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Hoping For More Good Days

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The first thing Seokjin’s fuzzy brain is aware of is a warm, tiny hand gently pushing on his arm. When he gives no initial response, he gets another little push and a soft “Daddy, wake up,” spoken into his ear and his brain starts to slowly churn into motion. It’s Friday, he has to go to work, and the little angel waking him up has to go to school. Time to get up.

He lets his son guide him by the hand to the kitchen, as he’s still bleary-eyed. The five-year-old climbs into his chair at the well worn but clean dining table and looks expectantly at Seokjin. Right, he needs to make breakfast.

“Uh, sorry Yoongles, it’ll have to be cereal today,” he says, looking through the cupboards and feeling somewhat guilty, “but I promise I’ll make something extra special on the weekend. How about pancakes and strawberries tomorrow morning?”

Yoongi coos in contented acceptance and before Seokjin can even get through his first cup of coffee the child is done eating, little feet pattering across the kitchen floor and reaching to carefully put the empty cereal bowl in the sink. By the time Seokjin stands up, the eager boy is already scurrying back to his bedroom to pick out his clothes (he picks his favourite blue shirt with a large cat on the front). Seokjin goes between supervising Yoongi in the bathroom as he dresses and brushes his teeth and going to the kitchen to make lunch for him. He cuts the peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the little shapes that Yoongi loves and arranges the colourful vegetables artfully in the small lunchbox, finishing it up with a cookie and a little sticky note that he puts inside the lid of the box that says “Daddy loves you!”

When Yoongi is ready for school, Seokjin rushes to get himself ready for work. He throws on a white t-shirt and some old but clean underwear, followed by his chef coat and pants and his non-slip shoes. He almost forgets to brush his hair as he whisks out of his room. He takes a moment to take stock of everything before they leave.

“Yoongs, do you have your homework in your backpack?” he asks, and the boy nods each time as Seokjin goes through a list of items including his lunchbox, water bottle, school books, and craft supplies. Seokjin also double checks his own bag to make sure he has what he needs as well and then, due to his own haste in getting ready, he and Yoongi set out early on the walk to Yoongi’s school.

The father and son pair hold hands as they stroll down the sidewalks. Yoongi is solemnly quiet and sticks close to Seokjin’s leg, looking around timidly, but Seokjin tries to get him to laugh with some corny jokes: “Okay Yoongs, I’ve got a question for you. This is a good one, ready? What do you call a bee that lives in America?” and he gives a little pause before the punchline: “A USB!”

Yoongi looks up at his father somewhat bemused, but Seokjin is laughing hysterically at his own jokes and it’s probably his squeaky windshield wiper laugh more than anything that gets Yoongi giggling too, and through his laughing he says “Daddy that’s really bad.”

Seokjin feigns extreme offense, saying “How dare you insult the joke master? These jokes are the finest quality in the land --” but Yoongi cuts him off with a squeal of laughter at his father’s antics.

Even though the walk to Yoongi’s school isn’t super short, time seems to slip past as the father and son hold hands and laugh together. In no time they’re suddenly at the gate of Yoongi’s school, where there is another young boy waiting for them, one of Yoongi’s friends.

“Hi Yoongi! Hello Mr. Kim!” says the little boy, face beaming up at them as bright as the sun.

“Hello Hoseok, how are you today?” says Seokjin kindly, smiling down at the exuberant boy.

Hoseok responds with an excited “Great now that Yoongi’s here!” and reaches out without hesitation to take Yoongi’s hand, gently pulling him into the schoolyard. As Seokjin watches the retreating pair, Hoseok looks back and gives him a huge wave, yelling “Bye Mr. Kim!” and Yoongi turns as well with a more subdued “Bye daddy!” that was nevertheless full of warmth and love. It almost broke Seokjin’s heart to watch them go, but he stayed at the gate until they disappeared into the school building with a smiling teacher, just like he did every day.

Seokjin takes the train and is able to make it to the diner right on time at 8:30, where he immediately runs into his manager, Kim Namjoon. He runs into him quite literally, actually, because Namjoon is carrying a stack of boxes of potatoes that look much too big for one person to be attempting to move alone, and he clearly can’t see where he’s going as he rounds the corner and slams into Seokjin. Luckily Seokjin catches the top box that falls and carries it for him the rest of the way in, teasing Namjoon about his clumsiness that has become somewhat of a longstanding joke.

Diverting the attention from his near-potato mishap, Namjoon clears his throat and asks, “So are you working until four today?”

“No, five. I need the hours this week,” sighed Seokjin ruefully, gaining a look of pity from Namjoon that he doesn’t see because he’s busy washing his hands to begin prep work for the day.

Working long shifts at the diner is hard, but Seokjin loves it. He loves cooking, of course (especially when Namjoon lets him put his own creations on the menu as specials), but he also loves getting to work with people that get along with him so well. They’re a very productive team and Namjoon isn’t above coming out of his office to help on the line when the lunch rush hits and they need help with prep or flat top line, which is much appreciated by the busy kitchen staff.

The day seems to fly by and Seokjin is exhausted when he gets off, but he just gets his bag and changes clothes in the bathroom of the diner so that he can head to his second job as a clerk at the grocery store. It’s a bit of a mindless job and it’s hard for Seokjin not to focus on how much his feet hurt after pretty much standing up all day, but when he thinks of his beautiful son’s smiling angelic face he’s immediately reminded that it’s worth it to be able to take care of Yoongi as best he can. That precious boy deserves the world and Seokjin wants to give it to him.


Hoseok and Yoongi have had a great day playing and learning together when the school bell finally rings at four and they transition together to the after-school program. The best friends engage so well together: it seems so easy for Hoseok to bring out Yoongi’s timid smile and Yoongi is able to get Hoseok to focus when he’d otherwise be all over the place. This dynamic is in full evidence as they sit side by side in the after-school program and make macaroni art, laughing as they get glue on their hands and Hoseok somehow manages to get glitter in his hair.

Five o’clock seems to come too soon for the boys. It’s time to be picked up from school, so they pack up their little bookbags quietly and head toward the front doors of the school. They barely get out the door when Yoongi hears his name being called and looks around for the source, squinting in the sun. He knows the voice, of course. It’s Jimin, the nice man who is daddy’s friend and also their neighbour from down the hall in their apartment complex. Jimin comes to pick him up from school almost every day since his Seokjin is working so hard at two jobs, but Yoongi doesn’t mind. He loves spending time with Jimin and he eagerly runs up to him, saying “Hi Mr. Park! Hey, guess what we made today?” and carefully shows him the macaroni art, on which the glue is still somewhat tacky.

“Wow, that looks great, buddy!” says Jimin, crouching down to give Yoongi a side hug and looking at the cute combination of drying noodles, coloured markers, and glitter. Without warning, little Hoseok is running into him as well, eager to show Jimin his own macaroni picture before leaving with his mom. Jimin knows Hoseok from all of the times that the boys have played together when he has been in charge of Yoongi and he quite likes the cutie. Jimin exclaims over the proffered art piece with equal enthusiasm as the boys both giggle and smile brightly at him, making his heart melt a little.

When Jimin and Yoongi arrive at the apartment complex in Jimin’s old but well-loved car, Jimin gets out quickly to open the car door for Yoongi only to find that the boy has already carefully unbuckled himself from the car seat and is ready to climb down out of the car with his backpack in tow. He grabs Jimin’s hand as they walk into the building together, and Jimin smiles down at this sweet little gesture. Because Jimin actually lives right down the hall from Seokjin’s apartment, he loves being able to babysit little Yoongi like this. The boy is so precious and sweet and shyly curious, and the little smiles he makes really make Jimin’s day.

