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My Alpha, Your Omega

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“Osaka Sogo, an omega”

The doctor clearly announced the result of the examination.

“Impossible! We’re both alphas, how can he be an omega!?” - A middle-age man expressed his anger at the doctor.

The doctor, however, could only shook his head - “This is a rare case. Though the parents are alphas, their child still could be omega, were there an omega in the family lineage”

The man clicked his tongue, clearly showing his annoyance - “Satoshi...” - He mumbled.

“Father...” - An eight-year-old boy with white hair clutched the man’s sleeve and looked up at him with amethyst eyes - “Is something wrong?...”

The man stared at the boy, his son, for a while before letting out a sigh - “...We’re going” - With that, he turned on his heels and walked away.

The little boy seemed confused, looking back and forth between his father and the doctor. However, as he was taught by his late mother and uncle, he gave a quick bowed to the doctor before chasing after his dad.


“Uncle, are omegas bad?”

The boy looked at the older man, who was his uncle, looking like his dad but with gentler expressions, expectedly. The man widened his eyes, he was quite taken aback by the question.

“Sogo, what makes you think that?” - The man placed two mugs of hot chocolate he just made on the table, one for Sogo and one for him, then sitting down next to the boy.

Sogo’s uncle, Osaka Satoshi. Though being an Osaka, he left home to pursue his dream, for his love for music. He was a very kind and cheerful person, no matter how bad the situation could get.

He was also an omega, despite being born in an all elite alpha family. That was the reason why it led to Sogo’s rare case. Despite all the bad words about Satoshi, Sogo loved his uncle very much. Thus, he often sneaked out of the house to pay his uncle a visit at his small apartment, enjoying his hot chocolate and being taught many things about music.

“Because...Father didn’t look so happy with me being an omega...”

“An omega...?” - Satoshi stopped in his tracks, looking at his nephew, showing hints of sadness in his eyes, even his scent changed a bit.

“Uncle?” - Sogo tilted his head, sensing his uncle’s gaze on him - “Is there something on my face..?”

“Ah, sorry, I was spacing out!” - Satoshi smiled wryly, returning his scent back to normal...though Sogo still weren’t able to scent it anyways - “Sogo, have you been taught about second genders at home?”

Sogo nodded - “Yes, I have”

“You know I’m also an omega, don’t you?”

He nodded again - “Yes, I do”

“ I a bad person?”

“No!” - Sogo exclaimed loudly - “U-Uncle is not a bad person! You’re very kind! Super kind! Y-You’re definitely not a bad person!” - Small beads of tears formed in the corner of his eyes and he sobbed quietly.

Sogo’s cute overreaction brought a gently smile to Satoshi’s lips as he chuckled - “Thank you, Sogo” - He wiped away the tears and patted his head - “See? Being an omega, beta, or even alpha doesn’t matter, the important thing is you must listen to you heart”

“Listen to my heart..?”

“Yes. Listen to it, know what you want, and do what you want. Keep chasing your dream, no matter what people say” - He pulled Sogo into his arms and softly stroked his head - “...Sogo?”

“Yes, Uncle?”

“Can you promise with me one thing?”

“Of course!” - Sogo smiled brightly, nuzzling closer to Satoshi - “I’ll promise everything!”

“Good boy” - He chuckled. However, he sounded serious in the next instance - “Sogo, listen carefully. Things...may get hard for you, but I want you to stay true to yourself, and keep your head high.”

“Smile when you’re happy, cry when you’re sad; say thank you when you’re grateful, and sorry when you do something wrong”

“I want you to be free. Don’t feel pitiful just because you’re an omega. Spread your wings, Sogo...and fly freely as you want”

“Eh!? Wings!? Do I have wings?!” - Sogo’s eyes lightened up excitedly. He turned his head around, innocently looking for the wings on his back.

Satoshi bursted out laughing at the little Sogo squirming around to look for his wings - “That’s not what I meant, haha... But it’s true that everyone has their own wings—“ - He pointed at Sogo’s heart - “—in here”

Sogo tilted his head, seemed not to too understand what his uncle said - “...Well, I just want you to live freely and do whatever you want. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Uncle!” - He exclaimed - “But why are you telling me this, Uncle?”

“Because...there may be times I can’t be with you, so you have to do that alone”

Sogo’s smile slipped off instantly and tears returned to him once again - “U-Uncle...a-are you leaving me..?”

“N-No, I’m not! I’ll never leave you, Sogo!” - He quickly consoled the boy.


“Yes, really”


“Pinky-promise” - He hooked Sogo’s tiny finger with his, bringing smile back to the boy’s face immediately. He chuckled, ruffling Sogo’s hair - “Alright, now drink your chocolate before it gets cold”

“Okay!” - Sogo turned around, reaching for his mug and taking a sip. The bittersweet smell of chocolate filled his nose as he hummed happily in response.

