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Welcome to the Avengers

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When peter joined the avengers he never thought that things were going to turn out this way. One thing was to keep his secret identity as Spiderman to his friends, even though Michelle, Ned and aunt May knew already he tried his best to keep his identity hidden from the rest of the world. But there was something that their friends didn’t know about, something so dark and twisted that no one outside the Avengers could ever find out...

It all started the first week Peter finally became an official member of the Avengers, the guys gave him a very warm welcome to the team and in a matter of seconds he considered them his second family. Tony acted like the father Peter missed since he was a kid; he always kept an eye on the young boy and helped him whenever it was needed.

For some reason Peter felt like he could tell his mentor anything and he did, but one day Peter finally admitted something that he never admitted to anyone in his whole life. It was around 3 o clock when Peter stopped by the Avengers tower to drop all his stuff, Aunt May was hesitant about letting him live with a bunch of superheroes but after a lot of pleads and a long talk with Captain America and Iron man she finally accepted.

“Mr Stark…I-I have something to tell you” Peter said, he took of his mask, his innocent eyes staring at the older guy who had a drink on one of his hands, they were alone at one of Tony’s garages, the other guys seemed to be out in some kind of mission, a lot of incomplete iron suits and metal pieces scattered around the floor and the walls

“What is it? Don’t tell me you already wanna drop out, we just got your room ready and I’m pretty sure I asked you a lot of times if you were sure about this, not to mention how hard it was to convince your aunt” Tony said

“No no, I’m not dropping out, I really like it in here, the tower is amazing and you guys are the best!” a smile appeared on his face that slowly faded away with each word “but there is something you and the rest should know about me if you’re going to accept me here”

Tony turned off his computer and turned around to face the younger boy, Peter swallowed hard “Ok kiddo, you’re making me a little nervous and I have a lot of stuff to do so just spit it out”

Peter closed his eyes, took a deep breath and blurted out the word he had essayed hours before “I’m gay Mr. Stark”  he looked down at his feet to avoid looking up at the reaction one of his biggest hero’s would have. After a few seconds of silence peter looked up only to see a grinning Tony.

“Is that it?” he laughed  “For a second you really got me thinking it was something serious” Tony said returning to his work without paying too much attention to the now blushed boy.

“I….I.. what do you mean? A-are you ok with it?” Peter asked surprised and a bit offended that it seemed like Tony didn’t really care at all.

“C’mon Pete, do you take for a homophobe?” Peter shook his head quickly

“Of course not sir! I just thought you would at least be shocked or something…” peter admitted blushing a bit more

Tony smiled and walked to the boy, one of his hands dropped to grip peter’s shoulder “The truth is this is not new to me or the guys” Peter seemed confused at this statement “You really thought we didn’t make any research on you or your story before considering you a part of the team?”

“Research? What do you mean by that?”

Tony smiled, more like a devilish grin “I wasn’t supposed to show you yet. But if you really want to know, Tony pulled out his phone out of his pocket, and with a few taps he turned the device to the boy who almost dropped dead when he saw what the man was showing him

It was a video, maybe from a few weeks ago; Peter recognized his own room on screen as he spoke “Oh shit” he muttered before the video reproduced.

“Hey guys!” he said happily, he was shirtless showing of his amazing torso ”so I know it’s been a long time since I did a stream but don’t worry I have something to compensate it!”

Peter looked for something underneath his bed and pulled out 2 dildos and pointed them directly at the camera “here they are! The captain America and Iron Man dildos!” Peter shook them one in each hand, I’m pretty sure they are not as big as the real ones but a fan cannot resist” Peter laughed

“You know” Tony said his voice above the video in which now Peter was talking about the material of the toys and how much inches they were “I was shocked at first, I knew you were a teenager and you guys have this crazy hormones and stuff, I thought maybe I would find some weird stuff of yours but I have to admit I never thought I would discover another secret identity besides Spiderman” the older man said watching the video with a big smile

“Mr. Stark..” peter’s voice trembled “I can explain..”

