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2 bears and a penguin (drabbles)

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Kyungsoo gently bounces Jiwoon in his lap, the one-year old giggling as he watches Jongin put one of their carry-on bags in the overheard, playing peekaboo at the same time with the boy. It has him smiling, thinking Jiwoon’s laugh is the most adorable thing he’s ever heard. He tightens his grip on the boy when he tries getting out of his lap and reaches for Jongin, whining and holding his arms out.

“Papa will grab you in a little bit,” he tries to soothe, getting a disgruntled whine from the boy who starts to wiggle around.

Kyungsoo frowns, already worried about how Jiwoon would do on a flight and not being soothed by the sudden crankiness. They’re flying to Jeju to spend Christmas at his grandparents house this year and its Jiwoon’s first flight. He knows its only for about an hour, but still. Jiwoon can throw some nasty fits when he doesn’t get his way.

He completely blames Jongin and his alpha hardheadedness he passed on to their baby. Jongin is the most hardheaded person he’s ever met and Jiwoon is completely his son in that department. Sometimes Jiwoon will pull a face and look exactly like his papa, freaking him out a little bit. He loves that their baby looks like Jongin, but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming seeing the similarities.

He frowns when Jiwoon whines and starts chewing on his fingers, knowing he’s bound to break a tooth any day now. He can feel the little sucker that’s been giving his baby a hard time, having spent a couple of sleepless nights this week trying to soothe him back to bed in the middle of the night. He reaches for the diaper bag and searches for his teething gel, knowing he doesn’t want to be the person with a screaming baby on the flight.

He sighs in relief when he finds the tube, opening it up and putting a little bit of the gel on his finger before getting Jiwoon to open his mouth. He spreads it on the problem area and tries not to wince when Jiwoon thinks his finger is a teething ring. He lets Jiwoon nibble on his finger before he forgets all about it when Jongin sits down, reaching for the elder and making him pout.

“Fine. Go with your papa. Not like I carried you around for nine months,” he sulks, pouting when Jiwoon snuggles up with Jongin before trying to reach in the elders coat.

Kyungsoo frowns, tilting his head in confusion before he realizes Jongin is hiding something. He lets out a long sigh when Jongin sheepishly pulls out a pacifier, handing it over to Jiwoon who immediately plops it in his mouth and starts sucking. He shakes his head, reaching over and poking Jiwoon in the stomach and watching him squirm as he smiles around his pacifier.

“Your great grandpa is going to be so happy to see you,” he comments, tickling Jiwoon some more and watching him squirm in Jongin’s lap, letting out a loud laugh before squealing and hiding his face.

He reaches over and unzips Jiwoon’s jacket when he sees his cheeks are starting to get flushed, Jongin helping him take it off before handing it over to him. It was snowing on the way into the airport and the last thing he wants is for Jiwoon to get the sniffles during Christmas. It’ll be his first Christmas where he can actually open presents, only being a month-old last year. He can’t wait to see how excited the boy gets when he opens his toys he knows his parents got him.

He folds the coat before setting it in his lap, looking over at Jiwoon who is now standing up in Jongin’s lap, curiously looking at his surroundings. Jiwoon mumbles at Jongin, his brows furrowing as he flaps his arms a bit.

“Yeah, you’re in first class because someone didn’t want to be cheap. Don’t get used to being in a little cocoon. One day you’ll fly economy, I’ll make sure of it.”

“Don’t lie to him,” he scolds, shaking his head and listening attentively to Jiwoon blabber some more at them, being very vocal as he looks around.

The stewardess gives him a happy smile and wave when she passes by, making Jiwoon frown a little before hugging onto Jongin. He pulls away when she leaves, blabbering at Jongin who just nods his head, pretending to be very interested in what Jiwoon is trying to tell him.

“Maybe you can take a nap instead of talking the whole flight,” Jongin suggests, making Jiwoon let out another blabber of nonsense before he sighs, letting out another yawn. He does look ready for a nap, eyes starting to look a little droopy the longer he fights it.

He holds out his arms expectantly and beams when Jiwoon reaches out for him, apparently agreeing on that nap, which is what he was really hoping for. He immediately lets the boy lay down on his chest, hugging onto him and burying his nose in his hair, inhaling deeply because he loves the smell of the baby shampoo.

“Please tell me your grandpa at least didn’t send a limo to pick us up again,” Jongin sighs out, letting out a tiny yawn before reaching over and playing with Jiwoon’s hair a bit before the boy makes a whining noise and turns his head the other way.

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, shrugging a little before resting his cheek against the top of Jiwoon’s head, rubbing the boy’s back when he fidgets before going still again.

“I dunno, maybe,” he replies, not really having asked who would be picking them up. He definitely wouldn’t put it past his grandpa to send a limo for them though, considering its what he did the last time they flew out to visit him. Jongin looked so done as he helped them load their bags into the trunk, despite the driver insisting he could do it himself.

They’re the last of his family to arrive, since Jongin wanted to spend time with his mom and sisters before they left. Jiwoon was completely spoiled by his aunts, having gotten a ridiculous number of outfits from them. Jongin seemed alright with it, although called it excessive, as if Jiwoon needs more clothes.

