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Avatar Wan High Year Of Peace

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New Beginnings

It was turning out to be quite the memorable summer vacation following the occurrences that took place at the Peace Rally during which time the Lost Age had abruptly and unexpectedly been restored to the world. The moment the Lost Age returned to the world? So had the lost arts of bending along with the Avatar.

For Republic City the end result was well quite amazing, to say the least. There were virtually no words to truly express what had taken place following that Peace Rally.

Following that night nothing in Republic City was ever gonna the same again nor the whole world for that matter. The elements both nature and other components had mixed and amalgamated with the 21st century to make a somewhat unprecedented brand-new Republic City. Which essentially left everyone to rediscovering their genuine cultural heritage, bending and the Avatar been reborn.

Which meant now the constructions of all the buildings were a merging of the ancient past and the 21st century, animals were gradually reverting to their hybrid selves, fashion was also going into a style called "Neo-retro" again blending traditional with the old. But that in truth was how fashion worked in general so that wasn't surprising in and of itself.

People were now enthusiastically embracing their cultural heritage once more and that went all the way down to their bending and fighting style roots. Also, there was trying to mix the modern day tech with the ways of old. So this whole summer had been quite amusing to watch everyone in the city for several reasons. Out with the new and in with the old. Just to reverse the old saying.

Therefore it was a tremendous amalgamation along with adjustment of seeking to find a balance between the two worlds and within the people themselves who were busy rediscovering who they truly were.

Luckily they had Team Avatar the ones who'd saved the city to support the city. Or at least they were still expecting six teenagers to do that job. Given the fact one member who happened to be the reborn Avatar. However, this time around it won't just be the Avatar's duty to keep balance and peace in the world. It'd be the whole team working together and helping to keep the City and World in balance and order.

Although they and the rest of the city would have to rediscover how to correctly bend all on their own again. Given even if the had documents furthermore books that hadn't been lost in the eternities since the Lost Age last lived. There was still no one who had a master of any of the bending arts since before the Lost Age had disappeared again eons ago.

Therefore learning to remaster the 4 bending arts plus still overcome the remains of the Ten Deadly Plagues as well as other predicaments from the modern day world would be a difficult challenge for Team Avatar. But again no one said protecting the world and keeping safe was an easy job.

Luckily Team Avatar was gonna get a little extra help. Even if they'd have to work a little with their four new people a little bit first. However, with their new members support, they could all make certain they obtained peace and harmony within themselves. Furthermore, the group would guarantee the world with helping to keep the peace and balance in this brand new world.

But let's just start with how that summer was going before the second school year of the one sanctuary of Republic City for the kids. Avatar Wan High.

After the events at the Peace Rally and of course the instigator and biggest threat ever to the world, Ozai aka Death was ultimately sentenced by a judge and jury to death a great deal more had transformed for the better for all members of Team Avatar.

Thanks in part both to the rebirth of the world, new legal system and as well return of the Avatar several people heart's desire had ultimately started to come true. In particularity for that of Team Avatar.

Let's start with how the Avatar Cycle had to go so we begin with Avatar Aang has he had to be known and his recently acquired family. His parents Akanke and Gyasto and his new big sister Arianna.

Aang's whole family dream had come true. Shortly after the events of the peace rally and Akanke being released from the hospital after she'd recovered from her gunshot wound she finally got her dream. The one she'd dreamed her entire life.

She and Gyasto finally located their daughter Arianna on Air Temple Island then they along with their son Aang had departed the temple along with Appa and Momo and relocated to the mainland.

With the help of their friends, they'd found an apartment building that the whole top floor in need of renovation. The building administrator had given it to them for nothing given how Aang and his friends had helped save the city.

Plus it was the least you could do for the Avatar's family. Consequently, they'd the whole top floor and the rooftop to themselves to do whatever they desired with it. Consequently, they'd been spending the summer splinting their time between renovating the apartment with help from their friends and getting to know each other and becoming a family.

Akanke being a master artist who had surreptitiously watched almost any TV show that dealt flipping houses or designing or along those lines had come up with a comprehensive inventory of what was required to be done in the remodeling of the apartment.

Hence she'd the funds figured out for the reno, what project to work on, how long and how much it would cost, and how each room would be designed. She'd give both the Property Brothers and Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper a real run for their money by the time she and her family were done making this place home, that much was for sure.

It was mid-summer presently and she was currently supervising how the repairing the skylight was going. As that what was on today list of projects to do. To finish getting all the windows done.

"Gyasto, honey? Are you sure you picked up the right kind of glass? That it's storm proof?" she inquired inquisitively as she walked into the living room. They wanted large bay windows with lots of natural light and an open concept in the apartment. The whole apartment was halfway completed at this point from all the help they'd gotten but it still had some ways to go.

"Akanke, darling may I remind you all the glass we've used for the apartment and for the greenhouse was created by our friend and kids' principal Iroh? Since firebenders can create glass by melting sand and molding it?" reminded her husband from his position above her head on the roof. He smiled a sympathetic smile at her seeing her looking so attractive in that short yellow-orange dress and he looked so odd in these old work clothes.

