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“Jimin. . . Jimin no! Please. . . don't leave me! Jimin please! Don't go, please!”  Yoongi is awakened by a tremor in his body. His forehead is covered in sweat, body trembling. He’s taking deep breaths, trying to calm his racing heart down. “You were having another night terror.” Yoongi turned his head at the sound of Sophie’s voice. She was standing in the middle of the room, a frown on her face. Her hair was longer than before, almost reaching to her waist. She was taller too, a teenager.



“Seokjin told me to come get you since the meeting is going to start soon.” Yoongi nodded his head, sitting up with a deep exhale. “Thank you.” Yoongi expected Sophie to walk out but instead, she stood in place. “Dad?. . . was it. . . because of him?” Yoongi sighed, immediately knowing where this was going. “It was, wasn’t it? Why do you even-” “Sophie. . . not now.” Sophie sighed before she rolled her eyes. “Fine” She replied before she walked out of the room.



Yoongi groaned as he rubbed both of his eyes with his thumb and index finger. He then stood up, walking towards the bathroom. He quickly made himself presentable before he walked down the stairs. He saw Sophie sitting on the sofa in the living room. “I’ll be going, stay out of trouble.” Sophie nodded her head, glancing back at him with a small smile. “Be careful” “You too.” Yoongi responded before he was out of the house. As soon as Yoongi was outside, he saw plenty of people going around their day.



He was used to this setting. He was used to seeing people talking in the street, kids playing with toys or with a ball, kicking it around playing football. It was almost as if it was back then, when the infection wasn’t around. “Wow, you look like shit” A woman said as soon as Yoongi entered a very familiar hospital. “Morning to you too.” The woman laughed, throwing her head back. “Hey chill out, I’m only teasing.” “Yeah, thanks Lianna. That’s just what I needed.” Lianna chuckled before she put her arm around Yoongi, making him grunt when she pulled him towards a hallway.



“The others are already waiting. It’s just you, Seokjin, and Namjoon we’re waiting on.” Yoongi nodded, moving away from her grasp when they entered a room. Inside, was a long table, enough chairs to let everyone sit down. “Hey Seok” Yoongi said when he saw Hoseok. “Oh hey, you okay? You look terrible.” Yoongi chuckled, shaking his head back and forth. “Night terrors still not letting you sleep?” “Yeah. . . I don't know what else to do.” Yoongi replied, exhaling tiredly. He stretched his back before he sat up, seeing Namjoon and Seokjin enter.



“Morning, is everyone here?” Seokjin asked with a smile. Namjoon looked around, counting each head that was inside. There was Yoongi, Hoseok, Lianna, Jay, Katie, Seokjin, and himself. “Looks like it.” “Alright good, let’s begin. As you all know and now fully use, electricity is up and running. If everything goes well, we’ll have it powered naturally. Hoseok, how is going on your end?” “Well, we seem to be running low on stocks. We’re going to have to go searching again.”



“Where? We’ve already went throughout the entire safe zone. There’s nowhere else to look.” Jay said, making everyone frown. “Lianna?” “He’s right, our men searched the entire thing. All of Seattle was searched and we’ve taken everything we can. Our only option is to cross the bridge.” “For what? To get shot? We know the Skull Fighters are there, we’ve encountered them plenty of times. Going out there will only decrease our possibilities of surviving.” Yoongi said, trying to reason with everyone. “So what’re we going to do then genius?



We have a population of over three hundred people, not counting the newborns and the children. If we don't go out and stock up now, we won’t have anything that’ll last up for the summer.” Jay responded, almost with an angry retaliation. “We have capable men. On your word, we'll go through the bridge and get what we need. Seokjin, we can’t not  do this. This is our people we’re talking about. They’ll starve.” Lianna said this time. Seokjin looked down at his thighs, thinking.



“What about the infected? Not only are there plenty still here but the Skull Fighter’s are using them to their advantage. We don't have enough of the reverse cure to go around. We can’t take it for granted.” Jay scoffed at Yoongi’s words, slumping on his chair. “Are you serious right now? That’s not even a problem. All we need to do is send the people who were injected with the original cure and that’s that. We don't need to send anyone else.” “He’s got a point.” Namjoon added on, making Yoongi frown at him.



“Jin, you should at least have some sense in this. They’ll die if they go out there! Don’t you remember what happened in our last attempt going out there? We’ll also be left defenseless if they leave.” “So you want us to starve?” Yoongi and the others turned their heads at Katie’s words. “If we don't go, we’ll eventually starve. We’ll be losing twice as much if we don't let them go. I vote for them to go.” “So do I.” Jay said, agreeing with Katie. Lianna sighed, looking at Yoongi’s with an apologetic look before looking at Seokjin. “I agree as well. Any chance we have to get supplies, then so be it.”



“I’m down for whatever you decide.” Hoseok said, looking at Seokjin. Seokjin inhaled before exhaling, finally coming to a conclusion. “Very well, Jay and Lianna, you two will get as many men as you think you need and head out tomorrow morning. Stock up and make sure everyone going with you is injected with the original cure.” Yoongi tsked before he leaned back in his chair, rolling his eyes. “Why do I even bother?” Yoongi said more to himself but Jay still heard him.



“Take some reverse cures with you but use it wisely. We don't have enough to spare. Lianna, I’m putting you in charge.” “Yes sir” Lianna responded before she stood up, Jay stood up as well. “I’m being serious when I tell you that if you see the Skull Fighters, do not engage. Try your best to stay out of sight. And if you see a horde, stay away. Just cause you’re injected with the cure, does not mean you will not die of several bites.” “You’re all taking this cure too seriously.” Jay said with a grunt.



“It saved us.” “Saved us? Are you serious? It didn't do anything! Everything is exactly as it was when that stupid cure didn't exist! We wasted time making that stupid cure.” “You better fucking shut your mouth before I-!” Yoongi yelled when he was silenced by Jay’s laughter. “Please, you’re just defending the cure because it came from Virus. I would’ve given up if I was you. He’s gone, he left us.” Namjoon immediately intervened when he saw Yoongi tighten his hands into a fist.



 “Jay, enough. Jimin gave his all for the cure. He and Jungkook are out there doing what they have to do. All we must do is wait until they get back.” “It’s been four years, four years Namjoon. What, are we going to wait four more?! They're probably dead for all we know.” Everyone immediately widened their eyes when Yoongi surged forward, grabbing onto Jay’s shirt with force. He was about to push back his fist to hit him in the face when Hoseok pulled him back.



“Enough! The decision is made. Lianna, Jay, go and do what I told you to do. And Jay, respect what Jimin did for us. If it weren’t for him, you would’ve turned last month. Don't you remember?” Seokjin said, giving Jay a pointed glare. Jay tsked before he nodded his head. He walked out of the room, Lianna following after him. Yoongi still felt anger, even after Jay was gone. Katie looked at everyone with an expressionless face before she too left without saying a word. “Yoongi please, don't cause a fight. I know what Jay said was terrible but please understand him. It’s easy to lose hope considering how long it’s been.”



Yoongi pushed Hoseok away from him, looking at Seokjin with a small glare, but a glare nonetheless. His look made Namjoon stand closer to Seokjin, giving Yoongi a look saying ‘Don't get any ideas’. “Jimin and Jungkook are alive, I don't care how long time passes. They are alive.” Yoongi said as he stomped out of the room. Seokjin sighed, glancing up at Hoseok and Namjoon, who had worried expressions. “Don't worry about him, he’ll calm down. He always does. By the way, Hoseok-” Hoseok turned his head to look at Seokjin, waiting for him to continue speaking.



“Where’s Taehyung? I assigned him a task yesterday but I haven’t seen him at all.” Hoseok sighed, twiddling his thumbs. “Uhm. . . Tae is. . . not here.” Seokjin sighed, dropping his head to his hands. “Don't tell me he’s still venturing out of the safe zone?” “Yeah, he is. I tried to stop him but since he lives alone, he leaves without anyone noticing. He does get back before dark though.” “Still, it’s dangerous. If you see him, let him know that I want to speak with him.” Hoseok nodded his head before leaving the room.



Namjoon smiled sadly at Seokjin, who seemed to be a little tense. “Hey, it’s okay. You have to take it easy.” “I know it’s just. . . I don't know what to do. Yes, I’ve been the leader for four years but I still get stuck in what to do when a problem presents itself.” Namjoon placed his hand on Seokjin’s back, slowly moving it in soothing circles. “It’s okay, I can take care of Taehyung. You should rest and I can give you a massage.” Seokjin chuckled, tilting his head to look at Namjoon.



“Thank you.” Namjoon smiled before he moved forward, placing a kiss on Seokjin’s lips. “Of course, you know you can count on me.” Seokjin's smile widened as he melted on the kiss. “You can count on me too.” Namjoon lightly tilted Seokjin’s head, kissing his lips before he placed a kiss on his nose. “I know.”















One step, two steps, three steps, then a long jump. That’s what it took to get up here. Taehyung looked up at the sky, seeing the clouds up in the sky. He was on a building, not too big, not too small. He’s used to coming here. This was the only place he felt calmed and not constantly watched. Taehyung took a deep breath before exhaling, closing his eyes lightly. He hums at the feeling of warmth the sun’s rays gives. After a while or basking in the sun’s light, Taehyung sat up, and looked around. “I wonder what time it is.” He said as he made his way down.



Once he was down on the streets, he made his way towards the place he’s been going for the last few days since he found it. It was a bookstore. When he first found it, not only were there books and broken glass all over the place, there was an infected tied to the back room, tied onto a pipe. At first, Taehyung’s first reaction was to kill it but he decided not to after he realized that he could ‘use’ the zombie as a form of communicating.



Don't get him wrong, he can talk to people back at the safe zone but somehow, he couldn’t let them in fully. Ever since Jungkook and Jimin left, he’s felt. . . rather empty. A lot of people tried to comfort him, always asking if he needed something or if he needed someone to talk to. But Taehyung didn't need them. . . he need Jungkook. It was an entire year when Taehyung stopped crying to sleep. It’s been another year since Taehyung stopped having nightmares about Jungkook dying. And it’s been another two years to finally decide that he shouldn’t just sit there and wait for Jungkook to return.



He had to live and make himself stronger. So that way, when Jungkook does  return, he can be proud of him. So he could be proud of what Taehyung had become. He trained day in and day out. He was helped by people from the group to shoot properly as well as learn the best way of form defense, just in case. Thanks to all of that, Taehyung can now safely and confidently walk outside of the safe zone. He’s been going out of the safe zone for five months now and he’s never felt freer.



Taehyung walked in the back room, instantly hearing the infected groan when he heard him. Taehyung smiled at him before he sat down, body facing the zombie. “Heya Joe, I would ask how you’re doing but-” Taehyung looked at the infected’s hands, looking at the rope that binds him before looking back down to the infected’s eyes. “Today marks an exact four years since Jungkook and Jimin left. . .” Taehyung remained silent, sighing sadly. “I don't know what else to do. I know it’s useless but. . . I’ve made a lot of letters to Jungkook. I know I can’t technically send them but what if he wants to know how I’ve been and what I’ve done?”



Taehyung smiled widely as he looked at his thighs, body moving back and forth. “I dreamed of him yesterday. I dreamed of when we were back at the school, back when any of this never happened. It was the first day we hung out, the day we official became friends. We found this together.” Taehyung reached inside his shirt, pulling out a small colorful stone that was hanging from a silver chain. The stone was colors orange, brown, and a hint of blue. He had found matching ones with Jungkook and had Eric make them into necklaces.



Taehyung hasn’t taken it off ever since. Taehyung then pouted, suddenly feeling sad. “I wonder. . . if Jungkook still has it. I mean. . . it’s not like he’ll throw it away but. . . what if he loses it? What if someone stole it?” Taehyung sighs again. He quickly shook his head, getting those ideas out of his head. “No, I know Jungkook. He wouldn’t just lose it.” Taehyung looked up when he heard the infected grunt, pulling on his restraints. “You’re gonna pull your wrist off, and then I will have to kill you. I wouldn’t want that though. You’re the only one I can talk to as strange as that sounds.” Taehyung finishes off with a chuckle.



“Well Joe, I have to go. I gotta go explore! I haven’t found a decent décor for my coffee table yet and I haven’t really searched the rest of this place so I better leave before I run out of sunshine. Bye Joe!” Taehyung said before he walked out of the book store. Taehyung then made his way towards the direction to his left. He hasn’t really explored that side of the city yet. He knows the others have, of course for supplies and food, but Taehyung was looking for entertainment.



He looked at all the shops in the area, stopping to look at himself through the window. He combed his now black hair with his fingers, pouting when he realized how long his hair has grown. It grew on the neck area, into a mullet. Taehyung didn't know if he liked it or not but he for sure liked the black than his natural brown red hair color. He had dyed it two months ago, thinking it was good to have a little change.



He also chuckled when he dangled his head, feeling his earring move from side to side, hitting the side of his face. The earring hurt when they did it to him but he liked it. It was a decision made under the influence of alcohol, which he was not proud of, but he ended up liking the earring anyway. Good thing he was drinking with Hoseok and Yoongi. Those two made sure to take care of him when he was drunk but to be honest, is he really safe with Hoseok? He was  the one who made Taehyung get the earring in the first place. Taehyung chuckled at the memory before he continued his walk. He hummed with interest when he saw multiple shops that say ‘Décor’ and ‘Modern Design’.



He decided to enter the one called ‘Modern Design’ to see if they had anything interesting. The first thing he noticed was that it had multiple floors. He entered cautiously, grabbing his pistol as he walked inside. “Hello?” Taehyung asked loudly. He didn't know what he expected but two cats jumping out, running past him was not it. He jumped, yelping before he hunched over, a hand placed on his chest, the other on the wall, holding himself from dropping to the ground with fear.



“Woo. . . you sure gave me a scare.” He said with a smile after he caught his breath. “Alright, let’s see what I can find.”














When Taehyung made his way back towards the safe zone, he’s met with Namjoon, arms crossed in front of him. “Where were you?” He asked with a frown. Taehyung looked down at his arms, making Namjoon do the same. Taehyung was holding a wooden tray with two candles. One of them was slightly chipped at the top. Namjoon looked back at Taehyung, raising an eyebrow. “Are you serious right now?” “What?” Taehyung responded with a pout. “You went out and risked your life for this?” Taehyung sighed as he walked passed Namjoon, into his house. “I was not in any danger. Besides, I didn't have anything for my coffee table.” Namjoon sighed as he followed Taehyung inside.



It’s been two years since Taehyung decided that he wanted to live alone. He found an empty house in the safe zone and decided to call that his home. The house had two rooms, two bathrooms, the living room, the laundry room, the kitchen, and a backyard. Taehyung didn't care much for everything else but his specific room, the kitchen, and the living room. As soon as Taehyung entered, he placed the items on the table in front of the sofa, one Taehyung also somehow got in here.



Namjoon waited until Taehyung finished organizing to speak to him again. “Tae, I know this calms you down and keeps your mind occupied but you can’t just go out and not tell anyone. You could’ve gotten hurt. I’m not saying you’re not capable, I’m just. . . we’re all just worried about you.” Taehyung stood sat on the sofa, listening to Namjoon’s words. “I know. . . I can’t promise I won’t go out again though.” Namjoon exhaled with disappointment. “Alright. . . but please at least tell someone.”



At Taehyung’s nod, Namjoon made his way to leave. Before he walked out the door though, he looked back at Taehyung, smiling softly. “We care about you Tae, please let us know if you need anything.” Taehyung nodded once more before he heard the door close. Taehyung released a breath or relief when he was finally alone. He looked at his new items, moving them so it suited him better. Once done, he stood up and walked to his room. It was night already, so Taehyung went to do his night routine. He took off his shoes and immediately sat on the bed, legs crossed in front of him. He then reached towards the side table, pulling out a small notebook and a black pen.



With a smile, Taehyung began writing. He wrote about the new places he saw, about Joe and about what he spoke to him. He also wrote about the dream he had the night before. At the end, he wrote about his feelings and how it’s slowly changing to one of acceptance. This is his life now, this was everything he did everyday. Once he was done, he closed the book, placing it back in the drawer with all of the other finished notebooks.



“That marks a thousand four hundred and sixty letters.” Taehyung’s smile fell, a thousand four hundred and sixty days had passed already. A total of four years. Sometimes, Taehyung was shocked at the amount of time that has passed. It scared him not knowing anything about Jungkook and Jimin. It scared him to death. Realizing his negative thoughts, Taehyung straightened his back, taking a deep inhale, holding it in before exhaling loudly.



“They’re fine. . . they’ll be back soon. Jungkook said he would. . . and when he does-” Taehyung grinned softly, a light pink coated his cheeks as he reached for the stone necklace. “He said he’d marry me.” He looked around the room, imagining the life he would have when Jungkook and Jimin return. “We will live here and maybe. . . maybe he’ll want to adopt. Maybe he’ll want to raise someone with me.” Taehyung giggled to himself before his smile left once more. He sighed, unable to keep the negative thoughts at bay.



“Just don't think about it. . . Jungkook wouldn’t want you to be like this.” Taehyung said to himself before he lifted the covers, immediately going under them. He tried his best to sleep and was only successful after an hour of tossing and turning. He dreamed of Jungkook again that night, but this time, it was a nightmare. He dreamed of Jungkook, being in extreme pain. He dreamed of Jungkook and Jimin, covered in blood and dead bodies. He saw both of their faces, expressions unrecognizable. They didn't look like themselves, they looked scary.















It was the next day, Taehyung chose not to go out today. He was sat outside of his house, on one of the steps on the porch. He had a broken mirror on his hand, looking at his hair. He pouted, not knowing what to do. He then suddenly heard footsteps approaching him. He looked up and saw a man, the same age as him. He had dark brown hair, shortly cut. His name was Bogum. Bogum smiled as he sat down next to him. “Whatcha doing?” He asked when he saw Taehyung looking at himself in the mirror.



“Thinking” Taehyung responded, not giving anymore information. Bogum chuckled before he looked all over Taehyung’s face. His eyes then went to his hair. He raised his hand, lightly touching his mullet. “You’re hair’s getting longer.” Taehyung whined at that, letting Bogum know that, that’s exactly what Taehyung was ‘thinking’ about. “I don't know if I should cut it” “Don't, it looks good.” “Does it?” Taehyung asked, still looking at himself in the mirror. “Wouldn’t it make me sweat when summer arrives?”



Bogum hummed, placing his hand under his chin, rubbing it with his fingers. “Well, if that happens then you should cut it til then. I think you should keep it. It makes you look more prettier than you already are.” Taehyung turned his head, smiling widely at Bogum. He turned his head then, not noticing the blush that appeared on Bogum’s face. “Thank you” Taehyung said before he stretched his limbs.



“I guess that’s decided” Bogum chuckled once he composed himself. “Hey, that’s a new shirt huh? Where’d you get it?” Taehyung raised both eyebrows before he looked down at his shirt. He smiled as he looked back up at Bogum “I found it a couple days ago, you like?” Bogum nodded his head, touching the fabric. “Yeah, I haven’t seen this type of print in so long.”



Taehyung giggled at that. It was true, this kind of print wasn’t used or taken since it stood out. Anyone could see you wearing this shirt from miles away. The shirt had different shapes and lines going all over the place. They were all of different color, some brightly standing out than others. To top it off, Taehyung wore a light blue jeans, one he also found a couple days ago.



“Give me your size and I’ll look one for you later.” “How about I go with you?” Bogum asked, a hopeful smile on his face. Taehyung hummed, looking away as to think. Bogum whined, pouting at Taehyung. “Please Tae? You don't hang out with me anymore. And I promise I won’t tell anyone where you go. Come on, you can trust me.” Taehyung chuckled before he nodded his head. “Alright but you have to promise not to say anything!” “Yeah! Pinky swear.” The two linked their pinkies, thumbs connecting on the other end. “It’s a promise.”














“Remember to stay put and don't engage unless completely necessary.” “Yes boss.” Jay said to Seokjin. Jay and Lianna were getting prepared to leave, they were taking at least fifteen people with them. “We’ll be back as soon as we can” Lianna said this time. Seokjin nodded his head as he looked at each and every one of them. “Please, take care of each other. We’re family, we don't leave anyone behind.” Everyone smiled at him, nodding their heads.



“No one gets left behind.” Seokjin smiled proudly. Soon, they all each started filing out. “Take care of yourselves!” Seokjin yelled when Lianna and Jay were leaving, behind the others. They chuckled, waving with a loud “See you later!” Seokjin chuckled, waving back. He sighed and turned his head when he saw someone walk next to him, it was Yoongi. “They’re gonna be okay.”



Yoongi nodded his head “I really hope you’re right Jin. . . I really hope you’re right.” He said before turning around, walking towards a different direction. He walked into the hospital, where he knew someone he could speak with for everything was. “Oh? Yoongi, what brings you here?” Yoongi looked up at him, smiling. “Hey Louis, I’m just visiting.” Louis chuckled before he ruffled Yoongi’s hair.



“Visiting me? You know I’m gonna be released in a little bit.” Yoongi nodded his head as he sat down. Louis was in the hospital after he had fainted a few days back. Seokjin had said he had high blood pressure. It wasn’t bad but he had to be constantly checked on, making sure he was eating well. Yoongi and Sophie were really worried about him but Louis made it seem like it wasn't a big deal. He was that kind of person. As time passed, Yoongi ended up seeing Louis as a father figure since Sophie has always seen him and called him grandfather.



He knew that Louis was a father figure for Jimin but Louis always told him that he can call him dad too. Of course, Yoongi didn't do that but he did see him as a father as well. Louis has been here for three days now, he was going to be released tomorrow. And as of tomorrow, Yoongi was going to make sure to visit him every day. Louis had said it was nonsense for Yoongi to ‘waste’ his time going over to see him but Yoongi refused.



“How’s Sophie?” Louis asked, trying to get Yoongi from thinking for too long. Everyone knew Yoongi was having episodes of depression as well as his usual night terrors. “She’s. . . she’s fine.” “Still talking back?” Louis asked with a sad smile. Yoongi nodded his head, leaning back in his chair. “I don't know why she’s like that. . . every single time someone even remotely says Jimin’s or Jungkook's name. . . she gets angry and defensive. I don't know what else to do with her.”



“I’m not trying to defend her or say that what she’s doing is justified but look at it from her perspective for a while. She’s mad at Jimin because. . . well, because of what he’s done to you. Now before you say that Jimin hasn’t done anything to you-” Louis quickly said when he saw Yoongi open his mouth to retaliate. “She'd worried about her dad. You’re suffering Yoongi. . . alot more than Taehyung. I’m not saying Taehyung isn’t suffering at all but he seems to be able to distract himself whilst you. . . you don't.



Or more like, you can’t. Yoongi, I know everyone tells you this but it isn’t healthy.” “Taehyung is suffering the same as I am. . . he just knows how to hide it better. I know I need help. . . but I honestly don't know what to do. It’s been four years Louis. . . four years since they’ve been gone. Besides, the only one I can count on aside from Jin, Joon, and Hoseok is you. No one else. Half of the crows are already with the idea of them being out there, living their best lives, that they abandoned us or worse, dead.



How do you expect me to think of anything else when everyone around me dislikes them, even my own daughter.” Louis smiled sadly at him, rubbing his shoulder in a soothing motion. “I’m sorry Yoongi. The best thing we can do is. . . wait. Wait for their arrival. Others might think they left us or that they’re dead. But I know they’re not. Jimin and Jungkook aren’t capable of abandoning us. And they’re far too strong and smart to get themselves killed. Trust in them Yoongi, they’re alive and they will be back.” Yoongi nodded his head, looking up at Louis with a determined look. “I know they are. They will be back, I’m sure of it.”


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It’s much less quieter having someone around. The statement is obvious but for Taehyung, who was so used to not having anyone with him whenever he went out of the safe zone, it was weird. He was used to being silent whenever he ventured around the city. Bogum kept talking and talking which wasn’t a bad thing but Taehyung didn't know how to think about it. This was his quiet time after all. As soon as they walked to the clothing stores Taehyung ventured last time in, Bogum made it his mission to get Taehyung to laugh.



He would put stuff on, making him look silly. Taehyung did laugh but he was more nervous far most. “I guess they don't have my size.” Bogum said as he looked around the store. There’s a mall somewhere close here, I haven’t gone there at all but we can go check it out.” Taehyung said, making Bogum hum. “I don't know. . . it might not be safe. Why don't you show me somewhere else you go to?” Bogum said, changing the subject. Taehyung nodded his head and showed him the furniture place he found barely the day before.



“Wow, so this is where you got all your cool stuff. I’m impressed, some of these things are almost in good shape, considering how long it’s been. How did you get a sofa at your place on your own anyways?” Bogum asked as his eyes roamed around the shop. Taehyung giggled, making Bogum’s eyes land on his. “It was hard but I dragged it over. By the time I was near the zone, Derek helped me put it inside.” Bogum laughed, shaking his head softly. “Wow”



“Hey, why don't we check near the bay? I’m sure there’s more things around there.” “Yeah sure” Bogum responded before he followed Taehyung. He’s not going to lie, Bogum expected the city out of the safe zone to be a little more climatic. But it actually seemed safe, which was weird. The group has always said that it wasn’t safe and that there were still infected around. They also said about the possibility of Skull Fighters around the area since the Crow’s didn't have all of Seattle taken. But he decided not to question it since he didn't want Taehyung to think that he thought of him as weak or anything.



“Hey look, let’s go in there!” Taehyung yelled when he saw a shopping center. There were loads of shops around, some he have never went into. “Let’s go in here first.” Bogum smiled as soon as he saw Taehyung with a curious look when he entered the first store. Bogum’s smile however, left when he realized what kind of store it was. It was a lingerie store. “Uhm. . . I haven’t seen one of these before.” He said, looking at the plastic models with said lingerie. They were torn, some very dirty but it was still odd being here.



He looked over at Taehyung and noticed he was still looking around. “Tae?” He asked, knocking him out of his thoughts. “I’ve never been to a place like this. Back in the day, I’ve always heard people talk about lingerie stores. There were some girls in my school always talking about which one they were going to buy to show off to their boyfriends.” “Wow. . . and how old were you when this happened?” Taehyung hummed loudly as he thought. “Fifteen” “Yikes” Bogum responded, making Taehyung giggle.



“Those girls shouldn’t even be talking about those kinds of things at that age.” Bogum said as he looked at what Taehyung was looking at. It was a model wearing a white satin two piece. The bottoms were short shorts, lace detailed on the leg holes whilst the top were a long spaghetti strap ‘dress’ that covered below the navel. “I can’t believe how things have changed.” Taehyung nodded, agreeing with Bogum. “Welp, we better go before anyone gets too worried.” Bogum made his way towards the exit but stopped when he realized that Taehyung wasn’t following him.



“Uhm Tae?” He asked. Taehyung turned away from the two piece and looked at Bogum, tilting his head. “Let’s go” “Oh. . .right.” Taehyung replied, now following after Bogum. The two finally made their way back to the safe zone. Instead of heading towards Taehyung’s house, the two walked over to a makeshift cafe one of the members ‘made’. Of course, they didn't really have coffee. It was just a place to hang out when on their break. “Oh, hey Taehyung. Haven’t seen you in a couple of days.”



Taehyung smiled when he saw a man with no hair. He was buff and very tall. He was also the ‘owner’ of this place and a good friend and former Skull fighter, now ally. “Hey Derek, what’re you doing?” “Oh you know, hanging out.” Taehyung looked around, seeing Katie, Sophie, and a few other members he’s spoken to. “Bogum, Namjoon was looking for you. Told him you were with Tae. You should go look for him when you’re free.” Bogum nodded his head “Will do.”



Derek then chuckled and lightly elbowed Taehyung on his arm. “So, you found anything new for your little love nest? You’ve been out a lot more than often. You must have a beautiful place ready and set up for Jungkook huh? I’m sure he’ll love it.” Taehyung smiled his boxy smile, making everyone lighten up. But everyone’s smile left when they heard another voice spoke. “That is if he comes back.” Everyone, including Taehyung, turned their heads at the person who said it.



“Sophie, that’s not a nice thing to say.” Sophie chuckled unamused before he looked at Taehyung, who was now frowning. “We don't know if they’ll be back. And not only is my dad suffering but Taehyung is too. I don't know why you two think it’s okay for them to be gone for this long. I wouldn’t have waited. . . they’re probably dead.” “Sophie!” Derek yelled, making her turn her head to the side, a frown on her face.



“No. . . she’s right.” With a surprised expression, everyone turned their heads to look at Taehyung. “She’s right. . . I should’ve moved on. I should’ve just forgotten about him but. . . I can’t. And I know Yoongi can’t either.” That statement made Sophie look at Taehyung with furrowed eyebrows. “So what if they’re out there for this long, that won’t change how we feel. Yes, they left us by choice when they could’ve stayed. So what? I can’t control my feelings. . . I can’t control my heart. I love him. . . and I will always love him. Even if he’s. . .” Taehyung’s eyes coated with tears, voice shaking. “Even if he’s d-dead. I don't care. . . I’ll still wait for him, even if he doesn’t c-come back.”



“Tae. . . Tae!!” Bogum yelled when Taehyung turned around and ran away. Bogum turned his head, glaring at Sophie before he ran after Taehyung. “Taehyung!! Tae, wait!” Bogum yelled, instantly pushing the door to stop Taehyung from locking himself in his house. “Tae please, don't cry. Please don't-” Bogum pleaded before he pulled Taehyung in a tight hug. Taehyung tried to push him off at first but soon, he was crying in Bogum’s arms. “He’s not d-dead!. . he’s alive! I know he i-is!” “I know, he is. He’s alive.” Bogum responded, rocking Taehyung’s body back and forth to calm him. Everything he’s been holding in all came out. Everything he suppressed was now out in the open and nothing could stop it.



















“So, I heard Sarah did your laundry again.” Hoseok said towards Yoongi, lifting both his eyebrows. The two were in Yoongi’s house, both working on something Namjoon tasked them in. “And your point?” Hoseok hummed, leaning on his chair. “Well, she told me the other day that she likes you. She’s even trying her best to get along with Sophie.” Yoongi inhaled deeply before letting it out in a tired sigh. “Don't wanna give her a chance?” “Not really, now please drop this.” Yoongi responded before he turned his body, picking up a map of the area.



“Yoongi, I know that. . .” Hoseok sighed before looking up at Yoongi with sad eyes. “I know you’re still waiting and what not but Sophie needs a mother figure around you know. She’s a teenager. Soon, she’s going to experience some changes that you might not be able to help. Having a mother figure around won’t hurt, on the contrary, it’ll help her alot. And. . . it might even help you too.” “Seok, I really don't wanna talk about this. I don't want anything with Sarah or with anyone and that’s final.



And about Sophie, I was going to ask Lianna to talk to her about that. Unless you’re bothered by it.” Hoseok chuckled “Why would I be bothered by it?” Yoongi looked at him, raising an eyebrow at him. “I don't know what you mean.” Hoseok said when he saw Yoongi's expression. Yoongi chuckled, shaking his head softly. “You know, I can’t help but feel like Lianna was meant for you. Have you guys, you know-?” Hoseok blushed, arms crossed in front of him. “Hey! Stay out of my love life!”



Yoongi was about to comment on something else when the door to the room opened, shouts were heard loudly. “Let me go old man!!” “What’s going on here?!” Yoongi asked, eyebrows furrowing when he saw Derek enter the room, a hand tightly grasped on Sophie’s elbow. “Yoon, control your kid. She’s got the mouth of a sailor and some bad attitude. If ya want, I can shape her up real good.” “Fuck you!” Sophie yelled, making Derek chuckle. “Sophie that’s enough!” “But dad-!” “To your room.”



Sophie scoffed, taking her tongue out at Derek before stomping her way upstairs. Yoongi shook his head back and forth when he heard the door slam shut. “You gotta control your girl, she’s gonna get some real beating if she don't watch what she says.” “What did she do this time?” Yoongi asked, rubbing both his eyes with his index finger and thumb. “She said some real mean things to Taehyung, about Jungkook.” Yoongi looked up at Derek, eyebrows raised with surprise. “Said that he and Jimin were dead and never coming back.”



That made Yoongi sigh again, looking down to the ground. “She then proceeded to throw profanities to everyone who said she was wrong for doing that.” “I’ll talk to her.” “Yeah, you better. Someone will come up to her one day and slap her mouth shut if she doesn’t learn how to control it in a world like this. This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this and I’m sure as hell that it won’t be the last.” Yoongi nodded but didn't say anything else as Derek left. Hoseok looked at Yoongi, patting his back, a show of support.



“I’ll leave you be so you can talk to her more calmly.” “Thanks Seok. . . I appreciate it.” Hoseok gave Yoongi one more pat on the back before getting up, leaving after another wave. Yoongi sighed, now rubbing his temples with both or his hands. He stood up and immediately walked upstairs. He stopped at Sophie’s door, taking a deep breath. He wiggled the door knob when there wasn’t an answer only to find it locked. “Sophie, honey, please open up. We need to talk.”



Yoongi waited about ten seconds before he heard footsteps then the sound of a the lock being turned before the door opened. Before Yoongi was able to fully enter, Sophie threw herself on her bed, back facing Yoongi. Carefully, he sat on Sophie’s bed, a hand instantly going to her arm. “Sophie. . . why’re you causing trouble? And why did you say that to Taehyung?” “He needed to hear the truth.” Yoongi sighed at her response.



“How do you even know that’s true?” Yoongi heard her scoff, followed by an unamused chuckle “Yeah right. They wouldn’t be gone this long if that wasn’t the case. But it doesn’t matter does it? They’re still hurting both of you. If Jimin loved us. . . like he said he did. . . why did he leave? Why is he hurting you and making you cry? I hate him. . . I hate him and I hate Jungkook. Because of them, you and uncle Taehyung are always sad. All they ever do is hurt you.”



Yoongi felt a pang in his heart when Sophie began to cry, shoulders shaking as tears went down her cheeks. He laid down next to her, arm immediately hugging her close to him. He placed a kiss on her head before he took a deep breath, trying to control his emotions. “Sophie. . . you know why they left. And I know you think that’s bullshit but if you were in their position. . . you’d want to finish what you started too. I. . . I won’t be able to stop you from hating them, I know that. But you saying that to Taehyung isn’t right. You’re accusing Jimin and Jungkook of hurting us but. . . you’re hurting us too.”



Sophie’s eyes widened. She turned her body, looking up at Yoongi with confusion. “You think its a good thing that you tell us that they’re dead. . . but in reality, you’re hurting us. More than helping us. If. . . if they really are dead. . . then time will tell us. Until then, I rather think that they’re still out there. That they’re living and trying to get back to us. I know you would like to think that too, I know you. You are my daughter after all.” Yoongi saw Sophie’s bottom lip tremble before her eyes began to tear up again. Without another word, Sophie hugged Yoongi, tears wetting his shirt with every sob.



Yoongi returned the hug, tightening it when he felt tears coat his own eyes. “I’m s-sorry” “It’s okay baby girl. . . it’s okay. You should look for Taehyung though and apologize.” Yoongi felt Sophie nodded her head against his chest, making him smile.




















With a sudden jolt, Bogum woke up. He looked around, instantly recognizing where he was. He was in Taehyung’s house, on his sofa. He looked around, wondering why it was dark. “That’s weird. . . did I really sleep for that long?” He stood up and walked around the house, flicking the lights on. “Tae? Tae?” Bogum yelled as he entered every room, knocking before entering. The last room he checked was Taehyung’s, which he never entered before. With a loud knock, Bogum waited until any indication that Taehyung was there.



“Tae? I’m coming in!” He yelled before opening the door. To his surprise, the room was empty. He walked over to the joint bathroom, knocking on that door before opening it. It too, was empty. Bogum sighed, shaking his head softly. “Now where did he go?” He didn't know that Taehyung was a couple miles away from the safe zone, back to the place he and Taehyung went earlier. It was dark, so Taehyung made sure to be extra careful. It was harder to see, so Taehyung made sure to be extra vigilant, in case an enemy jumps out at him.



Unfortunately, the rest of Seattle didn't have electricity, unlike the safe zone, so he had to roam around in the dark. He reached for his lighter once he made it to where he wanted to go. It was the shop he visited earlier. He looked around, mind immediately going to the outfit he saw last time. It was the white lingerie. As embarrassed as he felt, he’s always wanted to try how they felt. The girls he used to know would always rave about how comfy they felt so he wanted to give it a try.



It was always looked down upon and he never really got to ‘come out’ like people used to. Not even his family knew he was into guys. After all of the infection happened, he was immediately taken hostage. Him, his mother, and his sister were abused, not giving them any chance to even remotely get adjusted to the life of the epidemic. Luckily, Yoongi and the others found him. There, with them, he slowly understood much more. Everyone accepted him, even with his scars.



And now, now Taehyung wanted to try all the things he wanted to try before. And one of them, was lingerie. He looked through the back of the store, searching through plastic bag after plastic bag, looking for the ones that caught his attention. He didn't much care for the top but the satin shorts were the ones that caught his attention. He grabbed them and put them into a duffel bag he luckily decided to bring. He looked around, searching for other kinds of shorts when he came across some baby blue ones with a slit on the side.



The top was almost a sheer dress, one that went over it, reaching where his thighs would be. It looked much nicer and less girly than the first one. He decided to take those too, what’s one more to try? He took the opportunity and took two other pairs, both black in color but different in style. Whilst one was small and lacy, the other was velvet and strappy. After he was done, he walked out of the store and decided to walk back, closer but not close enough, to the safe zone.



It was almost morning, he knew it was but he didn't want to go back. . . not yet any ways. As much as it hurt, Taehyung would sometimes think back to what Sophie said, hearing those same words from other people in the Crows as well. Of course, it didn't matter what they thought. For Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook were alive. And that’s all that mattered.


















It was no more than three hours when the sun went up. Taehyung was already in the safe zone, heading towards his house when he stopped, eyes widening when he saw Bogum on the porch, a frown on his face. “Where were you Tae?! I was so worried! You can’t just leave without saying anything!” Taehyung pouted, an apologetic look on his face. Upon seeing his expression, Bogum sighed, bringing Taehyung into a hug. “Please don't do that again. You had me worried sick. If you would’ve came any later, I would’ve gone out to look for you.”



“I’m sorry.” Bogum smiled, shaking his head softly. “No, don't apologize. You probably wanted some time alone and since I was asleep, you didn't want to wake me. It’s okay, you don't have to worry about it. Okay? Why don't we go get some breakfast?” Taehyung looked up at Bogum, nodding his head. “Let me go leave something before though.” He said before he ran into his house, quickly putting the duffel bag under his bed. Once he made sure it was out of sight, he walked back outside. He and Bogum then walked together to find some food.




















Yoongi yawned widely, stretching his body before he stood up. His back hurt, really badly. He wondered why when he suddenly looked down at the bed, seeing Sophie deep asleep. Ah, he remembers now. Sophie went through a little fit and he ended up sleeping next to Sophie when she wouldn’t stop crying. Yoongi cracked his neck before he placed a kiss on Sophie’s head, pulling the sheets closer to her chin before he exited the room.



With an ache on every step, he walked downstairs, groaning when he instantly heard someone knocking on his door as soon as he stepped on the bottom floor. “Coming!” He yelled before he made it to the door, opening it with furrowed eyebrows. “Oh, hey Yoongi. I’m sorry if I woke you.” Yoongi side smiled before he opened the door wider, letting the woman enter. This woman’s name is Sarah. Yoongi would have her constantly in his and Sophie’s hair. He knew her intentions and he always made it clear that he wasn’t interested but she didn't seem to get the picture.



She would say ‘Yeah, I understand. I just wanna be friends.’ but she constantly did things that didn't fit the bill. For example, she tried to be there for Sophie as a ‘mother figure’ by coming in the morning, trying to cook for the two of them. She would also wash their clothing, which Yoongi was uncomfortable with. She would always check up on him too, if he ever needed anything. Of course, Yoongi was grateful for her help. He would never reject someone’s help, neither ever not offer help but Sarah seemed to be pushing it at times.



“Derek told me what happened. Since I didn't see Sophie with Katie like she does every morning, I thought maybe she wasn’t feeling like herself. So I came to check up on her. And since I’m passing by, on you too. How is everything? Is she alright?” Yoongi nodded his head and offered her to sit on the sofa, he sat across from her. “Yeah, she’s fine. I had a little talk with her and hopefully. . . she won’t behave like that anymore.” Sarah hummed, a sad frown on her face.



“You know, I can always talk to her too. She’s getting into that age and sometimes, we feel sensitive. I know since I’m the same.” Sarah said with a giggle. Yoongi smiled softly since he didn't know what to say to that. “Maybe I can get her to open up to me?” “I uh, I don't know. I’ll have to ask if it’s okay. Sophie doesn’t really like opening up to strangers.” “Oh but I’m not a stranger Yoongi. I’ve been with you guys for so long. I’m practically family!” Sarah said with a laugh.



Yoongi chuckled softly, feeling slightly uncomfortable on how she said it. “Don't worry Yoongi, if she decides that she doesn’t want to open up to me, I’ll back away.” She said, placing her hand on his forearm. Yoongi smiled for real this time, nodding his head with thanks. Just then, Yoongi and Sarah turned their heads when they heard footsteps. “Oh, Sophie! Good morning.” Sophie looked at Yoongi, giving him a ‘Why is she here?’ look. Yoongi responded with a look that said ‘I’ll tell you later’ Sophie nodded before she looked back at Sarah.



“Morning. . .” Sophie responded, not giving her much attention. “Would you like some breakfast sweetie?” Sarah asked, standing up and walking towards Sophie. “Uhm no, I’m not hungry.” “Well, I can always just make you something you can eat later. How about you Yoongi? Would you like something to eat?” Yoongi smiled at her before shaking his head. “We’re good, thank you Sarah.” Sarah smiled widely, a light blush on her face.



“Well, I guess I’ll go now. Namjoon was going to separate people's tasks since the others are out of the zone. Who knows how long they’ll be gone.” “Yeah, I hope they’re okay.” Yoongi said when he remembered about Lianna, Jay, and the others. He looked up when he felt a touch on his shoulder. “It’s going to be okay. They’ll be back soon, it hasn’t been long and they’re a group of fifteen. They’ll be okay.” Sarah said with a small encouraging smile.



“Yeah I know.” “Well, I should really go now. I’ll see you later?” Only when Yoongi nodded his head, Sarah waved bye to Sophie and Yoongi, leaving the two alone. “Geez, don't you think she tries a little too hard?” Yoongi chuckled at Sophie’s words. He followed her into the kitchen, sitting down on a chair when he saw her look around the fridge. “I thought you weren’t hungry.” Yoongi said with an amused smile. “I am, I just didn't want her to poison us or give us food with a love potion or something.”



Yoongi laughed loudly at that. “A love potion?” He asked, an eyebrow raised. “That lady is head over heels for you. Anyone would be stupid enough not to see it.” “Ay, language young lady.” Sophie sighed before nodding her head. “Sorry dad.” “It’s alright, just be careful and don't say it in front of the person you’re cursing to.” Sophie giggled before nodding once more. She grabbed a few things from the fridge before turning to Yoongi. “Want some? Or were you really not hungry?” She asked as she revealed the items she had. It was an apple as well as a few snacks.



Yoongi sighed as he looked at everything. His eyes then glanced up before nodding his head. “Yeah, I’ll have some.” Those words made Sophie laugh as she sat everything down. “Guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t trust her.” “I do trust her, it’s just. . . I don't want her to get the wrong ideas.” Sophie tsked, shaking her head softly. “Sure”










*Two Days Later*



Seokjin, Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, and Katie were all in the meeting room. Everyone had serious expressions on their faces. Lianna, Jay, and their team hasn't come back yet. “What’re we going to do? We can’t just sit here and do nothing.” Yoongi said, crossing his arms in front of him. “We can’t risk more men out there too though.” Namjoon added, making everyone silent once more. Everyone looked up at Seokjin, who had his lower lip in between his teeth. “What’re your orders?” Hoseok asked, trying to break the ominous silence.



“We’ll give them another day. . . if they don't come back today-” Seokjin looked up at everyone, a look that made everyone understand his next words. “We’ll go after them. We are the Crows, and as a Crow, we never leave our fellow comrades behind. Hoseok, have everyone prepared for in case. If we have to, we’ll leave tonight. Ready for an ambush.” “Yes sir.” Hoseok responded as he stood up. “I’ll go too.” Seokjin and Namjoon looked up at the sound of Yoongi’s voice. “What?” “I can’t just sit here either. How many years has it been with me doing nothing?



I’m going. To help our family.” Seokjin looked at him, smiling gratefully, 'for our family.' “Count me too” Katie said as she stood up. Seokjin looked worried about her but nodded his head anyways. “Okay, just be careful.” “I always am” She responded without saying anything else. She then left, leaving Namjoon and Seokjin alone in the room. “Are you okay?” “Yeah. . . just worried about Katie. She hasn’t been the same since I told her that I couldn’t cure Kara.” Namjoon sighed sadly “I know. . . try to understand her. But don't worry, Yoongi and Hoseok will watch over her if they end up going tonight.” Seokjin sighed, worrying his bottom lip in between his teeth again. “Yeah. . . I know. I just hope it won’t come to that.”



Chapter Text


“Ready your weapons! It’s our mission to find our comrades!” “Yeah!!” Several Crow members yelled. Derek, Hoseok, Yoongi, and seven others were preparing to leave since it was now dark out. Sophie was sat on a bench with a worried frown on her face as she stared at Yoongi strap hoisters on his waist. He then placed two pistols in each hoister and a shotgun on his back, strap hanging from one shoulder. When Yoongi was done, he noticed the frown on her face. “Do you have  to go?” She asked when her eyes met his. “Yeah, I’m sorry baby girl. I’ll be back, I promise.” “You better. . .”



Yoongi chuckled softly before hugging Sophie, tightly against his chest. Sophie quickly responded, hugging equally as tight. “I’ll wait for you.” When Yoongi pulled back, he placed a kiss on her forehead, giving her one last smile before he walked over to where Hoseok was. He was the temporary leader of the small group until they found Lianna, Jay, and the others. “Hey, you okay?” Yoongi asked when he saw Hoseok, eyebrows furrowed into a deep frown. “Yeah. . . just worried.” Yoongi gave him a small smile, patting his shoulder.



“She’s alright, I’m sure she is. Come on, let’s get a move on.” Hoseok nodded his head before he returned the small smile. “Alright guys, let’s go! Stay quiet and stay vigilant. Keep to the protocol and do not fire until completely necessary, understood?!” “Yes sir!” Yoongi and the others yelled. “Good luck. . .please come back.” Yoongi and Hosoek heard Taehyung said. They nodded their heads at him before they all walked towards the gate.



Hoseok took a deep breath, raising his hand before bringing it down, signalling the others that it was time to go. They were quiet as they ventured on the bridge. Luckily for them, there were plenty of cars around the bridge to provide cover for them. Little by little, each member followed the other from cover to cover. Hoseok and Yoongi took the front whilst Derek and another covered the rear. The rest were spread out in the middle.



Yoongi looked around when they got to the end of the bridge. He recognized this place. It was the same place where Jay, Hoseok, Namjoon, and him encountered a Skull Fighter sniper all those years ago. The place Yoongi found Sophie in an abandoned apartment building. Yoongi looked down at Hoseok when he saw hand movements, they were signals to proceed in two groups of five.



Yoongi nodded his head and did the same towards the back, to let them know. After everyone knew, they all stood put until the first team would go, inspecting their surroundings before letting the others know that it was clear. Hoseok and Yoongi were both in the first team, along with three others, two males and one female. They were next to a freeway, loads of cars around them. A little further looked like there was a crack on the ground that lead to a train system.



“Be careful.” Hoseok whispered as they went around the cracks on the ground. They weren’t even far away from the bridge when they heard voices. The group all stopped, staying completely quiet to listen in. “I kid you not man, I’m sure they’re still here. I saw them!” “Yeah yeah” Two men said to each other. “You don't believe me?!” “Look, we’re out here patrolling aren’t we? Besides, whether I believe you or not it’s pointless. Oliver has us checking everything so why’re you still complaining? We got rid of almost all of them so don't sweat it.”



One of them sighed, head leaning back. “I wish Silvia was still here. From all our leaders, she’s the most fair. I don't know why she had to go and leave Oliver in charge.” The other man elbowed the one who spoke, shushing him. “Hey! You want Oliver to lock you up or something? Keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for ya. Now let’s go, we should check around the subway. Maybe they’re hiding in there.” The other chuckled, shaking his head lightly.



“Don't think so, not even I would go near that place. Knowing that Noah had us hide there for almost two months-” The man gave an exaggerated shiver before he spoke again. “Gives me the creeps thinking we could still find his rotting corpse down there.” “I said we were going to check around it not in it, dimwit.” The other said before he smacked the other one upside the head. “Let’s go.” Slowly, the two left.



Once they were a safe distance away, Hoseok nodded at Yoongi and the others, signaling them to proceed. Each group tiptoed towards a building, making sure it was empty before they huddled close to each other. “I don't think we’re at the enemy’s base but seeing how those two guys are patrolling, we should be near.” “Those guys are definitely Skull Fighters though. I recognized them from anywhere. Also that guy they were talking about, Oliver, guess he’s their new leader.”



“Do you have any information from him we should know about?” Katie asked. “Yeah, he’s Silvia’s brother. The two always had this thing against the Dynamic Duo because Jimin killed their brother long time ago, a couple months after the infection started. They haven’t let it go ever since. My guess, is that they’re looking for them. At least Silvia is.”



“Where do you think the others are?” Another man from the group asked, a worried expression on his face. “Don't know, they could be anywhere. From the looks of it, they’re not captured since their patrolling to find them. Which is great news. We have to find them and get back to the base.” “And how are we going to do that?” Derek asked, everyone looking at Hoseok. Hoseok looked around as he thought of a plan to get by without being seen.



“We can just hop from place to place. Silently knock out anyone who is in our path. That way, if we’re spotted, there won’t be alot to take care of.” Yoongi said, helping out as much as he could. Hoseok nodded his head, liking Yoongi’s idea. “Yeah, I think that’s a good plan. Let’s go with that. Split up in your team of five and knock out as many as you can. We’ll meet up in the center when you think it’s clear on your end.” Everyone nodded their heads before they all sparse.



Yoongi and Hoseok stuck together, alongside the three others that were with them prior. “Alright, how are we doing this?” A man from their team asked. “Let’s head to the other building next to us, take down whoever is there, then we’ll continue. We’ll keep doing that until we’re sure no one else is around. Depends on how many floors are on the building, we’ll split up. Don't use your gun, it’ll cause a racket. Use your dagger to take them out.” With another nod from the whole group, they dispersed and went to the other building, each taking a room to clear up.



Yoongi was lucky that his floor was empty. So instead, he went down to Hoseok’s floor. He spotted him approaching an unsuspecting Skull Fighter who was looking out of an open window. As careful and as silently as he could, he grabbed the Skull Fighter from behind, placing his hand on his mouth to make sure he doesn’t make a noise. The man fought as best as he could but in the end, Hoseok shoved a knife through his neck. He coughed the blood up, body twitching before it laid unmoving, dead.



“Clear upstairs?” Hoseok asked when he noticed Yoongi. Yoongi nodded his head as he tiptoed towards Hoseok. “How’s it looking out there?” Hoseok peeked out of the window, noticing at least five people patrolling the streets. “It might take a while. As long as we’re patient, we’ll be able to take down all of them.” “Good.” As Yoongi said that, the other three from their group crouched next to them. “The building is clear.” Hoseok nodded his head before he signaled them to head out and head to the next building.



It was then when they heard shots being fired. “It’s them!! Everyone get in position!” “They’re attacking from the east!” Two Skull Fighters yelled before everyone went behind cover. Hoseok and Yoongi glanced at each other, nodding. The group immediately understood that they had to separate so that they won’t get caught, being a group of five. Yoongi crouched behind a counter inside what looked like a hotel.



There were broken glass on the ground, pinching and drawing dots of blood when he placed his hand on the ground, steadying himself when he heard people run inside. ‘Shit. . . they’re in here with me.’ Yoongi thought in his head. When he heard multiple footsteps getting closer to him, he took a deep breath and pulled out his pistol. They were already alerted, so why not use his pistol? He took his chances and gripped his pistol tightly before he stood up, aiming at anyone in sight.



He stopped whoever, widening his eyes when they were met with someone else’s. One’s that were very familiar. “Lianna?!” “Yoongi? What’re you doing here?” She asked, eyebrows furrowed together. Yoongi sighed as he looked around, exhaling with relief when he saw no enemy were in sight. “Jin sent a team to search for you, Hoseok is in charge.” The look in Lianna’s face changed upon hearing Hoseok’s name. “Hoseok? . . he’s here? Where?” She asked, a worried expression appearing on her face.



“He’s fine, we all separated.” “How many of you are there?” “Ten in total” Lianna sighed, nodding her head softly. She was about to speak when gunshots were heard once more. Lianna and Yoongi quickly ran behind the counter again, hiding when they heard people running. “Where’s Jay and the others?” Yoongi whispered, occasionally peeking up. He turned to look at Lianna when she remained silent. “Lianna?” Lianna was looking down at the ground before she took a deep breath. “Jay. . . Jay and I were the only ones to-” Yoongi widened his eyes, eyebrows lifting at what Lianna was implying.



“. . .What? How?” Lianna’s expression shifted to one of hatred. “They ambushed us. . . those assholes had the entire thing boarded up. We had nowhere else to go. . . you were right. The Skull Fighters were ready for us.” Yoongi exhaled, hands slightly shaking from the news. He nodded his head, gulping the lump in his throat before he turned to look at Lianna again. “Come on, let’s look for the others. Our comrades lives won’t be in vain. We’ll kill all of them.”



Lianna clenched her fist, nodding her head. “Yes, let’s.”




















Seokjin and the others watched as Hoseok, Yoongi, and the others walked farther and farther from the safe zone, gates closing as soon as they were out of sight. “They’ll be okay.” Seokjin nodded at Namjoon’s words. “Yeah. . . they’ll be fine. I’m just. . . I’m just worried, is all.” Namjoon smiled before he shifted his head, staring at Taehyung who was also worriedly looking at the others leave. He had his hand on his chest, fingers clenched into a fist. Just then, Sophie walked over to him, stopping when Taehyung turned to look at her.



“Tae. . . uncle Tae, I’m. . .I’m sorry. For what I said the other day. I shouldn’t have been so mean. Please, forgive me.” Taehyung stared at her before he shook his head. “Those things. . . those things you said, you believe them?” Sophie looked up at his question. She sighed before nodding her head, hand scratching the back of her neck. “Then there’s no reason to apologize. You believe in those things. . . you believe that they’re dead.” Sophie widened her eyes when she saw Taehyung furrow his eyebrows, a determined look in his eyes.



“I can’t change how you feel or what you believe in, and you can’t change mine. You, just like everyone else thinks that they’re never coming back, but I truly believe that they will.” He suddenly smiled, taking Sophie back. “I will forever believe it, he did promise. And every promises the Dynamic Duo do, they keep.” With a smile on his face, Taehyung turned around and immediately walked towards his house. He saw Bogum try to follow him but he just shook his head, telling him that he wanted to be alone.



It was night after all. He walked into his house, leaving the lights off and instead turning the candle on. Taehyung was sure this isn’t how the candle was supposed to smell like, since it says ‘vanilla’ on the paper, but he figured he didn't really mind. To be completely honest, he doesn’t quite remember how vanilla scented candle smelled like. Was it even real vanilla? He shrugged his shoulders, as he sat down on the floor, legs crossed in front of him.



He wasn’t religious, nor has he ever prayed before but he decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. He was nervous, and he thought maybe praying would help. He placed both his hands together, closing his eyes as he took a deep breath. “Uhm, if there’s any great being out there. . . god I guess, please. . . please take care of Hoseok, Yoongi, Derek, Lianna, Jay, and the others. And-” Taehyung opened his eyes. He looked down at the flame on the candle flicker with each breath or small gust of air that went through his window.



“Please. . . if Jungkook and Jimin are alive. . . can you. . . give me a sign? And if they are, please protect them. Help them find their way here.” Taehyung sighed when nothing happened. He leaned his head back, it resting on the sofa cushion behind him. “Well. . . who knows if that was a waste of time.” He stood up and immediately took the candle with him to the bathroom that was connected to his room. He placed it in the sink once he walked in, still keeping the lights off.



He walked out, into his room, towards his bed. He reached under, pulling out the duffel bag he had hidden earlier. With shaky fingers, he pulled out the plastic bag of lingerie. He took the first one on top and walked back into the restroom. “Alright. . . I guess I can try them now.” Taehyung said nervously to himself. He turned his body to turn the shower head on, instantly taking his clothes off.



The water was cold but it’s been four years that he’s been showering with cold water so it was fine. He also didn’t want to go through that entire process of heating water up, only for it to not land properly on his body, leaving him with leftover shampoo. With a shutter and a shivering ‘brr’ he quickly washed himself, leaving the shower once he was done. He quickly dried himself, leaving the towel around his shoulders when he turned to the plastic lingerie bag.



He bit his bottom lip, tugging it in between his teeth before reaching towards it. He opened it, pulling the baby blue satin shorts out of it’s bag. He slid it on, instantly raising his eyebrows with surprise. They were comfortable, very comfortable in fact. It felt very soft on his skin, almost baby smooth. He looked over at the top, pulling it out from the bag as well. It too was soft but when he put it on, it was shorter than it was on the ‘model’.



“Oh well, it still fits.” Taehyung said to himself was he walked out of the restroom. He towel dried his hair, bring the candle into the room with him. He sat it down on the bedside table, blowing it out when he felt his hair dry. Casually, he threw the towel over to the other end of the bed as he laid down, legs tucked under the sheets. It felt nice, really nice. ‘I wonder why I never thought to try it sooner?’ He thought in his head. He got comfortable and soon, he was lulled to sleep.



















“They’re here!!” A Skull Fighter yelled as he started shooting. Derek and his team were all in cover, all avoid the nonstop bullets heading their direction. He looked over at the top of a building to their right. Katie, was on the second floor, sniper rifle on hand. Without a second thought, she shot, killing the Skull Fighter. Derek and the others stood up and immediately ran, killing any remaining Skull Fighters in the area. “We gotta look for Hoseok, come one!” Derek yelled at Katie. She nodded and immediately walked out of the room.



They were separated from the other team ever since they’ve been spotted by the enemy. Now, they didn't know where the others were. He also didn't know how many more Skull Fighters were there since they didn't stop coming. “Shit. . . we don't have enough men for this.” “Hey, over there!” Derek turned his head when one of his members yelled, pointing towards the end of a building. Hoseok was under cover when a Skull Fighter went out and grabbed him, punching him hard.



They immediately ran over but before they were able to help him, Jay appeared and instantly shoved a knife into the man’s stomach, twisting the handle before pulling it out. “Hey, you okay?” “Yeah.” Hoseok responded as he stood up. “Jay! It’s good to see you’re okay.” Derek said as soon as he and the team were close enough. “Where are the others?” Jay sighed before he shook his head. “We’ll let you know when we’re safely back in the zone. For now, we gotta find Lianna, she and I were separated.”



“She’s okay?” Hoseok asked as soon as he heard Lianna’s name. Jay smiled, nodding his head. “Yeah.” “Good, we gotta find Yoongi and the others in my team too. We had to separate when the Skull Fighters began shooting. For now, let’s all stick together.” Jay and Derek nodded their heads before they all crouched down, hiding from cover to cover. “Fuck. . . where are they?!” Jay whispered yelled. They entered a building, immediately noticing Lianna with an AK, shooting over a thrown table.



“Lianna. . .” She turned her head at the sound of Hoseok’s voice. “Oh my god, you’re okay.” He said with a happy tune. He instantly walked to her, hugging her tightly. “I thought something happened to you.” Lianna smiled, returning the hug. “Not to burst your bubble or anything but I don't think this is the time to do that.” Jay said, breaking the moment. “He’s right, we gotta go. We can’t handle them, they’re too many. We have to retreat. Where’s Yoongi?” Hoseok asked, now noticing that Yoongi was nowhere to be seen.



“He’s over at the other house. We were separated. We found their cargo.” Jay’s and Hoseok’s eyes widened. “Their cargo?” “Yup, loads of them. These dumbasses have their supplies out in the open.” “How? Or more like why? Is this their base?” Kaite asked this time. “No, this isn’t their base. They only patrol here in the nights. We’ve been keeping an eye on them and waited for an opportunity to get back to the zone.” Jay answered. Hoseok nodded his head at their words. “Okay, let’s find Yoongi and get out of here.” “We should take what we can too.”



“That’ll definitely get their attention though. Might even attack if we steal from them.” A member from their group said. Jay tsked, shaking his head. “They killed some of us, they deserve it. I say we steal everything.” They turned to look at Hoseok, knowing that he was the commanding voice. After a moment of silence, Hoseok nodded his head. “Let’s take it all.”


















Yoongi crouched, chest moving up and down. He moved his torso, trying to peek over his cover when he suddenly felt a sting on his left side on his stomach. He looked over and saw blood seeping out. With his right hand, he moved it under his stomach, feeling a cut on his stomach. ‘Bullet probably scraped me.’ He thought in his head. “Where are you, you little shit!” Yoongi instinctively moved lower when he heard the man’s voice.



He was caught when he was putting some supplies into a bag he found, which lead him in this situation. Besides the slit on his stomach, Yoongi was able to hide from him without a problem. The actual problem was that Yoongi didn't have any bullets. He had to rely on stealth and luck. Which by this point, Yoongi felt like he didn't have at all. He took a deep breath and grabbed a piece of broken glass from the floor, holding it carefully, avoiding getting himself cut.



Around him, it was much quieter. There were no more sounds of fighting or shots being fired. He wondered if the others were able to beat the others outside or if the Skull Fighters escaped or hid, waiting for another ambush attack. “I’m gonna find you, you crow scum. You’re going to regret coming out of your little hole in the ground zone.” The man said as he pointed his weapon from cover to cover. He was only a few steps away from Yoongi when he suddenly heard a loud bang.



The man turned around, aiming his weapon towards the doorway when it was pushed open. Yoongi took this opportunity and stood up, slitting the man’s throat with the broken glass. He did a choking sound before he fell to the ground, blood spilling everywhere. Yoongi threw the glass to the ground when he felt pain in his hand, knowing full well he probably grasped on the glass too hard. “Yoongi!” Yoongi looked up and felt relieved when he saw Hosoek and the others. “You okay?” Katie asked, pointing at Yoongi’s stomach.



The others looked down at it, widening their eyes when they saw blood. “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a scratch. Come on, we should get the stuff and leave as fast as we can.” “Got it” Jay said, quickly speeding towards the supplies. The others followed him but Hosoek stood in front of Yoongi, giving him a worried expression. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked when Yoongi slightly limped towards the others. “Yeah, I’m fine. As long as we get back to the zone, I’ll be fine.”



Hoseok seemed a little hesitant, almost wanting to tell Yoongi to rest but he knew they couldn’t take that chance. He sighed, nodding his head as he helped him, placing his arm over his shoulder. “I’m fine Seok, really.” “I’m helping you whether you like it or not.” Hoseok replied, not leaving any room for discussion. With a sigh from Yoongi, he allowed Hoseok to help him.


















It was morning. Taehyung opened his eyes, stretching his arms as soon as he sat up. He yawned, rubbing his eyes with a loose fist. Surprisingly, he slept well. He stood up from his bed, taking light steps when he suddenly came to a sharp halt. He had a full length mirror, broken but still a mirror, in his bedroom. It was too dark to see last night but now that it was day, Taehyung couldn’t help but blush when he saw his figure.



The satin shorts were short, very short. He could see the bottom of his buttcheeks hanging out at the back. The top was also short, barely reaching his navel. They weren’t tight but since it was satin, they didn't quite stretch to accommodate his figure. It looked. . . good. Taehyung was very shy to admit but he really liked how he looked in the lingerie. It was cute and he thought blue suited his tan skin and black hair. “I. . . I wonder how he would feel if he saw me. . . like this-” Taehyung jumped when he heard a loud knock on his room door.



“Tae? Are you up?” Taehyung widened his eyes, instantly answering. “Yeah! Uhm. . . I’ll be ready in a bit.” He answered Bogum. He forgot he had given Bogum a key to his house in case of emergencies. ‘Better tell him to not come in randomly now.’ He thought in his head as he quickly grabbed some clothes and ran towards the bathroom.



When he was finished, he walked out of the room, finding Bogum pacing in the hall. “What’s going on?” Taehyung asked, now feeling worried. “Yoongi and the others, they’re back.”


Chapter Text



“What the hell happened?!” Namjoon yelled when he saw Hoseok and the others walking back towards the gate. He had Yoongi’s arm over his shoulder whilst he limped, head lulling. “He’s hurt.” Hoseok quickly responded when Namjoon grabbed Yoongi’s other arm, helping him stand. His eyes shifted towards Lianna and Jay, who wore sad expressions on their faces. He sighed, instantly suspecting the worse. “Follow to the hospital, Seokjin is there. You should explain what happened.” Lianna and Jay nodded their heads as they followed Namjoon and Hoseok towards the hospital.



The others sighed and placed the bags of supplies they took onto a nearby bench. They all looked dejected when Lianna and Jay told them what had happened. They just hoped Seokjin doesn’t take it as bad as they did. They watched their retreating backs as they entered the hospital. Once they were inside, they made a beeline into an empty room, quickly moving Yoongi to lay down. “Guys. . . I’m fine, really-” “Shit, what happened?!” Seokjin questioned as soon as he spotted them.



“Yoongi’s hurt, he has an open wound. Bullet scrape.” Hoseok explained, making Seokjin nod his head. "Help me take his shirt off.” “Guys, I’m fine. It was just a little scratch.” “God damn it Yoongi, just let him help you!” Lianna yelled, tired of Yoongi’s protest. Yoongi sighed, finally letting them do what they wanted. When his shirt was finally off, Seokjin cleaned his wound, inspecting how deep it was. He let an exhale of relief “It’s not that bad but I gotta heal it now before it gets infected. Nothing but a few stitches will help.” “Told you.” Yoongi mumbled but everyone chose to ignore him.



As Seokjin got to work, Namjoon looked over at Lianna and Jay. “So, what happened?” Seokjin perked up, glancing up and back down towards Yoongi’s wounds, waiting for them to continue. “We. . . we were ambushed. We weren’t even that far from the bridge when we were attacked.” “What about the others?” Seokjin asked with a frown. Lianna and Jay looked down at the ground. Jay gulped before he moved his eyes back towards Seokjin. “They. . . they didn't make it. They were too many and there were snipers.”



Seokjin’s face fell, eyes tearing up. “W-What?” Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok looked away, throats feeling tight. “We were able to get supplies. . . but at a greater cost. We never should’ve left.” Lianna finished. There were slow tears falling from Seokjin’s eyes but he didn't make a sound. His hands were in a fist, jaw clenched tightly. “Did you make them pay?” Seokjin asked, questioning Hoseok and Yoongi. Hoseok nodded his head, placing a hand on Seokjin’s.



“We killed a majority of them.” Seokjin let out a shaky breath before he looked back at Yoongi’s wound. “Okay. . .” “What should we do now?” Lianna questioned when the room became incredibly quiet. “We won’t let our brother’s and sister’s death be in vain.” Seokjin responded, leaving it at that. He finished up on Yoongi’s wound and stood up, not looking at anyone. He walked towards the door, immediately leaving.



“Shit. . . what’re we going to do?” Hoseok asked, making everyone in the room shrug. Just then, the door was pulled open and in came Sophie, who immediately ran towards Yoongi. “Dad!! What happened? Are you hurt? Who did this to you?!” Yoongi smiled, and shook his head, accepting Sophie’s hand in his. “I’m fine honey, it was just a scrape. Seokjin took care of it already.”



“Well, we’ll leave you. I gotta go see what I can do to help Jin.” Namjoon said, excusing himself. “Yeah, we should go too.” Lianna added, looking at Hoseok. Hoseok nodded, he looked over at Yoongi and lightly patted him on his shoulder. “Let me know if you need anything.” Yoongi smiled as an answer as Hoseok stood up before he followed Jay and Lianna out of the room. “Hey hey, it’s okay.” Yoongi said, pulling Sophie into a hug when he saw her teary eyes.



“But you’re hurt. . .” “Jin already looked at me, I’m fine. Why don't you tell me what you did when I was gone?” Sophie sighed as she rested her head on Yoongi’s arm, looking up at him with droopy eyebrows and pouted lips. “It was fine. . . nothing really happened. I couldn’t sleep but I stayed home. Sarah was there too. . . she thought I needed someone to be with me whilst you were gone.” There was a sudden door knock, making Sophie groan “Speak of the devil.” Yoongi looked over to his right, noticing someone peek inside.



It was Sarah with Taehyung behind her. The two entered, eyes immediately widening when they saw Yoongi laying on a medical bed. “What happened Yoongi?!” Sarah asked with a gasp, expression laced with pure worry. “I’m fine, it was just a scratch. Honestly, I don't know why people are worrying about it so much.” “Hoseok said you got stitches.” Taehyung added. Sophie’s and Sarah’s eyes widened. “Stitches? That means you won’t be able to walk much. You can accidentally open your wound.” “You didn't tell me you had stitches.” Both Sophie and Sarah said at the same time.



“Let me help you with everything in the house. It’s the least I could do.” Yoongi instantly shook his head, sighing when he saw Sarah’s determined face. “Don't give me the ‘it’s fine’ remark. You need help and I’m going to help you. You don't have to feel guilty about a thing.” “I can help too, on whatever she can’t do I mean.” Taehyung said, giving Yoongi a reassuring smile. That was one of the reasons why Yoongi didn't want Sarah to help him, the private section of taking care of someone, like taking them to the bathroom, helping them dress and so on and so forth.



Another reason, and maybe the real reason, was because Yoongi didn't want Sarah to get any ideas, any hopes for something between them in the future. He always had Sophie butting in, helping him get Sarah off his back, unfortunately, this time wasn’t the case. “I think she should help us too.” Yoongi looked over at her, his eyebrows furrowing at her words. “She could help us dad, it’s good to have her around since you can’t move much. Besides, I’m going to start helping Katie soon. . . I won’t be able to be there for you at home.”



Sarah smiled widely, immediately placing a kiss on Sophie’s head. Sophie scrunched up her face at the action. “You see, even little Sophie thinks I should take care of you. And Taehyung offered with the other stuff, you don't have to worry. I’m doing this because I want to.” Yoongi sighed, eyes glancing at Sophie, then Sarah, ending on Taehyung. Taehyung seemed to understand his inner turmoil. Yoongi had spoken to him about this issue before so Taehyung knew exactly why Yoongi was trying his best to reject her. In the end, Yoongi let out an exhausted sigh, nodding his head. “Fine. . . just until I can walk better on my own.”



Sarah seemed to do a little cheer, smile growing wider. “Thank you thank you, I promise you won’t regret it.” ‘Yeah. . . I hope not.’ Yoongi said in his head, returning the smile as best as he could.

















“Jin?” Namjoon entered a room he was all too familiar with. Seokjin had spent a large amount of time here. There were vials and vials stacked on shelves. There were also so many papers and science tech on the table, all spread out in an odd way but Namjoon knew that Seokjin knew where everything was, which is why he never touched anything. He walked deeper inside when he didn't hear a response. There was a room inside this room, one much smaller. On the wall, was a window looking inside the little room. In that little room was a bed and a side table. The walls seemed to be breaking since the pipes were visible.



There, he saw Seokjin. He was on his knees, in front of a pipe which had a pair of handcuffs still cuffed onto the pipe. It stood unmoving as Seokjin stared at it, fingers twitching. “Jin. . .” Namjoon said softly. He knew what was happening, Seokjin felt guilty. Whenever he felt like he couldn’t take it or if he made a mistake, he would come here, in Kara’s last resting place. This is where they shot her when they couldn’t save her. Seokjin blamed himself and he continues to blame himself, even when people tell him that it isn’t his fault, he still blames himself.



And now he’s blaming himself for the loss of their comrades, Namjoon just knows it. Seokjin didn't move when Namjoon kneeled next to him, placing his hand on his shoulder. Just like he suspected it, Seokjin had tears streaming down his cheeks. “I know what you’re going to say. . . don't say it.” “But it’s true. . .” Seokjin responded, still not moving, eyes still on the handcuffs. “I gave out the order. . . it was on me to know what was the right thing to do.



I shouldn’t be the leader. . . I shouldn’t be the one in charge. Yoongi was right, they should’ve never gone.” Namjoon shook his head, eyes now looking down at the ground. “Jin please, you know this isn’t true. No one knew this was going to happen. You were thinking of the future, if we didn't get those supplies, then we’d be doomed. You made the choose any leader would do. Because you sent them, they were able to come back with some supplies.” “But at what cost?” Seokjin responded, head tilting to look at Namjoon.



His eyes were still watery, lips trembling as he spoke. “We lost our family. . . those people that left, they were Crows, they were my family. They’re gone. . . and they’re never coming back.” Seokjin turned his head and looked straight at the handcuffs before he finished his sentence. “Kara shouldn’t have been bit. . . I should’ve been the one to have been bit. It should’ve been me. . .” Namjoon bit his bottom lip, stopping himself from crying when Seokjin broke down.



He sobbed, hands immediately going to his face, shielding it from viewing eyes. Namjoon did the only thing he could do for him at that moment. He tightly wrapped Seokjin in an embrace, knowing full well that anything he tells Seokjin won’t do anything, especially in this state. When Seokjin is like this, all you need to do is let him let it all out. He’ll be better once he does. . . it’s been like this for four years after all.


















Katie, Hoseok, Jay, and Lianna were in the meeting room after Namjoon had told them that Seokjin wanted to speak with them. They patiently waited, no one speaking out of respect for their fallen comrades. They all looked up when they heard the door open, Namjoon and Seokjin entering a moment after. Namjoon sat down on Seokjin's left, knowing full well that Seokjin would want to speak without him adding anything in.



Everyone stared at Seokjin, no longer seeing the broken emotional him but a strong leader, the Crow’s leader. Seokjin glanced at all of them, an emotionless expression on his face. “We lost our comrades, our friends, our family but their deaths won’t be in vain. Yes, you took the Skull Fighter’s supplies but that’s not equivalent to all of their lives.” “What’re we going to do?” Katie asked, feeling the venom in Seokjin’s words. “We’re going to end them, all of them. And I know how.”



Seokjin lifted his hand towards Namjoon, which he placed a vial onto Seokjin’s hand. “I made something. . . something that was a mistake and that I should’ve never made. It was a test. . . but I couldn’t destroy it.” Everyone in the room frowned at the information, even Namjoon who thought he knew everything Seokjin did. “And what exactly is that?” Jay asked, waiting for Seokjin to respond. He lifted the vial in front of him, showing the others.



“The virus.” One by one, everyone’s eyes widened. “What?” “I figured out how they made the virus. . . and accidentally enhanced it. This will make anyone automatically shift, no wait, just. . . done. One little squirt and you turned. I don't know how it’ll respond to the cure or if the reverse cure will be able to take it away but this can help us.” “How?! You’re just going to make them unstoppable!” Jay responded, voice now into a full yell. In a normal occasion, Namjoon would immediately tell him not to raise his voice but he was absolutely surprised by Seokjin’s ‘idea’.



“Easy, too much of this injection will deteriorate the body. The infection counter attack each other, making it impossible for them to form a coherent form, a self destruct.” “And how do you know this’ll actually work?” Katie asked this time, expression pulled into a frown. “I tested it out already.” “When?” Seokjin turned his head when he heard Namjoon, he wasn’t happy to hear that at all, which Seokjin completely understood.



“I went out of the zone one night and tested it out on my own on a bound infected. With an entire vial, the infection will destroy itself.” “Do you have any idea what would’ve happened if your little theory didn't work? That infected you injected would’ve been a mutant, a mutant in our territory. Jin, that thing would’ve killed us.” “I had a back up plan.” Jay exhaled, slouching on his chair as he gave Seokjin an incredulous look. “Oh? And what was your back up plan?”



Seokjin turned his head to look at Hoseok, which in turn made his eyebrows raise. Seokjin didn't have to speak for Hoseok to instantly know what he was referring to. “The explosives. . .” “Explosives?” “Seokjin had me work on some explosives I made in the past. I didn't know why but I assumed it was for a defense towards the Skull Fighters. I had no idea he was going to use it for that.” Hoseok responded.



Everyone turned their heads when Seokjin spoke again. “We will have the explosives ready for when we’re ready to attack the Skull Fighters. After what you all did, they shouldn’t be able to attack or disturb us anytime soon. We will use this time to gather as much men as we can, use this virus enhancement and the explosives to our advantage.” They all stood silent, unable to determine if that was a good plan or not. For the first time ever, they didn't know if Seokjin was right.



They didn't know if they should follow his orders. For the first time ever, they wished Yoongi was there to offer an opinion. But he was now at home, recovering.


















“Derek and the others made sure to distribute rations equally so I decided to make something super simple for dinner, pasta.” Yoongi smiled, thanking Sarah. He was in his room, pillows on his back so that he could be sitting upright but not too much, to not disturb the stitches. Taehyung was here earlier, helping him change into something more comfortable but soon left when the sun was slowly setting. According to Sarah, Sophie was in her room. Doing what, who knew. As long as she was home before dark, Yoongi allowed her to do as she pleased.



“I already gave some food for Sophie, so you don't have to worry about her. After you eat, I’ll clean up and go home. I’ll make sure to be back in the morning to help you then.” “Uh, you don't have to come in the morning, Taehyung will. He already said he would.” Sarah smiled, a light blush on her cheeks. “I know. . . I’m just worried about you, you know? You and the others helped us so much. You all gave us a safe place to call home. You all gave us the cure and a family. I’ve helped the others and did as much as I could for them but you’re the only one who actually refuses my help.



