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2 bears and a penguin (drabbles)

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Jongin quickly plops a yogurt drop on his tongue, the blueberry taste being light as it slowly melts. Jiwoon smacks his lips as he eats his own, looking up at him with wide eyes when he takes another out of the package. The eight-month-old opens his mouth, making him smile as he moves to plop the treat in for him. Jiwoon claps his hands excitedly when he takes another out, making him laugh.

“You’re going to ruin his appetite if you keep feeding him those,” Kyungsoo scolds him, making him twitch and hurriedly plop the treat in his own mouth again.

Jiwoon whines and wiggles in his spot, wanting more so he takes a peek and sees Kyungsoo is busy mixing the rice cereal for Jiwoon’s lunch. While he’s distracted he takes out another one and gives it to his son, who opens his mouth and smiles as he sucks on the treat.

While he’s content enough he gets up and goes to put the snack away, keeping an eye on Jiwoon who moves to grab his phone which he left on the floor. He curses under his breath, rushing over and groaning when he’s too late and Jiwoon is sticking the phone in his mouth.

Jiwoon,” he groans, reaching down and prying his phone away from the boy who looks crestfallen, starting to pout and make little hiccuping noises just as he starts to cry.

Jongin sighs, looking over towards the kitchen where Kyungsoo is giving him yet another scolding look, probably getting ready to start bickering at him when the microwave goes off. Jongin lets out a breath of relief, moving to sit back down and reaching over to sit Jiwoon in his lap as he whines and kicks his legs out.

“You can’t play with papa’s phone,” he comments, kissing the boy on the cheek and wiping the slobber off his phone onto his sweatpants.

He unlocks it and goes towards his camera app, turning the front facing camera on and watching as Jiwoon goes wide eyed, leaning forward and trying to grab the phone. He pulls it away, snapping a quick picture of Jiwoon before moving to send it to his sisters and mom. He snaps a couple of more, making a face that has Jiwoon giggling and quickly getting him smiling.

He looks through the pictures, Jiwoon constantly attempting to reach out and steal the phone from him. He can’t help but swoon at how adorable his son looks, setting his phone down and picking him up so he’s facing him, getting a wide-eyed look from the boy.

“You are the most adorable baby on the planet,” he stresses to him, getting giggled at when he brings him forward to kiss him on the cheek.

“Jiwoon’s cereal is ready,” Kyungsoo calls out, making him stand up and carry the boy on his hip over to the kitchen.

Jiwoon whines a little when he sets him down in his high chair, strapping him in securely before putting the bib around his neck. Jiwoon frowns, not being a huge fan of wearing a bib but they learned pretty quickly once he was old enough for baby food that the boy is a messy eater because he tries to dodge the spoon.

“Can you go check on the food I’m heating up for us?” Kyungsoo questions, walking towards Jiwoon with a little yellow bowl and a matching spoon.

Jiwoon spots Kyungsoo and immediately starts wiggling, putting his hands up and making little whines, obviously wanting to be picked up. When Kyungsoo doesn’t oblige Jiwoon kicks his legs and yells, slamming his hands down on the highchair and pouting.

“Don’t be like that,” Kyungsoo scolds him, shaking his head and pulling his chair closer to Jiwoon and stirring his cereal. “You can’t have milk right now. You need to eat your cereal.”

Jongin sighs as he watches Jiwoon continue to sulk, making a face and moving away when Kyungsoo tries to spoon a little bit of cereal into his mouth. He goes and checks on the food in the microwave, stirring around the leftover stir-fry from yesterday afternoon when they went out to eat with Kyungsoo’s grandparents. He pops a shrimp in his mouth and goes to get two bowls for them when he decides its warm enough.

He splits up the food and then brings the bowls to the table, going back to grab two pairs of chopsticks, before moving to grab something to drink. When he comes back with two glasses of apple juice Jiwoon is finally letting Kyungsoo feed him little spoonfuls of the food. Jongin moves to sit at the table, eating his own food and watching as Jiwoon tries to continuously grab the spoon away from Kyungsoo.

When he doesn’t succeed he relents, opening his mouth for the cereal just to keep trying to grab at the spoon again. Jongin watches him eat before grabbing his phone and taking a video when Jiwoon starts putting his hands in his hair, getting it full of the cereal on his hands. Jongin tries not to laugh but ends up snorting which makes Jiwoon giggle at him.

“Don’t encourage him to be messy,” Kyungsoo huffs out, turning and sticking his tongue out at him when he realizes he’s filming.

“Hey, I’m just sitting here,” he replies which has Kyungsoo rolling his eyes.

Jongin stops recording before getting up, walking over and moving to take a picture of Jiwoon while he still has food in his hair. Of course, the baby smiles up at him, wiggling cutely making him completely swoon.

“You really are the cutest baby in the world,” he states sternly, squishing Jiwoon’s cheeks before moving to give him a kiss.

Jiwoon screeches, not appreciating his cheeks being squished before he starts flapping his hands, managing to whack him in the eye. He curses, half glaring at Jiwoon who is laughing at him as he wiggles in his seat.

“He didn’t mean it,” Kyungsoo snickers out, handing him a napkin that he grabs to wipe his face.

His eye waters as he tries to blink his vision clear, hoping he didn’t get any cereal in it. He looks over at Jiwoon who smiles when Kyungsoo gives him another spoonful. Clapping his hands excitedly.