Satoshi kept his gaze on his nephew, anxiety and sympathy remained in his eyes. He was, too, an omega, so he knew better the difficulties one must face, especially when you were born into an all elite alpha family. He had broken away from that cage, from the chains. Sogo, however, hasn’t, which worried him.

Letting out a quiet sigh, Satoshi patted Sogo’s head - “Alright Sogo, we should hurry up and bring you home before Soushi gets mad”

“Ehhh? But I don’t wanna! I want to play with you more!” - Sogo pouted and wrapped his arms around Satoshi’s neck, not letting go.

Satoshi chuckled - “Now now, I will play with you next time. You know how scary he can be when he’s upset, right?”

“Urgh...” - Sogo shuddered at the thought he would receive punishment were he disobeyed. He timidly glanced at his uncle - “...Promise?”

“Promise” - Noticing Sogo’s disappointment, Satoshi softly smiled and reached towards his guitar - “How about I play you a song before going?”

Sogo’s face immediately lightened up, nodding nonstop - “Yes please!”

“Alright then...”

He twanged the strings and pressed the frets, creating a tune. Sogo’s eyes shone brightly as he listened to the beautiful melody. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from his uncle’s fingers moving swiftly on the guitar.

Sogo closed his eyes, letting himself be taken away by the monologue notes. He loved music, it maybe even bigger than the one for his uncle. And it was Satoshi who taught him about the beautiful world of music, that music could bring happiness and cure people’s hearts.

Sogo loved and admired his uncle so much.

Uncle is so amazing...One day, I want to be like him, too...

That we his dream. Sogo felt happy to be enveloped in that dream...

...a never coming true dream.

“Osaka Sogo” - Soushi spoke with a cold tone - “From now on, you’re not allowed to be an omega. You will be an alpha, live as one, and die as one. Understood?”

The little Sogo standing in front of his father clenched his fists. He bit his lower lip and lowered his gaze. He never thought his father would make such an announcement.

“...Are you listening, Sogo? Do you understand?” - He repeated, his voice sounded harsher.

“Y-Yes, I understand, Father...”

“You’ll be taking suppressants every day, to keep your scent in control. And you’ll take strict lessons about how to act like an elite alpha. These are your new professors, now go to your room and start studying”

Soushi wasted no time, he immediately went back to work after sending Sogo to his room to start his education, without a glance at his son.

The first days of his ‘alpha life’ was extremely rough. Taking suppressants no sooner had his second gender been presented had bad effects on his health. He often had fevers or stomachaches, as a result.

Moreover, he had to take hard lessons to become a successful alpha, businessman, and heir to the Osaka Group. Since that day, he barely had time to visit his uncle.

”Let’s play again next time, okay?”

Sogo had always remembered his uncle’s gentle smile and the warmth of his large hand patting his head, to comfort him whenever he had to go home.

”I’ll let you hear my newest song! Ah, but you must keep it a secret, okay? It still hasn’t been published yet”

Sogo’s heart beat excitedly with anticipation, because he had always enjoyed listening to his uncle’s songs. He held onto that promise...

...a never be fulfilled one.


Sogo dropped the books he was holding onto the floor with a loud thud. His eyes widened, his body went limped and his mind was blank receiving such shocking news from the maid.

Osaka Satoshi, died from overwork and built-up exhaustion. It seemed like he had been working all day and night even after his heat, when an omega’s health was the weakest.

Hugging his uncle’s portrait in his arms, Sogo stared blankly at the coffin in front of him, in which his uncle’s body lied cold.

”See? I knew he would have this day”

“An omega who wanted to chase after his dreams and ended up destroying himself? Hah, that’s hilarious”

“Right? He shouldn’t have been born into the Osakas in the first place...”

Sogo ignored the comments from people around him. He hugged the portrait more tightly, his body slightly trembled as tears streaming down his cheeks.

His uncle died.

”Sogo...can you promise with me one thing?”

He could never see him again.

”Listen to your heart, hear what it says, and do what you want...”

He could never hear his songs again.

”Spread your wings, Sogo...and fly freely as you want...”

A gentle breeze blew by, messing up his white hair. Sogo’s mind was as calm as the silent surface of a lake. No sound could bother him, not even the rustling sound of the leafs, nor the voices of the people around him. Only his uncle’s voice remained.

”Can you do that for me...Sogo...”

His promise with Satoshi resonated in his mind, clearly as the day. He glanced at the portrait, his uncle was smiling, the smile he had always loved.

“Yes, Uncle...I promise...I promise...”

His tear rolled down his cheek and fell onto the frame of the portrait. It slowly slid down the person’s face in the picture, his uncle’s, as it he was crying for Sogo’s fate he must face...



Run...! I have to run..!

Sogo was running, dragging his bare feet along his heavy body. Why? A certain event had led him to this consequence...

