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hello! this is vermiliren. i've decided to take requests on tumblr, so i will be posting some of that content here! 


if you would like to request something, please go to my tumblr and do so! here are my rules, which are also posted on tumblr.


rules + requests

hello and welcome to my blog! here are some guidelines for requests/suggestions



-this is considered a yandere blog. if you are not comfortable with those kinds of topics, this is not the place for you. 

-this blog is restricted to character/reader

-i will write nsfw/smut, and there isn’t much i am not okay with. the biggest NOs are piss kinks, scat, incest, pedophilia and the omegaverse/abo. otherwise, it should be fine. if you want to know, please ask!

-i will tag all potential triggers to the best of my ability!

-i also write fluff when requested

-when writing, i try to keep it gender neutral. in nsfw, please specify the gender, because if not, i’ll try to take the most gender neutral course i can, or revert to a female reader depending on the request.

characters and fandoms I write for are specified in a different post under the tag “characters and fandoms” and “rules”. (click here for the link as well!)

thank you so much! i will add anything else here if it concerns rules.



for Overwatch, i’ll write for these characters since i am more familiar with them than the others (i have only played overwatch once in my life oops). if i learn more about other heroes, i will add them to the list!








-Soldier 76/Jack









-all characters! (mcu)

-and Eddie Brock/Venom

*nsfw for 18+ characters ONLY.

Boku no Hero Academia:

-all characters! (in anime and manga)

*nsfw for 18+ characters, and situations where characters are aged up ONLY


-all characters! (in anime)

*nsfw for 18+ characters, and situations where characters are aged up ONLY

Stranger Things

-all 18+ characters ONLY

Good Omens

-all characters atm

Detroit: Become Human

-all characters atm