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Wander Under a Starry Sky

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It’s late afternoon when they get back, the sun getting low in the sky, but it’s still bright. Shouta walks straight through the apartment to his bed, collapsing on it face-first with a groan. Hizashi laughs quietly from behind him, and he can hear the door shut with a quiet click, the noise of fabric as Hizashi takes off his flannel shirt, dropping it in the hamper. “Tired, babe?”

Mmph.” He’s done with words, too many of them in the last few hours, all used up. He’s tired, and his back aches, the old injury radiating pain that spreads down to his hips and up to his neck, coiling into tension in his muscles. “Hurts.”

S aying as much would usually feel like admitting weakness, would usually feel pathetic and dangerous. But it’s just Hizashi here. With Hizashi, things have always been different.

Hizashi makes a sympathetic noise low in his throat. “Your back?” he guesses.

Mmhm.” He shifts, trying to sink into the bed, away from the ever-present ache. Laying still, relaxing, seems to just make it hurt more, but he’s too tired to do anything else. It was a good day, he wouldn’t go back and do it differently, but he’s all used up now.

He hears Hizashi moving around behind him, and the bed dips slightly, like he’s sat on the other side. “Can I try something? Or do you just want to go to sleep?”

Shouta considers. It doesn’t feel like he would be able to sleep just yet— he’s tired, but his mind is still buzzing. It’s tempting to just lay here with his eyes closed until he relaxes, but… “Depends. Do I have to get up?”

There’s a pause, like Hizashi had nodded or shook his head before realizing Shouta wouldn’t be able to see, that he has to answer out loud. “Nope! It’ll help if you take off your shirt, though.”

Curiosity prickles through him. “Okay.” That does require him to move, more than a little, but once he pulls it off, tossing it to the floor, he can flop back down, and this time, he settles in a mo re comfortable position, grabbing a pillow for under his head, his arms folded under it, waiting for whatever it is Hizashi wants to do.

Hizashi shifts again, the bed moving as he does, getting closer until his knees nudge Shouta’s thigh, kneeling over him on the bed. H izashi has seen the scar there before, but he pauses for a moment, and Shouta can just barely feel it when he traces the ragged edges of it. “That doesn’t hurt, does it?”

No. That part’s numb.”

Okay. Tell me if this makes it worse,” Hizashi instructs, and he doesn’t see him pull out his wand, but he hears when he murmurs a spell, one he recognizes. “Lubricus.

What are you doing?” It’s not like he’s worried, but he’s even more curious now.

You’ll see,” Hizashi says, and then his hands are smoothing over his back, now slick with oil that makes them slide easily over his skin. He glides them up and down Shouta’s back, covering it in the slippery substance, before settling his hands on his shoulders, thumbs digging in. Shouta tenses, because those muscles are tender, and the pressure intensifies the ache. Hizashi stops. “Bad? Want me to stop?”

Shouta shakes his head. “No, keep going. That feels like it’ll help, even if it hurts now.”

Okay.” Hizashi’s hands are back, thumbs gently but firmly moving in circles, and slowly the ache swells and starts to fade, and Shouta sighs in relief.

Hizashi moves to a new spot, open hands stroking his back before finding another knot and working it out, leaving his muscles feeling loose and relaxed.

He strokes along his sides next, just up and down, and the glide of his hands feels so good Shouta feels like he’s both floating and melting into the bed. “Keep doing that,” he slurs.

Hizashi chuckles. “Okay.”

The hands on his back move in again, massaging along his spine, making it feel just as loose and liquid. Then up to his neck, rubbing firmly along both sides, easing the ache that had been building there. Shouta rolls his head into the pillow, arching back into the touch. Hi zashi’s hands push up into his hair—it’s all greasy now, but he can’t really bring himself to care, he’ll just have to wash the oil out at some point—and Shouta all but purrs, his hands scritching along his scalp. Then back down to his neck, working at the muscles there again before sliding down to his shoulders.

Hizashi is humming as he works, Shouta realizes dimly. A song he almost recognizes, a melody buried somewhere in his subconscious . It’s almost hard to talk, he’s so relaxed, but he manages, “What are you humming?”

Hizashi stops abruptly. “Sorry,” he says sheepishly. “I’ll stop.”

No, it’s okay,” Shouta says, turning his head to speak more clearly, not muffled by the pillow. “I think I know that song.”

