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Broken Strings & Silver Wings

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"Life is like a game of chess. If you lose your queen, you'll end up losing the game"

"Now you're back where you belong!" Officer Jenny sneered as the prison van's doors were slammed shut and locked. Butch and Cassidy could only watch the smug faces of their rivals Jessie, James and those stupid brats as the van's engine started and it sped off into the sunset towards the island jail.

After a minute or two Butch slumped down and grabbed fistfuls of his hair as the reality of their latest predicament dawned on him. They had fucked up again. This plan seemed foil proof, a sure bet on them capturing many rare Pokemon for the boss. But instead of a phone call telling him about their haul it would be another bail request... would Giovanni help them out again this time? Butch was certainly doubtful.

"FUCK!" He roared as he slammed his head against the metal side of the van. This made Cassidy jump and she glared across at her partner.
"What the hell Butch?!" She snapped.
"Calm down back there!!" Ordered one of the guards.
Butch made a rude gesture towards the front of the vehicle. Immature, but it made him feel slightly better! He glanced across at Cassidy who was now sat hugging her knees. His outburst had clearly spooked her as she was trembling slightly in her own rage. Sighing, he scooted across the floor of the van to sit beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Cass..." he muttered. "I guess I thought we had it in the bag this time..."
Cassidy felt the edges of her eyes start pricking. She furiously wiped at them before she rounded on Butch.
"Yeah well. You thought wrong didn't you? Idiot." She hissed. "I thought you had trained that Drowzee properly!"
"What the...don't blame me for Drowzee Cass, it was your idea to capture it in the first place!!!"
"Well I didn't see you making an effort!" Cassidy snapped back, her voice getting louder now. "If I'd have left it to you we'll have ended up with a brawny no brains fighting Pokemon!"
"Bit rich of you to decide who has brains and who hasn't?!" Shouted back Butch in fury. "You're the most stupid bitch I know!"
"Oh fuck you!!!"
"No thanks I don't want to catch something!"
"BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW!!!!!!" Roared the guard banging on the wall. Butch and Cassidy jumped out of their skins and Butch scurried back over to where he was originally sitting. The duo exchanged glares before facing opposite directions for the rest of the journey...

"Righteo! So who are these clowns?" Asked the station master as the guards dragged Butch and Cassidy into the island Police station. Butch and Cass continued to not speak to one another and faced off in opposite directions. The station master raised an eyebrow in exasperation and looked at the guard to help him out.
"Steve it's 5pm on Friday. I don't have time for this shit?!"
The fierce guard tightened his grip on Butch and spoke up.

"This is Butch Reynolds, 20, from Celedon in Kanto. And that's Cassidy Gelardan, 18, from Greenfield in Johto. They're crooks from Team Rocket and had one of their plans foiled - by some of their own colleagues funny enough! Already been to jail for pretty much the same thing!"
"Dear oh dear" said the station master shaking his head. "Come along then you 2, cell 4 is free. Thanks Steve I'll take them from here"

He led Butch and Cass down a corridor and opened up the vacant cell. Small was an understatement, it had 2 beds and a wash basin. The Small window at the very top just about let the last remaining crack of daylight in. The duo stepped reluctantly inside and immediately the door slammed behind them causing them to both jump once more. Before the station master put the shutter up he spoke calmly to them both.
"You know, a life of crime shouldn't be the way forward for 2 bright kids like yourselves. I just hope you both realise that before it's too late."

With that, he placed the shutter up and walked away, leaving Butch and Cass alone in their cell. Cass laid down on one of the beds facing the wall and trying to curl herself up as small as possible. Butch remained standing biting the nail on his thumb. He kept his gaze upon his partner the entire time taking in every detail as he often done many a time before.

Cassidy was very slim. Butch wasn't exactly sure of her size but it was always the one at the front whenever they went clothes shopping. Her golden blonde hair, always so shiny and immaculately styled. Her soft, pale, fragrant skin. Cassidy usually used perfume and creams and the scent seemed to linger for ages. So much so that Butch suspected it just became part of her perminant smell now. Finally, although he could not see them currently, her deep violet eyes. It was such an unusual colour, Butch had never met anyone else with violet eyes, it re-iterated to him the fact that Cassidy truly was one of a kind! She really was gorgeous. No - beautiful.

A quiet sob from her brought Butch back to his senses. He bit his lip. He desperately wanted to comfort her, to tell her he was sorry, to tell her he loved her and always had done! But he knew deep down he was punching way above his weight. Girls like Cassidy never went for scrawny nobodies like him, least of all now when it seemed they might never talk again...

It was getting noticably dark now so Butch retreated to the other bed. Not the comfiest of facilities, he lay awake tossing and turning for what felt like hours before eventually succumbing to an uneasy sleep. Cassidy remained awake, her violet eyes reflected in the moonlight, albeit slightly duller than usual. It was a long time before she finally fell asleep too.

Across the seas, at an unknown location in the Johto mountains, Lawrence was sat hunched over his laptop, deep in thought. Several disposable coffee cups lay discarded across his desk. Papers were stacked in all manner of untidy ways, he daren't move any in case the whole lot came tumbling down. The well dressed man sighed and closed the lid down of the laptop. For the last few weeks it felt like he was just going around in circles. He was certain he had a breakthrough in his mission to find the legendary bird Pokemon, but had hit a brick wall and now felt he was back to square one...

Lawrence got up and walked over to his window. It was a calm, starry night with little breeze. Lawrence peered up to the sky and wondered in vain where in the world Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno could be. His whole success as a Pokemon collector depended on them! It was widely speculated they were at the Power Plant in Kanto, Victory Road and Sea Foam Islands respectively but his recent expiditions to those locations proved fruitless.
"Most frustrating." He said out loud. He was so transfixed by the night sky he initially didn't notice the beeping message coming from his laptop.
Lawrence ran back to his desk and reopened the lid, cursing softly to himself when the data took a little time to come through. His usually calm and collected demeaner became anxious as a message finally popped up on the screen.

"There have been recent sightings of the 3 legendary birds in the vicinity of the Orange Islands. Exact locations unknown."
"Why...this could be it!" thought Lawrence excitedly. He began pacing back and forth trying to plan in his mind the long mission that would take months to prepare for. As he grabbed his diary and fled the room he failed to notice a photograph fall from the back page.

The photograph was of himself, considerably younger, with his wife Jennifer. A quiet, unassuming woman, she had their small daughter on her lap whilst their elder daughter stood next to Lawrence. They looked to be every bit the happy family, the girls were dressed in smart frocks and wore bright, beaming smiles.

The elder daughter was called Catherine. And the younger daughter was called Cassidy...