“Oh I bet you can SubmissiveNYTwink, but before that let me show you my favorite part” with a swipe of Tony’s fingers the video skipped directly to a moment that Peter remembered pretty clear, he was now on his knees, the iron man dildo shoved deep inside him, the dildo was red and yellow, made of a material that simulated plastic, on the base, a blue shiny button indicated that the vibration function was turned on as he rode it.

“Ugh yesss!” Peter threw his head back as he bounced on the 8’ inch toy, the tip rubbed his prostate each time and the vibrations echoed in his whole body “Oh yes! Shove that big cock inside my iron daddy!!” Peter shouted sitting harder and faster

“Ugh guys I feel so good!” peter moaned, one his hands pulling at one of his nipples, he looked directly to the camera “fuck I wonder if Tony’s cock feels like this” A moan escaped his mouth, he felt himself coming closer to his orgasm “oh guys I’m gonna cum soon!” he switched his position, this time his arms in front of him helped him bounce back on the toy, his cock leaked all over the floor “MMmm daddy please, harder! Fuck me Tony, fuck me out, break me!” Peter said rocking his hips faster and faster “Shit I’m cumming!” Peter shouted and stopped suddenly, his muscles tensed as he shoot 1,2,3,4 streams of cum all over the floor, some of it even lading on the keyboard of his laptop”

“Looks like you also have a lot of talent shooting something else than webs” Tony said stopping the video

Peter wanted to die, it was something he started to do way too long before becoming spider man, it started out of curiosity but when he realized he enjoyed to receive orders from his audience and to put on a show he started to do it once a week to release stress and to fulfill a need for lust he discovered around his 16 years old when he finally accepted he was a slut.

“Mr.Stark I…” Peter had tears behind his eyes, did everybody In the tower see the video? How many people knew about it? And not only that, Peter was absolutely sure that they had seen all of his other videos where he lusted over every single one of his teammates. “I’m so sorry”

“Sorry?” Stark licked his lips “You don’t have to apologize for anything kid, in fact, is because of this and the other videos that we finally decided to take you officially into the team”

“H-how?” Peter blushed “I don’t understand how these videos would help me”

“You’re a smart kid” Tony leaned back on his desk “from the start we all thought you were a perfect piece of a boy, great body, stamina, cute face and so eager to please, but we never considered taking further steps because we never thought you would be into it, Jarvis show me the pictures of the Peter Parker hidden file” Tony clapped his hands, a lot of screens suddenly appeared all over the room, each one of them showed a picture of Peter naked in various scenarios, jerking off, riding a dildo, in the shower with 2 fingers inside of him, even one of him tasting his own cum!

“It turns out that our innocent or should I say not so innocent Spiderman was kind of a whore” Tony said naturally and for a brief moment Peter’s cock twitched on his tights. Tony just called him a whore, and he liked it, god he was really depraved.

Peter liked his lips and moved trying to cover his raising hard on, he looked at himself all around the room “But, but you’re married to Pepper! And the others…they are not gay right”

Tony smiled; as he walked closer to the boy he felt his cock get a bit hard on his trousers. “I love Pepper, and I wish to have a family with her, but the guys of the team and I enjoy shagging around with each other, is mere sex, carnal and savage pleasure, You’re a great hero, but in this team we need more than that” he was a few mere inches away from the kid “you see, me and the guys have some needs, needs that can’t be pleased by an ordinary guy, sure, who wouldn’t like to fuck with us? But not any boy can take on us, we are stronger, better and more hardcore than any regular man”

Peter heard every single word, and it seemed that every word drove a strong impulse to his cock and his now twitching ass, Tony was really close, Peter could practically feel the hot breath of the man so close to his face

“Are you saying I joined the team to be your personal slut?” Peter asked his cock fully hard now and he was pretty sure the other man could tell, Tony’s eyes stranded on the pink puffy lips in front of him.

