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Promise me, Match your Steps to My Heartbeat

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Jimin knows his place.

He knows this dining room like the back of his hand. Knows how the long, intricate table is made out of Bocote Wood with a custom Purple Heart trim by a carpenter family who owed Sir after their business went bankrupt. He remembers the first day their long, red curtains embroidered with black lace and made with Chinese silk displayed in their windows, from an old enemy whose bedroom once hung their magnificence in private. He remembers the cutlery from a corrupt war profiteer, the fine china from a high-end drug dealer. The golden candelabra and the sparkling chandelier that matches perfectly hanging above his own golden head of hair.

Every single item in this room, a payment, a gift of sorts. All for his Sir.

Jimin eats his dinner right beside him, sitting at his right while the rest of the tablespace goes to waste. It's only real use for special occasions like dinner parties, for his Sir's colleagues and separate factions to feel intimidated and in awe at his vast wealth and power. The routine of them eating together whenever Sir was not busy has been a tradition since Jimin's arrival; when he was still too shy to sit beside him and ate awkwardly at the opposite, multiple arm lengths away.

He thinks bitterly that the only thing that's changed since then is the distance between them.


He feels Sir reach out to the hairs on the nape of his neck, his fingertips much too gentle and soft for what he knows are a killer's hands. But they touch his skin with the softest brush, the way he handles Jimin like he was made of glass never once faltering in the 5 years he's been with him. It's that touch that makes him hold onto hope, that gives him the strength to wake up every day and face this world that's been presented to him.

Jimin tries to smile, he does, but he knows it's not as big as his Sir would like. But he always found it difficult to give his Sir a decent smile when he knows someone's life has been taken from them. Especially when he knows it's his fault.

His Sir is handsome, eyes bright and filled to the brim with every ounce of his intelligence. And his real smile is rare but beautiful, saved mainly for Jimin. It's on his face now, his dimples on full display and giving him an almost innocent look that shouldn't belong to someone like him. Jimin's lost count of how many times he's let that smile get past his defenses, lull him into a safe sense of security before tearing him apart again. As he knows is going to happen now.

“Ahhh, baby.” he tuts, letting his hand trail over from the back of his neck to this mouth, fingers caressing his face like he hasn't memorized every inch of it. “Don't look so sad my love, that man wasn't fit to be alive, let alone work for me. Not if he was going to call you such vile names.”

Vile names. Gold Digger. Slut. Whore. Bitch. Sellout. Nothing he's never heard before. If he was to actually murder everyone in his faction that badmouthed Jimin, there would be no one left to serve him. It was just dumb luck that his Master overheard the foolish lackey saying such things; the higher ranking officers are normally more subtle with their disdain at Jimin's mere presence in the household. But Jimin never rats them out himself.

It's not like they were wrong.

Jimin plasters a sweet smile onto his lips and tries to seem convincing as he meets his Sir's dashing eyes. Eyes that twinkle with playful mirth only for him. He places his hand on his Sir's thigh and leans into his touch as he smiles, "I know, Sir. You do it to protect me."

“Of course, Jimin-ah.”

His Sir's hand goes lower, plays with the small opening in his peachy silk robe, on the milky skin left untouched, right over where his heart lies. He knows Sir always gets like this after dealing with those who'd dare lust after his possessions, would dare lay a finger on what was rightfully his.

Who dared to fantasize about claiming Jimin for their own.

And then those eyes that once sparkled with a playful gleam now harden along with the grip on Jimin's only clothes. He leans in, close enough that Jimin can smell his dizzying cologne, close enough that the hot breath on his neck makes him shudder as he whispers in his ear.

“Every inch of you belongs to me.”

He says it as if Jimin didn't already know.

But he also doesn't know when he'll get another opportunity to ask what's been on his mind so openly. He places a gentle hand on top of the one on his chest, allows the tight grip underneath him to relax and loosen under his touch, and smiles as he speaks his Sir's name.


And Namjoon smiles again, this time excited, knowing that Jimin only addresses him as such when they're intimate and Jimin is underneath him writhing in pleasure. The way he's so happy over him using his given name almost makes Jimin feel bad for turning it against him.

And Jimin just spits it out, not knowing how else to ask, “And what of my heart, Namjoon? Is that supposed to belong to you, too?”

Namjoon's expression falters like Jimin knows it would. But the resigned sigh, the way he smooths out the now rumpled silk against his skin... Jimin is not expecting that. There's a sincerity in his eyes, an open honesty that Jimin remembers from when he first arrived, when Namjoon would try so desperately just to get Jimin to open up enough to trust Namjoon's word on keeping him safe.

“Your feelings and heart belong to you, Jimin,” He speaks, and Jimin knows he's telling the truth, even as he leans in to slide a hand underneath his robe and rest on his bare thigh, even as he nuzzles into his neck and plants an opened mouth kiss right underneath his jawline, above the choker on his neck. “I cannot control your heart. But in the end...”

Namjoon lifts his head just enough so he can meet Jimin's eyes, serious and confident in a way like he knew Jimin better than himself.

“Your body belongs to me. And eventually, you'll grow to love me. And I hope you'll give me your heart, then, Jimin-ah. As mine already belongs to you.”

And because Jimin has never been one to know when to stop pushing, he presses on, even as he feels Namjoon begin to slide his robe off his shoulders, “And if my heart ever belongs to someone else?”

Namjoon chuckles, genuinely amused at Jimin's question. He plays with Jimin's collar, the large charm dangling from the center of the genuine black leather. Jimin knows it's one of Namjoon's favorite pastimes, looking at the necklace he placed on Jimin, the gold, fancy English letters resting just perfectly on his sternum. Big enough that someone who doesn't even read English could tell what they meant.


A brand, to show the world who owned Jimin.

“Then I'd kill them.”

And as he lifts Jimin onto the dining room table and undoes the tie to expose his body, just beside their forgotten food, Jimin knows he's telling the truth. Namjoon never lies.

Jimin knows his place, underneath Namjoon and writhing in a pleasure that feels more like pain.


Jungkook has never worn a nicer suit in his entire life.

