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Sleep & Shower, repeat

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Exactly one month ago Hoseok decided to give Jungkook his first massage, and although it ended differently than either of them expected, they had a silent agreement to continue it. Once a week Hoseok would call Jungkook to get a massage, where he would work slowly and deeply on the bunnies sore muscles, rubbing all the tension out before working his fingers inside of Jungkook until he came. Jungkook always seemed pleased by it, never complaining nor asking for more, despite the fact that Hoseok hadn't touched him any further besides fingering.

With each passing day, Jungkook became more and more clingy, he started with simply sitting beside him whenever he could, this moved onto curling up against him, then across him. Now, Hoseok sometimes found the bunny curled up in his bed, draped in oversized clothing. When he first asked Jungkook about it, the bunny said he smelled really good and it was relaxing to him, so Hoseok simply let it slide. Their roommates surprisingly didn't question the sudden changes, probably because they already lived with a couple of clingy people.

Jungkook just wanted to be close to Hoseok, finding him comfortable to be around, to touch and feel, and smell, surprisingly. He barely slept in his own bed now, instead crawling into Hoseok's in the middle of the night and curling up around him. He discovered pretty early that Hoseok liked to be held when he was asleep, so he always made sure to do it- Cuddling up to the elder and holding him tightly all night. 

When he sleepily looked at his phone, he saw the date, the one month mark. It made him blush a little bit, but when he turned to comment to Hoseok, he noticed he wasn't in the bed anymore. His ears pressed flat against his head for a moment as he glanced around, only to hear the faint noise of the shower in the next room. He squirmed around, pushing his hands between his legs as if the pressure would stop him from leaking all over himself. He was aroused and couldn't help it! Only having relief once a week wasn't enough for the poor bunny.

Reaching up, Kook smacked his cheeks with both hands, rousing up his courage to make his way into the bathroom, a bit surprised when he found the door unlocked, Hoseok did like his privacy after all. "Hoseok?" He muttered softly as he opened the door, before repeating his name a bit louder so he could actually hear.

Hoseok lifted his head, pushing his hair back out of his face before looking over his shoulder at the bunny. "Kook? Is something wrong?"  

Slowly he stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind him before turning to face Hoseok again. "Can I join you?" The bunny asked, not even pausing for an answer before he reached up under his oversized shirt, tugging his underwear down his legs and stepping out of them.

The older cleared his throat awkwardly, quickly turning the water from freezing to warm, a bit surprised by how quickly it was changing. He wasn't going to say no, not now, hell, not ever probably. Though he did wish the bunny had better timing, as he had only gotten in a few minutes ago- Trying to get his erection down before Jungkook woke up. He was trying to be delicate with him, not wanting to force anything or go too fast with him, so he kept a bit of distance- Well, he had tried to, that seemed to go to waste quite quickly. "Y-Yeah."

A bright smile came to Jungkook's face as he practically hopped closer to the shower, tugging and pulling his shirt off and dropping it to the floor. A month ago he would have been way too shy to even think of this, but Hoseok has seen him naked so many times now, it felt natural to be naked around him. Of course, he didn't seem to notice how Hoseok was avoiding turning to face him, so he opened the shower door and stepped in with ease, allowing the door to shut behind him with a soft click.

Hands rubbed over Hoseok's back gently, feeling his skin. "Do you want me to wash your back?" Kookie hummed sweetly, letting his ears keep pressed back due to the water. It was always uncomfortable for his ears and tail to get wet, but he was brushing that aside for now.

Hoseok let out a deep breath, letting his eyes flutter closed at the feeling of Jungkook's hands. Despite how he liked to work out, his touch was still extremely gentle, soothing really. It almost distracted him from his arousal- Almost. He had hesitated for a long while, unsure of how to reply to him, but when he finally did he let out a strained "Sure." Causing the bunnies hands to stop completely.

Frowning, Jungkook pressed his forehead to Hoseok's back, feeling how he tensed up. "..Are you okay?" He asked, feeling a mix of emotions- Embarrassed, shy, small. "I can get out if you want to shower alone.."

Without thinking, Hoseok whipped around to face Jungkook, not caring how close they were once he did. "I didn't say that." He said quickly, reaching up to caress the bunnies cheeks gently. "I just didn't want you to see-" His eyes closed again as his words cut off, he could feel the tip of his cock pressing against Kook's stomach, slipping upwards in the slightest as he shifted.

Jungkook's cheeks burned bright red at the feeling, trying to keep his eyes on the elders face instead of looking down. "W-Why not?" He mumbled, hands curling up into fists on Hoseok's chest before he shook his head, he shouldn't ask, if Hoseok didn't want him to see, then clearly he didn't have any intentions of taking him again, right?

Keeping his eyes on Hoseok's, a hand slipped down to gently move the cock pressed against his stomach, kind of nudging it between his legs just to get it out of the way before he wrapped his arms around the elders waist, hugging him tight. "Let's.. Let's just wash and get out, okay?"

