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Behind Enemy Lines

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Izuku could barely form a single, coherent thought as he laid in bed, consumed by pain. His entire body was on fire. Swells of heat rolled over his skin in tidal waves and sweat poured out of him uncontrollably. His damp clothes clung to his body uncomfortably as he thrashed about. He didn’t even remember putting clothes on before he fell asleep last night. 

It was little consolation when the king walked into the room with a large container of water and a wet washcloth. The blond draped the material over Izuku’s forehead, but it did little to alleviate the blistering heat. The barbarian tucked a few loose curls behind his ear. Emerald eyes shot open. 

The king looked down at him with concern. He brought a small bottle to Izuku’s face. The younger male turned away.

“Hey, it’s just for pain relief.” Katsuki assured him in a low voice. 

Izuku still had misgivings but he was desperate. The pain refused to subside. He turned back towards the other male and drank from the container with a wary expression.

“What did you do to me?” Izuku hissed after he finished, temper flaring up. 

The ex-prince couldn’t think. Couldn’t remember that his life and more importantly, his mother’s life were dependent on keeping the blond happy. His entire body trembled with barely contained rage.  His body didn’t feel any different, other than the pain, but that didn’t stop his imagination from racing through all the possibilities in a vicious loop. Each potential outcome angered him more than the last. 

“I told you - I’m bringing us closer together.” the king answered, sitting down in the bed next to the freckled male. 

“What does that even mean? Stop with the games!”

“Your body is changing.”

“Changing how?”

“You’ll understand in time.”

“Whatever you did, you had no right!” Izuku screeched, still clutching his stomach. He could tell the king wasn’t going to explain the situation further and it just infuriated him more. 

“Your body belongs to me, remember?” Katsuki said in a low voice. “You agreed to this. Your body, your soul - all of it belongs to me. Besides, most of the changes are only temporary.” 

“That’s supposed to make me feel better?! You changed my body without my permission, without my knowledge! And I’m supposed to be okay with it because it’s only temporary ?”

“The good news is we’ll have our entire lives for you to get the fuck over it.”

“What do you mean by that?” Izuku asked. 

“We’re fully bonded now.” Katsuki said simply. “You’re part of me and I’m part of you. Forever.”

Izuku watched in disbelief as the blond worked a hand around his neck and the necklace fell onto the bed. That jewelry had been the bane of his existence since the day he was captured. The way it laid there atop the covers so innocently was almost insulting to the younger male. The bottom of a volcano would be a more fitting resting place for it. 

“How do you know I won’t try to kill you?”

“I don’t.” Katsuki told the other. “But it’s your choice now, Deku. Stay. Leave. Try to kill me. It’s all up to you. You aren’t my prisoner anymore.” 

Izuku didn’t say a word as he mulled over his options. He was finally free, even the king himself had said it. He could walk out the front doors with his mother and never look back. But a more powerful thought lingered at the back of his mind. He couldn’t shake the idea of what the two of them could be, of what they could accomplish together

“Get your lazy ass up, make up your mind later. You’ve moped in bed long enough.” Katsuki teased, abruptly ending Izuku’s musings, as he looped an arm around the smaller male and yanked him upright. Izuku yelped. “Your mom is waiting for you.”


The walk from their shared bedroom to one of the private dining halls was surprisingly short and the pain had abated by the time they arrived at the table where his mother was already waiting for them. Whatever medicine the blond had force fed him was working. 

The king took his place at the head of the table, Izuku joining him on the right. His mother smiled warmly at him and ignored Katsuki’s existence altogether. The table was set for five, which meant they were short two guests. The food was already being served by a few servants when the missing pair arrived. 

“About time you showed up.” Katsuki announced.

“Shut it, brat!” Someone barked back at the king. 


Izuku watched in fascination from across the table as a look of recognition passed over his mother’s face. His eyebrows pinched together in confusion as his mother jumped up from her seat and walked towards the other woman. He recognized the blonde on sight. She looked too similar to the hotheaded king to be anything other than Katsuki’s mother.

The two women regarded each other carefully, one with outstretched arms and the other with an obvious hesitancy. A few awkward seconds ticked by, neither moving until Inko finally relented. The two hugged tightly, the taller woman planting a quick kiss on Inko’s cheek.

“You two know each other?” Izuku asked curiously.

“Yes, honey. Most of the royal families know each other - even the ones at odds with each other. We met when we were just kids.” Inko explained to her son, taking her seat back. “Alliances, wars; they’re all so fickle.”

