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When they say, "It's love that brings two souls together." it's true.

However, when Min Yoongi- Age:18 and Kim SeokJin-Age: 19 came together, it was not just the love for each other, it was something more than that.

When he was young, but old enough to start thinking about a certain special someone in his life, Seok Jin would always dream of a person who’d always be there for him. Seeing their smile would bring his gloomiest of days to a bright turn. His dark and somber existence would be set alight like the fireworks in the night sky. Each spark with a promising excitement of spreading the light further, further in to deepest parts of his sad being.  Warm and bright!

An orphan?  09-years-old Seok Jin, whose both parents were alive and well, yet he sees himself as one, he didn’t fit in their perfect picture. A young child, who was labeled as a symbol of bad decisions, misfit relationship. A product of young and emotionally unstable love.


He should hate the word, maybe he does, yet he longs for the very poison that had made his entire existence scornful by his own parents, could you blame him? he was banished from the land of happiness, If, living with continuous new faces, labeled as his nanny for the day? For the week? meant happiness.

He doesn’t remember, rather he should not.

Blood bonds are just as good as the amputated limbs, yes they are yours but of no use or worth. They are meant to be discarded; cut off entirely.


SeokJin 15-year-old adopted, in a family with loving grandparents and two dogs, pities the younger sad, emotional version of himself. He sometimes wishes to erase all the sad memories, wants to eliminate that entire chapter, Phase!? from his life.

From a 9-year-old orphan SeokJin to a 12-year-old Kim SeokJin, who had a family he could depend on, they will always be there for him as he would be for them. His biological parents brought him to the world but his foster parents are the ones who gave him a Life.

His foster- no, his parents and grandparents are his entire world, he knows what true happiness is, his smiles are genuine so are his tears. Only in short amount of time SeokJin learned so many things about happiness, that he only thinks of his past life as a nightmare that haunts you for a long time. The more he becomes happy the more pitiful his previous life seems.


For SeokJin true love meant home, a home filled with people with whom he belonged, had sincere affection, and genuine understanding. His parents showed him what all that meant, he lived through it all. Forever grateful to them.


~4 years Ago~

“So you mean to tell me, the reason you can’t leave the stray cat out there is because it’ll be lonely?”

Jin hugs the small ball of fluff more tightly instead of replying, nuzzling his face in the little fluff’s fur, NamJoon sighs and gets up from his seat.

He was arranging reports to take them to staff room (because he’s the class president duh!), when his cousin had walked all the way to his class, to ask what to do with a kitten he found, as he still had classes and club activities after school.

“Okay, Hyung let me take it home, I’ll keep it for you hmm? ‘cause you have two dogs at home they might not welcome this frail thing.”  NamJoon gives in as usual, his cousin is kind and soft hearted as ever. He’d never leave anyone in trouble or pain be it an animal.

Nurturing that’s how one can define his cousin.

“Joonie, Thank you!” Jin visibly relaxes at his cousin’s support, “…-and don’t call him a thing, I already have name in mind.” The elder is frowning and so serious, making NamJoon chuckle and raising his hands in defeat.

“Guess we are keeping him?” NamJoon asks as he takes the little fur ball from Jin’s hand who seems to be wary of handing him over, but nods aggressively “Yes! I’ll come take him in evening…. and yeah say hi to aunt for me and tell her I miss and love her so much!” the older boy says in a hurry as he waves at Joon already walking back to his class.

“Hyung! You’re coming over, do it yourself-….” He yells back at the retreating figure of his cousin, just to make a point_ whatever that is….

Shaking his head, he turns to the little kitten in his hands, “Well it’s just you, me and a long walk back home hmmm!”  He lifts the little kitten to eye level the fur ball only stares at him.

 As he lowers the kitten to grab his bag from the chair to finally leave for home, making the kitten squirm in his hold, his eye catch something red peeking from the little guy’s neck  

“Oh! He has a collar.”

That changes things, biting his lips he contemplates walking back to ask Jin from where exactly he found the kitten.


“Sorry hyung, I decided things on my own… but it felt as the right thing to do…. So I-” NamJoon says sheepishly to a very out of breath Jin, standing in the entrance of his house. Jin just waves him off, still trying to catch his breath.

There wasn’t a need to run so fast, but he had to, had to reach before the owner came to take the kitten away. NamJoon had put up flyers all over school and nearby neighborhood and as expected, soon after they received a call from the owners, who were on their way to pick the little fluff ball up from namJoon’s house.

