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Paralysed by Fear

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Oftentimes, the world wasn’t as scary as people made it out to be.  Sheba realised this at some point during her quest with Felix, Jenna, and Piers.  She inhaled, exhaled, and often thought to herself that nothing would be worse than her captivity in Tolbi, or her kidnapping by Saturos and Menardi.

This time, though--staring down Poseidon, realising that one wrong move aboard their ship and in the rocky crevasses they could take shelter in, should they wish to make a melee attack--Sheba found herself unable to do much moving.  The roaring waves beneath them, which rocked the ship every which way, made her feel nauseated, made her terrified that something would happen--that something would cause her to be knocked off.

She couldn’t swim, after all.  Never had a reason to learn it; she grew up in a desert, and until this joining of the quest, swimming had been a very, very low priority, what with Lalivero being far away from the ocean.

The boat rocked again, dragging Sheba out of her thoughts.  She was stuck behind the mast of the ship, watching in terror, seemingly frozen in place.  She tried to summon some sort of Psynergy, to attack the great Poseidon, but it was impossible.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t think, only watch in terror as her friends put their lives and limbs on the line.

Why is it that Felix could move, when he had so much worse of an experience with the water than she had?

Sheba gasped for air as the boat tipped, sending her careening close, far too close, to the cold water beneath them.

Clinging to the mast, she looked up, watching as Poseidon approached the ship.  Was he going to tip it?

She heard Felix call for them to evacuate the ship, but she couldn’t move.  And then the ship toppled over.