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Happy Pills

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"Tweek, if you try to hit me with one more rubber band I will fucking annihilate you."

"You're just saying t-that because you're getting your, hggn, ass kicked."

It was the summer before 9th grade. The transition from middle school to high school was always a difficult one, but this early in the summer, the boys and their respective friends couldn't be less bothered with the prospect of school. "It's summer," Tweek had once told him, "if you think about school at all aliens will come to eat your brain." He was reasonably sure he had been joking at that moment, but with Tweek, you could never truly tell.

The couple hadn't been doing much of anything since school let out a few weeks ago, wordlessly deciding to hang out at one or the other's house since.

From where he was sitting, Tweek scooted towards the beanbag Craig had situated himself in, finally forfeiting the accursed rubber bands. He glanced at his boyfriend of five years before flopping down, his face going directly into Craig's shoulder. He took in a deep breath before closing his eyes. Craig took this as an opportunity to pause his game and put one hand through Tweek's wild blonde hair that only got more gravity resistant with age.

Craig glanced down to the boy's slightly wrinkled expression with a hard to notice mask of concern.

"You sure you've been doing okay babe? Your anxiety's been acting up a lot recently."

Tweek let out yet another sigh before resting his chin on his hands.

"I'm not sure…? School's over, I should be f-feeling better, but I'm just. Not," he huffed before subconsciously scratching at the back of his head.

Ever since the boys had gotten together in 4th grade, Tweek's anxiety and paranoia had found a center, but as the years went on, he learned that just having close friends and a partner wouldn't ever fully expel his fears. The older he grew, the more he learned about the world and how things worked outside his childhood fears of aliens and monsters. As a result, school had become a major stressor on Tweek. He was by no means an A student like Wendy or Kyle, but he tried his best for solid B's. By the end of the school year though, class was normally forgotten about for those sweet three months. His anxiety must really be bad this year.

Craig's monotone voice snapped him out of his own musings, "Well, Clyde, Token, and Jimmy still wanna meet up later at the bowling alley for laser tag. You think you'll be up for it?"

"Uhh. Yeah sure! I think, ACK, I can handle it," Tweek responded.

"Cool. We'll leave around 2:30, alright babe?"

"Sounds g-good!"

Craig returned his attention to the game displayed on the TV screen in Tweek's room while the freckled boy allowed his eyes to wander.

'Jesus, I should clean up sometime soon,' he thought to himself as he looked over the piles of legos littering the floor and the surge of empty paper coffee cups in almost every foreseeable nook and cranny. Of course with his growing anxiety, he'd been sucking down more and more of his family's coffee, giving him a sense of calm for a while until that dose began to wear off and it was onto the next cup.

Tweek glanced up to his Red Racer clock that read 1:48. They should start getting ready soon before the guys tease them for being late again. They were not too preoccupied with each other thank you very much, Jimmy. Besides, that's gay.

"Dude, GAH, we should seriously st-start getting ready to meet up with the guys," Tweek stated.

Craig let out a hum of acknowledgment before returning right back to what he was doing.

"Craig seriously they're, ack, gonna make fun of us again b-because they'll think we were making out," he said as he gave Craig a pointed look.

Craig waved him off from where he sat on the beanbag, "So what, that's what happens half the time anyway."

"They don't have to know that, though!" Tweek sputtered.

"I'm pretty sure we lost all hope of that when we showed up with badly concealed hickies in 8th grade."

Tweek sighed before walking in front of the TV which Craig would've protested had he not already paused his game.

"Dude seriously, come on," Tweek stated as he crossed his forearms.

"Alright, alright," he said as he sat himself up. With a fond look on his features, Craig pulled Tweek in gently by the back of his neck and gave him a solid peck on the lips. Tweek rolled his eyes and planted a smooch onto Craig's nose before grabbing him by his chullo strings.

"C' mon asshole," he scoffed.

"Whatever you say, honey," Craig responded with a dopey grin stuck to his face.


As the two made their way down to the living room of the Tweak household, Mr. Tweak called out to them.

"Hey, boys, where are you off to?"

Tweek twitched slightly before responding, "We're meeting up with, ack, Token and the g-guys."

From around the corner, Mrs. Tweak seemingly came out of nowhere and stood next to her husband, statue-still.

She smiled and spoke, "That's nice kids. Tweek, remember to be home before dinner."

Tweek nodded and made his way towards the front door with Craig in hand before his dad announced, "Wait, son, you don't wanna forget your coffee, would you?" as he gestured a silver thermos towards Tweek.

Tweek perked up, "Oh, thanks! I, gah, almost f-forgot." He took it from his dad and held it with the one free hand not occupied with Craig's own.

The two could feel the Tweak's gaze burning holes into them as they walked out the door, brushing off the weirdly normalized interaction with the blonde's parents. Once they shut the door behind them, both gave a visible shiver of relief for the reprieve of being subjected to the adults' gaze.

Tweek squeezed Craig's hand fondly to get his attention.

"So… you wanna lead the way?"

Craig gave a little half smile before nodding and attempted to turn his attention back to the sidewalk before something caught his eye. He arched an eyebrow and reached out with his thumb and forefinger to feel a little bump on Tweek's cheek before looking back at him quizzingly.

"Oh yeah, that. I've been having this weird breakout since finals week st-started? I can't seem to make it go a-away."

"Huh. Weird. Sorry for pointing that out, it just caught my attention."

With a fond look on his face and a head shake, Tweek planted a smooch on Craig's cheek before leading both of them to meet up with the rest of their friends.