“What’s wrong with being in a limo?” he questions, smiling at the alpha when he gives him an exasperated look.

“You rich boys and your money,” Jongin grumbles, rolling his eyes before letting out a tired sigh.

“If you flag down the stewardess so I can get a drink, I’ll let you use my black card,” he comments, beaming at his husband who, although he rolls his eyes again, flags someone down. After he orders a drink he smiles and leans on the elder, rubbing his cheek against his arm.

“You should probably put him in the bassinet now that he’s asleep,” Jongin comments, making him frown and tighten his grip on Jiwoon.

“I like holding him,” he argues, not wanting to put Jiwoon down. He’s warm and precious and deserves to be sleeping soundly after the rough night he had because of his teeth. He doesn’t want to put him down and ruin his nap and make him cranky the rest of the day. Plus, he really loves holding him while he sleeps, being comforted just having him so close.

Jongin lets out a long sigh but wisely doesn’t argue, leaning against him and resting his eyes, probably going to fall asleep too. Kyungsoo is glad he’s comfortable, enjoying the quiet time because its so rare these days. Jiwoon talks so much now, although, nothing quite understandable, other than papa, which he’s still incredibly jealous over.

He really thought he would be their baby’s first word, but, Jiwoon adores Jongin. The little alpha is constantly trying to mimic everything his papa does. He really is a miniature version of his husband, which is cute at times, but he can already tell that hardheadedness is going to be a pain once he’s older. Although he can be pretty mellow so there’s hope.

Unfortunately for them Jiwoon wakes up thirty minutes into the flight, looking disgruntled as can be as he isn’t allowed to wander down the aisles. Jongin blocks him off and gets the tiniest growl aimed his way before Jiwoon starts to fuss, making him get out a bottle to distract him if anything. Luckily for them it works, unfortunately for Jongin, the boy overeats and ends up spitting up a bit on his jacket, which, is apparently expensive.

“Maybe you shouldn’t buy such expensive clothes,” he comments, getting a glare from Jongin who is trying but failing to clean the milk stain off his black coat.

“Says the guy who owns more sweatpants than a Nike warehouse,” Jongin grumbles, making him flush.

“They’re comfortable,” he defends, shaking his head at his husband and looking at Jiwoon who is busy staring out the window, eyes wide as can be as he takes in the view. “Can you say clouds?” he questions the one year old, getting a nod from Jiwoon who claps his hands, smiling up at him.

“Don’t lie,” Jongin tells him, reaching over and pinching his cheek and getting an unhappy pout in return.

“Don’t pinch his cheeks,” he scolds, knowing Jiwoon hates it when people do it, even though its so tempting seeing how chubby they are.

“We aren’t in bed, don’t boss me around,” Jongin retorts, making his cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

“Shut up,” he all but whines, giving his husband a little glare at the smug look he starts sporting, knowing how much an effect he has on him.

Honestly, he may just ask his grandparents if they don’t mind watching Jiwoon for a couple of hours to have some proper alone time with his husband, since it is Christmas and all. The season of giving.

“I’m going to use the restroom before we land,” Jongin comments, reaching over and giving him a quick kiss.

“Give papa a kiss,” he tells Jiwoon, watching as the boy blinks up at him before looking at Jongin who is waiting patiently. He smiles watching Jiwoon attempt, because really, his kisses are just him opening his mouth and putting it on your face, leaving you with baby slobber on your cheek.

“Close enough,” Jongin snorts out, ruffling Jiwoon’s hair before getting up and heading towards the restroom, making Jiwoon pout.

“Papa has to go potty,” he informs the boy, getting a mouthful from Jiwoon before he pouts and looks back out the window, remaining calm.

He does good for the rest of the flight, playing with his bear plush along with Jongin, who has gotten a little too good at his papa bear impersonation. Jiwoon finds its hilarious, giggling and continuing to shove the bear in Jongin’s direction when he stops, not even noticing the slight turbulence they have when landing.

Once they get off the plane Jiwoon is all curious looks and pointing out things in the airport, spotting someone with an ice cream cup and immediately wanting to be let down in search of it. Kyungsoo looks over at Jongin who is frowning a bit, already looking ready to deny him the cold treat.

“But he did so well,” he argues when Jongin looks ready to say no. “Right baby? You didn’t even cry,” he boasts, kissing Jiwoon who whines, still focused on the Baskin Robbins across from them that just so happens to have giant ice cream stickers on their windows, alerting Jiwoon to what they sell. “Say please papa,” he begs, looking over at Jongin with a pout and beaming when Jongin starts to flush.

“You two are the only people I know who will eat ice cream when it’s snowing outside,” Jongin grumbles, shaking his head as he searches his coat for his wallet and starts heading towards the shop.

Kyungsoo smiles triumphantly, bouncing Jiwoon a bit as he moves to follow Jongin, craving the blueberry cheese cake flavor, glad his pout still works on the alpha and laughing as Jiwoon starts excitedly clapping his hands.