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Bocchan in Chains: Sebastian’s Purchased Mate

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After Ciel finished her dinner of chocolate cake, she and Sebastian sat in silence.

Ciel didn’t really know what to say to Sebastian so she scowled at the handsome alpha, pursing her pink lips together.

Sebastian didn't know what to say either, although he could think of plenty of things he’d like to say to the beautiful bluenette.

After several minutes of awkward silence, Sebastian’s low, velvet voice broke the ice.

“So, tell me, Ms. Ciel, what would you like to do? I own many companies, I can get you a job somewhere and an apartment. I can help you start over.” Sebastian offered.

Even if Sebastian never had the little bluenette as his mate, it would make him happy to help such a lovely omega.

“I…….I don’t know.” Ciel said after a moment, biting her lip.

“What do you like to do?” Sebastian asked.

“I don’t know.” Ciel answered with a pout.

Sebastian frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve never been allowed to do anything besides train since…..I was very small.” Ciel said sadly.

“Is that what they do there, at this mail order company?” Sebastian asked.

Ciel nodded. “They take us when we’re very little and then our lives are no longer ours. Our days are spent learning to become good mates. We’re taught to be advantageous commodities to sell.” Ciel explained in that low, cold voice that sent chills of desire down Sebastian’s spine……….

Sebastian shook himself from his musings over Ciel’s loveliness and frowned.

What an unfortunate past this poor omega had been subjected to.

Sebastian couldn’t help but wonder, though….

Had Ciel ever been mated?

Had she ever been with an alpha?

Perhaps, in time, Sebastian would find out.

For now, he needed to focus on Ciel’s rehabilitation.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay here for as long as you want. You know, while you sort things out.” Sebastian said with a warm smile.

Ciel thought silently.

Why was this alpha that she had pushed away so vehemently being so kind?

Why did she feel so happy sitting there talking to him and looking at him?

Although, Sebastian was very pleasant to look at….

Ciel decided that none of that mattered at the moment.

Sebastian appeared to be a strong alpha and his home was large and luxurious.

Staying with him was certainly better than being at the homeless shelter.

Ciel looked very shy as she accepted Sebastian’s offer. “Thank you very much. I can clean and I can do errands for you. I can help make meals.” Ciel nodded.

Ciel wanted to show Sebastian that she would pay for her room and board, somehow.

Ciel thought that since she wasn’t going to be Sebastian’s mate, she could be his live-in employee.

Sebastian had other ideas.

“Nonsense, you won’t stay here as a servant. You’ll be my guest.” Sebastian replied.

“Do you live here all alone?” Ciel asked curiously. Her big, sapphire eyes blinked innocently at Sebastian.

“Not anymore.” Sebastian smiled. “Now I live here with you~.”


Night time came and Sebastian allowed Ciel to sleep in his spacious bedroom undisturbed.

To his dismay, Tibby seemed to like Ciel and had chosen to spend the night curled next to the bluenette.

That left Sebastian all alone, since
he chose to stay in a guest room, just like a proper gentleman.

While Ciel dreamed of chocolates and ice cream, Sebastian lay pleasuring himself to thoughts of the bluenette omega, not like a proper gentleman.

“Mmm, Ciel~.......” Sebastian whimpered as his hand worked his manhood hard, squeezing almost painfully tight as he pumped himself furiously.

It seemed wrong, but Sebastian couldn’t help it.

He was an alpha after all, and his attraction to Ciel was almost overwhelming.

It was difficult enough to ignore his instincts and be so close to her.

What would it be like if she was there when she went into heat?

Sebastian squeezed his eyes shut and thought about Ciel, naked, her cheeks flushed from the hormones, bent over and begging for him to just melt into her……

The thought was enough to send Sebastian over the edge.

“NNNGGH!” Sebastian grunted, letting out a low growl as he spilled himself into his hand.

Sebastian lay still and panted for a moment.

A scowl of disappointment crossed his face once he relaxed.

That felt nice, but being inside of Ciel would have felt much nicer.

One day, perhaps.

Sebastian cleaned himself up and climbed underneath the covers a few minutes later.

He frowned at having his arms empty when such a luscious creature lay just down the hall.

Omegas were normally quite cuddly.

If Ciel wasn’t so skiddish……..

With a sigh, Sebastian pulled a pillow close to his chest and pretended he was snuggling with Ciel, nuzzling her neck and breathing in the scent of her feathery soft hair.

One day………Sebastian vowed while he fell asleep.

One day, Ciel would be his.


