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Bocchan in Chains: Sebastian’s Purchased Mate

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Sebastian Michaelis sat down on the black leather sofa in his large living room. He looked out of the etched window at the black sky and sighed to himself.

A frown fell over his handsome features.

Another night all alone.

Sebastian had asked several of his coworkers to join him for a drink after work, but they all said no.

One had a date.

One wasn’t feeling well.

One had a pregnant spouse at home.

Sebastian scowled, staring into the roaring fireplace that he was sitting in front of.

Sebastian wished he had a pregnant spouse……

Or, even just a spouse at all…….

Simply an omega to go to dinner with?

Was that too much to ask?

Sebastian was greatly unfulfilled.

For such a tall, strong, handsome Alpha like Sebastian to still be single at his age…..

It was almost humiliating.

Sebastian saw the happiness in couples’ eyes when he passed them on the streets.

Why couldn’t he have that with someone?

Sebastian heard his coworkers whispering behind his back.

People assumed something was wrong with him.

That wasn’t true.

Sebastian heard a soft pattering sound and looked up.

“You understand, don’t you, my sweet Tibby?” Sebastian asked as his black cat crawled onto the leather sofa.

Sebastian gently pet his feline friend, who meowed in response.

“Looks like it’s just you and me again tonight.” Sebastian smiled at Tibby while she licked her paws.

When the cat curled up on the arm of the sofa, Sebastian’s frown returned and his hand slipped away.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t meet any omegas, and it wasn’t that omegas hadn’t wanted him as their alpha……well……...

First, Sebastian had never met anyone that truly captured his attention.

Not completely, anyway.

Sebastian found the dating scene a dull, endless parade of drinks, phone numbers, and missed connections.

Omegas always fawned over Sebastian, praising his good lucks to an exorbitant degree.

It didn’t flatter Sebastian.

It made him want to roll his eyes.

No one wanted him for who he was, they just wanted him because he was beautiful.

Second, there were very few unmated omegas that were…….well, looking for a commitment, anymore.

At least, that’s how it seemed.

The omegas he had met wanted Sebastian for a night, sure, maybe two, maybe even three.

But when it came time to cement the bond between them………

For them to commit to Sebastian and only Sebastian forever…..?

……Sebastian found himself alone in his opulent mansion once again.

Sebastian sighed.

Time was passing.

It had been difficult enough for Sebastian to ignore his alpha instincts this long.

Each day, it grew more painful to see other alphas and omegas happily paired.





Would Sebastian end up spending his entire life alone?

That question worried him more and more.

Sebastian idly picked up a copy of a men’s fashion magazine and flipped to the back section, to the ads.

Sebastian’s sexy, dark eyes skimmed the page carefully.

Talk to Local Singles in Your Area Now!

Escort for Hire! Events, Special Occasions and More! Call Now!

Sebastian grew rather frustrated and threw the magazine down.

What a waste of time.

He rose from the couch and stood.

He padded to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of absinthe.

Then another.

Then another.

Sebastian found his way back to the black leather sofa when he was on his fourth glass of absinthe.

The magazine had been slowly sliding all that time.

As Sebastian sat down on the sofa, the magazine finally slipped to the floor with a plop.

Tibby blinked.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes and picked the magazine off of the floor.

It had fallen open to a different page and a certain ad caught his eye.

Mail Order Mates: Just $999.99

Sebastian blinked his bleary eyes.

He made that kind of money in half a day.

A mail order mate? Someone that would be his and only his forever?

Well, that was convenient!

If Sebastian had a better grip on his senses, if his mind hadn’t been altered by alcohol, Sebastian probably wouldn’t have done it.

But in his absinthe-induced stupor, Sebastian pulled out his phone and dialed the number on the ad.

“Hello? Yes, I’d like to order a mate, please.” Sebastian slurred.

He smiled happily.

This was great!

“Male or female?” A feminine voice asked on the other end of the phone.

