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Welcome to the Avengers

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When peter joined the avengers he never thought that things were going to turn out this way. One thing was to keep his secret identity as Spiderman to his friends, even though Michelle, Ned and aunt May knew already he tried his best to keep his identity hidden from the rest of the world. But there was something that their friends didn’t know about, something so dark and twisted that no one outside the Avengers could ever find out...

It all started the first week Peter finally became an official member of the Avengers, the guys gave him a very warm welcome to the team and in a matter of seconds he considered them his second family. Tony acted like the father Peter missed since he was a kid; he always kept an eye on the young boy and helped him whenever it was needed.

For some reason Peter felt like he could tell his mentor anything and he did, but one day Peter finally admitted something that he never admitted to anyone in his whole life. It was around 3 o clock when Peter stopped by the Avengers tower to drop all his stuff, Aunt May was hesitant about letting him live with a bunch of superheroes but after a lot of pleads and a long talk with Captain America and Iron man she finally accepted.

“Mr Stark…I-I have something to tell you” Peter said, he took of his mask, his innocent eyes staring at the older guy who had a drink on one of his hands, they were alone at one of Tony’s garages, the other guys seemed to be out in some kind of mission, a lot of incomplete iron suits and metal pieces scattered around the floor and the walls

“What is it? Don’t tell me you already wanna drop out, we just got your room ready and I’m pretty sure I asked you a lot of times if you were sure about this, not to mention how hard it was to convince your aunt” Tony said

“No no, I’m not dropping out, I really like it in here, the tower is amazing and you guys are the best!” a smile appeared on his face that slowly faded away with each word “but there is something you and the rest should know about me if you’re going to accept me here”

Tony turned off his computer and turned around to face the younger boy, Peter swallowed hard “Ok kiddo, you’re making me a little nervous and I have a lot of stuff to do so just spit it out”

Peter closed his eyes, took a deep breath and blurted out the word he had essayed hours before “I’m gay Mr. Stark”  he looked down at his feet to avoid looking up at the reaction one of his biggest hero’s would have. After a few seconds of silence peter looked up only to see a grinning Tony.

“Is that it?” he laughed  “For a second you really got me thinking it was something serious” Tony said returning to his work without paying too much attention to the now blushed boy.

“I….I.. what do you mean? A-are you ok with it?” Peter asked surprised and a bit offended that it seemed like Tony didn’t really care at all.

“C’mon Pete, do you take for a homophobe?” Peter shook his head quickly

“Of course not sir! I just thought you would at least be shocked or something…” peter admitted blushing a bit more

Tony smiled and walked to the boy, one of his hands dropped to grip peter’s shoulder “The truth is this is not new to me or the guys” Peter seemed confused at this statement “You really thought we didn’t make any research on you or your story before considering you a part of the team?”

“Research? What do you mean by that?”

Tony smiled, more like a devilish grin “I wasn’t supposed to show you yet. But if you really want to know, Tony pulled out his phone out of his pocket, and with a few taps he turned the device to the boy who almost dropped dead when he saw what the man was showing him

It was a video, maybe from a few weeks ago; Peter recognized his own room on screen as he spoke “Oh shit” he muttered before the video reproduced.

“Hey guys!” he said happily, he was shirtless showing of his amazing torso ”so I know it’s been a long time since I did a stream but don’t worry I have something to compensate it!”

Peter looked for something underneath his bed and pulled out 2 dildos and pointed them directly at the camera “here they are! The captain America and Iron Man dildos!” Peter shook them one in each hand, I’m pretty sure they are not as big as the real ones but a fan cannot resist” Peter laughed

“You know” Tony said his voice above the video in which now Peter was talking about the material of the toys and how much inches they were “I was shocked at first, I knew you were a teenager and you guys have this crazy hormones and stuff, I thought maybe I would find some weird stuff of yours but I have to admit I never thought I would discover another secret identity besides Spiderman” the older man said watching the video with a big smile

“Mr. Stark..” peter’s voice trembled “I can explain..”

“Oh I bet you can SubmissiveNYTwink, but before that let me show you my favorite part” with a swipe of Tony’s fingers the video skipped directly to a moment that Peter remembered pretty clear, he was now on his knees, the iron man dildo shoved deep inside him, the dildo was red and yellow, made of a material that simulated plastic, on the base, a blue shiny button indicated that the vibration function was turned on as he rode it.

“Ugh yesss!” Peter threw his head back as he bounced on the 8’ inch toy, the tip rubbed his prostate each time and the vibrations echoed in his whole body “Oh yes! Shove that big cock inside my iron daddy!!” Peter shouted sitting harder and faster

“Ugh guys I feel so good!” peter moaned, one his hands pulling at one of his nipples, he looked directly to the camera “fuck I wonder if Tony’s cock feels like this” A moan escaped his mouth, he felt himself coming closer to his orgasm “oh guys I’m gonna cum soon!” he switched his position, this time his arms in front of him helped him bounce back on the toy, his cock leaked all over the floor “MMmm daddy please, harder! Fuck me Tony, fuck me out, break me!” Peter said rocking his hips faster and faster “Shit I’m cumming!” Peter shouted and stopped suddenly, his muscles tensed as he shoot 1,2,3,4 streams of cum all over the floor, some of it even lading on the keyboard of his laptop”

“Looks like you also have a lot of talent shooting something else than webs” Tony said stopping the video

Peter wanted to die, it was something he started to do way too long before becoming spider man, it started out of curiosity but when he realized he enjoyed to receive orders from his audience and to put on a show he started to do it once a week to release stress and to fulfill a need for lust he discovered around his 16 years old when he finally accepted he was a slut.

“Mr.Stark I…” Peter had tears behind his eyes, did everybody In the tower see the video? How many people knew about it? And not only that, Peter was absolutely sure that they had seen all of his other videos where he lusted over every single one of his teammates. “I’m so sorry”

“Sorry?” Stark licked his lips “You don’t have to apologize for anything kid, in fact, is because of this and the other videos that we finally decided to take you officially into the team”

“H-how?” Peter blushed “I don’t understand how these videos would help me”

“You’re a smart kid” Tony leaned back on his desk “from the start we all thought you were a perfect piece of a boy, great body, stamina, cute face and so eager to please, but we never considered taking further steps because we never thought you would be into it, Jarvis show me the pictures of the Peter Parker hidden file” Tony clapped his hands, a lot of screens suddenly appeared all over the room, each one of them showed a picture of Peter naked in various scenarios, jerking off, riding a dildo, in the shower with 2 fingers inside of him, even one of him tasting his own cum!

“It turns out that our innocent or should I say not so innocent Spiderman was kind of a whore” Tony said naturally and for a brief moment Peter’s cock twitched on his tights. Tony just called him a whore, and he liked it, god he was really depraved.

Peter liked his lips and moved trying to cover his raising hard on, he looked at himself all around the room “But, but you’re married to Pepper! And the others…they are not gay right”

Tony smiled; as he walked closer to the boy he felt his cock get a bit hard on his trousers. “I love Pepper, and I wish to have a family with her, but the guys of the team and I enjoy shagging around with each other, is mere sex, carnal and savage pleasure, You’re a great hero, but in this team we need more than that” he was a few mere inches away from the kid “you see, me and the guys have some needs, needs that can’t be pleased by an ordinary guy, sure, who wouldn’t like to fuck with us? But not any boy can take on us, we are stronger, better and more hardcore than any regular man”

Peter heard every single word, and it seemed that every word drove a strong impulse to his cock and his now twitching ass, Tony was really close, Peter could practically feel the hot breath of the man so close to his face

“Are you saying I joined the team to be your personal slut?” Peter asked his cock fully hard now and he was pretty sure the other man could tell, Tony’s eyes stranded on the pink puffy lips in front of him.

“Basically” Tony ran a hand through peter’s back stopping right at his ass, he grabbed a big piece of the boy’s ass and Peter couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped his mouth, Tony pulled him and they were basically rubbing their bodies with each other “So, I will ask you again” his face got so close, Peter opened his mouth anticipating the kiss but Tony stopped mere millimeters away “do you still wanna be part of the team?”

Peter bit his lip “Absolutely” he answered, and since that day, Peter’s life changed to become the best slut the avengers could have. Tony’s grip on his ass turned rougher while pushing their mouths together.

Tony was a rough kisser, but Peter liked it, he let the man take control only grinding his body to get some kind of touch.

“A bit eager aren’t we?” Tony asked

“I have fantasized about this for a long time” Peter answered moaning when he felt Tony’s hand go further down to press a finger on his sweet hole.

“And what did I do to you in those little dirty dreams of yours?”

Peter bit his lip, something that Tony thought was the hottest thing to see “You filled my little ass with you cum, sir” Tony liked the way peter said that last word, his finger slowly rubbing the boy’s hole causing little moans and more grinding against each other.

“What if we make it come true?” Tony asked to which peter nodded enthusiastic. They made out of a few minutes before deciding it was time to take their clothes off “Jarvis, lock all the door to this room, we don’t want any unwanted visitors”

“Yes sir” Jarvis answered, Peter heard the locks on the doors as he threw away the last piece of clothing, his cock was fully hard against his defined abs

“On your knees” Tony commanded, peter did it too quickly, his knees slammed against the floor maybe a lit to hard but he did not care, the moment was so intense he didn’t feel anything but a little burn.

Tony walked over to him, a nice 8,5’ inch cock swinging between his legs “is this what you want?”

“Yes please” Peter begged, his mouth watery from the delightful sight, it was really happening. Tony grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed it on the pink lips, Peter slowly opened his mouth letting the manhood inside his mouth. Peter had sucked cock before so he knew what to do. Saliva started to drip from the side of his mouth as he did his best to swallow the whole thing

“Fuuuuck” Tony moaned, a hand petting the boy’s hair as he swallowed his whole length “there you go, such a pretty cock slut for me aren’t you?”

Peter only moaned in response, Tony pulled back a bit before pushing in again, after a few trusts and making sure that the boy could handle it he started to roll his hips a bit faster. Peter was such a pro at this, Tony wondered how many times he had done this before, his skills were almost as good as Loki who until today gave him the best blowjob of his whole life.

“Fuck yes kid, suck that cock” Tony shoved his cock with a hard trust “yes, the rest of the team is going to love you”

Peter pulled the cock completely out of his mouth, the whole length covered saliva dripping all over the floor “I hope they do sir” he said smiling at Tony who went down to kiss him one more time

“Think you can handle me without prep?” Tony asked putting on a condom already lubed.

“Of course sir” Peter said turning around, he grabbed on a chair so he could lift his ass up giving Tony a perfect view of his hungry pink hole that craved to be filled “give me everything you’ve got!”

Tony gave him a hard spank which made peter’s cock leak in anticipation “I’ll make sure to eat that ass later, as for now…” he grabbed his cock; the head rubbed the hole for a bit until Peter started to beg

“Please sir! Please just shove it inside!” he said pushing his ass back, Tony smiled, he grabbed Peter by his shoulders and with a hard strong trust he shoved his whole cock in.

Peter cried out loud in both pleasure and agony, it burned, the sudden intrusion of such a big cock really burned, but the desire and the feeling of finally filling his ass was far stronger.

“Damn you’re really tight” Tony moaned liking Peter’s right ear before sucking on the earlobe “how do you feel”

Peter was so out of breath it took him a moment to answer “it’s so big, fuck, I feel so full”

“So? Is it like you imagined it would be? Or is it better?” Tony asked pulling out inch by inch until only the head was inside

“Better, way more better” Peter said with his eyes closed craving for more friction inside of him

“And we’re only getting started” Tony replied pushing his whole length back in. Peter and tony had a prefect chemistry, Peter liked rough sex, to be manhandled, and Tony knew just how to give it to him.

The two guys became a mess in a matter of minutes, Tony’s trust were hard and long earning a big dirty moan from the young boy with each movement that only encouraged him to go harder at him.

“Ple-please let me ride you sir” Peter asked turning his face back at tony who would not decline such a petition. Tony pulled out of before taking a seat on the chair before Peter climbed onto him, they kissed a sloppy messy kiss as the boy slowly took the man’s cock back in.

“Fuck Mr. stark your cock feels so good!” Peter moaned lifting his body a few centimeters before dropping all his weight to get impaled by the raging hard member.

Tony moaned harder, his hands gripping on the boys butt cheeks spreading them trusting up whenever the boy went down “Yeah boy, take it all in, isn’t this what you wanted? To be fucked by iron daddy? C’mon say my name” Peter moaned, his cock leaking all over Tony’s stomach

“Yes daddy!” peter said riding him faster “fuck it feels so good Mr. Stark, please give me more!!”  The boy pleaded between moans and screams of pure ecstasy

“Is that so?” Tony asked before gripping harder on the boy’s butt cheeks and now actually trusting up hard on the boy’s ass. Peter wasn’t riding him anymore; Tony was basically drilling his cock up into him.

“Oh god” Peter dropped his head on Tony’s shoulder where he started to cry out of moans and whimpers “fuck yes! Daddy I’m close”

“I’m close as well” Tony stopped his movements earning a little whine from the boy “don’t worry, this will only take a second” Tony pulled his cock out of peter and with one of his hands he pulled off the condom of his cock before shoving back in “I might as well give you the whole thing”

Peter cried out feeling the bare cock move in and out of his abused hole, no dildo could really compare to the feeling. The boy felt his muscles tense, Tony’s cock was already driving him straight to one of what Peter would later consider one of the top 5 of his orgasm.

“Fuck yes Mr. Stark I’m gonna cum!!” peter said rocking his hips at the same pace of Tony’s movements “aahhh fuck!”

“Let’s cum together” Tony said  “let me see you cum as I fill you up with my cum-“ Peter leaned down for a kiss, their tongues brushed against each other, both guys moaning like animals until Peter suddenly screamed his lungs out, not being able to hold any longer he collapsed on top of tony who kept pounding onto him.

The boy shoot around 4 streams of white liquid on his and Tony’s body, his inner walls tightening around his cock pushing Tony into his orgasm as well. Peter felt how the cock twitched shooting and filling him up, he moaned as Tony pulled out dragging some of his cum out as well.

Both guys were out of breath, Tony’s chest rising up and down, he never felt so worn out, not even when he was recovering from his heart surgery.

“That-was” Tony tried to say

“That was amazing” Peter said before kissing Tony again, this time into a more slow and passionate kiss “thank you”

Tony laughed “there is no need to thank me” Peter got off him and Tony smiled when he saw a little trail of cum run down in between his legs “go take a shower, after that we can get something to eat, welcome to the Avengers!”

“I could really use some pizza right now” Peter said lazily as he grabbed his clothes from the floor. Tony asked Jarvis to unlock the doors and Peter left the man alone again.

“Your heart beat is extremely fast sir, everything alright?” Jarvis asked to which tony laughed

“Yes, it’s just that It’s been a while since I did something so intense” Tony ran a dry towel on his body, he spotted some of peter’s cum and he grabbed it with his fingers before pulling them into his mouth. Not only the boy had a bomb ass, he also tastes really good.

“Jarvis, did you by any chance record this session with Mr. Parker?”

“Of course sir, it’s my duty to keep an eye on every room of the tower” the AI said.

“Perfect, send the recording to every member of the avengers excluding the ladies of course” Tony said smiling, thinking that the guys deserved a little peek at what they missed and what they were soon going to have too.

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“Are you fucking serious Tony?!” Steve’s voice echoed through the meeting room. Thor, Clint, Bucky, Sam, and Tony were sitting around a wood table. Steve raised himself from the chair as he yelled at the man “We said that we would confront him together to make him feel safe and not judged and you do this?!” he points at the screen that showed the recording of the multimillionaire as Peter rode him on a chair.

“I’m sorry but I don’t understand what’s the big deal” Tony took a sip of whisky “when I sent you all the video I thought you would be delighted, not that you were going to attack me”

“In Steve’s defense” Sam raised his hand so everyone turned at him “when Nat found the videos of Peter well…you know, doing what he was doing” he swallowed hard remembering the videos of Peter online “we decided that we were going to talk to him as a team and to see if he would agree to…you know”

“C’mon Wilson, use the words, we would ask him to be our slut!” Tony said “the results would have been the same!” Steve looked at Tony angered “don’t give that look; you know it would have been like that!”

“We don’t know that! What I do know is that we agreed that not one of us would ever force themselves onto him” The blonde said earning a few nods from the rest

“Force myself?” Tony laughed “did you see the whole video? Yeah maybe I did the first move, but the kid was practically begging for me to fuck him!”

“Does he know you recorded him?” Steve asked, Tony opened his mouth to answer but he opted to only shake his head “Oh my god Tony, you recorded him and sent the video without his consent?!”

“Ok maybe I did that, but look I’m pretty sure the kid is really into it, and you can tell from his videos from before that he is not shy to the camera or to people seeing him”

Steve was about to answer back when Bucky raised his voice “To be honest Steve, Tony is kind of right on that, even though I don’t support the fact that he did some stuff without the kids consent, well…” They all stared at the video for a few minutes “he kinda seems to be into that kind of stuff”

Steve shook his head as he walked around the table, Thor who remained silent from the start of the meeting finally opened his mouth “I have to admit, that it does make me angry that Tony here spoke to him without us, but at the end he is right” Tony smiled and Steve turned giving the other blonde a concerned look.

“Why would you support Tony on this?”

“I mean, in Asgard there is a lot of people who are just like this kid” he pointed at Peter “My brother is one of them; he likes to be handled from one men to another, it’s just something they like, maybe Peter still doesn’t know what he is into you know”

“Just because your brother is a common slut it doesn’t mean Peter also is” Steve blurted out angrily. The next thing happened to fast, Thor stood up his chair, his arm raised and Mjolnir flew right into his hand, Bucky also stood of his chair to place himself in front of Steve while the rest of the guys stood up in case somebody needed to go in to prevent a fight.

“YOU WILL NEVER SPEAK OF MY BROTHER LIKE THAT AGAIN!” The god yelled hammer in hand and sparks flying from his hands. Sam walked over to him, laying a hand on his shoulder he spoke as sweet as he could

“Thor please calm down, he didn’t mean it, right?” he looked at Steve who seemed to have realized what he just said

“Y-Yeah, I’m sorry Thor, I don’t know why I said that” Steve stared at the god for a few minutes until the man lowered his hammer

“I think we all need to calm down” Clint spoke looking at both Steve and Thor “I only have one question, what does the kid think?”

Everyone turned at Tony who took a seat again, the other mimicked him a few seconds later “Well you saw it right, he is pretty into it, I even asked him again to make sure I wasn’t forcing myself into him!” he yelled those last words looking at Steve

“If that’s it then I don’t see what the problem is” Thor said more relaxed playing with Mjolnir

Bucky who had a hand on Steve’s shoulder spoke this time “I think it’s pretty clear that the kid has agreed, but, I still think is necessary that we all talk to him”

“Bucky’s right” Steve said “We have to settle some kind of terms, rules, so we know we are not crossing any lines”

“That’s fine by me” Tony clapped his hands “Do you wanna do it right now or…?”

“Better now that we’re all here right?” Sam suggested and everyone nodded in agreement

“Well since everyone agreed” Tony made a few taps on his tablet, he smiled when he saw what Peter was doing alone “He is on his room right now, he is kinda busy, Jarvis please can you call Mr. Parker when he is done with his chores, tell him we are waiting for him on the meeting room of the 7th floor”

“I’ll let him know sir” the computer answered

Everyone stayed silent for a few minutes until Sam broke the silence “So how should we do this? We should rehearse something?”