 “ ’skay  Joonie, you did the right thing!” Jin smiled at the younger, however NamJoon feels a bit guilty; to ease things, he makes a quick suggestion

“Hyung! Umm- we can go to shelter or something and get a kitten if you know-”

“Joon I said, it’s alright hmm? I’m glad he has a home okay? Now show me where is he, I wana see the fluff before they take him back home!”


“Upstairs with mom, in our old play room!”

Jin walks past NamJoon in a hurry, he seems happy, but NamJoon knows him better than he knows himself.

He follows shortly, closing the door and grabbing water bottle for Jin. A very amusing scene welcomes him upon entering the room, an overly smitten woman hogging the kitten and a very sad boy making grabby hands towards the fluff ball.

“Oh aren’t you a precious little one, I’ll miss you!” his mother is in no mood of letting the kitten go, she keeps hugging him, the kitten seems to like it as it keeps on nuzzling, to get comfortable in her hold thriving on all the attention being given to him.

“Mom!! Let Jinnie hyung play too, look he is all pouty.”

“Huh! Am not!!!!” Jin says a bit too loud, defensive but who is he fooling, an aunt who knows him like the back of her hand, even better or the cousin who is secretly a mind reader.

Where can one go to get some privacy around here huh!!??

“Ahhh Give him to meeee! They’ll be here any minute!!!!”  He huffs, crossing his arms, not happy at all, the next step is whining or snatching the kitten away from his aunt, so he does both.

“Yes! Finally, … oh my God, you are so adorable, I don’t wanna let you go.” Jin pets kitten’s head, and the little fur ball purrs making him coo more. He is too busy to notice the two pair of eyes looking at him fondly, one of the pair is sad and guilty.

“Oh my, he fell asleep, so freaking adorable, Joon-ah let’s just keep him, how about this” his aunt is in her scheming mode, as she says with a wicked grin “d-don’t open the door when they come!” she’s all but ready to do it.

“Aunty, we can’t do that!” Jin laughs in disbelief at his aunt’s antics, he would like to keep the precious little bean too, but it wouldn't be a right thing to do.

As they argue about ethics and morals, which actually turns into a very heated debate done in hushed tones, the bell rings, and Jin holds the kitten bit too tight, jostling him awake.

All the heat from mere seconds ago leaving them both, and his aunt remembers how she is a full grown adult, Squeezing Jin’s arm a bit, she moves past him to go down stairs saying she’ll get the door. 

With shoulders slumped and his face painted with a sad smile Jin pets the kitten, the little fluff looks at him blinking and meowing as though it understands the emotions he has.

“Hyung! It’s okay I can take him?” NamJoon offers, seeing the older boy the way he is, but Jin stands with a shake of his head and shoots him that sweet eye-crinkling smile, that seems more of an adult than of a mere 15-year-old.

 Acceptance and letting go!

As the two boys get down stairs, Jin can hear his aunt and two other voices, friendly- too familiar for a first time encounter. They look at each other a bit confused. The moment he steps into the living room he suddenly has a handful of a squealing young girl jumping around “Fwuuufyyyyyy!!!!! Its fwuuufy, oppa look its fwuffy!!”

A rosy cheeked, very excited young girl is jumping around, her happiness being contagious makes Jin smile too. Any trace of sadness he felt is gone, he offers the kitten to her immediately. The smile that blooms on her face as she cradles the kitten makes Jin’s heart swell. 

“Now honey what do we say?” A woman, likely the girl’s mother says as she walks towards her and ruffles her hair.

“Thank you, thank you so much for saving my fwuffy!” the girl beams at Jin, and he feels shy, scratching a nonexistent itch around his brows he chuckles looking nowhere in particular. He hears his aunt laugh and his cousin snickering who leans in to whisper “Hyung your ears are red by the way!”

His hands reach to his ears instantly, realizing what he just did his embarrassment reaches to new levels which cannot be defined. The snickering increases so he lifts his gaze to probably glare at his cousin, instead he locks eyes with someone else. They hold his gaze, he isn’t sure if he is still glaring or not, but the sharp cat like eyes don’t move away, well neither do his.

The staring showdown ceases only when he hears another person clear their throat, coughing too exaggerated, the sharp eyes move towards the person with fake coughing and Jin’s follow along as though they are connected.

“Hi! His name is Yoongi and I’m Hoseok nice to meet you” the exaggerated cough person points to sharp eyes and then himself, giving a very bright smile. Jin just nods, still looking at sharp eye- Yoongi.