Although he was surprised with Jungkook moving his cock between his legs- Letting it press up against him, he was more surprised by the hug after. He was at a loss for words, Jungkook was so sweet, trying to ignore his erection like this, but he could hear the quiver in his voice and the warm wetness dripping onto his cock. He was just as aroused, huh?

Slowly, his arms circled back around Jungkook as he nudged his head, placing a small kiss on his temple. "It's not like that." He sighed out softly, keeping the bunny close to him. "I just didn't want to do anything you wouldn't have wanted." 

Jungkook relaxed against Hoseok's body, his tail twitching and perking up excitedly at his words. "I want it.. So badly. I've been waiting." He confesses, sliding his hips forward to press against Hoseok's- Letting his dripping cunt rub down the length of his cock as he shifted. The sigh that escaped Hoseok's lips as he shifted had him curious- Hoseok was not only his first, but his only sexual experience, he could remember the feeling of his cock inside of him- The best thing he had ever felt, really.

Tucking his face into the elders neck, Kook slowly began to pull his hips back, testing for Hoseok's reaction as he shifted back and forth on his cock, letting them rub against each other. Hoseok's grip tightened around the bunny as he pressed kisses to the side of his head. It was cute how Jungkook was trying to please him like this. It felt good, of course, the friction- The slick dripping off his cock only to be washed away by the shower. "Feels so good, Kookie."

The bunny almost moaned at the praise, shuddering as he rubbed over the head of Hoseok's cock, letting a gush of slick pour right over it as he moved closer. He gasped against Hoseok's neck as he felt his cock get caught against his entrance, slipping inside just a little bit before popping back out between his legs. He wanted to chase his own pleasure so badly, but at the same time, he wanted to make the elder feel good, as he always did for him. "Seokie-" He whined, unable to get his full name out.

Hoseok groaned deeply, fingers slipping down to toy with Jungkook's soaked tail, loving how it twitched against his fingers. "Kook- We need to get out of the shower, I can't take it anymore." His fingers slipped to the base of his tail, rubbing around where it connected to him. "Need to be inside you."

Jungkook flushed once more at his words, his back arching hard as his hips stilled. "Want-- Want to make Hoseokie feel good." He whined, lifting his head up to look at the other. 

"You always make me feel good." Hoseok replied, giving Jungkook a small peck against his lips before pulling his hand away to reach behind himself, fumbling around until he was able to shut the water off.

A surprised gasp escaped Jungkook as he was picked up, his legs wrapping around Hoseok's waist as he clung tightly. Hoseok was desperate to get back to his bed, taking wide steps, only stopping to open the bathroom door and to set Jungkook on the edge of his bed gently.

Being at eye level with Hoseok's cock wasn't exactly a bad thing, if it wasn't for the fact that he was aching to be filled up by it, he would have wanted to lick it, it looked so nice and yummy, making Jungkook bite down on his bottom lip.

"Come on." Hoseok breathed, running his fingers through Jungkook's wet hair and over his soft- Now perky - bunny ears. "Scoot back and on your side, okay?" Every single word came out softly, gently encouraging Kook along, which the bunny appreciated very much so.

Jungkook scooted back on the bed, pushing the messy blankets away as he made enough room for Hoseok to join him. His tail twitching curiously as he rolled onto his side- Arching his back towards the other.

It only felt like seconds had passed before he felt Hoseok's warm, yet wet, body press against his own. An arm slipped under his waist as lips pressed against his shoulder. Every touch felt faint, almost dainty. "I-I won't break." Kook muttered under his breath, feeling extremely shy now that they were so close on the bed like this. A large hand rubbed over his toned thigh, fingertips slipping under it before lifting it just a bit- Just enough for Hoseok to guide his cock to Jungkook's entrance, pressing against him for a moment before he slowly began to press inside.

"A-Ah~" The bunny gasped, breathing heavily as he was filled up. Hell, it was way, way better than his memory made it out to be. His cunt was so full, so stretched out and made to accept Hoseok's cock the way it did. 

Hoseok sank deeply into Jungkook, stretching him out as he filled him until he was as deep as he could go at the angle. While letting him get used to the feeling of being full, he shifted Jungkook's leg forward, letting it rest against the bed in it's new position. The feeling of his cunt squeezing around him, fluttering anxiously had Hoseok beginning to move his hips. He slowly pulled out just a little bit, only to press back in at the same pace.

His free hand roamed over Kook's form, rubbing his thighs to pinching a nipple, rolling it between his fingers while he continued pressing kisses against the younger- Shifting from his shoulders up to his neck. The low moans that escaped the bunny were pleasing to him, encouraging him to continue.

It felt so good, Jungkook was over the moon already and they had just begun. His body was just as sensitive as it usually was, each touch causing sparks of electricity to coarse through his body, enhancing his pleasure more and more. But it wasn't enough, he wanted more than just Hoseok's cock buried in him, he wanted-- Hoseok.

Trying to keep his hips still, Jungkook whined as he twisted his torso a bit uncomfortably, looking over his shoulder at the older. "K-Kiss?" He breathed out innocently. To be honest, it came as a surprise to Hoseok to hear the question, but he smiled at Kookie, shifting his body around to make it more comfortable for his cute bunny as he pressed his lips against his. It started very soft and subtle, but Jungkook was whining and whimpering into his mouth so sweetly, it had him slipping his tongue between his soft lips sooner than he was planning.

