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the forgotten promise

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      IT was his eighth birthday when it began, the child didn’t mean to enter a forbidden room. He just want to be alone, away from the people that pretends to care for someone like him.

He knew that they don’t, they kept on faking their personalities and smiles in front of Yeosang’s family. Because they’re powerful, someone that everyone admires— and also envies.

He embraced his knees as he leaned on the wall, enjoying the peace and the darkness of the room. Unaware of the creature lurking around it, Yeosang kept on humming a song while closing his eyes. He doesn’t even know why but he can feel an another presence around the area and he shuddered, not that he’s afraid of them though.


‘W-Who's there?’ he thought as he slowly opened his eyes.


He suddenly jumped from the floor when he saw a pair of red eyes staring at him, it didn't move at all. It just kept on staring at him as Yeosang felt uncomfortable with the creature.


“Yeosangie, are you here?!”


The door opened and it revealed a bunch of kids that ran around the room despite the darkness that surrounds it, looking for the birthday celebrant. He kept on looking around until someone finally turned the lights on and most of them screeched when they saw the contents of the room.

There’s a cage that is quite worn out because of how old it looked and it’s opened while some broken shackles are seen on the floor around it. Yeosang looked around and saw seven other kids that looks at him, one even offered his hand to play with him. Yeosang doesn’t want to play but there's something that made him reach out for the hand.

He didn’t want to be connected with other people but these kids are different, they made him feel fuzzy and warm. They don’t discriminate him when he doesn’t reply on most of their conversation and even included him in it. He enjoyed the rest of the night until he can hear his mother's scream so he dashed to its direction— leading it to the room where he hid.

“Where’s that creature?!” his Mom screeched.

It escaped.” his Dad said as he looked around, “Seems like someone let it out of the room.”

“We have to get that creature!” Yeosang can’t believe how desperate his Mom seems to be.

“Calm down, dear. We’ll find that creature,” his Dad assured, “We should find it or else..”


Yeosang couldn’t understand what they're talking about but he jolted when someone tapped his shoulder, he saw one of the child that played with him a while ago and it’s telling him to play with him again. Yeosang couldn't say no, the child looks too innocent and bright for him to disappoint it.


He took it to his room and the child immediately jumped in the bed, grinning when he felt the fluffy bed that it made Yeosang smile. They played with his plushies until it’s time for Yeosang to sleep as the guests went home one by one.


“Thank you for playing with me!” the child says, smiling at him once again.

Yeosang nodded, smiling back at him.

“Can we play like this again? Tomorrow?” the child asked.

Yeosang nodded, ‘‘Okay!”

“Yay!” the child clasped his hands.



And they did, they kept on playing together. Sometimes, with Yeosang’s group of friends but most of the time, it’s just the two of them. Hugging the toys and talking about school and other stuff.


“Sangie, your birthday is tomorrow!” the child stated as he sat beside Yeosang which is currently reading a book.

“It’s not that special though.” Yeosang deadpans.

“But it's your ninth birthday, Yeosang! Don’t you even know what’s about to happen?” the child asked, tilting its head a bit in confusion.

“I'm getting older and that’s it,” he replied, glancing at the child for a bit before continuing the book that he's currently reading.

“Oh. You don’t, huh?” the child looked down before sitting in front of Yeosang.

Yeosang closed his book and gently placed it on the floor as he looked at the child in front of him, “Why?”

“Ah, I know! Let’s make a promise, Yeosang!” the child beamed as he held his pinky finger, “A pinky promise”

“Whatever,” Yeosang deadpanned, “What is it about?”

“I promise that I’ll be there to protect you and love you forever but of course, you have to promise me that you’ll be with me forever!” the child said as he grinned really wide.

“Love me forever?” Yeosang asked.

“Sangie is lonely. His friends aren’t that close to him, his parents are always busy and he barely even interact with anyone. But me? I’m here for Sangie! I’ll do everything for Sangie! I’ll make him feel loved!” the child replied as he looked at Yeosang while smiling sweetly.

“Well, that's true. You’re there for me always..” Yeosang muttered as he avoided the child's gaze, “But isn’t that too much?”

“Eh? You don’t want it?” the child looked devastated with his reply and it made Yeosang feel bad.

“It's not like that. I’m still.. undecided.” Yeosang replies.

“I see. Well then! I’ll be waiting for your response anyway!” the child said.


Yeosang tilted his head as he looked at the child that went on his bed to play with the toys once again, he took a deep breath before picking his book up and reading it once again.

Unaware of what might happen tomorrow, Yeosang decided to call it a day and went to his bed but he was surprised to see the child curled up in it as it hugged one of the plush that it likes. It made the older boy laugh but he yawned so he slept beside the child, muttering a ‘good night’ as he was cradled by Hypnos.

The child opened his eyes and it turned crimson red while staring at the sleeping child in front of him “Poor Sangie. If you only knew what’s about to happen tomorrow..”

When Yeosang opened his eyes, he was expecting a party to be held already as his parents are on their way to tell him that he should prepare himself and pick the clothes that he’ll be wearing. But this day seems to be weird, it’s too quiet to be real. He looked around and the child is already gone from his sight so he took the child’s favorite plush and hugged it as he opened his door.