One morning two years later, a normal day like others, with the sun shining and birds singing. However, the light seemed too bright and the sounds seemed annoying to him then.

His body suddenly felt hot, very hot, so much that it was hard to breath. A knot was painfully formed in his stomach. Sogo didn’t know why this happened to him. Was it because he forgot to drink the suppressants yesterday? He didn’t know. His mind was too hazy to think of anything at the moment. Maybe some medicine would make him feel better...

He dragged his feet along the hallway, using the wall as a support for his body. Sogo wanted to collapse right at the spot, but his father would scold him if he passed out. He tried his best to stay conscious as he slowly approached his room. He walked passed a few maids and officers on the way, though, they all had a surprised and terrified look on their faces.

Sogo paid no heed to them as he finally reached his bedroom. He staggered towards the nightstand and opened the drawer. His hands shakily looked for the suppressants. However...

Sogo suddenly felt dizzy.

He was thrown onto the floor as his back hit it painfully, making him whine loudly. He slowly opened his eyes and was terrified to find that he was being held to the floor by an officer grabbing his wrists tightly. He smelled a strange change of scent in the air, coming from that man, a dangerous one.

The man was breathing roughly like beast, his fangs showed, and his gaze was coldly stared at him. An unpleasant shiver ran down Sogo’s spine. He was scared, of that man, that gaze, his scent. Everything about that man was terrifying. Sogo’s chest heaved up and down as his lungs desperately grasped for air.

“You.....going around with that scent... Are you trying to seduce everyone in this building...?” - The man growled.


“Playing dumb, huh..?” - He smirked - “....Alright, I will play along your little slutty bitch—!”

The man suddenly gripped Sogo’s clothes and ripped it. Sogo widened his eyes and screamed - “W-What are you doing—!?”

The man glanced at Sogo’s neck and saw a collar wrapped around it - “A collar huh...well, nevermind..” - He continued ripping the remaining of Sogo’s clothes.

“—!! S-Stop! I said stop—!”

“Tch—! How annoying!” - The man flung his hand and slapped Sogo hard on the cheek.


“A worthless omega like you just need to be quiet and spread your legs to the alphas!!”

Sogo’s tears kept streaming down his hurting cheek as he watched the man spitting nonsense or whatever it was in horror. His mind was a complete mess, however, his instinct urged him. He needed to—


Sogo gathered up his strength and kicked the man in his abdomen, making him groan painfully and crouch down. Using that chance, Sogo slipped out of his grip and yanked the sheets on the bed to cover his body before dashing out of the room.

That man is dangerous—

He kept running.

This place is dangerous—

He kept running, without knowing where he was heading. His bare feet bleed from running on the streets. People stared at him in shock as he ran passed.

I have to run—! Away from those people—from those stares—!


Sogo tripped over a rock and fell flat onto the ground. Despite his wish, his bad condition was taking a toll on him. His legs felt limp from exhaustion, his body wouldn’t budge no matter how hard he tried.


Sogo weakly mumbled, but his body no longer obeyed him. Not to mention, the knot in his stomach never ceased, in fact, it got worse after encountering that man.

“Uncle....” - He sobbed, which was unheard somewhere on the streets - “...It hurts...I’m scared, Uncle...”

Tears rolling down his cheeks and soaked the ground. He slowly closed his eyes, giving in to the exhaustion—

“Hey...” - A soft voice calling for him - “What’s wrong? Why are you lying here—Ugh!”

In Sogo’s blurry vision, he saw a boy crouching on the ground in front of his face. He was clutching his chest painfully, and his face was flushed red, just like Sogo’s. He was panting while staring at Sogo.

He inhaled deeply as a scent filled his nose. Spicy, the scent that Sogo loved the most. His knot tightened once again when he took a sniff of that scent, however, it wasn’t painful. Instead, it was pleasure and eased his uneasiness s lot.

“....You...” - Sogo instinctively reached out to the other boy. Something inside him told him to quickly get over to his side.

However, his body went limp as he lost consciousness.


“Ugh...” - Sogo slowly opened his eyes to find an unfamiliar ceiling - “Where am I...?”

“Ah, you’re finally awake”

Sogo gasped, he looked to his side and saw a woman with blue hair smiling gently.

“How are you? Feeling better?”

“” - His body was still heavy, and hot. His mind was fuzzy too but he felt a lot better than before.

“Here, have some water” - She helped Sogo lean against the pillow for support and held a cup of water to his lips.

“Th-Thank you...” - He took a sip, the coolness of water eased his burning sensation a little. Then he looked at the lady - “Who...are you..?”

“Don’t worry, my son found you collapsed on the ground so I brought you to my home”

“Ah...” - Now that she mentioned, Sogo did vaguely remember meeting a boy. He glanced at himself, he was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. His sweating body was surprisingly clean too - “These are...”

