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2 bears and a penguin (drabbles)

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Jongin keeps a close eye on Jiseok, pushing the small shopping cart along as he shops for a few things they need in between a real trip to the store, like toilet paper and apparently chocolate chips, according to Jiwoon who refused to eat his pancakes this morning without them. Jongin could only shake his head as Kyungsoo gave him a small list and most of it consisted of things they really could go without. They really need more toilet paper though, so its not like he could say no.

Jiseok was the only one that begged to go with him, so he agreed easily, letting the five-year-old get away from his siblings who were bickering over whose turn it was to watch television in the living room. For a five and eight-year-old they really butt heads a little too much and poor Jiseok is left to go find something else to do.  

Jongin frowns when Jiseok rushes away from him and towards a little section near the beauty products. He sets the basket out of the way as he goes over and gets ready to scold the boy for running away from the cart but stops when he sees that the boy is looking at glittery things. Jiseok loves glitter.

“Jiseok, you’re not supposed to run away in the store,” he sighs out, getting a wide-eyed look from the boy who pouts and reaches out to touch a glittery looking little holiday package with little polar bears, penguins and a reindeer on the plastic wrapping around what appears to be lip balm.

“Papa, its pretty,” Jiseok tells him, too distracted to get all pouty over being scolded.

Jongin suppresses a sigh at the little look Jiseok sends his way before going back to staring at the package. He really isn’t equipped to tell Jiseok no when he looks so much like Kyungsoo. He picks up the one Jiseok is eyeing and looks at the price, seeing it’s a little ridiculous for some lip balm but how is he supposed to tell his baby that?

Please papa,” Jiseok questions him, looking so hopeful that Jongin can only comply and stick it in the cart, getting an excited squeal in response as Jiseok rushes over and hugs onto his legs.

“C’mon before you find something else,” he sighs out, shaking his head as Jiseok attempts to climb into the basket so he can sit with his present but he’s entirely too short to pull it off on his own.

“Can we get daddy one too?” Jiseok questions, looking up at him worriedly now.

“Daddy already has enough glitter,” he replies calmly, not wanting to spend more money on random glittery objects than on the actual toilet paper he needs to remember not to forget.

“But papa,” Jiseok grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest and sulking when he gives him a stern look. Jiseok doesn’t bug him anymore, deciding to hold onto the package and look at all the designs.

Jiseok looks like he wants to cry when he has to gently pry it out of his hands so the cashier can ring it up, having to quickly hand it back before he actually does shed tears because he wouldn’t put it past him. When he’s done, they head out to the car, moving quickly since the wind is blowing a little too much for his liking. He buckles Jiseok up and then helps him actually open up the package, laughing as the boy wiggles a little.

“Which one?” he questions, watching as Jiseok contemplates it really hard before pointing towards the penguin.

He takes it out and undoes the cap, lightly pressing it against Jiseok’s lips and watching as he smiles. It’s really just some expensive chapstick, not even having enough glitter in it to make Jiseok’s lips are shimmery.  He hopes Jiseok doesn’t mind when later on though, really hoping he didn’t just waste money on something the boy isn’t going to actually use.

“You have to use the bear,” Jiseok informs him, reaching for it and uncapping it for him.

Jongin sighs and lets Jiseok attempt to put the chapstick on him, getting a little on his nose and even on his chin a little before he giggles.

“Papa you look pretty,” Jiseok compliments, beaming proudly at his handiwork. Jongin is glad at least it isn’t lipstick other wise he’d probably look like a mess.

Jongin leans over and gives him a kiss on his cheek that has the toddler smiling happily before he moves to close the door so they can get back home. Hopefully the other two don’t get jealous, otherwise he’ll never hear the end of it.