After they take a moment to settle in at Seokjin’s, Jimin sets Yoongi down at the table to do his homework. He does a bit of his own work during this time as well but makes it a point to always be available to help Yoongi if he has questions. Yoongi is a very bright kid and doesn’t often need to ask for assistance, but when he does he is always so polite about it, and Jimin has made it a point to tell Seokjin how well mannered little Yoongi is.

“Excuse me, Mr. Park! I’m finished with this, may I please go and play?” he asks sweetly, looking up at Jimin with wide eyes. After quickly looking over the worksheet Yoongi hands him and finding no mistakes, he grants permission to play. Yoongi scurries to his room and is back in no time with his tub of giant Legos, asking Jimin to play with him.

Jimin can’t say no when Yoongi looks so bright-eyed and hopeful, so he bounces between making an alien city with Yoongi in the middle of the living room floor and finishing up his own work at the dining table. He soon has to stop both of these activities, however, so that he can make dinner. Yoongi’s little disappointed sounds when Jimin stopped playing with him soon turned to excitement when Jimin places a plate of macaroni and cheese and broccoli in front of him. It’s one of Yoongi’s favourites (although the broccoli is not, and Jimin has to coax him gently to eat about half of it). Like that morning, little Yoongi doesn’t waste time talking and he eats quickly. When he’s done he dutifully puts his dishes in the sink, smiling happily and thanking Jimin for cooking.

When Yoongi returns to his alien Lego city he pulls Jimin over with him so that he can see Yoongi’s progress. The city is honestly quite impressive at this point to Jimin. It boasts a spaceship which is currently docked in its hangar, some apartment buildings built as skyscrapers as well as stores and some very large blue trees that are scattered between some peculiar swirly pink land formations.

“What are these?” asks Jimin curiously, pointing to the pink swirls.

“They’re like tornadoes made of ground!” said Yoongi excitedly.

“Aah yes, I see,” nods Jimin wisely, silently giving props to the little boy’s creative imagination and then asking “do you want some help?”

“Yes please! Can you make a giant alien monster to attack the town?” he asks hopefully.

“Like, an alien version of Godzilla?”

“Yes but purple! And he’s gonna end up being a nice monster who doesn’t actually hurt anybody. He’s just looking for his mommy, he’s lost,” explains Yoongi, wrenching Jimin’s heartstrings a little.

“Sure bud, no problem,” he says, smiling at him and getting down to business.

All too soon it seems, it’s time for Yoongi to get ready for bed. He goes through his bedtime routine diligently without much assistance from Jimin, who just observes and praises Yoongi when he brushes his teeth for the whole two minutes. Jimin has to work to keep his little coos inside as he watches Yoongi carefully open his dresser drawer and pull out his cute kitty pyjamas. Yoongi changes clothes himself, struggling a little with the shirt for a moment before pulling it smartly down over his head, hair floofing out adorably with static.

“Mr. Park,” says Yoongi, not noticing his poofy hair, “can we watch TV for a little while?”
“Hmm, I dunno, your bedtime is at eight, what time is it now?” He checks his phone and it’s only 7:30, so he acquiesces to Yoongi’s request.

Watching TV with the sleepy boy is one of the most precious times of Jimin’s day. Little Yoongi snuggles warmly under Jimin’s arm and into his side as they sit on the threadbare couch and he clings onto Jimin’s shirt with round little fists as Jimin gently strokes his soft hair. His thick, long eyelashes are soon fluttering heavily with drowsiness and it’s not a hard task for Jimin to carry him to his room and tuck him gently into his bed, pulling up the crocheted blanket Seokjin’s mother had made for him snugly around his shoulders. Jimin turns on the little night light before turning off the overhead light and he kisses Yoongi softly on the forehead with a whispered “goodnight, sweet Yoongles.” The five year old makes a little contented humming noise and smiles in response, eyes drooping closed.

Jimin’s heart is still aching with the sweetness of it all as he sits down to do a bit more work, but Seokjin is soon unlocking the door and stepping into the apartment. He looks completely exhausted but he eagerly listens to Jimin’s report of how Yoongi’s day went. He smiles at the macaroni art that Jimin had put on the fridge with a magnet, but he frowns when he tries to pay Jimin for watching the boy and Jimin refuses. Again. This is their standard ritual as Jimin very rarely accepts payment from Seokjin, saying that he enjoys watching Yoongi so much that it doesn’t feel like a job and that he eats Seokjin’s food when he makes dinner anyway, so they’re really even. Seokjin always looks a little disgruntled at the firm refusal of payment but Jimin can see how grateful he really is, and it’s true that he really enjoys watching over the boy. He says goodnight to Seokjin (after ordering him to go straight to bed himself, as he looked dead on his feet) and heads out.

Even though it’s late, Jimin doesn’t head home yet. There’s a little coffee shop on the corner that he likes to frequent because of its extended hours, convenient location, and desirable lack of noisy customers, and so he heads there to meet up with his boyfriend.

Taehyung has ordered coffee for the both of them and is already seated in a little booth by the window when Jimin arrives and slides into the seat across from him with a sigh. Taehyung grins up at him with slightly hooded eyes and stands up to lean across the little table to give him a little peck on the cheek in greeting. Jimin’s pretty sure he catches the not-completely-unexpected whiff of pot, though this is not something he really minds about his friend. When they both settle in their seats they break into an easy conversation, catching each other up on how their days went. Before long, a small voice interrupts them.

“Excuse me sirs, here is your coffee,” says a young boy in a timid voice. Jimin looks up at him and thinks that he must be new here because he can’t recall seeing him before. He smiles encouragingly at the nervous looking boy whose plastic name tag identifies him as Jeongguk. He’s not sure what’s got Jeongguk so flustered, but as the poor boy sets down the coffee cups he accidentally spills one due to his trembling hands. He squeaks out a mortified apology and races to get a cloth to clean up the spill. With his face blazing like the setting sun, he offers to make another cup on the house.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s pretty much still full,” says Taehyung calmly. Jimin looks over at his slightly stoned boyfriend with one eyebrow slightly raised in amusement, since it wasn’t even Tae’s coffee that had spilled, but he nods in agreement when his eyes fall back on Jeongguk and he smiles again.

“Yes, it’s really fine, no worries, man,” he says encouragingly. Jeongguk mutters something sheepishly in response that sounded like he understood but also included repeated apologies as he backed away towards the counter. Jimin tried not to watch him go because he didn’t want to make the poor boy feel any more nervous, but when Jeongguk got behind the counter and turned away from them, pretending to wipe down glasses that seemed to already be perfectly clean, Jimin noticed that his ears were bright red. It was kinda cute. Poor kid.

After some pleasant conversation with Tae about a wide variety of topics that finally settled on their current favourite music, he and Jimin got up to head home. They said goodbye to Jeongguk, who blushed, and they continued to talk as they walked towards Jimin’s apartment.

Tae wasn’t living with Jimin in his apartment, but he might as well be. He comes over all the time (pretty much daily) and is perfectly comfortable treating it like his own home. This is evident when he casually flops down to lay on the couch, looking like he does not intend to leave the apartment again this evening. Jimin doesn’t mind, though -- in fact, he loves when Taehyung stays the night with him.

“You look comfy,” Jimin teases, taking his time to walk over to him.

“I am comfy. You should come join me, there’s comfiness for two right here,” Tae grins.

Jimin smiles at his boyfriend’s silliness but nevertheless sits down on the couch too and even with basically no room he manages to snuggle up to Tae, planting a soft kiss on his warm cheek. Taehyung’s eyes are half closed but he smiles and turns his head toward Jimin to kiss him lazily back. When he introduces tongue into the mix, Jimin doesn’t protest but leans into it gently, making a low, appreciative sound.