The following morning, Ciel woke, bathed, dressed in another of Sebastian’s shirts and cautiously unlocked the door.

She was greeted by the smell of breakfast cooking.

Ciel placed a hand over her belly as it rumbled and she began to walk down the hall towards the kitchen.

“Good morning, Ms. Ciel~.” Sebastian smiled as he flipped some pancakes.

“Good morning, Sebastian. It smells delicious.” Ciel replied, looking at the fruit, sausage, bacon, and pancakes sitting on the kitchen counter.

So do you~. Sebastian thought with a silent smirk.

Sebastian forced himself to focus on the moment. “I’m not sure what you like, so I made a little of everything.” He said with a happy smile.

“You…made this for me?” Ciel asked in disbelief.

“Of course. Did you think I was going to eat all of this myself?” Sebastian asked, looking over at Ciel with a chuckle.

“No…it's just…thank you.” Ciel finally said after she stumbled for words.

“I hope you enjoy it, my dear.” Sebastian purred as he placed a small helping of each dish on a plate and served Ciel.

Then Sebastian did the same for himself, sitting down at the breakfast table across from her.

Sebastian had taken a chance by calling Ciel “my dear”.

He was curious to see how she would react.

Ciel didn’t seem to mind as she picked up her fork.

The bluenette ate her food with zeal, pausing to moan halfway through, “Mmm, Sebastian~. It’s so good~!”

Sebastian flinched when Ciel’s seductive voice sent his member throbbing painfully in his trousers.

Sebastian was glad that he was sitting down.

Sebastian’s eyes grew deep and dangerous, full of hunger that food could not satisfy.

Sebastian gripped the kitchen countertops tightly, resisting the urge to shove the bluenette against the wall and pound into her until she moaned his name like that again.

“I’m happy to hear you say that.” Sebastian said, clearing his throat when his voice accidentally came out as more of a growl than a voice.

“Maybe after breakfast we can go and buy you some clothes.” Sebastian added with a smile.

“Clothes?” Ciel asked.

Just how far was this alpha willing to go for an omega that wasn’t even his mate?


Quite far, apparently.

After breakfast, true to his word, Sebastian loaded Ciel into his black Lamborghini.

He had given her some of his sweat pants to wear, having to double tie them around her thin waist, while his white dress shirt still served as her top.

Once the car pulled out of the driveway, Sebastian promptly took them to the finest shops in London.

Clothing, undergarments, purses, shoes, jewelry, Sebastian bought it all for Ciel without ever looking at a price tag.

If Sebastian’s new omega wanted it, she got it.

He allowed Ciel privacy while she shopped, sitting outside and waiting on her, having handed her his debit card that had no limit.

At first, Ciel only bought the basics. She purchased the cheapest and simplest things she could find, not wanting to take advantage of Sebastian’s generosity.

Sebastian saw the meager receipts and marched Ciel back into the stores, selecting the finest items, no expense spared.

“You really didn’t have to do all of this.” Ciel said as they drove home afterwards. Their views of the road were almost obscured by the multitude of bags.

“I wanted to.” Sebastian said with a small smile, glancing over at Ciel.

The bluenette stayed silent, but in the car mirror, Sebastian glimpsed the small smile that graced her perfect, pink lips.

Alphas were supposed to protect and provide.

Sebastian was trying to show Ciel that he was a good alpha.

The best, actually.


The hours passed.

It wasn’t just money that Sebastian showered Ciel with.

Throughout the weekend and weekdays, Sebastian spent every spare second beside Ciel.

He let her use and do anything she wanted.

His computers, TVs, gaming systems, it was all Ciel’s.

The two began to grow accustomed to each other.

It didn’t take long before both of them looked forward to seeing each other in the kitchen each morning and as soon as Sebastian returned home from work every day.

Sebastian had noticed that when he came home sometimes Ciel had already cleaned the house, calling and canceling his cleaning lady.

If he had a bad headache from stress at the office, Ciel would soothingly rub his hair and massage his shoulders.

An omega’s instincts were to nurture and to please.

The fact that Ciel was interested in doing those things for Sebastian was an encouraging sign.

Every night, Ciel lay awake for awhile, thinking of Sebastian fondly, while in the other room, he lay awake, trying to masturbate away his alpha impulses that kept screaming at him to claim her already!

But as much as Sebastian longed for Ciel, he had to let the omega chose him.

He knew that.

No matter how painful it was, that was the truth.

Sebastian just hoped that for both their sakes, that happened sooner rather than later.

He was not sure how much longer he could watch Ciel strut around his house, listen to her melodic voice, smell her, without giving in and………….

