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     Prisoner. How could he of all people be degraded to such a title? He was a god for crying out loud. If anyone were a prisoner, it would be The 'Avengers'; who listened to orders like mindless hounds. It truly sickened him. He would rather rot in his cell than kneel to the mindless oaf named Odin. 

Loki sat deep in his thoughts before the sound of guards pulled them from it. The way they dragged their feet made him cringe.

"Let's go, Prisoner." One guard spoke, the yellow magic opening to let Loki walk through. After he stepped out he was shackled; the chains chaffing his wrists and ankles. He was quickly muzzled as well.

He was led rather roughly to the throne room where his highness sat with a smug look on his face. If he wasn't muzzled, he would spit at him. How disgusting.

"Loki," Odin spoke his tone dripping with disappointment, "I want you to know that none of this is personal. It's just to teach you a lesson for killing mortals without second thought. Sometime in isolation will teach you a lesson. Take him away."

With those three last words, Loki was brought to a cell he didn't know existed. It was a massive downgrade. The cell was dark and cold for a starter. The cell smelled foul, as if some creature had died inside of it. 

Surely, this is underneath the castle. He thought to himself, his mouth still muzzled.

Loki was not happy with where he would be staying but it beat having his magic removed.  He wish he could escape this fate but his chains prevented any form of his magic.

Again, he was pulled from his thoughts as a guard roughly shoved him into his cell. He did not understand why they were being so rough. He knew he was guilty but him being shoved around was uncalled for. Once he got out, he knew he would be having a word with his fa-.... with Odin. These quims must be fired.

"I hope you like it down here, Slut." The guard's empty laugh worried Loki. Why would he be called such a thing? He knew not what a meant but it couldn't mean well. 

Time passed very slowly in the darkness. Loki felt himself growing tired but felt the need to refuse sleep. He would never admit to anyone but himself but he felt unease being down here. He knew that surely Thor and Odin wouldn't let these guards have their way with him...

He wanted it to be true but a few hours later, his cell reopened and before he knew it he was being stripped of his clothing.

Now he was frightened.

Loki began to struggle as much as he could but he was hit in the head with a blunt object. It really hurt him and he stopped struggling. He laid there quietly. before he knew he was naked.

He felt a guard get on top of him and began to rape him. He grabbed Loki extremely hard, choking him for his own sadistic pleasure.Loki wanted to cry and to scream. But there was no point... No one would hear him.. No one would rescue him.. No one would care. Suddenly. he felt like this monster that was destined to die for his crimes against humanity.

It felt like an eternity before the man got off of him. Loki laid on the floor in shock as to what happened. His body suddenly ached as he coughed gasping for air. He rubbed his throat where the man choked him really hard.

The man left, but soon after another man came in the room. He was unsure as to if it was the same man or not. There was no sex this time; instead the man began to beat Loki.

By norns it hurt. It was punches and kicks in his arms and legs before the guard hit him in places like his face and his chest. He wheezed as he endured each hit. He began crying as he felt an additional pair of hands and feet strike him. What he did was awful, but this was downright torture. At least he didn't make the mortals suffer- He felt each breath become harder and harder to take. He didn't understand why... his chest had taken the least amount of blows. He felt himself gasping for air as his chest heaved.  He didn't know what was happening to his body...

He could not breathe

Everything went dark and that's when everything stopped hurting.

 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 

He had no track of time down there. It didn't matter anyways. The beatings and the rapes never ceased. He wasn't sure how long he had been down there. He had grown a bit ill in his time being there. He felt chilly with and he couldn't stop coughing/ Not that anything mattered. He deserved all this pain.


He heard the cell open again... He was prepared for the worst, as always. But these hands that touched him did not beat or rape him. They were gentle and they felt familiar.

"Loki?" The voice spoke as he felt himself gentle being picked up into muscular arms.

Loki opened his eyes and strained them. He could make out that it was Thor...He came?...

He felt his muzzle and chains being taken off. He was really scared... What could he have come for?Unless...

"Oh look at you..." Thor's voice was gentle... It confused him.."We must get you out of here..." Thor took off his cape and he gentle wrapped it around his brother's shivering shoulders. Moments later, felt himself being lifted bridal style.

He felt himself falling asleep... 

Was Thor really here to save him?.. After all this time? Why would he? He never did before.. He softly began crying; not knowing what to do.

Thor gently rocked him... He allowed himself to be soothed like a child. Why was he so weak?

"Brother, I was looking for you. Father hid you... It's been about two months. Please, relax. You're safe now. I'm going to take you far from here." His voice was so soft in his ears. 

He let himself fall asleep. He could not stay awake much longer. He relaxed knowing he wouldn't be beaten anymore.