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If life were a joke, I would be the fall.

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Aizawa Shouta considers himself to be a man of logic.

He was direct, honest and rational. He did not appreciate irrational or illogical things.

Then you would understand that he was really annoyed by this fucking affair that had literally drained him of what little energy he had.

Usually, it doesn't become embedded in the vigilant business. But Tsukauchi Naomasa, the officer in charge of this case, had called him desperately asking him to help him stop the new vigilante in town: Equal.

Shouta had heard of Equal; A vigilant impertinent and particularly sarcastic. The underground hero had spent an hour complaining to his agency.
He viewed the description, Shouta would not go. After all a Vigilant was a real thorn in his side.

But in a surge of kindness and compassion, he had agreed to help the poor inspector.

And damn if he doesn't regret it now.

From the start, he felt that was a bad idea. To tell the truth, he felt bad during the debriefing. Well a short discussion would better describe "debriefing".
Equal's record was just a thin packet of paper, which he could compare to an incompetent and sloppy student's homework.

In the little sheet of a file, there was a list of injuries and their severities as well as dates and meetings with the vigilante.
And damn, if Shouta was not dismayed.

Most wounds were sprains or fractures, but some, often coming out of an encounter with a big bad guy, were horrible to say the least; Hands or arms cutting or tearing, neck slicing, arterys hit ... And the worst of all was that they weren't even sure of the extent of the wounds, most of it being the deduction of officers or heroes, sometimes even civilians , present and heard noises. After several meetings with Equal, several police officers now knew how to differentiate the noise that a fracturing bone made between a crack or a break.

And if that was not worrying, the dates were.

Each date, regardless of the alleged injury (s), was only one day apart, after which the vigilante would point out that he was fine on top of that his level of sass still not diminishing.

This information, although lacking and creepy, had allowed them to theorize on his quirk. Most officers on the case leaned for a regeneration quirk, others thought of a quirk like cloning. Proponents of the second theory were for the most part agents who had an encounter with the vigilante and who, for their mental health, were convinced that Equals lack of reaction to his own wounds was due to the fact that this was a clone and he did not feel anything.
Shouta could not count the number of times one or more policemen had vomited trying to explain what he had seen.

In this pitiful excuse of a file, there was also a portrait-robot based on the different meetings that the vigelanty had with the police and the various testimonies of rare citizen.

According to the drawing, the man in question was about 165 cm, dressed in a combination of dark green tones, a black hooded sweatshirt and a mask were used to hide his identity (unfortunately) and finally, a multitude of weapons that seemed to change over time. Passing from Katanas to automatic pistols and even to a fucking frying pan (don't ask), the vigilante knew how to handle anything.

So potentially, Shouta found himself tracking down a fucking cockroach armed to the teeth and with a level of sass as high as Everest.

Aizawa sighed exhausted.
He had just finished his night patrol (which was extended to a patrol early in the morning) and was currently trapped between men and women who were leaving for work. He hated taking the train for two reasons: 1- every time he took it it was full (as his work schedule started / finish at peak hours) and 2- He always received at least one dirty look from a person or from an old lady and he understands, it's he who chose to dress like a hobo and keep a dumb appearance with hair and beard unshaven.

My god he was so done.
Only one thing makes him happy: his bed. Maybe with a coffee ... No, he'll pass out before the coffee is ready.

Looking around him, Shouta saw a blond head. On closer inspection, he recognized one of his UA students, Bakugo Katsuki.

Here, that also made him sighed. Do not be fooled, Aizawa loved his students (not that he would admit it one day), for once he had a class that work's and has a potential above zero. But since life is not kind enough with Shouta, the villains decided to join them without invitation to kill the symbol of peace.

Shouta sighed even more exhausted.

He prayed to all the gods he knew of him to let him rest he knew he deserved.

But as life loved fucking with Aizawa, a hand grazed him in the crowd and his life turned upside down.

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Midoriya Izuku was considered by his relatives as a normal person with a boring life.

Izuku was a young man full of life, with friends and family who supported him, he had a job he loved and he also had his own apartment!

He would get up every morning around 6 o'clock, take a shower, have breakfast, go for a jog, and then go to work at 8:30. When he arrived there, he would change into work clothes and do his part for the day. At noon for his lunch break he went to eat in a park next to his place of work with his friends and then resumed his afternoon shift. And finally he went home at 6:00 pm, called his parents, made dinner, ate in front of his TV listening to the news and then went to take a shower and go to bed.

Rinse and repeat.

This is the definition of a daily day with Midoriya Izuku.

Well, that's what everyone thought.

Oh my god, if they knew ...

You see, for Izuku, his day did not end until the wee hours of the morning.

When normal people sleep like babies and wander around the realm of dreams, Izuku strolls through the dark streets, dressed in a dark green jumpsuit to smash villains and, at the same time, give two times more work to his favorite detective and his favorite hero.

He also sometimes lost some limbs along the way ... But it doesn't matter, anyway it will end up regenerating! It's not like he could die anyway.

But would any of his limbs regenerate if he had quirk suppressants? Would the suppressants just slow it down or stop-totally its regeneration? Does this mean that his cells would also stop regenerating? And if his cells stopped regenerating, did that mean he could die? Like that? Or would it take longer and it would break down slowly? Like a corpse? And if-

He was cut off in his reflections by something rubbing his leg ...
He met a great pair of green eyes staring at him and waiting-

Oh no.


On the way back home after a long game of hide and seek with Eraserhead (28-0 for him ...), Midoriya thought he was definitely a normal person.
After all, normal people adopt cats ... Right?

Yes. Izuku was pretty sure he was completely normal. Not that that worried him.



God had to say to himself, "Well, Midoriya Fucking Izuku is having a normal day, and what if we put a super cute kitten on his way home after spending the night escaping a fucking Hero? "

And it was not even his fault for once, he had only returned home. It's this ball of hair ... alone ... with its soft, black coat ... and its big green eyes ... Looking at him and begging to be adopted ... And argh!

He was supposed to be a hardened righteous man (* Cough * Bullshit * Cough *), and a hardened vigilante does not snap at big, soft eyes ... and innocent ... and-FUCK.

Izuku sighed, the kitten on his shoulders purring softly.

He was soon to arrive at the station and he prayed to all that's good not to miss his train, he never wanted to be stuck in the train at rush hour. Never again.
Izuku was a normal person with an average life.

It's a lie, the proof: It's just like him to meet his fucking souls mate in front of a train station in fucking rush hour.

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Multiple personality disorder or dissociative disorder, can be translated in several ways, although a study has proved that a great part of the population is mistaken in thinking that bad things are only expressed by voices heard by said person with the disorder.

Currently, Shouta was wondering if the studies were wrong, that would explain why there was a voice , a ruminant voice, which is talking about ....


What the hell is happening to him?!?

Aizawa tried to stay rational, there was bound to be a logical explanation, surely tired. Yeah that must be it.

He breathed calmly, inside, outside, again, inside, out-

" God ? It's you ? If it is for the evening of December 28, I assure you that I remember nothing ... absolutely nothing ... nada »

It was certainly not him who spoke in his head (that situation fucking ...).


Okay, Shouta did not sign up for this shit, because he did not care if he had a soul mate.


But god had to make his life so damn complecated, besides all the crap he has to deal with, he now has a fucking Soulmate who swears like a sailor.

-... sen ... you ... fine?


And shit, what was that? Another voice maybe ?! WAS ONE NOT ENOUGH ?!

-Oh damn you do not want to shut up?"

Shouta blinked and-


Izuku was already thinking about what he should buy to take care of the cute-son of the devil.

Damn, he didn't have enough time to take care of a cat, what was he thinking of when he picked it up ?

Shit he was in a big mess, he didn't have the time to deal with a fucking cat.

No he should take her to a shelter or, or to the SPCA or-big innocent green eyes, pure and- Fucking cat looking all innocent.

Izuku walked into someone from the crowd but he did not pay attention, as long as it was not an old person ... The old people are scary when they lack respect and they have a handle ballet on hand (do not ask).

He continued to think silently about satan; yes that's what he would call it; no it is not to try to make it less cute.

Midoriya sighed.

He- "in, out, again, in, out, of"

Izuku felt his eyes widen like plates; can- nan impossible- ah less than? ....

" -God ? Izuku asked fascinated.

"Is it you? ... If it is for the evening of December 28, I assure you that I remember nothing ... absolutely nothing ... nada"
Midoriya told herself that if someone were to be a suspect now it would be him.

At the same time it's normal for him to be nervous, he stopped counting the number of times he insulted God.

If- Wait.
Wait wait, wait-


Izuku could not believe his ears, he had found his soulmate!

And he had a mental connection, yay (note the sarcasm).

Fuck it all this is complicated, and in addition he had to deal with Satan now.
And if his soulmate discovered his little hobby and went to go talk to the cop?
Oh shit he had to leave, quickly and quickly too.
Maybe he would move from his apartment and he should also resign from his job and-

"I did not sign up for this shit"

But god went to fuck him over, he had some kind of problem with him aparently!

Izuku blinked, moved away from where he had stopped.

Finally he tried to move forward but he was held back by a mysterious invisible barrier, perhaps a quirk-

In spite of himself, izuku felt something in him that hurt by him saying that.
-Oh damn don't you want to shut up? "


Rejected by his soulmate.

Izuku snorted, he was not a normal person.

He was exactly the opposite of a normal person-

He felt something in him disconnect and suddenly the floor looked much closer-

Oh Shit-

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Bakugou Katsuki was not superstitious.

He walked on the cracks of the sidewalk, he didn't care if a mirror was broken, Fridays 13 was just another day like the others, he wasn't afraid to go under a ladder or open an umbrella inside and especially he wasn't afraid of black cats.

For him it was only an excuses for extras who were too scared to see fucking reality.

So when Katsuki saw his teacher and his former neighbor collapse on the ground, he immediately looked for the cause of their collapse.

He pushed the citizens away, asked someone to call an ambulance, and took care of the two adults on the floor.

Bakugou first looked for signs of life, then of consciousness. When neither of them answered the second one, he put them in PLS and looked for any physical sign of injury or of something abnormal.

He will walk slowly through his teacher's vital points with firm but calm hands. He was going to conclude that his sensei had no physical injuries when he gently brushed Aizawa's right hip.

He swung his hand away from the heat that this area cleared.

Maybe a fever? But not impossible, apart from this area the rest of the body was at a normal temperature.

So what was it?

He gently lifted his teacher's shirt and gaped at what he saw.


He must have been in a fucking nightmare.

The realization hit him in the face.

So ... NO!

Katsuki rushed to the side of the Shitty Nerd and immediately tried to lift his shirt.

His eyes were directly attracted by the mark to be located next to the heart of the green haired man.


Katuski.exe has stopped working.

Bakugou rubbed his eyes but it was still there, posing innocently on Deku's toned chest.

The drawing of an engraved white-laced weapon, surround with a loose white band radiate heat.
It was Izuku's Soulmark. The one he saw when they went to the beach when he was little.


And it was the same he had seen on the hip of his teacher.


- KID!

Katsuki jumped and turned to see a squatting EMT on the side of him, put a hand on Katsuki's shoulder and looked at him patiently.

- What? Katsuki morded.
- We're here to take care of these gentlemen and to do this you have to move away.

Katsuki looked around him and saw that the crowd had grown, he also saw paramedics put his sensei on a stretcher.

However, when Aizawa was brought to the ambulance, an invisible force held Aizawa back. The paramedics, confused, tried to force but nothing to do; The stretcher was no longer moving. The EMT began to wonder.

Why didn't it move?

The EMT in front of Katsuki followed his gaze and was frowning as he saw his colleagues.

He got up, confused, and asked what was going on.

-He does not want to move, when we try to advance the stretcher stops.

The frown on the EMT's face deepens.
-It may be his quirk. Did you check his papers?

Katsuki had just finished this internal crisis and could not get enough of this shit anymore.


- ...

The paramedics looked at each other annoying to be yelled at by a teenager. They then started by putting Izuku on the same stretcher as Shouta, paying attention.

And damn if it wasn't a disturbing vision!

Katsuki shook his head in disgust and followed the EMP.

None of them protested when Katsuki came up with them on board.

At the moment of closing the door, Bakugou saw something come out of the pile of members that formed his former neighbor and his teacher.
The demon looked at him with his big eyes and opened his mouth and a sound out-




Katsuki was not superstitious.



(If he googled "buy a rabbit pie" in his phone it's not your business)

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At first sight, the quirk Izuku got looks simple, but in reality, it has more annoying facets than anything else does.

When his quirk appeared, he first hid it from others for fear of being watched in horror, passing for quirkless.

Then once the panic of having such an unnatural quirk passes, he rushes through a battery of tests to understand his limits.

Some of his tests are fast becoming ... say ... unorthodox...

At first, he was innocent very cautious, jumping at every little drop of blood.

One of him first experiences was to swallow one of his mother's sewing needles.

But after months of hate and bullying, he finally swallowed all the box of needles.

It was his first death.

And his first suicide.

And despite the slowness and torture it was, it did not stop him from continuing.

After that, he lost control.....



But hey, you have to see the good in things!

Thanks to his tests, he now knows that his body doesn't really need sleep (but his mind, that's why he sleeps one night on two ).

He also did not need to eat as often, if he didn't do it at a minimum, his body would slowly decay (like the day he lost a finger in a client's cafe ...).

Oh! And he didn't get sick (except a simple cold that continues to follow him every winter ...).

So yes, his quirk is versatile, but most, if not all, are annoying drawbacks and completely illogical.

But the only thing that people (Police and Heroes) really knew was his limbs regrow. If a limb was cut, it took an hour to grow back and the lost or taken limb evaporated after five minutes. The smallest injuries take only a few seconds.

Unfortunately, like all quirks, his had a disadvantage.

Although over time, he wondered if it was really a disadvantage.

(Yes, it's a big inconvenience-)

He had noticed that over time, a feeling of numbness develop in his head; the problem is that he did not know what gave him that feeling.

It wasn't much later, after jumping off a building that he realized.

He was tired.

Tired of living.

He thought it was cruel like a punishment for a quirk such as his, the loss of sensation in the face of a life he can’t escape. Then he told himself that it was fitting for one such as himself.

After that, he began to search for sensations, any thing that would make him feel. He's making changes in his life.

He had become more daring, more confident.

More impulsive.

His impulses were sudden, that's why he decided go get so many tattoos.

As it was an experience, he had started simple then he had lost control.

But it keeps it in place, the smell of ink, the needle against his skin, the indelible trace left behind.

And he could go on indefinitely! A damaged limb means tattoos to do or redo.

To accompany his punk look, he had pierced his ears, approaching three loops on the right and two on the top of the left; One piercing on the lip, two on the right arch and one on the tongue; his hair had been cut short on the sides and long, fine black curls with green glints stay on top of his head.

His wardrobe had kept her usual sass (his t-shirt with the "t-shirt" markings was very precious) but more fitting clothes to his slender shape had joined her wardrobe.

His iconic red shoes, however, would never disappear. Never.

His friends had said he was hot, he didn't care.

His appearance and confidence bring him even a small sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

And it's feeling, being able to feel them; it gave him the impression that for a minute, no matter how short it was;

He was normal.

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Aizawa opened his eyes and regretted his decision immediately.


And despite the urge to go back to bed (and never get up again), he forced his brain to work and tried to remember how he got there; in a hospital room upside down, patches of obnoxious pink paint on the walls, a raven roaming the room at full speed to avoid a little green haired man dressed as a nurse who waved a bomb of painting as a weapon of war.