Mating her until she fainted.


More time passed.

Late one evening, a thunderstorm came and Ciel slipped into Sebastian’s bedroom because she was frightened.

Sebastian held her so lovingly, so tenderly that night.

He smirked when he noticed that from that point on, Ciel always slept in Sebastian’s strong, protective arms.

That made the alpha incredibly happy.

Sebastian got his bedroom and cat back, along with the adorable omega at his side each night.

Ciel hadn’t said anything but it was true.

She could feel it in every inch of her body.

Sebastian was………..

Sebastian was a good alpha, yes. He was gentle, attentive, caring, strong, handsome, protective…..

But he was her alpha.

Ciel had decided.

Ciel wanted Sebastian all to herself.

One evening, as the pair sat side by side on Sebastian’s couch watching tv, a particularly steamy sex scene came on.

The couple on screen moaned and panted, making a fake scenario look and sound very real.

Sebastian shifted in his seat on the couch, trying not to let Ciel see that he was imagining her and him in that exact situation.

Suddenly, Sebastian felt a small weight on his thigh.

He blinked and jumped in surprise at finding Ciel practically nose to nose with him.

Ciel’s large, sapphire eyes blinked at Sebastian in wonder.

Sebastian blinked back, unsure of what was about to happen.

What was the little omega thinking?

It was then that Ciel closed her eyes and graced Sebastian’s lips with hers, softly and sweetly.

Sebastian let out a low purr as he happily kissed back, floating on air.

Before Sebastian could stop himself, his hands went possessively to Ciel’s waist, holding her firmly while his tongue snaked out, asking for entrance.

Like a good omega, Ciel obeyed her alpha and parted her lips, allowing Sebastian inside the wet cavern that was her sweet mouth.

Sebastian was in heaven as Ciel put her hands on his shoulders, crawling into his lap.

Mmm, she tasted even better than he dreamed she would.

Salty and sweet all at once………


Their kissing started out slow and deep, as Ciel explored something that was entirely new, something that she discovered she liked very much………

Sebastian found himself breathing hard, panting as he tried to shift his legs and keep his arousal that strained through his trousers away from Ciel, not wanting to scare her off.

If Ciel hadn’t decided about Sebastian yet, he knew now that she was definitely seriously considering him.

That made it all the more harder when after a few intense, lovely moments of passionate kissing, Ciel pulled away, sitting in Sebastian’s lap.

Ciel gazed into Sebastian’s eyes with her own half-lidded.

Sebastian licked his lips as he looked back. Sebastian’s rock hard member pressed like an iron bar against Ciel’s backside, it’s length running all the way from her bottom to the base of her spine.

Ciel didn’t seem to mind, pushing herself against it to watch Sebastian’s reaction.

Sebastian grit his teeth at the firm softness of her pert bottom grinding through their clothes against his manhood.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow at Ciel.

What a cocky omega she was!

Testing an alpha like him!

How badly Sebastian wanted to rip those clothes off and shove himself so far into Ciel she screamed……..

But even as Sebastian’s eyes flashed almost purple with pure, alpha lust, he knew he could not rush Ciel.

Pushing the omega too far too soon may chase her away forever.

That, Sebastian could not allow.

He had already taken great pains to cultivate their relationship.

“Sebastian………” Ciel breathed.

“Yes?” Sebastian almost gasped out.

Say the word, my dear~. Sebastian purred in his mind. Please say it.

“Sebastian……” Ciel whimpered.

“Tell alpha want you want~.” Sebastian purred as he raised a hand, gently ghosting it along Ciel’s nipples through her shirt, eyeing the hard nubs that poked through the silky fabric.

Sebastian tried not to drool as Ciel spoke.

“You…….I want you, Sebastian.” Ciel cooed.

This was it!

Sebastian expected Ciel to kiss him again or to attempt to take off his clothes or…...anything.

Instead, she just sat on his lap with his massive erection pressed formally against her bottom cheeks, smiling at him cutely.

Ciel didn’t seem to know what to do, or have any interest in going further right then.

But her words……

Her warm smile…..

Her soft, happy gaze……

Why wasn’t she moving?

Sebastian raised an eyebrow as a thought entered his mind…..

Ciel’s kiss had a hint of…...uncertainty, inexperience………

Ciel had never specifically said that an alpha had actually been with her before, just that her past experiences had been less than pleasant….

Was it possible that…….

“Are you a virgin, my darling?” Sebastian asked gently.

Ciel looked shy and nodded as her cheeks tinted pink.

