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Insecure - Vision x Shadow

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I want you to know this story is nothing much than adventures of my recently created OC, Shadow, with my favorite canon character. Since I've been going round this marvelous MCU world passed some months, Vision x Reader imagines always lifted my spirits, and one day, like a good writer I am, and idea popped into my head out of nowhere and I just decided to create a special character to partake in the stories I was reading. Although, reading Imagines with an OC is very difficult due to the various kinds of contents that just can't fit the character, so, I was willing to create my own story to this special character, turning her an official, also taking part of an English writing training, and I think it is beautiful.

So, first things first you need to know the character you are dealing with, so...

This is Shadow:

- She has a name, but she doesn't remember it;

- Has a huge crush on Vision;

- Has a gothic appearance, only wears black, comfortable clothes;

- Her hair is curly and black, and her eyes are green;

- She is chubby and little;

- Has an eyebrow piercing;

- Always with black lipstick, always;

- Has an antisocial personality, she rather stays alone, with music and games, in her room;

- Despite that, the Avengers are her only family and she feels comfortable around them, specially Tony and Steve, but she prefers her own company and solitude most of the time;

- She tells Tony to eat shit when he invites her to his parties;

- She used do have depression, low self-esteem and trusting problems, but those disappear little by little after Age of Ultron;

- Joined the team in the Winter Soldier movie. She was one of the experiments that was able to break free and was living near when Cap found her after he's saved by Bucky. She's 20 and got her powers one year before;

- She’s been living in the Compound all those years;

- Those experiments searched for increasing people abilities and powers, some of the Inhumans were on it, but Shadow willingly joined because she was hoping for it to fail and kill her. Instead, it gave her her powers;

- She's the power of turning into a dark gas matter called shadow, really useful occult powers that gave her name. Once in her shadowy form, she can fly and go through walls. She can't hold objects, though, so, most of the time she was just a spy. She loved it because she hates being noticed. But it was created a suit for her that disappeared along and could allow her to hold and turn things to shadow as well. Her power increases, and she's also the ability to reduce people to ashes. Her eyes glow when she does that. She digs these abilities because she's not into fighting, and all she has to do is touch people and use her powers or fire it away;

- She hates shoes and walking barefoot, so she just wears black socks;

- A cat person;

- Her blood is black due to shadow in its liquid form running through her veins. Some people know this because she used to cut;

- By "some people", I mean Vision;

- Shadow fell in love with him at first sight, she was present when he was created and always thought he was quite handsome, but most of all, she is completely into his naive, innocent, caring, curious and gentle personality. He's full of qualities and everything she ever wanted on a man;

- But rejection is her worst fear. She's never been in a relationship, she was bullied a lot in high school, and because her appearance, she was rejected by the boys she confessed, so she feared the same would happen if she told Vision about what she feels;

- But that doesn't stop them from being really good and close friends. Vision is the one Shadow truly trusts and will never doubt of, and that's why she was on Stark’s side in Civil war;

- They were huge BROTP goals;

- Vision is always supporting her and trying to improve and help her to work out her self-esteem and confidence, and this just makes her melt;

- When he caught her cutting once, he told Stark because he didn't understand why she was doing that, and he was really in a bad mood after Civil War, so he went and preached Shadow about people having bigger problems than hers and Vision was watching, so he figured it out and stopped Tony. He got really upset and defensive, and Tony realized his mistakes and helped her to heal the scars. She stopped doing that from that day on;

- When she turns to shadow, she doesn't feel anything, so after she feels pain, she occults so she can be at peace and returns whenever she thinks she feels better;

- There are a few Avengers who can sense her even when she's shadow, with their abilities or not. Those are Scarlet Witch, Spider Man (with spidey sense), Mantis, Doctor Strange (the Ancient One and the wizards as well) and Vision (Vision can see her because of the Mind Stone);

- Her and Vision are currently dating, and Shadow is getting everyday better because of his support. She even became more social, started liking her body more, stopped cutting and even went to one of Tony's parties and risked drinking, trying to lift Thor's hammer, and dancing;

- Vision gave her a name: Gabriela. And she loved it. They were once talking about her name being the only thing she doesn't remember after the experiments, and Vision offered to choose her a new name. He searched for girl names on the internet and chose the one he liked the most. Only him can call her by that name;

- She doesn't call Vision by Vis. She rather letting it to Wanda;

- Gabriela loves gardening, but she only does that at night, with specific flowers: orchids, jasmines and other nighttime characteristic plants. Vision helps her by watering them during daytime;

- Also, she is a nocturn person. She sleeps during the day and stays awake till the dusk, because she likes the sunrise;

- She has a cat and an owl that live on her bedroom. The cat is black and called Bagheera and the owl is white and called Moon. She loves them and treats them as her children;

- She's not a fan of books;

- Her favorite movie is Monster House, except no matter how many times she watches it, she's scared as shit of the house, hates the children and likes Zee and the Nebbercracker;

- Vision knows all her tastes for food, music, movies and often knows what to say or do to make her happy. He panics when he doesn't;

- She tries to learn new languages, like French, Spanish and the wakandan dialect, and Vision helps her with that;

- She doesn't like children, but finds this ironic since Vision is like one;

- Gabriela is afraid of horror movies, but she enjoys watching them, and every time she does, she is afraid of sleeping alone or turning to shadow, so she calls Vision to hug her while she sleeps;

- She tried to kill Thanos with her powers in the last battle, but she didn't succeed. Some advanced beings in his army could see or sense and attack her. Yet, she got close to Thanos, but couldn't touch or fire at him because of his defenses;

- She was turn into ashes after the Infinity War events. She died inside when Wanda killed Vision, so she didn't feel bad about dying.

I could tell you what happens to her past the Endgame, but I don't want to give you any spoilers.

This is something that happens before IW and past Age of Ultron. Your reading will begin now. I hope you enjoy it.