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Turnabout Meetings

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June 20 2:10pm
Prosecutor's office Room 1107

Another day, another bitter mug.

The man thought to himself, as he took a sip while looking out his window.

He placed down his mug on his desk, he didn't want things to be like this. Waking up only to know, that his precious kitten, his love, had passed and the man that should've- no, could have protected her- did nothing, and now, the very same man made his love's sister, Maya Fey, suffer the same fate.

Two years ago, during a trial for Matt Engarde, Maya Fey was taken for ransom. Instead of money, they wanted an acquittal. The defense attorney by the name, Phoenix Wright, showed us that Mr. Engarde was innocent, the virdict was handed down, the judge gave a not guilty, and Phoenix Wright left, knowing he just let a murderer loose, he left his attorney's badge and hasn't been seen for 2 years, and for Maya, she should've been released, after all, he got the acquittal.

And as he continue'd to blame Wright, a voice of a young female called out.

"Excuse me," she said as she slowly opened the door "is this the room for Prosecutor Godot?"
"You're in the right room." The prosecutor, Godot, looked at her "What is it that you came here to my office?" She hesitated, and an awkward silence filled the room, making the both of them be uncomforable.

"...may I know what your name is?" Godot asked making the girl jump from his sudden question.
She tried her best to sound confident, "I'm Ema Skye, the sister of the Ex-Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye."
'So she's the Ex-Chief's sister, I thought Ms. Skye said that her sister was in England with her to be a Scientist of sort?'

"I'm Godot, it's nice to finally meet you Ms. Skye." Godot said with gentle smile, "You can call me Ema, we wouldn't want anyone to confuse me with my sister." She seems to have gained confidence, and looked comfortable talking with Godot.
"So can you tell me why you were looking for me?" Ema, with a smile plastered on her face.
"Oh right! The current cheif prosecutor, Mr. Edgeworth, told me to come give you these papers-" and with that she she frantically opened her bag, and chucked them to Godot's desk, "he said its a murder case and he assigned you to do it."
'A murder case? Now? The day's already dark and bitter, so I don't think things would get worse from here--'

"He also said that I should come so that I can investigate with you!"
Godot swore he was hearing things, 'I think i over did it on coffee today.'

"Excuse me but, can you repeat what you just said?" Ema nodded.
"My sister, she said that I go investigate this case with you!"
'So i'm basically left to baby-sit a small defenseless kid.'
"Prosecutor Godot, you do realize that you said that out loud. And i'm not a kid! I'm 18!"
"Still a kid to me, kid." Ema, now pouting, and asked. "Prosecutor Godot, can I come with you to investigate this case? I promise I won't get into trouble, and I can help. With Science!" 'With what now?' "Science? I'm sorry, but i'm not really fond of doing Scientific stuff. And please call me Godot." He pulled out his phone from his pocket and started dialing a number. "Who are you calling, Mr. Godot?" "Your sister, I need to ask her if you can come-" After hearing the word 'Sister' Ema took Godot's phone and hung up before her Lana managed to answer. "What the- kid, why'd you do that?!" Ema, now looking down into Godot's phone.
"He didn't really say anything about me to go investigate with you.."
"And why did you lie about that?"
"..." silence once again. "My sister Lana.." Ema started, "...she barely has time for me now, and I want to do something to show her that I can be of use to her by some way... and Mr. Edgeworth gave these paper works and told me that I can investigate with you, he said he won't tell Lana because we know that she doesn't want me getting involved with Murder cases."
Godot, was left speechless, the memories started flooding back of his Junior Partner,

"Mr. Grossberg please, let me take this case! I know I just got my attorney's badge, but I know he's innocent. Even if he's an escaped death-row convict, I believe in him."

Godot mumbled something to himself "What did you say just now, Mr. Godot?" Ema, staring at Godot, 'those eyes..'

"What did you just say just now, Mr. Armando?"

"I...I said you can come investigate with me."
Her eyes lit up "Really?!" She was bouncing up and down with excitement that another Prosecutor had to ask them to quiet down.
"Well, let's start this investigation then, Ema."
"You betcha, Mr. Godot!"
"Now, let's go to the crime sce-" before Godot could finish his sentence, Ema was already running outside the office.
"Last one there has to buy 50 pieces of candy!"
"Ema wait! This is a crime scene we're talking about!"