“I’m a very dominant alpha.” Sebastian scowled, narrowing his eyes.

In his hazy mind, he took that question as an insult.

“No, sir, your mate. Do you want a male or female?” The voice on the other end asked.

“I want a lady~.” Sebastian smirked.

Ladies had softer bits.

Softer bits that Sebastian enjoyed squeezing and tasting.

Sebastian’s mouth hung open drunkenly as he daydreamed for a moment.

Soon, the voice snapped him out of his thoughts.
“What color hair?”

“What?” Sebastian asked.

“What color of hair would you like your mate to have?” The voice asked.

Sebastian felt a strange, desperate sadness grip him in his drunken state.

How cold were all these questions?

This was a mate he was trying to order, not a boat!

What kind of people were running this mail order mate business, anyway?

“Listen,” Sebastian said, shaking himself half-sober as his usual, velvet voice came out. “I want you to send me the most rejected, most tenacious creature you have. I want someone who’s lonely like me. I want someone beautiful inside and out. I want someone I can give a good home to.”

The voice was silent on the other end, typing as Sebastian placed his order.

“I want someone just for me.” Sebastian sighed.

“Absolutely, sir. You can go ahead with that credit card number and address when you’re ready.” The voice affirmed.

For some reason, Sebastian still went through with it, paying the fee and collapsing backwards onto the couch afterwards.

He fell into a deep, drunken sleep.

Tibby meowed down at him, curling her tail behind her curiously.

Sebastian wondered in his dreams………

What had he just done?


Sebastian woke late the next morning and rubbed his face as his head throbbed.

He barely remembered last night.

Briefly, the order he had placed danced through his mind.

Sebastian chuckled.

Mail order mate?

Yeah right.

Such a thing wasn’t even legal, let alone real.

Sebastian washed himself off and prepared for the day.

He wasted more money drunk and home alone than he would have if he was still dating.

Tibby walked up behind him and meowed as he washed himself an apple.

Sebastian smiled.

He had money to waste, what did it matter?

Besides, at least he still had Tibby.


The weekend passed and Monday came.

Sebastian rose and went to his office.

He thought nothing of the silly purchase he had made Friday night.

Just a scam, nothing more.

Tuesday came and went.




Sebastian came home from work Friday, prepared to spend another weekend on the couch with his cat.

He parked his black Lamborghini in the garage on its revolving platform, and headed up into his house.

Sebastian walked through the back door in the kitchen and up the stairs.

He opened the door to his bedroom and stopped.

Sebastian’s eyes widened.

In the middle of the huge bedroom stood a massive, ventilated box.

Easily six feet tall and six feet wide.

Had the cleaning lady let a delivery person in with this?

She must have……….

Sebastian stepped forward and read a tag on the outside of the box.

Mail Order Mate Services thanks you for your purchase!

Sebastian’s mouth dropped.

He had really…...bought…..a mate?

But this was a box…..

There was someone inside?

A living person?

Oh dear.

Sebastian’s face fell in disgust.

He hadn’t meant to take part in human-trafficking.

Sebastian had assumed when he was drunk that…..


Well, he had assumed a lot when he was drunk.

Sebastian noticed that there was a pull down plastic door on the front of the box.

Sebastian gathered his thoughts and lifted his hand, knocking gently on the door. “Hello?”
He called.

No answer.

“Hello?” Sebastian asked a bit louder, rapping his knuckles on the plastic again.


Sebastian frowned, hoping that whoever was in there was alright.

Sebastian worked up the nerve to roll the plastic door open.

His eyes widened when he did.

Sebastian felt a shiver go down his spine as he inhaled deeply.


Sebastian could smell it, there was definitely an omega inside the box.

But the scent from this omega was much different, deep and layered, intoxicating…..

Sweet and musky at the same time.

Sebastian’s brain became muddled as his alpha instincts took over.

Thoughts swirled in his mind.

