looking confused. The others were expressing their agreement they look at Peter for confirmation, then Peter says “Oh no my second announcement is that I’m pregnant.”