Akanke smiled glowingly at her husband on the roof above her, "Yes, I recall how he was teaching his family that special trick as they all try to relearn and master firebending once more.

You've to admit thanks to our friends use their bending we've saved a lot of money on this renovation. I think in the long run bending gonna solve a lot of problems this modern day world has gotten itself into," she responded back cheerfully.

"I also think going back to the old ways will help with many modern day problems like kids being too glued to their devices and not getting outside enough and other problems with technology, Akanke," he replied back in a soft but happy voice.

"Glad we agree. Does everyone else agree at City Hall, though?" she asked him getting a little off topic.

"Well, my wife, there were numerous talks about how with the two worlds now blended together how some new laws have to be implemented and carried out. Particularity before the new school year."

"Such as what?"

"New kind of registry. Special databases all kinds of things. You'll learn more about it later," was his vague answer.

"Well, I hope it's nothing too alarming or too much an invasion of privacy. Now how is the skylight coming?" she asked getting him back on topic and on schedule.

"Well, these picturesque perfectly shaped pieces of glass will be perfect for finishing the living room with. Just give me a half hour to finish sliding and locking them into place."

"Okay, at least that's one more project done then. Yet what about the kids' projects? It was Arianna's job to finish setting up our meditation garden and Aang to go get fruits and vegetables for us to grow in the greenhouse.

They both were due back over two hours ago. So where are our children?" she asked with a bit of worry in her voice.

"Honestly I don't know. Are you sure its even wise to let those two be alone?" he asked in his own worry voice.

"They are sister and brother and they have to get to know each other, my love. How else are they gonna bond if they don't get to know each other? And the only way to do that is to spend time together." Akanke replied back pointing out a fact.

"Well, it's just the spent their lives apart and never knowing they had a sibling and it's just so awkward one is the Avatar and everything else that's been going on," he countered with a fact of his own.

"I'm sure they can work it out. Give it time. Now let's continue on with our work and hope they get back soon," his wife replied in an optimist tone.

Right now Aang was with his older sister Arianna out shopping with Momo and Appa. Momo and Appa were undergoing their own transformation every day gradually turning back into a true Air Nomad lemur and sky bison.

Although it was a gradual process by mid-summer, Momo was closer resembling a flying lemur and Appa looked less like a dog and more like a flying bison calf. Aang was attempting to tend to the animals whilst his sister was hunting a gardening store for what they needed for their meditation garden. He was getting very impatient with her.

Aang looked at his sister Arianna careful as she kept picking up assorted rocks and murmuring to herself. She was a little taller than him but like him, she was pretty much the spitting image of their mother Akanke other then unlike her or their father her eyes were a light brown.

When they'd first located her on Air Temple Island she'd dressed in traditional Air Nomad clothing. Except once she found out who she was and left the island the first thing she'd done was gone to Xiaoying who was the Vice Principal of Avatar Wan High and also the owner of a boutique/cafe and close friend for a favor.

She'd asked for a total head to toe makeover look. She wanted her Spirit Wind let loose and really wanted a sense of individuality Xiaoying had worked her magic well. Now the only thing to tell you Arianna was Air Nomad was her airbending tattoos and the fact she was an Airbender.

For now going from head to toe she wore long copper-colored hair long cascading rippling waves down her back with a brilliant blood-red feather stuck behind her left ear. She had matching feather earrings.

She wore a mini lavender leather jacket and mini skirt with the air nomad symbol in bright pink in the corner. She'd a bright pink crop top under the jacket with matching fingerless gloves and ankle boots and she had a gold choker with a heliotrope gemstone around her neck.

From what Aang could tell so far about his sister she liked brilliant colors, was upbeat, optimist and like him enjoyed and was as gifted in art as their mother. But he wasn't sure about anything else at the moment.

"So tell me, little brother," she asked him without looking at him. "Should we go with the tawny rocks or the ebony? I mean the colors do matter. You need to think of the colors, the energy, the trees, everything!"

"Aren't you overthinking this a bit, Arianna? I mean I know as Air Nomads we spent a lot of time meditating but you seem extremely picky about all the aspects. It took you over two hours to decide on what kind of sand! And we have to get home soon!" he expressed in an exasperated whine.

"Ari! My name is not "Arianna! It's Ari!" she snapped sharply at him and scowled at her little brother and then with hands on her hip she continued on, "And every details matter, little brother!

I spent hours reading all about Feng Shui and told Mom how to make sure we've good Feng Shui in our home! It's extremely significant to our family as we are just starting out that we've good energy in our home.

Besides your the Avatar! You need all the positive energy you can get. Not to mention there the chakras research I've done that I think we should do as a family together once everything is done.

There so much to do now that the Lost Age has returned!" she shot back at him as if he was a dummy and should know all this.

"You read a lot, Ari?" he asked her in a nervous voice.

"Well," she reddened a bit, "I didn't exactly like the approved reading material back on the Island. Yes, I did read and research a lot of monks and spiritual mambo jumbo because it was what my guardian had me read.

So yeah, I'm well versed in the subjects we are supposed to know. You know spiritual, energy, reincarnation, all that junk.

But to be honest there were other things I did like to read about that I was more fascinated to read and had to hide."

