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2 bears and a penguin (drabbles)

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Someone is whispering, is the first thing Jongin realizes as he slowly finds himself waking up, eyes still closed because if his alarm isn’t waking him up, it can’t be that late yet. There are two people whispering, tiny voices arguing with one another that Jongin realizes are Jiseok and Jiwoon. He tries not to move, instead paying close attention to what his boys are doing in his room this early in the morning.

“Just poke him on the nose,” he hears Jiwoon whisper, not so quietly, to Jiseok who is probably the one closest to him on the bed.

“But daddy said not to wake papa up yet,” Jiseok replies, sounding nervous and he realizes what a horrible influence Jiwoon is on him when the eight-year-old talks again.

“Don’t you want to show him your card?” Jiwoon asks, which must be the push Jiseok needs because he feels him move, making him immediately open his eyes and nearly scare Jiseok to death as he jumps with a screech.

“What are you doing?” he questions sternly, moving to sit up when Jiseok jumps on him, nearly knocking his head into his nose.

“Happy birthday papa!” Jiseok yells in his ear before his face is being attacked with kisses form the five-year-old. “Daddy and me made you pancakes! They’re shaped like hearts!” Jiseok informs him, giving him a big hug that he gladly returns, kissing Jiseok on the cheek and looking over at Jiwoon who is sitting at the edge of the bed, looking nervous when Kyungsoo walks into the room.

“I told you two not to wake your papa up,” Kyungsoo scolds lightly, getting a pout from Jiwoon as he gets off the bed to go hug the omega, who is really not cut out to be the hard ass because he melts instantly when Jiwoon says sorry.

“Sorry papa, happy birthday,” Jiwoon apologizes, looking up at Kyungsoo and smiling when he gets a smile from the omega.

“But I wanted to show papa my card. It’s pretty,” Jiseok defends quietly, looking up at him with a huge pout.

“Why don’t you two go help your sister decorate the table for papa’s birthday breakfast?” Kyungsoo questions, ushering Jiwoon out of the room and prying Jiseok from his arms and setting him down. “Jiwon is going to be sad if you don’t help,” he adds on, which makes Jiseok run as fast as his little legs will take him.

Jongin tiredly gets up and sits on the edge of the bed, rubbing his eyes before he gets up, immediately being pulled into a hug from Kyungsoo.

“I told them to let you sleep,” Kyungsoo mumbles, shaking his head before standing on his tip toes and giving him a good morning kiss. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you,” Jongin replies, eyeing his husband wearily when he doesn’t move to do anything more than just kiss him. He’s honestly a little offended when Kyungsoo only gives him another kiss on the cheek before moving away, way too much space in between them.

“The twins wanted to make you pancakes but Jiwoon insisted you wanted French toast, so I hope you’re hungry,” Kyungsoo shares, actually moving to leave the room so he yanks him back, getting a wide-eyed look from his husband. “What?”

“Seriously? You’re not even going to grope me a little? It’s my birthday,” he tries hard not to whine out, used to a certain amount of heavy petting from his husband on his birthday. Of course it makes sense that he can’t now, with the kids being old enough to understand its his birthday and wanting to force him awake.

“The kids are really excited about making you breakfast,” Kyungsoo laughs out, making him sigh tiredly. “Besides, Seungsoo’s indoor pool is finished and he already said he would take the three musketeers for the night. I’m going to do more than just grope you later,” Kyungsoo informs him.

Jongin is about to say something totally not child friendly when he hears someone walk into the room, making him shut his mouth. He frowns when he peeks over Kyungsoo and sees Jiwon sniffling, making him move to go pick her up.

“Why are you crying?” he questions, grabbing the girl from underneath her arms and immediately getting tiny arms wrapped around his shoulders.

“Everyone got to say happy birthday to you but me, I’m last,” Jiwon says in her tiny voice, sounding so upset and heartbroken over it.

“Princesses are never last,” he tells her, shaking his head and moving to give her a kiss on the cheek. “Daddy hasn’t told me happy birthday yet, so you’re not last,” he lies, getting a frown aimed his way by Kyungsoo who plays along and doesn’t say anything.