What the fuck ???


Oh, and as life adores him, Shouta is naked.


Fuck the life.


--- 3 hours before ---


The first thing Izuku felt was that he was naked. His father's alliance was cold against his chest.


He wondered for a moment if he had (again ...) been kidnapped by Toga.


Then he heard a repetitive beep and the smell of disinfectant assailed his nostrils.

Okay, he was in the hospital.






His hands began to shake, his breathing quickened and-
Oh shit.
Panic attack.

He tried in vain to catch his breath, but self-destructive thoughts and bad memories had already invaded his head.

The fluorescent lights that pass over him-


Manic laughter, latex glove, BIG WHITE BLOUSE-


Syringe, poison, his blood burns and-and- it burn, it burns it burned, lifts him

Against nature.


Monstermonstermonster ...

Stop, stop, please STOP-




A sudden blow to the window ride him of his bad (honest) thoughts.

His heart calmed, his breathing too, and the tremor in his body had diminished.

That's good, it's a good sign.

The mental exhaustion was not pleasant but at least he did not want to scratch the skin down to the bone.

Another thing hit against the window again is thought and his gaze dropped from his hands to look at the window.
And it is only now that he noticed the rather large raven at the window. Noticing the look of the green head, the animal tilted his head and squeaked, casting a curious look at the human.

Izuku shook his head and then decided to go in search of clothes.

He wrapped the end sheet around him and sat up, his eyes scanning the room at the slightest sign of clothes.

Midoriya froze.

There was another bed.

And there is a person in this bed.



Then everything came back to him at once.
His soul mate, he had met his soul mate.

His gaze fell on the file on the bedside table. His fingers itched to browse his pages that spoke of his soul mate-
He slapped himself. Bad Izuku.


He had to leave, now.

He rose cautiously, the sheet tightening against his chest and then looked for his clothes.


After an hour of searching, he planned to flee with the hospital sheet as his only clothes.

And since when did the hospitals undress their unconscious patients without leaving them clothes?!?

Was it a nudist hospital or what ???
(Excuse Izuku, he didn't know much about hospitals not this hospital ever again)

And finally, by opening a cupboard in the small adjoining bathroom, Izuku found fabric other than sheets or blankets.

He sighed with relief and raised his hands to the sky, the sheet falling to the ground but he didn't care.



Looking at herself in the mirror of the little bathroom, Midoriya could not help thinking that running away with the sheets was not such a bad idea.

What a few minutes ago could have been compared to the holy grail, is closer to a bad joke now.

Izuku tried to reassure himself that, yes, it must have been a very bad joke.
He was hoping with all his heart that a nerdy TV host would come out and shout "It was a hidden camera, here is your fucking reward".
He waited, but no, no animator on the horizon.

He sighed exhausted and shrugged, the nurse's clothing very form fitting, tightening on his muscle movement.

He was sure they were bigger than this a moment ago.

With a new outfit on his back, Izuku went to the door.

But for the third time today, a blow to the window interrupted him.

Turning, Izuku stared into the raven's gaze.
A strange don't blink game started.
Neither blinked. Literally, thanks to his quirk Izuku did not need to blink, it was more of a reflex for him.

The crow screamed and broke the staring contest.
Midoriya shook his head and realized that he had come close to the window almost close enough to touch it.

Okayyyyy. It was strange.

He shrugged.
He was Midoriya Izuku, that did not surprise him.

On impulse, Izuku had the wonderful idea to open the window.
Because, why not?

And just as he opened the window enough, the raven rushed at him.

He stepped back in surprise, but the animal did not stop in his race.
And soon the raven turned flush with the ceiling, shouting occasionally.

That's good, Izuku would have left him.
But the bird suddenly tried to rest on his head and tried to eat him an eye.

Fuck that.

As he tried to get rid of the nuisance, a small groan was heard by bed of his soulmate reminded him of what he had to do.

Right, run away.

Then being careful, he caught the raven and threw him away from him while being careful not to hurt him.
Only by leaving this raven caught the ring that hung around his neck and broke the chain on which he was tied.

His eyes widened and then narrowed with determination.
His eyes ran once more around the room looking for something specific-
He saw it sitting innocently on the windowsill outside, surely a forgetfulness on the part of the staff or an old patient.

No matter, now he had a weapon, a target and an objective.

He narrowed his eyes at the nuisance.

It was going to hurt.

--- Now ---

Okay, so his plan had not really worked out yet, but he had a weapon up his sleeve.

Izuku approached the raven and jumped on him.
He put it quickly on the ground, the raven in his hands struggling panicked.
He hurried and ripped the ring from the Birds' claws, not caring about the cuts left behind; they'll close in any case.
He quickly released the animal, who hurried out of the window.

Izuku shouted with joy and raised his arms in the air.

He had never felt so exhausted mentally.
He got up on his elbow and turned his head-(

His deep green eyes were lost in a sea of chaos.


"Uh ... can I explain? "




Even to his ears sounded like a question.




His soul mate opened his mouth to speak-
The door opens-

"What are you doing on the shitty ground Deku ?!

-Meww »

Izuku tilted his head back and closed his eyes.


Fucking cat.

Chapter Text

A new change of clothes (from a hospital gown) and a room later, the two soulmate, an angry Bakugou and a cursed cat were found in front of a tired doctor who explained to them the ... particular situation ... in which the two (supposed) adults were.


-It must be known that things happen often, public transport is not an unusual place to meet your soulmate.


"-Oh my god, for once Izuku Midoriya is in the middle, you had to be immortalize for a moment-"

And here we go again, Aizawa sighed, hearing once again the very strong thoughts of the smallest man.

"-Shut up problem child"

He heard the other gasped by telepathy (how did he do that ?!), indignant at the nickname.

"problem child, but I'm 21 years old, I'm no longer a child, I'm an adult.
-So do you behave as such?"


This time the indignant gasp was not telepathic, and the doctor's explanation stopped for this concentrate on the green-haired who throw daggers at the older one.

Observing them, Dr. Morita drew to a new at a conclusion.


-You have a telepathic link ?


The two quickly returned to looking at him, a sign of confirmation resigned from Aizawa pushed the doctor to sigh exhausted.

It was clear that the two did not seem to get along, an emotional connection or sensation would have been better for their situation; but a telepathic connection would slow things down unless both sides cooperate.

And considering the .. restrictions ... that their link brought they were going to be forced, at least until they knew each other well enough to be able to go into two different rooms.

This is exactly what Dr. Morita explains to them, but seeing the empty looks she receives, it seems that both parties did not understood.

Bakugou sighed tiredly.

He was sure of it; the different links are visible externally only thanks to the restrictions that accompany them, an emotional connection is reflected by a point of light on the heart which varies according to the force of the emotion, a link of sensation is translated by synchronized movements when the soulmates are close and the telepathic links result in an invisible barrier that grows throughout the relationship.

All links are triggered by touch and all restrictions stop when soul mates reach a fairly important connection point. Sometimes it takes a few months, sometimes it takes years. It all depends on everyone's personalities.

And knowing Deku's personality, his sensei would be stuck with him for a very long time.

Seeing the empty glances of the two idiots, Katsuki rolled his eyes.


-You didn't know the different links and their restrictions?

Aizawa shook his head gently before expressing himself.

-I know there are three different links but I do not remember hearing about restrictions.


And his soul mate found himself acquiescing in agreement with the words of the oldest.

Izuku had a vague recollection of the stories of soul mates that his mother told him, the word restriction had been heard many times but he had never understood what she was referring to and he had never asked her, at the time the subject of soulmate was sensitive enough to tackle. His biological father was not his mother's soul mate, the two were only friends but the social pressure had made them get married, neither of them thought one day he meet his soul mate, the chances were too low. But their marriage was happy, they had started to love each other, he was born of this love. The years were merry, everything went well until the day-


"Oh damn it's a nightmare"


Izuku went out of his mind to direct his attention to his soulmate, who now had his head in his hands, thinking of "it's a nightmare" repeating itself in a loop through the link. Confused he looked for what could put him in distress. While searching the room, he met disgraceful ruby eyes.


-Do you listen to anything, am I wrong? was the question that slipped between Katsuki's teeth.

Rewinding his memory (metaphorically), his auditory memory played in his favor and he narrowly escaped the anger of the blonde.

-What I listened to! Dr. Morita kindly explains the different restrictions, and told us that our telepathic connection translates into an invisible barrier that will grow when you learn and remember something important about the other.


He received a skeptical look from Bakugou and he replied with enough air before his words and implications were fully recorded.
But despite his stupor, he kept his air enough, his pride not allowing him to react (dramatically). So he spoke the only way he had




And it may be expressing a little too loud if you believe the surprised start of his soulmate.


So they had no way out of this.


Fuck his life.




Finally, after some explanations (Bakugou and Dr. Morita), some sighs (Aizawa) and some indignant cree (Midoriya), the two soulmates were able to change their clothes and retrieve their personal objects.


By changing into locker rooms, both took their time, tired after all the events of the day.

Izuku was relieved that his bag that contained his suit had not been opened by the medical staff.
Shouta was surprised to find his scarf / capture weapon bent.


Izuku came out first and thanked Heaven for having enough distance to sit while waiting for his soul mate.

He had not got his name by the way ...


The sound of the cabin door coming out of his thoughts, a tired voice (and even shyness?) Made him look up at the source-


-Before continuing, I must see say that I am an underground hero, you probably never heard of me and that's normal. I have a dangerous job and I prefer that you be warned in advance that it will be easy, it should not be known to the public not just for your safety but also for mine. Oh, and I'm working at Yuei so you'll probably have to go with me, at least until the restriction goes away. And for your knowledge my name is-




Shouta looked up in surprise and met a wandering gaze.


-You're Eraserhead


He nodded dazedly and missed the tiny thought that didn't belong to him.





Chapter Text

He can't believe it, Eraserhead, his soulmate is Eraserhead. The person who is supposed to be his other half is the fucking hero Eraserhead-


The green head focuses on the hero in front of him.


Eraserhead-Aizawa keeps his eyes on the ground, shy, the red starting to climb on his cheeks.

-My name is Aizawa, Aizawa Shouta.

Izuku looks at his soulmate open-mouthed. Did he just give him his name? Shit, what are normal people doing already? Ah yes! Izuku bows politely and-

-Oh! Delighted Aizawa-kun, My name is-

-Midoriya Izuku.

Izuku freezes.

Aizawa continues.

-You are 21 years old, you know my pupil, you have adopted a kitten, you are immature, sarcastic and you do not know how to shut your mouth.

Izuku stands up slowly and is about to protest but Aizawa beats him.

-But you are also my Soulmate, so ...

With a sigh, Aizawa bows politely to Izuku who remains frozen with disbelief and panic.

-Nice to meet you Midoriya-kun.

And for the second time today, Izuku fainted.


Thanks to his reflex, Shouta catches Midoriya before it reaches the ground. And he remains surprised of the weight of the man, what kind of work did the man to have so much muscle ?! He puts Midoriya in PLS and then goes to the door to call a nurse. But as he tries to leave the room, an invisible barrier stops him. What-

Shouta moaned, he had this story of reflection completely. Resign, the hero turned and watched the form on the floor, exhausted.

Shouta sighs for the thousandth time today and catches the back of her soulmate's knees to carry the other man in the princes style. And as he was leaving, the man in his arms stirs a little and thrusts his head against his shoulder, his calm breath falling on the hero's scarf, his dirty green curls on the top of his head bouncing back to the gentle rhythm of no hero on the floor, looking so soft in the light, his black and silver piercing reflecting the neon lights of the corridor, giving him a sex-

Aizawa looked up at the road in front of him.


Nope. No way. He did not think that. Nooo.

It's fatigue that's making him think this bullshit. Yes that's right, fatigue.

(When he put the smaller man on a chair at the front desk, he ignored as best he could the feeling of emptiness on his shoulder.)


Hizashi Yamada had always been a person full of life and energy. His joy was always present, even on bad days he can stay positive.

Some would find it annoying, others would take it like a breath of fresh air. But it didn't bother him, with the years he got used to it and knew how to restrain himself (at least a little bit) when his entourage was not ... favorable to his sharing.

Today, (despite beliefs) Hizashi could maintain a civilized discussion without showing too much joy, he remained happy but knew when his emotions could be expressed safely.

And it was an improvement!

When he was small, although his joy was appreciated, his quirk prevented him from expressing himself like his peers. His control improved day by day but it was too dangerous for the other children, which had pushed him to be more out of the way, more careful. He had observed from a distance, he observed the joy and euphoria that projected the other children and it made him happy.

It was there that he understood where all this joy and energy came from; This is one of the reasons why he became a hero: Seeing happy people made him happy.

So he promised himself to make a lot of people happy, he saves lives, he helps in the humanitarian center, he has his radio station where he pours all his energy and comforts people while sharing with them his passion for music, he's a teacher in Yuei where he tries to make his classes lively and fun ....

He does everything he can to take care of people.

And sometimes it gets too much.

He has too much to bear, too much to do.

And he is afraid.

Afraid to collapse, not succeed.

But then his friends are there, they pick him up, comfort him, let him talk, advice, comfort him and make him forget as much as they can.

And it's ok, for the moment it's enough. But he's afraid, and what if they are no longer enough? What will he do?

Yamada is doing everything he can to give back, he is always there for them and will do anything for the helpers (and the teased ones).

So when his phone rings after an arrest, and he learns that his best friend is in the hospital, he runs.

Even though the doctors told him it was nothing and he just had to come get him, he runs.

Because he's scared, he does not want to lose his best friend, he doesn't want him to be hurt. So he runs to the hospital, panic makes his blood rush in his veins adrenaline that had run out after the battle pushes him to go faster and one thought turns in his head: "Please"

Please, let him be ok.

He arrives out of breath at the hospital, he tears the door, marks Shouta standing at the reception and jumps on him.


All his questions are stopped by the hand of the other hero, his quirk extinguished thanks to the quirk of the other.

-Hizashi, I swear that if you do not let go now I'll strangle you with my capture weapons and I can assure you that no one will find your body.

The hair in the air, the floating scarf, the red eyes and the sincere threat would intimidate anyone. But Hizashi is not anyone, Hizashi is Aizawa's best friend, it's been a long time since he's been intimidated by this grumpy cat.

So nothing will stop him in his mission ...



Chapter Text

Izuku awoke to the sweet sound of murder. And seeing the notes emitted by the victim, she had to be strangled. Without losing a second, he opened his eyes, the weight of physical and mental fatigue on his shoulders.


Barely able to recover from his more than uncomfortable position on the plastic seat that had been used as a bed, he vaguely realized that he was at the reception of the hospital and then Izuku caught the eye of the (apparently traumatized) receptionist.


He frowned, confused ...


Did he still speak Russian in his sleep?


-I warned you Hizashi, face your punishment bitch.

-... Shou ... Pleas-

-No asshole, you shut up and assume you now!


Izuku looked in the direction of the death threats, no more shaken than that.

He found a show that could explain the traumatized look of the receptionist.


It would have traumatized any sane person.

Izuku always found that mental health was overrated.

That's why when he watched his soulmate twist the arm of a blond in the wrong way, the teeth bared like a rabid animal, his hair in the air, quirk activate, he felt no fear, or disgust or any normal emotion in this situation.


To tell the truth, he found it hot-


He shook his head in horror.


