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You know……. Love has many Pros and Cons to it, so Why does it feel like Love is like A Grey Area?

"Keith Kogane!’’ A voice snapped.

"Huh?’’ Keith blinked multiple times as he rested his hand on his cheek.

"Please Solve Question 13’’ He pointed to the board tapping it lightly.

Keith glanced at the board, 2 x 4 + 25 - 56 + 28= ?. Yeah…...No Way I’m solving this in my head.

“I’m sorry Mr.Thace, I wasn’t paying attention” He mumbled.

Thace sighed and turned back to the board continuing his lesson for Math. He didn’t even understand Why he had to take Math, until his friend made him for finding a Job so he can help with rent.

He really needed to stop daydreaming about a certain Brunette and His pretty eyes.

(‘I really need to find myself a new hobby’)

He laid his head against the desk staring out the window, Praying for this day to be over.


"You look Dead’’ Hikari shot at him.

Keith just pouted at her, yeah he did look dead. He was in Math for two whole hours. Daydreaming about the day his crush would finally love him.

‘’Gee..Thanks Kira’’ Keith replied.

She handed him a Black Coffee, and Chocolate Chip Cookie

‘’You know Kira...You were always my Favorite Roommate’’ He said smiling at her.

‘’Are you sure? Cause like two weeks ago you said Romelle was your favorite after buying you Haikyuu Plushies’’ She sassed him.

Keith always had a new favorite ‘’Roommate’’ after two weeks each time. Cause One always bought something better than the other.

‘’Kira, Bestfriend…. You know I’ll always love you the most. You know that’’ He responded.

‘’Uh huh….That’s exactly what you told Lotor last Night’’ She snickered as He pouted at her.

‘’You’re Mean’’ He said sipping his black coffee.

‘’Yup, Love your Dramatic Ass too’’ She said gaming away on her phone.

You see…… Hikari was His Childhood Friend they do everything together. Sure they’ve gotten into nasty arguments, but they always made up and that proved how strong their friendship is.They met because of Keith playing ‘’DMMD’’ and they bonded over it. And many more Anime and Games growing older.

She’s Also a Singer, When the both of them do duets together. But other than that She’s his Electric Guitar player in the band. And Well...A very Loyal and Trustworthy Friend.

Keith moved his chair next to her, and looked over her shoulder to see what she was playing.

Keith snorted and Hikari just shot him a glare. ‘’What are you laughing at?’’ She sassed him.

She had an Otome Game opened on her Phone. First Love Story.

‘’I knew I recommended you that game, but you said you weren’t gonna play anything like that? You changed your mind?’’ He had a wide grin on his face.

‘’Don’t get cocky man’’ She replied rolling her eyes and her eyes going back to the game.

New People showed up at the Table after she made that remark.

‘’Come on..Hikari don’t be mean to Keith’’ Romelle approached and waved.

‘’Easy for you to Romelle, You were his favorite roommate like two weeks ago’’ She said now having to have make a ‘’Choice’’ in the game.

‘’I guess you have a point, Sorry Keith’’ Romelle shrugged.

You see, Keith met Romelle back in Sophomore Year of Highschool, Due to being P.E and Science together for the next Three-Years. She also liked Anime and Joined the Club that year along with Keith’s other two friends.

She was the drummer of the Band.

‘’I hate you all’’ Keith said slumping in his seat.

‘’You didn’t hate Lotor last night’’ Hikari shot back still deciding on choice to pick.

‘’Yeah..All he did was Bench-watch DMMd with you and cuddle on the couch’’ Romelle replied. ‘’It was kinda cute though’’ She snickered.

‘’I liked the Show’’ Replied Lotor shrugging.

Keith and Lotor met thanks to Hikari, Hikari was invited to a party back in Sophomore-Year of School and Got Drunk with Lotor and ended up with Them Cuddling and Constantly yelling at anyone trying to separate the two of em’ in the process. Keith met him a month after the incident and just bonded as well over Anime and Games.

He’s the Bass Guitar of the Band.

‘’FUCK!’’ Hikari yelled nearly slamming her phone on the table.

‘’What happened, Kari?’’ Asked Romelle folding her arms on the table.

‘’You don’t even get a choice to basically decline going out with that Girl! That sucks’’ She said putting her head on the table.

‘’What’s up my fellow Weebs?’’ A familiar voice asked.

