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playing with fire

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It's been a long day, Felix can attest to that. Honestly, he should be paid for going to college and getting so much stress, but he's the one paying for it. If the college directors think this is funny, well.

No one's laughing.

He sets his things down on his bed, not caring that the mattress is wrinklier than a ninety-year-old, and heads to the communal kitchen to perhaps get himself a snack. His nose wrinkles; Seungmin is back with that stupid incense thing, insisting it's calming for their stressed and overworked minds. Felix thinks it creates a headache more than anything, but everyone else seems to be good with it, so he lets it be.

When he opens the cupboard, he makes a sound of excitement. Thank goodness, conscientious Hyunjin has remembered it's his turn to do the groceries this week, and it's not wholegrain. Humming in satisfaction Felix grabs the bag and then some jam, spreading it generously over the pre-baked good. True, what Felix really wants is some nice gourmet ham and fresh crisp lettuce, but Seungmin is the one with the money, not him. Hm, maybe he should take Seungmin up on that someday.

As he turns around, something on the floor catches his eye. An eerily perfect circle and a star inside, drawn in rainbow shades of chalk. Felix rolls his eyes. Another artistic expedition by Jisung, he supposes. Wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened, he muses as he stares down at the motif, noting the smooth colour transition and straight lines. Even though Jisung is a dumbass, he's a dumbass who's good at what he does.

The more Felix stares at the circle, the more he’s reminded of what he used to do as a child, jumping into the hopscotch squares and pretending they were protective barriers, whilst shooting off his friends with imaginary bullets which actually didn’t do any harm to them. It was a good memory, of times when everything seemed smaller, less overwhelming. So, giving into his puerile urges, he seats himself in the middle of the circle with a sigh, not giving a fuck if any of his roommates walk in on this scene because they’ve done weirder things themselves. Like that one time Felix walked in on Seungmin screaming about Thomas the Train. That was a weird day.

Felix lets himself relax and invites peace to enter his mind. He’s pretty sure it’s called meditation , but he isn’t a white middle-aged woman, so he just calls it something really nice . He doesn’t remember the last time he’s felt this stress-free, even his dreams are plagued with visions of overdue essays and missed lessons. He can’t count the number of times he’s woken in cold sweat, worrying over a deadline that didn’t even exist. Everything’s just been so overwhelming and sometimes Felix can’t help but feel like he’s being pulled into a sucking, unrelenting vortex of Word documents and crappy convenience store food, left to suffer all alone in his loud solitude-

“Why me.”

Felix startles, eyes flying open at the foreign voice. What the fuck? That’s most definitely not any of his roommates, and he doesn’t recall the door being opened or closed. Damn, is he really that out of sorts? Who the fuck is that?

His questions aren’t really answered when he turns around to find a guy, dressed in all black, slouching and glaring at him through messily coiffed hair. He looks like a typical emo kid that’d sulk at the back of the lecture hall twenty-four-seven, but Felix's nerves tell him that he’s much, much more than just a brooding cynic. That, accompanied with the unfriendly growl in his tone, makes his presence seem intimidating.

They stare at each other for a few heartbeats, Felix still registering the newcomer’s emergence, and the other looking at him coldly, almost as if there’s pure ice in his gaze.

Finally, Felix regains his voice. “Who the fuck are you?” he demands, gathering his hands up into a defensive position, like his martial arts classes had taught him to. He’s pretty sure the forgotten jam sandwich in his right hand ruins the effect, though.

The stranger squints at him, like he’s wondering just how stupid Felix is. (Very much so, FYI, but not enough to not recognise stranger danger.) “Shouldn’t you know that? I’m here to respond to your call,” he huffs. “Frankly, no one can tell what the fuck you want, so I was sent here. Make this quick, I don’t want to make this painful for anybody.”

Felix blinks. “ Call ?” he holds his hands up, the uneaten jam sandwich flopping sadly as if to prove a point. “If you can’t see, I don’t have any phone on me. I only have this stupid sandwich which I intended to eat, before you showed up. How’d you even get here?”

The stranger looks outright outraged at this point. “What do you mean , how did I even get here? Even an idiot would know that Hell’s portals can open anywhere,” he replies scornfully. There’s a fire in his eyes and although it’s metaphorical, Felix’s skin crawls with heat. “The fuck kind of summoner are you?”

Felix is too tired to deal with this shit.

And yet, he tries to force some reason into his cognitive state, just so he can do exactly that. He takes a deep breath and exhales, shifting into a more awake position than hugging his knees. “Look, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but I never intended to summon anybody. I just wanted a sandwich. Let me live, alright?”

The stranger snorts. “I know you meant that ironically, but I just gotta add that I can’t kill my summoner. Not good demon etiquette, ya feel me?” He shoots Felix a crooked grin, and something in Felix’s gut twists the wrong way. The apparent demon’s smile drops after that. “But seriously. What did you summon me for. Demons don’t get summoned to the mortal world unless someone actively reaches out and requests for something for the demon to fulfil. So what do you want done?” He holds a hand up, and even though nothing actually happens, the air becomes charged with dark energy. “I’ll have you know I can do a host of things. Death, money, knowledge, lust,” his voice lowers at the last one, like he’s in a fucking movie or something. “I can do all of it at the snap of the finger.”

“Like Thanos’ snap,” Felix murmurs absentmindedly, watching the demon lower his hand, only to shoot him an annoyed look.

“I hate that movie, everyone down there keeps referencing it and snapping to make random objects disappear, like my toothbrush . I really liked that toothbrush!” the demon ranted, almost childlike anger flashing on his face before the emotionless mask sweeps over it once more. “Alright, on with your request.”

Felix shakes his head slightly, as if that would wake him up from whatever hallucination he’s having. A demon , proffering up his hellish services to an irresponsible socially hazardous college student?

There has to be a nice way we can solve this without me getting hurt, he tells himself. If the demon is as erratic as any genie in the fables, whatever he wishes for will definitely come around to bite him in the ass.

“Uh,” he says, “good grades, I guess?”

The demon smirks, the closest thing to joy appearing on his face since he first appeared, although it looks more like cruel amusement. “Since you’re a first-timer, I’ll give you a chance. First and last warning, kiddo. Be a little more specific, or you’re gonna give me a lotta space to fuck around and not give you shit. I’ll ask you again: what do you want?”

Heck, it’s like Felix is back at a family reunion, all his older relatives asking, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and Felix wanting to scream, “I DON’T KNOW!” but bullshitting something anyway to make them happy. Except… this has more consequences than just, “oh, I thought you were going to pick a better-paying profession”. No, this can actually yield results to benefit Felix. He feels his breath catch in his lungs. This isn’t good.

“I don’t know!” he confesses before he can stop himself. “I didn’t mean to summon you, I swear! My roommate just drew this stupid star on the ground and I thought it would be fun to sit in it while I ate. I don’t know what I want!”

The demon’s eyebrows draw close together in a frown at that. “Nice attempt to get out of this, but it takes more than just the star to summon us, kid. What about the incense? And the sigil on your shirt? They all point pretty obviously to intentional summoning.”

“What the fuck?” Felix demands to no one in particular. To fate, he supposes. “The incense is another one of my kooky roommates. The sigil on my shirt-” he glances down at his black shirt, one he recognises as getting from a quaint corner shop on a holiday in Europe a few years ago. “-is a fucking souvenir!” He looks back up at the demon almost desperately. “You gotta believe me. I didn’t want any of this to happen. I just wanted to eat my sandwich.”

An aggravated groan rips itself from the demon’s throat, and Felix flinches, fearing even though the demon explicitly stated a minute ago that he can’t kill Felix. The demon glares at the nearest object, which happens to be the kitchen island, his dark eyes glowing like coals until they fade away, and he once again establishes eye contact with a cowardly Felix. “Alright, simple,” he says calmly, too calmly, but Felix will take it. “Eat your sandwich, and I can go back.”

A moment passes. “What?” Felix asks, but the sandwich is already moving towards his mouth and he’s taking a large bite of it. Sue him, he’s a stress eater.

The demon rolls his eyes, as if it’s something terribly obvious. Not to Felix’s sleep-deprived mind, it isn’t!

“You entered the circle with a want in mind,” he explains awfully slowly, which Felix doesn’t mind too much, since his brain could crash any second now from all this insanity. “I come to fulfil that want. As soon as it’s done, the contract terminates and we can go our separate ways. Understand?”

Felix takes the second and final bite of his sandwich. “Bye, then.”

He waits. And waits.

Nothing. Happens.

The demon sighs, running a hand through his bowl cut hair and making it ruffle like tall windblown grass in a meadow. Felix doesn’t know where that imagery came from, all he knows is that now he wants to see this demon in a flower crown. “Chief called and said this ain’t it,” the demon grumbles. Felix’s mind trips over that reference. “Alright, what other hidden desires do you bury so deeply within your soul, waiting to be quenched?”

“Absolutely none?” Felix says. “I mean, I could really go for a nice long nap but-” he raises his arms and waves haphazardly as the demon starts at his statement. “-don’t do that! I have a lecture at 9am tomorrow and oversleeping is the last thing I need right now.”

“Well, make up your mind!” the demon growls. “When your request was received, it was extremely deep-rooted, an unimaginably strong thirst and need for something. Can you start from there?”

Strong thirst? The only thing Felix thirsts for is relief from this cruel and heartless world. Of course, he doesn’t say that aloud, but he feels a ripple of rejection run through his mind, telling him, no, that’s not it, it’s something else .

What is it? he inquires.

Sorry, wrong number , it says back.

Felix exhales and gets up and out of the circle. “Can-” he says haltingly. “-can I sleep on it?” He gives the demon a sheepish smile.

The demon gawks at Felix. “Sleep on it?” he says mockingly. “I suppose so, but where am I gonna stay? As long as I am tied to your soul by summoning contract my physical form can't move from this world, you know.”

“No, I didn't know,” Felix mumbles. “And… oh fun, you’re connected to my soul.”

The demon huffs angrily. Felix’s intrusive thought once again mutters, he actually looks kinda small doing that .

Jeez, gimme a break, would ya? Felix snaps back. I’m trying my best not to get mangled by an entity of hell here.

“If you’re thinking about connected Twilight style, I’m not sorry to disappoint,” the demon grouses. “I just can’t wander the earth freely, I kind of have to be somewhere within your vicinity wherever you are. Curse those pesky witches that figured out binding magic. I can’t even visit any good places in this oversized junkyard!”

Felix is pretty sure the demon is referring to the city he’s currently in, and he can’t frown because he honestly agrees. This place is a real fucking dump. “I mean… if you stay long enough I could bring you places, but it’s the middle of the semester so you’re gonna have to wait a while. And, in the meantime, can't you, I dunno, shapeshift or something? You could be like, and edgy mug or something. I'll say it's from that emo kid at the corner of the lecture theatre.”

Annoyance flares out from the demon's being. “No way,” he growls. “I'm not a fucking tool for your use, I'm a demon, and very much superior to you in every form and fashion. I'm not going to be relegated to a fucking paperweight .”

“Alright! Alright,” Felix holds his hands up in surrender. “Become a raven, then. Or something. I dunno, be a fucking kitty for all I care.” He pauses. “Actually, do become a kitten, Hyunjin's a dog person and he's been stealing my hoodies a lot lately.”