He was not attracted by the hero who has been tracking him for months. No. Impossible.




Back to the situation.


Izuku reconciled his lost gaze to the pile of limbs on the ground and looked for a way to stop them.


Not only to prevent people present from having a nightmare later but also to chase his ... thought of earlier.


And while the blond under his raging soulmate was about to lose an arm, an exasperated Katsuki made his appearance, Satan on the shoulder and a bottle of water in his hands.




Katsuki looked at his teacher and then his bottle of water.


He sighed.


Why should he be surrounded by such idiots? What did he do


Oh. Oh yes, that's probably why. You're wrong, it's you-


Getting out of his thoughts, he unscrewed the cap of his freshly bought bottle and threw the contents on his teacher.


Both calmed down very quickly.

Aizawa sensei looked like an irritated cat and Mic sensei looked sheepish but at least they were not about to kill each other anymore.


Katsuki rubbed his face, exhausted, and then walked to his former neighbor, staring at the scene.


Without a word he put the green-eyed black kitten on his owner and left the hospital.


Fucking situation.




After the quiet exit of his student, Shouta turned his attention to his surroundings.


In crossing the somewhat traumatized eyes of people he remembered that he was still in the hospital and that this was perhaps not the best place to commit murder.


Accepting the idea that he should continue his activities in a safe place (for his freedom), he got up from what he used as friends and turned to his soulmate and opened his mouth only to be cut by it -




Aizawa's eyes widened in horror.


No no. Anything but that -





Chapter Text

If Aizawa ever doubted that life hates him, now he was sure.


The more he listens to his soulmate and his best friends talking as old acquaintances and the more his fear turns out to be true.


When he met Midoriya and his immaturity, he knew that it would be difficult to make sure to hide it from his friends for a long time. He had already resigned himself to jokes and teasing, but he had hoped to have maybe a day or two of peace before that.


Oh man, how wrong he was.


Yes, because the university seems to think that Shouta is not already suffering enough with an   immature soulmate-


"- Sorry to be such a disappointment.


Shouta jumped almost to the monotonous voice that sounded in his head.


-No, it's not you-

-Oh, I was sure you thought it a few seconds ago.

- I'm sorry-

-Nan, do not apologize. Most people I know feel that way in front of me. "


Shouta almost stopped walking after this line.


For some reason, it hurt him to know that his soulmate think's that. Still, it's silly because he doesn't knows Midoriya, they don't know each other.


Looking at the green head in front of him, Shouta was surprised to see how he did not seem to be touched by their mental discussion. He had a hard time believing that this lifeless voice really belonged to the lively young man who was laughing with his friends, his shiny piercing under the sun, his hair blowing in the wind.


How does he know Hizashi? How does he know his pupil? What is the story behind the piercings? Why does he keep referring to "normal" people as if he were not part of it? Why is he so apathetic in thinking but happy outside?


Shouta looked at his soulmate with new determination in his tired eyes.

That's right, they don't know each other.


For the moment.



Soon they found themselves all three ( with Satan hiding in Aizawa's scarf) sitting in a restaurant, looking at the menus, all lost in their thoughts.


A waitress arrived soon, a nervous look in the direction of Hizashi making them understand that despite the disguise of fortune (a sweet-shirt and a baseball cap, (thank you Izuku)) to hide his identity, their friends had been recognized.


Aizawa sighed exhausted but a part of him (as always in this kind of situation) thanked him for being underground and not being recognized.


"-I am not aware of you.


Shouta looked at Midoriya, who seems captivated by her menu.


-Yes, it's true. Besides, I still wonder how did you know me?


Izuku tensed but did not panic. After all, he had planned this discussion (in a way). He knew what to say without lying.


-Oups! Looks like I got recognized! Oh no, what am I going to do? My life is wasted-


AIzawa narrowed his tired eyes on his soulmate.


-What do you mean ?


Izuku sighed telepathically (Aizawa is resigned to not knowing).


-I am....


Shouta leaned forward, his heart beating a little faster. He did not know why but he felt he was close to something. Something big. Very big.


-You are ?

- I'm a fan of super heroes .


Aizawa released a breath that he did not know he was holding back. He felt disappointed. Uncomfortable. As if he miss something. As if that was not everything. As if the other did not tell him everything.


-Oh super hero? You mean Pro Hero?

- No I mean super hero, it includes Pro Heroes and fictional heroes. Most date back to before the quirk era, I used to read my father's old comics when I was little. I find it fascinating, to see that somehow humanity had anticipated the future from a certain angle.


Shouta was soon interested in the discussion.


-What is your favorite hero?

-Real or fictitious?

- fictitious .


A smirk appeared on Izuku's face and it goes along with his thoughts.


- it's not a hero.

-A villain?


A humming came in front of him, in real life this time.


-For some he is. But in any case, he is not a hero. He's more ... an anti-hero.

-Oh, and who is he?



Aizawa was intrigued, he vaguely knew the violent anti-hero, his mouth was too pendulous and  with the power of regeneration. (It reminded him of a certain violent vigilante-though more like a Deadpool copycat-, with his mouth too loud and the power of regeneration ...)


- It's true that most people see him as a villain-

-I am not most people.


This line was spit with some animosity and sadness that hurt Shouta.


-Neither do I.


Midoriya looked up so quickly and suddenly that he was almost sure he had broken his neck .

Aizawa continued as if nothing had happened. His dark gray eyes staring into the green full of hope.

He did not know why but he felt the need to prove to the other that he was telling the truth. He wanted to reassure him.


-I think Deadpool has his place in the world of superheroes from Marvel because it reminds us of the part of reality that sometimes is forgotten by reading the comics. The violence was often considered unjustified and too much for a universe filled with superheroes who saves the day with a smile.

Deadpool is the terrible reminder that everything is not so simple. Everything does not go as planned. Some people get lost and they end up doing the dirty job. Most of the time it's with the bad motivation which explains the violence, and it is true that he does not save the day with a smile. But he does the only thing he can do. Even if it's not fair or morally white or black. He does it. Because he too wants to be part of this universe. And he does it in his own way.


In the end, Midoriya look at Aizawa, tears in her green eyes, a look of pure hope and pure joy directed right at Shouta.


-Oh and I like his offbeat humor. "


Izuku burst out laughing, tears hanging from his eyelashes, eyes squinting with joy because of his smile. His shoulders were shaken by his laughter and his body leaning forward.


His eyes did not let go of Shouta's for a second.


And Shouta found himself chuckling with him. A sweet feeling surrounding his heart.

He could get used to the sound of Izuku's laughter.



Finally, after finishing eating and waiting for Hizashi to finish signing autographs and taking pictures, they all headed to Izuku's apartment with Hizashi's car, which they had picked up at his agency.


During all this time the two soulmate had not spoken to each other, remaining in a soothing and happy silence. Some thoughts were sometimes heard but they did not comment, getting used to that little voice in the back of their minds.


The two Soulmates had agreed during the meal that it would be better for Izuku to move in with Aizawa for a while, so he had to take business from his home and tell his work that he would not come for at least three weeks, just to find a solution for everyone's work.


On arriving at his small apartment, Izuku quickly went around, stuffing his entire wardrobe into several bags, catching his laptops and other essentials. He took two boxes that he filled with notebooks and comics respectively. Aizawa was still trailing behind, forcing through the restriction that seemed to have widened a bit. So their discussion had brought something ....


Once finished, the tiredness of the day seemed to fall on them and it is by feet that he rammenaire all at the apartment of Aizawa.Izuku was surprised to find himself in an apartment complex apparently filled with heroes . It happened that Hizashi lived below, so he left quickly, in a hurry to find his bed.


Aizawa's apartment itself was much bigger than his. Large floor-to-ceiling windows give a view of the city, Yuei's building visible from here. A large open living room with a black corner sofa covered with a soft blanket and pillow, a glass coffee table and a flat screen TV glued to the windows next to a library; an American kitchen that seemed new with wooden cabinets and last-ditch machine connect to the dining room with a round wooden table; a corridor overlooking four opposite doors. Everything was in soft shades of yellow, green and light blue.


Midoriya was speechless.

He turned to Aizawa and-


-You're rich ?!


Aizawa had an amused grin despite his exhaustion.


-It pays to run after villains and teach future heroes.


Izuku gasped for a second longer then shook his head, finally accepting the information.


-Okay why don't you leave my stuff for tomorrow and go to bed. And take a shower before. I really need a shower ...

-Oh yes, come on I'll give you a quick tour .


Acquiescent, Izuku followed and listened with an ear to the introduction .


-The first door is my room, the opposite is the guest room, the next is my office and the end is the dressing room. Each room has a private bathroom.

-Ok, understood Captain.


Fatigue made Shouta smile at the absurdity of the other but he did not comment, too eager to go to bed.


He opened the door to his room, turned on the light, and headed for the bathroom, following Izuku like a little duckling.


He stopped suddenly and turned to the green head.



-What "Shit"?

-The restriction. It is not large enough to not be in the same room.


Izuku's eyes widened.



Indeed, Shit.

Chapter Text

Izuku remained frozen.


The restriction.




Goodbye private life, goodbye sleepless night in front of TV, goodbye farewell weekly suicide, goodbye- GOODBYE PATROL!





The restriction expands according to the knowledge one has on the other right?


So ... just know each other.


Yes that's it! Just learn more about each other and Hop! Freedom! But the doctor said it could take some time so they'll still be stuck together for a little while ... They just have to aim lower, at least so he can shower without the other behind the curtain-


Izuku was stopped in mumble by a hand gripping his arm and dragging him to the bathroom.


He opened his eyes.


Out of the question.


He was not going-

The door closes and Aizawa sighs.


-All hurry up, I really want to go to sleep.


Izuku swallowed.

Ah, it seems that if, he was going to have to shower next to a near unknown.






Maybe if Shouta had not been so tired, he would have thought of a solution that did not involve showering with the other behind the shower curtain.


But Shouta IS tired. Very tired.


So he says fuck it.


In thinking about it, he might have had to look for another solution.


He swallowed, all the saliva in his mouth seeming to evaporate. It is probably on the ground (It is practically on the ground but so it the water ya ... it’s 50% not to drool ).


The temperature in the room seems to have increased and to carry away his ability to think.


Because, damn if his Soulmate is not the hottest thing he's seen.


His hoodie hid a well-defined bust, muscle made for speed rolling under tattooed skin-and tattoos! They were so well integrated that he was practically sure that the other was born with it.


Black curling on his arms forming patterns, animals, landscapes, words ...


An entire universe engraved on an enticing stretch of skin.


Shouta wanted to trace all her tattoos with his tongue or fingers. Or both.


His eyes are attracted by the color next to the heart, his soulmark.


 Wow, it does not look so good on Shouta.


His eyes go down catching ounces of discreet colors, blood red, midnight blue, sweet pink, white ... 


All a hidden color palette on the incredible drawings.


A green vine wraps around an almost feminine reed, with a size that he might be surrounded by his hands, a six-pack resembling gentle hills gently scintillating with the artificial light of the room, descending toward a well-traced v-


-Would you be able to return please?


Shouta almost missed the soft, timid murmur that came out of the pierced lip of the pomegranate.

It took him a while to pull himself together-


-O-Of course.


Facing the white of the door, Shouta breathed softly.


Fuck it was hot.


He opened his eyes.


He was supposed to be cohabiting with a similar model for an indefinite period? And do not touch it (unless there is consent)? 


He sighed, praying that the other's behavior would push him away and prevent him from falling more than he already had.


( And seeing the number of smiles in the evening, Shouta was already fucked )




After a shower, Izuku sat on the edge of the sink, wearing a big t-shirt and boxers , both black from Aizawa


The t-shirt was too big and fell off his tattooed shoulder but he no longer had the strength to lift it.


All of today's events had exhausted him emotionally and physically.


Go back to patrol, adopt Satan, meet his soulmate, have a panic attack, run after a raven, listen to the explanation, his soulmate being Eraserhead, see Hizashi again, the discussion, the meal, the move, the shower with the hot look of the other on his body, the seductive thoughts of others turning in his mind, his own look at Shouta's body, his own thoughts-


He had never been so tired of his life.


And if his brain was still functional he might have done a dance of joy at the normality of his reaction to all his events.


At least physically he had a reaction, emotionally he was emptied.


 The familiar feeling of emptiness taking its place, erasing all false joy, and making it apathetic.


And suddenly it was too much.


The soft sound of the shower next to him as a lullaby, Izuku fell asleep, slouching on the mirror, the ass in the sink.




Shouta used to play sports.


It's mandatory to be a Pro hero on the field.


But years of sports could not have prepared him for the mass of Midoriya Izuku.


And damn what mass it was!


Seeing the body of the other (The red rose to his cheeks in memory) , Shouta still did not understand how heavy it was.


He had made it look better, but he could swear he was not that heavy.


Shouta struggled to open the door with her elbow but after some attempt he finally opened, allowing him to see his bed and-


The cat.


That fucking cat.


He had forgotten this little brat.


Indeed, this fucking kitten was stretching all the way to the bed, his claw stuck in the blanket, a purring reasoning softly in the room.


Shouta faced a dilemma.


Break the rule of domestic animals (NEVER move a cat from his place) or cross the hallway and open two more doors with his elbow, being careful not to wake the person who drooled on his shoulder.

Shouta stared at the ceiling with a tearful gaze.

-Why do you hate me ?

Chapter Text

Izuku didn’t want to move.


To tell the truth, he was planning to spend the rest of his immortal life here, in this cocoon of warmth, soft blanket protecting him from the outside, strong arms around his waist, a soft breath in his hair, his hands on a muscular chest-




What ?


Izuku stiffened.




His soulmate.


He slept with his soulmate not even twenty-four hours after meeting him. And even if his social skills stop at "Hello" and "Goodbye", he was convinced that it was not supposed to go that fast.


As he struggled to free himself, he realized that his legs were tangled with Aizawa's. Oh joy, even more obstacles.

Fuck it.


The position feels so normal that it would be a crime to change it.


Izuku resigned himself to staying in this position, at least until the other woke up.


(He prayed for the other one to stay that way- But why would he do that for him, he does not deserve so much-


-We can stay this way as long as you want, it's Sunday and I'm not planning anything so unless you have go on an important date, you can stay where you are.


The tired, monotonous voice of the hero echoed in his hair, showing his wake up but he had not moved.


You do not deserve him monster, you tell him-


Izuku shrugged and sank deeper into Aizawa's chest.


Five minutes would not hurt.


Aizawa woke up a second time at the click sound of a photo.


He kept his face calm, trying to feel any threat in the room.


-Oh my god, I've seen nothing so cute, kill me Hizashi, I beg you.


A surprisingly familiar "whisper" resonates-


Oh nooooooooo-


-Sorry Nem, but I'm not a follower of murders.


Shouta decided that he was fed up, loosening his arms a bit (Since when was it so tight?) Of their place on Izu-Midoriya's waist, he opened his eyes, his quirk activate, a look that promises a murder fixed on his two idiotic friends unconscious of his alarm, their telephones in hands, dressed in civilian clothes and leaning against the wall of the guest room.


 Shouta opened his mouth to make it known-


-But me, yes.

The scream that could have been very dangerous if Aizawa had not turned on his quirk.


When the consciousness arrived a second time for Izuku, the heat of the bed (and the body of the other) had disappeared, replaced by a much softer and more mellow warmth.


Izuku thought it was not so bad, it was always sweet and he would be damned if he left that position.


