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Until It Burns Out

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Battle of Yamazaki


“Is this it?” the rain pattered loudly on the tree tops. It was deafening.

“Is this how I die?”

the forest floor was thick mud making every step feel like ten. Leaning against a tree she tore out the arrow lodged in her shoulder. The sun had set on the day and seemingly her life as she trudged through the darkened forest, a naginata clutched tightly in her hand doubling as walking stick as she slipped through the mud. Blood seeped from many wounds she could feel it under her clothes.

“I want to go home” she whispered wearily,

“no- it is a great honour to die on the battlefield-”

The blood loss finally took over, stumbling over her own feet she landed in a heap on the ground. Rolling onto her back she gazed up with blurry eyes at the tree tops just visible in the darkness. Rain danced across her face mixing with the tears streaming from her eyes

“I mustn't cry. I can’t see my forebearers like this...I was an honourable..warrior.. to the end” she reassured herself the pain seemingly faded into the darkness around.

I don’t want to die alone.


Sanada Himiko: 1582 / 7/ 2- Yamazaki