The demon actually bristles at that, and Felix thinks he sees some tendrils of darkness burst from his fingers before retreating as soon as it came. “You can't be serious,” he snaps. “I am not going to be a weak, mewling kitten -”

Felix cuts him off slyly. “What was that saying?” he says, feeling a little cheeky. “My wish is your command?” He bats his eyelashes innocently at the demon.

The demon stops, and there's still major irritation in his eyes as his power relents. “Fucking fine ,” he grits out. “Once this contract is over, I am killing you.”

Before Felix can even feel scared at that declaration, the demon disappears and in front of him instead stands a small, black ball of fur with green eyes, barely the size of both his hands together, looking up at him balefully. All thought of death threats fly out of his mind as he bites his lip to stop himself from cooing, but he can't stop the giggles that ensue.

Motherfucker- a stream of curses in a voice that's not his travels through his mind. His eyes widen. He never thought he'd have such vulgar words in his brain, ever.

“Oh, you can communicate telepathically?”

Like I said, I can do a whole host of things.

“Yeah, including turning into devastatingly adorable kittens!” Felix squeals as he goes to pick the tiny demon up. The cat hisses and Felix sees the flash of metal claws in its paw. He retracts his hand. Definitely a no-no.

“Alright, bedtime,” Felix says happily as he makes his way towards his room, the demon trailing reluctantly behind him, tail flicking every other second. Something strikes Felix's mind as he reaches the door.

“Right, what's your name?”


“You know, if you won't tell me, I'm calling you Mr Cuddle-wuddles.”

Changbin , the voice fumes in his head, good fucking night.

Felix should not be fucking around with the demon this much, he muses after he settles things and climbs into bed, Changbin at his feet and making a note not to touch him, but he can't help it, it's too fun.

Is this what playing with fire feels like?

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The next day, as Felix sleepily munches on some toast, Seungmin shuffles out of his room, hair sticking out all over the place but otherwise looking perky and awake, as typical Seungmin does at fucking seven-thirty a.m. in the morning. “Good morning,” Felix murmurs, and Seungmin says something along the same lines back. Hyunjin and Jisung, being the smart people they are, chose lectures in the afternoon and evening, which Felix totally envies, but hey, it leaves more time for homework for Habitually Night Owl Felix. Guess who wins now, suckers.

Seungmin’s banging around the small kitchen (softly, he does most things softly, a stark contrast to one Han Jisung) when Felix’s door swings open and prowling out comes a tiny black kitten.

Oh, fuck, Felix thinks, because now that he’s had a few hours of fresh sleep in his system he remembers the animal ban they have on the place, but it’s fine, if Changbin doesn’t come out yet he can tell the demon to change into something else. He makes shooing motions at the demon, pulling exaggerated facial expressions to make his point, Changbin might be a demon but he certainly can’t be that rusty at charades, but the kitten just gives him a sharp look and continues walking, which makes Felix’s hand gestures even more urgent, hurry, before Seungmin sees-

“Felix, are you okay?"

Felix freezes and turns to face Seungmin. God, he can already feel his pulse quickening. He forces his hand to stay still and not fly up to his neck. Why did he have to develop the most obvious of nervous habits?

“Nothing! Nothing,” he chuckles, trying his best to smile at his poor, guileless roommate. “Just- just a fly-”

“Is that a cat ?”

“Ah, fuck,” Felix grumbles, turning around to glare at the culprit. Said culprit looks back with wide, innocent eyes. Felix fights the urge to toss those innocent eyes and the body with it straight out the window, soul binding be damned.

He stops there for a while more, some really stupid part of his brain thinking that if he stays quiet long enough, maybe Seungmin will unsee the cat.


Seungmin did not unsee the cat.

Felix sighs, and watches as Changbin makes his way leisurely to the table, winding around the chair legs and stretching like a normal cat. Ha, what a trickster. “Yeah- yeah, I got it last night. From a friend. Who forgot to sterilise their cat.”

“Wow, I didn’t know you had other friends,” Seungmin comments offhandedly, which would have been fine if it was a biting comment, but there’s sincerity and genuine surprise ringing in every word. Felix scowls when he hears Changbin snicker in his mind. “You do know about the animal ban though, right?” the brunette continues.

Since he’s looking down at his coffee, Felix allows his hand to sneak up to his neck for a quick second before letting it dart back down. “I do,” he replies. “My friend’s looking for a new owner right now, he just really couldn’t handle so many cats at once.”

“Cool, cool,” Seungmin hums. “I just hope you know Hyunjin’s slightly allergic to cats.”

Felix allows an evil grin to spread on his face. His facial muscles kind of hurt from not being stretched in so long. “I know. That’s why I agreed.”

Seungmin grins along with him. “Nice. About fucking time that asshole learns the real owners of these hoodies.”

“You read my mind,” Felix declares, raising his glass of orange juice in a mock toast. “To overthrowing the king!”

Seungmin repeats the cheer, raising his mug of coffee, and they collapse into a fit of giggles after they take a generous gulp of their drink. (Hold on- didn’t Seungmin just boil that coffee?)

“Wait, who’s overthrowing who now?” a new voice interrupts.

“Jisung,” Felix says, turning to look at a dazed Jisung emerging from his room. “We’re going to overthrow the monarchy.”

Jisung, despite his sleep-riddled state, pouts, the morning making his cheeks look even puffier. “And you didn’t invite me? I’m hurt.”

“Sorry, only nobles allowed,” Seungmin snickers, moving to intercept Jisung, and hovers his hand a few centimetres above Jisung’s head. “You have to be this tall to join the ranks of the rich.”

“Fuck off,” Jisung grumbles, slapping Seungmin’s hand away and moving to get his own breakfast.

“Some things just can’t be helped, peasant,” Felix calls out with false sympathy in his voice.

“Good fucking morning to you too- Aagh!” Jisung suddenly yelps, jumping back and raising one leg up, looking down at the ground in terror.

“He found the cat,” says Seungmin gleefully.

“No shit, I found the cat,” Jisung complains, shooting Changbin one last venomous glare before walking to the kitchen, shaking his head scoldingly. “Isn’t there a pet ban on this place?”

“Felix is just a temporary sitter,” Seungmin explains, and Felix silently breathes a sigh of relief. He bought the story. “The cat’s going to find a new home soon.”

“It’d better,” Jisung mutters. “I’m a film minor, I know all about these sort of plot lines. They always form an emotional attachment after too long.”

Fat chance , Felix thinks, because he knows that this isn’t really a cat. It’s actually the literal spawn of Satan. “I know,” he says instead.

Jisung huffs and joins Felix at the table with his granola bar. “Does it have a name?”

Felix nods. “Yeah, Mr Cuddle-wuddle-”

Changbin hisses, and for a split second his green eyes flash blood red.

“Changbin!” Felix corrects himself hastily. “His name’s Changbin.”




“You need to get a better life,” Changbin deadpans, legs dangling off Felix’s bed. Once Felix went back to his room to pack up for the day’s lessons, Changbin changed back to his human form, saying that he needed to “stretch his molecules”, whatever the fuck that means. Felix quit physics the first chance he could, so he’s absolute clueless on this shit.

“I know right,” he replies, shoving his laptop into its case.

“Perhaps…” there’s an edge of cunning in Changbin’s voice as he says this. “Perhaps this is what you’re looking for? A better college, better roommates, better quality breakfast foods than just a pathetic granola bar?”

Felix frowns. “Hey, I like my roommates. I don’t want them taken away from me.”

Changbin tilts his head. His eyes, although not aimed at Felix directly, somehow still manage to send a shiver down his spine. “Honestly, now that I’ve seen them with my own two eyes, I can understand how you’ve managed to accidentally get yourself into a demonic contract. You guys are utterly hopeless fools.”

“Thanks, that’s the nicest compliment I’ve heard all day!” Felix smiles beatifically at Changbin.

“It’s still morning, bud,” Changbin mumbles. “But sure.”

Felix waves a cheery goodbye as he shuts the door. The smile drops once he’s out of Changbin’s sight.

The rest of the day is just as draining as the previous day. In fact, Felix becomes so tired that he actually forgets about Changbin for a few hours, until he’s sitting at his desk, scribbling a basic format for that stupid essay he really should do, and he suddenly hears a scream from outside.

“Ah,” he muses to himself. “Hyunjin’s found him.”

Banging and crashing sounds soon follow, and it dawns on Felix that it would totally be Hyunjin to try and chase the cat out. Except this is a demon cat. A demon cat with powers. Hah, Hyunjin’s totally fucked.

“Oh wait, fuck,” Felix realises. “Better make sure Changbin doesn’t burn the dorm down.” He’s already a broke college student in debt, causing damage would practically leave him penniless.

“Hyunjin!” he calls, dashing to the taller, panicking boy. “Hyunjin, stop!”

“What do you mean, stop?” Hyunjin’s brandishing a dish towel, lashing out threateningly at Changbin, who’s arching his back and spitting right back at him. “It’s a cat! In our dorm!”

“Yes, I’m well aware!” Felix exclaims, grabbing Hyunjin’s arms and trying to wrangle them down, but Hyunjin’s got well-toned swimmer arms, so they triumph effortlessly over Felix’s own stick arms. “Just- just calm down, alright? I can explain.”

“You’d fucking better ,” Hyunjin practically growls, giving Changbin the stink eye, and folds his arms. “You know about my allergy to cats.”

“Actually,” Felix says deviously, a smirk forming on his face, “it’s about that.”

A small light of terror appears in Hyunjin’s eyes. “About- about what?” he honest-to-god stammers.

“We’ve noticed that our hoodies have been going missing an awful lot lately,” Felix begins. “And guess where they reappear? In your dirty laundry pile.”

“Okay, look, man, I’m sorry about that-”

So !” Felix barrels on, ignoring Hyunjin’s protest. “So, we have decided to Hyunjin-proof our hoodies. With cat fur. Any time you try and wear any of our hoodies, bam ! Agonising itching. Rashes all over. Your nose will never stop running. Very effective, don’t you think?”

Hyunjin stands there, jaw agape incredulously for a whole five seconds. “Fuck. You,” he breathes out. “What kind of a dick move is that?”

Felix shrugs. “The vote was unanimous. Seungmin, Jisung and I all think you need to be put back in your place.”

The only thing that can come out of Hyunjin’s mouth is a disbelieving scoff. Felix, caught up in his wicked high, goes to pick up Changbin without thinking, and strokes the top of his small head. “Until next time,” he cackles, putting his ridiculously deep voice to good use as he retreats back to his room.

“FUCK YOU!” Hyunjin yells at the closing door, before turning around to his own room.

Felix laughs to himself as he sets the cat down and returns back to his desk, ready to tackle the essay after that nefarious pick-me-up-

Something grabs Felix by the back of his collar and drags him up and out of his chair, and he comes face-to-face with two dangerous glowing red eyes. “What the fuck ,” Changbin demands, “was that?”

“Ohmygod,” Felix panics, and the only thing he can see is red eyes, red eyes, this isn’t good, this is a demon, a DEMON, I’m so fucked . “Shit, I- I’m sorry.”