He rubbed his face against the soft surface beneath his cheek, which served as a cushion, a soft buzzing sound in his chest against the sensation. 


-Oh. My. Gosh. It's a fucking cat. Shouta your soulmate is a cat.


A woman ? Why was there a woman here?

Be careful, Izuku has nothing against women, but they are so scary .


-Shut up Nemuri. Or I swear I'm really killing you.


The monotonous voice he knew to be his soulmate reasoned a little above his head, and his cushion moved a little, a hand comes sneak in his hair-






"- I did not know you could purr.


An amused voice reasoned in his head and Izuku was proud not to be startled.


- It's one of my many talents."


A little laugh echoed over him and-


-The great Aizawa Shouta, unknown underground Hero, stoic and cruel professor of the famous class-1A ; laughing?


"- Shiiiiiiiit.


This time the voice seems to exasperate and ... resign ?


-Hey ! This is my line!


- Shut it   bitch.


Izuku felt a teasing smile climb on his lip-


-I did not know you were in Dirty Talk and Sadomasochism ... Interesting ... "


The reaction was immediate, a choking sound above him, indicating that the hero was choking with his drool.


Izuku smiles further. It was so funny.


-How are you Shouta? What is happening to you ? Do you want a glass of water?


Hizashi's worried voice would have made him guilty if Aizawa's reaction wasn’t so funny.


-Your kitten makes you drool ? You should buy him necklace , it could discipline him ~


Nemuri (?) sounded in his turn, a subjective tone in his voice.


The opening was too good for Izuku to let her-


He opened his eyes, and before one of them realized his waking state, he declared with his most monotonous tone-


-Meow bitch.



This time, Aizawa unfortunately didn’t activate his quirk fast enough .

He was going to have to buy a new TV.

And replace a window.


Chapter Text

Shopping centers are a totally unjustified torture that the human being impose uselessly.


This is a conclusion that Aizawa has developed since his friends took him to a mall in his first year in Yuei. Since, Hizashi, Nemuri and Tensei are really lucky when he agrees to put even one foot in this ... Building. Which did not happen, only once a year or so.


Shouta??? Associal ???


Pfff, nooooooooooo ....




Anyway, if Shouta comes back (full swing) to this place today, it's only because he needs a new TV and orders are being made on the spot (They had already called someone for the window, the numbers were saved in Shouta's phone).


He was not going there because his soulmate begged for 5 minutes with puppy eyes ... Green ... Great ... Bright ... Implant-


Basically, it made everyone happy and Aizawa could get rid of a chore.


And since they had nothing to do and they woke up around noon, a little exhaustion allowed them to go to bed earlier and find a good sleep schedule.


It made sense to accept.


But listening to Nemuri and Izuku talking while waiting for Hizashi to pay for his purchases challenges Shouta's belief in logic.


-Are you a Barista ?

-Yeah that's how I met Zashi.

-Do you hear that Shouta? Your kitten knows how to make coffee, REAL coffee ~


Was the murder logical?


-I can cook too! My mother taught me when I was a teenager.

-Fortunately for you, because it's not Shou who will make you eat.


No? Because Aizawa feel the urge to make it slow .


-You noticed that his kitchen looks new is not it?


-This is because the last time he tried to cook water, it caught fire.


He just has to push her down the escalator, or over the security guardrail that overlooked the Hall. It would be so simple.


-Some water?! He made water catch fire ?!

-YES, all the kitchen was burned down, the anti-fire system is quickly trigger before the whole apartment burns. Since he avoids putting a foot in this room, in Yuei he avoids the microwave like the plague.


The sound of Izuku's laughter from Midoriya took him out of his plane.


The grenette was leaning back with eyes closed under the force of his smile, small tears in the corners of his eyes, his open mouth revealing a pink tongue and pierced hidden behind white teeth and a little pointed, his leather jacket tight against his muscles as he grabs his arms to hold back his laughter, his t-shirt going up leaving a glimpse of the beautiful little tattooed underneath-


-You have drool on your chin.


Hizashi's whisper took him by surprise. He turned reluctantly to his friend, the teasing smile of the other saying nothing good ...


They soon resumed their march, each buying what he wanted, the bags seeming to accumulate on their arms.


At the end of the afternoon, everyone had at least three bags (Shouta could not resist the cats-themed clothing section, it was way too cute) and everyone was tired.


On the way back, the discussion continued, less energetic than before but still there. Shouta made some sneaky comments here and there, tired of seeing so many strangers at once.


It was during a debate about waffles and pancakes ( don't ask ), that Shouta spotted the same teasing smile on Yamada's lips.


He frowned. It was suspicious .


A minute later, the smile was replaced by an innocent smile.


He frowned even more. It was even more suspicious.


"-What's suspicious?


The tense voice of his soulmate resounded in the back of his head and he soon noticed that that the footsteps of others were slower, more calculated, he was on his guard. As if he was ready to ... flee?


-Hizashi to foresee something diabolical.


Any normal person would have missed the slackening of Izuku's posture, his relaxed shoulders and his less calculated steps.


But Shouta was not a "normal" person, he was an underground hero after all.


-What makes you say that Aizawa-kun? The innocent smile? Eyes shining with mischief?


The voice of his soulmate had relaxed considerably, a bit teasing and amused. But Shouta was more focused on the words.


-Why be wary of an innocent smile?


Aizawa saw a sad and somewhat mysterious smile on the other's lips.


-The worst lies are always hidden behind the most innocent smiles.


It astonished Shouta, it looked like it wasn't the first time his soulmate thought about it.




He was cut off by the other, his attitude making a 180 °, from monoton and sad to joyous and teasing.


-There is also the fact that he is an actor and is very good at playing the part but why?


 It took a little time for the Hero to understand the change of subject and still a time to understand the words of others- Wait-


-What proposal? "


-Hold the lovebirds! A Frozen Latte for everyone !!!


Nemuri's voice made him jump and it was only now that he took his environment into account.


They were in front of a cafe, Nemuri handed them an ice-cold latte each while Hizashi held his own and Nemuri's.

"-Hizashi proposed to take a break to recover Frozen Latte, taking it as an excuse to escape the heat and our walk to perform the first part of his plan ...


During the telepathic explanation his soulmate had received his Latte with a thank you for Nemuri and Shouta had copied his actions, the thanks being barely mumbled.


-And what is the next step of the plan?


While both spoke telepathically and gently drunk their Latte, their two friends were immersed in a conversation leaving them calm enough to focus on the thoughts that the others would hear.


-That's the problem, I have no fucking idea. "


And while they were heading to the apartment, Shouta could see the simple, innocent smiles of their other companions.

The worst lies huh?




When they arrived at the apartment, everyone put themselves at ease, put down their bags and took off their jackets.


Although at the moment of taking off his jacket, Izuku felt a persistent glare burning the skin of his newly unveiled tattooed arms.


Recognizing the look as his soulmate, a teasing smile rose on his lips and was careful to look natural when he hung his jacket, moving his muscles more than necessary.


And unlike yesterday when Izuku was too tired to react, this time when he heard the thoughts of his soulmate stop and then start off again a glimmer of amusement appeared in his eyes and his heart began to beat more quickly. He appreciate how much he could make the other man crazy with a few gestures-wait what ?!




He did not like it.


It must have been something in the Latte.


Yes that's it.


Looking into his empty cup, he paused.

... and if he liked him ?


But he doesn't even know it!


Yes, but he will get to know him.


His heart beat faster thinking of him.


He will have to get to know the other and was ... what is it?


Wait, he feels something-


He feels .


He has a feeling .


He has an emotion.


A euphoric smile won his lips.


He feels something!


And it was familiar, like when he was little and his mother told him to go to the park or the cinema.




He felt joy and ... excited.

So that's it?

Is that what you feel when you're happy?

The soft, comfortable feeling of warmth that surrounds him, his head seeming less heavy and an invisible weight withdrawing from his shoulders. And the easy smile on his face, all worries seemed to have evaporated.

He closed his eyes, a softer smile on his lips and raised his head to face the rays of sunset through the living room window.


He inhaled and exhaled slowly, the memory of a monotonous voice in his head "Inside, outside".


And he benefited.

Then Izuku had a bad feeling.


His danger detector was neutral, but his snare detector was activated suddenly, reaching the red zone immediately.


And while he turned to Aizawa to inform him of his presentiment, he heard a surprised breath of his soulmate before feeling a cold liquid on his chest, soaking his shirt and flowing quickly on his jeans.


Looking up, he met the stunned look of his soulmate, his goblet in his hand now empty the contents still flowing on the pomegranate, the body leaning forward in a position that indicates that he had been pushed to Izuku.


Behind him, a Hizashi with a proud look and a mischievous smile watching his plan come to an end, there is only-


-Oh kitten! Take it off quickly before catching cold!



And before he could blink, his t-shirt was removed by a Nemuri approaching the same smile and look as his accomplice.


Izuku frowned, but why do-


Oh. Oooohhhh. Yes, okay it was definitely for that .


Shouta's still-burning gaze running slowly through his body was certainly worth it.


And while he was busy admiring the other and his eyes burning and hungry, the sound of two doors that closed was heard.


-Wait, they seriously came to close our only access to bath salt ???




The strangled sound of the angel-from the other made Shouta exit his contemplation.


-Wait, they seriously come to close our only access to bath salt ???


Pink, almost red lips moving gently, seeming so soft-


Wait what?


Frowning for the hundredth time today, Aizawa reluctantly turned to the doorway and found his room and the guest room locked and-


He grounds with annoyance.


They did not dare?






-What? What is happening?


Turning to Midoriya, Shouta sighed and tried to keep his eyes on the other's face. Freckled as the stars in the sky and-


-Yamada and Kayama closed the doors from the inside, I do not know how they had the code but the only way to open it is from the inside. Normally, the door will open automatically in 12 hours but until then, unless they open themselves we are stuck here.


The green eyebrows of the other fringe a reflection area on the face can-


-The kitchen! And our purchases!


Without further explanation, Izuku rushed to their purchase which-


Shouta rubbed his face and sighed, restraining himself from groning at the stupidity of his friends.




The place near the entrance where their belongings were a few minutes ago was now empty.




And enthroned on the ground to find a bottle of lubricant and condom, a post it with a wink glued on the wall above.




A warm little laugh from the punk made him look up.


Red-faced embarrassment, uncomfortable hand movement, amused laughter and-


Shouta sighed louder and dragged Izuku to the kitchen, an indication to continue his plan despite the bad joke.


Soft, warm skin under her fingers-


This time Shouta did not hold back the frustrated grown.


These fucking demons had to disassemble the sink, leaving no access to water.


A post it similar to the other glued to the wall.


-I must admit they are rather cunning.


The soft, laughing voice of the other causes Shouta to exit his frustrated lament.


-Cunning I do not know, but asshole that they are.


The other laughed, a real glimmer in the look like yesterday at the restaurant.


A smile stretched Shouta's lips.


-So, how do we do? Because it gets a bit sticky and unpleasant.


Sweaty, salty and-


-If you want to access the bathroom you will have to go to the reception to ask them to open the doors or ask for a replacement apartment tonight until the two decides to go out.


-Why not just ask them to unlock the doors?


-Because they will surely close before we go back.




An awkward silence stretched slowly between the two before the small one spoke again.


-You'll have a t-shirt or something so I don't go out bare-chested.


-Oh, of course.


Heading towards the dressing room, Shouta felt disappointed at him having to hide his wonderful tattooed skin.


shaking his head he pressed the handle and pushed


The door did not move. It was closed.


But Hizashi and Nemuri were each in a room which meant-


-Someone else and in the game.


Izuku's voice expressed his thoughts and he found himself surprised that they came to the same conclusion.


-Yes, and I think I know who is behind that.


Turning around and grabbing his soulmate by the arm, Shouta went to the door, determined to kill someone and to forget the soft, sticky skin under his finger, the strong muscle contracting under his hand.


-Wait, wait. I'll have to go all the way down, cross the hallways and barefoot to reception ?!




Aizawa expected a complaint, a malaise or any other reaction. He did not expect the almost predatory smile on the other's face.


-Let's go.


This time it was Izuku who dragged Shouta by the arm, passing the door with confidence an innocent smile soon replaces the predator.


Aizawa frowned a little, suspicious.




He felt he was not going to like what to follow.

Chapter Text

Living in a building filled with heroes was not Aizawa's idea. Nemuri, Hizashi and Tensei had been harassing him for months before he finally agreed because the apartment was close to Yuei.


And after years of living here, Shouta could say it wasn't that bad. No complaints, no strange or irritable neighbors, and he did not speak to the other heroes because most of them were too tired or too hurried because of their work.


There were his friends and their pranks but he had survived Yuei with them, it wasn't so different.


It was a bit like living in a hotel, with a little less staff.


The only irritating point was the fact that the elevator was still full. Be it employees, delivery men, families of heroes or the heroes themselves. And despite the two large elevators, it was still awkward and filled.


Of course there is also a staircase, but most of the locals were too tired all the time.


Shouta used the stairs only if he was motivated and had enough time to go down the ten floors that separated him from the reception.


With Midoriya bare-chested and his desire for murder, it was out of the question to take the elevator. An innocent person could die.


In any case, that's what Aizawa had planned.

What Aizawa did not expect was how much his soulmate is a little shit.



Izuku has a hobby.


Yes, Yes; a hobby, like normal people.


Besides the fact that he beats the villains and destroys their reputation while cleaning the system of heroes, he loves to annoy people.


Make them uncomfortable, confused, speechless.


He does it because in his memories before his quirk, the confusion of the adults because of his intelligence made him laugh. He looks for the same reaction in a different way.


Most of the time he only does this with pro heroes , policemen, villains and sometimes people on the street when the night is calm.


But the thing is, he always did it as Equal .


Never as Izuku.

But an opportunity like this does not happen twice ...




Barely out of the apartment, Shouta was pulled in the direction of the elevator and before he could protest, his soulmate had to press the call button.


The same innocent smile on the lips, a slight swaying back and forth and a low hum; Midoriya was the incarnation of an angel.


But his body, this open skin; it was a sin on its own.

-We should take the stairs.


His voice shook a little when he spoke and Shouta felt proud to have been consistent.


-Nan, too tired to go down.


The pure voice, the gesture of the casual hand; he had an idea behind his head.


-I can carry you, we'll go faster this way.


Shouta was in no hurry, it was his desire for murder that spoke ... Right?




-No, we can wait, I'm sure he'll be here from one minute to the next.


The little crystalline laughter accompanying the hand behind the nape of the neck; Shouta will not like this idea.


-It is a waste of time and anyway there may not be room, so be logical and take the stairs.


Despair. Shouta was desperate.


And while the pomegranate opened its mouth to answer-

~ Ding ~





Tsunagu Hakamata had always wanted to be a Hero.

He wanted to bring security and order. Trust and joy.

He wanted to save people like him, people waiting for a hero.


A hero who heard them call for help without their screaming.


Because they could not scream. It was too dangerous to scream.

Sometimes even talking was too dangerous.

The slightest noise inside the house was a death sentence.

But afterwards the lack of noise is frowned upon, so we smile and continue.

And soon we find ourselves playing a role in front of our family.

Then we became paranoid.

We remain silent with every sound.

Waiting for the cree.

These cree were not calling for help.

Then we waited for the blows.

Those facing what we want to cry. But we hold back.

It's too dangerous to cry.

Without crying and without screaming, the only thing we cling on is hope.