Oh, it’’s a lullaby. My mom used to sing it to me, before she died. I don’t actually remember her singing it, but my sister told me she did, and it still...brings back these almost-memories. I like it, anyways, it’s a nice song.”

Hm. What are the words?”

Oh, uh...” One of Hizashi’s hands leaves his back, and Shouta can imagine him doing some nervous gesture, rubbing the back of his neck or running his hand through his hair. After a moment, he starts singing, at first tentatively, but then more smoothly, still quiet. “You are my only make me happy, when skies are gray...please don’t take my sunshine away...”

He does know that song. Not sung by someone, but maybe on a recording, a cassette played when he was sleeping as a child.

As Hizashi sings the next verse, his hands start moving again, this time rubbing in slow circles across his back, and Shouta feels himself hum in contentment deep in his throat. He’s still not quite sleepy, but just as relaxed as if he had just woken up or was just about to drift off.

Hizashi sings the song through twice and then stops, but the silence just lets Shouta drift further. He feels boneless, all the pain he had been in replaced with a thrumming feeling of pleasure through his muscles. He feels good.

It’s a stretch for Hizashi to reach the far side of his back, and the angle must get uncomfortable, because Hizashi moves, swinging his leg over Shouta’s legs, bracing his knees on either side of his thighs. Then he smooths his hands down to his lower back, digging gently into his muscles again.

Put your arms down,” Hizashi orders softly, and Shouta does, moving slow and sluggish, until his hands are resting on the bed by his sides. Hizashi picks one up, curling it behind his back, starting at his palm and working up to his fingers, thumbs massaging until it feels like he’s going to melt. He moves down to his wrists, up his arms.

When he reaches his shoulders, leaning over him, Hizashi’s hips bump against his butt , and he realizes with a sudden, surprised flush of arousal, “You’re hard.”

Hizashi pulls back, and he says, embarrassed, “Uh, yeah. Just kind of. Sorry. You’ve been making—noises.”

Oh. He certainly hadn’t been aware of making any sounds, but he can certainly believe it. “ You don’t have to apologize,” he says, a note of amusement in his voice.

Hizashi still sounds faintly embarrassed when he says, “Well, you don’t have to do anything about it.” He picks up Shouta’s other hand, clearly intending to continue the massage.

Shouta lets him while he considers. Hizashi’s hands feel really good, and he’s enjoying being as relaxed as he is, but he’s also not averse to feeling good in other ways. The idea of Hizashi being turned on by this is making something in him stir, too.

Hizashi has been back for about a month now, and it still feels like their relationship is new, like they can’t get enough of each other, like they’re making up for lost time. And there are still things they haven’t done, things Shouta wants, things Hizashi wants too. He makes a decision. It takes some work to get his arms under him—Hizashi has moved back to his back—like he’s moving through syrup, but his body moves how he wants it to. Hizashi sucks in a breath when he moves backwards, arching his back to rub against Hizashi’s groin. “What if I want to?”

I know you weren’t feeling good,” Hizashi argues, but his hands come to curl around Shouta’s hips, sneaking under his low-slung pants.

I feel good now,” Shouta says, and he’s a little surprised at the seductive purr his voice comes out as. Apparently he just needs to be really relaxed. “I want you to feel good, too.” He rocks his hips again, feeling Hizashi harden further against his ass.

It definitely seems to be working on Hizashi, whose fingers dig into his hips, letting out a rough breath. “Okay,” he agrees easily. “What did you have in mind?”

Shouta thinks it should be obvious enough already, but if Hizashi wants him to say it, he’s not shy, certainly not right now. “Fuck me.”

Hizashi makes a small noise that goes straight to his dick, finally giving up on trying to be uninterested. “Yeah, baby.” He shifts back, hooking his fingers in the waistband of Shouta’s pants, pulling them down until he can pull them off, moving off to the side. He bends down, pressing a kiss to his lower back before straddling him again, smoothing his hands over the newly-exposed skin, sliding down to his thighs before he moves back up again, grabbing his ass, kneading in a decidedly less innocent way.

It still feels good, and Shouta is more aware now of the way he moans, those nerves lighting him up in a whole new way.

He still feels liquid, and he doesn’t tense when Hizashi’s hands move further in, fingers brushing over his hole, almost experimentally. His hands pull back just long enough for him to cast the spell again, and when his fingers come back, they’re dripping slick again.

