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Gorgeous Ashes

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Gorgeous Ashes

It was one of London’s best strip clubs, clean, loud, sexy, outfitted in black, red, and purple.

Sleek marble.

Smooth velvet.

Silk draperies.

A place where beautiful men and women danced not because they felt worthless, but because they felt powerful.

A place where people gathered to watch from the dimly lit tables and drink away the stresses of their days.

It was also a place where the owner, known to acquaintances as Top Hat, conducted most of her business dealings, hidden in the private VIP section.

Tonight was one such night.

“We agreed on five million.” The man across the shiny, black table said gruffly. He stared threateningly at Top Hat, looking menacing in his weathered coat and rugged vest.

“But it’s only worth three.” Top Hat’s voice replied in a tone as smooth as black silk while her sapphire eyes glanced at the open briefcase on the table.

Tophat’s eyes sparkled at the prospect of haggling, the thrill of a game that she knew she would win.

Top Hat wore a black leather jacket with a hood lined in thick, navy fur.

The jacket was purposely left open, exposing a sheer, ripped, black tank top that let her embellished navy bra peek out, hinting at the tattoos that wrapped from the fingers of her right hand, covering her arm, and kissing her shoulder blade, ending on her side over her right rib cage.


Strands of ink pearls circling her wrist and dangling across her hand, dipping over her finger…...

Beautiful, intricate works of art that cost thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours in the chair.

The oscillating lights in the club reflected off of Tophat’s exposed, slender thighs, her bottom barely covered by short black shorts, knee high, vintage styled boots hiding her petite calves.

Tophat mused over the piece at the center of the price debate.

It was a strange device that sat inside the velvet-lined case.

One that many governments would be more than happy to obtain, for a much greater amount than five million.

To Tophat’s left and to her right sat her bodyguards, Baldroy and Finnian.

Baldroy was blonde and tall, a former special forces fighter from her majesty’s royal service.

Finnian was a rescued victim of human trafficking. He was red-headed. He was also quite smaller than Baldroy, but he was stronger, thanks to his former captors and their experiments.

“Five.” The man across the table demanded, crossing his arms.

“Three and I won’t tell the Russians you sold it to me.” Ciel countered, raising an eyebrow at him.

The man across the table growled and stood up, hissing as he walked away, “One day lady death’s going to find you, Tophat. One day…..”

Tophat smirked as she watched him walk away. She raised her wrist and kissed a tattoo of a skull surrounded by roses in a sarcastic response to his words.

Once the man was gone, Tophat sat quietly between Baldroy and Finnian.

Her sapphire eyes flashed when the strobe light illuminated the club.

“You going to dance, tonight, Ciel?” Baldroy asked quietly.

A very few, select number of friends called Tophat by her real name.

Finnian and Baldroy were two of those few.

“No.” Ciel Phantomhive replied with a tired sigh. “Not tonight, Bard.”

Ciel sat there, lazily watching the show and the crowd with the two men.

She looked bored, wearing her signature look that was between a scowl and a smirk.

That was the mask she had taught herself to wear, ever since her parents had died.

She wore it well.

Ciel had everything, money, power, a few remaining friends, but that didn’t matter…..

When her parents died, she had given in to pride and rage…..

She drank.

She took a pill every now and then.

Some were prescribed, some weren’t.

And with all of her free time, she enjoyed flirting with danger, walking the same hazardous path that her father had taken.

The device in the briefcase held enough international secrets to send ten men to their deaths for treason.

Ciel had purchased it without purpose.

Maybe she would look through it and see what she could find, maybe she would sell it, maybe she would throw it in the Thames……..

Who knew?

Eventually, Ciel stood from the table, packed up the briefcase, and left.

She bid Baldroy and Finnian goodnight and then walked out to her car.

Starting it from the inside, the heat was already warming the interior of the vehicle when Ciel entered her custom-painted Bugatti.

Ciel pulled out of the club parking lot and began to drive home, pressing her small foot to the gas.





The speedometer rose as her speed increased.

Ciel thought to herself……..

Maybe she’d get home to her big, lonely mansion and have a drink or two.


She rolled down the window, letting in the cold night breeze to clear her head.

Tears welled in Ciel’s eyes.


Maybe she’d get home and scream until she felt better.

It wasn’t like anyone could hear her anyway.


Her life had become a meaningless swirl of money, men, and black market dealings.



What did any of it……


The man that Ciel had swindled hadn’t been joking.

Lady Death had come to visit Ciel Phantomhive.

As a parting gift from Ciel’s unhappy supplier, when her luxury car’s speedometer hit 70, a bomb on its underside detonated, blasting the bluenette off the road and tossing her into a nearby ravine.

Several people saw the explosion, thankfully no one had been too close.

Emergency services were called and came quickly to the scene.

Ciel was somehow still alive but severely injured.

They pulled the damaged bluenette from the wreckage and sped away to the hospital.

Ciel’s sapphire eyes fluttered as the paramedics rushed to stabilize her while the ambulance raced down the road.

Hazily, Ciel wondered………

Was this death?

Was she finally going to see her mother and father again?


“Dr. Michaelis! Is there anything you need?” A buxom blonde nurse asked in a squeaky voice that was sugary sweet.

“No, thank you, Ann, that will be all.” Dr. Michaelis answered as he scribbled some notes down on the clipboard while he stood in the hospital hallway.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do for you, sir?” Ann pressed, batting her eyelashes at her attractive boss.