Hope someone would come .

The hope that it would stop.

We could finally scream and cry.

But hope is cowardly and soon he lets go of adults, supporting only children.

Then the adults fall quickly without hope, and soon the life quits.

And the children when to them, quickly lose their innocence and grow even more.

But it's dangerous to grow up.

Because hope is a coward and he releases first the big ones.


He did not want that to happen to anyone .

He did not want people to suffer the same thing as him and his mother.


So he became a hero. 


Because being a hero, he did not need to scream to be heard. His words had weight. And he used it to open people's eyes to the violence that some people experience every day. He defended, saved, supported, comforted.

It serves as a voice for some people who can not speak for fear of retaliation.


And that's how he became one of the most concerned heroes in the Victim Support Association, raising money for different causes.


Some say that it is to be well seen, for fame, others know how passionate he is, invested to stop it.


All his experiences made him a serious, mature hero. An intimidating authority figure when needed.


He did not have the habit of having fun at work, but it suited him. He liked what he was doing.


When he moved into this apartment complex that had gathered many heroes, he was surprised.

There he met people, let's Jokers.


It had surprised him and he had to get used to being careful not to fall into several traps and pranks of the shares of younger heroes. But it was good, refreshing.

With all his pranks he was quick to spot the heroic heroes to be wary of. And although there is at least one on each floor, some stand out.


Four Yuei alumni including three professors currently.

To tell the truth, only Ingenium, Midnight and Present Mic were true jokers. He had always found it affectionate, warm. They did not do it with bad intentions.

In fact, they did it mostly to annoy the fourth, Eraserhead.

Many times he had found Aizawa soaked, covered with drawings, feathers or flour. A face that promised death but a look with a little affection, tenderness.

When the doors of the elevator opened, Tsunagu saw no tenderness.


He saw two angels .


One who promised a slow and painful death and one with an innocent and pure smiles.


Then he noticed that Aizawa did not seem to be covered with flour , drawings or water. No.


On the other hand, he certainly noticed the angel's sinful body at his side.

He felt his mouth dry up in plain sight.

He would have felt embarrassed if all the people present had not had the same reaction to this body straight from the sky.


His sense of survival, however, came to the fore when he felt a danger.


A danger of death.


He took off his eyes from the god before him to meet stormy gray eyes, a hint of red and a thirst for barely contained blood.



Oh boy.



They will not survive.


When the angel entered the elevator, the grim Reaper was not far behind.

Chapter Text

Izuku never really paid attention to his appearance.


Before his quirk, he was a teenager badly in his skin, quirkless and without friends.

After his quirk, only the last is to stay true.


He had always been afraid.

Fear of damaging his body.

Afraid of getting hurt.

So he was always careful.

He certainly could not stop the bullies from hitting him, but he could stop an arm braking from falling from a tree.

It's silly anyway.

A hero who is afraid of scratching himself.

Another proof that he could not be a hero


But after his quirk ...


It's as if he could be invincible!

No need to pay attention while walking, no need to stay locked in the security of your home; and above all, no need to restrain yourself to the brutes.


All sarcastic replicas, ironic comments would no longer need to be retained.

He could speak!


Why hold back when you risk no retaliation! (Or almost...)


But he knew that every action has its consequences.

The consequences of his aftershocks were not the blows that followed, no.


It was credibility, discretion, logic; if he returned home with bruises, he could not arrive the next day at school without any scratches.

It would have been monstrous illogical.


Then he covered his new skin with bandages.

Sometimes he had to simulate a black eye with his mother's makeup.


But it was not so bad.

The expenses for the dressings came exclusively from his pocket money and if his mother had noticed that the hero merchandise in her room had disappeared, she said nothing.


To tell the truth, for Inko Midoriya his son returned from school more smiling and without any scratches; it looked like he had regained his joy of living. And although his passion for the heroes is gone, his quirk analysis was staying and improving at a high speed now that he was only learning about the quirk and not the hero that used it.


And while it is true that his analysis improved, the fact that he was interested only in the quirk and not in the person was false.

Now, before seeing the hero or the quirk, he saw the person, the human.

He had even become interested in the bad guys, and he had understood them, or at least those who were not mentally unstable or who liked to see others suffer.

No, he understood the oppressed, the rejected, the minorities.

Their motivation, their rage, their desire for revenge.


He is understood.


After all, he was the same .




His quirk had changed a lot.


His appearance was part of it.


He had noticed that if he trained for muscle he would develop faster than anyone and would stay despite the lack of training.


It had also been a problem for him. He did not want to be swollen with muscle, no he needed a strong but discreet muscle, made for speed and agility.


And I didn’t coming in one morning, looking like an ice cabinet would not help in his quirkless teenage image.

That's when he had to learn some control.


And my boy if it was not difficult.




"-Mine, mine, mine, mine ...."




He may have left his soul mate alone too long.


Then he blinked.


A teasing smile stretched his fishy lips.


It was going to be fun.




The tension in the elevator could have been cut with knives.


The heroes and heroines present could almost compare it to the tension on a hostage scene.


And the two poor delivery men nearly fainted.


After that, was tension the only reason for their dizziness?


Unlikely .




Aizawa hated the scenes of murder. Who doesn't?


When he found a cold body in the dark alleys of the slums, he could not help but think about that person's life.

His family, his friends, his passions, his dreams ...


Who could take all this away from a person?


A monster .

But for now, Aizawa was not interested in life, loved ones or dreams.


Nah, he was wondering if what he felt was the same emotions as those killers of the small alleys.

At least his reflection calmed him a little.


A little .



An icy silence violently met the heat of the innocent people.




The sound of closing the doors seemed to put the heroes on the edge.


It's not every day that you find yourself locked in a confined space with beauty worthy of a wet dream and a death threat hovering over your head.


The innocent movement of the elevator resumed.


Not a single movement in the cabin, except from the green-haired man, who was swaying unconsciously on his heels, his hands typing the rhythm of the elevator's generic music.


All eyes are stuck on this body, the slightest movement being absorbed greedily and printed in many minds.


Then the unimaginable happened .


-Pourquoi tu gâche ta vie? Pourquoi tu gâche ta vie? Danse! Danse! Danse! Elle me dit : Danse!


A serious but soft way like resonant silk in perfect synchronization with the music played in the elevator.


The hip fines moved with the rhythm of the song.






A furious red glare assassinated the newcomer.


A pizza delivery man, a badge with the name Jeff hanging on his t-shirt, looking in his twenties came in, his eyes were immediately drawn to Izuku's body.


But unlike the others, he did not hasten to get away from the forbidden angel, no he did not seem to fear the fury of Aizawa and took the excuse of the small space to stick to Midoriya.

The space initiated without consent far exceeded the politeness and personal space of the other.


Then the unimaginable came true a second time.


Jeff put his hands on Midoriya's hips.

Shit .




Aizawa do not like this trip, people looked at his Izuku too much.


He wanted to make them feel fear just to look at what belonged to him.


But he's holding back. So many witnesses would be a problem.


And while he managed to manage his anger, a delivery man entered.




Shouta's eyes widened, a desire for blood radiating around him.


He hated the delivery men.


And to hell with the witnesses .






Izuku raised an eyebrow.


His face remaining innocent for a moment and then in front of the amazed eyes of the heroes and the two delivery men, a diabolical smile stretched his features.

The thoughts of his soulmate encouraged him in his motivation he grabbed one of his hands on his hips and his face became threatening.

He was going to demolish Jeff





A couple of men came out of the elevator when it reached the ground floor.


The smaller of the two, wearing an innocent smile, eyes closed, was bare-chested and had a jump in his footsteps, he dragged the other man by the hand; he had a frightening smile stuck to his face and his eyes did not let go of his companion.


The least we can say is that the couple were captivating.


But if we look at the elevator from where he was coming out ...


One could see a young man in a fetal position, rocking his broken hand against his chest.

Blood littered the soil from the deliverer's nose.


And behind him, a flock of traumatized heroes.




Finally, Tsunagu was deceived.




No angel had gone up in that elevator.

Chapter Text

It was only when he arrived in front of the two receptionists that Aizawa awoke from his trance.


It must be said that he did not expect it.


The first time he saw Izuku, it was not like in a movie.


He had no fireworks, no romantic music and no butterflies in his stomach and no hearts in his eyes.


None of that.


He watched it as he watched anyone.


That is to say that in a few seconds he knew that this man with innocent smiles and a small body knew how to fight.


Only in his movements always a bit on his guard despite positions sometimes ...unlikely.


So he knew beforehand that his soulmate could defend himself, that he was far from being made of sugar (seeing what he hides under his clothes, he is certainly not made of sugar)


But despite his awareness of the capabilities of the other, he did not expect a broken nose, a wrist (certainly) to break and a few well placed shats that will certainly leave a mark for a long time and will be rather painful.

He didn't expect it.


Because that's not what is expected of a normal citizen.


But according to what he has seen in less than 72 hours, Izuku Midoriya is certainly not a normal citizen.

(At least now ...)

Izuku clenched his teeth and forced his anguish to descend.




The thoughts of his soulmate were not very favorable to him.


He had to make him forget the clues he had left without doing it on purpose.


He had to be distracted.


-Good evening gentlemen, how can I help you?


Izuku went to meet the receptionist but Aizawa's voice overcame him.


-You know very well why we are here Aneko.


The slightly sadistic gaze that pervaded Shouta's eyes woke up something in Izuku.


Oh man.


Aizawa kept his eyes on his friend, letting them glow in a rage.


-Now you have three solutions: First solution, you open the doors of my apartment and you allow me to change the code on my doors.

Second solution, you leave us an empty apartment in repair and you forbid the access of his two idiots in the said apartment.

Third solution, I call your boss and explain in detail the situation. Without omitting any details.


To emphasize his last words, his hair rose and he let a net of rage enter his aura.


He did not have to simulate this anger.

No, it only accumulated over time in this hall and with the eyes of people who did not let go of Izuku's body.


They really had to go home.




Their house ?


Oh no, it's really not good.


Not good at all.


He's already fucked.




When he saw the receptionist Izuku stopped dead.


At first he had not really watched him, too focused on the thoughts of his soulmate.


But now.


Now he knew that even while distracting Aizawa, the hero will always be on the verge of discovering his secret.




If he believed the words of Aizawa, Aneko and he already know him.



He's already fucked.



Aneko knew Aizawa well.


He often came to ask for a new key for his apartment or to get a repairman to come.


His incongruous meetings forced the two to get to know each other, and for a time Aneko was the person to whom Aizawa was complaining about his nuisances (friends).

And these nuisances (friends) had aroused the curiosity of the part-time receptionist.


So she had searched (not quite legally) in the list of tenants of the building (which only his boss had access to... until now) and had quickly gathered the points by looking in the antecedents (still not very legal) of the four friends.


And then she set up impromptu "meetings" and became friends with them.

And now she was a nuisance.


Was she clever? Yes.

Was she talented? Of course.

Was she scary? Absolutely!


But she did not have time to make friends. She had too much work.

So she made friends at work.

She and her colleagues were not friends, they were too snobbish.


But it's not a big deal! She has friends during her day job and friends for her night work.


And yes she had two jobs! But she had to pay for his sister's medical expenses.


Then in any case it does not bother her!  Thanks to her quirk she does not need to sleep so she had more time to kill than anything else.


And in addition she loved her two jobs! The first allowed him to express his art and the second reminded him how to interact with people.


At the base, she wanted to become a painter, or graphic designer for a big brand.


But life had other plans.

So she became a tattoo artist.

And that's how she knows about the secret of Izuku.

(Okay, she had also used a way not quite legal ...)


When instead of answering the question of the hero, she turned to Izuku, the vigilante almost had heart attack.


-Hey Izu-chan! Don't you go out tonight? It's not in your habits that ... You weren't hurt the last time right?

Okay, there Izuku really did have a heart attack.

Chapter Text

For some it doesn't make sense but for him, that's all that matters.


From our beginning on this earth we are taught the end of everything. The end of the road. The light at the end of the tunnel. The conclusion of all life.


When we are children, we hide behind big accounts; we are cut off from any notion of the end, we are shown life, what we must know, learn to live it.

Then one day someone disappears and an innocent question comes to mind: where are these people going?

And while we look innocently at the "great" - those who know everything, those who are imitated tirelessly - and they are faced with a double decision.

Be they telling us the truth, talking about paradise, wonderful place where no one is sad ...

Be it give us a vague answer and a little panicked, keeping the same basis of "joy".


Our first view on the end is therefore a fun place for those who leave but makes those who are left sad.


Then we grow up and we realize that it's not so pretty and happy.


We discover that our question as a child will remain forever unanswered.


That apart from religions, our end remains confused.


It is here that one realizes how much the human is afraid of the unknown.


For centuries we have found scientific explanations about what happens during our last moments. Doctors, scientists, researchers; many of them seek explanations, answers to certain questions that are long unanswered.


But despite all the answers that we have been able to answer, the most innocent remains the one that remains unanswered and that brings us an irrational fear.


So we theorize, we believe, we have time. Or we say to ourselves that after the end Bam! It's finish; nothing...


But in any case we are freaking out, we are afraid. A constant fear that will remain until the end for some and that others will forget because of their experiences.

He had been so used to it.


The others delay the end.


He sought her.


They are all afraid to leave.


He never wanted to stay.


They all live for life.

He lives for death .


You see that moment when you started a film, that you are in the intrigue and that the film stops in the middle of a revelation?




Well that's what Shouta just went through.


But it's not a movie .


While a ton of questions come to his mind (what is he doing out at night? The last time? Hurt ?! IZU-CHAN?!?) He sees Midoriya collapsing against the receptionist's counter and if Aizawa had not had his prohero reflex, the green head would have hit the ground violently.


Panic wins but it quickly switches to automatic mode.


He gently lowers his soulmate to the floor and prepares to check that it is contained when he notices the lack of uplift in his chest.




Just- NO .


He is freezing, he knows he should do something but he can not.


He feels, he feels ....


Nothing .


He doesn't feel anything .


A void, a numb sensation replaces his emotions.


Then it strikes him and the sadness comes.


He didn't even know him .


That's right, on closer inspection he didn't know much about the other man.


He does not know what his favorite color is, his favorite dish, he has never met his friends or even his parents, he does not know what his tattoos represent, he does not know if he had an imaginary friend or a stuffed animal when he was a child, he didn't know what were his dreams, his hopes, his ambitions ...

All he really knew about Izuku Midoriya was his laugh .

He feels tears on his cheek and he finds it stupid.


Why cry for a stranger?


Why does he feel that for an immature and mysterious adult who gets on his nerves?


Why is he afraid?

Why do I feel that I know him better than anyone knew him without knowing what I see others do not see?

That does not make any sense.



Izuku, more energetic that a child under sugar is recovering by inspiring a great blow.


He turns his head towards Shouta and his smile is replaced by a worried look.


He hears faintly thoughts that do not belong to him in the back of his head.


"Are you okay Shouta-kun? "

It has no fucking meaning.

Aizawa never noticed that the thoughts of the other did not stop while he was dead .




"I think he's in a state of shock

-Whose fault is it?

-Rhooo com'on ... admit it was funny!

-There was nothing funny in there!

- Usually you are the first to laugh but then you make me laugh ! "


This last line leaves Izuku unanswered.


She's right. Usually he always laughs at the reaction of people.

It may sound cruel but he is ready to do it all to feel a little fun.

Is it even fun?