“I wish our first meeting after all these years was under better circumstances.” The retired queen added as she sat down with her husband beside her. “I was sad to hear about Toshinori. He was a great leader.”

“Yeah, he was.” Katsuki chimed in.

Izuku bristled with anger in his seat. He gripped the knife in his hand tightly as he looked over at his mate. The king looked unfazed as a heavy silence blanketed over them all. 

“Then why did you kill him?” Izuku asked, breaking the tense quiet. 

“What, you want me to apologize for killing my enemy? Not gonna happen.” Katsuki informed the other. “I don’t see what the big deal is. The old man was already dying. I gave him a warrior’s death - a death worthy of someone like him.”

Inko’s fork dropped onto her plate with a loud sound. Her green eyes widened. 

“You knew he was dying?”

“‘Course we did. One of our oracles told us.” the king replied. This wasn’t news to Izuku, since Katsuki had told him as much the very first day they had met. 

“I’ve never liked you. You’re bloodthirsty and contemptible. I can never forgive you for the things you did to our kingdom, to my son .” Inko spat at the young king unkindly. Her normally kind face was contorted with intense dislike. 

“To build what he has, sometimes the only option is to be ruthless.” Mitsuki cut in.

But ,” the shorter woman continued as if there had been no interruption. Her hard expression softened just slightly. “I must thank you for allowing my husband to die with dignity. To be remembered by his legacy as a king, not by the horrible disease that consumed his body.”

Katsuki blinked in surprise a few times as he processed the woman’s words. He nodded his head in acknowledgement, but didn’t say anything to her. 

“I don’t see what you’re so worked up about anyway, Deku.” Katsuki turned his attention back to Izuku. “Endeavor personally killed my grandfather years ago and the old man was perfectly healthy. Didn’t stop us from trading with them. We were more pissed off that he lied about seeing dragons in his territory. Personal feelings have no place in running a kingdom. How’re you supposed to help me run this empire if you can’t separate the two?”

Izuku seethed from beside his mate. He wanted to yell at Katsuki about how any fool would know better than to believe there were dragons roaming around the frozen tundra of the Todoroki kingdom. They hated the cold. It was known. 

But instead he settled with, “I’m perfectly capable of helping!’

“Then prove it.”

“The winter solstice would be the perfect time to announce your new mate to the world. Don’t you agree, brat?” Mitsuki interrupted loudly, stifling the impending argument. She glared at her stubborn son from across the table. Their scowls were nearly identical.

“I can still remember when you first announced that we were mates.” Masaru added, looking at his wife with fondness. “I thought I was going to pass out.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about that from Izuku.” Mitsuki replied with a wide grin. 

“You both are being so supportive. I’m surprised you aren’t angry about this.” Izuku gestured between himself and the king. 

“Angry? Why would we be angry?” Mitsuki said with a perplexed look. 

“I just thought you’d want your son to marry an ally or someone strategic.” 

“Ha! The Bakugous have always had a soft spot for green eyes and freckles. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I found out he had taken you. And I’m not shocked that he’s decided to be your mate now too.”

“A soft spot?” Izuku parroted back. 

“Yep, I had it too. I tried to scoop your mother up before I met Masarau.” Mitsuki grinned wickedly, enjoying the way Inko was blushing furiously. “But she was already enchanted with Toshinori by that time.”

“Enchanted is a strong word.” Inko hid her face behind her hands. 

“Well, you were a tad bit aggressive too, if the stories are to be believed.” Masarau teased his wife. “And I personally do believe it, considering the way you pursued me .”

The whole table erupted into laughter, even Mitsuki joined in. 

“What can I say? It all worked out perfectly in the end.”

“So when do you plan to have the wedding?” Masarau inquired politely. 

Izuku choked on his drink. 

“Wedding?” He spluttered once his coughing fit subsided. 

“Yeah, dumbass, a wedding. You didn’t think we were gonna have one of those?” Katsuki smirked. 

“But we’re mates already.”

Izuku wracked his brain trying to remember anything about dragonborn customs, but came up blank. He had been focused on their fighting styles and battle tactics more than anything else. He had never imagined that the mating rituals of their enemy would ever be useful to him. How times had changed.

“A wedding isn’t about joining us together. We’re already joined. It’s about sending a message to the world.” the King explained after swallowing another mouthful of food. 

“And announcing that we’re mates? What’s the purpose of that?”

“Think of it as an engagement party.”