“Let’s see how this goes, maybe I’ll turn out better than expected” tony said

“Easy to say when you already fucked him” Bucky whispered to which Thor and Clint laughed while the rest said nothing.

“Maybe, I could show you a little something while we wait” Tony said pushing a few buttons and the screens of the room streamed what was happening on live time at Peter’s bedroom

“Oh my god” Clint said staring with and open mouth like the rest of them

“You still think I forced myself into him Capt?” Tony asked with a pleased smile “let’s just enjoy the movie, shall we?”


That afternoon Peter felt extremely weird. It’s been one day since he fucked with his hero and mentor Tony Stark, and since then he felt kind of, needy. He saw the guys earlier that day from breakfast when they got back from the mission, but for some reason the guys were kind of ignoring him.

When he tried to ask for the mission Steve looked away and excused himself out of the kitchen, Bucky who was usually a talker when completely silent the second Peter walked into the living room.  Clint and Thor were the only ones who kinda talked to him, but whenever Peter looked at them in the eyes they glared away and excused themselves out not too long after that.

Tony who was the only one who would be justified to act weird with him behaved like he did normally. In fact, he became a bit more caring with the boy, even to ask him how he was, asking to sit closer to him on the couch, and even giving the boy some light touches on his shoulder and arms.

And now, here he was, alone in his room and for some reason he felt needy for some touch, for some kind of affection. Peter took a deep breath before finally deciding what to do.

Rising from his new kind size bed he walked over to his closet, raising his feet he finally grabbed the box from above the shelf. Peter walked to his bed, getting rid of his t-shirt and his boxers on the way back. Dropping the box on the sheets Peter looked around for the toy he had in mind.

Bingo he thought to himself before pulling the Iron Man dildo he bought and he used on the video Tony showed him.

“Are you ready for a ride?” Peter asked the toy, he pressed the blue button at the base and the toy started to vibrate “who’s the eager one now Mr. Stark?” he giggled at his own joke.

Stretching his arm to one of his nightstands he took the lube he hid there a few nights ago. Giving a big squeeze he spread a nice amount of liquid onto the toy and onto his fingers that he later used to coat his own cock.

Peter shoot 1 web from each hand that attached to the ceiling, slowly, Peter used the webs to rise himself up before slowly letting his weight down on the toy that breached his entrance easily.

“Fuck” Peter moaned as he felt the toy that still vibrated be swallowed up completely by his ass “Yes Mr. Stark I’m ready for the second round”

Peter pulled the web rising his body, the dildo slowly pulled out before dropping himself hard on it again “Oh god –Mr.Stark!” Peter moaned again repeating the action over and over again.

Then an idea came to his mind. Still rocking his hips back on the toy he reached for the box, accidentally he dropped all his content on the bed, dildos and a few other toys laid in front of him but he was looking for one in special. He found it right way, not like it wasn’t that hard anyway.

The Captain America dildo. The box said that is was molded to be like the real cock with info they presumably got from the experiment back then. Peter knew it was  alie but the toy itself was appealing enough, a 9’ inch dildo, decorated with blue, red and sliver all over it with the star of his shield on the middle.

 “Seems like someone else wants to join” Peter moaned, he grabbed the toy and putting it right in front of him he leaned down opening his mouth and with his tongue out he let a string of saliva on the head before spreading it with one of his hands while the other served as support.

“Mmmm Captain your cock seems so nice” Peter gave a long lick to the toy from the base, when he got to the head he gave a few long strokes before planting at kiss “would you let me suck it please?”

Yes Peter, suck on my cock, he imagined the captain’s voice on his head and without waiting for anything else he started to suck on it.

The toy did not vibrate, or had anything special, but the since of it was a challenge enough, even for Peter. He started to breathe through his nose as he swallowed the thing, saliva dripped from the sides of his mouth and rolled down the toy helping the boy to go further down.

It took him a while but he started to sync his movements, as he pulled the dick out of his mouth he sat on the vibrating toy and likewise. It didn’t take long for Pete to moan like a bitch in heat. The cock swinging between his legs burned, burned from craving touch or release but Peter dared himself to cum without even touching himself.

“mmppgh” Peter moaned into the blue toy coating it with more saliva, his hips moved on their own and his head felt dizzy from the lack of hair and the effort he was using to get some release.

His own cock was leaking dripping all over the sheets forming a little puddle under him; he imagined that those were the real cocks, that Tony was fucking his ass while he sucked at Steve’s cock, stuck between the two males’ muscular bodies, full in both ends.

Steve naked, with his big muscles that made Peter’s mouth water every time, he had jerked off thinking about sucking on those perfects Pecs or licking all that sculptured body.  He imagined them telling him how good he was, how a big slut he was and how much they were going to wreck him and use him anyway they wanted. And with that thought in his mind Peter shouted out loud pulling the blue toy out of his mouth as he shoot loads and loads of cum into his bed.

Peter’s head went white for a moment, his body collapsed with his face right next to the blue, red and silver toy that was still attached to his mouth with trails of his saliva as the red and yellow toy remained inside of him. His breathing was erratic, and it took him around 10 deep breaths to finally get down his high.

“Ow Ow too much” he said lifting his ass and pulling the red and yellow toy that was still on out of him, with a press to the blue button the toy stopped its movements and Peter stayed there, spread out and covered in sweat and cum smiling.

“Mr. Parker” Jarvis spoke causing Peter to jump out scared thinking that someone just busted into his room “You’re expected by Mr. Stark and company at the meeting room of the 7th floor”

“S-sure I’ll be there in a few minutes!” Peter answered trying to remain calm “shit!” Peter ran to the bathroom and grabbing a dry towel he took the cum and sweat of his body before jumping into some fresh clothes


As he rode the elevator to the 7th floor he couldn’t stop but to wonder why he was being called, maybe his first mission as an official avenger? Or maybe something else? Whatever it was Peter was utterly excited to be part of it.

He opened the double wood doors smiling as he got in ”Hey guys what’s up?” the boy asked. The room was dead silent, for some reason every man in there stared at him, some of them with shock and some with something that could only be described as a predatory look. 

“Hey Peter, welcome to your first meeting” Tony stood up “I hope we didn’t interrupt anything”

“No you didn’t! I was just chilling in my room” he tried to play it off, Thor who was closest to the door laughed and Peter blushed a bit without knowing why

“I’m sure you were” Thor said and Peter threw a confused look at him

“Anyway” Tony said with blank eyes at Thor “please take a seat” Peter walked over to the only empty chair between Tony and Steve, Peter stared at the blonde as he made it’s way, Steve who tried hard not to think about the video he just saw on screen of the boy riding and sucking on toys moaning and mentioning him looked at every part of the room but him.

Once peter sat he looked at every face in the room that seemed to be pretty happy for an unknown reason to him “where is Nat and Bruce? Shouldn’t we all be here?”

“Usually they should, but not today, they do not show any interest in the topic and this is a different kind of meeting?” Tony smiled at Pete who looked confused

“I don’t get it, how is this different” the boy asked, Clint spoke this time

“First, we want to apologize if we acted strange this morning” the man said “It’s nothing personal it’s just that it was kinda…awkward for us”

“O-Oh yeah?” Peter swallowed, oh god they knew “wh-why is that?”

“Mr. Stark here told us about what a great time you had with him yesterday” Thor spoke; Peter’s face went completely white for a minute before regaining color and turning in a crimson red. Everyone in the room noticed that and it only made them want to kiss and bend the boy over the table even more

“He did?” Peter asked with his voice a bit higher than usual, he turned to face Tony who just had a big grin on his face

“I thought you wouldn’t mind, after all I told you why we wanted you to be part of the team, right?”

“Ye-yeah right” Peter tried to smile and not to faint from embarrassment, everyone in the room looked at him, even Steve was now staring at the boy, what was worse, it was that his cock started to slowly get hard again on his pants.

“So, to keep things straight” Bucky said “we know you spoke to Tony but we wanted you to tell us as well that you agree”

“Agree on what exactly…?” Peter asked just to make sure they were talking about the same thing

“About us using you” Clint blurted making Peter blush even harder and letting out a tiny whimper that made every man in the room swallow hard and their cock stiff a bit.

“We say it that way but we don’t mean it like that” Steve justified “I mean we will, but with some rules…you know, and to us you’re not an object, you’re a person and we will consider you like that”

“Nice way to coat it up with sugar” Clint laughed

“Let him be Barton” Bucky answered

“As I was saying, we do wanna make sure you know what you’re getting into, and that you’re willing to do it on your own, and not because you feel pressured to do it” the blonde continued

“Oh” Peter took a few breaths, still embarrassed he did his best to answer “I know, and like I told Mr. Stark, I agree with it”

“Are you sure? You’re not doing this because you want us to like you? Or because you feel that we might take you out of the avengers is you decline? Cause if that's the reason I assure you it won’t happen” Steve said unconsciously leaning to Peter

“C’mon Rogers you heard the kid, he agrees and he wasn’t forced to do it” Thor yelled

“Forced?” Peter questioned

“Our friend here thinks that tony went a little to hard on you to get you to do some things” Sam spoke

“God no!” Peter stood up nervous “Mr. Stark has been really kind to me and what happened yesterday was with my full consent!” he said looking at Steve who seemed defeated

“I would like to say I told you so, but I don’t think you even deserve it” tony said smiling at Steve who darted him a deathly look

“Really? Even you recording the encounter and sending it to us was with his consent?!” Steve yelled smashing his fist into the table. The doom stayed death silent and Peter’s mouth turned into a perfect “o”

“Recorded it?” he asked to nobody “Y-you guys watched it?”

No one answered; they all looked from Steve with anger to Tony who seemed too calmed with the situation he caused.

“Yes we did” Steve admitted not more calmed and realizing what a mistake he just made “I’m so sorry we will delete it and-“ he tried to continue but a question from Peter itself cut him out

“What did you guys think of it?” the boy asked taking from surprise every single man in the room

“What did we…think?” Steve whispered slowly trying to process the question

“In my case I really liked it” Clint said smiling at Peter “you really know how to make a show”

“If we are being honest, I liked it too” Bucky said and when Peter looked at him he received a wink from the older man. The others one by one all agreed as well, even Thor gave Peter a praise saying it was pretty intense for a boy from Midgard.

“I’m sorry” Tony said standing up facing at Peter “I should have told you I was doing that, and I had to ask for your permission, are you mad?” he asked

“Honestly, I’m not” Peter said, he would lie if he said he was not a bit turned on right now, the fact that every man in the room watched him ride a cock until his orgasm excited him.

“That leads us to the next topic” Tony said “Rules, we think we should have some rules, you should tell us what are you into and we should tell you what we like so we can all be on the same page and no to do something that could make you feel awkward”

“Sure, that seems like the best thing to do” the boy said

“So, what do you like?” Sam asked and Peter licked his lips before answering, it was the first time someone asked him that kind of question.

“Have in mind that none of us will judge you whatever you say, we are all humans and we should not be ashamed of what we like” Steve assured the boy, for a moment Peter thought Steve was really doing an effort to make things comfortable

All eyes were fixed on Peter, and having to admit all the things that turned him on in front of his heroes was something else. But, If he wanted this agreement to work he had to do it.

“Well…” he took a deep breath, his voice sounded a lot more secure now “I haven’t done a lot, I lost my virginity to a guy in high school and since then the only experience I have is with occasional hookups or with some toys I have”

“Alright, that good, but do you have anything in mind?” Clint asked

“I do…Okay, so I kinda of like rough sex?” the boy said “I have seen it in porn videos and it really turns me on when  a guy is fucked hard or manhandled” Thor emitted a low sound between a grunt and a moan that made Peter turn his eyes to him

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself after hearing that, I’m sure we and specially me will help you out with that, please continue” Thor said making Peter blush and smile

“I have a bit of a daddy kind I guess” Peter said and every man in the room had to remove in their seats, this kid had not done anything and they were already under his spell “and well I’m fine with us recording our encounters that okay for me”

"Speaking of that, you should know we saw what you were up to in your room not too long ago" Bucky said, Peter's eyes went wide looking at Steve who glanced back with a grin

"It was quite instructive and entertaining" the blonde winked at Peter who bit his lip and tried ot do his best not to jump right into the table and ask to be fucked.

“Anything else?” Tony asked with interest, they all wanted to know what was going down the boy’s head, what fantasies did he had and how much fantasies they could create with him.

“I’m also okay with public sex, or…I don’t know how to say it, when Mr. Stark called me a slut and asked me and made me beg, I liked that”

There was now an obvious bulge on every of the men pants, even Peter was fully hard under his clothes. “that's nice, we can also do that” Steve spoke, surprising Peter “don’t take for an innocent man, I myself have some kinks on my own”

Peter and the rest laughed “I’ll be glad to help you with them, oh and I’m okay with threesomes or even group sex, that’s something that I always wanted to try”

Thor raised his hammer with joy “He hasn’t taken every one of us here and he already talks about taking all of us at the same time, just fantastic” Peter blushed and the guys teased for a bit laughing and throwing some comments until Peter assured that was really it.

“Okay then, we shall discuss some stuff later, and we will make sure you know what we like once you get to know each one of us…individually” Steve said smiling at Peter nodded a bit too overexcited “You have any question?”

“Only one” Peter made sure to give them the best devilish smile he could biting his lower lip “who’s next?”

Chapter Text

The next few days went really fast and pretty normal. The guys agreed that what they discussed would stay between them, but Tony said that maybe he would tell some of the other Avengers to see if they would like to be part of it too.

At those words Peter couldn’t hide the smile that appeared on his face, he just accepted to be the Avengers slut. Shit, Peter laughed at the turn of events, he used to jerk off thinking about his favorite heroes and now he could try it for real this time. But there was a tiny little problem…after Tony none of the others has fucked him yet.

It’s been 5 days and even though Peter thought he would have fucked with all of them by now Tony was the only name crossed on his list. In the common room Peter always try to be flirty, shooting smiles and batting his eyes at them earning a few smiles and touches from the men but no more than that.

It was starting to become frustrating, that was until Thor finally decided to take the first step. That morning they were all at the common room of the tower, Clint and Natasha were on a mission somewhere, Cap, Tony and Bucky watched TV while Peter stood in the kitchen serving himself some ice cream when the thunder god came to him.

“Hey kid” Thor said, his blonde hair falling on his shoulder with a radiant smile that could met his ice cream. He grabbed Peter by the waist and pulled him closer, a hand on his lower back while the other caressed the cheek of the younger boy “I’m gonna go home for a few hours, when I return I would like to have some time alone with you” Thor pulled Peter so their crotches rubbed, Peter was hard and Thor grinned knowing that it only took a few words to make the other boy gasp for air. “Is that ok?”

The other guys were aware and could clearly hear what was happening in the kitchen throwing quick glances to see what was happening before turning to the movie again.

“Yes sir” Peter said trying to play it cool, Thor smiled, the blonde took the spoon full of ice cream and fed the boy with it, he made sure to drop some on Peter’s lips.

“Sorry, let me clean it up” before Peter knew what was happening Thor leaned over and licked the drops of ice cream from his lips, Peter was aware that his face was bright red which only made the man want to do more things to him. “Wait for me and no touching yourself” the god winked at him before leaving the room.

Peter stood there, still shocked, his cock full hard on his trousers, he felt stupid, Thor didn’t do anything and he needed a jack off right now.

“You okay kid?” Tony asked

“Uh yeah” Peter smiled “I’ll just go back to my room” he said practically running away from embarrassment

“God” Bucky laughed “did you see how hard he was?”

“Thor knows how to tease, I’ll give him that” Steve said with a serious expression

“Do I sense a bit of jealousy in your voice?” Tony teased the blonde who couldn’t control the fact that his cheeks turned a bit pink

“Oh shit you are jealous” Bucky laughed harder, Steve turned to face his friend punching him in the metal arm “hey hey, no need to get violent, we all got our turns, you’re just sad you’re the last one”

“Whatever” Steve rolled his eyes leaning back on the couch “I don’t care who goes first, and I still don’t think that was a good idea”

“You didn’t say anything when I suggested the idea of taking turns, you all picked your numbers by yourselves” Tony added earning a cold stare from Steve “It was pure luck”

“Besides, its better this way, otherwise we would be throwing ourselves onto him this way we all get the chance to enjoy him”

“If you say so” Steve said not really excited about the topic. Bucky slowly moved closer to Steve, he ran a hand from the blonde’s stomach up to his strong chest; Steve closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of Bucky’s metal arm.

“You know” Bucky stopped his hand on Steve’s pec squeezing and rubbing around. “If you’re feeling frustrated we can always do other stuff to release that energy”

Steve opened his eyes, a big grin on his face “Do you have anything in mind?” Bucky had his hand under the shirt now; Steve could feel the cold metal directly on his right nipple as the brunette pulled it and squeezed it.

“I have a few ideas” Bucky leaned and they kissed. The kiss was slow, and sloppy, their tongues and lips making a wet loud sound each time they moved.

“C’mon go get a room there are many here!” Tony complained not being part of the action

“Now who is the jealous one?” Steve asked once they broke the kiss “let’s go” Steve grabbed Bucky’s hand and the two guys walked out of the room.

“Well then” tony grabbed the remote and with a few buttons he changed the channel to a live broadcast of Steve’s room, the two guys just got inside, their clothes thrown away quickly as they clashed their mouths. Tony smiled, his hand palming his hard cock through the fabric. Showtime.


It was sunny in Asgard that day; Heimdall told Thor where he could find his brother. “He is in his chambers your highness” A smile appeared on the gatekeepers face “Although I must tell you, he has company”

“My brother never changes” Thor said before flying off with his hammer to the palace. Thor walked down the aisles of the palace, greeting the servants and soldiers he met on the way to Loki’s room.

He didn’t knock, and even if he did he knew Loki wouldn’t hear it or care. Opening the door slowly Thor walked into the room; the place was big and decorated with green curtains and gold rings and patterns. Thor didn’t make any sound trying to hide his presence; he smiled when he finally saw  his dear bother on all fours on the king size bed, two soldiers spit roasting him.

From this angle Loki looked so perfect, his pale but sculpted body moved with sync pushing back and forward, his cheeks flushed and his hair waving as he went down on the cock offered to him. Loki couldn’t speak but the room was filled with moans and sounds of pleasure that came out of him and the 2 men.  Thor felt his cock get hard in his pants, in any other day he would have come in order the soldiers to leave and fuck his brother into oblivion, but he was saving himself for the Spider-kid in Midgard.

“Your highness –ugh-! I’m gonna cum” the solider fucking Loki’s mouth said. The raven haired guy moaned around the cock, and with a sudden loud moan Thor watched as the man spilled his seed on his brother’s mouth. Loki, being skilled as he is, gracefully swallowed the whole load that filled his mouth. The other soldier panted, his trusts becoming erratic and with 3 hard movements of his hips he filled Loki’s ass.

Both soldiers were out of breath, Loki moved slowly but with a lot of grace, he pulled the cock out of him and licked his lips. Walking over to a table beside his bed he served a cup of wine “Thank you for your service” he snapped his fingers and both soldiers were fully dressed “you can go now”

Both men walked fast without saying any word, as always Loki was known for using his soldiers as sex toys, that why most of the men always offered to keep the black haired prince safe

“How much time do you plan to hide brother?” Loki asked sipping on the wine

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your activities” Thor said steeping out of the curtains, Loki smiled at him “since when did you know I was there?”