But there he did not feel what he usually feels when he comes out of a "heart attack in public".


He had felt ... bad? Sad ? Worried?


To see Shouta, the look he had, the thoughts that flashed past his eyes so sad and empty.


He- just- No.


It was not fun.


Being catatonic is not uncommon in the profession of a pro-hero.


Many are found stuck, empty minds or looping, a wave of "what if?” Accompanying their drowning.


Sometimes it's in front of their first scenes of murder, after meeting a rape victim, or the first time they arrive late.


Not fast enough.


Not strong enough.


Being a pro hero is difficult.


But to be an underground hero ...


It's almost a mental suicide .


These men, these women, these non-binary people are confronted with sometimes inhuman things.


Horrible stories that remain across your throat.


Disgusting images that remain etched in your memory.


Monstrous sounds that follow you constantly when silence makes it known.


Some days are real sensory nightmares.


Injuries pile up and if they are not treated 

Many people have ended up in psychiatric hospitals.


Because after all that's what they are: Humans.


Humans who face inhuman things .


But the underground heroes also have some advantages.


Their equipment is paid for by the government and manufactured in the best companies in the world, their policies are more vague than the heroes of the day which allows them to benefit from the useful bribs of the dark part of society ...

The government needs them.

The people need them.

Society needs them.


So they do everything for the guarded, even leaving them the right to use illegal techniques or information.


We must keep them.


They are not many, and we do not find young hope of heroes who want to be underground in every school.


That's why the system of rehabilitation of vig-


Something soft.


It is soft.


It's hot.


It's safe.


The light appears.


It was extinct? He did not realize it.


The sound of a door closing.


Light steps on the floor.


A gentle hand on his cheek.


A voice.


"-Shouta? Shouta, you have to go out now. Everything is fine. I'm fine. Are you okay. All is well Shouta. "


Chapter Text

the hero in front of him when two muscular arms encircled him


The minutes passed, only their breaths sounded in the room and it was only now that Shouta realized that they were in his room, his friends had to be gone; he heard nothing but their irregular breathing.


A trembling hand rested on Izuku's cheek and he jumped at the soft gesture.


A second hand came on his other cheek and erased the traces of tears.

He did not even know he was crying .

Shouta looked him in the eyes, a worried frown still present but an uncertainty remain in his eyes.


He was looking for insurance.


He was looking for proof .



A concrete proof .

And without a word being exchanged, the older one bent over the other and closed his eyes.


Izuku's eyes widened and he closed them.


Their lips connected .


It was sweet. Reassuring.


Then they started to move.


Tasting the salt tears mix with the worry of kissing.


They leaned closer, a rush of desperation in their gestures, their lips moving together although a little awkward.


Shouta's hands ventured on the shoulders of his soulmate, he clutched at the smaller one, and one of his hands passed through his short, fluffy, green hair.


Then he pulled it lightly and-


" -Ahn "


They stopped a millisecond, the surprise on their two faces then Shouta shot again, a little stronger and-


" -Aaahhnn "


Shouta then melted on the lips of others and their kiss became impatient, burning.


Hands became less innocent .


With each pull Izuku moan a little louder.


The gasps, heavy breathing and the sound of kisses filled the room.


Shouta licked the lower lip of the other in a thirsty request to which Izuku opened his lips. Their tongues came together and everything accelerated.


Izuku's hands unzipped the top of the other's suit so he could put his hands on the burning muscles.


The weapon of capture which remains the mark of recognition of the hero unrolls itself and falls to the ground; as if the mysterious force that holds it all the time melt under the kiss of the two soulmates.

The older brought their bodies together, their now naked torsos sticking together, a thrill running through them in the face of the sensation.


The hands discovered the body of the other, tongues met in a semblance of battle and their skin printed the sensation of skin against skin in their memory.


The thoughts of both were for once empty. The sensations holding all their attention.


Everyone slipped under the skin of the other without realizing it.


Izuku's skin was hot but it was still soft under Shouta's fingers.


He hit his body against Izuku's, snatching a breath that forced them to separate.


Shouta opened his eyes and admired the view before him:

Izuku, eyes glazed and hooded, pink lips, swollen and shiny, the red of her skin bringing out her freckles even on his tattooed shoulders-


Without a second thought, the image of the other print will forever be in his memory, Shouta melted on the neck of his partner, biting and sucking softly at porcelain skin.


The moans above him were dazed and surprised.


He descended slowly, kissing and biting, alternating between softness and animal violence.


He gently licked the lines of ink, pinching the colorful spot between his teeth, sucking the blurry lines of some by keeping his eyes fixed on the other's face, pure adoration in his eyes.


The hero went back to seize the mouth of the vigilant.


With hands still clutching each other's curly hair, Shouta reversed their position and Izuku was now back to bed, still standing.


Passing his leg behind the knee of the smaller one and pulling pulling toward him, Shouta pushed the smaller one towards the bed.


Gravity made its effect and-


They stopped, their eyes wide open and wide.


The heat of the room came down suddenly and they separated quickly.

Satan .

Daaaammmmnnnn .


An awkward silence settled in and both of them avoided each other.

"- I ... I'll take a shower then ... uh .."

Silence answered him, then the hero out of his trance.

"- Huh? Uh ... YES ... I mean yes, yes of course go for it ... "


Without waiting for a second, Izuku rushed into the bathroom.


Coming downstairs he closed the door and then slid along, trying to calm his heart and mind.

And while he calmed himself it hit him.

He opened his eyes.


-The restriction It was enlarged.


And while he was about to enjoy this little freedom, he did not feel happy enough. Satisfied.


He felt ... scared.


He did not know why .


He did not want to.


But not want what?

He let out a breath against the realization.

He did not want to leave his soulmate.




Aizawa stared at the void.


He caught the thought of his soulmate on the restriction but he did not react.


He had let himself be carried away.


 He had cracked .


See his soulmate be observed all evening with envy then die (?) Before his eyes it was ...

He did not want to think about it.

So he stared at the cat.


That damn cat.


He frowned.


If only-


The bathroom door opened and Shouta rose reflexively.


"-Uh, it's just ... uh ... I ... I do not have pajamas ..."


Aizawa blinked.


« -Finally if I have but they are in my boxes and I wonder if you have something to lend me since they are all in the living room and the restriction preventsusfromgoingsofarbybeingseparatedand- "


" -Yes of course, no problem. "


Izuku sighed then gave a shy smile to the other who turned to look in the emergency dresser against the walls, the dressing room being inaccessible.


The logical side of Shouta told him that the other could just accompany him as a towel to the living room but something in him told him that the other did not want.


And he did not want to.


So he retrieved a black t-shirt and shorts and put them on the outstretched hand through the door.


" -Thank you "


The murmur that came from the youngest made it melt and Shouta did not know why.


He gave no answer.


He does not think anymore.

He did not want to think about it .


After both showered and turned off the light, they were too tired to eat now so they slipped under the duvets.


The first night, Izuku was already asleep so it was not too much of a problem but now Shouta could not.


He had too many questions.

He did not know him enough .

And the feeling of emptiness had marked his memory.


He could not leave everything behind and sleep.

He could not help thinking about it.




"- Izuku? "


The more than shy voice of his soulmate Izuku output of his thoughts.


He turned his attention to the man at his side. And despite the lack of artificial light, the moonbeams passing through the large bay windows were enough for Izuku to notice the uncertainty on the other's face.


Does he regret?


Of course he must regret, who would want to Izuku as a companion? And the other man had already pointed out that Izuku was disappointing, but that should not hurt Izuku like that; it should not be as  bad as when one of the bad guys stabbed him in the heart. But-


" -Yes ? "


Izuku prefers to answer now because he can feel a spiral of thoughts and that is not the time to have a panic attack.


Izuku does not want to have a panic attack now .

" -We need to talk "

Okay, Izuku withdraws what he said; he's going to have a panic attack if people continue to scare him like that.

Chapter Text

In all love movies, the girl meets the boy and that's the crazy love right away. It takes time and a small obstacle prevents them from being together at the beginning of the film. Sometimes this obstacle can be the current boyfriend of the girl.


And in some of these cases, the girl tells her boyfriend "we need to talk.".



Then she drops it.


And the film continues.


Izuku's mother has watched a lot of love movies since he was very young.


So this scheme is the only concrete example of love relationships that Izuku has.


The only other example being his parents but Izuku does not prefer to think about it, he doesn't remember it very well. And his mother is now with her soulmate but they immediately got on well so it's not really an example-


In short, for Izuku "we need to talk" means Shouta want to break up with him.


"Is it because I kiss badly? Can we even break considering that we are not together? Or are we together but you do not love me? Or is it because he does not like my body? Does he even like men? Is it because he is heterosexual? What if he realized I'm a monster? That I am broken .... it's my fault ... it's my fault ... myfaultmyfaultmyfault- "




Two hands on his cheek pulled him out of his thoughts.


These hands erase the tears that run down his cheeks.


He did not realize he was crying.


-Izuku, it's okay ... I just want to get to know you and ... I ... I have a lot of questions and ... I can not fall asleep without knowing ...




Okay so maybe Izuku is a little panicked.


Just a little bit.




Shouta was sure that even with the darkness of the room the other could see his worried but curious expression.


That's also something he wants to know, why does the other person have so little social knowledge? Not that it disturbs Shouta.

But it is as if at each interaction, the other had to go through several patterns and draw a conclusion to have an appropriate response to the context.

Why did he keep saying he was a monster?


Shouta wanted to know why.


Shouta wanted to know a lot more.

So he asked.


-Are you okay if I ask you questions? You can ask me of course. 


He waited and ignored each other's thoughts to give him intimacy. Besides, it was not so difficult, most of the time he did not know that little voice that was not his.

 -I'm fine.


The shy and tearful little voice of the other melted Shouta.


He could not help but wrap his arms around the waist of the smaller one.


Izuku had startled at first but had quickly melted into the embrace and was close to Shouta by wrapping arms around his neck.

There was a comfortable silence where everyone took advantage of each other's presence, Shouta sorting out his questions and Izuku anticipating what was coming.




-Do you want to start? 


Izuku hesitated.


On one side it could be a technique to make him believe that he controlled what was happening but on the other ... it would comfort him.


So instead of answering, Izuku started the interrogation.


 -What is your favorite color ? 


There was a little silence and Izuku thought he was cheated and then ..


 -Forest green. 


He smiled a little and relaxed. He had expected the other to laugh at him but his soulmate had not done it.


 -To me... 


Izuku lost his smile.


He had forgotten that part of the interrogation.


 -...What's your favorite color ? 


Izuku relaxed and narrowed his eyes with amusement and suspicion.


-You stole my question! 


And despite the black, the youngest could almost see the sly smile of the other.


 -I don't know what you're talking about ... you did not answer the question. 


Izuku took a moment to think.


 -I ... I don’t have  just one favorite color.


 -It doesn't matter, I still want to know them. 


 -Yellow and matte black. 


Izuku felt the arms of his soulmate tighten around him and he felt good.


He relaxed completely in the arms of the other and continued the discussion.


 -Favorite dish? 


 -That is true ? Me too ! 


A feeling of warmth filled Izuku but he did not want to think about it now.

 -Favorite film.


 - V for Vendetta.


There was a small silence from the hero and then Izuku continued.

 -Favorite song.


 -I don’t have a favorite song, I listen to everything and I like a lot of songs. 


 -Very well then, see it like this: It's the end of the world, the earth is going to explode and you've got the time to listen to a song, what do you choose? 


 -I would try to prevent the earth from exploding. 


 -It's impossible, it's a natural cause that humanity can’t stop. Hurry! You're wasting time! 


 -I ... uh ... Back pocket Vulfpeck.


Izuku was almost shocked.


He did not know that the other listen to songs from the pre-quirk area; he knew almost no one else who listened to that too.


 -Good choice.


 -To me ... favorite animal. 


 Cats, turtles, and birds! And the snakes! And the dogs! And the cats! Uh no wait, I already said ... 


A little laugh from the oldest and Izuku calmed his ... Enthusiasm? He does not know. But now? He does not care.




 -Okay so you like all the animals- 

 -Not insects. I hate insects. 


The seriousness in the voice of his companion caused Shota to pose.


He wanted to ask why but it was not the moment in the discussion. And anyway it was not his turn.


 -Why did you become a hero? 


Shouta was somewhat surprised by the question a little more serious but followed the other.


 -When I was a kid I wanted to become a veterinarian. 


It was perhaps the tone of his voice but Izuku did not interrupt and waited for Shouta to resume.


 - I had a cat. Mr.plush. I found him in the street and brought him home. My parents agreed that I only keep it if I take care of it alone. I spend all my time with him. Then years later he died. And I cried all the tears of my body. It was too hard. My father looked at me and said to me, "Do not lose your tears for the dead, keep them for the living. Because otherwise you will never stop crying.” I did not understand what he meant and I wanted him. Because I thought he was making fun of me. Then one day, coming home from work one night, he was attacked. Nobody was there for him. Mr.plush had the vet,my parents and me.

He died alone in a dark alley. There were no heroes. Nobody paid attention. I was angry. Angry with the whole world. Angry with myself. Then I thought back to what he told me. I stopped crying. Then I told myself that I should not stop at that. That he had no help but that others did not have help. That in the future other people would need help. So I decided to become their help. I can not save them all, that's right. But I think somewhere someone is crying. That somewhere a child cries because his mother or father is well, because he or she was saved.What at least one person is crying for the living. 


There was a silence. Then a little sob from the green.


 -Sh-Shouta ... I ... I ... 


Shouta frowned worriedly and was about to talk when a lip lick crashed against his. The salty taste of tears mingling with sorrow and the sadness of the other.

He tightened his arms harder and responded to the kisses with all the comfort he could.


They parted to breathe and then kissed again this time more gently. A sweet kisses.


They then remained face to face in a peaceful silence.


 -Why tattoos? And the piercing ?


-That made two questions. 


-You could ask me two after if you want. 




Izuku took the time to think.


Then he decided to tell the truth.


 -It relates me to reality. 


He paused a moment and then continued a little more.


 -The sensations that it brings me ... It reminds me that I am there, that I am perhaps not alone 


 -You are not all alone 


 -For a long time I have been all alone. Since I was four years old and during all my studies I was all alone. Even today people are avoiding me when they know- 


Izuku cut himself off. He did not want to lie to his soulmate.


But it would be too complicated otherwise.

At least for the moment.


He sighed and then resumed.


 -People usually avoid me when they learn that I'm quirkless. 


Izuku closed his eyes in expectation of disgust and rejection. It may not have been true, but people did not react well to the fact that he was Quirkless.


Izuku waited a bit longer but the other's grip had not changed. No insults came. No sigh of disgust.


 -It's up to you to ask a question. Well two questions. 


He opened his eyes in surprise and shocked him. His friends had certainly not reacted badly but he was not yet used to this kind of reaction. Or the lack of reaction.




Izuku's silence had first worried Shouta but then ...

 -What's the most ridiculous thing you've done? And the funniest thing? 


He smiled affectionately and got ready to tell "the incident" during his first year of teaching at UA.


He still had many questions. But he had not expected this discussion to be so trying for the other. So he will wait.


Quit to stay corner with each other for years, he wanted the other to feel comfortable.


To hell with his curiosity, for now he has some answers to the puzzle that Midoriya Izuku represents.


It was still dark when Shouta woke up.


He turned off his alarm and began to untangle Izuku's hot limbs around him without waking the other.