“Then it’s settled! You’ll make the announcement at this winter solstice and plan for a wedding around the same time next year. It’s perfect.” Mitsuki said confidently.

“Just wait until the honeymoon.” Katsuki leaned down and purred into his ear. “The two of us. Alone for an entire month. The things I plan to do to you..”

“Kacchan!” Izuku admonished. “Not in front of my mom. Or your parents for that matter!”

“My parents don’t give a fuck and your mother has heard worse.” 

“Wh-what do you mean?” Izuku said in a breathless voice. His mom wouldn’t meet his eyes. She shook her head in refusal, line of sight fixated on her cup. Katsuki sighed irritably and leaned into his mate’s space some more.

“I used to fuck you when she was in the next room over.” the deep, gravelly voice rung in Izuku’s ear. “I used to make you come on my cock with nothing but a wall separating us from your mother.”

“You bastard .” the greenette whispered, recalling his mother’s descriptions of the secondhand stories she had supposedly heard from the maids. 

Katsuki didn’t appear to be bothered by the aspersion on his character and certainly made no efforts to refute it. In fact, he seemed perfectly at ease as he picked up another bottle of wine and poured some into his cup. The king’s parents similarly continued eating their food unburdened by the knowledge. 

Izuku’s temper flared up with no real outlet in sight. He stabbed a piece of meat onto his fork with a little more force than necessary. He pushed the anger down as deep as he could before it had the chance to crest and suffocate him entirely. Residual fury prowled in the recesses of his mind, just waiting for the chance to be liberated. 

Neither Midoriya contributed much to the conversation around the table after that. The elder Bakugou couple left after some time with a hurried goodbye and a wave, leaving just the king, Izuku and Inko alone. The absence of sound became even more pronounced until finally everyone finished their meal. 

“C’mon, Deku. It’s time for us to go.” the blond announced, pushing his seat back.  

“Izuku, wait, I’d like a moment with you. Alone.” the green haired woman said as Izuku shifted out of his seat, intent on following after Katsuki. 

Izuku glanced at the barbaric king, asking for permission without a single word spoken. Katsuki nodded his head and walked towards the edge of the room. The blond stopped once he was no longer within earshot. The displaced queen didn’t waste anytime. 

“Izuku, where is your necklace?” Inko snapped in gravely serious tone, looking her son squarely in the eye.  

“It’s… gone.”

“Why are you still here if you don’t have that ghastly thing restricting your magic anymore?”

Izuku hesitated, chewing at the inside of his mouth. He was still mad at the king for the involuntary exhibitisionism, the attempt to change his body and several other reasons really. But he wasn’t wavering in his choice. 

The freckled prince knew there was no right combination of words that would appease his mother. There was no perfect way to deliver the news of his decision to her. She wouldn’t understand and certainly wouldn’t agree with him no matter what he said. 

All she saw when she looked at Katsuki was senseless violence and death.  Over his time in captivity, Izuku had seen everything that the king was capable of - the good, the bad and everything in between. She couldn’t see the results past the bloodshed, but he could. He saw the revolution of change beyond the methods used. Katsuki was the embodiment of success, the very symbol of victory. As the king’s mate, he had a rare opportunity to be part of that, to influence the direction of the blond’s unstoppable intensity, to join it with his own formidable power. Why wouldn’t he want to be part of that?

“I’ve decided to stay.” Izuku replied simply. 

Here ? With him ?”


“But we could finally escape now!”

“We’ve been over this.” Izuku sighed, dragging a hand down his face. 

“I know we have a lot of enemies out there, but hear me out. I gave it a lot of thought after the last time we talked… What if we returned to my home?”

“Mom, you know we aren’t welcome there. You were banished .” 

“You think I don’t remember that? I was only sent away because I married an outsider. Th-that’s not really an issue anymore.” the woman responded sadly. “I think we’d be safe there.”

“You may be willing to take that risk, but I’m not. My mind is made up.”

Inko’s face twisted with various emotions in the span of a few seconds - anger, incredulity, determination. Izuku wasn’t sure which his mother settled on before a mask of apathy slid into place. He had a sinking feeling that the matter was far from over in his mother’s view. But the woman didn’t say anything else. It was clear the conversation was over, at least for now.

As Izuku rose from the table once more, he glanced in his mother’s direction. The food on her plate looked untouched, maybe a bite or two missing at most. Her gaze was fixed firmly on the young barbarian at the outskirts of the room. Something dangerous lurked beneath those viridian pools, he could sense it, but the freckled male couldn’t worry about that now though. He had an alchemist to meet. 