Sebastian groaned as he felt the veins on his swollen member throb so hard it hurt.

Ciel was a……


A virgin?!?

This beautiful, wonderful, incredibly succulent omega had never been taken by an alpha before?!?

Sebastian’s head swam. He became dizzy with visions of teaching Ciel all of the lovely things about mating and love-making she had yet to discover.

That is, if she chose him as her mate.

From the loving look in Ciel’s usual cold, haughty eyes, Sebastian’s heart raced with hope that would happen.

Sebastian gently kissed Ciel’s lips softly again as he whispered, “I’ll do anything for you, my sweet little kitten, but I will never hurt you.”

A cruel alpha would have ripped into Ciel there on the couch.

Sebastian’s vow made Ciel very happy but it filled him with impatience.

Sebastian wished he wasn’t such a nice alpha!


Good things always come to those who wait.

Once Ciel started kissing Sebastian, she didn’t stop.

Morning, noon, and night, Sebastian found the omega lavished affection upon him.

It became harder than ever for Sebastian not to lose control and pin Ciel against the wall….

But he didn’t.

He already loved her too much to hurt her like that.

Ciel wanted to do more, she wanted Sebastian in every way, but she was shy, and not sure about what to do.

Sebastian knew that.

He glanced at a calendar one day when it had been close to a month that Ciel had stayed with him.

Her heat was coming soon, it had to be.

Sebastian was an alpha.

Ciel was an omega.

Their emotions would charge their instincts and finally, perhaps, Ciel would accept him as her mate.

Finally, Sebastian could feel their two bodies joining together as one instead of the empty palm of his hand.


Perhaps Ciel just needed a little nudge.

Sebastian thought as he walked home….

An alpha should protect and provide.

What else could he do for his dear little omega?


The next day was Saturday. Ciel woke alone, and dressed in her favorite white, ruffled shirt and black shorts. Then she left the room to find Sebastian.

He wasn’t in bed or the kitchen…..

That was strange for a Saturday.

Ciel checked the surrounding bathrooms.

They were all empty.

The bluenette blinked when she heard a large thud come from a room at the end of the hall.

Quietly, Ciel padded towards the noise, her delicate feet barely making a sound on the polished hardwood floor.

The door to the room at the end of the hallway was ajar.

Ciel pushed it open and peeked inside.

Sebastian was in there, hanging what looked like a swing from the ceiling.

Ciel noticed the grand room had a fireplace, large windows with heavy curtains, and piles of shopping bags and boxes piled up in the corner.

A new memory foam mattress was on the floor,
piled high with the softest velvet blankets and chenille throws, surrounded by plump, cuddly pillows.

Soft toys were littered around, with string lights and low, noninvasive lamps had been placed throughout the room.

Cases of bottled water sat on top of a mini refrigerator beside boxes containing snacks and treats.

Ciel blushed as she looked on, watching Sebastian as he got the last detail down, completing the assembly of the macrame swing for two.

Ciel purred under her breath.

She knew that Sebastian had done all of this for her, but more importantly, she knew why……..

Omegas nested when they went in to heat, usually foraging together whatever materials were nearby as they waited and whimpered for an alpha to come.

For Sebastian to build a grand nest for Ciel in his home, it meant that he was essentially asking her to allow him to be her alpha.

To be her mate.

And for Ciel to accept the nest, to willingly choose to have her heat in Sebastian’s there…..that meant she accepted.


Ciel was more than ready to accept Sebastian as her mate.

Sebastian smelled the omega in the doorway and he looked over apprehensively.

“What is all of this?” Ciel asked shyly.

Ciel already knew, she just wanted to hear the handsome alpha she was falling in love with say it.

“It’s a nest, my dear.” Sebastian said with a loving smile, “I thought that might...?”

“...Go into heat here?” Ciel asked quietly.

Sebastian stared at Ciel as a tense silence fell.

Yes, that’s what he was asking.

“I think that sounds lovely.” Ciel purred.

Ciel was both thrilled and nervous.

But one thing was certain, she wanted Sebastian.

Sebastian’s face lit up in a broad smile.

Sebastian had successfully swayed the little omega, providing and caring for her as a good alpha should.

Now they just had to wait for Ciel’s heat to start.

Sebastian decided he would work from home until then.

As soon as it began, Ciel would be screaming for Sebastian like an animal and Sebastian’s rut would crash over him. They would be pulled to each other, unable to part while they mated over and over.



Sebastian smirked at Ciel as she blushed shyly.

How adorable~.

It was going to take every ounce of Sebastian’s self control not to rip his omega apart.