"Like what? You've not told me a lot about yourself yet and we've been together for about eight weeks now!" Aang said in a rude and annoyed tone.

"Okay, I'm a Meta Girl Fan! Happy?" she confessed to her brother looking very red in the face. She was surprised when he smiled.

"Yeah! Dad bought me a tablet to secretly watch it!" happy to find some common ground.

"Well, I wish my guardian had done that for me. The only way I could watch it was I traded this really amazing vase I made on the mainland for a small handheld device I had to hide."

"You make pottery?" he asked in surprise to which she blushed even more crimson.

"Well you're more talented in the painting I'm gifted in pottery. I mean I've seen the paintings you've got in your room. I could never do that," she replied modestly.

"What kind of pottery can you do? I'd like to see what you can do!" he asked sincerely

"Maybe another time, Aang. I guess we both have a lot to learn about each other. But at least we both know three things so far," she replied as she was calming down and so was he.

"Let's see we are both fans of Meta, we are both natural Airbending Masters, and both of us are gifted at art. Though I think you're discounting something else, sis."

"Like what?" she asked as she finally put some rocks in the cart as they moved on through the store.

"You are just as gifted with animals as I am. C'mon! Appa and Momo don't just like anyone! Nor do they listen to anyone! Plus I've seen other animals become putty in your hands!"

"Okay, maybe I do have a gift with animals. Got lonely being outcast from the other girls. I tried to fit in but never could be one of them, like you and Mom I was born with Spirit Wind."

"Okay, so let's finish up getting things for the garden and get home before dark. Or Mom and Dad are gonna have our hides!"

"I guess you'd know that better then I do. After all, you got to secretly raised by Dad and spent the last school year with Mom. I wasn't allowed to attend school."

"But you'll get to attend it this year and you'll finally be able to make friends and be yourself!"

"Yeah, I guess. Aang watch out!" as she air blasted some large falling boxes away from him.

"Wow!" he looked at what almost hit him and at his sister who seemed a little uneasy.

"Are you okay?" she asked nervously.

"Yeah, you saved me! Those boxes were full of fertilizer! They could've crushed me! You saved me!"

"You're welcome," she said nervously and then was unprepared as he hugged her tightly and she pushed him away.

"Ari? Ari what's wrong?" he asked and she looked awkward. "I'm not ready for this Aang. This touchy-feely hugging thing. I mean, I know you're my brother and I know you love me and Mom and Dad love me.

But even using the words and saying "I love you?" It's still honestly hard for me. As much as I've wanted this myself, now that it's a reality, just now this moment of saving you? It's just too much!"

"I guess," he said as he scratched his bald head, "We need to take it a little slower?"

"A little slower, I mean how am I suppose to deal with the fact I'm the big sister to the mighty Avatar?" she did ask them as they were quickly trying to finish up in the store.

"Um, you can not think of me as the Avatar for starters. Just think of me as your little brother. I didn't ask when the world was reborn to become the Spirit of the Planet, sis.

All I've wanted for 13 years was just to have my family. That's all I wanted in my life. My family. I've my family but if it takes a while for us to become a family so be it."

"Aang? I've wanted my parents too. And finding out I'm a big sister made me very happy, truly it did. I just didn't think I've to be a big sister to the most important person in the world."

"I'm just a 13-year-old kid. Nothing more and nothing less. Now can we please finish shopping and get home? Mom and Dad are liking tearing their hair out wondering what's taking us so long."

"Yes, or at least Mom is. Dad got no hair and even so we've got to finish the renovations before school starts in the fall."

Laughing and giggling the new brother and sister with their pets finished shopping and started the long walk home. But not without some airbending misadventures along the way.

In the Southern Water Tribe side of Republic City, the residence next to Katara and Sokka was being moved into as well. And they along with their father were helping. Because the family moving into the house was their father's best friend Bato and his wife and daughter.

Bato's former residence had been massively damaged due to events during the previous school year and so they'd finally able to put a down payment in the beautiful home next to his best friend's home.

The Water Tribe were a strong community and it was since everyone was family to one another. Plus again Bato was Hakoda's best friend and worked alongside him at City Hall.

Therefore it was only natural that Hakoda's family help with the move in. Mainly it was Hakoda, Bato, and Sokka bringing in boxes from the moving truck. While Gran-Gran, Katara, Bato's wife, and daughter Kameko and Nita all helped put things away.

Gran-Gran's husband Pakku's job was to take care of Kameko's polar bear dogs as she was a licensed breeder of the dogs who was sold as both pets and used for guard dogs. So someone had to take care of them during the moving process. She had at any given time 12 to 18 dogs. Hence that was quite a few rambunctious and vigorous dogs to look after.

"I really love this new house! It got a lot more square footage than our old house and a much larger backyard, Kanna! Which will be extremely helpful when it comes to my dogs!

Don't get me wrong, the other house was nice and all, very traditional in many senses, but I love the more open space, the backsplash, an isle in the kitchen, the fact that both our bedroom and Nita's bedroom come with its own bathroom.

It's so light and airy and again so much more space. I can't wait to add my own personal touches here and again have you seen how large the backyard is? It's huge!" Kameko was going on and on about what she was loving about her new home.