Their kissing isn’t urgent at all. It’s soft and relaxed and Jimin feels himself easily melting into it. He’s so sleepy and warm and Tae tastes so good, even with the hint of weed and the aftertaste of coffee, and Jimin feels himself beginning to drift off into sleep even as his lips move softly with Taehyung’s.

“Come on babe, let’s go to bed,” Jimin suggests softly, brushing hair lightly off of Tae’s forehead. Tae makes a slow hum of agreement and while it takes effort to get up off of the couch it feels a thousand times better to change into soft pyjamas and fall into an actual bed. Snuggling together sweetly, it takes almost no time before the two of them are both drifting off into sleep.

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Jimin had made him and Taehyung a small breakfast, mostly just made from leftovers from what was supposed to be their dinner last night, and he had struggled quite a lot while doing it. The actual meal of a small portion of fried rice and an egg was not hard, it was the constant touching from his boyfriend that made it difficult. Last night the two of them had tried to stay awake long enough to play around a bit; the two of them had the great idea to actually try and get some action in with each other while Jimin was available. The younger had even convinced Jimin to get dressed up for him, but both ended up falling asleep while making out on the bed. So this morning, Taehyung had convinced Jimin yet again to keep the lace on underneath his pyjama pants and leave his shirt off that morning.

So making breakfast with no shirt on, black lace lingerie underneath his silk pink pyjama pants, and a boyfriend who refused to stop running his hands over his body and pressing far more suggestive kisses to his neck than usual was a difficult task. They ate in peace (aside from Jimin being perched on Taehyung’s lap and continuously being stroked through his clothing) and finished in quite the hurry to get back to what their plans for last night were. Jimin wasn’t even allowed to clear the dishes before Taehyung had lifted him up and was carrying him to the couch, kissing and sucking at his neck as they went along.

Jimin was basically thrown onto the couch by his boyfriend, squirming at the sudden lack of touching and hands on his body. “Tae…” he whined, looking up at the younger who had crawled his way on top of Jimin and was towering over the smaller with a cheeky smirk on his face. “Tae, please…”

Taehyung only replied by leaning down and pressing his lips to Jimin’s bare chest. He couldn’t stop himself from trailing the tip of his tongue up the center of Jimin’s chest, emitting whines from said boy until he reached his neck. He sucked at it, swirling his tongue against the now red spot on his boyfriend’s neck. He pulled away, looking at Jimin and chuckling slightly at the blush spread across his face. Taehyung leaned down to capture his lips in a heated kiss, easily falling into a natural and smooth rhythm from having their lips locked quite often.

One of Taehyung’s hands held onto Jimin’s waist in a protective yet comforting way, thumb rubbing his side naturally. He let go of his waist quite calmly, smoothing his hand over Jimin’s stomach and letting it continuously fall lower until he was grabbing ahold of his silk pyjama bottoms. He pulled them down slowly, breaking their kiss only so he could look at the lace lingerie that was revealed more and more as he pulled. It made him chuckle with interest, licking his lips and completely ready to just yank them off Jimin-

Only to pause when a small knock was heard at their door. Both Taehyung’s and Jimin’s heads snapped towards the sound, Jimin pouting slightly and Taehyung groaning. “Who the fuck is that?” he whined, sitting back and allowing Jimin to get up from underneath him.

The male stood up and pouted at the fact he needed to leave his boyfriend for even two minutes, fixed his pants and hiked them up so the lace was covered up as much as it could be. He unlocked his front door, ready to speak to whoever was there with a strongly annoyed tone, only to not immediately see anybody. He furrowed his brows, ready to close the for before-

“Mr. Park?”

Jimin’s gaze shot down to Yoongi, who was standing at his door, rubbing his eyes, obviously sleepy. His lips parted slightly, forming a small ‘o’ and showing his mild shock. It’s not like he had never seen the kid at his door before, but at such an early hour and in the middle of- he really hadn’t expected to see the five-year-old standing at his door.

“Yoongi. What- what are you doing here honey?” he crouched down so he was at Yoongi’s height, a slightly more panicked look on his face. “Is your daddy okay?”

“Didn’t wanna wake daddy up,” Yoongi mumbled, sleepiness evidential in his voice.

“Oh.. so he’s not hurt?” Yoongi shook his head. “Okay honey, come here,” Jimin extended his arms out, and Yoongi simply walked forwards to fall forwards into his body. Jimin cooed and lifting the boy easily into his arms and pressing gentle kisses all over his face.

He walked away from the door (not before shutting it of course) and made his way back to the living room where Taehyung was waiting for Jimin to return. Taehyung looked surprised when his boyfriend showed up with a child in his arms, obviously still dishevelled and prepared to continue the earlier events with Jimin. But the child’s presence made it obvious they weren’t. Taehyung opened his mouth to say something before a soft, yet sleepy “TaeTae” was heard.

Jimin practically melted, letting out a very long “awe” and holding Yoongi just a bit tighter so the boy put his head down on his shoulder. “Wanna see TaeTae,” he mumbled again, playing with his pyjama shirt. Jimin almost immediately moved to give Yoongi to Taehyung, who looked greatly confused at his boyfriend’s actions. Only when Yoongi leaned away from Jimin to transfer to Taehyung’s arms did Taehyung actually lean forwards to grab the young boy.

Yoongi snuggled into Taehyung easily, making the male give his boyfriend a look that said: “what did you just give to me?” Jimin only smiled, waving him off.

“I’m going to go change, just keep him there. He’s sleepy, he won’t go anywhere babe,” Jimin blew a kiss to Taehyung before he scampered down the hallway to his bedroom. Taehyung nods slowly, switching his gaze down to Yoongi.

Yoongi was staring up at Taehyung, lips parted and slightly glazy eyes from having just woken up a little while ago. Taehyung only stared back, and that was about the extent of their interaction. Usually, when the two were together, they’d have toys and Yoongi would be awake enough that Taehyung could chat with him and listen to the little boy chat about all the fun stuff he does at school with Hoseok. But right now neither of those things were actually happening and both just sat there in silence until Jimin came back.

Taehyung didn’t want to simply sit there and stare at a child, so he began to make silly faces down at the boy. He poked his tongue out, scrunched his eyes and nose up and smiled really strange, made his eyes crossed, and soon enough Yoongi was giggling happily at him. Taehyung would be lying if he said it didn’t make him feel a little fuzzy.

Jimin returned to the scene, only smiling and pouting out his lips at the cute interaction between possibly his two favourite people to be around. “Okay, Yoongi, let’s get you home.”

“‘kay,” Yoongi mumbled, still giggling away at Taehyung. Taehyung stood up, hoisting Yoongi so he sat comfortably on his hip, and nodded to Jimin who looked mildly confused. He didn’t say anything though, just nodded and turned to leave their apartment.

Jimin had changed out of his “special outfit” for his own dignity when facing Seokjin and being around a child, as well as slipped on a pair of sweats that were obviously Taehyung’s and an old light blue shirt. The three made their way out of the apartment, Jimin leading the way and Taehyung and Yoongi following closely behind him. It took maybe ten steps for them to reach Seokjin’s apartment, Jimin opening the door and letting the others in.

Taehyung set Yoongi down, whispering for him to go wake up his dad and watching the little one run off. He didn’t try to stop the sweet smile that spread across his lips, not noticing his boyfriend crouching down beside him until he was placing kisses to his head. Taehyung smiled, turning his head so their lips caught each other’s.

“You’re really good with kids… I’m still convinced we should have our own,” Jimin said through kisses, before standing the two of them up.

“I’ll think about it,” Taehyung kissed him yet again, before peeking around the corner to see if Yoongi had gone into Seokjin’s room.

Of course, the little boy had gone into his dad’s room and scampered up to his bed to see if he was awake. When Yoongi confirmed to himself that Seokjin was still fast asleep, he hopped up on the bed to wake him up. He presses little kisses and pokes to Seokjin’s face, making the man smile as he woke.