Jungkook's eyes squeezed shut tightly at the feeling of Hoseok's tongue, it moved so perfectly against his own, while he was trying to kiss back the same, though much, much more sloppily. The kiss, the teasing of his nipple, and Hoseok's cock had him gushing slick non-stop, spilling out with each thrust. He wanted to cum- He needed to cum, and with his mouth occupied he had no way of alerting Hoseok until it was too late.

Soon, his cunt tightened up around Hoseok's cock, squeezing it as hard as he could as his body shook, trembling within the elders hold as he came. The rush of his orgasm hit him hard and he had to pull away from Hoseok's mouth to let out a string of moans.

Swearing under his breath, Hoseok pressed in deeply, halting his hips to let Jungkook calm down- To make sure he was able to keep going. "Kook?" He breathed out, rubbing over the bunnies hip soothingly.

"W-Wanna face.. Seokie." He replied under his breath, just barely audible, so Hoseok pulled out, shifting Jungkook's form around until their foreheads touched. 

"Like this?" He asked, hands resuming to rub over his body.

A leg wrapped around Hoseok's waist as Jungkook nudged himself closer, nipping at the elders lips with his teeth. "Keep.. Keep t-taking me."

Hell. He didn't need to be told twice. Hoseok easily slipped his cock back inside of Jungkook, capturing his lips once more in a heated kiss. His hands gripped at Kook's hips tightly, keeping him pressed close as he began to fuck into him a bit faster than before- Still making sure to be gentle with him of course, but with the new pace, the new angle and the mix of Jungkook's slick and cum, every time Hoseok thrusted in, he could hear the faint, wet slapping of skin meeting.

Jungkook's hips trembled as he was fucked despite his sensitivity, his body loving every single second of it, it kept inching him closer and closer to his next climax- Coming faster than before. "Seokie-" He moaned each time they parted for air, arms wrapping around Hoseok's neck so he could bury his hands up in his hair, squeezing and pulling it.

Sex this time felt more intense- More passionate and meaningful than the first time they were connected, to the point of Kookie's hips trying to rock back against Hoseok's, meeting his thrusts just a little bit despite the strong hold Hoseok had on him.

Their lips parted finally, drool keeping them connected in a way as they breathed heavily, a moment apart for air while he focused on working his cock deep inside Kook, hands shifting to grope at his ass, assisting the bunnies small movements. "Fuck-" Hoseok moaned, dipping down to press kisses to Jungkook's neck and throat, the bunny rolling his head back to expose himself to the elder with ease.

Without thinking, Hoseok let his fingers rub into Jungkook's mess of slick before circling them around his ass, pressing in gently but surprisingly easy. "Oh--Oh!" Kook gasped over and over as two fingers sank easily into his ass, stretching him open as they pressed in deep. "C-Cum! Gonna!" He cried loudly, body unsure if he wanted to press against Hoseok's hips or back against his fingers.

Dark marks were sucked and bitten along Jungkook's neck, his fingers pumping in and out of him in sync with his thrusts and soon the bunny was trembling hard in his hold. He wanted nothing more than to pump his cum deep inside of Jungkook, to fill him up as much as he could and please him, and the way he was reacting to the touches- The tight, warm feeling of him squeezing around his cock, had Hoseok holding back his orgasm, waiting until the bunny had his once more. "Come on baby, cum for me."

As he spoke, his fingers worked faster, and Jungkook's toes were curling hard, a pleasure he had never thought he could experience was crashing over him, reacting to his overly sensitive body. "Kookie- Baby~" Hoseok moaned, unable to hold back the quick stutter in his hips. "My sweet baby- G-Good baby-" He pressed another finger to Kook's ass, allowing it to wiggle in just a little bit before he heard Jungkook crying out loudly.

"Seokie!" Jungkook moaned over and over, fingers pulling at Hoseok's hair roughly. "Seokie's-- Seokie's good baby!" And with that, Jungkook felt the most intense orgasm ever, his vision blurring and ears ringing loudly, body unable to tell what was his own cum, and what Hoseok had begun to pump inside of his cunt. He even forgot to breathe for a minute, taking in deep breaths as his body tried to calm down.

It was delayed, very much so, but Hoseok could feel how Jungkook squited over him, not once, but twice in a row. It was both the most satisfying orgasm he had ever seen Jungkook have- And the most satisfying he had ever experienced himself,  finding his own body feeling too heavy to move, despite how his cock began to soften inside of the bunny.

Of course, it was nothing compared to Jungkook, he felt the youngers grip on his hair release as his body got heavier on top of him, when he peeked up at Kook's face, he could see him looking quite peaceful, breathing softly through his mouth, clearly asleep. Hoseok has to resist the urge to coo at the sight, instead tucking the bunnies head down into his neck, placing a few soft kisses against his ears as he held Jungkook close, not wanting to separate until he woke up.