The eyes glow brighter. Felix nervously thinks that if they become too bright, they’ll cause a nuclear-level explosion. “You think you can just pick me up and pat my head , say sorry and get away with it?” Changbin snarls. “I’ve been holding back, boy, but if this happens again next time…”

He lets go, and Felix can breathe once more. “There won’t be a next time.”

In his fear-stricken daze, Felix forces his mind to something other the seething, otherworldly dark being right in his face. “You’re shorter than me,” he observes carelessly, more to himself than anyone else.

Changbin’s eyes flash red once more, and Felix’s heart does another somersault of panic. “Fuck off , Felix. I said I wouldn’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Felix, very much shaken, turns back to his essay.

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The next time Felix peers into the laundry pile, he’s pleased to see that his hoodies have been left untouched. Happily he snags them, hoisting it up like a trophy at Seungmin, who cheers as he lifts his own hoodies up.

“I hate you guys,” Hyunjin grumbles as he retrieves his load from the sofa. “I never knew you guys could be this evil.”

Felix shrugs. “You know what they say: desperate times, desperate measures.”

“At least the cat is cute,” Jisung adds.

“Ooh, already forming emotional attachments, I see!” Felix teases.

Jisung flips the bird. “Fuck off, I’m not getting emotionally attached to that asshole! I’m just saying it’s cute, is it illegal to say that a kitten looks cute ?”

“It’s true, though,” Seungmin confesses, “that cat’s kind of an asshole. One time, when I was heading out for a midnight snack, the cat was there, sitting on the counter, and I swear it was staring straight into my fucking soul as it slid the glass off the fucking counter . My foot still hurts from the cut!”

“Wait-” Hyunjin pouts at Seungmin. “ You were the one who ate all the chips?”

Seungmin jaw drops. “Did you miss the part where my foot got fucking cut by glass ?”

“Yeah, I got that,” says Hyunjin dismissively. “I’m just saying, I really wanted those chips.”

Fuck you!

Felix sniggers to himself as he enters his room and dumps his clothes on his bed. Changbin, who was lazing on said bed before Felix came, groans and rolls to the side before sitting up and swinging his legs off the edge of the bed, mainly because his legs can’t reach the floor. It seems to be a habit of his. “You’re in a good mood today,” he comments.

Felix pauses in his folding to look up at the demon. “Really?” he says, positively beaming. “Thanks! It’s all theatre training.”

“I can tell,” Changbin snorts. “You have four upcoming deadlines and zero sense of organisation. If it isn’t acting, I might actually be concerned.”

Felix exhales as thoughts of the impending assignments crash upon and flood his mind after a whole night of shoving it away. He deflates onto the bed. “Don’t remind me, please . I wanna die just thinking about it.” He glances sideways at Changbin. “Besides, I’ve been getting complaints of misconduct. Look, I know you’re a demon and you’re evil and all that shit but… could you please spare our wallets?”

“I dunno about that,” Changbin replies flippantly. “Last I checked, Kim Seungmin over there is pretty much rolling in it.”

“I’m talking about me here,” Felix hisses. “Seungmin may be rich, but I’m sure not! And you injured Seungmin! That’s a huge no-no.” he squeezes his eyes shut and presses his fingers against his pulse point. “...I worked really hard to get here, alright, I really don’t want to screw anything up. Just… please do this for me.”

Felix can practically hear the scorn dripping from Changbin’s words. “For you,” he mocks, “what human bullshit, you’re appealing to empathy that doesn’t even exist? Pathetic.” Felix tries not to wince at that, but Changbin continues, “There’s only so much you can do to cure boredom. What else can I do besides cause chaos when I can’t do anything else but be a cat around your roommates?”

Felix buries his face in his hands, running his palms repeatedly over his face as if that can scrub away the awful reality he was looking at. “Look,” he grits out, “I didn't even want this. You're just… stuck here? You can't go anywhere else? You'll just stay here until… until what again?”

Changbin sighs. “Three questions, all dumb,” he tsks, “I thought I already established this on the first night?”

Felix wracks his brain for his sleep-dazed, exhaustion-blurred recollections. "Right," he says, "you need to fulfil my desire or wish or something. Like a fucked up genie." 

Changbin hums in approval. "The idiot does think." 

Felix resists the urge to smack Changbin. "Alright, laugh it up, maybe I'll use my wish to grant you eternal torture." He isn't sure exactly whether that sort of rule applied: where the granter had no choice but to self-inflict should the wisher want so. But Changbin's mouth folds down into an almighty scowl with no sharp retort, and Felix decides it's true. He can't help sending Changbin a teasing grin, knowing that even though he is the undeniably weaker one, he still holds more power. Truly intoxicating, having power over a demon. 

I said I wouldn't kill you, but that doesn't mean I can't. 

Felix swallows his mental words. Never mind. 

Left with so many problems but nothing to say, he sighs and flops back on his bed, staring at the suspiciously stained ceiling. "Changbin," he calls out, "is there any way to stop time?" 

Felix compares Changbin's wheeze to a bullet flying into styrofoam, even though he's never heard one before, it just seems fitting. "Stop time?" the demon chuckles. "Human, there are many things I can manipulate, but the very essence of the fundamental stability of the universe, both known and unknown, is far out of my grasp. Like, waaay far. Like remote control on the coffee table when you're on the sofa kind of far."

"Dang," Felix mumbles. "That's hella far." 

Silence. “What else could I possibly wish for…?” Felix muses, wracking his brain so he can finally have one less nuisance to worry about. 

Changbin’s rough voice actually sounds helpful for a change. “You could think about my capabilities, for a start. I’m your standard, run-of-the-mill demon, which already places my power over fate much higher than yours ever will. Whose fate do you want to alter? Any death, disease or disaster you wish would befall someone? You want to curse someone to feel pain with every step for the rest of eternity, or make pizza always taste like dirty socks to them? You seem like the type to secretly hold a grudge, maybe against an abusive parent, there's plenty of those all the time-"

"No! No," Felix cuts in, frowning. "I'm perfectly happy with my parents, they even know my sexuality and shit. Considering all things I'd say I'm quite lucky in the parent department so… no. And for the record, I don't think I want to be the source of anyone's unneeded pain or suffering. Hyunjin doesn't count," he hastily adds, "I'm talking lifelong pains in the ass sort of suffering. That’s some real nasty mojo." 

Changbin actually nods thoughtfully , tilting his head to the side, looking into nothing and the sorts. The absurdity of the situation is almost laughable, it's as if Changbin actually cares about Felix's personal wellbeing. If he’s to be very honest with himself, it almost makes Changbin seem Smol, but Felix obviously knows better. “I cover a range of different facets, if you don’t want to inflict upon others, then it’s possible to benefit yourself as well.” He raises a warning eyebrow at Felix. “But remember: I am a creature of death and demise. If you wish to bring life or healing to anyone or anything, you’ll have to pay a price. And I may get severely injured in the process, but, that’s irrelevant.”

Irrelevant! An unprecedented voice inside Felix scoffs. Being injured is irrelevant, what a joke . He doesn’t voice these concerns out; he has no business being worried about a demon, of all people.

“No healing or life-bringing then,” he says instead, and he thinks Changbin’s eyes widen just a fraction of an inch. Satisfaction rises inside Felix at the fact that he managed to take a demon by surprise. What else did he say? he ponders. Something about knowledge? And, oh god, fucking lust, as if I have to time to think about sex of all things right now-

Before his train of thought can continue any further, chills run across Felix’s arms. Not the psychological, horror-type chills. The temperature in the room actually drops a few notches. Felix suppresses his shivers, thinking it’s just a draft (in a windowless room), but there’s movement in the corner of his eye. Changbin’s straightened from his relaxed state, eyes bright and alert, and glowing slightly red. Glowing red eyes is never a good sign, Felix thinks nervously.

“What’s going on?” he whispers, but in the deadly atmosphere it seems like he’s almost yelling. “Changbin…?”

Changbin doesn’t respond except for stretching his hand in front of Felix, to which Felix quickly scrambles back from. Changbin doesn’t do anything though, and his gaze seems focused enough, making the posture almost look protective .

Just as the metaphorical horror climax is reached, bright red flames erupt from the floor beside Felix’s bed, which should cause Felix to move even farther away, but he’s too paralysed from fear to move. Instead, he watches in terror as a ring of fire yawns open right in front of him, the inside of the circle opening to reveal more cauterising flames. Probably a portal from hell, considering all things. Tips of sharp, jagged horns emerge from the hellish hole, followed by a crown of night black hair, a forehead, a pair of catlike eyes, defined nose and jawline… and a blood red tuxedo, complete with leather gloves and a gold ring. Clearly a demon of class.

The apparent portal closes itself under the intruder’s polished black loafers, which Felix unnecessarily notes has silver chains. His gaze travels up the body to reach the face once more. In the demonic firelight the face looked intimidating, malevolent, but in the natural light of the room the sharp features are even more startling, signalling that this being definitely doesn’t belong, and the horns definitely aren’t helping.

In the time Felix has taken to fully take in the newcomer’s appearance, Changbin has already gotten up from the bed and come face-to-face with the demon, even though there’s a painfully clear height disadvantage. Why is Changbin so short and hornless if he can choose to change shape into anything he wants?

“What do you want?” Changbin spits, and Felix feels actual poison seeping from every word. “If you’re here to call me out for any bullshit reason, I am currently fulfilling a demonic soul bond contract,” he gestures waywardly at Felix, who actually shrinks away, “and would really like you to fuck off to where you came from.”

The euphemism in the statement kind of wears off when the meaning is literal, but Felix can tell that Changbin is royally pissed, which only raises more questions. He gulps and takes a leap of courage. “Who- who are you…?”

The demon’s eyes land on Felix, and even though they’re boring brown and not burning red, it feels like they’re burying into Felix’s soul. Felix tries to break the gaze. He finds that he can’t. Then the demon smiles; the kind of smile one would give a small, confused puppy or toddler. “Nothing to worry your cute human ass over,” he purrs, lips curling up languidly. His teeth are a little too sharp to be considered normal. Felix thinks he hears a small growl emitting from Changbin’s throat, but he ignores it. “Just normal Hell skirmishes, you know how it is.” Felix, in fact, does not know how it is, but he wisely decides not to voice that out. The demon turns to Changbin. “I come bearing bad news, but be grateful that it isn’t to your direct disadvantage.” He glances once more in Felix’s direction, who, knowing now that whatever it is it doesn’t concern him, doesn’t shy away as much. He really should have, considering what comes out of the demon’s mouth next. “This pretty little thing doesn’t really need to know about Hell’s affairs, why don’t we just…” He reaches out and covers Felix’s protesting face with a single hand.

When Felix comes to, Changbin’s on the other side of the tiny room, scowling at nothing in particular. To be fair, Changbin’s almost always scowling about one thing or another, but this scowl looks more… scowl-ey.

Felix decides to stop himself before he confuses himself into another coma.

He licks his lips - bone dry. Felix shifts himself, praying that he left at least a cup of water at his desk before he was knocked out by Tall, Dark and Demonic. At the sound of rustling blankets Changbin looks up at Felix. “Oh, you’re awake.”