“No, Ann.” Dr. Michaelis sighed, managing to flash a small, polite smile. “But thank you anyway. I do appreciate your willingness to help.”

“Oh, Dr. Michaelis, I’d do anything for you!” Ann practically shouted.

Dr. Michaelis nodded and turned to walk down the hallway.

Once he was certain Ann wouldn’t see him, he rolled his eyes.

Good grief………

This got so exhausting.

Sebastian Michaelis was one of the youngest and most intelligent doctors at the hospital.

Sebastian was slender and tall, with sexy, dark eyes, a perfectly symmetrical face, and feathery, raven-black hair….

He was also the handsomest doctor at the hospital.

That was something his nurses and all other females never ceased to notice.

Sebastian loved women, but the attention became…...boring.

He could never talk to anyone without them drooling over him.

And Sebastian’s tastes in women were…...unique.

He liked small, petite ladies.

Women that were difficult to figure out, pragmatic…….

Sebastian also enjoyed stimulating conversation.

And that was something even rarer to share with someone.

Sebastian frowned as he sat down in his office and went over his papers for the day.

Several hours passed as he worked.

It was almost his least favorite time of the day, time to go home.

Sebastian hated going home.

Lonely and cold, he had nothing to do there and no one to keep him company.

He’d rather just sleep in his office.

Regardless, the hour came and Sebastian sighed.

He packed up his briefcase.

As soon as he stood to leave, a voice sounded over the hospital intercom.


Sebastian threw his briefcase to the floor and ran out of his office, towards the ambulance dock with a happy smile.


Another patient!


Ciel was unconscious by the time the ambulance arrived at dock A.

Her eyelids stayed shut as the ambulance gurney was hurriedly rushed out, carrying her inside the siding doors.

Inside the hospital, Sebastian scrubbed his hands and marched into the operating room while the nurses briefed him on the patient.

“Multiple fractures, severe burns, shoulder dislocation….” The nurse read off of her clipboard.

“Goodness, auto accident?” Sebastian asked.

“Car bomb.” His nurse replied.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Car bombings weren’t a frequent occurance.

They certainly weren’t legal.

What kind of patient was he getting?

Just then, the doors to the operating room were flung open and Ciel was wheeled into the room.

As the anesthetists worked to sedate the already-sleeping bluenette and start an I.V., Sebastian stood looking at his new patient in wonder.

A woman.

A young, slender, petite woman.

This was the car bombing victim?

Sebastian saw through the bruises and burns.

He admired Ciel’s long, black eyelashes, left untouched.

Sebastian saw the soft features of her bruised face, the delicate skin, her pink lips……..

Her short but thick bluenette hair.

Sebastian blinked.

She was beautiful, whoever she was.

But for now, Sebastian had a job to do.

He nodded to the nurses and they stepped in, beginning to change Ciel so the damage to her body could be assessed.

As her clothing was peeled off and a gown was quickly slipped on, Sebastian glimpsed her tattoos.

He always liked tattoos on women, he found them intriguing.

Sebastian felt a rush of determination.

As a doctor, Sebastian tried his best to save every patient, but for some reason, the thought of this particular one slipping away horrified him.

What a lovely creature to lose!

As Sebastian moved forward, picked up his scalpel, and began his work, he saw a small bird tattooed on the side of Ciel’s neck.

Sebastian hesitated thoughtfully for just a second.

He was going to help this beautiful girl fight for her life and he didn’t even know her name.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

That was no matter now.

He had to save her if he wanted to meet her.

As his blade pierced Ciel’s skin, Sebastian whispered, “Alright, little robin, let’s get you stitched up so you can tell me your story~.”


The surgery was successful.

Ciel was taken to a room, an oxygen mask still over her nose and mouth as she was settled into a bed.

“It's a good thing you were here, Dr. Michaelis!” One of the nurses chirped at Sebastian.

Sebastian nodded, his clipboard in hand, staring in awe at Ciel as she slept.

Her injuries had been extensive.

Life-threatening……...but she made it.

She was a fighter.

Sebastian was very happy he was able to save the little bluenette’s life, whoever she was.

During the surgery, Sebastian had seen almost every inch of her.

Every tattoo.



Bat wings……



Thousands of symbols that held thousands of meanings, and Sebastian wanted to know them all.

He had been intrigued when he was first handed Ciel as a patient.

Small and fragile as she was, she was strong.


Sebastian felt absolutely compelled to meet her, to know her.

“You’re free to go, Dr. Michaelis.” The nurse said, perplexed at Sebastian’s hesitation.

“Actually, Rita, I think I’m just going to stay awhile, just to monitor her.” Sebastian replied with a pleasant, tired smile.

“Alright, Dr. Michaelis, whatever you think is best.” Rita smiled in return, leaving the room.

She walked away with a frown.

Why should he stay?

The nurses could handle the patient.

That was their job.

Dr. Michaelis’s job was over.

But Dr. Michaelis was no longer working, now he stayed for his own pleasure.

Sebastian sat down in the chair beside Ciel’s bed and crossed his legs, his shiny black shoes glinting in the fluorescent lights.

No one had come to the hospital to check on the bluenette.


There was no way of contacting any next of kin.

Ciel had no license, no identification.

It was all burned away when the bomb detonated.

Sebastian smiled to himself.

He wanted to make sure the small bluenette wouldn’t be alone when she woke.

He wanted to be the first thing she saw…..

Sebastian, the man who saved Ciel.