They had spent several hours asking themselves random questions, leaving both serious questions aside.


It was a good evening and Shouta felt closer to the other man.


He would have liked to stay in bed but today he has to teach a class of future heroes.


He had to call Nedzu to warn him that he would not arrive alone.


Shouta leaned over to grab his phone on the bedside table when he rang himself, the Tsukauchi inspectors' contact written in large letters.


Shouta hurried to answer so that the bell did not wake his companion.


"-It's better to be urgent Tsukauchi"


"-Hello Eraser, it's about Equal. "


Aizawa straightened up as much as he could with the other still clinging to him.


" -What is happening ? "


"-It looks like he did not show up last night. No citizen calls, no hero's reports, no bad guys in front of the post, no record of his signature on them anyway. "


Sometimes Shouta forgot that there were other vigilante who leave "parcels" in front of the police station.


"-Do you have a trace of his last wound? Maybe this time he had to take more time to heal. "


"-His last wound is a broken ankle or in any case damaged. But you know, like me, that's not what stops him. "


Shouta felt a pit in his belly.

"-Maybe he had something else to do? "


Even he did not believe what he was saying.


"-Is he more likely to have been kidnapped or is he planning something bigger?" "


"-I do not know which of the two situations is the least disturbing. "


He heard the other sigh.


"-Me either ... Well otherwise, I learned from your agency that you will not be able to be there for an indefinite period of time? What is happening ? Are you fine? "


The anxiety of the other made Aizawa heart race. Yes, spending almost a year on the same business together creates links.


"-I'm fine Tsukauchi, I just found my soulmate and we have a telepathic connection so ..."


" -A restriction. I see, you do not want to hurt him. I will send you the progress of the mail file in these cases. "


"-No, I'll come and get them. Equal could hack them easily. Send me a message and I will go when I can. "


" -Very good. Have a nice day Aizawa. Oh, congratulations for your soulmate! I wish you all happiness! "


Aizawa smiles.


"-Thank you Tsukauchi, say hello to Sansa for me and have a nice day. "


"-I do not miss it! "


Shouta hung up and started writing an email for the director, a call would have taken too much time and if he wanted to be on time he had to wake the sleeping beauty in his bed.


He looked at the man in his arms and smiled tenderly.


A totally relaxed face, curly hair resembling a bird's nest, pink mouth ajar and a trickle of drool flowing on the pillow.


Much too cute.


 -Izuku, get up now. 


No reaction.


Shouta tried a little harder.


 -Izuku, if you do not get up, we'll be late. 


A slight movement but no sign of awakening.


Shouta sighed then spoke in a normal voice.


 -Izuku if you do not wake up I'll have to throw you out of bed. 



A groan où f complaint informed him of the state of pseudo consciousness of the other but no indication that he would move.


Shouta spoke even louder.


 -Izuku, please. 


This time, Shouta received a muffled answer.


 -Fuck off.


Shouta's eyes widened and then narrowed.


He wants to play it like that?




Izuku was good.


He was warm, it was comfortable and he did not think about anything.


Izuku wanted to stay like this forever!


But Shouta did not want to leave it, so Izuku replied.

Maybe he should not have.

Izuku first felt his heat coming off of him and before he could complain or open an eye, he felt two hands against his side before being pushed, the mattress disappearing in less than a minute. second.


Then Izuku kissed the ground.




Okay now he was awake.


On the other side of the bed he could see Aizawa's satisfied, sadistic smile.


He narrowed his eyes.


He wanted the war ? He was going to have it.




The sun was slowly rising through the window of the train.


The birds began to sing and the cars were moving slowly.


Some people were walking along the streets, nobody was quite awake.


On the train, people crowded, all more or less close to the day while some came back from a night's work.


And in the middle of all that feathers.


Not some feathers, no.


Many feathers.


To tell the truth, it was two people covered with feathers.


Although the green haired man has a lot less and seemed much more satisfied than his companion.


A young high school student could not help but fix the two friends in a tired confusion.


A glowing look made him look away, a little more awake than before.

One thought in his head: "It's way too early for this shit."

Chapter Text

In retrospect, Shouta did well to warn his boss about his soulmate...


It must be said that if he had not done so, Izuku would probably be crushed between the security doors.


Aizawa sighed.


It was going to be a long day.




Toshinori Yagi had seen a lot of things in his life.


Being the Number One Hero brings you to see things; ridiculous snears on the part of crazy villains, missing people tortured, a creature with several quirks ...


Yes, Yagi had seen a lot of things.


But to see a man covered with feathers entered the teachers' lounge, stars in the eyes and-




Before he could think, Toshinori was engulfed in a hug, and his vision was filled with feathers.

Toshinori may have been All Might for years, no villain has yet surpassed the level of ridicule and foolishness of Inko's son.


He smiled a smile at his thin lips as he returned the hug.


-My boy !




Shouta did not know what to feel.


This morning he had realized that the restriction was further enlarged, which is normal with the night of questions they had been asking.


Two days ago, Shouta would have jumped with joy (inside) in the face of this news.


But now...


It did not feel good .


See Izuku go further away, walk in front of him, run a few meters before Shouta feels the barrier ...


It anguished him .


They had not yet talked about Izuku's temporary death, and Shouta was anxious.


Does it happen to him often? Is he sick? Was it someone's quirk? Was it his quirk?


The other had told him he was quirkless, but even if Shouta wanted to believe it, there were some things .


He had a feeling.


The feeling that his soulmate hides something .


Like when he both spoke of heroes.


Shouta has the impression of making a puzzle with only half of the pieces available.


Seeing Izuku hugging Yagi-san confirms Shouta's thoughts; he still doesn't know Izuku.


They had spoken, it's true.


But they do not know each other well enough.


He does not know anything about his childhood, his parents, his friends ...


It's horrible that feeling of not knowing the person who is destined for you.




Izuku was in his role.


Like every time he talks to someone who is part of the bright side of his life.


He smiles, is rather excited and this clam of being so happy ...


Like every time, Toshinori does not see anything. And it's very good like that!


But the thoughts of his soulmate put Izuku on edge.


He had noticed Aizawa's long looks. Looks that analyze, who seek an answer, who wants to solve a puzzle.


But each time the hero turns away his eyes, no information came to give him more suspicions.


So Izuku is reassured.

But he knows.

He knows that soon the hero will notice the inconsistencies, he will review all the unintentional clues of Izuku and will make the link.

And then Izuku will be alone.

But for the moment he smiles .


And tomorrow he will smile again .


And the other days too.


Because he has a role to play, and as a good actor he will hold his role to the end.




As soon as his Izu - As soon Izuku is out of Yagi's arms, Shouta catches him by the arm and pulled him to the toilet without any explanation.


The green just stammered questions, still surprised by the reaction of the other.


Once the door is closed, Shouta seizes the lips of his soulmate.


The other opens my mouth by surprise and soon their languages embrace.


Shouta takes domination and then nibbles the other's lips in a movement of possessiveness.


Izuku gasps, the red covering his cheek and his eyes half-closed to the onix look of the other.


Shouta soon leaves that red mouth to chew the piercing of a red ear of heat.


Izuku does not hold the groan that passes his lips and feel heat gradually grow his stomach, lust and passion filling him with a soft and aggressive.


And while he was about to ask for more, Shouta departs, not even touching the crazy body of pleasure in front of him.


The youngest remains confused and wanted to complain but ...


- How do you know Yagi-san?


The question has a dangerous edge and ... jealous ?!


Izuku stopped and burst out laughing.


Shouta froze in shock at the reaction of the other.


- Oh ... Oh my god! I ... Me .... and Toshinori?! ... No I can not ... it's too funny ...


Despite the laughter that cuts his sentence, Shouta comes to understand.


Oh .


It may be a little packed .


The red rises to the cheek because of embarrassment but the few feathers that are hanging on hides a little shame.


Oops .


But despite everything, the laughter of the other warmed him.

Oh god he loved that laugh .

Aizawa says nothing while the other tries to calm him down.


Izuku finally lets out a breath and wipes a tear in the corner of his eye.


- It was a long time since I had laughed so much, thanks for that.


- You're welcome .


-Well, seriously, Toshinori-san and I are not together, he is the soulmate of my mother. I would like to know what gave you such an idea so hilarious ?


Shouta stared at his shoes and lowered his head. The red on his cheek intensified.


-You ... you called him... you called him "Toshi-Chan" ...


The murmur seemed to resonate in this bathroom.




Izuku felt a smile ... affectionate? (Oh shit, he has no idea!) on his face.


It was cute.


He approached Shouta silently and grabbed his hands.


-Shouta, look at me.


The use of his name forced the other man raised his head.


Most of the feathers had fallen to the ground when they arrived here, so there were only a few left - one stuck in the hair and the scarf on the other.


Izuku gently dropped one of Shouta's hands to gently remove the feathers stuck in the dark, thick hair.


-Go, take off these feathers .... Shou-chan.


Shouta's eyes widened in surprise.


However, Izuku could have sworn he saw a thousand and one stars shine.




Class 1A was worried.


It had been 10 minutes since the bell had sounded, yet Aizawa-sensei had not arrived yet.


It was not unusual for Aizawa-sensei to arrive a little late because of the difficulty of getting around in a sleeping bag.


But even with so few weeks of schooling started, their head teacher had never been so late.


But as Ilda began to get up to calm the confused turmoil through the classroom, the door opened and Aizawa-sensei entered. Accompanied by another man.


One could already hear the questions forming in the vulture minds of his students.

Indeed, it was going to be a looooooong day.

Chapter Text

Aizawa knows his class.

It's been a short time since school started but they all nearly died and Shouta is watching a lot of people so ...


Yes he knows his class. 

So he knows how unpredictable they are. 


Izuku observes all these new faces, a small smile on his face, seems innocent as he analyzed them and determined their quirks , their weaknesses and a battle plan.


You never know...


Yet, he barely has time to step into the classroom before a question is asked by a girl with brown hair and pads on her fingers.


Quirk touch? Must she put down her five fingers or all her hand? Is-


-Who are you?


Izuku didn't even think before answering.

- Who? Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask.

He didn't do it again, did he?





Yes, he did it again.


But why must he always be next to the plate?

Ah yes! Because it's fun !

- Well I can see that.

Wait- What ?!



Aizawa keeps her gaze fixed on that of the youngest, an exasperated tenderness in his eyes.


Izuku, he remains frozen with surprise. Nobody had ever gotten into his game.


He smiles, enigmatic.

- Of course you can, I’m not questioning your powers of observation, I’m merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is.


Aizawa simulates a confused look as he senses the fun slipping into his brain.


Here we go…


- Oh, right .



Frankly, Izuku had never gotten that far with anyone.


- But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace soubriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona.


Thunk! . .. Both soulmates do not pay attention to the sound, too depressed in their role. The rest of the class, however, turn their heads to see Katsuki, his head on the desk and his hands in his hair; some even say "it's a fucking nightmare, it's a fucking nightmare, it's ...".


Izuku breathes then ...


- Voila! In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the “vox populi” now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish thesevenal and virulent vermin, van guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.

By catching a creates he writes a V in red on the board, the words come naturally to him.


-The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.


Izuku chuckles, a jubilant air and a madness in the eyes that make the students shudder.


- Verily this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may...

They look at each other, silence reigns and Izuku finishes the tirade.


- Call me V.


Ochako does not know what's going on.


First, this tattooed, pierced man returns to the classroom with his teacher and the two begin to ... Recite? A tirade or replicas perhaps?

Ochako does not know.

And seeing the faces of her comrades, they do not understand either.


But despite the confusion she still admires the admiration and gaze subjugated in the eyes of all.


To tell the truth, she herself was a little drooling in front of those eyes of a deep Emerald, that curly green hair cut short at the sides, these fine but sharp features, these discrete muscles, these tattoos-




Ochako sense the red on her cheeks.


The embarrassment seizes her but looking at her friends to see if they noticed her feelings she find almost all people red with drool for some.


Even Shoto! Actually, a little smoke passes through his uniform so it's a little disturbing ...


Suddenly, Ochako squinted dangerously.


It's her crush .


Nobody will take it.

No one .



Aizawa ends up letting go of the sparkling green gaze and turns to his class, his tired, habitual air picking up on his face.


It was enough for two words ...


-Pop quiz.


-Noooooooo !!!


The complaints came from everywhere and the panic reached the faces of some students.


Shouta hid his smile in his scarf and kept his eyes tired.

Yes, he knew his class well.

But it seems that his soulmate is even more unpredictable.


Izuku was bored .


Do not get him wrong, he loved to accompany Shouta to his job!


But ...


Izuku had left school a long time ago and usually spent his day at work.

Serve clients, laughing with colleagues, inventing new recipes, having lunch in the park next to coffee under a cherry tree ...


So yes, Izuku was bored.


But he also had too much energy and his level of sarcasm would soon burst the ceiling of respect.

And throwing paper balls on Bakugou did not have more to Shou-Chan …

It must be understood! He could not stop villains and criminals last night and he fell asleep without realizing it.


And now he was stuck in a class full of teenagers who are going to become heroes.

Real heroes.

While he will remain a monster .


A hand on his elbow came out of his thoughts and he turned to his soulmate.



Shouta was worried.


He had noticed Izuku's boredom and mentally listened to what might occupy him, but soon he noticed the bitter face of the other and paying attention to what Izuku was thinking.


Now Shouta had only one desire: squeeze her soulmate in his arms and hide him under soft blankets.


But there was his class .


And usually, that would not have bothered Shouta; but he did not know why. It's blocking it.


And it was not just his class.


Even the other teachers did not know and Aizawa was afraid to tell them.


He was afraid of rejection, he was afraid that Izuku was hurt, he was afraid of disgust, he was afraid that his Izuku would be stolen.


That was it.


He did not want his soulmate stolen .


He narrowed his eyes.


Looking at the eyes of some of his students, his worries were not unfounded.


He had to talk to Izuku.




It seemed to Izuku that an eternity passed before the bell announcing the change of course sounded.


However, once in the hall, he felt ... weird.


Something was wrong.


Izuku became tensed and then observed his environment, looking for any danger ...


To finally fall on the determined look of Shouta.


-I need to know something.


Oh my God.


Shit .


He had been discovered, or is he safe ?


It was the end, he was going to end up in jail and everyone would hate him for the monster he is-


-Not here. Follow me.


Aizawa's gaze was suspicious and Izuku remembered one thing.


The link .


But what fools!


Think about something else, think about something else, think about something else-



Shouta had just closed the door of a cupboard in the hallway when he heard something in the back of his head.

Does he hallucinate ?


"Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want ... »


Shota was speechless.


Then he straightened up.

Was it a message from the other?


Did he really want it?


Did Shouta really want it?


Seeing that Izuku was lost in his head, Aizawa took the time to think.


At first he did not want a relationship, he just wanted to separate from this extravagant stranger.


But now...


He is attached.


He finds himself moved by the immature and unpredictable behavior of the other.


And frankly, now that he thinks about it, the restriction is rather beneficial.


Before he saw it as a barrier, a cage.


After two days with Izuku he found it comforting.




He could not see himself anywhere else without Izuku.

Wow .



He has known him for two days.

Shouta smiled.


But being in the other's mind brings you closer …


-Do you want to be my boyfriend?



Izuku thinks he should go to the doctor.


Nah, because he's just heard something unimaginable .


-I...Huh-WHAT ?!


His soulmate seemed panicked.