“Since you walked through that door” Loki threw his arms around Thor’s neck and pulled the blonde into a kiss “did you enjoy it?”

“I did, you enjoy being watched don’t you?” Thor asked earning a little laugh from his brother

“No need to ask what you already know” Loki kissed his brother one more time before walking to his bed. “What brings you here? I thought you were staying for another week with your friends”

“I am, I came here to grab a few things” Thor served himself a cup of wine too “do you remember that one story you told me about your time with the light elves? The one with the incense that according to you made you have one of the best times of your life”

“Yeah, I remember, my ass was so full of cum I couldn’t walk without spilling loads of cum onto their floor” Loki laughed playfully “Anyway, why are you asking for that?”

“I was wondering if you had any of it, and in that case if you could lend me some” the blonde said taking a sit in a chair in front of his still naked brother

“Really? I never took you as the kind of guy that used that kind of stuff, as far as I know you are pretty capable on your own”

 “It’s not for me, I want to use it so a friend of mine” Thor explained

“Is it the blonde with the shield?” Loki asked “he is a real man but when I met him he seemed really repressed”

“No it’s not for him, but I think Steve could use some too” Thor said “It’s for the Spider kid”

“Him?” Loki laughed “I don’t know why but I feel that he might enjoy your company without any need of my tricks”

“I’m sure of that, but I intend to make him feel as good as possible, and maybe with your help he might be able to lose any inhibition with us”

Loki stared at his brother laying a tender hand on his face “you’re so kind and generous” Loki snapped his fingers and a golden vase appeared on his hand. It was round and small, with a few gems on it for decoration.

“Before I give you this” Loki said “You need to understand what It does, this thing makes anyone who smells it loose any inhibition, that makes us fall for any deep hidden desire we have, it also intensifies any touch, feeling and your libido making you able to fuck continuously for hours. In some cases, it can turn a men like you into a wild driven stallion, or in my case, a whore with an insatiable desire for cock” he made a pause and stared directly into Thor’s eyes “Are you still sure you want to use this?”

Thor thought about it for a minute, but at the end what his brother said didn’t change his mind “I’m sure”

“Well then” Loki gave Thor the golden vase “when you want to use it just tap 3 times on the Emerald, that way it will start to release the scent, and when you want it to stop just tap 3 times into the ruby. The vase is enchanted so the scent will stop unless to do it, did you understand?”

“Yes brother” Thor said

“Now, do you want to stay for a bit longer?” Loki asked spreading his legs as he spoke. Thor had a good view of his brother’s pink hole; some of the soldiers cum started to leak out.

“As much as I would like to stay” Thor said giving Loki a quick kiss “I have someone waiting for me, I have to talk to mom and dad too so I better get going”

Loki rolled his eyes but smiled “Fine then, make sure to visit me more often”

“I will brother” Thor stood up and started his way to the door when Loki called for him

“Before you leave, can you please send some soldiers?” The raven haired boy asked, Thor shook his head smiling

“Of course, anything for you” Thor said before leaving to Midgard and to Peter.


It’s been around and hour and a half since Thor left a frustrated Peter on Earth. For some reason Peter was anxious and excited at the same time, he was curious about how was it going to be a god as Thor. His mind wandered about it, asking himself if the size of his cock would be bigger than average or just normal.

He screamed on his pillow with frustration, he was so impatient to get something from any of them and now he had to wait. Two knocks on his bedroom door made the boy turn around “Come in!” he yelled.

Tony came In “Hey kid, blondie just came back and is waiting for you at his bedroom”

“He is?” Peter asked a bit too over excited “I mean, he is?” he tried to ask more clamed, Tony laughed, god this kid was really eager for some cock.

“Go, I’m sure you’ve been waiting long enough” Peter stood up his bed and ran past Tony muttering a quick thank you. Once in front of the god’s room, Peter was nervous, his cock semi-hard in anticipation of what was going to happen.

He knocked on the door 3 times, he heard the man inside tell him to come in, before taking a deep breath Peter went inside.

The first thing that stroke Peter was the smell of the room, it was sweet and one of the most delicious things, he took a deep breath and his brain relaxed instantaneously. The second thing was the decoration, for an asgardian god the place was decorated with pretty modern stuff, the only out of place thing being the hammer on the bedside and a flag with what Peter assumed was the Asgard shield on it.

“Hey Peter” Thor said from the bed, he was shirtless showing off his amazing body a sight that made part of Peter’s fantasies for so long. “Sorry it took me too long; I hope I didn’t keep you waiting”

“No-not at all” Peter smiled “I’m glad you’re here”

“Take your clothes off” Thor said, I was not an order but Peter didn’t hesitate, slowly Peter took off his shirt and dropped his shorts along with his trousers, his cock hanging between his legs starting to rise

“I’m sorry I’m a bit excited” Peter joked, Thor stood up, and walked over to Peter, he turned the boy around and ran a hand from the back of his neck to Peter’s butt. The smooth hand caressed his butt, never squeezing it just sliding on his skin. Peter felt Thor’s mouth on his neck and a moan left his mouth. Thor’s hand still caressed Peter’s backside, the other one that gripped the younger boy’s hip made its way to the hard cock.

Peter swallowed hard, the hand gripped his cock moved painfully slow, his cock leaked a tiny drop of pre-cum and he had to take a few deep breaths so he would not fall. God he wanted to be fucked so hard…

“S-Sir” Peter tried to say but Thor hushed him

“Quit boy, not yet, lay on your belly on the bed” Thor ordered and Peter threw himself on the bed. The turned to see Thor taking of his pants and he was happy to see that he was right about gods, they really had big cocks. Thor looked for something on his nightstand, a bottle of oil to be specific; once he found it he smiled at Peter who was rocking his hips on the sheets trying to get some friction on his cock.

“Don’t be impatient” Thor got on the bet and took a seat behind Peter, both of his strong legs keeping the boy in place, he opened the bottle and squeezed a great amount of oil on the boy’s back and butt, he rubbed some of it on his hands and threw the bottle to the side “just relax”

Peter felt 2 strong hands rub his shoulders; they massaged his muscles and made their way to his back. If Thor wasn’t a god he could earn millions with those talented hands.

“Damn you’re really good” Peter said feeling of the tension left his body, every touch of Thor’s hard felt so good against his skin, even the sheets started to feel good against him, he turned his head and something caught up his attention “What is that?” he said pointing at a golden vase that released a thin layer of smoke

“Oh, that’s a gift, it’s a vase with incense, I love the smell and it really helps me to relax you know?” The blonde said with a devilish grin

“Yeah, smells good” Peter said, his head felt a bit dizzy, Thor’s fingers rubbed his lower was and every touch sent a strong sensation of pleasure right to Peter’s cock “Fuck” Peter moaned lowly but the god heard him.

“Are you enjoying it?” he asked

“God yes” Peter said, his eyes closed, for some reason everything that was touching him felt so good, his cock was leaking and all he wanted was to have the blonde touch all of his body

“I’m really glad” Thor moved his hands lower, they gripped the voluptuous cheeks and Peter let out a loud groan. Thor’s cock was hard, he was aware of his body getting more sensitive and he knew the incense was staring to work on both of them,

The boy squeals in delight when Thor squeezes and spreads his butt. His hole is bare, opening and closing and begging for some contact and Thor is so pleased with himself.

Peter can’t think straight anymore, when he feels the wave of air on his hole he suddenly feels so needy, so empty, like if there is an itch that need to be scratched so hard.

“Mmmugh please sir” Peter lets out the words

“So impatient” Thor smiled “what do you want sweetie?”

“Please fuck me, please please, just shove your giant cock in me” Peter doesn’t know why he is saying those stuff, he has seen and done dirty talk but for some reason this is more than that, there is truly need on his words.

“Not yet, I want to taste you first” Thor grabbed Peter’s hips and with an incredible strength he turns the boy on his back. Peter moans at the action, the roughness only making him more excited. Thor lays his naked body on top of the boy; their cocks rubbing together and Peter can’t help but to be aware the different of the sizes.

Peter opens his mouth to beg but Thor shoves his tongue inside. They kiss and Peter lets the god take full control of the kiss, the wet noises of their tongues fill the room. Thor breaks the kiss and wildly starts to kiss his way down to Peter’s nipples, he takes one in his mouth and start to suck and bite on it. Peter body shakes with pleasure, for some reason his nipples have never felt so good, his cock twitches every time Thor pulls on them and his ass is now gaping for something to fill him.

“Agh! Please” Peter closes his eyes and throws his head back on the sheets, Thor has taken Peter’s manhood into his mouth and quickly bobs his head up and down. Peter can’t take it anymore; he doesn’t even try to stop the orgasm, so he just screams grabbing Thor by his hair as his body shakes shooting streams of cum into the god’s mouth.

Thor takes every shoot of cum trying to imitate what Loki did with him, but instead of swallowing he keeps it in his mouth. Pulling the cock out of his mouth the blonde goes up again and grabs Peter face, without saying anything Peter opens his mouth and Thor spits the cum into it. Peter tastes himself, is sweet, and delicious, cum has never tasted better, he lick around his lips taking the drops of cum that dripped out and Thor leans in for a kiss.

They pass around Peter’s cum from mouth to mouth enjoying the taste, Peter’s itch on his cock has faded but he is still hard a rock, and now the itch moves to his ass. Peter breaks the kiss and looks at Thor, tears are rolling from his eyes as he speaks

“Please sir, please touch my ass” Peter sobs “fuck I need it please just touch me”

Thor looks at Peter and he feels like a lion about to jump to its prey, he licks his lips and kisses the boy one last time before going down again

“Anything for my princess” he says, Peter spreads his legs grabbing both of his feet so Thor has a better access. His hole is puffy and Thor has to take a good look a it because the hole basically opening and closing. Thor spits on it and without any warning he goes down, he gives a quick lick that makes Peter moan loudly, god the boy is feeling so good right now; Thor starts to lick around the hole teasing it, letting the sphincter close around his tongue before pulling it out.

Peter is a mess, he is looking down at Thor who meets its stare and they look at each other as Thor finally gives the boy a sweet sensation when he starts to push his tongue inside him.

“God! Yes!” Peter moans, his legs around Thor’s head pushing his further into him, the tongue gives him a sweet release of the itch inside of him, his cock is leaking again and he doesn’t know how but his stomach has a little pool of pre-cum.

Thor does it for a while enjoying the taste, he even starts to push one and 2 fingers in until he realizes the itch on his own and decides he has done enough for the kid.

Thor pushes the legs around him away and he stands up. Peter’s eyes lock immediately on the 9 inches of cock that stands hard and leaking in front of him. Thor’s mind it’s starting to fade into the effects of the incense and he gives his cock a few strokes grunting at the feeling.

“Please sir let me help you!”

“You wanna suck it princess?” Thor asks petting Peter’s hair “Wanna make your king feel good? Wanna taste your king’s seed?”

“Yes please!” Peter begs going along with the role-play, he doesn’t care; all he knows right now is that he needs to have that cock in his mouth. Peter moves and lays on all 4 on the bed. He opens his mouth and puts just the head of Thor’s cock inside his mouth, he wants to take it slow since he’s never had such a big cock inside his mouth before but Thor has other plans.

The grip on Peter’s hair changes, Thor is pulling as much hair as he cans and without warning he shoves his whole length inside Peter’s mouth. The boy tries to scream, but the cock is so deep inside his throat that the only sound that comes out is a grunt. He has tears rolling down his cheeks, his face is reed and he gags dripping saliva and pre-cum from the sides of his mouth. Peter tries to pull out to have some air, but Thor’s grip is too strong and keeps his still with his cock deep inside the boy’s head.

“Fucking take it slut” Thor yells before grunting like an animal “Isn’t this what you wanted?” Peter moans in response, every word sends shivers down his spine, he tries to breathe through his nose and after a few failed attempts he finally gets the hang of it.

“That’s it; didn’t you want to be used? To be my slut? You begged for my cock so now take it!!” Thor pulls his cock out until just the tip of his cock remains inside and with a hard trust he shoves all the way back in. Peter cums untouched, he shoots a great amount of cum all over the sheets. Thor smiles seeing the boy ride through his second orgasm of the day. But the god starts to grow impatient and after 1 minutes he starts to rock his hips with the same intensity than before

Peter’s throat is on fire but he doesn’t care, the cock tastes so good and the pre-cum in his mouth is the most delicious thing he has ever tasted. He is crying and gagging and when Thor looks down on him all he sees is a complete mess of tears and saliva.

“Wanna ride me? Wanna have the whole thing inside you?” Thor asks and Peter’s eyes spark up, he looks up at Thor with his cock still in his mouth and start to moan like a bitch in heat. Thor pulls his cock out of Peter’s mouth and he smiles watching the whole length wet and ready, with his right hand he rubs his thumb on Peter’s cheek drying a few of its tears “that’s my boy”

Thor moves and now sits with his back on the head of the bed, he spreads his legs and Peter starts to salivate at the sight, the god has never looked so gorgeous before, he wants to touch all his body, to feel it, lick it, but his mind is focused on having that cock deep into him.

Peter walks and stands on the beds, slowly; he puts both legs around Thor and grabs his cock and places the tip so it rubs on his hole, Peter moans, finally receiving some relieve on his gaping hole.

“Sorry princess but I’m also eager” Thor lays a hand on Peter stomach and another at his hips and pushes the boy down on his cock. Peter screams in both pain and pleasure as the member breaches in, his walls allow the intrusion easily and his whole ass clenches around it all while Thor gives a roar of pleasure.

Peter runs out of air once the whole thing is in, it hurts a bit, but in a matter of seconds he finds himself rolling his hips so the cock moves inside of him.

“God never had felt so good” Peter says once he recovers his breathe, his head is spinning and the only thing he is certain about is that the cock inside of him is finally reaching that urgent spot inside him.

“C’mon baby ride me” Thor orders, he puts his hands on the back of his head and Peter moans taking a look good at the muscles of the god. The young boy lays his hands on the blonde’s shoulders and once he find a good position he starts to bounce of the cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” Peter groans every time it shoves back in “fuck me, fuck me, please”

“There you go feels good to be filled by my cock” Thor moans, his hands move to have a hard grip on Peter’s hips that will sure leave a mark.

“Please daddy, please” Peter begins to beg, his legs getting tired of the movements but still working on it.

“As you wish” Thor suddenly stands up and pushes Peter down on the bed, the movement pushes even more of Thor inside Peter and Thor start to rock his hips at and inhuman speed and strength. Their bodies on fire, the touch of skin against skin was amazing and Peter coulnd't believe how lucky he was to be fucking the god of thunder.

“FUUUUUCK!!!” Peter yells with pleasure, each trust pounds directly at his prostate and his cock is grateful for it. “OH DADDY! GOD!”

“Fuck yeah scream! How does it feel huh?” Thor spanks Peter which makes his hole clench around his cock “how does it feel to be fucked by the mighty Thor?!”

“Fuck is so good!” Peter moans, tears on its eyes, he has never felt so good, his own hands rub all over his body and when he tries to touch his cock Thor slaps his hand away

“Don’t’ even fucking think about it!” Thor yells, his trust grow in intensity “you will cum just from my cock, you understand!?”

“Yes daddy!” Fuck, I’m so close! Harder please!” Peter yells

Thor looks at Peter; he takes that sentence as a dare. With all the stamina left Thor gives the panting boy what he asks.

“Fuck you’re so fucking good” Thor says between groans “you’re getting me close, where do you want it?”

“Inside of me!” Peter yells without thinking “fill me up with your seed! Fill my cunt with it!”

Thor is shocked when he hears it but he smiles “so now you’re a woman? Then let me fill this cunt with my kids then” He gives a long hard and final trust that drives Peter over the edge, his eyes roll to the back of its head and he shouts, the third orgasm of that day becomes the most intense orgasm Peter has ever had in his life, his cock spurts loads and loads of cum all over him, some landing on his hair and face and a few drops even land on Thor.

When Peter cum his ass clenches around Thor’s cock, and the god can’t take it anymore and he shoot around 8 streams of his seed inside the boy. Thor gives a loud roar, like a lion and he doesn’t even care that the others listen and he is sure they do. His grip on Peter’s hips so hard it leaves bruises and when he finally comes down from his high he lets go of Peter who collapses on the bed.

Peter is breathing hard, his eyes are open but he can only see dots and colors, he feels so good, the cum inside him leaks out slowly from his hole and he clenches his ass to keep it inside.

Thor lays on top of him and they kiss, they bite, lick and moan around each other and before they realize their cocks are getting hard again.

“Wanna go for another ride?” Thor asks and Peter who is still dizzy gives his the most genuine smile

“Yes please!” Thor kisses him, his eyes go to the vase that stills spread the sweet aroma around the room, he thinks about turning it off but at the end he decides not to do it and makes a mental note to give Loki a great reward for this when he goes back to Asgard.

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Peter was a big fan of rough sex, when looking for porn to jerk off he would always choose the videos where the big guy hammers his dick onto a little twink, something about it seemed so exciting. He had tons of sex, and when the Avengers asked to have sex with him he never imagined that his ass would get so sore from it, not that he was complaining or anything.

Thor was an animal, they had sex for hours, trying every single position they remembered. The man was everything Peter ever dreamt in a guy, he was big, really big, muscles and a face to die for, and his cock, god, there were no words to describe how good It was. He only fucked with 2 guys of the team, but Thor was by far his favorite.

The next few days Peter had to make an effort to walk normally, everybody noticed it, and Thor would smile with a devilish grin proud of what he did.

“You broke him” Clint said one time Peter sat down on the couch and complained of the pain.

“What can I say, I’m a god, and the kid wanted it, right?” the blonde asked Peter who blushed but smiled at him

“Nothing made me happier than your cock sir”

“Sir?” Clint raised an eyebrow “now we’re calling names? Thor laughed; he enjoyed making the others jealous.

After he was done with Peter he was well aware that the rest would see the recordings. Steve was angry at him, saying that the god was too rough with Peter. Tony would not speak about it, not being able to handle the fact that the kid seemed to have a better time with Thor than with him. Clint and Bucky on the other hand praised the man, saying that they wanted to wreck the boy too.

Thor raised his shoulders “Can’t blame the kid, he can’t get enough of me, come here baby”

Peter stood up from his sit, and walked over to Thor, the god spread his legs and Peter took a sit on his lap, the blonde grabbed Peter by his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. Peter let the man take control and opened his eyes for a sec to see Clint staring at them with a grin. Clint made eye contact with the boy and gave him a wink before palming himself through his pants. Peter moaned into the kiss before they broke it when they ran out of air.

“Why don’t you get us some ice cream?” Thor said rubbing his hand on Peter’s lower back, the boy could feel Thor’s cock under him, and his own manhood started to harden in his shorts.

“Of course sir, I’ll be back in a minute“ he stood up from his comfortable place and left the 2 men in the room.

“I gotta say the kid is a real sight” Clint claimed while giving his cock a few squeezes.

“And you haven’t seen him taking cock, the videos don’t make him any justice” Thor raised his glass before taking a sip “even the gods of Asgard would beg for a night with him”

“I’ll keep that in mind when I give it to him” Clint answered

“Right, it’s your turn now, you’re a man of plans, what do you have in mind for him?” Thor asked with curiosity, Clint had a lot of talent when it came to punishment and torture, and Natasha once said that Clint had the same creativity in sex.