“G’ morning Yoons,” he mumbled, sleep laced in his voice. He yawned before bringing his hand up to run through Yoongi’s messy black hair. Yoongi smiled, looking down at Seokjin as he woke up.

“Daddy get up,” Yoongi pushed on his arm again. “Jiminie and TaeTae are waiting for you.”

“What?” that got Seokjin to sit up, almost knocking Yoongi right off of him. He grabbed the boy before he tumbled over but still gave him a bewildered look. “Why are they here?”

“Didn’t wanna wake daddy up, so I went to go find Jiminie and TaeTae,” he said, not gathering that he may have done something wrong.

“Oh my god,” Seokjin picked Yoongi up and threw his covers off, running out of his room as fast as he could with the five-year-old in his arms. He came down the hallway, meeting Taehyung and Jimin who had migrated to the living room while waiting for Yoongi to return. “Oh my god.”

“Are you okay hyung?” Jimin asked, pushing his glasses up his nose and pushing Taehyung’s hand away from his waist. He stood up and gave Seokjin a somewhat reassuring smile.

“He didn’t wake you guys up did he?” Seokjin was speaking fast, putting Yoongi down and watching him walk back over to Taehyung. “I’m really sorry Jimin, I didn't know he would do that.”

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t mind starting my day with a little surprise,” Jimin smiled, watching Yoongi closely as he hugged his boyfriend tightly.

“He was interrupting act-” Taehyung yelped when Jimin kicked his shin, giving his boyfriend a look. Jimin only directed a smile at Seokjin.

Seokjin gave an apologetic look again to Jimin. “I’m really sorry, why don’t you-” he glanced at Taehyung, who was holding Yoongi sturdy on his lap. “The two of you stay for a little while. I promised to make Yoongi pancakes yesterday, I’ll make extras so you guys can have some too.”

“We already-” Taehyung was kicked yet again.

“We’d love that Seokjin, let me help you,” Jimin grinned, grabbing Seokjin by the hand and leading him into the kitchen- not before shooting a look over his shoulder at Taehyung. The younger sent the same one back, but it only made Jimin smile.

Once again, Taehyung was left with Yoongi. This time, Yoongi was more awake and began babbling away to Taehyung about his day at school yesterday. He told Taehyung all about his macaroni artwork (“TaeTae look at it, it’s on the fridge!”), all about Hoseok yet again as if Taehyung didn’t know about him at all, and he made a point of running his hands through Taehyung’s recently dyed blue hair.

“I like your hair TaeTae. It’s pretty,” Yoongi smiled, playing with the man’s bangs. Taehyung only chuckled, closing his eyes until they were called by Jimin and Seokjin. He really hadn’t noticed that the time was passing fast, it just kind of happened and neither Taehyung nor Yoongi were about to protest going to eat.

Taehyung would eat tons more if he could, though he was surprised Jimin was actually eating as much as he was. Jimin had eaten already this morning and he wasn’t one to eat a meal twice, even if Taehyung told him he should. As long as he was eating.

The table was set out with a plate for each of them, each one, of course, holding food that Seokjin and Jimin had rationed for the two that weren’t involved in the process of making it. Everyone had a glass of water and a small bowl of cut up strawberries to match. Jimin made Taehyung sit next to him and Yoongi was suddenly torn between sitting next to Jimin or Taehyung. Eventually, the boy came to the decision that sitting next to Taehyung was better because he saw Jimin every day and seeing Taehyung was a special occasion.

It wasn't quiet at all while they ate and even though Yoongi was quite the quiet boy he carried most of the conversation. He rambled on about whatever it was that five-year-olds liked to talk about, only stopping to stare at Taehyung when the elder wasn’t eating. Of course, when Taehyung finished his breakfast, Yoongi looked so offended that Taehyung felt guilty for finishing before the child.

But no matter- Yoongi to the rescue. He decided to offer Taehyung a piece of his pancake, to which the male, of course, said no. But Yoongi insisted, giving Taehyung a glare until he leaned down to take the piece of food from the chopsticks Yoongi was holding improperly. Jimin seemed to love it, making little coos at them and looking to Seokjin as he did so.

It made Seokjin smile- it really did. He may not like Taehyung too much, but he was really good with Yoongi and he could appreciate that.

“Yoongi, you really like Taehyung, don’t you?” Seokjin asked, flashing Taehyung a small smile which was returned with a big boxy one.


“More than Jiminie?” Came Jimin’s voice, obviously laced in a fake pout. This seemed to cause a small crisis in Yoongi, obvious by the look that was suddenly plastered all over the boy’s face. Jimin chuckled, only smiling at him. “Don’t worry, Jiminie knows you love both me and Tae the most. Right after daddy, hm?”

“And Hobi,” Yoongi corrected.

“And Hobi,” Jimin confirmed with a chuckle, making Yoongi smile.

When the boy was finally finished, Seokjin stood up and began clearing off the table, picking Yoongi’s plate up and making sure his chopsticks weren’t about to fall right off the plate when he piled it on his own. He reached to grab Taehyung’s but it was taken away by a familiar pink haired boy. Jimin winked at him, stacking Taehyung’s plate on his own.

“Jimin you don’t need to help me clean up,” Seokjin protested, but kept gathering the rest of the things with Jimin’s help.

“Oh, but you see hyung, I do,” he nodded and smiled at the elder. With Jimin’s help, clearing the table went a lot smoother. But Yoongi was sticky, and needed to be cleaned.

“Yoongi? Can you go clean up please?” Seokjin called from the kitchen. Yoongi yelled “yes” back, but struggled to get down from his chair and walk to the bathroom without getting everything sticky.

“Hey, c’ mere kiddo. I’ll help you,” Taehyung had followed Yoongi out of habit, watching over the young boy. “Let’s get to the bathroom and I’ll help you turn on the sink.”

They reached the sink and Taehyung turned the sink on for Yoongi, helping him wash the syrup off his hands and soap them up so there was no chance that he had anything left on them. He picked the boy up and threw him over his shoulder, earning squeals and very loud laughs from the child. Taehyung was pleased with the reactions he was getting from Yoongi, even doing so much as carrying the boy out to the living room and tossing him down onto the couch to get even more giggles and squeals out of him.

When both Seokjin and Jimin heard the commotion, they slowly made their way out of the kitchen to see Taehyung tickling Yoongi and the young child laughing away like neither of them had ever heard. Yoongi’s pyjama shirt was pushed up so Taehyung had access to his sides, and even though he was squirming and thrashing around, he was no match for Taehyung.

Jimin was beaming, quite proud of how his boyfriend was roughly yet still carefully playing around with the boy on the couch. He grinned even wider when he saw the smile that had found it’s way onto Seokjin’s lips.

“Are you still trying to convince him that you guys are going to have kids?” Seokjin looked to Jimin, not taken aback at all by how the younger had been staring at him.

“I think he wants more kids than I do- he’s just toying around with me now,” Jimin chuckled, before calling out to his boyfriend. “Taehyung! Let the boy breathe, we should get out of their hair.”

Taehyung stopped, sent a smile to Jimin, and watched Yoongi pant and giggle. He smiled down at the child before rolling off the couch and walking over to pull Jimin into a not so quick kiss. He only broke it when there was a tug at his pants, pulling hard enough on them to make Taehyung remember he was not wearing anything but those sweatpants.

“Whoa there kid,” Taehyung chuckled, turning around and crouching down to his height. “Jiminie and I are going to go home, see you soon okay?”

“Bye TaeTae,” Yoongi smiled at him, moving forwards to wrap his arms around the boy’s neck.

Taehyung smiled, hugging him back with one arm before letting him go and standing up. “Thanks for having us Mr. Kim.”

