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in fair verona, not a single stray of clouds appeared in the sky. just a fair baby blue on display. taehyung laid his head on a smooth rock, feeling the grass below him, ripping some from the ground. it was abnormally quiet, even though, the after math of what happened late last night still lingered in the air. he couldn't help but close his eyes and just enjoy the slight breeze. even when his neck and cheeks were stained with blood.

kim taehyung, a rebellious man who took risks here and there. he belonged to the beloved aureum. loyal and true to each other. his jacket, a nice crimson red, with gold letters embroidered on the back with beautiful lettering, but with a handmade stitch of a golden bee under it. oh how much he took pride into his house, growing up with his family and friends who took equal amount of pride into it.

but that no longer mattered after last night. memories flooded his mind from the day before or months ago. and it haunted him as he kept his eyes closed still listening to the graceful wind blow. he had thoughts of his angelus lover who he wanted to forget already. taehyung sat up and looked around him. smoke coming from the burned houses. bullet holes left in walls and shattered glass from windows scattered on the floor. he let out a sigh and rose to his feet walking away from the outskirts of verona. he had to get away from everyone sadly. even his household.

in fair verona, smoke covered the sky making it look darker than ever. ash scattered everywhere and the sobs of civilians crying over their lost ones from last night. yoongi slammed the car door making his housemate jump. he kicked pebbles while taking his steps towards the damaged shack. after yesterday, he couldn't help but think about his areum lover and wonder if he was okay but that should've been the last of his worries.

min yoongi, a responsible and trustworthy man. he belonged to the respected angelus. a controlled and allured house. the only hope he had was his tattoo that laid on his right wrist flaunting the angel wings with the sword straight in the middle, the ink still vibrant and precise on his smooth silk skin, but moving down to his hand was his angelus ring someone gave him a while ago. it shined from the sun peeping through the smoke making it glow and look holy. angelus was his home and life. his mother and father took control of angelus and he was their descendant. their main concern is to respect the authorities. they believed that rules should be followed, not broken. yoongi valued loyalty, and that's what his house was amazing at, it was basically running in their veins and they would stick up for anyone in the household, have each other's backs and never turn against them, no matter what.

the angelus logo was painted with black and it was illuminating off the dirty white door. he twisted the door knob opening the it and stepping in. it was humid and sticky but the atmosphere changed once he stepped in. it was silent and peaceful, opposite of what was outside. yoongi was looking around looking for his friend who wasn't here yet. he stuck his hands into his white jacket's pockets feeling a cool metal in it, pulling it out, he saw the gold shimmer in the light and hear the chain clink against the metal plate. a perfect bee carved into the golden plate that dangled in his hands. he studied it for a while holding it to his chest as he heard the door open. it was him standing in the doorway with a cold facial expression.