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Pride, Bitch.

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It was just another normal day. A normal fucking day. A normal day that spiraled out of control before he even knew it. It was Officer Bakugo Katsuki’s turn to patrol campus grounds today. Being part of the police force in this small college town, the opportunity came up quite often, and it was not unusual for Bakugo to find himself with this assignment multiple times a week. Today was one of those days.

After spending a long morning splitting up petty fights and catching multiple students experimenting with illegal substances, Bakugo was all too eager to finally get a break when he casually went into a men’s room to relieve himself. As he stood in front of a urinal unzipping his fly, his ears caught on to a sudden noise of the tear of plastic packaging. The culprit of this sound seemed timid, almost afraid of being found out. Typical. Kids always tried hiding in bathrooms to do drugs. “God, I don’t even have time to take a fucking piss?” Bakugo thought to himself as he zipped up his pants and prepared to confront the offender. “Who’s there, and what are you doing in that stall?” He barked, the words slipping off his tongue like a rehearsed script. At this point, they really were. “Umm..” a shaky, high pitched voice replied. “Well?” The voice didn’t answer. The sound of crinkling plastic became more frantic as whoever was inside that stall began to panic. “I don’t have time for this bullshit.” Bakugo marched over to the stall door and kicked it open to reveal something even worse than what he could have ever expected.

In front of him was a pretty plain looking kid, frail, light skinned, maybe a couple of years younger than him, with freckles peppering his round face. His appearance was not what disturbed Officer Bakugo so much. In this boy’s hands was... A period pad?? Bakugo had only seen those things a couple of times in his life when he saw his mother or girlfriends using them, but he was almost dead certain that was what this kid was holding. “Wha... What the fuck?!” He blurted. The kid had started incoherently mumbling to himself now, tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes. The only words Bakugo could make out were garbled, “This is-isn’t what this looks like”, and “...t-trans”. A headache began to creep into Bakugo’s right temple as he realized that he was in way over his head. Leaving that now bright red, teary-eyed face, Bakugo stormed out of the men’s restroom in utter confusion and rage.