“Okay! Well kids, it’s such huge coincidence but a nice one no doubt” Jin’s aunt exclaims, gaining everyone’s attention. “I never thought we’d meet like this but I’m glad we did” she seems giddy as she shakes hands of little girl’s mother.

Jin was about to ask what’s the coincidence, but his aunt grabs his hand dragging him to sit on the couch, his eyes again look for the boy who too is sitting, occupying the seat in front. When the boy sees him staring he looks away, scratching his neck.

Is he blushing?


 Turns out that the woman is girl’s aunt and that Hoseok Kid’s mom, but the important part is that his aunt and the lady are friends, best friends as they had said. Studied together till college years, got separated when she had moved to another city because of job, and recently moved back to Seoul.

Two friends reminisced about old times, nostalgic, both very happy. Seeing his aunt act like a carefree young girl, made Jin feel happy as well. As they go about their gossips and what not, the kids shift to play area upstairs. The kitten played a part to make everyone get comfortable, well as comfortable as they can get.  

Things which Jin learned in the short amount they spent together were that, Hoseok is a lively boy, and his energy is contagious, he can charge you up and lift your mood instantly.  While Yoongi is the quite kind if left alone, but being with Hoseok makes him a laughing mess and they bicker and become a loud pair of best friends.

The little girl Jihye is the most adorable one, and who he interacted a lot with. The girl is only visiting her aunt, lives a bit far from their neighborhood, and had promised Jin he can take and play with Fwuffy whenever he wants to, inviting him to meet kitten’s other siblings and mother as well.

Well if Jihye was the adorable one, the owner of sharp cat like eyes was the most interesting one.

Intrigued and Fascinated!



Jin being adopted was never mentioned, not till he was 18 years old and supposedly should start being independent, is what he believes. Ask his parents who’d love him to keep on living with them, in fact his mother keeps pestering him about bringing his significant other to live with them as well in the future.

“Jinnie, my son what can I do to stop you from leaving? I know, should mum get sick?” his mother eyes him; desperate across from the dining table.

Jin chokes on his coffee, worried his mother rounds the dinning table, taking the cup from his hands and rubbing his back as he tries to breath, and glare at her at the same time.

“Mom! DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT! GOD.” he is fuming, yet his mother is amused and giggling at that.

“Okay! Alright… hey stop that you’ll wrinkle your handsome face, then who will marry you hmm?” she pokes a finger to the crease in his brows. “I want grand kids!”

“Mom!!!!!”  Flustered, he stands to leave, he’s already late from class and has a busy day ahead.

The biggest ordeal, is to look for a place.

  “Awww my baby is shy!” she coos ruffling his hair being on her tippy toes.

“Who told you to grow this freaking tall” she huffs sitting down on the chair. He bites his lips to stop a smile ready to escape, he will miss her; he will miss them a lot. The last thing he wants is to be emotional(blackmailed).

Too late! she is looking at him with glassy eyes, anyone seeing this who doesn’t know them would pretty much call Jin an asshole, but he knows this look well, he knows his mom well.  

“Mom! MOM! Stop!” his words only make the attack more intensified, exasperated he throws his hands in air. “will you please stop!!”

“hmmmff it used to work before you became a tall lamppost…. Huh my neck hurts.” She mutters as she sighs defeated rubbing her neck.

“Well tough shit- ouch!!!” he grins and earns a slap on his head.

“Language young man!” She is scary when mad, so he apologizes quickly.

She is about to say something when his dad enters the kitchen, cutting her off completely.

“Yes, yes, he’ll visit us on Every weekend, he’ll call you 8 times a week and he will not talk to shady looking strangers…. Um did I forget anything son?” his dad is smirking in his familiar teasing manner, making his mother fist her hands, ready to hit, so he moves away to safety. The last thing he wants is to be stuck in the middle of a crossfire.

“Oww, what is this old lady eating anyway God that hurt”….”Oww why did you hit again.. hey stop….Jin tell her to stop ahhhh save me!”  

He just laughs as he sees his parents run around the house, what are they doing, they are the parents for God sake.

Wiping a stray tear from his eyes he tries to compose himself from his laughing fit,

“I don’t know about other things but looking at this…” he gestures towards his parents, his mom has a fist ready to collide Lord knows where and his dad ducking to get away from it. “I do worry about leaving you both unsupervised!”

“HEY!!!” they both retort in a union, offended at being called childish in a very direct yet indirect way. Making him laugh more as he doubles over slapping his own thighs.