“Basically” Tony ran a hand through peter’s back stopping right at his ass, he grabbed a big piece of the boy’s ass and Peter couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped his mouth, Tony pulled him and they were basically rubbing their bodies with each other “So, I will ask you again” his face got so close, Peter opened his mouth anticipating the kiss but Tony stopped mere millimeters away “do you still wanna be part of the team?”

Peter bit his lip “Absolutely” he answered, and since that day, Peter’s life changed to become the best slut the avengers could have. Tony’s grip on his ass turned rougher while pushing their mouths together.

Tony was a rough kisser, but Peter liked it, he let the man take control only grinding his body to get some kind of touch.

“A bit eager aren’t we?” Tony asked

“I have fantasized about this for a long time” Peter answered moaning when he felt Tony’s hand go further down to press a finger on his sweet hole.

“And what did I do to you in those little dirty dreams of yours?”

Peter bit his lip, something that Tony thought was the hottest thing to see “You filled my little ass with you cum, sir” Tony liked the way peter said that last word, his finger slowly rubbing the boy’s hole causing little moans and more grinding against each other.

“What if we make it come true?” Tony asked to which peter nodded enthusiastic. They made out of a few minutes before deciding it was time to take their clothes off “Jarvis, lock all the door to this room, we don’t want any unwanted visitors”

“Yes sir” Jarvis answered, Peter heard the locks on the doors as he threw away the last piece of clothing, his cock was fully hard against his defined abs

“On your knees” Tony commanded, peter did it too quickly, his knees slammed against the floor maybe a lit to hard but he did not care, the moment was so intense he didn’t feel anything but a little burn.

Tony walked over to him, a nice 8,5’ inch cock swinging between his legs “is this what you want?”

“Yes please” Peter begged, his mouth watery from the delightful sight, it was really happening. Tony grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed it on the pink lips, Peter slowly opened his mouth letting the manhood inside his mouth. Peter had sucked cock before so he knew what to do. Saliva started to drip from the side of his mouth as he did his best to swallow the whole thing

“Fuuuuck” Tony moaned, a hand petting the boy’s hair as he swallowed his whole length “there you go, such a pretty cock slut for me aren’t you?”

Peter only moaned in response, Tony pulled back a bit before pushing in again, after a few trusts and making sure that the boy could handle it he started to roll his hips a bit faster. Peter was such a pro at this, Tony wondered how many times he had done this before, his skills were almost as good as Loki who until today gave him the best blowjob of his whole life.

“Fuck yes kid, suck that cock” Tony shoved his cock with a hard trust “yes, the rest of the team is going to love you”

Peter pulled the cock completely out of his mouth, the whole length covered saliva dripping all over the floor “I hope they do sir” he said smiling at Tony who went down to kiss him one more time

“Think you can handle me without prep?” Tony asked putting on a condom already lubed.

“Of course sir” Peter said turning around, he grabbed on a chair so he could lift his ass up giving Tony a perfect view of his hungry pink hole that craved to be filled “give me everything you’ve got!”

Tony gave him a hard spank which made peter’s cock leak in anticipation “I’ll make sure to eat that ass later, as for now…” he grabbed his cock; the head rubbed the hole for a bit until Peter started to beg

“Please sir! Please just shove it inside!” he said pushing his ass back, Tony smiled, he grabbed Peter by his shoulders and with a hard strong trust he shoved his whole cock in.

Peter cried out loud in both pleasure and agony, it burned, the sudden intrusion of such a big cock really burned, but the desire and the feeling of finally filling his ass was far stronger.

“Damn you’re really tight” Tony moaned liking Peter’s right ear before sucking on the earlobe “how do you feel”

Peter was so out of breath it took him a moment to answer “it’s so big, fuck, I feel so full”

“So? Is it like you imagined it would be? Or is it better?” Tony asked pulling out inch by inch until only the head was inside

“Better, way more better” Peter said with his eyes closed craving for more friction inside of him

“And we’re only getting started” Tony replied pushing his whole length back in. Peter and tony had a prefect chemistry, Peter liked rough sex, to be manhandled, and Tony knew just how to give it to him.