“Thank you for dealing with him- I’m really sorry again for bothering you guys this morning,” Seokjin patted Yoongi’s head when the boy moved to stand next to him.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll see ourselves out,” Jimin waved it off, smiling and taking Taehyung’s hand before leading him out of their apartment. As soon as the door was shut and the two were in the hallway, Taehyung’s hand had found its way onto Jimin’s ass, making the elder scoff. “Such a tease.”

Chapter Text

As soon as the door closed behind Jimin and Taehyung, Seokjin heaved a sigh. What a way to wake up! It’s not that he minded Jimin and Taehyung coming over (well, at least he didn’t mind Jimin coming over), but he definitely did not want to make waking up to them in his apartment a habit. He didn’t particularly like other people seeing him with bed hair and in his pyjamas or having to pretend to be more friendly than he’s actually feeling immediately upon waking.

Seokjin went back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up. There were some dishes to wash.

“Hey, Yoongi, can you come in here?” he called out. Almost immediately he heard the little boy padding toward him.


“Wanna help me clean up? I’ll pass the dishes down to you and you can dry them off and stack them on the table,” Seokjin said with a smile.

“Okay, daddy!” said the boy brightly.

As their little team cleaned up together, Seokjin wondered how to handle the situation. He didn’t like sitting Yoongi down for serious talks but the incident this morning did not need to happen again, so something would need to be said. Well, he’s always tried his best to be as honest and open as possible when communicating with the boy, so he felt like he should probably stick with those guidelines.

When they were done with the dishes and Seokjin had put them away on the shelves Yoongi couldn’t reach, he decided he’d better just get it over with now.

“Hey buddy, let’s go sit on the couch for a minute. Daddy needs to talk with you,” he said gently, not wanting to alarm the boy. They settled down on the couch and little Yoongi looked up at his father expectantly, wide-eyed. Seokjin took a deep breath before speaking.

“Honey, I know you love Jimin and Taehyung, right?”

“They’re my favourites!” the boy said, beaming.

“You mean daddy’s not your favourite?” Seokjin gasped in fake astonishment, causing Yoongi to giggle.

“Of course you’re my most favouritest, daddy,” assured Yoongi, climbing up into the man’s lap and wrapping his little arms around his father’s neck.

“You’re my favourite too, kiddo,” Seokjin smiled, hugging the boy back. His heart felt twenty times its normal size as they hugged for a long moment. Yoongi was so precious.

“Okay, so Jimin and Taetae are your second favourites then, right?” Seokjin said as they broke apart. Yoongi stayed on his lap and nodded up at him. Seokjin continued.

“I know you love to play with them and that it’s fun when they come over, isn’t it?”

“So much fun!” said the boy. Seokjin really didn’t want to take that beautiful smile off of his son’s face. But he had to have some ground rules.

“We can’t get them in the morning like that, though, without waking daddy up first and asking. We have to be considerate of others -- Jimin and Taetae could have still been asleep since it’s the weekend,” he replied, and a pang went through Jin’s heart at the crestfallen look that fell over the boy’s face.

“I didn’t want to wake up daddy,” said Yoongi softly, looking down.

“I know, sweetie and I appreciate you wanting to let me sleep. But next time I need you to wake me up anyway, okay? We only need to go down the hall to Jimin’s that early in the morning if there’s an emergency,” Seokjin said as gently as he could.

Yoongi just nodded his head, and then he said: “Daddy, it’s later now, can I go play with Taetae?”

Seokjin sighed lightly and responded “No, I’m sorry Yoongs, but you’ve already played with Taetae for a while today. How about if daddy plays with you instead?”

“Okay!” said Yoongi, happiness back on his face. He jumped down from Seokjin’s lap and grabbed his father’s hand with his tiny one, pulling him up and leading him towards the boy’s room.

“What are we gonna play?” asked Seokjin as he obediently followed along.

“Stuffies!” Yoongi said with enthusiasm.

They corralled some of the boy’s many stuffed animals and sat on his bed to play with them. Yoongi immediately grabbed a couple of his dinosaurs.

“Look, daddy! I’m gonna play with Verocilaptor and Steggie!” he squealed, holding up the velociraptor and stegosaurus toys. Seokjin grinned. His son really was so bright.

“Velociraptor, Yoongs,” he corrected gently.

“Ve… verl… ve-lo-ci-la… ve-lo-ci-rap-tor,” repeated Yoongi slowly, face scrunched up in the effort to pronounce the dinosaur’s classification correctly.

“Very good! We can just call him RapMon, though, since he’s a raptor and looks like a monster!”

“RapMon and Steggie!” said Yoongi gleefully, making the dinosaur toys run across the bed.

“But T-Rex is bigger and he’s gonna get RapMon and Steggie!” yelled Seokjin, grabbing the T-Rex stuffie and having it run after the two Yoongi was holding. Yoongi squealed in excited delight at the game and jumped down off the bed, running out of the room and laughing.

“Oh no you don’t!” laughed Seokjin, getting up and chasing after him. “T-Rex is fast, he’ll catch them! Rawr!”

When they became breathless from chasing each other around the apartment and roaring loudly, they sat back down on Yoongi’s bed.

“I love dinosaurs. Can you buy me one, daddy?” Yoongi asked sweetly.

“You already have a lot,” smiled Seokjin, gesturing at the multitude of dinosaur stuffed animals on the bed and around the room.

“No, I mean a real life one!” clarified the boy.

“Yoongi, where would we put him?” said Seokjin seriously. The boy frowned adorably, lips poked out in a pout as he thought.

“The bathroom?” Yoongi said.

“I don’t think a real-life Steggie would fit in the bathroom. And how would he get his exercise?”

“Hmm… you’re right, Daddy. We’d have to have a yard to have a dinosaur so he could have a place to play,” said Yoongi, looking sad for a moment. He brightened back up quickly though.

“Can we go see a real one?” he asked excitedly.

“Maybe one day, sweetie,” said Seokjin, thinking maybe he could take Yoongi to the zoo and show him the alligators and crocodiles or something. He pulled his son close to his side and stroked his soft hair. Yoongi attempted to stifle a yawn but failed spectacularly, and Seokjin chuckled.

“Naptime, I see,” he grinned.

“No, daddy, I’m not sleepy!” protested the boy weakly with another yawn, eyelids a little droopy.

“Oh yes you are,” said Seokjin. “Come on, let’s get you tucked in.”

The father made sure his son had a dinosaur stuffed animal to hug and gave the boy a bunch of kisses on his tiny feet.

“Daddy! That tickles!” laughed Yoongi.

“Okay, sorry, sorry,” smiled Seokjin, relenting and helping Yoongi slip under the covers. He leaned over to kiss the boy on the forehead.

“Sleep well, Yoongi,” he whispered, exiting the room quietly.

When Seokjin grabbed his phone off of the kitchen table where he’d left it earlier, he noticed he’d gotten a text. He sat down on the couch to read it. It was from Namjoon, who had asked him to meet up tonight to review Jin’s upcoming work schedule. Jin confirmed that he would be available for the rest of the day only after he called Jimin to see if he’d be willing to babysit Yoongi. Namjoon responded by asking if they could maybe meet somewhere other than their restaurant because it was so noisy back in the kitchen area. He suggested the little cafe everyone liked to visit and Jin agreed to meet him there at seven. Might as well go during dinnertime and have some food.

When Jin arrived at the cafe he was actually a few minutes early. He went ahead and ordered some decaf coffee for himself and for Namjoon and went to sit down at a cozy booth while the coffee was being brewed. Before it was brought out Namjoon stepped in and Jin didn’t immediately notice that he was staring a bit; Namjoon didn’t look like he had just come from work because he was wearing tight, black skinny jeans and a classy looking burgundy button-down with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Why did Jin think exposed forearms were so attractive? And ugh, he should have dressed up a little himself instead of wearing ripped jeans and a T-shirt.