His cellphone vibrates on the table, taking his attention, as he ignores an eerily stinging smacking sound, definitely the fist landed, and received by an unsuspecting man. Smiling at the now so familiar nick flashing on screen he receives the call

“Seokie, Hey!” his parents stop and settle down as he picks the call, “ oh- really? umm Thanks, I really could use a day off” his mother’s interest piqued hearing that, sauntering closer to sit near him, as he takes a seat.


“No, Hoseokie I’m still looking, I have to find a place to move out you know?” as he talks with his best friend of 4 years, he looks at his now civil parents sitting at their dining table. His mother seems sated while his dad is hunched and rubbing at his arm.

Saying out loud makes it all set in, it’s becoming real. He will leave this place, his eyes scan the entire place, he can picture his childhood, his shy first few days where he didn’t talk or move from the room, which at that time he didn’t even considered as his own.

He remembers his parents acting extra cautious around him in start, how they were always on high alert, watching him with bated breaths.

Breathing in the familiar scent of his home, closing his eyes, all the memories run like a film, every event no matter how small or insignificant for others comes rushing, memories still fresh and crisp.


His eyes grow wide, his mother’s mirroring as his own,

“Seoks I- I appreciate the offer bu- ” sigh “okay…. I said Okay, Wha- S-shut up” he moves to get away from his parents he’d die of embarrassment if they heard what his crazy friends wanted to say.

“Bye! And thanks again.” he rushes to end the call, turns to see his parents eyeing him as a hawk does to its prey.

“Ahem! So- You don’t have a class I assume?” his mother says in her serious tone, the one she uses when SeokJin is about to be interrogated. He nods gulping on nothing. But he needs to tell them about the offer Hoseok made on call so he starts, choosing his words carefully.

“umm Hoseok said they are moving to an apartment together- ”

“They?” raising a questioning brow his dad cuts in.

“NamJoon and Hoseok and two other guys….”

“Names Jin, give us names…” they won’t let it slide will they…

“I don’t know- t-they are from Joon and Seokie’s class” he really doesn’t know them, has met them few times but that’s all, he is not sure exactly. His parents are not convinced and it shows, how they keep looking at him, eyes fixed but waiting for him to continue.

When he doesn’t his dad decides to be direct, “Why not get a place with Yoongi hmm?” too direct. The blunt question makes Jin splutter. He is flustered, what should he say, how should he say it.

He sneaks a glance towards his parents and their expressions are very much evident of their intentions.

Amused and playful.

He knows how red he is, he can feel his face burning, the rapid heartbeat is too loud in his ears. 

So they did hear what Hoseok had said. That idiot is so dead-


“Well son I’m afraid that’s the only option you have” chuckling, his dad pats his back. “I have already seen his place its good go for it”

Jin isn’t sure of how he should be reacting to this, they know his relationship with Yoongi is not just friends. They know they have been dating- (err well romantically attracted to each other) from 3 years already. Yoongi had turned 18 as well last month, and had been looking for an independent place even before Jin.

 “I Umm- but he… ” nothing comes out, no matter how hard he tries.

“Honey! It’s okay. I agree with your dad; I’d be more at ease knowing you live with him than with that crazy pair.”

He’d like to defend his cousin and best friend, but he lets it go…. Because they are partially responsible for this embarrassing ordeal he is going through.


 Yoongi had wormed his way in to his family, into his parent’s heart fairly quick. Same as Jin was readily accepted by Yoongi’s family. Well not to mention how the younger “Only by few months” as he corrects Jin each time, made his place in his heart before anything else. To say they were compatible with each other would be an understatement. Not just compatible, they completed each other. Perfect halves, fitting together like two intended puzzle pieces.



“Hyung! You both might as well just get married, considering aunt and uncle gave you their blessings.” NamJoon says, sprawled on the floor of Jin’s bedroom. Releasing an annoyed and exhausted sigh Jin drops a box too hard near his cousin’s head, and smirks in satisfaction as the tall idiot jumps up taken by surprise.

“Awiee! sorry slipped from my hand!” feigning innocence he proceeds to pack his stuff, misses the lasers his cousin is shooting at him clearly not impressed, he almost got killed for heaven’s sake.


“Joon, if you’re not gonna help, its better you leave.” Cutting his cousin off he turns to throw a sharp look at him, Jin is in no mood to start childish bickering, certainly not because he is a coward.