The first finger is easy, but not enough that Shouta can’t feel every inch of it, sinking into him. He knows he’s making noise now but he’s too relaxed to stop, and if what he’s seen before is any indication—Hizashi likes it.

The second finger is more of a stretch, but it feels even better, working him open like Hizashi’s hands had worked out all the knots in his muscles, almost like another massage as it pushes slowly in and out of him. “Ah—fuck, Hizashi...” He’s more than hard now, rubbing against the sheets.

He wishes he could see Hizashi’s face, but he can hear the tone in his voice, low and silky-smooth. “That feel good?”

Uh-huh, it’s good,” Shouta groans. It had felt more weird the first time he’d done this, but now even though it’s still an intrusion, it’s welcome, it’s Hizashi inside him right where he wants him, as close as he can be. Hizashi’s fingers curl and he lets out another loud moan, his own hands clenching in the sheets.

You’re so noisy,” Hizashi says wonderingly.

He’s still a human puddle on the bed, but just a sliver of self-consciousness creeps in. “I can stop.” He probably should anyway, Nemuri and Tensei are home too and their bedroom isn’t exactly soundproof.

Please don’t,” Hizashi says, and seems to hear his thoughts. “I cast a muffling spell earlier for a reason!”

Shouta must have been too blissed-out to notice. Face-down on the pillow his ragged breaths echo back at him. “Just...just fuck me already.”

Hizashi’s fingers pull back, and they’re quickly replaced by something blunter, still just as slick, nudging against him. “I can do that.”

Shouta’s back arches and he pushes back as Hizashi’s cock sinks into him. “Oh fuck,” he pants. “Yeah, please.”

Behind him, Hizashi moans. “You feel amazing.” It feels like it takes forever, he’s moving so slow, slow enough to feel every inch. Finally, Hizashi’s hips meet his, and he stays like that for a moment, leaning forward to kiss the back of his neck, along his shoulder. His skin is still humming in pleasure from the massage, and Hizashi’s lips stir that sensation up, feeling like sparks.

Shouta would just lay like this forever, with Hizashi filling him up, but he’s certainly not complaining when Hizashi starts to move, still slowly, pulling almost all the way out before sinking back in, starting a steady rhythm. Every movement sends a wave of pleasure up his spine, a gentle tide, in and out.

He’s vaguely aware of making noise, moaning, but Hizashi is too, quiet pants and sounds. It’s almost musical, the way they sound together.

Hizashi’s hands grip his hips harder, moving just a little faster. “Oh, Shouta, fuck, feels good, I’m gonna...”

Shouta shoves his hips back, meeting every thrust. He shifts so he can reach beneath himself, wrapping a hand around his leaking cock. It feels so good, it’s not going to take him long. Hizashi’s hips snap towards him, rougher now, his breathing too, coming quicker.

Hizashi gasps, burying himself as his cock twitches, moving only in little twitches of his hips, and it only takes a few more rough strokes for Shouta to come too, moaning long and low, pulsing around Hizashi, his whole body lit up.

Hizashi collapses on his back, a low laugh in his ear, and the weight is delicious. He slips out as he rolls over onto the bed, onto his side, pulling Shouta towards him.

The stars are still there, behind the setting sun, but too far to look for, not when there’s such real human warmth right here, when Hizashi is right here. The stars are above them, just a backdrop to everything he’s ever wanted.

Shouta hums as he shifts backwards, and Hizashi moves forward to kiss his shoulder again. Everything in him is sated and boneless . He’s never been this aware of having a body in a positive way, everything in him murmuring pleasure and contentment. His heart, too, is as full as it’s ever been, glowing, shining like the stars above.

He can’t help but think wonderingly about how all their wandering has led them here. Can’t help but feel guided here, like the stars weren’t just something to watch, like he was following them. Like they were always supposed to end up here, in each others arms, safe and happy.

It’s the end of something, in a way, the end of a chapter in their lives. The moment when he realized that this is the m now, that being happy like this isn’t a brief interlude, it’s the rest of their lives.

Behind him, Hizashi makes a small sleepy noise, nuzzling the back of his head. Shouta feels his eyelids get heavy, no more time to think about how they ended up here, just time to quietly feel before drifting off to sleep.

The stars shine on.