-Sorry! It's going too fast ! I-Forget what I said!


Izuku gasped.


His heart.


It hurt so much .


Why was it so bad?


It's worse than when he died for the first time. It's worse than when it's stabbed. It's worse than when it's shot.


Yet there was no blood.


Yet he was still breathing.


Yet his heart was beating.


His heart was beating .

And not for the first time, Izuku would have done anything to stop it.


Why is it so bad?



Shit .



Aizawa do not think anymore.


He does not know what's going on.


He panicked and now his soulmate was crying silently and ... and ...

Fuck it ! 

He caught the empty face of the other, the pain in the green eyes not leaving and ...



Izuku ...


Izuku did not ...


Izuku had never felt anything ...

It was a fact.


Izuku had never felt anything .

But now with each other's lips on his ....

Izuku felt everything.

And as if by magic ...

He closed his eyes.

... the pain was gone .



Hizashi was worried, Shouta had just sent him a message for him to run the 3B course in his place and when the blond asked why he had just replied: ...




The first thing Izuku noticed was that he was no longer in the closet but in a white









-You're having a panic attack!


The images scroll before his eyes and despite the voice in his head that tells him that nothing is real ...




A hand in his hair ...

A torso against his side ...

A face in his neck ...



-Chut Izu-Chan ... you're not there ... you're here ... with me ...

He closes his eyes and BLACK.



Aizawa knew it was going to be a long day.

But he did not suspect that it was Izuku who was going to be the cause.


But he does not blame him .

How do you blame him?


With all these images ... all these memories ...


Aizawa does not know how he did not fall into a panic attack after seeing what the other was seeing because of their connection.

He blames himself.


But at the same time it makes him want to know him.


To help .


To see him happy .


To make him laugh .


To make him blush .


To make him cry ;

Cry of joy .

Chapter Text

He wakes up.


He doesn't know why or how he knows it, he just does it.


He opens his eyes, and the first thing he knows is that it will rain soon. 


The gray sky outside and the wind in the trees even announces a storm.

He thinks.


People are often afraid of storms; they don’t like the rain that makes you cold and sick, the wind disturbs them because their senses are blurred, and then there are the lightnings.



And yet ...

It’s a light in the dark of the storm .




He blinks his eyes but does not let go of the sky.


He is waiting.


-Izuku can you hear me?

A drop.

Then another.

And even-


He is crying .



Aizawa is troubled .

But at the same time he understands.

Not totally because he did not live it.


And even if he had lived it, he's sure he will not understand it.

Because he is not Izuku.

But he is in a part of his head.


And it helps him a lot.

So he inhales, fits on the uncomfortable chair and looks out the window and ...

He listens to the other.

His thoughts, his ramblings.

And thinking about it, it's the first time he's done it.

But he doesn't dwell on it, no he has better things to do.


The other's thoughts are more interesting.



It does not matter if it makes him cry.



They stayed like that for maybe a few seconds, or so for several minutes.

Or maybe hours.

Then the bell rang.

And Izuku is turning to Shouta, his eyes avoiding those of the oldest.

-Can we go home?


Aizawa felt a wave of warmth and tenderness at these words.


-Of course Izu-Chan.



They are outside, sheltered in front of the doors of Yuei, the portal in the distance being hidden by the rain.

Aizawa was kind of upset at the idea of going through this rain.

But the indescribable feeling of Izuku seemed to touch him.

It was a sort of calm indifference, almost too calm but not really serene-


He could already see them coming home, soaked to the bone and cold.


Then he heard it.

I don’t know why.


Maybe it was that little voice that occupied his brain or it was the man next to him.


Or maybe both at the same time.


I just feel I'm better off.


Staying in the same room I was born in.


Without me in it trying to transform it


He takes a look at the other and, for the first time since he woke up, Izuku is looking at him.


I look outside


And see a whole world better off

Then it comes back to him.

Like an old memory - actually it's an old memory .


An old group from the pre-Quirk era, often sad lyrics and music that mark his teenage years.


Shouta takes out his phone and does a quick search, keeping Izuku in the corner of his eyes.



Izuku wants to do a lot of things right now.


But he restrains himself.

Because Shou-Chan is here and he does not know how he will react to his ... impulses .


But it's itching more and more.

So he sings.

But when he hears the music coming out of Shou-Chan's phone, the same music he sang-


It cracks without really cracked.

It doesn’t overflow like it usually cracks.

He feels ... surprisingly calm.


But that doesn't stop him from taking Shouta's hand and running in the rain.

Shouta does not know what's going on.


For a moment he is safe from watching this rain in despair, then the next moment he is soaked and cold.

Yet the hand in hers and burning.

Izuku stops and stares at Shouta for a few seconds before-




He's screaming over the storm and he starts saying that maybe he should not have done it-


He feels a mad smile on his face when he hears the other's voice despite the rain and also the small voice of his head responds to him.






The two smiled louder, looking into each other's eyes despite the rain.



- Listen, I know


The soft voice cannot be heard in the rain but Izuku can hear it in his head, and it’s even better.

- This one's a contradiction because of how happy it sounds


Izuku admires the other, the music being stifled until almost erased by the storm.

Kind of like his feelings.

So what...


- But the lyrics are so down

This time it’s Shouta who admires the other.


- It's okay though


Aizawa feels something.

- Because it represents, wait, better yet, it is

A message behind each other’s words.


- Who I feel I am right now

The rain prevents him from knowing if he is crying .



Aneko always hate rain.


For her there is no comfort in this water that forces you to stay at home, that makes you sick or that sometimes floods cities.

So she doesn't like storms.


She is not afraid, but she does not like them.

But in some dark moments she saw the effect of a storm on Izuku ...

And now she does not hate storms anymore.


The lobby of the building is warm and soft when he enters.

He vaguely hears people talking around him.

Not to him.

Just people talking.

Then he hears his name.


He recognizes Aneko.

He doesn't turn around and enters the empty elevator for once.

The soft music and the sound of the storm outside make him regret nothing.


No sooner has he entered the apartment than Aizawa has an idea.


Shouta is comforted when the other turns to him with questioning eyes hidden by cold, soaked green curls.

-Will you take a shower.

Izuku nods a little, his eyes becoming expressionless.


Coming back to the bathroom, Shouta thought that the other person might prefer to be alone-

A warm hand on his wrist stops his thoughts.


Aizawa understands.

And the two end up slipping under the hot jet of water.


Izuku doesn't know how he feels.

Finally if but-

Not really .


It’s not the first time it’s happened but he- he hadn’t felt that much-


To tell the truth, he had felt nothing for so long.

But with Shouta ...

The other hero had unlocked something.

He did not even know it was blocked .

He just thought it was like that, that there was nothing he could do about it.

He did not know-

All he knows is that he doesn't want the other to go away .

So he turns to the other, the almost hot water still hitting his body and making his skin red.

-I-I ....

The other looks at him with ... an acquaintance in those black eyes.


-I know.

The other's deep voice echoes in the room and in his mind.

Izuku does not say anything.



They are both on the living room floor, wrapped in blankets and bundling up in their pajamas.

They watch.

The television is off, the radio is silent, and nothing comes out of the speakers.

Yet they watch .

The drops slide on the windows that go from floor to ceiling.

The sound of rain on the glass and accompanied by their breaths.

Then Izuku leans against his soulmate.

Automatically, without a single word, Aizawa opens his cover and allows the other to stick against his side.

Neither of them leaves the rain with there eyes.





Hizashi gently opens the front door of his best friend, and is about to speak when he sees them.

Aizawa and Midoriya, poster on the floor in front of the large windows, the smallest one having his head on the other's shoulder and their two bodies hidden under a blanket.

No words pass, the rain outside is still beating as hard and the city is almost inactive at this time.

Hizashi smiles softly, a hint of sadness creeps inside him but he doesn't understand why.

When he enters his apartment, he looks out the window.

He smiles harder.

.... and tears are tears.

Chapter Text

Looking at his soulmate, Aizawa still can't figure out what it was like yesterday.

They cried, they felt and they had hardly spoken.


Yet he understood Izuku.


He didn’t fully understand it like in these predictable and overly stupid love movies.




He- He just understood it.

For a moment he had understood this alive puzzle .

And looking now ...



 Shouta sighed.

He would just like to know why Izuku was taped to the ceiling.




Iida was confused.

Yesterday this man came to school and ... and ...

He doesn't even know what they did!


Anyway, Aizawa-sensei and this man had been ... strange.

However, he respected his teacher and did not ask questions.


Maybe he was a temporary worker or someone Aizawa-sensei had to watch?


No matter.


Today Iida was ready for school and was getting ready to go before everyone else like every morning-


-How did you even manage to get up there ?!





Iida did not want to know.

Truly not.

It was only natural that he turned on his heel and decided to wait for Uraraka-kun in front of the gate.

He didn't want to know.





Izuku had never been so proud of him.

Although there was that time he emptied a fire extinguisher on Endeavour's head ...


Or when he locked him in a cold room.

Oh and when he repainted the front of the agency and installed snow machines in his office!

Izuku? him hating ?? Endeavour ???

More likely than you think ...

-Izuku Midoriya.

Uh, oh.

-You have exactly three seconds before I call your mom.


And as Toshinori pulled out his cellphone and got ready to call his wife-




Yagi sighed and rubbed his forehead.

Aizawa looked at his soulmate, not the least bit impressed.

And Izuku stupidly stared at the ceiling where the scotch had remained stuck, lying on the ground, a few ends of tape hanging on his hair and his top hook.

-...Oops ?

The next two sighs seemed reasoned in school.




This time Izuku was prepared.

After all, he didn't want to be bored like yesterday.


So he brought books, his sketchbook, his game boy, some comics ...

And water guns.

A sadistic smile won his face and the students of 3A in front of him shivered.

It was going to end badly.



Ochako was talking with Tsuyu in the corridors towards the self.


She was confused yesterday by this attraction to the man she doesn't even know and her bisexual ass needed advice.

So she went to see Tsuyu.

The green haired teenager told her about a teenage and hormone crush and Ochako was found to agree with her.

They were talking about the outfit that the mystery man is wearing today and how much it suited him in addition to revealing his tattooed belly when-



The next thing Ochako knew was that it was soaking wet, the water dripping to the floor.

She remained frozen in surprise then slowly turned to her attacker.


When she saw the subject of her discussion standing, smiling to the fullest, a water pistol in her hand-

-Izuku ...

In front of her "Izuku" widened his strangely empty eyes.


She frowned.





The next second Izuku was wrapped in Aizawa-sensei's scarves.


-But Shou-chaaaaaaan !!!!


His teacher sighed and soon a piece of the scarf came to cover the mouth of the green haired man.


-Sorry for the inconvenience.


And without another word she watched the pro hero leave in the corridor, his wrapped package dragging behind him.

Yet Ochako still frowned.

Why did his eyes seem so empty?




Okay, his plan was not perfect.


But he was so bored!


And he was really hungry.

So, a pair of puppy eyes later he managed to convince Shouta to come to the cafeteria.

And looking at his targets he felt a smile spread across his lips.

He was really going to have fun.



Shouta knew he should have said no.

But those emerald green eyes shining with tears-


Upon entering the cafeteria, he immediately felt all the pairs of eyes turning to them.


More particularly towards his soulmate.

Towards exposed and tattooed skin and sprinkle with water droplets and-

Focus Shouta.

He watched the envious eyes turn to the green eyed man.

A burst of red appeared in the eyes of the underground hero and he felt his hair lift slightly.

Let them dare to approach ...

Shouta is ready.




The waiting line until the meal was passed without worries and for the moment Izuku keeps his innocent smile.


He periodically took out his phone he had taken out of his bag before leaving class.

If from the outside he seemed to just check his messages or the news, in reality he was scrolling through the various controls that affected the doors of the school.

He had found it surprisingly easy to hack the school, even with his experience.

After all, he couldn't find the information for his hobby in a surprise pocket.


And even though at first he struggled, given his ease to learn, now he was set enough to come in and out of a hero agency system without a trace.

Hero agencies were highly protected, but Yuei had Alcatraz's reputation for technology.


So someone had to let him in.


Who ? And above all, why?


"-Let's go sit at this table.


Watching the table designated by Shou-chan Izuku pouted.


-Nooooo, it's totally isolated.


Izuku saw another man with narrowed red eyes walking around the room.




Izuku sighed and if he had not had a tray in his hands he would have crossed his arms.






Midoriya narrowed her eyes and kept his pout.




Aizawa turned his gaze to that of the youngest and frowned slightly.












Izuku took a deep breath for the continuation of their telepathic argument.


Shou-chan did not give him a choice.





And with that Shouta grabbed the arm of the man who now sported a triumphant smile.


They completely ignored the curious and astonished eyes that fixed them after the explosion, a priority without explanation from Aizawa.




Shouta sighed deeply as he sat down on a table near the center of the cafeteria, not far from all the hero classes.

That is to say, practically all of his students.


He barely resisted the urge to hit his head against the table.


But then he heard his soulmate hum humming sounds.


And turning his gaze to the other man he found him tasting the katsudon with his eyes closed in pure ecstasy.


In one image Shouta felt all the exasperation and fatigue leaving his body, his back becoming straight and his eyes wide open staring at the face of the other.

The luscious mouth which opened in the shape of a heart to surround the chopsticks leaving them slightly covered with saliva, the cheeks covered with freckles swell because of the food, the eyebrows following his emotions passing by the surprise, the attention and finally ecstasy.

And the best part: those eyes.

Two deep dark emerald beads, reminiscent of summer forests. The long black eyelashes perfectly frame these orbs.

They stayed so cold in the world so often that Aizawa could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times emotions had come to life in his green eyes.

So sad and yet so deep.


Over the past few days he had memorized the shades of green, the playfulness and the laughing eyes.


The dilated pupils when they kiss.


The fire behind these precious stones that awakens when he talks about what he likes.


He knew those eyes so well that when he thought of Izuku it was the first thing he saw.


Failing to pinpoint Izuku in full, Shouta had learned, without realizing it, to read these windows, reflecting in rare moments the emotions that awaken from this emptiness.

He had stored all the expressions that had appeared on that face.


And he would not miss the opportunity to see pure ecstasy relax almost all of Izuku's muscles, a little temptation because he remains on his guard always present.

-This Katsudon is simply incredible, it's the best I ever eat- Never say that to my mother, she would kill me on the spot. Finally knowing her she will just look at me with this disappointed and sad air ...


The rest of this chattering melted into a whisper, so that the few who listened not so discreetly backed away from the lack of volume.


Yet Aizawa could hear him.

And one thing is for sure, if there is one thing that Shouta loves more than his eyes, it is his voice.




Upon entering the cafeteria, Tamaki a tensed immediately.


He used to be uncomfortable in front of so many people.

But there now?


His whole mind  ” WARNING



His body and mind wanted to flee, but he forced himself to calm down.


He just had to warn his friends and-



A silence filled the room.

Then as one man, the hundreds of students present turned to the doors and-


Tamaki pushed the handle but-


Mirio tried to activate his quirk but-


They were stranded.

Someone had closed the doors.

Who was the question?

-Well, now that we're a little more private ...


A velvety voice but dangerous sounded and everyone turned to see Aizawa-sensei's mysterious man standing, two water guns coming out of nowhere, several other weapons spread out in front of him on the table.


The innocent smile was gone to show a smile that showed too many teeth, a maniacal smile and blazing eyes.


-... We will be able to have fun.

A general swallow seemed to sound.