Huffing Joon stands, snatching the box from Jin’s hand he marches outside the room, muttering complaints ‘Why do I even bother, stupid hyung, stupid Yoongi, to hell with you both. I don’t care! Cowards’

May be he is a coward, he knows he loves Yoongi, might have already planned a bit too much for the future, yet he feels anxious, anxious of so many things. It’s already taking so much courage to move in with him. A shiver runs through his spine, goosebumps rising all over his body at the thought.

He really is moving in with Yoongi, WTF.

He doesn’t notice another person entering the room, too caught up in his thoughts, his heart nearly jumps out of his chest when he feels someone grab his shoulder.

 He bets, the scene would be very comical, and it is confirmed when he hears a familiar chuckling. A pair of hands snake around his slim waist, can feel the shaking body, as they nuzzle their face on his back. Too embarrassed to look anywhere else, he looks at the pale hands and arms wrapped around his body.

Its silent for a while, they stand there for bit longer, swaying left and right, his hands hold the pale ones around his torso, till it becomes difficult, not being able to look at the source of his bliss. He squirms to turn, just to get a glimpse of his boyfriend’s face. He missed him, not having seen the younger the past week. Referring to him as his boyfriend doesn’t seem odd, yet there still lies an invisible wall, he knows he needs to break, but he’s not ready yet. 

 “Hyung! They are red…” the teasing tone gets him all worked up!

“S-SHUTUP!!!” why he likes this moron again? little shit.

“Get Off! You don’t deserve me!” he is being petty again, wants to throw a tantrum, but all such thoughts remain unsaid when the arms around him tighten “mmh yeah I don’t…” and then the they are gone, taking the calm with them.

“Yoongi-” he says a bit rushed, but his boyfriend already has his back towards him leaning over a box with his stuff.

The air around them feels thick, and suffocating. Mentally slapping himself Jin takes a few steps closer to the younger, he can do this.


No response, cursing under his breath he tries again.

“Yoong!” still as a log, no reaction what so ever,

Well desperate times call for desperate measures. He pins the boy in front with intense gaze, senses on high alert just in case….

“Yoonie” a barely noticeable twitch in the shoulders.

Bingo first hit in, but it isn’t over yet, his lips twitch with amusement as he shifts a bit closer, vowels elongated a tad bit more

“YooooNieee” a hand reaches to grab the box.

2nd hit in,

One more and bullseye,

“Yhoon-Giii-Chiii~~~” too cheerfull, his face hurts and there it is, tremors clear, the hands gripping too tightly around the box, shoulders are shaking, and Jin feels smug.

“YooonGiiiChiiiiiiiiiiii” he sings song, chanting the term of endearment for the one who he holds so dear. When the younger (only by few months) turns too quick, pale skin no longer pale, trembling with false anger, flushed red, trying to act like a feral cat yet all Jin sees is a kitten trying to act bold.

His heart does that funny thing, jumps, beats too fast and feels like it’s being squeezed too harshly. Closing the distance, he dives in and claims the pouty whiny lips, drinking up all the sounds and any and everything the love of his life has to offer.

Exactly, love of his life…

What the hell, he’s so fucked, yet he is the happiest. Being anxious, he feels stupid yet sated, that’s how humans are anyway. He feels home, and that’s all that matters. Right?




Dropping the last box to the floor of Yoongi’s apartment he drops himself on the couch as well. Too tired, limbs stiff, and muscles screaming. The younger brings two cups of tea and settles down beside him. And that’s when it dawns on Jin, they share an apartment now, they will live together. He takes the cup on muscle memory, taking a mouthful of the liquid, to gulp it down like a shot.

Pain stings his entire mouth, choking along it.

Shit! IT’S HOT !

Coughing he sits up, as he feels a hand rub his back to sooth, HOLY FRICKING SHIT!

“The hell, hyung I told you it’s hot, wh- what are you? God are you okay?” Yoongi is fretting and his hands are all over the place turning Jin’s face to see the damage. When their eyes lock, Jin holds his breath. Who was he kidding, he wasn’t ready…. What has he gotten himself into. Shit shit shit.

Yoongi’s eyes go as wide as possible as he mumbles a confused “What!?”

The oddity….

“Hyung, breath will you!” right he held his breath. Gasping for air he slumps back into the couch the younger stands still, looking down on him.

His tongue is not helping, not because of the burn, just he is- he is a coward after all? Isn’t he.




“This tastes weird, here you can have it.” Jin pushes the lunch box towards Hoseok, who stares back, eyes large as saucers. Unbelievable, Jin rejecting food, that too his favorite takeout??