Gran-Gran only smiled a wrinkled of a thousand smiles at the young woman's happiness.

Kameko was of average height with a slim build with cerulean blue eyes and the normal dark chocolate-brown hair which she wore in two long pigtails that reached her mid-back. She wore distinctive blue clips with crescent moons along with an ocean blue headband with a crescent moon in the center.

She was dressed in a lightweight two-tone blue sweater, jeans, faux boots and was just again chatting cheerfully as she worked downstairs with Hakoda's mother getting things out of boxes that he and her husband were bringing into the new house.

Sokka being who he was at least directing them to take the boxes to the correct rooms so they could be unpacked without more of a hassle. So at least the chaos was organized chaos.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms were two 15-year-old Water Tribe girls who were busy setting up one new's bedroom while also discussing the fact both of them were brand new Waterbenders!

"I can't believe it! Of course, you're a Waterbender, Katara! I mean how can you not be? Your birthday is the most spiritual day in our culture! The Winter Solstice! But I certainly didn't expect when bending to return that I'd be a Waterbender too!"

"I don't see why you wouldn't be, Nita! I mean you're just as spiritual as me and your birthday is just as special as mine," Katara pointed out to Nita who looked at her perplexed.

"What do you mean my birthday is special?" she inquired as she plugged in her moon spirit bedside lamp.

"Well, your birthday is February 19th right?"

"Yeah, I was born after you but we are both 15. So what?"

"Well, if we are to go by the Zodiac each of the Zodiac corresponds to elements at different parts of the year. You're born on the first day of the Zodiac of Pisces and when the element of Water lands in our season of winter.

So I think that's why you're a Waterbender. Makes logical sense to me. I mean Aang's big sister's birthday is also a Zodiac elemental birthday too. Which is the first day of the season that the element and zodiac match up? So when fall and air match up she was born September 23 which makes her a Libra by the way."

"But weren't in the Lost Age all Air Nomads naturally Airbenders?"

"Yeah, but who knows in this new world?"

"I guess," laughed Nita and Katara looked at her friend and fellow Waterbender closely.

They're of the same height and build. Nita looked very much like her mother, in fact, her mother as a teenager would best describe her. She also wore her hair the same hairstyle only the last 4 inches of hair was dyed aquamarine and without special hair ties. However, she did wear a headband with the same symbol as Katara's necklace in the center.

Nita dressed in an azure hoodie with a crescent moon, lavender jeans, and dark purple ankle boots. She was a highly attractive girl by Water Tribe standers and like Aang's sister was eager to finally be allowed to attend Avatar Wan High that fall.

For reasons unexplained to Sokka and Katara she hadn't attended last year but was super enthusiastic to attend the second year of the school. She hadn't been able to stop talking about either the waterbending or school. That had been the only thing on her mind all summer.

"So who do you think will teach us to be Waterbending Masters? I mean I know your grandfather got the power too, but your boyfriend is the Avatar as well. But this whole world got to relearn how to bend. And..."

"Nita! Calm down! We will all learn how to bend once again together! Just calm down and don't get too upset! I previously learned the hard way if I get too passionate the end result near a water source won't be pleasant.

Bending and anger don't mix. Trust me, my dad wasn't happy what I did to the plumbing the first week after the Peace Rally and then I got moody because it was that time of the month."

"Oh, what exactly happened?"

"Let's just Sokka now knows he should never pick a fight with a female bender during her time of the month or he'll get more than a cold shower. He'll be frozen to the wall in his room for three hours and all the pipes in the house will be frozen all day too!"

"Oh, great! I can just imagine what your dad and my dad are talking about right now! This is gonna be so embarrassing!"

"Well, Nita at least we're benders, isn't that more fun than living in a world where no bending was going on?"

"Yeah, I always wanted to be a Waterbender. How is Sokka taking it he's not a bender?"

"He keeps going on that he's just the 'meat and boomerang" guy and he's fine he doesn't have to mess with magic. Besides, I think he's still mourning a little for Yue even though he and Suki are doing just fine."

"Yeah, that was very hard for everyone when Yue passed away. But she was so ill. Does he ever talk about what happened when they were together for her final moments?"

"No, I never asked him and I won't. What happened between them is his business alone."

"Well you're two are lucky to have lovers. I don't think I'll ever find someone to catch my fancy!"

"Oh, I'm sure once you get to school and you have more fish to choose from you'll find someone to make you happy. Now let's finish getting your bedroom set up the way you like it."

"Yeah, let's. Um, have you seen my stuffed polar bear dog Kenai? The one my mom sewed for me when I was born? I can't find him anywhere," she asked as she was digging through boxes.

"You mean this old guy?" as she waterbended a tentacle holding the stuffed animal over to Nita who looked a little put off.

"Show off! I can't even do that yet!"

"Oh come on! You got to be able to do something!" Katara exclaimed and Nita sighed and stood up.

"Well, let's see if I can use Waterbending to cut open the rest of these boxes. I'll need some water though," she admitted.

"I'll get some from your bathroom." Katara then went to the bathroom and filled up a large glass of water.

"Okay, now breath in and out. Focus. Take the water and cut the tape on the rest of the boxes," she carefully instructed her.