The suit he's wearing probably costs more than the old apartment complex he used to reside at in its entirety. The lapels are curved and shiny like a tuxedo, sleek and flattering against the more muted black material and the starch white undershirt and matching bowtie. It's fitted perfectly, making him look broader in the shoulders and tapered at the waist while still concealing his gun, the sleeves showing the perfect amount of cuff underneath. Even his pants are tailored to the exact cm. He remembers the seamstress telling him that the Sir would not have anything less than the best, and it amazed Jungkook at the time that the person called, "The Monster" possessed reach so intertwined with common day people's lives that even an older woman who calls her customers her grandchildren would be under the umbrella of unlikely allies.

Jungkook's been impressed many times throughout the last ten years of his life by The Monsters of Korea. First the Father, and now his Son.

And now, Jungkook has been given a chance to prove his worth to Kim Namjoon himself, as a tentative member of his Big 5 Lineup. Jungkook would be a fool to pass the opportunity up.

He didn't ask why a sudden spot opened up; Jungkook already knew the answer to that question. Someone must have fucked up or pissed The Boss off badly enough to warrant his death. And regardless of how much he didn't know, Jungkook is certain whatever did happen, the guy deserved it.

Jungkook fixes his hair a bit so it's parted to the side just perfect before he hears the 4-3-1 knock pattern on the door and knows it must be Agust D.

“Coming, Sir.”

The door opens then, and it's exactly who he expected, the older man's eyes piercing and fierce. Even with his smaller stature than Jungkook, he's utterly terrifying, and crosses his arms in the doorway.

“I'm not your 'Sir' anymore, JK. I'm merely Agust. The only person you call Sir now is The Monster. To call me Sir with your new status would be an insult to our Boss, as we are equals now. If you have to address me with something, call me hyung.”

Jungkook nods immediately, “Yes... Agust.”

His hyung nods approvingly, almost as if he's trying to encourage Jungkook. “Good. It's going to be you, me, Key, Jackson, and D.O. You're a tentative member here; remember that. We may be equals out there, but if any of us tell you to do anything, you're going to listen immediately and do it. You follow our lead. And don't make yourself look like a fool. It will reflect poorly on not just yourself, but The Monster, and he won't be kind just because it's your first event."

Jungkook nods, eager to please, eager to prove himself, and Agust lets out a sigh of relief, wills the tension out of his body. And Jungkook knows that for as harsh as he is, Agust must really care a lot about this going well, “Yes, hyung. I promise I won't let you down.”

The shorter male folds his arms, hard eyes back on his face even though he seems just the slightest more relaxed, “You better not, JK. I'm the one who pushed for you. So don't you make a fool of me, either.”

Again, Jungkook nods, pride swelling in his chest at the thought of the Augst D personally recommending him to Sir. So his hyung gives him a once over, inspecting his outfit for any faults, inconsistencies, before giving a sure nod. “You look good. It's time to go, stay close to me, keep your weapons hidden, and don't take any shit from anyone there. This isn't just a dinner party, there are other groups and important figures who don't want their secrets getting out. People are going to see your fresh face and think they can get in good. You look gullible, approachable. Instead of letting it be a weakness, use it to your advantage to get information if anyone talks to you and be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. People are going to be all over the Boss. I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to kill him or any of us. So keep your eyes vigilant.”

“Yoongi, you're gonna scare him with how serious you are.”

Jungkook blinks as he watches Jackson approach from where Agust D is standing and his former teacher gives an annoyed sigh, before turning around and glaring at him.

“And you're going to get yourself killed one of these days for not being serious enough. You do realize we aren't the only ones armed out there, right?”

Jungkook doesn't think he's ever heard anyone use Agust's real name before.

Jackson shrugs, smiling in his own black suit, hair pushed back and fuck Jungkook can't get over the fact he looks that good. Hell, they all do, Jungkook's met Key and D.O before this. Even Yoongi is attractive, jet black hair and porcelain skin and an almost cat-like quality. Jungkook wonders if it's some sort of requirement to be good looking enough to stand next to The Monster. And Jungkook doesn't mean to be conceited, but cleaned up and looking like this, Jungkook's never felt more confident.

Maybe that is part of The Big 5's appeal, the Monster of Korea. They all are attractive, and they all could kill you in half a second if they really wanted to.

Jackson grins before motioning out of the hallway. “It's showtime.”

Jungkook follows close behind Yoongi, and they meet up in the foyer area of the floor they are on with Key and D.O, the both of them dressed just as sharp and serious. Then, Agust takes out a burner cell phone and makes the call.

“Joon-ah,” Agust says, and Jungkook almost gasps at the nickname that falls from Agust's lips so easily.

Key sees his concern, and adjusts his glasses before whispering quietly, “Yoongi and Sir grew up together. By using that nickname and Honorific, Sir knows no one else would address him as such.”

Jungkook nods, but it's still shocking, to know that Agust, well, Yoongi-hyung really was as close to Sir as the rumors say.

There are many rumors that fly around the lower ranking members of Monster Plaza. To know that Yoongi and Sir really did grow up together makes him wonder how many others are true.

Agust D nods as he listens on the phone, before giving a grunt in acknowledgment and signing off, "Got it, Joon-ah."

He looks at the other four, "JK, Jackson, and Key, you three will go into the ballroom ahead of us and be at attention near the front. D.O., you and I will escort Sir to the facility. Once inside, we'll rotate who stays alongside sir and who will be scouting for information. Sir needs to know who are his allies and who are his enemies. Neo and Dragon have been acting up lately and he needs to make sure their two groups aren't planning to form an alliance."

Jungkook's done his research. He knows that there are still Bosses from other factions older than Sir that do not take him seriously. How they question just how much power someone so young can hold and maintain a small army of people when they're bitter about being older with nothing to show for it.

It's one of the many reasons Jungkook respects his Sir, is proud and honored to be a part of his Army; Like his father before him, Kim Namjoon is feared and respected and young, accomplishing in just a few short years what others can only dream of in ten lifetimes.

The three of them go inside the elevator, and before it shuts all the way, Agust forces it back open and gives Jungkook a hard stare.



“Any questions you have, refer to Key. And just ignore anything stupid that comes out of Jackson's mouth.”

Jackson puts a hand over his heart, “You wound me, Yoongi.”

And Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Call me that again and I'll punch you in the face. No real names out there. Understand?”

Jackson just smiles and waves dismissively, “I understand, Agust D.”


With that, they split up, and Jungkook releases a sigh he didn't know he was holding in.

Key turns and looks him up and down, before pushing up his wire-frame glasses. Jungkook wonders just how he can pull off such a look. He smiles, “You know, you're going to have to get rid of your nerves real soon. You're young, but you're good. I've seen you in action. You've got nothing to worry about. Anyone you don't know, just ask me. You've made it, kid. You've already proven yourself. Now it's just time to do your job and show everyone why you deserve to keep your spot.”

Jungkook nods and smiles, actually feeling a little better.

Jackson puts an arm around him, more comforting than anything else, and Jungkook can appreciate that while this is serious, Jackson tries to keep things casual. “You're our brother now, kid. Our Maknae. We take care of our own, so believe me when I say if you watch our back, we got yours.”

Once the elevator opens Jackson takes his arm off Jungkook, and it's like he's a totally different person, hard and serious just like the others. And it reminds Jungkook just exactly why he was chosen to be a member of this team, too.

Jackson's deadly. They all are.

The elevator opens up to another foyer, this one lit up in extravagance with one of the biggest hanging chandeliers Jungkook has even seen in the middle of the room. Jungkook lets Jackson and Key both lead and follows closely behind, his own face pensive and stoic.

Jungkook feels the eyes on him, how everyone in the room notices the fresh face in the room right away. The only people that look around his age are some of the females, the dates, the trophies.

He's the youngest guard there. And he can tell they think that makes him an easy target. Jungkook finally understands how he can make this an advantage.

They're settled in the ballroom, far enough from the door not to look so suspicious but also close enough to be able to see everyone that walks in. Key explains who everyone is, what people he needs to look out for, how even the dates can be sneaky and to not cross lines with any of them. It's no wonder his nickname is Key; he seems to know every single detail about everyone.

It only takes another minute before the door opens and The Monster himself comes in, D.O. and Agust close behind. He's dressed in a custom all black suit, more relaxed than anyone else but also probably costing more too. It looks comfortable and soft to the touch, accentuates his shoulders and neck perfectly. His top is low cut, showing off his sternum and Jungkook would imagine that others would find it insulting to show up looking more relaxed yet polished than anyone else. It's also Jungkook's first time seeing The Monster with Platinum hair, but it suits him. Everyone looks like they want to kill him or be him. And he's only 24.

Jungkook is so entranced by The Monster of Seoul, he almost doesn't notice the small, pale hand adorned with silver rings, which plays with the bare, tan skin of his Boss's breastbone. The Monster turns and faces the person who apparently is so bold he can do such a thing and places a hand on their small waist.

The Monster's date for this evening is perhaps the most beautiful human, male or female, that Jungkook has ever laid eyes on.

He's wearing a black suit jacket with red accents, the fire red an intricate lace pattern that gives him an old world beauty look, with blonde wavy bangs that are styled perfectly. Jungkook's eyes can't help look right where The Monster has a hold on them, on the swell of an ass that most only dream of. Jungkook's good at keeping his composure, but even he is in awe. Of course, the Monster would take nothing less than perfect for his date, if his bodyguards were to look perfect as well.

The Monster kisses their cheek, boldly, unashamed that their date is a male and knowing full well the power play he is enacting by being openly affectionate. Jungkook knows how that will piss off some of their constituents. The playful kiss erupts giggles from the perfect angel, and Jesus, just when Jungkook thought a person couldn't get any more beautiful, there's that laughter.

He picks his mouth up from the ground and looks over at Key, hoping that the tremble in his voice isn't too obvious, “Who is that, with Boss?”

Key raises an eyebrow, “You haven't heard of Jimin?”

Jimin. Goddamn, why does that plain name sound so beautiful to Jungkook?

Jackson scoffs as he crosses his arms, “That's the boss's personal whore. He's willing to drop on his knees for him at any point, but we all know he's just using-”

“That's enough, Jackson.” Key's voice is harsh and warning, “Unless you wanna end up like BamBam, I suggest you shut your mouth.”

Jungkook thinks it's almost sad how he's heard about, “The Monster's Whore” plenty of times, but never once heard the utterance of a Jimin. Many of the rumors surrounding their lower ranks have to do with the whore, and how if The Monster has any weak spot, it's him. Even now, Jungkook's not stupid. He knows the open spot he's been granted to fill only is available because the Boss murdered his successor. And rumor has it, the whore- no, Jimin, is the only person who could get him to do such a thing to a trusted member.

That, supposedly, Jimin seduces the other members, and after they fuck, or Jimin is done with them, he tells The Monster.

But watching the way they interact, how his Boss has a genuine smile so wide he actually is showing dimples, of all things, towards his date, Jungkook doubts many of those rumors are true.

Jungkook watches as Jimin licks his lips at something his Sir whispers in his ear and nods before The Monster pulls him in and kisses him deeply. Full on the mouth, tongue on display, too explicit to be okay but also showing just how much power he has over everyone here. And then his date is off, holding onto Yoongi's arm and walking over to mingle with other partygoers.

Jackson, stay by the monster with D.O. Key and JK, you're on patrol. Make sure Dragon and Neo aren't together and stay on the outskirts of the party. I'm speaking with potential clients. In 20 minutes we'll meet near refreshments and switch.

Jungkook's never used an earpiece like this, small and nearly undetectable, but he understands how handy it is now. He hears Jackson and Key confirm with their signature sign-offs, and then feels a harsh shove in his side. Jungkook looks over and Key is motioning to the small mic on his jacket.

Right, Jungkook needs to respond too.

“Understood, hyung.”

He supposes that's going to be his signature sign off with Agust D from now on.


Parties like this, where it's just a bunch of different people reluctantly socializing instead of actually dancing, are in fact rather boring. The most useful thing Jungkook feels like he's done is look nice and pretty in front of an older member of Dragon who said he had a daughter his age. Not that Jungkook is going to be marrying anyone anytime soon, that's always been on The Monster's absolute noes.