Swallowing his own, he pushes it back, “Thanks hyung but no thank you, I’m a dance major, aiming for the top performing arts university and I need to watch my diet-. Oww!” he gets cut off by NamJoon, who rushes to save the situation.

Which is: Jin hyung has that ominous crease in his brows, and that dead serious expression. And nothing, he can’t stress enough Nothing, good comes of it.

“H-he means to say Hyyung are you alright?”

The crease only deepens and that can’t be good.

“Well well, only a week into living together and there’s already trouble in paradise hhuh?” a cheeky voice breaks into the heavy atmosphere, making all their heads turn to the source.

The worst possible entry that can be, stands there, making Joon and Hoseok gulp on nothing. Great just what they needed, NOT!

Hoseok’s well not so little anymore cousin stands too tall for her small height. The menace that once was so adorable and sweet. Talk about a 180 degree shift in matter of few years.

“Jihye-ah not the time.” Joon says with clenched teeth, to which the little devil pays no heed as she pushes the chair to sit, helps herself with Jin’s discarded lunch. Looking all the more comfortable.

“Talk to me, I can help.” She says after she is done shoveling food, and Jin smiles only a little but he does, scary nonetheless. Whether the girl’s brave or just plain ignorant idiot, they could never tell. NamJoon and Hoseok would never understand this strange relationship. If anyone in the world can change Jin’s such down episodes its either his mother or this little Satan in disguise of a 16 years old, she sounds like some scholar and the disrespect, she calls ‘em all by their names. Dropping the honorifics altogether.

“Oppa! Tell meh~” the overly sweet tone is back, she said oppa, SHIT!

Jin shifts his gaze from his lap to the little spawn of evil, while she blinks all so innocently at him. Joon makes gagging sounds, as he regards the act younger seems eager to pull off.

“It’s nothing, I’m just over thinking- ” he trails off, not knowing what else to say. He can’t just go and say that he is having second thoughts about moving in with Yoongi. Owing to all his bitter insecurities relating to his social skills (relationships and commitments).

The menace keeps staring at Jin, then a tilt to her lips indicates that the spawn of evil has begun her plan for destruction.

“Hobi, you wanna get in to the top University right?” she says without even moving her eyes from Jin. Oh Fuck.

“DON’T DRAG ME INTO whatever you are up to SATAN!!!” Hoseok splutters, standing and ready to run away. Unfazed by such extreme reaction, the grin only grows more on her face.

“Glad to hear it.” Smiling eccentrically, she pulls out her cellphone, typing away quick text she pockets it back into her jeans.

“Jin Ooppaaa! I’ll be staying over at your place okay! Bye” she stands to leave, but not leaving any room to reply or retort for that matter and she is gone same way she popped out of nowhere earlier. The three men stunned and speechless, are left to process what just happened.

Hardly after 3 minutes Hoseok’s cell pings with a message notification and he lazily opens to read,

All the slang he knows pours out of his mouth, “THAT LITTLE BITCH!” he’d throw his phone on the ground but it’s not worth it. Gritting his teeth, he looks at Jin, “Hyung I hope you can accommodate 2 more people with you tonight!” he turns the screen towards confused Jin who upon reading goes stiff.


“And how w-will I ex-explain it to Yoongi?” stuttering, Jin paces back and forth. Messing up his hair as he rakes his hands through them.

“Well hyung likes her too, so I don’t see any reason he would mind.” Joon is trying to stay positive, he really is trying. But Hoseok is blistering, “Joon, look one night/day it’s fine but A WHOLE WEEK WHAT THE FUCK!!!”

“Well it’s your mom who said it!”

“That’s not the point-”

“Shutup both of you!” Jin is already in crisis the last thing he wants is to hear their bickering.

The last time he had any interaction or conversation with Yoongi was when he had moved in, then it was radio silence. Till now it is. How will he tell him that not one but 3 people will be staying over for a week at that?

“I don’t mean to be rude but, I don’t understand why do you and I have to stay over, I mean she can stay over why would your mom say this, are we her guardians or something?”

“I don’t know Joon, may be because she threatened us?” Hoseok deadpans, as thou stating the obvious.

Right, threatened about telling their parents that it’s just Joon and Hoseok living in that apartment and no one else. Evil indeed.




“Ready Boys???~” the evil little shit cheers as she drags her duffel bag.

The three don’t share even the slightest of the cheerfulness as they make space for her things in the car. “Oppa, Thanks!” Jihye beams at Jin, as she climbs in the passenger seat.

Scoffing the pair gets in the back seat too, Joon leans in to whisper “How long will she keep the act, she’s annoying.” Hoseok shrugs, although he knows, she is not stopping anytime soon.

