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Ghosts of the past

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Jack was going to kill that mother fucker.

Besides the fact that it was late and pitch dark outside, he just didn't feel like dealing with stupid hikers that railed off too far from the road and ended up at the mansion's door. Not that that happened often. The mansion was protected by a fog making it almost impossible for the normal folk to see. There were, however, more open eyed people, usually the ones who underwent a tragedy.

Like this mother fucker.

They've been knocking for at least half an hour now and Jack was slowly losing his patience. Now. If this were any other day he would have just answered and killed the fucker but he'd just come back from a stupid mission that had lasted half a day and kept guard the night before. So it wasn't that hard to see why he would prefer laying on the couch until dinner was ready.

Unfortunately, the intruder didn't seem to take the hint and after being ignored for half an hour and was still insisting with that nerve wrecking knocking!

And after all, why should he be the one to answer? Where in God's name were the others? Well, Ben was most likely cooped up in his room playing video games and since he didn't really need food to survive he could stay there for weeks before coming out, most likely at Slender's request. There was also Hoodie and Toby who still haven't come back from a job but besides those three there still were a handful of people who could answer the damn door.

Jack's train of thought was interrupted but a sudden silence. His shoulders tensed for a second and he switched positions raising himself on his elbows. Holding his breath he listened.

Muffled swearing coming from upstairs.
Probably Ben's

The sharpening of two knives
Definitely Jeff

A sweet song sang by a little girl

And finally, no knocking.

Letting a sigh of relief escape him, Jack let himself fall into the embrace of the comfortable couch. Finally... some peace and quiet

He maybe had closed his eyes for about 10 seconds and he was already hypnotized by the beauty and calmness of the dream when an irritating voice destroyed any hope of having some rest.

Apparently, after being ignored for so long, the intruder decided to persuade a different way of getting the locators' attention.


He started yelling.

Ok, that's it, that's enough, Jack had reached his limit point. Leaving the comfort of the living room couch, he dragged his feet to the front door. He's dealt with unwanted visitors before and decided that he will finish quick, maybe maybe he'll be able to sleep for a couple of minutes.

He couldn't be more wrong.

The first sign that this was not the case was the stranger's outfit. Instead of hiking equipment, the man was wearing the type of clothes that Jack believed he could find in the trash. homeless person He decided after starting for a second. Great

The second thing he observed was the camera that was strapped to this man's chest. homeless investigator even better

Intrigued by the man's strange appearance, he decided to play with his prey a little.

"You have a death wish?" Jack leaned against the door frame, one eyebrow arched, the ghost of a tiny smile on his lips.

His words seemed to snap the man from some sort of trance. His blurry eyes cleared and seeing that the door had been open turned to look at Jack.

"Hello," He said, ignoring the question entirely, his voice a little hoarse from screaming. "Is Tim here?"

Third. This guy wasn't scared of him. After the betrayal, Jack had lived his life accepting the fact that all normal humans will find his appearance unsettling.

All normal humans except for this fucker. His voice was a little shaky but that could be blamed on the anxiety of talking to a stranger. Maybe he didn't realise the situation he was in.

"There is no one by the name of Tim here," Jack finally managed to say, straightening himself so he would look more threatening.

The man's eyes widened slightly for a second but the look was quickly replaced by confusion.

"Please, I was told he was seen in this part of the forest." He started shifting from one leg to the other while trying to steal glances of the inside of the house.

Ok, that's it. This guy was insane and bearing no fear. That part made sense. The most plausible hypnotists was that the man was searching for a person named Tim that got lost in the woods and the shock from loosing someone drove him insane and therefore able to see the mansion. Jack had abstained from killing the intruder because he was intrigued by his lack of fear. Now that he knew the man was bonkers it made him...


Enough fun for today. But before he could kill the unfortunate soul, a voice raged behind him.

"Who the fuck is this guy?"

Jeff. Of fucking course. He didn't hear the incisive knocking but he heard the conversation. Sighing deeply, he turned to face the murderer.