Another reason why the older mafia members hate him. He doesn't allow them to get any secrets from familial alliances.

He is currently people watching, but all he can see is two female dates from Neo sipping champagne and a member of Dragon talking with... Someone from X? He recognizes the face from the files he studied coming up to this event.

But that makes no sense, seeing as no one from X was expected to be here-

Jk, It's your turn beside The Monster now.

“Understood, hyung.”

He looks over the crowd for just a moment until his eyes land on The Monster, speaking with one of the highest members from Dragon. He immediately makes a beeline, not taking his eyes off his target, and Jungkook hopes he doesn't fuck this up, his first official interaction with the Monster himself. He can feel the anxiety swell up in his chest, his gut, the urge to please and be perfect manifesting into a hard exterior and he's not paying attention to the people around him when he feels someone suddenly bang into his right side and drop their drink.

A blood red wine spilling all over Jungkook's front.

Jungkook steadies the person who's about to fall completely over, using one hand to hold onto their waist while the other grips onto their arm tightly. He recognizes the blond mop of hair first before any face is even in view. And then the angel is looking up, his golden hair a halo and mouth wide open with as much shock as Jungkook feels. His cheeks are painted a sinful pink that tells just how much he's been drinking. From this distance, he can see the thick choker that adorns his neck, a black leather with the Initials KNJ written in English.

The Boss's Whore.


“Well,” Jimin hiccups, and Jungkook is amazed at how light and feminine his voice sounds, “Aren't you a cute little bunny.”

Jungkook presses his tongue against his cheek nervously as he wills the redness that grows on his face to subside. He's not quite sure what to do but knows he probably shouldn't be holding onto Jimin like this if he wants to stay alive. He immediately begins to let go, but Jimin just stumbles even more and grips tightly onto Jungkook's forearms to stay afloat. Jimin is giggling softly, like this is the funniest thing ever, and Jungkook huffs out in frustration.

His Boss's boyfriend can't even stay sober enough to keep himself up at parties, and now Jungkook is going to have to be the one to gift him back as their first real meeting.

So Jungkook makes a quick decision and manhandles Jimin, who is surprisingly light, and picks him up smoothly like he's a child. The older gives out a small yelp in surprise as he continues to walk over to his Boss. By now he's caught his eye, and his Sir has an eyebrow raised in both a question and amusement. And, to Jungkook's relief, there seems to be no anger anywhere. Jimin is holding onto his neck, breathing so heavily Jungkook can feel it on his skin, can smell it, and Jungkook steels his face as he directly approaches The Monster and clears his throat.


The Monster awaits an explanation, and Jungkook unceremoniously drops Jimin onto the seat next to him. Enough to seem detached and get a small 'oof' from the shorter, but with enough gentle care to where he's completely unharmed. Jungkook adjusts the front of his suit jacket as best he can, fully aware he has what now looks like a blood stain on the front of his shirt because of his boss's date, and brushes part of his hair to one side. He hopes he at least looks half as confident as he is terrified.

“Your date seems to be... a little intoxicated. I thought it best to return him to you.”

At that, his boss laughs, genuine amusement on his face and smiles brightly to Jungkook. "You must be who Agust D recommended. JK, yes?"

Jungkook nods, before recalling Agust told him the Boss likes verbal confirmations, "Yes, Sir."

Sir nods, before giving him a small pat on the shoulder, “Thank you. Key and Jackson will take my Jimin back to his room.”

As the two go to grab Jimin, the blond stands up in protest, already complaining as he goes over to his lover and holds on suggestively, “But Master, I'm fine, really... Lemme show you...” The pout on his face is too adorable and innocent to be real, and Kim Namjoon kisses his neck and plays with his necklace before whispering something in his ear that Jungkook cannot hear. But he doesn't need to, doesn't need to know what was said that makes Jimin break out into that beautiful laugh and lean completely into his boss's broad chest.

“Now be a good boy for me and get ready, yeah?”

Jimin smiles as he nods, and gives a shy wave to Jungkook before Key and Jackson are leading him away.

Yoongi is quick to go to Jungkook's side, shaking his head as he looks down at Jungkook's ruined shirt. He tuts, puffing his cheeks out a bit, “Jimin really did a number on your suit, huh? and you looked so nice in it too...”

His hyung sounds almost affectionate, and it pulls a smile from Jungkook, “I'm sure it was an accident.”

Agust D merely hums and crosses his arms to turn his attention back to the Boss. D.O is already out patrolling, so it's just the two of them beside the Monster as he talks with the Leader of Neo, an older man who seems to just be playing nice, with someone who is supposedly his son, a few years older than the Monster himself.

Chanyeol, his son, is looking over at where D.O is standing and grins, “He's got a cute baby face, don't you think?”

Namjoon smiles, ever the comedian, “You should go tell him that.”

In the corner of his eye, Jungkook can see the faintest upturn of Agust's lips, trying desperately to refrain from smiling.


The party itself doesn't last much longer than that, at least not for the Monster. Soon, Jackson and Key are back after assuring Jimin's safety, and Boss is wanting to call a final meeting to wrap up the information they all have been able to collect in the smaller conference room at the hotel.

They all are lining up and ready to go, when The Boss turns suddenly and looks dead on at Jungkook, a big dimpled smile on his face, “You did well, JK. But I think for this meeting I want to evaluate your performance as well.”

Jungkook tries not to frown, tries not to let the horrid lump in his throat turn into a stone and sink into his stomach. Because he's not quite sure, but this can't be good... can it? But he nods his head, trying to look confident, “Of course, Sir.”

Namjoon hums thoughtfully to himself as he turns away, before a sudden recollection takes over and he's facing JK again, “Oh, actually, before I dismiss you, could you do me a favor?”

JK nods again, almost forgetting to speak, “Of course, Sir. Anything.”

Namjoon grins, eyes sparkling as if he's fondly remembering something silly, “Could you please check on my Jimin, for me? Make sure he's doing alright? I told my Jimin I'd be leaving early to accompany him and here I am staying late again. Jiminie... he requires a lot of attention.”

Jungkook feels like this is a trap of some kind. That Namjoon is expecting Jungkook to fuck up somehow, that he wants to tempt him with Jimin right in front of him to see if he'll do anything. He can see Yoongi's shocked eyes on him as he stands behind Namjoon, and it downright terrifies Jungkook.

