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Peter Parker was currently sitting at the table, his fathers staring at him expectantly, "Well?" Tony Stark said, his arms crossed.

"Look. I just wanted to help." Peter started.

"No. Don't bullshit me!" Tony snapped.

Steve Rogers put a hand on his husband's shoulder. "Take it easy."

"No, I won't. He shouldn't have been out where people could see him, he shouldn't have put himself in danger. What the hell were you thinking?"

"It- I told you!" Peter protested. "I just wanted to help! I've been cooped up for too long!"

Tony shot out of his chair, "I said don't bullshit me!"

"I'm not bullshitting you!"

"Go. Now. To your room. You're grounded until further notice."



"That's so unfair!"

"Life's never fair!" Tony bellowed.

"This is bullshit! I'm not a fucking kid anymore!"

"It's not bullshit! I'm trying to protect you!"

"Right, yeah, sure. Protect me from what? The walls of this house?! I'm done with your bullshit! I'm done with everyone's bullshit!"

Peter shot out of his seat abruptly, sending the wooden chair skidding across the floor. He heard the wood snap as it hit the wall, but he didn't care. His honey brown eyes glowed with fury as he stormed to his room. The door slammed behind him, the wood cracking. He locked the door, although the door was already jammed. Peter stomped towards the window, throwing the curtains aside and prying the window open. The icy air hit his lungs with such force that he gasped. It was refreshing. He screamed out the window, "FUCK!" and slammed his fists down onto his mattress. An idea popped in his head as he stared out the window. The infuriated teen grabbed his backpack and a sweatshirt, checking that the door was still jammed, and then, quietly, popped the screen out of place and jumped out the window, landing lightly.

He had no idea where he was going, but he didn't care right now. He just knew that he needed to get away from the confinements of his house, and the toxic substance that was Tony Stark.