“Sure, cooperate after you injure me,” he comments plainly, giving Jiwoon a look before he hears Kyungsoo’s stomach growl loudly.

He blinks back his surprise, looking down at the omega who blushes, ears turning bright red as he stirs Jiwoon’s food.

“If you’re hungry why didn’t you say something?” he sighs out, shaking his head and moving to go grab the bowl of stir-fry for Kyungsoo.

“I like feeding our baby,” Kyungsoo mumbles, continuing to do just that because he’s the most stubborn omega he’s ever met.

Jongin shakes his head, grabbing the chopsticks and moving to feed Kyungsoo who gives him an embarrassed look but opens his mouth. He smiles around a mouthful of food, giving him an appreciative look before he starts to chew.

“Good boy,” he coos obnoxiously at his mate, who looks completely red in the face as he moves to try and hit him.

“Shut up,” Kyungsoo huffs out at him, shaking his head before moving to feed Jiwoon when he starts getting impatient.

When he moves to feed Kyungsoo a shrimp, Jiwoon notices, opening his mouth despite already having food in it. It has him laughing, shaking his head and reaching over to ruffle his hair.

“You can’t have shrimp yet, buddy,” he tells the boy, getting a desperate little wiggle as Jiwoon makes grabby hands at him, letting out a whine. He even goes as far as to push the spoon away when Kyungsoo tries feeding him.

“I think he wants his papa,” Kyungsoo sighs out, setting the bowl down and reaching over to grab his own. “I’m starving too.”

Jongin nods his head, getting up and moving to grab Jiwoon out of his highchair, taking him over towards the kitchen sink to wash off his hands and face. He shakes his head as Jiwoon tries to drink the water, clapping his hands and splashing himself in the face.

“Are you a little bird or a baby?” he questions the boy, turning him around getting a wide-eyed look from Jiwoon who blabbers at him. “Hey, calm down. Talk slower,” he replies, getting more incoherent blabbering. “Alright, I don’t know what you’re saying.”

Jongin carries Jiwoon back to the dining table, seeing Kyungsoo still eating his food. He sits down and attempts to finish eating his own food, having to aim the chopsticks away from Jiwoon who tries to grab them. The eight-month-old grows bored, smacking his lips before letting out a little whine, reaching over for Kyungsoo.

“Did you want to feed him, or should I try giving him a bottle?” he questions, bouncing Jiwoon in his lap who giggles while clapping his hands. He stops when he thinks better of it, not wanting the boy’s stomach to get upset to the point that he throws up.

“I’m really hungry,” Kyungsoo replies slowly, making him nod his head. “If he doesn’t want the bottle I’ll feed him when I’m done.”

“Alright,” he replies, getting up and heading towards the kitchen where he knows Kyungsoo was heating up a bottle earlier.

He grabs it, glad that it’s around room temperature now, knowing Jiwoon hates cold milk. He shows it to the baby who starts wiggling, reaching out for it and letting out a tiny whine. Jongin uncaps it and then moves to hand it over, helping Jiwoon hold his bottle. He’s glad he doesn’t put up a fuss, knowing sometimes Jiwoon prefers Kyungsoo over a bottle. He wants his husband to eat though, so he’s thankful their son isn’t being picky.

He sits down on the couch and lets Jiwoon sit securely in his lap as he eats, kicking his feet out and reaching for his toes when he decides he’s done with his bottle. Jongin stifles a yawn as he turns on the television, realizing Jiwoon won’t be settling for a nap just yet. He puts on something random, knowing he’s bound to fall asleep himself once Jiwoon does. He’s gotten so used to napping when Jiwoon does, it’s a little ridiculous. Especially when he’s at work and he starts getting sleepy.

He startles when he feels a dip in the couch, Kyungsoo snuggling up to his side, looking completely content. He puts his arm around his husband, letting him practically sit in his lap along with Jiwoon who crawls across his lap and hits him in crotch in the process making him groan.

“Don’t do that to papa, then you’ll never get a little brother or sister,” Kyungsoo lightly scolds Jiwoon who just yawns in response, holding his arms out for Kyungsoo who just sighs and moves to lie him down on his chest to get him down for his nap.

“I’m glad that’s where your priorities are,” Jongin groans out, eyeing his son who is already drooling on Kyungsoo’s shoulder, knocked out for his nap.

“Well I can’t very well make sure you’re okay properly when our baby is tired,” Kyungsoo replies, rubbing a hand on Jiwoon’s back when the boy burps in his sleep.

“You could go put him down in his crib, that’s what your grandpa paid a ridiculous amount of money for. So we could use it,” he replies tiredly, getting a little glare as Kyungsoo tightens his grip on their son. He barely puts Jiwoon in his crib, constantly letting him sleep in their bed with them or just holding him like he is now.

“He sleeps better when I hold him,” Kyungsoo dismisses, shaking his head and grabbing the small throw blanket at the end of the couch and covering Jiwoon and himself up with it.

Jongin lets out another sigh, shaking his head and suppressing a smile when Kyungsoo starts picking dried up cereal out of Jiwoon’s black hair. He stifles a yawn, scooting closer and resting his head on Kyungsoo’s other shoulder, closing his eyes and getting himself comfortable, smiling contently when he feels a hand playing in his hair.

“Do you think Jiwoon will snore when he gets older?” Kyungsoo questions, making him frown.

“God, I hope not,” he mutters, not wanting to even think about the possibility of two people in his bed snoring. He’s not sure his ear plugs would work then.