Before he could spend any time examining his train of thought Namjoon was at the booth, smiling as he slid in across from Seokjin.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey, what’s up?” Seokjin said, smiling back.

“Not much. Well, not anything different than usual, you know how it goes,” replied Namjoon with a shrug.

“Yeah. So you wanted to go over my schedule?” Jin asked, getting straight to the point.

“Mmhmm,” hummed Namjoon, “But do you wanna order some food first? I don’t know about you but I’m starving.”

“That sounds amazing -- I haven’t had anything since strawberry pancakes at breakfast,” smiled Jin.

“How is little Yoongi?” asked Namjoon, correctly interpreting the implications of Jin making strawberry pancakes.

“Oh, he’s fine. He’s at Jimin’s right now,” Seokjin explained.

The employee who made the coffee came up to the table then, holding the two mugs and looking a little nervous. Seokjin thought he must be new.

“Hey,” said Namjoon casually, greeting the boy.

“Hi, hyung,” said the boy quietly, glancing at Jin.

“This is Seokjin, my coworker,” Namjoon said.

Seokjin smiled pleasantly but was inwardly confused. Namjoon obviously knew the boy but where did he know him from if the kid only just started working at the cafe? His question was immediately answered as Namjoon continued.

“Jin, this is my little brother, Jeongguk.”

“Oh okay, hi! Nice to meet you,” said Jin, smiling and reaching his hand out to shake Jeongguk’s, his confusion clearing up. Jeongguk set down the coffee and reached to shake hands, muttering the statement back quietly in return.

“Joonie here has told me all about you. I’ve been wondering when we’d get to meet!” said Jin kindly.

“Hyung talks about you a lot, too. Like, all the time,” said Jeongguk, looking timid but a little more relaxed now that it was apparent that Jin wasn’t going to be unpleasant. Jin was pretty sure Namjoon just kicked Jeongguk’s leg as he cleared his throat.

“Uhh, Gguk could we order some food too?” Namjoon asked with the air of someone trying to change the subject fast.

“Of course! Let’s see, what was our special today again?”

Namjoon snorted a little and teased Jeongguk about not knowing his own daily special, and Jeongguk blushed a little in embarrassment.

“Hyung!” Jeongguk protested. “I just got here like fifteen minutes ago, give me a break! Hold on, let me go check.”

As Jeongguk scurried away to find out what the special was, Seokjin spoke quietly, saying “He’s adorable, Joon!”

“Hands off,” Namjoon said warningly. Seokjin laughed.

“Not like that, silly!” Seokjin replied, and Namjoon grinned as Jeongguk rushed back over to them.

"Soup of the day is broccoli cheddar, the entree is shrimp and grits! Oh and of course you both can use my discount,” he huffed.

“Oooo, I’ll do the shrimp and grits! That sounds interesting,” said Seokjin. Namjoon ordered the same and Jeongguk gave him a funny, knowing kind of look briefly before he grinned and walked back into the back of the cafe. Jin didn’t catch the look.

They talk about everything other than Jin’s work schedule as the food is prepared and then as they ate. They talked about their current favourite music and Namjoon actually laughed at Jin’s corny jokes. He also inquired further about Yoongi, seemingly interested in the sweet boy he’s heard so much about but hasn’t yet gotten to meet.

Seokjin was having a great time. He rarely got the chance to spend time with Namjoon and had almost forgotten how well they just click together. He made a mental note to make the time to do this more often in the future.

“Do you wanna share some cake?” Namjoon asked as Jeongguk took their empty plates (the grits had been delicious).

“Sure! I’ll pay for half --” Jin began, but Namjoon cut him off.

“Nope, I’m the one who asked you to come out, I’ve got it,” Namjoon said firmly as Jeongguk whisked back over with a huge slice of chocolate cake accompanied by a large scoop of ice cream and two spoons.

“How did you know I was about to order cake?” asked Namjoon, raising his eyebrows at his little brother.

“Hyung, when do you not order cake? And this one’s on the house,” replied Jeongguk with a cute smile, turning and heading away before Namjoon or Jin could protest.

By the time they finished the delicious cake it was way later than Seokjin had thought. Time had flown by.

“I’m sorry, Joon, but I’ve gotta head out. Gotta get Yoongs to bed before it gets too late,” Jin said with a trace of reluctance in his voice.

“Of course! Sorry for keeping you so long,” Namjoon responded quickly.

“You didn’t, this was really fun! We should do it again soon,” Jin said with a smile.

After a quick debate on who should pay (Namjoon won), they stepped outside together into the night air. Jin felt a little reluctant to leave, for some reason. Namjoon moved in a little closer for a goodbye hug and while it was slightly awkward Jin couldn’t help but notice how nice the man smelled. He lingered a little longer before asking if Namjoon needed a ride home.

“Oh no, I drove, but thank you! I’m gonna stay with Gguk anyway, he’s almost done with his shift I think.”

“We really stayed that long?”Jin questioned, waving and smiling as he started to walk away. “Okay, see you later then!”

“Seems so,” Namjoon called after him. “Bye Jinnie!”

It was only as Seokjin was walking from his car back to Jimin’s apartment to pick up Yoongi that he had a sudden realization. They had never talked about his work schedule. That was weird, usually, Namjoon wasn’t forgetful about stuff like that. It was actually almost like… a date? It felt like one. Jin’s stomach got a few butterflies at the thought.

As Namjoon walked back into the cafe after Jin had gone home, Jeongguk was putting chairs on top of tables, preparing to mop the floor.

“So how’d your date go?” the boy asked with a cheeky grin.

“You know, you’re a lot bolder when other people aren’t around to hear you,” responded Namjoon, grinning. Jeongguk ignored the jibe.

“So did you kiss outside?” the infuriating boy said, poking his tongue out just a bit.

“Of course not, this was only date number one,” said Namjoon defensively. “I’m going to save that for date number three.”

“When did you become Mr. Traditional Values?” laughed Jeongguk.

“Since I met a guy I’m serious about with whom I want to do things right,” Namjoon responded primly.

“But did that even count as a date? Didn’t you say you got him to agree to come so that you could ‘review his work schedule’ or something?” the boy teased.

“Shut up, it was still totally a date! We didn’t even talk about the schedule,” insisted the elder.

“Whatever you say, hyung,” said Jeongguk, shrugging with a grin. Namjoon threw a napkin at him.

When Seokjin returns home from the cafe, Jimin was just tucking little Yoongi into bed. His heart melted at the sweet sight.

“I’ll take over from here, Jiminie. Thanks so much for watching him, I really appreciate it,” Jin said in a low voice, not wanting to disturb the sleepy boy. Jimin nods and gives Yoongi a soft kiss on the forehead before exiting quietly.

With Yoongi asleep in bed, Seokjin got ready for bed too and went into his own room, messing around on his phone somewhat absentmindedly and thinking over the evening. He’d really enjoyed seeing Namjoon and being able to hang out with him outside of work. Namjoon was really a great guy in every way possible.

But what was that whole thing even about? They’d gone to a cafe instead of talking at work like they normally would have and Namjoon even paid for everything when he didn’t have to and he’d even kind of dressed up. They’d stayed way longer than a normal meal would have taken and then there was that hug at the end… wait. Wait. Was that a date?

No, no, no, it couldn’t have been a date, absolutely not. Why on earth would an amazing guy like Namjoon ask him on a date? Well, he technically didn’t ask him on a date, but it was still totally a date! Right? Wait, was it? Damn. And to think Jin hadn’t even noticed anything when they were there.