Jeff was the third to be hosted at the mansion, the firsts being Hoodie and Masky. The two's story was unknown by anyone except Slender himself and the only thing that was speculated was that they knew eatchother before they came in contact with the boss. Jeff's story however was in the best case, boring and predictable. He killed his parents because of some bullies and fled. The most intriguing aspect of the story was the scars. The two knife's cuts slashing the boy's cheeks creating an eternal smile. Of course they healed over time and now all that remained of the boy's past life were two white lines that reminded Jack of thunder bolts.

He was wearing some normal clothes for once, meaning that he just came from a job and the white hoodie was too bloodied for usage. He had his hair in a ponytail and was holding a small knife, the butcher kind. Wonderful, I'll just let Jeff take care of the hobo.

"He's just an idiot who's looking for a guy lost in the forest." He stepped out of the doorway so Jeff could have a full view of the man.

He checked the man from head to toe with his eyes, an unimpressed look on his face and then looked over to Jack for permission. Jack took a step back as to not get his clothes bloody and nodded. Satisfied with the answer, he started walking towards the intruder, knife slightly raised.

He stopped however when the man extended his hand as if for a hand shake.

"Hi-" His eyes sparkled with new found hope. "-my name is Jay"

Jeff's expression would have been hilarious if not for the action which had caused it. He turned to stare at Jack, who just shrugged in response and turned his eyes back on the man.

The man's.... Jay's expression did not change, not betraying any spark of fear. Instead he wore a loopy smile and hopeful eyes. He's crazy Jack thought Come on, kill him already

Unfortunately, Jeff didn't seem to catch the hint and decided to shake Jay's hand instead. Jack facepalmed himself mentally. _idiot_

"I am looking for Tim Wright," Jay admitted when he let go of the other man's hand. "I was told he was seen in this part of the forest".

"And by who exactly were you told you'll find him here?" It was Jack's turn to ask.

"The locals at the base of the mountain admitted that they saw a man that fit Tim's appearance"

"Well you're out of luck buddy cause he's not here. And even if he was around here at some point, he's most likely dead." With that Jack dragged his feet towards the couch. "Try not to get any blood on the carpet"

The last sentence snapped Jeff back to earth and holding his knife at chest level started approaching Jay.

"WAIT! He's tall- and, and has short brown hair! Sideburns too!" His screams went to deaf ears however and when Jeff finally grabbed his arm he screamed "HE WEARS A MASK"

Jeff stoped suddenly and stared at Jay.

"What did u say?"

Jack turned around just as intrigued as his colleague

"Describe him again," he managed making Jay's smile return.

"He's tall and has shor-"

"No, no." Jeff interrupted almost immediately. "The part about the mask"

"Well.. he wears a mask" Jay's eyes looked past the person in front of him as if recalling a distant memory. "But not always"

"How does the mask look like?"

The intruder opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by an arm that had started crawling from his camera. Soon the arm was followed by a head and finally a body.

The two residents of the mansion who had seen the action a million times thought nothing of it. Instead, their eyes were locked on the stranger's face expectantly. Surely this would startle the man. To their surprise he remained calmed, if not intrigued by the green child that had appeared in front of him.

"Yo" was all Ben said after his dramatic entrance was completed. He too turned expectantly at the possessor of the camera.

"Hello" After seeing the lack of reaction, the young boy threw a questioning look at the others.

"What are you doing here?" Instead of answering, Jeff crossed his arms.

"What do you think asshole? I heard the commotion and came to see what is going on. Pretty sure everyone is going to be here any second now with your big mouth"

"You little shi-"

"His name is Jay." Jack interrupted loudly before the two boys would be at each other's throats "He's looking for someone named Tim" Ben nodded and turned his attention back to the intruder who's been watching the exchange quietly.

"Aaa, yes" He managed to say before a little girl carrying a teddy bear ran down the stairs and glued herself to Ben's leg.

"I heard screaming, is everyone ok?" She asked, her voice muffled by the material of the boy's pants.

"Everything is all right, Sally," he responded, picking her up. She was quickly followed by-


All heads snapped back to look at the forgotten man standing in the door frame. His eye's were wide and Jack could have swore he had tears forming in them. Then, one by one, everyone followed Jay's gaze to the new figure frozen in shock at the base of the stairs.