“Why do I keep having these visits with Mei?” Izuku asked as they climbed the stairs to the woman’s office for the millionth time. 

“Stop asking.” Katsuki groaned. 

“If you would just tell me what’s going on, I wouldn’t have to wonder.” Izuku retorted as they walked into the woman’s workshop.

Izuku found his usual seat and plopped himself down onto the cushion, the king standing next to him. When he had initially started these visits, there was only one chair in her office. It was an uncomfortable piece of furniture with unyielding metal that pressed into his back painfully. It had only taken one mention of this and the very next visit, the greenette was greeted with a large, wooden chair complete with a plush cushion on top. 

“How have you been feeling, Midoriya?” the pink haired woman asked as she entered her office. 

A small smile crept its way onto Izuku’s face as their eyes met. He had decided early on that he liked her, strange character that she was. Her excitement for all her various creations was palpable. When she wasn’t throwing together various ingredients for some new concoction, she experimented with improving the mechanisms for weapons and other devices. He could appreciate that kind of energy and enthusiasm, even if it did cause some unusual catastrophes at odd hours of the night. It made him hopeful that there was still a chance for success.  

“Fine, I guess?” Izuku responded with uncertainty. 

“Let’s see how you’re progressing then.”

Mei nicked the top of his finger with a small dagger. A few drops of blood oozed out and she swabbed the wound with a clean cloth, throwing the fabric into a pestle on her desk next. It sizzled immediately, a small flame bursting into existence. The fire glowed deep purple before turning back into a normal orange, yellow variety. Izuku didn’t need her to tell them what he already knew. 

“Nothing yet, your majesties.” Mei informed them with a slight shake of her head. “But don’t you worry! My babies have never let me down. It’s just a matter of time.”

The wording was different but the message was always basically the same - Izuku was the same as the day he first stepped into the alchemist’s office. A small worried frown followed each of these visits. Izuku could tell the king was disappointed but by what he couldn’t say. Whatever the king was hoping for was clearly not happening though. That much was obvious to Izuku. 

Anxiety began to grow with each subsequent failed visit. Days eventually turned into weeks. Initially, his anger for the involuntary changes to his body had clouded over everything. Now there was worry that he was somehow not meeting the king’s high standards. Was he defective? Would the king determine that he no longer wanted Izuku? Was the arrangement for his mom in danger?

Paranoia blurred his higher reasoning. Each time the blond returned from one of his conquests, the greenette would stand at the gates waiting impatiently for him. Jade eyes scoured the crowd of soldiers, searching everywhere until he found the king. Once he found his mate, Izuku would look incessantly around the older male for any evidence of a newly acquired concubine. For any sign of a usurper coming to steal what he had worked so hard to obtain.

Moments like those, the young prince couldn’t help but think about the other captives he had pushed out of the king’s bed. His assumption about them had been so, so very wrong as he learned during that meeting with his mother. Guilt had plagued him since the moment he realized that instead of being forced into a life of servitude, these men were cast into the sea. It was all his fault. He had sentenced them to watery graves in his bid to secure power. And now with his body’s refusal to change, he was in danger of meeting the same fate. 

The freckled male did his best to ignore the wayward thoughts collecting in his brain, but the doubts were starting to eat away at him from the inside out. He examined his physique daily for any outward signs of alteration and each day his body let him down. It looked the same way it had since maturing years ago. If only he knew in what ways his body was supposed to change, maybe he could will them into existence. 

The date of their formal announcement loomed over his entire being. He wasn’t sure he could stomach being proclaimed as the king’s mate next week. He was such a failure maybe Katsuki would dispose of him into the sea before then anyway. The thought only dragged him further into despair. 

His apprehension started bubbling to the surface at odd times. Like the time he snapped at Mei to check his results one more fucking time . Or the time he swatted away Katsuki’s hand midair as the king tried to caress his bare thigh. The blond surprisingly didn’t retaliate.

It was just a matter of time before everything erupted. All the tension, all the worry, all the anxiety - it was too much. The banquet was just two days away now and his stress had reached a new personal high. The banquet was just two days away and Izuku was stuck listening to one of the royal advisors prattling on about taxes in Katsuki’s war room. 

The young male was bored beyond belief, but also on edge at the same time. Every word from the staff irritated him. Every scrape of a chair against the furniture bothered him. Even the elation he felt over having his own seat finally couldn’t distract him.