He is mad at Jin the most, why and how he always plays along her absurd plans. No matter how much stress they might put him in, like right now.

Eventually it was Jihye who texted and informed about their stay to Yoongi, who strangely agreed quickly, even told her to make herself at home.

Ludicrous, Hoseok claims.

Day one of stay went rather uneventful, day 2 had a few events of sleeping in and getting late but that’s all. Day 3 pertained strange sense of tension in the air, like someone is attempting to walk on high tension wire.

Day 4 was the real hell, two older males are fuming and throwing profanities and what not at each other. While the evil spawn smirks and chews on popcorn as though she had planned this from the start. The popcorns could have been for this all along and not for the so called movie night this was supposed to be, before the frail thread of forged peace and calm broke loose.

It all started off as tension between the two males escalated, when one had scoffed over the other’s comment on ‘protagonist of the movie being an idiot’. The classic, slow burn between the couple, till eventually their brain wavelengths matched with each other. THANK the FUCK FINALLY.

Which was clearly not the case in real life.

Both flushed, face to face, voices raising as each second passes. The trio’s eyes shifting from one man to the other as they exchange dialogues right out of a cliché soap opera.

“What is your problem anyway?”

“I should be the one asking that!”

“Oh please!”

Becoming an eye roll competition, who rolls with more impact?  The pair has brief moment of silence.

“N-No matter how hard I try you-”







Their harsh tones make Namjoon and Hoseok wince, but the 16-year-old evil smiles more wild and sinister.

“Joon hand me the juice!” the evil shit says with such a cheery voice, Joon wants to smack her. “What the fuck Jihye-ah??” clicking her tongue she shakes her head as though it’s not her who is acting strange in such grave situation.

“You dumbo, it’s getting Jucier, now hand it over!’ she demands by smacking his thighs.  Holy mother of-

This girl is the embodiment of evil itself.

Heaving an insufferable sigh Joon reaches for the cups on the table when he hears Hoseok call for him too asking for a drink as well. He can see why they are cousins.

Oblivious to Joon’s dilemma the older males are seething, and now one can even anticipate a few punches the way they close in.

“Then LET ME IN!” Yoongi’s fists are shaking with such fervor, Hoseok’s hand stills midway to his mouth full of popcorns. The trio hold their breaths.

“WHERE!?” Jin practically spits fire, making Yoongi flinch slightly but he holds his ground. Moving quickly to close in the distance, he lifts one of his fist, Namjoon and Hoseok close their eyes, can’t bare to see the hit.

‘HOLY FUCKING SHIT!’ the pair with eyes closed heard the evil spawn gasp and utter the filth, too caught up in the situation to chastise her, to mind her language considering her age.

“HERE! RIGHT HERE LET ME IN YOU COWARD!” Yoongi hits his fist to Jin’s chest, left side near his heart repeatedly.

Jin resembles a Fish the way he’s gaping at the younger.

The tone is different when Jin finally composes himself enough to form a single word.  “How?”

“what the fuck-”

“Did he not hit him”

“Shutup” the little menace scolds the pair as she folds her legs to settle more comfortably leaning forward, as though she’ll get even better view of the scene unfolding.

“I don’t know… just let me in-” Yoongi says low and exhausted dropping his arms to his sides. If he had ears they’d be flat and slumped too.

Jin shakes his head vehemently at that, making the boy in front confused, and even more scared as he breaks into teary smile. Yoongi in some other situation would throw a jib ‘you look ugly’ but right now he stiffens. Trying to brace for whatever the older has decided.

“I can’t” the world shatters with loud crackling sounds for Yoongi.

“I mean how to let you in to a place, when you already own it!”

“Ewww! Gross Yayyy now kiss or fuck already!” Jihye gets up clapping as she gathers her stuff, Namjoon asks where she is going to which she makes a face like he had asked the most outrageous question.

“Uh- home? You should too unless-” gesturing to the pair for whom they don’t even exist “you’re into such things- gross by the way I’ll tell your mom!” Namjoon doesn’t even want to muse what innuendo she is referring to here.




They all scamper and get themselves out quick and fast.


‘I’m sad’ Hoseok says as they walk down the street to nowhere in particular, “Why?” Joon doesn’t want to seem overly concerned but failed considering the menace is cackling beside him.