All of this I’m doing, it’s the least I could do. I want to do all of this, trust me. It’s a pleasure to help you, especially when you need it most. So please, let me.” Yoongi stared into Sarah’s pleading eyes, lips now in a sad frown. Yoongi couldn’t lie, Sarah was a blessing. She was caring and nice. She unconditionally would help anyone who needs it without a second thought. She was any guys dream. . . just not his. He was still thankful though. He wasn’t ignorant nor was he ungrateful, so with a last sigh, he accepted all of Sarah’s help.



Sarah smiled, blush still on her cheeks. “Thank you, now then, you should eat up before it gets cold.” Yoongi chuckled as he grabbed the fork, twilling the pasta until a good amount was on the fork. He then lifted it, placing it in his mouth. He made a ‘hmm’ sound as it touched his tongue. “Is it good?” “Yeah, it’s delicious.” Sarah’s blush grew infinitely darker, her smile grew wider as well. “I’m glad, I didn't know if you like salt or not so I added just a hint.” “It’s perfect, thank you.”



Hesitantly, she bit her bottom lip, twiddling her fingers. Unsure if she should leave and let Yoongi eat on his own or if she could stay and make conversation. Yoongi noticed her nervous habit and asked if she was okay. “I’m okay, it’s just. . . if you wanna eat on your own, I’ll leave you. I can go clean something or another-” “No no, it’s okay, stay. It’s good to have company. Why don't you tell me what you and Sophie did whilst I was gone.” “Oh! Sophie didn't really looked like she wanted to do anything but I kept her company.



I know she doesn’t really like me and you don't have to deny it.” She said quickly when Yoongi opened his mouth to respond. “I can tell just by how she rejects any type of contact with me. Still, it’s good to have someone there to count on. Especially since you were gone for awhile.” Yoongi sighed, placing the fork back down on the plate. “It’s not that she doesn’t like you. . . I think she might. . . be-” “Sensitive with the idea of her father getting with someone when his other dad is out there?



She says she hates him. . . or that you’re all better off if their dead but I know she misses him. You can just tell and. . . and I know you miss him too. Both him and your brother. Even though it’s been four years, it’s logic that you’ll miss him. That’s not a problem at all but. . .” She sighed, expression looking guilty. “You feel the same way as everyone else. . . don't you?” “It’s just hard, how can someone who left for four years not come back yet? I’m sorry. . . I don't want you to get sad or anything but I just can’t lie to you.



You love him. . . and no one will be able to replace that love you have for him. But. . . just like Tae, I thinks it’s best to move on. For Sophie and for everyone around you.” Yoongi looked down at his lap, heart feeling heavy. Should he move on? Is it time to? For his and Sophie’s sake? Sarah frowned when Yoongi didn't respond. Instead, he gave her the plate, eyes still on his lap. “Thank you for the meal Sarah, it was good.” She sighed, nodding her head gently. “I’m sorry-” “Don't be, it’s fine. Let’s just. . . just drop it.”



“Okay. . . uhm, I’m gonna clean up. I’ll let you know when I’m done.” She didn't wait for a response as she exited the room. She instantly walked downstairs, into the kitchen and sat the plate in the sink. “I’m so stupid. . . god I’m so stupid! Why did I have to go on and say that to him?” She yelled at herself. She leaned on the sink, elbows pressing on the marble, hands on her temples. “I have to make it right. . . I just have to. It’s the only way he could forgive me.”

















It was dark. The only specs of light were that of the moon, stars, and the little candle Taehyung had on. He was sat outside in his backyard, a thick blanket around his shoulders. Even though it was getting hotter and hotter, the nights were still cold and windy. He looked up at the sky, imagining the time where none of this existed. A place where all he needed to worry about was his school grades and high school crushes. He was barely fifteen when all of this happened after all.



He vaguely remembers the people he used to go to school with. He even remembers his first crush, a girl he doesn't remember the name of. She always made him laugh and she was practically his childhood friend. “I wonder what happened to her?” Taehyung wondered out loud. He wonders what happened to everyone else he knew. “I wonder. . .where father is?” Before he was able to snap out of it, he opened his mouth, not realizing what he said after he had said it already. He tsked as he brought his knees closer to his body, chin resting on top of his knees.



“Why would you even wonder where he is. . . I’m sure he doesn’t even care. he's probably already dead.” Taehyung responded to himself. His father had left him and his sister. He left when he was only five years old. In the deepest part of his memory, he can vaguely remember his face but that’s about it. He found out why he left when he was ten. Taehyung’s father thought that his mother cheated on him. He thought Taehyung wasn’t his. But Taehyung knew he was his son, his mother even went to do the dna test comparing to his sister's. Taehyung doesn’t even remember his name, it’s been so long since he heard it.



Now that Taehyung thinks about it, his life was chaotic. His little family, that consisted of him, his sister, and his mother, were never really the happiest family. They always had issues but he still loved them, he still loves  them. He does regret not spending enough time with his sister though. They were only five years apart. He sighed and shivered when a gust of wind blew, moving his hair in every direction. “I should go inside.” He said as he grabbed the now unlit candle and went inside.



He exhaled with relief when he felt how warm the house was. Before going to his room, Taehyung placed the candle back on the coffee table, checking if all doors were closed before he eventually threw himself on his bed. He stretched, loudly groaning as he did. “I’m too lazy to change. . .” Taehyung mumbled before humming. “I’ll just sleep like this, no big deal.” He ended up saying before he tucked himself under his sheets, closing his eyes as soon as he got comfortable.



For the first time in so long, Taehyung dreamed about his family. His mother and sister, both smiling at him. Only the three of them, no one else. He was happy, seeing them. He was happy spending that lost time with his family.







*Three Days Later*



Taehyung took a deep breath, smiling when he was finally out of the zone. It’s been three days since he hasn’t left the zone, three days of taking care of Yoongi. Don't get him wrong, he didn't mind taking care of Yoongi, he just really needed to be alone after those three days of being around people the entire day. With quick steps, Taehyung walked over to the familiar library, smile wide when he suddenly stopped. “Joe?” He asked when he saw the infected that was handcuffed there.



He was dead, a bullet wound in his head. His jacket that had his name written on the side of it was gone, stolen. Taehyung pouted, unable to hide the disappointment. Joe was pretty much someone he could count on and to speak to. Even if Joe was technically dead, he still was Taehyung’s friend. “Guess someone from the group came venturing out and found him. . . oh well.” He said before he exited the library.



“What will I do now?” Taheyung sighed, not knowing what to do. “I guess I can go over to that side of the city.” Taehyung spoke to himself, deciding to go around the mall he ventured with Bogum. ‘Speaking of, I haven’t seen him. . . wonder where he is. I’ll go look for him when I get back.’ With careful steps, Taehyung walked all the way to the mall, eager to find something he’s never seen before. He hasn’t been to this particular mall, only around it, so he was excited to look around.



Once he made it there, he noticed that it was closed off. All entrances and exits were all boarded up. He looked around, trying to find a way in. Luckily, he found a little opening in between two gates. Crouching, he was able to squeeze through without a problem. It was dark, very little light entering inside the building. The only form of light was the rays of light that came through holes in the wall or of the small broken windows.



He walked in, pulling out his lighter when he entered the center. Taehyung looked up, mouth opening ajar when he noticed how huge the mall was. It was three floors, which were all connected through an escalator. There were overgrown plants everywhere. Some even wrapped around the escalator. “Wow. . . look how much things change.” Taehyung said out loud as he carefully climbed on the escalator. There were clothing stores he recognized, all bringing childhood memories.



He entered one, an old run down candle store. There was old candy all over the place, some on the ground, cracked into pieces. If it wasn’t for the rust and the overgrown plants, this place was kinda nice. The place was filled with decorations, all colorful and festive. As Taehyung kept looking around, he heard noise around the back of the store. Something had fallen off the shelf.



With caution, Taehyung walked over, hand on the pistol on his waist. He took light steps, ready to attack anything but when he rounded the corner, nothing was there. “Hmm. . . I guess it was nothing.” Taehyung said with a shrug. He turned around, ready to leave when a loud grunt was heard. Before Taehyung was able to turn around to it, something pushed him down, mouth trying to bite where it could. “Get off me!” He yelled, trying to get the infected off of him. Taehyung pushed and shoved, successfully getting the infected off by putting his hand on its face.



Once he was free, he quickly pulled out his pistol, immediately shooting the infected in the head. It dropped dead in an instant. “Shit. . .” Taehyung panted, eyes immediately going to his hand. There, he saw a bite mark. His sighed, standing up after a few seconds. “Welp. . . better get Seokjin to check this out.” Even though he was curious to look around the mall, he rather go let Seokjin look at the bite, making sure the cure would still work, even after years of it being injected.



He made it to the bottom of the mall and instantly walked towards the little hole he entered before. He crouched down, trying to squeeze through the same way he entered when he was yanked back. There was a sudden sharp pain on his right cheek followed by a hard hit to the head. He tried to react but then he felt hands around his neck, constricting the air in his lungs. Taehyung opened his eyes, not knowing when he had closed them, and looked up. There was a person on top of him, a man.



Taehyung didn't know if it was a Skull Fighter or not but there was no way he was going to get killed by one. He lifted his leg, kicking the man’s stomach, hard enough to push him off. As soon as he did, Taehyung coughed, trying his hardest to breath as he began to crawl away from said man. He felt around his waist, finding out that his pistol wasn’t on his waist. He looked around, eyes lighting up when he saw a weapon, not his but a weapon nonetheless, a little farther away from his reach. He could hear the man stand, the sound of a weapon loading before Taehyung was able to grab the gun, turning his body, aiming the gun at the man.



His eyes were met with the same man, a shotgun on his hands which was aimed towards him. It was a stand off but none of them pulled the trigger. Now that the man was right in front of him, he could see his features clearly. He had short hair, a reddish brown tint to it. His eyes were a dark brown, skin a tan color. He had moles on his face but they seemed very light. He looked like he was in his forties, maybe early fifties, Taehyung couldn’t tell. When Taehyung’s eyes moved back to the man’s, he noticed him looking at his face too.



“Who are you and why're you here in my property? You’re bit, why are you fighting to live anyways?” The man asked when his eyes saw the bite in Taehyung's hand. Taehyung frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “Your property? This is Seattle, the Crow’s property, not yours. And you’re late to the party old man, I'm a Crow and we have the cure. We don't fear the virus.” Taehyung responding, making the man tsk. “A crow huh? Well, at least you ain’t a Skull Fighter.” Taehyung was then suddenly confused when the man walked backwards, pulling up a chair that was hidden in the dark. The weapon was lowered but his fingers were still on the trigger, ready to shoot Taehyung if he was any threat.



“Why’re you-?” “Cause you can’t do shit. That gun’s disarmed by the way.” Taehyung’s eyes widened before they shifted to the gun. He checked the clip, seeing that what the man said was true, the gun had no bullets. With a scoff, Taehyung threw the gun on the ground, glaring at the man when his eyes moved back to him. “What’re you gonna do to me then?” “I’ll wait to see if you’re telling the truth. Crow or no crow, I’ll kill you if you shift. If you don't, I can go on and ask for the cure for myself, handing you as payment to your little crows.



Now get up, and get a move on.” “Where?” Taehyung asked, standing up when the man aimed his shotgun on him again. “Over there, now don't get any ideas or I’ll shoot, regardless of your cure or not.” Taehyung let out a sigh and followed where the man pointed with his gun. Taehyung looked at his surroundings, thinking of a way to escape. He didn't know how but he had to escape, he just had to. Taehyung just hoped that maybe Bogum realizes that he’s been gone for a long time and decided to go look for him. That was the only way he thought he could leave this place alive.


Chapter Text

The room was silent for awhile. Yoongi had been alone at home for about an hour. Sophie was with Katie whilst Sarah was out and about, doing tasks for the Crows. Yoongi didn't mind being alone, to be honest, sometimes he needed to be alone. There was so much going on, so much in his head that he couldn’t comprehend them all at once. Everything were all mixing in his head, it was good to have some alone time to think about things. The Crows, the Skull Fighters. . . Jungkook and Jimin, there’s so much.



He sighed as he leaned his head back, head softly thudding on the headboard. “Four years. . . where are you? What happened to the two of you that’s taking you four years to get back to us. . .” Yoongi looked down, eyes staring at his hands. He remembers the last time he saw the two of them. Four years ago, before they left the Crows. 'Jungkook, he’s twenty five now and Jimin. . . Jimin is twenty seven. So much time has passed. 'Yoongi tsked, shaking his head “I’m getting old.”



He turned his head when he suddenly heard the door to his room open. He smiled when a familiar face appeared, peeking through. “You’re calling yourself old? You’re only thirty three. Compared to me, you’re but a child.” Louis said with a chuckle, pulling a chair to sit next to Yoongi. “A fifty five year old man like me is too old for all this. I’m the old one, not you.” “I already feel old though. And you, you don't look old at all. You look like a teen.” Yoongi responded, a smile on his face.



His comment made Louis cackle, shaking his head lightly. “Ah, flattery ain’t going to take you nowhere. How’re you doing by the way? Are you feeling better?” Yoongi nodded, sighing as he looked at Louis’s face. “Yeah, I guess so. Seokjin said it’s best not to do any sudden movements for a week or so, and to not lift heavy objects.” Louis hummed, nodding at all of the information. “I see. . . I also heard that Sarah has been helping out here. Sophie seems to be getting along with her much better than she used to.” Yoongi let out an exhale as he sat up, all attention to Louis.



“It’s not what you think-” “No no, there’s no need for you to explain yourself. If you wanna live your life, you can. You know that I’ll always support you and Sophie. I know. . . she needs someone out there for her too.” “No, it’s not that. I don't have anything with Sarah. She’s just helping out here. I already told her not to get her hopes up. . . I don't think I’ll ever be able to see someone like that again.” Yoongi replied, voice going softer as he finished his sentence.



Louis smiled gently at Yoongi’s expression. It’s not that he didn't want Yoongi to move on but know that he still loved Jimin, seemed to make him at ease. Whether that made him selfish or not, he didn't know. “Alright, I believe you. Just, let everyone else know. There’s alot of rumors going around. And Sarah doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to correct them.” “Yeah. . . I’ll make sure everyone has that clear. There’s no way I’ll be able to be with anyone again. . . at least, I don't think.”

















It was sunset, it would soon be dark. Taehyung looked around, shifting his body in different positions. His hands were tied behind his back now and he had no way to escape. The man had taken him deeper into the mall, into a closed down store. The entry was covered in the metal gate, there was no way anyone could see in or out. The man had all the items in the store pushed to the corners, a makeshift fire in the middle. Taehyung didn't know if that was a fire hazard but he didn't say anything.



“Hey! When are you going to let me go!” Taehyung yelled instead. “It’s already been hours and I haven’t shifted yet.” The man turned his head towards Taehyung, eyes looking from his feet to his head, nodding. “You’re right, you haven’t turned. You must’ve been telling the truth then." “Of course I was telling the truth, why would I say a lie when my life is on the line?” The man chuckled as he turned his entire body towards Taehyung. “Well, with a hair like that, who knows what nonsense you’re saying.” “Excuse you?! My hair is beautiful.” The man laughed, throwing his head back when Taehyung responded.



“It sure is. Haven’t seen that hairstyle since I was in my late thirties. Damn, how long has that been.” “Late thirties? So you’re forty-?” The man stood silent as Taehyung began counting. “Why the hell do you wanna know my age?” “Well. . . it’s a way to stop the silence since you don't wanna let me go.” Taehyung responded, a pout on his lips. The man tsked, shaking his head as he rolled his eyes. “I’m forty nine.” Taehyung’s eyes widened, pout turning into a smile. “I’m twenty seven.” “Good for you. Now then, what will I do with you I wonder.” He said, making Taehyung pout again.



“You can let me go.” “Nah, I won’t gain anything from letting you go.” Taehyung exhaled, leaning his head to the side. “Look. . . I can give you the injection. . . the cure. Let me go and then I’ll go get it and come back.” The man seemed to be thinking for a bit before he shook his head, biting his bottom lip. “No. . . you’ll just run off. How can I trust you, the person who I almost killed, to come back after I let him go? Not a chance kid.” “I’m not a kid, I already said I’m twenty seven.” “Doesn’t matter, you’re younger than me so you’re a kid.” The man once again turned his body to look at the fire, ignoring Taehyung’s whines and groans.



It was after about fifteen minutes that Taehyung decided to talk again. “Look. . . old man, I’m a person of my word. Let me go and I’ll come back with the cure. I know I’m a stranger but I know you’re not a bad person. A bad person would already kill me or do alot of other things to me but you. . . you’re not bad.” The man turned his head at his words, an eyebrow lifted up as Taehyung exhaled once more. “Look. . . I know it’s hard to trust me but. . . I’ll get the cure, I promise.”



The man stared into Taehyung’s eyes for a bit, eyes shifting from one to the other. In the end, he sighed, he placed his head in his hands, letting out a deep sigh. “. . . fuck it.” He stood up and grabbed his dagger, making Taehyung’s eyes go wide. He closed his eyes tightly but reopened them when he felt the tape on his hands being cut, wrist feeling much better than before. He was about to turn his head to thank the stranger when the man placed his hand on the back of Taehyung’s neck, fingers grasping his hair, pulling his head back.



Taehyung’s breath got caught up in his throat when he felt the man’s strong grip. “I’m trusting you, don't make me find you and kill you, you got it? And make sure you come back alone.” “Yeah. . . I will.” Taehyung responded when the man let go, walking away back to his seat by the fire. “Go then, before I change my mind.” Taehyung nodded his head as he stood up. He looked around and noticed his pistol and knife by the man. He sighed when he realized the man wasn’t going to give it back to him. Instead, he turned around and quickly made it out of the mall.



It was dark when Taehyung made it outside. Luckily, he had been throughout the entire city so he knew the way back like the back of his hand. It was almost twenty minutes later when he finally got back to the zone. He let out a breath of relief once he was back inside. He couldn’t control the tremble of his body when he realized that he could’ve died back there and no one would’ve known it. Before anyone could notice Taehyung’s panic, he took a deep breath, masking it with his usual smile.



He was thankful he did since the minute he walked towards his house he saw Bogum, nervously sitting on his front porch. “Taehyung! What the hell did I tell you about staying out for so long?! I was so worried!” Without hesitation, Bogum immediately wrapped his arms around Taehyung, tightly hugging him against his chest. “I was so worried about you.” He whispered more to himself than to Taehyung. His eyes suddenly widened when he saw that Taehyung’s bottom lip was bleeding, a little bump on his right temple. “What happened to you?!”



For a moment, Taehyung considered telling him what had happened but then, he stopped himself. How could he? If Taehyung told someone about this, they wouldn’t let him out anymore. They would look for the man and maybe even kill him. No, Taehyung wasn’t going to say anything. . . he was going to keep his word, like he promised. “Uhm, I kind of hurt myself but it’s okay. I’m fine but just in case, do you know where Seokjin is?



I uhm. . . I uh- I ran into an infected and well, it bit me. It’s already been like three hours but I just want him to check it out, you know.” Bogum widened his eyes, before he worriedly glanced at Taehyung’s hand when Taehyung showed him his injury. “Oh Tae. . .” Bogum sighed, shaking his head worriedly. “He’s at the hospital. Here let me take you.” “No no, it’s okay. I can go on my own.” “But-” Taehyung shook his head and gave Bogum the most convincing smile he could achieve. “It’s okay, really. I wanted to talk to him about personal things too, that’s why.”



“Oh. . . okay sure. Look for me later yeah? I uh, I’m still a little shaky since you weren’t here for so long.” Taehyung’s smile turned soft, grateful. “Thank you Bogum but I’m fine. I’ll look for you later.” Bogum nodded, giving a smile of his own. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Bogum said before he saw Taehyung walk towards the hospital. “I’ll always wait for you.”
















“Jin? Jin-hyung?” Taehyung asked as he peeked into Seokjin’s lab. He knew the vials of the cure and the reverse cure were here but he didn't know which ones they were. He didn't want to touch anything for in case so he decided to wait until Seokjin showed up. He sat down on one of the chairs, patiently waiting until the doors opened once more. “Oh Taehyung? What’re you doing here? Wait, you’re hurt, what happened?” “Oh uhm, I just fell but anyways, I want to know if you can give me another cure injection. For later use I mean.” Seokjin frowned, eyebrows furrowing with confusion.



“Why?” “Oh uhm, I was bit today so for precaution. . . I’ll have an extra injection with me, you know?” Taehyung responded, trying his best to sound convincing, thankfully, it worked. “I see, well I guess that’s good thinking. I’ll give you one but please know that it isn’t as perfect as the original cure. This’ll stop the virus but won’t guarantee you won’t turn the next time you get bit, understood?” Taehyung nodded his head as he saw Seokjin move towards a cabinet, opening both doors before he pulled out a little vial with white liquid.



“You would inject it here and don't push it in all at once. Make sure to go little by little and try not to put too much pressure in it. Do you want me to help you with your injures?” Taehyung nodded at all the instructions, listening carefully to each one. Once Seokjin explained everything, he stood up and gave Seokjin a tight hug. “Thank you hyung but I’m okay. I appreciate it.” “No problem Tae. you know that I’m here for you.” Seokjin responded before Taehyung was quickly out of the door. He hurriedly walked towards his house, deciding to wait out until everyone was asleep to leave the zone again.



He knew he probably shouldn’t go back to that guy. . . what if he shot him when he did return? What if all he wanted was the cure and now that he has it, he’ll do terrible things to Taehyung? He sighed and shook his head. No, the man wouldn’t do those things, he would’ve done it already when Taehyung was tied up. He didn't know why but for some reason, he trusted that man. He’s never trusted someone so easily like that before. Maybe because he looked oddly familiar. Yeah, that has to be it. Taehyung took a deep breath as he looked outside his window. He would be leaving soon. Just a couple more hours until everyone is asleep.













The moment had come. Taehyung quietly got out of his house, immediately making his way back to where he had found the man. It was quiet  journey since it was still pitch black. It was almost thirty minutes later that he reached the mall. It was much scarier looking than in the day time but that wasn’t going to stop Taehyung from going inside. He found the crack in the wall and crouched down, slipping inside. He was quiet, making sure the man didn't think he was another person and attack him like he did in their first meeting.



“Uhm sir? Old man?” Taehyung asked as he slowly reached the store he remembers coming out of. “Oh, well you look at that. You actually came back.” Taehyung yelped, turning around when he heard a voice behind him. “Oh, it’s you. And yeah, I said I was going to be back didn't I? I promised.” The man sighed, looking at Taehyung with a strange expression. “Follow.” He responded, signaling Taehyung into the store with him. “You know, there’s not much people you can trust in the world. I wasn’t expecting to see you back here. If anything, you’d be back with one of your Crow friends to finish me off.”



Taehyung frowned, questioning why the man would think that. “I mean, it’s not like someone would let off someone who almost opened their skull with a bullet. I tied you up and almost killed you.” “But you didn't, you let me go. And you trusted me to be back. Yeah you hit me but that’s because you thought I was an enemy. I thought you were the enemy too but clearly, you’re just surviving. The same as me, the same as everyone in the Crows.” Taehyung reached into his pocket, pulling out the syringe.



He reached his hand towards the man, giving him the said syringe. “Here, the cure.” The man looked at the syringe before looking back up at Taehyung, an unsure look in his eyes. “It’s the cure, I promise.” It was silent for a while before the man sighed, grabbing the syringe from Taehyung. “Allow me, if you want.” “It’s just a simple inject and that’s that isn’t it?” “Well yeah but you have to make sure you push it in slowly.” Taehyung responded, watching as the man uncapped the needle, injecting the serum into his arm.



“This better work or I’ll hunt you down as a ghost.” Taehyung chuckled, looking away when the man turned to look at him. “It’ll work, I assure you.” The man sighed, instantly sitting on the ground, back leaning on the wall. He pulled out a bottle that was in a black plastic bag. Taehyung widened his eyes at the bottle. “What? Wants some?” The man asked when he noticed Taehyung expression. “Uhm no, I’m good. I’m not a drinker.” The man chuckled, shaking his head lightly. “Light weight? You can drink already can’t you? What are you seventeen?” Taehyung pouted, frowning at the man. “I’m twenty seven.” He ended up saying, sighing.



“Twenty seven. . . twenty seven.” Taehyung raised both eyebrows when the man kept repeating it, sighing after he stopped, head moving to look at the ceiling. “What’s wrong?” Taehyung asked as the man took a large chug from the bottle. “Oh nothing, I just. . .” The man laughed, shaking his head with a sad smile. “I’m stupid, that’s why. I’m stupid enough to tell a stranger about my past.” Taehyung sensed that the man was slowly getting drunk since he kept drinking large chugs, lifting it up to drink again after swallowing what he had in his mouth.



“I. . . I had a son. He should be your age right about now.” Taehyung eyes widened, immediately feeling bad. He guessed the man lost his family to the virus, that or killed by people. “I had a daughter too. . . and a beautiful wife. But I lost them. . . I lost them because I was stupid.” “What happened? Was it. . .the virus?” Taehyung asked quietly. He was shocked when the man shook his head. “No. . . it was before the virus. I left them, I left my family because I was stupid. I thought-”



The man choked up. He took a deep breath and swallowed the lump that formed in his throat. “Now that I think about it, it seems like an idiotic reason. Especially in a time like this. I left them and I haven’t found them since. I haven’t seen my daughter. . . my son. . . in twenty two years. I could still imagine their faces. My daughter, she had long beautiful brown hair that went to her waist. She had a cute little mole under her bottom lip.” The man chuckled as he took another swig. “My son had the same one. It seemed to run in the family.” The man glanced up at Taehyung, not really noticing his surprised expression. “Hey, you have it too. The mark under your lip.” Taehyung’s eyes widened, mouth opening widely. “W-What?”



The man smiled, looking back at the ceiling. Tears flowing out of his eyes. “My son, he- . . I thought he wasn’t mine. . . but I’m just stupid. He’ll always be my son, no matter what. Their names were-” “Amy” The man looked up, eyebrows frowning when he saw Taehyung’s bottom lip trembling, eyes watery. “Kim Amy. And your son. . . his name is Taehyung. . . Kim Taehyung.” The man widened his eyes at Taehyung’s words. “How did you know-” The man instantly sat up when Taehyung stood up, sniffling loudly.



“Wait. . . wait!” The man yelled, quickly sitting up when Taehyung ran out of the store, not looking back, even when he heard the man’s voice. . . his father’s voice. “Taehyung?! Wait please, stop!” Taehyung was forced to stop when the man ran in front of him, eyes looking frantically all over Taehyung’s face. “Tae. . . Taehyung? Is that. . . is that really you?” Taehyung was too shocked to move when the man’s hands went towards his cheeks, moving his face to look at every part of his face.



There were tears filled in the man’s eyes. “Taehyung, my son. . . you’re alive.” Taehyung flinched when he was suddenly in the man’s arms, in a tight hug. He couldn’t help it when more tears fell from his eyes, him going in a full on sob. He didn't know why but he wrapped his arms around the man, tears wetting the man’s shirt. “Taehyung. . . my son. Taehyung.”

















“Taehyung? Taehyung, wake up! Hoseok wants to talk with you.” Bogum yelled as he knocked on Taehyung’s bedroom door. He waited for awhile, making sure Taehyung wasn’t just asleep, unable to hear him before slowly opening the door. He peeked in, eyes moving from corner to corner. “Tae? Are you in the restroom?” Bogum yelled once more. He walked to the restroom door, knocking on it before opening the door as well. “Tae? . . god damn it, where are you?



Why do you always leave like this.” Bogum sighed, ruffling his own hair with frustration. “You always have to make me worried. You love to see me suffer huh?” He spoke to himself before he left the house, locking and closing the doors before he got out. “Oh? Was he still asleep?” Hoseok asked. He was outside, waiting for Bogum to come out with Taehyung but only Bogum walked out. “He’s not here. He’s probably out, outside the zone again.” Hoseok lifted both his eyes, tsking silently.



“He’s going to hurt himself one day. I don't know why he keeps going out there when we already told him not to. Too bad we can’t just ground him like a child.” Bogum lightly chuckled at Hoseok’s words, making Hoseok smile too. “You know, I noticed that you take care of Taehyung alot more now. It’s good that you’re there for him. He. . . he really needs someone with him at all times. I. . . I think you’re a good person and I know how you feel, how you feel about him.” 



Bogum’s smile instantly left, cheeks turning pink. “I uhm-” Hoseok chuckled, patting Bogum’s shoulder. “I know, he still has hope, so do I. Just. . . just don't give up. You never know. Tell Tae I’m looking for him okay?” Bogum was left surprised as Hoseok left, waving him goodbye. “Yeah. . . I will.”

















“The preparations are made for the attack sir. I’m sorry but. . . are we really going to attack the Skull Fighters?” A man from the Crows said. Seokjin nodded his head, sighing before he turned to look at him. “We have to. Our comrades deserve their justice and so, I’ll give it to them.” “That justice is going to get us killed.” Jay added on, entering the room Seokjin was in. “Excuse me sir, I’ll let you be.” Jay waited until the other man was gone before he sat down on a chair, arms crossed in front of him.



“This little mission of yours is a suicide. So many of us are going to die. There’s only a few of us and hundreds of them. Not only that, Lianna had told us that there’s more Skull Fighters in a different country for crying out loud. What happens when they decide to come here? Huh? What then? By the time they get here, we’ll only be dozens. We’re not ready for this fight Seokjin, don't commit a mistake.” “Then what do I do?” Seokjin asked, a frown on his face.



“Tell me. . . what do I do to them?! I can’t just stand here and watch as my comrades, OUR family die because of them! No, I’ve been standing here, doing nothing but in my lab coat for too long. The virus isn’t even our main enemy anymore, it’s them. It’s the Skull Fighters. Jay, this battle will end, now.” Jay sighed, shaking his head at Seokjin decision. He understood him, everyone understood him but he just couldn’t stop thinking that this was a bad idea. Even if Jay hates to admit it, he knows Yoongi would be the only one who would be able to reason with Seokjin.



The only other person besides Namjoon that Seokjin listens to, is him. “Before you make your final decision. . . talk with Yoongi.” “What?” Seokjin asked, eyebrows raised with surprise. “Please just. . . talk to him. Let him know what you’re planning to do. Then. . . then we can go with your plan.” Seokjin sighed as he leaned on his chair. He stared at Jay, questioning him without words, only with his stare. Jay was never friendly with Yoongi, not even when Jimin was with them so it was strange to see him insist that Seokjin speak with Yoongi.



“Fine, I’ll talk to him but nothing is changing my mind. We’re going to attack the Skull Fighters. . . even if it kills me.”


Chapter Text



Taehyung sat quietly beside the fire. The man, who he now knew was his father, was sat next to him, looking at his face, trying to put Taehyung’s features into memory. “Look at you, how did I not notice sooner? Oh god, and I could’ve killed you when we met here.” Taehyung chuckled at that, shaking his head softly. “You didn't know. . . neither did I. If the gun I found had ammo, I would’ve killed you too.” Taehyung’s father sighed, letting out a breath of exhaustion. He smiled softly before he spoke again. “Where’s your mother? And your sister? I would like to see them, if they want to I mean.”



Taehyung frowned at his question. He looked down, arms immediately going around his frame. Taehyung’s dad noticed his expression, smile immediately leaving. “They’re. . . they’re gone?” “Yeah. . . they’ve been gone a long time ago.” Taehyung responded, still not looking at his father. “Was it the virus?” “No, they were killed.” “Killed?” Taehyung’s dad responded, eyebrows pulled together with anger. “We were taken. About two years or so after the virus started, the quarantine zone we were in was attacked.



They killed everyone who could fight back, raised the children to fight for their army and took all the women. . . using them as they pleased. I guessed it didn't apply to all boys though.” “What do you mean?” Taehyung’s dad asked, after a moment of silence. He was almost hesitant to ask that question, already assuming the worst. “I was taken with the women. . . I was with my mother and sister, alongside the other women they took. I was. . . used just like them.” Taehyung’s dad clenched his fist, trying to hold in the anger he felt. “So many years. . . we were with them for so many years.



And one by one, the women began to die from either disease or of rebellion. They were killed off. . . until only my mother, sister, and I were left. But then, there was an attack. Someone was attacking them. I took that opportunity and tried to escape. Of course, I wasn’t going to leave without my mom and my sister. I went looking for them and when I found them. . . they were gone. I was too late.” Taehyung felt a tear roll down his face before he quickly wiped it off. “But that’s okay now. . . the people that captured us, they were taken care of.”



“Taken care of?” “I killed them. I killed them all.” Taehyung responded, face turning emotionless. It was silent for a few minutes before Taehyung took a deep breath, releasing it with a loud exhale. “At least something good came out of all of this. I met the people I later saw as family. I met Yoongi, who saved me. I met Namjoon, Hoseok, Joanna, Cris, John, David, Angela, Jenny. . . Sherall and Eric. They might not all be alive. . . but they’re still my family. And then-” Taehyung’s lips went up into a small smile before he continued speaking.



“Then I met Jimin and Jungkook. Jimin is the one who had the cure. It’s because of him that all of us don't have to worry much about the virus any more. And Jungkook. . . Jungkook is his brother. He’s. . . he’s very important to me.” Taehyung’s dad raised both his eyebrows when he saw a light tint on Taehyung’s cheeks, a shy smile on his face. “Important as in. . . you’re together?” He asked, unsure to whether or not make assumptions. Taehyung looked up, biting his bottom lip before nodding. “Yes. . . I- I l-love him.” He didn't know how his father was going to react. To be honest, if he didn't like the idea, he wouldn’t care much.



It was his life after all. He was glad though, when he saw his father’s smile. He moved closer to him and placed his hand behind Taehyung’s neck, fingers rubbing his head softly. “I’m glad you were able to find happiness in a time like this. I just. . . I just wish I was there with you, with all of you. Maybe, just maybe, all of what happened to you never would’ve happened.” Taehyung shook his head, reaching over to grab his father’s hand. “No, if you were there with us, they would’ve killed you. I’m sorry but, nothing would’ve changed if you were there.



You’d only be killed.” “Still, it doesn’t take off this guilty feeling I feel.” Taehyung looked into his dad’s eyes, smiling widely at him. “Then, you can be there for me now.” His dad’s eyebrows furrowed at Taehyung’s words, confused at what he meant. “Come with me, with the Crows. Join us.” “Uhm, I don't know. I haven’t been in one spot for so long. I don't know if I’ll be calm enough to trust everyone from stabbing me in the back.” “Well, think it over and let me know later. You can live with me, at least until Jungkook comes home.” Taehyung responded. His father chuckled before he nodded his head. “I’ll think it over.



Oh and about this fellow, Jungkook, I would like to meet him. I know that I wasn’t with you for the longest time and I probably don't have the right to but. . . I would like to meet him.” Taehyung let out a laugh, nodding his head at his father’s request. “I’m sure he’d love to meet you. Uhm, unfortunately he’s not here right now.” “He’s not? Where is he?” Taehyung sighed, smile leaving his face. “He. . . he’s been gone for four years now.” “Four years?! Why?”



“He and Jimin. . . they had something to take care of. I. . . I don't know when they’ll be back or if they’re even-” Taehyung’s father raised his eyebrows, immediately pulling Taehyung into an embrace. “Hey, I don't know the guy but I’m sure he’s okay.” “Yeah, I know. I just, it’s hard to think positive when everyone around you doesn’t think the same as you. It’s been so long. It’s hard. . . it’s really hard.”
















There was a knock on the door. Yoongi knew he was alone so he had no choice but to stand and see who it was. He was much better now but it still stung whenever he moved around for too long. Seokjin had told him that he would be better in a weeks time, it’s been five days since he’s been stitched up. He slowly walked down the stairs, carefully walking towards the door before opening it. “Yoongi? I didn't know you were alone.” Seokjin said when he saw him, a hand on his stomach, where the wound is.



“It’s alright, come in.” Yoongi walked into the living room, sitting down on the sofa with a soft sigh. “How’s everything? I don't really know much of anything since I’ve been cooped up

in here.” Yoongi asked, leaning his head back. He heard Seokjin sit on a sofa chair adjacent to him but he stood quiet, making Yoongi open his eyes and look at him. “Is something wrong? What’s going on?” Seokjin sighed before he rubbed the back of his neck. “I made the decision to attack the Skull Fighters with the explosives Hoseok created.



“What?!” “Nothing you say will change my mind.” Seokjin quickly said before Yoongi was able to say anything else. “I showed the others already, except you. By accident, I was able to create a virus enhancement. One that will kill anything if it’s injected to a certain degree. Too much of the enhancement and they will combust. If we use what I created, we can have full advantage. We can kill them without doing much.” “And what if something goes wrong? What would happen if your plan fails?”



Yoongi asked, a frown on his face. “It won’t. I tested out my theory on an infected already.” “And you think the Skull Fighters are going to willingly let you inject them? Do you think it’ll be easy just to inject someone without their consent” “I-” Seokjin tried to speak but Yoongi quickly interrupted. “Jin, this isn’t as simple as before. They’ve grown in numbers and in strength. They’re using the infected against us. We can’t even go to the bridge to get supplies without losing half our team!” “I know!” Seokjin let out a sigh, eyes immediately looking down to the floor.



“I know. . . that’s why I wanna defeat them already. They’ve killed so many of us. I can’t just sit around and do nothing. They’re going to get the high advantage if we don't do anything about it.” Yoongi stood silent as he saw Seokjin’s face fall. “Look. . . I know that you’re affected by their death, we all are but you have to listen to reason. Doing what you’re saying we should do can kill even more of us than them. Jin, look at me.”



Yoongi waited until Seokjin looked up, eyes meeting Yoongi’s before he spoke again. “You’re a great leader, anyone can see that. But right now, you’re stressed. . . you’re hurt. You’re making decisions with anger, not with a right state of mind.” “Then. . . what should I do? What can I do to give our family the justice they deserve? Wait for the unrealistic nonsense of karma to do it? No Yoongi, I can’t sit here and do nothing. All I ever do is sit here and let everyone else risk their lives. Everyone protected me because I was the only one who was capable of making the cure.



Well the cure is done already! The reverse cure is done already too. There’s nothing else for me to do. I need to get up and fight. Fight for the people that risked their lives for me. Fight for my friends and family. Why call me a leader, when I can’t even do that?” The two stared at each other for a while, only speaking again when they realized how long they stayed in silence. “You’re right. . . but that plan you suggested, is not. We’ll work on another plan, okay? But doing that would only put us all in danger.” Seokjin saw the serious look on Yoongi’s eyes. He nodded his head, not knowing how to talk back. "Okay"

















It was barely turning night when Taehyung came back to his house. He had a smile on his face as he opened the door to his house. It’s been a long time since he was this happy. It was still kind of strange though. He doesn’t remember his childhood with his father but it felt like he did. It was almost funny how the two of them almost killed each other upon meeting each other. Taehyung’s kind of glad he met him again and that he was alive. He was the only blood family he had left. Taehyung walked over to his room, stopping when he saw a note on his nightstand. He grabbed it, reading the note out loud.



Hey Tae,


I came to look for you but you weren’t here. I hope it was okay for me to come in. I was. . . a little worried about you. Please, look for me when you come back,


Love Bogum




Taehyung smiled. It was nice to have someone to care for him like Bogum did. He placed the note down before he got ready for bed. It was a long day today and he was looking forward to spending more time him his father the next day. Hopefully, he could convince him to move inside the zone. He put his pj’s on and soon, he was fast asleep.



The next time he opened his eyes was to a loud yell. He frowned, immediately sitting up. “What the hell is that?” He quickly got changed and put his shoes on, instantly running outside. He widened his eyes when he saw people running around, all armed. “What’s going on?!” He yelled when he spotted Derek. “Tae, we’re being under attack! It’s the Skull Fighters! Those damn assholes think they can take us, well if it’s a fight they want, a fight is what they’re gonna get!” Taehyung felt a pit in his stomach, something he hadn't felt in a while, fear. He shook his head, hand tightening into a fist. ‘No. . . I’m not going to run away, not anymore.’



Taehyung ran back inside his house, quickly running towards his wardrobe. He opened it and pulled out two pistols from inside. He placed them on their holsters around his waist before he grabbed an assault rifle. He held it firmly, staring at it. It was Jungkook’s weapon, at least the one he had before he left. Taehyung took a deep breath and exited his house and quickly made it towards the hospital. “Tae?!! What the hell are you doing here?” Lianna yelled upon spotting him. “Go back and find a place to hide!”



“I’m done hiding! I’ve been hiding all my life. I didn't train for three years to hide again. I’m going to help Lianna, I have to.” Lianna stared at him for a while before she let out an exhale. “Fine, but stick to someone. It’s better to have a partner than to be alone. I’m gonna go look for Hoseok. Please be careful.” “Wait! Where’s Yoongi and Sophie?” Taehyung quickly asked before Lianna was able to leave. “I don't know, probably at his house. Don't worry, I’m sure they’re fine. Jay was going to go look for them.” Taehyung nodded his head, watching as Lianna went the other way.



He closed his eyes, taking another deep breath before he ran towards the sound of bullets. He heard them before he spotted them. He quickly crouched behind a large trash bin, trying to calm his breathing. “Spread out! Find them and kill them all!” He heard a man yelled to others. He heard running footsteps and as soon as he no longer heard them, he peeked out. There was still people around him, all spread out with their guns aiming in every direction. ‘I guess I have to go stealth mode.’



Taehyung quietly placed his assault rifle down, knowing full well that he would make noise if he carried it around with him. He then grabbed a little dagger he had in the pouch of his shoe. As quiet as possible, he tiptoed towards the man closer to him. Before he attacked, he looked around, making sure the other men weren’t watching. When he was sure they weren’t, Taehyung stood up, placing a hand on the man’s mouth so that he didn't scream. He gashed the man’s neck with the dagger, dragging him down to the ground.



The man squirmed, legs kicking until his body stopped, that’s when Taehyung let go. He pulled the body behind a run down car, grabbing and unloading the man’s gun before he looked for the next person to approach. He did the same thing to two other people, one male and the other female. Yeah, he felt kind of bad but he knew that if they saw him first, they wouldn’t hesitate to shoot. Taehyung was down to the last person. He approached a woman who had her bottom half of her face covered with a cloth.



He slowly got closer to her, ready to attack when she suddenly turned around, hitting him with the back of her gun. “Don't think I didn't hear you.” She said with a glare. Taehyung tried to stand but before he could, he felt someone grab him from behind. “Let me go!” He elbowed the man who tried to grab him before he pulled out his pistol, shooting him but missing. The man tackled Taehyung to the ground, grabbing and throwing the pistol in his hands to a random direction.



“I don't think so!” The man and the woman held onto him, both trying to stop him from struggling. Thankfully, Taehyung was able to kick the man, instantly hitting the girl behind him before he booked it towards the assault rifle. He slid behind the trash bin when he heard gunshots. There were clank sounds as the bullets hit the trash bin, protecting Taehyung. “Come out little one! You’re outnumbered!” Taehyung heard the woman yell. “You won’t be able to get away.”



Taehyung held the rifle firmly before he peek out from the side of the bin, instantly moving back when three shots were fired in his direction. “Shit! . . what am I going to do?” There was a laugh, the woman was laughing. “Give it up! And maybe, we’ll spare you.” Taehyung looked around him, trying to find a way to escape. His eyes laid to the corpse he dragged here and that’s when it hit him. It might be terrible or even disgusting but it was the only thing Taehyung could think of. He grabbed the corpse, maneuvering it to be as a shield. The man was a little heavy but Taehyung was able to carry him.



He readied himself before he ran out from his hiding spot. He heard gasps before the shots fired again. He threw the body down when he was safe behind a wall. He wasn’t running from them, no, He was looking for backup. He ran towards an open street but stopped when a man suddenly popped out of nowhere, knocking him down to the ground. He quickly reacted and tried to shoot the man but unfortunately, the man came with friends. They took his rifle, aiming it towards him as he still laid on the ground.



“Don't move sweetheart, if you know what’s good for you.” The same woman said once she caught up. The man who knocked him down stared at his face, smiling when Taehyung looked back at him with a glare. Recognition sparked in Taehyung’s mind. His mouth open slightly, eyebrows going into a deeper glare. “Will you look at that? Isn’t this the little kitten? Aye Jeff?” Another man laughed as he smirked at Taehyung. “Kitten learned a few things since we last saw him. Too bad we gotta kill you” The woman laughed, shrugging as she smirked at the two other men. “Maybe not. Who knows, maybe Oliver will let you keep a pet.



He was ours before, it’ll be like he came back to the family.” “I’ll never go back with you. I rather die.” Taehyung responded, making the other three glance down at him. The man moved down and grabbed Taehyung’s chin with force, making him look up “You don't get to decide your faith. It’s been so long but you’ll always belong to the Skull Fighters. Too bad you’re not branded but you will be, soon.” Taehyung moved his head back, kicking the man in the stomach. The act made the woman hit Taehyung across the face, making him spit out blood onto the ground.



“You better behave before we ruin your pretty little face. Now come on, let’s get this one with the others.” “Others? What others?!” Taehyung asked, now fully in alarm. “Shut up!” The two men grabbed onto Taehyung, one on each arm and pulled him to stand. “Let go! I’m not going with you!” Taehyung yelled, pulling and shoving the man off but it was no use. They were dragging him somewhere Taehyung had no control. He squirmed and squirmed, widening his eyes when he was suddenly able to pull away. He made his way to run but stopped when he felt someone grab him, pulling him down to the ground again.



He heard shots as the man straddled him. He tried to pin his hands to the floor but Taehyung didn't let himself. “GET OFF ME!” He yelled before the man was suddenly pulled off. Taehyung widened his eyes. There, in front of him was another man, all dressed in black. His face was covered by a gas mask. The masked man pulled the other by his shirt, not even reacting when the man struggled. Taehyung didn't know there was someone who was strong enough to hold a man by his shirt with one hand. He dragged said man next to the woman and the other man, who were dead on the ground.



The masked man then proceeded to hit the man hard with his right hand. Taehyung gasped when the masked man continued to punch the other man, even when his entire face was covered in blood. The man punched and punched in an angry way before he stopped and slowly turned his head to look at Taehyung. Taehyung moved backwards, back touching a wall when the man stood up, body turning to look at him. Now that Taehyung was getting a good look at him, he noticed that the man’s hair was showing on top of the mask. He had light brown hair. The man was dressed from head to toe in black, long sleeve shirt covering his entire top half. On top of his shirt was a bulletproof vest, the words police written on the left side of the chest. He was wearing black combat boots, gun holsters on either one of his thighs.



He was buff, shoulders broad. Taehyung’s eyes went back up to the man when he began to walk closer to him. But then, the man stopped. He stopped a couple steps away from Taehyung, body unmoving. Taehyung could kind of see through the gas mask’s tinted eye window that the man was moving his eyes, staring at his face. Taehyung gulped, not knowing what to do when the man did no movement to talk or to walk away. Taehyung felt. . . strange. Even though he couldn’t see this man, he felt. . . safe with him? Taehyung looked towards where the man’s eyes were. Before opening his mouth “Who. . . who are you?”


















Yoongi was asleep. He felt calm, body heavy when suddenly, he was jolted awake. He sat up at the sound of a door being slammed. “Sophie? . . Sophie!” Yoongi yelled when there sounds of stuff falling onto the ground. With a hiss, Yoongi stood up. He placed his hand on his wound and instantly fast walk towards the door. He was about to open the door when it was pushed with force. Enough force to push him to the ground. He grunted at the impact. Yoongi looked up and saw a man with a gun, aiming at him. He smiled when Yoongi glared at him.



“Who’re you and why’re you here!” Yoongi yelled but the man just laughed. “Oh man, well you look at that. When Oliver knows that the great Min Yoongi is here, in front of my gun, he’ll be ecstatic. But he’ll be even more happy if I take you to him so he could punish you accordingly.” Yoongi tightened his fist, trying to stand but the man loaded his gun, making him stop. “Where’s Sophie? Where’s my daughter!” The man laughed again before he raised both eyebrows, a cynical smile appearing on his lips.



“Oh? A daughter? Who’s the lucky gal? And here we thought you would still be with the Cure. No matter because you’ll end up just like he did.” Yoongi’s expression formed into a frown of concern. “What? . . what did you say? What happened to Jimin? Where is he?! What did you do to him?!” The man laughed again as he shook his head. “Ah, if only you were there to see how we broke him and his puny brother. You’ll get the same faith as him.” Yoongi felt his blood boiling but before he was able to do anything, the door to the room opened.



The man turned around “What the-?” The man somehow fell to the ground, knocked out. Yoongi widened his eyes, glancing up. Sophie was standing there with a large pan in both hands. “We have to get out of here. They’re everywhere.” She said before she ran towards Yoongi, helping him stand. “Where’s Seokjin, do you know?” “No, I was with Katie when all of this happened.” “Okay. . . we have to go to the hospital. I’m sure that’s the safest place at the moment.” Yoongi responded with a nod.



The two made it out of the apartment but as soon as they were out, they heard gunshots. “Get down!” Yoongi grabbed Sophie by her arm, pulling her down so that the two of them were crouched behind a car. “What’re we going to-” “Shh, don't make a sound.” Yoongi whispered, placing his hand over her mouth. ‘Shit shit shit! Why did they have to attack when I can barely move!’ Yoongi yelled to himself in his mind. When there was suddenly silence, he peeked up, noticing it safe to come out.



“Okay, let’s go. We just need to make it to the hospital.” “Dad, I can fight. I just need a weapon and then I can-” “No! You will not fight these guys do you hear me?! If they catch you, they will take you from me. . . and I am not losing you.” Sophie widened her eyes, instantly feeling a lump in her throat. She nodded her head, deciding that maybe what Yoongi said was the right thing. She followed her father’s lead, crouch walking when he began to. They were only a few streets away from the hospital when Yoongi came into a brief stop.



“What is it?” Sophie whispered as she peeked around Yoongi. “There’s some guys there. Damnit! How much I wish I had a weapon or something.” Sophie looked around herself, pouting when there was no weapon in sight. “I’ll distract them, you’ll go past them and-” “What?! No! Dad, I’m not leaving you.” Sophie whispered yelled as a response. “They’ll kill you!” Yoongi sighed and placed both of his hands on either side of Sophie’s face “Listen to me, I won’t engage but I need you to run past them.



Get help if you can and always stay down. Don't let them see you, understand?” Sophie sighed, glancing from the Skull Fighters out on the street before she nodded her head. “Okay. . . be careful.” Yoongi smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead. “You too” He watched her crouch towards another cover, nodding her head towards Yoongi, signaling that she was ready. Yoongi took a deep breath, closing his eyes tightly ‘Please work. . . please let her pass safely.’ Yoongi opened his eyes and grabbed a rock from the ground, launching it towards the other side.



“What the hell was that? Did you hear that?” He heard the men yell before they aimed where the noise was coming from. Sophie peeked out, quickly moving when the Skull Fighters weren’t in her way. ‘Please please please please’ Yoongi kept chanting as he watched Sophie run. “Who goes there?!!” “Shit!” Yoongi yelled when Sophie stepped on an unstable stone, cracking under her feet. “Stop where you are!” “Well you look at that, it’s a little girl.” Yoongi stood up, trying his hardest to stop the man from walking towards Sophie.



“Let her go!” Yoongi said before he was thrown to the ground. He grunted when he landed with a loud thud, shoulder scraping with the hard cement. “Dad!!” “Hey! No moving. One step and you’re dead girl.” Sophie stopped when the gun was aimed to her. “Don't hurt her, let her go! Do what you want with me but don't touch her!” The two guys chuckled at Yoongi’s pleading. “And what makes you think you’re more valuable than that girl huh?” “Because I’m the one your boss wants to get revenge from.



I’m Min Yoongi.” The two men’s smile left, a shocked expression replaced it. “You’re the one that killed Dan in that last raid by the bridge huh?” “Yeah, it was me. I killed him, only me.” “D-Dad” Yoongi glanced up at Sophie, glaring at her to keep her mouth shut. “I don't know if we should just take you. The boss’s direct orders were to kill as many as we can, and bring as many subjects as we can for our little experiment as well as our own toys.” “Experiment? What experiments?” Yoongi asked, hands tightening into a fist.



“Oh? Do you think you’re the only ones that can make shit and try it on infected? Nu uh, we can do it too. Now then, where were we? Ah yes, if you want your precious little daughter to live, you’ll take us to the cure. And I don't mean that brat, I mean the actual cure. We also want the reverse and everything else you might’ve been working on. And of course, we’re not going to let you leave either.” Yoongi stood a moment of silence before he nodded his head.



“But dad-!” “I’ll do it. . . but let her go.” The man smirked before nodding his head. “Deal” Before Yoongi was able to move at all, there was a sound in the distance. It almost sounded like a horse but no one knew where it was coming from. “What the hell? Charles, go look for-” The man widened his eyes when his buddy was suddenly struck on his forehead, a small dagger was coming out from his head. Yoongi also widened his eyes, especially when the horse was now there, two people were on it but only one jumped down, the other road who knows where.



The man that jumped down had a gas mask covering his face, only the top of his head was showing, light brown hair peeking out. He was lean and shorter than the man. The Skull Fighter lifted his weapon, aiming it at the masked man but suddenly his weapon was shot out of his hand. “What the hell?” Before he was able to look around, the mask man came at him at a fast speed. With precise moves, he was able to knock the man out of his feet, hand immediately going to his neck to push him harder onto the ground. The masked man then pulled out another dagger, one that looked exactly like the one that struck the other man and stabbed the man on the head, without a second thought.



The masked man stood up, head moving towards Yoongi and Sophie after he stood upright. He was panting, chest moving up and down, body unmoving. He was dressed in a black short sleeve T-shirt and some black jeans, black combat boots to match. He had a holsters on his upper thighs, a smaller bag on his waist where he kept his daggers. The masked man took only two steps forward when Sophie ran up to the man’s gun, aiming it at him. “Stop! Don't come any closer!” She yelled, the hand that held the gun trembling.



The masked man stood still for awhile before he lifted both his hands to his mask, reaching to untie it from the back of his head. He gently pulled it off, letting it hit the ground. Sophie lowered the gun, eyes and mouth slightly opened. Yoongi was in an equal expression. He took deep breaths, eyes blinking to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. The man in front of him had brown skin, bruises and scratches on his face. His eyes were watery, surely the same as Yoongi’s. Yoongi felt his lips quiver as he opened his mouth to speak. “. . . Jimin?”


Chapter Text

He had brown skin, bruises and scratches on his face. His eyes were watery, just like Yoongi felt his. He couldn’t believe his eyes, the person he’s been waiting for, the person that he’s loved dearly and that left for four years. . . has returned. “. . Jimin?” Yoongi asked, bottom lip quivering. A single tear flowed down Jimin’s cheek as his eyes stayed stuck on Yoongi’s. “Yoongi. . .” Jimin finally said, feet slowly moving closer to Yoongi. When he was but a step away, he kneeled down in front of him, eyes looking all over Yoongi’s face. “It’s you. . . it’s really you.” Yoongi said, tears now spilling from his eyes. He quickly wrapped his arms around Jimin, feeling relieved when he felt Jimin’s wrap around him, hugging him tightly.


He felt how Jimin’s body shook with every sob that came out. “I’m home. . . I’m sorry. . . I’m so sorry. After-. . after all this time.” Yoongi shook his head, taking a deep breath before he tightened the hug. “No. . . it’s not your fault. Something must’ve happened but it’s not your fault.” Sophie stood silent throughout the entire affair. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to react. Jimin was back. . . but the anger and the feeling of abandonment was still there. Jimin tilted his head, eyes landing on Sophie. He smiled as he met her eyes. “Sophie” His smile fell when Sophie turned her head, eyes looking towards Yoongi instead.


“Dad, we have to go to the hospital, you’re hurt.” Yoongi and Jimin separated, not too far though. Yoongi placed a hand on Jimin’s cheek, wiping the tears that marked it. He smiled softly at him, earning a smile in return. “How are you?” “I’m good but. . . Sophie is right. We need to get the two of you to safety. She said you're hurt?” Jimin looked down towards Yoongi’s body, eyes scanning to see if it was true. Yoongi shook his head, bringing Jimin’s eyes back up to him. “I’m fine but where’s Jungkook?” “He’s fine too but we should really get you inside, come on.” Jimin stood up, reaching over to help Yoongi stand. He placed his left arm over his shoulder, Sophie instantly helped Yoongi with the other. Yoongi hissed as he limped but with Jimin’s and Sophie’s help, they were able to make it to the hospital.


“Yoongi! What happened to you-” Jay widened his eyes when they landed on the brown haired Jimin. “Virus?” Jay asked, surprised to see him. “Here, sit here. Sophie, take care of him.” Jimin said, helping Yoongi sit on a chair, ignoring Jay’s comment. “Wait, you’re leaving?!” Yoongi quickly asked, grabbed Jimin by his wrist. Jimin smiled at him, placing his hand on Yoongi’s cheek. “I have to look for Jungkook. He went ahead to find Taehyung. We’ll make sure to bring him here and search for the others.” “Speaking of others, those guys, they’re with you?”


Jay asked, chin pointing to three other people that were carrying people inside. Jimin nodded his head, before he looked back at Yoongi. “I’ll be back, I promise.” Yoongi nodded his head, slowly letting Jimin’s wrist go. “. . .okay.” Yoongi replied before Jimin turned around and ran out of the hospital, out to find Jungkook. “Wow. . . he finally came back huh? And what great timing.” Jay said more to himself than to anyone. He turned around and instantly went back to help the others that were injured.







“Who are you?” The question lingered in the air between them. Taehyung didn't understand what was going on but the masked man hadn’t moved an inch. The only occasional sound he heard was the wind, his heartbeat, and the splash of blood that dripped from the man’s gloved right hand. Which now that Taehyung thought about it, the man was only wearing one glove, only on his right hand. The silence was broken when Taehyung heard his name being screamed. “Taehyung!! Get away from him!” “Bogum?!” Taehyung yelled, eyes widening when he saw him.


He had a shotgun aimed at the masked man, eyes pinning him with a glare. “I don't know who you or your little friends think you are but you better back off. Tae, get up.” Taehyung frowned, noticing that the man didn't do anything. He didn't even flinch when the shotgun was aimed at him. “Bogum, he helped me.” Taehyung said, standing up to stand behind Bogum. Bogum raised both eyebrows, eyes still glaring at the man. “Still, we better go to the hospital. Hey! Stay back!” Bogum yelled when the man took a step forward.


The man lifted his arms, trying to reach behind his head but stopped at Bogums yell. “Don't move. I said don't move!” “Bogum!” Taehyung yelled when he saw him swung the shotgun, aiming to hit the man but the man quickly shifted, grabbing the shotgun from him. He kicked him, making Bogum fall to the ground. “No, stop!” Bogum reacted quickly. He stood up and tackled the masked man down. Unfortunately, the man was able to flip them, Bogum was now on his back whilst the man was on top of him, ready to punch him. “No! Stop!” Taehyung yelled, pushing the masked man away from Bogum. He reached for the shotgun but was stopped when the man grabbed him from his wrist, surprisingly not as hard as he thought he would.


“Let go!” Taehyung yelled. He raised his other hand to hit the man but the man had grabbed that hand too, stopping Taehyung from doing anything. He struggled, trying to pull away from the man when he heard him speak. “Tae, Taehyung stop!” His eyes widened, his voice was muffled but he couldn’t mistake that voice. “It’s me.” Taehyung felt his mouth open, body slouching in a kneeling position. The man let both of his hands go. He then reached behind him, towards his mask. He untied the back before he pulled it up, revealing his face.


Taehyung gasped, eyes immediately feeling the stingingness of approaching tears. “Jungkook?” Bogum widened his eyes when he heard that name. He sat up, seeing both Taehyung and the brown haired man both kneeled in front of each other. “Jungkook. . . is that. . . is that really you?” Taehyung felt his voice quiver. He stuttered, trying to calm himself. He shakily raised his hand, moving it to touch Jungkook’s face. Jungkook had a long scar from his left eyebrow to his bottom cheek. He had a few other scratches here and there but he still looked relatively the same. No, he was different.


He had a certain hardness in his eyes. Jungkook closed his eyes when Taehyung moved his fingers. He felt soft. He opened them again when he heard Taehyung let out a sob. “You’re back. . . y-you came back. You kept your p-promise.” Jungkook suddenly had Taehyung in his arms. Taehyung threw himself at him, both arms around Jungkook’s shoulders. He felt Taehyung’s body shake with every cry he let out. His hug was tight, warm. Jungkook wrapped his left arm around Taehyung. He then raised his right hand, stopping mid way before he let the hand down, it going back towards his side.


Bogum frowned, witnessing Jungkook’s hesitance to place his right arm around Taehyung. Taehyung moved back, both hands on Jungkook’s face, eyes looking all over his face. He smiled and placed his forehead on Jungkook. He closed his eyes and relished having Jungkook near him, finally having him near after all these years. The sound of steps was what made Taehyung turn his head. “Taehyung?” “Jimin?!” Taehyung yelled happily when his eyes landed on Jimin. He smiled at him, eyes glancing at Jungkook before moving back to Taehyung’s.


“You’re back, I’m so happy you’re back!” Taehyung yelled, a wide smile on his face. He stood up and ran over to Jimin, hugging him tightly. Jimin chuckled before he placed both his arms around Taehyung, smiling when he felt Taehyung laugh. “Tae, you need to go with the others in the hospital. It’s dangerous out here.” Taehyung moved away at Jimin’s words. He frowned, eyes glancing at Jungkook who was now standing. “I can fight.” “There’s no need, our men are out there helping out. Please do us the favor and go to the hospital.”


“I can take him” Bogum said, making Taehyung frown at him. “No, I can fight! Really! I trained and everything. I can help, please let me help.” Taehyung turned his body, now looking at Jungkook. Jungkook’s eyes met his before they moved down to the ground. “Go with him, we’ll go help the others.” “But-” “We’ll come back. We’re not going anywhere Tae.” Jimin added, placing his hand on Taehyung’s when he was about to walk towards Jungkook. “We’ll come look for you, I promise.” Taehyung saddened at that. He didn't want to separate, not after seeing them after four years. He lightly pulled his hand away from Jimin and walked towards Jungkook. “You’re. . . not going to leave anymore?” Jungkook’s eyes looked up towards Taehyung. He nodded his head and lifted his left hand, lifting his pinky “I promise.” Taehyung giggled at that before he linked his pinky with his, smiling.


“Okay.” Before turning, he took a step towards Jungkook, placing his hand on Jungkook’s cheek, forehead on his. The two closed their eyes, breathing each other in before they opened their eyes. “Be careful.” Jungkook opened his mouth to say yes when he felt Taehyung lean forward. He felt his eyebrows raise before his lips moved too. It was short but when Taehyung moved back, he had a light tint on his cheeks. Bogum and Jimin had turned their heads but turned them again when Taehyung walked towards Bogum. “Come on, let’s go.” Bogum grabbed Taehyung’s hand, eyes glancing towards Jungkook and Jimin before he pulled Taehyung with him towards the hospital.


“How am I going to tell him?” Jimin turned his head to look at Jungkook when he heard him speak. He sighed and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Don't worry, he’ll understand. For now, we have to go look for Yokav and the others. Come on.” Jimin responded before he made his way towards the horse that was nearby. Jungkook soon followed. He got on, letting Jimin get on behind him before the two rode up north, by one of the gates.







“There’s too many!” Hoseok yelled as he glanced over at Namjoon and Seokjin. The two were behind cover, both armed. They were under fire. There seemed to be more Skull Fighters by this entrance than the other. The Skull Fighters had blew up the gate, marching inside and immediately attacking early in the morning. There were too many. The majority of the Crows were here but after Seokjin heard that the Skull Fighter infiltrated on the other side of the gate, he sent Jay, Derek, Lianna, and some others down to help everyone else.


“We’ll run out of ammo soon!” Namjoon yelled over the sound of bullets hitting the cars in front of them. Namjoon and Hoseok looked over at Seokjin, not knowing what to do. He bit his bottom lip, mind blank at what they should do. If they knew something like this was going to happen, he would’ve ordered Hoseok to keep his bomb with him at all times. He would’ve kept the enhancement with him at all times. They were stuck, they weren’t going to be able to stop the Skull Fighters.


At this point, they’d all be killed. They’d lose to the Skull Fighters, this was the end. Seokjin was pulled out of his mind when he heard a loud yell. Namjoon and Hoseok frowned when they too heard the yell. It sounded. . . amused? “Now this is what I’m talking about!” They heard a man yell before the sound not stop bullets were being fired. “What the hell?!” Hoseok peeked up, widening his eyes when they landed on a truck. It was stationed behind the group of Skull Fighters, a machine gun shooting towards them.


They heard laughter before a bullet was shot, this time from a sniper rifle. They saw a woman with reddish hair, smirk on her face as she reloaded her rifle. She raised a walkie talkie to her mouth, instantly talking through it. “Looks like you’re having fun.” She had an accent, a french accent. A response from a man soon came from the said walkie talkie. “I’m having the time of my life! Any news on Heart and Steel?” “I’m sure they’ll be here soon. Why don't we have some fun and maybe we'll actually not need them this time.” The voice of another man came from the walkie talkie.


The woman threw her head back with laughter. “You wish.” She turned her head and locked eyes with Namjoon, Hoseok, and Seokjin. “Ah, I seemed to have met with some birdies.” “Tell them we mean no harm, we’re here to help.” Another unfamiliar voice said. Seokjin frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “You heard the man, we’re here to help. We’re allies.” She winked at them before she went back to shoot any remaining people. “We’re here.” The woman and a few others from the walkie talkie smiled at a familiar voice through the walkie. “Well it’s about time. Did you get lovey dovey with your sweethearts?” “Ha ha” Came the response before Seokjin, Namjoon, and Hoseok, saw a horse ride in.


Two men with light brown hair were riding the horse. The one sitting on the back instantly jumped off, even when the horse hadn’t stopped yet. The other got down when the horse was completely still. “Holy shit, is that who I think it is?” Hoseok said, eyes widening when he saw both Jungkook and Jimin. “Alright, your turn.” The machine gun stopped shooting, allowing Jimin to run towards the center. Jungkook ran after him. “What the hell is going on?” Lianna asked. She had ran back here when she finished helping with Jay, making sure he had everything under control. She heard from Jay that Jimin and Jungkook were back but she was still equally surprised to see them.


There were bodies everywhere, only one seemed to be alive. “He’s all yours.” A man with grey hair said, moving to let Jungkook arm lock him with his right arm, forcing him to kneel to the ground. Jimin walked in front of him, eyes looking straight through the man’s. “Wait! Don't kill me. . . I surrender! Please! I’ll tell you anything!” Jimin raised and eyebrow before he pulled out his pistol, aiming it to the man’s head. “And what’s that exactly?” “Oliver. . . he knows about Silvia. He knows what you two did!”


“And I’m guessing he knows what she did to us too huh? You all know.” The man gulped, eyes closing when he felt Jimin pushing the gun to touch his head forcefully. He couldn’t move though, since Jungkook was still holding him. “Stop! He said he surrendered. We can get information out of him. There’s no need to do all of this.” Lianna said, walking next to Jimin. Jimin glanced at her, expression emotionless. “I don't trust him, I don't trust any of them.” “Please! I’ll tell you anything! Oliver planned this attack to distract you.


We’re moving back to New York, to get more recruits. We’re heading over there now! Let me go and I’ll show you.” Jimin tsked, shaking his head lightly. “Nice try, we came from that direction. Are you sure you’re not lying to me?” The man gulped once more, lips trembling. “Please. . . please, you can’t kill me. I can’t die please!” “Oh but you can.” “Jimin stop! Let him go. He’ll be our prisoner. He surrendered!” “I can’t let him go.” Jimin responded, this time not looking at Lianna. He was forced to turn though, when Lianna grabbed him from his elbow, eyes meeting his.


“If you value our friendship then you’ll let him go. He can change and help us. That’s what I and everyone from my team did.” Jimin looked into her eyes before he glanced at Jungkook. Jungkook’s eyes looked into his before he nodded his head. Lianna, Seokjin, Hoseok, and Namjoon, widened their eyes when Jungkook tightened his right arm, squeezing the man’s throat. It was almost instant that the man laid dead, neck snapped by Jungkook’s arm. Jimin looked at Lianna, eyes meeting hers. “If we let him go, he’ll come back and bring others. I don't trust the Skull Fighters, not after what they did to us. If I have to sacrifice our friendship to make sure that doesn’t happen to any of you, then so be it.”


Jungkook let the body go before he stood up. His shirt and a bit of his chin was covered in blood. Everyone was shocked at both Jungkook’s and Jimin’s expressions. They were momentarily pulled out of their shock when a man walked closer to them. He was tall and muscular. He was blonde and had blue eyes. He smiled gently as he walked towards Seokjin. “You must be Jin I presume? My name is Yokav, leader of this little brigade.” The man named Yokav had a thick accent, one Namjoon recognized as Russian. The woman with the french accent tsked and rolled her eyes as she lowered the sniper rifle. “Is there a place we may speak now that everything has been settled?” Yokav asked, a small smile on his face.


Seokjin looked at everyone, counting four people that were alongside Jimin and Jungkook, two females and two males. “Hoseok, check the perimeter. Make sure there’s no Skull Fighters hiding about in the zone.” “Yes sir.” Hoseok responded, glancing at Jimin and Jungkook before he turned around and ran the other direction. “Follow me, we’ll talk in the hospital.” Yokav smiled and nodded his head. He looked at the other three and Jimin and Jungkook, signaling them to follow as well.


The walk was silent. Namjoon would constantly look behind him, making sure that these people wouldn’t turn on them. He knew they came with Jimin and Jungkook but he still couldn’t trust them just like that. They soon arrived at the hospital, Jay instantly ran out when he saw them. His eyes glanced at Jimin and Jungkook before they went towards the unknown people. Before he was able to speak, Yokav walked towards the three other people that was helping Jay with some of the patients.


“Ah, this is where you went.” “We helped out some people in need boss.” A woman said with a smile. Just like him, she had the exact accent. “Good good.” Yokav placed his hand on another male, making him look at him. “You doing good Peter?” The man nodded his head and gave him a smile. “I’m doing good.” This man, Peter, had a British accent. Namjoon frowned, almost all of them were from different places. Jimin walked forward, lightly tapping Peter’s cheek. Peter looked down, smiling gently. “Alright, where can we sit and chat?” The french woman asked with a bored expression.


“Come, follow me.” Seokjin said, all the newcomers followed Seokjin and Namjoon into the meeting room. Everyone around stared at Jimin, surprised that he was back. They all thought he and Jungkook were dead. Seeing him made them feel bad for all the things they said. Upon entering the meeting room, Yokav turned to the french woman, Peter, a brown haired woman, and the woman with the Russian accent, tilting his chin towards the door. The french woman tsked, shaking her head lightly. “You’re no fun.” The four exited the room, only leaving Jimin, Jungkook, another man, Yokav, Seokjin, and Namjoon in the room. They all sat down by the long table, all facing towards each other.


“So, let’s get the pleasantries aside. I am from Russia, most of my group is. Peter, the young one, is from london and the french girl, Jade is well. . . from France. Big surprise.” Yokav turned to the man next to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. This is Jose, his sister is the other woman outside. Her name is Mary, the two are from Spain.” “Wow, you’re all very diverse.” Namjoon said, earning a chuckle from Yokav. “Yes, we are. Adding Heart and Steel here, we have two from the U.S, even though they’re technically Korean.”


Seokjin and Namjoon furrowed their eyebrows, eyes looking at both Jungkook and Jimin. Jungkook’s right hand was on the table, fingers tapping on the wood, eyes looking down on his lap. Whilst Jimin looked down at the table, both hands on top of his thighs. “Heart and Steel?” “Aye, that’s their nicknames so to speak. Jimin cause what he told us about the cure thing and Jungkook-” Yokav glanced at Jungkook, eyes meeting before Yokav turned back to Seokjin “Jungkook because other reasons.” “Reasons? What kind of reasons?” The man named Jose cleared his throat, sitting straight on his chair. “Reasons we will discuss later. For now, I’d like to introduce myself. As you know, my name is Jose and I’m an engineer, and secondary of medicine.


Jimin told me you were a scientist back in the day and had a secondary as a doctor?” Seokjin nodded his head, surprised at the man’s. . . occupation. He hadn’t heard anyone speak of their old ‘college course’ in so long, it seemed weird. “Jimin also told me that you were the one who created the cure with his heart samples.” “Yes that’s correct.” Jose smiled before he placed his hands on the table. “How would you like to know that Jimin isn’t the only one.”Seokjin’s and Namjoon’s eyes widened. “What? Not the only one for what?” “Peter, the virus adapted in his lungs, or more specifically, in his pleura.”


“What? How is that even possible?” Jose chuckled before he leaned on his chair. He placed his hand on Jimin’s shoulder, lightly squeezing it. “We’re not so sure but Jimin found him. He was close on ending it all for him but thankfully, something in Jimin told him to not shoot him. Thanks for that. Peter and Jimin are both immune. However, we can’t do much about it. I assume Jimin had issues with his operation yes?” Seokjin nodded his head, allowing Jose to continue. “Well, the operation location was very dangerous but Peter’s would be even more so. We’d have to cut open his lung to retrieve a sample.


As you a doctor know, this isn’t going to be possible with the kind of machinery we have now.” “Why are you telling me this? We don't need another cure sample. I created an imitation of Jimin’s cure and was able to achieve a reverse cure. An injection that reverses the virus, allowing the host to retrieve full control. As long as the victim is injected with the reverse cure within a weeks time of the infection, he or she will no longer be affected.” “Ah but when they get bit again, they can’t receive the reverse cure again now can they?”


Seokjin closed his mouth, surprised at the man’s knowledge. “Let me ask you this Seokjin, have you thought about enhancing the cure? Enhancing the cure can kill off an infected that’s years old with a single cell in it’s system. I don't know if it’ll work but if we can find a way to operate little Peter without any serious complications, we can achieve this and finish off with these infected, normalizing life back to the way it was.” Seokjin couldn’t believe it. He was confused how this man knew his ‘plan' would even work. “And how do you know this will work? How do I know that you’re not just going to waste our time? Have you even done something successful, worth of even convincing me of your. . . education.”


Before Jose could answer, they all turned their heads at the sound of a door. Jay entered the room, immediately sitting on his chair. He looked at everyone there, eyes slowly landing on Jimin. “This is Jay, he’s my right hand. Jay, this is Jose. He’s telling us about an enhanced cure.” “What? Why on earth would you waste your time on that? The cure Virus here left us didn't do shit.” Jose let out a sigh, Jungkook rolled his eyes as he slouched in his chair. “Jay was it? Well, this is important for humanity to-” Jay tsked, wrapping his arms over his chest. “Look, I don't wanna seem rude but you all just came out of nowhere and now you’re thinking you can make decisions on your own?” “Jay-” “No! Don't expect me to just sit here and accept them here. We don't know if they’re the enemy, pretending to be innocent. I don't even know why you even accepted these two back. Virus boy left us for four years.


Who knows what shit they were doing that they took this long.” “Jay, stop. We don’t know-” Namjoon tried to say when Jay shook his head, glaring at Jimin. “Don't justify them. They left us with all this shit. Where were they when we needed them?” Jay turned his head when he heard Jungkook speak. “You don't know what we’ve been through.” “Oh? And you think we didn't go through things ourselves? You think I would be talking shit if we didn't go through all your bullshit waste of time!” Namjoon and Seokjin both jumped when Jungkook slammed his fist on the table as he stood up, glaring at Jay.


“Why don't you shut the hell up before I break that stupid smirk off your face. You have no idea what we went through. You have no fucking idea!” “Jungkook. . .” Jimin grabbed Jungkook, pulling him to sit back down on the chair. Jungkook has his hand in a tight fist, chest raising and lowering with every breath he took. Jimin looked over at Jay, giving him a stern look. “We’re not here to excuse ourselves for why we took years to come back. Yes, we let you all down but it wasn’t like we didn't want to come back sooner. If we hurt you. . . if we hurt all of you, I’m sorry.


I wish I could take it back. . . I wish we never had left but it’s too late, it’s in the past.” Jimin stood up and placed his hand on Jose’s shoulder. “We’re going to be outside.” Jose nodded, giving him a knowing stare. Jungkook stood up after Jimin, glaring at Jay before he followed Jimin out of the room. Seokjin sighed, index and thumb rising to massage the bridge of his nose. Jay leaned back in his chair, feeling somewhat guilty. He looked over at the door, wondering if maybe he was wrong about everything he thought throughout these four years.




With a frown and a sigh, Jimin sat down on one of the benches by the meeting room. Jungkook sat next to him. “Wow, what happened to you?” The French woman named Jade asked. “What’s got you so bummed out daddy?” Jungkook sighed and shook his head. “Not now Jade.” She chuckled before she sat down on the other side of Jimin. She placed a hand on his thigh, making him look up. “What’s wrong? Did they reject you?” “Kind of, I mean, why shouldn’t they? We were gone for so long.” Jade let out a hum before she turned over to look at Jungkook. “And what about lover boy?