Previously, he had been confined to the ground, shoved between the king’s legs underneath the wooden top of the table. It was a convenient position for the barbarian. It gave him unfettered access to the wet heat of Izuku’s mouth whenever the mood struck him. 

Izuku shifted in his seat at the mention of Elven Ridge from an advisor. He started listening closely since the meeting first started. 

“..and I think it would be safe to skip by that area. They likely don’t have anything of value to us.”

“Why not?” Izuku interrupted.

The advisor turned from Katsuki to Izuku and then back. His face scrunched up with confusion. 

“Deku, let these extras do their job. Be quiet.” Katsuki said with a stern edge.

“I’ve actually been to Elven Ridge before. Have they ?” the prince demanded to know. 

The advisors shook their heads. One even had the gall to laugh at him.

“If you were so good at advising, I would think your kingdom would still be intact.” the tallest one remarked. 

The memory of that fateful day swam before Izuku’s eyes. The way countless bodies, burnt and bloodied, were stacked haphazardly just outside their castle. If he focused too long, he could still smell the foul stench of sulfur in the air that day, could still hear the screams of terror as explosions streaked across the sky. Izuku snapped, red flooding his vision.

He started grabbing whatever was within arm’s reach at the moment. He wrapped his fingers around a metal candle base. He threw it at one of the advisors, who narrowly managed to dodge it. Next he seized an abandoned plate and launched it in their direction, managing to hit one of them this time. It didn’t break the skin, but a welt was already beginning to form there.

“Get the hell out of here.” Katsuki barked at his staff. 

They didn’t need to be told twice. They scattered from the room like debris from a landslide in freefall. It was just the king and his mate now. That didn’t pacify the smaller male at all. He picked up a chair and lobbed it at the blond. 

The king barely blasted it away in time with a grunt and well aimed explosion. The singed, broken materials sprawled out across the floor. The smell of burning wood filled their lungs. The situation was rapidly escalating to something reminiscent of a warzone. Most of the room was in a state of disarray by this point. All of Katsuki’s meticulous organization had been eviscerated in a matter of minutes by an enraged lover. 

The room was devoid of sound as they glared at each other, calculating and sharp. Every step Katsuki made to reach Izuku was matched by a step back. It was the same frustrating dance of give and take, push and pull, that categorized their relationship as a whole. For each challenge one issued, the other rose and answered. But the king wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Katsuki grinned as he lunged at Izuku. The green haired male dodged, a triumphant smile on his face until he saw that the other’s grin had deepened. He glanced around quickly, realizing his predicament. 

Izuku was running out of space and items to throw. He had been pushed towards the edge of the room where both of those resources were scarce. The king surged forward purposefully, cutting off any chance for escape. The younger male was cornered between the wall and Katsuki’s desk. Even if he somehow managed to round the furniture, there was no way for Izuku to avoid the blond’s lightning quick reflexes. Izuku winced as an edge of the desk collided with his leg. 

“You’re gonna hurt yourself, idiot.” Katsuki grit out.

“Like you care!” Izuku scoffed, before breaking into disjointed mumbling. “He’s just gonna off me one day. I have no idea what he’s even waiting for. There’s no risk in it for him. No consequences. Is he just toying with me?”

The prince looked slightly mad, murmuring to himself. His frame was shrunken and slightly hunched over. A wild gleam filled veridian pools, just barely hovering over the precipice to his sanity.

“What the fuck are you on about?” Katsuki stopped the other’s muttering. 

“You! You’re just waiting for the right moment to kill me.”

“If I wanted you dead, don’t you think I would have done it by now?” the barbarian laughed humorlessly. 

“Did you tell the others that too before you had them flung out into the ocean by your soldiers?” Izuku parried the question as he picked up more miscellaneous supplies.

“I’ve never sent someone I fucked into the Fyre Sea, you dumbass. Don’t believe everything you hear.” Katsuki ran a hand down the side of his face. It was obvious by the wrinkle between his eyebrows that the explosive man was annoyed. “Besides that, you’re my mate, not just some insignificant cockwarmer.” 

“Then what happened to them?” Izuku stilled completely, his inquisitive nature giving him pause.

“I gifted them to other rulers.”

“That’s not much better!’ Katsuki just shrugged his shoulders in answer.

“Whatever. Put that shit down already, goddamit!”