“Not really, I do have some ideas, but still don’t know which one I’ll use”

“Whatever you do, I’m sure he’ll like it, but don’t think you can beat me” Thor laughed, Clint smiled too

“Well I don’t have any magic to help me out but I’m pretty sure I’ll make the kid call me sir when I’m done with him”

Thor who was drinking from his glass started to cough “Y-you..I don’t know what you’re talking about” Clint laughed this time

“I saw the recording. That golden vase you had. I’m not a specialist in magic or in Asgard stuff, but I know you and your brother have some tricks, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you used any”

Thor stared at his ally for a few seconds “Are you going to tell on me?”

“Nah, I don’t know what you did, but the kid enjoyed it, and I won’t lie, I enjoyed watching you both. Besides, I don’t want to hear Steve give us a sermon about us using magic or tricks on the kid”

Thro nodded and Peter came into the room with 2 cups full of ice cream

“Here, I didn’t know which flavor you liked so I brought strawberry, vanilla and chocolate” he handed the cup to the god, Peter turned and gave the second one to Clint “here, I got you one too”

“Thanks sweetheart” Clint took the cup and made sure their fingers touched.

“Let’s go Pete” Thor stood up taking Peter by his hand

“Where are we going?” the boy asked

“To your room” Thor leaned closer and whispered into the boy’s ear “I want you to lick the ice cream off my body, and maybe if you’re nice I’ll lick some of yours too”

Peter smiled “anything you want sir”


Tony was really jealous. He was known as a playboy among the ladies and the guys, and the fact that the kid whom he saw as a protégée seemed so head over heels with another man made him feel uneasy. He knew he wasn’t supposed to feel that way, after all he was the one who brought the idea to use the kid as their personal slut, but he really thought the kid would be obsessed with him like he was normally.

A sudden hard trust made Tony come back to reality, a curse left his mouth and when he looked at Steve he was greeted with a big grin

“Sorry, I thought you said you wanted it rough” the blonde said pulling his cock out of Tony before slamming it back in with an incredible amount of strength

Tony closed his eyes, the cock inside him reaching for that spot that made his cock twitch each time “guess I had it coming”

“You seem distant, is something wrong?” Steve asked while pulling his cock in and out of the other man whose mind was not focused on Peter anymore.

“agh! Y-yes but let’s discuss it later” Tony wrapped his legs around Steve’s strong legs pulling him closer “fuck keep going!”

Steve smiled; one of his favorite things in the world was seeing Tony like this, on his back, legs around him, panting as he took a hard cock inside. The millionaire acted so tough, so manly while in the bedroom (or any other place) he would beg for Steve to fuck him.

“Like this?” Steve asked faking innocence as he snapped his hips in hard long trusts. Tony cursed each time but the biting on his lips told Steve that he was doing an excellent job.

“God, Steve!” Tony moaned, he stared at the blonde, he stared specially at the man’s chest, the super-serum made him so ripped, his pecs got so big over time, they bounced with each trust and Tony stared at them open mouthed wanting them inside his mouth.

Tony reached for them; he started to grip the big muscles before turning his attention to the pink nipples. Steve moaned, everybody knew how much Steve loved foreplay, especially when it came to his nipples.

Steve, now really decided to make Tony cum, took a deep breath before using all his stamina to rock his hips on a fast pace, now instead of pulling all the way out he only pulled his cock mid-way before pushing back in, he was ravaging Tony’s ass and the brunette loved it. No words were spoken, just the sound of Steve balls slamming against Tony’s ass and the moans of both guys.

Tony felt his orgasm approach, Steve could also feel it and the walls around his cock started to contract and being the kind man he was he took Tony’s cock with his hand and started to jerk him off at the pace of his trusts.

Not being able to bear it anymore, Tony screamed shooting a good 4 ropes of cum all over him and Steve’s hand. Steve closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, 3 trusts were just enough for him and he shoot his load on the condom inside of Tony.

Steve collapsed on top of Tony, his broad shoulders covering the other man. Their chest rising at the time of their breathing, Steve let out a big laugh before pulling Tony for a kiss.

“That was awesome, as always” The blonde said kissing Tony again before lowering down to his neck.

Tony grabbed Steve’s hand and gave it a small kiss “thank you, I really needed that cap”

“Now, will you tell me what’s wrong?” Steve asked

“The kiddo, I can’t help but to feel quite jealous” Steve laughed and Tony stared at him angry

“Sorry, it’s just that I was right” Steve slowly pulled out of Tony who moaned at the sudden emptiness.

“That doesn’t help me at all” Tony said going for a towel to dry the sweat and cum off him

“Here” Steve handed him the towel “You were the one who said to share him, now deal with the consequences” he pulled the condom off his cock and made a little knot keeping the cum inside

“What are you doing with that?” Tony asked curious about what he was doing

“A little something for latter, you’ll see” Steve said smiling at the cum “anyway, going back to Peter, if you’re so uneasy, why don’t you try to redeem yourself, fuck the kid again, but this time give it your all”

Tony stared at Capt with a smile “Now look at you, you were hesitant to use the kid and now you tell me to fuck his brains out, kinda of a hypocrite don’t you think?”

Steve shook his head “I guess, but you were right, the kid loves it, and we also do, so why not, I’m still hesitant on going too hard on him, but…” he raised his shoulders

“I guess you’re right...and I have something in mind” Tony said with a devilish grin

“As long as it’s not too hardcore I’m hoping to see it” the blonde said getting dressed.


Peter pressed the buttons as his life depend on it, he screamed at the character who jumped but was still struck by the giant sword and the screen of the TV turned red showing the word “GAME OVER” all over it.

“Shit!” Peter yelled standing up the couch and throwing the PS4 controller on the fluff carpet of the towers living room. “damn” he said to himself once he calmed down.

“What a dirty little mouth” Clint said leaning on the door frame, Peter turned around surprised “you had to jump 2 seconds earlier”

Peter rolled his eyes “I know” he dropped himself on the couch “god, It took me so long to get so far and still” Peter closed his eyes and his shoulders stiffed when he felt a pair of hands rub on his shoulder blades and neck

“You need to relax kid” Clint said as he slowly massaged the boy “are you feeling good”

“Uh yeah” Peter moved on the couch so Clint had a better access “wow you’re really good with your hands”

“Oh and you haven’t seen anything” he stopped and smiled at Peter “what do you say if we go out, maybe get some pizza, just you and me”

“Really?” Peter asked surprised “sure, let me go get dressed” Peter stood up but Clint dragged him down again from his shoulders

“Oh one thing, I have something for you, a gift, maybe I could give it to you before we leave” the man said, Peter’s face lit up with curiosity and emotion

“A gift?” the boy repeated “what is it?”

“If I tell you it won’t be a surprise” Clint smiled, he reached for the boys hand and he pulled him up “let’s go to my room”

“Sure” Peter let himself be pulled by the man into the hallway that led to each one of their rooms “I always wondered how each one of your rooms is”

“Is that so? How many of them have you seen so far?”

“Just 2, Mr. Stark’s and Thor’s” Peter answered

“I see, well mine is not the big deal” they stopped in front of a door that after Clint shoved a card inside opened and showed a pretty average room.

For a skilled assassin the room was exactly like Clint said, average, it had decent decoration and it was nice but there was not a single thing that you could say that belonged to Clint, no photos, posters, just plain decoration.

“Wow, its normal” Peter said, and Clint laughed “I don’t mean it in a wrong way, it’s just that it feels, so…impersonal”

“I guess, but I like it that way” Clint sat in a leather chair “how’s your room?”

“Well it’s normal I guess, not to different from this, but I have a few posters and stuff”

“Sounds nice, I’ll see it later tonight” Clint said with confidence which made think of the word smooth.

“S-sure” Peter sat on the bed, and stared at his hands unsure of what to do

“Oh, I totally forgot, your gift” Clint stoop up, he walked to his closet and walked in, Peter tried to see where the man went but before he could Clint came out with a black box and a red ribbon.

“Here it is” Clint said happily “Now, before I give it you, undress and turn around, your ass in the air”

Peter’s eyes went wide, he knew maybe this was the way things would turn out but the way Clint said it so easily like it was nothing

“I’m sorry, what?” Peter answered pretty much aware of what the man said.

“Undress, turn around, and put your ass in the air” Clint said, but this time his voice was deep, more authoritarian, and the look on his eyes was more wild, Peter felt like a little mouse being watched by a cat that would jump any minute now to eat him, and he was not wrong.

“Did I stutter? Or should I force you somehow?” Clint took a few steps closer, a severe look and Peter had to admit that even though he felt intimidated he enjoyed being ordered around


“No what?” Clint raised an eyebrow “didn’t hear you finish that sentence”

“No…sir” Peter asked earning a nod from Clint.

“Good, have in mind that if you don’t address appropriately to me you’ll be punished” the man said as Peter undressed and got in the position asked. Clint admired the boy’s body, god, for such a young age he had a really nice body.

“Yes I won’t forget” Peter said and after a few seconds he realized he just forgot “wa-wait I know I..” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before a loud smack was heard across the room. Peter felt his right butt-cheek on fire, he hissed but a few seconds later the sensation changed to a bit pleasant pain.

“Sorry, I told you” Clint rubbed his hand in circles a few times right where the red mark started to appear “I hope you don’t forget It now” Peter didn’t talk at first  so Clint gripped hard the butt-cheek earning a half moan and grunt from the boy “answer”

“I won’t forget sir” Peter said, he felt Clint’s grip soften and turn again into slow circles

“Very good, now, your gift, you see I’ve been told and also seen that you have a thing for toys, so I decided to give you one, open it” Clint handed the box to Peter who didn’t wait to tear the ribbon and open it.

“Oh” Peter stared at the content, a dildo that seemed like a pretty much realistic cock made of black plastic, there were a few little stuff around that peter recognized as a remote and some batteries “wow this has really a lot of details” Peter said taking the 8 inches dildo and seeing amazed at the veins and the carefully made details.

“Do you like it?” Clint asked hopefully

“Yes sir” Peter ran a hand through the plastic; it was indeed a good gift.

“Glad you did, a thing you should know” Clint gripped his groin “It’s made after my cock”

“What?” Peter asked shocked and Clint smiled at him, Peter didn’t know when but he was now aware of the finger rubbing circles around his hole

“Yes, I made it for you, so whenever you feel lonely and I’m not there to help you out, you can use it and think of me every time, don’t you love it?” he asked pushing the tip of his finger a bit against his ass.

“Yes sir I do” Peter smiled, his cock was hard against the sheets, Clint never pushed more than the tip of his finger but the sensation was pretty pleasant.

“Perfect, now, why don’t you suck it? I want it real wet; can you do that for me?”

“Yes sir” Peter said, he felt Clint move behind him and spread his cheeks, a warm breathing right on his hole sent shivers on Peter’s back and Clint didn’t hesitate to push his face in.

Peter’s mouth turned into a silent “O” as he felt Clint’s tongue lick all around and lap on his hole, his own mouth was salivating and decided to put it to good use, he gathered the saliva and let it drop into the toy, with his hands he made sure to spread his saliva all over the toy getting it all wet like he was asked.

Clint took his time enjoying the young boy, his tongue had explored every single place on Peter’s ass, and now he has puckering his tongue in and out of Peter. Every moan that came out of the boy encouraged and turned the man even more than before.

With both thumbs Clint spread the muscle ring, he was glad to see it glowing with his spit, he looked up at the boy who was too focused swallowing the imitation of his cock and wondered how good it would feel to have it around the real thing, but that was not part of the plan, at least not yet. He shoved a finger inside Peter, he circled it and it didn’t take long to push a second one and start to pump them in and out of the boy.

“Such a nice hole, still tight after being ravaged by such men” Clint said and Peter just moaned “I think you’re ready, give me the toy now Pete”

Peter pulled the toy out of his mouth that remained linked by a straw of saliva. Clint took the toy and gave a long lick from the base to the tip enjoying the taste of Peter’s mouth “Are you ready boy?”

“Yes sir, please” Clint didn’t ask for more, and with a swift move he pushed the toy all the way in. Peter bit his lip but the moan still escaped from his mouth, the stretch felt good and the toy was just right to reach that spot inside him.

“How does it feel?” the man asked pushing the toy in and out

“Re-really good sir” Peter moaned again, Clint reached for the box, Peter didn’t see what he grabbed put he felt something against the toy that pushed it deeper and he felt a ring grip on his cock that made a painfully pleasant feeling.

“There we go, that base should keep it from going out and this ring will keep you from cumming” Clint spanked Peter and the boy gave a whimper “now, get dressed, we have to go eat”

“Wh-what?” Peter asked turning on his back, Clint smiled at the hard cock of the boy that twitched with pleasure “leave to eat? Like this?”

“Yes” Clint smiled “unless you have a problem, then I can take it out, but, If you do that I will be really mad and may never touch you again and also I’ll return the gift”

Peter cried out, he felt really good right now, but he never went out with a dildo before, would he be able to handle it? He tried to stand up but the toy moved with him pushing against his prostate, Peter moaned, and his cock remained hard, god it was really weird

“C’mon kid, I know you can do it” Clint threw Peter his clothes and slowly tried to get dressed between groans “that’s it, I knew you could” Clint pulled the boy into a kiss, and Peter moaned again especially when he felt the man pat on the toy.

“Thank you sir” Peter said finally dressed. Peter wanted a moment to get accustomed to the feeling but Clint already made its way to the door so Peter had to follow quickly so he didn’t stay behind. Both guys made their way to the lobby, every step Peter had to make an effort to hold back moans and to fight the strange feeling of having a dick inside. Meanwhile Clint was delighted with it, seeing the boy struggle was so entertaining to him.

They hopped into a black car and they were greeted by Happy who asked where they would be taking them.

“The best pizza place you can think of” Clint answered, Happy took a second to think

“I know one, but it’s a bit far away, around 30 minutes or more, is that ok?” the man asked and Peter panicked.

“30 minutes, I won’t be able to handle that” Peter thought to himself, he looked at Clint with a stare trying to send a signal to the man. Clint well aware of what Peter was telling him just smiled at him.

“Sure that will do” The man told happy.

Peter complained lowly and hid his face on the man’s chest. He moved his ass so the dildo wouldn’t be against the seat and to get a bit of a rest but the thing was so flexible that it turned around inside him.

“Is the kid alright?” Happy asked staring at the couple from the rear view mirror

“Sure, he’s just a bit cold” Clint said running a hand on Peter’s back

“I see, hey Peter how’s your aunt?” Happy asked and Peter cursed hell no, he was not able to speak and he didn’t even want to talk about his aunt right now. Clint grabbed Peter by the shin and lift his face so they could stare at each other, the man had the brightest smile while Peter look like a bit mess, he was sweating, cheeks a bit reed and his lips puffy from biting his lip so he wouldn’t moan.

“Happy asked you something” Clint whispered “you better answer him or I’ll be really mad”  Peter swallowed hard, and tried his best to regulate his voice

“M-my Aunt May is good, I spoke to her earlier and she was -AAAH!” Peter let out a big moan, something that could not be disguised and Happy’s eyes were glued on the kid but a laugh came out of his mouth.

The toy was vibrating. The fucking toy inside him was vibrating. His hands looked for something to grip but he could only hold onto Clint’s arms. Peter looked up confused at Clint but he was shocked when he saw the man holding a black remote controller on his hand.

“I forgot to tell you?” Clint said smiling “it also vibrates, it has a lot of speeds” Clint pushed a few buttons and felt how the toy changed the intensity of its movements.

“So Happy, did you catch the game last night?” Clint asked naturally and Happy answered back like Peter was not there squirming in the backseat.

Both men spoke about sports, weather and even had the audacity to talk about the woman they dated lately. Peter couldn’t hear anything, just mumbles, his mouth was dry but he kept licking his lips, his body shoved against Clint muscular one, and his hips rocking involuntarily.

 Clint kept playing with the remote, putting it on the most intense for a few minutes to the lowest one. Peter was pretty sure he would be by his 3rd orgasm by now if it wasn’t for that dammed cock ring, his cock hurt, not only from being restrained on his brief and jeans but the need of release was insane by now.

“We are here” Happy parked in front of a place of pizzas. Clint smiled, he turned off the vibrations and he earned a big sigh of relief from Peter. The boy took a lot deep breaths, he had his eyes closed and collapsed against Clint who was petting the boys hair.

“You had to wait for too long didn’t you?” Clint asked Peter who was unable to articulate any word so he just nodded. “I don’t think you can get out with me, am I right?” Clint asked

“N-no please, I really can’t” Peter said, he tried to sit and moaned again, he was so fucking sensitive right now.

“I see, well I’ll go and get the pizza” Clint grabbed Peter and pulled his face closer to him “but you forgot to call me sir so you get a punishment”

“Please no” Peter begged “I’m sorry but please”

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it” Clint turned to see Happy “Happy, why don’t you keep company to Peter here in the backseat while I go get the food?”

Happy, who had been palming and gripping on his cock while he stared at the boy smiled “Sure why not” happy got out the car and Clint leaned to Peter

“Your punishment is that you have to get Happy off with your mouth while you get nothing in return” Happy got in the backseat and Peter could see the imprint of the man’s cock through the pants “see? He is already hard for you, now I’ll go, be nice to him” he said to Happy before closing the door.

“Sorry kiddo, but you heard the boss” Happy started to undo his belt and freed his hard cock, it was 7 inch uncut and Peter had to admit it looked really tempted. With a lot of effort he switched position so he was now on his stomach and his head right on Happy’s lap.

“There you go, now be a good kid and take it” Happy said and Peter, whose mind was long lost due to the over stimulation didn’t hesitate.

Peter was thankful for the tinted windows of the car, as he sucked on Happy’s cock he started at the oblivious people who walked outside the car, sometimes he could see people turn their eyes at the car and for some reason that only made him feel excited.

Happy was moaning, and somehow he forgot about the be nice to Peter cause in a few minutes he was gripping on Peter’s hair and shoving the boy’s head down on his cock.

“I’m sorry kid, but fuck! Your mouth is good and I have not gotten off in so long” Happy said as he made Peter choke and gag on his manhood. Peter didn’t put any resistance, he let the man fuck his face and in return he got Happy’s hand on his ass rubbing and patting the dildo through the jeans.

Peter did his best licking and sucking around the cock, he wanted the man to blow the load already so he could stop moving and try to get a rest. The door on his right opened and Clint hopped in with a box of pizza. Clint chuckled, he watched the boy swallow happy and greeted the man with a smile.

“How is he?” Clint asked running his hands on Peter’s back

“He’s really good” The man kept fucking Peter’s mouth “I’m so close”

“Go ahead and shoot it, Peter wants your cum, he is a little cum slut, right Pete?” Clint asked to which Peter only moaned louder

Happy obeyed and with a low but deep groan he felt his load fill all of the boy’s mouth, Peter gagged and tried to pull out but Happy kept the cock deep inside his mouth. With a lot of effort and teary eyes Peter swallowed as much cum as he could, it was thick, and he could easily tell Happy had been saving that load for a long time.

Clint watched Peter like a dad proud of his son. He let Happy ride through his orgasm and once he was done the man pulled his wet limp cock out of Peter and put on his pants again, he left to the driver’s seat and started the car to the Avengers tower.