Claim, take, devour…….

Sebastian licked his lips before he shook himself out of his trance.

He couldn’t let his primal reaction scare his new mate away.

Whoever she was.

Sebastian tried to peer into the darkness of the box. He was quite eager to meet the omega that the incredible, delicious scent came from.

He was still squinting when a small, pale arm snaked out and promptly slammed the plastic door shut again.

Sebastian blinked.

“Hello?” Sebastian called, knocking on the door. “You can come out. I promise, I won’t hurt you.”

A moment of silence passed.

Sebastian reached out and lifted the plastic door again.

“That’s what you all say. You are an alpha, aren’t you?” A very cold, but beautiful voice called from inside.

The sound made him want to purr in delight.

That was a lady’s voice……

A very feisty lady’s voice.

“I am.” Sebastian answered truthfully. “But I didn’t even know the ad was legitimate. I promise, I mean you no harm.”

“If you didn’t know the ad was legitimate, then why did you answer it?” The low, cutting voice asked.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow.

He was a very tall, very strong alpha.

Sebastian could tear into the box and rip through the omega inside in an instant.

If he wanted to.

Yet, this omega had the bravado to sass him…...

Cocky little thing in there, wasn’t it?

“I suppose I wanted to believe it was, now here you are.” Sebastian called, teasingly. He smiled at his own witty reply. “I assumed the persons for sale signed up willingly.”

“We didn’t.” The voice called bitterly.

Sebastian frowned.

Silence followed for a moment.

Sebastian had still not seen her face.

He burned with the desire to meet the tortured omega behind that cold voice and foolish arrogance.

Slowly, Sebastian moved a nearby lamp closer to the box and turned it on, so the inside would be illuminated.

In the light, Sebastian finally got a glimpse of who the service had selected for him.

Sebastian’s eyes grew wide again.

A small, petite woman, very young, and decidedly gorgeous, sat curled on the floor of the box.

Dressed in only a very minimal, skimpy black bikini, she was easily the most beautiful person Sebastian had ever laid eyes on.

She had unique, striking slate grey hair mixed with strands of blue, cut adorably short. Her feathery bluenette hair highlighted her fine, delicate facial features. Sebastian admires her pale, pink lips, and her tantalizing cleavage. Full without being too much, Sebastian appreciated that, along with the sculpted lines of her legs and abdomen, and her subtly curvy bottom. Sebastian was enraptured with the omega, all the way down to her perfect little toes.

“Wow…..” Sebastian breathed, more to himself than her.

The woman’s eyes turned to Sebastian, and he was struck by their vivid sapphire hue. They were made even more magnificent by the way her dark, long eyelashes framed her blue eyes like pictures.

The omega’s cheeks tinted a pale shade of pink as she watched Sebastian drink her in.

The omega took a moment to scan her eyes over Sebastian, from his handsome face to his silky-looking, raven-black hair, all the way to his slender, muscular physique.


She silently thought that if she had to be forced to mate with someone, the man in front of her may have been the best-looking choice…….

But she would never let him know that.

The omega pursed her pink lips in a haughty pout.

She was far too proud to give this man the satisfaction.

“Go on, then, alpha.” The bluenette omega hissed, rolling her eyes at Sebastian. She bent forward on all fours as she changed positions, from sitting on her bottom to kneeling. “Mount me and mate me, do whatever you want with me. I’m just a body after all, aren’t I? That’s what all alphas want. Go on, then, take what you paid for.”

Sebastian frowned as she spoke, seeing the tears well in her lovely, sapphire eyes.

Omegas were naturally submissive and craved their alphas, body and soul.

Omegas were even worse when they went into heat.

Had that been what happened?


Sebastian knew that for this omega to be so bitter, something must have gone terribly wrong in her past.

Sebastian could sense it.



“Just remember one thing while you do it,” The woman sniffed, wiping her watery eyes with the back of her hand. “I’ll never be your mate.” She hissed through gritted teeth.