Izuku tossed a bottle of ink at him in response. The black liquid pooled on the ground at his feet. The blond advanced with a murderous expression on his face, sidestepping the mess. The prince found a mug and struck it against the edge of the king’s desk. It burst into pieces from the impact, leaving a jagged remnant in Izuku’s hand. They were within arms’ reach.

“Gonna cut me with that?” Katsuki taunted, that familiar, dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Nope.” Izuku replied, bringing the sharp object to his skin. He started pressing into the side of his wrist. Blond eyebrows shot up as the first red droplet appeared on freckled skin. 

“Katsuki Bakugou,” Izuku shouted, “you will listen to what I have to say or by the gods, I will cut through my own veins.” 

It was a test, each knew it. The prince was rolling the dice to ascertain the limits of Katsuki’s commitment to him, to their relationship. Neither of them blinked, but after a few strained moments the blond relented. 

“Fine, what do you need to tell me?”

“They think it’s a good idea to pass by Elven Ridge without ever having stepped foot there. I have and I just know there’s something there. Something valuable. No one on the entire continent has ever had a military force like the one you have. You could be the one to make that discovery and claim whatever’s there for yourself.”

“Alright, Deku, have it your way. I’ll let my generals know.” Katsuki grumbled in exhaustion as Izuku set the sharp object down on the desk.

“But you’re still gonna get punished for pulling that stunt.” he added as he headed for the door.

“Fuck you, you bastard!” Izuku screamed at the retreating figure.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck me.” Katsuki mocked with an eye roll, nearly out the door.

The greenette growled angrily in response, inspiration crashing into him like an avalanche. Izuku crossed the room and crowded into the king’s space, shoving him all the way up the table until Katsuki’s entire body was atop the surface. He had caught his mate off guard, judging by his surprised expression. A feral grin stretched across Katsuki’s face. He laid back and stretched his arms behind his head.

“You’ve grown so bold, Deku.” Katsuki taunted. “What are you gonna do now?”

Red embers ablaze with lust glowed at Izuku. The smaller male climbed onto the table after him, recklessly ignoring the inferno waiting there to consume him. He crawled over the surface until his body loomed over Katsuki. 

Izuku brought his lips crashing down onto Katsuki’s at the same time he twisted his hands into ash blond locks. The king immediately deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue past Izuku’s lips. A searing electricity started where their mouths joined together and rocketed over the rest of their bodies like a storm touching down on dry land.

Izuku’s hands travelled to the cottony fabric of the blond’s shirt. A loud, tearing sound hit their ears. The shirt didn’t stand a chance now that the prince had his magic back at his disposal. The king still looked unfazed and reclined back more. It was as if the older man didn’t even consider him a threat. 

The thought possessed Izuku as he clawed apart Katsuki’s pants next, breaking their kiss entirely. The torn remains of the blond’s clothes settled along the table. Izuku shucked his own shirt off and tossed it over his shoulder carelessly. His hands fumbled with the buckle around his waist but he eventually removed that too. His pants and underwear followed suit next.

The entire time he stripped down the blond just watched him, challenging him without uttering a single word. Despite Katsuki being the one laid out on his back beneath him, it felt like the Dragonborn was the one with the power. It was like Izuku had somehow managed to cage a lethal predator and the monster was mere seconds from breaking free.

The prince slid a hand behind the juncture of each of Katsuki’s knees and pushed them up until they reached his chest. All of Katsuki’s body was on display for once. The blond was still fighting to keep the image of a cool, calm demeanor in place but Izuku was beginning to see the cracks - the way his breaths came in shallow and labored, the tiny beads of sweat clinging to wild spikes of hair… then there was the most obvious sign of all - the king’s hard, angry erection laid flat against the smooth expanse of his stomach, surrounded by pale hairs at the base.

This was the very first time Izuku had seen the other man’s entrance fully exposed. The prince eyed the area with interest. Izuku was furious, but he wasn’t out to really hurt the blond. He couldn’t just shove something inside the other with zero regard to his comfort. He stuck his own fingers into his mouth until they were fully coated in saliva and then brought them down to Katsuki’s rim.

Izuku circled the area in slow, unsure circles. He pushed one finger inside just slightly and the king hissed between his teeth. Red eyes watched him closely as Izuku pressed the digit inside deeper, easing past rings of muscle. He stopped once just the beginning of his knuckle was visible. 

Katsuki’s back arched as the greenette pumped his finger in and out in a gentle rhythm. He only added a second digit after the blond tapped on his leg impatiently and held up two long, slender fingers. His unspoken order was clear. Izuku obliged, scissoring the king open with the additional finger. 