Peter’s head was dizzy, he still swallowed and licked around some of Happy’s cum. Peter felt relieved, but it didn’t last long. Clint who sensed the boy’s state decided to turn on the vibrations on the low setting, but it was more that enough. Peter started to move around the seats looking for something to grip, he had that feeling of being over the edge for so long that it was hurting now.

Peter closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on anything else, he felt Clint pet his hair, he didn’t know how much time passed but he entered a state of sleep but still aware of the sensations on his body.

The return to the tower went really fast. He didn’t know how but Clint lifted him on his shoulders and took him all the way to his room. In the way, Peter swears he heard some of the guys whistle and cheer at Clint who didn’t say anything on the whole way.

Peter was thrown into a bed; he opened his eyes and realized he was in his own room. His clothes felt too hot and the toy inside of him was bothering him. Clint threw the pizza box on a desk and started to undress his way to the bed.

Peter who was regaining conscience took the time to admire the man’s physique, he was well built, his muscles more defined than Thor’s but not that big. When Clint dropped his trousers Peter finally the saw the real thing. It was indeed a pretty much exact copy of the toy inside of him.

Peter had his legs spread almost asking for the man to undress him. Clint took Peter by his t-shirt and tore it apart, if Peter didn’t had the cock ring he would have cum just from that. Peter moaned and Clint pulled his pants and trousers with his strong hands.

Peter stared at his own cock, it was painfully to watch, the head wasn’t pink anymore, it was red, liquid leaked from the tip and it was pulsing insanely.

“Please, please sir, please let me cum” Peter begged, tears rolling from his cheeks, frustration tears, he craved for any kind of touch.

“You misbehaved a few times today babe” Peter started to shake his head “but don’t worry, you also made me proud so you “Clint leaned and grabbed both the ring and the dildo “deserve this”

Peter opened his mouth and a loud scream/moan came from it, Clint had taken off the ring and pulled the dildo out of him. That was enough, Peter felt his mind go numb, his lungs out of air and his cock spurted shoots and shoots of cum that felt like it would never stop.

Peter convulsed, or something like that, every shot of cum earning a loud moan and body contractions. Clint watched amazed at the scene unfolding in front of him, his own cock hard and ready for action. He waited for the guy to come down from his high like state to finally come close to him.

Clint ran his hand collecting Peter’s cum from different parts of his body and he tasted him, it was salty and a bit sweet, to the man it was a perfect flavor; he collected some more and offered his fingers to Peter who gladly accepted the fingers and sucked the cum from them.

“You are amazing, such a little slut for me” Clint said before going for a deep kiss, they tasted and licked the cum of each other’s mouth.

Peter exhausted cock still reacted to the kiss and touches, it was starting to get a bit hard again. Clint didn’t care for preparing him, what else did he need? He grabbed the boys legs pulling them up with Peters knees close to his head and with a quick movement he shoved his whole length inside.

Peter was loose enough to let him in without any resistance but he was tight enough to cause the necessary friction. Clint assaulted Peter’s ass, his balls slapped against Peter’s ass, the boy still sensitive moaned and begged for more, his mind only caring about the need for more release.

Clint used his whole weight and strength into his trusts, Peter was shaking, his own cock leaking again and he felt his orgasm approach quickly. His super sensitive hold could feel every ridge and vein of the giant organ ramming him

“I’m gonna cum sir, please let me cum!” Peter begged and Clint smiled, he was about to cum too, so without saying anything he increased the pace of his fucking and before they knew both guys were shooting their loads.

Peter sank down on the bed feeling another intense release, Clint on the other hand enjoyed his first orgasm of the day and felt his cum fill the hole and increase the tightness around him. He quickly pulled out his wet cock and grabbing the toy he pushed it inside the boy again. Peter grunted, and Clint leaned in for a kiss. He moved on the bed and pointed his semi-hard and cum coated cock to Peter’s mouth who opened his mouth and licked all over it cleaning the excess of cum.

Clint smiled as he watched the boy do his job, damn he was proud of him and his work, and somehow this turned out to be more fun than torturing or interrogating people. Once Peter was done Clint stoop up and walked to the bathroom on Peters room

“I’ll go take a shower, you did nice babe” he winked at Peter “but don’t pull that out, I want you to keep my cum inside for later when I fill you again, I want to see how much you can take”

Peter who was still out of breath smiled, he dried the tears and sweat with his arm “Of course sir, I’ll do it gladly”

Clint smiled “I know you will. Clint took his phone out and redacted a text.

Clint: with no magic I got him cumming and screaming like you, that’s the difference between cheating and a natural talent”. He sent the text to Thor who was in the living room with Bucky and Tony looking at the TV that showed them the live stream of what was happening a few minutes ago in Peter’s room.

“That was pretty intense” Bucky said still staring at a naked Peter, his cock stiff on his pants “Clint really knows what he is doing”

“Whatever” Thor and Tony muttered at the same time trying not to be consumed by the jealously that grew inside of them.

Chapter Text

Things were a bit awkward in the tower lately. Unbeknownst to Peter the Avengers group chat had been on fire since his steamy afternoon with Clint. That day a war started between the men trying to fight for who was the best one of them and who could please the kid the most.

The most intense ones were Thor and Tony who always remarked how good they made the kid feel while Clint who seemed to be the one wearing the imaginary crown did nothing but tease the others. Steve who still hasn’t got his shot decided not to play along, this was about enjoying their bodies, but he had to admit it was pretty funny seeing Tony’s ego get hurt.

Hanging out was not as easy as it used to. Whenever Thor, Tony and Clint were in the same room as Pete they would like to compete to see which one could get the boy’s attention.

“Hey kid, why don’t you come sit here with me?” Tony said patting at the space next to the red leather couch

“Please Tony, the kid knows better; he wants to sit by me a muscular stud to keep him warm, right?” Thor said spreading his strong muscular arms on the couch

Clint turned and faced Peter “Kid, on my lap, now” he ordered

Peter was confused, he kept turning his eyes at the 3 men not sure about what to do, his passive instinct trying to please all of them but knowing it was impossible anyway.

“I…I’m gonna go to my room, I still have some homework so…bye” he said and left the three men

“Nice work Stark, you made him uncomfortable” Thor said

“Me? I asked nicely, Clint is the one who ruined it”

“The kid likes to be ordered, if any of you actually pays some attention you would know it”

Tony was about to answer back when a big laugh made them all turn. Steve leaning on the door frame looking at them

“What’s so funny Rogers?” Thor asked

“You” the blonde said “you 3 ruined it; he wants to please us all but with your stupid war to see who the kid likes the most is ruining it for him and you guys don’t even see it”

Tony stayed silent. Thor decided to take another sip at his beer and Clint just clenched his teeth.

“Look I know why you do it, the kid is amazing and we all want him, but this agreement was supposed to make us all happy, right? So let’s just enjoy it, no competition, unless is a healthy one, we should have him whenever we want him or he wants it. Let’s make Peter happy”

No one answered, until Thor chuckled “Fuck, I hate when you are right, fine, I promise to stop being jealous”

“I guess I agree” Clint added “Stark”

“Fine” Tony lied, he still felt the need to redeem himself with Peter, and he was going to do it sooner or later “guess it’s a deal then, now if you excuse me I’ll go with Peter” the man stood up and made his way but he was stopped by Capt.

“No no, leave the kid alone, I know what I just said but I still haven’t had the pleasure to be with the kid so…enjoy your movie” Steve palmed Tony’s back 2 times before leaving

“Did he just…cock block me?” Tony asked

“I think he did” Clint laughed “but don’t worry; you will get your chance Tony”


Peter was in his room, his homework almost finished when there was a knock on his door “Come in!”

“Hey Queens” Steve came in “are you busy? If so I can come back later”

“No Mr. Rogers, I just finished my homework” Peter felt like a dork saying that, but Steve focused on how good it sounded when Peter used his full name.

“Good. Pete one thing, we are on the same team and even though I like it, I think we are close enough for you to call me Steve”

“Oh, ok Steve” the blonde smiled

“So, are you up for some training? Maybe we could hit the gym, what do you think?”

“Train with Captain America? Of course!” Peter stood up his seat “do I get my suit or…?”

“No, no” Steve laughed “just wear comfy clothes, see you in the gym in 10” Steve stood up and left the kid who wasted no time in getting ready.

Peter took a quick shower, Steve did not say anything about sex, but Clint didn’t do it either so it was better to take some precautions. Once done he changed into a pair of grey sweatpants and a black t shirt, nothing out of the world but when he turned he saw how good his ass looked.

He didn’t wait for the ten minutes and instead went to the gym once he was ready. He sat on the bench and played with his hands waiting for the other guy to come. In a few minutes the door opened and Steve came in, he wore black spandex pants and a white t-shirt, Peter swallowed hard, he had a perfect view of the man’s chest and if he made a little effort he was sure he could see the pink nipples through the fabric.

“Alright Pete, let’s get started!” the man clapped his hands.

Peter knew that the man who wore the title of Captain America needed a hard set of work outs, but damn, he didn’t know it would be this intense. They were 30 minutes into it and Peter was already worn out.

“C’mon Pete, we are halfway there” Steve motivated him but Pete couldn’t do it

“I’m- so-sorry, woo” Peter was laying on a bench, his t-shirt stained with sweat and his chest raised with every breath he took. His arms and legs were on fire and the kid had to run a hand through his eyes to take off the sweat that came down from his hair.

Steve laughed “it’s alright, take a break, I’ll keep going” Steve dried the sweat of his face and arms. Peter had to hold a little scream when he saw Captain America take off his sweaty shirt revealing a broad and really developed body.

Peter had a thing for Captain America, the man was handsome, kind, and from what Peter could see through that spandex he had a big cock, but what Peter always dreamed about was his pecs. For some reason Peter was obsessed with them. And right now he had the best view of them, Peter wanted to grab them, squeeze them, and play with those pink nipples.

Steve kept exercising, and the boy could just stare at every muscle and every movement, Thor was big, but Steve had way more muscle than him. The blonde was well aware of the kid staring at him, and enjoyed every second of it, he even slowed down his movements and groaned with each set.

“Uff I’m done” Steve said dropping a giant set of weights; Peter was mesmerized by the man’s sweat covered body unaware of his own erection. Steve on the other hand was fully aware of it, and deep down he was glad because so far his plan was working.

“Wanna hit the showers?” Steve asked, Peter felt his cock twitched, he was really going to see the man naked.

“Sure” Peter stood up quickly, his muscle pain long gone. Both men walked to the showers. The locker room was empty. Steve was the first to undress and Peter focused on analyzing every inch of the man’s body. Once Steve dropped his underwear Peter gasped.

“Oh” Steve turned to face Peter who had a hand on his mouth and saw the boy’s eyes glued to his cock “Yeah, I know, it’s big, the super soldier serum made a lot of changes to my body hahahaha”

Peter was shocked, Thor was big, but damn Captain America had the biggest dick Peter had seen so far. The man packed 10’ inches while soft, uncut, and low hanging balls. Peter felt the urge to bend over to suck it on his mouth.

“I c-can tell” Peter faked a laugh, unconsciously licking his lips “it’s, wow, it’s really big”

“You think? It grows to 12 inches when I’m hard” Steve grabbed his cock and pulled it up by the foreskin “I think Thor might be bigger since he is a god and stuff”

“No sir, you’re bigger than him” Peter couldn’t take his eyes of the giant member and the fact that Steve kept gripping and pulling it was even more appealing since it seemed to start to raise from the touch.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed?” Steve asked

“Oh y-yeah right” Peter quickly took up his clothes, this time Steve was the one to admire the kids body, well built and defined for a young boy, and that ass, well, Steve wanted to see how it would look with his giant cock in between.

Completely naked Peter couldn’t hide his boner anymore. The boy still cupped his cock and balls with his hands. Steve laughed “C’mon Peter, I have seen you staring at me all this time, its okay”

Peter raised an eyebrow “Is it?” he uncovered his cock “I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re so hot and I’ve always dreamed about seeing you naked”

“Thanks kid, but if you keep it up you will end up embarrassing me” Steve gave Pete a quick smack on his ass “now let’s shower, shall we?”

Peter was grateful for the cold water, standing next to beefcake Captain America was a big temptation. Steve was fully enjoying his shower covering his body with soap and letting the cold water reduce the pain on them. Peter who pretended to shower pretended to rub soap on his body and instead made sure to give frequent rubs to his hard cock.

He wondered if Steve would ask him to fuck him right there. Maybe take him like Thor did? Or tease him like Clint? What if he had a kink for names or dirty talk like Tony? All these thoughts didn’t help Peter at all who grew with anticipation.

Minutes passed and Steve called an end to their shower time. They made their way back to the lockers and the man gave Peter a towel.

“Well that was nice, we should exercise some other time” Steve pulled out a fresh pair of clothes and was about to get dressed when Peter spoke.

“Wait, are we done here?”

Steve who was had a jockstrap up to his knees and stopped dropping it on the floor “I’m sorry Peter, what do you mean by done?”

“Well, it’s just…” the boy struggled to get the words out “I thought you were going know…fuck me”

Steve laughed and shook his head “Peter…” the man took a seat on the wood bench between the lockers; his manhood hanging perfectly between his legs “Is that what you want?”

“I’m sorry what?” Peter was taken by surprised “I…well to be honest I’m not really asked if I wanted or not”

“That’s the thing Peter. I’m not like Tony, Thor or Clint. I’m not gonna take you just because I want to, and don’t get me wrong I really want to, because you are pretty hot”

Peter blushed at the comment, his cock still rock hard

“T-then why you haven’t done it?” Peter asked with a sudden attack of boldness which made Steve smile

“Because, like I said, I won’t force myself onto you, I will do it only if you ask me, if you want it and you’re up for it” Steve stood up and walked closer to Peter, their bodies were close and Peter’s cock rubbed on Steve’s still soft cock “Do you want me to?”

“Yes please” Peter spoke, he threw his arms around Steve’s neck and with a lot of effort pulled the man closer “can you please fuck me?”

“All you had to was ask”

Steve grabbed the boy’s legs, and made their way up to his ass. With no effort the blonde lifted the boy up who wrapped his legs around the man. Peter bit his lip, he loved the feeling of being manhandled. Steve looked at the boy’s eyes; they were filled with desire and lust, just what he wanted.

They both leaned in at the same time and their mouths clashed into slow steady kiss. Steve had both hands massaging and gripping on Peter’s ass who moaned around his mouth. Peter who felt his back clash against the lockers ran his hands on Steve’s back and later made their way to the giant chest.

“You’re so big” Peter moaned between kissed “fuck I don’t know where to start” the boy squeezed the big pecs earning a small moan from Steve

“Sorry, they are kind off sensitive” Steve said “side effect from the serum”

“Don’t apologize, I love it” Peter kept squeezing and touching all over the man’s chest, even taking his nipples and pulling them or nibbling them between his fingers Feeling confident enough Peter leaned and sucked one of them, Steve groaned and started to rock his hips against Peter. The nipple felt soft on Peter’s mouth, he switched his attention to the other one and kept alternating his actions.

“Fuck Peter” Captain moaned, this time he lifted the boy up for a sec and that’s when Peter felt it. He looked down and saw the 12’ inch cock against his own that seemed so tiny when compared. Not only grew when it came to longitude it also grew in thickness.

“That shit will break me” Peter said, Steve kissed the boy’s neck as he spoke

“Don’t worry, It won’t. Tony and the others have done it with no problem”

“T-tony, you fucked Mr. Stark?” Peter groaned, he pictured the authoritarian and proud millionaire bend over some bed letting captain fuck him.  The image turning him on even more

“Here, let me just get you here” Steve pulled Peter to the bench. The man laying completely on it with his erect cock pointing to the ceiling “let’s suck each other off”

“Right away” Peter turned his face to Steve’s cock and he felt the man grab his hips, they were on a 69 position now with Steve bellow.

“Don’t feel bad if you can’t take it all in” Steve says against Peter’s cock before taking him in.

Peter moans, one of his hands on the floor for balance white the other Is grabbing the hot manhood of Steve. He jerks off the man, his eyes glued to the foreskin that covers and uncovers the pink head of the cock.

Steve sucks Peter off; and Peter wonders how many times he has done it because the man is really skilled. Feeling bad for not returning the favor Peter begins to lick around all over Steve’s cock.

The taste is glorious, the smell of the soap invades his nose and the kid is a bit angry at himself because he realizes he missed the chance to suck Steve right after their workout. Steve moans around Peter, the boy is doing his best and Steve knows how to appreciate it.

“You’re so fucking big” Peter says against the head of Steve’s cock. Without any other word the boy opens up his mouth and lets a big amount of saliva to cover the manhood. With his hands he spreads it down to the base and jerks off Steve while licking and sucking only at the tip.

Once Peter feels ready he opens up and goes further down on Steve. It’s hard, Peter has to get used to size, but once he is done he takes more and more and before he realizes it he has more that the half of it down his throat.

“Fuck!” Steve pulls Peter out of his mouth, he looks down and his cock twitches inside Peter’s mouth at the sight “No one has ever took so much of me in their mouth”

He doesn’t expect and answer but Peter still gives a moan to thanks the praise. The cock reaches far down on his throat and slowly Peter pulls some of it out before going down again.

It takes a lot of will from Steve so he doesn’t push his hips up, Peter now accustomed to the feeling starts to bob his head on the cock. He gags of course, and a lot of times for his liking but the amount of saliva only helps him to take more of meat inside.

Steve pulls Peter butt cheeks apart, he smiles at the pink and tightly squeezed hole. He gives no warning before pushing his tongue in. Peter moans around him that encourages Steve to keep the works spitting and licking around before pushing his tongue in and out again.

Peter has a hard time to keep his sucking. Steve’s tongue on his ass doesn’t let him keep his focus but he still does a good job.

“Damn kid, you taste really good” Peter feels the tip of a finger circle around his entrance “I wonder if your ass is as good as the guys say”

The digit goes in easily; Peter has trained to take big cocks and toys so this is no problem at all. Steve gets the hint and pushes a second one in. He scissors the boy’s ass trying to stretch his muscle ring as much as he can.

Peter’s work to suck Steve off becomes impossible when the man finds his prostate. The first time Steve rubs the bundle of nerves Peter gags around him. The second time Peter has to pull Steve out of his mouth to regain some air. And once the blonde has found the angle and technique Peter can only lick and suck on the tip not daring to take it fully inside again.

When Peter is able to take 4 of Steve’s fingers the blonde decides it’s time to take things further. He spanks Peter and tells him to lay on his back. Steve walks to a locker and pull out a bottle of lube and condoms.

“Why is that stuff here?” Peter asks letting the curiosity win over and wishes he hasn’t ruined the mood.

“This is not the first time someone fools around in the showers” Steve says smirking. He opens a condom and rolls it on his cock. Then he releases the cap of the lube and drops a big amount on the tip and jerks his cock off so it gets completely covered “Are you nervous?”

“I am, but I don’t care” Peter spreads his legs “I really want it, so please”

Steve nods and pushes 2 lubes fingers inside the boy “If it hurts tell me, ok?”

“Yes sir” Peter moans when Steve pulls the fingers out, but they are replaced with the tip of his cock. He pokes it at first slowly trying to push it in, he feels the ring of muscle open up and slowly take the tip in. He doesn’t’ push it at first, he keeps this for a while until the head goes inside with no problem.

Peter moans loudly, slowly he feels Steve make his way inside and he endures the burning of his walls stretching around the whole member.