Did you manage to find him?” Jungkook nodded his head but didn't say anything else. “Hey, Jimin, they’re not going to kick us out are they?” Jimin looked up when he heard Peter’s voice. He smiled gently at him before he shook his head. He stood up and ruffled his hair. Peter was only twelve years old. He wasn’t even alive when the virus broke out so he didn't know much about it. Thankfully, he didn't grow up in the U.S where the virus broke out worse than anywhere else. “They won’t, they’re just deciding something’s.” Jimin’s attention then was taken when he saw Hoseok enter the hallway. “Jimin, hey. Wow, it’s really you. It’s great to see you and Jungkook are doing good.”


Jimin smiled at him before he walked over to him, giving him a hug that Hoseok gladly accepted. “Yoongi is upstairs, he really wants to see you. Sophie is up there with him.” “And Taehyung?” Hoseok turned his head, giving Jungkook a smile at his question. “He’s with Bogum.” “Bogum?” Jimin asked, eyebrows furrowing. “He’s a friend we met here after you guys left. Bogum took him to his place since he was too nervous to stay put.” “Oh, okay. Kookie, let’s go see Yoongi.” Jungkook nodded his head and stood up, following Jimin up the stairs.


“Why’s he like that?” Hoseok spoke loudly, not realizing the people around him. “He’s always been like that.” “Especially if you’ve gone through the shit he’s gone through, poor Steel.” Peter and Jade said with a sigh. Hoseok frowned, staring at the place Jungkook was sitting on. “Did. . . did something bad happen?”






“I can’t believe they’re back. Isn’t that great?!” Yoongi said with a smile. He glanced at Sophie when she remained quiet. “Hey, is everything okay?” She looked up, eyes moving back to the floor when she saw Yoongi’s worried expression. “Yeah, it’s nothing. I just. . . it’s weird, like a dream I guess.” Yoongi smiled, reaching over to softly pat her hair. “Hey, I know he’s been gone for so long but. . . maybe something happened. Give him a chance yeah?” Sophie looked into Yoongi’s eyes, staring at them with a frown. It was after a minute that she nodded her head, looking back at the ground. “Okay.”


Suddenly, there was a knock at the door before it opened. A head popped through with a familiar brown head of hair. “May we come in?” Yoongi smiled, before he nodded his head. Jimin met his eyes, smiling widely as he walked inside the room, Jungkook followed behind. “Jungkook, look at you. You’ve grown.” “You too, you’re old. ”Jimin chuckled as he lightly elbowed Jungkook in the stomach. “You’re one to say.” Jimin walked towards the bed where Yoongi was currently sat on. Sophie stood up from her spot, taking a few steps back. “I’m gonna go check on Katie.”


“Sophie” Sophie stopped, turning her head to look at Jimin. “Is everything okay?” “Yeah, everything is fine.” She responded before leaving the room. The door closed with a loud thud, leaving Yoongi to sigh. “Excuse her, please. She’s. . .” “Hurt, I know. It’s okay, I understand.” Jimin replied, hand going onto Yoongi’s. “So, what happened? How have you two been?” Yoongi asked, eyes moving from Jimin to Jungkook, then back to Jimin. Jimin smiled softly, eyes moving to his lap.


“A lot happened. . .” “I have all the time in the world.” Yoongi placed his hand on Jimin’s chin, raising it so their eyes met. Jungkook let out an exhale “I’m. . . going to look for Taehyung.” Jimin raised his eyebrows, eyes moving to look at him. “Are you. . . going to tell him?” Jungkook stared at him before he nodded his head. “Tell him? Tell him what? What’s going on?” Yoongi asked, now fully worried but Jungkook ignored him. Instead, he nodded his head. “I’ll come visit you again Yoongi. I just. . . I need to take care of something.” Jimin closed his eyes, sighing when Jungkook turned around, leaving the room. “What’s going on? Jimin, did something happen with Jungkook?”


Jimin looked up at Yoongi. He bit his bottom lip before he nodded his head. “Y-yeah. . . something terrible. Something he’s still struggling to move on with. As. . . as much as I would like to tell you, it’s something he should say himself, I’m sorry.” “No, don't apologize. I’ll give him space but, he’s going to tell Taehyung right?” “Yeah, I think so. I just hope everything goes well.” Jimin replied. He laced his hands with Yoongi’s, fingers intertwined with his. “I missed you.” Yoongi smiled before he nodded his head. He placed his hand on Jimin’s cheek, thumb softly caressing his cheek.


“I missed you too. God I missed you so much.” Jimin closed his eyes when Yoongi placed his forehead on his, breath mingling together. Yoongi opened his eyes when Jimin did. The two stared at each other before they slowly moved closer. Their lips lightly glided on each other before they placed more pressure. Their lips moved slowly, both had their heads tilted to their right. “I love you Jimin, I love you.” Yoongi said after they separated. He didn't go too far though. He quickly placed his lips back on Jimin, giving him another loving kiss. Jimin smiled before he looked into Yoongi’s eyes.


He felt his eyes slightly watery as he met Yoongi’s. “I love you too. . . I never stopped thinking about you and the others. I missed you so much. I'm sorry I left, I won't anymore.” Yoongi smiled wetly before he nodded his head “Yes. . . don't leave me again. If you ever plan to leave again, you’re not leaving without me.” Jimin giggled, lips pecking Yoongi’s once more. “I’m not leaving, not again. Not after all that's happened.”

Chapter Text



Jungkook walked down the stairs, into the hospital lobby. Upon arriving, everyone in the room stopped talking, eyes glancing at him but Jungkook didn't pay attention to any of them. He spotted Hoseok attending someone, Lianna was standing next to him. He approached them, quickly noticing the glare Lianna shot him when she noticed him. “Hoseok, I wanted to ask where exactly is Taehyung.” Hoseok looked up and gave him a smile. “Hey, don't worry. He should already be on his way back.” Jungkook nodded his head and decided to wait outside.



He looked around, noticing the differences from the last time he was here. It looked more lived in. There were so many people here too, more than he remembered. He sat down by a stone bench, eyes moving along the buildings. In his peripheral vision, he noticed people stare at him as they passed by but just like the ones inside, he didn't pay any mind. “Jungkook? Is that really you?” Jungkook looked down, seeing Katie with Sophie. “Wow, so it’s true. You two really are back.” Jungkook didn't need to be told that Sophie and Katie didn't quite seem happy to see him but he honestly didn't really care. He knew that they’d probably be angry with them, even though they didn't know the full story. He nodded his head, not saying a word.



His expression stayed serious, like it’s always been. He doesn’t remember the last time he smiled. No, he does remember. It was after Jimin and Jungkook was- “Jungkookie!” Taehyung instantly threw himself at him when he spotted him. Jungkook was immediately startled. He moved his right arm back, left arm grabbing Taehyung when he slowly lost footing. “Tae, be careful. You could hurt yourself.” Taehyung smiled warmly at him when he moved his face to look at him. “I’m so happy you’re back. Come! I wanna show you something.”


“Wait, I need to tell you something.” Taehyung looked up at him with curiosity, waiting for Jungkook to speak but instead, he looked around him, seeing people listening. “Can we talk alone?” Taehyung nodded his head, instantly taking his left hand in his, dragging him who knows where. Jungkook just followed, hoping Taehyung was taking him to a place they could talk in private. On their way to wherever Taehyung was taking him, Jungkook noticed the one named Bogum, arms crossed in front of him as the two passed by him. He frowned but kept it to himself.



He wordlessly followed Taehyung, stopping when he noticed that Taehyung was taking him to a cream colored house. “Where are we?” “This is our house!” Jungkook raised both eyebrows, eyes moving to look at Taehyung. He was smiling widely. He was showing his boxy smile, a smile Jungkook missed seeing. “Come come!” Jungkook entered the house, eyes immediately looking around. Taehyung was giggling softly as he showed him everything he had acquired. He showed him the furniture, telling him where they all came from or where he found it. He dragged him to the first room before finally showing him the bedroom they’d share.



“And this is where we’ll sleep.” Taehyung turned around, smile still wide on his face when his eyes landed on Jungkook’s. He expected him to be smiling but his expression was emotionless. He was looking around though, curiosity evident in his eyes. Jungkook looked around, surprised at all the stuff inside. His eyes then landed on Taehyung, who now sported a frown. “You don't like it?” “No, I do. It’s nice. . . it’s somehow very. . . you.” Taehyung let out a small smile at his comment. He reached for Jungkook’s right hand but before he was able to grab it, Jungkook quickly pulled back.



Taehyung widened his eyes, shocked at the sudden movement. “I. . . sorry. I uh- I need to talk to you about something.” “Oh, okay sure. It’s. . . it’s nothing bad is it?” Taehyung asked, feeling slightly worried. He didn't know what it was but he suddenly felt terrified. Jungkook wasn’t acting like he used to. Taehyung expect them to be completely happy when he got back, both smiling at each other, not wanting to let go or not touch each other but it was the opposite. Taehyung hadn’t seen Jungkook’s smile since he got back, and he misses it. He wanted to see it so bad but something was wrong.



“Please, sit down.” Taehyung felt his hands tremble but he did what he was told. He stared up at Jungkook who seemed to be nervous. “Something happened. . . to me.” “Something happened to you? Like what?” Taehyung asked, eyes moving all over Jungkook’s body. He didn't see anything that looked different. The only thing that was slightly questionable was the single glove he was wearing on his right hand. “I. . . it’s better if I showed you.” Taehyung widened his eyes when Jungkook raised both his hands to his black button up shirt.



He saw Jungkook try to open the buttons but he seemed to be struggling. That made Taehyung think ‘Is something wrong with his hands?’ He stood up when he heard Jungkook let out a groan of irritation. Jungkook stopped, eyes looking at him when Taehyung approached. “Let. . . let me help you.” Jungkook dropped both his arms, nodding his head. Taehyung lifted both his hands, slowly unbuttoning Jungkook’s shirt. He was nervous, not only because Jungkook was acting really suspicious but because he hasn’t seen Jungkook like this in a long time. He was much more built than he was before, which was surprising.



He was halfway when he stopped at the sight of ink. Jungkook had a tattoo on his left lower rib. The place Taehyung remembers the mark Jungkook received when he was taken by Noah, the ex Skull Fighter’s leader. Taehyung lightly touched the tattoo, making Jungkook flinch at the touch but then relaxed after a while. “When did you-?” “Two years ago, Jade, a girl part of a group we ended up joining did it for me. She did one for Jimin too. It. . . it helped us forget.” Taehyung looked into Jungkook’s eyes before he looked back down at the tattoo.



The tattoo was a minimalist picture of a forest, in the middle was a word that was written in a different language. “What does it say?” Jungkook looked away, not meeting Taehyung’s curious eyes. “Uhm. . . it’s Russian spelled for. . .” Taehyung tilted his head, furrowing his eyebrows. “Russian for. . . what?” Jungkook turned back to look at Taehyung, eyes now directly looking into his. “It’s Russian for. . . for Taehyung.” Taehyung widened his eyes, a light pink appearing on his cheeks. “W-What?” “It’s your name.” Taehyung shyly looked away, cheeks feeling hot at Jungkook’s intense stare.



“But, that’s not what I wanted to show you.” Taehyung moved his eyes back towards Jungkook, a confused expression on his face. “Take. . .take my shirt off.” Taehyung seemed confused but he nodded his head. He finished unbuttoning Jungkook’s shirt and raised both his hands to rest on the top of the shirt, by Jungkook’s shoulders. His hands were shaky but he proceeded to pull the shirt down. Jungkook turned his head, eyes closing when he felt the shirt being moved. Taehyung wasn’t sure what Jungkook wanted to show him but as soon as he slightly pulled Jungkook’s shirt mid upper arm, he saw a bit of metal peeking out.



He stopped, eyes moving back to look at Jungkook but Jungkook had his head turned to the side, eyes closed. Taehyung moved his eyes back and continued taking the shirt off. He gasped when more metal appeared in his vision. The shirt was now completely off. All of Jungkook’s right arm was covered in metal, wires were visible behind certain metal bars. Taehyung felt his eyes water at the sight, he turned to look back at Jungkook, noticing that his eyes were now open. He looked all over Taehyung’s face, grasping his every expression. “Jungkook. . . what is this?”





















“Now that the mood is slightly calmer, I’ll answer your prior question. Like I said before, I’m an engineer, more specifically, I make prosthetics.” Jose said, bringing Jay, Seokjin, and Namjoon attention back to him. The three still felt the heavy air Jimin and Jungkook left in the room with their last comment. “Prosthetics?” Namjoon asked with confusion. “Yes, I know it might not seem much. Especially since there were prosthetics before but that was then. I was able to make a prosthetic out of steel, a real moving prosthetic made out of steel.” Seokjin frowned at his words. “A prosthetic out of steel? One that moves? There’s no way.”



“Oh but it’s true. I connected it’s main wires to the nervous system, allowing the brain to move the prosthetic as it wishes. Of course, it still needed to adapt since the prosthetic is something that wasn’t there before. An operation was needed for this to work since I had to wire everything with the nervous system. Of course, the steel isn’t just something you can easily get accustomed to. It took years for him to be able to move it but with practice, he did it.” “He? You did this operation on someone already?” Jay asked, a frown on his face. “Yes, I did. He needed assistance. He felt useless without his arm, so I helped him.”



“Who are we talking about here?” Jay asked, trying to get Jose to get to the point. “Do you remember what you told Jimin and Jungkook and how they responded to you?” Yokav asked this time. Jay frowned but Yokav didn't even give him a chance to respond. “They told you ‘you don't know what we went through’ and they’re right, you don't. I met the two boys three and a half years ago. I ran into them when they were escaping.” “Escaping?” Seokjin asked, a worried expression on his face. Yokav nodded before he looked back at Jay. “When I met them, one was missing an arm whilst the other had blood in between his legs. Trust me boy, you don't know shit of what they went through.”



Jay, Seokjin, and Namjoon stood shocked at the information. “Then. . . it’s Jungkook?” Namjoon asked, Jose nodded his head, a sad frown on his face. “Yeah, no one believed in my little creation but he did. He wanted a chance to be able to fight again. He wanted. . . no, he needed his revenge. So did Jimin and soon, they got it.” “What do you mean?” “Silvia, Oliver’s sister, leader of the Skull Fighters, was the one that did this to them. She commanded people to hurt and to lock the two of them into cages like wild animals. And just like animals, just like she treated them, they got their revenge-” Jose smiled softly, Yokav gave a small chuckle. “They got their revenge like animals.”


















Jungkook stood silent, observing Taehyung’s expression as he looked all over his right arm. “What is this?” He asked after a while. His eyes shot towards Jungkook, Taehyung’s eyes were watery with shock. Jungkook sighed before he moved his arm. Taehyung widened his eyes, seeing that Jungkook could move it. “Jimin and I. . . we were captured and separated for months. It was four years ago. . . almost a few months since we last saw each other. We took a cargo ship to Spain when we heard that the Skull Fighter’s leader was gathering more members to come here, to the U.S.



Silvia, she wanted to bring people to attack. . . to kill all of you. We couldn’t let that happen. Unfortunately, they found out that we were there. We didn't know that the Skull Fighters had all of Spain in their control. After a couple of months of zero interaction, they took me out to this room. Inside. . . was this large saw blade, a guillotine. That day, I saw Jimin again. . . after months of not seeing him, of not knowing if he was alive. They. . . they hurt him Tae, they hurt him so bad.



He didn't recognize my voice when I called out to him, it was like he was lost in his mind. They broke him. . . and I couldn’t do anything about it.” Jungkook clenched his right hand into a fist. Taehyung frowned, immediately feeling emotional. He couldn’t imagine the amount of suffering they went through. “They. . . they tried to get something out of us but we didn't know what they wanted.” Jungkook tsked as he shook his head. “How did they expect two people who was locked away for so long to give them a straight answer.



When we couldn’t answer, I guess they thought torturing was the way to go.” Jungkook looked down at his right arm, hand opening. “I don't remember much of everything else. I just know that Jimin reacted somehow when he heard my screams. I had completely lost consciousness and the next time I opened my eyes, we were already with Yokav and everyone else.” “Yokav?” “He’s the leader of his own little militia or something. He’s Russian, the others are from different places too. Jose and Mary, those two helped me recover. It was Jose who made this arm for me. . . alongside other things.



I couldn’t move it at first but as the years passed. . . I realized how dangerous it can be. . . how dangerous I  can be.” Taehyung raised both his eyebrows, eyes widening. “What? What do you mean?” Jungkook looked into his eyes, directly into his eyes. Taehyung somehow felt intimidated by just his stare alone. “I killed so many with this arm. I snapped peoples neck with just a flick of the wrist. I can crush someone’s bones with just a bit of pressure. . . I’m a monster Tae. I’m dangerous to the people around me.”



“What’re you talking about-” “I hurt Jimin” Taehyung closed his mouth at Jungkook’s words. “I hurt him without wanting to. I hurt him. . . and now he has a scar on his shoulder for the rest of his life. I’m dangerous Taehyung. . .” Taehyung took a step forward but stopped when Jungkook took a step back. “No don't. . . I don't want to hurt you too.” “Jungkook. . . you’re not going to hurt me.” “I am, I know I am and I will never forgive myself if I did. That’s why. . . that’s why I think. . . you’re better off with. . . someone else.” Taehyung stopped, he felt as if his heart stopped beating.



“What? What did you just say?” Taehyung took a step forward, making Jungkook move back again. He shook his head, tears streaming down his cheeks. “You’re breaking up with me?” “I have to, for your safety. Tae. . . I don't want to but-” Then don't! Kookie, you’re not going to hurt me.” “How do you know? How do you know that I won’t hurt you?! I can accidently grab you and. . . a-and. . .” Jungkook stuttered, not being able to finish the sentence. He didn't even want to think about hurting Taehyung to the point of his life being in danger. The two were silent for a while before Taehyung broke it. “You’ll hurt me even more if you leave me.”



Jungkook looked up, eyes looking into Taehyung’s red ones. “If you don't want to hurt me, let me help you.” “Tae-” “I want to help you. We can work together so that you can learn how to control your arm.” “I had three years. . . three years of trying to learn how to control it and I still hurt Jimin, I hurt my brother. No, I can’t do this to you. I can’t do this to anyone.” Jungkook had his serious expression again but Taehyung wasn’t going to give up. He walked over to Jungkook, instantly grabbing his left hand and pulled him closer to the bed. He forced him to sit down and immediately placed both hands on Jungkook’s face.



Jungkook widened his eyes at the act but stood completely still. When he felt Taehyung begin to move on top of him, he instinctively moved his right arm back, trying to get it as far from Taehyung as possible. Taehyung straddled him, keeping both his hands on Jungkook’s cheeks. “I’m going to help you. . . because I love you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’re not going to get rid of me.” Jungkook looked all over Taehyung’s face. He hadn’t felt this way in a long time, he felt nervous, anxious. He shook his head, left hand going to Taehyung’s waist to push him slightly away from him. “Don't make this any harder than it has to be.” “I waited four years for you. . . because I love you and I want to be with you.



You can’t do this to me. . . to us. Please Jungkookie, don't leave me.” Taehyung moved his hands, one of them went to his shoulder whilst the other went to his chest, where his heart would be. He felt Jungkook’s heart beating an irregular pace. Taehyung moved forward, Jungkook immediately closed his eyes when he felt Taehyung’s breath on his face. “Tell me. . . do you still love me?” Jungkook opened his eyes, nodding his head. “I do. . .” “Then we can work this out. Please Jungkookie. . . don't do this to us. We can take our time and we can learn and go slow, just like the old times. Please, give us a chance.” Jungkook took a deep shaky breath, eyes looking into Taehyung’s. His eyes were beautiful. . . the most beautiful he’s ever seen.



Taehyung didn't know what to make of Jungkook’s silence so he moved forward, lips slightly touching Jungkook’s but not fully pressing. “Jungkookie. . . please, give us a chance.” “I don't want to hurt you.” Jungkook responded softly, almost a whisper. “You won’t. We’ll go slow, please. If you really love me, you’ll try. . . for me.” Jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off of Taehyung’s watery ones. He knew Taehyung was going to insist that he wouldn’t hurt him and he was fully prepared to give him up, to let him be happy with someone who wouldn’t hurt him. But now that he’s here, in front of him, Jungkook couldn’t say no. His heart, his entire being is right here in front of him, begging to try, to not give up on their love.



Jungkook knew he loved Taehyung, but at this moment, he felt a love and adoration he hasn’t felt in a long time. He nodded softly before he closed his eyes, breathing in Taehyung. He still had one of his hands on Jungkook’s heart and the other was on Jungkook’s left shoulder. He was crying softly, tears staining his cheeks. Taehyung looked into Jungkook’s eyes when he saw him staring, his eyes would look all over him, almost as if he was taking in his entire appearing into memory. Taehyung’s hair was longer on his neck, his hair was no longer it’s natural reddish brown but black.



There was a small plain earring on his left ear, his skin was tanner than before. Taehyung had changed a lot but he was still beautiful. Jungkook couldn’t keep his eyes off him. “Jungkookie. . .” Jungkook nodded his head, making Taehyung lift his eyebrows in question. “Okay. . . we’ll try.”


















Jimin felt warm and safe. After all those years of being away, he felt happy being in Yoongi’s arms again. The two were laying down on the hospital bed, trying to catch up on the little things that had passed. Jimin kept quiet about Jungkook and his separation though. He wanted to talk to him when Jungkook was present. It wasn’t fair to him if he said something Jungkook wasn’t prepared to say. Jimin inhaled before he let out a breath. The sound made Yoongi looked down, a worried expression on his face.



“What’s wrong?” “Oh. . .nothing. It’s just, nice I guess. It’s been so long since I could just lay down and not worry about anyone trying to raid us.” Jimin responded with a chuckle. “Was it bad there in Spain?” “Not really. Europe surprisingly had their things together. They had an entire wall built up around them, separating the whole thing from everywhere else. It was insane and such a shock. It was like the whole apocalypse never happened.” Yoongi hummed, trying to imagine what that must be like. It’s been so long since the virus spread. If he was remembering correctly, it’s been almost thirteen years since it spread.



The room was peaceful, for some reason, it felt as if Jimin never left. Yoongi still felt that same peaceful good feeling whenever he was with Jimin except now even more so. Whenever Jimin would look into his eyes, he couldn’t help but notice his heart immediately beat faster. It felt as if they were young again. It felt like Jimin and him were back in their old camp, back at the school. When the two would look up into the stars, only them. Jimin smiled at him, eyes closing. Yoongi couldn’t help but smile back. He placed his hand under Jimin’s chin before he slowly moved down, lips brushing against Jimin’s.



“I love you Jimin.” Jimin giggled softly before he opened his eyes, wide smile still on his face. “I love you too.” The two then moved their heads when they heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” Yoongi said with a sigh. He didn't want this little bubble he and Jimin had to break but he knew he couldn’t keep Jimin to himself. The others also wanted to talk to him, he’s sure. Jimin sat up, gasping when he saw Louis enter the room. He quickly got off the bed, eyes watery. He ran to him and hugged him, feeling relaxed when he felt Louis’s arms around him. “Oh Jimbo, look at you.”



Louis brought Jimin’s face up to look at him. He lightly wiped his tears with his thumb, smiling when Jimin smiled softly. “I missed you Jimbo, I missed you so much.” Jimin chuckled before he nodded his head. He moved in for another hug, sighing when he felt Louis’s warmth. “I missed you too dad.” Yoongi smiled at the two, feeling his chest warm. He was glad that Jimin was back, not only for him and for Sophie, but for Louis too. Aside for himself, Louis was the only other one that was affected by Jimin’s departure. He was his son after all. “It’s good to have you back. And look at you, is this your natural hair color?”



Louis’s question made Jimin laugh, nodding at Louis’s shock. “Yeah, it is. You’ve only seen me in blonde and black huh?” “Hey, so did I. I’m surprised Jungkook’s hair is the same as yours. His is naturally black.” Yoongi added. “Well. . . Jungkook needed a disguise but he’ll tell you all about that later. I’m glad to see you all well and healthy.” Louis sighed before he slowly made his way towards a chair, Jimin helped him when he noticed his limp. “Not as healthy as I wanted to be, I’m old. I’m a fifty five year old man who needs to retire.” Jimin smiled softly as he placed his hand on top of Louis’s. “You don't look a day old from when I last saw you.” Louis laughed, shaking his head slowly.



“Ah Jimin, I surely missed you.” Jimin opened his mouth to speak when the door was opened once more, this time it was by a woman. “Yoongi! Are you okay? I came as soon as I heard.” Jimin frowned when he saw the woman walk straight to Yoongi. She placed her hands on his face, moving it slowly from side to side, inspecting it. “Little Sophie told me that you had trouble with a Skull Fighter, are you okay?” “Sarah, I’m fine.” Yoongi said, grabbing her hands to move them away from his face. He glanced at Jimin, seeing that the smile he had on his face was now gone, an emotionless expression was left instead. “Uh, Sara, this is Jimin.” Sarah widened her eyes as she turned to look at him. “Oh. . . uhm, hello. My name is Sarah, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”



Jimin stared at her for awhile before a smile appeared on his face, a smile much different than the one he had. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. You’re Yoongi’s friend?” Sarah let out an airy chuckle, eyes moving to glance at Yoongi. Jimin slightly lifted an eyebrow at the sound “Yeah, I am a friend, a close friend. Ever since you left I was there to take care of Yoongi and Sophie, I guess I was like her mother figure.” Yoongi and Louis frowned when Jimin’s smile surprisingly widen. It didn't look friendly though. “I see, well I’d like to thank you but it isn’t necessary anymore.” Sarah’s smiled faltered but she quickly smiled again.



“Uh, Sarah, why don't you check and see if Jin’s meeting is over. I’m sure he’d like to speak with Jimin soon.” “No, there’s no need, I’ll go look for them.” Jimin responded instead, surprising Louis and Yoongi. “I have to go check up on the others as well.” Jimin walked over to Yoongi, smiling at him before he bent down, slotting his lips against his. Yoongi quickly responded, especially when he felt Jimin’s hand on his cheek, lips moving with rhythm. He then moved back, giving him a peck before he stood back up. “I’ll see you after.” Yoongi felt stumped at the sudden passionate kiss. He nodded his head, watching Jimin turn around. He glanced at Sarah before Jimin’s eyes moved to Louis.



 “I’ll come look for you later.” Louis nodded, a chuckle coming out at Jimin’s display. He then left the room. Sarah clenched her hand, eyes moving to look at Yoongi but Yoongi was staring where Jimin was last standing. “I’m going to go look for Sophie.” She said before she too left the room. The sound of her footsteps knocked Yoongi out of his state, eyes quickly moving to Louis as soon as laughed. “Wow, I never thought I’d see the day when Jimin shows jealousy.” “Jealousy?” “Oh come now Yoongi, don't tell me you didn't notice? He stared daggers at her, it was quite scary, not going to lie.”



Yoongi frowned, Jimin was jealous. “There was never a reason for him to be jealous.” “There is now. He doesn’t know Sarah and you know more than anyone that Sarah is quite touchy with you, she’s always been. But of course, knowing Jimin, he’s not going to act on his jealousy. Especially since Sarah did say she helped you and Sophie out when he was gone. I’m sure in his own way, he’s thankful. . . at least just a little.” Yoongi chuckled at that. ‘Jimin was jealous’ He thought in his head. A small smile appeared on his face. If Jimin was jealous, than it definitely meant he still felt strongly for him. It wasn’t as if he was doubting Jimin’s feelings but it has been four years, feelings sometimes leave after a certain amount of time apart.



He was glad that wasn’t their case. ‘Jimin was jealous’ Yoongi chuckled as his mind brought Jimin’s passionate kiss in his memory, eyes immediately moving to Sarah before he left, almost as if he was challenging her. ‘I wonder what else he would do because of jealousy.’















Jimin walked down the stairs, eyes immediately landing on Peter, Jade, and Mary. “Hey, is the meeting done?” Mary shook her head, sighing. “I’m sure they should be done though.” On quo, the doors of the meeting room opened, Yokav, Jose, Seokjin, Namjoon, and Jay came out. Seokjin’s, Namjoon, and Jay’s eyes immediately landed on Jimin but they didn't say anything. “Ah Heart, where’s Steel?” Yokav asked, eyes looking around the room. “He’s with his sweetheart.” Jade responded with a smirk. “I see, well then, if you don't mind Seokjin I would like to know if we may stay here until we figure out what we’re going to do.”



Seokjin nodded his head, eyes darting towards Hoseok and Lianna. “Hoseok, do you think you can find a place they can stay in?” Hoseok nodded before he placed his hand on Jimin’s shoulder, smiling at him. Jimin returned the smile before Hoseok moved to the others. “If you can please follow me, I’ll show you a place.” Peter widened his eyes, eyes immediately going towards Jimin. “Wait, you’re not going with us?” Jimin smiled and ruffled his hair “It’s okay, you’ll be fine. I’ll come look for you guys later. You’re all safe here.” Peter looked hesitant before he nodded his head. “Jimin, tell Jungkook that I would like to talk to him about that thing.”



Jimin nodded at Jose’s words before they all left, following Hoseok out of the hallway. Jimin’s eyes turned to look behind him when he felt someone place their hand on his shoulder. Namjoon gave him a smile and a squeeze “It’s good to see you again Jimin, I’m glad you’re back.” “Yeah, we’re really happy to see you. It’s a miracle that the two of you are alive.” Jimin smiled at both Seokjin and Namjoon. “I’m glad all of you are okay too” His eyes moved to Jay, who was already looking at him. He didn't say anything though. He moved his eyes, letting out a sigh. “So, what’s going to happen?” Seokjin smiled before he shook his head “Don’t worry about that right now, you should rest and spend time with everyone. We can all talk tomorrow.



We would however, would like to speak with Jungkook. Jose spoke to us about his arm.” “Ah, I see. I’ll have to ask him. Please, if he refuses something, don't push it. He’s gotten rather. . . defensive, with reason. His temper is slightly high as well. Please respect his wishes.” Seokjin nodded his head “I will, I promise.”


Chapter Text



It was strange not being able to hug Jungkook like he wanted to. He wanted to lie down on the bed with him, snuggle next to him and only move when their bodies ached at being on the bed all day. He wanted to hug him tightly and let his heart and mind do whatever it wanted to do but he couldn’t. After Jungkook agreed to try, he still refused to let Taehyung touch his right arm. Taehyung helped him put his shirt back on, buttoning his shirt for him. For the first time ever since he met him, Taehyung felt awkward. He didn't know what to do. He couldn’t touch Jungkook because he had told him that they were going to go slow since Jungkook felt like he was going to harm him.



Taehyung could, however, touch his left hand. He intertwined their hands, eyes looking at each other. Jungkook was different, he could feel it. He hasn’t smiled, not once. Even after Taehyung told him about his drunken decision of his earring. He just hummed as he listened. Taehyung placed his hand on Jungkook’s cheek, making him look into his eyes. ‘What did they do to you? Why did they break you to the point that you no longer smile?’ Taehyung thought in his head. He remembers Jungkook being broken before but this was different, much different.



Taehyung feared that this wasn’t the same person. ‘No, this is him. It doesn’t matter what he went through, he’s the same person I fell in love with.’ Taehyung moved his thumb, caressing Jungkook’s cheek. His eyes watered, Jungkook watched as a tear fell from Taehyung’s eyes. He moved his left hand to wipe the tear, Taehyung closed his eyes as he did. “I’m sorry.” Taehyung frowned, opening his eyes at Jungkook’s comment. “Why are you apologizing?” “Because I’m causing you pain, not the same kind as hurting you but. . . I know these tears are because of me and I’m sorry.”



Taehyung shook his head, hand moving to lay on top of Jungkook’s hand, which was still on his cheek. “They’re not because of you, they’re about you. I’m crying because you’ve gone through so much. . . so much that you haven’t-” Jungkook’s eyes darted downward, not wanting to meet Taehyung’s pained ones. It hurt him, it hurt to see Taehyung crying, it really did. Taehyung let out a sob at that. He moved so that his head laid under Jungkook’s chin by his collarbones. He wanted to wrap his arms around him, pulling him closer but he respected Jungkook’s wishes.



He wouldn’t dare make him do something he wasn’t ready for. He felt more tears well up in his eyes when he heard Jungkook whisper. “I’m sorry Tae. . . if I can take this pain away. . . I would. I wish I can take all that pain. I rather feel it instead of you.” Taehyung raised his head. He was glad that Jungkook didn't move his face away when Taehyung was right in front of him, barely a breath away from each other. “You can” “How?” Jungkook asked after a moment of silence. “Kiss me. . . please.”



Jungkook stared onto Taehyung’s face before he leaned forward, lips softly touching Taehyung’s. Taehyung let out a breath for relief when he felt Jungkook’s lips. He didn't know if he would even do that. Taehyung instantly moved his lips against Jungkook’s, moving his head to the side so that he could place a little more pressure. Jungkook moved his head to the side as well, lips now slotting against his. Taehyung didn't know if it was the hand that slid onto his thigh or the kiss itself but he moved closer to Jungkook, hand going to the back of his neck. This was the most contact he’s had with him, Taehyung was going to get what he could.



Jungkook’s hand moved higher, now on Taehyung’s waist, Taehyung was still straddling him. He moved forward, Taehyung’s other hand moved to touch Jungkook’s chest, making Jungkook let out a breath through his nose. The kiss was moving quicker, with more purpose, with passion. Taehyung moved closer, moving his hips against Jungkook’s. He separated his lips to let out a gasp, unfortunately, that was what made Jungkook snap out of it. He placed his hand on Taehyung’s waist, stopping him from moving.



Taehyung’s cheeks were pink, eyes looking all over Jungkook with confusion. “Jungkook?” “Please. . . let’s not.” Taehyung frowned when he saw Jungkook try to move away. He was holding back, he knew he was. Taehyung knew that Jungkook wanted to, he could feel it in their kiss and when he moved his hips but Jungkook still refused much contact with him and that frustrated him. He knew he shouldn’t be sad or impatient, he was the one who told Jungkook that they would wait and go slow. “I’m sorry.” He ended up saying. Jungkook quickly shook his head “No, don't apologize. I almost lost control.”



Taehyung let out another sigh but didn't say anything else. His attention was taken when he heard a knock at the door. “Tae! There’s an old guy by the gates saying that he wants to see you!” Taehyung widened his eyes and quickly stood up, immediately walking out of the room. He saw Bogum, who’s eyes glanced at the room then at him. “Who is it?” “I don't know, he’s just some guy that came over, demanding to see you.” Taehyung nodded his head before he immediately walked out of the house, Bogum followed him. Taehyung ran towards the gate when he saw Derek and a few others holding onto someone who was yelling to let him go.



“Hey, let him go! He’s my dad!” Taehyung yelled. Everyone widened their eyes and immediately let the man go. “Taehyung! I came as fast as I could when I heard commotion here. I thought. . . I thought I had lost you too. I thought I wasn’t going to see you-” Taheyung smiled before he hugged his father tightly. “It’s okay, I’m fine. How about you? How are you?” Taehyung’s father chuckled “Why’re you asking me that? I wasn’t the one who suffered an invasion.” Taehyung smiled before he let out a chuckle. “Will you stay? . . now that you’re here?”



Taehyung’s father frowned when he saw Taehyung’s smile leave. “What’s wrong?” Taehyung looked up at him, biting his lower lip when his eyes met his. “I need you. . . more than anything right now.” Taehyung’s father nodded his head, immediately knowing that something was wrong. “Yeah, I’ll stay. If you need me, I’ll stay.” Taehyung smiled gratefully. “Tae? You said this guy is your dad?” Taehyung turned when he heard Bogum, who was looking at the man with surprise. “Yeah, he’s my dad. He’s been living outside the zone all this time. It hasn’t been long since I found him.”



“Who’s this?” Taehyung’s father asked. Taeyhung turned to him and smiled “This is Bogum, my best friend.” Bogum cleared his throat but quickly smiled, hand reaching to grab Taehyung’s father’s. “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. I didn't think I’d meet any of Taehyung’s relatives.” Taehyung’s father smiled as he shook Bogum’s hand. In the distance, Jungkook stood out in the doorway, eyes looking towards Taehyung and the man next to him. ‘That’s his father?’ He said in his mind. His eyes looked towards Bogum when he saw him place his hand on Taehyung’s back, rubbing his hand up and down.



Taehyung smiled at him before his eyes moved towards his father. “That’s Bogum huh. . .” Jungkook felt his hand clench but he quickly willed that feeling away. No, he couldn’t do that to Taheyung. He couldn’t be angry or jealous that Taehyung was close to Bogum, not when he was the one who was practically pushing him away. He was the one that left. . . he was the one that decided to leave. He felt his chest hurt as he watched Bogum and Taehyung smile at each other. ‘They look. . . good together.’ His eyes burned at the thought, his throat felt choked up but he willed all of that away. He wasn’t going to be a burden. He’s been a burden for everyone around him for three years, he couldn’t do that to him. He couldn’t do that to the person he loved.



Jungkook was knocked out of his thoughts when he saw Taheyung turn to him, a wide smile on his face. “Jungkook, I want you to meet someone.” Taehyung grabbed his left hand, pulling him towards the man he was talking to prior. “Jungkook, this is my dad. Dad, this is Jungkook.” Taehyung’s dad raised both eyebrows, surprised to meet him. “This is Jungkook? The Jungkook? The one who you are-” Taehyung nodded his head, a blush clearly on his cheeks. “Ah, well then, it’s good to finally meet you. I’d like to thank you for taking care of my son” Jungkook nodded his head, extending his hand to shake his.



“The pleasure is all mine sir and there’s nothing to thank me for, I don't think I’m worthy of that.” Taehyung frowned but quickly shifted the conversation before his father was able to question anything. “So you’ll be living with us?” Taehyung’s father chuckled, scratching the back of his head. “I don't know Tae, I wouldn’t want to be in the way since Jungkook just got back.” Taehyung pouted, shaking his head lightly. “But. . . where would you go?” “He can come with me, I don't mind.” Bogum said, smiling at him. Taehung returned the smile, feeling grateful.



“That’s a great idea! Thank you so much Bogum!” Bogum smiled when Taehyung wrapped his arms around him, a happy smile on his face. Bogum tightened the hug, eyes moving to glance at Jungkook, who was staring at the two with an unreadable expression. “Tae, I’m going to look for Jimin to see if he and the others are okay.” Taehyung turned to him, grabbing his hand before he was able to leave. “Wait. . . you’ll come back, won’t you?” Jungkook stared into his eyes, hand moving to touch Taehyung’s cheek. “Yeah, I’ll be back.” Taehyung’s hand moving on top of his. He nuzzled his cheek on Jungkook’s palm, smiling up at him. “I’ll wait for you.”

















“Jin, until when can I stay here? You already checked me and said that I was fine.” Seokjin chuckled as he checked Yoongi’s wound one more time. He wanted to make sure he was fine before he sent him back home. The two were in the room on their own, Louis had left to rest after Jimin and Sarah did. “You’re good to go, I was just making sure.” “Thank god” Yoongi sighed and stretched his back before he slowly stood up. He looked over at Seokjin, watching him pack up a few things. “Jin. . . what happened in that meeting thing, with those people.”



Seokjin looked up, eyes meeting Yoongi’s. He let out a sigh before he sat down. “Uhm, I don't know if it’s a good idea to tell you or not but I don't want you to be suddenly shocked by it.” “What’re you talking about?” “It’s about Jungkook, we found out something about him. . .” Yoongi stood silent, eyebrows furrowed. He felt nervous and worried ‘Did something bad happened to him whilst he was gone? Is that why he’s acting different?’



“What happened to him?” Yoongi asked, waiting for Seokjin to answer. “He. . . his right arm is prosthetic made out of steel, that’s why the group calls him Steel. According to them, he lost his arm almost three and a half years ago.” Yoongi’s eyes widened, breath stuck in his throat. “What?” He felt his eyes sting with unshed tears, heart hurting. “He lost. . . his arm?” “He did, one of the members named Jose built him a prosthetic. One that he can easily move. He spared us the details about the procedure but he wants to show it to us. There’s also a boy named Peter, he apparently also has the cure but in his lungs.



According to him, we can make an enhanced cure, one that will destroy the virus completely if we release it in a form of fog or something like that. It’ll instantly kill any infected around the area as well as enter anyone’s system, giving them the cure.” “Wow. . . that’s insane. Do you think this’ll actually work? It sounds too good to be true.” Seokjin let out a sigh, shoulders shrugging. “I’m not sure to be honest but it’s worth a shot. They did help kill half of the Skull Fighters. They deserve that I give them a shot, Jimin is with them now.” Yoongi stood silent, trying to process everything he just heard.



He looked up when he felt Seokjin place his hand over his shoulder. “Hey, why don't you talk with Jungkook? Jimin said he’s no longer acting himself and that we should be careful around him.” Yoongi nodded his head, agreeing with Seokjin. He needed to talk with him, he has too. His little brother suffered so much out there, he needed to be there for him.

















Hoseok realized something, the new group that came in with Jimin and Jungkook were. . . chaotic. He was inside a house with all of the members, letting them stay in this vacant house for the time being. The members immediately went to look around, all yelling at who’s going to room with who. It was odd how people who are supposed to be in a ‘group’ were all cursing each other, pushing and shoving when they disagreed. In the corner of the room, Hoseok could see the boy, Peter, sitting at the corner on the ground. He had a smile on his face as he watched everyone argue.



He hadn’t spoken since they got here but he didn't seem to be shy or uncomfortable with this group at all. Hoseok wondered how long this boy were with them. He was young, age twelve. He wasn’t even alive when the virus accord. ‘I wonder how’s it like not knowing how life truly was before.’ Hoseok thought in his head. His, and everyone else's, attention was brought to the door when it was pushed open. Peter, who has been quiet, immediately brightened up, a wide smile appearing on his face when he saw who entered. “Jimin!” He got up and ran towards him, wrapping his arms around him.



Jimin smiled and hugged him back. If it weren’t for the difference in looks, Hoseok would’ve thought they looked like brothers. “You’re back! Did you find out what’s going to happen?” A woman named Mary asked. Jimin looked up and nodded his head “We’ll be staying here until Yokav and Jose decides what they’re going to do. For the time being, we can get comfortable.” Hoseok frowned ‘For the time being? Are they going to. . . leave again?’



“Heart, where’s Steel? I haven’t seen him since we got here.” Jade asked, nonchalantly looking through a window. “He’s with Taehyung.” She chuckled, a smirk appearing on her face. “Oh? Guess we won’t see him for some while.” Jimin rolled his eyes as he shook his head. “At least he’s got someone” A man named Kazimir said, lightly elbowing her. Another girl, Tania, giggled. “Fuck off, I can get whoever I want.” Jade responded, pushing her hair back. “Sure, that’s why Steel is on his knees in front of you, huh? Face it frenchy, you can’t get who you want.” Jade shoved Kazimir, glaring at him.



When he tried to shove back, she pulled out a shiv, making Hoseok widen his eyes. Jimin sighed and shook his head at the action. “Jade, that’s enough. We barely got here, don't spill unnecessary blood.” “Unnecessary? Excuse you! Do you wanna fight too!” Kazimir yelled with playful glare. Jimin smirked, lifting an eyebrow at him. “You know I’m all game.” Jade chuckled as she leaned back, placing her shiv back in its place. “Why don't we spar? Two v. two, you can choose who you want as your partner whilst Heart and I team up.” Kazimir tsked, arms over his chest.



“Alright, the only way to make this fair is if I had Steal.” “Oh you’re so on.” Jade responded. Hoseok was still very shocked at not only their interaction, but of Jimin’s too. He doesn’t remember him being this. . . crazy? Erratic? He wasn’t sure. “Uhm Jimin? May I speak with you for a bit?” Jimin turned his head, realizing Hoseok’s presence. “Oh! Sure.” He responded with a smile. An expression different than the one he had. “W-Wait! Are you. . . are you going to stay here with us or are you-. . .” Peter looked down to the ground, fingers twilling with each other.



Jimin chuckled before he ruffled his hair, making Peter look up at him without moving his head. “I don't really know yet but you know that if I do live with Yoongi, you can come over whenever. I’ll come visit you guys everyday too. It’s not like we’re going to be far away.” Peter let out a sigh before he nodded his head. “Okay. . .” Jimin gave him another smile before he went outside with Hoseok. “You two are close huh?” Hoseok asked once the two were outside. “Yeah, I guess we are.



I don't know, when I look at him, I imagine when Jungkook was young. He used to always depend on me. . . he would always want to be around me at all times.” Jimin let out a little giggle as he remembered when he first met Jungkook. He was a scared boy, the age of twelve as well. Jungkook was so young. . . so innocent. He was scared of everything and only trusted Jimin. As crazy as it sounds, those times were more simpler times. Yes, they suffered greatly back then but it was far less than what they went through now. He shouldn’t think this way but. . . Jimin wished they could go back. Go back to how everything was before.



Maybe that way. . . that way Jungkook would’ve never suffered everything that happened to him. Jimin felt guilty. Not only because it was him that told Jungkook that he was going to leave in search for Silvia, but because whilst Jungkook lost an arm, Jimin suffered what Jungkook already did a long time ago. Jimin let out a sigh, Hoseok noticed the tired look he had in his eyes. “You know, Yoongi should be out of the hospital soon. Maybe you could go help him and take him home? That way you can get accustomed to where you’ll be staying from now on.



And maybe, you can talk it out with Sophie too.” Jimin smiled, liking the idea. He wanted to rest. Especially since they’ve been on the run, not stopping since they got back from Spain. “Come, I’ll take you back to the hospital.” Jimin and Hoseok were on their way towards the hospital when they saw Jungkook, walking back as well. He looked up, eyes meeting Jimin’s. “Jungkookie. . . how did it go?” Jungkook let out a sigh before nodding his head “I’ll tell you when we’re alone.” Jimin agreed and together they followed Hoseok to the hospital.
















“I’m fine, really. There’s no reason to be worried about me.” Sarah sighed as she helped Yoongi into his living room, Sophie was helping as well. “I worry because I care about you and Sophie. Now come on, sit here and relax.” Yoongi groaned but did as told. Sophie glanced up at him, biting her bottom lip. She wanted to ask him about something but she wasn’t sure if it was okay to say it. Thankfully, Yoongi didn't seem to notice her turmoil. Yoongi looked out the window and noticed how late it was getting before he turned to look at Sara. For some reason, she was in the kitchen doing who knows what.. “Hey Sarah, shouldn’t you leave already. I don't want to seem rude but you should go home, Jimin will be here soon.”



Sophie let out an exhale at that. Without a word, she went upstairs to her room. Yoongi looked after her before his eyes went back to Sarah. “Oh? I was just preparing something for you and little Sophie to eat. I don't think he’ll mind.” “Sarah. . . listen, I’ve been straight forward with you since the beginning. Jimin is finally back and I don't want to give him the wrong idea. I also don't want you two to fight. You’re a good person Sarah, a good friend. You’ve helped me and my daughter in everything and I appreciate that but. . . I don't want to hurt your feelings.” Sarah frowned. She slowly walked towards him, sitting next to him on the sofa. Before she spoke, she grabbed his hand, placing it between both of hers.



She smiled, meeting Yoongi’s curious eyes. “I know. . . I know you’re with him and that you love him but. . . I love little Sophie and- and I love taking care of you. I know he’s back and I should move away but I just can’t. Not only are you my friend. . . you’re someone special to me.” Yoongi felt guilty as he saw her expression. He honestly shouldn’t since he’s told her since the beginning but he couldn’t get the guilty feeling off of his chest. He sighed and placed his other hand on hers, thumb moving from side to side in a comforting manner.



“I’m sorry Sarah, I really am, but I don't want to give Jimin the wrong idea. Please understand.” Sarah stared into his eyes, eyes moving down to their connected hands. She was about to respond when the sound of a door opening made the two look back. Yoongi’s eyes widened, hands moving away from Sarah’s when he saw Jimin, Jungkook, and Hoseok enter. Hoseok stopped, eyebrows raising as he turned to look at Jimin’s expression. His expression seemed neutral but his eyes would shift from Sarah to Yoongi. He didn't say anything though. Jungkook on the other hand frowned, annoyance evident on his face.



Sarah felt a sort of anger when her eyes met Jimin’s. “I should go” Sarah stood up, eyes softening when she looked back down to Yoongi. She placed her hand on his check, smiling gently. “Let me know if you need anything.” She then walked over to the exit, eyes glancing at Jimin, meeting them before she left. Both Yoongi and Hoseok glanced at Jimin but saw no expression on his face. But he was offly quiet, in an intimidating way. “Who’s she?” Jungkook asked instead, walking inside. Jimin followed him, sitting on the sofa next to him instead of the one with Yoongi. Hoseok immediately felt the tension. He cleared his throat, smiling at them before he excused himself.



Now, Yoongi was here with both Jimin and Jungkook. “She’s a friend, her name is Sarah.” “You seem close.” Jungkook commented, cold eyes staring at Yoongi’s. Yoongi let out an exhale before they moved to Jimin but he was looking around the living room instead. “She’s really just a friend, nothing more.” Jungkook hummed at his answer but didn't ask anything else. “Where’s Sophie? Can I go see her?” Jimin asked this time, eyes moving to look at Yoongi. His expression was still neutral, something that made Yoongi uneasy. ‘Is he. . . mad? Jealous?’ Yoongi didn't know but he had to clear it up right away.



“She’s upstairs in her room. The first door to your left.” He responded before he glanced at Jungkook. Jimin instantly stood up and looked at Jungkook before he walked up the stairs, leaving the two in the living room. “Jungkook, how are you? I heard. . . a few things about you.” Jungkook lightly raised both of his eyebrows before they went back to his emotionless expression. “What kind of things?” Yoongi gave him a sad look at his response. With just a simple look, Jungkook understood. Yoongi knew already, someone must’ve told him.



“Do you wanna talk about it?” “Not really.” Jungkook responded, avoiding the topic. “You know you can always talk to me, right? I’ll be there to listen, I aways will be. We’re brothers, that’s what I’m here for, to help you.” Jungkook nodded but didn't respond after that. The room somehow got quiet, making Yoongi feel awkward. He let out a sigh before he tried to stand up, hissing slightly. “You shouldn’t move if you’re hurt.” Yoongi shook his head, ignoring Jungkook’s words before he sat next to him, body facing him. “Tell me, what’s wrong. You’re quiet. . . emotionless. You weren’t like this, what happened?” Jungkook stood quiet a moment longer before he turned his head to look at Yoongi. “A lot of things happened.”



“Tell me about them, maybe letting it out can help.” “Listen Yoongi, I know you mean well but I don't want to talk about it. Please, drop it.” To say that Yoongi was shocked was an understatement. Jungkook had never spoke to him in that tone before. Yes, they fought a long time ago and yelled at each other but Jungkook had never spoken to him in such a dark tone. He wanted, needed, to help Jungkook but he knew he shouldn’t push it. He’ll give Jungkook space until he’s ready to talk. Yoongi nodded his head, hating that he couldn’t act like he used to with him. “Okay. . . but please know that I’ll be here whenever you need me.”















Jimin heard Jungkook and Yoongi speak as he walked up the stairs. As soon as he was on the second floor, he noticed three doors. The was one to the right and two on the left. He went to the first door on his left, following Yoongi’s directions. He knocked softly, waiting for Sophie to respond. “Sophie? May I come in?” Jimin waited until he heard, more like saw, the doorknob jiggle, opening slightly. “Can I help you?” Sophie asked. “I was hoping we could talk, you know. . . since I’ve been gone.” Sophie stared at him before she sighed loudly, opening the door for him to enter. Instead of waiting there, she walked back to her bed, instantly moving so that her back was against the headboard.



Jimin walked in, eyes glancing around the room. For how the city was, this room was really nice. It was big, barely any stuff was inside. There was a bed, a wardrobe, a chair with it’s table and a desk. A window was next to Sophie’s bed across her door. “You have a nice room.” Jimin pulled the chair and placed it in front of the bed, body facing her. She didn't look at him though. She had a book on her lap, eyes scanning the words on the pages. “Yoongi taught you how to read?” Sophie glanced up at his words.



“Yeah, Sarah helped too. She was the one who gave me classes when he couldn’t. She always stayed with me too.” “Oh. . . I see, I’m glad that you had someone here to help you.” “Yeah, so am I. My dad and I are really lucky to have her.” Sophie responded, all her attention on Jimin now. She was looking at him with a certain glint in her eyes as she said this. Jimin completely understood what she was doing but didn't take it to heart. She was trying to make him feel guilty and maybe even jealous.



He hates to say it, but it was working. He smiled softly, nodding his head as he intertwined his fingers. “Sophie. . . I’m-” Jimin looked over to her. When their eyes met, she looked away, not wanting to meet them. Jimin sighed at that. He stood up and carefully sat next to her on the bed. “Sophie, I’m sorry. You’re probably angry with me. . . maybe even disappointed. I know and I don't blame you. I don't expect you to forgive me, at least not right away. Please, all I ask if you give me a chance. A chance to redeem myself to you and to Yoongi. I. . . I shouldn’t have left. I shouldn’t have left all of you. Sophie, I’m sorry. . . for everything.” Jimin moved his hand to lay it on top of Sophie but she instinctively moved away, standing. She walked over to her door, opening it softly.



“I’m sleepy, can you please leave.” Jimin frowned sadly before he nodded his head. He walked over to her, smiling. He wanted to hug her, wanted to place a kiss on her forehead like he used to but Sophie walked back to her bed before he was able to do anything. “Good night Sophie, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jimin glanced at her before he walked out of her room, closing the door behind him. He sighed, closing his eyes tightly. He felt guilty, it was painful seeing how much he hurt Sophie, how much he hurt his daughter.



After a moment of silence, he walked back downstairs, where he saw Yoongi alone. He raised his eyebrows as he looked all over the room. “Where’s Jungkook?” “He left, I think I might’ve angered him.” Yoongi looked up at him, eyebrows pulled together. “I just. . . wanted to help him but he’s different. He’s quiet and. . . reserved.” Yoong looked up at Jimin when he placed his hand on his shoulder, smiling softly at him. “Please understand him. So much happened, give him some time to get accustomed to everything again.”



“Accustomed? What do you mean?” Yoongi asked, frown deepening. “He. . . after what happened to him, he closed himself up. . . to everyone, even me. He barely talks and he hasn’t smile. I tried helping him, telling him that everything was fine and what’s important is that he’s alive. Yes, he lost his arm and he’s still the same person but-” Jimin let out a sigh, exhaling loudly. “He doesn’t believe in himself. He considers himself a monster, someone who only hurts people.”



“Why would he think that? I mean, I know he can control his strength. I saw him open the door to leave, closing it softly. There’s no reason for him to fear hurting someone.” Jimin smiled sadly at him, bottom lip moving to be in between his teeth. “He. . . he can control it, yes. But-” “But what?” Yoongi asked, noticing Jimin’s hesitance. “He’s afraid, almost two years ago he tried to help me when I slipped on something when. . . I guess you could say he held onto me a little too hard.” Yoongi’s eyebrows raised, eyes moving to look around Jimin’s frame.



Jimin noticed and gave him a smile. “It wasn’t that bad, but he thinks it is.” “Where? Where did he hurt you?” Instead of answering directly, Jimin extended his hand, waiting for Yoongi to grab it. He helped him up, guiding him towards his room. Even though Yoongi insisted that he could on his own, Jimin helped him sit on the bed, untying and taking off his shoes. Yoongi placed his hand on Jimin’s cheek, thumb moving in a soothing manner. “Where was it?” Jimin look into his eyes, smiling softly, before he moved his hand over to his shirt, pulling it over his head.



Yoongi’s eyes widened at the act but stood completely still. Once the shirt was off, Jimin moved his body so that his left shoulder was showing. That’s when Yoongi saw it. There was a large faded bruise like mark on his shoulder. He could tell that it was painful when it actually happened just with the size alone. Hesitantly, Yoongi lifted his hand, softly touching the delicate skin. Not only that mark was very noticeable but the bite mark Jimin had on his neck was too. one he received from the clicker all those years ago with Noah. His eyes met Jimin’s when he moved his eyes to look at Yoongi’s reaction. “It wasn’t his fault, he was just trying to help.”



“It looks painful.” “It was but now it just tingles a bit. I don't feel pain anymore.” Yoongi and Jimin stared into each other’s eyes again, stare unmoving. Jimin smiled, giggling softly before he looked away. “Uhm, I was wondering something.” “And what’s that?” “I was wondering if. . . I was going to stay here or-” Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hand, making him look up at him once more. “Of course you’re staying here, that’s not even a question.” Jimin smiled widely before he moved forward, placing his forehead on his. Yoongi closed his eyes, breathing in Jimin before he returned the smile.



“I missed you.” “I missed you too.” Jimin giggled before he moved forward again, placing his lips on Yoongi’s. Yoongi quickly responded, hand reaching up to touch Jimin’s cheek, trying to deepen the kiss but Jimin moved away. He still had a smile though, eyes closing into crescents. “I’m kind of tired right now, do you think. . . do you think we can sleep?” Yoongi nodded, placing another kiss on Jimin’s lips. “Of course.” Jimin stood up and helped Yoongi get comfortable before he reached for his shirt.



“Jimin, what’s that?” Jimin was putting his shirt on when he heard Yoongi’s words, stopping to look at him. “Huh?” “That” Yoongi reached forward, touching Jimin’s back. There was a tattoo on his lower back. The tattoo of a realistic heart over where Yoongi remembers being the mark he and Jungkook received a long time ago. Jimin blushed at the touch but chuckled later, bringing Yoongi’s eyes up to meet his. “Jade did it for me, she did one for Jungkook too.



I thought it was kind of fitting since. .. you know.” Yoongi chuckled before he nodded his head, touching the tattoo again. “It is, it’s pretty. .. just like you.” Yoongi felt proud to see a large smile on Jimin’s face, the tint of pink still on his cheeks. “Maybe you should ask her to do one for you too.” Jimin responded, finally putting his shirt back on. Once he was done, he climbed over the bed, immediately latching onto Yoongi. He sighed when he felt Yoongi’s arms around him. It felt good, it felt like home, he felt safe. Yoongi kissed his forehead, slowly closing his eyes to just feel Jimin’s presence. He loved it, and he missed it deeply. There was no way he was ever going to let him go again.













The walk back was uneventful aside the people staring at him in the streets. It was really strange seeing this amount of people in Seattle. He was used to it in Spain but seeing it here really made him see the differences. Jungkook let out a sigh as he walked into a house, the house he was informed of the others were. It wasn’t that late so he knew they would be awake. Jungkook didn't even bother to knock on the door and let himself in. Just like he suspected, Jade, Mary, Jose, Tania, Yokav, and Kazimir were still awake. Peter had been sleeping for almost an hour already.



“Oh? Daddy decided to sleep her tonight? What happened with pretty boy? I thought you were getting your game on.” Jade asked, wiggling her eyebrows. Jungkook glanced at her and rolled his eyes. “What? Did you miss us?” “Jade, please shut up.” Jade tsked, slightly laughing at Jungkook’s expression. “Then why’re you here?” Jungkook ignored her this time and walked towards Jose. “Steel, how does your arm feel? Does it hurt?” “No, not yet.” Jose nodded, giving Jungkook a pat on the back.



“You let me know when it hurts and I’ll take a look at it okay? We can always inject you and you’ll be fine.” “Thanks Jose.” Jungkook replied, giving him a thankful stare. He then turned his head when he heard Yokav’s voice. “Where’s heart?” “He stayed with Yoongi” “Ah, so he’s getting his game on then?” Jade intervened, not caring if the others rolled their eyes at her again. “What? At least someone should get their game on. We just got here and I’m already bored.” “Why don't you hook up with someone from here then?” Kazimier asked, a smirk on his face.



“Ha ha, I don't think so. I don't know what these people’ve been doing and we’ve they been.” Kazimir hummed, the smirk still on his face. “What about that doc, the leader of this here camp? There’s no way he’s got something, he’s a doc!” “He’s with someone already, Namjoon.” Jungkook responded, not looking at them. “Well that’s just great, everytime I find someone to play with, they’re already taken and or gay.” The others except for Jungkook chuckled lightly, shaking their heads. “You’re all laughing no but I’m not kidding. Look what happened with Kookie here.



I thought he was a catch and what happened? He not only had a sweetheart, he’s engaged.” “Jade, not now please.” Jade huffed and leaned back, eyes going all over Jungkook. “Well then daddy, what’re you gonna do? You gonna give it to him?” “Give him what?” Kazimir asked, not knowing what she meant. The others knew though, especially Jose. “I don't know.” “What? What do you mean ‘You don't know’? What happened to, you’ll marry him once you get back deal?” Jungkook let out a sigh, left hand moving towards his head, index and middle finger massaging his temples.



“I have a lot to think about. . . I just, I don’t think it’s the right time. Especially since I just told him about-” He looked over at his right arm, clenching his hand into a fist. “It’s not the time. . .” Jade exhaled exaggeratedly, lightly kicking Jungkook on his side. “Well get your shit together. Don't think we didn't hear things from sweetheart and some fellow named Bogum. If you want, I can pull this Bogum away and keep him entertained?” Jungkook stared at Jade before he stood up, shaking his head softly. He didn't answer and instead walked over to the door, not glancing back at them. “Oh, before I forget, we left our bags at the truck.



We gotta go get it tomorrow morning.” Yokav said, looking at everyone. “Wow, it’s all safely kept huh?” Jade replied, an eyebrow lifted. “I’m leaving, night” Jungkook said, catching their attention. He then left without another word. He was hesitant but he walked back to the house Taehyung showed him. It was dark, which was weird since the others had electricity. ‘Does this one not have any? Or is he already asleep?’ Jungkook asked before he reached for the doorknob. He turned it, noticing how easily it was to get inside. He frowned, not liking how Taehyung left his door wide open for anyone to enter. He didn't know these people but still, he shouldn’t leave himself vulnerable. Jungkook knows first hand to never trust anyone in your group. . . never.



He entered, and just like the rest of the house, the lights were all off. Instead, there was candles lit in the living room and kitchen. He walked in, stopping when he saw the back door open, a figure sitting on the ground, staring up into the sky. “You’re going to get sick.” Jungkook said when he noticed it was Taehyung. Taehyung turned around, surprised but then his expression turned into a smile. “You’re back!” Taehyung stood up and immediately walked towards him, hugging him.



Jungkook was caught off guard but he didn't push him away. Hesitantly, he moved his left arm, placing it over Taehyung’s shoulders. Taehyung smiled happily once he felt it. “Are you sleepy? We can got to be if you want or we can eat something too.” Taehyung asked, moving to look at Jungkook. “I’m not hungry, we can sleep if you’re tired.” Taehyung nodded his head, immediately intertwining his hand with Jungkook’s left and pulled him towards each candle, blowing them out before he walked towards the room.



He was nervous, he didn't know if Jungkook would even want to sleep next to him but he tried to will himself to not feel upset if he didn't. Jungkook asked for space and Taehyung would immediately give it to him. Once they were inside the room, Taehyung nervously looked back at Jungkook, who was looking at the bed, almost foreignly. “Is something wrong?” “No. . . sorry. I just haven’t slept on a bed in so long.” Taehyung smiled shyly before he moved forward, lifting his hands and placing them on Jungkoo’s shirt.



He moved his fingers to undo the buttons when Jungkook placed his hand on Taehyung’s stopping him. “I’m just helping you get comfortable. I don’t think you’d like to sleep in a button up shirt. . . unless you want to.” Taehyung finished, looking down. Jungkook stared at his expression before he dropped his own hand, letting Taehyung continue. “Alright. . .” Taehyung smiled shyly before he continued to slowly unbutton Jungkook’s shirt. Just like the first time, Taehyung stared at his tattoo before he raised his hands, pulling the shirt off his shoulders, careful to remove it from his right.



Taehyung stared at his right arm, wanting to at least touch it but he restrained himself, not wanting to give Jungkook another reason to push him away. “Let’s lay down and maybe. . . we can talk before we fall asleep.” Jungkook nodded his head, agreeing. Taehyung laid down on the right side of the bed, allowing Jungkook to lay on the left side. He knew he probably didn't want his right arm to be near him, so he gave him that side to feel less uneasy. “Uhm. . . so. . . the group you came with, are they good people?” Taehyung asked, trying to strike up a conversation.



“Yeah, they are. They’re annoying but good people. I’d stay clear of Jade though, she flirts with everyone. If she can get her hands on you, she will. So watch out for her.” “Did she flirt with you too?” Jungkook turned his head, now looking at Taehyung. “She did. . . or well, she does. It’s a little game she’s playing but I ignore her.” Taehyung hummed, eyes not meeting his. He scooted forward, slowly putting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. He looked up when he felt him tense. “Is this okay?” Jungkook nodded before he moved his left arm, wrapping it around him, pulling Taehyung closer. Taehyung felt giddy as soon as he was flushed against Jungkook’s side. ‘It’s not much, but it’s progress.’



“How was everything here. . . when Jimin and I were gone?” “It was okay, I guess. I mean, I felt a little lonely at first but then I met Bogum.” Jungkook frowned but didn't say anything. “Bogum, you’re close with him?” Taehyung giggled nodding his head. “Yup, he’s really nice and caring. He was the one that cheered me up whenever I was sad or helped me when I needed it. I’m thankful that I have him.” Whilst Taehyung had a bright smile on his face, Jungkook wore a frown. “I see. . .” He responded, not wanting to show his emotions.



“That’s nice. . . that you had him.” “Yeah” Taehyung snuggled closer, slowly closing his eyes. He felt happy and at ease in Jungkoo’s arms. Yes, he would prefer to have Jungkook snuggling around him too but he knew he shouldn’t be asking for too much, at least not now. That’ll come in the future. Hopefully, in the near future.


















It was almost two hours since Taehyung fell asleep. Unfortunately, Jungkook couldn’t fall asleep himself. He stared all over Taehyung’s face, seeing all differences he had from the last time he saw him. It was hard not being able to touch him like before. He remembers always having his hands on him back then but now, now everything was different. He was different. Jungkook let out a breath before he looked up at the ceiling, trying his hardest not to move and disrupt Taehyung from his sleep.



But then there was a small knock, a knock did immediately caught Jungkook’s attention. It was a tune he recognized from anywhere. He glanced over at Taehyung before he slowly and carefully moved his arm from under him. He then stood up and tiptoed out of the room. He looked around, slowly walking towards where the sound was coming from, it was coming from the front door. “Jade? What’re you doing here?” Jade looked up at him before her eyes looking down is shirtless torso. She smirked as her eyes looked back up. “Hey daddy, were you sleeping or were you with your sweetheart?”



She reached over, fingers touching Jungkook’s torso. With his left hand, Jungkook grabbed her hand and pushed it aside “What do you want?” “The guys and I can’t sleep so we decided to do a campfire by where we crashed the truck. Peter and Yokav went to get Heart, you in?” Jungkook stared at her before he looked behind him. He sighed before he brought his eyes back to Jade. “Yeah, just give me a minute.” Jungkook closed the door and walked back into the room where Taehyung was still asleep.



“Tae. . . Taehyung?” Taehyung scrunched his face, eyebrows furrowing. “Tae, I’m gonna go out for a bit to get fresh air.” Taehyung slightly opened his eyes, yawning and stretching his legs and arms. “I’ll. . . go with you.” “No, you’re tired. Sleep, I’ll be back. I promise.” Taehyung groaned but sleep got the better of him. He nodded his head, slightly smiling when he felt Jungkook place a kiss on his forehead. Jungkook then walked over to where his shirt was, putting his arms through, not putting the buttons on.



He then put his boots on and quietly exited the room. Jade was outside, looking at the sky. At the sound of the door closing, she turned to him and smiled. “Need help with those?” She asked, pointing at the unbuttoned shirt. Jungkoo shook his head before answering. “Nah, I’ll grab another shirt when we get to the truck. I still got my bags there.” “We all do.” Jade responded with a chuckle as the two made it towards their truck.
















The night was silent, the house. . . not so much. Jimin was used to sleeping out in open space so it was strange sleeping inside a closed area. Call him crazy but he wasn’t comfortable. He sighed before he closed his eyes, trying once more to fall asleep. He tried to concentrate on Yoongi’s heat and the sound of his breath whenever he exhaled but it wasn’t working. He sat up and carefully lifted himself from the bed. As quiet as he could, he put his shoes on and exited the room, closing the door behind him.



He let out a sigh once he was out in the hall. He was still quiet when he walked down stairs though. He went into the kitchen, looking all over the ‘decorations’. There were drawings on the walls, all hung with pushpins. Jimin smiled as he saw a colored drawing, one made by a child, in crayon. There were two people, one drawn in blue whilst the other was in orange. Under the blue one it said ‘dad’ and under the orange one was ‘me’.



Jimin lifted his hand, lightly touching the drawing. He looked at the others, all having two people except for one. His smile fell when another person was drawn, this time in pink. “Sarah” Jimin read. He let out a sigh, not wanting to feel jealousy. He shouldn’t feel this way, not after he was the one who chose to leave. Jimin was about to walk out of the kitchen when he heard footsteps from outside and then a knock. His instincts immediately told him to defend but he pushed it away when he told himself that he was in the camp, there wasn’t going to be an enemy here.



At least, he hoped there weren’t. He walked over to the door, opening it slightly to see none other than Peter and Yokav. “Jimin!” “Peter? Yokav? What are you doing here?” Jimin asked, looking back into the house before pushing the two so they could talk outside and not wake anyone inside. “We couldn’t sleep, I presume you couldn’t either?” Jimin let out a sigh, nodding his head. “Then let’s go! Jose and Mary are making a campfire by the truck and Jungkook’ll be there too. They went to go get him. Can you come? Please please please!”



Jimin smiled softly at him as he ruffled his hair. “Alright but only for a little while. I don't want to worry Yoongi if he wakes up and I’m not there.” “Yes!” “Let’s go then, let’s go!” Peter yelled happily as he pulled Jimin with him towards the campfire. Yokav followed after them, not before looking up at the house, frowning at it before continuing to follow Jimin and Peter.


Chapter Text


“Hey Steel! Glad you could make it!” Kazimir yelled when he saw him and Jade walk towards the campfire. They had built a fire pit next to the gate the Skull Fighter’s crashed through and moved things to sit on them. Tania, was sitting on top of a thrown bin, a guitar on her hands. “Sit, we’re about to start. We’re just waiting on Heart, Peter, and Yokav.” Jungkook nodded his head and immediately walked over to the truck, pulling out two duffle bags from inside. He walked back and placed them on the ground, sitting next to one whilst he used the other to lean on.



He opened the one next to him and took out a t-shirt, taking his off before putting that one on. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a long sleeve so his right arm was in full display. Jungkook wasn’t embarrassed at showing it though, nor was he self conscious, he just didn't like the whole ‘people are staring at him’ deal. Whenever he sees people stare, it just makes him angry. But he’s used to Yokav and the others see him arm out so he didn't have a problem showing it. He leaned back on the other duffle bag and looked up when someone gave him a blanket. “Here, it’ll get cold soon. Don't want our tank to get cold now do we?” Jade said with a wink.



Jungkook took it but didn't reply. He covered his legs, leaving some extra next to him so when Jimin came. It wasn’t long until the three came, Jimin instantly sitting next to Jungkook. Peter sat next to him. Yokav went to sit next to Jose and Mary. “Well then, now that everyone is here, why don't we start?” Without another word, Tania began to play her guitar. Soon after, she began to sing. The others stood silent, slowly swaying their bodies to the melody.



Jimin smiled as he looked at everyone around him. The bright orange light casting a soft glow on everyone’s faces. This was it, this is what he was used to, what Jungkook and he was used to. The night felt long but it was tranquil. Tania’s voice was soothing, enough to put Peter and Mary to sleep. He noticed that Jungkook would slowly close his eyes too before opening them, looking straight into the fire. With a wide smile, Jimin reached over to him, lightly pulling his head so he could lean on his shoulder. It was no time at all when Jungkook fell asleep. Jade and Jose smiled once they knew he was deep asleep.



They knew he hadn't slept well, especially the last few days before coming here to Seattle. They knew it was because of Taehyung so they made sure to be patient with him. It wasn’t after another thirty minutes when Tania noticed that everyone except for Jose and Yokav were asleep. She yawned and placed her guitar down, into its case. “All in a day's worth.” Jose smiled at Tania’s comment before he walked over to her, patting her back. “You should get some sleep too, I’ll keep watch.” “I’ll keep watch too.” Yokav added, making Tania nod her head and thank them. She got her own blanket and laid down next to Jade, snuggling next to her.



Jose yawned and stretched his back. He made sure Mary was well covered before he looked over at Yokav, who was looking at Jimin. “Is everything alright?” “Yeah. . . I just think life’s been hard on them. I hope now that they’re here, they’ll finally get that peace of mind. As well as their happiness. They deserve it.” Jose smiled, eyes moving towards Jungkook and Jimin. “Yeah, they sure do.”











He didn't know why or how but when Yoongi woke up, he instantly stood up. His eyes widened when he saw the bed next to him empty, the spot cold. “Jimin?. . . Jimin?!” He yelled out, slowly starting to worry. ‘Was yesterday all a dream? Did all of that not happen?’ Yoongi quickly put his shoes on and carefully walked down the stairs. As soon as he was in the living room, making his way towards the door, it opened. “Jimin! Where were you?! I was so worried. . . I thought-”



Yoongi closed his mouth when he heard Jimin giggle. He shook his head and entered the house, helping Yoongi sit on the couch with him. “I couldn’t sleep so I went out with the others last night and had a campfire.” “What? A campfire?” “Yeah, sorry for not telling you anything. You were deep asleep and I didn't want to wake you.” Yoongi let out a sigh as he grabbed both of Jimin’s hands. “Please tell me whenever you go out. I almost had a heart attack when I didn't see you. I thought. . . I thought I had dreamed all of yesterday. I thought all of that wasn’t real and that you weren’t here, that you were still out there, who knows where.” Jimin let out a smile as he placed his hand on Yoongi’s cheek, thumb moving to caress his skin.



“You’re just a little jumpy, it’ll leasen up soon. And don't worry, I’m not going anywhere anymore. I’m staying here, with you and with Sophie.” Yoongi smiled softly at that. Jimin leaned forward and placed a light kiss on his nose. “Why don't we look for something to eat. What do you have?” Jimin stood up and walked over to the kitchen, Yoongi turned his body to watch him. Since the kitchen was an open room, you could see what people were doing in the kitchen by simply turning you head around.



“You don't have very much.” “Yeah, rations are pretty low at the moment. Especially since the Skull Fighters have been pretty much guarding the only exit from the city.” Jimin frowned, not liking the sound of that. He turned to Yoongi and smiled “How about I go looking for food out of the zone then?” “Uh, I don't know. I mean, where would you look? Besides, it might be dangerous out there.” Jimin rolled his eyes playfully and shook his head. “Don't worry about me. You’re just like before. How many times have I told you in the past that I can handle my own. Besides, I’ll take Jungkookie and Peter.



I gotta teach him a few things before he’s able to hunt on his own. I’ll be back soon okay?” “Wait. . . Jimin-” Yoongi wasn’t able to stop him since Jimin just leaned over, placing a kiss on Yoongi’s forehead and left the house. Yoongi sighed “He’s still the same. . . still the same as back then.” He turned his head when he heard the soft footsteps going down the stairs. “Who just left?” “Jimin” Yoongi responded when he saw Sophie, rubbing her eyes with her hands. “Oh.” She walked over to the kitchen, grabbing a small packet of crackers before she sat down next to Yoongi, giving him some when he asked for them.



“Dad. . .?” “Yeah?” Yoongi replied, all attention on her. Sophie looked up, eyes meeting Yoongi’s. “I. . .” She let out a sigh, shrugging her shoulders. “Nevermind.” “Wait a second, I know you want to tell me something. You’ve been wanting to tell me something since yesterday. Now come on, you know I’ll listen to anything you have to tell me.” Sophie let out another sigh before she looked down at her lap, twiddling her fingers. “It’s about. . . Jimin. I don't. . . I don't want him to be here.”



Yoongi frowned, expression turning into a frown. “What? Why not?” “I just. . . I’m not used to him here. He’s been gone for so long and I’m used to only you and me being here.” Yoongi exhaled softly before he pulled Sophie into a hug. “Sophie, you know more than anyone know that Jimin is our family. We knew he was going to be back-” “No, no one knew that he was going to be back. I, just like everyone else, thought he was dead. He hurt you, it’s because of him that you suffered for four years! I don't know why he didn't stay dead-”



“Sophie!” Yoongi yelled, Sophie flinched at the sound but immediately tried to run towards her room. Yoongi stopped her though. He grabbed her from her arm and pulled her into a hug, she immediately sobbed, returning it. “Please Sophie, don't say those things.” “It’s true. . . now that he’s here, you’ll side with him. You’ll choose him over me.” Sophie replied, cheeks covered in tears. Yoongi slightly moved away, hands immediately going onto Sophie’s cheeks so he could look into her eyes. “Yes he left, he left and he hurt me, he hurt all of us. But he had a reason to go. I know that he hurt you too. Sophie. . . there’s no way will I side with anyone. The two of you are the loves of my life. You’re my daughter and I will always put you first than anyone. I love you but I love him too.



And nothing will hurt me more than seeing the two people I love fight. Please Sophie. . . don't do this. . . please.” Sophie felt her breath get caught in a sob before she tightened the hug, burling her face into Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi felt slightly relieved when Sophie nodded her head, another cry escaping her mouth.








It’s been almost thirty minutes since Taehyung woke up. At first, he was surprised and scared that he woke up by himself, the bed cold and empty next to him but now. . . now his mind was giving him unnecessary images of where Jungkook slept the night before. “No. . . he’s probably with Jimin, yeah.” Taehyung shook his head, willing the thoughts away. He was nervous but also a little confused. If he remembers correctly, Jungkook told him he was going to come back but as it seems, Jungkook didn't sleep here.