They all turned around in their seats except for Hikari who didn’t move her head from the table.

‘‘Shut up Matt’’ Responded Hikari.

‘’Wow RUDE Hikari, I’m very Hurt’’ Matt said as he placed his hands over his heart.

‘’Thanks for the compliment, Matt’’ Hikari said sarcastically.

Matt isn’t officially apart of the band, He helped manage Concerts and Times.

‘’Anyways Where’s your sister?’’ Asked Romelle looking at him.

‘’Probably, Still hanging out with the douche’’ Lotor spoke up.

Pidge was one of Lance’s friend, and yet She hated them. Something about ‘’Bullying Lance’’ for being Popular.

‘’Yeah, I don’t talk to Fake people’’ Hikari finally said lifting her head from the table.

‘’Then, Why do you talk to Matt?" Romelle and Lotor question raising an eyebrow.

‘’You calling me fake! So rude you guys’’ Matt pouted puffing his cheeks out.

‘’I’ll make it up to you by bench watching HighSchool of the Dead with you Matt’’ Hikari sighed grabbing her phone from the table and putting it into her back-pocket.

Matt didn’t lived with by himself, with his Girlfriend. Occasionally, He stopped by the ‘’Voltron’’ house-hold to watch some anime with them or play some Otome games with em’

To be completely Honest…..I seriously hate my College Life and My job……….

‘’By the way, Keith..We’re still going to the arcade next week Right?’’ Hikari turned her head to him.

‘’Yup! I just have to finish a Five-Page Essay and Do Some Art Homework and We’ll be Golden!’’ He laughed and smiled.

‘’Alright, I’ll catch you when you get home home, from your Major’’ Hikari waved and walked away from them.


‘’What is even your major anyways, Keith?’’ Matt asked grinning at him.

Before Keith could reply Lotor spoke up for him. ‘’You’d expect him to Major in Music and Math, but nope. This Idiot decided to Major in Art and Music’’ Lotor shook his head.

‘’Wow, You’re no longer my Favorite Lotor’’ He turned his head to the side.

‘’Hey..The only person allowed to sass me is Hikari, don’t give no attitude Keith’’ Lotor sighed.

‘’Rude. Anyways I’ll see you guys later I gotta get to my Major’’ Keith replied standing up and grabbing his bag and began walking away.

‘’Yo’ Keith! Ain’t Lance with you in that class?’’ Lotor spoke and Matt choked on his own spit when Lotor said that.

Keith turned around and looked at them. ‘’Yeah? He is..What about it?’’ He questioned folding his arms.

‘’A little birdie told me the Reason why Lance took Music as a Major, Apparently his favorite singer is ‘’Lil’ Red’’.. Sound familiar?’’ Lotor asked.


They just looked at him making hand motions, until he gave in.

‘’Okay...I’ll stay clear of him asking anything about Voltron, Just make sure Matt doesn’t spill anything to Pidge with his Loud mouth’’ Keith responded walking away finally.

‘’Hey! I don’t have a loud mouth...Do I?’’ He asked snapping his head towards Romelle and Lotor.

‘’You kinda do’’ Lotor snickered and Romelle just shrugged and Matt huffed.


‘’Soo, How was Music?’’ Hikari asked.

She was reading the Bnha manga, As she was laying on her bed her head hanging on the end of the bed looking at Keith. He had a stressed and irritated look on his face.

‘’I’ll tell you what happened! Those bitches kept throwing paper balls and paper-airplanes at the back of my head!’’ He shouted clearly angry.

‘’Want some Hot Coco, and some Graham Crackers?’’ She asked scooting up and sitting up.

‘’Yeah….I need some, My head is seriously killing me’’ He said setting his bag down.

‘’Want to watch some Kiss Him, Not Me?’’ She asked smirking at him.

‘’Oh..Hell Yeah!’’ He said rushing to the living room where Romelle and Lotor were. Them having Colas and Popcorn already done with them.

‘’You watching Kiss Him, Not Me with us?’’ Keith asked.

‘’Yeah, Just waiting for Hikari’s S’mores to be done, Since She makes the best ones’’ Romelle said drooling a little.

‘’I know I do! But, You guys only get Three each Okay?’’ She yelled from the kitchen.

‘’Alright Mom!’’ Romelle yelled back. We all just laughed as Hikari sighed and continued baking.

Maybe My College ain’t so Bad After All…….