“Fucking put it in me already, Deku. I’m not gonna break, you asshole.”

Izuku cracked in that moment. He pulled his fingers out and lined his member up to Katsuki’s entrance. If the blond wasn’t concerned, then he wouldn’t be either. 

His length was already leaking pitifully, ready to burst before he was able to experience the thrill of being inside Katsuki. He would end up releasing into his own hand at this rate, if he didn’t take the next and final step. He pushed himself forward, following the same route his fingers had pioneered moments ago. 

Once Izuku bottomed out, he stilled. His smaller body was sprawled out motionlessly across Katsuki’s larger one. The freckled prince tucked his face into the juncture between the blond’s neck and shoulder. Each breath sounded like it cost a great deal of energy as if the greenette was struggling to consume oxygen after staying underwater for too long. The heavy exhales of air tickled against Katsuki’s smooth skin. 

“Joke’s on you, by the way, asshole.” Katsuki hissed into the shell of Izuku’s ear. “I like taking dick.”

“Then why have we never done this before?” Izuku managed to say.

“Mmmm, I only like it from someone who is my equal. You’ve only recently proven yourself.”

“I can’t imagine many have met your high standards.” Izuku sneered. 

“Just one other besides you.” Katsuki agreed. 

“Tell me about him.” Izuku tried to himself that it wasn’t jealousy propelling his curiosity towards this unknown man who had laid with Katsuki before him, who had earned the king’s respect before him. 

“Maybe another time, Deku.” Katsuki chuckled. “I don’t wanna talk about him while your dick is in my ass.”


Izuku snarled as he pulled out until just the tip of his member remained lodged inside Katsuki. He snapped his hips forward, burying himself into that tight heat once more. The blond groaned aloud. 

“That’s it, Deku.” Katsuki goaded him. “Give it to me.”

“Like this?” Izuku demonstrated with another roll of his hips. Katsuki hummed affirmatively. 

“Did that other guy giv-.” Izuku tried to say. 

Katsuki growled and pushed Izuku out of him, flipping their positions so that the smaller male was on his back. The blond straddled the smaller male’s hips and lowered himself back onto Izuku’s throbbing length without warning. Inch by inch, he sunk further and further down until their bodies were flush against one another. 

“Too much talking, Deku.” Katsuki smirked as he lifted himself and then dropped back down.

Izuku yelled out as Katsuki impaled himself on his cock. The heat engulfed his length, fogging his mind further with lust. The greenette went to speak again but the older male slipped his fingers into the prince’s mouth as soon as his lips parted. He pushed them back more and more until Izuku gagged. Katsuki grinned approvingly.

“Look at that, finally found a way to shut you up, baby.” 

Izuku glared at the luminous rubies looking down at him with hunger. That only fueled the blond more. Katsuki rocked his body up and down with renewed vigor, drowning in the sweet cries it pulled from his mate. The prince wasn’t even on the receiving end this time and yet he moaned each time Katsuki bounced on his lap. 

The noises from Izuku combined with the lewd sounds of skin touching skin filled the empty space of the room. Arousal climbed higher for both of them as the blond continued his relentless pace, positioning his body just right so that Izuku’s length hit his prostate as he descended. The taller male wrapped a hand around his cock and began stroking it in tandem with every rebound of his hips. 

“Why do you get to touch yourself?” Izuku pouted as he spotted Katsuki grasping his length roughly. “When you’re on top, I don’t get to do that!”

“Because I’m still in charge.” the blonde responded, sharp canine teeth showing.

“This ass is still mine.” Katsuki said, stopping to lean down and grab Izuku’s ass. “Just like your dick. Mine to use however I want.”

“And right now?” Katsuki fondled the other’s chest, pinching a nub between his fingers. Izuku cried out wantonly from the simulation. “I want your dick inside me. Filling my ass up with your cum.” 

The king kept his hands positioned on Izuku’s sweat slick chest, grabbing the cool metal bars there and pulling them indiscriminately. Izuku screeched and his face flushed a dark red with each twist of the blond’s fingers.

“Can you do that, Izuku? Can you fill me up, baby?” 

Izuku nodded his head with a scream of yes leaving his lips. He held onto Katsuki’s hips as his release claimed his body. A steady stream of liquid burst from Izuku, filling up the other just like he had demanded. 

Seeing Izuku unravel beneath him pushed Katsuki over the edge. The blond did his best to aim his own seed towards that beautiful, freckled face. Streaks of white painted the smaller male’s chest and abs, a few even landing on Izuku’s jaw. 