“Maybe he did sleep here. . . he just woke up super early and went out for a walk.” Taehyung tried to reason with himself. He bit his bottom lip and stood up, wanting to take a shower. He walked over to his wardrobe and took out a change of clothes. In the distance, he heard the door of his house open and close but he assumed it was Bogum since he always did that every morning without fail. There was a knock before the door opened to the room. “Hold on Bogum, I’m gonna go take a shower!” He yelled, not turning around.



He grabbed his clothes and stood up, making his way towards the bathroom but stopped when he saw that the person that came in was not, in fact, Bogum but Jungkook. He was wearing a different shirt than he was yesterday, right arm in full display. He also had two duffel bags, on either hand. Taehyung gulped when he saw his eyebrows slightly furrowed, eyes unmoving from his. “Oh. . . Jungkookie, I thought it was Bogum.” It was silent for a while before Jungkook spoke. “Does he come here often?”



Taehyung smile shyly before nodding his head. “Yeah, he’s always at my house. He’s even the one who wakes me up if its late.” “So he just enters. . . without permission?” Taehyung frowned, head tilting. “Permission? He has my permission to come here whenever he likes. It’s not like he’s going to rob me or anything. Besides, he’s my best friend.” Taehyung finished off, a wide boxy smile on his face. “I’m going go shower.” Taehyung didn't say anything else as he walked straight into the bathroom.



Jungkook clenched his hand on the duffel bag strap as he walked over to the bed, sitting down on it, throwing the bags on the ground next to his feet. He jealous, he knew he was but he couldn’t do anything about it. He has no right to. He still couldn’t help feeling angry though. The fact that Bogum is able to enter Taehyung’s house at any time of day, like if he lived here too didn't sit well with him. It angered him how much Taehyung trusts him, how much he blindly let's him in. “Damn it. . .” Jungkook said softly, trying to calm this feeling down. “They’re just friends. . . but I just can’t help feeling this way.”








Taehyung was nervous. He was nervous ever since he saw that expression on Jungkook’s face. ‘Is he jealous of Bogum?’ Taehyung asked in his head. He didn't want to two to get into any fights if that was the case. Bogum is his best friend and he couldn’t even imagine how it would be if they would ever get into a fight. Taehyung took a deep breath and got out of the shower. He tried his body as best he could before he put his pants on, shirt on for last. He then placed the towel on his shoulder, thinking it’s best to dry his hair in the room.



He slowly exited, immediately spotting Jungkook sat on the bed, back towards him. His eyes caught the duffel bags again and he wondered if maybe that was Jungkook’s stuff. “You can put your stuff away if you want to.” “I didn't know where.” Jungkook responded, still not looking at him. Taehyung bit his bottom lip before he walked over to Jungkook, taking the duffel bags and placing them on the bed. Jungkook turned, now looking at him when he did. “I can help you sort your things out. This is your house now so it’s only fair to get familiar with it. Here, what do you have in this one?”



Jungkook stood up, standing next to Taehyung when he opened the bag. There were clothes in this one, a few other stuff inside. Taehyung took out each and every one of them until he got to the bottom. There, he saw two pistols, a bag full of ammo as well. Taehyung didn't took those out. He moved that bag aside and went for the other bag but Jungkook took it instead. “I’ll clear up this one.” “Oh. . . okay.” Taehyung responded, confused as to why Jungkook didn't let him look into that bag.



He didn't push it though. “Are you hungry?” Taehyung asked instead, giving him a smile. He nodded but said he wanted to go to the restroom first. Taehyung smiled at him once more before he walked over to the wardrobe. He dried his hair with the towel before he opened it. He heard the sound of a zipper before he heard footsteps going to the restroom. Taehyung frowned and turned around, noticing that the bag Jungkook didn't want him to look into was now wide open.



He tiptoed over and looked in, frowning when he saw that there were more weapons and a few other clothes inside. There was also a book but when he opened it, it was only a journal with a list of supplies. ‘That’s weird. . . why didn't he want me to look in here?’ Taehyung asked him. Jungkook, on the other hand, held onto a little black box, tightly in his left hand. He looked at himself in the mirror, it felt like weeks since he last saw his reflection through a mirror.



He could clearly see the bags under his eyes, the scars and the old bruises around his face. Jungkook looked back down at his left hand and sighed, eyes once again looking at the little black box.



Jade’s words suddenly appeared in his head, making him feel nervous and anxious. “When are you going to give it to him?” “I don't know. . .” Jungkook responded, slowly opening the box. “I don't know if I should.” After he was done, exited and found Taehyung sitting on the bed, a light blush on his face. There was a notebook on his hands, fingers grasping it tightly. “Tae?” “Uhm, this is for you.” “For me?” Jungkook asked, confused as he grabbed the notebook. “Don't read it when I’m here but. . . these are letters of whenever I thought about you and I thought. . . they’re made to be ‘sent’ to you, it’s only fair if you have them. So. . . will you read it?”



Jungkook was surprised and a little caught off guard as well. He looked down at the notebook, now holding it firmly. “I’ll read it, I promise.” Taehyung smiled widely before he nodded his head, chest feeling light.













“Like I said before, Steal has a, well, a steel arm. It was quite hard in itself and I had to build around it a few times but alas, it’s completed.” Jose said towards Namjoon, Yoongi, Seokjin, Jay, Lianna, and Hoseok. Yokav, Jimin, and Taehyung were there as well but they were standing at the other side of the room. “Steal, if you will.” Jungkook nodded and slide his long sleeve shirt off. The other’s widened their eyes once they saw it. They were even more surprised when Jungkook moved his fingers and then his wrist. “Of course, having such a prosthetic has its price.” “And what’s that exactly?” Yoongi asked, eyebrows furrowed with concern. “Every few weeks or so, I have to check up on it when he feels pain.”



“You still feel pain?” Taehyung asked, eyes wide. “Not always.” Jungkook responded, trying not to make him and the others worry. “As I was saying, he still feels pain in between a couple weeks and only with an administrations does it go away.” Yoongi and Seokjin frowned “What kind of administrations?” Jungkook and Jimin glanced at each other before Jimin’s eyes went towards Jose’s, nodding his head. “I give him. . . cannabinol.” “You drug him?!” Seokjin yelled, hands slamming on the table as he stood up.



“It helps with his pain and it’s only once in two to three weeks.” “I don't give a shit if it’s two to three weeks, you can’t do that! Exposing himself to such things can get him dependent on it. How in the world did you get your hands on such things anyways!” “Wait, what exactly is that?” Taehyung and Yoongi asked, not entirely sure what that was. “Cannabinol is a type of drug, a type of cannabis if you will.” Yoongi frowned, now fully glaring at Jose. taehyung had his eyes completely wide.



“Wow, that’s fucked.” Jay said, shaking his head disapprovingly. “It isn’t his fault and it does help me. I’m not addicted and I don't ask for it unless I completely need it.” Jungkook said, getting everyone’s attention on him. “There are times where I can’t even sleep because of the pain. Every time I move my arm, there’s an ache in my shoulder but I don't take it unless I absolutely need it so there’s no need to act this way.” “Still, I disapprove of this.” Seokjin said before Jose continued to speak.



“Anywho, Jungkook may also need repairs whenever he damages it and he can’t let it get wet. It is steel after all and it will rust.” The others let out a sigh, not knowing how to answer. Jungkook suddenly not having his arm and a steel arm to replace it was strange and problematic. Not only does Jungkook have to deal with a lot, they have to be careful around him too. “We’re also going to need your men and women to learn a thing or two from Heart and Steel.” Yokav said, slowly walked to the front of the room next to Jungkook.



“And what exactly is that?” Lianna asked with a glare. He didn't trust Yokav, almost everyone didn't trust him. But for Jungkook’s and Jimin’s sake, they had to. At least until he does something that makes them think otherwise. “Like combat skills. No offense but your team lacks a bit of the ‘survival’ part.” “Excuse me? And what the hell is that supposed to mean?” Jay replied, immediately feeling offended. Everyone was now glare at okav but he didn't seem to be affected by it in any way.



“I mean for one, you weren’t able to defend yourself properly from those no good Skull Fighters and I’m sure any of my people can take down yours within a millisecond.” Jay slammed the table, deep glare towards Yokav. “Why don't you shut the hell up before I make you?! You don't know us, you’re just some random hobos that appeared with Virus and Jungkook.” “Virus?” Yokav asked with an amused smile. He glanced over at Jimin but Jimin just rolled his eyes, stopping any comment he was about to say.



“Well, since you say that you can shut me up then do it. We can see who has the better skill. Or would you rather choose any of my other people?” Yokav then clapped, a large smile on his face. “Ah yes! We can all spare. Who about Heart? You enjoy sparing yes?” Jimin chuckled and shrugged. “I guess I do but no one seems to be able to take me.” Yokav laughed and then patted Jungkook’s shoulders. “How about you Steel?” “Depends on my opponent.” He responded, not meeting anyone’s eyes.



Taehyung frowned, he was worried for him. He was more worried about every Jose said and didn't really care about the skills part. He knows he too needs to learn much more. Especially seeing how his first fight with the Skull Fighter’s went. He was able to hold his own but only when he was using stealth. When he was face to face, he was at a loss. ‘Maybe. . . maybe I should learn too?’



“Well? Anyone actually wants to try or do you all prefer to stay as is and let the Skull Fighters make you all eat dirt when they come again?” Yokav asked, eyes shifting to everyone in the room. “I will.” Everyone’s eyes shifted to Taehyung, who stood up. He had a determined expression on his face. “No, you’re not going through that.” Jungkook said, making Taehyung frown. “And why not?”



“Because Yokav’s training is brutal, I don't want you to. . . to go through that too.” Taehyung frowned harder, eyebrows furrowing. He moved his eyes to look at Yokav, who had a large grin. “I want to train and that’s my decision alone.” “Tae-” “Enough Steel, he wants to better himself so let him. He’s his own person no? He can decide for himself.” Yokav interrupted. Jungkook clenched his fist but didn't respond. He looked up at Taehyung but Taehyung wasn’t looking at him but at Yokav instead.



“Don't worry Jungkookie, I’ll train him.” Jimin said. He placed his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, giving him a smile when Taehyung turned to him. “Good, anyone else?” Yokav asked with a chuckle. Seokjin looked at everyone before he let out a sigh. “We’ll think about it. For now, give me time to speak with them.” “Jin-” Namjoon said, trying to get Seokjin’s attention but all his did was place a hand on his thigh. “There are far more important things to worry about.



We haven’t figured out our situation with food and we have to repair the back gate and reinforce it. Good thing we’re not infested here or we would’ve had infected waltzing in right about now. We also have to clean up, there’s a lot of corpses there.” “You don't have to worry about that, we’ll take care of the corpses and then your people can reinforce it. Unless you’d like us to help with that as well.” Jose said, making Seokjin smile.



“Thank you, I’d appreciate the help.” Jose smiled, nodding his head. “Then I’ll tell the others to get to it. After it’s all patched up, we can talk about the food problem.” “We can always head back, Washington has a forest just outside of Sammamish city. I can take a few people and go hunt. It’ll take us a few days to get the necessary food for the population this big but I’m sure we can get enough.” Jimin imputed. “Wait. . . you’re leaving?” Yoongi asked, eyebrows furrowed. Jimin met eyes with him, seeing the pain in them. “It’s only for a few days and it’s to get food anyways. Don't worry, we’ll be back in no time.”



Yoongi sighed before he shook his head. “I’m coming with you.” “No, you have to watch over Sophie. What is she going to do without you?” “I can ask someone to watch her, I do so before. I can’t just sit here and do nothing!” Yoongi responded in a deeper tone. “Why are you making this difficult?! I already said I got it. And you think Sophie is going to be okay with just anyone? She’s going to be worried sick about you. Me? She’s not going to worry about.”



Yoongi sighed, rolling his eyes. He was getting angry and the others were just staring at them, surprised that they were even fighting. “You don't know that. And she’ll be fine, I left her with someone she trusts.” “Oh, right, Sarah. Of course.” Jimin responded. It was hard to keep the jealousy at bay now that they were fully arguing now. “You know what Yoongi, do what you like. It’s not like I can force you to stay or anything. Just keep in mind that I’ll be in charge, got it?” Jimin stood up and immediately left the room, slamming the door behind him.



Yoongi clenched his fists, trying his hardest to not go after Jimin. “Just like old times huh?” It was Namjoon who spoke. He and Hoseok had a small sad smile on their faces as they glanced at Yoongi. Yoongi all but stood up, ignoring them when they called after him. “Don't worry, Heart’s not the one to keep grudges. I’m sure they’ll make up soon enough. Steel, why don't you go talk to him?” Jungkook glanced at Yokav before he met eyes with Taehyung. “Alright.” He walked out of the room, into the hallway, when he heard someone following.



He turned his head and saw Taehyung, who immediately looked away when their eyes met. Jungkook sighed but allowed Taehyung to catch up. “I still don't like that you’re going to put yourself through that.” “Jungkook, I want to learn. You saw how I still was no match for the Skull Fighters when you saved me. I thought I was good enough but no, I’m not. I need to be able to take care of myself. I don't want to be the damsel in distress all my life.



I don't want to be captured and taken again. They haven’t forgotten about me, they told me themselves. They wanted me back.” Jungkook frowned angrily. He could kill every single Skull Fighter if he had the chance. Jungkook will make sure they can no longer hurt Taehyung ever again. He flinched when he felt a hand grab his left, intertwining their fingers. But then he relaxed when Taehyung gave him a small smile. “It’s going to be okay Jungkook. Jimin is going to train me so it’s fine.”



Jungkook let out a sigh, eyes now on the ground. “I’m not so sure about that. Jimin can be cruel sometimes. Just let me know if he pushes you too hard.








Jimin was annoyed. He knew he shouldn’t be but for some reason he was. He walked out of the hospital, immediately making his way towards one of the gates, out of the zone. He needed to be alone so he thought out of the zone would be the best place to do so. He looked around before he began to climb, hopping off as soon as he got both legs over the top. He then crouched down and quickly speed walked out of view. He didn't know where he was going but he continued walking.



Ever since he woke up here, long time ago, he’s never seen around Seattle. All he remembers is waking up and already being prepared for surgery. After that, he’s only been in the zone. Especially since he went through the whole ‘Memory loss’ deal. He walked around, amazed at the overgrown plants that were growing on top and around the tall buildings. Europe was different, a lot different than the U.S was. Four years away from here made him realize how much he missed this, as crazy as it sounded.



He felt more free here. Yes, life in the U.S was rough but this was his home. Europe was peaceful, at least until after Jungkook and him escaped and met up with Yokav. Spain had a certain buzz around it, almost as if the infection never accord there. All of europe seemed to be infection free. Outside of europe, passing Germany was a whole different story. It was worse than the U.S, they had mutants, a lot more than Jimin could count. He had seen his fair share of mutants here but there, it couldn’t compare.



Jimin closed his eyes, breathing in the air around him. He released it as he thought of everything he and Jungkook went through. He felt guilty. Jungkook never would’ve gone through all of this if it weren’t for him. If he could, Jimin would take all of it back. He wouldn’t have choosen that stupid decision of leaving. . . but it was too late, way too late. Jimin continued walking when he heard a sound to his left. He stopped and frowned. He quickly went behind cover, expecting an infected or a Skull Fighter to exit but instead, a man came out. Jimin couldn’t look at his face properly but he appeared young, maybe even younger than Jungkook.



He was well dressed though and he had a shotgun on his back. Jimin reached for his pistol and stood up, aiming the weapon at the said man. He was still turned back but when he noticed Jimin, he stopped, hands going up in the air. When Jimin saw him, his hands faltered and his eyes widened. He frowned, eyebrows furrowing as he looked all over the man’s face. “Don't shoot! I mean no harm!” He yelled, a frantic expression on his face. “I only came to get food. You’re a Crow right? Please, I swear I have nothing to do with the Skull Fighters!”



Jimin lowered his weapon, eyes still planted on the man’s. “Do I. . . know you?” Jimin asked, making the man frown with confusion. “I. . . I don't think so? I arrived a few days ago. Maybe we ran into each other before?” He ended up saying. His mood seemed to be spiked up when he noticed that Jimin wasn’t going to shoot him. “I feel like. . . like I know you. You look. . . familiar.” Jimin took a step forward, eyes looking all over the man’s face. He noticed a hint of pink appear on the man’s face since he was so close to him.



“Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.” The man chuckled and shook his head, hand reached behind his neck to scratch the back of his head. “No, it’s okay. Uhm, I just haven’t had human contact in so long. Uh, I’m just acting weird, ignore me.” The man smiled then and reached his hand, extended in front of Jimin. Jimin looked down at the hand before he lifted his and shook it. “What’s your name?” “Heart” “Heart? That’s actually. . . kind of cool.” Jimin nodded, not knowing how to respond to that. “What’s yours?” “Fredrick but you could call me Erik.”








To say that Jimin wasn’t surprised at the man’s name was an understatement. Just hearing that name alone, so many memories appeared in his head. He hated to admit it but he kind of forgot about Eric, his friend, his momentarily rival and then friend again. In the end, Eric sacrificed his life to help Jimin and Jungkook escape Noah’s wrath. Thanks to him, Jimin and Jungkook are alive. . . or at least close to whatever it means to be alive. Erik on the other hand was different. He acted completely different than Eric and in a way, they somehow clicked? It’s been two days since Jimin stumbled upon this Erik and he’s been coming to see him since.



Jimin found out that this Erik was barely eighteen years old. He had been alone for two years and he’s been from place to place, trying to find a place in the world. He, however, didn't want to be in groups. He didn't want to go through losing someone close again. Jimin knew all too well how that felt and he had to agree, he didn't want to get involved with anyone either. Jungkook and him were alone for so long and they would’ve stayed alone if they never met Yoongi and the others.



They didn't want to stay, they had promised each other to not get involved with anyone but then life happened. Jungkook fell in love. . . Jimin fell in love and so much more chaos ensued. But it was much simpler then, even then it was much simpler than what Jimin and Jungkook went through. He knows he shouldn’t feel this way but he sometimes thinks things would be better if maybe. . . he-



“Heart? Are you listening to me?” Jimin snapped out of it when he saw a hand in front of his face. “Oh, sorry.” “Are you okay?” Erik asked, a concerned expression on his face. “Yeah, it’s just that I have to leave soon to get supplies. I won’t be back until a couple of days.” “Oh. . . are you going alone?” “No, I’m going with a group.” “With your brother?” Erik asked, making Jimin roll his eye playfully. “Enough with the questions. I gotta go, stay hidden, got that?” Erik nodded and watched Jimin go.



Erik was a good kid but he trusted people way too fast. He wasn’t going to live in a world like this with that trait. Here, everyone is your enemy, no matter what. Jimin made it to the gates and climbed over. As soon as he did, he looked around and walked back into the zone. He saw someone standing by the hospital door, arms crossed in front of him, it was Jay. When he looked up at him, he frowned “What?” Jimin asked when he stood quiet. “Where’ve you been? Not that I care but Seokjin has been looking for you. You also agreed to teach Tae but you haven’t been around.”



Jimin sighed and shrugged, not really answering. He walked towards the meeting room where the other were. As soon as he entered, his eyes met Yoongi’s. They were still fighting but it was much calmer now. They were talking but there was still a hint of saltiness in the air whenever the topic of Yoongi joining Jimin out of Seattle came up. Not to mention that Sophie immediately accused Jimin of messing everything up when she found out that Yoongi was going with Jimin. Another thing that made her hate him.



“Good, you’re here. I had some time to think and I decided who’s going to go get supplies. First and foremost, Jimin, you’re going to be in charge.” Seokjin said, leaving no room for discussions. “What?! You can’t be serious!” Jay yelled, an angry frown on his face. Katie also had a frown on her face. She and well. . . everyone in this group weren’t in good terms with Jimin and Jungkook. But they didn't mind, they knew this would happen when they were on their way back here. “Katie, Derek, Hoseok, Kazimer, and another group member will go with him.”



Yoongi widened his eyes, immediately frowning with anger. “What about me?” “You will stay, you’re more useful to me here than you are out there.” “Jin, I swear to god you-” Seokjin sighed and glared at him, making him close his mouth. “You were recently injured and don't forget that you have duties here. You were temporarily on leave because you were hurt but now you’re doing much better. You’ll be going back to your duties immediately. Namjoon needs help with the electricity of the city as well as find any form of clean water.”



“Jin-!” “I already decided, now enough. Jimin, you and your team will leave tomorrow morning, be prepared.” Jimin nodded his head as he stood up. “You got it.” He turned around and walked out of the room, stopping when he felt a hand on his elbow. “You’re happy aren’t you? You’re happy that you got your way?” Jimin stared at Yoongi, finding no reason to continue arguing. The decision was made and there was nothing either one of them can do. “I’m happy, yes but because you won’t have to put your life in danger and Sophie will get to see her father another day.”



“Nothing was going to happen to me.” “You don't know that” Jimin responded, lightly pulling away from Yoongi’s hold. “No one knows when things will happen but you being here, keeps me at peace.” “I’m not weak Jimin, I can handle myself. I’ve been handling myself all these years. I’ve been handling myself since this whole shit started.” Yoongi fired back but Jimin kept a straight face. He nodded, eyes locked with Yoongi’s. “I know. . . I know.” Jimin said, turning around then to walk out of the building.



He knew Yoongi was following him, he could feel him behind but he didn't do anything to stop him this time. Jimin opened the door, seeing Sophie sitting with Sarah on the sofa. She immediately stood up and walked towards Yoongi, a concerned expression on her face. “What did they say?” Yoongi stared at her before he glanced at Jimin, sighing lightly. “They didn't put me in the team.” Sophie let out a breath of relief and instantly hugged him.



“What about you?” Jimin turned his head, eyes meeting Sarah’s. She had a neutral expression on her face as they stared at each other. “I am going, I’m the one calling the shots.” “Oh? Then I wish you all the luck.” Jimin chuckled, hoping everyone took it as a normal chuckle and not as a scoff. “Thanks.” He walked up stairs and walked into his and Yoongi’s room. He pulled off his shirt, to look for another. He needed to wear something that’ll help him camouflage, not a white faded t-shirt with small colored shapes around it.



He heard the door behind him open and close and soon, Yoongi was looking at him. His eyes caught something around Jimin’s neck, something that wasn’t there before. “What is that?” he asked, fingers touching the rusty chain on Jimin’s neck. “I’ve never seen it before.” Jimin turned to him after he slid another shirt on, covering the necklace from Yoongi’s sight “It’s just a necklace.” Jimin responded. Yoongi sighed, sitting down on the bed to watch Jimin ready his stuff.



He loaded all of his weapons and made sure everything was ready. He was leaving in the morning but he wanted everything ready before hand. There can’t be any mishaps, Jimin learned that the hard way. “I’m. . . Jimin, I don't want you to leave when we’re-” Jimin stopped then and glanced at Yoongi. “I’ll be back before you know it, you know this. Besides, I won’t be alone. I don't know why you were so opposed in the first place.” “Because you’re leaving. . . that’s why I was opposed.”



Yoongi responded, giving Jimin a stare that looked like it was obvious. Jimin walked over, sitting down on the bed next to him. He grabbed both of his hands, intertwining their fingers. “I’ll be alright Yoongi. . . and-” Jimin sighed once more before he looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry I overreacted. I just got a little annoyed, that’s all.” “I’m sorry I got angry too. I know you can take care of yourself, I know it really well I just. . . I didn't want you to leave.” Jimin smiled then and placed a hand on Yoongi’s cheek. He leaned forward and kissed Yoongi’s lips.



It was light, barely any pressure before he moved back. Yoongi slowly cracked a smile but he was still not liking that Jimin was leaving but he sucked it up to have this moment. He looked into Jimin’s eyes, Jimin looking back to his. He felt Jimin’s hand tighten “Everything is going to be okay Yoongi, everything is going to be okay.”







The morning for Jimin and the others to leave came quickly. They were all outside, ready to exit the gates. Yoongi, Namjoon, Seokjin, Lianna, Taehyung, Jungkook, Yokav and his group were all there for their departure. “Come home safely.” Jimin smiled at Yoongi and nodded his head. He gave him a small kiss on the lips before he walked over to Taehyung, giving him a hug. “We’ll be back in no time.” Hoseok said, smiled at Lianna and he others. “You better.”



Jimin looked at Jungkook, who nodded. Jimin smiled and nodded back. Unfortunately, that’s how they would interact most of the time. Jungkook still had the thought that he hurt Jimin at one point in mind so it was hard for him to have any physical interaction at all. “Be safe, all of you.” Seokjin said before they all grabbed their stuff and walked out of the gates. Jimin didn't look back as they walked. He knew nothing was going to happen to him or the others. They barely got there, there was no way would he ever let anything happen that’ll separate him from his family.



They continued walking until they were nearing the ends of the city. This far, they could see the greenery much more clearly. It was til they entered the forest did Jimin glanced at Hoseok. He was panting, clearly tired. “We should rest, we don't know what we’ll encounter there.” Everyone nodded and sighed with relief at Jimin’s command. They all sat down, trying to get a breath before they begin hunting. Hoseok grabbed his canteen, chugging a good amount of water before he offered some for Jimin. Jimin gladly took it and took a sip. “Hey Hoseok?”



“Yeah?” “Did Eric ever had siblings?” Hoseok frowned, not expecting that question at all. “Uhm, I’m not sure. Why? This question came out of nowhere. What’s on your mind?” Jimin smiled at him and shook his head. “No, don't worry about it. It just came to me.” Hoseok hummed but didn't persist. After twenty minutes of rest, they all got up and began to hunt.


Chapter Text



Jimin was completely still. He held a rifle on hand, aimed at an unknowing deer. They had separated to hunt easier. Jimin liked hunting alone too. Not only because it was easier for him but he also felt calmed. It reminded him of old times, when it was just him and Jungkook. He waited and took a steady breath before he pulled the trigger. The dears nearby all ran when they heard the loud shot, only one fell to the ground. It cried in pain, squirming on the ground. If this was the past, Jimin would feel bad for it but he’s long been sensitized. He put the rifle strap on his shoulder before he pulled out his pistol, aiming it at the deer’s head, ending its life.



“Quick and easy.” Jimin said with a huff. He grabbed the deer by its antler and began to drag it where they agreed to meet up later. Only then, did Jimin notice how far he went. He sighed and did his best to carry the deer, accidently smearing its blood on his shirt. It was heavy, much heavier than he remembers them being. “Ugh, come on. . . almost there.” He walked and walked, stepping on something that made a cracking sound. He stopped when he heard someone breath, something breath.



When Jimin turned his head, he saw a large wild cat, growling at him. It was a cougar, a brownish undertone but it’s eyes were a bright yellow. Jimin tried to remain calm, he couldn’t make any sudden movements for it could attack at any moment. ‘Shit, what am I going to do? There weren’t any cougars in europe, at least to my knowledge..’ Jimin said in his head. He looked around before he took a slow step to his right, making sure his back is never turned towards the cougar.



It hissed and growled with every step he took but he didn't stop until he was now back facing his destination. Jimin took steps backwards, doing his best to continue this way until he figures out what to do. The cougar followed, body close to the ground, ready to pounce. It was sudden but the wild leaped, teeth bared as it attack Jimin. Luckily, he acted quickly by placing the deer corpse in front of him.



He fell back, both the deer carcass and the cougar’s weight on top of him. He struggled, trying his best to get away now that the cougar was distracted. He was almost successful but then it turned to him, pupils dilating. Before it was able to pounce on Jimin though, there was a sound of a shot. Jimin glanced over to where it came from and saw Hoseok, his shotgun aimed at the animal. It was hit but not enough to kill it.



It ran away, hissing in pain. “Shit are you okay?!” Hoseok asked, eyes scanning all over Jimin’s body. “Yeah, I’m good. Thanks for the help.” Jimin responded, smiling at Hoseok. He immediately walked over to the carcass, kneeling down to look at the damage. Hoseok walked forward when he heard him sigh. “What’s wrong?” “It’s ripped to shreds, I don't know if it’s good to eat now.” Hoseok frowned, looking all over the deer’s body.



“Why’s it not good?” Jimin raised his hand, pointing at certain bites in the body. “Here, here, and here. Thanks to that wild cat, the meat’s been wasted. It’s okay though, we can try again tomorrow.” Jimin stood up and looked up at the sky, easily picking up what time of day it was. “Where’re the others?” “Still hunting, let’s hope they have something to bring back tomorrow.” Hoseok responded. He walked over to where he first came from, kneeling and picking up two rabbits that were tied up on a string.



“This’ll do for us for dinner if the others can’t find to take back.” Jimin nodded his head and followed Hoseok back to their meeting place. It was a small house, a good distance away from where they currently were. When they arrived, Katie and Derek were already there. “Did you get anything?” “No, sorry Hoseok. I did see some infected though, we shouldn’t push too far.” Derek said, glancing over at Katie.



She hasn’t really spoken much since they got here and she also haven’t even looked at Jimin the entire time. Jimin and everyone there knew that she was still mad at him, which Jimin didn't blame her. “Let me know when the others arrive.” Jimin said. Derek nodded his head before Jimin left towards the other side of the room, sitting down on the ground, back against the wall. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, releasing it loudly.



He felt someone sit next to him, grunting in the process, it was Hoseok. “Uhm, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” Jimin didn't say anything, which Hoseok took as a go ahead. “Why is. . . why is Jungkook afraid to touch people. Like, I understand he has a metal arm and what not but. . . I’ve seen him hold certain things, I’ve seen him carry something and lightly put it down. He can control it, I know he can but why does he refuse to touch anyone?”



Jimin opened his eyes, now staring at the ceiling at Hoseok’s question. “Something happened that made him think that he should never touch anyone again.” “Like. . . like what? What happened?” Hoseok asked, silently staring at Jimin. “It happened so long ago. . . it feels almost like yesterday when Jungkook stopped acting the way he used to. If only I could go back and take it all away. . .-”




*Three and a half years ago*


May 16


Location: Spain



It was cold, colder than Jimin had ever experienced. He looked out the window, seeing the rain hit the glass window. There was a storm outside, a much stronger storm he’s ever seen before. Strong enough to put the power out. There were candles lit everywhere, one on Jimin’s hand as he continued his walk towards a room. He knocked before entering. As soon as he did, he saw him. He was sitting on the window sill. Whenever the lightning hit, the light would hit his right arm, making it shine under the harsh glow.



“Jungkook. . . Jungkookie?” Jimin asked, slowly walking closer to him. Jungkook didn't move though, he sat still on the window sill, eyes staring at the outside. Jimin couldn’t help it when his eyes moved down towards Jungkook’s arm. It’s only been six months since he’s had his operation and he was still unable to get used to it. Jungkook noticed his stare but didn't turn to look at him. “You’re afraid of me.” He finally said.



Jimin quickly glanced up, eyes looking at Jungkook’s. “What? No, I’m not afraid of you.” Jimin quickly walked over at him, stopping only a foot away from him. “I’m not afraid of you. . . I’m afraid of hurting you.” Jungkook frowned, head finally turning to look at Jimin with confusion. “What?”



“It’s my fault. . . all of this that happened to you is my fault.” Jungkook stared at him but shook his head, rolling his eyes as he turned back to look at the window. “It wasn’t your fault, you didn't do this to me.” “But it was me who dragged you here. If I never got that revenge idea, none of this would’ve happened to you.” Jimin replied quietly but Jungkook still heard it.



He stood up and walked over to the bed on the other side of the room. “Stop, I know what you’re trying to do. This wasn’t your fault so stop. What about you? You’re saying it’s your fault too for what those guys did to you? You’re saying it’s your fault that those assholes put their hands on you?!” Jimin looked down, away from Jungkook’s angry stare. “You didn't do this, Jimin, Silvia did. It’s because of her and those damn Skull fighters that we went through this.



If I wanted revenge before, now I want it more.” The room was left quiet again before Jimin walked over to the bed, sitting next to Jungkook. He moved his hand, placing it on Jungkook’s right. The shock of the sudden coldness was sudden but soon, he relaxed and laced his fingers on Jungkook’s metal ones. Jose had told Jungkook not to move that arm at all, not even a little since he was still recovering.



Even if he wanted to, Jungkook physically couldn’t. Everyday since he got this arm, he’s tried to move his fingers and wrist but it was painful. Every little move he does shoot a sharp pain to his chest and shoulder. “You know the guy that helped us?” Jungkook nodded but didn't say a word. “His name is Yokav and he wants us to join him. He proposed to help us train and get our revenge.”



“And what does he want from us?” Jungkook asked, not truly believing someone would help them without wanting payment. “He wants us to help him and his people with his fight. Apparently he has this thing with someone in Germany, he’s a Skull Fighter too.” Jimin replied, setting the candle he still hand on his hand on the bed side table. “Whatcha thinking?” Jimin asked, eyes moving towards Jungkook.



He was silent, almost as if he was thinking. “They helped us. . . Jose was able to help me with-” Jungkook looked down, not daring to move his steel limb. “And he says he’ll help us finally destroy Silvia? I don't see why we wouldn’t agree.” Jimin nodded, completely agreeing. “I’ll go let him know then. How are you feeling? Are you tired? Sleepy?” Jungkook nodded. At the nod, Jimin kneeled down, helping Jungkook take off his shoes. He then helped him lay down, slowly and carefully moving his arm to rest next to him.



He saw a little bit of blood cover the white sheet but Jose had told him that it was fine. Since the wound is still fresh, it will bleed and hurt. With time, it’ll heal and no longer bleed. “I’ll be back okay?” Jimin waited until he saw Jungkook’s nod before he turned around, exiting the room. He sighed and walked forward, turning on a corner. He was now in the living room, four people were sitting down in the ‘living room’ of whoever’s house this was.



Yokav was the first to notice him. “Ah, you’re back. So, what did your brother say?” Jimin sighed before he walked over to the sofa, sitting down next to a girl he learned is name’s Mary, Jose’s sister. “We’ll do it as long as you keep your end of the bargain.” Yokav smiled, a smile that Jimin didn’t like very much. Another girl, who was sitting by the fire tsked and shook her head. “Stop smiling like that, you look like an old man staring creepily onto a kid.”



“Jade!” Mary yelled at the woman who spoke those words. Jade shrugged and rolled her eyes. “What? It’s true.” Everyone’s attention was brought to the other in the room when he spoke. “Well, I hope this task will be later and not now. Jungkook is still hurt and he can’t do any form of training right now.”



“And how long will steel boy be handicapped?” Jade asked, raising an eyebrow at Jose. “At least a year. With a wound that big, it needs a lot of time to heal. After that, he needs to learn how to grip things and move every joint of that arm. It’s going to take some time but with enough patience, he’ll be able to do much more.” Jade sighed tiredly, slouching on the sofa chair she was sitting on. Yokav responded with a hum and a nod of his head. “But he’ll be strong? That arm can be used in combat correct?” “Yes, it could, with enough practice. But do keep in mind that he’ll only be able to do certain things and in the right conditions.”



Jimin frowned, all his attention on Jose. “What does that mean?” “Well, for one, he won’t be able to wet that arm. Since it is made out of steel, it’ll rust and be almost impossible for him to move it. Of course, it’s easily repairable as long as time had passed and nothing would reopen when I do maintenance. He also will have strength that can be dangerous if not controlled. Steel is steel and it can do a lot of damage. Not to mention the pain he will forever suffer because of that arm.”



“He’ll always feel pain?” Jimin asked, eyebrows furrowed with worry. “Yes, he will but it’s because of the arm but because he lost his arm entirely. The tissue under his skin will never heal since it’s inside so he’ll always have pain. Maybe not as much as time passes but pain nonetheless.” Jimin looked down, finger’s twiddling on his lap. “Is there something we can do to help him?”



Yokav was the one that answered this time. “We can always give him different types of supplements to calm the pain. We’ll have to worry about that when the time comes. For now, you should rest. You haven’t been sleeping well, I can tell. The black bags under your eyes are a dead give away. Now go, we’ll talk more about our deal tomorrow.” Jimin nodded his head, knowing full well that he had to eventually rest. The last couple of months they were here with Yokav and the rest of his group, he hasn’t been sleeping well. Especially since he wakes up in the middle of the night to Jungkook’s grunts and winces of pain.



Jimin went back to where Jungkook was, relieved to see him asleep. Sighing softly, he scooched under the covers, next to him before he tried his hardest to sleep.













It was the next day and Jimin woke up to the sounds of heavy grunts and loud hisses. He widened his eyes, immediately sitting up when he realized they were coming from Jungkook. He was kneeling on the ground, broken glass shards on the floor next to him. “Jungkook!” Jimin yelled, quickly running towards him. Not only was his right shoulder bleeding, his left hand seemed to have cuts on his fingers. “Shit, what happened?” Jungkook didn't respond, he only glared down at his right steel arm.



Jimin quickly helped him up and grabbed a nearby towel to wrap on Jungkook’s left hand. Jimin walked back to the glass shards, carefully picking them up. He realized this was the glass cup that was sat beside a glass water pitcher. ‘He was probably trying to get something to drink but accidently broke the cup.’ Jimin thought in his head. He sighed, he knew Jungkook was thinking so much in his head. He’s probably cursing at himself, calling himself useless since he can’t even pick up a simple cup.



Jimin stood up when everything was picked up and glanced at Jungkook “I’m going to find Jose to check out your shoulder.” He then quickly ran out, finding Jose in the living room with Mary. “Jose, can you please come. Jungkook is bleeding again. He. . . he tried to pick up a cup but broke it.” “Oh no, okay, I’ll be right there. Let me just get my supplies.” Jimin nodded and ran back.



When he returned to the room, Jungkook was standing, eyes looking out of the window. “Jose’ll be here soon.” Jungkook nodded his head and headed back on the bed when Jose entered, a duffel bag on his shoulders. “Sit down, let me take a look at it.” Jimin stared but upon Jose telling him to get Mary, he left the room, leaving the two alone. It was silent until Jungkook spoke up. “I couldn’t do it.” Jose looked up at him, surprised at his words before letting out a sigh, smiling softly at him.



“I told you, you shouldn’t be using your arm yet. Why didn't you wait like I told you?” It sounded like a scolding but Jose was speaking the softest possible, trying to reassure Jungkook. “I can’t not try. I’m tired of being here, not being able to do anything. It’s been six months since I got this arm. . . six months of people doing things for me. I don't want it. . . I to be able to do things by myself.” Jose gave him a sad smile before reaching up to ruffled his hair. “Hey, I know how you feel.



You might not believe me but I suffered something close to what you have, except it was my legs.” Jungkook looked up but stood silent as Jose continued. “Before any of this happened, I was in a car accident with Mary. I’m so happy that nothing serious happened to her but me. . . I was told that I wasn’t going to walk in my life ever again. I was in college still, during that time. I was at the end of my master’s degree in engineering and health but I felt like everything was going to go to shit because of the accident.



To be fair, everyone, even the doctor’s, told me that there was nothing I could do. . . but I didn't let that get me down. I fought to continue, I needed to keep going. And look at me now, I made my first prosthetic made out of steel and I’m a walking man, ready to defend my sister and friends with my life if I have to.” Jose placed his hand on Jungkook’s left shoulder, making sure not to touch his right. “Jungkook, don't give up. Yes, you can’t pick things up right now but it’ll get better, trust me.



All you need is practice and you’ll soon be able to control it.” Jungkook stood quiet but took those words to heart. He needed to keep going, had to keep going. Not only for himself but for everyone around him. . . for Jimin, for Yoongi. . . for Taehyung. He took a deep breath before releasing it. He nodded his head and saw a bright smile appear on Jose’s face. “Good, I’m glad. Don't worry Jungkook, you’ll soon see that everything will be better with time.”



Jungkook believed that, he truly believed that everything would get better with time. But all of that was a lie. It’s now been an tinre year and a half with the prosthetic and he still finds it difficult to do things. He constantly angry and he lashes out at almost everyone. He tried to be a better person, he’s trying his hardest to see everything in a new light but he can’t. Especially now, especially after what he did to Jimin.



They were out hunting, finally letting him join the others. This last year has been nothing but practice, practice, and more practice. Jose had taught him a lot and he was now able to do things that he couldn’t before. He was able to open doors without breaking the door knob as well as slowly put on his own shirt but he still had a few things he couldn’t do or will ever do. He realized this when Jimin and him went out hunting alone.



Jimin was happy, he didn't know what was the reason for his happiness but he didn't pry. They were silent and vigilant as they stayed low. As time passed, Jungkook had noticed how Jimin’s skills has improved exponentially, exceeding his old self. He was more stealthy and cautious. The two, at one point, separated and went their own way to search for food when suddenly, Jungkook heard a noise. He looked around, not recognizing that noise at all.



Slowly, Jungkook soon recognize it to be voice, a male and a female voice. He crouched and hid behind a tree, trying to hear them but wasn’t able to understand them. They were speaking Spain’s native tongue and he, unfortunately, hasn’t learned it. ‘If Jimin were here, he’d be able to understand’ Jungkook said in his head. He stood completely still and as he was about to make a move, his arm bumped onto the tree, taking a noise. “Shit” Jungkook whisper shouted. The two people immediately went into alarm and took out a pistol, Jungkook didn't see they had before, and aimed it around, searching for him.



“Who goes there?!” The woman yelled, still frantically looking around. He bit his bottom lip, not knowing if these people were just passerbyers. He didn't want to hurt them if they were innocent so he did the only thing he could think of to do. He took a deep breath and walked out of his hideout with both hands up. His arm was covered with a long sleeve t-shirt and he had his glove covering his right hand. “I mean no harm.” He said, eyes looking at both people when they instantly aimed their weapons at him.



The two people looked at each other before looking back at Jungkook. “What’s your name?” The woman asked, eyeing him up and down with a cautious glare. “Jonathan” Jungkook responded, knowing full well that he and Jimin were still being pursued by the Skull Fighters. Most of them didn't know how they looked like so he was thankful when Yokav gave them hair dye, dying their hair immediately into a light brown hair shade.



He’s only had black hair, so seeing himself with brownish, almost blonde hair was a shock. “Are you alone? Are you armed?” The man spoke this time. “I’m unarmed and yes, I’m alone.” The two of them glanced at each other again before they spoke in their native tongue again. Jungkook frowned, not liking how they were speaking. He knew something was wrong the minute he noticed a smirk appearing on the man’s face. “Come with us, we’ll help you if you are in need.” The woman said, feigning a smile,



Jungkook might not be very good with people but he recognized a fake smile anywhere but he nodded, making the two believe that he was naive, although he was pretty sure his face looked anything but that. He began to walk when the woman signaled with her hand to follow. She was walking in front whilst the man stood behind him, gun still on his hands. “How old are you?” “Twenty” Jungkook wasn’t twenty but he thought maybe it was a safe bet to make him sound younger.



“Ah I see, how have you been surviving? Spain isn’t that bad compared to other places but it’s still pretty rough. Sometimes infected get through the gate, it’s not safe to be around when it’s almost about to get night. A storm is coming, we should hurry.” The woman said, believing Jungkook’s lie. The woman’s accent was heavy but Jungkook was still able to understand clearly. They were almost walking towards the exit of the forest when Jungkook noticed something on the woman’s arm.



He stopped before he turned around, staring at the man in front of him. “What?” The man asked with a harsh look. Jungkook didn't even hesitate to punch the man, kicking him hard in the stomach. He then pushed him to the ground and pulled his collar down. There, he saw a small tattoo “A Skull Fighter.” Jungkook quickly turned around when he heard the woman gasp. He tried his hardest to grab the man’s fallen gun but the woman shot, almost hitting him.



He ran and hid behind a tree again. “Man, are you okay?!” The woman yelled frantically, helping her partner up. Jungkook wasn’t able to kill him, only stun him to the ground for a few seconds. He did hit him with his left hand, his non dominant hand so he knew that wouldn’t have knocked the man out. “He’s hiding, he didn't go far.” The woman responded, gun now aiming around her.



Jungkook too looked at his surroundings. Now that he knew they were Skull Fighters, he had no second thought to give them any sort of mercy. ‘They deserve it’ He said in his head. He stood quiet and once one of them was close to him, he grabbed them and took their gun, aiming it to their head. It was the woman, he realized. When the other man noticed, he aimed at him, hands shaking when the woman yelled something Jungkook couldn’t understand.



The woman was yelling frantically, crying and breathing heavily. “I don’t wanna die” Jungkook heard her say, in english this time. The man looked from her to him, a certain look in his eyes. Suddenly, Jungkook knew what he was going to do. He didn't care, he was going to shoot whether or not his partner died. Jungkook felt anger building in as he moved the woman, throwing her to the side before shooting the man before he was able to.



The man fell to the ground with a grunt, hands clutching his left shoulder. He started saying something but since Jungkook couldn’t understand, all he did was shot him in the face. He sighed and turned back to look at the woman when he widened his eyes. The woman was no longer crying but instead had a large rock, holding it over her head, facing Jungkook. It caught him off guard and he was hit on his chest, making him fall as well. The woman instantly straddled him and raised the rock again, aiming at his head this time but Jungkook was faster.



He moved his right hand and grabbed her arm, forcefully pushing her off of him. “You bastard! I know who you are!” She yelled, curses in between her yells. Jungkook felt anger rising in his body when the woman began to laugh as she struggled but what really got him angry was when she looked at him dead in the eyes and opened her mouth. “You belong to us don't you, Dynamic boy?” He widened his eyes, now seeing red.



He didn't know what happened but it was as if he snapped. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t even think. He was so angry, he didn't realize that he had killed the woman by punching her several times with his right arm. Blood coated the floor, his clothes, and the steel arm but he didn't stop. He felt someone grab him from behind and in his lost mind in rage, he grabbed whoever it was with his right arm, harshly squeezing the person’s shoulder until he heard something crack.



That’s when the screams processed in his head. His name being yelled and repeated loudly. He widened his eyes, mind now clear and saw Jimin on the ground, blood running down his arm and shoulder. “. . . Jimin-” He reached over to him but stopped when Jimin immediately flinched, eyebrows furrowed together in pain. And that’s when Jungkook saw it. He was staring at him with eyes wide, body shaking. He scooted back, away from him. Jimin was afraid. . . he hurt him and now Jimin was afraid of him.


Chapter Text


Jimin was afraid of him. It was the first time in Jungkook’s entire life with Jimin had he ever seen that look on him, the look of fear. He took two steps back, arm immediately moving to be behind his body. Jimin seemed to have realized what happened and widened his eyes, now looking straight into Jungkook’s shocked ones. “Jungkook. . . it’s not what I-” “No, don't.” Jungkook said, stopping Jimin from walking towards him.



“Don't. . . I don't want to hurt you.” Jimin frowned, eyebrows furrowing with sadness when Jungkook took more steps away from him. “Jungkook-” As Jimin tried to walk forward again, a voice was heard that caught Jimin’s attention, it was Jade, Kazimir, and Tania. “Jimin! What happened?” Tania gasped when she saw two dead bodies on the ground and blood on both Jimin and Jungkook’s clothes.



“Holy shit.” Jade said, eyes widening when she realized that the blood on Jimin was actually his. “We have to get him back. Kaz, take him back quickly. Tanny and I will take care of the problem here.” Jade said, glancing at Kazimir before setting her eyes on Jungkook who stood immobile. “Wait, Jungkook. . I-” “Not now Jimin, please go with Kazimir.” Jimin sighed at Tania’s plea. He nodded his head and went with him, not before glancing at Jungkook. He was looking away, a pensive look on his face. “Where do we take them?” Tania asked, grabbing the woman’s body.



“There’s a lake somewhere we can throw them. Or we can burn them, your choice.” “We should burn them.” Jade nodded and grabbed the other body, dragging it towards an open area so they won’t catch anything else on fire. Tania let out a loud sigh of exhaustion once the two put the two corpses on top of each other and lit them on fire. “You should go and check up on the others, I’ll stay here and make sure it doesn’t spread.” Tania nodded and turned to look at Jungkook.



He was sat on the ground, back against a tree. “Don't worry about him, I’ll talk to him. Go check up on Jimin.” Tania nodded her head before she walked away. Jade then slowly walked over to him, sitting down by another tree. She looked up and saw that the sun was slowly setting, signaling how late it was. She moved her eyes back down and stared at him, wondering what to say. “So, what’s in your head?” She asked but Jungkook ignored her. “You know, it’s rude when you don't answer someone. Did they not teach you that in primary school?”



Jade stood up and walked in front of Jungkook, crouching on her heels as she stared at him. When he refused to look at her, she moved her right hand and placed her palm on his chin, fingers squishing his cheeks together. His lips jutted out, eyes widening at the unexpected action. He doesn’t remember the last time anyone has done this before and having Jade, a practical stranger, do that to him was mildly shocking.



“Stop ignoring me brat, I know your younger than me so behave.” “I’m not a child.” Jungkook tried to say in his awkward position. Jade tsked at his glare, letting her hand move back down to her side. “If you don't want me to treat you like a child, then act like an adult. I’m talking to you so you must respond, capisce?” Jungkook didn't respond but his glare remained, making Jade laugh. “Ah, you know, for a twerp, you don't look half bad. Maybe if you smiled more, you might even look cute.” Jungkook rolled his eyes and moved to stand up, Jade did the same.



“So then, you’re going to tell me what happened or do I have to snoop around and find out myself?” Jungkook stood silent, eyes moving to look at the burning bodies across from him. “I hurt him” Jade hummed. She knew he was talking about Jimin. “And? Go apologize.” “He looked. . . scared. . . of me.” Jade turned her head, staring at Jungkook’s face. Now she understood. Everyone in the group knew Jungkook had issues with his current situation, of course, anyone would.



“If I hurt him, my brother, I can hurt someone else. I can hurt someone I love. . . I don't want to do that.” “But it’s going to happen.” Jade’s words surprised him, enough to make him look at her with wide eyes. “Steel arm or not, you’re going to hurt people, so will I. Hurting people is such a human thing to do. Whether we want to hurt people or not, it’ll happen and there’s nothing we can do about it but apologize and do whatever you can to fix it. Jimin’s probably freaking out and being super worried about you but here you are, thinking of yourself as a monster so do what you have to do and fix it.”



Jungkook didn't respond to that. Instead, he began to walk back. Jade rolled her eyes once more before she followed behind him. As soon as they got back to the camp, Mary was the one who greeted them. “How’s the kid?” Jade asked when Jungkook walked away, eyes cast away from anyone. He walked into the house they were staying at for the time being. Mary stared at him before she frowned, eyes going towards Jade. “His shoulder is dislocated but he’s fine. He is worried about Jungkook though. Come, you should talk to him to make him relax.”



Jade hummed and nodded her head. Mary then guided her towards a room where Jimin, Jose, and Yokav were. Her eyes immediately landed on Yokav, who had a worried expression on his face. He was walking back and forth as he stared at Jose and Jimin. Jose had both of his hands on Jimin’s shoulder, hands still before he shifted them, making Jimin yell in pain. “There you go.” Jose said, fixing Jimin’s dislocated shoulder. At the sound of his yell, Yokav fast walked over to him, hand grabbing Jimin’s other one.



“I’m fine. . . I’m fine.” Jimin said, taking deep breaths. With Yokav’s help, Jimin laid down, arm pulsing like a heartbeat. “It’ll hurt for a bit, just make sure not to move it okay?” Jose moved towards his equipment, packing up when his eyes landed on Jade. “Where’s. . .-?” At the sound of his voice, Jimin raised his head, eyes widening when he saw Jade. “Jade. . . where’s Jungkook? How is he?” He tried to stand but was instantly stopped by Yokav, who placed his hands on his chest, slowly easing him down back on the bed.



He moved the pillows under his head to help him sit up slightly. “He’s okay. . . but he’s depressed. He thinks he’s a monster because he hurt you.” Jimin frowned at Jade’s response. “I need to see him.” “No, rest. I’m pretty sure Jungkook needs time to calm down too. Give him some time.” Yokav said, hand going back to Jimin’s. “Don't worry, I’ll talk to him. Now please, don't try to get up, you need the rest.” Jose responded before walking out of the door.



“Jimin, you don't have to worry. I’m sure Jungkook’ll be fine.” Jade said before she too left the room. Mary smiled and walked over to him, slowly patting Jimin’s head. “Are you hungry? Do you need anything?” Jimin shook his head, giving her a smile when she smiled softly at him. “Okay, if you need anything, let Yokav know and I’ll do it right away.” “Thank you.” Jimin replied before she left the room. He sighed and tried to move when he suddenly frowned.



His eyes went towards Yokav’s who was holding his. He didn't realize their hands were together until Yokav squeezed it, giving him a smile. “How are you feeling?” “I’m uhm. . . I’m good, thank you.” He felt weird that Yokav was holding his hand but assumed it was a form of comfort? “Jimin. . . what happened? All I know is that Jungkook accidently hurt you.” Jimin sighed as he turned to look at the ceiling. “I’m. . . not sure. We separated to hunt and then I suddenly heard him yelling.



I ran and tried to look for him but when I found him. . . he was hitting this woman. I went to see if he was okay or if they did something to him but then he turned and grabbed me. He looked so angry. . . I was-” Yokav stared at Jimin’s face, noticing him gulp, eyebrows furrowing. “I was surprised and. . . scared. But not of him. . . I was scared of his expression. He looked livid and frustrated. He looked as if he could kill anyone. . . including me.” Yokav squeezed Jimin’s hand again, trying his best to comfort him. Jimin couldn’t see his expression since he was looking up at the ceiling, but Yokav was looking at him with the most pained expression ever. “It’s going to be okay Jimin, he’s going to be okay.” Jimin sighed before he nodded his head, eyes closing his eyes. “I really hope so.” And even though Yokav’s hand on his was strange, he actually felt a bit of comfort from his warmth.













Jose walked from one room to the other in search for Jungkook when he didn't find him in his temporary room. It was until the fourth room that he saw Jungkook, sitting on the ground, back against the wall. His head was leaned back, eyes closed even though he heard the door open and close. “Jungkook. . .” Jose said as he entered the dark room, closing the door behind him. He slowly walked towards him, sitting down next to him with a deep sigh.



“I’ve been all over the place looking for you.” It was silent and dark, the only light in the room was from the window. “How is he? There was. . . blood and a crack. Did. . . is it broken?” Jose hummed before he turned his head to look at Jungkook. He was looking down, eyes staring at his steel arm. “No, the blood was because there was a few cuts, it wasn’t deep though. And the crack, well, he had a dislocated shoulder. I popped it right back in. He should be good as new in a couple days.”



Jungkook didn't move nor did he say a word at Jose. “How. . . how do you feel?” “How do you think I feel? I hurt my brother. . . I could’ve killed him.” Jungkook responded with anger, anger towards himself. He was frustrated that he couldn’t control himself, he was frustrated that he felt guilty for everything that has happened to Jimin. He couldn’t protect him when the Skull Fighters took them, he couldn’t fight for himself. “Well, you’ve been practicing your grip, why don't we push it up a notch.” Jungkook looked confused but he didn't need to ask since Jose immediately explained.



“We can train, you, me, and Kazimir. We can head out and train out in the open, away from everyone. I know you haven’t started exercising or fighting because you fear hurting someone but if we go out where there’s no one, it’ll be better.” The room once again stood silent, Jungkook thought about Jose’s words but didn't know if it was for the best. He then suddenly felt Jose grab his steel arm. At first, Jungkook flinched, wanting to move his arm away as fast as he can to prevent any other accident but Jose pushed something, making him wince. “Looks like you moved a wire, I’ll have to look at it later and fix anything that was shifted. Does anything hurt?” Jungkook looked down at his arm before shaking his head no.



“Okay, look, I need you to tell me whenever something hurts okay? You’ve only had it for a year, there’s going to be some changes in the future and a few more things I’d like to add to make things simpler for you.” He responded with a hum. Jungkook nodded at everything but stood completely silent and pliant. Jose moved his arm around, inspecting the screws and wires that went under the steel plates, serving a sort of joints to help him move his arm.



He didn't exactly know the proper terms as to why he was able to move an artificial arm but he was lucky that they ran into Jose when they did. That, or he would’ve never had an arm again. “Doesn’t look too bad. Makes sure to not carry much weight on it and never, by all means, ever wet it. You can’t get it wet or it’ll rust and it’ll hurt like hell if you do. You’ve been covering it in showers all this time right?”



Jungkook nodded and Jose smiled. “Good. . . think about what I told you. It could do you well.” Jose stood up to leave but stopped when he heard Jungkook speak. “What?” Jungkook looked up at him, a glint of determination in his eyes. “I’ll do it. . . for everyone around me.” Jose smiled, a proud smile, “No, you should do it for yourself too.”















“What?! No! He can’t leave. . . we’re brothers, we don't separate.” Jimin yelled when Jose told him and Yokav the news. It was only the three of them in the room. “He needs to train and ever since he hurt you, he fears that he’ll hurt someone else. Please understand him Jimin, it’s for his own good.” Jimin frowned, not liking the idea of separating from Jungkook at all. The only time they’ve separated was long time ago, when Jimin was first bitten. He hated the fact that not only Jungkook leaving for an entire month to train but he was going willingly.



“I don't want him to go. . . he can train here.” Jimin was about to leave and confront Jungkook but stopped when Yokav stepped in front of him, both hands on Jimin’s face. Jimin widened his eyes, surprised to suddenly have Yokav close in front of him. “Jimin please, listen, he needs this. Jungkook needs time to think and to train, to better learn how to use his arm. Let him go, and let him train. It’s only going to be for a month. Besides, he’s old enough to make his own decisions.”



Jimin sighed, he knew all of this, of course he knew but that didn't take off the anxiety he had of separating from Jungkook. What if something happens? What if he needs him physically and emotionally? Jimin didn't know but ultimately decided to let Jungkook do what he wants. He was twenty three at this point so there was no reason for him to listen to Jimin anyways. “Okay. . . fine.” He replied, moving Yokav’s hands away from his face.



“When would you be leaving?” Tomorrow, he wants to leave as soon as possible.” Jimin sighed before he nodded his head. “Where is he? I want to see him.” “In his room.” Jose replied before Jimin exited the room, immediately going to Jungkook’s room. It’s been two days since Jungkook hurt Jimin and he’s been keeping away from him since then. He even changed rooms, no longer sleeping in the same one with Jimin. Once he was in front of Jungkook’s temporary room, he knocked on the door, opening it right after.



He looked inside and saw that it was empty. He walked in, closing the door behind him before he looked around. He’s never been to this room before but he did know this place was packed with rooms, being an apartment complex and all. Spain was different, they told him the U.K, France, and Ireland were too. They had water, electricity, and an entire wall that separates Europe from everywhere else. Jimin was about to leave the room when he heard the door to the room open. He turned and saw Jungkook, eyes meeting his.



“I. . . Jose told me that you were leaving.” Jungkook nodded and moved his eyes elsewhere, walking inside to room to grab a duffel bag. “. . . Why? I thought we weren't going to separate anymore.” Jimin said, almost in a whisper, Jungkook her him though “Jimin. . . I need this. I need to get better, I need to get stronger and learn how to control this. . . thing.” Jungkook finished with anger as he looked down at his arm. “I won’t be gone for long and we aren’t even going too far, just up the mountains.”



“Mountain? Do you mean by France? Jungkook. . . it’s dangerous to go there. That’s where-” “I know.” Jungkook interrupted. “I know, but we’ll have a better chance to get opponents and I’ll be able to learn how to walk stealthily with it so. . . I agreed. I’ll be fine Jimin, Jose will be there if I need maintenance and Kazimir will be there for back up.” Kazimir was a big fellow, a strong one.



He was tall, taller than Jungkook and he seemed like he could carry a car, surprisingly, so Jimin knew that he was able to help if they were to ever go into combat. That and Jimin knew Jungkook can hold his own. “Okay.” He responded. Jungkook turned around, eyes looking into Jimin’s before they moved down to his casted arm. “Does it. . . does it hurt?” Jimin shook his head, giving him a small smile to lighten the mood. “Only when I move it suddenly but it’s fine.” Jungkook nodded and didn't say anything anymore. Jimin sighed and excused himself. Ever since the accident happened, Jungkook had been acting different with him and that scares him.



Jimin didn't want Jungkook to move away from him, he wants him to be, them to be, how they used to be before. They relied on each other, they supported each other and now, now it seems like Jungkook didn't want to be near him at all. He knew the reason why but it didn't make Jimin feel any better. He walked back towards his room and instantly laid down, eyes looking up at the ceiling. The then closed them, letting out a loud breath of air. “Please. . . help my brother, help him overcome this anger within him.



Help him be happy.” Jimin never really believe in any type of religion but asking wouldn’t help. And hey, maybe there is someone out there doing miracles. If they were, he really hopes they grant his.







*A week later*



It was strange not seeing Jungkook every day but at least he was able to talk to him. They had taken a walkie talkie, only speaking from it from time to time. And even though that made Jimin slightly happier, it didn't stop him from feeling bored. So instead of doing nothing, he decided to receive training with Jade. it was hot out, the sun shining brightly on his skin, making him tanner but he didn't care. He had sweat going down his head to his chin, he panted with exhaustion but he wasn’t going to stop, not when Jade had a dagger pointed directly at him.



She was fast, Jimin came to realize. She was even faster than him. Jade smirked when she had Jimin cornered. He was annoyed. Annoyed that he couldn’t take her down. In all his life in the apocalypse, he’s never met someone that could dodge him like she can. She was not only flexible, her reflexes were on point, knowing exactly what and when Jimin was going to strike next. Jimin frowned, wiping the sweat off with the back of his hand. “Let’s rest.” Jimin nodded at Jade’s words.



“Don't look so down, you’ll get better.” Jade said, trying to assure him but that only made Jimin sigh. “I thought I was better. Not trying to show off or anything but back in the U.S, no one was faster than I was. I was the stealthiest and the fastest, yet you were able to beat me like nothing.” Jade hummed, a smile appearing on her face. “Well, if you can’t take me, how’re you going to take the others? It’s custom for all of us to spar with each other to know our weaknesses and improve them. You’ll go against Yokav after you beat me. Then you’ll fight Kazimir and Tania and lastly, you’ll have to fight Jungkook.”



Jimin’s eyes widened at that “What? I can’t fight Jungkook.” “I feel like you should. Not only will that help you and him understand what you need help on, it’ll help you to better understand going against someone like him. Jungkook will be stronger now and his instinct might be different. Especially now that he’s learning with that arm of his. I’m sure Jose isn’t the only one who’s figured out the whole steel arm thing. There might be Skull Fighters with one just like it.” Jimin frowned, furrowing his eyebrows. It’s true, he never thought of that but he’s sure that if there’s any place where they might be people with working prosthetics, it would be here, in Europe. But he still couldn’t picture himself fighting Jungkook, not in a million years.



“I don't know, we’ve never physically fought each other.” Jade patted his back and gave him another smile, “Don't worry about it, it’s all for training. You’re not going to actually hurt each other, it’s just sparing. And you can always stop at any given time. Relax, just focus on your training for now.” And Jimin did. He trained and he trained and he trained until he was finally on the same level as Jade.



He dodged her, effortlessly moving around her, waiting for when she lowers her guard. When Jimin finally found an opening, he grabbed her arm, the one that held the dagger, and twisted her arm back, making her drop it. He then proceeded to pin her down, cheek squished on the ground. He put his knee on the middle of her back, using his weight so she doesn’t slither out of his grasp. She struggled but slowly stopped, chuckling to herself. When Jimin heard it, he let her go, helping her stand. “Good job, look like you surpassed your first teacher.”



Jimin smiled with victory, he was able to take her down. Now, it was time for him to go to his next teacher, Yokav.













“Good, I see your reflexes are already very good.” Yokav said with a smile, he was circling Jimin, making him feel strangely vulnerable. It was weird, Yokav seemed to make him feel uneasy. Not in a ‘I’m in danger’ way but more of a ‘Not knowing what to expect’ way. Jimin didn't know how or why Yokav made him feel this way but it was unnerving. “Jade has said good things about you so I expect you to be able to take me down when we start. Always stay alert, never let your guard down, even with friends and family.”



As Yokav finished saying that, he reached for Jimin, grabbing his shoulder but Jimin quickly turned, both hands lifted in a defense stance. Yokav smiled, chuckling softly. “Good, good.” He continued to circle him. Jimin, to say the least, was trying his hardest to focus on him but Yokav just kept walking, not doing anything at all. When he finally notice's Jimin lowered his focus on him, that’s when he struck again. Jimin grunted when he was suddenly pinned to the ground, both arms over his head.



He widened his eyes, legs moving to try to kick Yokav off but he found that he couldn’t. He glanced down, seeing Yokav on top of him, smiling gently. “Even if it’s repetitive, you should never lose focus. It’s like fighting an animal, they’re waiting to attack so don't get distracted.” Yokav stood up, giving Jimin a hand to stand. “How about we take a break?” He asked, making Jimin nod. With a sigh, he sat down on the ground, back against the wall. They were in an empty room on the bottom floor. Since Jade was training him outside, Yokav thought it was a good idea to help him fight indoors.



Jimin was frustrated. He knew how to fight, how to defend himself but being here, with Yokav and the others made him think he wasn’t ready to fight at all. Their way of fighting was much different than back home. They were more precise and patient. He was glad, honored, to be training with them but that didn't ease up his mind when he thought back to his past. If he knew how to fight like they did, maybe the things that happened before with Noah and Lee would’ve turned out differently. 'Is that why the Skull Fighters were able to capture us so easily when we arrived here?'



His train of thought was disrupted when he heard someone grunt. Yokav had sat down next to him, elbow touching his. He handed him a bottle of water as he drank his own. “Thanks” “Don't mention it.” There was a moment of silence until Yokav spoke, breaking it. “You’re thinking quite strongly, I almost feel like I can listen to it if I pay attention.” Jimin let out a chuckle, Yokav smiled in response. “What’re you thinking about?”



“Just. . . of my family, my friends. . . my home.” Yokav hummed, eyes looking all over Jimin’s face. “You haven’t said a word about them before, tell me about it, about them.” Jimin smiled then. Yokav’s smiled widened at the sight, he’s never seen Jimin smile like that before so it was a pleasant surprise. “I have so many friends. . . and. . . someone special.” “A lover perhaps?” Yokav asked with interest.



Jimin nodded, smile still large on his face. “Yes, he. . . he’s very special to me. We also adopted a little girl, our daughter. She should be twelve right about now.” The room was quiet as Jimin thought about them. ‘I wonder how they are’ He thought in his head. He missed them, god how much he misses them. He wishes he could just find a ship and go back to them, go back home and never leave again but he can’t. At least not without Jungkook.



“You must really love him.” Jimin turned his head, eyes meeting Yokav’s. He wasn’t smiling as widely anymore. His smile was soft, eyes looking all over Jimin’s face. It was only until Jimin was looking into his eyes that he realized how close they were. He looked away, feeling weird and awkward. “Yeah, I do love him. I love him alot.” Yokav let out another hum, now looking down at the floorboards under their feet.



“That’s. . . good. I’m glad to hear you love someone and that person loves you back. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone returns the love you feel for them. . . it sure is wonderful.” Jimin frowned, heart clenching. He worriedly turn his head to look at Yokav, seeing an unrecognizable expression on his face. “Yokav?” Yokav looked up, eyes meeting Jimin’s once more.



He was staring at him with a glint that made him feel. . . odd. Jimin couldn’t explain it. He felt as if he’s seen that look before, he just didn't know from where. He opened his mouth to speak when the door to the room they were in was pulled open. The two turned their heads, eyes meeting Tania’s. She stopped when she saw the two of them, eyebrows raising. “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn't know I was interrupting. . . something” Her eyes glanced from Yokav to Jimin. “No, you’re not interrupting anything. We were just taking a break, that’s all.” Yokav supplied, bright smile once again on his face. “Oh, well I’m here to let you know Mary made lunch if you two are hungry.” Yokav nodded and told her that they’ll be there in a moment.



Tania responded with an okay, eyes glancing at the two again before she turned around and left. Yokav then stood up and offered Jimin a hand. Jimin looked at his hand before he looked up at Yokav. “Come on, let’s go have some lunch.” With a nod, Jimin accept his hand and stood up, following Yokav out of the room.












“Yes Jimin! Just like that!” Yokav yelled, a wide smile on his face. He was proud and amazed at how skilled Jimin was with the bow and arrow. Jimin would effortlessly shot the target before moving and shooting the next. He was agile and precise, the most he’s ever seen. “That was amazing.” Yokav said, now walking towards Jimin once he hit the last target. “I have to say, you’re a natural. Why didn't you say you were good with a bow?” Jimin smiled at the praise before he turned to look at Yokav.



It’s been awhile since someone’s told him a compliment or even a praise so he felt quite happy and giddy. “I didn't say anything because I stopped using one.” “Why’s that? You should absolutely use it again if your this good.” Jimin sighed as he grabbed the pierced arrows, pulling them out of the targets made of straw. “Because. . . Silvia, the Skull Fighter’s leader has my bow. It must seem stubborn and childish but. . . that bow is very important to me. Not only did I find that bow when Jungkook and I were practically kids but. . . my friend, Hank, he taught me before he-” Jimin let out an exhale before finishing his sentence. “-before he died.” “Ah, I’m sorry, I didn't know.” Yokav responded, now feeling guilty for bringing it up.



“No, don't worry about it, it’s not your fault. Besides, that happened almost four years ago so it’s fine.” Yokav hummed and nodded his head, feeling a little better now that Jimin gave him another smile. “Should we get back to training? Or do you want to take a rest?” “Let’s take a short rest.” Jimin replied, immediately sitting down next to a tree. The tree was huge, branches and leaves big and long enough to provide him a lot of shade.



It’s getting hotter as the days pass. It’s been three weeks since Jungkook left for his training and he’ll be returning in a couple days. In those three weeks, Jimin had learned Yokav’s and his group’s way of training. He caught up to them, now able to take them down in a play fight. It hasn’t been long since he’s been with them but he already feels comfortable with them. It was strange how fast Jimin trusted them, a little too strange, But right now, Jimin didn't want to think much of it.



Even though it was hot, it was windy and calm. The air blew the leaves and trees around them, making it feel tranquil and peaceful. The grass underneath his body felt nice to the touch. Jimin didn't quiet realize how relaxing it is to just sit on the grass, letting the silence take over for a few seconds. And in those few seconds, it was as if everything out there didn't exist. The Skull Fighter’s, the virus, the infected, nothing existed but him and the calmness if the wind.



Jimin closed his eyes and took a deep breath, releasing it softly. “Jimin?” He heard Yokav said, breaking the peaceful silence. “How do you feel right now?” Yokav asked when all Jimin gave as a response was a hum. “I feel. . . calmed, relaxed. Almost as if this was a dream.” Yokav stared at Jimin face as he responded. Jimin’s eyes were still closed but he was smiling. His eyebrows weren’t furrowed like they usually were.



He didn't look worried or anxious about anyone around them. He was here, calmed, his usual normal self. ‘Is this how you would look like if all of this never happened?’ Yokav asked in his head as he continued to stare. Another breath of wind went through the trees, tousling Jimin’s hair as he opened his eyes, smiling widely as he looked up at the sky. Yokav stopped, body feeling frozen when Jimin turned to look at him. His smile was wide, the widest he’s ever seen. His eyes were slightly closed as his cheeks bunched up, creating little crescents.



“It’s like a dream. . . a dream I fear will end once we’re ready. We’ll have to face the Skull Fighter’s soon. . . and then I can finally go back home.” Yokav frowned at not only his words but at the way Jimin’s expression changed. The furrow of his eyebrows were back and his smile slowly lessened. His eyes were now looking out into the distance, hands curled into fists. He didn't like seeing Jimin like this, not after seeing how he looked without a care in the world. “Once we're done with this. . . we can finally go back home.”


Chapter Text




With a sigh and a worried look, Yoongi walked back and forth as calm he could in the Crow’s meeting room. He was worried, everyone knew he was. “Yoongi, calm down will you? It hasn’t been long, it’s only been a day.” Lianna said with a frown. She and Jay were in the room with him. “I know I know it’s just. . . I’m just worried, is all.” “Well go worry some place else.” Jay said, glaring at Yoongi. He rolled his eyes and decided to leave. He knew mostly everyone didn't like Jimin and Jungkook in the first place so he didn't know why he bothered talking to them.



He walked into the hallway, immediately going towards a window. He took a deep breath and sighed as he looked towards it, watching the gate. It hasn’t been that long since Jimin and Jungkook came back yet Jimin was already sent out of the city. ‘Is it going to be like this from now on?’ Yoongi thought as he stared at the distance. He let out another sigh when he suddenly saw someone stand right next to him. “You’re Heart’s partner right? Yoongi?” Yoongi nodded, frowning at the man in front of him.



He recognized him to be one of the people that came with Jimin and Jungkook. “Yeah, you’re. . . Yokav, right?” Yokav smiled and nodded his head. “Yes, I am. You know, Heart have spoken about you and your daughter. I’m honored to be meeting you.” Yoongi frowned even more at the honored part but he was happy to hear that Jimin was talking and thinking about them. “Oh? What did he say?” Yokav took a deep breath, smiling softly as he looked out of the window as well. “He said wonderful things about you two. You two are his family, you were what kept him going forward.



I’m. . . glad he has you.” Yokav then chuckled and turned to look at Yoongi, seeing the confusion and frown on his face. “Heart is a good person. I may not know you as much but I know from him that you’re also a good person. That maybe you’ll do what’s right when the time comes. I just hope that’s true.” “And what is that suppose to mean?” Yoongi asked, not helping the annoyance that came out of his mouth. “I mean that you won’t subject him to things he does not want to do.” “Oh?” Yoongi asked, raising an eyebrow. “Like what?”



“For example, if he wants to leave, you don't force him to stay. Heart. . . Jimin is like a free bird. He doesn’t like to be caged to one spot. He doesn’t like to feel trapped.” “What’re you talking about? I’m not trapping him, I’ll never trap him. Who are you to even say something like that? You don't know him like I do.” “I’ve known him for four years, you’ve known him for almost two. I think I know him plenty.”



Yoongi was getting angry at this point. Yokav hummed and looked into Yoongi’s eyes. “But that’s not the case I’m trying to prove. I just want you to keep an open mind and not obligate him to do something he doesn’t want to do. From what I’ve seen, your dynamics are quite. . . unexpected.” Yoongi scoffed and turned his head. He was about to leave when he heard Yokav speak once more. “If he were to tell you that he wants to go back with us, to Russia, would you let him go?” Yoongi closed his mouth, tense shoulders now slacking.



Yokav turned to him, eyes looking into Yoongi’s that were now looking at the ground. “Will you let him go if he chooses to leave?” It was after a few minutes of silence that Yokav gave a small smile, slowly walking towards Yoongi. “You’re a good man Yoongi, I know you are. . . but no one can control birds when they want to fly.” With that, Yokav left, leaving Yoongi alone to think.



Yokav’s question kept lingering in his mind, heart beating wildly. ‘Will you let him go?’ Yoongi looked down at his hands, finger’s shaking. “Will. . . will Jimin one day leave again? Does he. . . want to leave again?”












Taehyung looked around the house. He’s been into this house before, when it was empty but now, it was anything but empty. There were loud voices inside, all either yelling in a different language or cursing out swears Taehyung never thought can be considered as swears. “Shut up you stinking baguette!” Kazimir yelled with a loud Russian accent. Jade scoffed and rolled her eyes at him. “When will you stop acting like a child, you little merde.” Tania laughed, amused at the two of them. Taehyung didn't know if it was a good idea to leave and come back another time or wait until they finish arguing.



Luckily, he didn't have to wait very long. Jade turned her head, eyes landing on Taehyung’s. She smiled before she walked over to him, completely ignoring Kazimir when he started speaking in a different language. “You must be sweetheart, my name is Jade. I can’t believe no one properly introduced us yet.” Taehyung frowned “Sweetheart?” Jade chuckled before she pinched his cheeks, making him widen his eyes. “You’re Steel’s sweetheart so why not? I’ve been calling you that since I found out about you anyways so I guess it got stuck.”



She then proceeded to grab his hand and pull him out of the house, towards the back. Since Jimin was temporarily gone, she offered to teach him a bit of their form of combat. Taehyung felt very strange. Not only because she was a stranger but because he’s never been near someone like her. She was flirtatious but in a friendly kind of way? Not only that, she seems to be very open minded and confident, not caring if she spoke about something extremely personal, like now.



“So, have you and Steel finally had the best sex of your life?” Taehyung coughed, slightly choking on his spit. His cheeks reddened at her boldness. “W-What?” Jade laughed, throwing her head back. “What? Are you embarrassed flower? Don't be. I mean, a lot of people would like to be in your shoes, even if it’s hard to believe.” Taehyung frowned at her statement. “What do you mean?” Jade hummed before she placed her arm over his shoulders, dragging him him who knows where. He was about to ask where exactly she was dragging him but stopped when he saw Jungkook and Jose in the distance.



Jungkook was shirtless, steel arm in full display. He was sweating since he was helping Jose carry a bag that he soon saw was equipment. Inside were bars of iron as well as tools. “You and I aren’t blind to know that Steel is quite handsome. They’re not blind either.” Taehyung glanced towards Jade and instantly turned his head the other direction when she signaled him to look across from him with her chin. There, he saw people staring at Jungkook. Men and women were looking at him. He thought they were staring because of their curiosity because of his arm but now that he’s paying attention, he noticed a distinct look from some girls around.



He felt himself frown when he saw two other girls slowly and carefully walking towards them, glasses of water on their hands. Jungkook looked up at them before looking back down, seemingly disinterested. Jose on the other hand took the two cups, thanking them with a smile. “Interesting isn’t it? They’re afraid of him yet they look quite interested in him too.” Jade said, bringing Taehyung to look back at her. She was smiling as she too saw the scene.