“All good?” Steve asks taking Pete’s cock and giving him a few stokes to distract his body. His cock is taken and the blonde moans around the tightness of Peter’s ass.

“Fuck yes” Peter moans back, his eyes glued to Steve “god, those toys doesn’t even compare to the real stuff”

Suddenly, Peter’s ass allows Steve’s cock an easy entrance and the man letting the lust get the best of him pushes his cock further in a slow but deep movement until he was balls deep into him. Peter came untouched, the feeling of his ass getting so filled more than enough.

“A-AH FUUCK!” Peter clenches his eyes shut while his body shakes with each wave of his orgasm. Steve doesn’t move and just rubs the boy’s body letting him enjoy his momentary high.

Peter thanks Steve doesn’t move, this gives hi time to get accustomed to the feeling. It’s a long orgasm and once he is done he pulls Steve down to kiss him mumbling a thank you when they break it off.

“No need to thank me” the blonde answers back “are you ok?”

“Yeah” Peter looks down to where he and Steve’s body and joined, his own cock begins to rise again, thank god for the increased stamina “you can move now”

Steve nods, he trusts the kid. Slowly he pulls half of his cock out and pushes back in. He watches the kid bite his lip but also looks at his cock that is getting erect again. He keeps his movements at the same speed and intensity enjoying, it allows him to get off but also he knows he won’t hurt Peter in any way. It’s almost like Peter reads his mind from what he says next.

“Uh, Steve, you can go a little faster if you want”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I can take it, don’t worry”

Steve begins to increase the speed, Peter’s moans increase in frequency and he watches the boy rock his hips down on his cock. Steve smiles, now he finally realizes why his teammates were obsessed with this kid; he was gorgeous, with a hint of innocence that hid the kinky side of the boy.

Peter was pretty sure Steve’s cock would leave his hole stretched for days. He could feel the guy so deep inside him; the man didn’t have to angle his cock or anything because it would constantly brush against Peter’s prostate.

“Steve” Peter moaned “oh yes, please go faster”

Steve leaned over putting more weight on his hips, with a hand on the bench next to Peter’s head he got a better balance and his movements increased their speed and strength.

The man watched Peter’s facial expressions, enjoying how the boy switched from shutting his eyes and biting his lips to his mouth letting out moans and his pink puffy lips. Peter opened his eyes and stared back at him. Steve was kind, he asked Peter what he wanted and pleased him with the enough amount of roughness.

The slapping sound of their bodies could only be covered by the moans and grunts that came out of both men. Steve’s trusts started to become more erratic, harder, and Peter’s ass already used to the cock given to him allowed Steve to pull more of him and to slam it back without hesitation.

“I’m close” Peter moaned, his right hand jumped to his cock and started to pump it in sync with Steve.

“Me too, fuck your ass is fantastic” Steve felt the orgasm grow with every move, Peter felt it coming as well and both guys jumped over the edge when, in a particular moment Steve pulled his whole cock out and slammed it balls deep inside Peter.

It was intense; Steve could hold himself anymore so his whole body collapsed on top of Peter who enjoyed the warm body against his own. Both guys breathed hard against each other’s ears. Once he was worn from his orgasm Peter realized he didn’t feel the warm juices inside him and then remembered how Steve had put on a condom.

Steve stood up but went down to give Peter a kiss; it was sweet with one message in between, thank you for this. Peter grunted when Steve decided to finally pull out his cock. To Peter’s surprise the condom was inflated and filled with a lot, a lot of cum. And what was even more shocking, Steve was still hard as a rock.

“D-didn’t you just come?” Peter asked out of breath, he felt the cold air of the shower against his ass and he was pretty sure his whole was gapping.

“Yeah” Steve pulled the condom off his cock, the heavy cum filled globe was warm on his hand “the serum also gave me a increased stamina and sexual drive and the sperm production, it usually takes me 4 to 5 orgasm to get soft again”

Peter almost moaned again. He was more than willing to test it out. His eyes now focused on the condom that Steve was about to throw away “Wish you didn’t use a condom, I like to be filled and you sure came a lot”

Steve raised an eyebrow “Damn kid, for a guy so young you sure are kinky” Steve stared at the condom and thought a brilliant idea “what do you think about eating cum?”

“I like it too, why you ask?”

“Open your mouth and close your eyes”

Peter did as he was ordered, even pushing his tongue out. Steve came closer, putting the condom right above Peter’s face he squeezed the thing until it finally exploded covering Peter’s face and mouth as well as his own hand with his cum.

Peter swallowed like gallons of cum. Steve was getting aroused again seeing how the boy not only swallowed but he licked all around his mouth and used his little hands to grab the cum on his face before sucking on his fingers.

Beside the effort Peter still had some cum rolling down his neck and some even getting to his hair. Steve gave his cock a few stokes. He offered his fingers to Peter who happily cleaned off.

“Damn it Peter, you have no idea how beautiful you are” Steve brushed his finger against Peter blushed cheek

“Thank you Steve, I really loved it” Peter looked at Steve, the next words came out with a hint of shyness and embarrassment “I was wondering…can we do it again?”

“Like right now?” Peter nodded and Steve laughed “you never stop to amaze me” they kissed “I’ll do it with all pleasure, but first take a quick shower before the cum dries on your hair”

“Oh right” Peter stood up and started his way to the shower while pulling Steve with him “I also wanted to ask one more thing this time”

“What is it?”

“Could you not use a condom? And maybe be a little rougher with me?”

Steve smiled, how could he say no? “Sure kid”


Once done, Steve decided it was the best to tell Peter about what was happening with the rest of the team, this cleared Peter’s mind who seemed confused about their late behavior.

“So that’s why they are acting weird?” Peter asked

“Yeah, I don’t blame them; they’ve always been kinda of competitive with each other”

“So what should I do now?”

“It’s up to you, maybe you could try to play with them around, hugging them, kissing them, not everything has to be about sex you know what I’m saying? That way they feel like you’re paying attention to them”

“Alright” Peter smiled, his ass sore and still warm with the 4 loads of cum that Steve emptied inside him earlier that day “umm Jarvis?”

“Hey Mr. Parker what can I do for you?” the computer asked

“Can you please tell Tony, Clint and Thor that I want to see them on the living room in 30 minutes?”

“Sure sir, anything else?” the AI asked again

“No, that’s all”

“What are you going to do?” Steve asked him

“Not really sure yet, but I’ll follow your advice, you can come too if you want”

“I would love to” Steve kissed the boy’s forehead “but I have a compromise with someone”

“Too bad, well is should get going, have to get some stuff ready, see you Steve”

“Bye kid” Steve watched the boy leave the locker room. He pulled his phone out and dialed Bucky who answered after the second beep

“Hi, how was it?” Bucky asked on the other line

“Pretty fantastic, you were right; he could handle me just fine”

“So, do you think we can do what we talked about?” Bucky asked with some excitement

“You mean the threesome? I think is really probable, I’ll talk with the kid, but that’s not why I’m calling you” Steve rubbed his head “you still up for dinner tonight?”

“Of course, at 8, am I right?”

“Yeah, see you then” Steve hanged up and left the gym but not before taking from the floor the dirty pair of boxers Peter forgot to pick up.


Tony was curious to see why Peter called him. He was already on his way to the living room when his nose became aware of the smell of pop-corn. Once inside the living room he was greeted by Thor and Clint who sat on the couch. A few bowls filled with pop-corn and other candies in front of them.

“Ok, what’s going on here?” Tony asked

“We have no idea” Thor answered “the kid won’t tell us”

“He was waiting for you” Clint said, just then Peter came from the kitchen with 4 cups and a Coca-cola

“Mr. Stark you’re here” the boys said happily, he served each glass and handed one to every one of them “take a seat I need to talk to you”

“It’s something wrong?”

“No, well not really, just sit please”

Tony still worried and now a bit nervous took a seat next to the god of thunder. Peter stood in front of them and the plasma TV behind him

“I organized a movie night” Tony let out the breath he was holding, Clint and Thor also seemed to relax beside him

“What’s the occasion?” Thor asked

“There's no occasion” Peter smiled “I just thought we could do this once a week” he batted his eyelashes “that way I could spend more time with my daddies”

Tony almost choked at the word. Thor smiled while Clint just raised an eyebrow.

“Did I do wrong?” Peter asked playing the victim, quickly the men spoke

“No honey not at all” Tony said

“It’s a great idea” Thor added

“As long as there are guns or some kind of action in the movie I’m okay” Clint said and Tony and Thor stared at him with blank eyes.

“Thanks guys” Peter walked to them and by order he gave each man a quick kiss on the lips.

Tony was a bit confused and when he met Clint’s eyes the other man raised his shoulder and mouthed If it is what the kid wants

“Alright then” Peter took a seat between Tony and Clint, he asked Thor to seat on the floor under him so the boy could play and caress the blonde locks of hair. The god who enjoyed the attention given obeyed without any other word.

Tony tried to pay attention to the movie, but his eyes always turned to face Peter who seemed really into the movie. Thor was letting the boy caress him with pets and realized that Clint had his arm around the boy’s shoulder.

Peter aware that Tony was a bit left out took the man’s hand on his own. Tony watched as their fingers interlaced, and when he looked up he was met with a smile form Peter.

He finally seemed to understand what Capt. meant, they were so focused on their own kinks and desires and also trying to see who was the best of all of them that they forgot that Peter was 16 year old boy who had needs and feelings on his own.

Tony smiled back at Peter, his eyes turned to Clint who already stared back at him, a smile also on his face. Tony was sure he was just realized the same thing he just did. Maybe this movie night idea was not bad after all.

Chapter Text

“I’ve been thinking, and in a few weeks there will be a huge party in my home so I want to take the Peter to Asgard” Thor declared that afternoon at lunch. Tony, Steve, Clint, Bucky and Peter stopped their eating to turn their heads to the blond

“Fo ammhard? (to Asgard?)” Peter repeated with his mouth full of food

“Your manners Peter” Tony said “I’m not sure Thor”

“Asgard is one of the most beautiful places In the world, full of art, wonderful people and wonders that I want to share with Peter” the god answered back

“I have never seen Asgard, is it like some kind of Wakanda or something?” Bucky asked

“Oh I wanna go!” Peter happily said, Thor gave the kid a bright smile. 

“Kind off, but with some of the craziest creatures, his brother one of them” Clint shoot back at Thor still a bit resented from the mind control the black haired man had on his last visit to New York.

Thor clenched his fists at the comment. Steve aware of how angry Thor could get whenever someone spoke badly of his brother jumped into the conversation “I mean, maybe if one of us knew how your world is that could be a possibility, but none of us has ever been there, so I have to agree with Tony in this, sorry”

Thor took a deep breath “My brother already apologized for what he did; I thought we left that behind. And I assure you there is no safest place than Asgard and even more by my side”

Peter turned his head at Tony who took a sip of juice before turning his tired eyes at the thunder god “Look, I know you will take complete care of him, but right now his aunt gave me the responsibility to take care of his nephew, and If something happens to him while you’re out there I’m the one to take the blame, don’t give me that look Peter” he said when he faced the boy who turned his face into the best sad puppy expression “I’m sorry but the answer is no”

Thor stood up, a bit too fast making the glasses and dishes on the table shake just a little.

“I thought we all agreed to share the kid and not to keep him for ourselves” The god gave all of them a kind of angered look before storming off without any other word. The dining room was filled with an awkward silence, Peter felt bad, he wanted to go and he knew how much it meant to Thor.

He turned his face again to see Steve and Tony who seemed to have the last word “Please I really want to go, is there a possibility that you could consider it?”

Tony and Steve looked at each other then at Peter, the black haired man was the one to speak “I’ll consider it, but it’s most likely I won’t change my mind”

Peter stood up too “Fine then” he waved goodbye at all of them before following Thor to wherever he went to.

Steve faced tony, a serious expression on his face “You could have handle this in a different way you know?”

Tony chuckled “The answer at the end would still be no” he slammed his fork and knife on the table “you’re not the one responsible for his safety, I am”

“Tony we all care for the kid” Clint said earning a heavy glare from the man

“There is a difference between being his guardian and being his daddy”

With that last word Clint rolled his eyes and Steve and Bucky kept eating in silence for the rest of the food


Peter knocked a few times on Thor’s bedroom door. He heard a loud slam from the inside, almost as if the man gave a punch to the wall. He knocked again and in a few seconds the door opened, an angered Thor came out but the second he saw it was the boy his face and attitude changed.

“Peter” he ran a hand through his hair “Sorry, I thought It might have been any of the guys”

“Its fine” he gave a quick look inside the room, a few of the stuff on the ground, maybe he came in a bad time “It’s okay, I can come back later, I don’t want to bother”

“No, no” the god looked around the hallway “come inside” he left some space and Peter went inside the now familiar room. “I’m sorry about what happened back there, I kinda exploded”

Thor sat on the edge of the bed, his face hidden in both palms. Peter jumped on the bed behind him and hugged the strong man from behind

“It’s okay; I’m a bit angry too. I really wanted to see your home” Peter gave the man a few kisses on that strong neck

Thor grunted but welcome the caressing he was given. Peter hugged him tighter until he lifted his face up “I like it when you play with my hair” the boy laughed. Thor turned around and threw himself on the bed, with his back to Peter.

Peter got the hint and without any other word he started to run his hands through the golden locks. Thor grunted from pleasure, which motivated Peter to keep up.

“How’s your home?” he asked. Thor took a moment to answer trying to pick the right words.

“I grew up in a palace. It’s a really big place, you could get lost in a few minutes if you didn’t know the structure. A lot of rooms, the whole avengers and even more people could fit in easily. And the city well” he sighed “I like to call it golden city, it’s wonderful, full of life, marvelous people, art and music every single corner. At night you don’t know what shines the brightest, the breathtaking night sky or the city itself. My description doesn’t give any justice to it. But I know you would love it”

People had a faint smile, he could completely picture what Thor was saying “Sounds wonderful” He leaned and gave a quick kiss to the man’s shoulder “and your family?”

“My family” Thor laughed “That’s a bit more complicated, my dad Odin is quite the old school king, rules with an iron hand pretty fairly, but he has learned to loosen up. My mother, she is amazing, the full package you could say, beauty and brains, not to mention her talent with the magic arts. And my brother…”

“Loki” Peter said “the others have told me some stuff about him”

“Yeah well” Thor turned around now facing Peter; their eyes met and kept the contact the whole conversation “He is complicated. He screwed up, a lot of times if I’m honest, but recently he is really making an effort to change”

Thor was running his hand through Peter’s cheek, a gentle and soft touch “sounds like you love him”

“I do, with all his flaws”

Peter swallowed “I heard that you and him well…you know…” Thor knew what the guy meant immediately

“Yes, we have fucked” Thor smiled at the blush that appeared at Peter’s face “No big deal, everybody knows it, and he is not my real brother so…”

“I see” Peter felt his cock get a bit hard on his pants. Even if there was no blood relation the idea of Thor fucking his brother was a naughty thought that deep down turned him on.

“Do you think different of me?” the blonde asked with concern. Peter leaned to meet their lips, they kissed, a sweet but long kiss


“You’re fantastic, have I told you that?” Thor ran his hand through Peter’s hair paying back the caressing

“A few times, mostly while we are fucking” Peter smiled “Although I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of him”

“Is that so?” Thor smiled, Peter turned his back to the man and Thor pulled Peter until he was spooning the boy. He gave Peter a kiss on the back of his head “don’t worry my darling, you’re still my babe, and I’m still your daddy”

Peter’s cock twitched at the word, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment, he felt so comfortable, so good to have Thor’s arms and body around him

“Can we stay like this for a while?” the boy asked “I’m kind of tired and I have to admit I’m super comfy with you”

He couldn’t see it, but a genuine smile appeared on Thor’s face “Anything for you, my love” he kissed Peter’s neck “Sleep well, because when you wake up I’ll make love to you till you’re covered with your own cum”

Peter smiled with his eyes closed, he felt a warm and hard cock on his bum through his pants and pushed back just a little “Of course, daddy”


The next morning Tony still didn’t change his mind. And when he said no again on the breakfast Peter decided it was time for a little payback. He was aware that even when Steve and Clint said no, the one to make the final call was Tony, so he came with a little plan on his own to make the man change his mind.

That morning at the daily meeting Peter met every single man in the place with an open mouthed kiss, even Bruce who happened to be on a visit well aware of the agreement but still didn’t ask for any detail. But when it was Tony’s turn Peter just walked past him. Even when they spoke Peter didn’t answer Tony in any way and everyone realized what the kid was doing. With a few stares and silent nods they all decided to play along just to make fun of Tony’s ego.

1 hour after that, Tony and Clint were taking a break to watch the news on the living room and Peter came in wearing nothing but a jockstrap and white T-shirt. Tony spit most of his coffee once he saw the boy’s naked ass on display.

Peter who gave no attention to him instead walked and sat on Clint’s lap “what are we watching daddy?”

Clint took a bit to answer, his eyes glued to where Peter’s ass and his groin met “amm the news I guess”

“Something interesting?” Peter started to move his hips in circles. The bastard didn’t even look or turn his face to see Tony. The billionaire gripped his own hard on, he wanted his second shot at the boy but Clint had his hands on Peter’s hips helping the boy push down against him.

 “Not until you came in here” Clint licked his lips, his cock hard under the fabric and Peter could feel every single inch of him

“Why don’t we go to your room daddy? We can think of something interesting to do there” Peter didn’t wait for a reply instead he stood up and made sure to give Tony a great look at his ass.

“Peter” Tony coughed “Peter I want to talk to you”

Peter shot a cold glare at him “Sorry but I’m not really interested in anything Tony Stark has to say” The boy knew how much the man loved when he was called Mr. Stark or Daddy

 That was what he needed to confirm the fact that Peter was angry at him.

Clint stood up, not bothering to cover his hard on. Tony was about to protest but Clint spoke first

“Sorry Tony, but the kid wants it so I have to please him, maybe next time” he gave the man a wink before leaving with Peter.

5 minutes later, Tony had to leave the living room with his hard cock not being able to bear with Peter’s moans and screams that came from Clint’s room.


“You’re an evil boy” Steve said to Peter on their gym training. Peter smiled at the blonde playing naïve

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Yeah right” Steve was laying on the bench, his arms raised with the giants weights on each one, his muscles pumped and Peter stared at them hearing what he was saying “We all see what you’re doing, ignoring Tony because he doesn’t let you go to Asgard, and paying extra attention to everyone else to make him jealous”

Peter laughed “You got me, not that I tried to hide it anyway, are you guys okay with it?”

“Anything to make Tony mad is fine by us. But I have to say, a jockstrap? Really?” Steve laughed “And you even kissed Bruce”

“I know” Peter hid his face “I just did it without thinking, was he ok with it?”