Nita took three deep breaths and made a rising motion with her right hand to try and get the water out of the cup. It was extremely hard but with a lot of effort, the water rose out of the cup.

"Good, now just focus, take aim and snap your wrist," Katara pointed and Nita did as she was told and while it wasn't perfect she managed to get half the boxes cut open. The rest of the water just soaked the carpeting of her new bedroom.

"Great, just great!" she sounded so depressed and Katara put her hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, it was your first try and I didn't do any better. Again the world just relearning to bend. No one learns without failure and no one gets it right the first time."

"Not even your boyfriend?"

"Not even the Avatar!"

The girls laughed at went back to unpacking while overhearing Sokka's shrill and bothersome voice squawking how his organized chaos was now becoming just plain chaos.

While things were a little awkward for Aang's family and joyous in Katara and Sokka's neighborhood Toph was feeling anything but inexperienced or joyous. What she was feeling was rather aggravated, irritated and miserable.

Toph was perhaps one of the richest only child there was and her family perhaps the wealthiest family in the whole world. However what her friends didn't know there was someone else in her family. It was a relative of hers that was close to her in the age that she had a rather unsteady relationship with.

Though he would say it was more on her part than his. Which was true but then again it wasn't like he got along with his parents either and neither he or Toph liked the fact that their last name was "Beifong"

The person in question was her cousin Brock who was the son of her Uncle Owen and Aunt Rowena. Both her Uncle and Aunt were actually her parents younger siblings by two years.

Owen was her mother's brother and Rowena her father's sister however when they'd met at some fancy schmancy blue-blooded dinner years ago and Rowena had fallen in love with Owen the same time Lao and Poppy had fallen in love there something of a rule stated.

The rule of the Beifong family was you never changed your name. Ever and if you married into the family even if you're a guy marrying a Beifong woman the family rules were you had to change your family name to match your wife's name. That's how important the family name was.

So, of course, Owen who loved his wife and was already another stuck up rich moneybags like the rest of the Beifongs complied and instead of Rowena taking his name he took her name.

In fact, it had been a double wedding as both Toph and Brock's parents had been wedded on the same day at the same time. Though if they'd been hoping to have children at the same time that bit hadn't worked out.

Brock was also an element zodiac birthday and born two years before Toph. He was born on the first day of the Zodiac symbol of Taurus on April 21st. And unlike Toph, he'd been perfect meaning he didn't have anything wrong with unlike her being born blind.

They'd grown up and raised together in the Beifong Mansion till about 3 years ago when Brock and his parents had left to go abroad to supervise some of the Beifong family businesses and investments for a time period.

And now they'd returned and Toph for one wasn't happy to have them back. She was less happy by the news Brock had become an Earthbender. Since she'd been working her butt off to become the greatest Earthbender ever.

Their first night back at being the two cousins basically using their newfound abilities to kick each other under the table while their parents got caught up. Then Toph had done all she could to avoid her cousin and the rest of her family.

But today her cousin finally caught up to her outside and managed to use some of his Earthbending to get her to stop in a desperate attempt to get her to listen to him.

"Toph! Toph comes on will you just stop avoiding me? Please?" he pleaded with her as he ran quickly to catch up with her. He was out of breath by the time he caught up with her.

"Why don't you leave me the hell alone, Brock?! Do you need me to smash you into the ground? Because I can do that! I may be still blind but I can do things with Earthbending you can only dream of!" she snapped as she turned to face him.

Even if Toph had never seen her cousin her new seismic sense could 'see' he was only standing 15 feet away and tell the truth of his words. Brock gazed at his cousin in exasperation.

In reality, he wasn't much taller then she was. Even if he was 15 and she was 13 he was only about 3 and a half inches taller then her. They'd the same skin, hair and body type. His hair was as thick as hers but he'd dyed a streak of brilliant emerald green through it.

Also, like her, he wasn't dressed like an aristocratic snob. Yellow-green t-shirt under a lime green vest, light-green jeans, lace up dark-green boots, with an earth kingdom coin necklace and studded wristbands.

"What?! What Brock?! The perfect Beifong child?! Like I need yet another reminder that your back? That you are the better child? That I'm the defective and unsatisfactory child and your Mr. Perfect?!" she spat hatefully at her cousin.

Based on her words it was clear what Toph's issue with her cousin was. That she was compared to him and he was more favored and liked over her. However, if this is how he felt wasn't known or at least not until now. He took a deep breath and began slowly what he'd been trying to tell Toph all their lives.

"Toph listen to me! Please! I want this old dispute to be put to rest once and for all! I'm not perfect and I hate the fact you and I have been compared by our parents our entire lives!

I for one hated being the one everyone thought was the 'proper' Beifong. I don't care anymore then you do for the expensive, braggart stuck-up an attitude of our parents. Nor did I like how everyone treated you because you are blind.

Why don't you believe me?" he questioned her and then saw her face looked mysterious and noticed she was walking barefoot now for the first time.

"Go on," she said simply with that funny look on her face.

"Look, Toph, I hate it as much as you do all the money, the rules and all of the other stupid shit.