“He might think otherwise though. Not only is he dim, he thinks he’s a monster.” Jade said with a sigh. She frowned, now staring at Jungkook. “But you don't have to worry about any of that because I know for a fact that Steel is only interested in you.” Taehyung felt himself blush again but he couldn’t keep his mind from thinking about the people who were staring at him with interest in their eyes. He knew perfectly well that Jungkook would never cheat but the jealousy was still there.



Jade chuckled when she noticed “Hey, I said don't worry about it. You have him tied to your little finger. He’s super in love with you, I can guarantee that. Come on, let’s get to training now. We’ve wasted enough time as it is.” Taehyung nodded and did what was told of him. They trained for a bit, Taehyung was tired, body hurting by the end of it. He frowned, not liking that he was panting, exhausted, whilst Jade was standing like nothing, not even batting a sweat.



“You’re good Sweetheart but not good enough. You’ve got a lot to learn but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it well. Let’s take a break.” Taehyung was glad and thankful for the break. He sat down on the floor, back against the wall, trying to regulate his breathing. He felt someone sit next to him and immediately knew that it was Jade. “Tell me, how’s Steel like before?” Taehyung looked towards Jade, tilting his head in confusion.



“Why?” “I was just wondering. He. . . he’s very reserve. He doesn’t like letting people in, at least the person I know does. He barely speaks and I’ve only seen him smile once since I’ve known him. He is very playful though.” Jade chuckled as she recalled a memory. She turned her head and nudged Taehyung’s arm, making him smile at her expression. “Did you know that I pushed him down a waterfall.”



Taehyung’s smile immediately left, eyes widening. “You what?!” Jade bursted out laughing, body shaking as she did. “His arm isn’t supposed to touch water, could hurt and get rusty but he got me so mad that I ended up pushing him, causing him to fall down the hill we were climbing. And coincidentally, there was a waterfall. Jose was furious but it was sure a good laugh.” Taehyung still had a very shocked expression as he heard everything. He was not only surprised by what she said how he is now, but because of what they’ve been through.



“So, tell me, how was he before? Although very enjoyable now, I would like to learn more to have extra to tease him with later.” Taehyung gave a smile giggle at that before his lips turned into a small smile. “I. . . Jungkook was sweet. He was shy at first when I met him and he was still reserved but not as much as he is now. He would. . . he would smile a lot but. . .” Jade hummed, placing her hand on Taehyung’s, trying to give him comfort.



“I’m guessing it had to do with what happened with them with the Skull Fighters before we met him.” Taehyung nodded, remembering everything Jungkook told him. He and Jimin were locked in cells, separated for months. Each had their fair share of torture. “Hey, it’s okay. There’s no reason to think about the past, let’s just think about the future. Let’s change the subject shall we? Tell me, how are you and Steel? I’m sure your reunion was steamy no?”



Taehyung blushed once more, eyes looking down with embarrassment. “I. . . no. he. . . he doesn’t exactly want to touch me because. . . he thinks he’s going to hurt me.” Jade sighed and shook her head with an expression that looked close to disappointment. “You know what, I decided. I’m going to help you.” “Help me?” Taehyung asked, not sure if wanted to know the answer to that question. “Help me with what?” “Seducing Steel one o’ one. Like come on, if I was in his shoes, the day we got here, I would’ve kept you inside the entire day and night.



Heck, even keep you there to myself at least for a couple nights. You two have been separated for four years, he should indulge a little, geez.” Taehyung felt, not only very shy at everything she said but to be completely honest, he kind of wanted the same. He wanted to be with Jungkook for a good while, not letting go until they caught up to the time they were away from each other. Taehyung wanted Jungkook to relax and be his happy self again. And he would do anything to achieve that.



“Okay.” Jade’s eyes widened, immediately raising to meet Taehyung’s eyes. “Okay?” “I’ll. . . I’ll do it. Let’s go with your plan.” Jade smiled, smile turning into a smirk. “Alright, let’s get the operation started.”
















He was ready to do what had to be done, he was prepared to do what he needed to get Jungkook to relax. He didn't, however, thought that he was going to do something an hour after Jade made up her ‘plan’. He recalled his conversation with Jade not so long ago.



“Come on, it’ll be simple. Just bend over or something.” “How am I going to do that?!” Taehyung yelled frantically. Jade laughed and immediately grabbed Taehyung by his shoulders, pushing him towards his house where they knew Jungkook was currently in. “Get close to him and, I don't know, change in front of him. Get him riled up but don't pursue anything now. Let him want and don't give until you have him on his knees.”



Now Taehyung was in his living room, feeling nervous when he heard noise coming from the bedroom. He took a deep breath before he entered the room, eyes glancing up at Jungkook, who was searching in one of his duffle bags. “Oh, h-hi. I didn't know you were here.” Taehyung said, stuttering and immediately looking away when Jungkook looked up, into his eyes. ‘God damn it, why am I being so shy!’ Taehyung yelled in his head. They’ve done things before, yes it was years ago but still. It wasn’t anything new to them but for some reason, he was acting shy.



“Yeah, I just came to get some stuff. I’m going to spar with Kazimir later.” “Spar?” Taehyung asked, going into attention at his words. “Like. . . fight?” Jungkook nodded as he continued searching through his bag. “We take it easy though and it’s honestly just for fun. Hopefully Jimin doesn’t put you to spar with Kazimir or even worse, with himself.” Taehyung hummed, fingers twiddling as he looked down at the floorboards.



“Uhm, can I come with you? I know you said it’s for fun and you don't really hurt each other but. . . I’m worried.” Jungkook glanced up, eyes staying on Taehyung’s before he gave a short nod. “Okay, let me just change from these dirty clothes real quick.” Taehyung said, smiling softly before he opened his drawers. He grabbed his clothes and was about to take them into the restroom when he stopped “Get dressed in front of him and rile him up and don't let him touch.” Taehyung gulped before releasing a silent breath of air. He closed his eyes as he reached for the bottom hem of his shirt, pulling it up slowly, back slightly moving from side to side. he decided to do this so he was going to do what he could to do it.




Taehyung didn't know if Jungkook was looking or not since he had his back towards him but he continued and pulled the shirt over his head. Taehyung placed the shirt aside before closing his eyes. He placed his fingers on the waistband of his pants, shyly pulling them down, trying to be as sensual as he possibly can. He’s never actually moved or acted in a seductive way so he didn't know if he was even doing it right. He was now in just his underwear, skin erupting into goosebumps because of the sudden change of air. He let out a breath of air before he grabbed another pair of pants and slowly bent down, moving the pants up with a shimmy of his hips.



Once the waistband was securely on his hips, he grabbed the shirt and pulled the shirt over his arms first before he slipped his head in. As soon as he did, he turned. His eyes widened when he saw Jungkook, frozen and eyes looking all over him. He felt his cheeks burn in a blush when Jungkook’s eyes moved up, meeting his. They were intense and they had a glimpse of something more, something that Taehyung wanted him to let out.



Unfortunately, Jungkook snapped out of his daze and grabbed something from the bag, closing it and shoving it back under the bed. “Are you ready?” He asked. Taehyung bit his bottom lip, trying to conceal a pleased smile and nodded his head. He did it, he was able to somehow rile Jungkook up with just changing. ‘Now I just have to continue doing things like that and maybe. . . something will happen.’ Taehyung thought in his mind. “Yeah, I’m ready.” “Okay. . . let’s go.”



Taehyung was happy, smiling as he walked behind Jungkook, following him towards where he and Kazimir were going to spar. Jade was following behind as well, winking at Taehyung when she noticed the wide smile on his face. The smile left, however, when the spar started. Now there was a frown on his face as he watched Jungkook fight Kazimir. He wanted to intervene, he wanted to do whatever he could to stop the fight but was stopped multiple times by Jade.



“They’re going to kill each other.” “No they’re not, this is how they spar. They’re the tanks of the group, that’s why it looks rough but they’re fine, trust me.” Jade replied, trying to reassure Taehyung. Jungkook and Kazimir were fighting, punching and tackling each other to the ground. The two had blood on their faces, red marks that will soon turn a light purple if they keep it up.



“Come on, is that all you have Steel? I remember you being a lot stronger. What’s wrong? Gotten soft?” Jungkook glared at Kazimir but didn't say a word. Instead, he began to walk around him, eyes staying on him at all times. Jungkook wasn’t conceited at all but he knew that he could take Kazimir if he so pleased. All he had to do was use his right arm but he did everything but that. He didn't want to accidentally kill him if he were to put a little too much strength when fighting.



Especially whenever he was fighting any of them. He didn't want what happened last time to repeat itself. But he also didn't want to lose to Kazimir. He didn't want to admit it but he was quite competitive, even more so as the years went by. “Come on, what’re you waiting for?” Kazimir said with a chuckle, a smirk appearing on his face. Jungkook clenched his left hand into a fist, getting ready to attack when suddenly. “Alright that’s enough!” Jose yelled, catching both Jungkook’s and Kazimir’s attention. “Oh come on, we were close to the good part!” Jose laughed at Kazimir’s whine before he turned to look at Jungkook.



“It’s close to your injection day, we can’t have you hurting yourself before. Rest up, we’ll do it tomorrow.” Jungkook nodded his head in understanding. Even though it didn't hurt yet, Jose always made sure to give him his bi-weekly dosage so that the pain doesn’t come unexpectedly. In the distance, Taehyung sighed with relief. He was too far to hear their conversation but he was glad that Jose interrupted. He didn't like seeing Jungkook fight, even if it is for training purposes.



He was about to get up to walk over to them when a set of hands covered his eyes, making him see total darkness. He yelped in surprise but relaxed when he heard a voice in his ear. “Guess who?” Taehyung sighed and shook his head. He lifted his hand and pushed the person’s hands away with a soft chuckle. “Did you seriously think I wouldn’t recognize your voice Bogum?” Bogum smiled as he leaned down, now at eye level with Taehyung’s.



“Where’ve you been? I haven’t really seen you all that much. We used to spend every day with each other.” Taehyung asked, eyebrows furrowed. Bogum chuckled softly as he shook his head. “I wanted to give you time with. . . Jungkook. You know, to catch up and what not. I didn't want to be invasive.” It was Taehyung’s turn to giggle. He lightly pushed Bogum on his shoulder, making him smile wider. “Come on, your my friend. I still wanna hang out with you.” “Okay, what’re you doing now? We can go out of the zone. But first, we have to go visit your dad. I spoke to him and it seems as if he’s not comfortable just coming up to you and talking.



I don't know much about your history with him but maybe you should, I don't, spend more time with him. He’s a great guy and he’s got a lot of interesting stories. Two words, zombie polar bear.” Bogum said, making Taehyung laugh. “No way!” “Yes way.” Taehyung threw his head back, laughing even louder. Jade frowned as she saw their interaction. Her eyes moved from Taehyung to his Bogum, frowning.



She wasn’t very good at reading people but no one has to be smart to know he felt something for Taehyung. You can just tell by the way Bogum stared at him. His smile and his eyes softened incredibly whenever he looked at Taehyung and that made something in Jade raise, worry. She turned her head to look at Jungkook, who was still a little away from them, and saw him staring at Taehyung and Bogum.



She couldn’t really tell what kind of expression Jungkook was sporting but she knew it wasn’t a good one. Her eyes drifted back to Bogum and Taehyung when she saw Taehyung stand. “Alright, let’s go. I’ll be back Jade. Can you let Jungkook know that I’ll be back?” Jade gave a convincing smile before she nodded her head. “Sure, I’ll let him know.” Taehyung then gave her a smile before he walked away with Bogum. Jade sighed and turned back, eyes searching for Jungkook’s but saw that he was no longer there. “Welp, looks like we’re going to have drama in the near future.”















“I think that’ll do.” Hoseok said as he looked at everything they had. It was finally time to go back. It’s only been a day in a half but they needed to get as many things as possible. He looked around and was about to tell everyone it was time to go but saw someone missing. “Where’s Katie?” Jimin looked around and frowned. “She was here just a second ago.” Hoseok hummed and shrugged his shoulders. “She tends to run off but I’m sure she’ll come soon.” Jimin nodded his head but for some reason, he didn't like that she was by herself god knows where he stood up and said he was going in search for her.



They were momentarily hiding in an old hotel called the home wood suites in Issaquah. It had many floors but they decided it was best to stay in it’s lobby in case they needed to get out quick. Jimin stepped out and looked around, not knowing where Katie could’ve gone. He sighed and made a choice to walk towards a path that led to a small section where a couple houses resided in. He wasn’t even sure if she was there but hey, checking wouldn’t hurt anyone. He walked and walked until he saw the first few houses.



They were all almost destroyed. Ingrown plants and leaves grew around and over them. Some windows were shattered, doors blown out of its hinges. ‘Wonder what happened here.’ Jimin though in his head as he continued walking. He thought it was kind of useless to check every house so he didn't go to every single one. Instead, he walked towards a house that looked relatively undamaged. Yes, there were still overgrown plants all over it but the windows and doors were all intact so he thought maybe, just maybe, Katie would’ve stumbled by. He wasn’t even by the porch when he heard a dog barking in the distance.



His eyes widened and his body involuntarily flinched. He knew the dog was a good ways away from him but hearing it made his body immediately lock up. He gasped, hands going towards his body without his knowledge. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath “It’s okay. . . it’s alright.” He repeated, trying to push thoughts out of his head. He then heard a chuckle, a soft one. He opened his eyes and looked towards the door and lo and behold, Katie was standing there with her arms crossed in front of her.



“What? You’re scared of dogs now?” She said, a small smirk appeared on her face. Jimin didn't answer though. Instead, he stood up and walked over to her, following her when she turned and entered the house. “I was looking for you.” “It appears like that yes.” She replied, not looking at him. She had a small attitude going on but Jimin assumed it was because she was still angry at him. “We’re about to leave soon, we should head back.” Jimin said after a small intake of breath.



He never really liked people giving him attitude but he only held it in when it involved the people close to him, especially the ones that he left behind when he left. They had a reason to be angry, he would too if he was in their shoes. “Cool, let me just finish up here then.” Jimin eyed Katie as she grabbed a crowbar that was sat on the living room’s coffee table and went towards the kitchen. Jimin frowned, not really knowing what she was doing. He followed her and saw that she was trying to lift the floorboards off the ground. “What’re you doing?” “Did this a while back and found hidden stuff in Seattle when I went out with Taehyung out of the zone. Been looking under floorboards ever since.”



Katie took a deep breath and did her best to pull them off but to no avail. “Here, let me help.” Jimin said, immediately grabbed the crowbar, putting his entire strength to pull them off. She sighed but didn't say anything. Instead, she got on her knees and reached in when the floorboards were completely off. “Aha, jackpot.” Katie pulled out a duffel bag from underneath, opening it to reveal loads of can food.



“Whoa, how long do you think that’s been down there?” “Who knows but food is food.” Katie replied, immediately closing the duffel bag once more. “Here, let me-” “No, I go it.” She said, stopping Jimin from taking the bag from her. He smiled softly before he nodded his head. She looked annoyed that he even offered but like always, didn't say a thing. Jimin went to grab the crowbar when he instantly stopped.



He noticed that Katie stopped too, eyes immediately moving to Jimin’s. She looked confused but when she saw Jimin listening, she stood completely still. “What is it?” She whispered, eyes following Jimin when he went over to a set of stairs that led to the house’s second story. “There’s something up there.” Katie widened her eyes, immediately looking up where Jimin was staring at. “What is it?” “An infected. . . but I don't know what kind. Stay here, I’ll check it out.” Katie opened her mouth to protest but Jimin didn't even bother waiting for her reply. He took his dagger out, not wanting to alarm any other infected in the area because of a gunshot.



Once he was on the second floor, he looked around, trying to be as quiet as possible. It had to be around here somewhere but where? Jimin looked through the first two rooms, seeing that one was a bedroom whilst the other was a bathroom. He then walked over to the other two rooms and saw that it was another bedroom and bathroom. “Where are you?” Jimin whispered. The infected was nowhere to be found but he could hear it. It’s in the house, he just doesn’t know where



He then saw movement in the corner of his eye, quickly realizing it was Katie as soon as he glanced over. “Jimin, there’s nothing here. I checked this house already before I got here.” Jimin frowned, he clearly heard something but now that Katie is looking at him with a disapproving look, maybe he was mistaken. Jimin sighed and walked over to her, stopping when he heard a sound again. This time, it seemed as if Katie heard it too.



Her eyes widened as they stared into Jimin’s. Without a word, Jimin walked to the first bedroom, eyes scanning everything. There a set of doors on the other side of the room, closed shut. “That’s just a closet.” Katie said before Jimin walked over to it. He opened it and saw that it was filled with clothing and boxes, all stacked up. “Jimin. . . what’re you doing? There’s nothing here.” Katie said with another sigh. Jimin began to move things, not wanting to stop until he found it.



He knows from experience to never leave an infected, not a single one. He learned that the hard way. “Jimin-” Katie spoke up again but when Jimin stopped, eyes going towards a hanging string from the other end of the closet did Katie close her mouth. There was an attic. “It’s up there. . .” “Jimin wait-! You can’t go up there. It could sneak up on ou or-” Katie whisper yelled, instantly grabbing Jimin’s arm before he moved to open the attic. She stopped, however, when she saw a small smile appear on Jimin’s lips.



“Thank you for worrying but I have to kill it. It’ll be a danger the longer we let it rot. Locking an infected and leaving it there isn’t the right solution.” “What do you mean?” Katie asked, eyebrows furrowing. Jimin’s expression turned into a serious one as he stared at her. “I’ve seen it, them. There’s far worse things that mutants. They can be something far more unstoppable if we leave them there. I have to kill it.” Katie didn't know if it was Jimin’s expression or the way that he said it made her let him go.



She watched as he pulled the string door open, immediately pulling the closet doors closed before he walked the steps. Katie widened his eyes but didn't move to open the door, deciding it was best to let Jimin do whatever he had to do. ‘It’s just like old times. . . isn’t it?’














Jimin sighed as soon as the closet door was closed. He then looked up at the now open attic entrance and began to climb up the little stairs. It was dark but Jimin didn't need to worry about that. He quickly reached towards his back pocket and pulled out a little lighter. He flicked it on and aimlessly moved his hand around to see if he spots something. The attic was much bigger than Jimin anticipated. There were two other doors on either ends of the room, both closed. There was a window on the other end, right in front of him, curtains draped in front of it, stopping the sunlight from shining through. Hesitant, Jimin decided to not bother with it.



Especially since he didn't want to make any noise. He much rather the stealth route, only being noisy when the situation calls for it. Jimin felt himself smile when he remembered the last time he went on in, letting himself be as noisy as ever. He was with Jungkook then, as well with Yokav and the others. It was the day he finally got his revenge, the day he finally felt himself completed. His thoughts were momentarily disrupted when he heard a noise coming from the door to his left.



A constant thump, like something was hitting the wall over and over again. Cautiously, Jimin tiptoed over to the door, hand slowly turning the door handle before pushing it open. He internally cursed when the door made a soft squeeze, the constant thump immediately stopped right after. ‘Shit, whatever is here heard it’ Jimin slowly walked in, waiting for anyone or anything to come out. Except, it didn't. Jimin silently sighed when he saw yet another door on the other side of the room. ‘God dammit, how big is this goddamn attic!’



Jimin walked closer and closer, once again slowly opening the door to reveal a bathroom. Surprisingly, it was clean, the lights were on as well. But what caught Jimin’s eye the most was an infected that was tied to the sink faucet, head leaning on the mirror cabinet. It looked different though. It’s face was covered in silvery plates that stuck out from odd places. It’s skin seemed to be peeling off from its body. The infected, was a male, an older male Jimin deducted. He didn't know how long this man was here but he could tell it was quite a while. What was most confusing was that the restroom was spotless, and the lights were still on.



‘If this man has been here for a long time, why isn’t anything dirty or miskept. . . unless-’ Jimin widened his eyes and immediately looked around. ‘We’re not alone’ With a sigh and a quick decision, Jimin grabbed his dagger and stabbed the man through the neck, blood spilling out from it’s mouth and neck. In an instant, Jimin crouched down, making his way towards another side of the room. He needed to look for this person, wherever this person may be. He did hear footsteps earlier and it couldn’t be from the tied up infected, which meant that another person was in the house.



Hopefully, in the attic with him and not downstairs with Katie. He began slowly walking out of the first room and towards the other door by the attic’s entrance. That was the only place the other person could be. Ever so carefully, Jimin opened the door, eyes going all around the room before tiptoeing forward. What he didn't expect, was a woman to throw himself at him, a large cooking knife on her hands. “Who the fuck are you?! And why did you kill my papa!!” She yelled angrily.



Jimin quickly grabbed her hands, trying his hardest to push the knife, that was dangerously close to his face, away. “Answer me!!” She yelled again, raising the knife once more to shove it back down towards Jimin but he quickly pushed her, knife gliding towards a different direction across the floor. He instantly moved on top of her, grabbing her hands that were now trying to scratch him, she succeeded. Jimin groaned when he felt her nails cut the side of his right cheek, three blood streak marks appearing. “Get off of me!”



The woman yelled loudly. She moved her body around, struggling the hardest she’s ever struggle to get Jimin off but her body instantly stopped, breath catching on her throat, when she felt something sharp against her neck. Jimin glared at her, eyebrows furrowed to look at the woman angrily. “You killed my papa. . .” The woman said, not in a gentler tone. “I have nothing to live for anymore. You killed him. . . you killed him!” “No, he was already dead.”



The woman shook her head, tears now falling out of her eyes. “No. . .no! There was a cure. I heard someone had some cure. . . the Crows! There’s a rumour saying that they had a cure. I was going to cure him. . . I was going to bring him back. But you killed him!” Jimin sighed and shook his head “He wouldn’t be saved. He’s been dead for a long time and the cure only works if you’ve been infected for less than a week.”



The woman widened her eyes before she shook her head once more, body beginning to thrash again. “No! You’re wrong!! You’re lying. . . you’re lying!” Jimin felt bad for the woman, he really did. He considered letting her go but that thought went out the window when he was suddenly thrown to the other side, the woman using his distraction against him. He saw her crawling towards the thrown knife, ready to turn and stab him but Jimin got to her before she was able to. She quickly straddled her and placed his hand on her mouth, other hand moving the dagger across her neck.



He felt bad for her, even now that she was choking on her own blood. She sounded like she wanted to scream, to yell for help but she couldn’t, not with Jimin’s hand on her mouth. Once her body went limp did he stand, wiping the dagger on his clothes. “I’m sorry. . . but it was either you or me.” He said out loud, eyes looking down at the woman who was now in a pool of blood. He took a step back, turning to leave when he saw Katie standing outside of the room looking in.



Jimin didn't know what to do. Does he explain to her what happened? Or does he just not say a word. He didn't know how she’ll take it since it’s been so long since he’s last been with her but he felt as if he didn't need to. He could see it in her eyes, she knew he was different and he was. He hates to say it but he had to kill innocent people before, people that he didn't know. But he had to, it was him or them. And that’s just how life worked.



Katie sighed before she turned back “Come on, we can’t be late.” She said before she climbed down the latter. Jimin nodded to himself before he too climbed down. Katie was silent but Jimin knew not to ask about it. She probably didn't want to even talk about that. She was disappointed, Jimin knew that much. She didn't have to say anything for him to know. They walked out of the house, duffle bag of canned food over Katie’s shoulder, before they stepped onto the sidewalk.



“Do you remember the way back?” Jimin nodded at Katie’s question. “Alright let’s go.” The two began to leave when suddenly, two dogs ran by them. They didn't pay attention to them but Katie instantly saw how Jimin immediately took a step back, hand going to his pistol. “Whoa whoa, it’s just a dog!” She yelled when she realized that Jimin was going to pull it out. Jimin took a deep breath and nodded, hand slowly lowering. “Yeah. . . sorry. I uh, I overreacted.”



Katie stared at him, how his eyes followed the running dogs that were now in the distance, barking. His hands seemed to slightly tremble, clenching and unclenching from time to time. “Hey, sorry if I’m being intrusive or what not but. . . are you okay? Are you. . . really scared of dogs?” She thought maybe she said something wrong since Jimin stood quiet for a while but then he spoke. “Do you remember when I first got bit.” Katie nodded, waiting for Jimin to continue.



“It was by a dog, an infected dog. I was. . . okay then with dogs. But then. . .” Jimin turned his head to look at Katie before he reached for his pant leg, slightly pulling it up. That’s when Katie saw a faint mark, marks that looked like teeth marks. “You were bit again. . .” “I was, by a dog. . . and infected dog.” Katie’s wide eyes looked up at at Jimin again. He was smiling softly but she somehow knew it wasn’t real. “I’ve been wary of them ever since. The. . . dog didn't seem infected. It looked just like them, like those dogs playing.



But it wasn’t. It. . .” Jimin exhaled before he chuckled lightly. “I honestly don't know how to say it. I’ve never been afraid of dogs before but I guess somehow, life is telling me I should never have a dog.” Katie frowned, feeling guiltily sad. It’s only been a couple days since Jimin arrived and she’s treated him like shit but now, now she doesn’t know if it was unfair or not. But before she could come up with anything, Jimin’s voice made her look up. “Come on, let’s get a move on. We should be arriving home before dark.” She nodded and gave a small smile, “Yeah, let’s.”

Chapter Text

*Three In A Half Years Ago*



Drip. Drip. Drip. Jimin felt his sweat fell from his forward, down to his chin, falling onto the cold ground. His glare was heavy as he stared at Yokav, who was currently wearing a smirk on his face. “You have to be faster than that Jimin. I thought you were good but I guess it was only for stealth huh?” Jimin felt anger boil up inside him. Their practice continued, only a day away from Jungkook returning from his training.



Jimin had exceeded every task except this one, combat against Yokav, except this time, with weapons. Jimin had a dagger whilst Yokav was unarmed, making Jimin look like a fool since he couldn’t touch him. The grip on the dagger was leaving marks on his palm, fingers turning white from the force. “You’re not going to get anywhere if you don't fight me for real. Look at me and envision me as the enemy.” Jimin stared into Yokav’s, trying his hardest to do as he says but he couldn’t.



He knew that the only way for him to actually beat Yokav in a real fight is to think of him as the enemy but he was far from that. He couldn’t actually fight Yokav. He and the others had done so much for them, he couldn’t possibly do anything that could potentially harm him. With frustration, Jimin let the dagger go, sitting on his knees as he stared at the ground. Yokav sighed and walked over to him, kneeling on the heel of his feet.



“I can’t do it. . .” “Jimin. . . look at me.” Slowly, Jimin moved his head to look up at Yokav, seeing a soft smile on his face. “I know it’s hard to fight a friend but you have to try. Sometimes. . . sometimes people turn their back on you, betray you. They were once your friend but not after they backstab you. Jimin, you have to pretend that I’m the enemy. Let go. Only then will you be able to defeat your enemies. . . and your demons. I’m pretty sure you know this already but. . . it’s either you or them. You have to do whatever it takes to survive.”



Jimin looked down then, eyebrows furrowing together. “Now come on, we should get inside and rest. Jungkook will be arriving soon and you should be ready when he does.” Jimin nodded before he grabbed Yokav’s hand, helping him stand up. Yokav smiled softly when he saw Jimin’s dejected expression. He placed his hand behind Jimin’s back in a comforting way, chuckling when Jimin pouted. “Hey, cheer up. You’ll get better soon, don't worry. I’ll just have to find a better way to get you to fight me.” Jimin chuckled then, rolling his eyes softly. “I don't think you can get me to actually fight you though.”



Yokav hummed, the two walking side by side “Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out.”











Soon, the sun fell as the moon raised, stars shining brightly. Jimin was on the roof, watching as the stars shined in the dark night sky. He smiled softly as he remembered the times he and Yoongi would stay late at night, just staring at the sky. Albeit, they were only friends during those times, or at least trying to be friends. Jimin chuckled as he remembered all the arguments the two had. It’s crazy how everyday since he got to Yoongi’s refuge in the school, they spent at least arguing once a day.



He also remembers aiming a gun towards Yoongi’s head that one time he kicked him out, trying to bribe him in leaving Jungkook. Jimin then though of the first time he saw him. It was years ago, so long ago, it feels as if it was only a dream. Namjoon and Hoseok had him down on his knees whilst Yoongi had him at gunpoint, demanding to know where the other dynamic brother was. He chuckled as he recalled the anger in their eyes. “Who would’ve thought, it was such a coincidence that Jungkook was his brother. If he wasn’t, I would’ve been dead.”



Jimin said softly, eyes now tilted down to look at his fingers. Remembering the adrenaline he felt when he fought back then. How he was able to fight without a second thought. Now, now he had to think about the consequences. They’ve went through so much and he feels guilty. He can’t help but blame himself for everything that has happened to Jungkook and everything that will happen in the future. He knows more things are coming, he knows that sooner or later, one of them will get seriously injured. It’s only a matter of time. He sighed and decided it was best to head to bed. he wouldn't sleep if he didn't at least try.


He left the roof, instantly heading towards his room to catch some sleep when a soft knock suddenly caught Jimin’s attention, bringing him out of his somber thoughts. “Who is it?” He asked, taking a deep breath, exhaling softly. “It’s me, Yokav. May I come in?” Jimin stood up, walking over to unlock the door, letting Yokav enter. The room was dark, the only thing that lightened the room were that of the moon’s light shining through the open window. “Are you okay?” Jimin looked up before sitting down on the bed, eyes staring at Yokav in a questioning manner. “What do you mean?” “I mean, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. That or you’ve been thinking too hard. Making yourself worry without reason.”



Jimin let out a sigh at that, shoulders slouching “How could you tell?” Yokav chuckled before he too sat down on the bed, leg softly brushing against Jimin’s. “Doesn’t matter if it’s only been almost two years that I’ve known you now, I think I’ve gotten to know you quite well. Take it as a compliment.” Jimin laughed, a smile appearing on his face, eyes slightly closing. “Sure, a compliment.” Yokav too smiled as he stared at Jimin, happy to see a smile appear on the younger’s face.



“You know, you should be resting right about now.” “I would be if you didn't come over.” Yokav chuckled as he nodded his head. “True but I couldn’t help but check up on you. I had a feeling you were beating yourself up for what happened earlier. You don't have to worry, we’re not going to attack the Skull Fighters just yet, you and Jungkook aren’t ready.” Jimin nodded his head in understandment. “Yeah. . . I know. All this time I thought we both could take any of the Skull Fighters, now I know that’s not the case. At least not here.” Yokav hummed, the two staying silent for a minute or two.



Yokav then broke it, eyes boring into Jimin’s face. “You know, since we’re going to be moving locations soon, wouldn’t it be best to give you and your brother an alias?” “Oh? What do you have in mind? They use to call me Virus when I was with the Crows.” Yokav scrunched his face, eyebrows furrowing. “Virus? What kind of nickname is that? Sounds like it was given to you by someone who doesn’t like you.” Jimin laughed again, biting his bottom lip to conceal his laughter.



Almost everyone was asleep already and he didn't want anyone to wake up because of him. “Yeah, you’re right about that. It was given to me by someone from the Crows. His name’s Jay. He and I weren’t the best of friends before but now, I guess we’re kind of friends?” “Well I don't like that one very much. Do you have any other?” Jimin hummed as he thought for awhile. He hasn’t told Yokav and the others about him having the cure yet and he kinda wants to keep it that way.



He doesn’t know how they would take it or how they would even respond. Would they believe him? Or would they just think he was insane? Jimin hummed, not knowing what to suggest. “How about. . . Heart?” Yokav tilted his head, a small smile appearing on his lips. “Heart. . . yeah, I like the sound of that.”
















Jimin was excited. Jungkook was finally coming back from his training and he couldn’t wait to see if he was able to control his new steal arm. Jimin wore a smile on his face as he waited, only for that smile to leave when he saw a deep frown on Jungkook’s face. He, Kazimir, and Jose were walking with him, two bags on either side of their arms. Both Kazimir and Jungkook had bruises on their faces, lips slightly busted in the middle. “What happened?” Jimin asked once Jose was in front of him.



Jose looked over to Jungkook, noticing him immediately entering the house they’ve been sheltering in. “Let’s just say Jungkook found out a lot more about himself in these last few weeks.” “But was he able to learn how to-” Jose slightly shook his head, making Jimin frown. “He fears it a lot more now.” “How so?” It was Yokav’s turn to ask. He stepped closer, now standing right next to Jimin. “Well, let’s just say we had a little trouble over there.



We ran into some raiders that thought it was a good idea to jump people sleeping in their tents. Well, they weren’t expecting to get their heads caved in by a steel fist.” Jimin felt his mouth slightly open, surprised at everything Jose said. Yokav sighed as he nodded his head. “Alright, I’ll speak with him. How’s Kazimir?” “Look at him yourself. He’s doing good even though Jungkook’s training took a lot out of him. If anything, Kazimir seems to be the only one to be able to match him.” Jose said, signaling Kazimir who was speaking with Tannia and Jade.



“We also have another issue with Jungkook.” “What’s wrong? Did something happen to him?” Jimin asked, feeling his nerves rise with worry. “He’s starting to feel the consequences of having the steel arm. He’s feeling pain, a lot of pain.” “What?. . . can’t you do something about it?” “We can. . . but I don't know if you’ll will agree to it.” Yokav frowned, an eyebrow lifted to let Jose know to continue. “It’s cannabis, unfortunately, we don't have any though. We’ll have to grow it. Whilst we do that, Kazimir helped him how to calm the pain in the meantime.”



“How exactly?”












It wasn’t that hard to get away from everyone. Jungkook didn't want to be here, not yet at least He wasn’t ready, he wasn’t prepared. He could hurt anyone in any given moment and he didn't want that. He walked into the house, only to exit once he was on the roof, closing the door behind him. Even though the sun was still out, it was still cold, signaling the winter that is to come. Without hesitance, Jungkook reached into his pocket, grabbing out what Kazimir had given him a few nights back.



He lifted it, pulling out his lighter before setting it on. He instantly placed it on his lips, inhaling deeply as he closed his eyes, letting a puff of smoke out with relief. The cold was getting to him, the pain was getting to him but somehow, these stupid things were the only thing that took away the pain. Even if it was just for a little while. He hated having to smoke but after Kazimir said that they would help him with the pain and with the cold, he didn't hesitate to try it out.



And he was right, it took the pain away. It took away the cold and gave him a feeling of warmth, of tranquility. But that didn't take the fact away that these were death sticks, slowly killing him in the inside if he kept consuming them. It didn't matter though, at least not when the pain sets in. Jungkook walked over to the side of the roof, kneeling on the ground, back against the little rail that stopped anything from falling over. He inhaled once more, leaning his head back the second time he let the smoke out.



Just then, the sound of the door opening caught his attention but he didn't both opening his eyes to check who it was. His mind was slowly getting hazy, making him feel that warm feeling in his body. He could hear the footsteps walking over to him, stopping right in front of his body. Slowly, Jungkook opened his eyes to see Jimin, staring down at him. His eyes moved from the cigarette to his eyes. “So it’s true.” Jungkook couldn’t help the scoff that came out of his mouth when he saw Jimin’s expression.



Jimin didn't like smoke, he’s told him way before, when it was just the two of them. Jungkook remembers being curious of them when he was about sixteen but Jimin immediately told him to never ever try them. “Those things are only going to make your life miserable. If the infection doesn’t kill you, those will.” Jungkook licked his lips as he looked back at the cigarette before going back to Jimin. “They help me.” Jimin tsked, shaking his head softly. “You think it’s helping you but it’s not. That thing’s only purpose is to kill, slowly. You might think it’s doing marvelous things to you but the truth is that thing is only going to make things worse in the long run.”



Jungkook didn't feel up to it to talk back to Jimin. He was feeling calm for once. He wasn’t in pain and he wasn’t annoyed. So all he did was stay silent. Jimin sighed as he shook his head, a look of disapproving aimed at Jungkook. “I hope this doesn’t get out of hand.” And with that, Jimin walked back inside, not wanting to argue with Jungkook anymore. He walked straight towards where Jose was. He needed answers and he needed it now.



“Jose, why did you allow him to start smoking?” Jose was inside a room, supplies all spread out on a long wooden table. He turned to look at Jimin once he heard him. “I know it’s not what you want to hear but he needed it.” “Needed it?! God damnit, he could get addicted to those things! I don't want Jungkook to feel the need to depend on those. Or even that damn cannabis! Come on, there has to be another way. How about painkillers, aspirin or. . . something!”



Jose sighed before he sat down. He then signaled a chair next to him, pleading for Jimin to sit too. “Look, I know how you feel. I know that but even with painkillers, he’s going to get addicted. Jimin, he’s in great pain. You didn't see the way he would clutch his shoulder, writhing in pain. I. . . I don't want to see him like that. Besides, he’ll be taken a lot less with cannabis than with actual smoking. That only helps him for a couple of hours whilst the cannabis can help him for days.” Jose reached over and placed his hand on Jimin, giving him a hopeful smile, “It’ll be alright. He’ll be alright.” Jimin frowned, now looking down at the ground.



He felt hopeless. Jungkook was in pain and he’d resulted in something even more dangerous. . . and it was all Jimin’s fault. “He’s different. He’s. . . he’s changed.” Jose hummed, nodding his head slightly. “He has, his mood is much more. . . brisk. Give him time, I’m sure he’ll revert back to his usual ways. You’ll see.” “I. . . I hope you’re right.” Jimin responded. He thought back to the young smiling Jungkook, the one that would smile and laugh when they were on the run. The one that would excitedly shoot and act without a care. The one that would always do what is asked of him without question.



The Jungkook that would sleep next to him and smile at him whenever Jimin needed reassuring. He missed the old Jungkook. . . the real Jungkook. He really missed his little brother.














“Jin, I don't think it’s a good idea to keep these guys around. They’ve been spotted looking around the area. I don't trust them.” Seokjin sighed as he heard Jay speak. He was currently busy in his makeshift laboratory, vialing any left over liquid he had been working on when Jay entered, wanting to speak with Seokjin about the newcomers that arrived with Jimin and Jungkook. “Jay, Jimin and Jungkook trust them. I don't see why we shouldn’t. If you’re still not convinced, which I’m sure you’re not, just keep an eye on them.



I don't entirely trust them myself but I trust in Jimin and you should too.” Jay let out a deep sigh at that. “Seriously? What for?! All Virus had done for us was for nothing. I honestly don't even know why he even got back. He and the group he came with have only came to waste space and materials we don't have. What’re we going to do if Hoseok and the group comes back without finding anything?”



“Have a little faith. I know they’ll come back with food. They won’t come back without it. Jay, why don't you look for Namjoon and let him know about the reinforcements? We need to get the gate protected on the other side of the zone. After what the Skull Fighters did, we need to keep an eye on it at all times.” Jay sighed, biting the inside of his cheek as to not talk back to Seokjin. “Yes sir.” He ended up saying, leaving Seokjin to continue what he was doing. Jay walked out of the hospital, stopping when he was now outside in the cold night air.



It was late but he was part of night duty. He looked around the streets, seeing very little people walking around. Most of them being people keeping watch. “Hey Brad” He asked a man who was passing by. “Do you know where Namjoon is?” “Yeah, he’s up front by the gate. Thinks the Hoseok’ll be back tonight.” “Okay, thanks.” Jay replied before going straight towards the gates. He found him exactly where Brad told him he was. He was there alongside others who were armed, eyes wide open, keeping their eyes peeled for any type of movement.



“Oh, Jay? Didn't think you’d come up here. I thought you’d be at the east gate.” “Yeah, Jin told me to come and get you. He wants us to re enforce the west gate, make sure no other Skull Fighter get any ideas.” “The Russians already took care of fixing it and offered to surveil the premises. I don't think we need to worry too much.” “That’s exactly what I’m worried about.” Namjoon chuckled, not looking towards Jay. “Don't trust them?” “Do you?” Jay responded back with a question of his own.



Namjoon hummed and gave a small smile “To be honest. . . no, I don't trust them. They all seem, I don't know, free willed? Almost as if they wouldn’t care if it didn't benefit them in any way.” “So you’re okay with them being alone in one of our gates?” Jay asked, he had an eyebrows raised as he stared at Namjoon, not truly understanding why he still had that smile on his face. “They’re not alone, Jungkook is with them.” “Right, that makes it all better.” Jay rolled his eyes, ignoring Namjoon’s laugh. But then they all stood still when they heard footsteps approaching.



The others raised their weapons, ready to fire if necessary. “It’s us!” They heard someone say in the dark. Namjoon sighed with relief when he saw Hoseok, Jimin, Katie, and Derek coming towards them. The others in their group walking behind them as well. He smiled and immediately grabbed the bags Katie was holding to help her when he noticed them. “You found food and supplies?” “Enough to last us until next month if we’re careful.” Hoseok responded with a bright smile. “Good good, come in and rest up. I’m sure Jin will want to see you.” “Not me, I’m going to go rest.” Katie said, making Namjoon nod.



She was walking away when she suddenly stopped, turning back to look at Jimin. She smiled at him, making Jimin smile back. “Look for me later yeah? I wanna talk a bit.” “Sure” Jimin responded, happy that his and Katie’s relationship seemed to be going back to how it was in the past. Jay noticed their interaction and felt a little annoyed at the fact that Katie seemed to have forgiven Jimin. “Jay, go with Derek and take these with the other rations.” Namjoon said, taking Hoseok’s bag to give it to Jay. “Sure” Jay responded, a light glare landing on Jimin before the two left to do what was told.



Jimin sighed but didn't let that interaction get his mood down. He was actually feeling happy being able to talk with Katie like he used to. He shook his head and looked over at Namjoon, who was speaking with Hoseok. “Where’s Jungkook?” Namjoon turned his head at Jimin’s question. “ He’s by the west gate, on night duty. He’s also there with your other friends.” “Oh. . . did he cause any trouble?” Namjoon tilted his head then, not really knowing what he meant.



“No, Jungkook has been good. Isn’t he old enough to know what to do and what not to do?” Namjoon asked with a teasing tone. Jimin chuckle awkwardly, trying to lighten the mood as well. “Right, I was just curious.” Hoseok frowned at that. Jimin had told him a bit about how Jungkook had changed but he tried not to give out too much for in case Jimin didn't want to tell everyone. “Right, anywho, we should go see Jin now.” “Yeah, he’s at his lab. Come, follow me.”



Hoseok and Jimin both followed Namjoon into the hospital, then into Seokjin’s lab. He was currently writing down some notes when Jimin and Hoseok entered. “You’re back, good. Was your trip successful?” Jimin smiled and nodded his head. “We hunted and got a few animals for today. Katie also found a full bag of canned food.” Seokjin sighed with relief, a smile appearing on his face. “Thank god, I was starting to think we were going to starve to death.



Did you run into trouble?” “Well, if you count Jimin being attacked by a cougar, then yeah. Other than that, then no. We didn't run into any trouble. Only a few infected here and there.” “A cougar?!” Namjoon yelled with wide eyes. “There is alot of wild life around here so I’m glad you weren’t hurt. How about the infected? Were they in groups or were they dispersed?” Seokjin asked, drawing everyone’s attention towards him. “There were about two, nothing unusual.”



Hoseok responded, making Seokjin nod. “Good good. Well, if there’s no injuries and your trip was successful, then you’re free to go. Rest up and meet me here in the morning. Jimin, you can rest too. Spend some time with Yoongi and Sofie, I’m sure they want to be with you since you’ve pretty much been with them for two days.” Jimin nodded at that before giving them a good night, exited the room. He stretched, back and neck cracking loudly. With a yawn, Jimin walked out of the very lit hospital, outside in the chilly night.



He was about to head towards Yoongi’s house when he saw someone running towards him. “Yokav?” “Jimin, I’m glad you’re back.” He said after he steadied his breathing. “There was news saying you returned so I came to see if you’re okay. How was it? Any luck?” Jimin smiled and nodded his head. “Yup, we’re all set for at least another month. As long as we ration well, it will last us a good while. How have you all of you been? Got comfy?” Yokav tsked at that and shook his head. “Not yet but then again, we’ve only been here for two days. I’m sure it’ll change soon. How about you? Is it what you remember it being?”



Jimin felt his smile falter but he quickly shook his head, a smile appearing on his face again. Yokav noticed the reaction but didn't say a thing. “Everything is good, just. . . a little overwhelming I guess.” Yokav hummed. The two stood quiet for a bit before Yokav inhaled, exhaling loudly. “Well, you should be sleepy. Get some rest.” “I will, you should all take it easy too.” Yokav chuckled with a nod “We always do. I’ll see you in the morning Heart, goodnight.” “Goodnight.” Jimin responded with a large smile, waving at Yokav before he left.



Yokav stared at Jimin whilst he left, instantly walking into a house, closing the door behind him. He sighed and was about to leave when he suddenly saw a woman in front of him. She was staring at him with a certain glint in his eyes. “You and Jimin seem close, a little closer than friends would normally be.” She said, a small smile. “And who might you be?” Yokav asked, not sure if he should trust the woman in front of him. “My name is Sarah and I guess you could say I’m close with Yoongi, just like you’re close with Jimin.



I mean, if you are close to Jimin as you say you are.” Yokav didn't answer then. He only furrowed his eyebrows and made his way to leave but the woman spoke once more. “I can help you, we can help each other.” Yokav turned back to look at her, she wasn’t wearing the soft smile anymore. The smile was long gone. Now, now she wore something close to a glare. Yokav didn't know what to make of this. . . Sarah. But for some reason, he felt as if he should hear her. Maybe she was planning something that would somehow benefit him. Sarah’s smile returned when Yokav walked closer to her, eyes staring into hers. “What do you have in mind?

Chapter Text


Jungkook took a deep breath, letting it out loudly. He could see a clear white smoke coming out with every breath from his mouth. He turned over to look at his right steel arm, shoulder hurting with every move. “Shit. . . I should look for Jose already.” He slowly flicked his wrist, hand opening and closing before he stood up. The nights were getting colder but at least it wasn’t as cold as it was in Europe. Jungkook stood up, grabbing a nearby rag to wipe the sweat that was falling from his forehead.



He’s been training. It didn't matter if there were no dangers around, he needed to train and train and train. He couldn’t let his guard down, especially now that they were in Seattle. The Skull Fighter’s base was nearby, they could attack at any moment and he had to be ready. Jungkook took another deep breath before he made his way towards Taehyung’s house. Or should he say, their house? He wasn’t sure if he could call it their house since he’s only been in that house for about a week now.



He would like to think it was their house but he was barely in it. The only time he was actually there was at night and morning before heading out. It still didn't do any good anyways since he couldn’t quite sleep on a bed yet, as strange as that sounded. Anyone would assume that he would sleep soundly on a comfy bed but the reality was that he wasn’t comfortable. He was used to the cold ground, was used to sitting in front of a fire, hearing people talk around him. Hearing them sing and hum as the night went on.



Jungkook sighed and continued walking, eventually entering Taehyung’s house. As soon as he entered, he stopped. Taehyung was in the living room, laughing with his friend. The friend he’s been around since Jungkook and the others came back. “Jungkook! Look who’s here. Bogum came by and brought us our share of rations for the week.” ‘Bogum, ah, that was his name.’ Jungkook thought as he stared at both Taehyung and Bogum, eyes then going towards the coffee table, where there were cans and bags of food. “It’s late” He said as he walked towards the kitchen.



“Right, I guess I should head back then.” Bogum said as he stood up. “Are we still up for that thing tomorrow?” Jungkook looked over in time to see Taehyung smile a boxy smile, nodding his head enthusiastically. “You bet! Maybe that way, we’ll be able to get my dad something to finally change in. He’s been with the same set of clothes since he got here.” Bogum chuckled and nodded his head, ruffling Taehyung’s hair before he moved closer, placing a kiss on his forehead.



Jungkook frowned at the action. He felt his hand clenched tightly, jaw locked when Taehyung didn't even react to it. He simply smiled and nodded his head. “I’ll see you tomorrow, night!” “Good night Tae.” Bogum responded before he walked towards the door. He glanced over at Jungkook, meeting his eyes before he walked out of the house. Jungkook felt anger and jealousy raise inside of him but he kept it in. He heard Taehyung sigh happily before he stood up, grabbing the cans and bags of food from the coffee table, taking them to the table in the kitchen where Jungkook was currently sitting by.



He started humming as he placed the food away, a bright smile still on his face. “You spend a lot of time with him.” Taehyung heard Jungkook say. He tilted his head to the side, eyebrows raising with confusion. “Huh? oh, do you mean Bogum?” Jungkook nodded, his eyes looking down at his hands, that were sat on top of the table. “Yeah, Bogum’s always here. He kept me company when you and Jimin were gone.” Taehyung responded, continuing to put things away. Jungkook hummed in response, keeping quiet whilst waiting for Taehyung to finish.



Once he did, he stood up and followed him into the bedroom. “How was your day? It’s getting colder now. You should be careful.” Jungkook nodded as he sat down on the bed, body facing away from Taehyung. He felt the bed dip right next to him, causing him to flinch when he felt Taehyung touch his right shoulder. “Sorry. . . does it hurt?” Jungkook looked into Taehyung’s eyes, seeing the worry in his expression. “A little.” Taehyung hummed as he stared at Jungkook’s shoulder. “Are. . . are you going to see Jose soon? To. . . you know, get the medication?”



“Yeah, I think so. I think I could hold it for a while longer though. If I can hold it longer, then I will.” “Do you not like it when you get injections? I thought it helped you.” Taehyung asked, relieved that Jungkook was actually talking to him, sharing information about himself. The week that Jungkook has been here, it felt as if he wasn't. He doesn’t really talk much and he didn't really get near him all that much either. It was a miracle that he didn't move the minute Taehyung sat next to him.



“It does help me but whenever I get injected I get loopy. I feel as though I have no control over what I do. Yokav told me I was aggressive the first few times I was injected. I don't want to hurt anyone if I get the same this time.” “I can. . . I mean, if you want, I can be there with you.” Jungkook glanced over at Taehyung again before he looked back down to the ground. He shook his head, making Taehyung pout. “No, if I do get aggressive, I might even hurt you. I rather you stay away from me when I do get injected.”



Taehyung was about to open his mouth to respond when Jungkook stopped him, eyes staring into his. “Please, stay away from me until it passes. It only lasts for a few hours.” Taehyung continued to stare at him before he nodded his head “Okay. . . I’ll try.”















With a shiver, Jimin entered Yoongi’s house and was welcomed by Sofie, who stared at him as he entered. She was sat on one of the couches, a book on one of her hands. “Hey Sofie, you’re still up?” Sofie looked away, eyes going back to her book. Jimin sighed, knowing full well that he wasn’t going to get a response. He walked over to her, sitting down across from her. “You’re reading, did Yoongi teach you?” Sofie nodded but kept her eyes on the book. “What’re you reading?” Jimin insisted, wanting to get Sophie to speak to him but all he got from her was a sigh.



She stood up, book on hand and immediately went upstairs. Jimin let out an exhale as he sank down onto the sofa, head leaned back. “I guess I shouldn’t have pushed it.” Jimin pouted before he stood up, walking up the stairs to go to his and Yoongi’s shared room. He knocked before opening it, a smile leaving his face when he saw that the room was empty. “Yoongi?” He asked as he looked around. “That’s weird. . . where is he?” Jimin walked in, taking off his shoes before he sat down on the bed.



He reached under the bed and pulled out his duffel bag, opening it to pull out a change of clothes. He had gotten his dirty and he didn’t want to dirty the bed so he decided to change. He pulled his shirt off, pulling the clean one on in a quick sweep. He then unbuttoned his pants, quickly pulling them down. He shivered as he grabbed his other pants, slipping his feet in before pulling them up his thighs. Just as it was through the middle of his thighs, the door opened. He moved his head and saw Yoongi, who’s eyes immediately landed down to his thighs.



Jimin, quickly pulled them up all the way, turning so his back was aimed at him. Yoongi’s eyes were wide, not because he saw Jimin’s thighs but because what was on them. “Jimin. . . how did you get those?” He asked but Jimin didn't respond right away. Jimin’s legs looked like it had burn marks, scars and scratches were littered all over his skin. “Jimin?” Jimin turned his head and gave Yoongi a smile but Yoongi knew that it wasn’t genuine. It didn't matter how long Jimin was gone, Yoongi knew exactly how Jimin was. “I just got hurt, it happened a long time ago. It isn’t important anymore. Come, let’s sleep.”



Jimin was trying to change the subject, Yoongi knew he was. He wanted to know what happened, he wanted Jimin to tell him what happened but he knew not to question it right now. If Jimin wasn’t talking about it, it was because he wasn’t ready to talk. “Okay.” He responded, getting an actual smile from Jimin this time. Yoongi quickly changed and got under the covers with Jimin. He smiled when Jimin curled next to him, laying his head on top of his chest.



Without thinking much, Yoongi began to lightly scratch Jimin’s head, fingers passing through his hair. Jimin hummed happily, feeling safe in Yoongi’s embrace. The two were quiet for a bit before Yoongi spoke once again, breaking the silence. “Jimin?” “Hmm?” Jimin responded, eyes closed but not actually feeling sleepy yet. “Do you ever. . . wish to explore more? Like. . . go to places you’ve never been before?” Jimin opened his eyes at that. He moved his head to look up at Yoongi.



He furrowed his eyebrows as he stared into Yoongi’s eyes but Yoongi was looking up onto the ceiling. “What?” “Yeah like. . . in the near future. Would you want to look at the world. . . explore and be able to come and go as you want.” The room stood quiet for a minute and in that minute, Yoongi could feel his heart hammering the longer Jimin took to respond. “I. . . I mean. . . I don't know, maybe? It never crossed my mind. All I want right now is to stay here, with you and with Sophie.” Jimin replied.



He didn't know what to make out of Yoongi’s question but he was glad when Yoongi didn't ask anymore. Instead, he pulled his body closer. Jimin felt more relaxed, eyes closing to finally welcome sleep. Yoongi on the other hand, kept his eyes on the ceiling. His mind kept going to what Yokav told him the other day. “Will you let him go?”















It was early morning, Yokav was in the hospital, staring out of the window. He couldn’t sleep that night. His mind would bring him back to the conversation he had with Sarah the other night. Her words would keep brushing his mind, making his head hurt. He closed his eyes, remembering everything she said.




“What do you have in mind?” Yokav asked as he stared at Sarah in the eyes. She smiled and moved her hand, signaling for him to follow her. With reluctance, he did. She led him towards a house, hers he presumed. Sarah sat down and patted the seat next to her. With hesitance, Yokav walked over to her, leaving a good amount of space in between them. “Now, tell me what you want.” “I want you to help me and in the long run, you’ll be helping yourself.” Yokav frowned but allowed Sarah continued. “I want you to make Yoongi jealous, make him and Jimin fight. Once they’re separated, make him fall in love with you.”



“Oh? And what will you gain out of that?” Yokav asked, arms crossed in front of him. He leaned back on the sofa, head tilted to the side, waiting for Sarah’s reply. “Well, you get to keep Jimin and I will stay with Yoongi. It’s as simple as that.” Yokav scoffed before he stood up. “Wait. . . what’s your reply?!” Sarah asked before Yokav was able to leave her house. He stopped and turned his head to the side, opening his mouth to respond. “I’ll think about it.”



Yokav opened his eyes when he heard footsteps approaching him. He turned his head and saw Jay, who immediately glared at him. “Good morning.” Yokav greeted with a smile, he chuckled when all Jay did was nod his head, walking away without a sound. “Well, aren’t these people friendly. I’m starting to think we were better off in Europe.” A laugh came through his right, instantly catching his attention. “Oh? Tell me how being pursued by almost everyone is better than here?”



It was Tania who entered, a smile on her face. “Your out early, thought I’d find you with Heart but you were nowhere. What’re you doing here?” Yokav sighed and shook his head, shrugging as he began to walk towards the exit. He hoped that Tania wouldn’t follow him but even that was too much to ask. Tania was right behind him, a knowing look in her eyes. “What’s wrong? Did something happen with Heart?” Tania asked, eyebrows furrowing. Yokav should’ve known that she was going to ask, immediately assuming it was because of Jimin. Which, wasn’t that far off.



Tania knew about his feelings for Jimin, she knew that there was something there. Tania would always try to get him to act, to do something or to tell Jimin but Yokav never acted. He knew Jimin was in love with someone else, so how could he rip that happiness away from him by saying something unnecessary? “Tania, please, not now. I couldn’t sleep because. . . because I was on watch duty. Don't you remember?” Tania hummed but didn't ask anything else. Especially since Hoseok and Namjoon was walking passed them.



They didn't trust anyone here, none of the group trusted the Crow’s yet. “Good morning.” Namjoon and Hoseok said once they were close enough. “Good morning.” Yokav replied, a smile on his face. Yokav and Tania continued their way, speaking once again once they knew that no one was going to hear. “So, what’re we going to do? Are we going to stay here?” Tania asked, looking at Yokav with a curious stare. He stood silent for awhile, eyes staring at the floor before he responded. “No. . . we’re going back to Russia. We’re just resting for our trip back.”



Tania hummed, lips pouting as she began to skip. “And what about Heart and Steal? Are they coming with?” “I don't know. . . maybe not. They have everything here. They have their family. . . and friends.” Tania chuckled, eyes rolling. “Friends? These people aren’t they’re friends. All they’ve done since they got back is blame them for everything. Why need enemies if this is how their friends act. But whatever, it’s on them. What would you do if they wanna come with?” Yokav didn't hesitate to respond this time. He had a look of determination as he looked straight, eyes landing on Yoongi’s home.



“Then they’ll come with us, there’s no question about it.”













Jimin was up early. He was out of the zone, looking for a particular someone. He looked around, making sure to lay low. He sighed when he once again couldn’t find the person he was looking for, Fredrik. It’s been an entire week and he hasn’t seen him in all the times he’s gone to look for him. ‘Maybe he left? He did say that he wasn’t in one place for too long.’ Jimin thought in his head before he began to make his way back towards the zone. He didn't know why but Jimin felt endeared with him. He was young, very young, to be traveling alone. But now that he thinks of it, he and Jungkook were the age of fourteen and twelve when they were out in the beginning of all this.



But unlike him, they had each other. He was alone, with no one. Jimin sighed as soon as he passed through the gates, immediately noticing Yokav and Tania in the distance. He smiled and made his way over. Yokav and Tania immediately smiled and gave him a “Good morning” once they saw him. “What’re you guys doing here this early?” Jimin asked staring at the two. “Yokav had night shift and I had trouble sleeping.” Tania responded for them. “Oh? You can go rest up if you want. I’m sure the others won’t mind.” Tania chuckled and nodded her head. “If you insist.”



She then left, giving Yokav a pointed look before she left the two alone. Jimin looked towards Yokav and saw him with a distant look. “Hey, are you okay?” Yokav turned to him with a smile and nodded his head. “Yeah, just a little weary I guess. We’re not exactly comfortable here.” Jimin hummed, smile leaving his face. Yokav noticed and immediately tried to perk him up. “Anyways, how about you? How do you like being back here? Is it just like you remembered?”



He expected Jimin to smile and nod his head, immediately telling him a story about his past but instead, Jimin stood silent. He looked down to the ground, a barely there smile on his face. “What’s wrong?” Yokav asked, feeling concerned. “I. . . it’s nothing like before but I guess it’s to be expected. It has been four years after all.” “Still, if these people are your friends and your family, they should try to get along with you and Steal. They would try to understand or something.” Jimin smiled softly, humming to himself. “It’s alright, I’m sure they’ll come around.”



Yokav sighed silently before nodding. The two began walking silently knowing where they were headed. Since it was early, they knew that Jungkook would be out training. They got closer to Yokav’s and the groups temporary house and saw Jungkook, Kazimir and Peter outside. Whilst Jungkook and Kazimir were doing their own thing, Peter was sat on the ground, staring at them. “Jimin!” Peter yelled when he noticed them, standing up to give Jimin a hug. “Heya Peter, how are you holding up?” Jimin asked, returning the hug.



“I mean, not that many people speak to us but it’s alright.” Peter responded, eyes going back to Jungkook and Kazimir. “And how’re they?” Jimin asked, eyes landing on Jungkook.jungkook was panting, eyebrows furrowed in something that looked between pain and concentration. “Steal’s going to get his injection tonight, might wanna stay away for a bit. We don't know how he’ll react this time around.” Yokav answered. Jimin let out a sigh before he nodded his head. “Let me know if something happens.” “Of course but you don't have to worry. You know Jose and Maria has everything under control.” Yokav responded with a smile, “Thank you.”



Instead of sticking around to watch, Jimin decided to take a walk and explore the places he hasn’t done so in Seattle. He couldn’t help but remember everything that had happened four years ago, when he was still here. It feels almost like a dream when Jimin woke up from the coma after they extracted the cure from his heart. It feels as if everything that happened all those years ago was a dream. He closed his eyes, unwanted faces appearing in his head. Lee, Noah, and Silvia’s faces were vivid in his head. A constant reminder of everything that has happened to all of them.



Jimin took a deep breath, releasing it through his nose. He was coming close to the edge of the zone when he heard the sound of an arrow piercing something. He frowned and started to find it’s source. He widened his eyes when he finally found it. There, in front of him, was Sophie, a bow and arrow in her hands. She was aiming towards a tree, plenty of arrows on the ground, signaling that she had missed her shots.



She sighed with frustration, clearly angry that she couldn’t hit the target that was drawn on the tree with a red spray can. She grabbed another arrow and placed it in between the bow, pulling the string back and that’s when Jimin noticing what was wrong. “You have to lift your elbow a little more.” Sophie yelped, eyes widening at the sudden voice behind her. She let out a breath of relief when she saw that it was Jimin. “You scared me.” She replied, a look of annoyance appearing on her face.



“You’re not lifting your elbow. You also have to pull it back a bit more.” Sophie frowned before she looked down at the bow on her hand. She lifted it up, trying to do what Jimin told her but she seemed to be needing a little bit of help. “Here, let me help you.” Jimin said, a smile on his face. He lifted her elbow slightly before he helped her to pull the string passing her head. She flinched, hands trembling when she heard the bow extending. “Don't worry, it won’t snap, trust me.” She nodded her head and waited for more instructions.



“Okay, now take a deep breath and concentrate on your target.” Sophie nodded and did just that. She stared at the target, eyes zeroing on the center of the target. She could hear Jimin’s voice behind her, telling her to take silent breaths. “Clear your mind, the target is the only thing you should be thinking about. Keep both eyes open and when you’re ready, let go.” Jimin instructed. It was only after he said that, that she let go.



Sophie gasped when she saw that the arrow landed exactly on the target. “I did it. . . I did it!” She yelled with a smile, she turned back, smile faltering when Jimin was looking at her with proud eyes. She didn't know why but seeing that look made her. . . happy. Jimin was proud of her, proud of something she did. “You did great! I’m sure you’ll be able to hit a moving target in no time at all.” Jimin said, eyes going towards the arrow on the tree. He walked over to it, yanking it out before picking up the arrows on the ground.



He then brought them all back to Sophie. He stopped though, when he saw Sophie staring at him a way she’s never done before. “Uhm. . . Jimin?” “Yeah?” He asked when she looked away. “Can you. . . can you teach me. To shoot a moving target that is.” Jimin raised both his eyebrows, surprised that Sophie would even want him to teach her something. “Of course! I would love to but. . . I have to ask, why hasn't anyone else taught you?” “I uh. . . my dad doesn’t really want me to learn so-” “What? Why not?” Jimin responded, eyebrows furrowing. Sophie sighed before she looked down at the ground. “He says it’s dangerous and that I’m too young to learn how to fight.” She expected Jimin to say the same after realizing that Sophie was indeed still ten years old.



She was surprised, however, when all Jimin did was scoff and shake his head softly. “Well he’s wrong. It’s never too early to learn how to defend yourself. Geez, I swear. Yoongi’s sometimes a little too anxious about things. Did you know that he tried to do the same with Jungkook when he was nineteen?” Jimin chuckled when Sophie widened her eyes, surprised at the information. “What?” “Yeah but you know what, I’ll teach you everything you need to know.”



“But. . . what if I get in trouble?” She asked, biting her bottom lip. Jimin hummed before he placed his hand on Sophie’s shoulder, making her look back up at him. “We can keep it a secret. It’ll be just you and me. Learning how to defend yourself is crucial, everyone should know sooner than later. So what do you say? Do you want me to teach you?” Sophie stared at him before she smiled softly. “Yeah, let’s do it.”


Chapter Text


It was bright and early when Taehyung left the house. He had a smile on his face as he made it towards the house where his father was staying at. With a knock, he opened the door, expecting to find his father sleeping. Instead, he was in the kitchen reading a book. “Dad? What’re you doing up so early?” Taehyung asked, making his father turn to look at him. “Oh, I couldn’t sleep. How about you? I thought you were going out with Bogum today.” Taehyung smiled before he made his way towards the cupboards, pulling out a pan and a can of food.



“I wanted to make you some breakfast before we leave. We’re meeting here anyways.” Taehyung’s father hummed as he watched him move around the kitchen. It was only when Taehyung placed plates on the table before sitting across from him when he spoke up. “Tae, can I ask you something?” Taehyung nodded as he eat a spoonful of soup. “You say you’re with Jungkook but I see you more with Bogum than with him. When you’re with Bogum, you’re smiling and laughing but with Jungkook. . . you always have a frown on your face.”



Taehyung stopped, eyes widening as he looked towards his father, a worried expression aimed at him. “Is there something going on? Is he. . . making you happy?” Taehyung frowned, eyes going towards the table. “I love him.” “I know you do but if he’s not making you happy, maybe it’s for the best to end things. Look, this is probably something you don't want to hear but. . . I wasn’t happy when I was with your mother.



I did terrible things, I know I did but that didn't change the fact that I wasn’t happy and neither was she. Don't make the mistake that we did. If you’re not happy in a relationship, it’s best to let go now then later.” Taehyung’s father reached over, placing his hand on Taehyung’s, making him look up. “I just want you to be happy.” Taehyung stared into his eyes, not knowing what to do when the sound of a knock interrupted them. Taehyung stood up before he looked back towards his father.



“I may not look it but. . . I am happy.” Taehyung’s father smiled at him, giving him a look that Taehyung couldn’t decipher. “I hope that you are. . . I really hope so.” Taehyung didn't know what to make of that so instead of responding, he gave his father a goodbye before exiting the house. Just outside, Bogum was sitting by the porch. He gave him a smile before it completely left his face. “Tae? What’s wrong?”



“Uhm. . . I just had a little talk with my dad. It’s okay though.” Bogum wasn’t convinced but decided it was best not to question it. There has to be a reason if Taehyung didn't tell him right away. “Okay, how about we just get a move on. Maybe we’ll find some cool things?” Bogum felt relieved when he saw a smile appear on Taehyung’s face. “Yeah, let’s go!”













“I’m not so certain this’ll work. We can’t do anything to that boy, especially if we’ll endanger his life. There’s nothing I can do.” Jose sighed, shaking his head softly. He was with Seokjin in the hospital. They’ve been here since early in the morning. “Then what do you think we should do? You yourself said you were able to enhance the virus. Maybe we can use whatever components you used on the virus for a more secure cure? We have to try something.”



Seokjin shook his head at Jose’s reply. A look of frustration appeared on his face. “I already tried that, that’s how I got the enhanced virus to begin with. I tried implementing it on the cure but it didn't work. The cordyceps was amplified instead, to the point of total annihilation. Of course, I used it in the imitation cure since we’ve ran out of the original cure. The only way to get the pure essence of the cure is. . . to get it from its source again.” Jose looked into Seokjin’s eyes, completely understanding what he meant. “From Jimin” “Yes, from Jimin’s heart. But it’s a dangerous procedure. Dangerous to the point where he was momentarily deceased for about five minutes.



I can’t do it again Jose. . . I can’t ask Jimin to do it again. He lost his memory for weeks after the death trama. I won’t let him go through with it again.” Jose let out an exhale, he too getting frustrated. “Then what’re we going to do? I thought there would be a way. We can’t use Peter because his immunity is dangerously close to his lungs. He’ll immediately die if we operate him.” “I don't know, but for now, let us rest. We’ve been going at it for hours now. Come, you haven’t had breakfast yet right?”



Jose shook his head and followed Seokjin out of the lab, down to the first floor where Hoseok, Namjoon, Jay, and Lianna were. They glanced up at them but then later went back to whatever they were doing. “Hey Jin, is something wrong? You guys look like you have some bad news.” Namjoon said, hand immediately going around Seokjin’s back, rubbing up and down in a soothing motion. “Well, we’re at a stand still. We still can’t figure out how to enhance the cure. We’ve tried everything but nothing seems to be good enough.”



Namjoon gave him a reassuring smile before Jose’s words caught his attention. “Hey, where’s Steal? I would like to speak with him for a bit.” “Oh, he was by the courtyard behind the house you’re staying in. I think he was training with Kazimir.” Hoseok responded instead. Jose sighed, hand moving to rub his forehead. “The boy never learns.” “What do you mean by that?” Namjoon asked with furrowed eyebrows. Jose looked at all of them before giving them a smile,



“Don't worry about it, it’s all fine. Jin, I’ll come look for you before dinner so we can discuss about the problem.” Seokjin nodded his head and watched as Jose left the building, immediately heading straight to where Jungkook was. “Hey, is everything really alright?” Lianna asked, eyes moving from Jose’s back to Seokjin. Seokjin gave a sigh before nodding his head. “We have a bit of trouble with his idea of enhancing the cure but we’ll find a way. . . I know we will. We have to.”














It didn't take very long for Jose to get to where Jungkook and Kazimir were. He found them exactly how he thought he’d find them, both with sweat dripping down their foreheads. “Jungkook enough, how many times I have to tell you not to train before the injection. You can seriously hurt yourself you know.” Jungkook let out a loud breath, arm reaching towards a nearby rag to wipe the sweat dripping down to his chin. Kazimir chuckled before he too grabbed a rag.



“Give the kid a break. He just wants to have some fun. Remember when we were out in the woods two years ago? We did nothing but spar with each other and he was completely fine.” Jose stared at Kazimir, giving him a disapproving look. “Yeah, I remember perfectly. That’s also the time when you got him to smoke.” Kazimir chuckled once again before he shrugged his shoulders. Rolling his eyes, Jose looked back at Jungkook, who was now sitting down. “So, when do you want to do this then?” “At night, that way I can sleep it off.” Jungkook responded, not looking up at Jose.



Jose nodded before he looked between the two. He pointed his index and middle finger at the two of them as he gave them a pointed glare. “I mean it this time.” “Yeah yea, we won’t spar anymore, you have my word.” “Good, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go get everything settled. Kook, look for me when the time comes.” Jungkook nodded his head as Jose finally left them. A laugh to their left immediately caught their attention. “Wow, you two don't know when to quit.” “Jade, and what brings you here?” Kazimir asked with a smirk.



“Not to watch you, that’s for sure.” She responded, giving him an amused smirk back. Jade walked over to Jungkook and patted him on his top back. “How’re you doing daddy?” “Don't call me that.” “Why? I haven’t called you that since I got here but I used to always do it, remember?” She replied playfully. Jungkook then stood up, completely ignoring Jade, who was yelling after him and immediately walked back towards Taehyung’s house.



He entered the room but stopped when he saw that Taehyung was not there. ‘It’s early. . . where did he go?’ Jungkook thought in his head when suddenly, the memory of Taehyung and Bogum making plan last night came into his head. ‘Right. . . he’s with him.’ Jungkook let out an annoyed sigh before he walked over to the bed, sitting down on his side. He could feel the anger boiling inside his body but he knew perfectly well not to act on his jealousy. It’ll only turn out bad if he did. He didn't need to be told that Taehyung would absolutely hate him if he told him to not hang out with Bogum anymore.



Jungkook took a deep breath before letting it out, hoping his anger and jealousy would leave with it. Knowing that he was alone in the house, Jungkook reached under the bed to pull out his duffel bag. Once it was out, he unzipped it and rummaged around, looking for something he hid there the same day they got there. He’s hidden it well and he’s glad that Taehyung never once went through his stuff. He pulled out a small box, holding it on his left hand.



Jungkook stared at the little box before slowly opening it. He didn't know what to do, he didn't know if it was the right time. “Maybe not yet. . . or ever.” Jungkook said out loud, closing the box again. He couldn’t bring himself to do it, not with everything that has happened recently. Jungkook closed his eyes, doing his best to remain calmed before opening them again. He then placed it back inside the duffel bag, hiding the small box once again. He kicked the duffel bag back under the bed before deciding it was best to take a shower. “Might as well get ready for the injection.”













Yoongi was alone. He woke up alone in the house and now he’s eating. . . alone, which almost never happens. “Where did they go?” Yoongi asked, not knowing where Jimin and Sophie went. He didn't know if they were together or not. He let out a sigh as he stood up from the table, bringing his dishes towards the sink. He was about to start washing them when he heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” He yelled, assuming it was either Namjoon or Hoseok and continued to wash the dishes. When he was done, he finally turned around to check who it was, only to stop when he saw none other than Sarah.



She smiled widely at him before she sat down by the table. “Good morning, how have you been doing Yoonie?” Yoongi looked around the room before placing his sight back at Sarah. “Sarah. . . I haven’t seen you for a while.” “I didn't want to cause a problem with you and Jimin so I gave you some space but I mean, I can’t really stay away now can I? We’re friends after all, he won’t mind. Besides, he’s not even here so it’s better.” Yoongi let out a nervous chuckle before he sat down across from her.



“Jimin not being here is worse than him being here.” “Why?” She asked, feigning ignorance. “Because he doesn’t really. . .-” “Like me?” Sarah finished his sentence. “Yeah, I know he doesn't. But come on, it’s not like he could obligate you from not seeing your friends. He’d be mad if you did the same to him and Yokav.” Yoongi frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “What? Why Yokav?” “Oh? Well because he’s closest to him. Didn't you know? They’re always together. I saw them together like an hour ago.



They were laughing and smiling so I assumed they were best friends. Did he not tell you?” Sarah asked, carefully watching Yoongi’s expression. He looked down at the table before slowly nodding his head. “Yeah. . . of course he told me. They’re. . . close.” Sarah smiled softly before she moved her hand on top of Yoongi’s. She was happy when he didn't move away, not even a flinch. “Hey, they’re just friends. Jimin has never given you a reason to think otherwise.” Yoongi moved his eyes up to hers, staring at them whilst she moved her thumb to caress his hand.



“Yeah. . . you’re right. I should trust him.” Sarah nodded before she stood up, walking behind him. She placed her hands on his shoulder, massaging him. “Yes, trust him. It’ll only create problems if you don't. Who cares if he’s spending more time with him than with you. Their just friends after all. And he has been with them longer so I guess it makes sense for them to be close. I’m sure your brother is the same.” Yoongi stood silent as he thought but he couldn’t come up with something to say to that.



It was true. Jimin had spent more time with them than he has with him. Yokav knows Jimin more than he does. “Hey, relax. I can feel you tense up.” She whispered before she continued massaging Yoongi’s shoulders. “Close your eyes and lean your head back.” “Sarah, I don't think you should-” Yoongi tried to say but Sarah quickly interrupted. “Ah ah, There you go again. Now try to relax, forget about everything right now and just think of the feeling.” Yoongi sighed and just did what she wanted.



He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on the relaxing feeling on his shoulders. It was nice, very nice. He hasn’t had a massage in years and finally receiving one was heavenly. Yoongi let out a relaxed breath before lightly moaning when Sarah uncurled a knot on his right shoulder. She smiled at him, eyes staring at his face. She wanted to capture every reaction he did. She didn't know when was the next time she would see it again.



“Feels good?” She whispered, liking when Yoongi softly nodded his head, a hum coming out of his mouth. She leaned forward, face on top of his. Since he had his eyes closed, he didn't notice how close his face was to hers. “Did you just eat?” She asked, Yoongi responded with another nod. “I can tell, you have a bit of crumbs here.” She lifted her hand, placed it on Yoongi’s face, wiping the crumbs off the corner of his lips.



The act made him open his eyes. That’s when he noticed that she was over him, eyes looking down at his. “Sorry, I couldn’t reach” She replied, still not moving from her position. Yoongi was about to move to not be too close to her when the door opened. They both looked towards the door and saw Sophie, who stared from Yoongi to Sarah. “Sophie, where were you? I was looking for you this morning.” She stared at Yoongi, eyes moving to Sarah’s before responding. “I was out.” “Out where?” Yoongi asked but was surprised when Sophie gave him another curt answer. “Just out.” She then left, instantly going up the stairs. “Sophie-!” “Leave her, she’s probably in a bad mood.” Sarah said, placing her hands on Yoongi’s shoulders again to make him sit down.



“Let me continue.” “No, I have to explain to her. I don't want her getting the wrong ideas. Thanks for the massage though.” Sarah smiled and nodded his head, eyes following him when he left the kitchen and went upstairs. She smirked to herself, she was one step closer to completing her goal.














“Sophie? Open up honey.” Yoongi said, knocking on Sophie’s door. The room was silent for a bit before the door was pulled open. Sophie glanced at him before she walked back towards her bed. “Hey sweetie. . . I uhm, I wanna talk to you about what you saw.” “What did I see, dad?” Sophie replied, not looking at him. Yoongi let out a sigh before he sat down on the bed next to her. “Sarah was just giving me a massage and then cleaned off something I had on my cheek, nothing else.”



Unfortunately, Sophie didn't reply. Yoongi let out another sigh before he stood up. “I’m gonna see Namjoon and Seokjin, maybe they have something for me to do. If you need me, you know where I’ll be.” Yoongi placed a kiss on Sophie’s forehead before he walked away, leaving her by herself in her room. She waited for awhile, waiting until she heard the front door close. Softly, she padded her way towards Yoongi’s and Jimin’s room, leaving the door open as she went inside.