It seems like he's forgotten to speak again, because Namjoon is raising his eyebrow and the smile is disappearing quickly from his boss's face.


Jungkook clears his throat. “Of course, Sir. I'll make sure to let him know you'll be late. Would you like me to report back to you?”

Namjoon's dimpled smile is back on his face, “No need, JK. Just keep him company until I get back. Don't let him out of your sight.”

Jungkook nods quickly, “Absolutely, Sir.”

He turns to leave when he notices that Key, Jackson, and D.O are all staring at him with the same utter shock, and Jungkook is feeling more and more nervous by the second. And then, D.O grabs him by the arm and whispers quietly so their Sir and Agust can't hear up ahead.

No one is allowed completely alone near Jimin, no one except Namjoon and Yoongi. Not even me. Just... be careful and don't fuck up, okay?”

Jungkook tries to process this information, but it's all a little confusing, so he just nods quickly before walking to where he knew Jimin and the Boss' hotel room was. The top floor, executive suite.

If no one was allowed alone with Jimin, then why was Jungkook being sent by himself? Did he... Did the Boss really feel the need to put so much faith in him? He wonders if this is the real test, if this whole night doesn't really matter, and how he treats and handles Jimin within the next hour will be what determines if he stays or if he dies.

He's so caught up in his own thoughts, he doesn't see the woman who followed him into the elevator and is standing beside him until she coughs. He looks over to her and notices how she gestures over to the floor numbers he's blocking from her, and he catches himself blushing in embarrassment.

“Sorry about that,” he speaks, “What floor?”

She smiles, “17.”

He realizes this girl must be associated with SVT and chances a glance in her direction. He's always found women beautiful, but he's so awkward around them he doesn't know what to do with himself half the time. And this one is stunning; long, mousy brown hair, blunt bangs, a round face and big eyes that scream more Thai than Korean.

She looks down at his shirt, eyebrows raised in a question, and Jungkook realizes it's the first time he's been alone with a girl and his suit is completely ruined by red wine.

“Uhh,” he glances nervously down at himself in embarrassment and pathetically tries to wipe the stain, “The Boss's date got a little too drunk.”

She giggles cutely, somehow not sounding too fake but just a little strained, “I saw. Jimin really is something at parties. But he's such a sweetheart, really.”

Jungkook relaxes a bit at that and nods, not really knowing what else to say, and the silence grows a little awkward between them.

She smiles, however, seemingly unaffected, and sways her ponytail over her shoulder before bowing, “Lisa.”

He wonders if she just gave her real name or if it's a fake, and he gives a polite smile, “JK.”

She sighs as she checks her phone, obviously not liking whatever she was sent, and when the elevator opens, she turns and looks at him with a beautiful smile, licking her lips softly.

“Care to join me, JK?”

And here's the thing; Jungkook has killed more men than he could count. The first time he aimed a gun at a man was when he was 14, and ever since he's excelled in the last four years any expectation set for him in the lower ranks. He's 18; he's young, he's fairly attractive.

He's also never been with a woman.

A part of him wants to say yes but it's very minimal, and he smiles as he politely declines. “I'm sorry, Lisa-ssi. I'm still working.”

She's standing in the doorway so the elevator can't close, and she gives a small pout. “It's such a shame. And here I was hoping I would be able to get to know the Golden Maknae of Monster Plaza.”

Jungkook blinks in shock, stuttering as he looks at her, “Y-you know that stupid nickname?”

And she giggles, bringing her hand up to her face, before smiling slyly, “We all know how adept you are with a gun. When my Sir said your name on the guest list, that you'd be finally joining us big boys, I- well, I told myself I just had to meet you. And well...”

She grins, blatantly checking him out as her eyes trail up and down across his body, “You really are as cute as they say.”

He's blushing now, and part of him knows her flattery is probably half lies, and in the back of his mind, he wonders why she is playing this up. Was he really well known in other groups already, before he even got started?

He coughs, “Well, thank you, Lisa-ssi. But I really have to get going.”

She bows, deeply this time, and smiles, “Of course, JK-ssi. I hope I'll see you at the next meet up... Maybe we can get to know each other more then.”

Jungkook bites his bottom lip, desire and excitement swelling for what might come next time. It's not that he's particularly looking for anyone, but he is 18. And while he knows relationships with other gangs are frowned upon, he's heard the countless stories of hookups.

It's funny, how many times he's heard his brothers talk about fucking someone and then a week later wiping their blood off his hands after a confrontation.

Lisa walks away, and he forces his eyes to look straight ahead when he realizes he's looking at the sway of her hips instead.

And just as the door closes, he sees that member of X again, far down the hall as he slips into a room.

Jungkook had nearly forgotten about him after Jimin ruined his shirt.

The man's presence doesn't feel right. First, he's speaking with a member of Dragon, and now he's on the exclusive SVT floor, who are hosting this event. He'll have to ask Agust D about it; if somehow they made an exception. Because no one was saying anything at all about him being there, right?

Before he knows it, he's putting in a passcode and the elevator opens up again, right into the large, spacious suite too big for what he knows is just the Monster and his lover.

Jungkook steps inside and the door shuts behind him, and his eyes are wide as he takes in the spacious room. White, pristine walls, the opposite side completely windowed and with one of the most beautiful views of Seoul he's ever seen. A modern chandelier hanging in the sitting area. A fireplace beside an actual bar. Mood lighting and H.E.R's Could've Been Playing.

He then realizes what Namjoon must have told Jimin to get ready for.

He hears Jimin before he sees him.

“Namjoonie... Are you there, Master?” His voice is whiny and high and needy and so fucking hot echoing down the hall that Jungkook's mouth is watering. He's so shocked he can't even speak, “I've been waiting so long, I've opened myself up for you just like you told me, Joonie. It's been so hard not to cum, I need your big co-”

And then suddenly Jimin is appearing from around the corner and into view, and he gasps loudly in shock at seeing Jungkook, almost terrified as he leans against the wall.