Felix groans as he stretches his limbs, making his joints pop. “How long have I been out?”

“Enough for me to learn in great detail what has happened in the short span of my absence,” Changbin replies promptly, “and then some more.”

“‘And then some more?’” Felix echoes. “God, I need to finish folding the clothes then get started on my work!” He hastily rolls out of bed, landing with a ‘ fwump!’ on the floor, before brushing himself off and beginning his weekend task, way behind time.

Changbin steps out of his way, expressionless save pure skepticism in his eyes. “Why are you so dismayed? I’m not an expert in human anatomy, but I’m pretty sure your body needs a certain amount of sleep, which you haven’t been getting at all, considering with what you’ve been doing at night…”

Felix turns red at the memories of his recent late-night/crazy-early-morning gaming habits. “We don’t talk about the nights of shame,” he hisses. “What happens at night stays at night.”

“You need to be more careful with your tongue, boy,” Changbin mutters half under his breath. “I can think of many names at once who would take advantage of the statements you make.”

Felix’s ears catch on to the tiny lilt in his voice, though. He smiles sweetly at Changbin. “How kind of you, demon,” he says teasingly, “to show such generosity to a human such as me.”

He expects Changbin to sniff haughtily in response, or wave it off with a grunt. He doesn’t foresee Changbin freezing in place and staring at Felix blankly. The air quickly turns a shade of awkward as Felix clears his throat and shifts uncomfortably. “I mean… I really am thankful to you for not… murdering me in cold blood, I guess. Mighty considerate of you.”

Changbin seems to snap out of some sort of trance. “Yeah, whatever,” he mutters, and voluntarily, voluntarily , shifts back into a cat. Giving Felix one last unreadable glance he stalks off to jump onto his chair, before curling up and covering his eyes with his furry tail, clearly not wanting to talk. He must be really bothered by whatever the demon told him while Felix was out like a light.

Sighing, Felix carries on with his work.

Chapter Text

It’s been a week since the unprecedented visitor from Hell in Felix’s bedroom. The last place Felix hoped he would end up in is exactly where he is now: shivering and cowering under the frail safety of a blanket, the only thing shielding him from the horrors in front of his very eyes.

He quakes once more as yet another jumpscare occurs, he hates himself for being so scared no matter how many times it happens, but it’s not his fault the producers pulled it off so seamlessly! And he’s not the only one.

In fact, at least half of the dorm is quivering in their socks. It was all the dumb collective idea of their RAs, to have all the students gather for one off-peak session for any activity at all. It was a valiant initiative, really, but eventually it devolved into just a spontaneous movie screening. Somehow the RAs ballotted a horror movie, instead of anything else, like a violent action movie, or a cringey family comedy. And they had to screen a classic too: The Conjuring.

Felix is sure the girl who’s sitting a few mats away has screamed herself hoarse. He honestly thinks he would do the same, if it isn’t for the fact that he’s too terrified to do even that. Jisung’s at his side, shaking just as badly and squeezing his eyes tightly shut. From what Felix can gather from his peripheral vision, Hyunjin’s scared too, but not enough to keep his eyes off the screen, and Seungmin is there , just calmly eating popcorn. Felix is perpetual utter disbelief; how the fuck ?

Much later than Felix would have preferred, the movie draws to an end, but Felix is sure that isn’t the last he’s seen of that damn doll. Mostly because he’s seen that same face in posters around the area. Who the hell would want to voluntarily watch these sort of things?!

No, better not mention hell. Not so soon after. 

Jisung and Felix are equally jumpy as the dormies troop back to their room, jumping at every little sound and hunching in on themselves in fear. Seungmin actually has the gall to scoff at them. Jisung shoots him a petulant glare in response. Felix is more occupied peering at every corner, paranoid that something will jump out at him at any second, even though that’s… not how actual demons work, based on what he’s witnessed about a week ago. Still, one can never be too cautious.

No matter how Felix dreads it, he eventually has to enter his room. Gingerly shutting the door behind him, Felix slowly turns around, only to jump out of his skin when he sights Cat Changbin, in his inky black glory, curled up on his bed in a gloomy ball of darkness. At Felix’s sudden movement, the cat flicks one green eye open.

Taking in the sight of Felix’s frightened self, the cat nonchalantly unfurls itself and Changbin appears before Felix, and maybe it’s just Felix’s imagination, but he thinks he can see literal shadows emanating out of him, creeping claws waiting to grab him and consume his life force. He shoves the notion down; there’s Annabelle, and there’s Changbin. Two completely different canons.


Changbin, after a few more moments of dead silent observation, states, “You’re spooked.”

“Uh,” Felix subconsciously draws his arms closer to hug himself, “no shit.”

Changbin heaves an aggravated sigh, and hops off the bed. “What dumb thing happened to you this time?”

Felix hugs himself tighter as he shoots Changbin a tired glance. Usually it would be more along the lines of an irritated glare, but he’s just been frightened to his wit’s end and really doesn’t have strength in him to be physically mad at Changbin after almost losing his sanity to moving images of a porcelain doll. Which also happened to be possessed by a savage demon.

Felix eyes Changbin up and down once more. Throughout this demon’s stay, he’s been nothing more than a mild inconvenience, in opposition to Annabelle, which started terrorising from the beginning, Felix reasons with himself. But still, didn’t that demon also start with tiny pranks too?

Changbin rolls his eyes. “Come on, whatever it is, it can’t be that bad. You’re uninjured, your clothing is neat, your sweat levels don’t match your heart rate, which means you haven’t been running-”

“I watched a horror movie,” Felix decides not to let Changbin make any more creepy and invasive observations, lest he start to feel unsafe within his own damn bedroom.

A scowl of confusion flashes across Changbin’s face before it lightens in realisation, before falling once more into a scowl, this one of disapproval. “You mean the pointless human practice of watching moving images accompanied with audio with nothing but the sole purpose of inspiring uninhibited fear and the consequent paranoia for an undetermined period of time.”

“Yes, pointless!” Felix exclaims in agreement. “It’s so dumb, I can’t believe my RAs would ever think to mass screen a horror movie to us, out of all things.” Trauma-filled images flash through his mind once more, seemingly seared into his synapses. He burrows into his bed and buries his face in his pillow. “I will never look at dolls the same way again.”

“Look, whatever the content that you just witnessed, it’s not real,” Changbin’s unimpressed voice filters through the pillow. “I can’t help you on this one, fear is nothing like the fickle feelings within a demon’s control.”

“Yeah, but the thing is,” Felix protests, “it… kind of is real. The movie was about a demon , of all things, and guess what I currently have in my bedroom.” He looks up from his pillow, half expecting to see a ghastly white face with an unnerving grin hovering above him, ready to gobble him up for an evening snack, but thankfully just gets Changbin, with his usual bored expression on his face. “A demon!”

Changbin runs an aggravated hand through his hair. “You know, if you wanted me to leave, you could have just said so.” He once more shifts into a cat and makes for the door. Felix feels his heart leap into his throat.

“No- no!” he yelps. “That- that is not what I meant.”

Cat Changbin halts and looks back to eye Felix judgmentally. Then what do you want? he demands. First you say you don’t like my demonic presence here, then you say you don’t want me to leave. Make up your mind , human, I don’t have all evening to cater to your whims and fancies!

“Okay!” Felix holds his hands up in surrender. “I- I just want you to stay. I can’t stay alone in my room, I’ll scare myself into paralysis. Only human company’s going to keep me sane.”

Changbin doesn’t move from his position, only flicks his tail once. Your roommates are right outside. Why don’t you seek comfort from them?

Felix snorts. “Please, I’m pretty sure if I enter Hyunjin’s or Jisung’s room they’ll grab the nearest object and throw it at me in the name of the Lord. And Seungmin… that little bitch will probably just laugh and close the door in my face.”

Changbin stalks back to Felix and leans against the wall to his right as a human. “Have I not said before that you need to be more precise in your wordings? You’re probably figured out by now that it’s in our instinct to find loopholes in people’s words and use that against them.”

Felix switches his position and hugs the pillow to his chest. “I know. I’m just…” he eyes the shadows that inevitably lurk in his room. The desk, the chair, the doorway… “Really really scared.”

A chuckle suddenly emits from Changbin. Felix straightens up to shoot Changbin a bewildered look. “Oh, so now we’re laughing at my dumb irrational fears?”

“And what about it?” Changbin immediately challenges. “I just find it so amusing that you would be so terrified at ridiculous aspects of the human impression of demons, but your reaction upon meeting an actual demon was in fact the complete opposite.”

“What?” Felix gapes. “What- no, that’s different-”

“I really don’t see much difference, personally,” Changbin scoffs. “Both entities of hell, both with the high potential to maul you in ten thousand ways, really, the only thing different here is that one has you too afraid to even sleep in peace, and the other one has you laughing because I turned into a cat. "

Felix frowns. "Yeah, but it's not like you were gonna consume my soul at any given opportunity, right? Do you guys- do you guys actually eat people's souls?" 

Changbin's wrinkled nose is enough to give Felix his answer. "Not as a daily meal, no. The guys up there would never allow it. We can , if we want to, but most of the time we just… don't eat. Demons can't starve," he adds as Felix perks up with that question on the tip of his tongue, "we mostly just gain energy from Hell's aura, though technically we can feed off other people's energies. It definitely feels better when we do, because there's a lot more vitality in that." 

"Oh." Felix feels a little dazed from the onslaught of information. "So…" he pushes, just to confirm, "there really aren't demons like those in The Conjuring? That's just a bunch of made-up human bullshit?" 

"You're gonna have to describe them for me if you want me to be able to give you an accurate answer," Changbin replies, but one look at Felix's pale face and he seems to decide against it. "Just tell me the behavior." 

“So they do exist?” Felix breathes.

Changbin frowns. “I’m still not sure what you mean by that, but we do have less… civilised demons in Hell. They mostly live in the lower circles of Hell, y’know, further away from the surface so the big guy doesn’t slaughter us all for constant harassment of his beloved humans. I haven’t met many, personally, but from what I know the only languages they can speak are threats and insults, in order of fluency. Literally anything remotely nice said within their earshot might cause them to puke. Oh,” he adds quickly, “and they have a… grotesquely gruesome sense of humour.”

Felix swallows heavily. “Wonderful.”

Changbin, upon noticing Felix’s frightened state, sighs almost disappointedly. “Demons can’t come up to the surface unless summoned, so I think you can rest easy.”

“Yeah, I’m not worried about that-” Felix cuts himself off. “Wait, then what about that one time the horny guy paid a surprise visit?"

It takes a few awkward seconds and Changbin’s raised eyebrow to make Felix regret even knowing the word ‘horn’. “Oh my god, pretend I didn’t say that.”

Changbin appears to bite back a snigger. "I’ll try my best. And that horny guy-” he dodges Felix’s pillow with almost practiced ease, which has Felix sulking and pulling his next object of comfort, a bolster, into his lap, “-is a from one of the much higher circles of Hell, and although his level of shamelessness can definitely be questioned, he’s pretty okay in the head, I guess. He can summon himself up because he’s… how do I put it in your world’s perspective? He’s a courier, so to say. Not a particularly powerful demon, so he's allowed to pass through the shroud between Earth and Hell with relative ease. The rest have to be summoned-" an almost smug grin makes its way onto Changbin's lips, "-because we're just that powerful."