She looked around, not really knowing what to do since she’s by herself in the house. She looked around before she sat on the ground, feeling something behind her under the bed. She reached in and pulled out a bag, one she didn't know was here. “This must be Jimin’s.” She said before opening it. On top of everything was a pile of clothes, all neatly folded up on top of what looked to be weapons. There were pistols underneath but what caught her eyes the most was the bow inside.



She widened them as she pulled it out. The bow was broken in half, string loose in between the two halves. “What happened to it-” “It broke when we battled the Skull Fighters in Europe.” Sophie yelped, eyes wide as she turned around. Jimin was there, leaning on the door frame. Sophie instantly placed it down, ready to apologize for looking into things that weren’t hers when Jimin spoke once again.



“That bow means alot to me. It was given to me by someone special. . . special to me and Jungkook. We met him and his family when I was fourteen and Jungkook was twelve. His name was Hank.” “Was?” Sophie asked, eyeing Jimin’s expression. His face had a small smile, one that looked as if he was reminiscing. “Yeah. . . was. He’s no longer with us, hasn’t been so for thirteen years now.” “And you still remember him?” Jimin nodded and walked over to her, sitting beside her on the ground. “He was like an uncle to me.



Might not seem much but I never had an uncle before. He and the others were our family until. . . until they were taken from us. Hank was the one that taught me how to use the bow, this very same one.” Jimin took the bow from Sophie’s hands, his own fingers touching the wooden bow delicately. “How did it break like this?” Jimin bit his bottom lip, mind remembering everything that happened. “Silvia. . . the ex leader of the Skull Fighters. It was broken by her hands when Jungkook and I. . . when we were captured.”



“Captured?” Sophie asked, eyes wide once more. Jimin smiled to her, a reassuring smile. “Yes, I guess I didn't have the heart to leave it, even though it’s broken.” Sophie shook her head, hands going on top of Jimin’s, making him widen his eyes as well. He stood still, not wanting to move in case Sophie retracted her hands. “There’s no reason to feel bad. . . this bow meant a lot to you. It’s understandable why you didn't want to leave it. I wouldn’t either.” Jimin smiled, eyes looking at Sophie.



“Thank you.” “For what?” She asked, pulling her hands back. “For understanding and listening to me. The only one that actually does now is Yokav.” “Yokav is the main Russian guy right?” Jimin laughed at that, nodding his head when he calmed down. “Yes, he is. He’s a good friend and he’s helped me a lot. I know I can rely on him blindly.” Sophie hummed before Jimin stood up. “Welp, let’s not waste any time. We should head out to practice. You ready?” Sophie stared at the broken bow one last time before nodding her head, giving Jimin a smile,











“We’re back!” Taehyung yelled as soon as he and Bogum went into his father’s house but he found it surprisingly empty. “Where do you think he went?” He asked, a worried frown appearing on his face. Bogum smiled and placed his hand behind Taehyung’s back, rubbing it up and down in a soothing manner. “It is night, maybe they’re all having dinner time in the hospital? Do you wanna go look for him and show him all the clothes we found him?” Taehyung hummed before shaking his head. “No, I think I’m going to head to my house. I’m tired.” Bogum chuckled before he nodded his head.



“Alright, I’ll go look for him instead. I’ll let you know if anything fits him.” Taehyung laughed before he left the house, giving Bogum a hug before he left. He was on his way over to his house when he saw a commotion in Jade’s and her group’s house. He walked over, entering when he saw that the door was open. On one side of the living room, Jade and Kazimir were both standing by a doorway, almost in a guarding manner. “What’s going on?” Taehyung asked, slowly getting closer. Jade looked up, surprised to see Taehyung there.



“Tae, what’re you doing here?” “I was passing by and saw all the ruckus. What’s going on?” He asked again, looking through the open doorway they were guarding. “No no wait-!” Jade yelled but it was too late. Taehyung looked through and widened his eyes at what he saw. Jungkook was laying down on the bed, shirtless. Jose and Mary were around him. Jungkook had something that looked like an I.V coming out of his left arm. There were patches on his chest, all connected to a monitor on Jose’s right by a few cables.



“What’s going on?” He asked, not hesitating to enter the room. “We just injected him, did Steal not tell you we were going to inject him today?” “He told me he was going to wait a bit longer.” Taehyung responded, eyes never leaving Jungkook’s face. His eyebrows were pinched together, almost as if he was in pain. “He’s alright, the HTC is still processing into his body. The pain he feels is because the liquid is circulating his body but he should relax soon. We just don't know how he’ll react though, that’s why we had Kazimir and Jade watch the door.” Taehyung pouted remembering that Jungkook told him to not be there when he did get the injection.



“Can. . . can he hear me?” “He should.” Mary responded this time. “He might be feeling a bit loopy though, that’s why he can’t answer you. Give him time, he’ll open his eyes soon.” Taehyung nodded his head, anxiously waiting for Jungkook to open his eyes. After a couple of minutes, he began moving his head and body before he opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling. And then suddenly, he was smiling.



The smile caught Taehyung off guard, especially when he began to giggle. “What’s going on?” He asked Jose, who turned to him with a smile. “Nothing’s wrong, we just got a laughing Jungkook instead of an aggressive one.” Taehyung looked back at Jungkook, when he then turned his head, eyes landing at Taehyung. His smile shifted, it felt as if Jungkook’s eyes were boring a hole into Taehyung’s. He was about to ask Jungkook if he was okay when Jungkook smiled again, opening his mouth to mumble something.



“What?” Taehyung asked, moving to get closer. He was glad when Mary and Jose didn't stop him. “What did you say?” Taehyung asked again when Jungkook kept staring at him. “Pretty” Mary giggled whilst Jose chuckled. Taehyung’s cheeks were a blushing red, eyes wide. “I-I. . .” “Well isn’t he a charmer.” Mary said when Taehyung looked away, suddenly shy. “Well, looks like we don't have to worry about Steal then. We should let him be, he’ll fall asleep in a bit.” Taehyung perked up, eyes moving to Jose. “He’s going to sleep here?”



“He is, unless you want Kazimir to take him to your house. He’ll knock out in a bit after you lay him down.” Taehyung instantly nodded his head, wanting Jungkook to be near him at all times. He didn't think he would sleep knowing he was here anyways. “Alright then. Kazimir, take Steal to Taehyung’s would you?” Kazimir nodded and stood up, instantly walked towards Jungkook. He placed Jungkook’s steel arm over his shoulder before he lifted him up. “Lead the way.” Taehyung nodded and did just that.



Sooner than later, they were in Taehyung’s house. “Lay him there please.” He said, pulling the covers to tuck Jungkook in. He was still laughing, a large bunny smile on his face. “There you go. Welp, if you need anything, you know where we are.” Taehyung nodded and walked Kazimir to the door, locking and running back towards Jungkook as soon as he was out. “Jungkook?” He whispered, slowly laying down next to him.



Jungkook turned his head, eyes once again stuck on Taehyung’s. Taehyung could feel the blush rising on his cheeks again but stood still, eyes looking back at him. He saw his lips lift in a smile again, that same smile Taehyung missed so much. It was strange seeing it again, after all this time. He couldn’t help it when he lifted his hand, moving to touch Jungkook’s cheek. Jungkook’s smile faltered when he felt the touch but he continued to stare at Taehyung’s face, almost as if he was trying to frame each feature.



“You’re really pretty.” Taehyung smiled, a giggle escaping his lips. “Uhm. . . thank you.” He shyly looked away, lowering his hand to twiddle his fingers together. A touch made him look back up though. Jungkook was touching his cheek, eyes still moving all over his face. “Really pretty. . . especially when you blush.” The compliment only made him blush harder. Jungkook’s smile widened when he noticed. His eyes moved down to Taehyung’s lips when he pulled his bottom one in between his teeth, letting it go softly.



Taehyung noticed his stare and looked down at Jungkook’s lips as well. He didn't know why but he instantly felt shy and embarrassed. It was just like when the two were barely getting to know each other. He doesn't know where this feeling come out from. Even then, Taehyung was the boldest from the two. Jungkook looked all over Taehyung, left hand touching his face with soft movements. “J-Jungkook. . . I-” Taehyung gulped, heart beating fast when he felt Jungkook move in closer, stopping before getting too close. "You're like an angel. . . I can't stop looking at you."


Taehyung looked away but Jungkook's hand moving under his chin made him look back up. "Beautiful" Taehyung felt his warm breath hit his face, which was very close to his. the two were looking at each other almost as if they haven't seen each other in a long time. And in Taehyung's case, it might as well be. He hasn't seen this side of Jungkook in a long time. The last time he did was before he left four years ago. Taehyung's attention was brought back to Jungkook when he felt his fingers lightly glide on his lips, softly touching the bottom one. He felt his breath stutter, mouth opening slightly when Jungkook slightly pulled it lightly. 


There was so much emotion in Jungkook's eyes, especially whenever he would look into Taehyung's. Just by looking through them, Taehyung could see everything Jungkook's been keeping in. In the end, Taehyung was the one that closed the gap between them. He kissed him, lips only touching for a second before he looked up at Jungkook, noticing him looking back. He then moved back in, placing his lips much firmer this time. Taehyung moved his hand up, placing it around Jungkook’s neck, fingers lightly grabbing Jungkook’s hair. Their lips moved in sync, gliding against each other as the kiss got faster. Taehyung let out a gasp when Jungkook opened his mouth, licking onto Taehyung’s bottom lip.



Taehyung opened his mouth and welcomed Jungkook’s tongue to curl with his and then suddenly, Jungkook was moving. He felt his back touch the mattress, legs opening to feel Jungkook move on top of him. He moaned, head moving back when Jungkook leaned forward, hips grinding against his. “J-Jungkook” Taehyung kept repeating with a stutter. Jungkook moved his mouth towards Taehyung’s neck, mouth opening to bite and suck around his skin, making Taehyung lean his head back even more.



He moaned, legs going around Jungkook’s waist when he grinded Jungkook’s hips harder against his. “Pretty. . . so p-pretty.” Jungkook kept saying as he sucked on Taehyung’s neck, moving to the other side to give it’s attention there. “Yes. . . for you Jungkook. Just f-for you!” Taehyung yelled, hand now pulling Jungkook’s hair, hips moving up to meet Jungkook’s halfway. He couldn’t believe he was close just with Jungkook grinding on him but he was.



He wanted more, he wanted Jungkook to touch his skin properly, to feel his skin against his but it didn't seem like Jungkook was thinking properly. Faintly, Taehyung could feel something cold on the left side of his cheek but didn't register what it was until he felt the weight on top of him got heavier. He panted, mind trying to catch up to what just happened. “Jungkook?” Silence. Taehyung raised his head to look down at Jungkook, who had stopped moving, but couldn’t since his head was tucked under Taehyung’s chin.



Taehyung was slowly getting worried when an exhale was heard from Jungkook, chest moving up and down with every breath he took. ‘Did. . . did Jungkook just fall asleep?’ Taehyung thought in his head. “Jungkook? Jungkook. . .wake up.” He said as he pushed Jungkook’s shoulder but to no avail. Jungkook really did fall asleep on top of him. Taehyung let out a sigh, head leaning back down on the pillow. In a way, it was kind of funny that he fell asleep but it was also frustrating.



Jungkook was finally giving him this kind of attention, something he’d wanted since he got back. Intimacy, only to fall asleep halfway through. To be fair, Jose did tell him that he would knock out before they know it but still, Taehyung couldn’t help but feel neglected. He pouted before trying to move Jungkook off of him but he was too heavy to push. Taehyung looked around, trying to figure out why when his eyes spotted the reason. Jungkook’s steel arm was on Taehyung’s left side around his body, metal lightly touching his left cheek. Other than that, Jungkook’s entire weight was on top of Taehyung’s body, in between his legs.



Taehyung wasn’t that uncomfortable but it was still kind of awkward to sleep with someone in between your legs like that. With a sigh, Taehyung tried to make due. At least his body calmed down and he was no longer hard. He just hoped the morning isn’t as awkward as he pictures it to be.


Chapter Text



There was an ache in his body, his chest hurt from laying on top of it but he felt warm, he felt comfortable. He didn't know where he was but he somehow knew he was safe. Jungkook grunted, feeling his mouth dry and dehydrated. He opened his eyes, quickly closing them when the bright light in the room hurt his eyes. He didn't know where he was but his body felt oddly well rested. He didn't register the feeling of fingers going through his hair until after he felt the bed underneath him move up and down.



Only it wasn’t the bed that was moving up and down. Jungkook shifted his head, noticing that he had his head on top of a chest, that let out puffs of air. That’s when Jungkook realized that he was laying on top of someone. He quickly got up, head moving to look at the person under him. Taehyung widened his eyes, surprised by Jungkook’s sudden act. Taehyung had woken up twenty minutes before but since he still couldn’t move, he began to massage Jungkook’s head, fingers going through Jungkook’s surprisingly soft long hair.



Jungkook quickly stood up on his knees, eyes moving down to Taehyung’s neck which had an unexpectedly large amount of hickies. His eyes then roamed around the room before going back to Taehyung. “Why am I here?” Taehyung bit his bottom lip, grunting when he pushed himself to sit straight, back on the headboard. Staying in one position for so long and having someone else’s weight on top of you really did leave you sore the next day. He hoped that Jungkook didn't hear his grunt but of course he did. “I uhm. . . I was walking by Jose and the other’s house when I saw a commotion.



I got curious so I went to check it out. That’s when I saw you on the bed. But you were already injected! Oh and Jose said you weren’t acting aggressive so. . . I let myself in and told them if I could take you with me.” Taehyung looked down, worried that Jungkook would be angry at him but instead, Jungkook stood up, moving to sit on the corner of the bed. He sighed as he moved his head to the side. “I could’ve hurt you.” “But you didn't. You weren’t aggressive at all.” “I fell asleep on you Tae!



I was passed out on top of you and I could’ve hurt you and you couldn’t do anything about it!” Jungkook responded a little too harsh. Taehyung frowned, furrowing his eyebrows before he got on his knees, on the bed next to Jungkook. “Hey, you didn't hurt me. And it was my idea to bring you here.” Taehyung placed his hand on Jungkook’s right check, moving him to look at him. “You could never hurt me.”



“You don't know that. Look at you, you have bruises all over your neck. . . I could’ve hurt you if I didn't pass out.” Jungkook stood up, moving to the other side of the room. “Well. . . I like them.” “How can you?! It looks like you were almost eaten alive! It looks as if someone hit you. . . like I did it against your will.” Taehyung felt himself get angry at that. “I like them because they were given to me by you. Because it’s proof that you touched me. . . that you finally were acting like you used to! Now don't you dare say that it was against my will!”



Jungkook shook his head. “I told you not to be around me and you didn't do it. Your curiosity could’ve gotten yourself killed. I could’ve killed you.” “You would never-.” Taehyung tried to say but was instantly interrupted by Jungkook. “You don't know that!! That’s why I told you to stay away!” Taehyung scoffed, feeling his eyes getting watery. “Ever since you got back, I’ve only been away from you. We’re never together like we used to. We’re never even hanging out. We barely talk and I only see you at night before bed time.



And you want me to stay away from you even more?” Taehyung asked, watching Jungkook as he stood quiet. Taehyung took a deep breath before he shifted to the side of the bed, reaching for his shoes. Jungkook turned his head then, watching as Taehyung stood up and walked towards the door. “It feels like you’re not even here. I’ve waited four years for you. . . I don't know if I can wait any longer.” Taehyung said before leaving the room, not looking at Jungkook as he did. Jungkook heard the door to the house close loudly before he was engulfed in pure silence.



He felt his chest hurt, heart beating loudly, leaving an ache in its place. He swallowed the lump he felt in his throat before he walked over to the bed, placing his elbow on his knee, left hand rubbing his temples. He couldn’t get the look Taehyung had out of his head, eyes watery as he stared at Jungkook. He was hurt, just looking at him you could tell. But Jungkook didn't want to hurt him. . . and Taehyung didn't understand. Jungkook nodded his head, ignoring the pang in his chest. “I’m doing the right thing. . . I don't want to hurt him. I won’t  hurt him.”



Jungkook was interrupted by the sound of a knock before he heard a yell, recognizing it to be Jade. He stood up and walked towards the front door pulling it open. Just as he did, Jade walked in, fast walking with a deep frown on her face. “Why was Taehyung crying?!” She yelled, tone laced with anger. Jungkook sighed and closed the door, moving to sit on the sofa. “Tell me!” She yelled again. “You let him take me. . . you more than anyone know that I can be dangerous when I’m like that. Yet you allowed him to take me. I feel asleep on him and he couldn’t move the entire night. I could’ve hurt him.”



Jade sighed, rolling her eyes at him. “Are you serious right now?! This is the reason why?” Jungkook looked up at her, now fully glaring at her. “What do you mean is this the reason why? I could’ve hurt him! I would never forgive myself if I ever lay a hand on him and-” Jade carefully sat on the coffee table and placed both hands on Jungkook’s cheeks, making him look at her. “Look, I understand you, I really do but listen to me. You rejecting him and pushing him away is not going to end well. What? Do you want him to drop you and look for another?



Do you want him to look for affection somewhere else? To be with someone else? Do you really want that?!” Jungkook moved her hands away from him, trying his hardest not to imagine everything Jade was saying. Jade exhaled loudly before shaking her head once more. “Don't push him away, don't reject him because he will lose his feelings for you. And hey, he might even fall in love with someone else. Maybe with that friend of his, Bogum.”



She watched as Jungkook’s hand turned into a fist, a clear sign that he didn't like the sound of that at all. “Think about it Steal, don't lose the one you love for something stupid.” “It’s not stupid.” “Yes it is!” She replied with a yell. “It is stupid because you’ve practiced! You have trained yourself to control your strength yet you don't even want to touch him. Steal, you’re not only hurting yourself. . . you’re hurting him. When you finally realize what you did, how you pushed him away, it’ll be too late.”



Jungkook heard footsteps before the door opened and closed, just as hard as when Taehyung left. He let out a sigh, eyes never leaving the floor. Was it a mistake? Was letting Taehyung be happy and safe with someone else the right thing to do? He wasn’t sure but what he was sure, was that he didn't want to hurt Taehyung. And he would do anything to make sure he doesn’t.










*Two Days Later*


“Watch it’s movements, that’s how you’ll be able to hit it.” Jimin said, instructing Sophie how to hit a moving target. She was a fast learner, so much so that she was able to get to the stage Jimin had trouble with when he was training with Brian all those years ago. “Yes! You did it!” Jimin yelled, a large smile on his face when Sophie let the arrow go, hitting the target dead on. Sophie smiled widely, a laugh escaping her mouth when she saw that she indeed hit it. “I did it?!” She turned to Jimin, wrapping her arms around him. Jimin was surprised when she did but he didn't hesitate to hug her back.



It’s been so long since he’s hugged her so there was no way he would ever not return it. “You think I’ll be able to hit it too?” Peter asked, making Jimin nod his head. Peter was here to watch as Sophie learned as long as he was quiet, which he was thankfully. The bow and arrow needs a lot of patience and silence in order to get yourself fully concentrated.



“I’m sure you will Pete” Sophie responded, Peter smiled at the nickname. As the days went by, Sophie seemed to be acting a lot more better around Jimin and Peter which was a godsend for Jimin. He was glad that she was slowly letting him back in. He would look forward to hear Sophie speak enthusiastically whenever she saw him in the morning. Whispering to each other about their training when they knew that Yoongi was in the house.



The training was still their little secret, of course, now Peter knew but he wasn’t going to tell anyone. “What do you think we should do now?” Sophie asked curiously. “Well, the next step would naturally be hunting but I don't know how we’ll go on about that.” Sophie hummed, not sure what to do. “I can make course for you, it just won’t be ready until probably in a few days. That way, we don't have to leave the zone and get figured out.” Sophie chuckled before nodding her head. “Yeah, you’re right.” Jimin smiled back before he ruffled her and Peter’s hair. “Well, I have to go. Be careful if you’re going to train a bit longer okay?” Sophie nodded as Jimin turned around to leave.



He walked over to his house, exhaling a breath of air, a smile on his face as he went over to the kitchen. “You seem happy, is there a reason?” Yoongi asked, looking up at him as soon as he entered. Jimin smiled wider before nodding his head. “I am, Sophie and I are starting to get along.” “Oh? How so? What did you do to get her affection?” Jimin hummed, thinking of what he should say without looking too suspicious. “We came up with a hobby I guess. Peter hangs out with us too.” Luckily, Yoongi didn't ask him to explain.



“I’m glad.” He said instead. Jimin was looking through the cupboards when he felt a set of arms wrap around his stomach. He smiled, moving his body back to feel Yoongi closer. He felt him place his chin on his shoulder, head tilting to places kisses on Jimin’s neck. “I miss you.” Jimin chuckled, shaking his head softly. “Miss me? It hasn’t been more than two hours since I went out.” Yoongi hummed, rubbing his face closer to Jimin. “Yoongi, I can’t really do anything with you clinging to me.” Jimin said when he tried to grab a plate, only to stop when he couldn’t really move with Yoongi still around him.




Instead of moving, like Jimin thought he would do, Yoongi reached over and grabbed the plate, setting it on the counter in front of Jimin. Jimin let out an amused exhale as he grabbed the plate, placing food onto it. “Have you eaten already?” Yoongi nodded, still not moving away from him. Jimin then began eating, guessing that Yoongi wouldn’t want to let him move away to sit at the table.



He wasn’t that hungry but he ate as much as he could. He was thankful when Yoongi finally let up and gave him space so that he could wash his dish. Once he was done, he tried to walk towards the stairs but was stopped by Yoongi. He had either hand on either side of the counter, arms caging him in between. Yoongi smiled at him before he wrapped his arms around Jimin again, lips lightly brushing against his cheeks. Jimin smiled, feeling giddy when Yoongi moved his lips from the apple of his cheeks to his lips.



Jimin naturally raised his arms, placing them over Yoongi’s shoulders. They tilted their heads to the side, making the kiss deeper. Jimin lightly gasped when Yoongi moved his hands from his waist to touch the skin under his shirt. Jimin moved his head back when he felt Yoongi begin to leave open kisses on his neck, hands moved higher. He furrowed his eyebrows when Yoongi moved his leg in between his. He felt himself recoil when Yoongi moved his fingers on his nipples. Memories were suddenly appearing in his mind.



“Y-Yoongi. . . wait-” But Yoongi continued touching him, hands and hips moving. “Stop. . . Yoongi stop!” Without a warning, Yoongi was pushed hard, the table and chairs making a loud squeak when the back of his knees hit them. He widened his eyes, immediately staring at Jimin with surprise. He also had wide eyes, chest moving up and down in pants. “Jimin. . . what happened? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Yoongi asked, moving to touch Jimin but Jimin instantly moved away. “I’m. . . I’m sorry I just-” Jimin took a deep breath, eyes closing before he exhaled.



“I didn't mean to I just-. . .” Yoongi stared at him, not understanding his reaction when Jimin suddenly shook his head, a mock smile appearing on his face. “I was just surprised. . . that’s all. I have to go meet Jungkook in a bit. I’ll come look for you later yeah?” Jimin said before he turned around, leaving the house without another word. Yoongi frowned, knowing that Jimin wasn’t being honest. “What just happened? Why did he react like that?” Yoongi asked himself with a frown. A thought suddenly appeared in his head, a thought that made him widen his eyes, eyebrows raising.



“Did. . . did something happen to him in Europe?” Yoongi felt his heart beating rapidly, body filling with worry. “Did they do something to him?”










*Two Years Ago*



It was raining when they made their way towards France. Their destination, Paris. They then have to find a way to get to London, where Silvia and the Skull Fighters were seen to be. But before they could head to Paris, they had to go through Bordeaux, France, where Jimin and Jungkook were being held captive. They didn't know what they’d do if they encountered the people they remember that caused them so much harm but Yokav suggested for them to lay low, which is why they were currently bleaching and dying their hair.



“Wouldn’t light brown hair be a little obvious?” Jimin asked as Mary spread the hair dye on his now bleached blonde hair. “Yes and no, there’s so many people with brown hair here so there won’t be that much suspicion. We won’t be able to call you by your name though. Is there something we can call you besides Jimin?” “Well, we did nickname him Heart now. Can’t we call him that.” Yokav asked this time. “I guess we can. How about Jungkook?” Yokav hummed as his eyes moved to look at Jungkook, who was also currently getting his hair dyed.



“How about Steal?” Jade asked with a smirk. She was the one dying Jungkook’s hair. “That’s. . . I don't know. Is it okay to call him Steal just because of his arm?” Jose asked, eyebrows furrowed together. “Why not? What do you say daddy?” Jungkook rolled his eyes, trying but failing at ignoring all of them. “Steal it is, see? He doesn’t even care.” Yokav chuckled with a shrug. “I guess we’ll call him Steal then. The French don't know about us so we won’t have to get nicknames but that doesn’t mean we can act rebellious, understood?”



Kazimir and Jade nodded when Yokav directed that comment at them. “Good, Jade, since you’ve been here, you’ll be our guide.” “Yes sir.” Jade replied nonchalantly. “Now we’ll just wait until they’re done before we head out again. Be ready to leave right away.” Jimin was nervous, not only for himself but for Jungkook too. He knows perfectly well that Jungkook has been having a lot of issues with controlling his anger, so he hoped nothing went wrong.



“There, let’s wait for awhile then we’ll wash it out and see how it looks.” Mary said with a smile, helping Jimin out. It wasn’t after thirty minutes that Jimin washed his hair and was now staring at himself through the lake’s reflection, light brown hair coating his entire head. The color was so close to how his natural hair color looked anyways so it wasn’t that bad. Seeing his reflection, he couldn’t help but remember his mother and. . . his father.



He couldn’t help but remember his childhood and his high school, all the students and teachers he went with in Lexington. “Hey, you alright?” Jimin looked up, seeing Yokav with a worried expression. He smiled softly before he nodded his head “Yeah, I’m okay. It’s just that this color reminds me of my natural hair color. And I guess I began to get memories of my childhood.” Yokav hummed before he sat down, becking Jimin to do the same. “Do you wanna talk about it?”



Jimin stood quiet for a bit before he shook his head. “There’s nothing to talk about. My mother’s dead, she’s been dead for over eleven years now. And my dad. . . he’s been gone for a long time too.” Yokav stared at Jimin, noticing that his expression changed when he spoke about his father. “Not a good relationship with your pops?” Jimin shook his head, giving an unamused chuckle. “If you mean not getting along because he made my life a living hell. . . then yes, I didn't get along with him.”



Yokav didn't know if he should even touch the conversation again but thankfully he didn't have to. Tania called out to them, telling them that Jungkook already was ready. Jimin and Yokav both stood up, instantly walking towards the others. When Jimin saw Jungkook with light brown hair, he stopped. Jungkook never had this hair dyed so seeing him with a different color besides black, made him seem a lot younger. Jimin couldn’t help it when his heart gave a small thump, remembering when Jungkook was just a teenager.



When the two were young and naïve. Jimin didn't know what came over him but he suddenly got emotion. Jungkook noticed but instead of what he used to always do, he turned his head. Jimin knew that he was doing it to stay away from him. He knew that Jungkook didn't want to hurt him, he’s been telling him since he got back from his training with Kazimir but it still hurt. Especially when he walked off.



“You okay?” Jimin took a deep breath, exhaling softly. He then giggled genuinely at Yokav’s question. “You seem to be the only one that notices whenever I change moods.” “Of course I do, I care about you.” Jimin smiled, taking Yokav’s comment of one amount friends. “Guys! It’s time to move.” Jimin nodded as he and Yokav followed the others, grabbing the bags from the ground, placing them over their shoulders.
















It was after an hour of walking that Jimin and the others arrived into the city. Jimin and Jungkook don't exactly remember Bordeaux since they were mainly kept indoors, immediately locked in cells upon arrival. But the thing Jimin and Jungkook remember without a doubt is the giant building in the city’s center, the Place de la Bourse square. They were kept in separate rooms, both not knowing where each other were located.



They do remember seeing everything trashed with broken pillars and walls. The Skull Fighters had redecorated everything since there were overgrown plants everywhere. Jimin held the anger in, especially when they saw more and more people as they continued walking. He sneaked a glance towards Jungkook, noticing that he was looking around as well. Because of the heavy weather, they didn't seem suspicious when they each wore a big coat, one that covered the side of their faces, and scarves around their necks.



Luckily, they were able to find a large jacket for Jungkook’s steel arm to fit and hide in. “Arreter!” Some yelled, hand in front of Jose once he saw all of them. “Que es-tu?!” Jade huffed before he walked towards the man, responding to him in the same language he was using. The man looked behind Jade, eyeing each and every one of them. “Fine, but if I see you do something wrong, you’ll have to take it up with the one in charge.”



The man said, now in english. From his accent, Jimin knew that he was French as well. “Don't worry about that, we’re just passing through.” Jade spat out, accent of her own. “Come on” Everyone nodded and followed after her. She led them towards an inn, or at least, something that looked like an inn. “Bonjour, Puis-je t'aider?” Jade smiled before responding. No one besides her knew what everyone were saying but it didn't seem to matter much since the woman was now leading them towards a room.



“You can stay here for today but I recommend you leaving in the early morning. The one in charge will be checking the housing tomorrow.” The woman who led them here said in english. “What do you mean checking the housing?” Yokav asked with a frown. “I’m not sure what they’re called but they’ve been here for a couple of years now. They’re looking for someone, who knows who. Be careful, they’re dangerous if provoked.”



Jade smiled before she nodded her head. “Je vous remercie” “De rien” She responded, returning the smile before she left them alone in the room. “What’re we going to do?” Mary asked, eyes looking at Yokav. “They’re searching for Jimin and Jungkook, we’ll have to leave early just in case. Hopefully in the middle of the night, it’ll be safer that way.” “So we’re just running away?” They all heard Jungkook say, a scoff escaping his mouth. “It’s either that or we’ll have to fight.



We’re not prepared for that.” Jungkook rolled his eyes, shaking his head at Yokav’s answer. “We can take them, we just need a plan.” Jimin walked over to him, hand levitating over Jungkook’s shoulder before pressing it down but Jungkook moved away. “Jungkook-” “We can’t run away from them. They did so much to us and this is our chance to get our revenge. I’m not wasting it.” “You’ll do no such thing.” Yokav replied, a glare aimed at Jungkook. He wanted to talk back but Jimin gave him an eye that silently told him not to.



He ended up looking away, not speaking to anyone anymore. Jose sighed as he looked at the others. “We should get some rest and sleep. We’ll be leaving in the middle of the night so it’s best to sleep now.” Everyone agreed and walked around the room, making themselves comfortable in either one of the two beds or couches in the room. Jimin watched as everyone picked their spot. He noticed that Jungkook stood by the window sill, eyes looking out on the street, not paying attention to anything the others were doing.



“Jungkook?” Jimin asked but didn't get a response. With a sigh, Jimin figured he too should rest up before they head out again.















It was late, Jimin knew it was but the next time he woke, he heard the soft sound of a window opening. He looked around, eyes adjusting before he saw a movement by the window. He widened his eyes when he saw Jungkook jump out, leaving the window open as he landed on his feet. Jimin stood up, eyes looking at the others before he walked over to the window, looking out to see Jungkook sneaking around the corner. ‘Damnit. . . shit shit.’ Jimin thought before he made a decision.



He jumped out and decided to follow Jungkook. That it is, after he had grabbed his gun from his pouch. Once he was safely on the ground, he glanced around, making sure no one was in sight before he followed towards the direction Jungkook had went to. As quiet as he could, Jimin sneaked around, head poking out over a broken down car. There were people patrolling outside, each had a rifle. He waited and waited until an opportunity to keep walking presented itself.



“Damn it. . . where did he go?” Jimin whispered when there was no sight of Jungkook anywhere. He bit his bottom lip, hand holding his pistol tightly as he crouched behind several patrollers. Luckily they were all talking with each other, not really paying attention to their surroundings. Too bad Jimin couldn’t understand them, it’ll be a big help to know a few things about the Skull Fighters here. He kept going until he spotted the Place de la Bourse in the center. He then surveilled the perimeter, spotting an abandoned building in the far left of the plaza.



“That’ll do.” Jimin whispered as he crouched over to the building, making sure it was vacant before entering. Once he closed the door, he let out a sigh, only to yelp again when he felt someone’s hand over his mouth. He tried to push away when the person behind him shushed him. Jimin frowned, immediately stopping his squirming. When they saw that Jimin was no longer moving, he let him go. Jimin turned around, eyebrows raising when he saw Jungkook, eyes looking out through a window.



“What the hell are you doing out here?” “I could ask the same.” Jimin responded, a serious expression on his face. “I followed you here.” Jungkook sighed before he shook his head but didn't say anything after that. Jimin let out a sigh of his own before he crouched over, eyes skimming the outside as well. “What’s your plan?” “Take down as many as I can. These assholes deserve to die a cruel death, so I’m here to give it to them.” Jimin frowned, eyes quickly looking up at Jungkook before they moved back down, towards the men near the building they were in.



“Alright, let’s head together. I’ll take the front and you take the rear.” “I’ll take the lead, you’ll only slow me down.” Jimin scoffed and rolled his eyes “Fine but the minute you’re spotted, you’ll have to get us out of there. Don't you forget that I’m quieter than you.”



“Yeah, that’s why you didn't hear me at all when I grabbed you.” Jimin’s eyebrows furrowed, anger seeping into his chest at Jungkook's sarcasm. “Excuse me?! Watch who you’re talking to that way. Hey, don't walk away!” Jimin whisper yelled. He tsked, shaking his head lightly. “Don't start something you can’t finish idiot.” But Jungkook seemed to have ignored him. The two quietly walked towards the exit, eyes looking everywhere before they crouched behind a large trash bin.



“If we’re spotted, don't hesitate to leave me behind.” Jungkook said in a tone that left no space for a response. Jimin of course wasn’t going to leave Jungkook but for the sake of them not arguing, he nodded his head. Only then did Jimin realize that Jungkook wasn’t carrying a weapon. “Hey, where’s your gun?” “Don't need one. It’s loud and useless right now. The minute they hear a shot, they’ll be alert and immediately suspect us since we’re new here.”



“What?! Are you serious?” Jimin began but instantly stood quiet when they heard footsteps. “Shh, there’s a patroller coming.” Jungkook whispered. He crouched away towards another cover before he used a signal Jimin immediately recognized. It was the hand signals they used to use back then when they were in America. He was surprised that both of them remembered it since it’s been years since they last used it.



Jimin nodded his head and signaled Jungkook back, telling him to go forward. ‘I got your back.’ Jungkook nodded before he did just that. He stood up and closely walked next to the wall, head peeking out to make sure no one was coming. Jimin did the same on his end, making sure no one spotted them from behind. It wasn’t until he heard a yelp and a muffled scream did Jimin turn back, eyes widening when he saw Jungkook with his steel hand around someone’s neck.



Jimin gasped when he noticed the blood around the steel hand. The man had his mouth open, blood spilling out of the man’s mouth, eyes wide with terror. In an instant, the man dropped dead, neck leaning to the side, lifeless. Jungkook frowned before he pulled the corpse in a dark alley, hiding it by overgrown grass. If Jungkook noticed Jimin’s surprised look, he didn't say anything.



Jimin on the other hand couldn’t believe that Jungkook could break a man’s neck with a simple grip. “Time to go.” Jungkook said before he continued. Jimin didn't say a word even after he had followed him into the main building. As soon as they were inside, they widened their eyes when they instantly recognized the layout. Jimin couldn’t help it when he felt chills run up his spine. Goosebumps erupted on his skin, a bad feeling set in in his stomach. He recognized this place, he felt disgusted remembering the exact time he saw the inside of this building.



Looking at Jungkook, Jimin knew that he too was having his fair share of remembering. The two proceeded into another set of doors, knowing full well that this was where they were being held captive, separated once they arrived here. They entered, body stopping when they saw. . . nothing. “What? Where is everything? Where’s everything that was here?!” Jimin yelled. Everything that was here, from the bars of their cells to the tables and chairs, everything was gone. Jimin was about to say another thing when they heard doors opening, followed by voices.



The two quickly ran and hid behind cover. When the voices got closer, Jimin peeked out, seeing two men enter the room. ‘They’re American’ Jimin thought in his head as he tried to listen in on their conversation. “Can you please tell me why Silvia even sent us here? The dumb brats are gone. From the looks of what they told us, one of them might be dead.” One of the two men said, earning a laugh from his friend.



Jimin felt his hand clench, knowing full well that they were talking about them. “Just follow orders or Silvia’ll have your head. Besides, we don't know if the other one, the cure, will come back.” “Don't we need the cure though?” The one who spoke first asked. “Nope, apparently Silvia found herself a boy. One that’ll cost more than the cure himself. Those two must be dead already, there’s no reason to even worry about them anymore.”



Jimin frowned, chancing a glance towards Jungkook and saw his expression equally bad as how he felt. Jungkook turned his head, meeting Jimin’s eyes. And with a nod, the two knew what they had to do. They waited for their opportunity, waited until the two men were close enough to reach. But just as they were about to strike, the two stopped.



“I hear that the Skulls in Washington are thinking their fair share with the Crows.” “Oh? Them Crows still around? I thought Oliver would’ve taken them down by now. What’s he doing anyways? He tryna get what was ours?” The two Skull Fighters spoke. One of them started laughing, causing the other one to too. “Welp, I heard that they don't care if they have to kill everyone, even the children. Silvia doesn’t care about ‘em like Lee and Noah did. She wants all of them dead to make sure they don't get their revenge when they’re older.”



The other man hummed as he leaned his back on the thing Jimin and Jungkook were using as cover. “I wonder if they’ll let me get a little something something from one of them.” “Oh? You wanna get yourself a toy?” The two laughed before the other answered him. “Aye, but I want a fresh one. Untouched you could say.” “Boy, don't know where you’ll find one of them.” Jimin could tell that Jungkook was already getting tired of hearing these fools so he decided to nod his head, signaling him to attack.



They both stood up and went to either one of the men. Jungkook unhesitantly killed the one closest to him, making sure he didn't make a sound when his body hit the ground. Jimin on the other hand, placed his hand on the man’s mouth, gun moving to placed by the man’s neck. “W-Wait wait!” The man yelled, instantly closing his mouth when he felt the tip of the gun press into his neck. “I’m gonna ask you a few questions and if you answer them honestly, maybe I’ll give you mercy and killed you painlessly.” Jimin said by the man’s ear. “You’re gonna be quiet, right?” The man quickly nodded his head, gulping when his eyes landed on Jungkook, who was openly glaring at the man.



“Tell me everything you know about Silvia and where she’s located.” “She’s. . . she’s in England, Birmingham. She’s got men all over the city, you won’t stand a chance if you storm over there!” The man yelled, almost in a pleading way. Jimin eyed Jungkook before his eyes moved back to the man. “Alright, then tell me what boy were you talking about with you buddy earlier?” “Look, I don't know man. I only followed orders. All I know is that, that boy is somehow special. Silvia’s men said that he’s just like you but I don't know, I never met the boy.”



Jimin hummed before he bit his bottom lip, hand tightening around the gun in his hand. “What about the person named Oliver. You said he wants to attack the Crows, when will that be?” The man stood silent, gulping loudly when he felt the gun press harder against his skin. “Talk!” “I. . . I don't know.” Jungkook frowned, steel arm moving to grab the man’s shoulder, pushing him down to his knees.



The man yelled in pain at the sudden firm grip, bone snapping with a loud crack. “I’m not a very patient person. Answer us before I make sure you watch me break every single bone in your body. What are they planning to do with the Crows?” Jungkook asked this time, eyes glaringly staring into the man’s eyes. “Oliver wants to attack the Crows but there’s no date. All I know is that Silvia and Oliver have been sending letters to each other back and forth. They’re brother and sister, they’re the ones that took over after Noah! Look, I’m telling the truth. I haven’t hid anything, I swear!” Both Jungkook and Jimin looked up at each other before they looked down at the man.



“Yeah, we believe you.” Jimin said before he aimed his gun at the man, pressing the muzzle against the man’s head before pulling the trigger. Jungkook scrunched his face when he saw all the red that spilled out of the man, pushing his body to land on his side. “Sorry” Jimin said when he saw Jungkook look at his clothes with a disgusted look. His jeans were all covered in blood and other brain parts. “We should kill as many as we can on our way back.” Jimin wasn’t surprised when Jungkook immediately agree, knowing full well that Jungkook wanted his revenge. . . just like Jimin did.



It was a long night but when they got back to the inn, the sun’s rays was barely showing in the morning sky. They entered the room quietly, stopping when they saw everyone fully awake, arms crossed in front of them. Yokav had a look of disappointment but the moment his eyes caught the blood on Jimin and Jungkook’s clothing, his anger turned into worry. “What happened? Why did the two of you leave?! I thought I told you to lay low!” Jungkook rolled his eyes before he walked over to another room, the restroom.



“Yokav. . . we just needed to get something out, I’m sorry.” Yokav sighed when he saw Jimin’s sincere look. “Alright. . . but please don't do that again. You had us all worried. Please, promise me you won’t do anything reckless.” Jimin looked up at him, but those words wouldn’t come out. The word ‘promise’ seemed something he couldn’t say anymore. That word meant so much for him and Jungkook but now. . . it didn't seem like something he was allowed to say. He couldn’t promise that, Jimin knew that more times, just like the one they went through last night was going to happen again.



He couldn’t promise something he knew he wouldn’t keep. So instead of promising, Jimin stared into Yokav’s eyes, nodding his head softly. “Okay.” He said, watching Yokav’s eyes turn into one of understanding. Jimin didn't know when it happened but he knew Yokav was the only one who could tell when he was lying. When Jimin was trying to mask his emotions, when he was trying to hide something. It didn't matter what it was, Yokav somehow knew. And that. . . that scared him.



Chapter Text


*Two Years Ago*




It was cold, the snow had fallen out of nowhere, catching everyone off guard. They had to find warmth, entering abandoned stores to retrieve thicker jackets to keep warmth for the rest of their journey. They had just arrived in Paris, but the city that was once considered the city of love was now in ruins. Jimin had never been to Paris before but he’s seen it in pictures and the sight in front of him surprised him.



Mainly, the tower itself. They were still far from the Eiffel tower but they could see that most of it was broken down, all covered in rust. Just like everywhere else, there was broken down cars, all blocking the middle of the street. If they came in car, there was no way for them to go through. The stores and homes all had broken windows, doors kicked open or blocked off, overgrown grass and trees everywhere.



At least that was something Jimin found beautiful. There was a larger amount of nature surrounding them, almost as if they were in a forest or something. He sighed as he followed behind the group. Yokav, who was walking in front of him, turned his head to look at him. “You okay? Are you tired? Should we take a break?” Jimin smiled as he shook his head. “No, I’m just. . . sightseeing.” “Not much of a sight though. This used to be lively, people always roaming around in the streets. Even at night.” Jade added.



There was a distant look in her eyes as she looked at their surroundings. “I’m sorry, this is your home.” Jade chuckled before she smiled towards Jimin. “It’s alright. I thought this was my home but in reality, my home was with the people I cared about. That’s a home, not this trashed place.” Jimin didn't respond to that. In a way, he understood and agreed with Jade but he still felt kind of bad. To be honest, he didn't know if he would be able to look at his hometown, all deserted and trashed like that.



He wouldn’t like to walk around Lexington, reliving memories, only to see the place he once stood look completely different. “We should rest here.” Jose said, catching everyone’s attention. They had stopped at a rundown hotel named Gustave. At least, that’s what it said in the front banner. “Should we go up to one of the floors?” Tania asked, eyes going towards Yokav. “No, in case anything happens, its good to stay on the bottom floor. We’re just resting for a bit before we continue anyways.”



Everyone nodded and sat their stuff down, sighing with relief when they finally sat down. Jimin did the same, back resting on a nearby wall. He looked up, noticing the beautiful glass ceiling. He let out a tired sigh, eyes staring at the clear puffs of air that left his mouth. “Hey, how you doing Steal?” He heard Jose say in the background. He moved his eyes down, eyes widening when he saw Jungkook clutching his right shoulder, face pulled together in pain.



He stood up and quickly walked over to him. “What’s going on?!” “He’s in pain, must be the cold. Kazimir-” Jose replied before he looked over at Kazimir. Jose didn't need to finish his sentence before he pulled out a little box that contained a lighter and cigarettes. Jimin sighed when he saw them but he couldn’t really argue. They did help Jungkook, even if it was just for a while.



“These don't do shit.” Jungkook said but took the lit cigarette anyways. He placed it on his lips, sucking deeply before he let out the smoke through his nose. “Well, they do make you look sexy.” Jade said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. No one seemed to pay attention to her comment though, aside from Kazimir’s eye roll. “Don't worry, I’ll find a way to make something to help you okay? Just give me more time.” Jungkook looked up at Jose, for once his face wasn’t one of expressionless.



He looked grateful as he stared at Jose. “It’s okay. . . you did a lot for me already. I can wait. . . I have to” Jose smiled softly at him before he placed his hand on Jungkook’s left shoulder, patting it softly. “Let me know when the pain becomes unbearable.” Jungkook nodded but didn't say anything else. Jimin placed his hand on Jungkook’s, only to move away when Jungkook pulled his hand away from his.



Jimin sighed as he met Jungkook’s eyes. “Look, I know you say you don't want to hurt me but I assure you that you won’t.” It was strangely eerie as Jungkook stared at Jimin. He was emotionless again, features unreadable. A look that reminded him so much of Yoongi. It was only when Jungkook was emotionless did Jimin see a resemblance between the two. Jimin coughed when Jungkook let out another puff of smoke, blowing it up, away from everyone else.



He knew that Jungkook wasn’t going to say anything, he knew that his little brother had changed when they were captured but he didn't know that he would act like- “Jimin? Are you okay?” Jimin’s thoughts were interrupted when Yokav walked over to him, placing his hand on his shoulder. Jimin turned to him before smiling. “Yeah, I’m okay.” Yokav returned the smile before he grabbed Jimin’s hand, pulling him towards a window at the other side. “Is it me or is Yokav and Jimin spending a lot more time together?” Jungkook heard Tania say to Mary.



Jungkook looked up and watched Yokav and Jimin talk but he couldn’t hear what they were saying. Jimin was smiling, even in the kind of situation they were in now. Even after everything they went through, Jimin was smiling. The same eye smile he gave when everything was different, when it was just the two of them. Or when they were with Yoongi and the others. Jungkook felt a pang in his chest when he remembered everyone back in Seattle.



He didn't let himself think of them, think of him. He knew if he thought of Taehyung for too long, he’d want to drop everything and find a way back, back to him. Jungkook closed his eyes, putting the cigarette in his mouth again before he let out another puff. “Whatcha thinking about?” Jade asked, sitting next to him. Jade. Jade was persistent, annoying even. At least for Jungkook she was but. . . Jungkook had to admit, she was able to get his mind off of everything when he was speaking to her.



She had a carefree kind of personality, the kind an older sister would have to cheer up their little brother. He hated that he saw Jade as an older sister, simply because he didn't want to get attached to these people. They did agree to only venture together to get their revenge. They weren’t going to stay together for long, so he did his best to stay away from all of them. Though he couldn’t quite stay away from Jose, since he was the one doing his maintenance and he couldn’t stay away from Kazimir since Jungkook was still training alongside him. Then there was Jade, who always had to butt in, in everything Jungkook was involved in.



‘Just like a sister’ Jungkook thought before he looked back towards Jimin. He was still speaking with Yokav, both standing close to each other, smiles on their faces. It wasn’t abnormal to see Jimin with people, trusting them but somehow, Jungkook didn't like where this friendship was going. He watched as Yokav moved his hand to grab Jimin’s. Jungkook frowned harder when he saw that Jimin didn't move his hand away. He only smiled and spoke some more.



“What’s going on between them?” Jungkook said softly. Apparently, he didn't say if soft enough. “You jealous?” Jade asked, eyes looking where Jungkook was. “He’s my brother.” “So? You could still get jealous. If I had a brother and they were spending time with other people instead of me, I’d be jealous.” Jungkook sighed and ignored her question. He didn't need to worry about Jimin, he could take care of himself.



“I’m going to nap” He said before he threw the cigarette, crushing it under his boot to put it out. “Okay, we’ll wake you when we have to leave.” Mary said as Jungkook stood up, grabbing one of his duffle bags to use as a pillow. He walked towards the corner of the room, face staring at the wall, back towards the others. He stared at the wall for awhile, hearing the others move around and talk amongst themselves. Hearing their voices, hearing noise that distracts him everything in his head was enough to help him to shut his eyes and welcome sleep.










Jungkook could hear birds chirping loudly outside the window. He opened his eyes, an empty bed greeting him once he did. It was cold on the other side, clearly haven’t been slept in. he couldn’t sleep in beds very well but he was able to somehow get a few hours in before waking up fully. He sat up, sighing loudly. He took turns rubbing his eyes with his left hand before he looked towards the window. “He didn't sleep here again.” Jungkook said to no one in particular.



He looked back at Taehyung’s side of the bed. Jungkook would always be the one to wake up early. He would wake up to Taehyung’s sleeping form, see how peaceful he looked as he slept. But now. . . now it felt so empty without him here. Jungkook stood up and got ready for the day, deciding it was best not to sulk like he did yesterday. He walked outside, immediately heading towards the other’s house. He first spotted Jade speaking with Tania, out behind the house.



She instantly noticed him and raised an eyebrow. “Would you look at those dark circles.” “I always have dark circles.” Jungkook responded with an eye roll. “They look darker though, have you been getting any sleep?” Tania asked, seemingly getting worried by Jungkook’s state. “No, he’s like this because he screwed up and pushed Taehyung away. He’s finally seeing what he did now that Taehyung hasn’t been sleeping at their place.”



“Oh no, really?” Tania asked, both her and Jade watched as Jungkook sat down on the ground, back against the house’s walls. “Three days. . . Taehyung hasn’t slept there in three days.” Jade hummed before she glanced over at Tania. Tania nodded “Where do you think he’s been sleeping?” “I dunno, maybe at his dad’s house. Maybe with his friend, Bogum.” Jade responded, eyes on Jungkook to see his reaction. She was pleased to see the frown that formed on his face.



“I saw him just yesterday with him and they seemed chipper, maybe he is sleeping at his place.” Tania added. They took pity when Jungkook stood up and instantly walked away, seemingly more mad than he already was. “Are you sure this is a good idea? Taehyung doesn’t even know you’re doing this. What if he disapproves?” Tania asked once Jungkook was a good distance away.



“It’s fine. Besides, I’m sure he’ll thank me later. Taehyung seems like he’s waiting for Jungkook to choose instead of taking what’s his. So, I’m just doing him the favor of shoving some sense into his man. If I don't, who will? I just hope everything goes according to plan.”















The house was quiet, Yoongi was alone in the entire house. Ever since that happened with Jimin, he’s noticed him slowly scooting away when they lay next to each other. Jimin think’s he doesn’t notice but Yoongi does. He notices everything he does, how could he not? Yoongi sighed, back slouching on the living room sofa. ‘What am I going to do? Do I ask him or do I. . .’ He didn't know what to do. He let out another frustrated sigh before he ruffled his own hair. “How on earth am I going to ask him?! I can’t be like ‘hey, did they touch you? Did they do something to you since you don't let me touch you?’” Yoongi yelled at himself.



“No. . . I can’t just ask him something like that. If he hasn’t told me anything then maybe he’s not ready. I just-” Yoongi looked up at the ceiling, letting a breathy exhale out. “I just wish you would tell me. . . would trust me.” It was useless talking to himself because all he got out of it was getting even more frustrated than he already was. Thankfully, the sound of a knock on his door interrupted his inner thoughts. He stood up and opened the door. “Sarah, good morning.”



Sarah smiled widely “Good morning Yoongi, I came over to see if you’re going to need some help to get your rations for this week.” “Ah, that’s right, it’s today huh?” Yoongi responded with a light chuckle. “Did you get yours already?” Sarah nodded, hand moving to grab Yoongi’s arm, gently pulling him out of his house. “Come on, we shouldn’t waste much time. You won’t get your fair share.” Yoongi nodded his head, following her towards the hospital where Hoseok and Lianna were spreading the rations.



“Oi, you’re finally here.” Lianna said, nudging Hoseok to signal him that Yoongi was there. Hoseok looked up and smiled before he grabbed a brown bag, handing them to Yoongi. “Here, I thought I would have to look for you since you weren’t here. What’s up? You’re almost always the first person here when we give out rations.” Hoseok then noticed Sarah’s hand over Yoongi’s arm, a smile on her face. Yoongi caught what he was looking at and noticed that indeed, Sarah still had her hand on him.



He moved slightly, succeeding in dropping Sarah’s hand as subtle as possible. “Yeah sorry, I guess I forgot. Hey, do you know where Namjoon is? I. . . I have something to ask him. It’s uh. . . it’s important.” Hoseok frowned, a worried look appearing on his face. “Oh, he’s up with Jin. if you want, I can tell him to go see you.” “No, I’ll go after I leave this back at home, thanks.” Yoongi responded with a head shake. He turned to leave but saw Taehyung and Bogum sitting by some boxes on the other side.



The two were laughing, a wide smile on each other’s faces. ‘Haven’t spoken to him properly in a bit, might as well go say hi.’ Yoongi thought in his head as he walked over to them. Sarah silently followed behind him. “Hey Taetae, it’s strange seeing you here. I thought you’d be with Jungkook or something.” As soon as Yoongi mentioned Jungkook’s name, Taehyung’s smile disappeared, making Yoongi worry. “Hey, are you okay? Did something happen between you two?”



Yoongi asked with a frown. Bogum sighed and placed his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. “We’re not in good terms right now.” He responded, giving Bogum a grateful smile. “Come on Tae, we should give your dad his rations.” Taehyung nodded before the two walked away. “What do you think happened? Do you think Jungkook did something to him?” Sarah asked, making Yoongi frown. “I don't know but I need to find out.”

















Taehyung sighed, the smile he had on his face was long gone as they walked towards his dad’s house. “Hey, cheer up. I’m sure everything will be okay.” “How? Jungkook doesn’t seem to want to change. He’s been like this since he got here. I understand his reasoning, that’s why I didn't mind it in the beginning but he hasn’t hurt me once. And I heard from Jade that he’s trained to control his grip, that he knows how to but. . . he’s still-”



“Worried?” Bogum finished for him. He gave him a sympathetic smile before he placed his hand behind Taehyung’s back, rubbing it up and down in a soothing manner. “Look. . . if Jungkook loves you as much as he says he does, he’ll change. Don't you worry about it.” Taehyung smiled softly. He wanted to believe everything Bogum was saying but everything Jungkook has done so far was the complete opposite. “Yeah, I hope so.”



“Cheer up. Why don't we have a sleepover or something? Since there’s electricity and all that, we can search around the city. Maybe we can find one of those old films and dvd players or something?” Taehyung perked up, eyebrows lifting with enthusiasm. “Do you think they would work?” Bogum chuckled and ruffled Taehyung’s hair, a smile appearing on his face when he succeeded in making a smile appear on Taehyung’s face. “There’s only one way to find out.” With that, the two made plans to have a sleepover.










*Two Years Ago*



It was dark when Jimin felt a chill run through his spine. He looked around, realizing the sounds around him. It was too dark to see properly but he could hear the waves crash against the shore. He could hear the seagulls and smell the fresh salt sea air. “Where are we?” Jimin asked. “We’re in Calais, France. From here we have to find a way to the U.K.” Jade responded.



“Where would we land once we’re there?” Yokav asked, making Jade turn to him. “Dover, from what I heard, there's no inhabitants, so it’s a good place to stay for the time being.” “We just need to find a way over huh?” Kazimir asked with a yawn and a stretch from his back. “Let’s look around the docks, there’s should be a working boat around here.”



“Assuming they have gas of course.” Jose interjected. “Well then, why don't we split up then? Jose, Jade, Jungkook, Mary, and Kazimir, look for a working boat. Tania, Jimin and I will look for some gas. We’ll meet each other in the docks in thirty minutes.” Yokav ordered in which everyone nodded. “Good, let’s get a move on.” The others walked towards the dock whilst Jimin followed Yokav and Tania to the other direction.



“Come, let’s see if we can find gas cans in these stores. Or maybe even a hose to pull out if any of these cars still have.” Tania and Jimin nodded their heads, instantly entering different stores. Jimin walked into one that looked like a coffee shop. Or more like, one that used to be a coffee shop. Now, all that was inside was decaying wooden tables and rusty chairs. There was moss growing all around the counters and walls, a strange purply substance glowing around it.



Jimin frowned before he followed the purple trail. He’s never seen anything like this, so curiosity got the better of him. He walked into the back room, immediately noticing an infected stuck to the wall, the purple substance all around it. It’s head was moving, grunts leaving its body but it didn't look like it could get up. “What is that?” Jimin asked.



Upon hearing his voice, the being looked up before it yelled loudly. Jimin placed both his hands on his ears, trying to block out the infected’s screech. He winced when he couldn’t block it fully, eardrums hurting badly. He quickly reached for his gun and aimed for the infected’s head, killing it without hesitation. Jimin sighed with relief when it died instantly but his relief was short lived. He heard a loud cry outside, followed by a loud voice yelling “Infected!!”



Jimin ran out, eyes widening when there were loads of infected running towards them. Tania was the one who yelled, weapon already in hand, aiming at the nearest one. “What the hell happened?!” She yelled when she spotted Jimin. “I don't know, there was an infected that screamed out of nowhere!” Jimin responded back, immediately shooting the infected that sprinted towards them. “Watch out!” Yokav yelled as he appeared behind Tania, quickly killing the infected that was running behind her. “Shit, they’re too many.” Jimin, Tania, and Yokav, all stood back to back, doing their best to fight off the sudden horde that appeared out of nowhere.



Jimin looked around, trying to find a way to at least run if they were to be overpowered by the infected when they heard a loud sound. They all turned and saw the others, all shooting towards the horde. “Get to the boat hurry!” Mary yelled. The others ran, Jimin following behind when he suddenly stopped. He saw Kazimir, Jade, and Jungkook, all giving the others cover but Jungkook wasn’t using his gun.



Instead, he was punching the infected with his steel arm, effectively punching their faces in. Some he even punched their jaws off. “Holy shit-” Jimin was surprised at the strength Jungkook’s arm gave but his surprised had to momentarily wait since he felt someone tugging on his arm. Jimin turned and saw Yokav, who was now pulling him towards the boat which was on and ready to sail. “Who knows how to drive a boat?!” “I can, let’s just wait for the others.” Mary responded. As soon as Kazimir, Jade, and Jungkook stood foot inside the boat, Mary took off, making everyone lose their footing.



They all exhaled with relief, panting once they were nowhere near the docks. It was only after a minute when Jade turned to Yokav, a frown on her face. “What the hell was that? Where did those guys come from?” “I found an infected covered in a purple liquid. When it saw me, it screamed and I guess it called out to the others.” Jimin responded instead.



“What you encountered was a screamer. I know, not an original name but that’s what people call them.” Jose supplied. He was panting as he sat next to Mary. “A screamer? We don't have those kind in the U.S.” Kazimir chuckled and shook his head. “Well aren’t you Americans lucky. If you’ve never seen a screamer, my guess is that you’ve never seen a bloater, a tank, or a stalker huh?”



“We have bloaters but I’m not sure about the rest.” Jimin replied. Yokav sighed as he sat down. “Tanks are essentially like bloaters except they don't really spit anything. They’re huge and their main goal is to destroy everything in its path.” “It’s not even interested in biting anyone.” Jade added on. Just then, a memory appeared in Jimin’s head. “Wait. . . I did run into one of those once, in an old hospital in Alabama. But we don't call them Tanks, we call them mutants.”



“Well, how about stalkers? They’re creepy little things that walk on their arms and legs. They’re faster and much stronger if you’re not careful.” Jimin shook his head, making the others realize the situation. “I see, looks like the infection somehow changed in different regions.” “But how is that even possible?” Tania asked with a frown.



“Who knows, but if our side of the world have different types of infected, the U.S should have their fair share of different infected am I right?” Jose asked, staring at Jimin and Jungkook. “We have clickers, have you heard of them?” Jimin asked, eyebrows raising when the others shook their heads. “Let me guess, they make a clicking sound or something?” Kazimir asked with a chuckle. “Yeah well, I guess it’s another unoriginal name. But yes, they do make a clicking sound. They’re blind so they use echolocation to spot their target.”



Jimin finished off. “Wow, that’s crazy. We don't have that here.” Mary replied with what looked like interest. “Is there anything else we might not have here?” Yokav asked, bringing Jimin’s attention back to him. “Well, besides the original runners and such, no. We have clickers, runners, bloaters, and mutants. That’s about it, at least that I’m aware of.”



Yokav sighed, back resting against the boat’s side. They were on a small fishing boat but it was good enough to hold each and every one of them. “Mary, how long til we get there?” “I’d say an hour, maybe an hour and a half?” She responded almost immediately. “Okay, let’s rest up. We’ll need to be prepared if we run into trouble. Dover might be known to be inhabited but we can’t let our guard down. Stay aware and stick together. In case we run into another horde, sticking together will be the only way we’ll be safe, understood?” The other’s nodded, all instantly following his order.

















It was two hours later when they finally saw shore, a large stone building behind it. The building looked almost like a castle, cliffs hiding most of it from view. “It’s a beaut isn’t it?” Jade asked once she saw both Jungkook’s and Jimin’s expression. “That’s Dover Castle, it’s from medieval times I think.” Jimin turned his head towards Jade, amazed at seeing such structures. To be completely honest, Jimin has never seen anything like this in person. It was either in his text books when he was in high school or whenever he would see shows on television when he was bored. Never in a million years had Jimin thought he would see a real life castle.



“It’s incredible.” Jimin responded in awe. Jade smiled at that, eyes moving to grasp Jungkook’s reaction. Unlike Jimin, his face stood emotionless. She sighed and shook her head, wondering why he didn't show much expression at all. “Do you think there’s infected inside?” Jose asked her. She shrugged her shoulders, pouting a bit. “I don't know to be honest. I’ve only been here two times, before this whole infection thing.



When I did come here though, it was always empty aside from some of the guards. It was a touristy place after all.” “Let’s just keep on our toes.” Everyone agreed as they readied to exit the boat. The docks were a little worse for wear but it was stable enough to hold their weight. Jose turned back to look at Jungkook, who was walking behind everyone, eyes looking all around the area. Jose slowed down so he could walk beside him. “Careful Kook, you mustn’t get your arm wet.” Jose said in a quiet tone.



Jungkook nodded but didn't say anything else. The castle was father than they expected but once they were there, they were not happy to see a long set of stairs leading up to it. Luckily, it was morning and they didn't have to worry about missing any of the steep stairs. “Geez, and I thought the infected was worse.” Kazimir said once they all made it to the top. Jade and Tania chuckled as they opened the doors, making sure there was nothing inside the first room.



“Alright, the castle, as you can see, is pretty big but I’m sure we don't have to search everywhere.” Jade said as she stretched her back. “How many rooms exactly?” The question came from Mary. Jade hummed, a hand under her chin whilst she thought about it. “I don't know, about forty, fifty rooms? I’d say we just pick the ones closest to the exit and call it a day.”



Yokav nodded, agreeing that, that’s the best solution for now. “We’ll rest for today, tomorrow we’ll be heading straight to London. . . so be prepared.” Yokav gave everyone a serious look, letting everyone know that this was it, they were going to soon battle the Skull Fighters and no one knew if they would make it out alive. One thing was for sure though, nothing was going to stop Jimin and Jungkook from getting their revenge. . . not even death.


Chapter Text


*Two Years Ago*



It was cold, their jackets seemed to not do much in the cold breezy air. Especially next to a literal seaside, where the air feels amplified thanks to the waves. Jimin shivered as his eyes moved to Kazimir and Jungkook. The two had just gotten back with some branches they found around the castle they were staying at. They sat them on the ground in the center, Tania immediately got to work once they were all down. Before they knew it, she was successful in getting a fire on. They didn't worry much about setting anything on fire since they were in a castle made of stone, so they just enjoyed sitting by it, all around in a circle.



“Well, this is nice isn’t it?” Jose said with a smile. Tania, Mary, and Jade nodded their heads. It was nice, Jimin thought. The sounds of the waves crashing down, the flicker of the fire, the cozy light that the fire created was enough to make them feel cozy. As cozy as sitting on a cold ground can get. Jimin sighed, knees moving to be closer to his body. The fire was slowly warming him, allowing him to finally relax. The silence was somehow soothing, well. . . at least for Jimin it was.



Soon, the silence was broken when Jade exhaled loudly, a bored expression on her face. “Well, I’m not sleepy so what’re we gonna do then? We have no food, we’re bored, and we have to kill time until sunrise.” Mary giggled before she turned towards Jose. “We can tell scary stories.” Jungkook tsked, making everyone turn to him. “What? Do you have a better idea chump?” Jade asked with a raised eyebrow, tone laced with sarcasm. “Just thought we’re a little old for that, don't you think?” Jungkook responded, equally amount of attitude aimed towards her.



Jade chuckled, eyes rolling before she turned towards Tania. “Why don't you sing for us? You used to do that when we were in Germany.” Tania giggled, a shy expression appearing on her face. “I had a guitar then, I don't think I can sing without an instrument.” Jimin widened his eyes, immediately looking towards Jade. “You went to Germany?” He asked. “Yup, I was in Germany when the infection struck. Met these three a few years later.” Jade responded, head tilting towards Yokav, Kazimir, and Tania.



“How long have you all know each other?” Yokav thought for awhile, humming before he answered Jimin’s question. “Tania and Kazimir are actually my childhood friends, I’ve known them all my life. We met Jade a few years after the infection and then Jose and Mary in Spain two years after that.” “We’ve been together ever since.” Tania finished off, a soft smile on her face. Jimin smiled, happy to know that they were at least happy in a time like this.



Over the time they’ve spent together, Jimin had really gotten used to being around them, caring for them as if they were family as well. Jimin turned to look at Jungkook and saw him already laying down on the ground, back towards all of them. He sighed softly, hoping no one heard him but to his luck, Yokav was already looking at him. He made an expression, almost as if he was asking if everything was okay. Jimin nodded and gave him a smile, reassuring him that everything was alright.



They chatted for a bit before everyone decided it was best to try and sleep, even if it was for a couple hours. In those hours, Everyone except Jimin was able to fully fall asleep. He stood up and walked towards a broken window. He had a good view of the sea, large rocks being hit with waves by the shore. It was beautiful. Jimin wasn’t used to seeing the sea, or even the ocean. He’s only seen it twice before.



The first time was when he traveled with his mom from Korea and the other was when he and Jungkook took a cargo ship to Lisbon, Spain. Jimin walked out of the castle, looking back to make sure he didn't wake anyone. Once he was outside, the salty sea air hitting him, did he close his eyes and took a deep breath, releasing the breath slowly before he felt a presence walking towards him.



“Yokav?” Jimin asked when he stopped next to him. Yokav smiled to him before he sat down on the grass, signaling Jimin to do the same. “You’re up, couldn’t sleep?” Jimin shook his head, hands going behind him to hold his weight as he leaned back, legs straight in front of him. “How about you?” “Nope, I heard you get up. I got worried so I came to look for you.” Jimin chuckled at that, eyes locked on the blue waves.



“This place is deserted right? I’ll be fine.” Jimin responded. It was silent for a while before Yokav stretched, letting out a heavy groan as he raised his arms over his head. “I think I’m getting old.” Jimin laughed, throwing his head back. “You’re not old! What are you, twenty four? You can’t be older than twenty eight.” Yokav tsked at that, giving a chuckle of his own. “Nice guess but no. I don't know if you’re trying to flatter me but it’s not gonna work.” Jimin raised both his eyebrows, now curious.



“Oh? How old are you then?” “Thirty two” Yokav replied “Thirty? Wow, you don't look thirty. You’re seven years older than me.” Yokav did laugh at that, making Jimin frown. He didn't understand what made Yokav laugh but seeing him laugh genuinely, made him smile too. “What?” “I know you’re not trying to but you’re making me realize how young you are and how old I am.”



Yokav said after his laughter calmed down. “What? Come on, thirty is not old. You’re still a capable man.” Yokav’s smile softened but it was still there, eyes looking towards Jimin. Jimin met his eyes and tilted his head questionly. “What?” He asked after a while of Yokav just staring at him. “Nothing it’s just. . . it’s rare to see you laugh like this. I don't know if you do around the others but I’m glad to be able to see it when you’re with me.”



Jimin looked away then, not really knowing how he should feel at the way Yokav’s look changed. It looked softer, he was staring at him with a certain intensity, Jimin didn't know if he wanted to find out why. His attention went back to Yokav however, when he heard him speak again. “You and Steel have gone through so much, I’m glad you can smile and enjoy life. Even though in our situation.”



“What do you mean enjoy life?” Jimin asked, confused. Yes, he was laughing and smiling but he didn't know how he was ‘showing’ that he was enjoying life. On the contrary, he didn't think he was enjoying life at all. “You seem so carefree. And you have something to go back to, something to fight for. Whether it be for your folks back in the U.S or for revenge. You and your brother won’t give up. You’ll fight to survive. . . to get to your loved one.”



Yokav looked away, expression changing once more. He didn't have the soft look anymore. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed, a small barely noticeable frown on his face. “You have Tania, Jade, Mary, Kazimir, and Jose here too though. You have something to fight for too.” Yokav nodded but didn't say anything else. That expression was still on his face and Jimin didn't know why but he didn't like it.



He was used to seeing Yokav with a smile on his face whenever they were around each other so it was strange seeing him without one. If Jimin had to choose who he was closest to, it would be Yokav. For some reason, Jimin felt really at ease with him. He felt like he’s known him all his life, almost completely trusting him when they first met. Of course the whole, Yokav saving his and Jungkook’s life could also be a reason why he trusted Yokav a bit more than the others.



“Yokav. . . do you have family back in uhm, Russia? Or like a significant other or something?” Yokav hummed, thinking to himself. To Jimin relief, Yokav smiled softly but he didn't know if it was one of happiness or sadness. “No, I only had my mother but she was old and frail. When the infection spread, she was one of the first to go. And my father, he was dead way before all of this. He was a soldier in the war, he died a hero.” Jimin frowned, placing his hand on Yokav’s left arm. “I’m sorry.”



Yokav smiled genuinely this time as he shook his head. “Don't be, I have good memories of them. . . that’s what’s important.” It stood silent for a bit before Yokav spoke once more. “Jimin, tell me, do you believe in the afterlife? Or that people go to heaven when they die?” Jimin bit his bottom lip, eyes going to his lap. “Uh. . . not really. I’d like to believe it. I mean, I think I might’ve experienced something like seeing a bright light before but I can’t remember.”



“What do you mean?” Yokav asked, eyebrows furrowing. “I kind of, uhm, died for like five minutes a few years ago.” “What?!” Yokav didn't mean to yell as loud as he did but he was just very surprised at Jimin’s words. Jimin giggled at his expression, leaning his body back onto his hands that laid behind him. The sound of his giggle made Yokav let out a chuckle of his own. “Long story short, I needed an operation and since we didn't have all of the tools, we did the best we could.”



“Wow, that’s insane. Who’s the one that operated you?” Yokav asked, still amazed. “Jin, he’s a good friend and he’s also the leader of the Crows, the group I was in.” Yokav hummed, eyes staring into Jimin’s. “Was? Do you not consider yourself as a Crow anymore?” Jimin’s smile fell, eyes moving to look down at the ground. “I. . . I mean, I left. I feel like leaving was almost as if saying, I’m no longer a Crow. Jungkook on the other hand wasn’t a Crow at all.” Jimin smiled, a light laugh coming out of his mouth.



“Actually, when we were younger, the Skull Fighters first called us the Dynamic Duo. I don't know how they came up with such name but I guess that followed us even now. That’s what they called us when they captured us.” “Dynamic Duo” Yokav repeated, nodding his head with approval. “I like it, it sounds like action heroes from comic books.”



That surely made Jimin laugh loudly, eyes closing into crescents. He doesn’t know how long it’s been since he laughed this way but by the end of it, his stomach was hurting. The two were laying down on the ground now, both looking up at the starry sky. “Almost every night, I used to look up at the sky and thought about everything that has been going on.



I. . . I used to look at the stars with Yoongi.” Yokav stood silent, not knowing how to respond to that. He’s never met Yoongi, only heard of him from Jimin but he somehow knew that he was the luckiest man. On his left, he could hear Jimin speak but he couldn’t quite catch what he was saying. “Huh?” He asked, head turning to look at Jimin. He was still looking up at the sky when he repeated what he said.



“I asked if you have someone special in your life too. Do you have someone you care about?” Yokav stared at Jimin’s face, staring at the way his nose curved. His lips were plush, puffs of air softly coming out in the cold night. His eyes were shining under the bright stars and moonlight. The air softly moved his hair back and forth, making Jimin look ethereal.



“Yeah, there’s someone I like but. . . it’s impossible for something to happen.” Jimin frowned, head turning to meet Yokav’s eyes. “Why do you say that?” Yokav let out another hum before he replied. “ I don't know how to tell them how I feel. Besides, they have someone already. There’s no reason to say anything at all.” Jimin furrowed his eyebrows, not knowing why Yokav would even have a problem saying how he felt. “Yokav, if you really like this person, maybe you should say something.



I couldn’t imagine being next to someone I like and not being able to be with them like I would want to. Maybe you should go for it. Who is it by the way? Is it Tania?” Yokav shook his head, body slightly moving to face Jimin. They weren’t laying down close but enough for someone else to slip in between them. “No, it’s not Tania.” “Then. . . Mary?” Yokav chuckled at Jimin’s curiosity. “I rather you not guess.” “Why not? I think it’s kind of fun to guess who it is.”



“I don't think you’ll get it though.” Jimin pouted “And why not?” His pouted vanished when Yokav looked back up at him, eyes soft like they were before. They immediately locked onto Jimin’s eyes, staring into them like there was a treasure he didn't know was there. ‘It’s because it’s you’ Yokav thought but he couldn’t say that to him. He couldn’t ruin their friendship for something as foolish as his feelings.



Yokav didn't want to be the cause as to why Jimin and Yoongi have issues in the future as well. He didn't just like Jimin, he feared that he had fallen in love with him. And for that reason, for that reason alone, Yokav didn't want to tell him. . . to hurt him. “No reason.” He responded. “I just don't think anyone could fall for an old man like me.” “What? Yokav, you’re not an old man, come on. And how can someone not fall for you? You’re funny and charming. And you care about the people important to you. Anyone would fall for you.”



He didn't know if it was because of Jimin’s response but he somehow found himself saying something out loud. “Would you fall for me?” Yokav felt his eyes widen slightly at his own words. Jimin too had his eyebrows lifted up in surprise. “I-” Jimin gulped, words stuttering. He didn't know what to say. He couldn’t think of an answer to tell him since all his mind, his heart, could supply him with images of Yoongi but he also didn't want to hurt Yokav. He cared about him too much.



Yokav let out a breath before he offered a small smile. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you that. Forget about it.” Yokav stood up to leave but Jimin quickly grabbed his hand, making him look back at him. To be completely honest, Jimin didn't know why he reacted so fast and grabbed Yokav’s hand without thinking. Just seeing that look on his face made him want to fix it. The look Jimin had made Yokav stop, wanting to wait and see what Jimin would say or do.



They didn't realize how long they were staring at each other’s eyes until they heard a soft cough behind them. Jimin and Yokav turned their heads to see who it was and saw Tania, eyes moving from their linked hands then to Yokav and Jimin. “Sorry, am I interrupting something?” She asked, giving Yokav a look only he could decipher. “No, we were just talking. I didn't know you were all awake.” Yokav said, feeling slightly sad that Jimin moved his hand away from his.



“We all just recently woke up. We’re planning on getting ready to leave soon.” Jimin looked up at that, eyes were previously looking at the ground. “Is Jungkook awake?” “He is.” Tania replied. “I’m going to go check on him.” Jimin said as he looked at Yokav, leaving right after. Yokav sighed once he was a good distance away but when he heard a tsk, he looked down to Tania.



She had her arms crossed over her, eyes worriedly looking at him. “Is everything okay? Are you and Jimin. . . a thing?” “Of course not, you and I both know that he has someone he cares about already.” “Then why were you two like that? Yokav, you and Jimin have been acting quite strange. This isn’t the first time I see you with him just. . . staring at each other. It makes it seem like there’s something more between you and him.”



Yokav shook his head “No, there’s nothing. We’re just. . . friends.” Was all he said before he walked back towards the castle. Tania frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “You can lie all you want but you can’t lie to me.” Tania said before she walked after him, deciding not to bring this topic up unless the two were alone.















“Alright, let’s make sure to turn this fire off.” Mary said as she kicked the sticks over the fire. Jose, Kazimir, and Jade were both packing up the little stuff they left out to finally leave when Jimin came in. “Ah, good to see you back. When did you wake up?” Mary asked with a smile but her smile faltered when Jimin just gave her a curt nod. He walked over to his stuff and immediately began packing. Jungkook frowned, eyes moving from Jimin’s face towards Tania and Yokav when they entered the castle.



“Heya, we ready?” Everyone nodded as they grabbed their stuff, all walking out. Jungkook on the other hand couldn’t help but notice Yokav’s expression. It was almost identical to the one Jimin sported. ‘Something happened with these two, I wonder what.’










Jimin was quiet, unusually quiet. Jungkook kept sneaking glances at him, wondering what could’ve happened between him and Yokav. When he woke up that morning, he saw that both of their spots were empty, signaling that the two were out doing who knows what. Jungkook looked over at Yokav, who was now in the front, leading everyone. He, as well as Jimin, had an expressionless face, almost unreadable. He was too busy wondering what was going on when he felt a tap on his elbow.