It's just I'm not a fighter or have the courage you do to rebel or act out. That I admire about you. I'm just a lot more passive. I'm more of a lover then a fighter is all. I know the truth.

You think I'm just a wimp. No spine a sissy. Whatever you want to call me. Look maybe I do like more intellectual activities such as reading, writing poetry, photography over your kickboxing, skateboarding and being blunt.

But don't think I hate you or pity you. I care about you and just sick and tired of everyone comparing us and making us both feel awful because of it. So can we just let this unnecessary rivalry die? Please?" he begged her.

"You know something, Brock? Every word you just said is 100% the truth. I never would've believed it before. But thanks to my Earthbending I really can tell when someone is lying or not."

"Well, Toph you'll always have me beat at this Earthbending stuff, I can tell you that right now. You'll be a great fighter and I'll always be a wimp. Why I had to get bending I don't know. I'm just not a fighter."

"Hey, cuz, I can help you learn to fight and maybe you'll learn to do something I can't with your bending. But I guess it is time we let this dispute between us die. So it really just our parents doing it, huh?"

"I think we both be happier if neither of us was Beifongs, cuz."

"Don't I wish that every day! So what was it like exploring the world?" she asked as the two of them now walked back towards the house finally friends.

"You mean when my parents weren't doing business? Still monotonous! One shallow socialite event after another. I mean I know you can't see, Toph, but my parents seem to have this thing about having a 1920s vibe about them.

They way they talk, act and dress it's like a modern take on the Roaring 20s. Honestly! I hope this blending of the Lost Age saves both yours and my soul. Because I want to find my own identity."

"Do your parents try to dress you up? Or tell you how to walk or talk?"

"Toph, I know you can't see but I never thought of you as blind."

"So that's a yes, but you were always called the "Perfect child!"

'Toph if you could see what I'm wearing it's not so different from what you're dressed in. Hell! I even dyed part of my hair green as my only act of rebelling."

"Bet your prim and proper rents weren't happy about that! Bet they totally wigged out!" she laughed as she punched him hard in the arm. He winced and glared at her with his green eyes.

"Why did you do that, Toph? What is it with you hitting people?"

"It's how I show affection! Now tell me did the wig out or not?"

"If you mean my mom asked me if I lost my mind and what was going on? Or how I must have been influenced by you? And my father was asking where did he go wrong?"

"Well, at least I helped you grow a little bit of a spine! Now if your gonna get a bit more courage we got a lot more work to do!"

"I'll settle for a little bit of help getting a bit bolder, Toph, but no more hitting me. I mean we are both living together and we can both bend now. So let's not give each other more bruises then necessary."

"Fine. Oh, let's take the servant entrance Our parents are looking for us and I rather not have another "Who better than who" right now."

"You can tell that 300 feet from the door?"

"I can see with Earthbending. C'mon!" as she bent a hole in the ground and they escaped but even though they'd escaped didn't stop the tunnel from echoing the disapprove in their parents' voices.

"I'm really glad we're home, big brother. I missed my proper home but to find the city in this strange state of affairs wasn't what I was expecting."

"Yes dear sister, It was shocking enough on the boat ride home that ship almost run aground because somehow Brock was able to raise up sandbars and rocks from beneath the ways."

"We are more frightening for Toph, she's so tiny and blind. What could be more dangerous than having to be a bender? This whole rebirth in the world is so frightening for all of us dear brother."

"Let's hope that most of this delinquent behavior that both our children seemed to have picked up late will be straightened out now that all four us are together again. We are here to raise proper ladies and gentlemen. Not riffraff."

"Agreed. Let us hope the four of us can do the job that none of us can do alone."

And finally, the last family to drop in was likely the largest and going through the biggest change of all. It was the Fire Nation family that Zuko was part of.

One and all were so very happy that Ozai was finally arrested and now sitting awaiting death. It what they wanted for so long and they all couldn't wait for the day of the execution to watch the light leave his demonic yellow eyes.

Once the court proceeding was done and he was safely behind bars there had been a lot of packing and moving. Iroh and his wife Kimana still had their huge manor and estate and had already built the large guest cottage for Ursa and her family for the day Ozai was incarcerated.

Now that dream had finally come true they'd spent half the summer moving Ursa and the kids in. Though Ursa hadn't come alone. During her time in hiding, she had found her true love Noreen again married him and they'd a young daughter Kiyi who was Zuko and Azula half-sister.

Luckily the guest cottage had more than enough room for everyone and they'd spared no expenses when building in lavishing it with all the conveniences and furnishings it needs. Now they're just moving in personal belongings of the family.

However, it wasn't just Ursa's family moving to Iroh and Kimana's property. There was more family relocating to the property. Kimana's younger sister Nurita and her 15-year-old daughter Ember who was Zuko and Azula's cousin.

Like everyone else family member or a friend she too had an elemental zodiac birthday and it was part of the security code of Iroh and Kimana's estate. Ember was a Leo and her birthday was July 23rd.

And like everyone else she suddenly found herself a firebender and like everyone else she was super excited about that and starting school at Avatar Wan High in the fall. She was very excited about many things and like the other three, she was having her own troubles with her family and bending troubles at the same time.