"Yeah, yeah, just casually flex your totally unfair power over me," Felix snorts, but then his damn brain decides to bring haunting images back to his mental vision. "Wait, so you're saying those bitchass demons can still be summoned up to Earth?" 

Changbin shrugs in an 'eh' motion. "Yeah, but I don't think any human in their right mind would ever want to summon a-" he stops himself. The look he then gives Felix is something so deadpan it almost looks like he's looking into a camera in a comedy. "There are, aren't there."

Felix's grimaced smile is enough to answer the question. Changbin folds his arms. "Well, I guess in that case, good luck to you. You're lucky though, so far I can't sense any psycho, deranged Satanists summoning anything too infernal." 

Felix hums noncommittally, subconsciously burying his face into his bolster already. "Thanks." 

A scoff sounds from Changbin. "What, sleepy already? Your stamina is pathetic." 

"Haven't you heard?" Felix grumbles back. "It's called post-adrenaline rush. That movie felt like a roller coaster five times over, with ten loop-de-loops each round. Don't fucking test me." 

Something creaks right outside Felix's door. Felix immediately scrambles to the farthest corner of his bed. 

The doorknob turns. It turns slowly. Felix's breath quickens. Something knocks slowly but firmly on the door. Felix practically ducks behind his bolster, although he mentally prepares for it to be of no use. The door cracks open… 

Felix blanches. "Whatthefuckwhydidyoudothatohmyfuckinggod." 

Seungmin lets out a devious cackle. "Just checking in, you know, making sure you aren’t being cornered by some-” his eyes gleam with something truly evil, “- doll-possessing demon.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Felix spots Cat Changbin innocuously licking his paw.

A large shudder wracks through Felix’s body, he doesn’t know out of leftover fear or fresh anger. “Oh my god, Seungmin, that’s too soon . Fuck off from whence you came, devil incarnate.”

Seungmin shuts the door with a final, cheery, almost innocent “goodnight!”. 

Felix exhales incredulously. He side eyes Changbin, who’s suave smirk is turning into something of a shit-eating grin . “That was you, wasn’t it? I can’t believe you’d-”

“What?” Changbin teases. “That a demon wouldn’t try to mess with your mind at your most vulnerable state? By the Lord Satan, you’re adorable.”

Genuinely having no retort to jab back with, Felix settles for a much lower angry pouting and sullen glare at the smug demon. “If I get nightmares, I’m coming after your ass.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Changbin scoffs. Felix throws his bolster at him.

(Still, when Felix crawls into bed, head swimming with haunting images and dreadful tinges, as he tediously convinces his mind that he’s safe, he almost feels like the darkness is pressing against him, but not suffocatingly so. In fact, it almost feels like a warm blanket around his cold, frightened soul. Or maybe that’s just him miraculously falling asleep.)

Felix startles when the door to his room is slid open. Panicked, he glances at Changbin, who’s been exploring the internet on his phone, discovering the incredible modern invention called the World Wide Web. The demon was feeling antsy again, spinning things around at random and making things crash and fall and startling Felix’s poor fragile heart while he was trying to concentrate on his work, so Felix gave up and finally did what all parents do with hyperactive kids: give them the device. 

(Here’s the best part: it worked .)

Thankfully, though, when Felix peers, the kitten’s back, looking innocently up at Seungmin as if he might not have been searching up porn just a few milliseconds ago. Felix doesn’t know if talking in other people’s minds also means being able to read them, but in any case he sends a few grateful thoughts to the demon for saving his ass from explaining why there’s a dark, brooding, fully grown man in his room using his phone.

“Hey, ‘Lix?”

Felix hums calmly, trying to pretend he didn’t just get a mini heart attack. Seungmin steps inside the room, but doesn’t close the door. Not a highly personal discussion, then. Felix hits save on the game he’s playing (he has his homework open in another tab, but Lord knows his lack of self-restraint), and turns to face Seungmin. "What is it?" 

Seungmin fiddles with his fingers a little, a deceiving cover for his true deviousness. Felix is quite sure he's used this tactic so many times in his youth it’s become a habit by now. “So… Hyunjin, Jisung and I have had a little conference,” he explains. A conference , he’s using his law student language, this is worse than Felix expected. “There’s been lots of little incidents happening lately,” he gestures to Changbin, who continues to look the perfect picture of guilelessness. “like scratched furniture and damaged tools. Pretty sure Jisung’s pile of rejected notebooks has been reduced to nothing but shreds . I mean, good riddance , it’s probably like a year old or something, and nothing else was severely damaged, but the remnants were… a pain in the ass the pick up to say the least.” He casts a baleful glance at Changbin, who evenly returns it. “Has your friend found anyone to adopt him yet?”

Felix swallows a sigh. “I’ll message him,” he promises emptily. “He hasn’t updated me yet.”

Seungmin shrugs, before stepping forward and scratching Changbin on the head. The demon freezes, apparently too shocked to respond. “I swear, sometimes I think this cutie is a demon in disguise.”

Felix almost lets out a guffaw at that, but he stops himself by forcefully biting his lip. He thinks he draws blood. “Alright, now shoo, I need to do my work.”

“Right, like completing your latest match is gonna be shown in your report,” Seungmin ripostes, but exits the room anyway.

Once he’s gone, Felix turns to Changbin, still in kitten form for some reason. “I don’t know whether I want to laugh ‘til my stomach hurts, or throw you out the window right this instant.”

Think about it , Changbin’s voice echoes in his head, instead of the demon physically shifting to verbally voice his thoughts. One gets you instant demise, one doesn’t. Simple choice.

“Yeah, at this point I don’t know which one I want more,” Felix snorts derisively, but doesn’t follow through with either of his threats. Changbin turns into a person once more and holds Felix’s phone out expectantly. Felix raises an eyebrow, but takes it and unlocks it anyway. “What, still haven’t had your fill yet?”

“I don’t think I ever will,” Changbin declares decisively, before turning back to the device, eyes enraptured by the fascinating screen. Felix stifles a chuckle; even demons aren’t immune to the Phone Addiction Disease.

Felix turns to his laptop, fully intending to actually get some shit done. He hums under his breath to keep himself occupied; he doesn’t know why the silence suddenly seems so big. He doesn’t even know why the silence is there. He decides to be grateful for this sudden blessing of serenity and gets to the grind.

A few hours pass before the words on the screen start to swim a little. Felix can feel a pain starting to pound at the back of his skull, insufferably insistent. He hisses softly, grabbing his water bottle to take a generous gulp. Dumb need for hydration. He returns back to his work. Still, the pain persists and he finds himself clutching his head while squinting at online statistics. Maybe if he took painkillers-

In his peripheral vision Felix spots a furry black lump soundlessly leaps onto his table and starts nudging his items around. Pushing his pencil case, pawing at his lamp, trodding on his keyboard-

“Hey- hey, hey!” Felix takes a few seconds to snap back to attention and swat lightly at Changbin. “What the fuck? Cut it out! I need to get this done by the day after tomorrow- not the backspace button!

He finally smacks Changbin off his precious laptop, and the kitten hisses fiercely at him. And not the gentle, wannabe scary kind of hiss; it sounds like a freaking water on hot oil, Felix has had nightmares about this exact situation. Surprisingly though, Changbin’s voice still doesn’t sound in Felix’s mind. “Alright, alright!” he holds his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, you asked for it. Do you want me to unlock my phone again? Might as well tell you the passcode at this rate.”

Look at the time, idiot! Felix takes a look at the digital clock on his laptop screen. Yikes, time passed faster than he anticipated.

But still.

“It’s only twelve forty-five!” he argues. “I haven’t finished my paper!”

Sleep. Now. Suddenly a fully grown man appears on Felix’s table, making Felix leap back, and his papers all flutter into a messy pile on the ground. Changbin makes quick work of saving Felix’s document before closing his laptop. So his days of lazing around weren’t just mindless inactivity. “You can finish tomorrow if you try hard enough,” the demon says sternly. “Right now, sleep is more paramount.”

Felix scoffs. “And who are you to decide when I should sleep? Any self-respecting student stays up past one to finish their work!”

“No, any self-respecting student would stave off their work until the last possible second to complete,” Changbin deadpans. “I can sense things around the dorm, boy, spending weeks cooped up here isn’t exactly the best idea for a creature of chaos like me. And you are obviously in no state to persist with your pointless essay.” His tone turns condescending, making Felix’s blood boil. “If you want to work yourself to near death, you’re more than welcome to do so, but even I wouldn’t make such a foolish mistake.”

Felix stares incredulously at Changbin for a few seconds, before huffing and bending down. His headache worsens, as does his general frustration. “At least let me get my notes back in order again…”

He half expects Changbin to offer him supernatural assistance, it happens in every drama possible, but the demon just sits there impatiently and watches the boy break his spine cleaning a mess he himself created. Felix glares at him indignantly. “What, just gonna sit there and not offer your incredible levitation powers?”

Changbin rolls his eyes, as if Felix should have known this long ago. “Creature of chaos, remember? If I try to put these things back for someone else, someone’s gonna come up here to complain, and probably drag me back by my horn, contract or no contract.”

“Oh, so you do have horns,” Felix mutters absentmindedly. “I wonder if I can hang ornaments on them during Christmas…”

“Dream on, human,” Changbin sniggers. “You’d probably have given your wish by then.”

Felix grasps the paper a little too hard. He shakes his head, and swipes up the last few sheets.

After the usual bedtime preparations, Felix collapses onto his bed, about two hours earlier than usual, and curls up on his side, letting the pain in his head wash over his being. His legs honest to goodness feel like jelly, if he stands up now he thinks he’ll probably flop over like a rag doll. He lets out a sigh, and snuggles further into the softness of his pillow. Now that he’s let himself rest, he can truly feel exhaustion washing over his bones.

“G’night,” he murmurs to no one in particular.

Of course, nothing replies, but he feels something jump on behind his neck. His heart skips a beat, but his body’s too drained to respond further than that. Then something warm and soft brushes against his nape, and a smile finds its way onto Felix’s tired lips, as his mind slowly drags itself into the endless abyss...

Felix wakes up with a painful bang on the floor. “ Ow!

His sleep-muddled mind takes a few seconds to awaken, before he looks up to find Changbin sitting cross-legged on his bed, looking down on him with annoyance. “Changbin, what the fu-” his eyes wander and catch sight of the clock. He narrows his eyes at the demon. “You made me sleep in!”

“No,” Changbin corrects smugly. “I woke you up before you could sleep in. Come on, chop chop, do you want to be late for class?”

Felix throws a pillow at Changbin before stepping out of the room. As he brushes his teeth, the events of the night before come flooding back in, and he almost chokes on his toothpaste. Did Changbin actually sleep beside Felix last night? What happens at night stays at night, he supposes.

When he enters the room again he’s pretty sure his cheeks are still tinged red, but there isn’t anything he can do about it, if he delays any more he’s sure to be late. So he hurriedly shoos Cat Changbin out of the room before changing and making sure all his things were packed. He can already smell the microwaved pastries being made by a probably sleepy Jisung; he just hopes nothing goes wrong-

Jisung shouts.