Seokjin took some deep, steadying breaths as his mind swirled into chaos over whether or not that had been a date. He couldn’t help but wish that it had been a date, but at the same time he was apprehensive. It wasn’t a good idea to date your boss. But there was no clear indication that his boss wanted to date him! Ugh, this was so confusing, and Jin was thinking in circles. Maybe it was just time to go to bed and he could think about the rest of this tomorrow.

As Jin put his phone on the bed and switched off the lamp on the bedside table he smiled and thought that he had really enjoyed their date.

Chapter Text

The school week approached too fast and before the father/son duo could blink it was back to work and school. Yoongi got walked to school every morning, the cold weather approaching quickly and both Seokjin and Yoongi having to bundle up every so often. One morning Seokjin zipped little Yoongi’s winter coat up for the second to last day of the week and ruffled the young boy’s hair to show a little bit of extra affection.

“Ready to go?” a nod from Yoongi and they were on their way.

They ran into Taehyung in the lobby, who dropped the two bags of groceries he had been bringing upstairs to the empty apartment owned by Jimin. The blue haired male smiled brightly at the pair, giving Yoongi a hug when the child ran to him with his little arms outstretched. Seokjin walked over to them, telling Yoongi they had to get going and giving Taehyung a glance. A discreet sniff of the air left him somewhat impressed; he couldn’t smell anything on the younger adult at all. That was good, he didn’t want him so much as touching Yoongi if he had smoked weed recently.

The walk to school and the school day itself went by without incident or anything of particular import happening; it was just a lovely, average fall day. During recess the children ran around laughing, dancing with the multi-hued falling leaves, cheeks rosy in the chilly breeze, and in the afternoon the smiling teacher showed them how to make necklaces out of colorful dried corn kernels. Yoongi wore his proudly when he walked out of the school building in the afternoon, hand in hand with little Hoseok.

“Daddy?!” squealed Yoongi all of a sudden, rushing forward into his smiling father’s arms with a glowing, bright smile.

“Hey, little man! I got the afternoon off and wanted to come pick you up today!”

“I’m so glad to see you, daddy!” the boy said as he hugged his father tightly around the neck.

“Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!” came another little voice, approaching at speed. Hoseok had recognized Yoongi’s dad and was running over to greet him, too.

“Hi, Hoseok,” Seokjin said, smiling at the boy. “Are you waiting for your mommy to pick you up?”

“Uh-huh!” Hoseok nodded. “Hey, Mr. Kim, look what we made today!”

Seokjin bent down to closely inspect and effusively praise the corn necklaces and was joking with the boys (pretending to be sad that they didn’t make him one too and making them laugh with his antics) when Hoseok’s mother arrived, smiling at the little group. Hoseok ran to her fast as Yoongi had ran to his father and she bent down to give him a hug.

“Hello, Ms. Jung,” smiled Seokjin politely. “How are you today?”

“Oh, please, just Sowon is fine,” she smiles back. They exchanged pleasantries somewhat formally as they weren’t close acquaintances yet; they had only met a few times in situations like this due to their children being so close.

“Mommy, mommy!” said Hoseok urgently, tugging on the hem of his mother’s navy peacoat.

“What is it darling?”

“Can me and Yoonie play today?” he asked, looking up at her with wide, pleading eyes. She smiled gently down at him.

“Not tonight, sweetie, I’m sorry. It’s a weeknight and we need to go home.”

“Awww,” Hoseok pouted cutely, sticking out his lower lip and kicking morosely at the leaves on the sidewalk.

“Well, maybe we could have Hoseok over on Saturday,” he said in amusement to Sowon. “Would that work for you?”

“I think so, that should be fine!” she replied, causing the children to squeal in delight and start jumping around together, holding hands.

The adults agreed to talk about the details later that evening over text (already having each other’s numbers, their children were best friends after all) once the little ones were in bed, and despite having to wait until Saturday the little ones parted cheerfully enough, waving goodbye to each other as they separated and began the walk home.

“Thank you, daddy,” beamed Yoongi up at his father, who looked down at him tenderly as the boy slipped his little warm hand in his.

“You’re very welcome! Say, do you think Hoseok likes spaghetti? I could make some for lunch when he comes over,” Seokjin suggested, causing Yoongi to skip beside him in his happiness. Spaghetti was just another one of the boy’s favorite foods, and it would be easy for Seokjin to make it and watch the kids at the same time.

The evening passed smoothly. Yoongi played with some of his stuffies quietly in the living room, telling them excitedly all about how they were going to get to meet Hobi on Saturday, while Seokjin made a meatloaf and some veggies in the kitchen. They ate the meal happily, Yoongi talking excitedly about what he and Hoseok would do on Saturday. When Yoongi tried to avoid eating all of his vegetables, Seokjin had to put on his dad face and say “you have to eat all of your veggies if you want to have Hobi over,” which caused Yoongi to pout but successfully got him to eat all of the veggies on his plate.

“Daddy?” the boy asked as they were cleaning up.


“Do you think I can go to bed early tonight?”

“Why’s that?” Seokjin asked in surprise, looking down at his son. Yoongi usually didn’t put up a fight about bedtime, but he never asked to go early.

“So that I can see Hobi faster!” he said, as if it should be obvious. Seokjin smiled.

“Sure thing, but you still have to take a bath!” he said, and Yoongi immediately raced off to the bathroom, his father following more sedately and chuckling softly. His son was really too cute.

The next day dawned just as chilly as the previous one and Yoongi chose his purple knit scarf and hat to wear on the walk to school. They arrived at the school a few minutes earlier than usual due to Yoongi rushing to get ready in his excitement to see Hoseok, and when he saw his best friend he immediately ran over to him to play.

Seokjin smiled after him, proud that his son was starting to come out of his shell a little with someone his age. He thought that socializing with Hoseok outside of school would actually be very beneficial, as Yoongi could practice his social skills in a different setting and get some energy out at the same time. This thought reminded him to text Sowon again; they’d worked out a plan last night over text after Yoongi was put to bed, but he just wanted to solidify the details (such as asking about any food allergies Hoseok might have and double checking the schedule). He smiled as he thought of how excited Yoongi was about the play date.

Saturday couldn’t come fast enough for little Yoongi, but come it did. Seokjin was awoken early by the boy (who, upon hearing his father’s sleepy mumbling, reminded him that he was not supposed to go down the hall for Jimin and Tae and that he needed to get up) and he made himself a strong cup of coffee as he made breakfast for the two of them.

“Yoongs, please sit still while you’re eating. We don’t want any food to spill, do we?” Seokjin said after a few minutes of eating at the table with his very wiggly son.

“No daddy, I’m sorry,” the boy said, trying not to fidget. Seokjin smiled.

“I know you’re excited about Hoseok coming. He’ll be here soon, don’t worry.”

At the prearranged time of ten o’clock Hoseok and Sowon arrived, faces flushed from the cool air.

“Hobi!” Yoongi squealed as soon as the door opened. Hoseok giggled as they closed the distance and hugged. “Come on, Hobi, let’s go play!”

“Whoa, hold on there sport. Let’s hang up Hoseok’s coat first!” laughed Seokjin. The boy scrambled out of his coat and they quickly ran off, skipping and laughing together.

“So, I’ll come back at three?” Sowon smiled.

“Sounds good! We’ll have a great time, don’t worry. Enjoy a few hours off duty,” Seokjin said. They said their polite farewells and Sowon left him to it, saying something about a massage as she walked away.

Yoongi has excitedly pulled out most of his toys into the living room before Hoseok arrived, so when Seokjin walked in after bidding Sowon farewell it was to find both boys already playing happily with Yoongi’s toy cars. He was pleased that Yoongi seemed to have no trouble sharing the toys with Hoseok as he casually watched over them and read a book.

Their playdates usually lasted a little while, Hoseok had even slept over for a whole weekend with the slightly younger boy and his father (three whole nights they all spent together!) and Yoongi had done the same with Hoseok and his mother. The two little boys always had fun together, and even though after sleepovers (that only happened every once in a while) they were thoroughly exhausted, they would keep coming back and asking for more.