“I mean yeah, he knows about our agreement, and he doesn’t judge us at all but I guess he wasn’t expecting that”

“And Tony, has he told you anything?” Peter asked expecting any result of his evil plan

“Yes he has. At first he wasn’t sure if you were mad at him, but after your move with Clint he is pretty sure now”

“Good then” Peter smiled proudly while Steve shook his head

“You need to calm down Peter, as someone who knows Tony’s behavior, he can explode in any moment when he gets jealous or his ego gets hurt”

“I’ll take your advice” Peter’s watch made a beep sound and once he saw the alarms he set up earlier he stood up walking over to Steve “Let me thank you for those wise words”

Steve had to quickly drop the weights cause Peter who just kneeled in front of him mouthed his cock through Steve’s sweatpants “Fuck Peter” immediately a hand went to pet the boy’s hair

“Sorry, but watching you work out really turns me on” Peter grabbed the waistband and pulled it down. Luckily for him Steve was going commando that day and the length sprung out of the pants hitting Peter’s lips “you didn’t bring any underwear today”

“I was hoping you were in the mood for something like this” Steve confessed. Peter feeling eager enough swallowed the head of his cock. Steve’s hand clenched pulling Peter’s hair and he was a bit surprised when the boy took his cock inside his mouth “Fuck how you can do it so easily?”

Peter moaned around him. After he fucked with Steve, Peter made the promise to be able to someday swallow him completely. So, with that in mind he bought a dildo that resembled the most to Steve’s super soldier cock.

Once the package arrived Peter practiced trying to suck as much as he could, it took hours that it usually ended with a sore jaw and Peter bouncing on his smaller toys to get some release, but he practiced and seeing his results he was glad he did.

In less than ten minutes Peter already swallowed Steve halfway in. The grown man was a moaning mess, not really believing the boy had gotten much better in such a little time. Steve’s cock dripped with saliva that rolled down to his balls and on the bench.

Peter licked all of what he could, savoring every drop of pre-cum and sweat. From his practicing he was used to the feeling of a cock that big go almost all the way inside his mouth. Steve looked down at the kid and he was sure he could see the outline of his cock on the kid’s throat.

“Fucking god Peter!” Steve yelled, his hips not being able to control themselves started to move. Peter happily let the man pull some of his manhood out of his mouth before slowly pushing it back in “Shit you’re so amazing”

Peter moaned at the praise and to every single curse that came out of Steve’s mouth. Both guys were so focused on the moment they didn’t hear the steps on the hallway of the door open.

“For god’s sake!” Steve opened his eyes and his hips stopped moving. He turned his eyes and saw a pretty altered Tony on the door holding a white towel

“To-tony” he halfway moaned and spoke “shit I’m sorry we were just –agh!” Steve moaned when Peter slowly pulled his whole length out of his mouth. The bench was drenched with saliva and Peter face was red with puffy lips dripping with pre-cum.

It was a really hot sight and Tony’s cock reacted immediately to it. Peter ran his hands on his lips dropping the fluids on the bench and floor “I’m sorry, but as you can see Steve and I are kind of busy, would you mind leaving us alone?” the kid asked

Tony’s eyes got wide “You-you are asking me to leave MY own gym? Of MY tower?”

Peter stared at the billionaire like it was not the big deal; both of Peter’s hands busy.  One of them jerking off Steve who couldn’t speak but only try to contain the little moans and groans, while the other gave his own cock some release.

Tony’s eyes fluttered from Peter to Steve.

“So, are you leaving so I can get back to work or what?”

Tony rolled his eyes. Without any word he opened the door and slammed it hard when he left.

Steve stared down at Peter “You planned this didn’t you?”

Peter smile, he gave Steve’s cock a long lick that sent shivers all the way to his brain “Maybe I happened to ask Jarvis Tony’s itinerary, maybe I knew he was supposed to work out this afternoon” Peter sucked one of Steve’s balls before switching to the other “Did I do wrong?” he asked giving his best innocent look, Steve almost shoot his load right there but he returned the smile

“No, you did really well” Peter smiled

“Ok then, if there is no objection I’ll get back to work, after I swallow your load I have to do something else” he said before swallowing Steve back on his mouth.


According to Jarvis, Tony had a meeting outside the tower at 3 o’clock. Peter already found out Happy was supposed to drive Tony to his destination and thanks to Clint the boy already had the confidence to put his next part of the plan in progress.

Happy was reading the newspaper, in 10 minutes Tony would come down to the garage and they would leave. Peter trying to make any second count walked to the man

“Hi Happy!” the man raised his eyes giving a wide smile when he and Peter’s eyes met

“Peter! How are you? I haven’t seen you since the other day with Clint” under the newspaper Happy gave a tuck at his cock, the memory still fresh on his mind and it was something he’s been using to jerk off.

“I’m good, and how are you? Being all alone here must be pretty lonely” Peter licked his lips; the man’s eyes followed his tongue as he did.

“It is indeed” the man smiled

“You know happy” Peter walked closer to the man, a hand dropping on his shoulder “I feel like you’re not appreciated enough”

“Why do you think that?” Happy almost choked on his saliva when Peter sat on his lap, his own hard cock against the teen’s ass.  Peter did the same thing he did with Clint earlier slowly moving his hips in circles.

“I see the way Tony treats you, and it’s not nice. You’re part of the team” Peter took the man’s face on his hands “you’re an Avenger just like the rest of us” Peter leaned closer, their mouths a few millimeters away “And you know what I do with my teammates?”

“W-what do you do?” Happy was out of breath, his cock rubbing against Peter’s bum, Happy had both hand on Peter’s hips holding him as the boy still moved.

“I help them out” Peter lifted himself up just a bit; his hand took hold of the man’s cock. Happy groaned when Peter’s ran his fingers all around his length “and it looks like you need a hand right now”

Happy swallowed hard “Fuck” He looked around almost expecting someone to come in and catch them “We can’t, I have an appointment, shit” Peter licked and sucked on Happy’s earlobe “And, and we could get –fuck caught”

Peter was jerking the man off through his pants, he bit his lips and gave Happy his best innocent eyes “you’re right Mr. Hogan” he pointed his chin at the black car next to them “what if we go inside? Maybe I could give you more than just a hand”

Happy was sweating, deep down he was running out of excuses and the need to feel more than just a hand around his cock started to turn into his priority.

Peter moaned on Happy’s ear “Mghn, Mr. Hogan please” Peter leaned and kissed the man. Happy left his tongue to explore all around Peter’s mouth, the boy moaning around him.

“Fuck, Tony will kill me” was the last thing Happy said before lifting the boy up and unlocking the car door.

Peter was slammed down on the leather back seats. The boy hissed when he felt a pair of strong hands grab the waistband of his joggers and pulled them down completely

“Holy shit” Happy muttered. Peter was wearing the jockstrap he wore early. Slowly Peter got on his knees pushing his ass higher. Happy had to hold back a groan when he got the perfect view of Peter’s pink hole; and what was even more appealing, a little trail of something white slowly leaked out of him.

“Did you get fucked today?” Happy asked. Peter opened his mouth to answer but he cursed when the man abruptly pushed two of his fingers inside him “Shit, you still got cum inside, who’s responsible of it?”

Peter moaned, the man pumped his fingers in and out causing more cum to leak “T-that’s Mr. Rogers cum” Happy smiled and gave the twink a smack on that perfect bubble butt.

“Well if this isn’t my lucky day” Happy pulled both fingers out before sucking them. The man groaned tasting the delicious cum of Captain America “how long have you been holding it?”

“Around 20 minutes” Peter took his butt cheeks and managed to spread them, he felt more cum roll out of his ass “Steve makes sure to fill me up a lot”

Happy undid his tie; he removed Peter’s hands and replaced them with their own “Well I can’t let it go to waste can I?”

A curse and a long moan came from Peter when Happy’s mouth closed around his ass. The man pushed and licked all around the boy’s ass, sucking, licking and slurping the cum out of him.

Peter pushed back on Happy who took the hint and dug even deeper in the insides of the boy. Getting rimmed was one of Peter’s favorite things, and he made a mental note to ask the guys to do him so he could find who was the best out of all of them.

Feeling empty and giving and trying to stick to his plan he pushed Happy further “Please Mr. Hogan, I need you inside me”

Happy stopped and pulled his face from the boy’s ass. He ran a hand through his face, a bit hesitant but at the end his lust earned the best of him “fuck this” Happy got up and was about to get rid of his suit when Peter spoke

“Leave it on” Peter moaned, one of his own fingers circling his entrance “I love guys in suits”

Happy gave the boy a dirty look and laughed “Fuck Peter” his hands went down to undo the zipper of his pants. Peter stared at the 7 inch cock. Happy spat on his hand and coated his cock with it, Peter bit his lip at the thought of the man go bareback on him.

“You know” Happy leaned on Peter. His heavy body pushed Peter down on the seats. Peter felt his cock leak some of pre-cum around and his hole twitched when Happy whispered on his ear “Your aunt and I have been dating for weeks”

Peter groaned, he pushed his ass back until his hole met with the head of Happy’s cock. His cheeks flushing red at the statement.

“May would be really mad at me if she knew I’m fucking her nephew” Happy slowly rocked his hips up at the boy, the tip of his cock pushing into Peter “not that I really care thought, after all you’re just a little slut”

Happy’s throbbing cock is putting pressure against his rim and Peter's heart seizes at the word slut. Before he can answer Happy pushed in with a hard trust.

Peter moans against the leather seats, the car get too hot, Peter doesn’t know when he get rid of his shirt and he finds his body covered with sweat. Happy on the other hand pulls the boy to the edge of the seats so he can fuck the boy while standing outside the car.

The danger, the sensation of getting caught and the warm wall clenching around his cock push Happy into forgetting about Peter’s desires. With no concern about the boy Happy humps and pumps his cock in and out, in and out. Peter whines. Happy is rough and even though he is not as muscular as the rest he sure has a lot of strength.

Peter’s tongue hangs out of his mouth covering the seats with saliva. His breath is hot and his prostate is pressed sometimes, he realizes Happy looks for his own release instead of his own.

“H-Happy, ugh fuck!” Peter closes his eyes, the man only grunts in response too focused on smashing the boy’s ass “I wanna ride you”

Happy grunts “I’m sure you do slut” Happy pulls his cock out, some of Steve’s cum leak out onto the seats. Happy gets inside the car and points his cock up “Go then”

Peter dries the sweat of his face with his shirt. He gives a quick look at the car’s clock, 4 minutes left…

Peter manages to bend his knees and plant them flat against the seats. He braces his arms on the body beneath his and does his best to move his hips, pulling away from and sinking back on the cock.

It slides with ease, in a matter of seconds Peter is lifting up and pushing down on Happy’s cock. He is riding him hard and Happy only grunts and moans, Peter is shocked that the windows are not steamy at all.

Happy run his hands on Peter’s body, one of his hands runs through the naked torso while the other grabs Peter’s cock and lets the boy jerk himself off when he pushed up at his hand.

Peter moans; the grip on his cock and the new position gives Happy the perfect angle to hit his prostate. Peter’s orgasm builds up in seconds.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” Peter chants with each trust. Peter screams when Happy bites on Peter’s shoulder, the pain and the sensation that travels directly down to Peter’s cock and ass is enough to push him over the edge.

Peter screams, he sinks down on Happy and his walls clench around him as he shoots loads and loads of cum onto his body and Happy’s hand. Peter stand still as he rides his orgasm. Happy on the other hand takes advantage of Peter’s new tightness and rocks his hips up, Peter whimpers at the overstimulation but the man doesn’t really care.

Peter lets Happy spill his load inside him with 4 more trusts. The man grunts against Peter’s back when he does and his cock twitches with each jet that comes out of him and mixes with Steve’s load inside the boy.

Happy goes out of breath, his body collapses back on the seats and his face is flushed red. Peter on the other hand has recovered and a look at the clock and the ding of the elevator is the clue he needs to keep with his plan.

With a swift movement Peter lifts his body up and Happy’s cock comes out of him, some of the man’s cum leaks on the seat as Peter’s slides his ass to the door. He grabs the rest of his clothes, leans in giving Happy a sloppy wet kiss before opening the door and going out of the car.

He smiles when his eyes meet with Tony. The man stops midway into the car, cellphone in hand and his eyes go wide when he sees a naked cum covered Peter come out of his car.

“What the hell?!” is the only sentence that comes out of his mouth

Peter grins at him “Sorry If I wore him out, but I really needed a ride” he pretended to drop his shirt on the floor and when he leaned down to take it he made sure to turn his ass so Tony could see at his cum filled ass.

Tony clenched his fists and teeth. Peter gave the man a wink as he walked to the elevator “Happy is inside, have a nice meeting!”

Tony stood still until Peter was inside and on his way up to the dorms. With anger Tony walked to the car and opened the door. The smell of sex was concentrated on the backseat. His eyes went to the trail of cum on the black leather luxury seats but they later turned at Happy who was trying to tuck his cock inside his pants.

“T-tony” he swallowed, his eyes met with the billionaire’s burning gaze “it’s not what it looks like”

Tony clenched his jaw, the desire to punch the man on the face was really hard but he spoke in a low and deep voice

“Get the fuck out and get me a new car, now”

Happy nodded and left the car using the other door not wanting to get close to Tony. The billionaire looked as Happy ran to one of the other cars and started the engine..


Tony’s couldn’t concentrate on the whole meeting; he just nodded and said monosyllables whenever he was asked something. His mind kept wandering to Peter’s naked body, his cock and that perfect ass of his. Tony had to hold back the desire to jerk off under the desk; he decided to take care later once he was back at the tower.

He didn’t speak on the way to his meeting and it was the same on his way back to the tower. Happy threw nervous glances at Tony through the rear view mirror and quickly looked away when he was met by the heave glance of his angry boss. The driver didn’t even try to make small talk.

Once Tony got back to his room he had the worst headache ever. Not only that but his cock was still hard on his pants, the images of Peter through the day played over and over on his head. His tablet notified of a new message, he walked over and saw it was from Peter.

What could it be now? He opened the mail and saw it had an attached video. Tony could image what this was about but he still clicked to reproduce it. His jealousy and anger rose again when he watched the recording from the yesterday’s afternoon on his computer. He was surprised to see Thor and Peter lying on the bed cuddling. He never pictured Thor as the cuddle type of guy.

His frustration was over the sky after he fast forwarded the video to see Peter riding Thor’s cock.

“Fuck yes!” Peter screamed “fuck me daddy, fuck me!” He moaned again. Thor who had both arms behind his head pushed his hips up trusting further into the boy.

“Ugh daddy” Peter looked directly at the camera, a devilish smile “daddy you’re so good to me, so nice, your cock is the best of them all, even better than Tony’s”

Tony almost crushed a can of cola he just took in his hands. He was pretty sure the boy did it on purpose. The fucking brat did all of this only because the man wanted to do the right and responsible thing? No, this was unacceptable; he would not tolerate this kind of behavior. Not when his cock and mind craved for the boy’s attention.

“Jarvis” he spoke put loud, his voice dark and deep “call Mr. Parker, tell him to come with his suit, obligatory training in my lab, now”

“Immediately sir” the AI answered. Tony broadcasted Peter’s room, he saw when the boy lifted his head from a book and walked to his closet to get his Spiderman suit.

The man gave his cock a few squeezes in anticipation. Peter acted like a selfish brat, not even considering Tony’s feelings. And if that’s what the boy wanted then Tony was going to make sure he got his punishment just right.

Chapter Text

Peter was happy to be called by Mr. Stark to his private studio. That meant his plan worked just fine, and if Peter was right he would get the permission to go to Asgard the same afternoon.

He walked all the way down to where he was supposed to meet with Tony; his suit adhered to his body like a second skin. This new suit was tighter than the last one and once Peter looked in the mirror he realized it left nothing to the imagination.

Peter decided to follow this entire “training” thing, but he was pretty sure that Tony called him to ask for a fuck, and once he had the man on edge he would get the permission. Getting Tony jealous was so easy, and even if Peter felt a little bad for doing it he knew it was the only way to visit Asgard.

The doors to the studio opened once he was in front of them, the place looked as always, tools and mechanical pieces all over some desk and the floor. Behind some glasses Peter could see the big variety of suits Tony has worked on for so long. The boy wondered if the man ever used them at all.

“You’re late” a severe voice came from behind, Peter turned to face Tony who was inside his Iron Man suit, the helmet pulled back so the boy could see the angry expression the man was giving him.

“Sorry, I had some trouble with my new suit” Peter pulled the fabric around his ass before letting it slap back gripping perfectly on his ass.

“In a real emergency you won’t have any excuse” Tony walked past him, Peter turned and saw two panels separate to show a big round arena “we’ll have a simulation of a real battle, get ready”

Peter got his mask all over his face a bit disappointed, were they really gonna go all the way with this? Peter got in the ring, when he turned he saw Tony standing with a tablet on his hands “Aren’t you supposed to be here so we can you know, simulate a fight?”

“Not this time” a few flicks of Tony’s fingers and Peter’s spider sense made him move to the side just in time to dodge a flying suit. A second one came flying lading side by side of Tony “you will fight my new prototypes”

The suits were pretty much alike from the suit Tony was already wearing. A few details and pieces around the shoulder, helmet and crotch made the difference from the original.

“It’s that why you called me? So you could try your new suits?”

Tony clenched his fists “You are an Avenger, you’re supposed to practice from time to time, if you can’t handle that then you can leave the team anytime you want”

Peter rolled his eyes, not that the man could see. It was a dare, his punishment for being such an asshole, and he would not give Tony the satisfaction “Bring it on”

If Peter fought one on one he could have ended it a lot earlier, but fighting against two suits that seemed to be in such a good sync was giving him a hard time. Peter had no time to punch back or to think of any kind of plan; the suits flew and threw punches at an incredible speed forcing him to stay dodging all the time.

Thank god for Peter’s flexibilities and high reflexes, that allowed him to maneuver like no one could. His legs started to hurt from all the jumping, and he was running out of breath. Thinking quickly he decided sooner or later he would have to fight back. He took his chance when one of the suits tried to punch him in the stomach, Peter jumped and shoots a web, with all his strength he pulled the suit to him and gave a double kick that pushed the suit to the floor.

Satisfied with himself Peter got distracted and didn’t feel when the second suit came giving him a nice punch in his chest. Peter coughed and felt the air leave all of his lungs, his knees gave in and he fell down to the floor. Peter rolled on the floor trying to recover his breath when two pair of iron arms grabbed their own and pulled the boy up to stand.

Peter focused his eyes on the man who just waved his hand at him “You lost already?”

“I-“ Peter took deep breaths as he tried to get away but the grip on his arms was really strong, even for him “I thought we were practicing”

“We are” Tony took a few steps getting inside the arena. Once in front of Peter he took the mask of the boys head

Tony felt guilty when he saw Peter’s face was red and a few tears rolled from his eyes. The man was aware of the suits power and strength but he also considerate the boy’s capacity to take hits so he regulated the suits to only unleash half of their true potential.

“In a real fight” Tony continued “the bad guys won’t hesitate just because you’re a young boy, they will shoot to kill, and they will take any chance to kill you or even worse, capture you and make you go through the worst kind of torture”

Peter swallowed, his eyes meeting with Tony’s “I understand, now please order them to let me go” he motioned his face at the suits

“Actually, we are not done” Tony grinned “Activate the ISR-Simulation”

The grip on Peter arms grew tighter, in a second he was slammed with his back on the floor. Peter tried to fight back but he was completely overpowered. Out of nowhere 2 more suits appeared. Every suit took one of his extremities while Tony stood in front of him smiling down at the boy.

“W-what’s happening?! What’s the ISR-simulation?” Peter panicked when he felt how the suit not only pulled the fabric of his suit but they actually started to tear it apart exposing his body.