Right now she was getting help setting up her room in the manor by her adopted cousin Akiko who was Zuko's girlfriend. Akiko's place in the family was unique in several ways.

Akiko's mother Sakiko had been Zuko's mother Ursa's best friend along with Xiaoying who was hers, Zuko and Azula's godmother. The three women had had an agreement between them for years.

The agreement which had been in a legal document stated that Xiaoying would be godmother to both Sakiko and Ursa's children and should anything happen to either Sakiko or Ursa the other would become the mother of the other child.

Akiko's mother had died due to birth complications and her father had walked out on her mother pretty much on their wedding night. Consequently, she was raised as the adopted daughter of Ursa with Zuko's Uncle as her father, his Aunt a second mother and his late cousin a big brother.

She and Zuko been best friends and true loves their whole lives. Although she and Azula hadn't gotten along till recently as Azula had been very much a demon like her abusive father Ozai. It wasn't till the 'real' Azula started coming through and Ozai turned on Azula that Azula been kind or human at all.

Also now that Xiaoying had married her longtime sweetheart Piandao he was now their godfather and their newborn daughter Xiang was consider everyone god cousin. At least that how it was all decided by the three best friends years ago.

But to Ember Akiko had always been just an extra cousin in her mind and they got along fabulous. She also influenced her dressing style to an extent. Ember was dressed in a bright red one-shoulder halter, bare midriff, leather jeans with a red-violet pinstripe with matching red-violet laced up boots.

She had the same jewelry as Akiko meaning gold earrings, armband, bracelets. Not that she wore a fire lily hair comb like she did but she wore fire flower barrettes in hair. Her hair was styled with a hair bun on the top of her head with long pigtails that were looped to be pinned to the side of her head by the barrettes.

"So glad you could come and help us move in here with Uncle Iroh and Aunt Kim, Akiko," Ember said as she put a poster of a phoenix and dragon making a fiery yin-yang symbol.

"Not a problem, my little cousin. Xiaoying and Piandao had to take Xiang to the doctor for a check-up and her booster shots. Hard to believe she's now about three months now. And I more than happy to be with my family. I'm just thrilled to see you again. It's been far too long."

"Yeah, it has. Mom was getting more and more anxious about what Ozai was doing. She was extremely concerned about Aunt Kim. I was anxious about my other cousins. And just everyone! It was so terrible what happened to Lu Ten!"

Sighing and trying to brush away her tears thinking about her brother she pushed them away, "Yes, we all miss Lu Ten. It was such a tragic accident that took him from us."

"Well, he was special too me too, Akiko. I know he was your brother but he and Uncle Iroh are the only male figures in my life. My father Hisoka was one of the brightest professors at the Republic City University and yet he perished from Fire Fever when I was only two.

It's not really fair is it?" she asked with sad golden eyes to Akiko who gave her a hug and understanding smile.

"Hey, at least your dad didn't walk out on your mother. Your dad loved you and your mother. My dad was a huge jerk who didn't give a damn about me or my mom. He just stayed long enough for a 'jolly' and left.

You at least mattered to your father. My dad Zhao wasn't even a dad. More like a stupid sperm donor. That's about all that bastard was. He was merely the seed. At least we've got family who does love and care for us."

"I guess we're both lucky that Uncle Iroh is a father to everyone in this family."

"Yes, he is the best. And we should be appreciative for all the amazing women in this family. Like Ursa, Kimana, Xiaoying and your mom Nurita."

"Well, it wasn't easy for us to get by all these years. Yes, my mom continued the family business of being a botanist and growing rare and hybrid plants. But due to the damages of Ozai and the Ten Plagues, her labs and everything left us bankrupt and living virtually homeless for the last few years.

I'm glad I don't have to live in another rat infest motel again."

"Ozai was death and a monster, Ember. All we have to do is wait for him to get the needle now.

Which is why after everyone is finish getting settled in we are going to have a huge celebration in the dining room.

Now is there anything else you want to talk about?"

"Well, how are things between you and Zuko?"

"Blissful now that we don't have to worry about being assassinated. Why? You dreaming of romance?"

"Well, I'm 15 years old and there no denying I'm an attractive girl and high school usually where you find your first love. But let's just say I'm very selective about who I'm looking for and what I'm looking for."

"Well, if you have any questions regarding affairs of the heart don't feel afraid to ask. Zuko and I are more than happy to share our experience in this matter with you."

"What about Azula?"

"What about her?"

"Well, she's suddenly friendly. How do you get used to that?" she asked what was the weirdest thing.

"You know I still haven't adjusted to it. Truthfully even her friends Mai and Ty Lee haven't."


"Really. What I've learned about "nice" Azula is she's a gifted actress just like Mom. She's a gifted violinist and can play the old kind from the days of the Lost Age. She can sing as beautiful like a phoenix and when it comes to the rediscover of firebending she's a natural."

"I wonder how all of us living here gonna be like."

"Well, I still live with our godmother and her family at the shop which is an only 20-minute walk away. They gonna need me to babysit sometimes. But I'm gonna still be around a lot."

"Of course. So what do you think of this?" she said as tried to juggle fire and Akiko's jade green eyes widen as she snatched each and snuffed it out.