Jade walked closer to him, eyebrows lifting in a questioning manner. “Yo, do you know what’s going on here? Everyone seems. . . tense?” She asked in a whisper. Jungkook shook his head but didn't respond a word. “Come on, if we keep walking, we’ll make it half way before sundown. We can search up the stores around us too for something to eat.” Yokav yelled towards the back, making sure everyone heard. His eyes caught Jimin’s before he turned back around, continuing to walk forward.



Yokav sighed, a guilty feeling in his chest. ‘Did I ask too much? Should I have not asked that?’ Yokav kept asking to himself. He didn't know what to do, he didn't want his and Jimin’s friendship to end because of something as stupid as a simple question. Yokav would hate himself if he didn't fix whatever was going on now before they get to London. “Hey, can you lead for a bit, I uhm, need to speak to Jimin.” Yokav asked Jose who gave him a surprised look. He glanced over at Jimin before looking back at Yokav, nodding.



“Yeah sure, I’ll lead the way. I do have the map after all.” “Thanks.” Yokav replied before he slowed down, steps moving close to Jimin. When Jimin noticed him, he looked surprised and caught off guard. “Hey Jimin. . . uhm, I’m sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have asked you that. I know you’re with someone already and my question was inappropriate to ask someone who’s already in a relationship.” Yokav said, tone soft so only Jimin could hear.



Jimin stared at him, making Yokav nervous. The look he had made Yokav cower, eyes moving to the ground. He hoped that his apology was enough to fix what he did wrong but Jimin in the end, held the last word. Yokav expected maybe him saying that he needed time or something but he sure as hell did not expect a giggle to come out of Jimin. “Is that why you were acting like this? I thought you were ignoring me because I didn't give you an answer, so I gave you space.” Jimin replied with a smile, hand moving to scratch the back of his neck nervously.



“Oh? So. . . you’re not mad at me?” Jimin furrowed his eyebrows, head tilting slightly. “Mad? Why would I be mad?” Yokav let out a relieved chuckle then, shaking his head slightly. “No, no reason. I thought our friendship was over or something because of my fault but I’m glad it’s not. Right? We’re still friends?” Jimin smiled widely, eyes closing. “Yes, we’re still friends.” Yokav let out an exhale, smile growing “I’m glad.”



The two were happily smiling at each other that they didn't even notice Tania and Jungkook looking at them. Jungkook was sporting a confused frown whilst Tania had a worried one. She sighed, eyes moving down to the ground. ‘I hope this doesn’t get ugly.’ She said to herself. The rest of the walk was much lighter, all tension completely gone. By sundown, they found themselves in a little village called Bearsted, according to Jose and his map.



“We’ll stay here for now.” He said as he walked towards an old looking house. They entered, all armed and aiming everywhere in case someone was inside. Luckily, it was empty. “Search the place, might be something edible here.” Yokav ordered which everyone immediately got to doing it. They ended up finding two cans of soup with a suspicious date labeled but hey, food was food. It wasn’t much but at least they all got to eat a bit for the night.



The house had a chimney, which to be fair, wouldn’t be a good idea to lit but they were freezing in the cold winter air. They had no choice but to light it. They were all surrounding the fireplace, trying to keep warm as they ate their soup. “About how long do you think it will take to get to London?” Mary asked, breaking the silence. “From here, we should go up to Crockenhill which is only seven hours away and make a plan.” Yokav replied, Jose nodding his head in agreement. “Crockenhill?” Kazimir asked with a lifted eyebrow. “Yes, it’s just outside of London. It’ll give us an advantage to be close but hidden enough that they won’t know we’re coming.”



“We also don't know where exactly in London they’re in so we have to find that out first.” Jose added. “We’ll have to find a Skull Fighter and force the information out of him.” Jade and Kazimir smirked, excitement building up inside of them. “Oh? Are we finally going to have some fun?” Yokav chuckled, a small smile on his face as he looked at the two. “Yeah, I’ll let you have all the fun you want as long as we get our information.” “You gotta deal” Kazimir said, a wicked smile on his face.



“Let’s see who gets to them first.” Everyone was surprised to hear Jungkook say. Jade laughed and elbowed him lightly. “This game just got better, you’re on.” Mary sighed as she rolled her eyes. “Please be careful, this isn’t just a game. You could get hurt if you’re not careful.” Jimin stared at everyone before his eyes looked back at Jungkook. Although Jade and Kazimir were excited to finally get a chance to kill Skull Fighters, Jungkook didn't look so excited.



On the contrary, he seemed angry and ready to kill as many as he can get his hands on. Even though Jimin wanted revenge just as bad as he did, Jimin just hoped that this didn't get into Jungkook’s head. He let out a sigh as he continued eating, distantly hearing the others speak within each other. They were talking about their past. Yokav, Tania, and Kazimir were talking about how Russia used to be before the infection. Jose and Mary also added in how Spain was on their part, Jade did the same although she traveled a lot more than anyone of the group.



When it came for Jungkook and Jimin to say something, Jungkook just looked away. Jimin was stuck as to what to say. He didn't remember much on how it was before the infection. All he could remember was his parent’s constant arguments, him traveling to the Lexington and how he hated it there. Nothing else changed, nothing else was different or exciting. That’s when Jimin realized the difference between all of them.



Even though their ages weren’t that far off from each other, they’ve done a lot more with their lives than Jimin had done. Well, he couldn’t really do much to begin with since the infection hit when he was only fourteen years old. For Jungkook, it was even worse. He was twelve when all of this happened. He was a shy and very conservitative little boy who only listened to his mother’s orders. Jungkook also didn't see Yoongi when he was young too since Yoongi was in college when everything happened.



“I uh, I didn't do much. I was still in High School when all of this happened.” They looked surprised at Jimin’s comment which Jimin gets it. They all had jobs already when he was still in school. “Oh well, that’s not too bad. How were you in school?” Mary asked this time. “Were you a bad boy? Or goody two shoes?” Jade added with a chuckle. Jimin scratched the back of his head, lightly chuckling. “I uh, I was the kid that wasn’t really seen. Didn't have much friends either” Jimin saw their faces morph into one he remembers on people who knew how he was. “Don't pity me though.” Jimin said with an awkward smile,



Yokav smiled before he placed his hand on Jimin’s shoulder. “You sure came a long way, everyone knows you know. Even your enemies, they fear you.” “I don't think that’s something to be proud of but. . . thanks.” Jimin replied gratefully. The others smiled at their interaction before they continued talking about other things. Soon, everyone had wiped their plates clean, all getting ready for tomorrow.



They’ll have to wake up early to get to Crockenhill before they’ll be able to go into London. With luck, they hope to run into a Skull Fighter and maybe, just maybe, they can get information out of him. Jungkook watched as the others were already asleep, every single one of them tired from the days events. His eyes roamed from one to the other before his eyes landed on Jimin.



‘He hasn’t changed a bit but somehow. . . he’s also different.’ Jungkook thought in his. His eyes went towards Yokav, who was sleeping a little farther from Jimin. Jungkook frowned, eyebrows furrowing when they landed on him. He didn't know what it was, maybe it was because he’s seen Jimin getting very trusty with him but, he somehow didn't like Yokav. Jungkook didn't really trust anyone here, aside Jose, who’s been helping him with his maintenance. But other than that, he didn't trust anyone from Yokav’s group.



To him, these were still strangers, strangers that could turn on him and Jimin in any given moment. Jungkook leaned his back against the wall, body faced towards everyone in the living room. He leaned his head back, letting out a breath of air as he closed his eyes. He didn't want to be here. All Jungkook wanted to do was get rid of the Skull Fighters once and for all so he could finally go back, go back to-



Jungkook opened his eyes when his imagination supplied him with images of Taehyung. No, he couldn’t think of him now. He needed to keep his head clear, he needs to have that raw emotion of revenge in his mind in order for him to keep going. Thinking of Taehyung would only make him want to turn back. . . but he couldn’t. He needs to finish what he started, what they started. Jungkook closed his eyes again, trying to imagine everything that the Skull Fighters have done to him, everything they’ve done for the people he cared about.



It probably wasn’t healthy to think of all of that but he needed it, he needed to remind himself why they’re here so they could finally move on.















“Come on, this way!” Jose whisper shouted. They were here, Crockenhill. Just like everything seemed to be in England, there were a lot of trees and nature. Vines and grass also seemed to grow in the bizarrest of places. On top of cars and fire hydrants and from one house to another. There were also long fields, all plants dead, causing the surrounding area to stink. “Ew, why the hell does it reek here?” Jade said with disgust. “Those there are vegetable fields. Seems like they haven’t been attended to in a long time.” Yokav said as he pointed at the fields. “If they’re dead, they shouldn’t stink.”



Jade replied with a look that made Kazimir laugh. “Well, animals dig up the rotten vegetables, leaving it there to fumigate the air, who knows. Let’s just keep going, we don't have time to be talking about agriculture.” They continued on and followed a road until they arrived to something that looked like a city. “Where are we now?” Mary asked, looking for any signs. “Welcome to Orpington, the first town in London.” Jose replied, looking through his map.



“Alright, looks like all we have to do is locate their leader and in order to do that, we need to capture one of their men.” Yokav turned to Kazimir, Jade, and Jungkook. “I’m tasking you three to bring one, making as less commotion as you possibly can. Understood?” Jade smirked before she winked “Aye aye, we’ll bring ‘em safely boss, don't you worry about it.” Yokav glanced up at Jungkook, giving him a stern look. “I know you want your revenge but that has to wait.



Do not do anything reckless.” Jungkook stood silent for awhile, giving Yokav an equal stared before he responded. “Sure thing.” Jimin looked from Jungkook to Yokav, surprised to see a hint of anger or annoyance coming from Jungkook. The others seemed to notice that as well since they all stayed silent. When Jungkook moved away, that’s when everyone seemed to have relaxed.



Yokav sighed before he looked back at Jade “Keep an eye on him.” Jade nodded and with that, the three left to find their target. The others on the other hand, went into an apartment building, deciding that it was best to wait and not act. They wanted to catch the Skull Fighters by surprise so they made sure to lay low. “Uhm, is everything okay with you and Jungkook?” Jimin asked when he sat down next to Yokav.



Yokav looked at him before he shook his head. “No, he’s probably still mad that I pretty much scolded you two back in Paris. You’re brother. . . he’s hot headed. I’ve dealt with his kind before, I know it’s good to not let yourself be looked down upon but it’s also good to not challenge at certain times.” Jimin sighed, bringing his knees towards his chest. “He wasn’t like this before. Ever since the thing with his arm. . . he’s acted this way. I get it, I do but. . . I just want him to be like he used to. He. . . he doesn’t even smile anymore.”



“Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen him laugh either. He barely even talks. “Tania said with a frown. “Does he chat with you?” Mary asked, looking at Jose. “He does but not a lot. He seems to want to keep to himself. It’s best not to break him out unless he wants to talk about it though. Like Yokav said, he’s hot headed and he might think us wanted to help him is like us getting into something that doesn’t involve us.”



Jimin frowned, he wanted to know why Jungkook was like this. Yes, he understands everything that has happened to them, but what about everything that happened before? What about them going through so many traumatic experiences? The two learned to move on and to deal with their situation, talking to one another and communicating when it’s needed but Jungkook doesn’t even want to do that. It’s like if Jimin was the plague, he wanted nothing to do with him. “Hey, cheer up. I’m sure he’ll change after all of this is over.” Jimin nodded, hoping that Yokav’s words were true.



He wanted Jungkook to be like himself again, he wanted his little brother back. The one that smiled cutely, one that would laugh loudly and yell with laughter whenever he enjoyed something. He wanted the Jungkook that loved adventure, the one that got everything he would ask for whenever he was being bratty. He wanted the little brother that was by his side and nowhere else. He wanted his brother, their duo, to be back together. Jimin missed that, he really did. ‘Everything that has happened to us, everything from leaving Seattle to this point was my fault’ Jimin said in his head. He would’ve given up everything if he could just wind back time, anything.

Chapter Text




Sweat dripped from his forehead onto the ground, Jungkook panted as he continued training and training. That was the only thing that seemed to get everything and everyone off his mind. The only thing that calmed him down. He preferred doing this than sitting at home and doing nothing, waiting and wonder where Taehyung was or what he was doing. “Jungkook!” He heard someone yell from a distance which automatically made him drift back into the real world. He stopped with a sigh, hand moving to grab a towel to wipe the sweat off his face.



When he looked to see who had called him, he saw Yoongi, a woman behind him. “Jungkook, what’s wrong?” Jungkook frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “What’s wrong about what?” He replied as he turned around, walking away. Yoongi rolled his eyes before he followed behind him. “You know what I’m talking about.” “No, I don't.” Jungkook replied harsher than he intended. “I’m talking about Taehyung.



I saw him earlier, he was with Bogum. When I mentioned you, he looked sad, concerned even. What happened?” Jungkook looked towards Yoongi, meeting his eyes. He then looked at the girl who was still behind him. He glared at her, making her look away with fear. Jungkook looked back at Yoongi, giving him a stern stare. “You need a bodyguard now or something?” Yoongi turned around, just now realizing that Sarah was still following him. He sighed before she met his eyes. “Can you leave me to talk with my brother?”



Sarah stared at him before glancing at Jungkook. She nodded before she left, leaving the two alone. “Didn't know you had a fan, loyal from the looks of it. Looks like you’ve been quite busy here when we were gone.” Yoongi scoffed, shaking his head slightly. “I didn't come here to talk about me. And everything you’re thinking, is absolutely wrong.” It was Jungkook’s turn to scoff but he didn't say a word back. “What happened with Taehyung?” Yoongi asked again but was met with another glare from Jungkook.



“Why don't you worry about your issues and I’ll worry about mine.” “Kook what the fuck?! I’m trying to help you!” Yoongi yelled, now angry. “Well I didn't ask for your help. I didn't ask for anyone’s help! All I want is for everyone to leave me alone.” Yoongi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Jungkook looked angry, he looked nothing like he remembers him. Jungkook had never treated him like this and seeing him now, made him feel like he didn't know Jungkook at all. Like he didn't know his little brother at all.



The shocked look on Yoongi’s face only made Jungkook turn around, leaving him alone. He was angry, not because of Yoongi or the people trying to help him. Not because of Bogum or even Taehyung, he was angry at himself. He’s angry that everything that has happened to him was out of his control. He walked straight to Taehyung’s house, entering and immediately walking into the room. He needed to be alone, he needed some time to calm down and realize everything that he’s doing.



What he didn't need was to see Taehyung and Bogum in the bedroom. Bogum was sitting on the corner of the bed whilst Taehyung was pulling shirts out of his closet, throwing them into a bag. They both stopped when they saw Jungkook in the doorway. His eyes were looking at both Taehyung and Bogum, a crease between his eyebrows. “Uhm, I came to get clothes.” Taehyung said when the room remained too silent.



Taehyung bit his bottom lip, quickly putting the shirt on his hands into a duffle bag. Bogum, just like Taehyung, noticed the kind of mood Jungkook was in so he silently grabbed the duffle bag, turning to look at Taehyung. “Come on.” Before Bogum was able to leave the room, Jungkook got in the way. “Move” Bogum said, glaring at Jungkook. “You’re not taking anything from here.” Jungkook responded. Taehyung worriedly looked at the two before quickly intervening. “Uhm, Bogum, why don't you wait for me at your place. I’ll come look for you.”



“But Tae-” Taehyung looked at him in the eye, a look that Bogum knew he wouldn’t able to convince Taehyung otherwise. He sighed before he nodded his head. He was about to leave the room when Jungkook stopped him once more. “Leave the bag.” Bogum scoffed before he did as told, dropping the bag by the door. The two glared at each other before Bogum finally left. Taehyung was nervous. Not because of how Jungkook would react but more like how Jungkook would act out against Bogum.



He didn't fear Jungkook though, he knew that he would never hurt him. He watched as Jungkook stood standing by the door, eyes staring at the duffel bag on the ground. “You were planning on leaving.” Jungkook said more than asked. Taehyung frowned, furrowing his eyebrows. “What? No! It was only a change of clothes, there’s still some in the closet. Don't forget that I’m still mad at you.” Taehyung said, making Jungkook meet his eyes.



“Where have you been staying these last few days.” Taehyung was slightly confused as to why Jungkook would ask that when it suddenly clicked, he was jealous. Jungkook was jealous of Bogum and Jungkook thought that he was sleeping at Bogum’s house. Taehyung chuckled, making Jungkook frown harder.



“I stayed with my dad. Today though, I was going to have a sleep over with Bogum. We went out of the zone and searched for a dvd player to watch a film too.” Taehyung said, a smile on his face. The look of jealousy on Jungkook’s face seemed almost amusing to Taehyung. He’s never seen that expression on Jungkook’s face ever. It was. . . interesting. Taehyung didn't mean to make Jungkook jealous. . . or maybe a little but to be honest, it was quite interesting to see. Especially since Jungkook didn't really show much expression in the first place.



And maybe, just maybe, Taehyung could get a different reaction if he played along. “Now that I think about it, I don't think Bogum has enough sheets.” Taehyung glanced over at the bed, humming softly. “Maybe I should take some from here.” He moved towards the bed, ready to grab one when he felt Jungkook’s left hand grab his wrist, stopping him. “Don't” Instead of an annoyed or angry look like Taehyung thought he’d have, Jungkook was looking at him in a way he couldn’t decipher.



They stared at each other for awhile. Jungkook’s hand felt hot on Taehyung’s skin. “Don't. . . what?” Taehyung asked softly. His eyes moved towards Jungkook’s neck, Adam's apple moving up and down before Jungkook opened his mouth. “Don't go.” Taehyung was surprised when Jungkook lightly pulled his wrist, turning him so that they were standing in front of each other. It was a shock when Jungkook placed his forehead on his, eyes closing before he let out a breathy “Please”



Taehyung’s heart was jumping, erratically beating at Jungkook’s action. It was almost a complete one eighty to how he was a few seconds ago. Now, they’re looking at each other, Jungkook seems to be waiting for an answer. “I-” Jungkook took a small step forward, tilting his head to the right. He was looking into Taehyung’s slightly closed ones. Their breaths were coming out slightly faster as Jungkook moved another step closer, faces apart by mere centimeters.



“Tae. . . stay, please.” Taehyung couldn’t say or do anything else but nod before he felt Jungkook’s lips on his. It was different, it was soft. Taehyung couldn’t help but place his arms around Jungkook’s shoulder, pulling him forward. He felt Jungkook’s left hand move towards his hip, holding him. whilst his other arm was moved towards the back, on the bed frame, making sure they don't fall back onto the bed. The room was silent aside from the sound of their lips moving against each other, breaths coming out through their noses.



After awhile, they moved apart, forehead still pressed against each others. Taehyung took a deep breath before he looked up towards Jungkook which was already staring at him. “You’ll stay?” Jungkook asked. Taehyung licked his lips before he gulped down, moving his arms away from Jungkook. “Only. . . only if we talk first.” Jungkook nodded, knowing that this was going to happen sooner or later. Taehyung gave him a soft smile before he cleared his throat.



“I’m going to let Bogum know that I won’t be staying with him tonight.” Taehyung began to walk towards the door but stopped when he felt Jungkook’s hand on him again. Taehyung turned to him with a surprised and a questioning look but Jungkook was looking down to the ground, avoiding his eyes. “I’ll be back Kookie, I promise. I just don't think it’s fair if he waits for me if I’m not going. I’ll be back, okay?”



It took awhile for Jungkook to let him go but the instant he did, Taehyung went to go look for Bogum. Jungkook sighed as he sat on the bed, back leaning on the headboard. He shook his head, not knowing what to do or say. What even is there to say? Jungkook took another deep breath and waited for Taehyung to return.

















The constant taps of a pen on a notebook was the only thing heard in the silent room. Namjoon felt hopeless as he watched Seokjin, the cause of the constant noise, sat on one of the chairs, a frustrated look on his face. Both Namjoon and Seokjin were in the lab, trying and failing at trying to find a solution to finding a new cure, a more advanced cure. They couldn’t get it from Jimin again since he had gone through a lot the first time and they couldn’t get it from the new boy, Peter, since the operation would instantly kill him.



“ I don't see how it would kill off the boy if he has it in his lungs. Jimin had it in his heart, a little more important organ don't you think?” Namjoon asked, trying to ease up the atmosphere. “You don't get it Joon, the minute I open him up, he’ll die. With Jimin, all I had to do was get a sample. A tissue sample around his heart. But with Peter, I have to literally open his lungs and gather a sample from his pleura.



I didn't need to open Jimin’s heart to gather a sample, it’s too risky to perform surgery on the boy.” Seokjin responded with a tired sigh. He leaned back in his chair, not knowing what to do. Seokjin had ran out of the original Cure, the only one he had left were the imitations and the reverse cure. Seokjin felt useless, he felt like giving up. He didn't know what to do and Jose didn't really have any advice to help either. It was just a big giant puzzle that was missing a final piece.



Seokjin looked at all of his notes, rereading them for the umpth time before he stopped when he saw the ‘Reverse Cure’ folder. “What if. . .” Namjoon frowned, eyebrows furrowing when Seokjin quickly stood up, immediately walking towards a freezer they had installed a long time ago to preserve the cure. He opened the freezer door, instantly counting the vials there. “Five cures, Fourteen imitational cures, and twenty eight reverse cures. . .”



Namjoon was still slightly confused at Seokjin’s actions. He was standing in front of the freezer for a good while before he grabbed two vials, bringing it towards the table. Just by the color alone, Namjoon could tell that he grabbed one of the reverse cure and one of the original cure. “Uh Jin?” He asked when Seokjin opened both, mixing it into a big flask. “Uh Jin!” Namjoon yelled, worried that Seokjin had just wasted but the look on his face made him stop.



“They separate. . . why? The reverse cure doesn’t have that many different components for it to separate yet, it’s doing it.” Seokjin stood up and walked over to a safe he kept hidden, putting the code in to take out another vial. Namjoon too, knew which this was. “The enhanced virus.” Namjoon said more to himself. He widened his eyes when Seokjin used a syringe to pull a few drops from the enhanced virus and dropped it into the flask, where both the cure and the reverse cure was.



Seokjin gasped when the virus didn't mix either. Instead, it laid in between both solutions. “Wow. . . could it be the density?” Namjoon asked, eyes stuck on the flask in front of him. “No, I don't think so. I didn't use anything in the enhanced virus that would separate it from the cure. Unless. . .” Namjoon looked back at him when Seokjin grabbed a clean syringe and walked out the door. Namjoon frowned, not sure if he should leave or stay here, making sure that nothing happens to the flask in front of him.



Seokjin on the other hand, got a good amount of stares as he walked passed them and out of the hospital. Nobody outside questioned him when he walked straight to Yoongi’s house. When Yoongi opened the door, he was shocked and mildly scared at seeing Seokjin with syringes in his hands. “Where’s Jimin?” He asked as he entered without explanation. Sophie, who was sitting on the sofa, widened her eyes, placing her book down when she saw Seokjin enter. “He’s not here.”



Seokjin sighed, biting his lip softly. “Do you know where he is?” “I saw him with Katie by the electric plant” Sophie answered instead. Seokjin gave her a smile and a thank you before he left to find Jimin. The minute he found him, he didn't explain much but a quick “Sit here, I need a blood sample.” Jimin was very confused but allowed Seokjin to do his thing. Katie, Louis, and Hoseok all stared at each other, a little concerned.



“Uh Jin, is everything okay?” Hoseok asked but he only received a nod from him. “Thank you Jimin, I’ll let you know when I’m done.” Jimin, still confused, nodded his head, giving him a soft smile, “Uh sure, I’ll wait for you.” He responded before Seokjin placed the syringe in a clear bag, tying it securely before he turned around and left. “Is anyone else scared that’s gonna happen to them?” Hoseok asked, eyes looking towards the others. “What do you think that was about?”



Katie chuckled and shook her head. “It’s obvious, Jin probably got an idea or something and needed Jimin’s blood.” Everyone seemed to accept that idea but Jimin was still confused. It wasn’t like Seokjin to just enter and not explain anything. He just hoped that Seokjin actually did tell him what this was about.
















“So, boss?” Yokav heard Jade said with a teasing tone. “Yes?” He replied, not exactly looking at her. He heard her sit on the soft, a few spots away from him. “When are we gonna leave? Are we staying here?” Yokav stopped what he was doing and turned to her. Before he was able to say a thing, Tania spoke. “That’s true, we said we were going to help Steal and Heart get here but we didn't say anything about staying. Yokav, we still have to go back. We need to finish off the others back home.”



Yokav noticed Kazimir nod, eyes looking towards him. Peter was sat near Jade, his eyes moved back and forth, not knowing if he should say something too. “I don't know. . . we’re not staying though, we can’t. I guess it’s fitting if we let the others know before we do pack up our stuff though.” “But. . . what about me?” Peter asked softly. Jade chuckled and placed her arm around him, pulling him closer. “Oh come on squirt, you know you’re welcome to come with us.”



Peter furrowed his eyebrows, fingers twiddling with each other. “What about Jimin? Is. . . is he coming with us?” Tania turned to Yokav, seeing a frown developing on his face. “I don't think. . . he’ll come with us. I’m sure Jimin and Steal will stay here.” Peter’s face fell, eyes now looking at his lap. Jade noticed his sad expression and immediately ruffled his hair. “Hey, I know that if you ask Jimin to stay, he’ll let you. You seem to be getting along with Katie and Sofie too.”



Peter smiled softly at that, seemingly more relaxed than before. “Yeah, I would like that.” Their little moment was interrupted when there was a knock on the door. “Come in” Tania said after she looked towards Yokav, a nod going back to her. “Hello, sorry for interrupting.” “Seokjin right?” Yokav said when he saw Seokjin enter. “Yes, I’m just here so I could get a blood sample from Peter.” Peter furrowed his eyebrows, a look of terror appearing on his face. “Like. . . like with a needle?” Seokjin smiled and nodded his head.



He kneeled in front of him, placing a hand on his knee. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s not so bad. Here, give me your arm.” Peter was afraid but did what he was told to do. “Peter, do me a favor yeah?” Seokjin said as he grabbed his hand. “Close your eyes and try to remember something pleasant. Tell me, how old are you? Did you go to school?” Jade tsked but was hushed by Tania, a stern stare aimed towards her. “I went to an orphanage.” “Oh? Did you have a lot of friends?” Seokjin continued, only putting the needle in when Peter continued talking.



Peter inhaled at the poke but did his best to continue speaking. “I didn't get along with everyone but I did have a best friend. I don't know where she is anymore though.” “What happened to her?” Seokjin’s reply came instantly. “I don't know, the last time I saw her was when I was adopted. Or. . . that’s what they called it.” “What do you mean?” Seokjin asked, now slowly pulling blood into a clean vial.



“Well, I was adopted by Silvia. I thought she was a good person but. . . I ended up finding out the hard way that she wasn’t.” Seokjin looked up, a sympathetic and surprised look on his eyes. “But Jimin and Jungkook saved me! It was thanks to them that I was able to get away from her and meet actual good people.” Everyone smiled at that. Peter was surprised when Seokjin stood up, needle no longer in his arm. “All done. Oh and Peter?”



“Yeah?” He asked, looking into Seokjin’s eyes. “You’re a good person too. I’m glad Jimin and Jungkook found you.” Peter felt himself get embarrassed but he was happy that Seokjin thought the same. He then left, giving the others a goodbye before Seokjin instantly walked back towards the hospital, both blood vials securely in his pocket. “Good, now I just have to hope that it works.”
















“I don't know, I don't like the idea of you being around him.” “What?” Taehyung said with a frown, not understanding why Bogum would even say that. “And why’s that?” “Maybe because of the way he was acting? Tae, he looked angry, he looked violent.” Taehyung sighed, rolling his eyes before he stood up. “He wasn’t exactly angry. I spoke a little bit with him, it’ll be alright. We can have our sleepover another night.” Bogum quickly walked over to Taehyung, grabbing his arm to stop him. “Please don't go with him. He looked dangerous like. . .”



Bogum let out a sigh before he looked into Taehyung’s eyes. “I don't want him to hurt you.” Taehyung frowned now angry. “He’s not going to hurt me. I’ve told him and now I’m telling you, he isn’t capable of hurting me.” “Maybe not on purpose but by accident-” Taehyung shook his head before Bogum was able to finish. “I don't care what you or anyone else says, Jungkook won’t ever hurt me. And if by chance he does by accident then there, it’s an accident.”



“Tae. . . Tae-!” Bogum yelled when Taehyung walked out of his house, walking straight back towards his own home. He wasn’t mad at Bogum but he was upset that he would even say that. He knew that he was probably worried but there was no need for that. Taehyung trusts Jungkook and he knows full well that Jungkook would be extra careful around him, he’s done so the last two weeks so why wouldn’t he now?



Taehyung entered his house, instantly walking towards his room. There, he found Jungkook sitting on the bed, back against the headboard. When he felt Taehyung’s presence, he looked up, staring into his eyes. Taehyung had to look away, automatically feeling shy. ‘Why am I acting like this?’ Taehyung asked with confusion. He wasn’t usually shy around Jungkook so suddenly feeling like this around him was a surprise.



He walked over to the bed, sitting down next to him, mimicking his posture. “Uhm, I told Bogum we’d postpone the sleepover.” Taehyung said softly. He had alot to talk with Jungkook but now that the two were alone in a room, ready to talk about everything, he was at a loss for words. Jungkook was also in a similar position, he didn't know what to say or how to start so instead of waiting for Taehyung to speak, he decided to upright and say everything he has in his mind.



“Tae. . . for everything I’ve done, for everything I’ve said, I’m sorry. I. . . I disappointed you. I know you don't deserve what I’m doing to you. You deserve someone better than me-” “Hold it right there.” Taehyung said, stopping what Jungkook was about to say. Taehyung had a frown on his face, one that looked like he was angry and annoyed. “I need you to stop that. I don't want you to keep putting yourself down. I. . . I know that you think you’re going to hurt me but you won’t.”



“That’s not something you can say and it’ll come true. Tae, I can seriously hurt you if I wanted to.” Taehyung placed his hand on Jungkook’s cheek, body tilting to face Jungkook “No, you won’t. You’ve trained so much. You know how to hold glass and not break it, you know how to open doors and handle delicate things just fine.” Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, confused as to why Taehyung knew this. Taehyung noticed his confusion and looked away, biting his lip softy. “How. . . do you know this?” “Jade kinda told me.”



Jungkook sighed, ruffling his own hair with annoyance. “What else did she tell you?” Taehyung frowned, moving so that his body could be in front of Jungkook, eyes locked onto Jungkook’s face. “She told me that the reason you don't really get close to people is because you’re afraid.” Jungkook stopped, eyes moving up to look at Taehyung. They stood quiet for a bit before Jungkook looked away, slouching.



“She’s not wrong. Yes, I can hold things properly now but. . . what if something happens? What if I lose it and hurt someone, hurt  you.” Jungkook replied, eyes no longer able to look back at Taehyung. He did look back up though, when he felt Taehyung’s hand on his skin. “Kookie, I know you. You’re always careful, even when you didn't have the steel arm. Do you remember when we barely got together?” Jungkook couldn’t help but reminisce, mind flashing him images of the easier times when they were back in the school.



“You were afraid to touch me because you thought it was going to remind me of what they did to me, remember?” Jungkook remembers it clearly, as clear as day. He did fear touching Taehyung back then but that fear is nothing compared to the fear of touching him now. Then, it was because it was going to bring bad memories to Taehyung but now, he could actually kill him if he wasn’t careful. “It’s not the same Tae” “Yes, it is. It’s almost exactly the same reason. You didn't want to hurt me, well-”



Taehyung moved his hand and placed it on Jungkook’s hand, intertwining their fingers. “I’m telling you now that you don't have to worry. When you got back. . . we said we were going to go slow but. . . I don't think I want to go as slow as we were going. I just want to be with you, near  you. I want to be able to talk to you normally, be able to hug you and cuddle with you when we’re sleeping. I want to spend time with you, not watch you train all day and night.”



Taehyung bit his bottom lip, moving to be on his knees. He was nervous, anxious almost, when he scooted closer to Jungkook, now fully straddling him but still raised up, not touching his thighs. He didn't know if Jungkook would push him away but he had to show him that everything was going to be alright if they just worked together. Luckily, Jungkook didn't move, nor did he try to push Taehyung off at all. He stood still, steal arm moving slightly more away from Taehyung. “Jungkook. . .” Jungkook looked at Taehyung’s face, noticing the blush that suddenly appeared on his cheeks.



“I. . . I miss you. Not only being around you and all that but. . . touching you. . . you touching me.” Taehyung looked up, eyes falling onto Jungkook’s slightly wide ones. “I want to be able to kiss you without hesitation. I want to be able to. . .-” Taehyung fully sat down on Jungkook’s thighs, arms moving to go around Jungkook’s shoulders. He went slow, slow enough to give Jungkook a chance to stop him if he wanted him to, if he wasn’t ready but that didn’t happen.



Jungkook, like he had done before, didn't move a muscle. He just watched Taehyung move, letting him do what he pleases. “I want to. . . to be able t-to. .” “To what?” Jungkook asked when Taehyung started stuttering. Jungkook could already tell what he was trying to say but he didn't want to come up with conclusions. He wanted Taehyung to say it himself. “I want to help you. . . destress and. . . touch you, feel you. I-I want you.” Jungkook felt his chest almost constrict in itself.



He hadn’t seen Taehyung as shy as he was now. The only time he’s ever seen a blush this bright on Taehyung’s face was years ago, when they weren’t in a relationship yet. “Jungkookie. . .?” “Yeah?” Jungkook asked, unable to say anything else. Taehyung was glancing at him before quickly looking away again. It was. . . strange, almost unbelievable seeing Taehyung not be his usual confident self. But then again, so much has happened. Jungkook was here, in Seattle, for only two weeks now after four long years away.



Times changes a lot of things, even people. Being away for so long must’ve made Taehyung a little shy, even if it means asking for something he wants. “Can we. . . can we be like before? Can we at least. . . try, please?” Taehyung asked, moving closer still. Their clothed chest touched, faces only a mere inches away from each other. They could feel each other’s breath on their faces, eyes slightly narrowing because of how close they were. “Please?” Taehyung asked again, hand moving to pass his finger on Jungkook’s hair, the other remained on his shoulder.



It’s gotten slightly longer through the years and Taehyung is quite glad that he hasn’t cut it yet. He moved his fingers in a way that made Jungkook tilt his head, Taehyung mimicking the action. It was barely a whisper, almost but a breath when Jungkook responded a quiet “Yeah” Taehyung felt his heart beginning to beat wildly, happiness erupting in his chest. He couldn’t help but smile softly, letting out a soft giggle before he finally placed his lips on Jungkook’s.



It was euphoric feeling Jungkook’s lips again after so long, but it wasn’t just the touch, it was the feeling of him kissing back was what made a single tear fall from Taehyung’s eye. Their lips moved against each other in a slow glide and when they moved away, the two remained with their eyes closed for a moment before simultaneously opening them to look at each other. Jungkook felt something strong in his chest when he saw Taehyung’s wide boxy smile.



In these two weeks, he’s seen it but it was never directed at him. Seeing it now, seeing Taehyung’s glassy eyes, a look of pure happiness on his face made Jungkook really want to make it work. He didn't want to see the frown or expressionless face on Taehyung whenever they spoke to each other anymore. But. . . would it really be okay? Would Jungkook be able to control himself if something were to happen? Jungkook shook his head softly, trying to will away the negative thoughts in his head.



He felt Taehyung’s hand on either side of his cheeks, moving his head so that he can press their noses together, another giggle escaping his lips. “Promise me Kookie. . . promise me that you’ll try for us, please.” Jungkook gulped down, closing his eyes at that. Jungkook doesn’t remember the last time he promised something to someone. . . actually, he does. It was before he left Seattle. He promised that he’ll be back, that he’ll live and come back home. That was the last thing Jungkook had ever promised anything to anyone.



Jungkook almost feared the word now. Back then, promises were sacred to him, sacred to him and Jimin. It was everything for them, they never broke a single one. . .that is, before they met up with Yoongi and the others. Ever since then, they broke almost every single one. Now, Jungkook doesn’t know if he can keep a promise. It seems almost impossible to keep a promise now. But the look in Taehyung’s eyes, the look he’s giving him in this exact moment makes Jungkook feel like he can keep this one.



He can try. . . for them. “I promise.” He replied, making Taehyung hug him tightly. Jungkook let out a breath of air, left hand moving to hug Taehyung back. And if it ever comes to it, if there ever comes a point where he hurts Taehyung, he’ll leave. That’s a promise he’s making to himself.

Chapter Text




“So, ever since you got back, you haven’t really told me anything. I’ve been finding out almost everything from Jade, Jose or Jimin. I know you all were in Europe but where in Europe? How’s it like?” Taehyung asked, placing two bowls on the table. Two hot cups of tea were already on there. Taehyung and Jungkook moved from the bedroom to the kitchen table after their talk. Their rumbling tummies were what persuaded them to.



“We arrived to Spain a month after we left Seattle.” Jungkook said before he placed a spoonful of whatever Taehyung placed in front of him in his mouth. He didn't ask what it was since his stomach really didn't care as long as he ate but he found that he really liked the food in front of him. It tasted tomatoey. “It’s noodles with tomato paste, like pasta.” “Where did you get the tomatoes? I didn't see Hoseok giving them out.”



“Have you not seen the little garden I have outside?” Taehyung asked as he tilted his head in confusion. “Ah, no. I guess since I’m out for most of the day.” Taehyung hummed before he grabbed his tea and blew “I usually attend to it when you’re out and I guess you didn't really go around exploring.” Jungkook felt kind of bad admitting that. Even though Taehyung had told him that this was their house, Jungkook hasn’t really treated it as such. For him, this was Taehyung’s house. “Sorry.”



“Don't apologize, there’s no reason to. Besides, I kind of figured you weren’t really comfortable here. There were times where I would wake up in the middle of the night and see that you weren’t there. Where would you go?” Jungkook let out a sigh before he looked up at Taehyung. “At first I would go with the others, spend time with them outside by a fire. They like fires. . . and singing.” Taehyung chuckled when he saw Jungkook’s furrowed eyebrows.



“Do you not like singing?” “I do it’s just. . . not alot. But anyways, I started just walking around the zone, just taking everything in. I guess I’m just not used to it yet.”



“I get the feeling that you’re not comfortable here in Seattle.” Taehyung said after a moment of silence. Jungkook couldn’t help but nod. It was the truth, he wasn’t comfortable here in Seattle anymore. He didn't see this place as his home. The only actual reason he came back was for Taehyung. “Kookie?” Jungkook blinked, realizing that he had zoned out. “Are you okay?” Taehyung asked with concern. “Yeah, I’m fine.”



Taehyung bit his bottom lip, thinking it’s better to change the subject. “So, Jade said you visited Paris. Did you see the eiffel tower?” Taehyung asked with excitement. Jungkook nodded, making Taehyung’s eyes widen. “Is it still up?” “Most of it, the top part has fallen off because of the rust but the rest is.” Taehyung has a look of awe, almost as if he was trying to picture it in his mind. “You know, I always wanted to go to Paris, France. When I was a teenager, I always dreamed of escaping to Paris, falling in love and moving to a small apartment complex and adopting a cat or a dog. And then maybe a child.”



Taehyung smiled softly as he recalled all the times he dreamed of that when he was younger. He wanted to have a simple life back then. All he wanted was to find love and live a peaceful life. “But that was before all of this happened.” Taehyung finished off, slouching on his chair. Jungkook didn't know about this, he honestly didn't know much about Taehyung’s past. All he knew was that he and his mother and sister were tortured and abused by the Skull Fighters and that his father had left them way before the infection spread.



He also knew that Taehyung wasn’t the social kind of person and only had a certain amount of friends when he was in school. But other than that, he didn't know anything else. Jungkook felt guilt grow in his chest at the thought. Taehyung also had a similar thought in his head. He didn't know much about Jungkook before the infection and even in the four years he was gone. He felt like Jungkook and him had reverted to their ‘Getting to know each other’ days.



“What else did you see? Was there some places you liked better than others?” Taehyung’s next question was. He was surprised when Jungkook instantly nodded. His expression turned slightly soft even in it’s expressionless state. “There is one place that I would consider going back to but it wasn’t in Europe.” “Oh? Where was it?” Jungkook hummed softly, eyes moving to his steal arm. Taehyung noticed it but didn't say anything about it. Whatever it was about, Taehyung was going to let Jungkook say it when he was ready. That’s what he decided to do, don't pressure Jungkook too much. Especially since he agreed to be around Taehyung more.



Jungkook looked back up at Taehyung, staring at him like he was thinking of his response before speaking. “Alabama.” Taehyung’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Alabama? You went back to Alabama? With Bryan?” Jungkook nodded before he finally reached over to his own cup of tea. It’s been ages since Jungkook had some tea so he was really surprised when he took a sip, letting out a breath of content from the warmness that erupted in his body. “Yeah, he has a fortress with a lot more people.



The town is smaller than Seattle but. . . it feels welcoming. The people there are. . . different.” “Different?” Taehyung asked, waiting for Jungkook to reply. “They weren’t judgy and they weren’t. . . afraid.” “Afraid of what?” Jungkook stared into Taehyung’s eyes, it almost felt like he was telepathically giving him the answer. “Of me.” Taehyung stood silent for awhile, knowing full well what Jungkook was implying.



When he arrived here, people would stare at him, silently whispering things about him. There were loads of people that feared him, some even thought that he was too dangerous to have here. Jay and Lianna were some of those people. They didn't like them here, to the point that they didn't seem to want to interact with either Jimin or Jungkook which was sad.



“It must be nice there.” “It is, they threw a feast and everything when we got there. There’s-” Jungkook stopped, eyes focusing on nothing in particular. He was remembering something, Taehyung could tell. And by the look on his face, it was a pleasant memory.



“There’s an orphanage there. They find children and take them there to find better homes.” Taehyung felt a smile creep up at that. He always wondered and felt completely guilty for all the children that must be out there, suffering all of this and never knowing how it was before the infection. They never got the chance to feel at peace and know all of the things that felt like they were for granted.



Hearing that Bryan and his people were doing such a thing made Taehyung feel grateful. “I wish I could’ve seen it.” Taehyung said softly. “Did you see the children?” Jungkook nodded once more, eyes staring into his tea cup. “I've never been around children before. And those kids. . . they’re brave. They didn't show an ounce of fear when they saw me. I didn't know that children were like that. I though they would scream and be scared of me. On the contrary, there’s a boy. . ." Jungkook let out an exhale before he continued his sentence. ". . .He called me a superhero.”



Taehyung laughed, amused that his laughter made Jungkook look away, a sigh escaping his lips. “I’m sorry, I just think that’s super cute. What’s his name?” Taehyung asked, curiosity eating at him. He wants to meet these kids and learn more of them. Knowing that Jungkook experienced this and have a genuine happy memory of them makes Taehyung elated. “Luca, he’s six.”



Taehyung bit his bottom lip, doing his best to imagine what it was like seeing Jungkook with children. Seeing them play, laugh, and smile together. He won’t admit it out loud nor will he deny that he hasn’t but every once and a while, Taehyung would imagined or dreamed of what it would be like to have children with Jungkook. What it would be like to adopt and have a family, just like Yoongi and Jimin did with Sophie. Of course, he couldn’t bring that idea up since Jungkook and him still had issues with physical contact.



But Taehyung still couldn’t help but dream. For the rest of the evening, Taehyung kept asking Jungkook about the children, what were they like and how they acted around Jungkook. He also asked about Bryan and found out that he had married and now has a daughter. Taehyung was also surprised to hear that Scott, Marcus, and Travis also settled down and started a family. And in all of that conversation, Taehyung noticed something. It wasn’t hard to see that Jungkook seemed to be in a better mood when he spoke about Alabama and the people in it.



Taehyung could see that he really liked it there. Deep in his chest, his heart told him that Jungkook would be happier there if he were to go back but would Taehyung even let him go? Would Taehyung pack up and go with him if Jungkook ever decided to go back to Alabama? He didn't know nor was he sure what he wanted anymore. All he knows is that he first wants to worry about their relationship and help Jungkook and himself along the way.



That is the only thing he needs to have in his mind. Everything else, he’ll have to worry when the time comes.
















It was late by the time Yoongi got home. He had been helping Hoseok, Jay, and Lianna around the perimeter before he was finally let go. When Yoongi entered the house, he was surprised to hear laughter coming from the kitchen. Slowly, he walked over and peeked in, eyes widening when he saw Sophie and Jimin talking, both having smiles on their faces. Yoongi felt his heart burst with joy. He hadn’t seen Sophie smile as wide as she was smiling now.



It’s been so long since he’s seen her completely relaxed. Seeing her with Jimin made Yoongi’s insides warm. It was actually starting to feel like a real family again. Yoongi cleared his throat, finally making his presence known. “Oh, Yoongi!” Jimin said with a smile, eyes moving up to look at him. “Would you like some dinner?” Yoongi smiled and nodded. He walked over to the table, sitting adjacent from Sophie. She wasn’t smiling anymore but she looked content, happy, as she finished her meal.



As soon as she did, she chugged her cup of water and stood up. “Thanks for the food.” She said, placing the plate and cup into the sink. “Whoa hey, where’re you going?” Yoongi asked when she sprinted out of the kitchen, stopping by the entrance when she heard him. “Uhm, to my room?” She replied, eyes moving from Yoongi to Jimin then back to Yoongi. “Let her go, she’s probably tired.” Jimin said before Yoongi could say anything to her. Sophie smiled up at Jimin before she made her exit.



Yoongi sighed, body slouching on the chair. “I know she’s growing and getting more mature but she’s starting to do whatever she likes.” Jimin chuckled, placing a plate of food on the table in front of Yoongi. “You said it yourself, she’s growing. She’s at the age where she wants to be independent. Let her, she’s living a different life than all of us. She’s deciding to be independent whilst we were forced to be.” Yoongi smiled sadly, knowing exactly what Jimin was talking about.



Jungkook and Jimin were practically still kids when all of this happened so it made sense. “Any who, eat up. Have you spoken to Seokjin recently?” Yoongi shook his head before he began to eat. “Why?” He asked once he swallowed. “Well, he hasn’t said anything to me ever since he took blood that one time and I also found out that he took some from Peter.” “Why don't you look for him and ask him?”



Jimin sighed, slightly pouting. “I did look for him but he was too busy so I didn't want to disturb. Do you perhaps know what that was about?” Yoongi shook his head, making Jimin sigh. “Oh well, I’ll find out eventually.” Yoongi stared at Jimin, watching him stretch his back, letting a groan out. “Jimin. . . can I ask you something?” Jimin looked back at Yoongi, eyes looking down at the table. Yoongi knew just by the expression on Jimin’s face that he knew what it was about without saying a word.



“Do you. . . wanna talk about it? You know I would never judge you and I won’t pressure you if you don't want to say anything.” Jimin hummed, hands moving on top of the table. He looked hesitant but before Yoongi was able to say that it was fine, he didn't have to force himself to speak, Jimin opened his mouth. “Jungkook and I. . . went through a lot. Do you remember when I told you that we were separated when they captured us?” Yoongi nodded, patiently waiting for Jimin to continue.



“Well. . . I don't know much of what they did to Jungkook but. . .” Jimin let out a sigh, eyes remaining on the table. “They tortured us, hitting us and practically starving us. At first, they would leave me in a dark room with zero human contact. They wouldn’t speak to me and they would always ignore my pleas. I didn't know where Jungkook was so I was desperate to find out. I guess they had enough of me talking because they ended up gagging me, making sure I don't speak at all.



That’s when the torture begun. They would always come and hit me and it gotten to the point where my body felt numb. I don't know how long time had passed but. . . they. . .” Jimin took a deep breath, hand twitching when he felt Yoongi’s. “You don't have to say anymore if you don't want to.” Jimin shook his head, taking another deep breath. “I want to, you should know. After some time, they ungagged me and began asking me questions. At that point, I couldn’t respond. I didn't know what happened but I somehow couldn’t speak.



It was hard to move my body. When they wouldn’t get a response from me they thought of other ways to torture me. . . one being. . . touching me.” Yoongi let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He felt himself anger but didn't say a word and allowed Jimin to continue. Jimin chuckled laced with anger. “They would. . . they would do what they want and I couldn’t even stop them. I couldn’t move nor yell for help.



My body was numb. . . and I had to sit there and take it.” Jimin closed his eyes, chest moving up and down with ever harsh breath he took. “How in the world did they want me to talk when they did all that shit to me?” Yoongi understood Jimin’s reaction now. Of course, he kind of suspected something happened if Jimin recoiled the way he did. Jimin looked up, staring into Yoongi’s eyes until he met them. “I’m sorry. . . for moving away the other time. I couldn’t help but. . . remember.”



“No, don't ever apologize for that. It isn’t and it never will be your fault.” “But I didn't tell you-” Yoongi stood up and instantly kneeled in front of Jimin, grabbing both his hands in his. “It doesn’t matter, there’s no reason for you to apologize. It’s okay to act like that after what they did to you.” Yoongi raised both of Jimin’s hands, placing a kiss on every knuckle. Yoongi felt relieved when saw a small smile on Jimin’s face.



“I love you Jimin, I always will no matter what.” Jimin leaned down, moving his face to be in front of Yoongi’s. “And I love you.” He kissed Yoongi’s lips, smiling as he placed his forehead on his. “Thank you.” “There’s nothing to thank me for. I’ll wait for you Jimin, I’ll always wait no matter how long it takes.”













*One Year Ago*



“Talk! We don't have much time. Where is the Skull Figher’s hideout?” Yokav yelled with anger. They had two people tied to a chair, both had blood all over their faces, courtesy of Jungkook, Jade, and Kazimir. One of them laughed, smirking up at Yokav. “You’ll never get anything from me.” “We’ll see about that.” Yokav walked towards the other Skull Fighter, this one was begging to be let go. He was groaning in pain “Please. . . please just let me go!” He said, eyes looking up at Yokav in a pleading way. “You wanna be let go? Then talk unless you wanted to be tortured even more.”



“Don't say anything! Why say anything if they’re just going to end up killing us!” The one Yokav spoke to first yelled. Jade rolled her eyes and punched the man, making him spit out blood. Jungkook and Kazimir stared as Yokav lowered to look at the pleading man in the eye, moving his chin so he could look at him. “You’re friend’s right, you’re not getting out of here alive. But I’ll tell you what, if you tell us where your base is, you’ll die a painless death.



If you keep quiet, I’ll make sure the last minutes of your life a living hell.” Yokav said, tilting his head to signal Jungkook and Kazimir. The Skull Fighter looked up at Kazimir and Jungkook, eyes wide in fear. “I-” He stuttered, eyes moving to his friend that was still spitting out blood. “Don't say anything. . . don't be an idiot!” The Skull Fighter closed his eyes, gulping down his saliva before he looked towards Yokav. The other one was nervous, eyes moving from his friend to Yokav, who still held a serious expression.



“I-” “Don't you fucking say a word!!” The first one yelled, ignoring that Jade had placed a pistol aimed at his head, finger on the trigger. “I-. . . In the Clock Tower, Big Ben!” The other Skull Fighter frowned, letting out a disappointed sigh. Yokav glanced up at Jade, nodding his head. Jade returned the nod and immediately shot her gun. The other one jumped, tears now streaming down his cheeks. “You did good son, you did good.” Yokav looked at Kazimir, giving him the okay. Kazimir didn't waste time and immediately shot the other one.



Jungkook silently watched the entire thing, not really wanting to deal with these. He wanted to deal with Silvia and another, the one responsible for him not having an arm anymore. Wordlessly, he walked out of the room, eyes immediately locking on Jimin’s. Jimin, Jose, Mary, and Tania all stayed out in the living room, letting the others interrogate the Skull Fighters instead. “How’d it go?” Jose asked when Yokav entered the room. “We’ve got our location, we’re going to the Big Ben.”














It was hours until they finally made it to the Westminster bridge. They all kneeled behind pile of broken down cars when they saw a gated checkpoint, gates guarded by a dozen Skull Fighters. “What’re we gonna do?” Jimin asked, eyes looking towards Yokav. “We have to split up, cause a distraction.” Yokav whispered back. “Jose, Mary, Kazimir, Tania, and I will take care of these whilst Jimin, Steal, and Jade will go through and look for Silvia.”



“Would it really be okay with just you guys though?” Jade asked worriedly. “We’ll be fine. If anything, I’m sure they have more men on their checkpoints than the actual location. Just remember to stay low. Once they hear the commotion, they’ll instantly come to us.” Jimin and Jade nodded their heads before they looked over at Jungkook. Jungkook didn't need to say anything for them to know that he was ready.



The three crouched as close as they could and waited for the signal. In no time at all, there were bullets being shot. As quick as they could, they sneaked behind whilst the guards where firing back, all beginning to advance towards the others. “Come on, we can make it through the railing.” Jade whispered before she took the lead. Jimin and Jungkook would occasionally glance back at each other whenever they would hear people run over to the gates.



‘They’ll be fine’ Jimin thought in his head before he concentrated on the task at hand. Before they knew it, they were by the bridge’s exit. “There, that’s Big Ben.” Jade whispered, pointing towards a large clock tower. She motioned Jimin and Jungkook to follow her, all three entering a smaller building that was just in front of the clock tower. “Alright, now we have to figure out what exact part in the tower they’re in.” Jade said as she turned around, now looking at the two.



“What do you mean?” Jimin replied with confusion. “Yes, big ben is the Clock tower but there is also a building right next to it. Silvia can’t be hiding up there, there’s loads of stairs in order to get to the top.” Jungkook sighed, eyes rolling with irritation. “I don't know where she is but by staying here, thinking of a plan, she might be escaping.” “You think I don't know that?! But we need to know where exactly is she. What if we check the clock tower and she was in the building right next to it?!”



Jade whisper yelled, eyebrows furrowed. “She’s right, we’re just going to have to split up.” “I don't think that’s a good idea.” Jade said with a frown but Jungkook instantly agreed. As long as he could leave and look for her, it didn't matter if he had to be alone to do it. “I’ll go to the clock tower.” Jade said, a sigh leaving her lips.



“Jungkook and I will go in the building, separating in there. Make sure to lay low and be safe.” Jimin said, earning a nod from Jade. Jungkook stood up, about to turn around when Jimin grabbed him, pulling him from his elbow. Jugkook turned around, eyebrows furrowing as he met Jimin’s eyes. “Be safe.” Jimin said sternly, eyes never moving from Jungkook’s. “Please.”



Jungkook continued to stare but didn't respond. Jimin sighed and finally let him go, allowing him to go in first. With a sad smile, Jade placed her hand on Jimin’s shoulder. “He’ll be fine.” “I know.” Jimin replied before he watched her go. Jimin took a deep breath, closing his eyes before opening them. “Let’s do this.”

















Jimin was crouched down when he finally entered the building next to the large clock tower. It was inside that he found out that this building was called the Palace of Westminster. The outside structure was quite interesting but the inside was no joke. Jimin didn't know how but the inside seemed to be almost entirely intact. There were paintings and sculptures everywhere. If they weren’t in the middle of attacking the Skull Fighter’s base, Jimin would have admired this work. Unfortunately, he had something important to attend to. The sightseeing had to wait. All of Jimin’s attention was then suddenly pulled back when he heard a door opening.



Jimin quickly walked behind a sculptor of a man holding an axe. Regulating his breathing, he was able to hear people hastily approaching. By their footsteps, Jimin guesses it was about four or five people. “Who in their goddamn minds decides to raid us?” A man said, voice laced with utter confusion. “Don't know but they about to find out the hard way that no one messes with the Skull Fighter’s.” Jimin didn't know if he was joking or not but his confidence was what made Jimin want to come out and rip his throat.



He waited for them to pass by before he slowly walked out from his hiding spot, instantly speed walking towards the room they came from. He widened his eyes as soon as he entered, a smirk appearing on his face. Inside was pure racks and racks of guns, all lined up. Bullets and daggers were placed on a table that was placed in the center of the room. There were shotguns and sniper rifles hanging from hooks on the other side of the room as well. Jimin looked all over the room, making sure to lock the door before he walked straight to the daggers on the table. He then walked over to the shotguns and sniper rifles eyes scanning all over the shelves before his eyes landed on something familiar.



He felt his hands tremble when he saw a bow behind a plastic case, arrows all lined up in it’s belt holster. He grabbed it, fingers touching every detail of the bow. He exhaled shakily, smile appearing on his face. “Looks like I hit the jackpot.”















Jungkook was passing by a hall when his eyes landed on a room that looked like it was made of pure gold. The walls and ceiling all had unique textures, paintings and lamps on either side of the room. He sighed, eyebrows furrowing in mild irritation. He didn't know why but seeing that the Skull Fighters were living in such a place whilst others struggled to survive in the outbreak was infuriating him.



It’s not like money would get them anywhere but this type of living condition, a roof over their heads, was something people craved for. Especially those that lived from going from place to place. Jungkook continued forward, not stopping until he heard voices coming from the other side of a room. He looked around the hallway before trying the doorknob. When he saw that it turned, he smirked. It wasn’t even a second that Jungkook entered, eyes scanning the room.



“Who the hell are you?!” Came a shout before Jungkook grabbed the man by his neck, forcefully twisting it with his steel arm. Blood spurted out everywhere, some landing on his face and clothes. He didn't care though, Jungkook only wanted every single Skull Fighter dead. The sound of another voice made Jungkook turn. There was another man, eyes wide as he stared at the man then at Jungkook’s hand that was covered in blood. He yelled with disgust before he raised his gun, firing without hesitation.



Without thinking, Jungkook moved his steal arm, blocking the shot before he surged forward, punching the man as hard as he could. Successfully bashing his face in. Blood dripped from the man’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. And before long, the man laid dead on the ground. Jungkook groaned, steal hand moving from the bloody corpse. He looked over at his steel arm, eyes scanning it to make sure the bullet didn't do any damage.



Jungkook found the bullet lodged in between the steel plates of his forearm. He took it off, throwing it onto the ground before he grabbed the man’s gun, going back to his prior task, searching for Silvia. It was going to be hard to find her, especially since this place was huge. Hopefully, luck will be by his side.

















Jimin had his bow and arrow strapped around his hips, two pistols on either side of his holsters. He also had two interesting daggers inside either boot. On his way out of the room, he also came across two black hatchets. The two were both nicely made and felt really sturdy. “Might come in handy” Jimin said, grabbing them both with its own holster that strapped from his back. He once again made his way out of the room, checking both sides before he completely exited, silently running behind cover.



‘I have to find Jungkook.’ Jimin said, making sure to keep his eyes in his surroundings. As quiet as he could, Jimin climbed up a large staircase, going all the way to the top. He didn't know how many rooms were in this palace but he had to do his best to find where Silvia was. That was his priority, his main goal. There were footsteps quickly approaching, by the sound of it, two people.



Jimin nodded his head and took a deep breath, reaching over to his daggers, ready to attack. He waited until the footsteps sounded close enough to come out of his hiding spot, instantly stabbing the man closest to him. “What the hell?!” The other man said before he too was stabbed in the neck, blood spilling everywhere. Jimin quickly cleaned the dagger on the man’s clothes before he quietly ran towards where the men came out of.



Placing his ear on the door, Jimin could hear voices. “I don't care what we have to do! We’re going to protect this place no matter what! Get all the men you need and protect the bridge.” The voice of a woman answered him, a voice Jimin recognized in an instant. “And leave this place unattended? No, this place holds priority.” “So what’re we going to do then? Let them take the bridge and be stuck here like the ones in Washington?!” Jimin frowned, eyebrows furrowing. ‘The ones in Washington? Are the crows not able to leave Seattle?’ Jimin couldn’t ponder on the thought since there were now footsteps approaching the door.



Quick in his steps, Jimin ran over to a conveniently large statue. He held his breath when the door opened, the two voices walking out to the hall. “If you’re so worried, have everyone by the clock’s entrance but no one is leaving the palace, understood? The minute they get in here, it’s game over.” “Yes ma’am.” The man said before he left the hall. The woman let out a sigh before she turned around and walked the other direction.



Without hesitation, Jimin ran into the room, sliding under the table before he hid behind an odd sofa. He waited, hoping that Silvia would come back into the room. With luck on his side, Silvia returned, but she wasn’t alone. Jimin felt his blood boil when he saw her and a man came in drinking a bottle of wine. That man was no stranger, Jimin recognizes him. He felt the anger raise up in his body just by looking at this man.



This man, the man before him, was the same man that tortured him. The same man that took advantage of him. He was also the very same person that pulled the rope that cut off Jungkook’s arm. Jimin hated Silvia but at this moment, Jimin couldn’t wait to see the man before him yell and beg for mercy. “You panicking?” He said, a smirk on his face. Silvia tsked before she shook her head. “Why would I be?” “Gee, I don't know? Maybe because this attack could be done by them dynamic boys.”



Silvia laughed at that, eyes rolling. “Please, you seriously think this is done by them? If anything, maybe one of them, Lee’s son. The other is probably long gone, dead.” Jimin clenched his fist, trying to suppress the want to come out and kill her on the spot “Oh? Why so sure?” “Seriously? The boy was bleeding to death thanks to you. He barely had any light in his eyes before those stupid Russian came along.”



The man hummed before he took a gulp from the wine in front of him. “So you think it’s the Russian?” “Has to be, who else? We’ll take them though. There weren’t many to begin with.” The man let out a laugh before he sat down on a chair, feet raising to lay on top of the table. “And what would happen if the dynamic boy really is here? What would you do?” Silvia turned to him, surprisingly silent for how big she was talking earlier. “That’s not going to happen.”



“But what if he does? Huh? He wasn’t that bad off when the Russian’s came for him. Yeah, one could be dead but one's surely alive and most likely with those men out by the bridge, fighting. He was the most experienced from the two. He was the one our group feared most from the two. What’re you going to do if he comes for you? What’re you going to do if he comes here to get his revenge?” The man smirked, an amused look on his face when Silvia all but sat on a chair adjacent to him.



“Then I’ll fight him.” The man let out a loud laugh, head tilted back. “You?! You’d be the first to cower if he was here. Do you remember when we barely got them? You wouldn’t go into their cells unless there were people with you. You’re scared of them aren’t you?” Silvia once again rolled her eyes as she grabbed her cup of wine. “Please, scared? Get real.” “Oh but you are. You’re scared that he’ll come and end you like they did with Lee and Noah.



I mean, why wouldn’t you be scared? And after he takes care of you, he’ll go after Oliver. Hopefully he’s smart enough and not try to provoke him.” The man sighed and smiled towards Silvia, hand reaching over to touch her chin. “Cheer up, I’ll protect you.” “Why don't you protect yourself. You're as guilty as I am. I may have kept them here and tortured them but you decided to make the stupid choice to touch one. And the cure of all chooses! I told you not to touch him and you did.



You could’ve tainted the cure if we weren’t sure that you didn't have any disease in you.” The man laughed once more, standing up with a groan. “Whatevers, it doesn’t matter anymore now does it?” “Where are you going?” She said when he walked over to another door in the room. “What’s it look like? To take a dump.” Silvia sighed with disgust as he entered the door, closing it behind him.



Jimin glanced at the door, waiting to make sure the man wasn’t going to come back to silently stand up. Silvia’s back was turned to him, hands locked together in worry. She was nervous, Jimin could tell she was. Jimin felt proud that he struck fear in the Skull Fighter’s body, he was proud that he could make them feel nervous and anxious about their lives. He heard Silvia let out another sigh, back slouching on her chair. Jimin quickly glanced around the room, spotting the rope that was used to hold the curtains together. As silently as he could, he grabbed them and made his way towards her.



She was moving her head in circles, eyes closed when Jimin placed his hand on her mouth, pistol touching the side of her head silvia gasped, eyes widening in fear. Jimin let out a soft giggle, face moving closer to her ear. “Looks like today isn’t your lucky day.”
















Jungkook was lost. Of course he was, this place was huge. He had found a staircase earlier but the place seemed to have been evacuated. He saw loads of people run downstairs, all with weapons on hand. With a frown, Jungkook didn't know if it was a good idea to follow them or continue onward to look for Silvia. In the end, Jungkook continued to the top of the stairs. From there, he searched each and every door from one side to the hall and found literally nothing.



They were all large empty rooms, some even had tents and sleeping bags inside. There was also a room filled with food and supplies but that wasn’t his objective at the moment. They can worry about that when all of this was over. Jungkook walked over to the other side of the hall, now checking this side when he heard a loud sound. It was the sound of a door opening and slamming shut.



He waited until he suddenly heard gunshots coming from a particular room. He ran towards it, instantly opening the door. He was ready to fight if he had to but as soon as he entered, he stopped. There, he saw Jimin, gun aimed towards a person that was now on the ground, clutching his leg. In front of him was a woman tied to a chair, eyes wide when they landed on him. Without a word, Jungkook closed the door, locking it.



The man that was on the ground looked up at the sound, eyes widening when he saw who walked in. “You?. . . how’re you alive?!” Jungkook glared at the man, remembering his smug face, the last face he saw before he went unconscious all those years ago. Silvia began to yell but since she was gagged, all that came out were unreadable sounds. “I’ll take him.” Jimin knew that no matter what he said, Jungkook would do what he wanted. So instead of saying anything, he nodded his head.



Yes, he wanted revenge towards this man too but he knew that Jungkook resented this man a lot more than he probably did. So he let him, he let Jungkook deal with this man. Jimin knew that Jungkook would be able to take revenge for the both of them. He gave him one of the hatchets, knowing Jungkook would appreciate it. Jimin then brought his attention to Silvia, who was now squirming, trying to break free from her restraints. “You must be surprised. You thought you could end the Dynamic duo. . . and let me tell you what, you could’ve but you choose not to.



Because of you, because of your sick enjoyment of torturing us and keeping us alive for all those years, Jungkook and I were able to escape and come back to finally look you in the face. Finally be able to fight you, equally.” Jimin walked closer to her, putting the pistol back into it’s holster. He didn't want to kill her with a gun. No, that was just too merciful. He wanted her to feel the exact pain they felt. He wanted to show her the extent that they suffered.



Jimin pulled out one of hatchets, showing it to Silvia. He smiled when her eyes widened a lot more than they did before. “You thought you were the best leader when you caught the Skull Fighter’s most wanted enemy but in reality, you didn't do shit. You had the advantage, you had an entire country, hundreds and hundreds of soldiers under you yet, when we fought back, when we were able to fight equally, the Skull Fighter's lost. . . again.”



Jimin raised the hatchet, bringing it down with force, purposely missing her and hitting the chair’s handle, close to her hand. Silvia yelped loudly, eyes closing tightly. Tears began to fall from her eyes, breathing rapidly increasing. “You should’ve killed us when you could. Now, now you’re going to feel what we did.” Behind him, Jimin could hear the painful yells of the man. He turned to find Jungkook on top of him, steel arm around the man's arm, holding him still with his leg on the man’s back. Jungkook had the other hatchet raised up before he brought it down, making the man scream loudly.



As much as he wanted to see the man in pain, he couldn’t help it but look away when the hatchet landed on the man’s body, between his arm and shoulder. Jimin knew exactly what Jungkook was doing. He was taking that man’s arm just like he did to him. “Please stop!!” The man yelled when the hatchet was raised up once again, landing in the same spot when Jungkook brought it back down, not stopping until he got through the bone.



There was anger and fire in Jungkook’s eyes. So much so that it almost scared Jimin. ‘Don't intervene, don't intervene.’ Jimin kept repeating in his head. He turned back to Silvia when he heard the chair fall, a breaking sound following it. Jimin widened his eyes when he was pushed to the ground, a piece of the chair being thrown at him. “You stay with him!” Jimin told Jungkook before he stood up, grabbing the hatchet before he ran after Silvia when she took off.



She was yelling for help when she ran through the halls. She was sobbing in fear, body moving as fast as she could but she wasn’t fast enough. Jimin reached her, immediately pushing her down to the ground. He placed his hand on her mouth, straddling her before he lifted the hatchet in the air. “This is for everything you did!” Jimin brought it down, hatchet landing on the side of her neck and shoulder.



“For what those bastards did. . . for what they did to me!” Jimin felt the anger raise up the more he spoke. He didn't know if it was because he was finally getting his revenge or if he was reliving everything in his mind in this very second but he felt tears well up in his eyes. “This is for what you did to my brother!!!” He yelled, tears now falling onto her lifeless body. He was covered in blood, his face and body was covered in red but he didn't care. Jimin kept bringing the hatchet down over and over again. He was fully sobbing when he felt a hand on his shoulder.



He turned back, ready to defend himself when he saw Jungkook, face also covered in blood. Jimin couldn’t help but to let everything out. He cried, he cried like he should’ve cried when they saved them. He cried like he’s never cried before. He let everything out that he’s been keeping in the entire time. Everything that he hid, everything that he tried to bottle up was all let loose. He wanted to hug Jungkook, he wanted to hug him and tell him how much he loved him, that he’s sorry.



All of this happened because Jimin took the decision to leave, to leave their family and friends, to take revenge that now seemed meaningless. Jimin looked up at Jungkook, seeing the emotionless expression that never left his face. . . all because of everything that has happened. ‘Because of me. . .’



“It’s done.” Jungkook said, bringing Jimin out of his current state. Jimin took a deep breath, closing his eyes when he let it out. It was done, it was finally done. They can go back home, they can finally travel back now that they killed Silvia. “Y-Yes. . . it’s done.” Jimin stood up on shaky legs, eyes still red from crying. The two were about to leave when the door across from them was pulled open, a loud yell coming after.



Jimin looked over and the first thing he saw was a gun. Without much thought, he ran over and tackled whoever had the gun. The gun slide over to the other side of the room, unreachable to the both of them. Jimin reached towards his boot, quickly grabbing his dagger. He raised it but as soon as he saw the person under him, he stopped. “It’s a kid.” Jimin said, eyes wide. There, in front of him, was a boy no older than thirteen.



He was crying, body shaking with fear. His shirt was tucked to one side, revealing the boy’s shoulder. ‘He’s bitten. . . but it doesn’t seem fresh.’ Jimin looked back up at the boy, eyes meeting his. “What’s your name?” The boy was slightly confused by the question but instantly responded in fear that Jimin would kill him if he didn't speak. “Peter. . . my name is Peter.”


Chapter Text



“Jimin!!” Jimin turned around when he heard his name, only to groan when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. “Peter? You’re going to squeeze the breath out of me.” He replied with a chuckle. “I uhm, I have something to ask you.” Peter said shyly, fingers twiddling with each other. “Oh? And what’s that?” Peter took a deep breath before he looked up at Jimin, pouting. “Yokav said that they’re planning to leave soon. . . and I uhm- I don't want to leave. Can I. . . can I stay with you?”



Jimin was shocked to hear that Yokav and the others were already planning to leave but before he could question Yokav, he had to reassure Peter. “Of course you can stay here, there’s no doubt about it.” “But what if the others don't want me to stay?” Jimin chuckled softly before he brought Peter into another hug. “Then you’ll stay with me, Sophie, and Yoongi. You’ll live with us. Don't worry, you’ll be fine.”



Peter seemed relieved at his words. Jimin ruffled his hair before he looked up, seeing Jose and Mary approach them. “Is it really true? You’re leaving?” Jose glanced at Mary before he looked back at Jimin. “Yeah, it’s true. You should probably talk with Yokav, he’s still deciding when we should pack up.” Jimin let out a sigh before he nodded his head. He made his way towards the house they were staying in, finding Yokav and Tania inside, talking. The door was surprisingly wide open.



Anyone who passed by could easily hear and see the inside without a problem. “Sorry for interrupting.” Jimin said, knocking on the open door before he entered. “No, you’re not interrupting anything.” Tania said with a smile. “Why is the door wide open?” Jimin asked, eyebrows furrowed. “Well, we’ve always ran a bit hot so having it open lets the breeze in.” Tania responded. Jimin hummed as he looked over to Yokav.



“Hey, can I ask you something?” Yokav nodded, waiting patiently for Jimin to ask away. “Is it true that you’re all planning to leave already? Why didn't you tell me?” Yokav raised his eyebrows when he saw Jimin’s expression shift to one of sadness. He suddenly felt his throat run dry. He didn't know if it was because Jimin looked genuinely sad that they were leaving or it was because in reality, Yokav didn't want to leave his side.



Tania looked from Jimin to Yokav, deciding it was best to let Yokav and Jimin speak on their own. Yokav sighed once he was alone with Jimin, eyes looking down to his lap. Jimin took the initiative and sat down next to him, body tilted to face him. “Yokav. . . why didn't you tell me that you were planning on leaving so soon?” Yokav stood silent for a bit before he looked back up at Jimin. He gave him a smile before he placed his hands on Jimin’s.



“We agreed that we were only going to help you and Jungkook here, to Seattle, since you helped us along the way.” “But that didn't mean you had to leave so soon. You can stay a bit longer.” Jimin replied with a frown. He didn't want them to leave. They were his friends, the people he connected with all these years. If they were to leave, Jimin didn't know how he’d feel. It would be strange to not be together after spending four years with them.



“Jimin, this is your home. . . not ours. Tania, Kazimir, and I have to return to Russia. Mary and Jose decided to go back to Alabama instead. They seemed to quite like it there.” Jimin’s shoulders slouched, feeling a bit bummed that they were leaving but it was true, everything Yokav was saying was true. “When are you planning on leaving?” Jimin asked softly. “In a week. We need to find our route back. Since we’re heading to Russia, we don't know if it’s best to get a boat or a ship and sail there and have Mary and Jose go to Alabama on foot.”



“You’re separating?” Jimin asked, eyes wide. He thought all of them were going to go to Alabama first before going back to Europe. Hearing that they were separating only made Jimin nervous. “It’s a long way back to Russia if we go the same route we did. It’ll be easier that way.” Jimin let out a sigh as he nodded his head. “I guess you’re right but. . .” He took a deep breath before he slouched on the sofa, head leaning on the back of it.



“I’m really going to miss you guys.” Yokav smiled and squeezed both of Jimin’s hands, eyes looking straight into his. “And we’re all going to miss you. . . I’m  going to miss you.” Jimin’s eyes met his, slightly widening when he saw that Yokav had a look he’s never seen before, eyes slightly glazed. “Yokav?” He asked “Are you ok?”



“Yeah it’s just. . . it’s going to be weird not being with you and Steel, it’s going to feel. . . empty. We’ve been together for four years, all of us. It’s going to be quite hard.” Jimin squeezed his hand back, wanting to reassure him that everything was going to be alright when there was a knock at the door. “Sorry-” Tania said, eyes moving from their locked hands then back to their faces. “Seokjin needs to speak with you, Heart.”



Jimin nodded, giving her a thankful smile before he stood up. “We’ll talk later.” Jimin said, eyes looking at Yokav. Yokav nodded and watched as Jimin left, leaving him alone with Tania again. He glanced at her when she let out a sigh, a disapproving look on her face. “So you didn't tell him. . . again.” Yokav exhaled loudly, eyes rolling before he turned his back to her. “Don't start Tan.”



“Don't start? Really!? I’m just looking out for you. . . all I want is your happiness. And I know Jimin is it.” Yokav shook his head, trying his best not to lash out at Tania like he did before. He knew that she was only telling him these things because he cared for his well being. Why wouldn’t she? They were childhood friends after all. “Yokav. . . I know you more than anyone. I’ve known you since we were kids. You don't just like him. . . you love him.”



Yokav turned his head, eyes looking into hers but he didn't say anything. He couldn’t deny it but he couldn’t admit it either. “Why won’t you say anything to him?” Tania asked when she saw that Yokav was staying silent. “There’s no reason to.” Tania tsked, once again shaking her head. “Bullshit, there’s a giant reason as to why you should tell him.” Tania quickly ran over to him, grabbing his arm when he tried to walk away.



“You’re happiness is one of them. Oh, and that’s not all. I may not know Jimin well but I do know that you’re the only one from all of us that he looked at a certain way.” “Tania, that’s enough, stop.” Yokav moved his arm away, only to stop when Tania grabbed it again, this time harder than she did before. “No, I’m not going to stop! Because I know that you care for him. I know  that he might have feelings for you too. Why can’t you see it? Yokav, I’ve seen the two of you spending a lot more time together than anyone else.



Why? Why can’t you-” She was going to continue to argue when Yokav suddenly lashed out, eyes glaring at her. “Because it’s not true! He doesn’t have any feelings for me. He looks at me differently because he sees me as a best friend, as someone he trusts! So please stop telling me this! Please stop- . . . stop giving me hope.” Tania felt her chest hurt when Yokav sat down on the sofa, right elbow on his knee, hand rubbing his nose bridge.



Tania sighed and kneeled down in front of him, only speaking when Yokav looked back up at her. “I know you don't want to hear it but. . . why would I be saying all of this without a reason? Yokav, if Heart didn't have feelings for you. . . then why did he let you kiss him?”



“What?” Both Yokav and Tania turned their heads, eyes staring at the new voice in the room. Yokav’s eyes widened when he saw none other than Yoongi standing by the doorway. He had his eyebrows furrowed in anger and confusion. He stared at Tania before his eyes moved towards Yokav, stare changing into a glare. “You kissed him?” “It wasn’t like that-” Yokav tried to explain but Tania quickly interrupted.



“Yes, he kissed him. And Jimin didn't push him away.” Yokav turned to her, confused as to why she would say that. “No, that’s not how it happened and you know that-!” “Then how was it then?!” Yoongi yelled as he walked towards him, hands grabbing onto Yokav’s shirt tightly. “Tell me! Before I beat the shit out of you!” Yoongi not only felt anger but betrayed. Did Jimin really kiss Yokav? Did he. . . cheat on him?