Ah. Felix openly grimaces. Nothing’s changed .

After a tiring morning of placating Jisung and his poor, trampled breakfast, and half-heartedly berating Changbin in the room as he gathers his stuff, Felix is all set for another, draining day. He honestly doesn’t see much coming out of it except perhaps some new notes and projects to do. So, lo and behold, when he enters the dorm again, feet dragging, he hears four simultaneous phone chimes, all coming to form a dissonant chorus of mundanity-breaking. Looking around confusedly at the other three occupants of the room, equally tired and equally confuzzled, Felix pulls his phone out.

College spirit rally! A message reads out bright and bold. Come one, come all from Haneul College, to student council’s latest initiative! Experience fun, food and games with your fellow peers, all while jamming to your favourite tunes! So bring your best looks, because it will be a night to remember!

“College spirit rally, huh?” Jisung muses aloud. “Sounds interesting.”

"Wanna go?" Felix asks conversationally. 

Seungmin snorts and shakes his head. “Hard pass for me. I bet it’s just a bunch of bullshit lies; a bad excuse for the soddy student council to get smashed, and if they're extremely lucky, maybe even get some. I mean, we all know how shitty our school council is.” He motions to another, smaller part of the message, the fine print, if one may. “And look: sponsorship. I bet vice-chair Kim Woojin just wants to flex his money, hm? How else would they be able to fund an entire, money-squandering night of pure fun and food?”

“Alright, alright, I think the school council’s been torn apart enough, Seungmin,” Hyunjin rushes to stop the law student before he can go on a full-on tirade. “Fine, so maybe it’s a good excuse for the Kims to show off their wealth. But it’s a free party for us! Maybe they really had something going on here, finals is just around the corner and it would be a great opportunity for students to unwind…”

“Ha,” Seungmin scoffs. “Look at you, ever the optimist.”

“More like opportunist!” Jisung waggles his eyebrows. “C’mon, think of it as a mini dormie bonding session! We’ve never actually gone out, you guys, this is the perfect excuse for us to get closer together and bond!”

“If there’s a sexual innuendo in that I’m ignoring it,” Seungmin announces.

"Siri: how to ban a word from a person's mouth," Felix mutters.

Jisung actually has the gall to look offended. "Hey, why do you guys always think I'm making dirty jokes, what's wrong with a little bondage anyway-" 

"Update: it's duct tape," Seungmin tags along beautifully. Jisung pouts. Seungmin makes a face back. Felix is roommates with a bunch of kindergarteners

"Oho." Hyunjin waggles his eyebrows. "Duct tape. Double kinky."

Seungmin and Felix smack Hyunjin in unison. Unfazed, Hyunjin turns to Seungmin.

“Please, Seungminnie?” Hyunjin wheedles, and wow, Seungminnie, Felix’s never heard of that before. Looks like the two are closer than he thought. “Just one night?”

"Do you know how insufferable you are?" Seungmin grits out, but relents anyway. "Fine. I bet no one's even gonna turn up to that joke of a jamboree. That's more drinks for us, I guess."

Chapter Text

"I'm starting to think," Hyunjin states, "that everyone else had the same mentality as Seungmin." 

Indeed, as the four look out from the packed, rusty old Toyota Corolla, there is quite the line of cars forming in what evidently is a top-class, crème de la crème neighbourhood, even more that what Seungmin can afford, and Seungmin's house has three storeys. These houses have three storeys, and a spacious backyard

There's loud music blaring and bright light flashing from what Felix identifies to be their designated location, along with silhouettes, skimpy to say the least, boisterously entering the party. Felix looks down at his dark ripped jeans and old leather jacket. Yep, Hyunjin's skin tight pants, loose black blouse and heavily shadowed eyes are definitely a better fit, even Jisung's muscle tee and silver chain belt look better. Then he looks at Seungmin's plain jeans and denim hoodie, saved only by a last-minute collaboration by Hyunjin and Jisung to dab on some eyeshadow and blush on the unwilling boy, and figures that, hey, at least he doesn't flop as badly as Seungmin. 

Speaking of the devil, Seungmin actually physically opens the car door before any of them can react, and makes to get out. "That's it, I'm leaving, you guys can get high on pot brownies or whatever but I am not sticking around to play sober driver-" 

Hyunjin reaches over to yank the door closed again. "Nuh-uh, Seungmin, we didn't sacrifice our makeup on your sad visuals for this." 

"I didn't ask to be sacrificed to!" Seungmin hisses back in true devil fashion, but stays put with a petulant pout on his face, and a "you're so gonna regret this" glower. Felix's gut kind of echoes the sentiments when he once more looks ahead at the scene before him, just waiting for a disaster à la cliche movie. He shoves the feeling away. If there's an impending disaster, all the more he should stay with his friends to make sure they're alright. Besides, what more can come out of a party like this other than a killer hangover? 

With a determined push Felix banishes any ominous thoughts out of his mind. He's going to have fun tonight!

When the four enter the house Hyunjin, ever the clingy one, grabs onto Jisung's and Felix's hand, which leads to Felix instinctively grabbing Seungmin's hand before the poor boy can get swallowed up by the crowd. They painstakingly navigate the crowd to the refreshments table, common goal in mind: score some free tidbits. Felix is proud to share a hive mind with his fellow dormies. 

Once they've settled down with some mini sandwiches and punch with a high probability of being spiked, with great effort they find a small, quiet corner near the back of the house to chat and make fun of other people's outfits as if they themselves are in any place to drop criticism. Suddenly Hyunjin lets out an impressed hum. "Hey, look over there, that guy doesn't look half bad." 

Jisung's line of sight follows his totally conspicuous pointer finger and whistles, "Yeah, man, that one's quite the looker. I might literally kill for those kind of combat boots." 

"What? Where?" Felix eagerly cranes his neck, going so far as to straighten his back to try and catch sight of this mysterious supposed hottie. "Combat boots?" 

Seungmin makes a mystified face. "I dunno about you, he looks decent, at best, but he gives me bad vibes. That kind of 'if you mess with me, I might just leave you barely alive' kind of vibe." 

"Great, you've found your twin," Hyunjin teases, then jerks back as Seungmin elbows him in the ribs. 

Amidst the pointless bickering Felix manages to follow Jisung's hungry gaze to the person that Hyunjin spotted- and his heart immediately flips the largest pile of pancakes it's ever flipped. 

Jisung must have seen the dumbstruck look on his face because he singsongs, "Oho, looks like we have a lover boy on our hands! You totally have the hots for him, Lix." 

Felix rushes to waves his hands in denial, but his head’s still spinning from shock and his vision’s kind of tunnelling because what , so it doesn’t really do anything convincing. “No, no!” he tries to salvage the situation. “I just thought he looked familiar…”

Seungmin sips the (definitely) spiked punch melodramatically. “This is the tea that I came for.”

“You’re drinking sugary alcohol, Seungmin, that’s, like, the farthest thing from leaf caffeine.” Felix’s hand subconsciously flies once more to his neck.

“What? It’s the meme that counts.”

“I hate it when you exploit my unending respect and reverence for memes,” is all Felix can grumble back. 

“Come on, go talk to him!” Felix falls forward when Jisung gives him a hard push. He looks back to shoot him a dirty look, but before he can retaliate Jisung gives him another shove. “Don’t be a wuss!”

“Do it for the gay!” Hyunjin cheers, actually sounding spirited. It seems he’s already feeling the effects of the alcohol. “Step out of your tiny closet, young queer, and spread your rainbow wings!”  He proceeds maniacally giggles at his words, and flops onto a horrified Seungmin behind him. Still, Seungmin instantly goes to hold Hyunjin’s arm before he can get out of hand and do something drastic like choke on his sandwich. Felix raises an insinuating eyebrow. Seungmin glares back, but Hyunjin, blissfully unaware, continues, "Hurry up and go get laid- I mean, go get some !”

Felix walks off, ears positively burning as Jisung turns to Hyunjin with, “Idiot, they mean the same thing!” He contemplates making a sharp turn to the refreshments table, just to get some sandwiches and be a wonderful crowd-disappointer, but then he notices a whole crowd of jocks there and decides he’s not going to get himself in that mess. So, seeing as his dumbass friends are still watching him with eager eagle eyes, he sighs loudly, and marches to Changbin. Changbin, who is only supposed to know that Felix is at a party, and that he promised he’ll be back before one. 

He meanders up to Changbin, trying to appear shy and not absolutely confused and pissed off as he says, “So, uh, my friends kinda dared me to talk to you. Act cool, act flirty, whatever, just don’t make things harder for me, alright?” Without waiting for Changbin’s agreement, he charges on. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“You know, if you keep talking to me like that, I might just reject you,” Changbin plays suavely, whilst putting on an expression Felix has never seen before: a down-tilted head, raised eyebrows and half smirk. His brain immediately pins it as the playboy wannabe look, and files it under disgusting and never wanted in sight again .

Felix pretends to laugh delightedly at Changbin. He really does want to laugh, but with much more bite. He can already hear the scandalous whispers from his friends. “Please protect my eyes and never attempt that face again.”

Changbin’s smirk drops, and he turns away, hands in his infuriatingly tight leather pants. “Rejected.”

Despite his better judgement, Felix swiftly grabs Changbin’s wrist, probably eliciting excited gasps from his poor spectating roommates. He schools his face into something he hopes looks imploring, sheepish, reckless. Channel the inner twink, as his theatre coach would say Dang it, his eyes don’t sparkle enough for this shit. “Wait- okay, okay, fine, whatever, you’re cool, handsome, blah blah blah, now tell me why you’re here like a fucking stalker.”

The damn smirk reappears, but this time without the traumatising eyebrow raise. Felix doesn’t know which one is worse. With a slight glance towards Felix’s huddle of roommates, Changbin smoothly switches their hands’ positions, so that he’s the one holding Felix’s wrist, and wordlessly drags him off. Felix grimaces at his roommates’ cheers and woops; he’s going to have hell to explain when he gets back without hickeys.

Actually, he does have Hell to explain.

Felix wants to drown his cursed thoughts in spiked punch.

Changbin leads him into the corridor and to the bathroom. “Um, I don’t think that’s-” Felix begins, but before he can complete his sentence Changbin’s already yanked the door open to find… the quarterback and a cheerleader making out, near naked. Felix lunges forward to slam the door closed and pulls Changbin away from there. “Wise choice, but it’s almost always occupied.” He settles for a little alcove in the wall, home to an antique-looking table with what look like family photos and achievement certificates, though that certainly can’t be the collection in its entirety. Still… “Here’s a better place.” He turns to face Changbin, folding his arms expectantly. “So? What’s your reason? If you don’t tell me truthfully, I’ll call the extortionist.”

Changbin looks miffed as he, too, turns to face Felix. He offhandedly notes that his eyebrow is slitted. “Nice try, but those people only work on the big guys. Like, y’know, the cronies of the Dark Lord himself and other fallen angels. Real nasty pieces of work. I’m kind of a descendant from them, so I’m not so much anti-holy as I am just the darkness of the human soul, so to speak.”