“We won’t know what happened, whether they kiss or not- you know like an open-ended so called closure”

“Well they better kiss, or fuck already Gosh they are 18 what are they waiting for? Wanna follow the traditions of virgins into the marriage?” Jihye says as she plops a lollypop in her mouth. Visual, actions scream minor, while words yell “ADULT-ING”

“Owww- WTF” Joon got to smack her as he had wanted, finally. “Language young lady!”

Hoseok snorts, “Lady? Where I see none, zilch, nada!”

“Ayeeeee that’s my fav cousin” Jihye strangles, legit strangles his neck, shaking him like an overly excited toddler.

The Jungs’ are creepy, oh well if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. Throwing his hands over both their necks he walks them home, because he is a good boyfriend and cares for his Bf’s cousin too. (so she won’t be a fucking snitch.)




The pair… couple… boyfriends sit on the couch, thankfully this time Jin didn’t burn his tongue, as he drinks his favorite tea. Humming in satisfaction slumps even further, melting into the couch.

He feels the body beside him shaking, filching, worried he turns to look and see if his boyfriend (in all contexts) is alright.

Oh he is alright, but Jin isn’t, God the beautiful smile with those precious pearls are on full display, it is blinding. He is smiling, giggling his shoulders shaking with it. So Jin grabs them to stop to claim the lips guarding the precious exquisites.

Jin feels sated, happy, euphoric you name it. But most importantly,

He feels home!




~A year later~

Yoongi runs, till he can’t run anymore, out of breath he bends forward bracing himself on his knees. Fuck physical activity, he got no stamina. He is late by 10 minutes and his boyfriend will kill him.

In the middle of last year, Jin had started to volunteer for an orphanage, Yoongi would accompany him as well whenever he could. For the first few months, Yoongi didn’t understand the strange enthusiasm his boyfriend showed, but at one of their cuddling nights Jin told him, stripped his entire past, Yoongi knew about him being adopted but he didn’t know the truth about his biological parents. To say Yoongi was ready to kill a few dozen, would be an understatement.

“You need to build your stamina young man!” now so familiar voice filled with concern brings his attention, to a woman in her late 70’s smiling brightly at him, which he mirrors back with his own equally warm.

“He is in the toddler’s section again!” she answers him without even being asked. He hugs a her and bows politely as he runs off to Jin.

Jin has been more involved with the younger ones, the sight that welcomes him, is nothing new but it affects him equally, overwhelms him more each time. Two little ones lying on his legs while few other hurdled closer to his boyfriend as he reads them a book, telling the stories a bit more exaggeratedly making the kids giggle and sometimes squeal out of sheer happiness. He has developed a habit to just watch him till he finishes or notices Yoongi on his own.

Just like right now, when a kid squeals after seeing Yoongi, “ish -oongii Hyunh!!!” and he bounces over to tug on Yoongi’s leg, Jin turns to him. Smiles briefly, but his eyes narrow accusingly, “SORRY! Rush hour” Yoongi mouths the apology, which reduces the creases a bit from the elder’s forehead.

He crouches to lift up the boy tugging on his pants insistently. Ruffling his hair and asking if he wants a treat or two, yeah he brings the _Dirty treats_ as the kids label his sticky candies and gummies he sneaks in his jacket or hoodie pockets each time.

(He’s a sap and loves to spoil them, wbk) 

His eyes land again on his boyfriend who has his own on a smaller figure sitting crouched at far end of the room, as thou folding on himself to appear even smaller. Sigh!

The one kid who never interacts with them, or even receives ‘Dirty treats.’ Just stays there spaced out. Tugging strange strings in his heart each time. Hurts, it hurts to say the least.

Later when the care takers, herd the kids away for a field trip, and it’s time to go for them too, the kid’s still there.

As he walks to his boyfriend, the first words that leave his plush lips spin Yoongi’s entire world.

“Yoongi, would you like to come in now if I asked??”

Bizarre as it may seem, but the meaning behind the odd words is very grave and special for the pair.

Gulping, and still trying to process, his boyfriend confirms the words from earlier are not his mind playing tricks or misreading them for that. As he says eyes traveling to the little boy “Let’s settle in Yoongi! I want to get together officially! Will you?”

His eyes travel to the small figure as well, exuding loneliness and solitude, and that’s how sure he is of his answer when he replies with a gaze head strong and filled with vehemence.


“The only letting in left is if you agree to get married!” Jin had said the day they finally tore down many of each other’s anxious and doubtful walls. And strangely Yoongi didn’t feel pressured or odd.

And right now He can tell the feelings have gotten even more strong and definite.

“Yes please! Thank you.” God he might cry….