"No firebending in the house! That's Daddy's rule. We aren't gonna set the house on fire!"

"OK! Geez! How many rules will I have to live by?"

"As many as I set and your Aunt has for her home, Ember. We should be grateful they are letting us live with them so don't act ungrateful and don't disobey their rules," spoke a voice from the doorway.

The two teens looked up and saw a Fire Nation woman in her 40s looking at them. She had all the classic looks of a Fire Nation beauty. Jet black hair, golden eyes, pale skin, slender figure. Her short hair was in an asymmetrical haircut with a few golden accessories. The normal earrings, bracelets, and necklace. Her outfit was a golden yellow sleeveless V-neck top with red slacks and yellow heels.

"Hello, Akiko. How is my favorite adopted niece doing?"

"Swell. How are things going in your room? Is Aunt Kim done helping you unpack?"

"We got my room set up over an hour ago. I've been helping her make dinner. Iroh has been helping others out in the cottage. We got a phone call from Xiaoying. She'll be here in half an hour and then we can all have dinner for the first time as a whole family."

"Sounds great!"

"Yes, it does. Um, would you mind leaving the room for a moment, Akiko? I need a few moments alone with my daughter."

"Not a problem, Aunt Nurita. I'm gonna go check in with Zuky and Mom. See you at dinner Ember!" and Akiko left the room.

"Mom? What do you want? What's so important?" asked the young teenage girl as she sat on the edge of her new bed.

"Ember I know we've been through a lot of troubling times recently. I just want to also remind you this whole family been through a lot of troubling times and it will take a long time for everyone to get over all their scars.

Furthermore, I don't want you to stare at all at your cousin Zuko's scar. That one bad enough! So please remember now that we are all living here it's gonna take us a long time for all of us to fully heal and find our place.

So please try and be patient and understanding? And I know you're excited about many things including about being a firebender. But please don't burn the house down!"

"Yes, Mom. I'll do my best to give everyone their space and behave."

"Good," as she kissed her forehead. "Now finish let's finish getting your room set up and eat."

That night the whole family was gathered in the dining room around a very large table with a large feast of all the finest foods the Fire Nation had to offer. Kimana and Nurita had done a lot but some food had been brought by the master of both sewing and chef Xiaoying.

Even though Xiaoying had just had her baby back in May she'd already lost the baby weight despite she'd her baby at age 40. She was really a ravishing woman. She was a vision of great beauty extremely attractive from head to toe. She was a tall woman with an envious figure, full lips, brilliant gold eyes, and well sculpted facial features.

She wore her long raven black hair with a distinctive hairstyle. In place of a topknot, she'd done an elegant small knot on the top of her head. The rest of her lengthy black locks were styled in thick side buns with incredibly long pigtails that had gold clips at the bottom and weaved into the side hair-buns were bright ruby red flowers.

At the moment she was dressed in a stunningly gorgeous cherry-red and sun gold sundress with matching flowers as the pattern on the skirt and some gold jewelry beautifying her.

Iroh's wife Kimana was a quite attractive and ravishing woman with waist-length cascading wavy raven black hair, an eye-catching and kindhearted face with captivating golden eyes. She was a woman of great faith and wisdom.

Kimana had removed her hat but was still dressed in her sleeveless pink top with a dark pink flower, dark purple skirt with matching the dark pink flower in the corner with purple sandals and her flower earrings.

Still, they said a Fire Nation prayer and began to eat. Noreen was cutting up Kiyi's food for her as Piandao was trying to get his own daughter Xiang into her high chair and accept her bottle.

Ursa was busying giving advice to Xiaoying about babies. Kimana and Nurita were rapidly getting caught up. Zuko and Akiko were staring romantically at each other and feeding each other bites off each other plates. Ember was talking with Azula who acting actually cordial to her younger cousin and Iroh just smiled contentedly at his family.

Overall new beginnings were happening all over Republic City for everyone and when fall came and the new school year started for Avatar Wan High one could only guess what adventures the second school year would bring and what further changes this strange new world would bring for one and all.

All that was for certain and the moment was this. It was a new beginning for one and all. And there was no other way they like to start that off then with family and friends.

Akiko- Me

Sakiko- Ming-Na Wen- Mulan

Xiaoying- Lucy Liu- Silvermist Tinkerbell movies

Aunt Kimana- Lauren Tom- Multiple voice acting roles

Akanke- Lupita Nyong'o- Nakia- Black Panther

Arianna- Kate Micucci- Webby- DuckTales 2017

Brock- Ben Schwartz- Dewey- DuckTales 2017

Ember- Kimiko Glenn- Lena- DuckTales 2017

Nita- Britt Robertson-Vex- Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures

Nurita- Blake Lively- Adaline from Age of Adaline

Noren- Jeff Bennett- many roles

Kiyi- Kath Soucie many roles

Owen Beifong- Eddie Redmayne- Newt Scamander Fantastic Beast and where to find them

Rowena Beifong- Alison Sudol- Queenie Goldstein- Fantastic Beast and where to find them

Kameko- Carmen Ejogo- Madam President Seraphina Picquery- Fantastic Beast and Where to find them