Felix fishes into his shirt to pull out his, well, one could say it’s his family pendant. He waves it in front of Changbin. “So if I say ‘I banish you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ’, you won’t burn up in ashes?”

Changbin hisses as his form starts smoking. Felix hastily puts his crucifix away. “Uh… I take it back? I restore you in the name of the Dark Lord Satan?” he almost spits, the words immediately leaving a vile taste in his mouth, but Changbin stops smouldering. “Nevermind. I’m... sorry.”

“Don’t,” Changbin grits out, “ ever say those two names, for my safety and yours. I think I’ve sufficiently answered your questions.” His eyes have taken on a red glow, which is… really never a good thing. Felix thinks he can see claws forming out of Changbin’s fingers, but, however much he wants to back off and back to his friends, he has to stand his ground.

Felix stops Changbin before he can walk away, maybe to regain his hellish power, maybe to lick his wounds a little and score a cute chick for the night. “Wait, not yet! You still haven’t told me what you’re doing here.”

Obnoxiously rolling his eyes, Changbin turns back to Felix, irises getting brighter by the second. “Alright, fine, apparently the vicinity that I need to be within is a lot smaller than I thought, so I had to follow the bond I have with your soul to find you here. Happy?” And with that, he stalks into the corridor, and into the crowd.

Felix stands there for a while, digesting what just happened in front of him, before shaking it off and resolving to find his friends, hickeys or no hickeys. It turns out to be harder than he expected, because they’re not at their previous spot when he goes to find them. That kind of sets his heart off into an uneven sort of pitter-patter, because his dormies are under the influence and on their own out there, which is never a good thing. So, figuring that they must be somewhere around the house, he sets off searching.

He soon gives up on the refreshments and moving into the immensely more perilous dance floor. Even though he thought he was mentally prepared, he doesn't think he can ever barricade his surprise from the movements pulsing around him, some on-beat, some disastrously off. (The worst part is, he thinks the off-beat dancers are sober .) He gets tossed and turned in the tide of drunken partygoers, trying to avoid naughty grinds and stray hands at all costs. But in a crowd where even millimetres don't exist, it's a little hard to do that. Just a little. 

Finally, he thinks he catches sight of a bleached head of hair with a style strikingly close to Hyunjin's at the edge of the crowd. Heart soaring with hope he bobs along the inebriated students, inching closer and closer to the surface of this tumultuous nightmarish ocean.

Then, something slides around his wrist and yanks him backwards away from his destination. Emphasis on some thing , not some one , because there's no way in hell a person's on the other end of the insidious grasp.

Felix turns and- yep, it's really a person. 

It's one of the girls he's seen around campus, usually hanging out with her "girlfriends", gossiping and checking her nailpolish, probably in college not for any of her brains, but for her parents' money. Felix has never thought much about her until now, but now that they're face-to-face, he can safely say the impression has hardly improved. He tries to tug his hand out of her grip, having watched enough dramas to accurately envision where this is going.

As expected, he doesn't pull free. 

"Hey sweetie," she purrs, "I'm Chelsea." Felix is starting to think the nails around his wrist is starting to look a lot more like claws. "You look cute." She looks Felix up and down, making him shifts uncomfortably under her gaze, but of course she doesn't notice. "Kind of innocent, really." Her nails creep farther up his arm and under his sleeve. Felix legitimately fears that they're going to pierce straight through his skin. "Want me to turn you into a real man tonight?" 

He once again tries to regain autonomy over his hand. It once again does not budge. "I think I'll pass," he tells her bluntly. 

Chelsea's heavily shadowed eyes widen. "Oh my, and what a deep voice!" she observes. Felix irrelevantly notes that this is turning into some twisted ass Little Red Riding Hood scenario. Oh, how the turns have tabled. 

"Yes, uh, it comes with the genes," he says helplessly. He considers wrenching his wrist out of her grip taekwondo-style, but she'd probably shriek and cause an unneeded scene, and the last thing Felix needs is a bad name in this absurdly tiny college. So he tries reason. With a drunk and clearly horny person. Wonders never cease. "I'm kind of looking for my friends right now, I'm sure you can find someone else to- uh- turn into a real man…" 

"Oh, they'll be fine," she scoffs, and tugs more insistently on his arm. "C'mon, don't be a tease, I'm sure we'll have a great time." 

Felix genuinely has no idea how to proceed from here without making a complete mess out of, well, everything , but before he can react, a new voice cuts in. 

"I hardly think a person like you can show anyone an experience at all," Changbin says, suddenly sidling beside Felix. He looks better, his hair is a little rumpled, but his eyes are no longer glowing red, back to its deep brown depths. Those eyes are currently fixing Chelsea with a hard stare that Felix has only seen once before... somewhere. He can't remember, nor does he care much to. 

A scowl forms on Chelsea's face, but Felix thinks he spots another glint in her eye. How uncommitted, but he'd definitely pick Changbin over himself any day, so, understandable. Still, what a hoe. "And who might you be?" she asks, her tone a tad icier, but still husky enough to appear somewhat seductive.

Changbin raises a slitted eyebrow. "None of your business. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to have a chat with my friend over here, so fuck off." 

Chelsea actually has to gall to keep her grip on Felix, and loop an arm around Changbin's. "Well, maybe we started off on the wrong foot. I'm just asking your friend here for a little fun, that's all. His looks are too pretty to be wasted." 

Changbin laughs harshly, and Felix hopes to never be on the receiving end of it. "How delusional of you. If he wanted to fuck you he'd have agreed ages ago, but from what I can see he hasn't shown an inkling of interest in your…" hehe eyes Chelsea up and down with distaste, "... sultry outfit. I think we can both safely assume that your business is done here," he ends pointedly. 

A livid expression crosses Chelsea's face before it's schooled into something a little more civil. Her hand slips off Felix, though, and he's about to breathe a sigh of relief until she turns to face Changbin, her expression back to its lustful state. "And what about you, hm? This sultry outfit can come off for you."

Felix thinks Changbin's eyes actually flash red, and for a second he believes Changbin will take Chelsea up on the offer, when he retorts, "I'd rather kiss him that go anywhere near your repulsive being." 

Not one, but both humans gape at his declaration. "With him ?" Chelsea gasps, at the same time Felix yelps, "You what ?" 

Changbin's expression remains unmoved. "You heard me. I'd rather make out with a guy than have intercourse with you. That's a pretty good rundown of how worthless I think you truly are." 

Felix swears that if he doesn't push his jaw back up it will slam straight onto the ground. Chelsea seems to have the same sentiments, but for entirely different reasons. "Oh, I see now," she giggles, and Felix wants to roundhouse her right here and now, because maybe only then she might gain some form of common sense. "You're just lying because you don't wanna give in so easily, hm? I'm smarter than that, I know you really want me." 

She can't be farther from the truth. 

Changbin too seems to realise that she's a lost cause, because he turns to Felix, eyes gleaming with something dangerous. "You wanna curse her for the rest of eternity?" 

Felix feels a little gobsmacked, he definitely did not see this coming of all possible scenarios. Still, he tries to recover quickly. "Uhh," he says, dragging it out. "No, no, I don't think so. She's not worth it." 

"Degradation!" Chelsea says giddily. "A favourite of mine." 

It's Felix's turn to look imploringly at Changbin. "Get her away from me, please ." 

"Gladly," Changbin sighs. "And I won't even use your wish, this one is all on me." A sudden smirk is all the warning he gets before he's whirled around to face Changbin, who then comes fatally close to Felix. "Y'know," he says lowly to Felix, "usually I can't be bothered to take things the extra mile, but I feel like changing things up tonight. What do you say you and I put on a show?" 

Felix shudders in his tight grip on his shoulders, but not in the same way as he did Chelsea's. Changbin's eyes are starting to glow dimly again, but Felix doesn't feel endangered by it, if anything it makes him even more alluring, something Felix can't resist, well he has to, for Pete's sake, but at the same time-

He barely whispers a "yeah" before the gap between them closes. 

Chapter Text

Felix feels like he's in a fever dream.

It's the weirdest and best fever dream ever

If asked what he would do at a party, his answers would range from getting high on pot brownies and jumping into the pool to smashing the dance floor with only Fortnite dances. Never would he have ever imagined kissing a demon. 

To be fair, it's a closed mouth kiss, and Changbin's doing most of the work, because Felix is an inexperienced baby , mind you. Pointy teeth, Changbin warns him between kisses, Makes fragile human flesh go owie

Felix kind of wants to smack Changbin for that, but he's too busy getting lost in feelings Changbin's bringing him. The warm mouth on his, the hand holding his waist just a little too tight, the fire that seems to take over his veins with every passing second, it makes him feel good. Really good. Up until that point he was frozen, shocked, but now he feels ready, ready to take it a step further, bring it a notch higher-

Changbin detaches from him. "Chelsea's gone," he utters, and his eyes seem to glow more intensely. Now that they're aimed at him Felix starts to feel a little unsafe, but he just lowkey made out with a demon, so blame him if his thought process is a little fuzzy. 

Felix wants to reach out, scream and run away from the scene, smash him mouth against Changbin's again, anything in reaction to this, but Changbin beats him to it once again. "I'll be back," he says, before disappearing into the crowd once more, leaving a dumbfounded Felix. 

Well , he tells himself consolingly as he slowly regains his senses and heads off once more to search for his dormies, at least he said he'll return

Fortunately, the head of hair Felix spotted before the whole fiasco reveals itself to indeed be his beanpole dormie. Highly unfortunately, judging from the teasing expressions on his dormies’ faces, they witnessed the whole scene. 

Jisung shakes his head in mock disappointment as Felix bashfully approaches them. "What was that posture ?" he chides when Felix is within earshot. "That is not how you kiss a hot guy, Lee Felix." 

"Even when he's shorter than you!" Hyunjin chips in, even more gone than before, because he's clinging to Seungmin like the world's gonna end. Despite his scowl Seungmin doesn't seem to mind, even playing with Hyunjin's hair from time to time. 

Felix feels a flush growing uninvited on his face. "Please, shut up. I never want to speak of it again." 

Hyunjin perks up, concerned. "Oh? It- it was consented, right?" 

"I'll throw hands at Hot Guy if I have to," Jisung adds, already making fists and lifting them in a fighting pose. 

Felix hastily shakes his head before his drunk dormies can start any shit up. "No! No, it was consented! I… I just…" he wracks his brain for a reason that doesn't consist of said hot guy being a literal demon

Thankfully, Jisung, self-proclaimed love guru, reads his body language totally wrongly and declares, "Ooh, I see how it is, you want to keep it to yourself, don't you? Don't worry," he winks at Felix and he kind of wants to melt into an unidentifiable puddle on the ground, "we'll indulge your selfishness. I'm just proud you even managed to score some at this ripe age of yours!" 

Felix can't help but scoff. "You're literally the same age as me." 

"I'm older by one day," Jisung faithfully reminds him. Felix playfully rolls his eyes. "And besides, I've already accepted my gay ass' condemnation to be forever single. I can no longer fight what fate has in store for me, but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate the happiness of my friends!" 

"Oh look, Jisung's being overdramatic again," Seungmin snorts. 