Yoongi was about to move his hand to make into a fist but stopped when he heard a voice. “I’d let him go if I were you.” Yoongi turned his head, eyes meeting Tania’s, she had a stern look on her face. Yoongi then heard footsteps behind him. He turned his head to see Kazimir and Jade, both wearing a frown. Yoongi let Yokav go when Jade touched her pistol that was secured on her holster. “Enough, all of you. Stand down.” Yokav said, eyes looking at all of them. “This is a conversation between him and me.”



Yokav looked back at Yoongi, Yoongi was still full on glaring at him. “Let me explain everything that happened. It wasn’t like how Tania said it was.” Tania tsked, opening her mouth to speak but stopped when Yokav gave her a glare. “Yes, I kissed Jimin but he it wasn’t his fault. I caught him by surprise and it was over by the time he realized it. I know right now you’re probably feeling hurt and betrayed but believe me when I tell you, Jimin didn't betray you.” Yoongi frowned before he turned back, instantly leaving the house.



“Yoongi. . . wait, Yoongi!” Yokav yelled, trying to stop him from leaving but Kazimir and Jade stopped him, telling him that it wasn’t a good idea to try to talk to him now. Yokav let out a loud exhale before he turned to look at Tania. “Why did you have to say that?” “It needed to be said. By his reaction, Jimin didn't even tell him. It’s good that he knows now. Better now then later.” Yokav tightened his hands into a tight fist, angry but mainly at himself. “Can’t you see that because of me, Jimin is going to lose all the happiness he had!



Because of what I did. . . because of that stupid mistake I did. . . he’s going to lose everything.” Everyone stared as Yokav dejectedly walked over to a room, slamming the door shut. He felt helpless, he didn't want this to happen. All he wanted was Jimin’s happiness regardless of whether he, Yokav himself, was unhappy in the end. “What am I going to do?” Yokav asked, breath coming out uneven. “I’m sorry Jimin. . . I’m so sorry.”













Yoongi walked into his house, slamming the door as soon as he entered. He instantly walked towards the kitchen, feeling his hands jittery, heart beating rapidly. He didn't know how to feel, he didn't know how to act or how to respond. Why would Jimin do that and not say anything? Why did he keep it a secret? Yoongi felt his leg move up and down rapidly, hands moving to rub his temples with his fingers.



He waited and waited, the only thing he could do was think. ‘Jimin wasn’t capable of that. . . right?’ Yoongi’s attention was drawn towards the door when he heard it open, it closing softly a little later. Yoongi was sat still, eyes never leaving the kitchen doorway until he saw Jimin enter, a frown on his face. “Yoongi? Are you okay?” He asked, eyes looking all over Yoongi’s face. Yoongi was frowning, an almost angry look in his eyes. “Yoongi? What happened-?” “Is it true that you and Yokav kissed?”



Jimin’s eyes widened, eyebrows raising. “What?” “Is it true that you kissed him!?” Yoongi asked again, voice raising. “Did Yokav tell you that?” Yoongi scoffed, eyes rolling as he leaned back in his chair. “Does it matter who told me!? But if you must know, it was Tania.” Yoongi replied angrily. Jimin sighed before he walked forward, eyes locked onto Yoongi’s. “I didn't kiss him, he kissed me.” “But you let him do it, you didn't push him away. And you kept it hidden!” Jimin closed his eyes before he took a deep breath.



“He caught me off guard-” “Bullshit.” Yoongi quickly added, making Jimin frown deeply. “Look, I’m trying to explain!” “Well you’re not explaining good enough. You let him kiss you and you didn't even tell me. When was it huh? Was it when you were back in Europe? You thought I wasn’t going to find out that you cheated!” “I didn't cheat.” Jimin responded seriously.



“Yes, you’re right, I should’ve told you but I never cheated on you! Yokav was bit when we were in England, he thought he was going to die when he kissed me.” “Oh, he was going to die? Well that makes everything so much better then. He can kiss you all he wants if he’s dying.” Yoongi said, voice laced with pure sarcasm. He stood up and walked in front of Jimin. “If someone else you see is dying, you’ll just let them kiss you huh? Is that what you did to Eric when he died?!” Jimin widened his eyes, chest filling with anger.



“Did you? Huh!? You let Eric kiss you too-!” Yoongi’s mouth instantly shut closed when he felt a sharp sting on his right cheek, a loud slapping sound resonated through the entire kitchen. Yoongi had his head slightly tilted to the right because of the impact. He turned his head to look at Jimin, who now had anger in his eyes. “Eric died saving us. If it wasn’t for him, Jungkook and I would still be under Noah’s control. If it wasn’t for him, Noah would’ve done a lot worse than a burn on our skin.



And just like Eric, Yokav helped us. Yokav rescued us from the Skull Fighters. He and the others helped when Jungkook was destroyed when he realized he lost his arm. He went back for us when we separated before we arrived to Alabama. It was because of him, that we are here now! So don’t you dare taint either of their names because of your anger. Yes, Yokav made a mistake by kissing me and he’s apologized for it more than I can count but I forgave him.



I forgave him because of everything he’s done for me and my brother. If there’s anyone you should be mad at, be mad at me.” The room was left silent as both Jimin and Yoongi stared at each other. Jimin’s eyes were slightly watery but the angry look on his face didn't leave a single second. “You don't get to be angry.” Yoongi said before he turned around and sat back down on the kitchen chair.



Jimin stood silent as he watch Yoongi let out a sigh, elbows resting on top of the round kitchen table. It was after a minute of silence that Jimin opened his mouth to speak. “Yoongi-” “They’re leaving. . . aren’t they?” Yoongi interrupted. Jimin nodded his head, allowing for Yoongi to continue talking. “Are you going with them?” Jimin frowned at that, surprised why Yoongi would even ask that. But before he was able to say his answer, Yoongi look at him, dead in the eye, with a serious expression. “You should go with them.”



“What?” Jimin asked. He was left stunned at Yoongi’s words. Yoongi was looking and talking to him like he used to, when the two didn't like each other years ago. “Yokav once told me that you loved being free. . . that you’d much prefer to be able to roam wherever you wanted to go. He asked me if I would ever let you go if you did want to leave. I didn't know what I’d say if you ever did choose to leave but now, now I do. You can go.



Go with them, since it seems like you prefer being with them than being here.” Jimin stared at Yoongi’s face, eyes searching to see a lie, a hesitation. . . but found none. Yoongi was staring at him with hatred, a look he remembers seeing in the past. Jimin wasn’t one to beg so all he did was look away, taking a deep breath before he looked back into Yoongi’s eyes. “Fine.” Jimin didn't see when Yoongi’s eyebrows raise when he turned around to leave. Jimin didn't see Yoongi slightly stand up when he left the front door.



Yoongi sat back down when the door slammed closed, the whole room being left in silence. He leaned his head down, mind thinking on what to do when he saw a figure stand in front of him. Yoongi looked up, face falling when he saw Sophie. “. . . Sophie-” “You told him to leave.” Sophie said, making Yoongi close his mouth. He let out a loud exhale before he looked back up at Sophie. He opened his mouth to speak but Sophie spoke instead. “If he leaves us, if he leaves again. . . it’ll be all your fault.”



Sophie turned around and quickly ran out the door, not giving Yoongi enough time to stand and stop her. Sophie ran towards the other’s house, searching for Jimin but when he arrived, he saw all of them in the living room. “Where’s Jimin?” Sophie asked when they noticed her. Yokav turned and frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “What do you mean? Did something happen?” Sophie stared at him, involuntarily glaring at him. “No” She replied before she turned back. This time, she made her way towards the place Jimin has been teaching her how to use the bow and arrow.



She was relieved that Jimin didn't look for Yokav when he left but she was still worried. Would Jimin really leave? Would he leave them again? Sophie quickly made it to the training ground, inhaling and exhaling when she arrived. Her eyes were frantically looking around the area when they landed on someone’s back. It was Jimin, his body was leaning on a tree, head tilted upwards. Quietly, Sophie walked towards him, stopping when she was only a couple steps away.



“Jimin?” She heard Jimin sniffled before he turned to look at her, giving her a soft smile. “Sophie. . . what’re you doing here? T-there’s no training today.” Sophie frowned and wordlessly walked closer, hugging Jimin tightly. “I was. . . at home. . . when you two fought.” Jimin felt his breath stutter when he exhaled but all he did was tighten the embrace. “Are you leaving? Are you going to leave us again?”



Jimin let out a wet chuckle before he shook his head. “No, never. I’m never leaving you and Yoongi again, I promise.” Sophie let out a relieved exhale, body relaxing when she felt Jimin’s warmth. “What. . . what happened? I heard of a kiss but-” Jimin stood silent before he looked down at her. “Would you listen to me. . . if I told you?” Sophie nodded her head, waiting for Jimin to speak, staying completely silent when he did.















*One Year Ago*



“Shit, there’s too many of them!” Mary yelled. They were in the middle of the battle with the Skull Fighters. Jade, Jimin, and Jungkook just went towards Big Ben. “We’re outnumbered.” Tania said, eyes moving towards Yokav. “What’re we going to do?” Yokav looked at their surroundings, trying to find a way out or a plan to defeat them suddenly, there was a loud screech.



“Infected!!!” They heard people yell. “Shit. . . fall back!” Yokav screamed, the others did just that. They ran and hid when they heard another loud screech, a screamer. Yokav signaled the others with his hand to stay quiet when infected all but ran towards the bridge. Shots were being fired, the Skull Fighters trying their best to fight off the infected. ‘If they don't kill the screamer, the infected will just keep coming.’ Yokav thought as he peeked out, eyes scanning around them.



There were loads of infected everywhere, all yelling and running. Some fell dead on their spot, a bullet to the head whilst others kept running. By the sound of it, some were able to bite a few Skull Fighters. As much as the infected was practically helping them, they couldn’t stay here with the screamer still alive. Unlike the other infected, they were smarter. It’s eyesight and earshot was sharper than the rest.



“We have to get a move on.” Yokav whispered, making the others nod their heads as they followed behind Yokav. He kept constantly looking over, making sure the screamer wasn’t looking before he continued to crouch behind from one car to another. They stopped when they heard another loud scream, the screamer drawing more and more infected in the area. ‘Shit. . . we have to take him out.’



“What the hell are you doing?!” Tania whisper yelled when Yokav grabbed his pistol, aiming it towards the Screamer. “I have to take it out, we won’t be able to leave with it alive.” He whispered back. Yokav took a deep breath, steadying his hands before he pushed the trigger, effectively shooting the screamer in the head. “Yes! You did it!” Mary whisper yelled with happiness. The others seemed to be relieved as well, that was, before they heard a groan to their right.



“Yokav!!” Tania yelled when a stalker appeared out of nowhere. It was too fast, way too fast for Yokav to respond when it surged forward, knocking him down to the ground. He hissed as it tried to move its head closer to Yokav’s body, doing it’s best to bite him. It yelled when it was being shot but it didn't stop trying to bite him. At last, Yokav found an opportunity to crawl away, turning his body so he could get away from it as best as possible when the stalker grabbed his leg, grazing its teeth under his knee.



“Yokav!” Kazimir yelled, running to pull the stalker off, grabbing a dagger, stabbing the stalker over and over again in its neck. He pushed him off when it laid limp. Everyone turned their heads from the stalker to Yokav when he groaned in pain. He was sitting up, hands quickly moving to raise his pant leg to reveal a bite. “No. . . no no no no!!” Tania yelled, kneeling in front of Yokav, who seemed as shocked as everyone else.



Everyone stood silent, not knowing what to do. Yokav was bit, and soon, they’ll have to end him before he too turns into a stalker too. Yokav exhaled shakily before he looked at the others. “Come on, we have to clear out the others.” “Yokav-” Jose said, trying to stop him when Yokav shook his head. He stood up with a groan before he glanced at each and every one of them, a serious look in his eyes. “I have two hours to turn. Until then, we’ll clear out the infected and make a safe path for Jimin, Jade, and Jungkook to come back.”



The others stared at him as he grabbed his gun, reloading it before he walked over to another cover. Tania sighed, eyes feeling watery. She couldn’t believe it, Yokav was bit. As much as she wanted to sit around and cry about it, Yokav was right. Their task right now is to make a path for the others to come back. She sniffled and stood up, eyes looking at the others. They all had frowns on their faces, all seemingly sad. “Come on, what’re you waiting for? You heard the boss, let’s make a path.”




















Jimin stared down at the boy who said his name was Peter. He looked frightened but honest. “He’s immune.” Jungkook said, making Jimin look up at him. He was by a desk inside the room, a file on his hands. “He got bitten two months.” Jimin looked down at the boy, now moving back, away from the boy. The boy, Peter, seemed confused when Jimin suddenly moved away from him. Was he not a danger to them now? Jimin walked over and took the file from Jungkook, seeing the boy’s information. “He has his immunity in his lungs.” Jimin turned the pages and surprisingly found a sheet about his immunity. “How they did get all of this?”



“That’s not the only thing they got.” Jimin turned to look at Jungkook, eyes widening when he saw that Jungkook had two vials, one was completely empty but the other had a very recognizable liquid. “The cure. . .” Jimin grabbed the vial, confused as to why they had the cure in the first place. How did they get their hands on it? “Hey! That’s Silvia’s!” The boy yelled. Jimin turned to him, frowning when the boy was plainly glaring at them.



“She made it herself! With her friend!” “She lied to you kid, she didn't do this cure, she stole it.” Jungkook replied. “No. . . that’s not true! Silvia said that her friend sacrificed himself for the cure to help people. She said that I was going to help people too!” Jimin tsked, shaking his head softly. “She lied, everything she said to you was a lie. She’s a Skull Fighter, an enemy to everyone living in this infected world.” Both Jungkook and Jimin turned to look at each other when they heard a loud explosion.



Jimin’s eyes widened before he ran towards a nearby window. “Someone set off a bomb.” He said when smoke was raising from the bridge. “We should go check up on the others.” Jungkook nodded and they both walked out of the room, into the hallway. Jimin turned to look at the boy who stood completely still. With a sigh, Jimin signaled him to follow. “They’ll hunt him down and use him too if we don’t take him.” Jimin said when Jungkook gave him a look.



Jungkook didn't say anything but by his expression alone, Jimin knew that he didn't like that idea. Peter was too scared to even fight back when Jimin grabbed him, pulling him to follow behind when they ran across the halls and down the staircase. They made it to the last floor, immediately hiding when they heard shots being fired. Jimin and Jungkook peeked out, seeing the Skull Fighters shooting infected that ran towards them.



“Guess the explosion drew them near.” Jungkook whispered. The two crouched down and carefully walked towards cover, Peter silently followed behind them as well. “We should take the ones on this side before we make our way towards the others.” Jimin said. He didn't get a response from Jungkook but he knew he agreed. Jimin looked over at Peter, waiting for him to look up at him. “Stay behind us and don't make a sound, got it?” Peter nodded his head before Jimin moved again. He watched Jimin shoot at not only infected but at people he’s talked to before.



He didn't know how to feel about that. Truth be told, Peter wasn’t exactly treated the best but Silvia did say she was going to help him help other people. Were these really bad people? Silvia did adopt him a few weeks ago but he wasn’t treated how he thought he’d be treated. He thought he was going to a family. Instead, he was forced to stay in a room and go through ongoing tests. “Come on, move move!” Jimin whispered yelled, breaking Peter out of his haze.



He quickly followed, yelping when a loud explosion was heard near them. “Get your head down.” Jimin said, pushing his head to duck behind the car they were behind. Not a second later, bullets hit the metal of the car, making a loud clank sound. “We gotta get to the other side of the bridge, any ideas on how to do that?” Jimin asked Jungkook. Instead of responding, Jungkook tilted his head, pointing towards Big Ben. Jimin looked over and was surprised to see Jade inside one of the Skull Fighter’s trucks, hotwiring it.



“Looks like we got our get away.” Jungkook said, making Jimin smile, he grabbed onto Peter’s wrist before the three ran towards Jade. she smiled when she noticed them. “Good to see you guys without bullets in you.” Jade’s eyes then landed on Peter “Who’s the kid?” “Long story, I’ll explain when we’re in safety. For now, we have to find the others and get out of here.”



“Then hop on.” Jimin, Jungkook, and Peter got onto the truck, Jimin and Peter on the backseat whilst Jungkook was in the passenger. “Don't forget your seatbelts cause this is going to be a bumpy ride.” Almost instantly, Jimin placed his hand behind Peter’s head, making him lean down so that his head wasn’t in view. The act surprised Peter, he barely met Jimin and Jungkook and somehow, he felt like Jimin wanted to protect him even more than Silvia and the Skull Fighters ever did.



Jade drove past some infected, running them over alongside some Skull Fighters. “Woohoo!” Jade yelled before she laughed loudly. Her enthusiasm made Jimin remember Jungkook and his reaction whenever they rode a car at high speed. This time, Jungkook didn't seem to be responding at all. He was just staring through the window, shooting anything Jade didn't run over. “Hold onto your guns boys!” Jade yelled before she rammed the truck head on to the cars that were blocking the way.



Unfortunately, they had to leave the truck when they reached the gates. “Come on, let’s reach the others!” Jimin got out of the car, helping Peter out before he quickly ran towards the nearest cover. He looked over and watched Jungkook and Jade do the same on the other side. There were a lot more infected here than by the palace but thankfully, it seems like there were few Skull Fighters left over.



There was no hesitation, Jimin, Jungkook, and Jade all began shooting. They could see the others fighting off on the side too. “They’re here!” Tania said when she spotted them. The signaled them over and ran alongside them, choosing that hiding was the best option. There was too many for them to take down. So instead, they let the infected deal with the Skull Fighters. They ran through the alleys, silently running as far as they could. When they thought they were far enough, they entered a building, making sure it was clear before relaxing.



Everyone was panting, all out of breath. Jimin glanced at each and every one of them until they landed on Yokav. He looked visibly paler, eyes hazed like he was dizzy. “Yokav? Are you okay?” Jimin asked but when he walked over to him, Yokav took a step back, putting his hand in front of him to stop him. “Don't come any closer.” Jimin frowned, not understanding why Yokav was acting like this. “What? Why’re you-” He stopped talking when he saw the other’s reaction, almost all of them looking downward to the ground, a sad look on their faces.



“What’s going on?” Jimin asked, immediately getting worried. He looked at Yokav, eyes trying to search for what could be the problem. Yokav sighed, eyes closing before he pulled up his pant leg. Jimin’s eyes widened when they landed on the evident bite mark on his leg. “I was bitten, it won’t be long til I turn. Till then, I’ll help all of you get as far away as possible and before I turn. . . I’ll end it.”



“Wait. . . how did you-” Jimin spoke but Tania answered before he was able to finish asking his question. “A stalker, it. . . it caught us off guard.” “It’s best that we get a move on. That way, Yokav has enough time to help us to-” Jimin shook his head rapidly before he turned to look at Jungkook. Jungkook seemed to have known exactly what he was going to say since he reached in his pocket, pulling out the vial.



“What’s that?” Kazimir asked, eyebrows furrowing. “That’s Silvia’s cure.” Peter said, making everyone furrow their eyebrows. Jimin snickered before he grabbed the vial, showing it to everyone. “This is the cure to the infection.” “A cure?” Jose asked, immediately intrigued. “Wait, but the boy said it was from Silvia’s. How do we know that’s going to work?” Mary asked, a little skeptical.



“It's not Silvia's and it’ll work.” Jimin replied but was instantly questioned by Tania. “And how do you know that?” Jimin turned to her before he glanced at everyone else. “Because it came from me.” Jimin pulled up his left sleeve, showing the bite he got a long time ago. It was fully healed but a small mark remained. Everyone except Jungkook’s eyes widened at the information. Even Peter’s eyes were wide open. He couldn't believe that there was someone else like him.



“I got this this four years ago.” Jimin then proceeded to take off his jacket and unbutton the top of his shirt, pulling it down so that his right shoulder was exposed. “And I got this a year after, by clicker.” Jimin raised up the vial again, eyes moving towards Yokav. “This is my cure and I know it’ll heal Yokav. I just need you to believe me.” Jimin turned to look at Peter, making everyone else look at Peter too.



“He is the same, he has the cure in his body too.” Jimin then walked over to Yokav again, placing his hand on his. “Please, let me inject you before it’s too late.” Yokav stared at him before he looked up at the others. Jimin could tell that he still looked skeptically. He couldn’t blame them since he’s sure none of them have ever heard of anyone that was immune. In the end, Yokav nodded his, giving Jimin permission to do so.



Jimin sighed with relief but Yokav’s words made his smile turn into a frown. "In case it doesn’t work, I want to be locked in somewhere. And I want someone to be ready to end it if I do turn.” “You’re not going to-” “I know Jimin” Yokav interrupted, eyes looking straight into his. “I just. . . I don't want to turn into one of those things.” “Then I’ll be there with you. I can’t get infected so what better person than me.” Jimin replied with a nod.



The others didn't seem to believe that there was a cure but wanted to try it out. They trusted Jimin and they wanted nothing more than Yokav surviving. That’s where Jimin found himself now. He was in a barricaded room with Yokav, who was laying on the ground. His body was much more weaker, skin alot paler. The dark circles under his eyes was much more prominent now that his skin was lighter than before.



The stalker’s virus was traveling faster, Jimin realized. He needed to inject Yokav quick, before it was too late. Jimin took the vial, that luckily had a covered needle in the end and immediately injected it into Yokav’s arm. He winced when he felt the needle but stood completely still. “There, it’s done. The cure should be working in an hour.” Yokav opened his eyes, not realizing he had closed them and stared into Jimin’s eyes. He felt his vision go slightly blurry, his mouth and throat felt dry.



He felt like he couldn’t move his body at all. He felt like. . . he was dying. ‘Is this what dying feels like?’ Yokav asked himself as he continued to stare at Jimin’s side profile. Even now, even now after all this time he’s spent with him, after everything that has happened, even in his dying moment, Yokav couldn’t help but stop and stare at Jimin. He wondered if maybe he would’ve met Jimin in different circumstances, would they end up together? He’d like to think so.



Jimin wasn’t really paying attention to him since he was putting a cloth over where he got bit and tied it around his leg. But he did turn his head when he heard Yokav call out his name. Before he knew it, Yokav’s hand wrapped around his neck, pulling him forward. Jimin’s eyes widened when he felt Yokav’s lips on his. He moved back, wide eyes staring back at Yokav with surprise. His surprised look was what made Yokav realize what he did.



He was so stuck in the moment, he didn't realize when his body moved. “Yokav. . . I don't-” “I know and I’m sorry. I know you have someone you love, I know you have an entire life in the states. . . I just-” Yokav closed his mouth, eyes closing before he opened them again. “I just didn't want to die without regrets.” “Yokav. . . you’re not going to die. The cure will heal you.”



Yokav let out a soft chuckle before he leaned his head on Jimin’s lap, closing his eyes again before he exhaled softly. “It sure feels like I’m dying.” Jimin exhaled, thinking it was best to talk to Yokav about this when he was better. “Rest, I’ll wake you in an hour. That’s when we’ll know that it worked.” Yokav hummed softly, not having the strength to do anything else. His eyes closed unwillingly and before he knew it, he was fast asleep, body no longer able to stay awake.



When Jimin noticed that he was asleep, he slouched his shoulders, eyebrows furrowed. ‘What am I going to do about this?’ Jimin looked down to Yokav’s face, wondering what went through his head when he did what he did. Yokav is his best friend, Jimin would feel terrible if he found out that Yokav had feelings for him. He sighed and lifted his hand, moving the hair out of Yokav’s face. “I’m sorry Yokav, I truly am.”






















Jimin hummed, placing a kiss on Sophie’s temple. “I didn't cheat on your dad, everything just happened so fast.” “I know that he’s alive and all but. . . what happened after?” Sophie asked. She now had her head on his shoulder as she listened to Jimin speak, both of their hands were intertwined together. “Well, after the hour mark, he got better. The others came back into the room and was relieved when they saw that Yokav was alive and well.



They finally believed in the cure. I didn't get to speak with Yokav about the kiss until we were out of London. He was still weak and it was dangerous to stay near by the Skull Fighter’s base. We spoke when we were back at Dover, before we sailed back to France.” “Why didn't you sail straight to the U.S from England?” Sophie asked with a confused pout. “The boat was on the shores of Dover and there wasn’t enough fuel to travel all the way back so our only option was to sail back to France.



It wasn’t all that bad though, Jose knew someone with a cargo ship in Lisbon, who kindly gave us a ride over to Virginia. Of course, it did take us months to get there since we had to make a few pit stops. Any who, Yokav explained that. . . he didn't know what came over him but he was sorry. Especially since he knew that I loved another. I felt terrible when I saw his sad expression. But I couldn’t do anything about it. I have you and Yoongi and there was nothing or no one that would stop me from finally seeing the two of you.”



Jimin moved his hand under Sophie’s chin, moving it so that their eyes could meet. “Sophie. . . do you. . . believe me?” Sophie stared into his eyes before she nodded her head, giving him a soft smile. “I believe you. Dad might not be able to forgive you right now but. . . I know one day he will. When you were gone he was so sad. When he told you to leave, I don't think he meant it.” Jimin gave a chuckle before he hugged Sophie, placing his head over hers. “Yeah, I know Sophie. . . I know.”





Chapter Text





*Six Months Ago*



“As much as I love the sea air, nothing beats the city.” Jade said in a sarcastic tone. Mary laughed, rolling her eyes. “Relax, we’re almost there. Right Jimin?” Jimin nodded his head but stood quiet. Yokav, who was walking next to Jose, turned his head to glance at him, only to find him looking around the area. They’ve been distant since that incident and Yokav just wishes he could take back what happened. More than anything, Jimin was his friend. Losing him in a romantic interest was bad enough but not talking to him as a friend? Was worse. He felt someone elbow him lightly and saw Tania giving him a certain look. “I’m fine.” Yokav said without much reassurance.



Everyone noticed Jimin’s and his separation and most of them asked them about it. The two just said that they were tired but Yokav only told the truth to Tania. How could he not? She’s his childhood friend. She already knew or suspected his feelings towards Jimin so why not confide in her? These last few months was a pain but they all made it through and was now making their way to Alabama. “Look, there.” Everyone turned to Jimin when he pointed towards a sign. It read: Atlanta, Georgia.



“We only have a few more miles to go.” “Should we rest soon?” Kazimir asked, glancing at Jimin. He and Jungkook were the only ones who knew the U.S better than anyone else so they obviously knew where to go. “No, it’s best to keep going and rest in Dallas. It’s much closer to Fort Payne.” Everyone nodded their heads and kept going. That is, until they arrived at the center of the city. There, buildings were collapsed into a large deep pool of water. Too deep for them to cross.



“How in the hell?” Jade looked around, trying to find a way through. “How’re we going to go through here?” Jimin looked around, seemingly finding a way through the buildings. “That’s too dangerous, look at them.” Yokav said, pointing at the closest one. “They look like they’ll collapse at any moment.” “We have no other choice.” Jimin responded without looking at him. Jose sighed and looked over at Jungkook. “Keep you arm up, make sure not to get it wet because once it does, it will fail you.



You won’t be able to use it, understood?” Jungkook nodded his head at the information. “Okay, let’s go. Peter, stay close to me.” Peter nodded his head and did what was told. Over the last few months, Jimin and him got to talking and he realized how similar he and Jimin was. Jimin was nice and caring, even though they were practically strangers. He would always put his life on the line for others and that was something Peter admired. He couldn’t help but think that he wanted to be just like Jimin when he got older.



Soon, the others started entering a building that had a huge gap in between it’s walls. They went slowly, especially when they were crossing from building to building. One in particular, was leaning on another building, both connected by a single window that had to be leapt over. They were at the sixth floor at this point so looking down was completely terrifying. “Just don't look down okay?” Peter nodded, taking a deep breath before he summed up all his courage.



He jumped, relieved when he felt Jimin grab him, pulling him onto the building. “Go to the hall with the others.” Peter nodded and did as told. Jimin waited for Jungkook to jump since he was the last one. Jimin felt anxious. Not because he thought Jungkook wasn’t going to make it but because with one slip up, one wrong move, Jungkook could fall into the water. Since it was water, he wouldn’t get hurt but with his arm, it could be hard for him to swim up to shore. Jimin once heard Jose say that Jungkook’s arm was heavy, which was one of the reasons why Jungkook was in pain most of the time.



He was glad when Jungkook finally jumped, landing safely on the floor. “Come on, let’s go.” Jimin said as soon as they got to the hallway. They were trekking down stairs when they heard a groaning sound, followed by a clicking sound. “Get down!” Jimin whisper yelled. The others instantly did as told and stood quiet, hiding behind thrown snack machines. Jimin peeked over, cursing when he saw the total of three clickers walking around. There were also about five infected roaming around them. “Shit, clickers.” Jimin whispered towards the others.



Yokav took the chance to look at them, eyes widening when he saw their features. Their entire face was covered in a thick layer of plates. Jimin placed his finger on his lips, signaling the others to stay completely quiet. He then reached over to the nearest thing he can grab, a rock, and threw it as far across the room as he possibly can. The clickers and the infected all yelled, instantly running towards the noise.



Jimin pointed his chin for them to go over to the door, towards the fire exit. Jimin and Jungkook let the others go first, wanting them to be safely over before they made their way towards them. Unfortunately, Peter made a sound before they were able to make it inside. “Shit, just go, run! We’ll keep them distracted!” Jimin yelled, making the clickers and infected concentrate on him. “But-” “Just go!” Jimin yelled when Yokav tried to follow. Jimin and Jungkook then both ran towards the stairs, going the only other way they could, up another level.



Jimin grabbed his pistol, stopping to shoot behind them, bullets aiming at a clickers head. He kept shooting until Jungkook passed him. Because of his arm, he was slower than before but still fast enough to outrun the infected. The sounds they were making attracted even more infected, making it even harder to outrun them. Not wanting to bet on it, Jimin made sure to shoot as many as he could before he ran after Jungkook, entering a room when Jungkook kept the door open. As soon as he was inside, Jimin closed the door whilst Jungkook grabbed something to barricade it.



“Shit, we have to find a way out.” Jimin said once the door was sealed shut. Jimin looked around, not finding anywhere to go. There was no other door, no fire escape, no nothing. Nothing but a large window. “Shit shit shit!” Jimin yelled when the infected started hitting the door, almost fully pushing it open. “What’re we going to do?” Jimin asked, looking towards Jungkook. Jungkook stared at him before he looked out the window, down to the streets below.



“We jump.” “What?! Are you crazy! You can’t touch water, and we don't know what’s down there!” Jimin yelled, eyebrows furrowed. “There must be another way.” “There is no other way! We have to jump!” Jimin bit his bottom lip, not knowing what to do. The loud banging of the door made him look up, eyes widening when he saw that the infected were successful in opening the door. “There’s no other choice!” Jimin turned his head, eyes wide when Jungkook jumped through the glass, shattering it.



“Jungkook!” Jimin didn't hesitate to jump in after him. He felt a gust of air surge through him, his eyes watered as he felt his body fall. He watched Jungkook land in the water first before he did. In the distance, he heard his name being called but that was all drowned out by the sound of rushing water coating his ears. Everything felt like it went so fast. His body was being pushed from side to side, his lungs were starting to hurt alongside his eyes. He had to close them before quickly opening them again when he felt his body being tugged by something.



He saw an infected pulling on his leg, dragging him further down. Jimin kicked him in the face as hard as he could until the infected finally let him go. Jimin then swam up, surprised at how deep the water was. He took a large intake of air as soon as his head was over the water. His lungs burned, throat stinging but it felt good to breathe. Jimin rubbed his eyes before he looked around him, not knowing where they landed.



Jimin momentarily closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before he opened them again, looking for Jungkook. “Jungkook?” Jimin asked when he didn't see him anywhere. “Jungkook?!” But there wasn’t a reply. Jimin felt his heart pick up, chest filled with worry. He took a deep breath and submerged himself underwater, hoping Jungkook wasn’t down there. He still had to make sure. He kept swimming, going back up to take another deep breath of air before he quickly swam down again.



He continued swimming until he saw something in the corner of his eye. He quickly swam towards it, realizing it was a body. Without hesitation, Jimin pulled it up, gasping for air as soon as he reached shore. He pulled the body up, hoping it was a random body he pulled up. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Jimin widen his eyes when he saw that it was Jungkook. “Jungkook?” He said, hands immediately moving to his neck. “He’s not breathing. . . no no no, Jungkook!” Jimin quickly pulled him higher, placing his head straight before he placed both hands on the center of his chest.



“Come on come on.” He repeated, not stopping. After awhile, he placed his ear over his chest, not hearing anything. “Please Jungkook. . . please don't leave me!” Jimin yelled before he opened his mouth, taking a deep breath before he blew into him, trying to get Jungkook to breath. It was only after he went back to press his chest again that he saw his shirt was covered in blood. He frowned and lifted his shirt, seeing that he had a piece of glass on his lower abdomen.



Jimin let out a sigh but continued with the CPR. He needed to get Jungkook breathing before he could do anything else. “Please Jungkook. . . please.” Jimin moved to blow into Jungkook again, taking deep breaths before he repeated the action. It was after a minute of continuous chest pressing when Jungkook finally reacted. Jimin felt his breath get caught up when Jungkook coughed up water, body immediately moving to the side.



Jungkook moved back to his back, groaning in pain. “J-Jungkook. . .” He moved his head and met Jimin’s eyes that now were visibly watery. “Oh god. . . J-Jungkook.” Jimin instantly hugged him, ignoring when Jungkook hissed in pain. “Don't ever fucking d-do that again!” Jimin’s arms wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulders, neck pushed under his chin by his neck. “I thought. . . I thought I lost you. . .” Jungkook stood still when he felt Jimin’s shoulders move up and down. “Jimin, we have to look for the others-” Jimin shook his head, holding tighter. “Just. . . just a bit longer.”



Jungkook could feel Jimin's hands grab onto his wet shirt, scrunching up the fabric. He could hear Jimin sniffle but he never let go. It didn't seem like he was ever going to let go. Jungkook felt like it was a good five minutes when Jimin finally moved back. He didn't notice that Jimin was practically on top of Jungkook, both legs on either side of him. Jimin wiped the tears from his cheeks when he sat back, on top of Jungkook’s legs.



Jimin sniffed once more before he looked up at Jungkook. “You’re h-hurt” He said, pointing towards Jungkook’s stomach. He pulled his shirt up, revealing the glass on his lower abdomen. Jungkook groaned before he tried to sit up, stopping when he noticed that he couldn’t move his right arm. “Does it hurt?” Jimin asked, hands moving to touch it but before he could, Jungkook grabbed his hand, stopping him. “It’s fine.” He then looked towards the wound. ”It isn’t that deep.”



Jimin nodded as he looked back at the glass. “We can pull it out but you’ll bleed more. I think we’ll have to leave it there and find something to stitch you up first.” Jungkook exhaled before he nodded his head. He leaned back down, closing his eyes softly. “No, don't. We have to get up and find a place to go before sundown, come on” Jimin stood up and did his best to help Jungkook stand. “I’m sorry.” Jimin said when he hissed loudly. “Come on, we have to find a place to stay.”



















It was surprisingly warm, his clothes didn't feel wet and cold anymore. Jungkook opened his eyes, frowning when he didn't remember when he actually closed them. He looked at his surroundings, surprised to see that he was inside a house, a fire was on not too far from him. Next to the fire, was Jimin. He had a pot in his hands, holding it over the fire. Jungkook looked down to his chest, seeing that he was shirtless, a blanket covering him up to his collarbone. “Jimin.” Jimin turned when he heard his name, smiling when he noticed that Jungkook was awake. “You up, I’m glad.”



“What happened?” “You passed out half way, I had to drag you here, sorry. Oh and I found some soup, you should eat up. We wre lucky enough to find a first aid too. It had some Penicillin and some bandages, needle and thread. That’s why you’re shirtless. You’re ripped by the way, when did that happen?” Jimin asked before he poured some soup onto a bowel. He placed it on the ground before he helped Jungkook sit up, back leaning on the wall behind him.



“Here” Jungkook tried to grab the bowl but stopped when Jimin moved the bowl away. “Open up.” He said, moving the spoon to his mouth to blow it before he moved it in front of Jungkook. “Seriously?” Jungkook asked, an eyebrow lifted. Jimin rolled his eyes before he gave Jungkook a stern look. “Open up.” He said again. Jungkook sighed before he opened his mouth, allowing Jimin to place the spoon into his mouth. “I never spoon fed you huh? Not even when you were younger. It’s kinda fun.” Jimin said with a small smile. Jimin moved the spoon closer to Jungkook’s mouth again before Jungkook gave him a look.



“Jimin, I’m not a kid. I can feed myself.” Jimin’s smile fell, eyebrows furrowing. He placed the spoon down, eyes moving downward. “I know, it’s just. . . I want to do things for you. . . like before. I know you don't need me anymore, I know you can do a lot more stuff on your own now but seeing you. . . lifeless like that. . . I felt useless. I thought I had lost you.” Jimin placed the bowl down, moving his hands to grab onto Jungkook’s. “It hurt. . . it hurt so bad. I thought you were gone. I thought my baby brother was gone.



It felt like a part of me was ripped out, like something was taken from me.” Jimin’s eyes were red and coated when unshed tears when he looked up into Jungkook’s eyes. “I don't ever want to lose you Jungkook. If I ever thought I knew what fear was like. . . it couldn’t compare to what I felt today. So please. . . let me be around you. Let me do things for you even though you don't need it. Humor me. . . at least until I know you’re going to be okay.”



Jungkook didn't know what to say. He’s never seen Jimin like this before. He’s never seen him look so destroyed. Hearing Jimin speak somehow made Jungkook think about the old times. When it was only the two of them against the world. How they were willing to do anything for the other, to sacrifice everything for the other's well being. Back then, no one mattered, not Yoongi, not Taehyung, no one but each other. Of course, now it’s different but the memories will never leave him. It was Jimin who practically raised him.



It was Jimin who made Jungkook who he was today. Jungkook felt his chest clench, throat seizing up but he didn't say anything. Instead, he nodded his head, relieved when a soft smile appeared on Jimin’s face. Jimin grabbed the bowl of soup again and began to feed Jungkook again. This time, Jungkook didn't hesitate to open his mouth whenever Jimin offered him another spoonful. Once the soup was done, Jimin helped him lay down again.



Only then did Jimin grab a bowl of soup for himself. “Where do you think the others are?” Jungkook asked, trying to make conversation. He wasn’t one for conversation anymore but hearing the constant flicker of the flames was slightly annoying him. “I’m not sure but we did say were were heading towards Dallas. We’re not too far from there actually. Hopefully we can run into them on our way over. For now, you should get some rest. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning if you can walk.” Jimin replied.



Jungkook nodded and did his best to get comfortable. It wasn’t long til he fell asleep again. He didn't know if it was an hour or two later that Jungkook woke up. It was dark but it was still warm. He looked around once his eyes adjusted to the darkness and saw Jimin sleeping right next to him. It’s been a very long time since Jungkook had slept next to Jimin. Seeing him close by like they used to was nostalgic.



If he could, Jungkook would move slightly back. Even though Jimin was laying on his left side, he still wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt him with his right arm. Then again, he can’t really move it. With not much else to do, Jungkook tried his best to once again fall asleep.















“We’re close by, we can make a pit stop soon okay?” Jimin said with a grunt. Jungkook was able to walk but only barely. Since he couldn’t move his arm, it felt twice as heavy than it usually was and he still felt the sting in his lower abdomen, where Jimin had sewed him up. With much reluctance from Jungkook’s part, Jimin was helping him walk, Jungkook’s arm over his shoulder. “God, how much I wish we can run into Jose. I need him to fix this already.” Jimin let out a soft sigh at Jungkook’s frustration.



They were lucky enough to be out of the ‘water zone’ but they found themselves much more south than they’re supposed to be. They saw infected around the area but stood away from them since they couldn’t exactly defend themselves properly at the moment. They kept it on the safer side, staying low and quiet. It wasn’t long til they made it to Dallas. Upon arriving, they saw a sight that made the both of them sigh with relief. “Heart! Steel!” Jade came running to them, relieved to finally see them.



Her smile left however when she saw that Jimin was helping Jungkook walk. “What happened?” “We’ll talk once we’re indoors. Where’s Jose?” “In here, come on.” She said, wanting to help too but stopped when Jungkook declined her offer to help him with his right arm. They entered a small house, and was immediately bombarded with people once they came in. “Jimin! Oh thank god that you’re okay.” Peter said, a smile on his face.



Jose instantly stood up, taking Jimin’s place and helping Jungkook to sit on the sofa in front of them. He then walked over to his arm, inspecting it. “Sorry, we uh, sorta kinda got it wet.” “Yeah, we know. We saw you two jump off that huge building. Are you two crazy?! You could’ve gotten yourselves killed!” Jade said worriedly. She then proceeded to smack the two of them upside their heads. “Ouch. . . sorry.” Jimin said again. He then looked up towards the door when he heard something drop.



His eyes met Yokav’s and Tania’s. Tania instantly brightened up, walking towards Jimin and hugging him tightly. “You’re okay, I’m glad you’re both safe.” She said before she walked over to Jungkook. She didn't hug him but she did pat him on the shoulder. Jimin smiled at her before his eyes moved back to Yokav. He was stood still by the door, a relieved expression on his face. He took hesitant steps towards him, letting out a sigh when he was only a few steps away from him.



“I was. . . I was so worried when I saw you-” Yokav closed his mouth, closing his eyes as well as he took a deep breath. “We’re alright. . . thank you guys for worrying.” Jimin said to everyone. He looked back at Yokav, seeing that he was hesitant in doing something. He tilted his head, giving Yokav a questioning look. “Can I. . . can I hug you?” Yokav said, not sure if it was okay. Jimin at first hesitate but thought that Yokav was still his friend, so why not? At Jimin’s nod, Yokav instantly hugged him tightly, tighter than Jimin has ever felt.



He almost felt bad for making everyone worry, especially Yokav, who seems to have worried the most. “I’m going to have to get you some new parts.” Jose’s voice grabbed everyone’s attention. “It’s going to take awhile but we need to somehow find them.” Jungkook leaned his head back with disappointment. He didn't want to waste anymore time. They were so close to Seattle yet so far. “Where do you think we can find Steel?” Kazimir asked.



“Maybe Bryan will know. We just need to get to Alabama and then we’ll think about what to do.” Jose nodded, “There’s no other solution since I don't know where else to find it. If we were in Spain, I could easily get some for you but for now, we’ll just have to rely on this Bryan.” “Who is this Bryan anyways?” Jade asked with a frown. “He’s like our uncle I guess, he’s been with us for as long as we can remember.” Jimin responded with a distant smile. “Are you sure he’s going to be there?” Mary asked this time.



“Well. . . I really hope he is. Otherwise, I don't know where else to go for Steel.” Jose said with a sigh. Jungkook nodded, he really did hope Bryan was there. Not only because of the steel but because he actually wanted to see him. He was close to Bryan, he was there for them whenever they needed him. He really hoped he was there.
















It was half a day when Jimin and the others arrived to a large body of water, smaller than the one in Atlanta. “A lake” Jose said once he looked around the area. “How far til we get there?” Jade whined. “Who knows, anyone have a map we can use?” Kazimir said, making Jade roll her eyes. “We shouldn’t be that far now. I just don't know where to go from here.” Jimin said the last bit softer than the rest. Jose and Kazimir helped Jungkook sit on a boulder whilst everyone else decided to look around, not straying too far.



Jimin did the same and walked around the lake. It was nice and quiet. It seemed as if all he infected were cleared off but just in case, Jimin made sure to keep his pistol with him at all times. There were houses nearby but they all seemed vacant, all except one of them. He saw movement inside through a window. He ducked and was about to warn the others when he heard the crunching of leaves near him. He instantly pulled his pistol out and aimed it to his right, finding someone with a weapon already pointed at him.



“Don't move.” It was a girl, probably younger than he was. Jimin didn't back down though, he hesitantly glanced back towards the others, glad that they noticed her too and were pointing their weapons at her too. “Whoa whoa, Heather! You can’t just aim your gun to people without talking to them first.” A man who seemed to be in his late forties said. He walked over to the girl and placed her hand on the weapon, lowering it. Jimin did the same but kept his pistol on hand. “Come on dad! They could be the enemy!” The girl responded.



“Oh come on now, it’s just a-” The man looked at Jimin, truly looking at him before stopping, eyes widening. “Wait. . . Jimin? Is that you?” Jimin furrowed his eyebrows before raising them. “Bryan?” The man smiled widely before he walked over to him, bringing Jimin into a tight hug. Everyone nearby was left shocked but didn't say a word. “Look at you, you’re getting old.” Jimin let out a chuckle before he turned back to the girl. “You have a daughter now.” Bryan laughed before he ruffled his daughter’s hair. “Her name’s Heather. Any who, where’ s Jungkook?”



Jimin smiled softly before he guided him towards the boulder that was slightly farther than where they were. Bryan had a smile on his face until he saw Jungkook or more like his arm. “Oh Jungkook. . .” He said once he realized what must’ve happened. Jungkook looked up at him before looking down to the ground. Bryan walked closer, kneeling in front of him. He then placed both his hands on either side of Jungkook’s face raising it up so that he could look at him in the eye.



“What happened, my boy? What did they do to you?” “It’s. . . a long story.” Bryan nodded softly before he moved forward and hugged him. Jungkook hesitated but later wrapped his left arm over Bryan, giving him a side hug. Jade and the others were surprised by the action but Jade decided to tease him later. “Come on, I have a car we can use to get to the base.” Jimin tilted his head with confusion “Base?”





On their way to Fort Payne, Jimin and Jungkook found out that Bryan started a base or a colony of his own. Not only did he have a daughter, he was happily married. When they arrived to said base, they were surprised to see huge sturdy walls all around the small city. When they came close to it, the gates opened, letting everyone through. See Bryan again was so exciting, the car ride, however, wasn’t as pleasant.



The entire way, Bryan’s daughter, Heather, and his men was constantly staring at Yokav and the others. Jimin thought they’d be staring at him and Jungkook but instead, they were staring at them with a look of distrust. “They’re friends that helped us in Europe.” Jimin said when Bryan asked about them. “Europe?! You two went to Europe?” Jimin smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah.” “You’ve got to tell me all about it but first, how about you guys get something to eat and some rest.”



“Food and your shelter is much appreciated.” Yokav said with a thankful smile, “If Jimin and Jungkook both say that all of you are to be trusted, then I trust you. These boys are like my own kids.” Bryan said with a proud smile as he looked at both of them. “Yeah, daddy’s told me all about you two.” Heather added on. Jimin learned that Heather apparently grew up hearing about them so she instantly trusted them when she found out who they were.



“Who’re these lovely folk?” A woman with blonde hair said. Bryan walked towards her and placed his arm around her waist, pulling her forward in a gentle manner. “This here is Tina, my wife.” Jimin instantly stood up and gentle bowed at her. “It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am.” Jungkook couldn’t stand but he also bowed his head towards her. “Oh would you look at that, you two are quite the pair.” “Tell me about it, I’ve never once seen them do that.” Jade said with a frown.



Bryan laughed but then ruffled Jimin’s hair. “You two did the same when I met you all those years ago. Guess things never change.” “Well you’re you.” Jimin replied. “Ouch.” Jade added with a mock hurtful expression. Bryan laughed before he placed his hand on Jimin’s and Jungkook’s shoulder.



“Here, I want to show you the base.” Jimin and Jungkook both followed him towards another gate that was beyond the first one, this one seemed less reinforced than the first one. “Open the gates!” Bryan yelled and upon hearing him, the gates were pulled open. Jimin and Jungkook’s eyes widened when they saw what laid behind the gate. There, in front of them, was a city that looked more like a town. There were houses all over the place, lights connecting each one, shining the path forward.



There were loads of people, all working or simply hanging out. Children laughed and played as they ran towards a certain house further in. It was quite a sight, something Jimin and Jungkook hadn’t seen in so long. “It’s beautiful huh? I never thought that I would be able to see something like this or even be a part of this.” Bryan said with a proud look on his face. Bryan then turned around when he heard someone clear their throat. “Sorry but I just needed to ask you something important.” Jose said, bringing everyone’s attention towards him. “Yes?”



“I was wondering if you have steel.” “Steel? Why do you need steel?” Tina asked this time. “Well you see. . .” Jimin started but stopped when Jungkook signaled his arm. “I have to repair it.” Jose added. “Oh. . . yeah sure. Do you need something else? We have a whole workshop you can work in.” Jose smiled gratefully before he nodded his head. “That’ll be great, thank you.” “Good, I’ll take you there now if you like. Tina will guide you to an empty house where you can all stay for the time you’re going to be here.” Bryan said.



Everyone thanked him before they followed Tina. All except Jungkook and Kazimir. The two followed Jose and Bryan into the workshop. Jimin was going to follow them too but Tina then spoke to him, drifting his attention to her. “Jimin, right?” She only continued when Jimin nodded his head. “Bryan has told me so much about you and your brother. It’s insane the things you two have gone through.” Jimin sighed, smiling softly. “Yeah, I admit, we’ve been through alot but all those things made us what we are now.”



“Well, you can believe me when I say that I trust in the two of you. You two and your friends can stay as long as you want. If you need anything, just ask me.” “Thank you Tina, really.” Jimin replied. They only just got there but he already knew that he liked this place alot.


















“This is the workshop, you can use anything in here if you like.” “Thank you so much.” Jose said gratefully. Jungkook and Kazimir looked around the room, seeing the entire room made of wood. There were tools everywhere, a lava burner on the other side of the room. “This place is quite something.” Kazimir said with an impressed nod. “Took us awhile but once this place was done, it was a good use for all of us-” Bryan suddenly stopped when Jungkook hissed, left hand moving to touch his right shoulder.



“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly. Jungkook nodded before he looked up at Kazimir. He instantly knew what he was asking for. “Sorry kid, I ran out.” “Ran out of what?” Bryan asked with a frown. “Cigarettes, Jungkook uses them to relieve some of the pain.” “It doesn’t help though.” Jungkook added before he slowly sat down with Kazimir’s help. His arm felt like extra weight since he couldn’t move it at all and the pain on his shoulder felt like if someone was pulling on his bone and skin.



“Why not use painkillers?” “It doesn’t help.” Jose answered Bryan’s question. “We’ve tried to find a replacement that can help but we had no luck.” Bryan thought for a while, humming before he looked back up at Jose. “I think I might be able to help but it’s risky.” He then led Jose and the others to another room, one that was under lock and key. As soon as they entered, they were taken by surprise.



Inside was full of rows and stacks of plants. It looked like an indoor garden but it surely wasn’t everyone’s usual type of garden. “Is this. . . what I think it is?” Kazimir said, wide eyes looking into Bryan’s with hope. “It is, these are our cannabis plants and before you say something outrageous, we only use this for medicinal purposes. There are some pain that just can’t be relieved with painkillers so we decided to start this. Only a few people are allowed to come here since we don't want people to use this for it’s. . . actual ability.” Bryan turned to look at Jose “Do you think this can help him with his pain?”



“I’m sure it can. I can maybe use it as a form of injection.” “You must be careful though, since he’s new to it, we don't know how he’ll react to it when it kicks in.” Bryan warned with a stern look. “Are you sure you can handle it?” Bryan asked, eyes moving to look into Jungkook. “As long as it takes away the pain, I’ll do anything.” “That bad huh?” Jungkook nodded at Bryan’s question, making him sigh. “Well, I’ll let you get to it then.”



“Thank you.” Jose thanked again before he patted Jungkook’s back. “You should get some rest and check up that wound.” “What wound?” Bryan asked with furrowed eyebrows. “I kinda got impaled by a piece of glass, Jimin already stitched it up though.” Jungkook pulled up his shirt. Showing his bandaged torso. Bryan shook his head before he looked back up. “Is there anything else I should know? Is Jimin hurt too?” Bryan was expecting expecting him to tell him of another incident but was glad when he got a shake of the head. “Alright then, come on. Let me take a look at those wounds.”


















There were birds chirping when Jimin woke up the next morning. It was warm and peaceful. He had to admit, he hadn’t slept this good in a long time. He groaned as he stretched, feeling good when his bones cracked. He sat up to look around the room, admiring it’s décor. This was the first time in a long time that Jimin’s slept in a room by himself. He also had a different set of clothing. He was so used to sleeping and being in the same clothing for long periods that he kind of forgot how it felt to use warm fresh clothing.



After getting ready for the day, Jimi stepped out of his room, into the living room. Tania and Jade were already sitting on the sofa, both with hot cups of coffee on their hands. “Good morning.” Jimin said when he was closer to them. “Good morning it surely is. This is crazy, being here feels like a luxury.” Jade said before she drank another sip. She had a few biscuits lined up next to her cup.



“Tina came here earlier and gave us a few snacks. She also showed us how to use the stove here.” Jimin frowned, tilting his head with confusion. Jade chuckled, rolling her eyes at him. “Russian stoves are a lot different than nozzle stoves, trust me.” Jimin let out a soft chuckle before he looked around, realizing that the house seemed rather empty aside from him, Tania, and Jade. “Where’s Jungkook?” “He’s out with Jose out by the workshop. Kazimir and Mary are with Bryan doing something for Jungkook, I don't really know, and Yokav is with some workers.



He felt bad for receiving all of this that he offered to help around. Jade and I are relaxing for a bit before we go and join him.” “Ah, I see.” Jimin replied. “What’re you going to do?” Jade asked this time. Jimin hummed, before he smiled at them. “I’ll go ask Tina if she needs help with anything. I also want to look around, go and see more of this place.” “It’s great isn’t it?” Jimin nodded, it truly was. He’s never felt safer in a place before. Though he knows perfectly well that it’s never right to let their guards down at any moment but for now, he’s willing to.



He made coffee for himself and ate a bit of biscuits before he left the house in search for Tina. on his way out, he saw three familiar faces. “Scott? Marcus? Travis?!” “Jimin!” The three said in unison. They dropped whatever they were doing before the three instantly hugged him. “Oh my god, how long has it been!” Travis yelled. All four of them had huge smiles on their faces when they all backed away from the hug. “It’s been too long.” Jimin replied.



“It sure has, where’s Jungkook? And the others, Jin, Namjoon, Katie, Louis, Kara, and Jay?” Marcus asked a look of excitement on his face. “Don't forget about that Eric guy, that old Skull Fighter who turned out good.” “I honestly don't know. . . I hope they’re all okay. Jungkook is in the workshop and-” Jimin frowned, now looking at the floor. “-Eric and Kara are. . . they’re not with us anymore. It’s been over four years now.” Marcus, Travis, and Scott’s smile fell.



“Oh. . . wow, that’s-” “By your reaction, I can tell you guys haven’t had any communication with them at all.” Travis sighed before he nodded his head. “Not much, I mean, someone from the Crows did come by like four years ago or so to give us some vials with the cure.” “But we didn't really know him that well.” Both Travis and Scott said. “They said Jin sent it but they didn't really say anything else.” Jimin felt quite sad when he heard them.



He couldn’t believe that none of the two groups tried to communicate with each other at all. If anything, having Bryan’s team and the Crows together could benefit them. “Well, at least we know Kara and Eric are in a good place.” “Yeah” Jimin said with a heavy heart. He wasn’t able to see or say goodbye to Kara before she died but he hoped that she was in a better place now. “Do you know where Tina is by the way?” “Oh, she should be by the power plant. It’s down there to your right.” Jimin watched towards where Marcus was pointing before thanking them, immediately making his way over.



He wanted to repay them for helping him and the others. They’ve done so much for them and it’s only been a single day.
















“So you’re saying, I have to be without an arm again?” Jungkook said, tone low. He was laying down on a makeshift bed that was made from a table and a cloth, a pillow under his head. “Yeah, but it’ll only be for a day or two. I need to work on your arm and with it attached to you, it’ll be difficult. Besides, I’m sure you feel it way heavier than normal and we wouldn’t want anything opening up now would we?” By Jungkook’s silence, Jose knew that he didn't like the idea of being armless again but it had to be done.



He carefully and gently removed the steel arm. Jungkook hissed and pain, body tensing when he felt a strange sensation on his shoulder blades. “Alright, I’m gonna need you to take a deep breath okay? This is going to hurt.” Jungkook nodded and did his best. “Alright, ready? One. . . two. . . three!” He tried to hold it in but the pain was just too much. Jungkook felt his whole body scrunch up in itself, legs bending, back arching with the immense pain that surged throughout his entire body. He screamed louder than he remembers screaming.



He could feel the veins in his neck and forehead come out as he tried to take the pain. “A little more, keep holding it.” Jungkook’s left hand grabbed he sheets under him, scrunching up the material. He curled his toes, unable to stop his body from squirming, wanting to get away from the pain. In the distance, he could hear the door opening and closing before he felt someone right next to him, giving him instructions. “Bite onto this son, come on.”



By the voice, he could tell it was Bryan but he couldn’t say anything to him. He felt a cloth being placed by his lips so he quickly did as told and bit onto the cloth as hard as he could. Thanks to that cloth, his screams were muffled. His entire body felt like it was being immersed in sweat as the pain continued but once Jose was done, the pain was gone too. Jungkook took large intakes of air, chest rising up and down as he took deep breaths through his nose.



“There we go, breath. . . breath.” Bryan kept repeating over and over again. Jungkook didn't realize it until now but Bryan had his hand intertwined with his. He was still holding on tightly, even now when everything finally passed. “Sorry Kook, it had to be done.” Jungkook nodded before he spit out the cloth from his mouth. “It’s. . . it’s okay.” “You’re feeling okay now?” Bryan asked. His face was laced with worry, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Jungkook’s face.



Jungkook nodded as his body finally relaxed, head leaning back on the makeshift bed. He could still feel the lingering tingle around his body but it was so subdued, it wasn’t compared to the actual pain he was feeling earlier. “Do you need water?” Jungkook shook his head but Jose responded for him. “Yes please, he should drink a lot right now, thank you.” “Yeah no problem, I’ll be right back and then we can talk about the medication.” Jose nodded and gave him another thanks before he left the room.



Jose then took Jungkook’s steel arm towards another table before he walked back to him. He now had a wet cloth, slowly dabbing it on Jungkook’s sensitive skin. He hissed but didn't move until he felt Jose start putting a bandage. He sat up and helped him roll it over his arm. Jose tightened it and helped him put his shirt back on. “Alright, that should do it. It’s going to continue hurting for awhile but it should feel better within an hour. Also, don't worry if you see blood on the bandage. Don't touch it and don't let anyone touch it, understood?



There’s a few wires connected to your nervous system there and there’s also a small rod that’s screwed into your collarbone so please be careful with it.” Jungkook all but nod at Jose’s explanation. He honestly wanted to leave already and just sleep. He wasn’t able to last night since he was in quite alot of pain. Besides, sleeping with a heavy arm wasn’t idea whenever he wanted to get comfortable.



“Here, some water. I also brought a painkiller to help you.” Bryan said as soon as he entered the room. “Drink it all.” Jungkook didn't have much of a choice since Jose and Bryan waited for him to drink every last drop. “Attaboy.” Bryan said, taking the empty cup from Jungkook. “You should probably rest up now. Your body’s been through a lot right now so it’s best to let it rest.” Jungkook nodded and left the room, politely rejecting Bryan’s offer to help him towards the house they were currently staying at. Jungkook’s shirt was long sleeved so he felt kind of awkward walking with the sleeve moving left and right.



When he finally got to the house, he saw Jade and Tania inside. “Morning Daddy, you looking like a lefty today.” Jungkook gave her and unamused look before he walked straight to the room he was given, closing the door behind him. He could hear Jade laughing in the living room but he ignored it to finally get some sleep.












*Two Days Later*


“Like this?” Jimin asked with a confused look. Tina laughed and nodded her head. “Yeah, just like that.” He was helping her fix the rations arrangements for people around the base. Not only do they all get food but they also get clothes, shoes, and other things people might like. Jimin was pleasantly surprised when they told him that they collect clothing and other essentials, making sure they were clean and properly usable before handing them out.



“Do you think you can handle the rest?” Tina asked before Jimin nodded his head. She patted his back before she left him, going over to Heather who was with Bryan and Yokav but before she could go to them, she saw Jungkook sitting outside on the porch. “Hey, is everything okay?” Jungkook glanced up at her before he looked back towards everyone that was working. “I can’t do anything. I’m. . . useless.”



Tina’s eyebrows raised up with surprise. “What? You’re not useless?” “How can I help when I only-. . . when I only have one arm. At least with the steel one, I was good at something.” Jungkook replied with a frown. Tina sighed before she ruffled his hair. “Why don't you come with me for awhile? I may have something you can do.” Jungkook was confused but followed her anyways. He didn't expect to be led into a huge building, loads of kids were running around inside.



The room was colorful, toys and playsets were scattered around the room. Jungkook’s eyes were visibly wider than normal but his body stood completely still. “What is this?” Jungkook asked, making Tina giggle at his expression. “This is an orphanage. We found a lot of kids that was abandoned or parents who unfortunately died due to the virus. So we brought them here and made a fun little orphanage for them to stay at. Some folks we have here can’t have kids or lost their kid so whenever they want to adopt, they can. Of course, we let the kids choose, not the parent.



This orphanage isn’t only and orphanage though, it’s used as a school and daycare too. Whenever Parents can take care of their child for the day or because of work, they can bring them here.” Jungkook liked what they were doing but he was still confused as to why they were here. He was about to ask Tina that when she spoke. “Come, I want you to meet someone.” Tina grabbed Jungkook’s left hand and lightly pulled him over to another section of the orphanage.



The door was labeled four to six. She opened the door for him and waited for him to enter before she did. Roughly about five to six kids were inside, them being more quieter than the older kids in the first room they entered. Here, the toys looked much smaller, made for smaller kids Jungkook guessed. “Why’re we here?” Jungkook finally asked. Tina looked at him, smiling brightly before she discreetly pointed towards a little boy that was playing with two others. When Jungkook’s eyes landed on him, his eyebrows lifted up, eyes widening.



“His name is Luca, he’s six years old.” Tina said, grasping Jungkook’s expression. Luca was small looking and he had a bright smile on his face. He had brown hair and dark skin. But what caught his attention more was his left hand. “What-?” “He lost it a year ago, when we found him. Apparently, he got bit and his parents had cut off his forearm and hand in order to stop it from spreading. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of running from a clicker and they were separated.



His parents. . . didn't make it, but he did. We found him just in time. Any later, he would’ve bled to death.” “He’s. . . he’s so young.” Jungkook said, unable to understand how all of this happened to a little boy. “I know and he was depressed for a long time. But look at him now, he’s smiling and he’s happy. He knows his parents are in a happier place now. Luca lost his hand and half his arm but he’s still fighting and moving forward. He’s still willing to keep going and live.



Yes, there’s tasks where he still needs help but he’s not afraid of trying and doing his best.” Tina turned her head and looked at Jungkook, heart warming when she saw a warm look on his face. Since he and the others got here, Tina hasn’t seen any other expression on Jungkook that wasn’t a serious one. She was glad to see that Luca was able to bring something out of him. “Why don't you go talk to him?” Jungkook turned to her before he frowned, head shaking.



“No. . . I don't think I can. I’ve never been around a kid before. . . I don't know what I’d do.” Tina giggled at that, placing her hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “Don't worry about it, Luca will help out and maybe the other kids will too. If you need any help, Layla is always here by the door to help out. Good luck!” She turned around and left, leaving Jungkook stunned and not knowing what to do.



He turned to the one named Layla and saw her silently laughing. She was Korean, he figured since she spoke to him in that language. “Here, I’ll help you.” She then turned to the kids before she yelled towards Luca. “Luca! Come here a second please.” She yelled in English. “Okay!” Luca yelled back. He stood up from his spot and immediately ran towards here, eyes drifting towards Jungkook before they went back to Layla. “This here is Jungkook, he’s going to hang out with you and the others for awhile but he doesn’t know how to play. Do you think you can teach him?”



Luca smiled before he nodded his head “Yeah! I can teach him!” Layla smiled before she ruffled his hair “Good lad, go on then. Go play.” Luca turned to Jungkook and tried to grab his right arm but stopped when he only grabbed the shirt sleeve. He looked up at Jungkook with wide eyes before he looked back at Jungkook’s sleeve. Jungkook expected something completely different than what came out of Luca’s mouth. “You’re just like me!” He said, smile breaking wider.



Jungkook felt himself flinch when Luca grabbed his left hand this time and dragged him over to where he was before. He sat down and beckoned Jungkook to do the same. It was weird to sit next to kids as they played but Jungkook didn't seem to have any other choice. “Here, would you like some tea sir?” One of the kids, a girl this time, said before she gave him a plastic cup and a plate under it.



He grabbed and looked into it, looking up at the girl with a frown. “It’s empty.” The kids broke out in laughter. “It’s pretend!” The little girl said before she used one of the toy kettles to ‘refill’ his cup after he had shaken it. Jungkook raised an eyebrow when he saw the kids lift the cup and make a slurping noise, almost as if they were actually drinking something. “It’s rude not to drink what the hosts gives you.” The other kid said with a mock stern look. Jungkook frowned and looked back to the empty cup.



He sighed before he brought the cup over his lips, not touching it, before he pretended to drink it. “Was it good?” Luca asked with hope. “Uh. . yeah, it was. . . tasty.” The kids seemed pleased with his answer because they ‘refilled’ his cup once more but this time, they gave him another plate with what looked like a plastic bread slice. “You’re new here right? Well, this Sir Luca, he is the prince from the southern island. And here we have prince Sam, he’s prince of the north. And I’m princess Diana and you’re in my castle.”



Jungkook looked at every kid as she presented them before he looked back at her. “What’s your name?” The little girl asked, smile never leaving her face. “Jungkook.” “Sir Jungkook!” “Just Jungkook.” Jungkook said when the kids cheered. “You must be something though. Are you a prince or a duke?” “Maybe a warrior or a knight!” Luca and the boy named Sam said. Jungkook still wore a confused look on his face but decided it was best to humor the children. “I’m a. . . fighter.”



“So a knight!” The girl named Diana said. “Who’s knight are you Sir Jungkook?” “I don't know.” Diana giggled before she signaled towards Luca. “You can be Luca’s knight if you want.” “Yeah!! Since you’re just like me, we can be part of the same kingdom!” The other two children frowned, tilting their heads at that. “He doesn’t have his arm like me.” Luca explained, showing his own arm before he pointed at Jungkook’s right arm. “Oh! Then you’re a blessed child!” “A what child?” Jungkook asked.



“Tina said that kids and people that lack something are blessed children because they were saved.” “She also said that we’re all a family no matter what happened to someone. We should respect them.” Jungkook was surprised to hear what they teach these kids. He was surprised that they were accepting and kind to others. His thoughts were knocked out when he felt someone tug on his right sleeve. He looked over and saw that Diana was the one doing it.



“You’re not exactly like Luca. He has a little of his arm.” Jungkook nodded, not noticing that the other three children in the room came closer. “Yeah, I lost the entire arm.” “Can we see?” Jungkook didn't know if it was a good idea for children to see but since he had bandages on, they weren’t going to see everything. He quickly let them peek before he covered once more. “What’s the shiny thing you have on your chest?” Luca asked with surprise.



“It’s steel.” “Why do you have steel?” Another voice asked, this time behind him. He turned his head and saw that he was surrounded by all six children. “It’s to hold my arm.” “Hold your arm?” Jungkook let out a sigh. He figured children would be curious but the constant rapid question were getting a bit much. “My friend, Jose, he made me a steel arm. It’s connected to my bones and my nerves to help me move it.” The room was filled with ‘Ooh’s’ and ‘Whoa’. “How do they connect it to your bone?”



Another question came. “They had to, I guess cut the skin.” “Did it hurt?” “Yes but after awhile, it was okay.” Jungkook replied. “Do you help people with it?” Jungkook heard Luca gasp, eyes widening. “Are you a superhero?!” That comment seemed to have spurred up the entire room since the children seemed more excited than they were before. “I uh-” “You’re like ironman!” Luca said, making the entire children agree. He heard a laugh before Layla became visible. “Alright alright, settle down class.



You’re overwhelming him.” “What does overwhelming mean?” Diana asked with a tilt of her head. “It means that it’s too much for him. He’s not used to being around kids so go easy on him.” The children seem to understand and immediately took a few steps away from him. “Smart kids huh?” Layla said before she helped Jungkook stand. “Come on, we gotta get their food ready, it’s lunch time.”


















When they told Jungkook that he was going to have a job for him, he wasn’t expecting it to be watching over kids and handing out trays of food. Jungkook finally handed out the last tray but when he turned to Layla, she gave him another. “They all got one.” “Yeah, I know. This one’s for you. You deserve lunch too you know. Make sure to eat everything on the plate! We can’t waste any food! And I mean everyone.” Layla yelled. The kids all said a loud ‘okay’ before they returned to eating. Jungkook didn't think it was right to eat the lunch given to him but hearing Layla’s words, he had to eat it.



Now his dilemma was, where was he going to eat. His dilemma was soon answered when he felt someone tugging on his pant leg. “You can come eat with me.” Luca said, pulling Jungkook over to an empty table. “Why’re you eating on your own?” Jungkook asked, noticing that he was the only one here aside from Luca. “No one likes eating by the window, they say it’s too cold. But I like it!” Jungkook remained silent and digged in into his food as he watched Luca happily eat his meal.



In between bites, Luca continued talking about this and that. Inputting a few questions here and there. It varied from “What’s your favorite color?” to “How many people have you saved?” When Luca found out that Jungkook didn't identify as a ‘hero’ he pouted. “Why not?” Jungkook sighed, not knowing how to respond. “I just. . . don't.” Luca hummed before he smiled widely, placing his hand on Jungkook’s. “Do you fight bad guys?” Jungkook looked at him, frowning before he nodded his head. “Then you are a hero.



“Heroes always fight bad guys and protect everyone!” Jungkook simply shrugged. He didn't want to crush a little boys dream if he really wanted to see him as a hero even though he couldn’t see himself like that. “I wanna be just like you when I grow up!” “You shouldn’t.” Jungkook couldn’t help saying. Luca frowned, eyebrows furrowing with sadness. “Why not?” “Because I don't always do the right thing. I’ve. . . I’ve done bad things before, things I can’t take back. You should be someone better, nothing like me.”



The table remained silent in the noise room. There were students chatting and laughing around them but Luca and Jungkook were both silent. Jungkook was staring down at the tray whilst Luca stared at Jungkook. “Tina tells us that sometimes people do things because they think it’s right. ‘Not everyone is evil’ she said. And I believe her.” Jungkook’s eyes landed on Luca, but he now his head turned away, back to eating.



For Jungkook, it was strange to hear a child talking like he was older. He seemed to be able to understand other people’s points of view before his own. Luca was hopeful and trusting, two traits that Jungkook doesn’t think should be in a world like this. It was still a little incredible that a boy who also lost his arm and his family was still happily smiling and content. He was also forgiving and understanding. How does he do it? Jungkook didn't know. Luca reached for his juice, pouting when he couldn’t put the straw inside the cardboard container. “Here, grab the box.” Jungkook said. Luca did just that whilst Jungkook took the straw and punctured it into the juice box.”



Luca’s eyes widened, eyebrows raising. “Team work!” He said, giving Jungkook another bright smile before he began to sip from his juice. Jungkook was then startled when Layla suddenly sat right next to him. “Heya, how’s the food Luca?” “Yummy!” Luca replied with a thumbs up. “I’m glad. How about you? How was it today?” She asked now looking at Jungkook. “It’s alright.” Layla laughed before she placed her elbow on the table, head leaning on it as she watched Jungkook.



“Have you really not been around children? Like at all?” She asked in Korean, making Jungkook nodded. Her eyes widened at his answer. “Wow, don't you have like a partner though? She should want kids in the future. Unless, you’re single. Are you single?” “No I have a. . .” He stopped and closed his mouth. “A what? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?” Jungkook nodded “Yeah a boyfriend.” Layla was confused to see a frown on Jungkook’s face. “What? What’s with the luck?”



“Nothing it’s just. . . I don't see him like a boyfriend.” “Oh?” Layla said, surprised. “Why not?” “I don't know I just don't. He doesn’t seem like a boyfriend, he seems like something. . . more.” Layla’s surprised expression turned into a smile, eyes brightening. “Oh my god, that sounded so romantic. Who’s the lucky boy?!” She squealed. Jungkook scrunched up his face when he heard her but answered anyways. He knew if he didn't, she might ask someone else who did. “Taehyung.”



She seemed really invested in knowing more about Taehyung but Jungkook cut it short, he didn't really know her that well anyways. “Well, if you see this Taehyung more than a boyfriend, maybe you should make him something more.” Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, making Layla rolled her eyes. She turned her head to look at Luca “Luca, what comes after having a boyfriend or girlfriend?” She asked him in English. “Marriage!” Luca replied instantly. “That’s right.” She glanced back at Jungkook and returned to speaking in Korean.



“There you go, marriage. You should consider it since it looks like your mind has already decided. Anyways, I have to go ask the other kids if everything’s okay. Let me know if you need anything.” Jungkook was left speechless. ‘Marriage?’ Jungkook thought. He did ask Taehyung to marry him all those years ago but after everything that happened, he feels like marriage doesn’t mean much anymore. But then again. . . that was one of the very few promises he ever made to Taehyung.



“Are you going to marry someone?” Luca asked, catching Jungkook’s attention. “I. . . maybe.” “Jungkook!” He heard Layla yell on the other side of the room. “There’s someone asking for you, they need you.” Jungkook nodded and stood up, grabbing his tray before he turned to walk away. “Wait!” He stopped and turned to Luca, watching him pout. “Are you going to come back tomorrow?” Jungkook stared at Luca’s hopeful eyes before he replied “I’ll try.” His answer seemed to be enough since Luca smiled again as he nodded his head.



Jungkook gave the tray to Layla before he exited the orphanage, eyes meeting Mary’s. “Hey, Jose needs you. Says he’s done with your arm.” Jungkook nodded and immediately made his way over.















“I know that you need to get to Seattle and all that but I really think you should rest a bit more.” Bryan said to Jimin, who was sitting on a sofa chair adjacent to him. “I just think it’s best for us to go there as quick as we can. They’re Skull Fighters still over there, they could be needing our help.” Bryan smiled and placed his hand over Jimin’s shoulder “I know but how can you help them when you need to rest. Not to mention Jungkook isn’t physically ready to leave yet.”



Jimin sighed and slouched on the chair. “Yeah I know, you’re right. I guess I’m just anxious.” Bryan smiled again before he stood up. He walked over to a drawer, pulling out a large envelope. “Jimin. . . I actually have something that belongs to you.” Jimin looked at him with a frown. He sat up when Bryan sat back down in front of him. He looked hesitant to give him the envelope but when he did, his smile turned small.



“Me and some men traveled up to Lexington a few years back-.” Jimin’s eyes widened, heart immediately beginning to pang with just the name alone. “-and we found a house that. . . that had those in there.” Jimin looked down at the envelope, shaky hands opening it before he pulled out a set of photos. The first one made his eyes watery, it was a photo of him and his mother, both smiling. “I figured you should have them. I’ll leave you alone for awhile, let you decide what you think is best to do with them.” Bryan stood up, patting Jimin’s back before he left him in the room.



Jimin exhaled shakily before he turned to the next photo. This one was a photo of him going into school, the school he remembers hating back then. The next photo was one he remembers his mother taking a couple days after they moved. Jimin didn't have a smile in this one but his mother did. When Jimin got to the last photo, he gasped, eyes widening. The photo was one of the past. His mother and father were there, both sporting smiles on their faces. Each of their hands held on of his. He was much younger here than all the other ones and they were standing in front of a park.



“They look so happy.” Jimin said as his eyes moved from his mother, then to him, then to his father. . . Lee. They didn't have problems at this time, they didn't have issues. Both his parents were happy, what happened? Why did it happen? Why did Lee had to turn into what he turned into? Jimin felt his bottom lip quiver but he didn't let the tears roll down his face. He placed the photos onto a nearby table and looked back into the envelope.



He reached in when he saw a folded paper, one that was old and dirty. He pulled it out and opened it, breath catching in his throat when he read the first few letters.




-Dear Jimin,


By the time you’re reading this note, you’d be going to college. I know that you that hated this place, that you hated moving here but I always tried to do my best for you. I. . . I don't want you to leave and live so far away from me but I know how much you want to leave this town. Therefore, I saved up enough money so that you can go to college in the city. Ta da! That’s why I’ve been working overtime the last few months. If I know my son good enough, you’re probably feeling terrible right now.


Well, don't. I did this for you and I would do it again if I have to. I love you Jimin, I always will. If it means that I’ll see you smile, that I’ll see you truly be happy again, I will do anything for you. Please honey, don't forget to send me letters when you’re over there too. I’ll be terribly lonely if you don’t. I love you baby, never forget that.


And remember-



“-You never know when’s your last breath don't waste it on meaningless ideas. Engrave the meaningful.” Jimin said as he read the last lines. Tears were now fully falling when he finished reading.’ “My mother would leave me alone in the night because she was working hard to help me leave, because I didn't want to be there anymore. She sacrificed herself to do all of that. . . for nothing?’ Jimin thought in his head. He couldn’t believe it. His heart was hurting like it never hurt before. All that time he wished to leave when he was younger, he never once imagined how his mother would feel hearing him constantly say it.



“I’m sorry mom. . . I’m so sorry.” Jimin brought the note to his chest, hugging it tightly as he raised his legs, bringing his legs closer to his body. “I’m so sorry, mom.”