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I Guess You Humans Are Cool

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It took a few confused months of the humans trying to understand how Ax ate without a mouth, and Ax wondering why they put things in their talking orifice, for them to finally have a straight conversation.
It still took about 5 minutes for everyone to move on from their initial confusion.
"What do you mean you eat through your feet?!"

After that, they immediately moved on to insisting that Ax needed to see for himself what eating was like.
"I promise it's not as scary as it seems," Cassie reassured him. Ax just shook his (human-morph) head.
"No, no, it's putting-ting foreign things into m-my body. Solid ob-obj-jects are not supposed to go inside a person! I just can’t mak-k-ke myself doooo it.”
“Well you’re morphed already, just get it over with,” Rachel rolled her eyes. “Even babies…”
Jake gave her a light smack on the arm. “It’s ok,” he said, turning to Ax, “we’re just trying to show you. You can take a lick if it makes you more comfortable.”
“A what?”
“Like this,” Tobias said, holding up a lollypop. Ax’s eyes widened in horror at the sight of a raw muscle coming out of his best friend’s face!
“That’s how-ow you…” he squeaked. He backed up, hunching his shoulders. He was no longer sure that his new friends weren’t just trying to play a joke on him and scare him, Elimist knows they had an odd sense of humour…
“It’s ok, it’s ok,” Cassie reached over to pat his shoulder. Ax flinched slightly before letting her touch him. “How about water? You drink water too, it’ll be perfectly normal.”
“Well… ok…” Ax took the glass she held out to him and hesitantly brought it to his lips. He let his mouth open just enough to let it slosh over his tongue and slide down his throat.
“KaaHH!” he coughed, almost choking.
“Don’t breathe while you swallow,” Cassie suggested belatedly.
“That is ex-EX-tremely unpleas-s-sant.” Ax gave her back the glass. “How do you do that-t every day?”
“We don’t usually choke on our food,” Marco deadpanned.
“Try again.” Cassie smiled, holding out the glass.
Ax eyed it warily. “Do your infants-ants have to prac-ct-tice doing the very action you need to p-perform daily in order-rrr to survive?”
“Eh, you choke once, you learn,” Rachel said with a shrug.
It was after they switched out the water for juice that Ax came to understand the appeal of flavours.
“So this is sweet,” he marveled, taking another sip. “It is like-ike smelling fl-flowers, only-ly ST-stronger.”
“There you go,” Tobias said approvingly. “And if you like that, wait until I show you cinnamon rolls.”
“Cool, well now that we know food won’t kill our resident alien friend, maybe we can move on to talking about more important matters?” Marco said.
“Like cake?” Cassie asked innocently.
“Personally I’d go for brownies,” Jake said with a straight face.
“Come on, guys,” said Rachel, “Obviously he means Chinese noodles.”
Marco rolled his eyes. “Children, all of you.”