“Good boy, Izuku.” The king purred. Izuku didn’t stir.

“We can’t just leave this mess here, can we?” Katsuki commented, sliding his digits through the cum splattered across Izuku’s chest and scooping the liquid up with his fingers. 

“Open up.” 

The command hardly registered in Izuku’s blissed out, postcoital mind. The younger male had just released into someone else for the first time in his entire life. He could barely turn his head to try and ask the barbarian to repeat himself. 

A deep rumble of satisfaction emanated from the blond at seeing Izuku so fatigued. He used his free hand to pry open the prince’s mouth, cramming his fingers inside. Izuku instinctively began to lap at the digits in his mouth until they were clean. Katsuki didn’t stop until no traces of his seed remained. 

“You’ve had your fun, Izuku. Now it’s my turn.” Katsuki said darkly. 

The blond shuffled off of Izuku’s lap. He grabbed the smaller male and flipped his body once more. Izuku landed motionlessly like a ragdoll, still tired out from his orgasm. He didn’t move as Katsuki rearranged him into one of his favorite positions - shoulders shoved down onto the bed, back arched, ass high in the air for his taking. 

Katsuki’s refractory time was incredible. His already fully hard member slid between Izuku’s cheeks. The blond didn’t bother with prepping, instead angling his cock at the other’s hole and pressing inside all at once. 

The greenette cried out at the sudden intrusion of the king filling him up and flooding his body with warmth. The pace was hot and fast and merciless and everything that the younger male had come to enjoy. This lasted well into the early morning hours until the king finally carried Izuku into their bed and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

The following morning, Katsuki left for an early meeting. He couldn’t resist ruffling green locks in between his fingers before he begrudgingly walked away though. This left Izuku alone for his visit to Mei. Somehow the thought didn’t worry him like it did before last night. 

When he threw open the door, his staff were already seated around the table. None of them spoke as the king joined them. They avoided eye contact as Katsuki peered around.

“What is wrong with all of you?” the blond asked, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Is your - um - mate joining us today?”

“That’s what has you morons scared?” Katsuki laughed loudly, the sound echoing around the silence of the room. “He’s busy, you bunch of cowards. So don’t worry.”

One of the advisors breathed a sigh of relief. Another one nodded their head timidly. Katsuki couldn’t deny the way his heart swelled with pride.

The rest of the meeting went without incident. The blond was back in the comfort of their room less than an hour later. Izuku wasn’t back yet so he busied himself with some paperwork. The position of being king seemed less fun than advertised at moments like this, but the royal budget wouldn’t approve itself he supposed. He isn’t sure how much time has passed by when a voice broke him out of the monotonous process.

“Mei told me to give you this.” 

The king looked up to see his mate standing a foot away from his desk. The smaller male could be exceptionally strealthy sometimes. Izuku was rocking a bit on his heels, hand stretched out towards Katsuki with obvious hesitation. He frowned slightly as he grabbed the small, folded piece of paper from the prince’s hand. He scanned over the contents - once, twice, three times; his eyes widening with each pass.

A triumphant smile spread across Katsuki’s face. He jumped up from his desk, sending his chair toppling to the ground noisily. Izuku tensed, unsure what to expect. Katsuki grabbed him in a tight hug. Izuku looked at him, baffled, but didn’t resist the embrace. Whatever was in that note must have been great news. 

A noise from the front of the room startled Izuku and they broke apart. Aoyama hovered cautiously from nearby the door. He smiled dazzlingly at the couple, realizing he had been spotted.

“Sorry, your Highness. I don’t mean to interrupt.” the king doubted this immensely. 

“It’s fine.” Katsuki laughed. “What do you want?”

“Just to let you know all the guests have arrived for the banquet. We had very few cancellations.” the canary blond smiled. “But all of the most important families are represented. The Yaoyorozus, the Todorokis, the-.”

“Todorokis? Endeavor finally climbed out of whatever hole he’s been fucking?”

“No, your Majesty. He sent his youngest in his stead.”

“IcyHot, huh? Haven’t seen that bastard in a few years.” Katsuki grinned wickedly.

Izuku’s eyebrows pinched together and the corners of his lips fell. He couldn’t explain why, but a seed of dread bloomed in his chest. A shiver raced over his body and Izuku nestled himself under one of the king’s arms. Katsuki blinked in surprise, but tightened his grip around the smaller male.