Jungkook turns as red as a lobster and shuts his mouth so he isn't gawking. He turns around quickly and covers his eyes. “Oh, God, S-Sorry!!!”

Because he didn't allow himself a good look, but he knows that Jimin must be wearing something highly indecent and well, Jungkook doesn't wanna accidentally pop a boner because of his Boss's boyfriend.

There's an awkward silence for a moment, Jimin's labored breathing loud above the soft music playing, and finally, he hears him speak again, "You're not Namjoon."

Jungkook shakes his head even though he knows he isn't facing Jimin, “I'm not.”

And then there's a loud sigh followed by a bored monotone Jimin, “Siri, turn the music off. Undim the lights.”

Jungkook doesn't dare move as he hears shuffling behind him, and assumes that Jimin is trying to make himself decent.

“You can turn around, you know. I'm not shy.”

There isn't a single thing that is flirtatious in his voice, merely annoyed, and so Jungkook thinks it's safe to look when he faces him.

And oh, is it not.

Jimin has a peachy color robe draped over his body, but it's hanging off his shoulder and exposing his decolletage area that's more beautiful than any woman's, just slightly golden. He's wearing some matching peach thigh highs that are attached by a garter belt, his lips are this beautiful shiny pink color, so big and full that he looks like he's been ready to get some for quite some time. Jungkook knows he's staring, knows his eyes are wide and doe-like and knows that his composure has completely flown out the window at this point.

And Jimin is trying not to smile as he huffs, eyes crinkling in amusement at Jungkook, “While I'm flattered you're speechless, you really shouldn't be here.”

Jungkook coughs, trying to calm down his racing heart, and takes a deep breath before stilling himself and going back to his usual default expression. He realizes what he's just done is highly unprofessional, that he let himself get too flustered and showed just how young he really was, and he prays to God Jimin doesn't tell the Monster. “I've been sent to tell you he's staying late. And I'm sorry about staring, really. You caught me off guard.”

Jimin chuckles as he takes a step further into the room. He decides to take pity on Jungkook's poor heart and ties his robe tighter together so it's fitted correctly, “That makes two of us.”

And then Jimin sighs, beautiful and tired and almost like he's letting his whole body relax, before walking over to the open bar and picking up a bottle of chardonnay. He looks over at Jungkook, a blank stare on his face like he's annoyed at his mere presence, "Well, you can leave now."

Jungkook shakes his head, “I was told to look after you until Sir gets back.”

Jimin looks genuinely surprised, eyebrows raised and mouth parting just the slightest, "That's, like, near impossible. You shouldn't even be allowed alone in the same room as me. Joonie never lets anyone near me."

Jungkook shrugs and takes a couple steps forward, closer in the living room but still plenty of space between them, “Yeah, even Agust looked surprised at the request. But I'm not lying.”

Jimin chuckles, "I know you're not lying. Otherwise, you'd have a death wish." He opens the bottle of white wine and begins pouring it into a glass and Jungkook panics for a second remembering how drunk he was earlier.

“Uh, Should you really be drinking that?”

Jimin laughs at that, shaking his head, and he sets the bottle down to lean on the bar. He turns his head and faces Jungkook, looking at the red stain on his shirt, and as blunt and sober as possible, says, “I haven't had more than a glass, which is currently sitting on your shirt and not in my stomach.”

Jungkook furrows his brows, confused, “What? But- you were smashed earlier. Could barely walk.”

Jimin shrugs, “I wanted to leave. Acting like I can't hold my alcohol gets me out every time.”

Jungkook is frowning, he knows it. And honestly? he can't help it. Because that means Jimin ruined his shirt on purpose, that he's been walking around for an hour with a giant ass stain on his best outfit giving him the benefit of the doubt, and it's honestly annoying as hell. "This is the nicest outfit I own and you ruined it so you could get out of a party?"

Jimin blinks, curiosity blooming in his eyes, and he stands up straighter so his whole body is turned to Jungkook. His left arm falls to his side but he's still bracing the bar, and it's annoying how Jungkook finds him so pretty. “You sound upset.”

Jungkook just nods, scrunching his nose and rubbing it with his hand quickly, “Well, yeah, you kind of spilled red wine all over me on my first day. I had to walk around like this in front of everyone.”

Jimin does nothing for a second, and Jungkook wonders if he's messed up somehow, but then he's giving a weak smile, “I'm sorry about that, then. Honestly.”

Jungkook just sighs and shrugs, keeping his hands behind his back. “It's fine. I'm sorry if I've spoken out of line.”

Jimin shakes his head immediately. “Don't be. Your honesty is refreshing.”

He wonders how many people have lied to Jimin for him to say such a thing.

Jungkook just stares, watching as Jimin brings out another glass a pours a second drink before sitting on the bar-stool. And then he's turning to Jungkook with an inviting smile, eyes warm, “Come have a drink with me?”

Jungkook chuckles, “I really shouldn't. I'm technically still working.”

Jimin waves his hand dismissively, “Come on, don't be so uptight. You're supposed to keep me company anyway, right? Well, this is how I want to spend my time.”

Jungkook hesitates, before deciding to at least humor him with a sip. He walks over and sits down at the bar and keeps a seat between them for decency. Then he takes the glass with a small smile. “Thank you, Jimin-ssi.”

If he didn't know any better, he would think Jimin was blushing slightly as he raises the wine to his face and drinks slowly. Jungkook does the same, just having the smallest sip, before setting it down.

Jimin watches him carefully from underneath his glass and sets his down as well, playing with the rim of it with his fingertips. He swirls it gently, and Jungkook notices just how small and tiny his hands are. Not just for a man, but for a woman, “What's your name?”

“JK.” He replies immediately.

Jimin just shakes his head, "No, your real name.”

Jungkook looks away and presses his tongue to his cheek, a little nervous to be saying it out loud for the first time tonight. But this is Jimin, the Boss's lover, and Jungkook has no reason to hide it now. So he looks back over to Jimin, meeting his dark brown eyes, “Jeon Jungkook." 

Jimin straight up giggles, light and pretty, and in the back of his mind, he wonders why it sounds so much better than when Lisa was giggling earlier. "I'm older than you, so you may call me hyung."

Jungkook smiles at that, shaking his head, “How are you so sure you're older than me?”