“ISR, as in Iron Suit Rape simulation” Tony said like it was not a big deal. The suits who seemed earn a live on their own started to grip, rub and touch all over Peter’s body. The cold metal felt great against his skin, especially against his nipples that got perky in a matter of seconds. Tony continued speaking studying every inch of the boy

“In a real life situation, if you ever get captured I’m pretty sure they would torture you, but torture can be applied in a lot of different ways. And with that body of yours they will most likely do it this way. Undress him completely”

The suits followed the order pulling the strings of fabric that hanged from Peter’s now completely naked body. Peter was ashamed when his cock slapped on his stomach, he was hard and leaking.

“Look at you, so hard already” Tony took Peter’s cock on his hand, the cold metal made Peter hiss at the contact but when Tony started to jerk the boy off it started to feel way more nice “Your kidnappers would be so glad to see you’re more than willing”

Peter tried to speak but a fifth suit came from behind and pushed his hand against Peter’s mouth restraining him from speaking. The boy tried to open his mouth but he was only greeted with the taste of metal.

“Alright, now that you’re quiet let’s keep this up” Tony took a few steps back “Initiate the stimulation protocol”

Peter groaned and tried to shake off but again he earned nothing more than a stronger grip against him. The suit that restrained him from speaking walked around until it was facing the boy. Peter cursed at Tony and pleaded to be freed receiving a laugh from Tony.

“In a real life situation no matter how much you plead they won’t obey” he eyed Peter’s hard cock “and I would really believe you wanted that if you weren’t so hard right now”

The 5th suit took a step closer to Peter. The 2 suits holding his legs raised them and pulled them apart as the other 2 held his arms and torso still. Tony had a nice view of Peter’s leaking cock and that beautiful ass that made his mouth water.

“You see Peter, in real life, no matter how much you want something there will be times you won’t get it” as the man spoke the 5th suit pressed one of his fingers against Peter’s ass. The boy felt a stream of liquid come out of the tip of it. It took him a moment to realize what it was, lube

“Mr. Stark” Peter groaned, the metal finger roamed and circled all his entrance spreading all the lube

“Now you do talk to me” Tony chuckled “a little bit too late Peter, the bad guys don’t really care about what you have to say”

The metal finger breached his entrance and Peter moaned when it was fully inside. Unlike a normal human finger this one was cold and way thicker. Automatically the suit started to pump the digit in and out of him ignoring his protest and the pressure he applied on his ass so it wouldn’t go in.

Peter looked at Tony who somehow incorporated a hole on the crotch to pull his cock out of his suit. The man was giving his cock slow pumps, their eyes met and Peter was met by lust and what it seemed to be satisfaction on Tony’s eyes.

“Fuck” the curse left Peter lips, the digit prepping him for what was about to come. The grip around his body uncomfortable at first now seemed like a bit pleasurable kind of pain.

The digit inside Peter started to fill his insides with more lube. Peter moaned, it wasn’t warm as cum would but being filled sure felt the same way. Peter pushed his hips on the digit trying to get filled deeper inside, Tony seeing this took a step closer

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think you get this” The man took Peter’s cock at the base and squeezed hard “This is a punishment and you shouldn’t enjoy it” Tony raised his hand and a little ring came flying to him.

“W-what’s that?” Peter asked, a groan left his mouth when the digit inside of him quickly pulled out of him, the boy felt lube leak in great amounts out of his ass onto the floor, his legs still spread wide open.

“A little something I crafted” He showed Peter a silver ring “I took the inspiration from Clint, you should thank him later”

Before the boy could shout any answer Tony pushed the ring all the way down to the base of Peter’s cock, the boy groaned, the ring giving him a tight pressure and he recognized what it was, a cock ring to prevent him from cumming.

“I’m sure you’re well aware of the use for this” Tony gave a painfully long and slow jerk at Peter’s cock, the boy shook on his body trying to gain more friction, the man chuckled before freeing the raging hard member “Such a needy slut”

Peter moaned at the insult. The boy cursed remembering how painfully it was the last time he used one of those.

“Mr. Stark please” Peter hissed when the man gave a loud smack to Peter’s cock “-UGH!”

“It’s funny” the man walks away to give a good look at the boy “You act so naughty but the second someone touches your ass you turn into a complete mess” Peter groans “I wanna see you begging”

Tony taps on a panel and suddenly the silver ring starts to vibrate. Peter lets out a loud moan that could be heard from any place of the tower; thank god Tony made his studio soundproof.

“Ah music to my ears” Tony closed his eyes and smiled enjoying every sound that left the boy’s cute lips “Now, let’s start with the real test” Tony tapped the 5th suit that fingered Peter not too long ago, a hole appeared on the crotch area and Peter yelped when a blue silicone cock came out of it. It was long, around 9 inches.

Tony smiled at Peter “I made some changes in these suits, I wanna see if they can endure sex just like we do, and you are going to be my lab rat” The man ran his hand through Peter’s now sweaty hair

The boy was panting; the ring already gave Peter that burning feeling of almost jumping over the edge but never reaching it. The suits that hold him up were stubborn at first but now the boy was thankful because his muscles were already giving into the pleasure. 

The 5th suit walked closer to Peter. The other 2 suits pushed Peter’s legs further apart giving a better access. The 5th suit pushed his silicone cock inside Peter in mechanic and quick move. Peter yelled, not because it hurt or something, but because of the relief it gave him to be filled.

The suit wasted no time in waiting for him to relax around his cock; instead it rocked his hips at sharp and quick trusts. Peter closed his eyes and clenched his teeth together, the feeling was overwhelming, he would be around his 2nd load by now but the fucking ring kept him on edge over and over.

Tony leaned in and gave Peter a kiss, the boy could not answer back, instead he just moaned around the man’s mouth.

“You need to understand that everything you do has consequences, this is your punishment for your behavior” Tony said once he broke the kiss. He tugged his cock inside his suit again and started to walk away from Peter and the arena.

“P-please!” Peter cried out “I’m sorry, I’m sorry but please let me cum!”

Tony looked back once he was about to leave “I would like to believe you, but I still think you deserve this” he winked and left the whining boy alone.


 “Am I the only worried for the kid?” Bruce asked. Thor, Clint and Steve turned to face him

“What do you mean?” Clint answered

“Well” Bruce adjusted his glasses “I mean I understand this whole agreement you have with each other, but aren’t you worried about pushing the limits of the poor boy?”

“Oh no, we already had this conversation with Captain Goody before” Thor said rolling his eyes

“They are right, the kid likes it and we are pretty responsible about it” Steve added “why the sudden interest, are you considering being part of it?”

Bruce swallowed hard and the light blush that appeared on his face gave zero credibility to what he said right after “No, of course no, I would never enjoy being part of that”

“I don’t like to call you a liar, but I’m pretty sure you kissed the boy back when he caught you by surprise” Clint gave Bruce a devil smile

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Bruce looked away “and even if I did, it was a natural reflex, nothing more”

“Of course” Thor mocked the man. Bruce was about to answer back when Tony came in. All eyes turned to the billionaire in his suit, Clint stood up quickly with concern

“Something happened?”

“All good, why you ask?” Tony said, Clint pointed down at the suit “Oh right, I forgot I was wearing it”

“If there is nothing wrong why you have your suit on?” Steve raised his eyebrow with curiosity

“Peter and I were training, he is still on it while I took a little break” Tony turned his face at Thor “I would like to speak with you”

The god clenched his jaw “Well here I am” he opened his arms and gave the man a sarcastic smile “what is it this time?”

“Well, I would like to give you an apology”

“Wait what” Steve let out surprised. Clint, Bruce and Thor kept their mouths shut but their faces had the same shocked expression

“Just what you heard, I’m sorry Thor” Tony took a few steps closer to the blonde “When you asked if you could take the kid to Asgard maybe I could have handled things different” he eyed Steve who gave him encouraging nods “and I admit that my response was a bit abrupt, I’m sorry”

Thor stared deeply into Tony’s eyes clearly seeing the remorse and hope in them. The god stood up from his seat and walked to Tony. The brunette was a bit tense not knowing what was happening but he (and everyone else in the room) let out his breath when Thor pulled him into a hug.

“My brother, I accept your apology” the god gave a few pats on Tony’s back and a small smile painted his face

“Well I wasn’t expecting this” Clint said laughing

“Me neither” Steve added

“I’m not done” Tony said “I also decided that If you can completely assure that Peter is going to be safe, I’ll let him go with you to Asgard for two days, no more than that. But, you must be with him every second; you won’t expose him to any kind of dangerous activity or give him any kind of magic food or beverage. Those are my conditions they are not into discussion”

Thor who was usually happy turned into a cheerful mass of muscles, the god had what it seemed like the biggest smile on his gorgeous face. Tony and the rest could not hold their own smiles that came to them from seeing him so happy.

 “Of course! I accept them all and don’t worry I give you my word I’ll do everything I can to take care of him”

“I know you will” Tony shook Thor’s hand

“See, communication is all we need” Steve stood up and threw his arm around Thor’s shoulder “I’m glad to see we are all good again”

“Shut up, I’m still a bit mad at you, asking me to leave you so Peter could suck you off” Bruce gagged on his coffee “sorry Bruce, I forgot you were here”

“Does Peter know you changed your mind about our trip?” Thor asked

“Not yet” Tony grinned “I’ll tell him after I’m done with him”

“Are you giving him some kind of punishment?” Clint raised his eyebrow

“Maybe. If I’m honest I took some inspiration from your little session with him” the billionaire confessed

“Punishment?” Bruce asked “what kind?”

“I see someone is interested” Tony laughed “well if you want we can see it right now. Jarvis please show us the camera of my studio”

The TV turned on and immediately the room was filled with echoes of Peter’s moans. The man had the screen divided into 4 different view angles of Peter being fucked by one of the suits.

“Oh my god” Bruce blurted out “what is that?”

“I’m testing my new suits on him, if you ask him I think they work just fine”

Clint laughed “You bastard, a cock ring and everything? You really have cero imagination”

Tony rolled his eyes at the comment. Steve adjusted on his seat, his member starting to stiff on his pants “Well you have to give him some credit, being fucked by some iron suits hasn’t been done before”

Thor raised his beer “The kid is really into it, look at his face, I love it when he has that fucked out expression on his eyes” the god groaned feeling his hard cock against his leg

“I know right” Clint gave his cock a little squeeze to his cock “makes you want to go even harder on him”

“For how long do you plan to keep him like that?” Steve asked

“I’m not sure maybe 20 minutes, maybe 2 hours, still not sure” Tony said looking at the screen

“Are talking serious?” Bruce asked concerned “y-you can’t do that, it’s not right”

“If you think so, I think its fine” Tony said giving zero shit about it

Thor walked to the couch, his hand landed on Steve’s shoulder squeezing softly “If we have time we could have some fun on our own don’t you think?” the god pushed his cock against Steve’s back

Clint moved closer to Steve and when the blonde turned to face him Clint pushed their lips together. Tony came out of his suit, his cock hard and his eyes glued to the men on the couch. Thor pulled Tony and both guys kissed as well. Bruce who was alone at the other couch stared at the scene unfolding at the TV and in front of him, his face red as a tomato.

“This is so fucked up” Bruce said shaking his head.

“You’re welcomed to leave Banner, this is our agreement and you just have to deal with it” Tony said. But to everyone else’s shock Bruce didn’t leave or move at all, he just stared at the now undressing men in front of him and the moaning boy at the TV, but what concerned Bruce the most was the hardening cock inside his pants.


After a hot session of hot group sex that lasted around 30 minutes Tony finally decided it was time to go back with Peter. On his way back Tony couldn’t stop thinking about how Bruce didn’t leave the room even when they were all naked and had their cocks out and then proceed to bury them on each other’s asses.

Thor and Tony had a kind of make up sex that would leave Tony walking a bit funny for the rest of the day but he did not care, it was worth it and now was focused on making the boy feel the same way.

The doors opened and the room was not filled with moans anymore. Tony walked to the arena and the only sounds were coming from Peter’s fucked up arse whenever the suit pushed its cock back in at the same pace and strength it did the last half hour.

Peter is not moaning anymore instead he just grunts when the cock is slammed back inside. His face, chest and cock are burning red. His hair is glued to his forehead, his cheeks covered in what it seems to be dried tears and the rest of his body is covered in sweat. Tony’s eyes go right to Peter’s aching cock that pulses with every trust. Just like Thor said Peter has a fucked up look, and the boy’s eyes stare at the ceiling not really focused on anything.

Once Peter becomes aware of the man’s presence his eyes focus on him filled with hope, the boy shakes and a whimpers and Tony can’t help but to lean to the boy and fill his face with kisses.

“I’m sorry” it’s all that Peter manages to say between whimpers “I’m sorry. I really am” tears roll down from his face and Tony kisses them away.

“I know darling I know” he gives Peter a loving glare “You’ve been really bad, but I think you finally understood your lesson”

Peter nods frenetically “Yes, yes I did, I’m so sorry, please…” Peter eyes his cock, a silent request that Tony understands perfectly.

“Sure darling” Tony raises his watch and with a few touches he turns off the vibration of the cock ring and the suit that has been assaulting Peter’s ass stops its movements and pulls the silicone cock out of him. Peter whines loudly once the toy is all the way out.

The rest of the suits carefully place Peter down onto Tony’s warm ones. Peter enjoys the warm that emanates of the man’s body and he realizes that he is naked too. In other circumstances he would ask why and when did he get rid of his clothes that are nowhere to be seen just like the suit he had, but right now he just pulls his body closer to Tony.

“Please…” Peter begs against Tony’s neck. The man picks him up and after a quick wall he Is carefully lay down onto a big bed.

“I usually use it to nap between works, but I guess this is a better use”

Peter only nods in response, he wants to cum, he really does and he just wants the man to pull the cock ring off him but Tony instead caresses the boy’s body with his light touches. Tony knows how desperate he is, and even if he just shot a load a few minutes ago his cock is hard and ready for another round.

“I know you wanna cum” Tony said pulling Peter’s ass back up and pushing his legs apart “But I promised you I would eat you out, and I’m a man of word”

Peter tries to complain but a whine quickly comes out when the man laps and pushes his skilled tongue on his ass. Tony eats the boy out like he has never done before, he licks, pats and sucks on every inch and spot of the boys ass and beautiful cheeks leaving a hickey or two.

He enjoys the fact that the fucking from before has left Peter’s hole gapping giving a better access to his tongue and once he has the good taste of the kid he thinks he won’t be able to stop anymore.

Peter is moaning again, the feeling of hands and tongue something else than the fake cock is giving him some pleasure but the fucking cock ring won’t let him cum just yet. He cries out and Tony gives a long lick to Peter’s hole before talking

“I wanna hear you Pete” Tony moves and rubs the head of his cock against Peter “I want you to tell me how much you want me”

“Please just fuck me!” Peter cries out “Please Mr. Stark I want you, I wanna be filled I want you cock inside me, I wanna cum from it and I want to be filled with your warm cum!” Peter shuts his eyes as he keeps blurting kinky petitions and begs for Tony’s cock.

Finally pleased Tony starts to push his cock and Peter abruptly shuts up as he feels the length go inside. Tony doesn’t wait to go all force on him, the boy is stretched but he still wraps nicely around his cock and now the man grunts and moans as he impales the boy.

 “Feel me” Tony moans against Peter’s ears, his hips never slowing down “feel me up inside you, my cock pushing and breaking you”

“Fuck!” Peter yells “fuck yes, push in deeper, god yes! Please more!”

“Look at you, a common slut begging for cock, all this time you’ve been teasing me, showing me that fucking ass of your and letting me see how other men use you. You have no idea how it felt!” Tony empathizes the last sentence with an especially hard trust “I give you everything and this is how you pay me back!?”

Tony lets his anger to be expressed by his fucking. He lets all the frustration, all the anger and mostly all the desire that has been building up these last few days and he makes sure Peter feels them with each trust he gives.

Peter is moaning and whimpering, the strength and the fact that Tony finds his prostate with almost every trust has his on that burning feeling of climaxing but never really doing it. He becomes the moaning mess he was a few minutes ago.

“I know darling I know” Tony reassures “but this is your punishment, you don’t get to cum until I do. I want us to come together, can you do that for me –fuck!”

Peter bites on his lips, not really sure if he can handle it, but at the end the boy just nods and Tony smiles down at him

“That’s my boy”

So he waits, he keeps on fucking the boy who is already on the edge of his orgasm until the man feels his balls and his muscles start to clench. His own breathing becomes irregular and gasping for air. Tony tugs at Peter’s cock and the boy hisses at the over sensitive member, his hole clenches around Tony which contributes into pushing the man closer and closer.

Once Tony feels right on the verge of falling into pleasure he pushes well hidden button of the ring that comes off immediately. Peter open his mouth to scream once the release he’s been craving comes at him but Tony pushes his mouth and both guys moan against each other’s lips as Tony fill Peter up and the boy shoots all over himself and the couch.

It’s long and it hits Peter really hard. His body shakes at the same time his cock shoots more and more cum. Tony manages to open his eyes and devour the boy’s facial expressions as he cums.

Peter’s eye roll at the back of his eyes as Tony gives a few more trusts just to torture the over sensitive boy.

Once they are both done Tony clashes down on the bed and his cock pulls out of Peter’s leaking hole. Both of them out of breath and Peter still has a hard time to come down from his high.

They spend around 15 minutes in silence. Tony is spooning Peter, their hands interlaced as the man softly runs his hand in circles around the boys stomach. Tony doesn’t speak, the bottle up feelings and words already out of his system. So Peter is the one to break the silence.

“I’m sorry” he says softly “I know I said it before, but I really am”

Tony lays his head on Peter’s shoulder and gives him a little kiss on the neck “I know you are”

“I just..i don’t know I got so frustrated” Peter continued, the feeling of guilt built up inside of him “I know you were doing the right thing and you were only worried for my safety, I’m such a brat, I don’t deserve you or any of the guys”

“Hey, hey” Tony makes the boy turn around so he can face him, his heart melts when he sees a little tear falling from one of Peter’s eyes “that’s not true. You are an amazing boy, and we are lucky to have you. You’re just a teen, that’s how you act, I remember being the same way”

“I’m sorry” Peter said again

“I forgive you, and I’m sorry too, I acted like one of those parents who force their kids to follow the rules” the man kisses Peter “let’s just do our best from now on to stay in good terms”

Peter nods trying to give the man a smile “I will”

“And since we are starting over, I have to tell you something” Peter looks at the man confused “I’ve changed my mind, you’re going to Asgard with Thor”

“Really?!” Peter’s face lights up with excitement “thank you, thank you, thank you!” he said giving Tony a kiss every time

“Ok, ok stop, or maybe don’t” he smiles “We have to discuss some rules but we will do it later”

“What are we going to do with my aunt?” Peter asks

“I’ll figure something out. Besides, I think Happy keeps her busy these days”

“Ugh don’t say that stuff” Peter rolls his eyes with disgust

“Not trying to be an asshole but you’ve fucked him already so I don’t see why you react like that” the man laughs

“Let’s just shut up” Peter turns and gives his back to Tony again, he takes the man’s hand on his own “I wanna stay with you like this for a while if you want”

“Nothing would make me happier”

“I love you” Peter whispers, and it’s almost inaudible but Tony hears him clearly. Peter’s heart stops for the whole minute the man takes to answer. The man shocked at the sudden declaration keeps his mouth half open, that’s until a warm feeling covers his chest and the brightest smile takes over his face.

“I love you too” Tony says giving the boy a kiss on his bare shoulder