Sebastian frowned in sympathy.

Who would have abused this poor, beautiful creature?

She was absolutely amazing!

Her very being……...Sebastian could see the strength of her spirit shining through her sad sapphire eyes as she knelt in front of him.

Of course, Sebastian would never hurt an omega, he wasn’t that kind of an alpha, but goodness……

Staring at the omega, Sebastian wished that he could mount and mate her.

Breed her…….

Claim her as his own forever.

Yes, that sounded lovely indeed.

Heat or not, Sebastian would have happily taken her there and then.

There was just something…….

Something different about her.



To show that he was not a threat to her, Sebastian knelt down across from the woman.

She blinked at him curiously.

“I’m not going to mate you, or force you to do anything.” Sebastian spoke. “I’m sorry that this has happened to you.”

The rage and resentment disappeared from the omega’s beautiful face and she listened closely.

Obediently, just like a good omega.

Sebastian wanted to smirk.

He was already coaxing her instincts out.

“You must be exhausted from being in that box, though. May I at least offer you some tea, or, something to eat?” Sebastian asked, reaching out and offering the woman a hand.

The omega looked deeply shocked, as if Sebastian was the first person to give her any proper treatment for a very, very long time. “Yes…….I’d….I’d like that very much.”

The bluenette took the alpha’s extended hand and allowed him to pull her out of the box and to her feet.

“My name is Sebastian Michaelis.” Sebastian introduced himself with a polite bow.

The bluenette omega looked at him wistfully.

“Do you have a name, my dear?” Sebastian blinked.

“I…...I used to be called Ciel. Ciel Phantomhive.” The omega mumbled sadly.

Sebastian smiled and nodded. “Well, then it is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Ciel.”

Sebastian watched as the omega shifted nervously, trying to cover herself in her skimpy top and shorts.

As much as he would love for Ciel to wear less, he was certain that his mail ordered omega would be much happier wearing more, at least for now.

Sebastian walked over and pulled one of his white dress shirts out of an armoire.

Ciel looked startled at first when Sebastian wrapped around her, but she relaxed with a quiet squeak of appreciation when she realized…….

Sebastian had put one of his dress shirts on her to protect her modesty. He was trying to make the little omega feel more comfortable around him.

That was the first time Ciel had ever been truly helped by an alpha.

Sebastian smiled down at Ciel and opened a hand.

Ciel looked at his palm with her big, sapphire eyes, reached out, and took it.

“Let me take you to the kitchen, Ms. Ciel.” Sebastian smiled. “I’ve been told I’m a decent cook. I’ll make whatever you want.”

Ciel glanced up at him as they walked.

She had never mated before.

She had never found a good alpha, one who was decent and kind, noble, and strong.

Alphas were supposed to protect their omegas, to provide and to support.

This man……

This alpha…...was he different?

Sebastian smiled as he walked hand in hand with the beautiful woman who had arrived in his very bedroom just a while ago.

Even though Ciel had rejected him, Sebastian was intrigued by her, smitten, really.

Perhaps in time………..she may learn that not all alphas were monsters?

A few minutes later, Sebastian saw the appreciative look in Ciel’s eyes when he served her a piece of leftover chocolate cake.

It wasn’t just the desert that Ciel looked so pleased with…….

Sebastian purred as he watched the bluenette gobble down the treat.

It felt amazing to care for an omega, to hear the happy, grateful whimpers escape Ciel’s plush, pink lips while she ate.

The sounds from a satisfied omega were music to an alpha’s ears.

Ciel glanced over innocently at Sebastian and he gave her a soft smile.

To his surprise, the bluenette smiled ever so slightly in return.

It gave Sebastian hope.

This darling, sexy, delicious omega……sitting at his table, in his house…...

Perhaps if Sebastian treated her like the goddess she was……..

Ciel may just change her mind.