Jimin just grins as he takes another sip, “Your jawline is sharp but your face is so young. There's no way you're older than me.”

Jungkook bites the inside of his cheek, “I'm eighteen.”

“I knew it.” Jimin laughs, and Jungkook feels like he should be insulted, but the laughter is so beautiful he can't be.

“What about you?” He asks, curiosity a bit too much to handle.

Jimin's smirking with pride now, “20.”

Jungkook nods, and wonders if it's appropriate to delve more into their conversation. But Jungkook is too awkward to ask, doesn't even understand why he wants to ask Jimin a million questions, wants to know everything.

Luckily, Jimin seems fine carrying the conversation and asking the questions himself, “I have to be honest, I'm really surprised Namjoon sent someone to tell me he would be late, let alone have that person keep me company so I wasn't alone. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in his head.”

Jungkook furrows his brow, a little confused, “Why wouldn't he want to let you know he'd be late?”

Jimin shrugs, “It never crossed his mind before to warn me.”

“But you're his boyfriend.”

Jimin pauses at that, freezing in a weird way and staring straight ahead of him, and Jungkook wonders if he said something wrong. Finally, he looks at Jungkook, “You think he's my boyfriend?”

Jungkook doesn't know what to say, “Isn't he?”

Jimin is trying to smile now, but it's more like a grimace; bitter and sour, and Jungkook feels bad for bringing it up. He wonders if his Boss has failed to define their relationship, if it's a sore subject for Jimin. But The Monster seems to genuinely care about Jimin, his eyes filled with adoration and lust and a softness he directs at no one else.

Finally, Jimin looks away, quickly downing the rest of his drink and avoiding Jungkook's gaze, "If it makes you feel better, sure."

Jungkook doesn't know what he means by that.

He feels like the conversation has gotten awkward and doesn't know what to do about it. But then Jimin is pouring another drink and leans in, intent on staring and studying Jungkook. And Jimin may be a foot or two away, but he's still too close for Jungkook, too close and too suggestive wearing only a robe and raking his eyes up and down Jungkook's body. And even though he's fully dressed while Jimin is barely clothed, Jungkook can't help but feel like he's the one more exposed. And then Jimin places a hand on his forearm and Jungkook feels like he can barely breathe.

Finally, he grins, eyes sparkling and much too dashing, “You really are like a cute strong muscle bunny.”


Jungkook doesn't wanna smile but he can't help it and he's shaking his head. His teeth are exposed and he knows he's scrunching his nose as he turns and pulls his arm away from Jimin.

And then Jimin is laughing, and his whole body leans toward him just as Jungkook leans away, and for a moment it's like Jungkook can forget. Forget he's in the mafia and with the lover of the most powerful man in Korea. Pretend that he's just a normal 18-year-old, sitting in a beautiful hotel room with an even more beautiful man having a glass of chardonnay.

Jungkook hasn't felt this normal in a long time.


It's when Jungkook finally finishes his drink and Jimin is on his third glass that Jungkook realizes something is terribly wrong. 

Jungkook is so engrossed in their conversation at this point, in Jimin, that he almost misses the glaring red flag that Jimin casually drops, “It's too bad X wasn't allowed to be here, I have a friend you'd really get along with.”

Jungkook's whole body goes stiff and he can almost shoot himself for forgetting about seeing that person. He tries to seem casual when he asks, "Why were they banned from tonight?"

Jimin shrugs, looking down at his empty glass and playing with the rim. "Joonie's got them under evaluation right now. They're our sub-unit in Daegu, and there are rumors some of the leaders think they're being slighted when it comes to resources. But really, Namjoon's father had been sleeping with one of their main 5's wife and he would give the group whatever they asked for out of guilt. Now that Namjoon's been in charge for a few years, they think the lack of favoritism is poor management when they just aren't used to being treated equally."

Jungkook finally recognizes the man and his profile. 38, Top 5 in X, a 28-year-old wife, and two kids.

And his face pales.

Because all of the pieces are starting to fit and Jungkook was stupid enough to get distracted and forget to mention seeing him. Because even if this is about feeling slighted, or not getting enough resources, or feeling like Namjoon is too young and inexperienced, this was also personal. Someone who is part of a group currently being evaluated sneaked into the party and spoke with known rivals like Dragon and SVT. Was seen on the same floor as SVT, who own the hotel and know every single corner and every single room. And they sent the man who could possibly have a vendetta strong enough to put himself in the middle of the Lion's den.

“What's wrong, Jungkook-ah?”

And the top five members, including The Monster himself, were all conveniently located in the same small conference room while the only one who knows is in front of the Monster's lover having a glass of wine.


He immediately stands and rushes over to the fire exit and already has the door open when he hears Jimin's panicked voice calls out to him.


He turns around and looks over at Jimin, who is now standing up and hugging himself. His demeanor has completely changed, the happy and casual smile now replaced with surprise and concern at Jungkook's immediate departure, and Jungkook only has a second to make a decision.

“What's going on?”

So he hurries back over to Jimin and picks him up, and the older let's out a surprised yelp as Jungkook carries him for the second time that night. Jungkook's panic is evident as he says, “There's no time to explain, just hold on tight okay??”

So Jimin does, tucking his head into Jungkook's chest and wrapping his arms securely around his neck like he's done this before. And Jungkook runs down the stairs to the 4th floor where he hopes he's not too late.

He pushes the door open with his hip once he makes it and then is sprinting down the hall to the main room at the end. Jimin's holding onto him for dear life at this point and Jungkook doesn't think he's ever moved so fast when he kicks open the door to reveal the shocked looks on all five of his superiors' faces.

“What the hell is going-”

He can hear the shock and anger in his Sir's voice but Jungkook ignores it, looking around the room for any openings, and his eyes land upon a small room in the higher level. There's a small darkened window he can only assume belongs to a projector room of some kind, and he notices the light shift inside and a small crack in the door.

So he practically throws Jimin like a ragdoll towards the closest person to him and runs towards Namjoon.

Jimin lets out a terrifying scream in the air and Yoongi is grunting as he catches him, a row of curses spilling from his lips. But Jungkook doesn't look behind him as he pushes Namjoon to the floor and pulls the gun from his side holster underneath his jacket.