He can only hear his own footsteps and he got uncomfortable with the eerie silence. His parties are usually held on their main hall so he’s heading on that way when a hand suddenly grab him and covered his hand. He immediately looked at that person and saw that it's one of his friends.

“Don’t! I-It’s scary there!” the child warned him but Yeosang immediately bit the hand and ran towards the main hall and opened it.


He regrets opening the main hall. His eyes widened when he saw the whole hall filled with crimson red liquid as a lot of bodies was lying on the ground and there are creatures biting them and ripping their skins away from their bodies, it’s something that Yeosang have read on one of his books. It looked like dead people that escaped from their graves to eat people’s brains- just like on that one game which was played by one of his friends.


Their attention immediately went to Yeosang and most of them growled, the younger boy was stuck on his position until he felt himself being dragged once again by the boy that warned him as they ran.

“I told you that you shouldn’t open it!” the boy hissed.


“They're monsters and they’re after us!” one of the kids said as he kept on crying.

“They’re chasing us! Where should we hide?” the smallest boy said as he kept on weeping.

“R..Rooftop.” Yeosang mutters.

“Lead the way!” the tallest kid said.


They ran until they’ve reached the rooftop, locking the door and immediately going to the edge of the rooftop, weeping as the door kept on banging.


“W-What are we going to do?” the youngest child said as he tried to stop crying.

“I want my mom..” one of the tallest said as he kept on crying.

“Why is this happening?” Yeosang asked.

“I don’t know! The moment that I woke up, everyone in town is almost killed by those monsters!” the eldest kid stated, “And I ran until I met the other kids.”

“I want my mom..” the second tallest cried again.


In all of the sudden, the banging suddenly stopped and the children stared at the door. They looked at each other with confusion plastered in their faces until a loud crash made them screech, an axe was seen in front of it as it breaks the door. Both of the eldest children hugged the younger ones- even Yeosang in fear.


“Where’s that child?” A bulky man with a scar on its face was seen as he held the axe as if it's paper.

“P-Please don’t hurt us!” the eldest child begged.

“I won’t hurt the rest of you if you give me the child with the birthmark on its face.” The man stated as he smirked, “The birthday celebrant, that is.”

The children looked at Yeosang which was shocked, “M-Me?”

“Yes.” The man stated, “Unfortunately for you, your family isn’t able to save you this time. They’re outside this town and as long as you’re alive this day, the creatures will keep on rising. All of this is because of you, cursed child of the Kangs.”

“Cursed..” Yeosang muttered.

“Now. If you don’t want the others to get hurt then get over here!” The man stated and it made the other children cowered in fear.

“W-We won’t! You’ll hurt him!” the eldest stated as it held Yeosang's hand tight.

“If you continue on being stubborn then I have to hurt all of you and you’re not involved with this at all! It’s that cursed child’s fault! It’s his fault for being born to cause such a misfortune!” the man screamed as he held the axe tighter.

“Don’t talk like that to Yeosangie!” One of Yeosang's bestfriend screamed as he held Yeosang's right hand, “Yeosang isn’t cursed! He’s a good boy that doesn’t even hurt people just like those creatures!”

“Give him to me or else!” the man screamed, his patience is running out with these children.

“No!” Most of them screamed as they hugged Yeosang really tight.

“You left with no choice but to cut all of you into pieces then!” The man gritted his teeth as he raised in axe, ready to swing it in anytime at all.

The children closed their eyes as they hugged each other tighter when Yeosang opened his eyes, “Don’t! I-I’ll go..”

“Sangie, no!”

“He’ll hurt you, Yeosang!”

“No. Don’t go away.”

“He’s a meanie, Sangie!”

“He’ll hurt all of you if I wouldn’t listen to him..” Yeosang whispered as he wriggled his way out of their grasp and walked in front of the man, “Promise me that you won’t hurt them then...”

“You’re my only target, cursed child.” the man said before suddenly smirking, “But they’ll be witnesses so I have to get rid of them too!”

The man lets out a laugh and Yeosang widened his eyes, “You said—”

“I didn’t promise, cursed child! Now, die!” the man screeched as he swung the axe at the young male.



Yeosang felt like everything was slowed down, he can see the blood getting out from his neck as a large cut was made from the axe. He immediately fell to the ground as he tried gasping for air, he can’t move and he just want to see his parents again. He wants to see his friends but he couldn’t even move his neck, he just kept on lying on the ground without any energy.


“I told you that you should've made that promise with me!” the child suddenly appeared but its eyes was shining too bright.

“Y-You! The demon!” Yeosang heard the man screamed.

“It's not too late for that though.” the child kneeled in front of him as he offered his pinky finger, “Will you promise that we’ll be together forever then?”

Yeosang wanted to speak but it just made him cough out blood, his eyes felt heavier and he has the urge on closing it so he can sleep.

“I will save your friends and their family if you’ll agree with me. I’ll even make sure that this man will be punished for tricking and hurting you, Yeosang~” the child stated as he grinned in such a sweet way.

‘Promise?’ Yeosang mouthed and the child nodded.


With a silent oath from Yeosang, he nodded and with his last ounce of strength, he raised his pinky finger and entwined it with the child's.


“Contract completed.”