Seokjin and Sowon both appreciated and adored that their children were close friends at such a young age, and that the boys had helped out each other in their own little way. Yoongi was obviously a shy kid, he had a hard time making friends and Hoseok was often told he was just a little bit too loud. Together, Yoongi brought Hoseok’s volume down just a bit, while Hoseok turned Yoongi’s up. They fit together well and Seokjin hoped Hoseok and Yoongi would still have each other as close friends as they grew up.

Yoongi and Hoseok played well together, their little minds coming up with vast amounts of stories and visualizations to play out with all of Yoongi’s toys. Seokjin felt bad that he didn’t have many, but he got him what he could afford and Jimin had a bad habit of buying the boy toys every so often. Seokjin appreciated it and thought it was cute, but sometimes he wished JImin wouldn’t help out so much, even if he did need it. Made him feel guilty.

“Daddy! Can we have lunch now?” Yoongi’s little voice rang through Seokjin’s ears, cueing the man to rise and nod at his son.

“Give me some time to make it, I’ll call you two into the kitchen when it’s ready okay?” both of the boys nodded to Seokjin, smiling brightly at him in their own way.

The two played around a bit more when Seokjin disappeared into the little kitchen by the living room, Hoseok suggesting that they try to make “the super biggest tallest bestest tower ever” with a crazy amount of enthusiasm. The five year old being overenthusiastic was not abnormal, but it made Seokjin chuckle when he heard him yelling that from that living room.

“What do we make the tower out of?” Yoongi questioned his best friend.
“Legos!” Hoseok walked on his knees to the bin of legos they had sitting out, taking out a handful and setting them down.

The two boys got right to work on the tower right away, stacking them one by one. Hoseok started a pattern, stacking a red one, then yellow, then blue, then green, and Yoongi caught on quickly, beginning to hand the other boy the blocks in order to keep the pretty pattern going. They stacked one block on top of another block, making a long and thin tower.

“See Yoonie,” Hoseok looked at their work with a smile. “It’s a skyscraper!”

“Yeah!” Yoongi cheered, standing up and running to the kitchen where he knew he’d find Seokjin. Said man was at the counter, scooping some warmed up sauce onto the noodles in their bowls. “Daddy! Daddy come see our tower!”

“Just give me a second Yoongs,” Seokjin spoke, smiling at how excited his little one was about his creation. He finished their food, bringing it out to the table and setting the three bowls down before looking down at the little five year old following his every move. “So are you going to show me or stand there?”

Yoongi smiled and ran back the other way, making his way quickly back to where Hoseok was seated by their tower. The sunshine filled five year old looked to Seokjin with a bright smile, presenting the tower to Seokjin and looking to Yoongi. Said boy took his dad’s hand and looked up at him happily.

“Wow! Look at that you guys!” Seokjin gasped with a bit more emphasis than necessary. But it made the two children happy to know that the adult in the house was very impressed with their work. They both beamed at him. “This tower is amazing you guys, it’s very tall.”

“Yes it’s the super biggest tallest bestest tower ever!” Hoseok cheered, standing up and running over to go hug Seokjin. For no reason really, he just wanted to be close to him like Yoongi was.

“It is, is it?” Seokjin chuckled, ruffling the boy’s wavy brown hair. “Okay you two, let’s go eat lunch before it gets cold.”

“Yay!” the boys chorused together, jumping up from the floor and scampering into the kitchen, followed more sedately by Seokjin. The homemade meat sauce for the spaghetti bubbled gently on the stove and Seokjin spooned a healthy amount out onto each of the three bowls of noodles.

“Smells good, daddy!” Yoongi said excitedly, and Hoseok supported him with a hum.

“Good! I hope you’re hungry,” said Seokjin, placing the bowls in front of the boys. “Careful, it’s still hot so blow on it before you eat it.”

Seokjin was always amused at the almost indecent speed with which the boys regularly devoured their food, but he chastised them gently, warning them to chew so they didn’t choke. Even so, the meal was over quickly.

“I’m full!” Hoseok said loudly, leaning back in his chair.

“Me too. Wanna go back and play some more?” asked Yoongi.


And with that, the boys were racing back out of the kitchen. Seokjin smiled after them. He would normally have them help him clean up, but there weren’t very many dishes this time anyway so he let them go back to their tower building.

When Seokjin finished the dishes and turned off the tap, he was mildly surprised not to hear the boys playing in the other room. They were usually pretty loud, after all. He dried his hands and went to go check on them, only to find them sprawled out on the floor, sleeping softly and holding hands. Seokjin felt his heart melt in his chest at the sight and he pulled out his phone to capture the precious moment. He sent the adorable photo to Sowon and put it at his phone wallpaper, smiling.

The rest was short-lived, and both Yoongi and Hoseok were stirring within the hour. Seokjin suggested that the boys play some more before Sowon arrived back to pick up Hoseok, so they started a game of hide-and-seek. It was a little boring with just the two of them though, so Yoongi roped his father into playing with them. Seokjin didn’t play by the rules, though -- he would hide in really obvious places or jump out at the seeker, who would shriek and run around the apartment, laughing. He was chasing Hoseok around the couch when there was a knock at the door.

Seokjin answered the door slightly out of breath to see Sowon, who looked more put together and relaxed after her day at the spa.

“Hoseok, your mother is here to pick you up,” the man called.

“Noooo!” came Hoseok’s muffled reply. The two adults went into the living area to find Hoseok attempting to hide under the throw pillows.

“Come on darling, it’s time to go,” Sowon smiled. Hoseok pulled his head out from under a pillow with a pout on his face.

“But mommy, I wanna play with Yoongi some more! Look at this tower we built, isn’t it cool? Can I ask Santa for some Legos like this for Christmas?” Hoseok said, just following his train of thought.

“Maybe, if you’re a good boy for the rest of the year,” Sowon smiled.

“Yay!” Hoseok shouted, and he and Yoongi started chasing each other around the couch some more. Over their giggles and shouts, Sowon turned to Seokjin and spoke.

“Actually, he might not get the Christmas he wants this year. I’ve got to go on a business trip for the week, and it’ll include Christmas Day. I’ve arranged for Hoseok to stay at his grandmother’s, but I don’t think he likes it much there. Says he gets bored.”

“Hmm…” mused Seokjin, “maybe he could stay here with us instead? We’d be happy to have him -- I’m sure the boys would love to spend the holiday together.”

“Oh I can’t ask you to do that,” Sowon said.

“You didn’t,” Seokjin smiled, “I offered.”

“Well, you’re right about Hoseok probably having a much better time here than he would at his grandmother’s. Alright, as long as you’re sure…”

“Great! Did you hear that, kids?” Seokjin said, turning back to the boys and speaking louder.

“Hear what, Mr. Kim?” Hoseok asked.

“Honey, you’re gonna stay here over the Christmas holiday instead of going to stay with Grandma. What do you think about that?” asked Sowon.

“Really?!” Hoseok and Yoongi both said at the same time, incredulous.

“Really really!” Seokjin smiled.

The boys were ecstatic and it took a little while to get them to calm back down enough for Hoseok to leave with Sowon.

“Come on, dear,” Sowon said, pulling gently at Hoseok’s little hand. “You’ll see him in just a couple of days at school, and you have the whole week of Christmas to look forward to!”

“Okay,” Hoseok acquiesced, but he broke free of his mother to hug his best friend one last time. “I’ll miss you, Yoongi,” he whispered in the other boy’s ear.

“I’ll miss you too, Hobi,” came the soft reply. They were both smiling as Sowon finally managed to get Hoseok out the door, and Seokjin smiled after them.

Christmas was going to be fun.