He feels the burning sensation grazing his arm before he hears the actual gun go off, but Jungkook doesn't pay it any attention. He knows better than to react and at this point, he's sustained so many close calls it barely even phases him. Instead, he turns around and aims, right where the shadow shifted near the window and fires three rounds until the glass is already completely shattered and he hears a grunt before a crashing and a fall.

When the gunfire is over, all seven of them are looking at the body slumped over the projector through the mirror. And Jungkook turns around to look over at his boss, who is now standing up and brushing his suit off with an incredible amount of dignity and calmness for someone who was pushed to the ground and almost shot.

Jungkook is breathless as his body comes down from it's high, adrenaline seeping from him and he gulps for a moment as he gestures to his Boss, “You alright, Sir?”

Namjoon nods and looks at Jungkook with an inquisitor's eyes, trying to study every part of him for answers. “I'm just fine.”

He motions for Key and D.O to go over to the dead body, while Jackson walks over to stand beside Namjoon and stare in shock at Jungkook. Jungkook looks over to Yoongi and Jimin, who is finally being put down, and to his shock, Jimin doesn't even look the least bit concerned for his lover.

Instead, his eyes are on Jungkook's arm as he walks over to where he and Namjoon are standing. He almost reaches out and touches Jungkook before pulling back, as if he just remembered everyone else was there and that he shouldn't touch the wound. He's staring at Jungkook's eyes, reading him carefully, before he forces himself to pull away and walk over to Namjoon's side.

His Boss puts an arm around his lover's waist, but Jimin isn't returning the hold. Instead, he's hugging himself, eyes on Jungkook's injury, and Jungkook watches as Jimin worries his bottom lip in concern, “Are you alright?”

Jungkook gives a small smile, respectful and polite as he puts his gun away. “I'm just fine, Jimin-hyung. Thank you.”

Jimin doesn't smile back though. Instead, he's avoiding everyone's gaze and leaning into his lover, his head resting on Namjoon's broad chest while his boss goes to play with the hair on the back of his neck.

Yoongi is standing with them now, and there are a million questions written on their faces.

“Gong Ji-Chul...” Key confirms, and Namjoon curses under his breath. So Jungkook decides to answer how he knows, and coughs slightly, ignoring the burning sensation in his arm.

"When I was on patrol I thought I recognized his face, but I wasn't quite sure. And then when Jimin-hyung and I were talking, he mentioned someone from X, and I realized it was him."

Yoongi takes a step forward, his frown making his face look puffy in frustration, “And you didn't think to tell me sooner there was someone here?!”

Jungkook doesn't know what to say, but understands completely why he's mad. There are no excuses, and it was sloppy of Jungkook to wait so long until it got to this point. And he remembers what Yoongi said, that any action, good or bad, is a reflection on Agust D's judgment. So he starts bowing and is about to apologize profusely when The Monster himself speaks up.

“Yoongi-hyung, it's okay.”

Yoongi looks embarrassed now, cheeks pink and flushed as he steps back and puts his hands behind his back. The others are staring at their leader who is currently stroking Jimin hair, while Jimin just keeps his eyes closed and his head down as Namjoon speaks.

Namjoon eyes are on Jungkook now, mildly impressed, "He's saved my life and got rid of an annoying thorn in my side. And by killing him this way, in self-defense, I'll have no resistance going to Daegu and completely replacing X's leaders. We'll head home tonight instead of staying the night as planned, and Yoongi will take you to Doctor Kim to get your arm looked at. I'd say tonight was more than successful."

And then he smiles, big enough to where those dimples are shown, directly at Jungkook. And it feels like a blessing more than anything else, “Thank you, for saving me and being so attentive to my Jiminie. I look forward to having you around, Jeon Jungkook.”

And Jungkook smiles, big and wide enough to where his teeth are showing, and he bows eagerly. “Thank you, Sir!" 

He can see the faintest hint of a smile on Jimin's lips as he lifts his head again to look at Jungkook, “He's such a cute little bunny.”

Namjoon laughs at that, his hand landing on Jimin's waist again, “Let's get you home, Jimin-ah. Key, Jackson, D.O, you'll accompany us.”

And even as Jungkook's boss turns to leave, Jimin isn't moving, his eyes now back on Jungkook's arm and the injury he's sustaining. He looks like he's about to say something to Jungkook, but then Namjoon is turning his head for him and forcing Jimin to look straight at him.


It's said a lot sterner than Jungkook has ever heard him speak to Jimin before, and Jimin is meeting his eyes with an almost challenging gaze. Hard. Defiant. Completely different than the loving way they looked at each other during the party.

Namjoon smiles now, but it's not so much sweet as it is intimidating.

“He'll be just fine. Yoongi-hyung and Seokjin-ssi will take good care of him.”

And it looks like Jimin finally caves, sighing and nodding and features softening up. “Okay. I'm just worried, is all.”

Namjoon tuts, shaking his head and pressing a finger to Jimin's nose in a playful way, “Don't worry your pretty little head over anyone but me. Okay, Jiminie?”

Jimin nods, but Namjoon just grips his hips tighter, waiting for verbal confirmation. Finally, he speaks. “Okay.”

Then Namjoon glares, hard and commanding, only on his face long enough for Jungkook to barely catch it. He tries to soften up, tries to act casual, and he looks down at the collar on Jimin's neck before he takes the pendant in his hand and plays with it, “Okay, what, Jimin-ah.”

It's not a question. It's a demand. It's a frustration at Jimin not addressing him properly, something that would get Jungkook himself killed. It's a fierce answer to any questions Jungkook had earlier about what exactly Jimin is to Namjoon. It makes the cute, drunk “Master,” Jimin called him earlier a lot more sinister. It makes the way The Monster says, “My Jimin,” cause goosebumps. It makes Jungkook feel stupid for mistaking their relationship so badly. And it makes him understand why Jimin was so uncomfortable with the term, “boyfriend.”

Jimin isn't a lover.  

With a heavy sigh, Jimin closes his eyes for just a second, before he opens his eyes and forces a smile onto his face. “Yes, Sir.”

Jimin is property.