"You gotta at least have his number," Hyunjin pesters, apparently unbothered by being jostled by Jisung attempting to jab Seungmin for his statement other than absentmindedly swatting Seungmin for moving. Felix wished he had Drunk Hyunjin’s kind of chill.

"Uh-" Felix never thought of that. "Yyyyyeah, sure, I think he slipped it in my back pocket or something." He hopes his friends are too smashed to remember Changbin's hands were nowhere near his ass. 

Hyunjin claps delightedly, inadvertently granting Felix his wish. "Yes! Our Felix is finally getting banged!" Felix stutters, already feeling his face getting red. This is going to be hard to get out of.

He fishes for an argument. "Who will protect you from little Changbin then?" he teases. "I dunno about you, but I'm not gonna risk SPCA coming to haul my ass to an animal rights rehabilitation centre for locking Changbin in with nothing to keep him company."

"Oh yeah, Changbin, that bitch, except not really 'cuz he's a cat… and a guy, " Hyunjin hums, tipping onto Seungmin's lap. The younger, after giving Jisung’s finger a final twist, turns in time to catch Hyunjin before he rolls onto the floor. "Has your friend finally found a new owner for him?" 

Felix bites back a sigh. "He's still working on it." Deciding not to give his dormies any time to register through their alcohol-slowed minds, he barrels on, "You guys look… pretty smashed, to say the least. Wanna head home?" 

Seungmin looks down at the giggling Hyunjin, while Felix glances at Jisung, who's started humming to himself like a senile person in an old folks' home. "Do you think there'll be police alcohol checks on the highway at this time?" 

Before they well and truly leave, Felix excuses himself for a while, saying he needs to answer nature's call. As expected, it's just a poor excuse for what he actually needs to do: find that dumb demon before he attempts to enter the dorm through the window to avoid getting caught romcom style. 

(Did he say romcom? He meant just com. As in comedy.) 

After some extensive searching (and a frightening brief sighting of Chelsea), Felix finds Changbin in the backyard amongst tipsy students lurking in a corner, as all dark creatures do. His back is turned to the rest meaning Felix can't really see what's going on there, so he walks up to the demon and taps his shoulder. "Changbin?" 

At first, Changbin doesn't react, and Felix thinks he might have to smack him at this point, when he suddenly turns to face Felix once more. His usual glower is back, and his red eyes seem to bore into Felix's. Felix can't help but gulp. He kind of wants to splash water on him, just to stop his irises from incinerating him right on the spot, maybe even shove Changbin into the pool. Of course, he doesn’t do that, because Hell knows the fury that’d be unleashed on him and by proximity the poor, clueless drunks around him. (How has anyone not noticed the red eyes yet?)

"Hey, so, uh, my roommates are like… smashed as heck and I wanna get them home before someone breaks a table. You have to come with me, right? Because of the contract, and stuff."

Felix doesn't know why he's suddenly so awkward. Perhaps Felix was impacted more by the incident than he originally estimated. Don't get him wrong, he was never against kissing boys, in fact he's kissed a few before, but with Changbin… 

He doesn't want to dig in too deep. 

Changbin shakes his head, breaking Felix out of his semi-stupor. "Yeah, I'll turn into a bird and fly throw your window or something." He sighs and runs a hand through his tousled hair. "The stupid contract prohibits me from doing so many things sometimes I feel like a fucking human . You know, you should really make that wish sooner or later. Sooner is much preferred." 

"I'll- I'll get to that," Felix says absentmindedly, mind busy trying to piece together how this stunt can be successfully pulled off. He'd really rather Changbin accompany him home, maybe tailing behind as a stray animal or… can contracted demons possess people? Still, if Changbin has to take care of personal stuff, he won't get in the way, especially if doing otherwise might actually get him a one-way-ticket to the fiery underground. "But you gotta be back before we are. Takes about… half an hour for us to get home? Is that enough?" 

Changbin shakes his head dismissively. "I'll make it enough. Go on, I need to sort some things out alone." 

It clues Felix in that maybe Changbin's staying behind because he missed his monthly meditation sessions. He wouldn't be surprised if it was mandated in Hell, he's seen for himself just how capricious a normal demon is, what more an even more powerful one. 

Or maybe he's just high. 

… he's probably just high. 

Whatever the case, he turns around and tries to find his way to the front door, where his dormies are waiting. If Changbin wants to meditate in a room full of rowdy, sweaty drunks, then he can meditate in a room full of rowdy, sweaty drunks. Now, if only Felix could gain an iota of that amount of concentration for his classes. 

He's choosing between death metal and shrieking violin music as demonic meditation soundtracks when Seungmin, who despite his greatest protests still ended up being the sober driver, pulls into the lot. Hyunjin's already asleep in the backseat, and Jisung's lungs have tired themselves out from screaming Twice songs into the night air on the highway to no one but a few miserable birds. Felix and Seungmin exchange tired glances, and heave sighs in unison.

Hyunjin is infinitely more compliant than Jisung, shuffling according to Seungmin’s guiding hands, grumbling every now and then but otherwise being cooperative. Felix has the fortune of ushering Jisung into the building, up the lift and into the dorms. He barely stops himself from throwing Jisung out when the boy tugs at his dangling earring rather ungently, giggling, “Shiny!”

Looks like Hyunjin was the wrong dormie to gang up on.

As the four stumble into the dorm, Seungmin takes one glance at Felix’s harassed state and uncharacteristically insists on taking care of both Jisung and Hyunjin, even though the former boy normally grates on his nerves like gouda cheese on a grater. Usually Felix would deny and then proceed to secretly regret his terrible selflessness, but he has a window to check, and a demon to grant entry to.

As the saying goes, he’s disappointed but not surprised when he finds no avian creature outside his window, waiting impatiently for him to open up. He’s just grateful his dorm mates are either drunk or exhausted, there’s no way they’d miss the presence of a measly kitten that isn’t even supposed to be here.

Felix silently challenges fate to oppose that statement. 

No one opens the door.

Felix can finally breathe again. Fate is kind tonight.

Then he jumps so hard he tumbles off his chair with a crash when he hears an insistent tapping on the window. Before anyone can react, his door swings open, the unmistakable silhouette of Seungmin standing in the doorway.

“Felix? Are you okay?” Seungmin steps into the room, wary of a certain creature, but steps in anyway. “That sounded pretty painful.”

Felix groans as he pitifully peels himself from the very sleep-inviting floor. “I’m fine, just fine,” he grouses.

Seungmin doesn’t budge. “You sure? I know this isn’t the first time you’ve fallen.”

Felix really just wants Seungmin to scram so he can retrieve Changbin in peace, but he has higher priorities. He doesn’t move, just stares at Seungmin in disbelief and betrayal. “And you’ve never come to check on me until now?!”

Seungmin blinks for a few seconds, confusion clouding his face. Then his eyes widen in realisation, and take on a more disdainful look as he examines Felix, still lying on the ground. “Oh! That’s just because Normal Me didn’t give a shit,” he says candidly after a while, making Felix splutter, “but I guess tucking two people in bed really gives you the urge to be-” he shudders like he touched something slimy. Felix wishes he did. “-responsible. Terrible experience, I’d give half a star.” He steps forward to pat Felix on the head, then shoots Felix a cheeky grin as he slips once more out of the room. “Thanks for snapping me out of it!”

Felix gapes incredulously at the back of the closed door. A slam sounds from behind him, making him jump once more and turn his head so fast he almost snaps his own neck. At this point he kind of wishes it did.

“Making me resort to breaking and entering, huh?” Changbin mutters, back to his human form, looking down at Felix with something that looks like faint disappointment in his eyes.

Felix sighs and throws an arm over his eyes. "If I actually give a fuck I might just apologise." 

Changbin scoffs. “Get up, or I’ll step on your face.”

Felix is quick to scramble upright. “Or maybe you could fuck off.” Changbin gives him one last baleful look before turning into a cat again and stalking out, leaving Felix to dawdle in his own thoughts once more.

To be frank, Felix doesn’t know what level of awkward is appropriately awkward, but he’s pretty sure it should not be this low. Changbin doesn’t act any different from when he did a day ago. Felix doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but he supposes it’s for the better. The last thing he needs is a main character role in a supernatural teen romance, he already has enough major problems on his very tiny hands, and a plot-mandated death will actually make him break the fourth wall to strangle his author. As Changbin turns into a cat to wander out and ruin someone else’s night, Felix silently tells himself, it was nothing. He’s a fucking demon, creature of chaos, doer of destruction, blah blah blah, you’re probably just one person in a long line of cute people he’s kissed. Stay in your lane, boi.

And he proceeds to very intentionally stay on the floor as Changbin bumps their damage records up one ceramic plate.

Chapter Text

fire and ice, lightning and wind

People rarely ever accurately predict Seungmin's superpower. They'd typically guess something psychic, or perhaps something more demure, more nature-related. They can't be farther from the reality. Despite what people perceive from his demeanour, Seungmin's eyes blaze as bright as the midday sun, accentuated even more so by the glowing embers intertwined within his flaming red hair. His gaze radiates heat, and he rarely speaks loosely, but when he does, his words burn and incinerate even the most impenetrable barriers. His skin scalds to the touch, each fingertip a tiny firecracker waiting to ignite yet another inferno. He's practically untouchable, and dangerously so.

Hyunjin's superpower, on the contrary, can almost always been guessed correctly on the first try. He doesn't even try to hide it. His black locks gleam lusciously, his every movement is flawlessly fluid, and his face radiates energy and life even as he's drenched in exhaustion. His voice, his touch, his smile soothes even the most turbulent soul. His giggles bubble like a gurgling stream, and his gaze as captivating as a sunset over an ocean. By that effect, almost every person he meets is instantly enamoured by his little quirks and charms, and even more so when they discover the gentle soul that he is at heart. But don't be fooled by his naive exterior; below that surface is a power of deepest depths that can drag down even the strongest fighter.

Jisung, similarly, is a dead giveaway from the get-go. Spritely, lively and unpredictable in every way, he never fails to surprise the people around him. (Whether it's a good or bad kind of surprise is up to debate.) His eyes seem spark and sparkle, and his words implode like mini explosions in their own right. His body is constantly surging with an energy surpassing all other vitality, seemingly summoning life force from a bottomless storm within, and this energy is not only limited to the physical. His mind is blade sharp, his every sense charged and ready to charge. The forces inside him are matched only by his passion and compassion, an ever swirling want to spark positive change in this world, to change the atmosphere and let freedom permeate the skies.

On the other hand, Felix startles those around him whenever he moves his feet as if they were floating on thin air, a spirit that can't ever be chained down. Despite his earth-rumbling voice, his inner soul flies higher than the highest flying birds, circling and soaring and following wherever the currents take it, ruffling the minds of the people around him in the meantime. He delights in spinning and twirling in the breeze, letting the air tousle his hair every way it wants. Somehow, it always manages to make him even more breathtaking. However, every foe who dares contend with him learns fast that he is a force to be reckoned with, as he slices with the strength of a tornado, and paralyses with the ferocity of a hurricane. Never to be mistaken as an airhead, his mind is full of soul and spirit, universal wisdom and ingenuity instilled into one, singular, tender but keen mind.