“Really?” Jiwon questions, perking up instantly and looking over at Kyungsoo who just shrugs at her. “Happy birthday papa!” she shouts, immediately smiling as he moves to hug onto him again, making him laugh.

“Thank you, baby,” he laughs out, walking out of the room and going towards the kitchen where he smells syrup and chocolate.

The table has one of those tacky plastic covers on it with big lettering spelling out happy birthday along the part that drapes over the table. There’s a banner near the windows that looks so lopsided he’s worried its going to fall down. The table is completely covered in balloons and glitter, several little containers of it on the kitchen counter and he’s really not looking forward to finding it all over the house now.

“Surprise!” Jiseok shouts, jumping up and down as he walks to the table, setting Jiwon down where she goes and joins Jiseok.

“Can we eat now?” Jiwoon questions, making Kyungsoo let out a loud sigh before nodding his head, the kids hurrying to their spots at the table.

His plate already has a stack of heart shaped pancakes on it and a piece of French toast, both completely swimming in syrup, strawberries and chocolate chips on top. He grabs his fork and moves to start eating, wondering if he’s really getting old when it’s a little too much sugar, even for him.

“Papa, can I have some?” Jiwoon questions him, sitting up in his seat and pointing to his chocolate chips. “Please?”

Jongin looks over at Kyungsoo who is distracted with making sure one twin doesn’t have more on their plate than the other and nods his head. Jiwoon really shouldn’t have so much sweets, still in trouble for sitting in the closet for almost ten minutes eating chocolate chips the other day, but Kyungsoo can’t tell him anything on his birthday. Jiwoon beams as he steals a couple from his plate, smiling happily before he grabs his milk.

“I saw that,” Kyungsoo informs him, making Jiwoon sink in his chair and pout, looking over at him sadly.

“It’s just a couple,” he replies, reaching over and handing Jiwoon another and getting his side pinched when Kyungsoo makes his way to their end of the table.

“I don’t understand how neither of you have ever had a cavity,” Kyungsoo says lowly, sitting down and finally serving himself some pancakes and strawberries, looking tired when he gets glitter all over his hands.

“Papa you have to read my card!” Jiseok shouts, getting out of his seat and rushing over to him with it in his hands. “I made it myself. It has blue glitter because blue is your favorite color,” he explains to him, pointing it out to him and giving him an expectant look.

Jongin grabs it from him, trying really hard to figure out what it says, hoping he doesn’t look too confused.

“That’s you and that’s daddy,” Jiseok explains patiently, pointing to some random blobs of blue glitter.

“We look so pretty, right?” he says to Kyungsoo who looks over at the card and immediately nods his head, making Jiseok beam up at them.

“I look prettier though, right?” Kyungsoo says, which makes Jiseok giggle as hides his face from them both, peeking out at him and nodding quickly.

“Your daddy is pretty,” he agrees, making Kyungsoo flush as he tells Jiseok to go finish his breakfast so he can take a bubble bath.

Jongin eats the rest of his food and listens to the twins talk over each other, nodding his head when he gets lost and doesn’t even know what they’re talking about anymore. Jiwoon keeps sneaking chocolate chips off his plate and he chooses to pretend he doesn’t see, trying to actually finish his food. When the twins are done eating Kyungsoo grabs them and takes them to bathe, Jiwoon still sitting at the table and looking at him with a little furrow of his brows.

“Do I have to spend the night with uncle Seungsoo?” Jiwoon questions, and if he weren’t looking forward to sleeping in his king-sized bed with only his husband, he’d probably tell him no.

“Why? I thought you liked uncle Seungsoo?” he questions back, sipping on his lemonade and watching as Jiwoon’s nose scrunches up before he huffs.

“Yesol is annoying,” Jiwoon informs him, making him want to choke on his drink but wisely forcing himself not to, or Jiwoon will think it’s a valid opinion because he laughed. “I don’t like her.”

“She’s your cousin, be nice,” he replies sternly getting a frown from Jiwoon who sulks and looks at his plate expectantly.

Jongin sighs as he hands him the last chocolate chip, the eight-year-old beaming at him as he eats it up. Jongin should probably not spoil him so much, but, whatever. It’s his birthday, he can do whatever he wants.