“Those are my son’s. Your clothes were torn and you only had a blanket wrapping around yourself...” - She softly sighed - “Poor thing...having a high fever while in heat...What kind of parents letting their child running around on the streets in that state...”


“Yes, you’ omega, aren’t you? Don’t you know about it?”

“I...have read about it in the textbooks....”

“Textbooks..? Don’t your parents talk about this to you..?”

“.....” - Sogo lowered his gaze, he couldn’t say that his father forced him to be an alpha, not an omega.

The lady patter his head and gently smiled - “It’s fine, you must have your reasons”

Sogo looked at the woman, feeling warm inside. He quietly sobbed as he recalled his mother and uncle would do the same thing had they been alive.

“I’ve given you some medicine to calm your heat in the meantime, but that doesn’t mean it will end. So make sure to check it again when you get home, okay?”

Sogo slightly nodded. He would definitely got punished for this though - “Hmm? That scent...” - He sniffed the air, sensing a familiar spicy scent.

The lady suddenly chuckled - “It’s fine to come in now, Tamaki, Aya”

Two different blue heads poked put from behind the doorway, a girl and a boy, looking at Sogo with big round eyes. Sogo recognized one of them was the boy who helped him.

“They’re my children. Sorry, they’re both alphas so I had to separate them from you until your heat had calmed down” - She smiled wryly - “Come here, Tamaki, Aya”

The little girl and boy exchanged glances before approaching Sogo. The closer the boy got, the clearer his scent was. Weirdly enough, his scent made Sogo blush as his heart beat faster and faster, somehow it made him feel at ease.

“You...” - The boy’s voice snapped Sogo back to reality - “...Your scent smells sweet”


“Yea, very sweet. Like something I know but I can’t remember...umm” - He tilted his head, thinking hard.

Cute.. - Sogo thought.

“O-Onii-san...are you okay?” - The little girl, who has been hiding behind the boy, shyly asked.

“Yes, I’m okay now. Thank you for helping me” - Sogo chuckled and softly patted her head, which also made her smile. Then he looked at the other one - “Thank you”

A faint blush tinted his cheeks - “I-It’s nothin’...”

Sogo chuckled again. However, his face turned pale when he glanced at the clock - “I-It’s been this late?! Oh no! I have to get back soon—!” - He quickly jumped off the bed and bowed deeply - “I-I’m sorry for all the troubles I’ve causes for you! I would repay them one day if I had the chance—Please excuse me!”

“Wait—!” - The boy tried to grab Sogo’s hand as he dashed towards the doorway, however, he missed - “Don’t go!” - He ran after Sogo, chasing him. And finally, He was able to grab his wrist and yank him backwards.

“W-Woah!” - Being yanked, Sogo lost his balance and ended up falling to the ground with the other - “S-Sorry! Are you okay?!”


The two helped each other get up, awkwardly exchanged glances.

“C-Can’t you stay..?” - The boy timidly asked.

Sogo shook his head - “I’m sorry...I can’t...”

The other bit his lower lip, holding back his tears - “Then...will I see you again?”



Sogo stared into the other’s lapis eyes, hesitating to make promises after his uncle’s death - “....Yes” - He faked a smile.

The boy’s face immediately lightened up - “Then let’s mark our promise!”

Before Sogo could nod, to his surprise, the boy leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Sogo’s heart skipped a beat, he thought he was being melted in the kiss, in his scent.

Parting, the boy grinned - “Now you can’t break it, ‘kay?” - He let go of Sogo and ran down the path to his house, waving at Sogo - “Bye-bye!”

“.....” - Sogo stood still in a few minutes, calming his heart down. Then he turned on his heels and walked away, his thoughts were full of the promise he just made.

He couldn’t break it now, could he?


“Okaa-san! I’m back!”

“Tamaki! Don’t suddenly run off like that!”

“Hehe, I’m sorry”

“You look happy. Did something happen?” - His mother smiled.

Tamaki grinned - “It’s a secret” - He skipped towards the kitchen - “Okaa-san, can I have King Pudding?”

“Only one, okay? Dinner will be done soon”

“M’kay~” - He hummed happily as he opened the fridge, taking out a bottle of King Pudding, his favorite sweets.

“Onii-san, where is other onii-san?” - Aya came closer to Tamaki and tilted her head.

“He’s gone. But he promised to come back”

“Oh...” - Aya looked disappointed for a second, but she smiled softly after that - “I hope he came back soon. I really like his scent, like milk and cream”

“Milk and cream? Yea, maybe” - Tamaki opened the label and took a spoonful of the pudding. The flavor of milk, egg and cream, together with the sweetness of caramel melted in his mouth. He gasped - “...Ah, it’s King Pudding”

Aya looked confused at her brother’s strange mumble. Tamaki, however, kept smiling to himself with a small blush on his cheeks.

“His scent is...King Pudding”