The two guys became a mess in a matter of minutes, Tony’s trust were hard and long earning a big dirty moan from the young boy with each movement that only encouraged him to go harder at him.

“Ple-please let me ride you sir” Peter asked turning his face back at tony who would not decline such a petition. Tony pulled out of before taking a seat on the chair before Peter climbed onto him, they kissed a sloppy messy kiss as the boy slowly took the man’s cock back in.

“Fuck Mr. stark your cock feels so good!” Peter moaned lifting his body a few centimeters before dropping all his weight to get impaled by the raging hard member.

Tony moaned harder, his hands gripping on the boys butt cheeks spreading them trusting up whenever the boy went down “Yeah boy, take it all in, isn’t this what you wanted? To be fucked by iron daddy? C’mon say my name” Peter moaned, his cock leaking all over Tony’s stomach

“Yes daddy!” peter said riding him faster “fuck it feels so good Mr. Stark, please give me more!!”  The boy pleaded between moans and screams of pure ecstasy

“Is that so?” Tony asked before gripping harder on the boy’s butt cheeks and now actually trusting up hard on the boy’s ass. Peter wasn’t riding him anymore; Tony was basically drilling his cock up into him.

“Oh god” Peter dropped his head on Tony’s shoulder where he started to cry out of moans and whimpers “fuck yes! Daddy I’m close”

“I’m close as well” Tony stopped his movements earning a little whine from the boy “don’t worry, this will only take a second” Tony pulled his cock out of peter and with one of his hands he pulled off the condom of his cock before shoving back in “I might as well give you the whole thing”

Peter cried out feeling the bare cock move in and out of his abused hole, no dildo could really compare to the feeling. The boy felt his muscles tense, Tony’s cock was already driving him straight to one of what Peter would later consider one of the top 5 of his orgasm.

“Fuck yes Mr. Stark I’m gonna cum!!” peter said rocking his hips at the same pace of Tony’s movements “aahhh fuck!”

“Let’s cum together” Tony said  “let me see you cum as I fill you up with my cum-“ Peter leaned down for a kiss, their tongues brushed against each other, both guys moaning like animals until Peter suddenly screamed his lungs out, not being able to hold any longer he collapsed on top of tony who kept pounding onto him.

The boy shoot around 4 streams of white liquid on his and Tony’s body, his inner walls tightening around his cock pushing Tony into his orgasm as well. Peter felt how the cock twitched shooting and filling him up, he moaned as Tony pulled out dragging some of his cum out as well.

Both guys were out of breath, Tony’s chest rising up and down, he never felt so worn out, not even when he was recovering from his heart surgery.

“That-was” Tony tried to say

“That was amazing” Peter said before kissing Tony again, this time into a more slow and passionate kiss “thank you”

Tony laughed “there is no need to thank me” Peter got off him and Tony smiled when he saw a little trail of cum run down in between his legs “go take a shower, after that we can get something to eat, welcome to the Avengers!”

“I could really use some pizza right now” Peter said lazily as he grabbed his clothes from the floor. Tony asked Jarvis to unlock the doors and Peter left the man alone again.

“Your heart beat is extremely fast sir, everything alright?” Jarvis asked to which tony laughed

“Yes, it’s just that It’s been a while since I did something so intense” Tony ran a dry towel on his body, he spotted some of peter’s cum and he grabbed it with his fingers before pulling them into his mouth. Not only the boy had a bomb ass, he also tastes really good.

“Jarvis, did you by any chance record this session with Mr. Parker?”

“Of course sir, it’s my duty to keep an eye on every room of the tower” the AI said.

“Perfect, send the recording to every member of the avengers excluding the ladies of course” Tony said smiling, thinking that the guys deserved a little peek at what they missed and what they were soon going to have too.